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File 137472107397.png - (268.94KB , 760x730 , GnollsbaneTitle3.png )
527097 No. 527097 ID: 67bfa9

>in a dark dimension, fantastical compared to our own, a world lies in peril, a dark warlock threatens. and now this world's fate will be determined by the actions of a single filthy moronic grubby gnoll. so it falls upon you! the wise spirits, ancient ancestors, benevolent angels, vile demons, mischievous ghosts and other incorporeal guides to protect this poor pathetic creature on her path to infinite glory!

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No. 527105 ID: 735f4f

So are we still hanging out in the inn?
No. 527107 ID: 67bfa9
File 137472211148.png - (317.49KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane157.png )

Bangles sits down and listens in on the goblin's conversation

GoblinBald: "tell you what find two more people and maybe, just MAYBE I'll give you the job, and they better be real bruisers not some random scrubs"

Bandit: " TWO big shots, where the heck am I gonna find that kinda muscle!"

GoblinBald:"not my problem, you've got till the end of the day"

Bandit: "The end of the day!? there's no way!"

GoblinBald: "these terms are non-negotiable"

Bandit: ". . ."
No. 527111 ID: 735f4f

That sounds like a adventure hook right there.

I wonder if a wet half naked gnoll counts as a bruiser and not a random scrub.
No. 527125 ID: 9ddf68

... let's wait until our cloths are dry before we try talking to them and how's chicken doing.
No. 527132 ID: 5869f6

Boys, Gnoll lady~
I think it's time for an ADVENTURE!
Also, we'll get paid for it!
No. 527167 ID: a01b62

I think we should wait for Kirska to heal up. Let's find these guys at the end of the day, so we can get a better deal if he's desperate.
No. 527213 ID: 4f63c9

this, but keep an eye on him, so you can be sure he wont find anyone else
No. 527220 ID: 5fd94e

First we should locate a goblin mage, they are supposed to be quite common.
No. 527221 ID: 67bfa9
File 137473398647.png - (323.52KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane158.png )

I wonder where chicken is . . .

Bandit:"Hey you,gnoll! you look big and strong wanna makes some cash killing stuff?"
No. 527223 ID: a23afd

No. 527233 ID: 9ddf68

how much?
No. 527285 ID: a01b62

Wait, you don't even know where Kirska is?

Dammit Bangles why did you just sit there you ruined the plan!
No. 527325 ID: b1c062

hoooo boy.
@Kirska- Well, I'd like to apologize for some of the weirder and perhaps more disaterous things that has happened to you of late, I'm not sure if this will work, but I'd like to try something...
[attempt to help refill Kirska's magic/aid recovery]
No. 527327 ID: c95833

How much cash killing what stuff?
No. 527331 ID: 67bfa9
File 137476500904.png - (309.67KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane159.png )

Kirska: don't worry spirits, I don't blame you for what has happened, I'm sure you did all you could

>unfortunately healing the living is outside the grasp of most spirits

* * *

Bangles:"maybe, who we killing and how much do I get?

Bandit:"I don't know the details yet, but sounds like some pompous nobles, as for cash you'll be getting an equal share of the findings."

Bandit2:"An equal share?! what's a gnoll gonna do with money? can't it just eat the bodies?"

Bandit: "what she's gonna do with it is her buisness, so what do ya say gnollie you in?"
No. 527340 ID: 4f63c9

seems like a fair deal, let's go for it, but be ready to leave them to their death if thinghs get ugly
No. 527354 ID: 9ddf68

nobles...bet they're after us

sure why the hell not, it's not like we have anything else to do, just tell me when we leave cause I would like to get somethings before we take off. (like your cloths and chicken)
No. 527356 ID: 67bfa9
File 137477583710.png - (7.38KB , 77x91 , Gando.png )

You know what'd be really rad is if everyone started manifesting with ghostly avatars like mine!
No. 527358 ID: 57a559

I don't see you anywhere Gando...
oh are you bangle's makeshift towel tunic?
No. 527404 ID: a01b62
File 137478968386.png - (2.98KB , 77x91 , LSCRCW16th.png )

I believe what our brutish, simple-minded friend is endeavoring to imply is that there has been a notable dearth of spiritual manifestation, that is to say, of those who are guiding young Bangles along her path, i.e., us. I can only assume he is inquiring as to whether or not we would be willing to don our true forms, and I, Lord Samuel Charles Roberts Cornwallis the Sixteenth, am game to rise to the challenge.
No. 527435 ID: 5869f6

I say, I must agree with this course of action.
It would make things more interesting, certainly.
Maybe if we concentrate well enough, we could manifest in the sight of others, scaring the dickens out of them, yes.
No. 527763 ID: 67bfa9
File 137485442868.png - (267.28KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane160.png )

Bangles: "I'm in"

Bandit: "Alright! I get the feeling this will be the beginning of a long and healthy partnership!"

Two expendable henchmen join the party!

>There are those in this world who are merely pawns of fate, they are destined to make no difference in the grand scheme of things . . . try not to get too attached.

Bandit: "by the way I'm Potonk, and this is Tubeck"
No. 527801 ID: fe31b8

Do they have any red shirts they can wear? How far are they from retirement?
No. 527831 ID: 9ddf68

Neat. So when do we have to leave, there's a few things I'd like to take care of first. (like grabbing your clothes and finding out where Kirska has gotten off to)
No. 527876 ID: 1f8505

Locate Kirska!
No. 528818 ID: fabc9e

Ask them what they're good at. Inspect Tubeck closely. Make sure they don't steal your stuff.

So you probably need to find Kirska, you need to drop by the goblin shop and finally you need to get yourself dressed.
No. 528881 ID: 17675d
File 137506138295.png - (2.95KB , 77x91 , LSCRCW16th-2.png )

Well, presumably, what they're good at is presented as the weapon on the little stone dealie.

I say, Bangles, old gal, these boys seem agreeable enough. Why don't you inquire into their employment opportunity and then search for your missing ally?
No. 528946 ID: 67bfa9
File 137507281141.png - (337.84KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane161.png )

they look kinda tough for goblins, but if they try anything I still shouldn't have much trouble killing these guys

Potonk:"you wouldn't by any chance have some burly friends would ya?"

Bangles:"Well there is this lizard slave I have . . . but I don't know where it went"

Potonk:"you must mean that weird scale covered bold, you really think she's all that tough?"

Bangles: "no, but it's got weird magic"

Tubeck:"didn't she say was leaving town?"
No. 528947 ID: 1f8505


Kirska's skipping town on us? Unacceptable! Ask the goblins where they last saw her.
No. 528950 ID: c95833

Doesn't look tough? But she's covered in spikes and armor and stuff. These guys got high standards for cannon fodder.
No. 528953 ID: 735f4f

Leaving town! Maybe we insulted her with our earlier hugging and throwing. We must go apologize at once!
No. 528960 ID: 9ddf68

huh, wonder if she planed to ditch us or was trying to drag us out of town before we did something stupid? Oh well lets go find out where she went.
No. 529023 ID: b84d5e

Ask Syggs what Kirska was discussing earlier. Any clue as to why or where your lizard friend was going? We overheard something about a weeks travel...

It might be some time before you can run after Kirska anyway. Your clothes need to dry. Why don't you go around town with Potonk and Tubeck, see if you can find anyone else who can come along. One of the Asplodius clerics might even be interested. After all there will be destruction, wealth and excitement. You guys could certainly do with a healer/mage/demolitions expert.
No. 529113 ID: 67bfa9
File 137512071634.png - (333.59KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane162.png )

Bangles:"I never said it allowed to do that!"

chicken can't leave me I OWN it! it's MY slave!

Potonk:"maybe we can still catch her before she leaves."

Bangles:*snarl* "yes "

Syggs:"thank you for staying at the smouldering rock inn, please come again soon!"

Bangles:"YOU, you where talking to chicken, tell me where it is going!"

Syggs:"she told me not to say, so if you want to find out it'll cost ya
No. 529128 ID: c95833

...you are helping a slave defy it's master. Tell me what I want to know or I'm going to beat the shit out of you, and I'll be completely withing my rights to do so.

Helping a slave escape is stealing. And I kill people who try to steal from me.
No. 529197 ID: 735f4f

Kirska is one of the archmages servants. We should be able to help locate her ourselves if she has not gotten disgusted with us.

I mean Bangles is going to do whatever but we spirits should be nicer to Kirska.

Pay the bartender with sad puppy dog eyes.

"Kirska where are you? I know the catalyst is a pain sometimes but she needs your help."
No. 529199 ID: 9ddf68

... where's you weapon and armor at? that might be useful when trying to catch chicken and tear out this little goblin's eyes.
No. 529217 ID: fd48c3

Don't worry Bangles. Kirska is still in the party so things will be ok. Just get on with your business in town. Give Syggs a kiss and see if that changes her mind.

*Try switching spirit focus to Kirska*
No. 529730 ID: 67bfa9
File 137523367025.png - (344.28KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane163.png )

Bangles:"That lizard is my slave! you tell me where it is now! or I'll eat your face"

Syggs:"Think I'm afraid of you mongrel? think again"

Bangles' weapons are in her back back

Kirska can be detected within nearby marketplace, switch focus to Kirska?
>be careful leaving the catalyst unattended may not be wise
No. 529731 ID: e56e2d

*attempts to open personal connection to Bangles*
Bangles, if you are willing to wait we can go see what Kirska is doing. As for who we are...Remember the ghost show from before? We're watching over and guiding you. We're the spirits that Kirska, who you might know better as Chicken, and we can go to her and see where she is, if you're willing to wait a bit...
No. 529736 ID: e1609c

>There are multiple spirits
>Only two people to keep track of
>Attempt SPIRITTECH: Dualscreen Mode
No. 529737 ID: 735f4f

Hmm at this rate if we leave now we will come back to a busted up bar and a shot up gnoll.

