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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137254114090.png - (201.57KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
520259 No. 520259 ID: 0eef61

Listen: Forgiveness is the Grace of God distilled and passed into His subjects. Grace is the light of His sun pushing through the cover and gloom. Forgive those who wrong you, and He will illumine you and bring you high. You will feel His exultation. God loves all His subjects, but show the intention of Grace and His love will be joined by His pride and His pride will deluge you and elate you.

There is no feeling like it on Earth. Nothing can compare.

Except for what The One Below will give you. The Adversary's reward.

It is called Revenge.
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No. 520262 ID: 0eef61
File 137254166723.png - (125.20KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

The Vault of the First Words sits in the center of the Spire District.

Emblazoned across the Vault is a massive engraving of the Lord riding upon Satan the Great Dragon's back, bringing the power of Magic to the mortal world.

They say that within the vault is the record of that first conversation, between God and Orc, that brought the world into being. Words of such power they created Creation. They say, but they have not seen, for the vault cannot be opened. The world's most powerful Magi have tried for millennia. Only God, they have concluded, possesses the strength.

It is here that Ferrucio will fight his first Duellum Potestatis.

"I will give you one chance to apologize," the redheaded girl tells him.
He is rolling up his sleeves. "Why now?"
"Because now the whole city is watching."

His peers are here, much of his class. The older boys have come to see the star pupil of the red sashes face this interloper. Passerby slow to a halt, gazing not at the great edifice of the vault, but at him.

He hopes they cannot see how much he is sweating. His collar sticks to his neck.
No. 520263 ID: bf54a8

one more reason to WIN.
No. 520264 ID: b64ef2

don't be afraid of losing. as long as you put on a good show, they will be amazed by you regardless of you winning or losing.
No. 520273 ID: 933f92

You are not fighting a woman. You are fighting a mage. No holding back.
No. 520276 ID: 57a559

We apologize for the whooping she's about the receive, but it's all in gentlemanly respect for the duel she requested. You will not hold back against the lady and hopes she will not think lesser of you for it.
No. 520279 ID: 35edd4

Don't hold back, and don't underestimate her. She doesn't seem the stupid type, so she probably has good reason to think she can challenge you.
No. 520286 ID: 0eef61
File 137255161409.png - (123.09KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

"I do apologize," says Ferrucio. "I apologize in advance for the beating you're about to receive, but truthfully! You requested it." A ripple of laughter echoes through the crowd. "I won't think any worse of you. If it's any consolation."

"Very well," says the girl. "Duellum Potestatis."

Ferrucio squares his feet and drops into a combat casting stance. "Duellum Potestatis."
No. 520287 ID: 0eef61
File 137255162743.png - (350.07KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

When he is asked later when it was he realized what he was dealing with, Ferrucio will tell the barmaid that it was near the beginning, when she summoned the flaming serpent.
No. 520288 ID: 0eef61
File 137255163910.png - (32.07KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The plume of smoke from the Bandit camp feathers into the sky. We hide behind a hill, just out of sight.

"Do we know the layout of the walls?" whispers Astrea.

"None have seen the palisade and returned to tell about it," responds Calidore, the Thrillant Mage. "Something has always thwarted every scout we have sent."

"Your scouts weren't invisible." Layla crosses her arms. "I can be."

"Keep your voice down," hisses Astrea.
"Please, sugar," says Layla. "They can't hear us from here. I don't know why you're all being so theatrical about it. I can scout out those walls for you."
"How are we to trust you?" says the Advocate mage.
"How are you to proceed if you don't?"
No. 520290 ID: 933f92

She was sent to help us.
She cannot bring us harm by action or inaction - she's nothing to gain from killing us or bringing us pain. Explain to your party that she MUST answer to you.
No. 520291 ID: 57a559

We can trust her because it's pointless for her to get us killed. We need funding to proceed on our travels to our goal, funding that we'll acquire from the bandits bounties.

Her goal is the same as ours, perhaps she has a few extra, but accomplishing the endgame is still far more important than chancing the success of our mission for a few extra souls.
No. 520292 ID: 19b3c3

...the only way any being can prove themselves worth of trust is to be given the chance to earn it.
No. 520294 ID: bf54a8

so far she has listened to us. to the letter if not spirit. so she can scout it.
No. 520315 ID: 0eef61
File 137255807908.png - (5.92KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

"Layla, scout the Bandit stronghold and give us an idea of what we're facing. As always, you have no permission to harm any of us through your actions."

"I'll get everything and report back." Layla puts a hand on her hip. "What if I'm discovered? Do I have permission to harm them?"
No. 520316 ID: b64ef2

send her.

after she's gone, send Spidrift after her. if I recall correctly, he can turn invisible as well. have him do his own survey to see how accurate her report really is.
No. 520320 ID: b64ef2

also yes she does

but only the ones who are actively attacking her
No. 520322 ID: bf54a8

if you are discovered somehow through no action of your own then yes you may harm them. but say, tapping someone on the shoulder then killing them cause they noticed your tapping is no good.
No. 520331 ID: 0eef61
File 137255895151.png - (79.08KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

"Only if you are discovered," says Jerruv. "And you must make every effort not to be."

"You think I won't?" Layla starts to fade from view. "Don't worry, I'll get it done. Trust me."

Is it Calidore's imagination or is Layla's razor grin directed at him as she blurs out?

He swallows heavily. The she-devil is gone. If he is going to tell his companions about last night it may be now or never.
No. 520333 ID: bf54a8

if you think they really need to know, and he can't order her to tell the truth, right? if she is ordered and says she honestly did not do anything to you then what are you going to do? that would mean it was all you.
No. 520337 ID: bf54a8

*can't he
No. 520351 ID: 35edd4

Then he will thank them, and enjoy the security of knowing it was just a bad dream.
No. 520360 ID: b64ef2

no use bottling shit up inside.
No. 520382 ID: 9ddf68

talk if you want to talk, if you're just worried that they might find something terrible out about you then you needn't worry as every one in this party has probably don't much much worst, except maybe Astrea.
No. 520387 ID: 0eef61
File 137257470093.png - (10.91KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

"Last night," says Calidore, "I dreamed that the demoness tried to... she tried to influence me. In negative ways."

