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File 137112443602.png - (8.76KB , 695x642 , cover.png )
516595 No. 516595 ID: 34cbef

The forge is running again. It seems the land needs a new dominant being, but first we must take the land back from the savages. This generation of character will be different then the rest where our soldiers will be molded from the very mud of the ground.
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No. 516596 ID: 34cbef
File 137112457021.png - (7.33KB , 695x642 , towerequinox.png )

From the tower Equinox our minions rise, and inevitably from them the new Emperor Eternal.

We need you.
No. 516597 ID: 34cbef
File 137112475775.png - (14.24KB , 656x553 , Baseunit.png )

We need you to gather around the oasis of our forge and build the unit from which your hopes and dreams will bloom. From the very slag you will create a character.

With this index an emperor may be born: http://tgchan.org/wiki/TCSG:Kingsmen

Are you willing to fight with the horde, and then to squash all others under toe to become this worlds new ruler?
No. 516603 ID: 34cbef

come on in, pull up a seat- make yourself a character.
No. 516604 ID: 19b3c3

So... how does this work? Is this taking place in the past? (Founding the empire that will one day be the kingdom?) Is this taking place parallel (an empire to rival the kingdom?)

Basically, does it make sense for me to play Dakdo (he can appear out of an accidental time-magic tinkering accident if necessary) or do I need to roll up a new guy?
No. 516611 ID: 34cbef

it's gonna be a parallel, if the kingsmen are the good guys then the tower equinox are the bad guys.
No. 516616 ID: 91c1b3

Darkly Cloaked Human
Stats: Hp:3, Move:4, Attack:3, Defense:2
Capacity:4/5, longsword, woodplate

(so happy that this is back!)
No. 516619 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, this should be fun, then.

(Be sure to check the wiki for available feats and equipment! The page has had some formatting improvements and a few new options added since last we played.

I'll add all units to the wiki roster once everyone has reported in and the battle starts).

Tiny Pink Neumono
Stats: Hp:3, Move:4, Attack:1, Defense:1
Feats:Shadow Magic
Capacity:2/5, knife, padded leather
No. 516629 ID: a8ea0e

So we´re Evil? With a capital E? Nice.

Animated Armor with a confused family of rats in it
Stats HP: 5, Move: 2, Attack: 3, Defense:4
Feats: Meaty
Capacity: 5/5 Longsword, Iron Full
No. 516723 ID: 34cbef

you have 2 defense, crossbow doesn't hold encumberance
No. 516739 ID: 682688

Glad this is back.

Sentient mass of shadows
Stats HP: 3, Move: 4, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
Feats: Shadow Magic
Capacity: 3/5 Longsword, Padded Leather
No. 516740 ID: 4ef89b

>>516723 Fixed~

Fargus Tunnelrammer
Stats: Hp:3, Move:4, Attack:1, Defense:2
Feats:Build Barrier
Capacity:5/5, Crossbow, Wood Plate
No. 516741 ID: 19b3c3

>two shadow mages
Dangit, you're stepping on my specialness!

Oh well. Maybe we can collaborate to cast things beyond what would ordinarily be allowed at low level mastery? (Or we'll just end up differentiated by combining it with different feats later on).
No. 516746 ID: 34cbef
File 137117587818.png - (8.84KB , 829x537 , round1preview.png )

Soon our forge will spew forth our new military. I believe that we'll break them in on our lazy furnace men.

The round will start sometime soonish, people can still make characters after the engagement starts.
No. 516748 ID: 19b3c3

Spawning Kalla on g23.

Kalla: "Feh, they're not even giving us real opponents to kill? ...eh, I'll do it anyways. At least there's plenty of my element to work with in here."
No. 516749 ID: 682688

Nerr Spawns on J24

Nerr: "Indeed, guess this will have to do until we prove our selves"
No. 516752 ID: 91c1b3

Elron warps in to K23.
"This will do great for a warm-up."
No. 516764 ID: 41b4df

Nevaks spawns on I23

Nevaks:"Maybe they´ll surprise us by putting up a decent challenge?"
No. 516772 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus takes form on G24

"I dunno lads, there are quite a lot of them."
No. 516773 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis (Chraf for short)
Kobold (the scaly type)
Stats: HP:3, Move:4, Attack:1, Defense:2
Feats: Medic
Capacity: 5/5; crossbow, wood plate

Chraf spawns on H24
"Weren't these our minions a little while ago? Eh, orders are orders."
No. 516796 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo
An armoured human

Stats: Move-1, HP-5, Atk-4, Def-3
Feats: Meaty
Cap 5/5 Large Club, Iron Full
(assuming my math is right)

Charge to J23

"Let us rend them asunder"
No. 516799 ID: 34cbef
File 137119805110.png - (19.98KB , 483x376 , charactermontage.png )

Billowing smoke plumes from the tower equinox as the forge churns and molds the wretched from its bowels. Stepping forth from it's ravenous jaw are these few ambitious 6. Hopefully one of you can strive to be the Emperor and the rest perish, but we of the keepers of equinox still wish the rest of you best of luck.
No. 516800 ID: 34cbef
File 137119823749.png - (11.01KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Let the slaughter begin.

Pending spawn: Metallo, spawn at beginning of next round unless summoned
No. 516801 ID: 34cbef

looks good metallo, but try to use the colons instead of the dashes. You can have negative scores in an attribute
No. 516803 ID: 91c1b3

Elron moves to O19 and is ready to summon at a moments notice.
No. 516813 ID: 682688

Nerr strolls forward to J20
No. 516828 ID: 41b4df

Nevaks marches onto H21.
No. 516830 ID: 19b3c3

Kalla to g19.

Attack the furnace man at c15 with shadow ball.
No. 516832 ID: d30532

Chrafalabagis advances to h20 and shoots a crossbow bolt at the furnace man in c15
No. 516836 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus moves to F21 and waits.
No. 516934 ID: 34cbef

bump for metallos action
No. 516952 ID: 5fd94e

Metallo arrives at J23

"Ha, they shall fall beneath us"
No. 517025 ID: 34cbef
File 137128145185.png - (11.11KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Metallos ventures out of the forge. Everyone makes their move, the men attending the furnace look at the group that have stumbled before them. As if in response to their stares Chraf and Kalla strike down the nearest furnace man.
The rest are too shocked to respond.