I say we talk down Bangles first and then go for Kriska. Get her doing something that will take awhile to keep her out of trouble.

Hey Bangles ignore the annoying innkeeper we should be able to track Kriska down for you. Fighting the innkeeper is a waste of time and you just got cleaned up so would be a shame to mess up your hair in a fight.

Why don't you have your two new henchmen show you where the marketplace is so we can stock up on supplies for this job. We can go after Kriska and get back to you once we know where she is.

Once we find her you can come back and beat on this goblin later if you want.
No. 529741 ID: a01b62
File 137523466919.png - (2.88KB , 77x91 , LSCRCW16th-3.png )

I say we try a different tact. Bangles! Sit! I say, sit! Good girl! Now, wait! And you shall get a treat!

[Switch to Kirska.]
No. 529743 ID: fd7000

Use your other hand to point the weapon harmlessly at the roof then ask your question again. Be sure to give your toothiest smile.
No. 529745 ID: 78966c

This looks like a time for a peaceful solution. To do this you say "You really think it's a good idea to shoot me when my buddies (start turning towards the two at this point) are right there?" Then at that point you use your grapple plus the distraction to slam a face into a floor. Maybe twice. At that point, you should be able to pick up the gun and negotiate terms.
No. 529748 ID: 78966c

Or just point the gun up, that works too. Just so long as the gun is pointing away from your face.
No. 529750 ID: a23afd

Tell her she's a coward to hide behind her gun, but let her go. We have other ways of finding your slave, after all.
No. 529751 ID: bf54a8

why would he LET us move her gun? she could just shoot the moment we make a move.
No. 529785 ID: 67bfa9
File 137524719758.png - (333.68KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane164.png )

>unfortunately the catalyst is too closed minded to perceive the spirit world, your commands can only filter into her subconscious at the moment

Bangles"pfft, you're not even worth it as a snack"

Bangles drops the goblin

Bangles"C'mon she must've gone to the market"

Bangles travels outside

Bangles"GRAAAH! my eyes!!"
Curse you surface god! I've done nothing wrong!

>Landanar the Lightbringer, king of gods. He judges harshly all those who walk under the sky. most gnolls have taken to wearing protective head gear or squinting to block out the glare of the sun.
No. 529787 ID: 1f8505


Head back inside and retrieve your outfit really quick.
No. 529789 ID: bf54a8

borrow spear's hat
No. 529809 ID: 9ddf68

grab gear first, then hunt down chicken.
No. 529888 ID: 67bfa9
File 137528295164.png - (7.45KB , 77x91 , Gando2.png )

now that's the "spirit" kyehehehe
seriously though it's a good look ya can't go wrong with monocles!
No. 529892 ID: a01b62
File 137528427338.png - (2.84KB , 77x91 , LSCRCW16th-4.png )

I say, you're dreadfully unprepared for this adventure, aren't you? Why don't you quit walking around in a sheet and go and put your real clothes on, there's a good girl? Tally-ho.
No. 529915 ID: ca3f7d

Just keep going and endure it. There must be somewhere in town where you can buy a nice protective hat.
No. 530035 ID: 67bfa9
File 137531623836.png - (268.03KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane165.png )

Bangles: "I gotta go back and get my clothes"

Tubeck: "Isn't that them up on the roof?"

Bangles: "That little goblin hussie! she threw my stuff onto the roof!? I'll KIILL HER!"
No. 530036 ID: 12c19f

How do they even get up there?
No. 530041 ID: a23afd

Haha the gnoll doesn't know how people do their laundry.

Bangles stop flipping out, look, there's someone else's clothes up there too. Obviously this isn't an unusual practice. Also, there are poles set up there for this! Who would do that just to be mean to you? It's obviously a normal thing.

Just squint, be TUFF and visit the market.
No. 530042 ID: 735f4f

The goblin is using the magic of the sun god to dry your clothes on the roof.
No. 530051 ID: bc8d67

Bangles, you can worry about killing the innkeeper later, after you've found Chicken. Right now just get your clothes back before she decides to do something spiteful to 'em, like throw 'em in a fire.

The innkeeper has to have a way up there, so circle the inn and send one of your goblin henchmen up to get your clothes. If you don't find any way a goblin could climb up there from outside, then show off a bit of gnoll strength by finding a low spot on the edge of the roof and lifting or tossing him up there.
No. 530053 ID: 9ddf68

ask your new friends how long till they are taken down.
No. 530132 ID: 67bfa9
File 137533568694.png - (335.66KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane166.png )

Potonk: "Don't worry about it, Syggs is just invoking Landanar's blessing to dry your stuff"

Bangles"Lander hates gnolls though, he'll just burn them!"

Potonk: "with how clean they are there's no way even he can tell that they belong to a gnoll"

Bangles:"I guess . . . how long they gonna be up there?"

Potonk: "shouldn't take longer than a couple hours"
No. 530137 ID: a23afd

Grumble a bit and head to the market.
No. 530266 ID: 9ddf68

son of a bitch.

Sigh, fuck it we'll find chicken first then come back for clothes.
No. 530755 ID: 076e51

You'll just have to keep busy with other stuff until it dries. Or buy another set of clothes.

Go look for Kirska at the marketplace.

Alternatively you could see that boss guy and let him Gando died the way he would have wanted - in a huge explosion while chasing after girls.
No. 531529 ID: 67bfa9
File 137567335231.png - (323.50KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane167.png )

Bangles: *grrrrr* "Fine let's just go to the market"

I'm gonna buy myself something pretty, then I won't be mad

Bangles and two of her henchmen walk over to the market
No. 531540 ID: 1f8505


THERE'S Kirska!

March up to her and demand what the heck is going on.
No. 531550 ID: 9ddf68

oh well that was easy, ask what's she buying
No. 531662 ID: 6d5e30

Don't forget to buy a new ribbon for your tail while you are here. Can't let those prissy little elves one up you.
No. 531808 ID: 4e26ea

Demand that she buy you pretty things.
No. 532520 ID: 67bfa9
File 137594265371.png - (330.55KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane168.png )

Bangles: "What the heck are you doing!"

Kirska: "That is no longer c-concern mongrel"

Bangles: "Grrrr"
No. 532522 ID: 57a559

Ask Kirska what her problem is, she was all gungho about helpin' us and shit about some quest or whatever and now she's abandoning it!? The nerve! The cowardice!
No. 532528 ID: 9ddf68

the hell is her problem?
No. 532876 ID: 1cf691

Kirska are you planning on leaving because your master ordered you to? Or because you have found another catalyst who keeps getting herself in trouble constantly?
Because those are the only reasons i can think of why you would plan on leaving.
No. 533291 ID: 67bfa9
File 137616458783.png - (336.18KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane169.png )

Bangles: "What the hell is your problem?"

Kirska: "my p-problem is you Bangles, I would g-go into details but it's u-unlikely you would understand."

Am I not permitted to act on my own desires? I suppose it is true what they say, "once a servant always a servant"

I am leaving because I believe my master may be playing us all for fools. this creature is not the catalyst. I must travel to Drakenhold I need speak with him immediately.

there is a gnoll village to the west, Bangles will be safe there.
No. 533295 ID: bf54a8

and if he is playing us for fools, then what? you talk to him and he scolds you for disobeying him.
also a catalyst is a helper, it does nothing on it's own, if something would take a hundred ,years a catalyst could make it only take one.
No. 533296 ID: 735f4f

Listen Kriska the catalyst is not necessarily the smartest strongest person out there. It could be a random gnoll that due to blind luck will be in the right place at the right time.

I know she is hard to work with and sometimes we have not helped the situation much but she needs your help.

At least try to tell her why you are mad and see if she understands. She may be a gnoll but she is not stupid. Imagine if you had been raised by gnolls. How would you have ended up?
No. 533301 ID: 317afb

yeah, for a gnoll she isn't so bad, try to explain what she did that make you mad
No. 533319 ID: a23afd

Kriska, she is definitely the catalyst. We've already seen evidence that she warps magic around her. She may be a rude, stupid gnoll, but she is still important.
No. 533325 ID: ab1da0

I think it's more the suddenly zooming off to do your own thing that has us concerned. We DO like you, even if some of us did previously kinda play around and mess with you.
can you hear me here? If this works, we can talk to you through this instead the 'normal' link we seem to have.
No. 533341 ID: 57a559

So what, you'll betray your master now? Why would he play you for a fool? Abandoning your mission means abandoning your master. And if he is playing with you, he'd most likely be doing it to test your faith. Get in contact with him directly to assess your concerns, or don't and abandon your duty to your master permanently, indicating how faithless you are.

What have you even done with your life Kirska to abandon him now? What will you do? Has it all been for naught, has none of it brought you joy? Would you rather be out there frolicking with the other kobolds, thieving, trapping, and breeding many children? Go right ahead, because that's all being a kobold will get you out of this world without the right connections, and you only have the archmage as one really. I guess your gods, but do you think they'd grace the faithless?

I'm not insulting you here, or calling out your shit, just asking you about your life choices and what you actually want. My words may sound like I'm guilt tripping you back into doing your duty, but if you don't want your duty, I guess that's fine. You don't have many options as a kobold. If you think you can just go around adventuring, well, it'll be hard. Adventurers and contractors will trust you as far as they can throw you. Wait, that's not a good analogy, they will trust you inversely to how far they can throw you. About as much as any gnoll like her. Gnolls and Kobolds are killers and thieves in human, elven and dwarven eyes.
No. 533409 ID: 6d5e30

Whatever, this is personal. You don't like her, because she treats you like shit. Bangles is a gnoll, gnolls respect strength, and will push you around if you let them. Just make it clear, you aren't a slave, you don't follow her orders, and then get on with your duty.
No. 533478 ID: 9ddf68

Kriska, are you scared? you're stuttering.
No. 533539 ID: 557349

Archmage/Raagwiender: You still watching this? Have you got anything we could use to get Kirska to stay with Bangles? Like a command phrase or something we can use to prove that you wanter her to stay?