"I see." Jerruv folds his arms. "This is worrying. Think you it was just a dream, or her power somehow invading your mind?"

"I don't know. I wouldn't put it past her." Calidore looks at the ground. He doesn't want to tell Jerruv many details. "I don't know."

"Well, you were there," says Jerruv. "What does your gut tell you it was? If you think I must address this I shall."
No. 520398 ID: 7380ff

that was no normal dream, you know that much
No. 520400 ID: c23ab0

"I came."
No. 520403 ID: af88b0

it wasn't normal.
No. 520424 ID: 96c896

Your gut tells you she was trying to explain something you didn't quite understand, in a way you didn't like.
No. 520446 ID: 0eef61
File 137262827419.png - (8.07KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"What my gut tells me is that I did not like it, and it was not normal," says Calidore. "She is not normal."

"Well, that's certain." Jerruv nervously puts a hand on Calidore's shoulder. "You seem quite shaken about it. I'll confront Layla for you."
"And so will I," says Astrea.
"Perhaps confronting should be done alone," says Jerruv. "We'll see."

"And if she is guilty I shall kill her!" announces Spidrift.
"No, you won't," says Jerruv.
"No, I won't!" says Spidrift. "But we're all on your side. Is the point."
"That, yes. Is the point," says Jerruv. "Don't worry, Calidore. We'll sort all this out when she returns."

"If she returns," says Astrea. "What?" she says to the pointed look Jerruv gives her. "I'm not accusing her of being mistrustful, not in this breath. But they could always just kill her, couldn't they?"
"She is our aid and assistant," says Jerruv.
"Yes, of course. Yes. My apologies." Astrea sits in the grass next to Calidore. "But they could, you know," she whispers.
No. 520447 ID: 0eef61
File 137262830882.png - (12.73KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

They do not kill her, and ten minutes later she is back.

She materializes behind Spidrift, and pokes him with a stick. "Wotcha, spooky."

"WAUGH," says Spidrift, two daggers sliding into his palms. "Sorry! Sorry. That was a reflex. I'm sorry." He slips them back up his sleeves. "Oh, but don't do that again! Or I'll kill you."

"I got what I came for," says Layla. "Wall outline, manpower, where their big old chief is hiding, and oh, here's a tidbit: Those scouts you kept sending out never made it back because the grass all around the place is enchanted to scream bloody murder if you step on it."
No. 520450 ID: bf54a8

screaming grass, clever. how did she get past it then? even invisible, still needs to walk, or can she fly as well?

i suppose she can get to drawing this map for us. and then we want a word in private.

once away ask her point blank "have you used any type of power on calidore, or attempted to seduce him in some way"
if not then we will have to break it to calidore that he just finds her sexy.
No. 520452 ID: 798f62

That was not a normal dream.
No. 520453 ID: af88b0

ask for the spell she used to get past the grass. and how she detected it.

...she didn't trip it, did she?

that stick could be used to draw a crude map on the ground.
No. 520454 ID: d1d627

enchanted grass...I'm gonna go ahead and guess we would have fell for that had we not sent Layla out.
I wonder if we would have won that...Alternate question- how'd she get past that trap?
I think we should either trasus past the grass...Or perhaps do the HADOKEN right into the base. Good way to cause mass panic and confusion!
But also? We should consider that the bandits obviously have their own mage, if the grass is enchanted to scream when trodden upon.
No. 520456 ID: bf54a8

i have to admit, blowing a hole through one side of the base, and probably out the other sounds graet. if we can line it up so it causes maximum damage it would be perfect.
No. 520459 ID: 96c896

Ferrucio, you should know. We seem to be occasionally leaking into Calidore's subconscious. We saw his dream. Layla tried to seduce him while talking about how he knew he was a Sinner, that is all. We influenced him to rebuff her and stay resolute in resisting her, or at least think he is resolute.

Something struck me as odd, however. Layla said he didn't need to hide his sin from her. We should find out why. Perhaps not all those who reach Hell suffer for it?

I think we should take Layla aside now and discuss her intentions towards Calidore, alone. It would be best if Astrea did not know we saw his dream.
No. 520460 ID: bf54a8

yes but was that really layla or just calidore's subconscious idea of layla?
No. 520461 ID: 96c896

how *she knew he was a sinner
No. 520464 ID: 0eef61
File 137263629942.png - (49.15KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

"Show me," I say.
Layla spins her stick round and points it at the grass. "Acridum," she says, and a low bubbling pool of acid boils a patch of grass away.

She sketches an outline of the fort. "The palisade is about thirty feet up, with two protrusions around where the road is. See? The north palisade has a ballista mounted on it. How did they get one of those?"

"They must have stolen it," says Calidore.

"Well next time you see someone trundling a siege weapon out of town, ask to see their papers," says Layla. "The Northwest tower is where the commander is. I would assume either he is the mage or he has a mage with him."

"How did you get past the alarm?" I ask.
No. 520465 ID: 0eef61
File 137263633531.png - (9.49KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"I flew, of course. Volanta."

Layla hovers into the air.

"Are you telling me you can't?"
"I... can't say I could." I try to hide my growing excitment. Flight.
"Well now you can. Couple it with another word, is my advice, or you can only do a piddly little levitate about ten feet up. How's the view down there, big guy?"
"What?" says Calidore.
"You seem to be looking up my skirt."
"I was not," says Calidore. He turns sharply away.
"Then you've got a very healthy interest in the power of flying. Well, 'Jerruv'. Consider this a gift from Hell."

