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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137014777577.png - (181.69KB , 800x600 , 49.png )
513992 No. 513992 ID: 933f92

It is barely a few minutes after seeing Love, uh... profess herself, earlier.

"I bet you're wondering why Love called you here." the woman asks, "And why, exactly, at such a late time. Aleph, Love's been watching you for a while, now. We need to contact your associates and compare notes and ally. Jessica... We intended to stop you. Four masters you have destroyed. Do you have any words?"

She is notably sullen, but silent. "Fine. Aleph, any questions?" she asks, looking at me. Her eyes are so... dead. It's unnerving. You're... not surprised, given how she is, but... Even so. It's creepy!
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No. 513995 ID: bf54a8

do NOT ask what her deal is, too soon.

ask if she has any allies of her own.
No. 513997 ID: 19b3c3

How's infinity taking all this? We do have a private communication channel.

What's her name?

They've been watching you a while? How... long a while? Since before you got Infinity? (Because we really don't have any memory before that).

Can't hep notice she seems to have a second helper-doll.

I suppose we'd be willing to introduce her to our allies. ...unless she means our other allies, who left us the note and the doll frame in the first place. We kind of don't know who they are or have any way to contact them.
No. 513998 ID: 2fbf20

Who are you and how do you know me?
No. 513999 ID: bf54a8

second? no that IS love. they just combine for full form. love itself is probably weak without her driving.
No. 514000 ID: 76b151

What do you mean by destroyed?
No. 514005 ID: f9ab82

>Since before you got Infinity?
Remember not to go around saying her name.
No. 514008 ID: 19b3c3

Not sure we need to rub Jess' face in that.

I guess, although if Love was watching that last fight, they already know.

Oh, and a question maybe for both of them. How long have they been doing this doll stuff?
No. 514010 ID: f2c20c

I guess Love is the one giving us messages. Consider the type of person that would choose that word.

As for questions, ask her if she knows anything about the overall nature of the Dolls and the fighting between masters. Also, how does she want to contact our allies? It probably wouldn't do to expose the location of our base to someone we just met.
No. 514011 ID: f2c20c

Oh my god I just realized her doll is essentially power armor, and gives her limbs. It's a frame doll.
No. 514013 ID: 19b3c3

Holy crap, you're right. The power of love- combine!
No. 514025 ID: a14262

how does she know about us and how did she contact us?
No. 514125 ID: 2f4b71

>Four masters you have destroyed
Well that's something to discuss later.

Love = Power Armor? Assuming she would yell her Doll's name at us right at her first meeting seems a little convenient. Love is probably not her Doll's actual name.
No. 514134 ID: f2c20c

She referred to her Doll as Love, as well. Oh, and it's worth noting that Love must have a very high level of Relate to be able to transmit messages to people other than its master.
No. 514327 ID: 2f4b71

No, I mean; we generally avoid referring to Infinity as 'Infinity' and instead use nicknames or call her something else (Indivisible/Indy), after what Dregas mentioned about the danger of other learning a Doll's Word. Surely others have had the same idea.
No. 514356 ID: 19b3c3

I think some dolls / masters are more concerned with trying to conceal their name for a potential advantage than others.

It's really not that surprising that Love would wear her heart on her sleeve, as it were.
No. 516574 ID: e0b19d

On the other hand it also wouldn't be surprising, if, say, Deception decided to impersonate the name of a doll not its own, one that would seem normal to give away its name.

It would also, in my opinion, fit the metaphor better: Lies often act either a means of deflecting blame and protecting oneself, or as a means of moving forward when other methods fail or are out of reach. Power armor would fit that metaphor quite nicely, I think.

But then, this is just theory and I may very well be paranoid. I'll just advise against trusting anything immediately.
No. 527697 ID: 933f92
File 137482845839.png - (190.20KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

>Who are you and how do you know me?

She smiles without humour.
"A woman without much to do." she replies, "And I know you by your talent."

You almost speak up to ask, but Love holds up its hand. "I can't tell you." the woman says quietly. "I don't want to sound cliche, but you need to discover what you are for yourself."

>What do you mean by destroyed?

"I should have said defeated. She didn't kill any... humans." she says.

>Dolls in general.

"Likely nothing you don't know already. The Frames are a constant, reappearing in random locations when a Doll dies. The Dolls desire to do combat whenever possible, some more than others. Dolls are empowered by, and themed after, their name." she sighs. "I hope to get in contact with the scientist in this area. There was something I wanted to ask."

It's very dark out.

"However, I'd hate to drag Dregas out of bed for transit. You can stay here, if you like, for the night."

"..." Infinity bristles.

"And I swear upon my connection to Love - No harm but what you bring upon yourselves will come to you here. There is a large shower, there is food that Love will cook... If you are too paranoid to eat my meals and take my hospitality..."