Recap on claims, those who attack an enemy character have the eligibility to make a claim. The claim goes to who collects the body first.
A character cannot make a claim from the body if they did not attack the character. Interacting with the body is free for everyone. Examples of interacting are pushing, lifting, moving, stealing and more attacks against it(though these will not make you eligible for the claim)

>Round 1 end, Round 2 Begin
No. 517029 ID: ac82ac

if it's not too late.
Tiny goldenrod neumono
HP:2 Move:4 Attack:1 Defence:3
Feat: Magic (air)
Capacity: 4/5. Crossbow, padded leather.
No. 517032 ID: 34cbef

it's never too late to create a character, anyone can jump in at any time
No. 517036 ID: ac82ac

well if those stats are okay, spawn at M-23

"anybody need ranged support?"
No. 517041 ID: 34cbef

you've got some silliness going on there.
I'll walk you through it though, your hp does not get effected by equipment just your move def, atk, and cap

the equipment is just a misreading, crossbow does one damage and the padded leather armor gives 1 df. Your move is 4. You have the thinking down just the numbers flubbed.
No. 517044 ID: ac82ac

sorry, my first time doing something like this, I'll move to the discussion for help
No. 517047 ID: ac82ac

Neumono goldenrod colour
cap: 4/5 crossbow/padded leather
hp:3 move:4 atk:1 def:1
spawneroony at M-23
No. 517058 ID: 682688

Nerr moves to M17 and fires a bolt of shadow at the furnace man at Q13
No. 517069 ID: 19b3c3

Kala moves 4 diagonally to c15 and claims the body of the first kill.

She then attacks b10 with another shadow ball.
No. 517071 ID: 91c1b3

Elron moves to Q15 and summons Metallo to R13.
No. 517072 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis moves upwards to h16 and shoots a crossbow bolt at the furnace man in h11.
No. 517075 ID: 0a933d

Metallo attacks the furnace man on q13
No. 517089 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus advances to F17, feeling slightly annoyed that he has not managed to shoot anything yet.
No. 517188 ID: 34cbef

le bumpo
No. 517214 ID: 23cc62

Nevaks moves to H 18 and sighs, this is going to take a long time
No. 517246 ID: 34cbef
File 137137521375.png - (11.35KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Kala scores the first claim. Metallo walks out from the forge but Elron decides that he would make more use in a spot near him. Metallo faulters not and strikes the foe that he almost lands upon. Nerr also strikes the same foe and the furnace man is no more.
The rest of the furnace men flee to the walls of the room, but they are trapped for the stairs out are through the villainous horde laying siege to them.

Round 2 is over, Begin Round 3
No. 517248 ID: ac82ac

Jiro move 4 diagonally to q19
"oi! wait for me!"
No. 517249 ID: 23cc62

Nevaks moves to H16
"Don´t run away, you´re going to die anyway. Make it easier on yourselves and just let us slice you up."
No. 517253 ID: 682688

Nerr moves to P14 and claims the corpse at Q13
No. 517265 ID: 19b3c3

"...they're not even trying."

Kala moves 1 forward to c14. She waves her hands and the shadows around the injured b10 furnace man attack him.
No. 517271 ID: 91c1b3

El moves to Q11.
No. 517292 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis moves upwards to g12 and shoots a crossbow bolt at the furnace man in g7.
"Yes, I would have thought that traitors would be more aggressive."
No. 517296 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus moves to G13, and will also attack the B10 fellow, assuming Kala does not finish him off.
No. 517298 ID: 19b3c3

She should, unless misses are a thing. Presumably these guys have three HP (since 2 shadow damage + 1 crossbow damage killed the first one, but this one survived 2 shadow damage). Which means B10 should be done to 1hp.

Unless theses scrubs have feats, and non-identical ones at that. Then he might be meaty or something. (...although I kind of don't expect cannon fodder to have feats. Or to have unique builds).
No. 517300 ID: d0a5b2

Metallo moves up once and shouts
"Stand and fight, running and hiding will do you no good , fight like men and strike me down!"
No. 517301 ID: d0a5b2

Oops, that was me
No. 517536 ID: 34cbef
File 137146475862.png - (11.23KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Nerr makes his first claim as kala finishes off another of the furnace men. Chraf takes a shot at a furnace man dealing 1 damage to that one.
In response to all this banter, a single furnace man screaches raising his heated forge tongs and pointing them at Elron. The mass of furnace men move right ready to swarm Elron and Metallo.
Elron takes 1 damage from the first furnace man, and then another 1 damage from the second that falls in beside the first.

>Round 3 over, Now the fight begins in Round 4
No. 517543 ID: 91c1b3

1 hp left. Whelp.
Elron lashes out at the furnace man at P10 then falls back to Q14 to rest.
No. 517545 ID: ac82ac

Jiro moves to Q15 & shoots at furnace man Q10
"Keep back! get to the medic!"
No. 517546 ID: 682688

Nerr laughs at the furnace men's response.

"Maybe they wont be such easy prey as we thought?"

He lays down covering fire for Elron's retreat firing a bolt of shadow at the furnace man at P10.
No. 517550 ID: 19b3c3

Kala moves to b10 and claims. Grinning, she blasts the furnace man at g6 in the back, interrupting his charge towards the eastward gangup.
No. 517574 ID: 5fd94e

Metallo moves to Q11 and swings his club in a mighty arc at the furnace man on Q10

"Yes, Yes now we have a fight........you okay Elron?"
No. 517575 ID: f78cf8

Nevaks hurries to J14
"Ha, finally they show some backbone!"

On a side note, a summon would be nice.
No. 517577 ID: d30532

Chrafalabagis attacks k7 and moves to k13
"I could use a summon to get there faster."

(Sigh, I was about to actually get a claim with my tiny crossbow, too...)
No. 517602 ID: 5869f6

(If it's alright for me to join, anyways)
Masked Human
Stats: Hp:3 Move:4 Attack:2 Defense:1
Capacity:4/15, Short sword,Padded Leather
No. 517608 ID: d30532

As the team's healer, I would highly suggest getting heavier armor than 1 def if you aren't going to have a ranged attack (which would be a ranged weapon or magic). You could probably store a crossbow at least in the backpack if you are going with that as your feat. For perspective, the guy I am headed over to heal now would be dead at -1 hp if he had 1 defense instead of 2.
No. 517611 ID: 5869f6

Thanks for the Advice.
No. 517612 ID: 5869f6

Stats: Def:1 to Def:2
Capacity: 4/15 to 5/15, Padded Leather to Wood Plate
No. 517630 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus moves forward two spaces to G11, and finally manages to stick somebody- namely the poor fellow at G6.
No. 517636 ID: 5869f6

Rushes onto the scene, halting at n24

"damnation, this is the last time i sleep in."
No. 517745 ID: 91c1b3

...I think we did this strategy wrong. After this turn is sorted, there will be 4 enemies that can only attack one person. (M7, Q7, R8, and T8) There is only one person within range for each of them, and that is Metallo. 4 attacks X 2 Atk each - 3 Def = 5 Damage taken (this would leave chirps in a difficult DM position)

If we have Jiro
Attack the guy at P10 instead of Q10(who would already be dead from Metallo's 4 atk attack) I could use my turn to move Metallo back to a safer distance. (him being moved after his turn)
I'd be willing to give up personal revenge and a kill for that.