>Choose a word of power to combine with Volanta.
No. 520466 ID: c31f72

Use sanctum. Or vomus.
No wait! Use that book one! Flying book magic!
No. 520467 ID: d1d627

Why do the bad guys ALWAYS have the coolest tricks!?
Volanta Trasus is one idea, Volanta Scutum is another.
I'm curious what would happen if we went for something like Volanta Orbus or Volanta biblius...
We should really try more biblus stuff, we use it for talking, which is near all the time, so I figure that would basically make it one of our strongest words.
No. 520469 ID: 57a559

Hah, let's combine it with Sanctus to mix this gift from hell with a gift from heaven. Otherwise Zephyr, Obscurus or Trasus.
No. 520470 ID: 35edd4

Zerphra seems the most likely to actually get us moving around usefully.
No. 520477 ID: af88b0


No. 520478 ID: 96c896

I'd think combining it with Sanctus would make it painful to use, and attention-grabbing. Let's be at least somewhat practical here. I don't like Zephra either, as that's edging in on Astrea's theme and I feel like flight spells are something that should be iconic, at least for those that have a theme. Trasus might force us to keep moving constantly. Fuge could work but that's Spidrift's main theme I think. Obscurus could be pretty cool, but how would the invisibility work on a constant effect like this? Constant invisibility while flying seems like it would take more advanced magic.

I really like Biblus, actually. Let's fly surrounded by words!
No. 520486 ID: 798f62

Zephra or biblus.
No. 520489 ID: 0eef61
File 137264751233.png - (21.96KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Volanta Bilbus rips one of Astrea's books from her pack and spreads it apart, forming an arching avian frame out of the leather bindings and awkward, tattering wings of its pages.

"Hey," says Astrea.
"Sorry!" I call. "Sorry. Experimentation."

The papers prove flimsy, easily buffeted by the wind, and unable to get me off the ground without a flurry of loud, crinkly wingbeats.

This was perhaps a silly idea. Further experimentation is needed.
No. 520492 ID: 0eef61
File 137265033315.png - (200.48KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Volanta Sanctus sends a sharp crack of pain down my shoulderblades, as if I have self-flagellated. Shining, geometric wings flower from my back and bear me effortlessly into the air.

It is a euphoric feeling of repentance accepted.

Layla hisses and puts a claw up to her eyes.

"That is way too bright," she says.
"It is a little flashy," says Spidrift.
"What are you talking about? I can see it fine," says Astrea.
No. 520494 ID: bf54a8

so it blinds evil, or maybe just devils.
No. 520495 ID: 9ddf68

should have used the power word for fire
No. 520500 ID: c23ab0

Wow, holy magic is addictive as fuck.
No. 520503 ID: 0eef61
File 137265318717.png - (248.25KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

We have moved back to test our various spells.

This proves prudent, as flashy magic and shouted words of power soon fill the air.

"Volanta Fuge," says Spidrift, and he rockets into the air, his waist down a crackling inferno. "Whoa," he says, patting himself down. "How rare!"

Calidore's helmet muffles his words, as a disc of ice solidifies around his feet and bears him into the air. He staggers a little, then balances atop it. "God above," he breathes.

"Wait for me!" calls Astrea. "Volanta Zephra!" With an ear-popping gust of wind she is plucked from the ground like a dandelion seed. She is laughing like a little girl. "Oh my God! This is amazing!"

"Volanta Infernus," says Layla, and black, leathery wings spring from her back. With a sinuous flap she joins us in the air. "So what do you think, boss? What's the plan, now that we have our air legs?"
No. 520505 ID: e3aff6

Oops, trying to change my phrasing a bit when it updated.

Huh, I wonder if his legs are still there under that fire or if he has been partially transformed.

Anyway, the ballista looks like it could potentially be a major threat to a flying approach*, so we might want to send Layla ahead to sabotage it shortly before we begin the main attack. With the ballista gone that will leave archers and the mage. We should probably have someone lead with an anti-projectile shield in front (posibly a wind spell?), with the others attacking around it.

*They might or might not be able to point it upwards, but it is best not to chance it.
No. 520507 ID: 35edd4

The ballista's not a threat so long as everyone can keep moving, stays high and uses ranged attacks until the mooks are down. There's no way they'll be able to track fast-moving aerial targets.
No. 520508 ID: bf54a8

"well, i couldn't see exactly how far it went due to being behind it, but do you think i could snipe the barracks with that giant beam spell?"

if so then do sanctus scutum and get hit by lightning, then Torrentus Fulga Sanctus Fuge at the fort. then clean up whetever manages to survive.
No. 520509 ID: 35edd4

Order of business: Test Sanctus Infernus at the first opportunity.
No. 520511 ID: 7e8516

Hell yes!
No. 520514 ID: 9ddf68

have someone take out the ballistic first possibly Spidrift if the thing is made out of wood since wood does burn quit nicely (better to get it out of the way sooner rather than later because why take unnecessary risk, that it blowing up there only siege weapon would probably have a good demoralizing effect on the bandits). That shouldn't take to long and then our next order of business is to find and eliminate that mage as soon as we can because that is going to be our biggest threat. As for how I say have You, Calidore, Astrea, and possibly Spidrift if he can join you in time to find and attack the mage and once we find the mage have Layla, using her cloaking magic, come out of nowhere and tear him in half. Once the mage is gone then all we have to do is mop up the rest of the bandits making sure to take out all the major bandits (the ones that look like they could be in charge) and we should be good.
No. 520516 ID: 35edd4

Nevermind, word of god says that would fizzle or maybe kill the caster
No. 520518 ID: ee7df5


It would probably make a massive explosion or tear a hole in the universe.

Let's not do that.
No. 520529 ID: 0eef61
File 137266803440.png - (166.23KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"Spidrift, destroy the ballista, then join the others. Calidore, Layla, clear the courtyard from the air. Keep it moving. I'll want you to join up with me shortly to kill their mage. Astrea, you'll join them, but first I need you to help me reach that mage. You'll have to throw some lightning at me."
"I shall explain along the way." I look back at the plume of smoke and rocket toward it. "There's a certain four-word spell I've been meaning to try out."

Astrea follows, her scarf flagging and snapping in the wind that surrounds her.

With a high-pitched laugh Spidrift puts on his mask and peals after us, fire blacking the air as he goes.

Calidore kicks his lance of ice into motion, and pulls his saber from its scabbard with a swift, martial hiss of steel on leather.

And Layla smiles her Wolf tooth smile.

We fly to the fray.

