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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137255748750.png - (22.01KB , 595x298 , sp1.png )
520310 No. 520310 ID: 113cf9

You're alone in space. You don't know that yet, though.
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No. 520312 ID: 113cf9
File 137255755852.png - (55.40KB , 306x387 , sp2.png )

You wake up. You don't remember how you got here or your name. Slowly, you start to remember...
No. 520314 ID: b64ef2

No. 520323 ID: 19b3c3

No. 520325 ID: ea4b0b

Ellen Mcarthy, to expand upon that
No. 520326 ID: 35edd4

Oh, you again. Have a quick fap.
No. 520329 ID: c23ab0

Sporky McLegohouse
No. 520342 ID: cf49fc

Spork McCarthy.
No. 520353 ID: 35edd4

Sir Spork McCarthy the Third
No. 520355 ID: 93b3c9

Quickly realize you are alone, because your other quests' denizens have been abandoned. Your own fault, really.

No. 520361 ID: e16576

Shlick Furiously
No. 520372 ID: 5bf165

Major Thomasina Bowman.
No. 520374 ID: 5869f6

Oberstarzt Heinrich Retter
No. 520873 ID: 113cf9
File 137280227260.png - (70.82KB , 986x285 , New Can11vas.png )

Your name is Ellen Mcarthy. You push the walls until one opens. What now?
No. 520874 ID: 19b3c3

Check car for loot, keys, and gas. Check box for loot.
No. 520877 ID: 9ddf68

lets see here, lights are off, all visible cars in the area look like they've been broken into and absolutely no law enforcement in sight, Shit girl it's a black out loot all the crap you can carry before the riot police show up to ruin your fun.
No. 520892 ID: c23ab0

Break that crate over there. There's probably a crowbar in it.
No. 523140 ID: 113cf9
File 137340669479.png - (80.79KB , 674x471 , stripped out.png )

You look inside the car. Looks like someone totally stripped out everything, except some of the trim on the doors, and possibly some mechanical bits.
No. 523142 ID: 113cf9
File 137340679973.png - (104.87KB , 586x486 , oh god.png )

You open the crate.
It's filled with sex toys and bones. And possibly something useful, but you're not sure you want to dig through this other shit.
However, there's some kind of console panel thing behind the box.
No. 523143 ID: eaa372

Hide the memory of that box in the back of your mind and never speak of it again. Go poke the shining panel.
No. 523144 ID: 5abf82

Dig through the rape-box anyways, you wimp!
No. 523147 ID: 9ddf68

we can come back to the box if we run out of things to do mess with the shiny panel on the wall for now.
No. 523169 ID: 113cf9
File 137340885028.png - (26.79KB , 628x500 , console.png )

You check out the console.
No. 523182 ID: 35edd4

Power down, then use the bones as sex toys until something interesting happens.
No. 523186 ID: f5680f

Check inventory. Do we have any keys?
No. 523195 ID: 5abf82

Well, I'm sure of one thing: DON'T PRESS "OPEN BAY DOOR"!
But you totally should anyways.
No. 523196 ID: b3f0c3

Open bay door
No. 523218 ID: 23b97a

>sex toys and bones
That's awful. You just hope this trauma doesn't scar your psyche with some horrible fetish later.

Try turning on the generators!
No. 523352 ID: 1519a5

Giggle as you reconstruct skeletons! Give them multiple sets of arms!

...Or hit the generators button, if you don't want to have morbid fun.
No. 525953 ID: 1a0754
File 137438032638.png - (44.26KB , 343x562 , 1.png )

You hit the "e-start generator" button.
No. 525954 ID: 1a0754
File 137438034366.png - (45.59KB , 343x562 , 2.png )

It doesn't do anything.
No. 525955 ID: 1a0754
File 137438037947.png - (37.08KB , 374x400 , guh.png )

You decide to open the bay door, whatever that means.
No. 525956 ID: 1a0754
File 137438040103.png - (14.68KB , 343x562 , 3.png )

It doesn't do anything.
No. 525957 ID: 1a0754
File 137438042381.png - (16.43KB , 343x562 , 4.png )

Oh, there it goes.


Wait, fuck.
No. 525958 ID: c95833

...we just got sucked out into hard vacuum, and the ship is accelerating away from us.

Congrats, we're dead. Or will be in a minute or so.

If we weren't sucked out, I suppose we could close the doors. That still leaves us with a serious lack of oxygen, though. Hopefully the bay repressurizes, or we're still dead.
No. 525959 ID: 9ddf68

what did we just drop?
No. 526005 ID: 5869f6

I think we fucked up.
No. 526784 ID: 7efcce

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