Or have Nevaks magic the guy at Q10 and have Metallo move back to R13 which would have him only hit by 2 of them, leaving the other 2 out in the cold.
No. 517763 ID: 5fd94e

Oh, forgot about m7......Ya move to R13 instead.
No. 517783 ID: 34cbef

i'm holding off the update in case players wish to plan a strategy
No. 517785 ID: 4ef89b

Hm. So basically, three out of four of our melee dudes decided to charge to the right while us ranged fellows hugged the left wall and picked off anything that got into range.
and now all of the enemies are converging on the melee fellows who, as it turns out, are far too squishy to survive in melee combat.
I understand that we're the bad guys right? What say we leave them to die so that us survivors get more claims apiece? They obviously can't be fit to be emperor.
No. 517786 ID: 34cbef

keep in mind the consequences of being a dishonorable villain, i never said that a player can't make a claim on another players body
No. 517789 ID: 4ef89b

Heh. I was just thinking that Karus was a very brave man for getting a great feat that can be looted from his corpse.

Now, if we actually wanted to save them...
The furnacemen have a move of 4 and an attack of 2, I think. So in order for Elron to die, he has to be hit twice(?)
If he attacked and ran to M15 and Nevak and Metallo moved to p11/q11 then he'd be safe for the next turn, and could summon the medic and get healed.
Nevak and Metallo would then be in range of 7 furnace men, though they could probably kill the one at P10 this turn. Nevak will be unconcious in 4 hits, and Metallo will be dead with 5.
If it splits evenly, Nevak will take 2 hp damage and Metallo 3.
The next turn, Elron summons the healer, gets healed, and moves in to replace Metallo who attacks once and backs off. After that, the left side of the team will make it over and crush the remainder.

But if the furnacemen focus someone, that someone will die.
No. 517791 ID: 4ef89b

Er, nevermind that last post. I got Nerr and Nevaks mixed up.

I think you guys are screwed.
No. 517795 ID: 91c1b3

I just realized I said Nevaks. I meant Nerr. No offense to either of you, but your names tripped me up on the map. If Nerr switches targets, only 2 guys can hit metallo. (resulting in 1 damage)

Next turn I would then move two or 3 spaces left, ask for a heal, summon Nevaks (right name for sure this time) to near the front line and then let the archers pick off some of the remaining guys.
No. 517803 ID: d1d627

The forge bellows without warning, as what appears to be a human female steps through.
strapped across her back are twin massive Battle axes, as she walks to N23, and draws them.
"OY! What sorta party was I missing here!?"
Female Human
HP 3
Move: 4
ATK: 8
Def: -4
Feat: Dual wield Mod
(OOC:Juroko will not want to meet this lady.)
No. 517808 ID: 682688

So you guys want me to move up and share damage with Metallo? Also Full Iron grants 4 defence not 3 and when they attacked Elron the first one should have delt no damage and the second should have dealt 2 damage since the first took out his armor so I think they only deal 1 damage but ignore armor.
No. 517812 ID: 34cbef

what are you carrying asside from your battleaxes, are you naked? capacity and equipment is nominal
No. 517814 ID: 4ef89b

His large club downs his armor by 1
and while 1 damage of armor-ignoring damage is possible, it would be kinda mean for the first fight. We're assuming that he said it like he did for flavor.

Dilios's -4 armor means that she takes 4 more damage from any attack on her person right? Yikes.
No. 517815 ID: d1d627

hrrm, is non-armor clothing an option? With the defense penalty from the axes, I figured the leather armor would just slow me down unecessarily.
I can draw something up as a 'self portrait' if you like.
No. 517823 ID: 34cbef

it's ok to say you don't have armor, but when the equipment isn't listed i tend to assume you are running around naked as a bluejay
No. 517824 ID: 34cbef

lets also take most discussion about what the stats for the enemies are in the discussion thread, that way i can comment about them without cluttering up my own quest
No. 517825 ID: 19b3c3

...according to the rules on claims though, in order for a player to lay claim to another player corpse, they would actually have to attack said player, and contribute to their death. (Because you can only get claims from bodies you attacked).

And while there are benefits to claim-grabbing, being seen team-killing in the middle of battle tends to make your remaining allies hate you. Or decide you're a traitor and free game for XP.

>death looming
You guys are actually overlooking an option. We could just recover the bodies and save 'em, if we wanted to be evil-but-loyal-unto-ourselves instead of "we so ebil we turn on each other for short term gain". There are advantages to having loyal minions, or capable allies indebted to you.

All we have to do is rescue the body at 0hp (incapacitated) and not allow the furnace men to finish him off into negative hp.

I'd offer a hide-in-shadows, but my shadow magic ain't level 2 yet. :/

...or there's always necromancy.
No. 517826 ID: d30532

With -4 def you are apparently running around wearing armor composed of flasks of nitroglycerine. It is literally impossible for your to not die if you get hit by anything ever.
No. 517841 ID: 91c1b3

Yeah, if you can move up 1, that'd be great. It would let only 1 enemy take a hit at you. Change your attack though. As of right now, the guy at Q10 is alive with 2 hp. The one you're attacking P10 has 3hp, so I'm attacking him, bringing him down to 0 at the end of this turn. If you switch, 2 would be dead instead of 1.
You might be right about their attack too, chirps said the way they deal damage is weird.

If you have no armor, you will be killed in literally one hit from literally anything. (seriously, even a 0 strength attack will cause 4 points of damage with that much negative defense. A single crossbow bolt would kill you in one hit.)
No. 517853 ID: 34cbef

an update will be coming later today, so solidify your plans soon
No. 517879 ID: 5fd94e

Okay, so if I move to Q11 and kill one will we be able to kill everyone near my unconscious body before they reach it? I have no problems giving up claims if that is the best option.
No. 517880 ID: 91c1b3

That would actually work, since you'd be dropped down to exactly 0 hp. (if non acid hands) Let's just go as is though. I'd be cool with getting knocked out if they have acid hands. If they don't, then we can take out almost all of them next turn.
No. 517925 ID: 34cbef

can I be so bold as to ask the other players to re-state what tiles you wish to make your actions on.
No. 517931 ID: 19b3c3

Well, I'm too far away to affect things either way, so my movement is unchanged.

Kala to b10, claim, magic attack g6.
No. 517938 ID: 5fd94e

Lets go with this
No. 517953 ID: d1d627
File 137160804194.png - (3.55KB , 260x260 , Dilios.png )

As I've said before, Dilios spawns on N23
And that's a picture so you guys know what I imagine her to look like!
No. 517971 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus to G11, crossbow at G6
No. 517973 ID: 682688

Nerr fires at the furnace man at Q10
No. 517979 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis attacks k7 and moves to k13
No. 517980 ID: 91c1b3

Elron slashes P10 then falls back to Q14.
No. 517981 ID: 2f3848

I keep the old one
No. 518043 ID: ac82ac

hmm... sure move to Q15 & fire at furnaceman P10
No. 518066 ID: 5869f6

At least I can carry more PHAT LEWT *cough*
(W-We can loot dead foes, right?)
No. 518069 ID: 5869f6

More space = more loot.
More loot = more shit to sell off.
More shit to sell off = MOAR GOLD.
(A flawless equation.)
No. 518083 ID: 34cbef
File 137164789950.png - (11.34KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Kala makes a claim. Everyone takes their move, Attacks fly and 3 furnace men drop dead. a few of the remaining furnace men take damage, yet still charge. The battle is nearing it's end, but will there be the first casualty of the forge?