>Which mage do we control first?
No. 520530 ID: 35edd4

Astrea! It's been a while.
No. 520532 ID: 28c250

No. 520533 ID: d1d627

I Advocate the use of Astrea!
No. 520536 ID: 7e7e6e

I wanna be with Ferrucio when he does that spell. so Jerruv.
No. 520537 ID: 933f92

No. 520544 ID: 03dabd

Layla. I'm curious about what sorts of things she does with Infernus. And also because she's become one of my favorite characters, even if I trust her as far as I can throw her.
No. 520546 ID: cc2e78

Layla all the way
No. 520601 ID: 0eef61
File 137272591274.png - (64.90KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

By the time we reach the fortress, Spidrift and Calidore are already clearing the walls.

I hear Spidrift's dreadful carrion laughter as he burns the ballista crew to death. God. I suppress a shiver. There is something empty and in need of constant filling behind the Butcher Mage's eyes. I do not like him.

But I must admit that his master is different. The little man speeding off on angelic wings in that big silly hat of his is rather gallant, in his own queer way.
As long as I don't put thought into the face looking out from behind that driftwood mask.
Or what he did to her mother.
What the old him did, I tell myself reprovingly. You have every proof that the Revenant before her is a changed man.

But I know the stories. I know what his kind can do to the immortal soul. I think of the countless nights I have spent in sleepless fear, wondering if my mother will be there to greet me in heaven, or if the Revenant Mage has erased her, forever.

If he has, no matter my oaths, no matter God's will, and no matter his miraculous transformations, I will pour every flickering spark of power in my body toward his death. I dread the idea, but there are some things only the Lord can bear.

No. 520602 ID: 0eef61
File 137272593705.png - (157.58KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

The Revenant Mage's voice brings me back to the moment. With a muffled, sepulchral chant, he brings a brilliantly blue shield to bear in front of him. 

"Hit me with the strongest lightning you've got." 

He hesitates. 

"Before I change my mind."
No. 520604 ID: 96c896

Got any fancy 3-word lightning spells? Like Fulga Torrentus Zephra maybe? Or Torrentus Zephyr Zephra? ...Fulga Orbus Zephra? A 4-word would be too much, likely.

Optimally it would be one big hit, rather than a continuous stream. The shield likely does not last forever.
No. 520605 ID: 251844

You heard the man.
And hey if you do erase him, he asked for it.
No. 520609 ID: 57a559

Torrentus Zephyr Zephra ought to do the trick

A reminder that Spidrift is a broken man, much like how one breaks a dog, but far worse. A child probably taken from his parents at a young age, beaten and manipulated into believing that serving his master is what makes him happy. His interests are very primal. He is a beast. He was only allowed to eat raw meat, and he didn't even know he was allowed to eat vegetables, that or he just hated them. Death was a part of his childhood, and killing was one of the most clear ways to please his master and his new father. A fresh kill is pure bliss. It's nostalgia. It fills many urges. All urges to be exact, and it was the only way to fill any urge. No sex, raw food probably had no taste to it, and he had no real other hobbies.

Killing was really the only pleasure he was allowed in life. His only attachment to the world and the reality around him. It's how he knows he still even alive.
No. 520638 ID: 0eef61
File 137273308271.png - (93.53KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

I oblige with a crackling blast of Torrentus Zephyr Zephra.

It catches the shield in full and knocks the Revenant back a few feet in the air. He gasps as if I have blasted the air from his lungs.
"Are you all right?" I call.
"I'll be fine." His teeth are gritted. The shield he cast folds in on itself into a compact, effulgent orb, crackling across its length with lightning. "This is good."

Men spill into the courtyard and onto the roof of the barracks, readying crossbows and yelling orders. I hear the cries of battle from below, but my eyes are glued to the Revenant.

He is whispering something, his voice choked with pain. I cannot tell what he is saying through his mask, but by the time he reaches the last word he is screaming.
No. 520639 ID: 0eef61
File 137273310359.png - (43.63KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

His spell punches a hole clean through the tower like the flaming blade of a terrible God.
No. 520643 ID: e3aff6

You might want to make sure that crossbow guy on the tower doesn't get a shot off at him before it collapses.
No. 520645 ID: 7e8516

Nice. Yeah, don't let the special effects distract you, we're in a war zone. Cover yourself and the revenant.
No. 520649 ID: f5680f

Oh my. I like what we have done. Cover him! He's stunned from that, that's for sure.
No. 520654 ID: 9ddf68

don't let your guard down yet because this battle is far from over. that spell looks like it hurts like hell for him to cast or at the very least takes a lot of energy to cast so make sure he doesn't just drop after casting that and try and cover him while he recovers, and watch your own back as well because you can't help anyone with an arrow through your spine.
No. 520689 ID: 35edd4

But note for next time: Get the target better lined up so we get more damage per cast.
No. 520785 ID: f47c06


agreed. the next time you want to blow a tower up, float above the roof and cast it downwards.

...not that this was unimpressive or anything.

anyway, cover him. he's an old man, you know. you gotta aid your elderlies. in fact, get close in case you have to catch him.
No. 520904 ID: 0eef61
File 137282112193.png - (376.82KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

I catch the Revenant as his wings sputter and blink. He is wavering.

[b]"Orbus Zephyr!"[b] I yell, and my exposed skin is blasted by the rolling gust I have created. The arrows aimed at us are scattered by the titubant wind.

"You've saved me, Astrea." The Revenant's voice is guttural and strained. "I'll have my head cleared in just a moment."


A voice from the wreck of the tower.

"You! The wee fairy man who's knocking new windows into me house!"
No. 520905 ID: 0eef61
File 137282123938.png - (29.82KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

"Stop killing me boys, you bloody bastard!"

Into the charred breach the Revenant Mage's spell tore strides a huge, bearded man waving an axe as tall as I am.

"They can't stand against ye, ya cheating, splinterfaced little puke! But I can!" He grounds himself and howls his protest into the windstorm.

