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File 136390500466.png - (223.74KB , 1024x768 , 133.png )
501580 No. 501580 ID: 593f45

Chapter 1 - www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/397671.html
Chapter 2 - www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/471989.html

Oh damn it. It hasn't even been a day since I was last attacked. Can't they just do this on a more reasonable schedule? Say, thirty minutes once a week? That would be great.

"Look buddy, if you're here to fight, I'm gonna be super pissed if you interrupt me while I'm eating."

>LeiRYNHa Ganjeel. I suspect that's her full name and he's trying to intimidate her
It's not really going to work. It's not a secret, I just never use it.

>Kobolds have last names?
It's kind of a recent thing, since traditional kobold naming conventions were a little confusing for everyone else. First name, last name is pretty universal so it got picked up about a hundred years ago, I think.
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No. 501584 ID: 593f45
File 136390534888.png - (109.46KB , 965x412 , 134.png )

>"Fight? You've got it all wrong. After you dropped your mother's name, the mages sent word that you had stumbled on something and now here I am. I'm your slightly older brother, Hejra."

"Right... I don't see the resemblance. How do I know any of this is true?"

>"Well, I could demonstrate some things, but I don't think the owner of this fine establishment would appreciate it, so you'll have to trust me for now."
No. 501587 ID: bf54a8

spit a tiny flame an ask him to repeat it. vanilla efs can't spit fire.
No. 501588 ID: d6ef5d

Fine. You can spurt some fire or something later. Whatya here for, 'bro'?
No. 501596 ID: f2c20c

Alright, well, tell him that the crystal might not even be anything interesting. The mages did a cursory analysis and it looks like a regular mana battery. Also, one of the cultists said that the cult is just collecting all sorts of artifacts, so they might just want it to add to their collection.

We would of course like to verify this, and if he's got any ideas aside from having another group of mages do a more detailed analysis, we're all ears. Also, does he have any advice on learning how to use magic?
No. 501597 ID: 759d37

You two have very similar noses, actually.

Most folks, elves included, wouldn't have the balls to interrupt a minotaur in the middle of an argument, so maybe this guy is worth listening to, at least briefly.
No. 501609 ID: 57a559

He might not be a hybrid, Rynh. I imagine your conception would have been very difficult for your father if your mother couldn't change shape. Not that I suppose it's impossible, your father may really love big women. Woman that can easily crush him...

How many girlfriends has your father had in your lifetime? I'm curious if you have any half-siblings on his side too.
No. 501610 ID: 21c197

Does he even want the Plot Gemerald? Maybe we should ask what's up before we jump to any conclusions.
No. 501620 ID: 997ce7

He closes his eyes when he smiles.

Never trust anyone who does that. Even if he is your long-lost never-found (half-)brother, he's still a suspicious-looking son of a bitch.

Tell him to piss off and meet you somewhere he can demonstrate certain things.

Then sneak there and get there before he does. Then tie him up and interrogate him. I'm sure Jehral's sister would like that.
No. 501625 ID: 450660


Demand that he tell you things that only someone who is your sibling could know. Particularly things that would otherwise be considered private -- so none of that "who is my mother" crap.

Totally not going to backfire in embarrassing and hilarious ways? I hope not!
No. 501633 ID: b33427

"Trust me for now?" Seriously? No. Fuck no. You don't know him from Adam, and you're not listening to what he's saying 'till he shows his credentials as a (half-)dragon and Leimahtaa's son.

Immediately get up and tell "Hejra" that we're taking this conversation to the nearest open area where he can demonstrate his draconic credentials without causing property damage before you'll listen to anything he has to say. Then pack up your ham hock and lead the way out of here.
No. 501641 ID: 9ddf68

why the hell would a Half-brother come all the way over here to find a sibling he has most likely never even heard of before now just to look at a glowing rock?
No. 501681 ID: 759d37


Yeah if he can't look you in the eye and smile at the same time he may not have your best interest at heart.
No. 501703 ID: 8a3061

I see you got the ham. Well done
No. 501704 ID: 76b151

That clasp on his cloak look familier to you Rynh?
No. 501741 ID: 78c6ea


Don't say that. Then he's gonna open his eyes when he smiles and it'll be 1000x freakier.
No. 501871 ID: 458227


what do you mean those aren't eyebrows?
No. 501879 ID: 68742d

yeah, okay. but we really shouldn't be talking about this in public.
No. 501892 ID: 943463

Your ability to multitask between quests is impressive, redaeth. Hope your dice luck is better here. :)
No. 503032 ID: 593f45
File 136479854368.png - (151.38KB , 829x703 , 135.png )

I'm not trusting some weird guy that shows up out of nowhere and tells me he's my brother. I don't even know he's a dragon. He just looks like some crazy elf or something.

We wander out into a open area and demand some proof of something. Do something dragony.

"Alright, alright... I'll try to keep this subtle though. No point in drawing unwanted attention."

Okay, I guess that is something. All he's proven is that he could wipe us all out if he wanted. So... Yeah.
No. 503033 ID: f2c20c

Ask him if he can teach you to do that.
No. 503034 ID: bf54a8

yeah no pure elf col ever do something that awesome. elves are just dumb like that.
No. 503036 ID: 78c6ea

You don't even have the same breath weapon! He's talking to the wrong half dragon kobold, sorry. With how common those are it's an easy mistake to make.

I guess you could at least humor him for a while. If he was going to take your thingy you'd already be dead. What's his deal anyway?
No. 503043 ID: ab6499

If he isn't your real brother you should totally make him an honorary brother, that was pretty damn cool.
No. 503052 ID: 656f39

Well he is certainly cool enough to be your sibling. lets adopt him.
No. 503076 ID: 759d37

Inform him you still strongly doubt he's half kobold.
No. 503077 ID: 57d82a

that's not fire. how did he do... nevermind. everyone's gotta have their own tricks.

how's he going to help?
No. 503099 ID: 001618


so you have some flare, what do you want from us.
No. 503101 ID: d6ef5d

Holy heck! How come he gets a lightning hyperbeam and all you get is a little fire? How's he do that?

...and okay, so if we've established he is who he says he is, what is it he wanted?
No. 503610 ID: 593f45
File 136495267853.png - (242.32KB , 788x675 , 136.png )

Well, he's probably some kind of dragon, but I don't know if that means I can trust him.
On the other hand, he could probably just fry me with lightning breath and do whatever he wants, so the fact that he hasn't kind of says something.
No. 503611 ID: d6ef5d

So place him on provisional trust and ask him what he wants already. And why his dragon powers get to be so much more absurdly powerful than your own!
No. 503612 ID: 26e4bb

So what does he wants anyways?
No. 503613 ID: f2c20c

So ask him what he wants. Also, ask how you can make your breath that strong.
No. 503636 ID: ef81e3

I have no idea if we're going on D&D rules here, but lightning generally means Blue dragon. Perhaps he is an unrelated hybrid, despite what he claims?
No. 503640 ID: 9ddf68

ask him why the hell did he come track you down if you two have never met before today? I mean I know he clams to be your brother but really, you've been alive how long and he waits till now before he comes looking for you? what the hell?
No. 503653 ID: 759d37

He's some kind of dragon. You DEFINATELY can't trust him.
However, whatever he's after may actually require you to be alive, so that's a benefit.

The important thing is, he's claimed that he's your big brother, so you have every right to treat him like one and make his life slightly more hellish because of it. ( See Jehral and his sister for guidelines )
No. 503688 ID: e71208

agreed. listening would be the smart thing to do here.
No. 503695 ID: 3a5529

Ask why he hasn't approach her earlier in Rynh's life. Seems kinda odd that he comes out of nowhere when she in possession of that chaos inducing gem.
No. 505502 ID: 593f45
File 136583484269.png - (132.04KB , 768x576 , 137.png )

"Alright. So if you are my brother and my mom did send you, why bother now? Is my magic doo-hickey that important? Because she definitely didn't care before."

"Well... Kind of, but mostly I'm here to keep an eye on you until you lure out the masterminds behind whoever is collecting all these objects. Otherwise, I should just keep a low profile, which in retrospect, makes me kind of regret my little display here."

Oh damn it. I'm getting caught up in some kind of international intrigue, power struggle-type deal. Which would be cool, if I had more of the power and was doing less of the struggling.

"Uh, how do I get mine that strong?"

Hejra shrugs, "Just wait until you're the size of a building and it kind of happens."

No. 505503 ID: 9ddf68

k so with that out of the way ask him if he is just going to follow you around or if he is going to want you to do things, and after we get that settled lets go back to the dwarf and see if that weapon you asked him to make is done yet.
No. 505505 ID: 735f4f

Yeah most of your inborn dragon abilities just get better with age. Looks like you are stuck working for your power.
No. 505507 ID: d6ef5d

>Just wait until you're the size of a building
...I'd ask how long that takes except he's half Elf while you're half Bold. You probably age at completely different rates, even if your dragon halves give both of you longer lifespans than normal.