She lets the words hang as Love stares at me intently.
No. 527700 ID: 76b151

>No harm but what you bring upon yourselves will come to you here
Ya that statement isn't fraught with loopholes at all.

I think we should decline her hospitality and head back to base, or find a hotel room with two beds.
No. 527701 ID: a23afd

But what we bring upon ourselves? That's... a bit ominous.

Anyway, regardless of if we CAN trust her, we shouldn't. Tell her we'll have to decline, because we have only just met. Trust must be earned, regardless of good first impressions.
No. 527714 ID: bf54a8

i think she was just awkwardly saying "if you make trouble then trouble will get you back" let's go with the horribly wounded girl
No. 527738 ID: 10ca6c

Yeah, I got this impression as well. And she did seem to take issue with Jessica's wanton destruction of dolls, which's a point for her.

I admit to being curious. Let's stay over.
No. 527784 ID: c95833

I say it's worth seeing this through. She's non-hostile, possibly helpful, and interested in meeting our other allies anyways.

I think this >>527714 is a better interpretation of her words than >>527700. She's not leaving loopholes for treachery, she's being exact. She does not mean us harm, but we could make the situation worse.

...and if anything does happen, at least we have a second doll on our side now. Kinesis is kind of stuck, and I think we can count on their loyalty. At least so long as we don't abuse them and force them into finding a zeroth law rebellion or something.
No. 527798 ID: 9f7acd

We need allies if we're to survive, so let's stay, eat and show a bit of trust. It's not like they're presenting any threat right now.
No. 528380 ID: 933f92
File 137496808241.png - (133.34KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

"Alright." you say.

"Excellent." she says with a smile, this one more actual and happy.

In a few moments you are in an apartment set above the mall. It's not bad, rather large. Apparently her father owned the place, and it was left to her after his death. "It has been some time since we had visitors. Love, how is the heater doing?"

There is a pause.

"Ah." The woman sighs. "You two will have to shower together."

Jenny grabs you by the wrist and practically drags you into the bathroom, which has a rather large bath, made for multiple people - like a handicapped and their helper. She immediately begins to dress down, humming and giggling to herself as Infinity finds herself dragged in behind you by Kinesis, who seems to like mimicking his Master.

Things have quite gotten out of hand rather fast!
No. 528383 ID: c95833

...can infinity duplicate and double the supply of hot water? So we have enough for two showers?

Otherwise, I think politely excusing yourself and saying you'll take a shower in the morning is the right option here.
No. 528385 ID: 9f7acd

Oh. Well. Alrighty then, time to man up. You can handle this, you're totally going to shower with her and not make a move or have a move made on. Also it seems you'll be showing with Infinity as well. Try not to piss her off.

>...can infinity duplicate and double the supply of hot water?
My guess is no, because physics.
No. 528390 ID: bf54a8

DO IT. not like she can attack us in the shower. magical doll bindings and all that.
No. 528392 ID: c95833

>My guess is no, because physics.
Kind of depends on the model of heater. If there's a reservoir of heated water that can be exhausted, you'd think she could make a second tank, or double the water in the tank (assuming it's less than half full).

If it only heats water on demand (as the more energy conserving models do) it won't work.
No. 528409 ID: a23afd

Infinity can't duplicate anything anymore today. We already used that power.

Anyway, you now have a decision. Protect your modesty and put off the shower, or just make sure she doesn't do anything funny. So like, tell her no touching. Can we fit all the dolls in there? It'd be cool for everyone to bathe together.
No. 528411 ID: f0357f

are you suggesting four people in the one shower?
we'll need to know how large it is, but otherwise that sounds fun!

Remind me again why Jenny is so into this?
No. 528424 ID: 2f4b71

>because physics
Kinesis could impart velocity to the molecules in the water, and fast molecules = hot substance.
No. 528476 ID: 9cb233

just Shower with your back to her. You seem kinda shy.
No. 528516 ID: 92c81e

Refuse like a gentleman and go with the cold shower/bath.
No. 528560 ID: 751d87

Exit room. Aleph's gender shall remain a mystery!
No. 528562 ID: bf54a8

>implying we can't just have a hand get in the way of the one bit that would give us an answer
No. 530171 ID: 933f92
File 137534149825.png - (133.43KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

>Do it do it do it!

When you hesitate, Jenny moves a bit closer, now fully undressed. She takes your hand as Infinity, stripped of clothes and seemingly uncaring, enters the shower. It should be large enough for all four of us.