>Round 4 end Round 5 begin
No. 518085 ID: d30532

Chrafalabagis:"Get over here so I can heal you!"
No. 518087 ID: 19b3c3

Right, have fun with the remaining bodies, guys. I'm officially out of range.

Kala moves to f6, lacking the move to claim at g6. (Yet).
No. 518088 ID: 03ff76

Elron moves to O13 and summons Nevaks to Q13.(if he's cool with it) Thanks for the heal, Chrafalabagis. If we strike now, the battle will be won in 2 turns. (Did they hit metallo?)
No. 518090 ID: d30532

Chrafalabagis moves to n13 and heals Elron
No. 518091 ID: d1d627

Dilios charges to N19
"Can't believe I'm watching myself miss this!"
No. 518093 ID: 5869f6

(Hurm, where am I on the map?)
No. 518096 ID: 0a4143

Glad to be finally in reach, Nevaks slides his blade into the furnace man on Q12

"Thanks for helping me kill those fools, Elron."
No. 518097 ID: 34cbef

well, don't i feel like an arse. it seems i overlooked you when skimming the replies. pick a spot that you are able to move to from spawn and i'll place you there.
No. 518110 ID: 5869f6

Advances Cautiously to j19, sword drawn.
"Too bad I missed most of the party, meh."

No. 518128 ID: 399ed0

Okay, I assume I am at 4 health now, if I kill the guy infont of me and move up and the guy on q12 gets killed i should be able to tank the remaining enemies blows right?
No. 518199 ID: 19b3c3

>you can claim a body that is within reach, so either on top or beside or under it or above it.
...feeling sort of silly, Kala just reaches over and grabs the body on g6 for a claim.
No. 518217 ID: 29d515

Nerr stands his ground and fires on the furnace man at Q11.
No. 518219 ID: 4ef89b

Fargus turns and heads to K11 then fires a bolt at P11.
No. 518247 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo strikes the furnace man on R12, and steps forward, smacking the floor with the club and sending speckles of blood flying off the newly bloodied weapon.
No. 518477 ID: ac82ac

"geez theseguys are little too close..."
Jiro says before moving to M15 & opening fire on furnaceman Q11
No. 518542 ID: 34cbef
File 137184139422.png - (11.72KB , 829x537 , furnace1.png )

Everyone makes their moves, Kala scores yet another claim. Strikes fly and bolts with magic loose as one of the furnace men drops. Metallo (assumingly) takes a claim. The furnace men surround him and whip him with hot irons dealing a total of 3 damage.
Claims can be made after engagement, Looting will not.
>Round 5 End, Round 6 Begin
No. 518543 ID: 19b3c3

I assume green means a downed teammate?

Kala moves to j7, and loots the body at k7. (Since I can't claim it, and all remaining hostiles are still out of range).
No. 518544 ID: d1d627

Dilios moves to P17
...quick check, how do the rules of throwing weapons work, range wise?
No. 518558 ID: d30532

Chrafalabagis sighs.
Chraf moves to q14 and heals Metallo (+3 health)
No. 518560 ID: 34cbef

metallo isn't green because he's incapped, it's a color mistake i made.
No. 518572 ID: 91c1b3

Elron moves to S13 and hits the furnace man at S12.
No. 518590 ID: baff41

Nevaks moves to P12 and attacks the furnace man on Q12
No. 518618 ID: 5fd94e

Shall I let R11 live so we can loot everything?
No. 518646 ID: 91c1b3

Sounds cool.

Let's see about saving the last kill for the healer since he deserves one. (or I'll give him one of mine if I have to, he helped a lot)

Everyone did pretty good. We will instill fear in no time flat if we keep this up. [I don't really RP sooo sorry Nevaks, no in char reply to your thanks. No prob summoning you though. I just suck at writing enough that RPing isn't fun for me.]
No. 518668 ID: 29d515

Nerr fires on the furnace man at S12.
No. 518716 ID: e3aff6

I think I do have that one corpse at the k-12 I have all the damage on, though more claims do get me closer to getting ranged heals.
No. 518736 ID: ac82ac

Jiro fires at furnaceman R-11, stays in current square
No. 518962 ID: 34cbef

The final Furnace man left sits in the corner and waits for the Forge champions to get done with the bodies.

Make your final claims, Choose which one of you will loot the bodies, and detail any out of combat interractions you wish to add.

The next update will be coming during the week
No. 518963 ID: d1d627

Dilios sighes, puts the axes away, and starts talking to the last forge worker, about what he did to get assigned to getting slaughtered duty (Idiot apparently upended lots of molten steel onto the third brigade!) A bit of talking shop& how to maintain her axes.
Of course, come time to kill him, she's gonna offer her axes to the cause of execution, even if she doesn't get to make a claim...
No. 518964 ID: 19b3c3

Well, Kala isn't eligible for any of the remaining claims to be made, so that's for everyone else to divy up.

What did I manage to loot last turn?

Kala would like to spend her 3 claims to buy a slave. Pet. Minion. Whatever.

Mister Fluffles
Goblin Arkot
Stats: Hp: 2, Move: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
Feats: Standing the ground
Capacity: 5/5, Shortbow, Wood plate
No. 518969 ID: 5869f6

Karus takes a sip from his canteen, and leans agains the western wall.
No. 518970 ID: 91c1b3

Elron gets his two claims (S12 and P10) and moves the bodies into a pile. (gotta be considerate to the cleaning staff)
No. 518973 ID: 6dfac5

Necaks claims the bodies on Q12, Dragging it over to the pile.

Afterwards he stands over the final Furnace man.

"Tell me when I can end this coward."
No. 518987 ID: e3aff6

Chraf claims the body at k7.
Chrafalabagis moves around to check the group for any remaining injuries.
No. 519001 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo quickly checks the body of his claim for any potentially useful items before wiping of the club and throwing the body in the pile.
No. 519100 ID: 29d515

Nerr waits patiently for the others to finish with their claims.
No. 519332 ID: 34cbef
File 137214119104.png - (11.68KB , 867x793 , ruleswarlock.png )

Greetings and salutations forgelings. It is I, the rules Warlock!

The forge churns as a small arkot trundles out of the forge.

