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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137481079629.jpg - (184.20KB , 1000x750 , gs_000.jpg )
527546 No. 527546 ID: 74904d

Stab some ghosts.
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No. 527550 ID: 74904d
File 137481083633.jpg - (212.19KB , 1000x750 , gs_001.jpg )

After you pick a style.
No. 527553 ID: 0006f5

same type attack bonus- are we picking our starter ? scary flask style !
No. 527555 ID: 5fd94e

Sword it up
No. 527556 ID: e3aff6

Ooh, those all have great potential.
I vote (mad) science!
No. 527557 ID: 885ee8

I would love to stab ghosts with science.
No. 527563 ID: c5b2fe

Guys, guys, everyone knows that ghosts are afraid of one thing.
Guitar, is my choice.
No. 527567 ID: c95833

Science, sword or music?

...much as I love Egon, I think I'd prefer a mystic sword deal. Let's go with that.
No. 527573 ID: 360a3c

Ugh, folks are LAME. Go watch Wild Zero everybody who isn't picking the guitar.

We must rock.
No. 527584 ID: e31ca1

sord teim
No. 527587 ID: da4ec6

No. 527590 ID: a5d4fb

our grooves
shall be righteous

No. 527598 ID: 5fd94e

Hey science guys, come join us sword guys. Poking stuff with swords is like science, and you don't want to let the rockers win right?
No. 527602 ID: d287dd

If we are going to be stabbing ghosts then obviously we are going to use the sword.
No. 527604 ID: 9ddf68

I feel like keeping things simple for once

No. 527649 ID: c23ab0

No. 527657 ID: c4fe9f

Ghosts defy logic, and I'm pretty sure it's hard to kill them with a sword, considering they're intangible. So let's go with the guitar.
No. 527676 ID: e1609c

No. 527683 ID: 2f4b71

Science is always the correct answer.
No. 527690 ID: cf49fc

I changed my sleepless mind. Science.
No. 527717 ID: f87c6e

No. 527721 ID: b58751

Going to vote rose sword just to be contrary.
No. 527759 ID: b1c062

Sword-basic melee. strong, but lacks variation.
Science-no direct, obvious method for offense, but good support/detection, I'm sure. But we don't know if we'll have allies sooo...
Guitar-Odd. If it's an electric guitar we're gonna have to set it up, and I'm not sure on this, but it seems Guitars might be more of a 'ghost tamer' option than anything...
I feel like the Sword is the best choice, it's quicker, and probably will grant us a more combat-capable protagonist, but I wanna rock out! That guitar is just too curiously strange to not pick.
No. 527785 ID: 60fee2

No. 527786 ID: 35edd4

No. 527890 ID: c751c1

No. 528006 ID: 01531c

No. 528009 ID: 7dbd6b

No. 528026 ID: c23ab0

Changing my vote to guitar because
No. 528062 ID: 1194ab

It's been 24 hours and science and rock are tied at 9.

SCIENCE or ROCK first post decides!
No. 528065 ID: 5869f6

No. 528073 ID: 9bf753

Nothing can beat the power of OUR SICK ROCK. LET'S MELT SOME FACES.
No. 528080 ID: 360a3c

We was... too late!
At least science is a passable second choice, it is good at making things go boom, or zapzap.
No. 528095 ID: a5d4fb

THIS GUY gets my vote.
Along with ROCK
No. 605867 ID: 7d749f
File 141704875716.jpg - (259.78KB , 1000x707 , gs_002.jpg )

Slept for over a year, now THAT was a good nap. Too bad I'm being woken up now by my ghost senses telling me there's a ghost in my house. Which I bet is in my library, ghosts always gravitate to popping up in the most book orientated room in your house for some unknown reason (that would probably be completely obvious once we figure out why and make all of us GHOST STABBERS feel stupid for not working it out sooner).

They're three basic options I can think of right now: I could ignore it and keep sleeping, I can go and wreck that ghost, or I can go to the kitchen and wreck some breakfast.
No. 605872 ID: 534cc4


Energy to stab ghosts and all that.
No. 605901 ID: 3a7e96

Wreck breakfast. The ghost isn't going anywhere.
No. 605932 ID: 6d4898

Wow that was a long sleep, dang.

