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File 137485260612.png - (12.59KB , 400x596 , Starters.png )
527753 No. 527753 ID: 29cd13

Okay, so I thought we could have an evo game where the three initial forms are based on pokemon. I'd like to see how darwinian evolution takes them haha.

The state of the environment:
Other than the three pokemon mentioned below, the only things that are in the ocean are algae and detritus.

Solosis- It is covered in a sticky membrane. It eats any detritus stuck to its membrane.

Gorebyss- The long gorebyss uses its tail to paddle forward and its head fin to steer. It mainly eats tetritus and algae

Lileep- A sedentary filter feeder. It anchors itself to the sea floor or a rock and eats whatever lands in its gaping maw
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No. 527761 ID: 4db186


You misunderstoon again.
this is primordian evolution game

and these are evolution games

Just pointing out the difference between one game and whole genre
No. 527768 ID: 29cd13

Actually I'm specifying a particular era (The primordial era, the era where the oceans are full of algae, etc and relatively few 'large' creatures)
No. 527770 ID: 29cd13

Nevermind, I was using the word 'primordial' wrong. I was thinking something like the 'primordial soup' era, but with more creatures that are large enough to not be single celled organisms
No. 527771 ID: 29cd13

I suppose I should name it 'Early Oceans" or something to prevent confusion?
No. 527873 ID: bf241e
File 137487751018.png - (4.29KB , 400x596 , lileep.png )

Pokemon Evogame is probably fine. No need to include the era in the title unless you don't have a title. I'm guilty of that. Just put the era in the description.

Lileeps gain hair-like projections to aid in directing floating particles into their mouths.
No. 527903 ID: ff7576

Wouldn't Huntails exist as well, since they're the alternate evolution of Gorebyss?
No. 527973 ID: bf54a8

could you edit the simple picture to look like that? and use binary tool or something?
No. 527987 ID: 885ee8

I don't think I can edit the original picture to look like that. Is that what we're supposed to do? I feel like that would wind up with us severely limited.

What's a binary tool?
No. 528092 ID: bf54a8

that's sorta the point. it's supposed to be really simple edits so that everyone can edit them. and it's only supposed to be one change at a time, not... however many you did. pick ONE of your changes, and edit the previous picture to be that.
No. 528115 ID: bf241e

Here's an example of how this works from the other game. It isn't that restrictive.

A binary tool is a tool that doesn't have any anti-aliasing. It makes editing easy for those who only have ms paint. None of that color blending at the edges.
No. 528141 ID: 885ee8

Okay my bad. Might help to enumerate these rules in the first post. I've never seen these before, and I just assumed it was a "draw some new stuff with whatever level of skill you're comfortable with" sort of deal.

I suck at sprite editing and I DO draw with a "binary tool", but much larger because I suck at line precision, and then I shrink it after which adds the aliasing. So, dis look like too much work for me, mon.
No. 528212 ID: 7672c3

Ahh, no. They're more like creatures heavily based on pokemon, but note that there are differences. It might be better to think of it as "They look like pokemon and are named like pokemon" but they aren't their pokemon counterparts.
No. 528214 ID: 7672c3
File 137494124017.png - (4.05KB , 266x287 , asdf.png )

The Solosis gets a headfin that allows it to move faster when there are currents, but the currents will carry them away...
No. 528998 ID: 7672c3
File 137508139738.png - (7.91KB , 400x323 , asdf.png )

Wider mouth means more food. Also, the hairs now point down in order to prevent escape of food.
No. 529034 ID: fe15d3
File 137510629004.png - (4.03KB , 500x300 , Gorebys.png )

some Gorebyss grow a long sinous probiscus. they use this to suck up floating Solosis which are its primary source of food. The Gorebyss have also grown wide fins which grant it far greater maneuverability in the water.
No. 529395 ID: 7672c3


Some Solosis have fins that are sharper and larger in order to not be eaten.
No. 529396 ID: 7672c3
File 137514896321.png - (5.73KB , 307x302 , asdf.png )

However, some just opt for developing spikes.
No. 529397 ID: 7672c3
File 137514902744.png - (5.17KB , 307x302 , asdf.png )

Shit, uhh. Forgot image.
No. 532592 ID: 7f9d18
File 137597282077.png - (3.64KB , 394x159 , gorebyss.png )

Some gorebyss began to get food by picking at the flaps of lileeps for leftovers stuck on the hairs. They over time developed a long tongue to better lick up bits of food.

This relation is mutually beneficial to the lileeps as well. They have a more difficult time picking food particles from the water then their flaps have too much junk stuck to them.
No. 532613 ID: 9d78a6
File 137597986385.png - (7.32KB , 274x314 , asdf.png )

These solosis will lodge themselves into Lileeps, stealing all their precious food!
No. 532618 ID: 5663f2
File 137598094315.png - (11.17KB , 200x162 , Fanged Lileeps.png )

Due to the danger of getting something stuck in their mouths, especially the sticky Solosis, the Lileep evolve fangs, which enables them to prey upon the Solosis, as well as begin attacking the Gorebyss, who are defenseless.
No. 532886 ID: 9d78a6

Shell Solosis can lodge themselves into Fanged Lileeps and still protect their precious membrane.
No. 532887 ID: 9d78a6
File 137605250358.png - (2.88KB , 164x177 , asdf.png )

No. 532888 ID: 9d78a6
File 137605264031.png - (5.08KB , 394x177 , asdf.png )

Gorebyss do similarly, armoring their most vulnerable parts.

The war... has been brought.
No. 532910 ID: 840168
File 137606374688.png - (2.61KB , 200x162 , Toxic Solosis.png )

Some Solosis, that use the sticky membrane to catch food, begin mixing their membrane with their digestive juices, essentially 'acidically' eating anything that touch it.

This, alongside with the spiked Solosis that damage any lileep that tries to eat them, and the sharp-finned solosis that can outright slash apart a lileep continue to plague them...
No. 532914 ID: 840168
File 137606480013.png - (4.82KB , 400x323 , barbed lileep.png )

But the Lileep respond-some Lileep develop barbed hairs, with which to attack any Solosis that dares to draw too close, as well as reaching around the shelled Solosis's shells to attack their vulnerable faces!
While this foils the spiked, normal, and shelled Solosis from preying upon them as easily, the sharp fin Solosis however, are still capable of slashing the Lileep along their vulnerable sides and 'neck' joint, and the lileep are still injured by the spiked solosis.

(So atm, we have fanged lileep, which are in an 'arms race' of sorts with the shelled solosis-getting better fangs to pierce the shelled solosis, who in turn develop stronger and sturdier shells to stymie the lileep long enough to survive doing so. The spiked Solosis are also in an arms race-a simple competition on killing the barbed, and fanged Lileeps with their spikes before the lileep kills and eats them.
The toxic I see as being relatively unaffected because of their method of killing would work regardless of dying faster or slower. The shelled lose to the barbed, because getting attacked in their vulnerable area, and the sharp fins have a entirely different method of dealing with the lileep that's unaffected.)
No. 532916 ID: 9d78a6


(The solosis don't eat the lileep, though. They're trying to steal the lileeps' food by lodging themselves in the lileeps' opening and intercepting the food... It wouldn't really do the solosis good to kill the lileep.)
No. 532960 ID: 8fee8e

This is written less as Darwinian evolution and more as intelligent self-design.
No. 536483 ID: cb43c1

There are also the one species of Gorebyss that has a symbiotic relationship with the filter-feeding lileeps.
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