Each furnace man was wielding Forge specific tongs- specially enchanted to withstand the heat and mystical energy. Though albeit terrible weapons they do find an interesting surprise.
They were also holding at the very least 4 talons of silver and a bar of forgemetal. The silver I cared nothing about, but if one were to walk out with the very material of creation... then who knows what sort of people would be pitted against us, say if the King were to get his hands on it. Why there would so many champions, heros, and who knows how many goody two shoes.

I will give you some time to converse amongst yourselves for a bit, get to know each other, but in two days time I will present to you your choices of progression. I will see you again forgelings.
No. 519336 ID: 19b3c3

>the forgemen had 4 silver and 1 forgemetal
...each, or total?

And what are we supposed to do with silver anyways? Currency hasn't played a part in this system as of yet.

And leave the forgemetal behind, it's a do-gooder magnet. Got it.
No. 519350 ID: d1d627

Dilios sighes.
Man, that Forgemetal sounds like a fun thing to have built into my axes!
Hey~ Anyone got any good dual-axe names?
Like... Savegery and Brutality? That sort of thing? Should at least CONSIDER epic names for our gear.
No. 519378 ID: 29ea36

I always go with Fire Emblem weapon names. (for axes there would be Wolf Beil, Basilikos, Armads, Urvan, Helswath, Hauteclere, and of course Garm) You normally name things once they've been upgraded 3 times though. Once I get another kill I'm getting a minion that can upgrade everyones' equipment once after each battle.[1 piece of equipment per person per battle] (or now if someone would be willing to donate a claim to a good cause)

I'll take one of those tongs for my stash and one silver.
No. 519458 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo examines the Forgemetal for a minute and exclaims "Ha, this could bring many worthy foes" and sets it down.

"You need assistance in your endeavor comrade? I shall assist"
(Merry.........belated Christmas)
No. 519488 ID: 34cbef

dont be afraid to ask about the rules or to add input on how i can improve the system- all input is accepted. Still haven't figured out what sort of mission I want to set you on next, but it might involve warg riding goblins
No. 519493 ID: 91c1b3

Are you sure?

I'd like to get a goblin minion then. One with build general, a dagger, and padded leather armor. Name him Igor. And with that, Elron's Enhancements is now open for business! To the dis thread for requests! (one per player per encounter)
No. 519792 ID: 34cbef
File 137235494209.png - (4.29KB , 518x430 , ruleswarlock.png )

I have thought long and hard to determine who has shown competence in this fight... I was split between the summoner or metallo, one did summon support to aid in the fight and the other swatted their enemies like flies.

But I will have to give Metallo the favor this time, the summoner hesitated at the very beginning- though at a lack of sufficient experience. In the future much is expected from elron in the future though.

I will return with the next mission you will fulfill to prove your metle
No. 519809 ID: d1d627

Sooo I gotta ask, what're we do to in the waiting period? Strategize?
Anyhow, for right now, I'm thinking I'll be on archer/armored duty. Mainly archers, since I'm one of the fastest fighters we got!
No. 519988 ID: 5fd94e

Yay, lets go with stand your ground for Metallo.
No. 520045 ID: 34cbef
File 137244885430.png - (21.01KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

FORGELINGS, there is an emergency in the gardens outside this citadel. It seems that a large band of roaving goblins has decided to try to storm our castle, most likely to rob us of our valuables. You won't let that happen will you?
Good, but be wary- this is an engagement unlike what you will encounter in the future. You will need to choose who you wish to team up with in order to help clear the different spawn zones, You will be cut off, that is unable to interact with the other zones until you clear yours first.

Be careful, and May the strongest survive.
No. 520046 ID: 61c791

I would take the one in the middle. Who´s with me?
No. 520051 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis: "Sir Warlock, does this non-interaction include a block on summoning?"
No. 520054 ID: 34cbef

that is correct, only until a person clears their square can you summon them
No. 520060 ID: 19b3c3

If people would include their updated claim count and/or new equipment (as relevant) when reporting in, I'll make sure your updated stats make it to the wiki.

Kala and Fluffles will join Nevaks in the center map, on ac-1 and ad-1.
No. 520068 ID: 61c791

Wonderful, Nevaks shall be placed on AD3, right in front of the enemy, ready to plunge his sword into it
No. 520071 ID: d1d627

Well, since it went through (but not necessarily obvious to what degree...
HP:3, Move:4, ATK:8 Def:-2? (unknown if to one or both axes, assuming both unless corrected.)
I'll go to AE1, I'm gonna assume that Warg at AG2 can reach me anyhow, so might as well take a crack at killing him first!
No. 520072 ID: 91c1b3

I got top right.
Darkly Cloaked Human
Stats: Hp:3, Move:4, Attack:3, Defense:3
Capacity:4/5, Longsword, Woodplate +1 def
Spawn in at M10

Goblin Minion
Stats: Hp:2, Move:4, Attack:1, Defense:1
Capacity:2/5, Dagger, Padded leather armor
Spawns in at M12

Sorry it took me so long to respond to upgrades, I had a paper that I put off writing. They are there now. I can still fit in a few upgrades before we start so ask in the dis if you have any more requests.
No. 520073 ID: 91c1b3

Igor's feat is build general.
No. 520076 ID: 5869f6

I, Karus will join Nevaks and kalla in the center, arriving at (AC,2)
No. 520086 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo
An Armoured Human
Stats: Hp: 5, Move: 1, Attack: 4, Defense: 4
Feats: Meaty, Stand your ground
Capacity: 5/5, Large Club, Iron Full
Claims: 0

If anyone wants to join me on the left I will spawn on J11 in a position to double attack that warg, otherwise on AC-3 I guess, and attack the goblin if nevaks blow did not kill it
No. 520089 ID: 91c1b3

Changing Igor's weapon to crossbow for the battle because he has no defense. Still 1 atk, just ranged now and 4/5 capacity.
No. 520097 ID: ec2e47

Chrafalabagis joins Sir Metallo in the top left, spawning at L11.

Chrafalabagis (Chraf for short)
Kobold (the scaly type)
Stats: HP:3, Move:4, Attack:1, Defense:3
Feats: Medic
Capacity: 5/5; crossbow, wood plate [+1def]

Also, I would suggest that Sir Metallo spawn in k11 rather than j11, as that is out of range of that goblin.
No. 520100 ID: 29d515

Nerr spawns with Elron and Igor at N11 and fires on the goblin at N10.
No. 520106 ID: 5fd94e

Alright, ya spawn at k11.
No. 520421 ID: 34cbef
File 137262232190.png - (14.99KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

Everyone spawns in their respective places- it seems to be my fault for neglecting to mention that no actions can be taken immediatelly after spawn from either side.

Now you can make your actions.
Jiro and Fargus waiting in reserves

>Round 1 begin
No. 520427 ID: d1d627

Dilios BREAKS the warg on ag2
or finds out they're tougher than that and gets mauled!
No. 520434 ID: f8154c

Think we may have spread ourselves a bit thin...

