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File 136505176876.png - (230.42KB , 1240x1748 , Legend of Dunweir.png )
503779 No. 503779 ID: dd1ec1

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No. 503780 ID: dd1ec1
File 136505180137.png - (813.83KB , 1240x1748 , 1.png )

The night of the attack was a cold one. The kingdom of Dunweir awoke to find the enemy at their gates.
An army of beasts and unquiet dead led by the sorcerer Vortigern had arrived, demanding submission.

Queen Belavere gave no thought to surrender. She roused the huscarls and the assembled the militia, trusting in her general's advice. The army of Dunweir took to the field, only be torn apart within minutes. The survivors barricaded the gates but Vortigern's sorcery brought the gates down. His armies flooded into the city, killing everyone in their path.

Ethain mac Dunegal, the young prince, had wanted to join the ranks of men in battle outside the gates. Now, with the enemy beating down the doors to the palace, his courage wavering. His heart grew cold at the sight of the murderous blue gleam the eyes of the dead, and the screams of the dead cut down to his soul. As he saw his mother cut down before his eyes his courage failed him, and he fled.

He could not remember how he escaped the burning city, his only thoughts were of running. He slowly became aware that it was raining, and his clothes were soaked through.
No. 503781 ID: dd1ec1
File 136505182492.gif - (121.08KB , 1240x1748 , 2.gif )

I- I can't- *wheeze* I have to rest.

Ethain collapsed against a nearby tree.
No. 503785 ID: 9ddf68

well if you can't run anymore then just clime a tree and rest there for the night as am sure sleeping off the ground would be wise, especially with zombies crawling all of the place.

Yeah also sorry to hear about your home, that sounded like it sucked.
No. 503794 ID: dd1ec1
File 136505633369.png - (83.08KB , 900x300 , 3.png )

> climb into a tree

I'll be damned if I'm going to sleep outside like a peasant. I'm a damn prince!

The quiet, rainy forest cared nothing for Ethain's indignant attitude. The cold rain beat on him a while.

Well... Fine. But it had better be a damn good tree.

Ethain looked around, hoping to spot a good tree for sleeping in. The ones nearby were a bit on the scrawny side, and would offer little protection against the freezing rain. There was, however, an ancient oak standing in a small hill a little way away. It still had all it's leaves. It might serve as-

There was the snap of a broken branch nearby.
No. 503796 ID: f2c20c

There are blue glowing eyes in the woods.

Don't stop running.
No. 503802 ID: 9ddf68

rule to note when your in a zombie infested forest at night, assume any noise you hear but can't identify is something about to eat you.

as for where to go, just head toward that tree as we really have nowhere else to run to at this time.
No. 503809 ID: dd1ec1
File 136506116058.png - (172.45KB , 600x600 , 4.png )

> Keep moving
> Run towards the tree

Ethain gathered up what little strength he had and darted towards the giant oak, just in time to avoid the groping skeletal fingers of the approaching dead. The ancient warrior lurched after Ethain, moving with surprising speed. The warrior still wore what remained of his armor, and carried the weapons in had wielded in life. The weapons were rusty and dull, but Ethain had seen firsthand what they can do when swung hard enough.

As Ethain ran into the clearing he began to see other shapes moving around the woods. It was beginning to look like he was surrounded.
No. 503812 ID: f2c20c

No choice, then. Climb that tree.
No. 503816 ID: 9ddf68

all right i guess the only way we can go is up, so clime the tree and just wait this out I guess. not much else you can do
No. 503821 ID: fc4e58

Almost appears as if they're searching for you specifically. What have you done to anger a necromancer?
No. 503826 ID: dd1ec1
File 136507234665.png - (157.03KB , 600x600 , 5.png )

Ethain cursed his foolishness. Of course Vortigern would not let him escape. The blood of the Kings of Dunweir flows in his veins. Vortigern's conquest will never be complete while he lives.

Refusing to give up, he scrambled up the tree. He'd fight the sorcerer's servants off for as long as he could. The unquiet dead were more nimble than they seemed; he had barely reached the first branch when they were already scratching their way up tree in chilling, persistent silence.