Oh well, at least as a kobold you should grow faster than he did, right?

>the plan
So basically I'm going to be bait and you're going to be useless until the biggest bad shows up. Great.

You know anything about why anyone cares? The mages thought it was just some boring battery.
No. 505509 ID: 57a559

Cool, so let's learn mental time travel, go to our future massive body, and go back physically in time.

BAM. Problem solved with as little patience required as possible. In fact, yourself from the future will probably be showing up any minute now... any minute now. So we won't have to do the mental time travel anymore, because of the paradox that would happen.

Or you could just ask your bro for dragon tricks that work at your current size. IF your future self doesn't get in the way.
No. 505511 ID: f2c20c


He's not the size of a building! Point this out while being smug about yourself then realize he can shapeshift and ask when you'll be able to do that too.
No. 505545 ID: 8b9215

Can you breathe fire? Can you use magic? If not, ask him about it.
No. 505556 ID: c210da

Okay.. there's a really, really high probability that this dude's not half-anything, but another dragon.
And in dragon terms 'slightly older' could be a hundred years.
And in support of this: Do you think your dad would have survived boning someone the size of your house? Your mom could probably shapeshift, and this dude can too. At least into this one elf form.
No. 505588 ID: c210da

Also, if he needs a way to handwave his power-beam, he can probably use the mages school/guild as a cover. Things are a bit hectic over there and people were slinging crazy-ass spells all over the place not too long ago.
No. 508131 ID: 65c3dd

It's not the size of the beam but how you use it. No need to get penis envy over it.
No. 509934 ID: 593f45
File 136832495058.png - (166.60KB , 894x689 , 138.png )

"So what the hell do you even want? Just take the stupid rock if it's going to be such a hassle."

>"Oh no, no. You keep it. Just go about your business and I'll keep an eye on anyone trying to kill you."

"So you'll help us?"

>"Well... If you can't handle something, but I'd rather keep my involvement as discreet as possible."

"So you're going to be no help as much as possible."

>"You won't even know I'm there. Just live your life as though I don't exist."

"So you're going to be no help, while being a creepy stalker."

>"You make it sound so terrible. Don't worry, I'll be so unobtrusive, you'll forget all about me, until you're screaming for me to save you from some incredibly powerful monstrosity that's about to rip you apart. But what are the chances that that will even happen, right? Ha ha... ha."

And all of a sudden he's gone. Like, poof! Vanished. Oh, damn everything.
No. 509938 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, look at the bright side.

Before, if you ran into some horrible super deadly thing that horribly outclassed you, you would just die. Now you have an invisible, mostly useless guardian who will pop out of nowhere and disintegrate them instead. It's like, you now have divine retribution in reserve!

Plus, you now have a new brother who's going to stay within earshot of any teasing or insults you want to dish out, and he can't respond without blowing cover.
No. 509950 ID: e3aff6

Well it is a good thing we don't have an active love life or the 'invisible elf following us around' thing could get really awkward.
No. 509957 ID: 59c57c

The worst thing that could happen is he overestimates you.
No. 509958 ID: 9ddf68

be very careful now whenever you bath or change cloths as he is ALWAYS WATCHING you now. Oh well since there is nothing you can really do about your new stalker bother might as well go back to the dwarf and pick up you weapon you told him to make.
No. 510045 ID: 888df6

Kick him in where his nads were when you last saw him. I bet he just went invisible.
No. 510048 ID: cb8882

basically he said it's cool to ignore him from now on forever.
No. 510129 ID: 59c57c

Ask HIM if he knows what the damned rock does. You wrecked a rock spider for it, you deserve to know.

Hopefully its useful. Even if you can't use it directly, you might be able to exploit it some other way.Or at least know what not to do and keep that shapely ass of yours safe.
No. 510130 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, new game! We can ask him whatever we want! We can get him to agree to whatever we want! (Or tease him until he drops cover).

For instance:

"Hey bro, you know what this rock does? Say nothing if you do. ...okay, good."
No. 510133 ID: f2c20c

Let's uh

Get back to town and talk to the mages again, ask them if they're willing to examine the thing more in depth (with us there in case they get attacked again) and if not if they can direct us to someone who can.
No. 511259 ID: 65c3dd

Why do we even care what it does or why people want it? What's important is that people really want it. That makes it valuable. Someone will want to buy it and will be willing to pay a lot for it.

Hell sell it to the crazy cult people if they want it that bad.
No. 515025 ID: 593f45
File 137062987268.png - (115.55KB , 731x603 , 139.png )

This stupid crystal is getting annoying and after some flailing around, I'm pretty sure he's not here anymore. Oh, whatever. This whole thing is annoying. I think I'll go do something to clear my head, like just smashing some monster or fucking up some bandits. I'll need that sword I ordered first though.

>Sell it to the cultists
They'd probably try to murder me afterwards. "YOU KNOW TOO MUCH" type crap. That's how it works right? Evil cults are dicks.
No. 515028 ID: cf0692

then go get your sword.
No. 515030 ID: 9ddf68

oh so you did go with the sword until now you never really did say what you got from the dwarf. Will then lets go pick it up and then... what was our goal after we tried to figure out what the glowing rock did, did we even think that far ahead or did we just decide we'll come up with something when we get to that point?
No. 515033 ID: 19b3c3

> I think I'll go do something to clear my head
Excellent idea! Let's consider the available prospects for smashing while we go to pick up the sword.

>Evil cults are dicks.
Pretty much, yeah. Also, anyone who could just kill you to save from paying you off can't really be trusted.
No. 515082 ID: fe2ea3

If the sword isn't done yet, perform a teamwork exercise.

By that I mean practice throwing Jehral for accuracy and distance.
No. 515203 ID: f29aa1
File 137067727576.jpg - (128.36KB , 780x1200 , hurl animal spell.jpg )

That sounds pretty cool.

Just let him know the target before-hand so you can add "Hurl Animal" to your list of spells!
No. 515226 ID: ab6499

This is either the best, or the worst, idea ever. Do it!
No. 515472 ID: b9d767

Jehral is going to need some eye-stabbing implements before that is going to be useful.
No. 515547 ID: f29aa1

Jehral is a kobold with claws and teeth.

If Jehral does not possess the at-will ability "Pounce" then Rhyn will simply have to beat it into him.

With enough "team-work exercises" to get him oriented, he'll become a battle-ready familiar in no time!
No. 516837 ID: 593f45
File 137122727552.png - (70.48KB , 666x614 , 140.png )

Throwing Jehral as a weapon might not be the best idea.
He's light, but he'll probably break something on impact. This isn't throwing him up onto the roof to get a ball back. Maybe one toss to see how far he can go...

>"New record! New record! New record! GOOOO!"

Hmm... Probably shouldn't.
No. 516838 ID: 735f4f

If he is anything like a cat you just have to throw him far enough so he can arch his back and prepare for landing.

But yeah probably should not risk damaging your boy toy with cultists lurking about.
No. 516841 ID: 19b3c3

...is there anything soft-ish to toss him into? Or an approaching cultist?

Otherwise, fake like you're going to throw him, and then just drop him on his feet at the last moment.
No. 516844 ID: 93ed4d

Naw, not as a weapon. Tatics-like.
You could toss him up on a roof way faster than he could climb it.

Go on, get him stuck on a roof like a freaking frisbee.
No. 516847 ID: ca1c58

You very clearly should
No. 516849 ID: bf54a8

tell thodren to catch him. then it will be safe.
No. 516853 ID: f2c20c

This sounds like fun.
No. 516855 ID: 9ddf68

will if you're going to throw him you should throw his sister next, just to see how you can throw further. Never know when it might come in handy.
No. 516857 ID: 01531c

Bad form! Bad form!
You should be launching him like he were a ball of energy from your palms!

He's small enough for you to hold him by the feet (same as giving someone a boost when climbing) so he can jump as you throw him, allowing Jehral greater airtime with a roll-recoverable landing!
No. 518626 ID: 93ed4d

Does our throwing bold here know how to do anything besides sneaking around and biting people?
Or did he pathetically spend most of his time trying to overcome you?
No. 518654 ID: 9f7acd

Too mean to throw him full force, too boring to just put him down... toss him lightly at the other bold with a dismissive "nah".
No. 519067 ID: 593f45
File 137204343618.png - (67.72KB , 690x641 , 141.png )

That was fun, but that stupid sword won't be done today. I guess I have to sit around for a while and hope nobody tries to shank me in my sleep.
The guards are all swarming around like pissed off ants since the magic academy incident, so I'd like to think that will keep any shady bastards lying low, but that might be wishful thinking.
No. 519085 ID: f2c20c

Why don't we see the sights? Maybe they got a museum or military academy or something.
No. 519087 ID: 57a559

So are we just going to throw Jehral around all day or are we going to do something constructive while we wait?
No. 519091 ID: 1e5af4

Explore the city with your boldfriends. See if there's any racist jerks to beat up or spare coin to earn.
No. 519094 ID: 1e5af4

Oh, and price anti-fertility charms... You know, just in case.
No. 519099 ID: 450660


Fuck it. Puppyheads look comfy. Boldpile in the grass.