Anyway Nerr fires on the goblin at N10.
No. 520435 ID: 5869f6

Strafts to (AB,2), Sword raised.
"Let's do this carefully, don't want to get ourselves killed."
No. 520436 ID: e3aff6

Chraf shoots the warg at j10.
No. 520448 ID: 19b3c3

Wiki not updated yet because I have been very busy today. I'll get the roster fixed later tonight, probably.

Hey, that map is incorrect. Kala requested spawn on ac-1, not ae-1 (although whatever, I can move over). And I assume the unmarked green on ad-1 is my minion?

Kala blasts goblin z5 with a shadow ball.

Fluffles fires his +1 shortbow at the ab-7 warg. He then stands his ground and takes a second shot.

(So the goblin is half dead, and the warg should be very dead).
No. 520455 ID: 91c1b3

What's with the green circles? Are they the minion icons?

Elron cuts up the goblin next to him. Igor shoots the goblin at R7.
No. 520457 ID: 34cbef

yes the green guys are the minions

i've been very busy with things lately and tried to rush things- wanted to try to keep a daily update schedule.
No. 520462 ID: 91c1b3

It's cool, we can tell where they are at least.
No. 520468 ID: 5fd94e

Metallo attacks j10.

"You want the claim chaf?"
No. 520498 ID: 5a6ff4

Nevaks loooks the goblin before him into the eyes.
And slashes at him
No. 520499 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis: "If you could leave it that would be nice. I have a feeling I will be too busy healing to shoot fairly soon."
((OOC: And you mean you double-attack it, right? I think we have a decent shot with these guys, but to do that we need to use your 4x2 damage as much as possible.))
No. 520538 ID: 5fd94e


I was assuming these wargs have the same stats as the ones one the wiki however there is that saying about what it makes you and me so.....sure make a double attack
No. 520542 ID: d30532

((Oh, I misread the defense's 3 as the attack's 4 when I was reading that entry. That changes things a bit.))
No. 520653 ID: 9202a9

Feargal O' Duncrack
The human travler
Health 5
Move 4
Attack 2
Defense -2
Capacity 4/5
Feats: Build General
Items: Longbow, Rope (You'll want it if you ain't got it)

A new warrior comes for power and wealth. Feargal the tinker.

I would like to be placed at N12 next to that tree? Also could I get a description of me surroundings?
No. 520655 ID: 19b3c3

That's not a tree. That's a dorfish minion.

...although you can be forgiven the confusion,I suppose. There are enough similarities.
No. 520657 ID: e3aff6

The green spots represent allies' minions. Also, the default max health is 3 rather than 5.
And what is it with you people and refusing to wear proper armor? At the least use the one spare capacity to get padded leather armor for +1 def at no move penalty*, or in your case seriously consider hardened leather because the movement penalty isn't that problematic with a range 10 longbow. With those negatives you are liable to catch your death from a single warg bite, and my character Chraf is a healer, not a reanimator.

* That part goes for Dilios too now that I think about it. I don't think you can have more than one axe upgraded per fight but having padded leather armor should get your defense back 'up' to -2.
No. 520662 ID: 9202a9

I wanted some carrying capacity left so I could make parts and carry them.

though if that is not a tree then I don't know what to use to make a trebuchet out of. I'm a macgyver I need stuff to work with. That said if anyone has Ideas for stuff for me to build (or modify) contact me in the discussion thread.
No. 520721 ID: 91c1b3

Wait, how do you have 5 hp? It's 3 hp unless you have the meaty feat. Also, you'd be spawning in literally right next to a character(minion) that also has build general. You'd be better off going to the left group.
No. 520817 ID: 9202a9

That's just a mistake sorry.
No. 520829 ID: d1d627

In dilios' case, I"m going for basically as fast and as destructive as possible, I suppose I SHOULD probably get that armor, but for now the extra space might be handy if I get a proper ranged weapon.
I'll get that afterwards, but for now, I suppose I'm at -3 Def.
No. 521164 ID: 3b1e7b

Jiro spawn at K12 shoot crossbow at H10 (top left square) or nearby & shoot, Mettallo if I am not around, can control me/my-unit
No. 523106 ID: 34cbef

alright, i'll be working on an update today so this is just a quick bump to see if anyone is interested in joining
No. 523120 ID: 5869f6

No. 523135 ID: 34cbef
File 137340567680.png - (15.44KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

Everyone makes their moves. Axes swing and bolts fly as many of the enemy troops are fell.
The goblins are shocked at the intensity of power from this resistance that they has become sluggish. You may find that i did not move a certain someone because i did not know which character you were. Can i ask that you state which character you are next time?

The walls are an ivory brick, the flooring is white marble, the tower itself is an ebony stone. Everything in the Equinox is Stone or bone.And so the round ends.

>Round 2 everyone
No. 523136 ID: 23b97a

...wait. Kala didn't move to ac-1? That's kind of a problem. That means her attack wouldn't have reached. :/

Move Kala to ac-1 (if she isn't already there) and she finishes off the goblin at z-5.

Move Fluffles to ac-5. If z-5 survives Kala's attack, he fires on that. Otherwise, he fires at af-8.
No. 523138 ID: 5d4146

Q. throw range is based on movement range right? Is it remaining movement, or maximum.
If remaining: Dilios makes the claim on the body at AG2.
If maximum, Dilios moves to AH2, and throws her axes at the warg at AH6. If she can't throw both axes (because this leads into a TERRIFYING combo with the addition of just one more feat.) Then she throws the axe with the -2Def, Brutality. Savagery is the upgraded axe. Naming them now for keeping track of which one I'm using.
(weapon throwing, the technique I'm planning on capitalizing on, and what makes the Dilios build work-when thrown, the axes can't apply the negative bonus, and Dilios' speed lets her reclaim them quickly!)
No. 523146 ID: 91c1b3

The best thing for our group (top-right) to do this turn is to hold our ground and loose our attacks. We are entirely out of their range this turn. Igor shoots at the goblin at R7.
No. 523206 ID: e3aff6

Chraf shoots the warg at h9.

I think we should also hold our ground this turn in the top left. Sir Metallo's one move would not put him in attacking range of the warg, but would put him in melee attcking range of the goblin.
No. 523214 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo throws the body of the warg to L11.

"I got the next one".
No. 523232 ID: f8154c

Nerr fires on the goblin at R7.
No. 523257 ID: 9202a9

Alright I fire on the warg. Move up one and left one (to M11) and muse on suitability of warg fangs as crafting components. If anyone would d me harvist the fangs (and possibly other body parts) after you claim them I would be much obliged.
No. 523268 ID: 34cbef

i suspect you are playing as duncrack
No. 523284 ID: 5869f6

Sprints to (Ac,4), sword raised.
"We've turned the tide, let's hurry this up. The others might not be so lucky. They'll need help."
No. 523285 ID: 5869f6

Oh, damn. Forgot to mention I was Karus.
(Also, the 'u' sounds like 'oo')
No. 523292 ID: f548d0

Nevaks claims the goblins corpse and moves to AE5.
No. 523414 ID: 9202a9

No. 523505 ID: 34cbef

No. 523518 ID: 91c1b3

Jiro's the only one left that needs to act.