Kirska: Us spirits are pretty damn sure she's the catalyst. That's why we're drawn to her. I'm not sure what you were expecting of the catalyst, but it is simply certain that Bangles WILL stumble across dangerous, strange and fantastic events, subtly changing their course. Going to the village will not keep her safe. She has just agreed to go with these goblins on to do a petty task, but I would bet my incorporeal left foot that she's going to stumble across something significant and unexpected. I would like to ask you to cover her back...

Bangles: Try being nice to Kirska. Tell her you bought her a meal (even though you ate it) and you got lonely waiting for her at the inn.
No. 533884 ID: 67bfa9
File 137634392278.png - (325.74KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane170.png )

>hmm yes I am watching
>I'm afraid once again I cannot play my hand, I must remain distant from the matter
>but I will give what advice I can.
>Kirska's reaction may not solely be the result of emotional conflict.
>to my best understanding the very nature of the catalyst melds and shapes magic around it.
>as a magic wielder it is possible Kirska is subject to this as well . . .

Kirska:please don't tease me spirits, I'm tired enough as it is

Kirska: Yes I must not let my personal feelings enter in, I must perform my duty . . .

but is my duty to follow a blind path? or is it pride in thinking that this is my task alone?
. . . No, protecting that catalyst is too great a responsibility to be trusted to goblin and rabble, or even I. True heroes are needed here.

Assuming this creature IS the catalyst I must inform the crown. they will determine how best to protect the catalyst, and send word to the greatest heroes in the land.

Kirska: the Archmage is not my only master and even he will listen when I am backed by the Dragon King!
>hmmm that may prove troublesome

Kirska: "Goodbye B-Bangles, I'll be back so t-try not to die"

Bangles: " . . . "
No. 533889 ID: 735f4f

Well if she is so set on going why don't you go with her Bangles? Its not like we had any other plans.
No. 533895 ID: 9ddf68

I wan't teasing I was makeing an observation. I mean when we first found you, you were completly helpless and even then I didn't see you acting as afraid as you are right now it has me... worried. Also last time you told the nobles about the catalyst didn't they put a bounty on her head?

Wait weren't we going to attack some nobles? I mean that's how we got the to goblin guys in our party.
No. 534131 ID: 78a386

Well I guess we need to find some other strong fighter to join this party then.

With a bit of luck Kirska will just get captured again.
No. 534151 ID: ab1da0

Hrrm...We can go with Kirska to safety, or the goblins to adventure...
I'm thinking we go with Kirska- no need to hand our enemies their target on a platter, if i'm right about where these goblins are headed.
No. 534164 ID: 5fd94e

My vote is to forgo the goblin mission and follow Kirska.
No. 534181 ID: 57a559

Or destroy her like that Prince guy did.
Kirska, don't you feel like your being manipulated or that you feel rather strange? You never mentioned the Dragon King before, and the archmage described you as one of his most loyal followers. TO hear that you have another master is... almost unbelievable.

Archmage, you done mind links for us before to read peoples minds. Can we read their hearts and loyalties or something like that? THe true loyalties? And differ between loyalties recently created or ones that are most foul, such as vampire hypnotism, falsely made memories, and loyalties made from other more standard forms deception?

I'd like to get inside Kirska's heart. I fear there may be a greater problem to fix here inside her.
No. 534715 ID: 67bfa9
File 137661321275.png - (256.43KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane171.png )

Bangles: "I'm going with you!"

Kirska: " . . . w-what?"

Bangles: "Where ever you're going I'm following!"

Kirska: "You won't like where I'm going"

Bangles: "I don't care"

Kirska: " . . . fine, just don't slow me down"

Bangles: "with your stubby little legs? not likely!"

Kirska: " . . ."

>many who betray their masters simply believe themselves to be doing what they think is right.
>However it is possible Kirska is keeping secrets from you, I could create a mind link if you like.
No. 534718 ID: 9ddf68

clothes Bangles don't forget your clothes
No. 534719 ID: 735f4f

A mind link could help. Kriska seems like the type to find out something important and then not tell us because she wants to fix it herself.
No. 534726 ID: 0c4b60

Think of it this way Kriska:
She wants to follow you. All the way to people you think are capable of determining her status as Catalyst, and protecting her if that is possible.
No. 534728 ID: c23ab0

No mind link to Kriska.

No items.

Fox only.

Final destination.
No. 534739 ID: 13a36d

Create the mind meld with kirska! Be head-buddies forever!
No. 534740 ID: 593f45

Chicken needs to shape up, and the best way a gnoll knows to make someone do that is by brutally beating them into complacency. Have your disposable minions attack and then stomp her down until she becomes sufficiently obedient.
No. 534745 ID: 57a559

Wait, I'm confused. I know if I do a mind link my linking for the day is exhausted, but other people are voting for the mind link so now this gets a little confusing.

If I just shut up do all those votes use up at least part their energy instead of mine? Or can those guys totally vote to use my fraction of link power for today?
No. 535523 ID: 67bfa9
File 137687664705.png - (342.97KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane172.png )

>the link spell will always take the first volunteer as the is some confusion I have not yet initiated-



Tubeck "the children of Asplodius don't fear oblivion we embrace it!"

Potonk: "YAH! You can have our substances that cause or accelerate chemical reactions without themselves being effected when you pry them from our cold dead hands!"
No. 535525 ID: 67bfa9
File 137687693613.png - (342.59KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane173.png )


the pactlord stops mid sentence and points at Bangles

No. 535526 ID: 57a559

"I'm the woman of your dreams obviously. Everyone wants to bang bangles but we require dinner first!"
No. 535528 ID: bf54a8

"the DARK WARLOCK knows, call him up and ask. we'll wait."
No. 535577 ID: c23ab0

The goblin's interpretation of catalyst is useful. They think he's trying to steal their explosives.
No. 535582 ID: 9ddf68

well it's kinda hard for me to tell who you are with the helmet on so, yeah.

also Kriska, you ok? You just have the worst luck as of late which is kinda why we want to stick by your side. Not because we don't believe in your skills but we are worried that the universe in generally is out to get you.
No. 535644 ID: 510c77

Tell him you are Ed, of course. Everyone knows Ed.
No. 536202 ID: 67bfa9
File 137705666655.png - (342.49KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane174.png )

Kirska: If the gods feel I must suffer, I must assume they have good cause.

Bangles:"My name is Ed, everyone knows who I am"

Kaldar: " That seems . . . unlikely. However perhaps you are well known in these parts and I am recalling hearsay"

Bangles: ugh what a wierdo, why won't metalpant's goons just leave me alone.

Kaldar: "Yes, this must be the case! NOW BACK TO THE MATTER AT HAND . . . I cannot recall . . . why was I here . . . "
No. 536203 ID: bf54a8

"you were here to get information about the catalyst. it went east"
No. 536207 ID: 96c896

Kirska, observe carefully. This is the Catalyst at work. This powerful man of magic has had his mind muddled by her mere presence. So too is yours being affected, and it is leading you astray. You must stay with her, not abandon her to the mercy of fate.

Bangles, lie to them and say the Catalyst already left, and went... the direction doesn't matter, just get these guys to leave.
No. 536208 ID: 9ddf68

something about a cat I think, try going east.
No. 536221 ID: d2995c

I think he was saying something about goblin substances.

>This powerful man of magic has had his mind muddled by her mere presence.
Either his power has been muddled, or a power over him has been muddled. Not that it would change much for us, since we don't have the spells with us to dispel such control.
No. 536339 ID: 593f45

Or maybe this guy is just an idiot and we can trick him.
Tell him the Catalyst just ran out the back door and he'd better hurry if he wants to catch up.
No. 536360 ID: 16c47c

Hey you seem to be having memory issues. Maybe you should have a drink in the tavern. They have this sweet 3 for 1 deal on. You could try to remember while you're there. Don't mind the goblins. They're crazy.
No. 537832 ID: 67bfa9
File 137756673555.png - (274.45KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane175.png )

>Kirska was in error earlier, the gnoll village she spoke of was in the east not the west. I apologize for my servants lack of geographical precision.

Bangles: wow, this guys is sooo stupid, cant even remember why he's here

Bangles: "That cat or whatever you were looking for? yeah it ran out the back gates"


The pact lord leaves in the direction of the back gate

Bangles: what a moron, metalpants sure wasn't looking for smarts in his guys
No. 537834 ID: bf54a8

once out of catalyst range he may get smarter. we should hoof it.
No. 537844 ID: 735f4f

Help Kriska out from behind the door and lets get out of here before he comes to his senses.
No. 537851 ID: ddd0ce

Ah, are you ok? I think we might have missed out on checking you to see if you were ok after getting hit with that door. Anyhow, the current plan is to leave soon, before that guy comes back to cause more problems.
No. 537862 ID: 96c896

I think it's time we beat feet. Off to wherever these goblins wanted us to go. We've got a sidequest to complete!
No. 537883 ID: bc8d67

Actually, I don't think we should let Kaldar get outside Bangle's sphere of influence until he's on the other side of a closed and barred gate. We really do not want him to remember anything before then, 'cause he and his tireless skeletons will definitely run our party down.

Bangles, go sneak after Kaldar and make sure he actually goes through the back gate, and that the guards close and bar it after him. Before you go, tell one of the goblin henchmen to run over and get your clothes while you're sneaking around.