You guys can talk about boys and stuff. Or just what kind of awesome loot you'd love to find.
No. 519102 ID: 888df6

We promised Thodren sexy exotic women, didn't we? Let's go be his wing-bolds. Hook the bolds up with people while we're at it.

It'll be a great opportunity to mock our friends and listen for quest-hooks.
No. 519104 ID: 9ddf68

they got a quest/job board in town? Might give us an idea on what to do after we get the sword or maybe even something to do while we kill time waiting for it and would put some extra coin into our pocket too which is never a bad thing.
No. 519139 ID: 93ed4d

That's not how you play catch Sika.
No. 519159 ID: b2f12a


this. score some cash and stay in shape while you're at it.
No. 520483 ID: 593f45
File 137264352525.png - (193.29KB , 750x687 , 142.png )

It's only responsible to have protection for us girls. Also, it provides something for me and Sika to giggle about and make the guys wonder. Kobolds aren't really fertile with much, but we're ungodly fertile with what we are and I don't think either of us want to settle down to raise a litter of brats yet.

I'll check it out, but I probably want my giant sword before I do anything drastic. Dammit! Why does actual blacksmithing take so much longer than melting a lump onto the end of a stick?

So we'll go do something to pass the time. I'm not leaving town with that sword on order. I paid in advance!
No. 520484 ID: 97da7f

You know what passes the time? Drinking.
No. 520487 ID: bf54a8

look up if there are any wanted posters and bust some jerks around town.
No. 520488 ID: c23ab0

Sex passes the time.
No. 520490 ID: 76b151

seconding. money is always good
No. 520493 ID: 9ddf68

well this town seems pretty big, there has to be something to do that will let you kill the time while you wait for your sword... at least you go that machete/kobolt longsword incase some shit goes down.
No. 520512 ID: 100f65

Find the local 'bold community.
You've got mad kobold karma with your heritage, and can probably soak up some hospitality from them. You might even net some more followers.

Or trade those pups tagging along for someone smart and handsome that wasn't warped by growing up with you.
No. 520535 ID: 7e7e6e

punching lessons from Thodren.
No. 520572 ID: 593f45
File 137271140159.png - (510.14KB , 1024x768 , 143.png )

I'll check the local bounties, but I don't want to go too far or fight anything too crazy without a big weapon.

The local riff-raff seems to be varied. I'd guess that the value of the bounty might have something to do with how hard they are to actually bring in.

>trade those pups tagging along for someone smart and handsome that wasn't warped by growing up with you.

Can I trade in you for someone who isn't an asshole?

I don't know if any of us have the mass to make use of anything he'd teach us. Me, maybe. Jehral and Sika, probably not.

I'm sure we'll all get to punch something if we get involved with the criminal element around here.
No. 520573 ID: 96c896

Take the gobbo and rat's posters. Track down the rat, and make her help you find the gobbo in exchange for a small portion of the reward money, which would help her get off the streets. She can help by being less high profile- that'll allow her to get information we can't.
No. 520574 ID: 9dba7d

go after nako
No. 520576 ID: 57a559

go inside the bounty office for a better poster of the gnoll
We're not going to try and capture him, it's just that I'm too intrigued by the mystery of his crimes.
Maybe we will try and capture him. He's just a gnoll it sounds like.
No. 520577 ID: 19b3c3

The golbin looks the best balance between effort to bring her in, and reward money. The humans kind of look like more effort than they'd be worth to take down, and the pocket change they're offering for the rat doesn't seem worth the bother of picking her up and carrying her to the bounty office. Even if she was standing right here.

That said, take a moment to learn all the faces. You can't be sure who you'll actually stumble across. We can decide then whether to bother with them or not.
No. 520578 ID: 9ddf68

start with the small timers since we are mostly just doing this to kill time until the sword is ready, we can work our way up from there if we still need to kill time after we bring one of them in and try to remember all of the faces on the board because if we happen to run across one of them while looking for someone else we might as well make the best of it.

Also maybe ask what the gnoll's price is and crimes are when you get a chance.
No. 520581 ID: 196d1b

Go after this "Gnoll". Not updating is a serious crime.
No. 520584 ID: 87f756

Why don't you go after Nako, but do some research on her first.
Like how does she fight? Where would she be? Could you trick her into coming with you guys for adventure as another party member?
No. 520593 ID: 97da7f

I dunno about this 'gnoll', I get the strangest feeling that going after him could upset the balance of the universe somehow.
Kargaz would bring the best returns, if he's alone all four of us could easily take him out - but he's also the least likely to still be in the town.
Alternately, if we don't care about money, going after Tchee'ka looks like it could be fun.
No. 520597 ID: 7e7e6e


No. 520635 ID: e3aff6

Remember that we are doing this while waiting to get our weapon. So unless we can get a rental sword or something we might not want to go after Buff McMurder right now.
No. 520636 ID: 100f65

Hunt down t'chee'ka. Looks like more of a runner than a fighter. You'll probably learn lots about the most horrible poor parts of town in the proccess.
The rest look like you'd need weapons at least for appearance's sake.
No. 520648 ID: 451787

Recruit that damn squirrel. you know you want to.
No. 520744 ID: ccf689

Nako. Definately Nako.
No. 520746 ID: 67bfa9

t'chee'ka, always go with weakest first
No. 520783 ID: f47c06


in a fight against Buff McMurder versus Fluff McFirebreath, I'd bet on the latter.
No. 520820 ID: 2bafff

seconding this
No. 520824 ID: 91c1b3

Best combo.
No. 520826 ID: 8b9215

Bag the rat girl. Buy yourself lunch with the money.
No. 520856 ID: c23ab0

The gnoll's poster looks like someone tried to rip it off the board but was killed at that exact moment so only managed to mangle it instead.

...probably best not to touch that one.
No. 523549 ID: 593f45
File 137350138135.png - (129.60KB , 756x768 , 144.png )

I'll start small. That'll kill some time until I get my big sword and I can start trashing the big guys. The rat girl is pretty pathetic though. I'm pretty sure I spent more than this on dinner last night.
No. 523551 ID: f5680f

Alright, let's start by wandering around the merchant district and checking the alleys near it.
No. 523552 ID: 9f7acd

This isn't about money, this is about forcibly acquiring a new lacky. Or at least having some fun in trying to.
No. 523556 ID: 23b97a

Go lift the lid on the trashcan across the street. Ratgirl is totally in there.

...although, seriously, she's not worth the effort for the money. Go for the goblin.
No. 523557 ID: 57a559

Go for the Gnoll and/or the Goblin if we're talking about professional bounty hunting. Rat for fun hunting or other goals.
The human and orc look pretty hard. Don't go for those.
No. 523558 ID: 9ddf68

I thought the point of this was to kill time not money... at least not yet
No. 523559 ID: bf54a8

try that alley right behind you
No. 531389 ID: 593f45
File 137563857825.png - (139.10KB , 852x698 , 145.png )

Hyaaah! I don't know why I thought that would result in anything.
I may have to think about things if I want to catch anything.
I can't just use violence until things work out the way I want, which is kind of bullshit, by the way.
No. 531394 ID: 9ddf68

so what does that mean we should just head to a bar or something and ask around?
No. 531400 ID: 1cf691

To catch a rat you have to think like a rat! If you were a dirty mongrel where would you go for your petty thievery needs?

Actually you should find out what she stole and from where, it might give us some insight. Go to the bounty office and find out who placed that bounty on her head and go ask them for details.
No. 531430 ID: ba8629

Smash up newspaper machines for money like you've just started playing Saints Row 2.

If newspaper machines don't exist, mug a newsvendor instead.
No. 531525 ID: 593f45
File 137567303856.png - (172.54KB , 1024x768 , 146.png )

>To catch a rat you have to think like a rat!
So, Ratfolk are small, fuzzy and they rampantly reproduce. They're known for stealing things and outside of civilization, they tend to live in caves and burrows.

How the fuck are we supposed to know what something like that would be thinking?
No. 531527 ID: 888df6

Sewers are sort of like caves. The thief could be holing up in them. The thief could also be stealing from the market.

To cover ground better you should split into two groups, one searches the sewers while the other watches the marketplace.
No. 531531 ID: ba8629

I don't know. Fly casual.
No. 531533 ID: beeca1

Based off that description...

Ask Jehral where he thinks the rat is.
No. 531535 ID: c23ab0

She's at that ice cream parlor, over there.
No. 531551 ID: 9ddf68

look for places that sell cheese.
No. 531558 ID: 65c3dd

She's gonna be arrested if she tries that! Don't be dumb!
No. 531579 ID: b5df96

I reiterate that this is entirely too much work for the pittance of a bounty offered.
No. 531619 ID: 13d429

Seriously, just drop it. That bounty's pocket change.
No. 531620 ID: 5fd94e


Seems logical
No. 531645 ID: 9f7acd

Jeez guys, let's just ask around about her. I'm sure the locals know something about this scamp.
No. 532570 ID: 593f45
File 137596135466.png - (81.17KB , 758x661 , 147.png )

If by details, you mean home address, then yeah. Sounds too easy.
Aaaaand it turns out it is too easy.