Suddenly, Ethain could hear something in the wind. A melody, a song. It was ethereal, haunting, more beautiful than anything he had ever heard. He could not help but stop to listen. To his fortune, the servants did the same. Even the rain seemed to wax and vane to the rhythm of the singing.

No. 503827 ID: dd1ec1
File 136507235741.png - (130.50KB , 600x600 , 6.png )

No. 503828 ID: dd1ec1
File 136507236918.png - (102.37KB , 600x600 , 7.png )

Ethain groaned in pain. Every part of his budy hurt. At first he did not know where he was or how much time had passed.

It was still night. It was still raining. He laid on the grass a little ways away from the smouldering remains of the great oak.
No. 503829 ID: 5eea01

Holy shit, you just got Heroic Destiny'd. Take the sword, but be careful: It might still be hot from being cast down from above.
No. 503831 ID: dd1ec1
File 136507768266.png - (274.32KB , 600x600 , 8.png )

Ethain half-crawled half-stumbled his way to the remains of the ancient tree. Within stood the strangest sword he had ever seen. It was neither iron or bronze, and was crooked and warped. Ethain hesitantly reached out to take it.

What the- it is a toy sword. A wooden toy sword. Some charring. Looks almost like it was carved from the heartwood of the oak by the lightning. It still tingles like wool in winter.

It's heavier than the wooden swords I've had, but I've handled heavier weapons in training.

No. 503837 ID: eaf2f5

Turn around and prepare to defend yourself against the remaining undead.

Do you know any legends or stories about a magical wooden sword?
No. 503839 ID: e71208

it's dangerous to go alone. take it with you.
No. 503844 ID: d6ef5d

Even if the blade is wood, it was carved from the heart of the tree by lightning. It must be somehow special, or important. Perhaps as an instrument of the natural forces, it will prove more effective against the unnatural undead than the iron of man?

What became of your pursuit, anyways? Have the unquiet dead previously climbing the tree been destroyed?
No. 503849 ID: dd1ec1
File 136509279274.png - (147.03KB , 600x600 , 9.png )

>Meaning of the wooden sword
If it's not a toy, I'm not sure what ot make of it. The blade is made of wood, so I suppose it could be a boon from the Forest King. It was delivered by lightning so it could be a boon from the Old Man.
The singing though, I've heard tales of Woodland Folk casting spells by singing them. Thought it was just a bedtime story.

>What happened to your pursuers?
Ethain was keeping a careful eye on the fallen enemies. They were beginning to stir.

>Could the weapon be more effective against unnatural enemies?
Ethain steadied his feet. There was only one way to find out if the weapon was of any use, and he was fresh out of options. He felt confident though, he hadn't lost a sparring match against his teachers in years.
No. 503850 ID: d6ef5d

>he hadn't lost a sparring match against his teachers in years.
Your teacher did not seek your death, cared about their own survival, and you fought them one on one. This is different. Do not be overconfident.

That said, you have run. You can run no further- you will tire, but the dead will not. You know how that chase will end.

Therefore it is time to fight, and trust whatever hand placed the wooden blade in yours.
No. 503852 ID: 454447

Attack them while they're low, seize every advantage you can. Real fighting isn't like fighting in a class. Leverage everything, waste no opportunities.
No. 503853 ID: 2c7c89

you don't need to play fair against nonhumans. or humans, if you ask me, but that's really up to your personal set of morals.
No. 503859 ID: dd1ec1
File 136509849121.png - (154.52KB , 600x600 , 10.png )

>Do not be overconfident
>Don't play fair

Ethain grit his teeth, remembering how poorly Dunweir huscarls had fared against these creatures. He could afford no mistakes, nor could he waste any opportunity. Best attack before they get up.

Ethain closed the distance quickly and slashed out with his sword. The nearest husk had barely lifted it's head from the ground as the wooden blade connected.

The sensation was difficult to describe. It was as if the whole sword reverbrated according to some mystical tune, echoed by a crack of thunder. The skull gave way, nearly splitting in half as the wooden edge went through. The eerie blue light went out from it's eyes instantly.

Ethain was able to reach and dispose of two other husks before the last one had risen and stood to face him. It was wearing some kind of a decaying pelt, perhaps a trophy of some kind. It stood quite still for a moment, exuding a feeling of silent disapproval. It then banged it's sword against it's shield twice and took on a more aggressive posture.
No. 503862 ID: d6ef5d

Excellent. The blade is meant to slay creatures such as these.