Kirska, ask the goblin guards or a henchmen if there are long acting potions of stamina and/or potions of enhanced speed for sale in town. Because right now getting enough of those for the whole party to quaff would mean you all could put Kaldar very far behind you all.
No. 537894 ID: 9ddf68

lets leave before he comes back, also grab your kobolt friend and lets get out of here... uh, do we know EXACTLY where she was going or even how to get there... oh the hell with it lets just hit that side mission these little goblin guys wanted us to do real quick then we can follow chicken around.
No. 539432 ID: 67bfa9
File 137831256121.png - (338.44KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane176.png )

Bangles helps Kirska out from behind the door

Bangles:"We should leave town"

Potonk:"I hear ya, got fetch your stuff, I'll go find out what baldy wants us to do, we'll meet up behind the Inn"
No. 539444 ID: 9ddf68

how are you holding up right now Kirska?

As for bangles, yeah grab our crap and lets get ready to leave nothing really left for us to do around here anymore.
No. 539507 ID: 1cf691

Time to find out if the inn roof can withstand the weight of a gnoll. Unless the innkeeper has already taken them down.
No. 539539 ID: 16c47c

We still haven't checked if the shops have anything worthwhile, like potions or easy to use explosives.

Then get your clothes and see what the goblin task is. If it's not worth your while or isn't in the direction Kirska is going then we might have to ditch that quest, but I wanna know what it is at least...
No. 539567 ID: bc8d67

Hey, Kirska, I can guess at how you feel. If I were you I'd want to leave Bangles in a safe place far away from me too. But it seems your fates are glued together right now, so just make the best of it and you'll get through eventually. At least we got her to take a proper bath and she doesn't smell like she rolled around in a butcher's midden anymore.

Bangles, try flipping your dreadlocks forward to shield your eyes from the sun, then quickly check out the merchants before heading to get your clothes back. You're gonna at least need rations for a few days, 'cause if you stop to hunt then the ones hunting you may catch up. Get two or three healing potions too, if they're available. And Kirska, could you please stick by Bangles here and make sure she doesn't get swindled?
No. 540804 ID: 67bfa9
File 137937824803.png - (320.63KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane177.png )

Kirska: Oh wise spirits am I truly so weak that you must focus yourself on how likely I am to drop dead at any given second?

Bangles: "Hey seller guy, you got anything good?"

Merchant: "I's got a cooking timer, a feather pen, some fresh pony meat, a bottle of fang juice and some kinda mystical rock"

Bangles: "hmmm"

Merchant: "c'mon I aint got all day!"
No. 540862 ID: 4a20fa

Buy an egg timer. Amuse yourself through the long journey ahead by staring transfixed as the sand trickling back and forth.

The rock is probably just a shiny pebble he's trying to fob off on some sucker.
No. 540863 ID: b3c2e5

What is fang juice?
No. 540870 ID: e1609c

Probably venom. Could be useful for coating the sword.
Ask for a demonstration that the rock is anything more than a shiny pebble
No. 540901 ID: 07e3a8

>Oh wise spirits am I truly so weak that you must focus yourself on how likely I am to drop dead at any given second?
Please don't take offense. It's not meant as a slander on your capabilities; we only fret because we care. We take the well being of those we are responsible for seriously.
No. 540936 ID: f9cf6a

If that fang juice is poison that can be applied to a blade, buy it. Ask Kirska if that mystical rock looks like it could actually be mystical, then buy it if she thinks so. Also buy the pony meat so you'll have something to nosh on on the road.

Inventory management time: Hand the note from the stables to Kirska to read, then discard. Also hand the rolled up scroll to her to see if she can ID what it does, if anything.

Kirska we're just concerned you could use some healing up, especially after catching a town gate to the face. We also kinda figure you don't want to join our ranks for a long, long while, right?
No. 540961 ID: 16c47c

Buy juice anyway. It comes in a handy container.

Can we inspect the mystical rock with our spirit powers? Could it be posible for us spirits to inhabit the rock? If so then it could be dropped down a hole allowing us spirits can see what's down there? If rock seems useful and not a hoax then buy it.
No. 542024 ID: 13a36d

To Kirska: No, we, or at least I, just like you more than Bangles. You aren't alone in not thinking Bangles is not the best subject to be the catalyst, but we have to deal with the cards we're given.

Bangles at least seems to have /some/ good in her, she's just childish, greedy, and self-centered. But hey, you've dealt with children before right? Maybe it's your job to help "raise" her and have her find her way into being the catalyst she should be. It'll just be tough because, well, she's spoiled, so both you and us spirits will need to be careful.
No. 543241 ID: 67bfa9
File 138109287320.png - (290.17KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane178.png )

Bangles buys the feather pen
Bangles buys the cooking timer
Bangles bus the fresh pony meat

Bangles: "Chicken, take these scribble scraps!"
Kirska: "I'll do what I have too . . ."
magicers like paper things that better make her stop being grumpy

Bangles gives Kirska a note
Bangles gives Kirska a scroll

Merchant:"Thank you for your business, may Asplodius send your gibs far"

Bangles: "what is Fang Juice?"

Merchant:"it's a tasty drink that helps you fight!"

Bangles: "what does the rock do?"

Merchant: "supposed to amplify magical powers, not something you'll find useful"

but chicken CAN cast magic . . . also it's purple. purple is a good color . . . wait chicken lost her purple cape! that must be why she's mad. maybe if I buy her this purple rock she'll stop being mad.

>the Merchant appears to be telling the truth, though that begs the questions how did a powerful magical gem find it's way to such a questionable peddler.
No. 543242 ID: f0c8ac

Hrrrm...Good question on the magical item ending up with this goblin...But this spirit can't think of any reason to be wary of it's past. I mean, if someone comes looking for it then we can decide on there if we wanna deal with that mess. If not? FREE MAGIC BOOSTER!
No. 543244 ID: 2f2cd6

If the gem seems legit, we should get it, for sure.
No. 543280 ID: 9ddf68

... Maybe Bangles nature might have something to do with it? anyways might as well get both since Kirska can cast magic and that fang juice might be nice if we're fighting something that just needs a little extra punch so we can truly kill it.
No. 543310 ID: d91e82

How did it come to be in this village? Obviously the last owner exploded, PRAISE ASPLODIUS!

We should get the purple thing, and maybe praise Asplodius some for bringing it to where we could find it.
No. 549743 ID: 67bfa9
File 138535920403.png - (263.27KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane179.png )

Bangles buys the fang juice
Bangles buys mystical rock

Bangles touches the stone and she sees in a way she never has before

>How incredibly odd, Bangles is no spell caster the stone should not reacting with her unless . . . oh no

the world shifts before her very eyes and the images astounds her, every living creature around her reveals the lines of fate to her it is a mystical feeling . . . until she sees an unsettling fact, a gruesome death awaits every one of them from the smallest rodent to the sneakiest merchant each receives unwelcome end perhaps in a week or a month? Bangles quickly decides she doesn't care and turns away from lives of creatures that don't matter

>The stone is reacting with with her catalyst nature! she's amplifying it's power and it in turn is amplifying her ability to amplify it's power, she's created spell loop that will burn her dry! she needs to get rid of it now!
No. 549744 ID: 67bfa9
File 138535941086.png - (198.29KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane180.png )

curiosity guides her eye instead to the creature she calls "chicken" and follows the path of her fate down a thousand roads leading to the same end and Bangles doesn't like what she sees

Bangles: Metalpants!

she sees a kobold and gnoll confront each other

kobold: "This w-world belongs to the g-gods! they'll n-never let you have it!"
gnoll: "I know only one thing of the gods, slave! and that is-

kobold: "KRAAAaaaah-"

gnoll: "and that is that they don't care."

and thus Bangles sees where fate ends for the tiny kobold.
but the lines of fate to Bangles do not appear as chiseled stone, no to Bangles they appear as markings in the sand, and herself the wave. Bangles for once understands everything and that she can change anything!

No. 549748 ID: 13a36d

Address Kirska by her name, as in actually calling her "Kirska," pull her to the side and explain to her what just happened, touching the stone and seeing the things
No. 549754 ID: 7bbaae

I think we should change fate so that Chicken wins that fight, with or without someone helping her.

...maybe Bangles can be the hero!
No. 549758 ID: d2995c

That stone seems both useful and dangerous. Take your hand off it, pay the 10 gold for it, then store it in the hat or glove so you won't be in contact with it.
No. 549761 ID: 9ddf68

so does that mean she can hear us now or are we still just background noise?

you should probably let go of that stone Bangles. you have seen what you needed to see, now it's time to change it.
No. 549783 ID: dbbfc7

Can you change chicken fate so that she won't meet Metalpants at that point in time?
Inb4 horrible reprecussions
No. 549802 ID: 041c8f

Maybe if we get real people savey, then lots of them will own us favors and stuff. And will have lots of practice and can save chicken. I mean she be pretty nice is grumpy and we don't want her to die. Plus lots of people might like us too like and not want us to die just like we don't want chicken to die. ITS ALL INTERCONNECTED. WHOAA...
No. 549855 ID: fd6ae9

Well, then if you don't like the outcome, and it's in your power to change it, then change it.

Let's make chicken win. Help her.
No. 549928 ID: c7b3fc

I am not sure what 'burning her dry means'... But at the same time, it offers a chance to save Kiriska from a severe case of AXE TO FACE!!!
I think Bangles should give the stone to Kiriska, though for all I know she might toss it at the Kobold, because magic stuff should go with magic stuff, or some thought like that.
No. 552363 ID: 67bfa9
File 138725698274.png - (260.15KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane181.png )

Bangles: "Curse-kah! I give you this gift!"