"Mama! Are we expecting a bunch of kobolds? One of the kobolds is huge and shaggy and also there's a minotaur."

"No. If they looking for you father, tell them he not here."

"Fiiiiine. If you're looking for my dad, he's at the shop, not here."

This is almost awkward at this point.
No. 532573 ID: ccf689


Thodren should apprehend the suspect in the most gentle manner possible.
No. 532574 ID: f0357f

"Hey, there's a bounty out for you for some reason, out on the main bounty board. Do you mind if I turn you in for cash?"

Ignore whatever she says, just make sure you're ready to grab her, or already have a hand on her all sly-like.

Before/After you throw the kid over your shoulder, yell to the kid's mom that her kid is going to police building and not to worry about anything.

Children are loud, and rodents have sharp teeth, feel free to gag her.
No. 532577 ID: 1cf691

Bleh! Bringing her in seems like way too much of a hassle, especially if she tries running or putting up a fight.
Just hand her the wanted poster and tell her to get her life straight before some actually motivated bounty hunter comes after her.

Might be worth asking her if she knows how to find the other people with bounties on their heads, or if she knows anything about the cult.
No. 532581 ID: 2ae1fb

Do this. She doesn't really seem like she's worth it.
No. 532587 ID: 41690e

Okay, even though you've found her, this little shit totally isn't worth the trouble it's going to take to pick her up and drag her away screaming all the way to the bounty office. Especially if you have to listen to her crying, or her mother giving you a hard time. Bounty is way to small to care.
No. 532625 ID: e9b708

get thodren to grab her, then tell her she needs to work for you now, or you'll turn her in to tha police
No. 532628 ID: 0c4b60

guessing they're so poor that, not only do they not know how to read, but they don't know anyone that knows how to read. They could have no idea about the bounty at all because of that.

Hell, ask her name for extra awkward points.
No. 532638 ID: 9ddf68

...you know you have a bounty on your head right?
No. 533438 ID: 593f45
File 137619173522.png - (125.64KB , 753x768 , 148.png )

There's no point in leaving after going to the little bit of effort to find her without the little bit of reward.
Some flailing and struggling is to be expected, I guess.

"Alright, kid. I'm taking you in for whatever it was you did." I tell her. There's not a lot of potential for escape, but she's still trying. "Give it up. Take your community service or whatever with some dignity."

This was probably a waste of time, but not enough of a waste of time that my sword is ready. I could go hunt down some real criminals from the bounty board >>520572 or just laze around like a slug until my order's up. It doesn't really matter to me.
No. 533440 ID: bf54a8

wait... ask if she's seen anyone on the board. she can be like a bloodhound.
No. 533441 ID: c23ab0

Poor kid. I bet it was stealing food or something innocuous like that. You didn't ask though, thus you'll never know!

So, you realize all her relatives are right over there, right? Also over there. And there.
No. 533442 ID: 8b9215

Cuddle with Jehral. Nibbling on his ears is a great time waster.
No. 533448 ID: a23afd

Go after Nako next!
No. 533450 ID: 57a559

You might have to worry about her Mom.
No. 533465 ID: 9ddf68

whelp we just got ourselves some beer money, so we could try the goblin next or just see how fast we can wast our new found pocket change on booze while we wait for the sword, your call here.
No. 533467 ID: 76f779

Just asking got us to to the kid.

Ask the authorities about details on the other bounties!
No. 533508 ID: 65c3dd

Soft weaklings! Bust her ass to jail!

The law is not soft! The law is not kind! You do the crime, you pay the time!
No. 533519 ID: 0c4b60

Go after Nako next. Her bounty said assault, not murder. It could have been a bar fight or something.

Also, how much value does 20,000 gp have anyway?
What could you get with if you spent it all on one thing?

Also, don't trust any of the ratfolk anywhere in town. Far as we know you just got everyone's favorite little girl thrown in jail.
No. 533537 ID: 557349

Go hunting for Dramond Valcini or Nako.

If you're going for Nako then buy some booze and food to use as a lure first. Maybe you can get her drunk and THEN arrest her? No flammable booze though. She is an arsonist.
No. 533678 ID: 593f45
File 137627595542.png - (141.42KB , 918x718 , 149.png )

Justice is served and I got enough money to buy a pair of pants or something. I guess I'll go find that goblin. That might be interesting, because she's an actual criminal.

"Tchee'ka Rek'ekee, you are hereby sentenced to twenty hours community service."


Right. This will teach her a valuable lesson. You shouldn't steal... without making sure you won't be caught.
No. 533680 ID: a23afd

And then she'll be a productive member of the criminal underground!
No. 533683 ID: 9ddf68

well that was a fun waste of time, so what does the bounty people have on the goblin? Like where she was last seen, where does she tend to hang out, you know that sort of thing.
No. 533685 ID: 41690e

>I got enough money to buy a pair of pants or something.
Before or after splitting the money 4 ways.
No. 533694 ID: eaa372


Buy a pair of pants and split it 4 ways. For giggles.
No. 533701 ID: 2f4b71

>I got enough money to buy a pair of pants or something
No, I think you got enough for a nice lunch. 'Specially after Throden stole your ham.
No. 533702 ID: 1f8505


That's a pretty empty courtroom there. Maybe you should donate the money back to the city so they can afford chairs and stuff.
No. 533754 ID: c23ab0

No. 544695 ID: 593f45
File 138220223445.png - (170.73KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

I'll consider tracking down the goblin lady at some point, but for now I'm just going to hang out and try to avoid making any big scenes. I probably have stupid wizards and stuff after me for the rock, and I don't want to take off until I have a good sword. Ugh... Why can't I just get what I want instantly? We need something to do that won't effect anything else. Something to fill the time, like some kind of... filler.

So we'll just spend the night and think of something to do in the morning.
No. 544696 ID: b6caba

Take Jehral out. It'll give you something to do, and he's probably a cheap date.

Or take him clothes shopping. Get him looking like a proper adventurer.
No. 544700 ID: 9ddf68

you could train with Thodren

or just take an nap your choice
No. 544701 ID: 6d5e30

Or you could let your constant flirtation with Jehral play out. You did buy that fertility charm, didn't you?
No. 544702 ID: 57a559

Wrestle with Jehral, make him part of a tag team with his sister
No. 544731 ID: ee480b

Plus taking Jehral out also gives you a way to look around town for clues to the wizards and goblin while still staying inconspicuous.
No. 544765 ID: 6d5e30

Keep Jehral in and keep going in the direction you already are.
No. 545433 ID: 593f45
File 138281844483.png - (139.37KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Buying Jehral little outfits is great and all, but I really need my stupid sword so I can get back to fighting things.

I head to the blacksmith first.
"Hey, old guy. Is my sword ready yet?"

The dwarf turns, "This ain't a dry cleaning service. It takes time to forge a proper sword and I've got other orders to fill."

Urgh! I want my giant sword now! I can't fight monsters and stuff with a little knife. Well, I could, but that's not as fun. I need some heft to my weapons.
No. 545434 ID: d2b9fe

...any estimate when you think it'll be done, so I don't have to bug you every day till it is?

Then let's go grump about your sword-less-ness over breakfast.
No. 545435 ID: 9ddf68

I say head to the tavern/bar/whatever and see if we can't start a bar fight or something to help kill time. That could be fun.
No. 545445 ID: ee480b

Maybe you should offer to help him work on it. You could learn a bit about proper forging which would be useful in the future and you'd get it done faster.
No. 545469 ID: dbbfc7

Ask if we can borrow some huge weapon while he works, you could leave something as collateral if he doesn't trust you.

Or you could just go and buy a hefty crowbar or a sledgehammer or even go steal a barbell from a gym.
No. 545478 ID: 34b2f2

Offer to provide half Dragon Fire if he'll kick your order up a few places.

And then leave when he tells you to fuck off.

See if there's a play in town, eat nice food maybe something foreign-ish, go to a spa. Relax and enjoy yourself, like it's a vacation. Hell, maybe try reading a book that isn't about minotaur dongs.
No. 545529 ID: 761017

ask if dragon fire would make the forging go faster or better.
No. 545531 ID: 7cac4b

I support this. If you can, learn to do a little forging yourself. Can't hurt, and perhaps you can learn to improve your weapons.
No. 549700 ID: f0418c
File 138533509131.png - (159.15KB , 1024x768 , 152.png )

>Offer DRAGON FIRE to make it go faster
It seems that the magical properties of money make things go faster with a greater rate of success. The next day I have my sword ready.
Just like my old one, but made by someone who knows what they're doing.

Now if anyone messes with me, they'll be sorry. Sorrier . Extremely sorry.
No. 549702 ID: 4a1514

The sorry-est.