Right. This one is prepared to fight back. Now you're going to need your training with a blade. Remember that your blade is lighter than you are used to- that means you can move quicker with it, but you may have a harder time stopping blows.

Also, you're trained to fight men. Men fight to protect themselves- to survive. This thing cares not for its own unlife- only for your death. It may be willing to expose itself and open its guard in order to kill you. Do not be caught by this trap- trading your life to take its is no fair bargain.
No. 503863 ID: 9ddf68

try and get around this thing to see if you can't just stab it in the back but if you can get behind it then maybe see if you can't just make a quick swipe at it's feet to at least throw it off balance.
No. 503867 ID: dd1ec1
File 136510468339.png - (193.03KB , 600x600 , 11.png )

>Try to go around.

The husk matches your movements perfectly. It has impeccable form. This one must have been a great warrior in life.

>It will fight without care for itself.

That doesn't seem to be the case. It keeps the same vulnerable spots covered with it's shield as a man would, and it moves just like a mortal warrior would. It may be a residue from it's training when it was alive, or a clever ruse.

>Attack it's legs.

Ethain cannot get close enough to do that without a shield of his own. An attack like that would leave his top half exposed, probably resulting in death, and Ethain knows this.
No. 503868 ID: 9ddf68

anything around you that might help give you an edge? If not is say let him attack you and see if you can't find some way to slip your sword past his shield and into his skull, without being gutted yourself.
No. 503869 ID: eaf2f5

Anything stopping you from just running away?
Or if you can't outrun the skeleton move into the woods and try maneuvering so that the skellys sword arm is blocked by a tree and strike!
No. 503872 ID: 2c7c89

grab a shield or a short, block-worthy blade from one of the nearby bodies if you can find one.

use kicks when it's already lost balance from your parries or whatever.
No. 503890 ID: f2c20c

Perhaps you can recover a shield from one of the dispatched skeletons, then.
No. 504005 ID: dd1ec1
File 136516010926.png - (92.61KB , 600x600 , 12.png )

> See if you can move away

Any attempts at gaining distance are immediately met by the creature moving closer.

> Grab a shield

Ethain stumbled back to one of the slain warriors, and grabbed a shield from the ground. It was heavy and in poor condition, but it seemed sturdy enough to block a few blows.

The warrior stood in the rising mist before him, sword at the shoulder. It seemed to be waiting for something.
No. 504006 ID: eaf2f5

...Does it want you to bang your shield with your sword twice like it did? Some kind of duel protocol?

On the off chance that this skeleton is not just a mindless automaton try asking for its name.
No. 504012 ID: d6ef5d

...there's not another one coming up behind you, is there?
No. 504017 ID: 9747ef

Yeah, watch your six. If there isn't anything coming up behind you, then bang your shield twice, like he did.
No. 504018 ID: 588b49


huh, maybe this. but it may also be the opposite of honorable and stalling you until reinforcements arrive. so bang the shield and attack. you gotta get outta here quickly.
No. 504019 ID: 710329

"Yes? What is it? Aren't you going to land a blow on me???"
No. 504021 ID: 9ddf68

just give your surroundings a quick once over to make sure you're not being surrounded or something then get back to fighting this thing, the way you make it sound is you're going to have to beat it to leave this place.
No. 504026 ID: dd1ec1
File 136517903081.png - (84.11KB , 600x600 , 13.png )

> Ask name, aren't you going to attack?

Burying his uncertainty with brashness, he called out boldly.

"I am Ethain mac Dunegal, prince of Dunweir. Who are you to attack me?"


"Fine. Are you just going to stand there?"


> Check to see you're not surrounded

Ethain risked a quick glance around, and they seemed to be alone in the thinning rain. There were no signs of anyone creeping up on him, nor of any reinforcements heading this way. It was one against one.

> Clang twice and attack

While Ethain would always fiercely claim that he was a man and a boy no longer, he could feel his youth and inexperience. His arms were shaking from anxiety under the silent glare of the unquiet warrior.