Kirska: "W-What are you-"

Bangles gives Kirska the gem

Kirska: "KIAAAAAH"

Bangles: "you're not gonna die, you're gonna be powerful, powerful enough to win any fight!, powerful enough to win a fight even against Metalpants"
No. 552364 ID: 67bfa9
File 138725728216.png - (289.43KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane182.png )

Bangles Collapses from exhaustion and falls asleep

Merchant: "Uh, NO REFUNDS!
merchant flees
No. 552366 ID: 9ddf68

uh, you alright there Kirska?
No. 552367 ID: 7bbaae

How do you feel, Kirska? Did it work? The gem is a future-telling device of some sort and it went berserk in Bangles' hands.
No. 552378 ID: fd6ae9

Uh, sorry about that. The gem gave her some kind of vision of your death, and supposedly the power to change it. I didn't think she'd burn it into your head, though.

...side from pain or a headache, do you feel any different? Maybe a basic test of strength or your magical abilities are in order? Carefully. If that thing actually worked, you might not know your own strength.
No. 552383 ID: 3a1f17

Well that looks like it hurts.

On a scale of "ow" to "there is a hole in my head" how do you feel?
No. 556318 ID: 67bfa9
File 138933531733.png - (289.83KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane183.png )

Kirska: I feel fine

Kirska: Actually I feel better than fine . . .
No. 556333 ID: 9ddf68

so uh... what do we do now? I guess leave town would be the best answer but bangles is out, there's a crazy out there after her, and carrying her around like this even with the to lackeys we picked up will slow us down and may even effect our fighting if we have to protect her while she's out and we're under attack.

On the other hand the quicker we move the more distance we can put between us and crazy. Eh the goblins we picked up said they had a job, might as well head towards that to get some extra funds our way since this little shopping trip kinda drained our meager funds anyways
No. 556337 ID: 53ba34

and thus you see the power of the catalyst.
No. 556351 ID: d2995c

Glad to hear it. With luck you will be fine enough to avoid the vague yet menacing doom that is currently headed for everyone in the area within the month.
No. 556400 ID: 8474cd

Your eyes are glowing purple,BTW...
No. 556401 ID: 9c12b1

Hey the Merchant didn't flee after all, time to get a refund.
Jump on the Merchants table and with a booming voice demand that he refunds the 10 G or he shall fall before your new found power!
No. 556403 ID: 7bbaae

He did, you're looking at a different merchant.

Can you wake Bangles up? Also, might want to double-check your available powers. Maybe they got boosted.
No. 557439 ID: 9383c1

Try some spellcasting. See if Bangles' gift worked. She kind of cares about you in her own strange way you know.
No. 561912 ID: 67bfa9
File 139207258489.png - (277.50KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane184.png )

Kirska has advanced in rank!
my powers appear to be the same as they've always been, I feel no different.
No. 561915 ID: 67bfa9
File 139207286987.png - (332.53KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane185.png )

are they? I hadn't noticed mirrors tend to be hard to come by

what sort of spell should I cast?

yes I shall head towards this meeting place, gold could be quite useful in the time to come
No. 561916 ID: a87e3a

Um. Okay some good news and some bad news. The good news is you're more proficient in armor, weapons, and spirit talk! The bad news is that now you use heavy weapons and light armor, as far as I can tell. Your spells are... I can't tell. You'll have to try them out, I expect. Can you heal yourself? You do have some wounds and it would be good to know if your heal spell has some sort of drawback now.
No. 561917 ID: a87e3a

Oh and don't forget to check and see if her clothes are dry yet. Speaking of which she just lost her dress.
No. 561931 ID: d90d89

yeah if we're leaving know that Bangle's clothing are drying on top of the Inn, might be done now so might as well pick those up since we're right outside the Inn anyways.
No. 561942 ID: d2995c

Try the shield spell before trying the healing spell. The magic effect switched heavy/light armor/weapons, so it might have switched the healing spell into a harm spell or something.
No. 561943 ID: 59d71b

you gotta heal yourself, man.

by the way, how comfortable does that armor feel compared to before you had a rock lodged into your face?
No. 561997 ID: 4a75fa

>I hadn't noticed mirrors tend to be hard to come by
Presumably water might be more common. You could check your reflection that way, when next you get a chance.
No. 562007 ID: 4a20fa

We just cleaned that gnoll, and now you're dragging her through the mud? Bad! Bad minion!
No. 562192 ID: b0ef4c

Yeah try the shield spell first. If it acts strange then try the healing spell on a goblin volunteer or yourself.

Get some water at the inn to splash Bangles. See if you can wake her lazy ass up and get her dressed and armed I mean seriously.

Speaking of which do you by any chance feel a bit overdressed?
No. 562231 ID: f562ed

I think the situation is thus: Your fate has been altered by the Catalyst, possibly through retroactive, fundamental changes to your past to make you better suited to survive in the future, but it may feel perfectly normal.

we're still kinda worried about your new piercing though, and advise you attempt healing soon. Bangles seems to simply be fatigued from reshaping existence in your favor, but only slightly injured compared to you.
No. 562855 ID: 67bfa9
File 139256722730.png - (294.26KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane186.png )

oh her ratty towel has fallen off, I'll get that

I can't get them from here, I cannot tell if they are dry.

My mana is still very low, if I were to attempt to cast a spell I might injure myself

my equipment is still broken but otherwise feels fine

>Proficiency changes are quite rare, when they do occur the subject is still able to use specific items they currently posses without penalty, even if they are technically no longer proficient, any new items acquired or old items re-acquired must however fit the new proficiencies.

I will make a note to do this, next time I am around water

that is unfortunate, but my size limits my ability to carry things entirely off the ground
No. 562872 ID: 9ddf68

just go in and ask the innkeeper if she can grab Bangles clothes. and might be a good idea to drag the unconscious gnoll of the streets.
No. 562876 ID: 72df71

oh. too bad about this job we gotta do, then. I guess you can rest and recover afterwards. you kinda earned it, Chicken.
No. 562912 ID: a87e3a

Ah, I see your mana now. Alright then I suppose we'll just have to go ask the innkeeper when we can get Bangles' clothes back. Might I suggest you prop Bangles over your shoulder so only her legs drag in the ground?
No. 569713 ID: 67bfa9
File 139697510698.png - (319.24KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane187.png )

Kirska enters the inn

Syggs:"welcome back, decided to cash in on that free extra days rest you got after all?

Kirska: "no, actually I need to know when this gnoll's clothing will be dry."

Syggs:[i]"not for a couple hours at least, your friend seems pretty tired, how about she takes the rest instead?"

hmm, should I leave Bangles here? it would be safer and less clumsy than carrying her with me . . .
No. 569716 ID: ffa549

Sure, tuck her fuzzy butt in bed. Beats dragging her face-first everywhere.
No. 569742 ID: 125f4a

No. 569749 ID: 3f0c1b

Put Bangles in her bed, she probably needs it.

Now how long do you think it will be until you have enough mana to use magic and is there anything you could do to speed up your recovery? We really should find out how much that stone did for you, and casting a spell is probably the fastest way to find out.
No. 577565 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140216683014.png - (283.91KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane188.png )

Kirska:"Yes, the catalyst needs her rest"

* * *

Syggs:"you sure are heavy, no wonder boldy didn't want to lug you around!"

Kirska is out of range
No. 577566 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140216687326.png - (226.06KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane189.png )

Syggs:"night night fuzz ball"

* * *

Bangles is asleep
No. 577581 ID: 9ddf68

so... do we try and wake her or do we just wait?
No. 577653 ID: c7a241

Ooh, ooh, can we mess with her dreams?
No. 578746 ID: c0ca84

Zoom in on sleeping Bangles.
No. 584255 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140544026493.png - (233.57KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane190.png )

you get a little closer

>hmm not much guidance you can give at this point . . .

>I suppose you could try and toy with her dream, to what effect I can only speculate.

>alternatively I could put you into dormancy essentially skipping you to whenever she awakes or activity happens within the room.
No. 584259 ID: 10e1d3

Wet dream.
No. 584260 ID: b5130d

Encephalon, dive! We're crashing this dream party.
No. 584266 ID: 3f0c1b

Yeah, dream diving, this is going to be great. It seems like just yesterday that we showed ourselves with Gando's help... actually let's see if we can address her racial fears of spirits while we are in there.
No. 584267 ID: bb78f2

I am actually curious about times when her ex wasn't her ex. We could learn a lot about her enemy... and things Bangles liked him to do for her.
No. 584275 ID: 53548a

Chins up, boys, we've got a dream to crash.
No. 586927 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140675437115.png - (7.42KB , 77x91 , Gando3.png )

Now THAT's what I'm talkin about!
No. 586932 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140675581221.png - (125.77KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane191.png )

you begin to filter into Bangles' dreams
>Be warned! I'll not be able to guide you in the dream realm, nor will I know what you see.
you enter Bangles dream

There is a little gnoll girl.
She is with her family.
They are hiking up a wooded mountain.

you may:
1: follow the dream stream, sit back and see where this dream goes
2: focus on an aspect to gain more clarity
3: switch stream to something else of your choice

No. 586936 ID: 9ddf68

eh might as well watch
No. 586940 ID: c02e1e

Lets just watch for now. Nothing interesting enough to meddle in anyway.
No. 586944 ID: 3f0c1b

Let's follow for now
No. 586949 ID: 53548a

Focus on the gnolls.
No. 586957 ID: e73b69

Sit back and enjoy the show.
No. 587138 ID: e6f4c6

Lets focus on young bangles.
No. 587386 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140692321534.png - (109.10KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane192.png )

There are two sisters
the younger has survived two winters
the older has survived three

the younger sister named Squealer asks "Sister are you not exited?".
the older sister named Weakneck responds "No Sister I am not".
"why are you not exited Sister?" asked Squealer.
"Because the temple will steal our souls" responded Weakneck.
"Mother and Father say it will make us strong" spoke Squealer.
"Mother and Father lie" responded Weakneck.

for a while they walked in silence.