So, gonna be dragging your boldfriends right along for the next mission, or are you gonna hang around for another day or two?
No. 549703 ID: 765802

Sweat, does this mean we're going after the bigger bounties or something else?
No. 549704 ID: fc937d

Thank the dorf as you leave, it's only polite, and good to keep a good relationship with skilled local craftsmen. You may need his services again.

Now... who are our prospects for making sorry?
No. 549705 ID: 57a559

What's with that look on your face?
Never handled something like that before?
No. 549708 ID: 36c336

Get the manufacturer's care and maintenance guidelines while we're still here: Proper respect for his work is a good step towards making sure you have a decent relationship with your supplier for when you've grown bigger/stronger and want a bigger sword.
No. 550025 ID: ee480b

Do you even know how to use a massive sword?
No. 550042 ID: 06c7df

Time to hunt down a Nako then.
She'll probably be a little easier to find than the ratgirl was. Public indecency is a very social crime, after all. Things like that give a person a reputation.
No. 555075 ID: f0418c
File 138884811339.png - (153.46KB , 634x645 , 153.png )

I need to get back to what I was doing, but I can't think of how to go about doing it.
You know, I don't think I ever really had any kind of solid plan for any of this.

I've got things to stab with now, if that helps at all.
No. 555082 ID: b8ceae

Seduce Jehral.
Then, when he's chomping at the bit to have sex with you, tell him he has to go find the goblin girl first.
No. 555083 ID: aa0288

No. 555088 ID: 1e9bd6

Okay, you have a sword. Now you need to find things that are borderline socially acceptable for you to hit with your sword. Because it needs to be tested.
No. 555100 ID: 9ddf68

when you say back to what you were doing do you mean the bounty hunting thing we where doing or plan find out what the fuck is so special with the glowing rock? Cause bounty hunting go for the goblin, the rock... well we brought it before wizards and they didn't know shit so might as well keeping going for bounties and see if we can't run into someone that might now what the hell the rock does.
No. 555122 ID: 7bbaae

Well with your brother making sure nothing really terrible happens to you, you could try to get the wizards to fully identify the magic rock. With you there to make sure nothing happens to it. Then we'll have some clue of what to do next. Or they might direct us to someone who can handle such things better than they can.
No. 555155 ID: 67bfa9

yeah let's find more out about this magical rock
No. 555156 ID: fb3bc5

Hang on a second. Goblin Lady bounty. That's what we were doing!
No. 555387 ID: 41d75c

Lets convince someone to pay us to go wipe out the cult that's been fucking with us.
No. 555514 ID: f0418c
File 138903307783.png - (16.03KB , 640x480 , 154.png )

Well, catching insane goblins would make back some of my expenses. So...
No. 555516 ID: f0418c
File 138903310452.png - (103.50KB , 640x480 , 155.png )

No. 555517 ID: f0418c
File 138903311148.png - (107.97KB , 640x480 , 156.png )

No. 555518 ID: f0418c
File 138903321169.png - (229.61KB , 1000x800 , 157.png )

Stupid goblins! I'm going to foil their daring bank robbery plot and make a bundle doing it. This is more like it! Yaaaaa!
No. 555520 ID: 67bfa9

beat up baldy and force them to tell you where their leader is
No. 555523 ID: 57a559

This is the part where we spit fire and dodge
No. 555524 ID: 627d94

Just remember when beating up the goblins, don't let them slink away. Be a shame to be the only one here when the guard eventually show up. (No really, I was foiling the robbery!).
No. 555541 ID: ee480b

And don't use your dragon fire. Setting a bank on fire is bad and people tend to want you to repair the damage.
No. 555553 ID: 9ddf68

when you block the goblin's knife attack follow it up immediately with a left hook straight to his gut, and don't bother holding back.
No. 555602 ID: f0418c
File 138905499262.png - (121.92KB , 800x600 , 158.png )

Well, I'll hold back a bit. He's a goblin. If I hit him full force, his ribcage might explode or all his organs will burst. Something along those lines, probably. So, just a tap.

Breathing fire for one goblin? I think I got this.

He probably won't be able to talk for a while, but I think I can figure it out.

"Alright, Nako. Drop it and give up so I can collect my twenty grand."

"Bullshit! I'm worth way more than that! I mean... I'm not Nako. I'm just a bystander, an innocent one. Don't mind me, j-just go... Go fuck yourself, please."

Oh, hell no.
No. 555603 ID: 53ba34

throw sword at her then charge her while distracted.
No. 555604 ID: 6e2dec

throw goblin at nako
No. 555605 ID: 7bbaae

Toss that goblin at Nako then go and rough her up some more before dragging her off.
No. 555606 ID: 57a559

Well, you're probably worth more than that now, for an additional attempted bank robbery, that should raise the bounty up a decent bit.

Nako, come on now, she's part dragon do you really want to go messing around with dragon fire near... whatever that barrel is? Must not be nice, standing so close to it. Why don't you just get down on the ground, and we promise no fire will be raised.

I'm not actually saying you should use fire for this one other goblin, but the threat is mighty threatening.
No. 555607 ID: d7c6e1

Cut the fuse off the keg just in case. See if you can get her to back away in the same swing.
No. 555610 ID: 917cac

use goblin as projectile, knock out your mark.
No. 555632 ID: 9ddf68

throw goblin at other goblin then charge in after you through the goblin and punt the other goblin. Don't kick Nako to hard though as we don't want to run around the building we just punted her over... and try to aim away from windows because breaking into a house just to grab the goblin you punted sounds like a bit of a pain as well.
No. 555662 ID: f0418c
File 138907433186.png - (145.59KB , 1000x702 , 159.png )

>Throw the goblin
The goblin sails between Nako and the barrel and smacks the wall with his face. I'm sure he'll be fine. Nako throws up her hands.
"I give up."

Well, that was easy. Wait... Shit.
No. 555663 ID: b8ceae

"If you light that fuze I'm stuffing you in the barrel."
No. 555664 ID: 1f8505


Spew a fireball at the barrel and dive for cover.
No. 555665 ID: c4a562

I'm pretty sure if that blows up, it's coming out of your pay, make haste and slap that stupid gobbo
No. 555666 ID: 7bbaae

Eh just get in there and cut the fuse.
No. 555667 ID: eaa372

Do these and steal her goggles for good measure. We're going to make a profit dammit don't let some punkass goblins dabbling in explosives ruin that.
No. 555668 ID: d2995c

Don't do that. There won't be enough left to collect the bounty on.
No. 555669 ID: 9ddf68

cut fuse, punch bitch in face
No. 555670 ID: d315b1

Just snatch that match out of her hand.
No. 555671 ID: 13a36d

cut fuse, slap with pimp hand
No. 555747 ID: 88960e

Inhale, deeply.

If dragon breath can make fire, surely dragon breathing in can put out that wussy little match.
No. 555755 ID: 13a36d

what, and choke on the match?

Actually that sounds hilarious do that
No. 555763 ID: ee480b

Yeah steal those goggles you need some rad goggles! Then no one can throw sand in your eyes or something! And they will look cool. All cool adventurers need goggles.
No. 555787 ID: a1a6a0

"Lady, I am fucking fireproof, you light that up and you just piss me off. Come quietly, cuz if you don't I'm gonna beat you until your own mother won't recognize you."
No. 555790 ID: 13a36d

What if Nako is already a better adventurer than us thanks to those goggles, and has tons of shit she's found on previous adventures hidden in her bra of holding?

There's only one solution, we need to tear it off her before she can use any of said items, purely for tactical reasons.
No. 556201 ID: 2cc8d1

Now would be a great time for one of your sneakier friends to cut off or steal the fuse.

Otherwise.. the fuse is pretty long. any amount of time she'd need to get to safety should be long enough to put out the fuse.. of course then she'd have a head start..

where are the others?
No. 556561 ID: f0418c
File 138945325607.png - (35.47KB , 800x600 , 160.png )

>rush her
It's a bluff. Who would blow themselves up because they got caught?

Fucking goblins, that's who.
No. 556574 ID: f0418c
File 138945533354.png - (140.38KB , 800x600 , 161.png )

Shit! Shit!

The match bounces off the top of that big barrel with the fuze sticking out of it.

>cut fuze
It might not matter if it just blows up immediately, or not at all. Dropping it on the lid doesn't seem like the best way to set this off.

>If dragon breath can make fire, surely dragon breathing in can put out that wussy little match.
If you can breath out stupid ideas when you talk, then you can probably suck up bad ideas from others to make them less stupid. It must be how you restock your supply.

I'll worry about that later. Right now I'm staring at this match.

>I'm fucking fireproof
Rocks are pretty fire proof and people blow up rocks all the time, dummy.

Don't explode. Don't explode. Don't explode.
No. 556577 ID: f0418c
File 138945566481.png - (56.87KB , 800x600 , 162.png )

Phew... That was the tensest two seconds of my life. Now I can capture all those goblins... Who have run off.