"Accept the challenge of Safoy, the Brigand Mage! Duellum Potestatis, ye craven! Duellum Potestatis!"
No. 520907 ID: 9ddf68

I think you're going to have to handle this one, The reverant mage still looks pretty out of it. You got this right?
No. 520911 ID: e3aff6

Oh sorry, are we attacking people who can't effectively fight back? It is almost as if we were bandits murdering unsuspecting travelers or something.
Anyway, he wasn't very specific as to who he was challenging, and Revs seems out of it at the moment, so yeah.
No. 520914 ID: 35edd4

Go for it, lady. Give the victims of these bandits some proper advocacy.
No. 520915 ID: b8ceae

"You hunt and prey on the innocent, taking every advantage you see to advance yourself. Bandits don't get to cry about cheating when they lose at their own game."
No. 520917 ID: 0eef61
File 137282888432.png - (64.02KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

"You prey on the innocent and take what you want from those who lack the strength themselves," I hiss. "If you will call the kettle black you'd best prepare to burn yourself. I acc-"

"This isn't your fight, Astrea." The Revenant pulls himself from my arms and his wings flash back into existence. "I'm the one who went after this man. It is seeming I face the danger."

"You could barely stand up just a moment ago," I whisper. "You're in no shape-"
"I haven't been in any shape to do anything for a century now," says the Revenant. His blade is out. I cannot help but notice his grip is shaking. "It is simply a little pain that comes along with redemption."
"Don't be a fool, Revenant. If you aren't ready, you aren't ready."

"Are you nancies tucking your tatties in up there? Fight me!"

"Astrea," he says, gently. "Have you ever taken a life?"
"I have. Two days back. There was an archer."
"Did you like it?"
"Did it feel good to you? The killing?"
"I. No, but-"
"Then I entreat you to leave this to me. The others need you to clear the skies of those arrows."
No. 520921 ID: 9ddf68

he's trying to stop you from walking the same path he did so long ago... if he says he can handle this let him you should just make sure that nobody decides it would be a good idea to put an arrow in him while he is busy with the fight.
No. 520942 ID: 5a5dd4

Any chance we can just sic Layla or Spidrift on him?

I'm sure Spidrift would enjoy a proper fight with another mage, and we still haven't seen what Layla is capable of in an all-out fight.

We're gathering a party for a reason; Jerruv doesn't have to do everything himself.

On a related note, how does duel priority work? Like, if Layla were to declare Duellum Potestatis against Safoy, with him having declared Duellum Potestatis against Jerruv, how does that pan out?
No. 520952 ID: 77ae1d

call layla in, have her pay her rent with redheaded blood. i want to see what she is capable of
No. 520955 ID: 9b57d3

He is fine. Let them duel, and protect the others.
No. 520962 ID: f3bc2e

welp. he's got you there. if there's any way you can help him not be all fucked up for his duel, to that.
No. 521224 ID: 0eef61
File 137291458399.png - (18.37KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

"Safoy!" I hover closer. "You are a villain and a fool. I accept your challenge. Duellum Potestatis."

"Aye, that's more like it!" Safoy steels himself. "Ye've good men's blood on your head. Now you gonna come down here with that toothpick a yers, ye wee leprechaun-hatted fainty fairy, or do I need to swat ye out of the air meself?"
No. 521226 ID: 57a559

Eat outer bits of his soul if you can mid-battle. The sensations will freak him out and get him off guard, this is our first legit duel where we don't have to or want to hold back against a human target.

Just don't go all the way, so he can get an afterlife and so you don't piss off the Lord.

He also has a beard just waiting to be set on fire. Fulga Fuge that bitch.
No. 521236 ID: 0eef61
File 137291702073.png - (80.46KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

I phrase my response in a way I believe his type understands.

"Fulga Fuge!"

The flame roars from my fingers, courses along my blade, and comes out in a narrow point. A flashsweat slicks up to my wrist.
No. 521239 ID: 0eef61
File 137291707533.png - (71.86KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

"My beard." The Bandit Mage's hand flashes to his face. "Ye toasted my beard!"

He slams his axe against the ground and gives a coarse howl. His fist comes up and my sword suddenly yanks violently against my fingers.
The fasteners in my clothes, the studs in my armor, the buckle in my hat, and the phylactery around my neck are all pulling me toward the Bandit mage.
I see the axe tremble and bend in his fist, but his impressive musculature holds it in place.
No. 521243 ID: 7e8516

Some sort of power word that attracts, combined with the word for metal. Well, let him have your sword. Throw it at him, and along with the phrase to turn it into a big ol' shield. That'll be unexpected and hard to deal with.
No. 521247 ID: ba611c

works for me
No. 521248 ID: 9ddf68

all this metal is conductive right? maybe you could use an electric base spell as well to fry his ass.
No. 521255 ID: 0eef61
File 137292046331.png - (43.29KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

If he wants my sword, he can take it.

"Scutum Ferrum."

I admit I hadn't thought I would ever find a use for this spell, but it works excellently. The Bandit Mage is caught entirely offguard by the sudden morphic projectile that flies toward his face, and it catches him right in the forehead.

I feel his spell stall and fail as he reels backward.
I feel my spell stalling and failing as my attunement grows dangerously low. I involuntarily drop several feet in the air and my stomach gives a sickening lurch before I right myself again.
No. 521256 ID: 0eef61

>(Quick reminder: All spells in the Revenant's growing repertoire can be found here- http://tgchan.org/wiki/Revenant_Quest )
No. 521257 ID: 57a559

trasus fuge seems like it would be really great right now, help with that attunement problem too. Maybe singe him a little in the process. Maybe the flames will be huge! Or you'll run into a wall

Lets see what a super flaming Trasus does!
No. 521259 ID: bf54a8

land so you can turn off the wings
No. 521260 ID: 068659

omg, the word that attracts plus Philen.
No. 521280 ID: 9b57d3

Let loose with a Torrentus Acridum.
No. 521284 ID: f5e470

he's stunned, so you probably can pull of a three word spell. orbus zephra fuge, yo.
No. 521291 ID: 9b57d3

I think he just got interrupted. Besides, Torrentus Acridum is good against armor, and he's armored. It should be almost as effective, I'd say.
No. 521308 ID: ba611c

Torrentus Acridum works
No. 521445 ID: 7e8516

No. 521487 ID: 2eac65

Fulga Ferrum. Your sword might not be in your hands, but it looks to be in just the right position for a deadly attack.
No. 521495 ID: 0eef61
File 137299648880.png - (257.34KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

A novel idea, but Fulgum Ferrum works only if the blade is in my hand.