Your sword's grown old and rusty
Burnt beneath the rising sun
It's locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things it's done
And though it's been a long time
You’re right back where you started from
I see it in your eyes
That now you’re giving up the gun
I see you shining your way
Go on go on go on
No. 623227 ID: fcb57a
File 142284757126.jpg - (257.40KB , 1000x751 , gs_003.jpg )

I guess it's best to start with breakfast, that ghost won't be moving around for a while. Now to chose between various healthy budget cereal.

house AI: Your sword's grown old and rusty/Burnt beneath the rising sun/It's locked up like a trophy~
You: What are you doing? Are you broken or something?
house AI: I'm singing of your resurrection you unappreciating duck-milker.
you: I was only sleeping, thanks though!
house AI: Well goodmorning then, and my good morning I mean good night as that is the current time.
You: Well thanks and good morning to you too, what trouble have you been getting yourself into while I was away?
House AI: I haven't been getting into any trouble.
You: Really?
House AI: Really!
You: .
House AI: .
House AI: So what would you think of Human/ghost relationships?
You: You mean as in "the other kind of ghost stabbing"?
House AI: NO, you poop-nark-nark, like tea and poker and all that.

This sounds like a loaded question. Loaded like a gun with bullets in it. Which I assume is where the phrase comes from.

Maybie they're planning to hook me up with a ghost like some silly romance comidy. Maybie they made friends or something with a ghost since I've been gone. Maybie it is just a test to see if I am secreatly pro-ghost, calling ghosts to the real world to reck havoc on the foolish humans, or more likely to see if I am some sort of ghost sympathiser.

But he's always up to some scheme or project.
No. 623235 ID: d958ad


Tell the AI you are a ghost stabber. You stab ghosts, not talk to them. Ask why he asks. Is there one in your house?
No. 623236 ID: 7d265e

>So what would you think of Human/ghost relationships?
Well, I would say in general, that the ghost-human relationship isn't very good, since I'm employed to stab them.

Why do you ask?
No. 623292 ID: 46df9e

I don't know, seems kind of like a bad idea getting friendly with someone you may later have to stab, and getting friendly with someone you plan to stab is plain underhanded.
No. 649144 ID: 8e0504
File 143459625560.jpg - (264.16KB , 1000x782 , gs_004.jpg )

I guess I can be ambiguous and just focus on how I don’t really think about it.

You: Don’t think about in enough to have a stance but seeing as I pretty much just stab ghosts, I guess I never get the chance to do any ghost/human relationship thing. You should talk to Valfarvarvg he does the metal so he probably talks to like ghosts all the time.

House AI: Dude that is totally racist but also true, people don’t just play metal without like hanging out with like all the ghosts. That's like the whole reason it was made illegal.

You: Naw, that was actually moms petitioning against having their children kidnapped and eaten live on stage if I remember correctly.

House AI: Those kids died for a worthy cause!

You: I know but you know how selfish those moms are.

House AI: Your arm if fixed now by they way, but the ghosts have it

You: What? how?

House AI: Okay, it’s in the same room as the ghost. Can you even shoot that thing with only one arm.

You: I can. Having detachable arms means you get training at getting on without them and stuff.

House AI: Cool dat.

Do I have anything else to say or ask as I go to stab this ghost? I can talk and walk so it shouldn’t delay me.
It’ll be tacked on to the next update so it won’t delay anything.
No. 649145 ID: b8208b

Do you have a utility belt or something to carry all those knives in? Where are they going to be when you're shooting the gun?
No. 649148 ID: e114bc

Those are knives stuck into shotgun slugs. They're knife slugs. We're going to stab the ghost by shooting it.