You may have to move/act for him/her.
No. 523539 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo turns around and slaps Jiro.
"Wake up forge brother, slay that mutt"

Jiro nods and fires a crossbow bolt at the beast on H9
No. 523831 ID: 34cbef
File 137359543563.png - (15.35KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

Everyone makes their moves, attacks fly and claims made. Forgelings make a strong stand int the east and south parts of the ivory gardens, but in the west the enemies swarm. In the south gardens the warg turns passive and wimpers as it's goblin owner attempts to flee. In the east gardens the wargs descend on the corpse tearing flesh from bone as their goblinoid owners come charging.

Round 3 Forgelings!
No. 523833 ID: 23b97a

Kala moves to z5 and claims. Fluffles moves to ab7 and claims. (I assume minion claims count towards their master?).

Looks like we're done in this sector. We got one pacified warg, and one retreating gobo. People should start thinking about changing screens, if they can.
No. 523854 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis shoots a crossbow bolt at the i12 goblin.

Chrafalabagis: "Hm. It appears these Wargs are a bit faster than I had heard. Metallo, I can keep you up if you can finish that warg and keep the remaining ones occupied for a bit I can keep you on your feet. The wind mage should get in the back in case they try to get clever."

Oops, I confused Jiro with that longbow guy for a bit. Next turn he should start shooting wind blasts instead of that crossbow; basic magic does two damage to the crossbow's one. With the three damage from me and him combined, we have a decent chance of finishing off that goblin (who has two health and zero to two two armor unless he has relevant feats), while the warg will take your damage output to kill off (make sure not to step forward into the range of the far goblin). Unless the goblins are very well equipped your health/armor combined with my healing should have you survive the remaining attackers next round, and at that point things should be fairly managable. Jiro is the only one in major danger of dying outright, so he should move to the corner so one warg at most can hit him.
No. 523855 ID: 91c1b3

Elron moves to M7 then slices and dices the goblin next to him. Igor looses a bolt at the goblin at R10. If Nevaks moves to the M row, no one will be in range of the remaining wargs. They have 3 def and 2 health so we will need to pair up next turn to kill them.
No. 523863 ID: 5d4146

Dilios sees the cowering Warg, and decides to go for style points.

Dilios: OY! Your old master abandoned you, so you're coming with me!

That attempt at pacting made, Dilios will head to AF1.
(this brings up the question of how transferring battlefields works, but I presume it's head back to spawn, then choose the battlefield to arrive at.
No. 523868 ID: 91c1b3

...Nerr not Nevaks. I seriously need to make a note of that. Also pairing up would be 4 each, which would be a bit short. I'll take a hit distracting the last warg (taking 1 damage) while you guys kill his buddy.
No. 523889 ID: 34cbef

correct, returning to spawn and spawning to the next spot
No. 523908 ID: f8154c

Nerr fires on the goblin at R10 and moves to M10.
No. 523925 ID: 5869f6

Karus shuffles to Ac3.
"Let's clean up, the western front could use some help."
No. 523930 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo applies club directly to the wargs (j11) forehead twice for delicious overkill.

"YES, YES, YES, come and fight, come and bleed, come and DIE!!!!

If Jiro does not respond then he hits the gobo on I12 with a ball of....concentrated air I guess, and moves to L12

(think I will do my best if I stay here)
No. 523956 ID: 6e8fbb

Well, in that case...

Staring after the running goblin, Nevaks sees that they are done here. Returning to AE3 he transports himself to J10 in the western field.

(Should I have understand wrong and hes has to end his turn outside the spawn, keep him there)
No. 523961 ID: 91c1b3

You gave two of the wargs on the top left a move range of 4. Did you mean to do that? It's listed on the wiki as 3. (move 4 wargs would completely screw up my current plan)
No. 523963 ID: 34cbef

there is no mistake they did move 4, these aren't 'stock' wargs- or goblins for that matter
No. 523978 ID: 91c1b3

...Well. My keep out of range plan kinda sucks now. I didn't know there were such things as non-stock monsters. (I figured that enemy equipment could change but feasts were only for special monsters/enemies or inherent in the monster themselves) This could change my strategy in later battles a lot.
No. 524007 ID: bbaf09

I shot the warg at R8
No. 524168 ID: 34cbef

No. 524978 ID: 34cbef
File 137402610810.png - (23.02KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

Everyone makes their attacks and moves. Bodies are claimed and enemies encroach. Characters despawn and ready to spawn on a different tile.

Heard throughout the land is a cacophonous thunder that rends the ivory ground in the south garden, specifically where the fleeing goblin stood. A subtle voice can be heard from the rules warlock, "Did anyone ever try to think that leaving a single enemy alive may cause trouble? What if he brought even more goblins back? Good thing I'm keeping an eye on you, forgelings, Don't let it happen again."

>Round 4 Forgelings!!!
No. 524979 ID: 91c1b3

Elron, realizing he had made a miscalculation, picks up the claim next to him and runs over to O11 (or just runs if picking up claims isn't a free action). He then slices the Warg. And yells at him to fight him instead. Igor waits to see how his master's 2 allies act before acting himself. (I'll have him act after you guys move/act.)
No. 524980 ID: 9c23dd

Dilios couldn't make the kill in the next turn, but there was also the fact that the other teams needed aid, but yea, bit of an oversight on our parts!
Dilios (Remind me NEVER to piss off the Rules Warlock under any circumstances. Holy crap, now that's exploding a target.)
Dilios leaps into the fray of at J10, throwing her axe at the goblin at I8 and discovering she forgot to reclaim her second axe from the Warg's head earlier. Oy. At least the other Kingsmen won't be worring over her for now...
No. 524981 ID: 34cbef

also, the enemy characters did not deal damage yet
No. 524982 ID: c95833

Kala moves to ac-3 and blasts the passive warg with shadow magic. Then she sends her minion to af-3 to claim it (if it somehow survives, Fluffles will opt to shoot it instead).
No. 524984 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis shoots a crossbow bolt at the k12 goblin.

Well, the goblin was tougher than the others but not any brighter so it ended up working out. A ranged attack and a clubbing to each of those to in melee range should do it for them, then we will be well prepared for the remaining two.
No. 524987 ID: 005d3f

Karus charges in at J12, swinging his sword wildly at the Warg at I11, in an attempt to force it to back away.
No. 524992 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo is momentarily caught off balance and drops to a crouch as a thunderous roar shakes the ground.

"Haha,I don't know if I should be concerned or inspired"

He half said-half groaned, as he regained his footing, noticing that two of these lesser had made their way past him and were now in a position to strike his forge-mates. Raising his club he strikes warg across the neck, and spinning around strikes solid blow across the goblins face.