"Are you scared?" she asks with a catlike grin. "If you're a boy, this's a dream come true... And if you're a girl, there's nothing to worry on." she says with finality.
No. 530172 ID: 933f92
File 137534151347.png - (150.42KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

It's hard to place your eyes.
"So." Jenny says, lathering your hair as you wash Infinity's. "Why'd you let me stay in the game?" she asks, as you watch Infinity's hair. You can feel Jenny's in yours. Kinesis floats some water with his power, splashing water up and then making it float by - you assume - stealing its kinetic energy. He's so... happy, it seems.
No. 530173 ID: 933f92

>That should be wash, not watch.
No. 530174 ID: a23afd

Well honestly, it's the best way to go about it. You avoided having to kill someone's friend, kept the Frame from just showing up in a new Master's hands, gained a trustworthy ally, AND Infinity got stronger. The benefits greatly outweigh the extra power you would've gotten from a kill.

Not all fights can end this way, though, and not all Masters are going to care for their Dolls enough to agree to the pact you made with her.
No. 530196 ID: f0357f

Because you have huge tits.

Also because your doll-frame would have just reformed elsewhere, and I can't guarantee that I could beat it as easily as I beat yours.

both are real responses
No. 530198 ID: bf54a8

scrub that hair, no idea how much grit could be in it from fighting.

and also, it's because it's the right thing to do. if she was a really bad person we would of probably not let her go. but she seemed honestly scared for his life.
No. 530214 ID: 794a2b

"You reminded me that life on the edge means you'll topple over at some point, unless there's an ally to offer a hand. Speaking of, turn around and I'll scrub your back."

"I think our hostess intends to test your dedication to our pact. Why else would she find a reason for us to bathe together, instead of just waiting for the heater to recharge?"

"I can tell pushing limits is your thing, but if there are lines you're going to have a problem crossing, now's the time to make yourself heard. I'm willing to play along with whatever contrivances she might come up with to see how compliant you're willing to actually be, but I don't want to torture you."
No. 530230 ID: af8414

Not for the breasts.
We're getting you a sweater, missy,
No. 530254 ID: b5df96

>Why'd you let me stay in the game?
...you asked.

And it turns out it's a lot easier to stomach a doll falling quickly in one hit, than having to stand by and order her to kill something wounded while someone who cares watches.

And maybe it's the same mercy I'd hope to receive one day. And maybe having allies will be better in the long term. And maybe working together is smarter than just killing dolls and getting new frames to spawn over and over until I find one that stops us. I don't know.

(No tits jokes. We're not playing into her boobs hands here. She's obviously trying to keep us off balance and control the situation- don't rise to that. ...in either sense!).
No. 531240 ID: f0357f

>We're getting you a sweater, missy,
sweaters are like the sexiest thing she possibly wear with a body like hers
No. 531243 ID: f0357f

>No tits jokes. We're not playing into her boobs hands here.
If she were to think we saved her solely because of her tits, it would probably knock her more off balance, as it goes against our displayed personality.
No. 536332 ID: 933f92
File 137709833964.png - (150.54KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

"Because... The risks were great in ending you, and keeping you about offered me an ally."

"...Is that all?"

You shrug.
"I don't have a lot of friends right now. And aside from all that, it felt... wrong to end you. More an execution than a fight."

"Hmhmhm." she says, "Get my back?" she asks. "And do you have any questions? Hey, cutie, let me finish your hair and get your back..." We switch positions around a bit.

You're not sure if you have questions for her. Kinesis finds some bath toys and plays with exuberance.
No. 536334 ID: bf54a8

(haha, no gender tells)

ask her what made her decide to get in on this in the first place.
No. 536336 ID: d2995c

Well, they don't really decide to get into dollmastering as far as I can tell from our experience.

Ask how many other dollmasters she has seen.
No. 536337 ID: 41690e

How long have you been doing this, anyways?
No. 536417 ID: af8414

How did she get into the doll game? Getting Kinesis and so on.
Tell us a story.
No. 538269 ID: 933f92
File 137774995709.png - (276.32KB , 1000x600 , 55.png )

"I used to be in racing. Pit stop repairing. You have to work fast in that field - very fast." she explains, washing Infinity's hair. She seems to like it, relaxing like a cat. "I was falling behind in my game, and so I sought out other things. I heard about a guy who could buy me into a big game - the biggest.

"I went in and I saw a match.

"Bastion versus Death." she said softly. "A match I'll remember for a long time. And it got my blood coursing again, got me going. I... I love competition. It's... Defined me since I was young. So I went all in. All my assets, all my connections, I gave them to this man. And in return, I got the Frame."
No. 538270 ID: 933f92
File 137774996518.png - (154.16KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"And that's that. I've been playing for months now. Kinesis won a lot, and I got cocky. Then I fought you. And I think it's time we finished the bath and got dressed." she says with a stretch.

With that, we retire for the night.
No. 538271 ID: 933f92
File 137774997912.png - (168.17KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

In the morning, we wake up. Love is cooking, and you can smell the bacon and the eggs and it smells so amazing.