"Sister, Why would Mother and Father lie?"asked Squealer.
"Because their Mothers and Fathers lied to them and they want their souls back" Responded Weakneck

you may:
1: follow the dream stream, sit back and see where this dream goes
2: focus on an aspect to gain more clarity
3: switch stream to something else of your choice

No. 587387 ID: 9ddf68

keep watching
No. 587422 ID: e73b69

Countinue watching
No. 589218 ID: 3ea81f

Focus on Weakneck.
No. 589362 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140798602692.png - (138.24KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane193.png )

Squealer was right to be scared.
Weakneck knows the truth.
Weakneck had spoken with Glade the Outcast.
The Outcast knew many ugly things.
Mother and Father didn't want Weakneck talking with The Outcast.
Mother and Father didn't want Weakneck to know the ugly things.
But the truth was an ugly thing,
And Weakneck thought she wanted to know the truth
Weakneck was wrong.
Weakneck doesn't want to know the truth

Weakneck is scared.
The temple is a skull.
It is an ugly thing.
Mother and Father say it is just carved stone.
Mother and Father lie.
Mother and Father say it is time to go in.
Weakneck is scared.

you may:
1: follow the dream stream, sit back and see where this dream goes
2: focus on an aspect to gain more clarity
3: switch stream to something else of your choice

No. 589368 ID: 83096d

Focus on the play between the skull, the outcast, and your parents.
No. 592523 ID: 263fff

No. 592693 ID: 1c677c

More clarity. Focus.
No. 592703 ID: ed6b93

No. 592973 ID: ccd544

Please remember that the dream sequence will almost certainly effect Bangle's conscious behavior. Switching the stream can be our way to manipulate her into someone more useful, or smarter, or disciplined, or paranoid.
No. 594175 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141074959850.png - (162.81KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane194.png )

Weakneck thinks about The Outcast as she and her sister and brothers were taken inside the skull.
Mother and Father bind Weakneck's arms and legs.
The Outcast had told Weakneck they would.
Mother and Father bind Squealer's arms and legs.
The Outcast had told Weakneck to run and never look back.
Mother and Father bind Biters arms and legs.
Weakneck had not listened she too weak and had no where to go.
Mother and Father bind nameless brother's arms and legs.
Weakneck was scared but she knew it'd be over soon.

Weakneck was confused by what happened next
Mother started to howl, growl and bicker with Father.
The Outcast did not tell Weakneck this would happen . . .

you may:
1: follow the temple dream stream
2: follow the outcast dream stream instead
3: focus on an aspect to gain more clarity

No. 594176 ID: 2fd516

Yeah I think I know what's going to happen next. No need to see this, or have Bangles remember it.

2: follow the outcast dream stream instead
No. 594193 ID: 8b533b

1: follow the temple dream stream
No. 597838 ID: deba81

2: follow the outcast dream stream instead
No. 599163 ID: a5bd6c

Focus on the argument to gain more clairity
No. 668136 ID: fe06ff
File 144166615628.png - (200.40KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane195.png )

Mother wanted power
Father wanted more
Mother fought father
father killed mother
The demon laughed
Father asked for power
The demon asked for more
Father offered souls
The souls of his children
The Outcast had said that would be enough
The demon asked for more.
The Outcast had lied
Father offered blood
The blood of his children
The demon laughed
No. 668137 ID: fe06ff
File 144166629033.png - (192.79KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane196.png )

Father killed the nameless child
Father slit his throat
The Outcast had lied
Biter bit father
Father slit his throat
The Outcast had lied
"Weakneck said you'd only take our souls!"Squealer cried
Father slit her throat
"Weakneck lied" father replied
No. 668138 ID: fe06ff
File 144166636771.png - (290.50KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane197.png )

"It is sad" father lied.
Weakneck felt water on her face
"You would have made a good gnoll" father smiled.
Weakneck felt a cold on her neck.
Water poured out and covered her dress
Her dress was ruined
No. 668139 ID: fe06ff
File 144166650415.png - (207.43KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane198.png )

Weakneck fell over
"Give me power!" father cried out.
The demon asked for more
Father was given a gift
"This is not the gift I asked for!" father cried out.
The demon asked for more
"I will give you thousands more!" father cried out.
The demon laughed
Weakneck died.
No. 668140 ID: fe06ff
File 144166655488.png - (609.45KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane199.png )

Bangles wakes up

Bangles has advanced in rank!

Bangles has learned Catalyst-Power:Amplify!

Bangles has a skill point to spend!

No. 668153 ID: 73c49c

what can we use this skill point on?
No. 668155 ID: 57dfcc

Oh. I thought this was gonna be a childhood memory. Guess not, unless Bangles came back from the dead, or somehow survived being a sacrificial offering.

Yes, options, pls.
No. 668162 ID: 3663d3

sounds like bangles has gotten some kind of grip on her powers.
No. 668168 ID: 9ddf68

ok so before we do anything I have to ask, who's the extra goblin that has shown up in our party and why is Kirska hiding under her cape?
No. 668182 ID: fe06ff
File 144167758168.png - (301.96KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane200.png )

(>)Bangles can learn how to do anything if she puts her mind to it, she can also improve skills she already has, however choose carefully as a gnoll it may be some time before she ranks up again.

(>)I fear Kirska may have taken some liberties while Bangles was asleep I'm sure we'll find out what happened soon enough
No. 668183 ID: 9ddf68

tempted to go with either stealth or light weapons seeing as we're probably going to have to go through a lot of dangerous stuff in the future so knowing how to fight better or just plain avoiding danger would help. Probably light weapons since our party is starting to get kind of big and with more people it starts to become harder to sneak around.
No. 668186 ID: 57dfcc

No. 668235 ID: e607cd

Maybe dodge? or light armor? Bangles would benefit from some defenses beyond being adorable.
No. 668249 ID: 56b238

Who's the new guy? There, in the hud.
No. 668250 ID: e114bc

I agree.
No. 668251 ID: 3663d3

stealth so she can sneak up on people harder to utilize that great backstab.
No. 668313 ID: 486096

Agreeing with dodge.
No. 668321 ID: 73c49c

The last guy on the HUD appeasers to be the goblin with the mace who was sleeping against the wall in the bar when we entered. As for a skill light armor would be a good choice, or any defensive skill to be honest.
No. 668600 ID: 2eeb65

Find Kirska and ask her why she's "taking liberties" with some Gando wannabe while we're sleeping.

Also, how much time has passed while we were sleeping? I hope less than a year
No. 668920 ID: fe06ff
File 144193709018.png - (306.13KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane201.png )

I'm tired of getting stabbed all the time, from now on I'm going to step out of the way when someone tries!

Bangles has learned "Dodge"

(>)It has been a mere eight hours since Bangles began her slumber
No. 668921 ID: e114bc

Go find Kirska. Oh, put on clothes first.
No. 668922 ID: 149da0

Go find Kirska. Don't put clothes on first.
No. 668981 ID: eb5c78

Find Best Character Kirska and do put on clothes first.
No. 669013 ID: 0b04d9

Whatever you do, absolutely do it without putting on clothes.
No. 669017 ID: 265534

Kirska. No clothes.
No. 669027 ID: 2eeb65

Go find Kirska. Don't put on clothes. Take off Kirska's clothes, too.
No. 669076 ID: b3dd38

No. 669080 ID: 73c49c

cloths on, go find Kirska.
No. 669116 ID: fe06ff
File 144202550155.png - (252.86KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane202.png )

Oh hey someone piled up my clothes here . . . almost like they WANT me to put them on.
Well they've got another thing coming! nobody tells Bangles what to do!

Now where the heck is Krazkraz? I bet she wandered off again . . .
No. 669118 ID: 9ddf68

oh, from the window in your room it looks like it's night out, maybe she's in her room?
No. 669131 ID: e114bc

Check her room.
No. 669307 ID: fe06ff
File 144211375557.png - (321.26KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane203.png )

I'll bet Kozko's in her room, but which one is hers?
I might have to check them all . . .
No. 669309 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well start with the green one then we'll just work from there.
No. 669320 ID: e114bc

No. 669573 ID: fe06ff
File 144225983489.png - (299.80KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane204.png )

Gross this doors all moldy! this inn is awful crummy

Bangles kicked down the rotten door

Bleh! this room is even worse there's even bugs all over things, glad this isn't MY room.
. . . She's not here.
augh, searching all these rooms could take minutes!.


voices are heard coming from downstairs

Syggs:"The catalyst has awoken~"
Potonk:"All hail the catalyst!"
No. 669576 ID: 9ddf68

...yeah lets not go downstairs for now as it sounds annoying. Keep kicking down doors instead. Even if we don't find Kirska it's still fun to brake stuff.
No. 669590 ID: e114bc

What's that on the right wall? Yellow writing?
No. 669593 ID: 149da0

Blarg this room is filthy and she isn't here. Moving on!
No. 669636 ID: fe06ff
File 144227315224.png - (306.80KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane205.png )

Oh there's some dumb symbol, or writing, I dunno.

(>)It is unfortunate that Bangles has never learned how to read.

bleh time to get out of this gross place

Bangles leaves the room

now which room to check out next?
No. 669637 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well hit the door you're standing next to there at your right.
No. 669638 ID: e114bc

Try the room across from yours. Whichever that is. Maybe don't break the door this time, cuz you'd have to pay for it probably.
No. 669782 ID: fe06ff
File 144235922853.png - (258.53KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane206.png )

grrr, this door is locked.
maybe I shouldn't break it down, I might have to pay for it . . .