If Jiro does not respond then he strikes the Warg (K10) with a strike from his air magic.
No. 525028 ID: e3ea6b

Nerr fires on the goblin at O10 the moving up to N9
No. 525072 ID: bbaf09

I fire on the Warg in front of me (N11) and flee as Fast as I can north to reach the spot Elron just vacated.
No. 525235 ID: 8b250a

Nevaks appears on J10
No. 525349 ID: 91c1b3

Alright then, Igor looses a bolt at the warg at N11.
No. 527089 ID: 34cbef
File 137472058797.png - (27.40KB , 1005x654 , gardens2.png )

Everyone makes their attacks and claims what's theirs. Attacks fly as enemies die, and in the final sounds of battle what's heard is the whimper of two wargs and a goblin surrendering.

Engagement is Over, well done Forgelings- This time will be for collecting the rest of your claims- counting up the claims made this engagement- and outside of combat interactions
No. 527093 ID: b1c062

Dilios gained:
1 Warg kill.
1 Warg pet? (need confirmation on this.)
1 Goblin kill.
-1 WarAxe? (need confirmation on if She can take it out of Warg pet's face without killing the poor thing.)
No. 527098 ID: 5fd94e

Wait, can we obtain these Wargs as pets without the Pact perk?
No. 527099 ID: 34cbef

you cannot get wargs without pact or purchase,
you can get your equipment back
No. 527119 ID: c95833

...wait. Why aren't Kala and Fluffles on the lower map? Where'd they go?

Kala should have 3 claims now, I think.
No. 527128 ID: 34cbef

No. 527129 ID: 5fd94e

Alright Chraf, shall we include Jiro in diving the Claims, I haven't heard from him in a while.
No. 527130 ID: 5869f6

Karus rounds up the prisoners, keeping wary of any tricks.
"Wasn't so bad, least none of us died. I'd call that a victory."
No. 527141 ID: e3aff6

He hasn't been here since the first turn, so I think we should divide these claims between ourselves now and pay him back if he returns. I guess you will take two and I will take one, since you did most of the damage.
No. 527142 ID: bbaf09

I believe I have one claim. With it I would build for my self a bone plate. I see about building a composite bone bow. And lastly I see if I can get Dilios to use my wager claw gantlet.

As always I am open to crafting requests or Ideas.

Stats for composite bone bow
4 Attack/ -2 Defense/ -3 Capacity
No. 527165 ID: 9bdc21

Pretty sure Nerr killed/help kill 3 goblins and a Warg but only claims 2 goblins.
No. 527281 ID: 91c1b3

Elron takes 2 claims and Igor takes 1. (I can show which ones, but it'd be easier not to right now) Outside of combat: Elron and his minion search and bleed the corpses (kinda like a deer) over various parts of the garden. That will really bring it into bloom! Igor then goes to the workshop to make/improve things. Request in dis and I will do my best to make it so.
No. 527334 ID: 5fd94e

Sir Metallo collects 2 claims at j11 and k12 and loots a goblin and begins skinning a warg, collecting the pelt, bones, and teeth.
No. 527339 ID: 60bf07

Chrafalabagis claims the warg at l10.
No. 527995 ID: 34cbef
File 137489074728.png - (4.12KB , 431x359 , ruleswarlock.png )

Deciding who was the most valuable asset was hard, though south garden participants did relatively well I will have to give my favor to the one who helped in a dire situation, So my favor goes to Metallo. I will be going through the beginning of the thread and recounting the claims when i can find the time- I will post my results in the discussion thread so keep your eyes open.
No. 531242 ID: 34cbef
File 137557914120.png - (3.72KB , 467x396 , forgemaiden.png )

Hello forgelings, it has come to the current councils attention that the land around the forge is in a state of tranquility due to the failed goblin attack. It has been the first time that the citadel containing the forge has found peace- so the question has come up on what conquests the forgelings should make. Because the council sees that one of the forgelings will become the lord of these lands, so that means the next battle is up to you guys- what do you want to do next? Just keep in mind that petting fuzzy bunnies will not be an applicable suggestion due to the lack of conquest...
No. 531246 ID: 5663f2

Hrm. Conquest you say?
Weeeelll I dunno about you guys, but that forest to the east? I heard some kind of weird sounds coming from over there. Not well, but hearing anything at all?
I think there's Sound Magic being practiced there, I'd like to go check that out!
No. 531257 ID: 5fd94e

If I understand this correctly

Sir Metallo steps forward and speaks.

"Inside the mountains to the north-east a great dragon took claim of an old citadel, gathering an horde of goblins and other mountain vermin to serve as it's servants and personal army, as well as taking control of multiple smaller villages in the surrounding area that provide slaves and tribute. If we can slay that wrym and it's minions we can regain control of the fortress, secure whatever treasures it has gathered, and lay claim to the villages which I'm sure will help toward a suitable work-force."

Walking back to his position he stops for a moment.

"Ha, and perhaps such a great beast will provide a worthy opponent."
No. 531262 ID: 91c1b3

I hear tell of a wealthy trading port to the west; perhaps we can liberate them of their goods. I've hear that they have been getting attacked lately by a group of mighty pirates though, we should take care not to run into them. (we would and maybe make it into a who can capture the most loot game between us and the pirates)
No. 531266 ID: 5869f6

Karus throws in his bit:
"I heard there was a small camp of bandits to the west, but apparently there leader got shot in the face with a dozen crossbow bolts. So, now they're scrambling to get reorganized and find a sutible leader. Maybe if we can convince them to work for us, we could have a few meatshields between us and the enemy. One of us could also try to get into the position. They usually have a one-on-one tornument to see who's got the guts to lead."
No. 532707 ID: 34cbef
File 137600310950.png - (27.26KB , 1177x728 , makeyourdecision.png )

alright, so with all this information it is now up to everyone to decide where to go to first
No. 532721 ID: 5869f6

Karus: Laying seige to that Citadel seems a poor idea at this point, I don't want to see my comrades in arms slaughtered. I suggest the port or the Bandit camp. As both places likely have a fair amount of loot. In either manpower or gold.
No. 532741 ID: 5663f2

Might makes right leadership tournament? Sounds RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!
Plus, yanno, they're not gonna be without leadership forever, so let's pounce when the getting's good!
So yea, Bandit Camp!
No. 532760 ID: e3aff6

Chrafalabagis: Do we actually have neutral or allied neighbors with whom to spend any gold?
No. 532822 ID: 5fd94e
File 137602121734.png - (31.11KB , 1177x728 , Map.png )

"Perhaps you are right on unnecessary danger with the citadel, increasing our resources may be worthwhile first."

Says Sir Metallo as he draws a dagger and implants it in the map.
No. 532966 ID: bbaf09

The Dragon Citadel looks like to most profitable. No use in spending time with anything less.
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