My wings glitter into dissolute wisps as I land, take a step back, and lash at Safoy with Torrentus Acridum. My gut twists and thumps as the acid washes greasily past my ankles and toward the Bandit Mage.

He manages to protect his face with that axe head, but the acid that splashes against it creates an entire other set of problems. A foul-smelling vapor is rising off his arms and armor. He grunts with pain.

The grunt turns into another roar as he prepares another spell. The nails and shavings of metal from the walls shiver and shoot from their casings, creating a jagged halo of shrapnel around his head.
No. 521496 ID: 35edd4

He's about to launch them at you. Dodge and/or shield.
No. 521498 ID: 5f4e7d

Trasus, retrieve the sword.
No. 521499 ID: d0a0a2

You need a shield, Sanctus Scutum.
Although maybe the nails wouldn't count as a magical attack?
No. 521503 ID: f0357f

Sanctus Scutum specifically states that physical objects pass right through it.

Trasus Scutum might create a displacement shield: things that go in should get warped somewhere else.
No. 521509 ID: 0eef61
File 137299834656.png - (75.02KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

I Trasus to retrieve my sword, but my attunement is on the low side from my flight and I simply end up right behind the Bandit Mage. It is enough to dodge the wave of nails he sends my way, but the sword is still a good ten feet off.

I really must invest in a better teleportation spell than a one-word utterance.

"You're a flighty little bugger, aren't ye?" Safoy snarls, as he pulls his battleaxe into position to take my head off.
No. 521511 ID: ba611c

(or just Scutum)
No. 521515 ID: 35edd4

Trasus Fuge to get the rest of the way there. Should be nice and firey with low attunement.
No. 521520 ID: 0eef61
File 137299984764.png - (69.71KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

I Trasus Fuge the rest of the way and snatch my blade from the floor. I grind my heels against the carpet to slow down and turn back to my foe.

The Bandit Mage recoils from the flames for a moment, then laughs heartily, hauls back, and throws his skullsplitter at me.
The axe whirls with a terrifyingly audible swooping sound through the fire I have created.
No. 521521 ID: 5f4e7d

No. 521522 ID: 5f4e7d

Scutum Ferrum!
No. 521523 ID: 35edd4

Trasus Fuge again right back up to his face, with your sword held out in front to impale him, if you can be sure you won't intersect the axe and have time to cast.

If you won't have time to cast, just Trasus to dodge. If you can't avoid the axe but do have time, then just go a bit to the side and try to shank him anyway.
No. 521524 ID: f0357f

>The axe whirls with a terrifyingly audible swooping sound through the fire I have created.
No. 521527 ID: 0f92d5

Trasus, just use Trasus. Trasus fuge moves slower, and risking getting hit for the sake of a fire trail is not a good idea.
No. 521550 ID: 32868f

Trasus to your right, away from that guy to your left, so that there's a fire separating you.
counter with a Fulga Fuge.

be aware that he's probably going to send that axe flying back, possibly through you, so try to keep aware of it's position.
No. 521581 ID: 9b57d3

He's gonna boomerang that with the metal-magnet spell. I say teleport to him with Trasus Obscurus and slice his throat.
No. 521853 ID: 0eef61
File 137308211965.png - (165.87KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

I desperately Trasus to one side, the spell still flickery and weakening from my low attunement.

As it hits the wall behind me, the axe detonates.
Shards of shrapnel go flying all over the room, shredding into my left shoulder and lacerating my back in a half dozen places.
No. 521854 ID: 0eef61
File 137308212836.png - (12.50KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

With a shimmering whistle the axe reforms in the Bandit Mage's outstretched hand.

"Ye've bitten off more than ye can chew, boyo."
No. 521857 ID: 9ddf68

you just cast the holy death beam and he thinks some little cuts are going to stop you? Cast a simple Orbus Fuge to try and get him to dodge or block or something to make it harder to dodge a Fulga Ferrum spell.
No. 521862 ID: d1d627

Hrm. This guy seems to either a ferrum expert, or something with magnetism.
Either way, I suspect he's playing with words we don't have.
Now then. He can attract metal to himself. He can toss it around as well.
I think our next move should be either Santum Scutum, to throw his next strike back at him, or perhaps an Orbus Scuttum for when he next does the axe throw-it seems like the kind of attack scutum would work well against, as it's 'death by a thousand cuts'.
Right now he's goading us. He wants us to attack, perhaps lowering our attunement further, so that we can't defend, confident he can continue to tank our attacks. Gotta be wary for the opponent's strategy in this game.
No. 521863 ID: 57a559

We are not a boy, his great-great-grandfather wasn't even a twinkle in your great-great-great-grandfather's eye when we were dueling redheads smarter than he ever could hope to be.

I really hope that if you actually decide to say that that this doesn't turn out to be your great-great-great-grandson )or however many greats it would have to be) out of some horrific coincidence.

Orbus Fuge doesn't sound too bad, or maybe an Orbus Sanctus would work because it'd blind and stun him good at least, but your hurt pretty bad already we don't need that extra pain of using a holy spell.
No. 521871 ID: ec2e47

Can we even bleed in our current state?

Anyway, this guy has so far used a block and a small dodge without much apparent mobility, so we should try to use larger or more area hitting spells. I think we should throw an Orbus Sanctus at the ground directly in front of him to catch him in the detonation, then follow with an Orbus Fuge at his center of mass if we have time.

>He wants us to attack, perhaps lowering our attunement further, so that we can't defend, confident he can continue to tank our attacks. Gotta be wary for the opponent's strategy in this game.
No, attacking raises our attunement, so attacking makes subsequent defenses better while defensing makes subsequent defenses worse. We need to use an attunement-raising spell like an attack or Trasus Fuge or we will be unable to defend at all soon. He does seem to be preparing for us to attack (and he probably has a fairly high attunement by this point depending on how the pull effected it), but ground-targeting our AoE in front of him should help with that.
Also keep in mind that Sanctus Scutum only absorbs magic attacks, while this guy has so far used only physical ones.
No. 521881 ID: 76b151

We should be using lightning spells as he likes holding metal.
No. 521896 ID: 0eef61
File 137308899626.png - (127.57KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

"I am not a boy."
I summon a blazing Orbus Fuge. "And you are but a morsel."
I pitch it toward Safoy's feet. As my arm whips round a razor jolt of white pain snarls through my shoulder.
Something unpleasantly sticky is dripping down my back.