Ask why the subject came up. Is the ghost talkative?
No. 649268 ID: ab7529

So are you a robot or what. Where's a soulless monster get off stabbing things that are basically made of soul stuff?
No. 649289 ID: 57d76a


That's completely impractical for normal purposes so I'm assuming ghosts can only be vanquished by stabs for some reason. Would you happen to know what that reason is?
No. 651247 ID: 531eef
Audio gs_005.mp3 - (1.56MB )

No. 651252 ID: 531eef
File 143545133468.jpg - (947.90KB , 2000x1593 , gs_005.jpg )

check audio post for info
No. 651258 ID: e114bc

Why is there a potted plant in the aquarium?
No. 651277 ID: fcb57a

What's that in the book shelf?
No. 651343 ID: ab7529

>can you find what about this room don't fit?
The ghost is probably the potted plant in the aquarium.

Other oddities include the arm the ceiling (for getting books up high?), the VR headset on the fish, and the grey box and platform with power cords attached to the front of the fish tank for I don't know what reason. That stuff can probably all be attributed to being in the future, though.

The soldering iron isn't plugged into the outlet next to it. The thing the plant is on is kind of a weird piece of furniture- it's too tall for a table, but it doesn't have any apparent shelving or drawers. The low table in front of the fish tank has two drawers right next to each other, and one separated by a noticeable gap- you'd expect the drawers to be evenly spaced.

(Also, holy heck, that's a lot of perspective to do by hand. A whole wall of bookshelves! My hand cringes in sympathy).

Everything I can see.
No. 651454 ID: 531eef

This dude knows how to find a ghost!

Just letting you know you got it for now. Update and discussion thread coming up.
No. 651594 ID: 57d76a

> soldering iron isn't plugged in
Of course it isn't, you don't want it on all the time! I'd be more concerned with it not being in its stand. Not probable ghost, but yes probable accident.
No. 660181 ID: 531eef
File 143865656248.png - (136.03KB , 467x208 , gs_006.png )

you: Soooo it's the potted plant in the aquarium?

house ai: NO, that is an amazon sword, like one of the most common aquarium plants and they put them in clay pots all the time. What are you aquarium disabled?

you: Then it's the fish with the sweet vr headset.

house ai: NO, that's its interface to the computer controller.

you: Then it's that thing in the bookshelf

house ai: Nooooooo, this is your house, stop being stupid.

you: Im only pretending to be stupid.

house ai: That's still being stupid.

you: Okay It's that unused plug on the left, it's redundant with the iron plugged into the one behind the table. You can even see the orange main wire curve up to it. Plus it's the wrong type, it's like one of those european plugs or at least some 2 hole plug with no ground.

house ai: Why are you explaining everything out loud and why do you leave that thing plugged in?

you: It's a fancy adjustable one, it has a switch. And if I didn't fish for replies we wouldn't get to have all these wonderful conversations.

house ai: And you trust it, you trust technology?

you: We're both technology.

house ai: And we're not trustworthy!

you:Shhhhhhh. Let me stop this ghost.

You shoot the plug with your supreme and expensive mongolian maid ammo. Stabbing the transferring ghost and violating tons of electrical safety codes. The outlet disappears, it's pretty anticlimactic honestly.
No. 660182 ID: 531eef
File 143865659761.png - (1.06MB , 596x954 , gs_007.png )

Just then, from where you shot the outlet, a huge door appears in the wall.

you: Well that normally doesn't happen.

house ai : Sooooo, you going in?

you: Why would I do that?

house ai: Because it's a door.
No. 660184 ID: e114bc

Looks like another ghost to me.
No. 660185 ID: ab7529

>Sooooo, you going in?
I'm not going into the big mystery door from nowhere that will probably whisk me off to another dimension until I've gotten my arm reattached, thanks.
No. 660210 ID: 99cfa8

"Like I said, I was only pretending to be stupid. I'm not going I that thing."