I could go after them full force or be more subtle, I guess.
No. 556581 ID: 9c12b1

If you try apprehending these goblins with any of that 'subtlety' or 'caution' crap you are going to end up losing them.
That one just fucking risked blowing herself up just to get away. So you need to go after them with full reckless force!
No. 556599 ID: 74c4ad

>go after them full force or be more subtle
Both. Distract them with the big mean dragon-girl in their face while your kobold backup gets them with something more subtle.

Bonus points if your buddies take the explosives the goblins left behind and incorporate them into the trap.

Time to get some revenge for that stupid match trick.
No. 556602 ID: 9ddf68

depends, are you going solo on this or is your group helping you out?

Cause if you're working with your group I say you go full force while your to kobolt friends lurk around the sides taking out however they can while trying to remain unseen and have the big guy guard any possible escape routes so none of these little bastards run again and f things get hairy in the fight against the goblins he can always rush in and scare and beat the crap out of the little goblin bastards as well.
No. 556619 ID: 57a559

>That one just fucking risked blowing herself up just to get away. So you need to go after them with full reckless force!
Actually I'm pretty sure she didn't, all she dropped was a small match on a piece of wood. It's hard for wood to catch fire from such a small source that will last a small amount of time, she would have needed to put paper on top of the barrel for that thing to really catch on fire from that match.

Rynh was safe the entire time from it pretty much. The odds of that thing going off from a single lit match on top of it were pretty nil. I wish I could have told Rynh she was being stupidly afraid of nothing and to go after the running goblins instead, because that thing wasn't going to go off. Rynh, you could have just straight up picked the match off and threw it off the barrel too.

Regardless, if those goblins had enough time to run to a safe distance, you had enough time to run after them to an appropriately safe distance. I really hope you had backup somewhere, like Thodren or something, because running after goblins is a bit of a bitch.

I have no idea how you can be subtle about running goblins, full force because I can't even comprehend a subtle approach.
No. 556679 ID: ee480b

There's no way they got far in two seconds just book it top speed!
No. 556685 ID: 41d75c

You just stared at a match while your mark got away. Get after them! Follow the trail while it's still hot!
No. 557004 ID: f0418c
File 138958029951.png - (173.59KB , 800x600 , 163.png )

I run out to the street after them and meet up with the others.
"Did you get them?", says Jehral.
"Okay, change of plans. We're all going to go get them."
"You said that it was just a few goblins and that you could handle it."
"Well, now we're all going to chase them, because they had bombs."
The goblins are sprinting down the street, but two of them are slowed down by the ass whooping I gave them. As long as we don't lose sight of them, we should be fine.
It'll be good for Jehral and Sika to learn the basics of adventuring; beating people up for money.
"We going to rush them all recklessly like and brutally subdue them, got it? They shouldn't have any weapons, since I kind of kicked their asses. But if they pull something out, just bite the shit out of them. If you need to maim them a bit to not get stabbed, so be it, right? Let's go!"
No. 557005 ID: 53ba34

thodren should get a bonus because of the maze0like quality of streets. minotaurs do that right?
No. 557006 ID: 74c4ad

Why are you using your kobolds for cannon fodder instead of trap fodder? Obviously you and the Throden should be the ones charging in, and the short peeps should be the ones getting ahead of them and stabbing them in the back or setting up tripwires or something.
No. 557008 ID: f44ca3

Have Thodren toss you right into the middle of them. Then you don't have to chase them all over.
No. 557013 ID: 67bfa9

I support this plan
fastball special FTW
No. 557030 ID: 9ddf68

have whoever is the quickest beat them down, while the rest of you show up to make sure they don't pull anymore tricks out there ass.
No. 557064 ID: 0b54f4

Hahaha, that would be kinda awesome.
No. 557409 ID: 9383c1

Just run after them. Tell the others to use their initiative and think of ways to cut the goblins off. Just make sure you spread out in case of more bombs or flammable things.
No. 558230 ID: f0418c
File 139007347681.png - (159.78KB , 766x756 , 164.png )

We just keep chasing the goblins for now. No sense bouncing anybody off the asphalt for nothing.
We round a corner to the sound of screeching tires as a cabbage truck weaves down the street, spilling produce all over the road.

"MY CABBAGES!", says the distraught guy who I assume is the truck's owner.

Cabbages get involved when chasing people way more often than they should. I heard the god of fate doesn't like sauerkraut and cursed cabbage merchants with a life of misfortune, but that's probably just superstition.

This might require a new plan.
No. 558232 ID: a87e3a

They've gotta drive to somewhere. Find out where their hideout is.
No. 558237 ID: 9ddf68

how common are trucks in this city, I mean the only cars we've seen was the one your dad was working on and this one. Failing that got any ideas where they like to hang out? I mean you found out about a bank they were about to rob it can't be to hard to find out where they live/hang out.
No. 558303 ID: 41d75c

steal the mans turnip truck and chase them.
No. 558385 ID: 02ae2b

use your firebending
No. 558408 ID: 9383c1

Look on the good side. Their bounty will only go up now! Also the bank might appreciate that their building is almost completely intact and unrobbed. They might chip in towards the bounty too.

You know what they look like. The guy who got his face smashed might need medical aid and to find them you'll just have to ask around for 3 goblins that smell like cabbages.
No. 558876 ID: f0418c
File 139034200797.png - (124.10KB , 670x591 , 165.png )

Ha! You seem to think that some stupid truck is fast enough to lose me.
All I need to do is run after them and stop their means of escape. WHO WANTS COLESLAW?!

>"Holy shit!"
>"Da fuck!"
No. 558880 ID: ccf689


No. 558882 ID: a87e3a

Don't forget this time, Nako is your real target. You just gotta bring her in, don't let the other goblins distract you.
No. 558886 ID: 937723

If they try to run this time bludgeon them unconscious with there own severed limbs.
No. 558889 ID: 4a75fa

Use your tail or off hand to spike one of those airborne cabbages right into Nako's face.
No. 558890 ID: 9ddf68

quick, while they're distracted with cashing, grab Nako
No. 558893 ID: ee480b

Gotta follow the laws of the wild.

But seriously use this opportunity to grab her before she slips away again.
No. 558900 ID: 728984

beat her unconscious to be sure she won't run away again because why would you make things easy for someone who's making things hard for you
No. 558901 ID: f1a6cc

This, with a vengeance. Also, hope your partners catch up soon.
No. 558906 ID: 1f8505


With a REvengance, you mean.
No. 558907 ID: 53ba34

afterwards point cabbage man to your dad to fix his truck. give him some business and stuff.
No. 558919 ID: 9ccb59

Grab a goblin with each hand, use them as clubs to beat the third goblin.
No. 558933 ID: f0418c
File 139036003336.png - (71.66KB , 643x471 , 166.png )

Cabbages are kind of hard, compared to lettuce, anyway. A firm flick of the tail is all it takes to bounce produce off goblin face. Unable to swear properly, she just kind of makes noises and crumples to the ground. Nothing like a bit of mild head trauma to keep someone from running off.

I think I can manage on my own for now. I think I have this wrapped up.

I think maybe the less attention called to the truck the better. A bit of collateral damage is to be expected, and it's not really my fault. THEY stole it.

So, yeah... I think I'm going to call this one a win.
No. 558934 ID: 53ba34

knock out the cohorts too. and have thodren carry them to the cops so you can collect that bounty.
No. 558937 ID: 4a75fa

See about applying trauma to the remaining goblins while the short-bolds tie up your prisoners.
No. 558938 ID: 9ddf68

alright time to get some real money for once.

I know this might be a bit soon but what are we going to do after we turn in ms cabbage face here and get the money? Go drinking?
No. 558942 ID: a87e3a

Woot! Roll in your reward money after you get it.
No. 558975 ID: 13a36d

Take her clothes, tie her wrists, and march her to the courthouse naked.
No. 559312 ID: a2cfb1

eat your reward money. dragons eat money, right?
No. 559517 ID: 7e0def
File 139071039802.png - (101.70KB , 1024x768 , 167.png )

I love reward money. I wonder if anything is open this late? I'm going to want a snack after dealing with all the paperwork when I turn her in.

Collect money, stuff face, pass out. That's the best plan.

>"Now that you've had your fun, hand over the stone."

Oh, damn it. This better not be happening now. This is happening now. That same jerkass from before is up on some building trying to look imposing and he's probably going to be really pissing me off in the near future.

"Fuck off. I'm doing something else right now. Come back and be a dick some other time. It's like you're showing up at the worst possible time on purpose."

>"Of course I am. Now hand over the crystal."

No. 559519 ID: a87e3a

Uh, NO.

Be ready to dodge. And for your brother to show up to ice this guy.
No. 559521 ID: ccf689


Tell him he's a butt.
No. 559523 ID: 479e9d

Tell him if he doesn't piss off you'll smash the fucking thing and to hell with whatever happens next. If this does turn into a fight though be sure to give Nako a good whack to the head to knock her out so she doesn't run away again
No. 559524 ID: 53ba34

use new sword to slice his ass.
No. 559525 ID: 4a75fa

Toss the goblins and the reward collecting to Throden and your kobold peeps. You go pound that guy's face in.