Ethain decided to honor the warrior's challenge by banging his sword twice against the side of his shield. As he moved to do so, the warrior's gave a subtle nod. Ethain had braced himself to charge immediately afterwards.



There was no charge. There couldn't be. The warrior was on him even as the echo of the strikes still hung in the air. Ethain barely had time to raise his shield against a blow that would've taken his head. More blows followed the first one, each one numbing Ethain's shield arm. There was no hope of getting a strike in, all of his energy was being spent blocking with the shield.

He was still being battered back.

Impossible, nobody is this fast or strongth!
No. 504028 ID: 9ddf68

just how beat up is that shield of yours because if there is a hole or gap in your shield you could try and stab you sword through the shield and see if you can't catch him by surprise
No. 504030 ID: eaf2f5

Its an undead monster so it wont get tired from attacking. You must take the offensive before you are worn out from its attacks.
Support your shield with your sword arm and charge inside the skeletons reach.
No. 504034 ID: 267162

Possibly all it has is just MEMORY, it has no capacity for creativity. If you find a combo that it doesn't recognize it might not be able to repel.
No. 504039 ID: b6d743

Bull your way inside his reach with your shield, see if you can get a glancing blow to his ribs.
No. 504042 ID: 588b49

push him back with the shield, then.
No. 504056 ID: f2c20c

I doubt you need do anything but contact your blade with him.

Try hitting his sword arm as he strikes your shield.
No. 504133 ID: dd1ec1
File 136523040814.png - (322.40KB , 600x600 , 14.png )

>Push forward with the shield
>Strike his sword arm

Ethain knew his only chance was to attack before he was too tired to, so he pushed forward, closing the distance. He waited for the next blow to come and lashed out at the warrior's sword arm.

Ethain felt his guard break too late. With a horrifying squelch the warriors ancient blade cut deeply into his side. His own blade struck true. With a resonant tone it severed the skeletal arm. It was poor comfort to Ethain, who could feel his strength leaving him.
No. 504134 ID: dd1ec1
File 136523043444.png - (182.03KB , 600x600 , 15.png )

The ancient warrior stood still as it slowly broke apart. It stared at Ethain.

"You fought well, prince of Dunweir. I thank you for the honorable death you have given me."
No. 504135 ID: d6ef5d

Ask him who he was.
No. 504143 ID: f2c20c

Ask him if you can expect more undead to arrive, to finish you off. Is there no hope for you?
No. 504155 ID: 9ddf68

ask why he or his master sacked your city.
No. 504190 ID: b6178d


Grit your teeth and tell him he's welcome, even if you fear he's given you one of the same. Try not to move so that you exacerbate the wound.

If you're dying, you might want to find somewhere to do so where Vortigern's minions are not likely to find you. At least then you won't be resurrected like this warrior was and Vortigern will spend his time worrying about the potential return of the Dunweir heir.

That'll teach him for burning down your town, killing your mother and your people.
No. 504196 ID: 588b49

tear off some strips from your skirt to bandage your wound.
No. 504200 ID: 710329

Honor his death with silence. He was no-one, or why would we care? We're alive, it wasn't-

It would be good to supress blood flow by pressing something clean against the wound. Maybe tear a strip from your tunic and make a bandage and then press the wound even if it hurts until the blood flow is weakened. You're in the middle of a forest, rest against a tree trunk. That should hide you enough for the operation and support your stamina.
No. 504211 ID: dd1ec1
File 136526176588.png - (204.33KB , 600x600 , 16.png )

Ethain tore a strip of cloth from his tunic did his best to bind the gaping wound. The wound needed tending to, but Ethain knew of no knotveins outside Dunweir. At least the rain was letting up.

> Ask who he was?

"You're so welcome. At least tell me your name before I bleed out."

"In life I was called Ciabham Ócaenn."

Caenn? There used to be a city in the north by that name.

> Why has Vortigern sacked my city?

"Why did you come here?"

"The sorcerer tricked and bound us with promised of vengeance. I know not what he seeks."

The ancient warrior was barely more than a wisp now. There was maybe time for one more question.
No. 504213 ID: eaf2f5

Can't think of anything more to ask him, you should focus on finding shelter for the night.
Who are the Woodland Folk and how do you find them?
No. 504214 ID: d6ef5d

Can he be stopped?
No. 504230 ID: dd1ec1
File 136526647615.png - (152.94KB , 600x600 , 17.png )

"Can he be stopped?"