Bangles breaks down the door

She's not in this room either.
No. 669785 ID: 3663d3

ooo, a bag, take bag, pull door so it looks ike it wasn't broken.
No. 669903 ID: 230832

Well there's only two more rooms so after looting the bag in this room try the door across from your room. I mean we got a 50/50 chance of getting right this time so why the hell not?
No. 670078 ID: fe06ff
File 144246634123.png - (392.71KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane207.png )

heehee I bet this bag is filled with all sorts of good stuff . . . bah it's empty!

Bangles leaves the room

Bangles: "If I prop the door back up nobody will-"

????: "You did nnot nneed to brreak downn thhe doorr, alll wwe havve is yourrsss catallyssst"
No. 670080 ID: e114bc

Ask who these guys are.
No. 670119 ID: 230832

... So how long we're we out and what happened during that time? Cause the last thing I remember was getting dragged back here, and now this. So again, what did I miss?
No. 670127 ID: 3663d3

you knocked a bit hard is all. these doors are kinda flimsy.
No. 670141 ID: fe06ff
File 144249831109.png - (355.91KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane208.png )

Bangles: "Hey I just gave it a light knock, not my fault you flimsy door fell down, also you're not boblins who the heck are you?"

????: "I amm Nikks annd Thhisss isss mmy sssisssterr Naxa we arre pillgrrimmsss onn ourr way to vvisssite thhe worrlld thhronne, whenn we hearrd thhe catallyssst wasss herre we desssided to wait tilll you awoke."

Bangles: "how long was I asleep?"

????: "I donn't knnow whenn you begann your sssllummberr but we havve beenn waiting for fourr hourrsss forr you to awake"
No. 670148 ID: eb5c78

Tell them to spread the word that you are a cool girl on their travels.
No. 670150 ID: 3663d3

oh, well that's nice of them. ask who the are.
No. 670165 ID: 9ddf68

ask if they've seen a kobold around here, about waist high redish brown scales. Also what exactly do they want with you?

Nikks annd Naxa
No. 670166 ID: 2eeb65

Group hug Nikks and Naxa
No. 670167 ID: e114bc

Well, good to have reinforcements.
No. 670193 ID: d83802

ask for the lizardguy slash, he doesn't actually needs it, an is rad as hell.
No. 670207 ID: 2eeb65

>ask for the lizardguy slash
We need another guy then
No. 670249 ID: d83802

... you know i wanted to say sash.

Though you could the new goblin minion and...
No. 670251 ID: fe06ff
File 144253335365.png - (306.14KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane209.png )

I feel like I should maybe slash these guys apart . . . it can wait.

Bangles: "So who are you guys again?"

Nikks: "I amm Nikks and thhisss isss mmy sssisssterr Naxa, we arre pillgrrimmsss"

Bangles: [i]"well be sure to tell everyone you meet how great I am!"

Nikks: "We wishh to ffolllow you"

Bangles: "Oh!"

Bangles hugs

Bangles: "welcome aboard!"

Two more expendable henchmen join the party!
No. 670269 ID: 1ec2ef

Huh, we'll ask them if they've seen your kobold running around. If not we only have two more doors to knock down to find her.
No. 670543 ID: fe06ff
File 144268120071.png - (375.30KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane210.png )

Bangles: "Have you guys seen my kobold around anywhere? she's brown, tiny and tastes like chicken?"

Nikks: "I havve not ssseenn anny onne llike thhat, you sshhhoulld ssspeak withh the currsssed onne sshhhe isss verry sssmmarrt annd ssso prretty withh herr brright crrimmsssonn ssscallesss annd sssulltrry viollet eyesss not to mmennt-"

Bangles: "Where can I find this loser?"

Nikks: "Sshhhe isss sssprreading worrdsss of the catallyssst evverry wherre, I hearrd sshhhe wasss going to thhe temmplle nexxxt"
No. 670546 ID: ac7b02

... Get dressed so no one steals your clothes and head to the temple. You can get these two to show you where it is.
No. 670548 ID: e114bc

No. 670550 ID: 2eeb65

But get dressed right in front of them. See their reaction.
No. 670722 ID: fe06ff
File 144272133026.png - (381.03KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane211.png )

I better put my clothes on before somebody swipes them.

Bangles gets dressed and puts the bed sheet in her backpack

Bangles:"so where's this temple?"

Nikks: "Cllossse, rright acrrossss the ssstrreet"
No. 670723 ID: 149da0

Well that's convenient! More proof everything revolves around me, I suppose.
No. 670725 ID: 2513d2

Yes, show them that you are utterly unafraid of them.
No. 670825 ID: 4780ef

huh, well that saves time. Let's go see if we can't find this cursed one (probably Kirska) and figure out what exactly is going on.
No. 671361 ID: fe06ff
File 144285613904.png - (380.02KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane212.png )

Bangles: "Well that's handy! we won't have to walk far"

Naxa: "Thhisss villlage isss sssmmalll annd crrammped everrythhing iss cllosse"

Nikks: "If you do not llike it herre sssisssterr you cann go homme"
No. 671385 ID: 3663d3

we wont be staying long.
No. 671391 ID: 4780ef

well once we find everyone we're probably going to take off soon anyways so whatever you think of this place it won't be a problem for much longer barring unforeseen events keeping us here.
No. 671403 ID: fe06ff
File 144287123128.png - (411.31KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane213.png )

Bangles:"Don't worry we won't be staying in this dump long"

* * *

Potonk:"All hail the gold bringer!"

Tubek:"We set aside your share of the haul!"
No. 671405 ID: 4780ef

...the fuck?

Well whatever, free gold, and I think macey over there is with us now. Either way lets find this cursed one first and then we can ask what the hell is going on.
No. 671419 ID: fe06ff
File 144287657110.png - (449.27KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane214.png )

Bangles:"uh, thanks I guess . . . this is a lot of gold."

Potonk:"anything for the catalyst"

* * *

Nikks:"I thhought you would be mmorre excccited by alll thhat golld catallyssst."
No. 671421 ID: 4780ef

92 pieces of gold, from what I"m guessing was the wagon job that those two expendable goblins ask you to do for them to join you. But right now I really want some answers and the "cursed one" seems like the person most likely to answer them.
No. 671425 ID: 3663d3

even we have priorities, this cursed one thing seems important.
No. 671436 ID: e114bc

Right now your excitement is overridden by your confusion, and maybe a little anger about people doing things without you.
No. 671482 ID: fe06ff
File 144289109672.png - (487.85KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane215.png )

Bangles: "You know what excites me? being kept in the loop! I feel like everyone's had a party and I wasn't invited. this cursed one of yours better have some answers cause this is starting to tick me off"

Nikks:" . . ."
Naxa:" . . ."

Bangles: "This is the place isn't it? are you guys coming or not?"

Niks:"Mmayne wwe sshhhoulld ssstannd guarrd out herre? ssso no one sssnneakss inn affterr you?"
No. 671486 ID: 149da0

No, no, what's the point of expendable minions if you leave them behind where it's safe. C'mon.
No. 671488 ID: 4780ef

they know something, and I'm seeing more of that green shit that was in the room next to yours. Plus the purple mark is kinda similar to the green one in the room as well. Go in there and see what the hell is up.
No. 671512 ID: e114bc

Hmph. They don't want to go in after you? Sounds like they're scared. What good are cowardly minions?!
No. 671531 ID: 73c49c

"fine, be sissys." head in there and check it out!
No. 671677 ID: fe06ff
File 144295583018.png - (379.94KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane216.png )

Bangles:"fine be sissies"

Naxa:"we arre not sssissssiesss!"

* * *

That stupid mark again. I hate it.
No. 671682 ID: 3663d3

is that a teapot on the ground?
No. 671684 ID: ac7b02

Can probably just follow the blood for now, that usually leads towards something interesting.
No. 671695 ID: e114bc

If you hate it, scratch it out.
No. 671742 ID: 73c49c

that's a helmet.

follow that blood trail.
No. 671953 ID: fe06ff
File 144303446598.png - (328.80KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane217.png )

Bangles: "following this trail? I guess you could call me a 'blood hound'!"

. . .

I just realized no one is around to hear my clever joke. stupid sissy lizards.

* * *

????: "Hello Catalyst, did you sleep well?
No. 671960 ID: 4780ef

so Kirska, mind telling me what the fuck happened since we passed out? Cause it's really starting to piss me off not knowing what's going on.
No. 671966 ID: 3663d3

"the fuck?"
No. 671989 ID: e114bc

Kirska is that you?
No. 671999 ID: 95d254

Kirska stop being a douche. Tell me what that symbol means.

also we missed out on free hat
No. 672130 ID: 149da0

Why do you have that pulled over your face, you doof.
No. 672288 ID: 2eeb65

Hug Kirska
No. 672458 ID: fe06ff
File 144315710610.png - (439.04KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane218.png )

Bangles hurts herself trying to hug Kirska

Bangles: "You're sharp and heavy now, I'm getting tired of being left out, I want to know what's going on!"

Kirska: "I've toughened my physical form, my frailness was a liability to you . . . I'm sorry I'm no longer huggable, I hadn't considered that advantage"

Bangles: "You put these dumb symbols here didn't you, what do mean?"

Kirska: "I did put them here, and they don't mean anything, I put them up to confound others for . . . fun."

Bangles: "your cloak looks stupid covering your face like that"

Kirska: "Really? I thought it gave me an air of mystery"
No. 672463 ID: e114bc

Well I guess, but a proper cloak with hood would be better. Let's go get one! We've got gold now!