Think about it. Either you kick his ass, or if he's too strong, your asshole brother will step out of the shadow and kill him with a lightning blast the size of a building. Either way, this jackass gets it. It's win-win!

...although, granted, you'd prefer the win that doesn't get your ass kicked first.
No. 559527 ID: 57a559

I gave it to some shapeshifting dragons okay it was really valuable. It's in some hoard somewhere, now buzz off.
No. 559529 ID: a9c6fe

shove the crystal up his ass or if you don't have or don't want to use crystal use something similar
No. 559551 ID: f7d778

yeah, no. fight him instead.
No. 560490 ID: 7e0def
File 139130405192.png - (204.47KB , 1024x768 , 168.png )

"You guys grab the goblins and go turn them in, then go see if you can find some place that's still open this late and get some food. I'm gonna burn a lot of calories kicking this guy's smug ass."

"Are you going to be okay on your own?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just get out of here. There's probably going to be a lot of collateral damage and I don't want any of you to be part of it."

Once everyone has cleared out, I can deal with this guy. I'm not going to rely on this brother of mine either. He doesn't exactly scream dependable, so I'll depend on myself and I'll have a lot less to worry about.

"C'mon, chump. Take this stupid crystal if you can. We'll see how cool you are when I'm grinding you into the street!"

"Doing this the hard way, are we? You remember what happened last time."

"I remember you ran away. Come on!"
No. 560495 ID: 4a75fa

Cue boss battle music.
No. 560496 ID: d2995c

Remembering what happened last time:
Pretty-boy is quite fast, but not nearly as strong as you. (He seems to like jumping more than strictly necessary, so we might be able to feint and catch him in midair).
He can teleport (which can apparently cut things he has grabbed), so remember not to grab him. He has not used this offensively yet, but if he siddenly disappears he will probably be trying to tele-stab you.
He hasn't used any offensive abilities yet aside from a mediocre melee attack but he probably has more than one magic trick, so have some cover in mind in case he wants to sit up there and lob fireballs like a wuss.
No. 560497 ID: 13a36d

Call him a faggot.
No. 560498 ID: f351db

okay, try to have a strong footing and let him come to you. be prepared to counterattack 360 degrees. both vertically and horizontally. you need to match his speed, so don't do any heavy moves- stick to blocks and jabs. and hold your breath in case he happens to get close to your face so you can pot roast him with a single sneeze.
No. 560499 ID: f351db

and also call him a faggot.
No. 560504 ID: 2fc3e9

Call him a faggot.
No. 560506 ID: a87e3a

Little offensive capability? He gouged a goddamn line into the street first time we met him. Don't underestimate him.

I say get his back to a wall and knock him into it to stun him so you can finish him off.
No. 560525 ID: d2995c

Oh, right. Forgot about that one. Oops, started rereading a bit too low in the thread. Well, I said "hasn't used any" assuming he had some effectivve attack, just one we had not seen.
So he has what is probably a magic sword, though he used it in only the first of two attacks, which suggests he either can't or is too overconfident to bother with using it repeatedly.
No. 560531 ID: 9ddf68

alright so we need to be careful around this guy since he can move anywhere in a blink of an eye making him a bitch to pin down and has some pretty good spells on him. I'd say our best bet would to be to go on the offensive and give him no time to use any of his tricks. The hard part is going to be for us to get close enough to do that though without him teleporting away like a little bitch.
No. 560596 ID: 7cac4b

Call him a double-faggot and hope that no sergals show up.
No. 560771 ID: b0ef4c

Come on. Give Jehral and Sika the secret kobold handsign or code word for "Set up an ambush down the road". Screw single combat. Ideally you want to lure this guy into an alleyway that has a surprise minotaur, lots of flammable stuff and kobold traps in it.

Otherwise stay mobile. Try to use the terrain and your superior strength to throw various things at him. It would be good if you could throw something he can't stop easily by blocking. Like a heavy bag of thrash, a sandbag from some roadworks or a fuel canister if you can find any. I also don't think he knows about the fire breath so save it as a surprise; Perhaps if you can get him trapped in a tight spot.
No. 560868 ID: ea42cb

Seconding this one.
No. 561055 ID: 7e0def
File 139164988098.png - (116.18KB , 558x689 , 169.png )

>Secret kobold handsigns
Oh man. That would be pretty cool. I might have to look into that sometime.
I'd rather no get them involved anyway. This guy is actually really dangerous.

He's probably just really fast. Sometimes people are just really fast. Maybe I should get stupidly fast at some point. That trick with the sword shockwave thing would be cool too. More stuff to look into.

The things you think about when someone is trying to cut you in half. I guess I should get back to the fighting. Deal with this stuff...
No. 561056 ID: 9ddf68

think now would be a good time to hit him with a fire blast?
No. 561117 ID: 7e0def
File 139166678415.png - (311.72KB , 1024x768 , 170.png )

Instead of worrying about what awesome powers I could have, I'll just use the awesome powers I already have. Like torching this guy before he can even land.

Hopefully he doesn't start any fires. Things usually don't die right away from being horribly burned, so they run right into newspaper kiosks, piles of leaves, bags of burnable garbage, things like that. It's kind of a hazard, but this guy has been a dick all day and I think I'll chance it.
No. 561118 ID: 34b2f2

He's a dick with access to magical bullshit, there's a decent chance he's packing a fire protection item. Take advantage of his momentary blinding to attack him from an angle he wouldn't expect.
No. 561120 ID: a87e3a

Follow it up with some more sword action! He can't run and start fires if his legs are cut off.
No. 561123 ID: 4a75fa

Let's not underestimate this idiot. What would happen if he's magically fireproof, or crazy fast enough to cut a safe gap through the fire or something?

That means he's still coming for you, and just has the fire to block your line of sight. Respond appropriately with your sword. Worst case, you waste the effort of stabbing a burning corpse. Best case, you keep from being made a fool of.

Actually, even if he is dead, he was falling towards you. The fire didn't stop that. If nothing else, swording the corpse will prevent in from landing on you, embarrassingly.
No. 561124 ID: 66a186

he deserves overkill. chop off those limbs.
No. 561131 ID: d2995c

Yep, sidestep and chop.
No. 561149 ID: 7efc17

I have to agree. Go for the legs! He can't react ridiculously fast if he's blinded by your fire, and his legs are how he's ridiculously fast in the first place. If you can mess up his speed, he'll lose a significant advantage.
No. 561166 ID: d90d89

he took your spear, you should take one or two of his limbs as payment for you spear.
No. 561200 ID: b0ef4c

Yeah I think he is likely to counter swing at the source of the flames. Duck down low to the side and swipe at his legs.

If the fire attack was effective and he's still coming at you then consider doing another one or just breathing in deeply as a feint to throw him off his guard.

He might have friends around so try to look around you at the first possible opportunity. Loot him quickly if he goes down.
No. 561459 ID: 7e0def
File 139188118522.png - (87.13KB , 883x684 , 171.png )

Having burning people fall on me is inconvenient, so a good chop sends him hurtling into a brick wall. I'm just going to accept that there will be collateral damage and go all out. Fuck this guy.
No. 561460 ID: c04e3e

Start gloating and monologuing thus giving the enemy time to recover and then lose the fight.

No wait that's what a bad guy would do.
Charge in there and start stomping on him while hes down!
No. 561465 ID: 4a75fa

Don't let up, just because he's on fire, or under a pile of bricks. Go hurt him some more.

Don't be surprised if he pops out of the bricks back up at you.
No. 561466 ID: 9ddf68

hey remember when this guy broke your weapon after you spent all that time building it in the first place, remember when he sent that cat eared bitch after you where she controlled over half of the wizards in the collage you were in and to make things worse the bounty you got from turning her in had to be used to pay off the damages she did to the collage so other then a few beatings you didn't get jack, remember how this guy just tried to screw over you over by attacking you while you were about to hand in your bounty to get some money?

Seeing how big of an ass this guy is, don't leave anything to chance rush in there and tear him apart!
No. 561572 ID: 7efc17

This is to be done in a very literal sense, leaving bits and pieces of him scattered over the local area. Any pieces that twitch or try to move, burn them.
No. 561575 ID: d2995c

...I don't like the looks of that dust cloud. It will take a second to get over there, and by then he could prepare a counter-attack or sneakily flash-step out to attack us from behind.
No. 561613 ID: 7e0def
File 139196677801.png - (96.73KB , 583x702 , 172.png )

>I don't like the looks of that dust cloud.
A good dust cloud is a sign of a through asswhooping. It's probably fine...

Aww, what the actual fuck is this?

"You can actually do quite a bit of damage when you dedicate to it. I might have to exert myself after all."