He laughs and stands aside, then yelps as the explosion catches him full in the side. The fires lick hungrily at his axe arm and I see his grip wobbling dangerously. It seems the Bandit Mage has underestimated me.

The carpet, still smoking in patches from my Trasus Fuge, bursts into fresh flame.
No. 521911 ID: 9ddf68

use a few more Orbus Fuge spells to knock him around a bit and the use 2 Trasus to have him loose sight of you and once you come out of the 2nd one use Fuge Trasus to spearhead yourself forward and see if you can't impale him with you reaper.
No. 521927 ID: 57a559

I'd like to mix it up with an Orbus Zephra for once. Double Trouble.
No. 521939 ID: 83e3b1

go invisible now.
No. 521981 ID: 9b57d3

I say we try an Orbus Sanctus.
No. 522071 ID: 888df6

I agree with Orbus Santus.
No. 522690 ID: 0eef61
File 137326948049.png - (433.15KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

I push the advantage.

"Orbus Sanctus."

It hurts me. God, it HURTS ME.

Lord, why does it hurt me so much?

My fingers twitch and give as the light pierces them to the powdering bone. It reaches the Bandit Mage. He staggers backward, clumsy, fearful, his arm over his face. Is he screaming, or am I screaming?

My body is a wreck. I am crisping. I am peeling back and I am hollow. I am pericarp. Crust. God. Please. Pity me. Help me.


No. 522693 ID: bf54a8

it is only pain, it does not do real damage. you know how this works, and actually damaging someone is not what it does.
No. 522695 ID: 9ddf68

then throw it at the bandit then.
No. 522696 ID: cf49fc

Give him a hug.
No. 522697 ID: 57a559

Throw it you idiot
Fucking throw it.
You're the one who got your fucking body in this sinned mess. GET IT OUT!
No. 522709 ID: d58926

best spell ever.. what are you waiting for? throw it at him!
No. 522725 ID: f5680f

Let's not use that spell again after this. I thought you had tried it once before, what the DICK!?

After this throw up an Orbus Scutum to catch your breath.
No. 522732 ID: 60bf07

That didn't happen last time, and I don't think we have been particularly evil since then. Maybe holy burns build up after repeated exposure?
No. 522735 ID: 19b3c3

>Lord, why does it hurt me so much?
>That didn't happen last time, and I don't think we have been particularly evil since then.
...well, we did kill a bunch of bandits with that flaming blade of a terrible God, thing.
No. 522736 ID: d78743

>That didn't happen last time, and I don't think we have been particularly evil since then.

We called him a morsel, which while not totally evil to say implies we see his soul as food. I'm also not sure learning holy magic via eating a soul at the behest of a demon, even if it was the soul of a monster, is the right way to redemption, and there may be side-effects to that.
No. 522944 ID: be6fd8

this is the pain of redemption, accept it.

it's probably so bad now because of overuse and because you're injured. accept the pain and use it to sharpen your resolve.

now throw that ball!
No. 523400 ID: 0eef61
File 137347629498.png - (202.23KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

The orb of light bursts and blazes against the Bandit Mage.

He howls and wavers, nearly falling to the floor. He props himself up with that infernal axe.

The light clings and burns.
It is good.
It is divine retribution.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
No. 523409 ID: 888df6

It would be a terrible idea to throw an Orbus Infernus at him right now. ...Or would it?

(It would.)
No. 523411 ID: f5680f

Are you alright, Creator? You don't sound normal.

He is stunned, again. Keep attacking. No more Sanctus spells though! At this range we can either go with Orbus Fuge or Fulga Fuge. Alternatively we could use a Trasus Fuge lance forwards with the rapier outstretched to skewer his head/neck, if you're up to the physical exertion at this point. That would probably be the most damaging choice, but we'd need to be sure it would kill him. Being close to him is dangerous.

It's untested, so yes. We don't even know what sort of spell it is. It could be a defensive spell for all we know. We can use spells we've seen other people use IF our attunement is in the right position for optimal power, like we did with the Orbus Zephyr in the fight against Astrea.
No. 523423 ID: 1cf691

I think we should give the Bandit Mage one chance to surrender before we go for the kill. Just make sure that he knows that this is his one and only chance to walk away from this confrontation alive.

Im surprised Spidrift hasn't flown to his masters aid already, maybe he is just blinded by bloodlust.
No. 523428 ID: 35edd4

It's a formal duel. He can't interfere.
No. 523483 ID: 01531c

>a terrible idea to throw an Orbus Infernus at him right now

Only if your preferred mathod of death is via exposure to an matter-antimatter annihilation.
No. 524807 ID: 0eef61
File 137394871143.png - (7.79KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

With one Trasus Fuge I am upon him.

"Submit." My blade is at his throat. "Submit, and be judged."

He shakes his great scarlet mane, trying to clear his head. He blinks the light from his eyes and stares defiantly up at me.

"When we're both together again in Hell, boyo, there's where I'll best you."
No. 524812 ID: f5680f

I can't tell if that was a refusal? Regardless, was the bounty for bandits wanted dead or alive, or just dead? I hope you are not sparing his life just because you don't have the nerve to kill him anymore, Creator. I think you have used Sanctus too much regardless. After this, we need to make some Infernus spells, to steer you back towards normality.