Also we need to offload some stuff, inventory's full.
No. 672465 ID: 265534

Bangles: Take off that top. It's all ratty and you look ratty. If you take it off, it won't be ratty on you and you'll look better. Then people will be more willing to hug you.
No. 672466 ID: af99b1

ok but no really, what the hell happen since bangles passed out. Who's the new goblin in the party. Where the hell did all that gold come from. There's a gap here that I would really liked filled.
No. 672541 ID: ec5b46

Welp, you "gift" (curse?) has driven chiken crazy.
No. 672566 ID: e8c01a

Ok but in all seriousness now who the hell are you and what the fuck is with the symbols?
No. 672583 ID: eb5c78

Show us your face, Kirska! And there's probably other ways to hug.
No. 672585 ID: 82891e

dump some of those redundant gnome swords off on your fodder/worshippers
No. 672607 ID: fe06ff
File 144320192547.png - (378.67KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane219.png )

My top is getting kinda ratty, maybe I should take it off . . . I can't do that, my nips would get cold!

Bangles: "I know the symbols mean something! I've seen them before!"

Kirska: "you cannot read, you recognize all symbols because all symbols look the same to you."

Bangles: "I . . . grrrrrrr", how do I know you're even the real Kurseka? show me your face!"

Kirska: "of course Catalyst"

Bangles: "I guess you look the same . . . you should buy a better looking cloak, actually I need to unload some of this junk I have as well"

Bangles looks through her bag

Bangles: ". . . OOH! MEAT!"

Kirska: "I can carry some of your things but we don't have time to do any shopping, we need to gather the troops if we're going to make it to the wagon job on time."
No. 672615 ID: 52f95a

Fair enough, but where the hell did all that gold come from? Oh and what's up with all this gross moss crap that's everywhere?
No. 672623 ID: 2eeb65

If we can't hug than we should kiss~
No. 672627 ID: e114bc

Ew, kissing a kobold? What gnoll would want to do that?

Yeah alright.
No. 672639 ID: 3663d3

we can still boop her snoot.

anyway, yeah i guess we should get ready to leave. oh and tell her you seemed to have gotten the hang of one of those catalyst power things
No. 672649 ID: ec5b46

Did Kirska turn your whole coming of the catalyst thing into a gang of raiding bandits while you were sleeping?
No. 672707 ID: b41b24

Compliment Kirska on how cool she looks now.
No. 673719 ID: fe06ff
File 144354438418.png - (533.25KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane220.png )

Bangles licks Kirska

Bleh she tastes like dried leather

Bangles: "I did this to you . . . when I gave you the gem."

Kirska: "that's right, you did this."

Bangles: " . . . You look really cool now"

Kirska: "this is only the beginning, just wait and see how cool we'll BOTH look"

* * *

Nikks: "Greetingsss currsssed onne, yourr ssscallesss have a ssspecciall lusssterr thisss ssseassson"

Kirska: ". . . Bangles did you invite these filthy southerner to our band?"
No. 673726 ID: 9ddf68

>Bangles did you invite these filthy southerner to our band?
if they bother you just threaten them, they seem to scare easily. Besides it's still two more bodies between you and whatever is trying to kill us that day.

So when do we need to leave to attack that wagon?
No. 673731 ID: 654eaf

Our circumstances are currently more like those of adventurers than of knights, and if adventurers refused to associate with filthy people they would never get anything done.
No. 673739 ID: ec5b46

Recruit? They just followed us here.

And what band, since when do we have a band?

Also, chiken isn't evil now is he? The symbol and the slime also seem kinda evil.
No. 673741 ID: e114bc

What's wrong with that?
No. 673746 ID: 808077

They followed me home, can I keep them?
No. 673756 ID: 149da0

Looking kind of possessed there, really.

>Bangles did you invite these filthy southerner to our band?
They invited themselves! More minions are always good, filthy or not. We can dunk them in the river later if they're not clean enough for you.
No. 673870 ID: eb5c78

They worship me, Kirska! Maybe if you're nice they'll worship you too! We'll be like some kind of diynamic duo! The chosen and the cursed!
No. 673923 ID: efdbd2

More meat shields
No. 674375 ID: fe06ff
File 144379674308.png - (411.80KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane221.png )

Bangles: "I don't care if they're filthy, sometimes people are just filthy okay?"

Kirska: "so you care not about the disease and pestilence of this world? I will keep that in mind"

Bangles: "also having more meat-shields means I'll get stabbed less "

Kirska: "Catalyst I'm going to go prepare, gather the goblins and meet me north of town"
No. 674381 ID: 477b69

Ask her to remind you what the job is. It would be super awkward if we thought the job was robbing the wagons when it is actually escorting them or something.
No. 674398 ID: 0ed6e9

right tell her we'll grab the two goblins we picked up earlier today and be right there.
No. 674411 ID: fe06ff
File 144381317027.png - (399.91KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane222.png )

Bangles: "Uh what was the plan again?"

Kirska: "step one wait for wagon, step two kill guards and merchant, step three take wagon, understand?"

Bangles: ". . . yes?"

Kirska: "perfect"

* * *

Potonk: "Welcome Back Catalyst! I guess you've been talking with Kirska?"

Bangles: "Yeah it's time for the job, I'm supposed to bring you two along"

Tubek: "What about Slive shouldn't we bring him along for the muscle?"
No. 674424 ID: e114bc

Yep. Where's he at though, near the gate maybe?
No. 674448 ID: fe06ff
File 144382186990.png - (378.53KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane223.png )

Bangles: "Sure, where is he?"


Syggs: "Aagh stop breaking my tables!"


Syggs: " . . . "

Slive: "But he can pay for damages"
No. 674450 ID: 0ed6e9

neat, we now have a meat shield who can actually take a hit without braking. Well off we go then. We picked up a lot of new party members so now lets see what they can do.
No. 674474 ID: d1fe41

Hell Yea I don't know who this guy is but he's awesome.
No. 674546 ID: 149da0

If you're coming, no breaking the wagon. Just breaking the people. We want the wagon.
No. 674548 ID: 3663d3

yes good point.
No. 674694 ID: fe06ff
File 144392067328.png - (426.30KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane224.png )

Bangles: "neat, breaking things is fun, let's go"

* * *

Syggs: "Augh! my wall! damnit Slive!"

Bangles: "uh just one thing, don't break the wagon."

Slive: "aw man I REALLY wish you hadn't said that, NOW I WANT TO BREAK IT EVEN MORE!"

Bangles: "Well don't."

Slive: "Nrrrrrg!"
No. 674701 ID: e114bc

...maybe he should stay behind.
No. 674709 ID: 3663d3

he can break the people on the wagon though.
No. 674737 ID: e6fcea

"Break the wagon, and we break your favorite breaking arm!"
No. 674811 ID: fe06ff
File 144398883715.png - (377.34KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane225.png )

Bangles: "If you break the wagon I'll break you!

Slive: "Hahaha what? you break me?!"

Bangles: "Yeah!"


Bangles: ". . ."

Slive: "Aha HA . . . ha ha . . . ha . . . What was I not supposed to break again?"
No. 674812 ID: 3663d3

"when we get there i will point you at what to break"

when we get there point at an enemy guy and tell him to break their face.
No. 674824 ID: 149da0

How about you just break the things I tell you to break, when I tell you to break them. Don't worry about it.
No. 674844 ID: 0ed6e9

whatever let's just go met up with Kirska and get this over with.
No. 674850 ID: e114bc

Seriously you should leave him behind.
No. 674917 ID: fe06ff
File 144402297643.png - (344.01KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane226.png )

Bangles: "I'll tell you what to break"

Slive: "Sounds perfect to me"

Tubek: "Shouldn't there be guards posted here?"
No. 674926 ID: 0ed6e9

didn't they die or run when that big ass mother fucker burst through the gate? Either way send smashy out in front so he doesn't smash anyone else in the group by accident... or boredom.
No. 674974 ID: 3663d3

the gate seems a lot more... damp, and green.
No. 674982 ID: 88960e

Look no guards is a good thing. Why do we care.
No. 675009 ID: 6e8be8

hey its that green sludge that follows kirska around
did kirska eat the guards while you were sleeping
maaaan why didnt she share that leg of meat you had earlier could barely be considered a snack
No. 675143 ID: fe06ff
File 144415341712.png - (351.65KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane227.png )

Bangles:"Kirska better not have eaten them . . ."

Potonk:"You think she'd do that?"

Bangles:"she better not have, cause she didn't share any with me!"

Nikks:"I would allssso llike to sshhharre meat with currsssed onne"
No. 675147 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask if they know why Kirksa reacted that way to them.
No. 675149 ID: 0ed6e9

so the two goblins that hired you for this gig, they have any idea what kind of resistant the wagon has or no?
No. 675180 ID: 149da0

Good. Sharing meat with me is better than hogging it to yourself.

...wait, cursed? I think you're confusing 'cool' with 'curse'. Different things, totally.
No. 675312 ID: fe13c8

okaaay well that's not creepy at all
I'm the party leader so if you wanna share meat with anyone it better be me and not miss stupid-mysterious-hood over there

Shouldn't we be setting up an ambush or something?
No. 675320 ID: fe06ff
File 144426662247.png - (362.21KB , 760x730 , Gnollsbane228.png )

Bangles: "GRah! I JUST said that no meat sharing or eating goes one with out me getting a piece!"

Nikka: "forrgivve mme catallyssst, I'lll sshhharre evverrythhinng withh you"

Bangles: "Is that why Kirska hates you guys so much, because you're so stupid?"

Naxa: "Northhkinn havve hated usss for mmillennia, evverr sssinnce thhe warr, thhey nevverr forrgivve usss fforr nnot goinng extinnct."
No. 675335 ID: 149da0

That's dumb. If you hate people for not being dead you have to hate way too many people. Too much work.
No. 675352 ID: 5ad4a7

We're supposed to go north of town, but what's down the path to the right?
No. 675369 ID: 3663d3

you hate the guys trying to kill you, not the guys you never met, too hard to hate that many people.
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