"His powers are great, but they are not his own. Seek to destroy the source of his magic and you shall defeat him."

The ancient warrior faded as the first beams of sunlight crept over the horizon.

Ethain was alone.

> Woodland Folk?

Ethain had grown up listening to tales of mythical monsters, and as far as he knew the Woodland Folk were just that: myths and legends. According to the tales, the Woodland Folk were mischievous spirits who could help or hinder travelers. They tended not to wander far from their homes, but finding one would be next to impossible if it did not wish to be found.

> Shelter?

The only shelter Ethain knew of for sure was back in Dunweir. There were cottars living out in the woodlands, though he did not know where. Other kingdoms were too far off, and owed Dunweir no allegiance since the death of the King.
No. 504233 ID: 7bddd5

Try to find a cottar I suppose. Even if they cannot help you fight, they would likely know the surrounding woods so you can find out what is in the area and how to get there.
No. 504239 ID: d6ef5d

If you can, you should probably keep traveling. You need more than you have with you to treat that injury, you need a safe place to hide and rest, and you cannot stay on the battlefield where the enemy has already found you once.
No. 504243 ID: 710329

Now would be a good time to have a look at the site of a wonder. It's not everyday that trees transform into heartwood swords. There's a stone circle around the cracked great oak. Why not have a closer look at the stones. If you find markings on them, use your tunic or another piece of it and a stick from the cracked great oak to draw the symbols on the cloth by using the blood still coming from your wound. This might come in handy later. Other than that, maybe find a source of water and a shelter where to heal your wound.
No. 504245 ID: 9ddf68

I think you should head to the closest place of civilization weather that be a shack in the woods or a nearby village that wasn't sacked by the undead just to try and get that wound treated.
No. 504273 ID: 2df574

what's the next closest settlement to here outside of Dunweir? you need to head there.
No. 504444 ID: dd1ec1
File 136537359525.png - (210.90KB , 300x900 , 18.png )

Ethain set off on his search for shelter. Cottars were nowhere to be found, but he did happen upon

a small road going through the woods. Suddenly he recognized the road; it lead to Redstone, a

remote frontier village. It shouldn't be too much farther.

The sun beat down on the weakened boy. Bloodloss, thirst and hunger were taking their toll, but

he knew that if he stopped he might not get back up again. Ethain dragged himself forward on

nothing but dogged determination.

Ethain finally blacked out just as the village palisade came into view.

When he came to, he didn't know where he was. A small cottage, smelling of herbs and smoke. There was a crone working a mortar and pestle in the opposite corner. Ethain thought he saw someone standing guard outside.

Ethain moaned theatrically.

"... water ..."

The crone gave a dry laugh and handed him a bowl of water.

"Feeling better, are we?"


"He he he, that'll teach you to dodge next time. Nasty cut. It'll leave a nice scar to impress the girls with, eh?"
No. 504448 ID: f2c20c

Drink some water, but don't overdo it.

Ask if they've seen any undead nearby. If not, inform them of the attacks, and ask where your sword is.
No. 504449 ID: 9ddf68

ask who she is and where you are but do so politely as you don't really want to be mean to the one who most likely just save your life.
No. 504545 ID: 710329

No. 504584 ID: 974e61

true that. thank her. where are we?
No. 504852 ID: dd1ec1
File 136553977910.png - (103.34KB , 600x600 , 19.png )

>Who are you?
>Where am I?

"Where am I?"

"Redstone, boy." Anger flashed in Ethain at being called a boy, but he bit it back. "They brought you to me to patch you up, can't have you bleeding to death in the long house. They call me Halla, widow to my face and hag elsewise. I knot veins, mend bones and mix poultices around here. Chief Durin put you here for me to look after, he'll be wanting to see you when you're feeling better."

>Where is my sword?

"Where's my sword?"

"Right here, boy. The guards wouldn't know a Heartree blade by sight and it wasn't my place to say."

>Inform them of the attacks.

"Dunweir's been attacked. The sorcerer Vortigern, he-"

"I know, boy. It's the talk of the town. We saw the fire and smoke."