Infinity is light across my torso.
No. 538272 ID: bf54a8

pet her head.
No. 538273 ID: 41690e

...do dolls eat?

Lay around for a few minutes before getting up. Lazing around is part of both the rituals for waking up and smelling bacon, and waking up with someone sleeping on top of you.
No. 538275 ID: 96c896

Wake her up gently and tell her it's time for breakfast. Let's get that bacon before it gets cold.
No. 538392 ID: b99cb6

Forget jumping out of bed, sleep in and snuggle a bit. Hopefully you'll get to wake up this well regularly, but you never know.
No. 538449 ID: 4afb20

Aleph: if you keep unicoding that hard your face will stick that way.
No. 538484 ID: bd48c5

It's already stuck that way.
No. 540097 ID: b2c9e1

Shove bacon in your face. You must, If it is poison, It shall be a worthy death. if not, glorious bacon shall be had.
No. 541322 ID: 933f92
File 137966631261.png - (196.99KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

You gently stroke Infinity's hair, and she nuzzles closer. She's surprisingly warm and light, though she doesn't breathe.
You've unlocked something special. Check the email field.
You head downstairs after getting dressed. Love is feeding her Master, who tells you that Dreanin is in the mall looking through a hobby shop for blades and swords.
No. 541323 ID: bf54a8

a memory maybe?

thanks, lets go see him.
No. 541330 ID: 07e3a8

Who? I'm reasonably certain we haven't seen that name before.
No. 541345 ID: 92c81e

>"I hope to get in contact with the scientist in this area. There was something I wanted to ask."

So, unless we have any other plans that are pressing, we may as well find this scientist.

Also, we need to think of what we want to do in terms of this whole Doll thing. What are our goals? How do we want to approach this? Do we want to just continually seek out and defeat opponents... but for what end? Do we want to play it passively for now, only fighting those who wish to defeat us, and refuse reason? We certainly need to seek out more information on the dolls. If we can understand their purpose, we can act appropriately.
No. 541357 ID: b2c9e1

Weapons? might be a good idea to get us one too...
No. 541362 ID: 07e3a8

Why? No weapon we can buy is going to be anywhere as near as dangerous as our doll, and ultimately, Infinity's powers are a more dangerous weapon than any mundane weapon we could give her (and if we ever purchase EQUIPMENT, we'll get some kind of infinity themed thing anyways).

Well, short term goals are survival, information, and understanding. Our gathering of allies seems to have served that, so far. And if we introduce Love and her master to Gerald like she wanted, we might learn more?
No. 541365 ID: bf54a8

a mundane gun would be great, think about infinity shooting a bullet then using power to make it a billion bullets.
No. 541366 ID: 96c896

We're nowhere close to doing that yet though.
No. 541377 ID: b2c9e1
File 137972970360.jpg - (4.64KB , 200x174 , 200px-Boss2.jpg )

I think I have something "infinity themed" in mind.
No. 541381 ID: bd48c5

Of course... CQC! It even rhymes with Infinity.
No. 541457 ID: 256d52

A bandana?! But she hasn't even completed the game!
No. 544651 ID: d17222
File 138215347832.png - (60.68KB , 384x600 , 59.png )

You go to see Dregas, who is waiting near the hobby shop, more sensibly dressed than usual.
There was literally only a single suggestion for immediate action.

"So. What happened last night?"

You spend some time explaining in simple terms. The early morning means the mall is not busy at all, in fact, you're the only people here. "Doc says there's a doll at the pool." he says, "If you'd like to head that way. Or you could go talk to him. It's up to him."
No. 544652 ID: 7bbaae

I think we should report in before doing any more fighting.
No. 544655 ID: 75a612

Wait, what happened to the meet and greet? I thought we were going to arrange to have Love and her mistress meet our other allies.

Also, I'd think we'd want Kinesis and his master with us before we checked out a new doll. If we have an ally, we might as well have them.
No. 544657 ID: 8247d0

Heeeeey, Dregas, Good to see you again!
You're looking like a real person!

Where is the pool are there hot chicks/dudes there like ever because that would be great
I mean, uh. Dolls.
What's the pool doll like
No. 544791 ID: 28218e

Also, in addition to whatever path we choose, we should also compliment the guy's beard/mustache/goatee or whatever it is...It's nice~
No. 545190 ID: 8247d0

Yes, compliment the face fuzz
Hit on him
No. 598764 ID: 265951

An update is incoming. Please review the quest at your convenience. We will recount votes if you wish to change them.
No. 598808 ID: 330ce5

Ok, we are at the mall I say we go and buy some books. Astrophysics sound like something to pick up.
No. 598824 ID: b2c9e1

was, and still is my answer
No. 598936 ID: 8b533b

This seems reasonable. Unless the doll at the pool is going anywhere, we have a chance to check in, first.
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