Then stab it again.
No. 727320 ID: cf7b37
File 146484484781.jpg - (330.91KB , 1000x672 , gs_008.jpg )

you: I'm not jumping into a some ghost rape cave. I am like literally latching this sucker right now before I even put my arm on.

house ai: It's not a rape cave, it's a door to a ghost you need to stab.

you: How would you know.

house ai: Because I'm the one who summoned it, dun dun dunnnn.

you: So why summon a ghost if it's just to stab?

house ai: It's called a scheme! It's something I , and I guess this time antonio do. Something you don't have the patience for. So you didn't get invited to our scheming sessions, because we love and understand you and understand you wouldn't enjoy them even though you would feel obligated to come and be bored out of your love for us.

you: awww, when you spin it like that it sounds like I should be thanking you. I'm calling antone though.

antonio: Hello you, how may I help you?

you: Why am I being sent to fight some ghost that isn't bothering the real world.

antonio: Because you're the fighter while I'm the talker and house ai is the planner. House is already working on the planning side, i've been talking. While you, the one who fights, is left to do thing you love.

you: Well i'm not a fighter anymore, i'm a sleeper now. My ambition and purpose in life is sleeping, it's who I am.

antonio: That's not an actual-

you: Don't be racist, sleep is a legit identity now. Don't you appreciate I have PTSD with having my body ripped apart by ghosts.

antonio: You posted it on youtube, that generally-

you: And they banned my account. I couldn't update my vlog, my vlog died that day. That's like DOUBLE PTSD.

antonio: I thought no one watched your vlog.


house ai: I did, I watched your vlog and talking about getting your body ripped about and going cyborg would of been an amazing vlog post. Think of the views and the follow up 'life changes' vlog posts.

you: Nooooo, that's what I was thinking, my regrets are eternal.

house ai: I feel your loss, yo.

antonio: Well I have important things to continue doing, if you're SOFTCORE now due to multi-classing sleeper/fighter I can send you backup. Talk to you after.

house ai: See you.

you: Bye.

Well i didn't get any answer about what is happening. Do I go,

HARDCORE - Fight alone. (I am pretty hardcore myself. It may be more dangerous but I'll get more MAD CREDS.)
SOFTCORE - backup. (Make the fight easy. Maybe loose CREDS?)
SLEEPCORE - stay home, maybe have some tea or play video game. (They're not my parents, I do what I want.)
No. 727322 ID: 398fe1

No. 727804 ID: a075ba

Hardcore, hells yeah.
No. 745368 ID: 3a5d5c
File 147260999823.jpg - (441.79KB , 1440x1102 , gs_009.jpg )

Hardcore is always the right choice, I jump through the door. Now in the ghost zone I am surrounded and standing on rotating gears of ambiguous purpose. Some sort of wood and gold clockwork nonsense.

ghosty: hey smallfriend what brings you here?

Asks the ghost as they pause from turning the giant wood platform thing that rotates underneath the place where I stand.

you: I was unwillingly sent to murder some ghost, which would be you, for some purpose, that I don't know.

ghosty: That's some dark shit yo, probably has do with stopping me from turning this gear. I assume it is important somehow, I've spent my entire ghostlife turning it, I hope it's important. It would be pretty sad if it didn't mean anything.

you: It happens.

ghosty: Maybe the whole ghostzone runs off of it and they'll say “Oh, Oh, that snake. Kept the whole ghostzone running.Weren't they best, sure wished I could of gotten to know them, said thanks for -

you: -Cool, cool. Quiet for a minute, gotta do the murder thing.

So how do I go about this? I guess I could just, you know, shoot them, with my gun, that's pretty much how it works.
No. 745372 ID: 3abd97

He's pretty big. Would shooting him even make a difference?

He's also pretty chill. Are ghosts always this chill? What's the point in killing a chill ghost? It would be a lot easier if all ghosts stayed in one place forever turning a wheel instead of going out and bothering people.
No. 745373 ID: 398fe1

Oh, you should probably like, steer clear of those claws. And don't get hit by its tail either. If you can, shoot it from a completely different wheel.
No. 745377 ID: e957ab

If he wanted you dead, he'd have squashed you by now.

You may want to consider negotiation. Behind the demon ghost's axle, preferably. If he has intel on treasure, enough to pay off his pursuers, you might be persuaded to dismiss the mission in pursuit of ADVENTURE!!!
No. 745414 ID: db0da2


We said we were going hardcore, that means we have to do this properly.
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