"I'll have Durin send riders to the other villagers. We must raise an army to drive vortigern out as soon as possible."

"Oh, I don't think you'll want to be telling him what to do."

"I am his prince, he will do as I say!"

"Hah, why would he?"

"Because I am... his prince?"

"What southern foolishness has that mother of yours been feeding you?"

"Do NOT talk like that about Mother!"

"Or what?"

Ethain's eyes glanced at the sword leaning against the bed.

"Well you're certainly a quick one to be waving your weapons about. Listen good, southern prince, around here people choose who they call their king. You may have been the son of the king, but those shoes are mighty big for such little feet. There is no living man who would call you, a bare-faced boy, king."

Ethain sunk into a sullen silence.

"And seeing as you're well enough to sulk, you'll be well enough to meet the chief by evening. There is a feast being prepared."

"For me?"

"No. For Vortigern's emissary."
No. 504854 ID: ff9c52

so.. off as soon as we can yes? this Durin fella is probably going to hand you over to the sorcerer, his new king. don't talk to him, to let him see you. escape as soon as you can, don't even mention it to the hag.
do ask her about the sword though, she seems to know about it.
No. 504855 ID: eaf2f5

I guess Dunweir wasn't known for it's outstanding diplomatic skills and good neighboring relationships eh?
But then again i doubt the Redstones army would triumph against dark magic.

I'm torn over the feast. There might be a chance to gain more information about Vortigerns plans. But there is also a chance that we are handed over.
Might be a good idea to go and meet the chief before the feast to get an impression of what kind of a man he is.
No. 504871 ID: 9ddf68

see if you can get some more information about your new sword and maybe meet this chief guy as he is right outside of the door, if it sounds like they might turn you over try and slip away from this town before the feast.
No. 504882 ID: d6ef5d

Okay, princeling. Down. Time to swallow your pride.

People do not owe you respect, or their allegiance. Those are things a leader must earn. And it is no small thing for men to be willing to place their lives in your hands, behind your banner, against your enemies.

So hold your tongue, stop lashing out, and stop making demands and expecting to be paid any more respect than you have earned.
No. 504883 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what a Heartree blade is, exactly.
No. 504961 ID: 710329

Yeah, ask about the heartree sword.

You'll need diplomacy sooner or later.

>Meal reserved for Vortigen's emissary.

The chance to learn more about this Vortigen and his demands. But we already know he'll require either surrender or allegiance, unless he already has.

The unknown being faced. Can Redstone be trusted? Is Redstone mightier than Dunweir, the King's city? Or should there be an escape? If the emissary should be escaped and Redstone comes after you with dogs, you'll end up almost as badly as staying and becoming captivated. If the choice is to stay in Redstone and fully heal oneself, it might be that Redstone owns your life and liberty. At least for a little while.
No. 504986 ID: 282719

challenge the emissary to mortal kombat
No. 505226 ID: dd1ec1
File 136568473179.png - (159.58KB , 600x600 , 20.png )

"Oh. Is he here?"

"She. And yes. Two beastman guards with her, too."

"What do you suppose Durin will do?"

"Put up a feast and listen to what she has to say, methinks. After that, who knows?"

"And I'm to attend this feast?"

"Quite so. Not attending would be a bit of an insult."

"And the guard outside is to make sure I don't slink off into the night, is he?"

The woman just laughed at that.

"So... What can you tell me of this sword?"

"I don't have the secrets of it, but I've heard a few things. It's carved from the living heart of a great tree. They say doing so captures the spirit of the tree within."
No. 505236 ID: 9f7d0e

wielding Captain Planet in sword form... this is acceptable.

No. 505252 ID: 9ddf68

neat, want to ask her what she thinks the Vortigern emissary wants, as giving our past experiences with them we don't really think it will be anything good.
No. 505319 ID: 34db91

If Vortigern's emissary knows of your existence they will want THE PRINCE'S HEAD, separated from their body. That does not take a whole lot of foresight or particular knowledge to figure out.

The real question is whether this emissary already knows about the prince's existence and what it takes to avoid them.
No. 505329 ID: f2c20c

Tell her you didn't carve it. The tree was struck by lightning as you approached it fleeing from the undead.
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