Oh well, regardless, we can use him to end the battle before any of our allies get hurt. Tell him to order his men to stand down, or we will kill him where he stands then slaughter his men anyway.
No. 524819 ID: bf54a8

"you can look but you wont find me, hell isn't the place for me"
No. 524827 ID: 91c1b3

Tell him that if he orders his men to stand down and submit, that they will be spared for now. (though they will probably be charged and hanged later for banditry) He seems to not care about his own life, but he might care about his underlings lives.
No. 524829 ID: e3aff6

Seconding this. If he surrenders we will allow his men to surrender with him.
No. 524836 ID: 7dbd6b

Cut off his beard as the ultimate sign of Victory.
No. 524837 ID: 57a559

Going to Heaven, you want to best me when we're dead? Drop the bandit act and try to redeem yourself.
No. 524840 ID: 0eef61
File 137395556185.png - (69.07KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

"Yield," I say, "and we will spare your men and allow them trial."

His eyes shine beneath his heavy brow. "Next time you find yourself dealing with desperate men," he whispers, "try to find something better than justice to sway them."

"Drag them down with ye, boys!" he howls, his voice reverberating through the keep. "Last man on the other side buys the first round!"
No. 524841 ID: f5680f

Please kill him now, so you can aid your allies. Perhaps you can see if eating a mage's soul will get you anything. Don't eat the seed, of course.
No. 524887 ID: 91c1b3

Well, we gave him a chance to yield. Kill him. Don't eat the core of his soul. If the story is true, they he'll be on his way to judgement.
No. 524888 ID: 9c23dd

...Hrm...How bad exactly is the crime for banditry?
According to Viking Mage (the axe, the beard, the whole glory after death thought) here, it's better to die then to try and turn things around, they're past the point of no return.
We can offer, perhaps, something better-we can offer Redemption. If they follow us in the quest to face Anisirious, instead of going to their graves fighting us, it would be making them into a mirror of us. We may have damned ourself, but we can turn ourselves around.
With this, we will end what would be a senseless slaughter, and perhaps even fund ourselves with the bounty money from their slain companions.
I'm not sure if Viking himself will appreciate that sentiment, but it might just work.
No. 524923 ID: 849089

kill him. tell his men what you told him. maybe at least a few of them will surrender.
No. 525109 ID: 0eef61
File 137410320821.png - (8.17KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

With a punching stab through the neck, I quickly end the Bandit Mage's life.
He keeps his defiant grin to the end.
No. 525110 ID: 0eef61
File 137410322995.png - (14.06KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"Bring the justice of God to his followers," I say.

What? No. I don't say that. From where did that thought intrude?
I feel heavy.
I clear my head.

The Advocate Mage turns to my voice from her windblasted position above the battle.
"If they resist, destroy them. But see how many will surrender."

"What if they do neither?" she asks, as a laughing Layla sweeps past her.

"They're running for their lives, Rev!" Layla calls, corkscrewing back into the courtyard.
No. 525113 ID: a23afd

Oh, so I was right, but the symptoms of overuse are more overt.

Hmm. This isn't the same situation as when we had Spidrift let those fleeing men go. Last time we were just taking out a few bandits along the road so that it'd be safer. This time we were supposed to clear out this entire place of bandits. If they run, they're just gonna come back under a new leader... but the leader won't be a mage this time.

I say leave that decision to Calidore. He knows what the town would want.
No. 525116 ID: 01531c

>"When we're both together again in Hell, boyo, there's where I'll best you."
"Your grudge will never know resolution, for I am already dead. Forgive me."

"Layla, you are the fastest of us. Head the survivors off, and herd them together for judgement and interrogation. It is likely that one of them knows what Words of Power the Bandit Mage used against me."
No. 525129 ID: 57a559

Ask Calidore? He's the guy that will give you full info on the requirements of the bounty.

If the bandits still remain a problem and our journey takes us back to this city a second time after we turn in the bounties, we can try again with hopefully more success.
No. 525136 ID: 9c23dd

Hrrrm...How to gather them?
Ok, Sanctus seems to be a double-edged sword here.
On the ONE hand, it's made of goodness, and can be a barometer of such. On the other hand, it either makes us act with a 'holier than thou' flavor, or it gives us the guidance of God...I think for now we should assume the first one, Reverend-I mean Reverant!
Anyhow...Of the five of us, Calidore's ice magic is probably the best suited for penning them in, while Layla can focus on bringing back the runners, Spindrift can assist. Astrea can help herd/calm the bandits, and we can see what precisely the bounty's conditions are. I still would like to grant these men a chance at redemption-if for no other reason than perhaps to see the look on Savoy's face when about half his men show up instead of the whole bunch.
No. 525196 ID: c23ab0

Of course Sanctus is a double edged sword. Just as demonic magic leads you to to your innermost darkest self you might rather deny, holy magic leads you away from individuality entirely into the divine gestalt. This is generally why we advise treading the middle road. Those who become completely self absorbed can no longer control themselves, but those who become completely selfless can no longer control themselves either. The middle road is the only way for you to stay you, no matter who you are.
No. 526339 ID: 0eef61
File 137452849004.png - (11.71KB , 800x600 , 40.png )


The Thrillant Mage rises from the fray, his saber leaving a streak of crimson through the air.

"Do we spare them?" I ask. "What says the bounty?"

"The lion's share was for the Mage," he replies. "But you'll be rewarded for the others. Fifteen Lira apiece."
"They're running."
"We'll catch them. They're brigands all. They deserve no quarter."
No. 526342 ID: a23afd

Very well then. We will trust the judgement of the man who knows the situation best.
No. 526346 ID: 60ad76

do they not deserve redemption, as you do?
send them a message. shout after them that they are given a second chance, but next time they will be butchered where they stand. try to scare them with some fireworks for full effect.
No. 526359 ID: 10ca6c

Everyone deserves a chance for redemption, however many never actually take it. It's more likely that those men would reestablish their banditry in another location than that they would reform. This is one of those situations where there's no perfect choice. You can spare them and hope that they will repent. Or you can hung them down, and thus spare those that would be victimized by many of them in the future.
No. 526385 ID: 01531c

Send Layla to run ahead to herd or bind them.
Send Astria to use her winds to knock them off their feet.
Send Calidore to collect suitable evidence of the Mage's death.
Keep Spidrift by you to help you limp along.

After this, we should find out if the Brigand Mage's soul is powerful enough to be worth eating.
I really think we need some sort of healing word, and I doubt Layla knows any.
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