Still so damn smug. I hate smug. Smug means you can still afford to put on a how of how cool you think you are.
I guess I just need to come up with a well thought out plan to kick his ass.
No. 561614 ID: c34021

Wait a second. His arm's different now. It looks scaly with claws-he might be able to slash at you with those, now, as well as use it to more or less shield himself from your firebreath...
But as worrisome as that is? The BIG issue is that speed of his. Best thing I can think of is the next time he swings and you block with your own sword, is either to try and slide yours around to hit him (perferably while stepping out of the way of his sword's path), or to try and trade hits-he's speedy, you're more strong-seems to me he'd take that worse than you, though.
No. 561617 ID: 57a559

Just shut up, fight, and stop bringing your big head into this you big, girly doofus.
No. 561618 ID: 4a75fa

What's that on his arm? Is that metal- armor, or a mechanical limb? Is that organic- some kind of scale, or chitin? Figuring out what he is (or what he's had done to himself) might help in defeating him.
No. 561619 ID: 34b2f2

Keep pressing him. If possible strike him so he blocks again, if you can hit hard enough to smack him into that wall even if he's blocking you'll be doing damage that will add up.
No. 561620 ID: 53ba34

bite him! kobold jaws are strong enough to crack open bones, dragons can eat metal, so your's is probably in between. which is still hella strong.
No. 561629 ID: 426396

use all of your limbs.
No. 561630 ID: 9ddf68

plan huh, I thought the plan was to keep attacking this guy not giving him a chance to fight back so he couldn't pull any tricks. But yeah for a plan, fight dirty, If he blocks your sword swing just kick him in the balls, he tries to step around you try and trip him up with your tail, just keep presser on him and don't be afraid to fight dirty if it means we can wipe the smug right out of him.
No. 561634 ID: 231009

Have you actually had any real sword fighting training? Can you pull off deflecting counter-cuts because that would be great.
But if you don't actually know much about sword-fighting it might be a good idea to try and turn this into a wrestling match where your strenght gives you an edge.

You could try throwing off this guys game by running inside a building, see how he likes fighting in tight spaces.
No. 561644 ID: a7868d

Don't even let up for a moment to consider, give him another blast of fire and then just get on top of him and hack until he stops moving.
No. 561724 ID: ee480b

I don't think now is the time to try to go all Jetstream Sam on this. It's probably smarter to fight aggressively and don't give him a chance to power up or whatever.
No. 561821 ID: b0ef4c

Another half-something then? With sharp looking claws as well... It might be a bad idea to wrestle him unless you feel that you are significantly stronger.

Do you have any other advantages? What's your darkvision like? Is it possibly superior to his? Perhaps you can retreat into a pitch black area or an area with only one light and break the light? You should definitely aim for a fighting retreat while looking for more dirty tricks to pull with the terrain.

How would you feel about fighting him in water? Your strength would work well, but the no fire, wet fur, his stabby sword and those claws might just work against you.

Also no holding back. Time to move on to two handed swings. Aim to kill with every attack.
No. 564932 ID: 7e0def
File 139379381193.png - (230.98KB , 703x1015 , 173.png )

"I might as well just forget about subtlety and take what I want. Games are amusing for a time, but I want that stone. Now!"

Pretty boy has lost his cool and he's going all out already? He kicks up a bunch of dust and puts on a neat show to make me realize I might need to learn some flashy magic to look cool with at some point, then explodes in a pillar of light.

>Another half-something then?
I don't think this is half anything, but I do think I can safely say what he is now.

"Give me the stone or feel the wrath of Saliketh!"

That escalated quickly. Shit.
No. 564934 ID: 57a559

Quickly shout out for your half bro he's probably nearby and ready to save the day
This guy is so anime I think he can kill you without moving so much as an inch
If he isn't an anime villain and your bro isn't anywhere nearby...

You could try piercing his gut though, I hear that's a bad place for dragons. He shouldn't actually be TOO fast in this form, it's his breath that's the biggest threat. Get out of range of that and you should be good. This is assuming this man's strength and weaknesses run on actual logic.
He looks like he's sporting frost breath, you might need to counter that with fire breath each time.
No. 564935 ID: 9ddf68

whelp... we're boned.

Time for plan B, run like hell and try not to scream like a little girl.
No. 564937 ID: e1609c

Yeah this seems like the best time for a tactical withdrawal, unless someone has one helluva plan up their sleeves I dont see us handling this without backup.
No. 564939 ID: 4a75fa

A dragon? Well, perfect. He's only got one on his side. You've got one and a half.

All you need to do is distract or stall this guy, and wait for you smug bro to sucker punch him with a blast of lightning.

And of course the best way to distract this guy is to be the biggest smug asshole you can be. Luckily, you have a flair for that. "Aw, the poor widdle dragon can't beat a tiny kobold without a big light show? Not impressed." *Grin*

Don't call out to or mention your brother. No reason to give this guy warning, or put the fight on 'fair' terms. Team dragonbold will take the suprise round, thanks.

Also, the more energy this idiot wastes showing off and trying (and hopefully failing) to kill you, the less prepared he's going to be for a dragon on dragon fight. So pissing him off into wasting effort is a good thing.
No. 564945 ID: 9e427a

Are you sure you don't have any moves that makes a pillar of light?
I think it's quite popular nowadays...
If you take some time to enjoy the view from a tower's roof, you probably see a lot of light-pillars in the distance now and again...
No. 564949 ID: 34b2f2

He's probably got you out-dragon'd so you'll have to rely on your kobold skills to win. Go find a dirty hole smaller than he can fit into and hide in it.
No. 564952 ID: f31150

sweet, now you get to be a dragon slayer.

get into close range. rush him and climb him.
No. 564954 ID: ee480b

Go for the under escape and dash under him while kicking him in the dragon balls as he taunts about being invincible. That's always how these things go.
No. 564979 ID: a7868d

This one'd be little by comparison to your smug brother, at least if he's telling the truth. Hate to play the get out of jail free but at least be confident that if you get in trouble he'll probably save your ass.

That said, at least know we know what we are up against, so it's time to show your stuff and fuck up a dragon. Maybe stab him in the eyes. Maybe cut his head off. Maybe stick your sword down his throat. Most dragons are tough against fire but that last bit definitely hurt him a bit so use a burst to blind him before you chop him in the neck.
No. 565004 ID: 7e0def
File 139382492024.png - (176.23KB , 856x768 , 174.png )

>sweet, now you get to be a dragon slayer.
That would be a pretty ideal end result, but the execution is going to be a problem.

>rely on your brother
I don't even know if he's reliable, or even still around. I'd rather not put all my hopes on weird, previously absent relatives that probably have their own motives for helping me that don't actually help me at all.

I block his stupid hook-spike tail thing that he tries to spike me with and only get knocked halfway across the street. I've smacked around things this big before, but they're usually not so slithery. I'll deal with it, somehow.

>run like hell and try not to scream like a little girl.
I never run. I strategically retreat. I don't even need to run anyway. Just because he's bigger, stronger, faster, more armored... It's fine.

"I'm going to enjoy pulveriving you, mongrel. I don't often cut loose and crush my enemies, but you seem like you might be able to handle it long enough to actually amuse me."

I'm so glad I'm keeping him entertained. I need some kind of dragon hunting strategy. People kill dragons all the time, right?
No. 565005 ID: 13a36d

Well no, not really. Not unless you have one of those giant crossbow things to penetrate the scales with. Good luck doing that with a sword.

I mean, maybe you could have some weeaboo fightan magic that can slice it's head off but weeaboo fightan magics are for faggots.
No. 565006 ID: 53ba34

shove your sharp stick down his dickhole.
No. 565007 ID: ee480b

Yeah people fight dragons all the time. Knights and shit are always hunting dragons for princesses and stuff they go for the weak underbelly. And be sure to chop off his tail for a sweet weapon cause that's totally how dragons work.
No. 565008 ID: 4a75fa

Rynh half-dragon dragon-slayer does have a certain nice feel to it.

Oh well. No relying on mystery-bro, but it's nice to know if you go down there's a chance he's going to sucker-shot this guy. Even if we can't beat him, the weaker we get get, the more it helps.

>People kill dragons all the time, right?
...when was the last time you actually heard of someone doing it? Not some myth or passed around tale, but a reliable report?

>I need some kind of dragon hunting strategy.
Right. So... analysis. He's very thin and lithe. Look at the torso and limbs. Not much room for muscle, or armor. Meaning, baring magic, he's probably a lot lighter, less strong, and faster than something that size would usually be. There are also hard limits on how thick his armor can be.

Problem is, that means he's weak to hitting him harder than he can take. Which, due to the size difference, will be hard to do. You already dropped a wall on him without much effect. You need to hit him with something bigger. Drop a building or bridge on him. Something big, and very heavy. Preferably made of the heaviest stuff around.

...aren't we near a bank vault that was wired to blow? Bank vaults tend to be build out of sturdy stuff. And the explosives to knock it down are already there. That might be your best plan. Lure him back there, set the explosives off with fire breath, and bury him.

I'd guess from the coloration his element is ice, or maybe lightning. Be prepared to deal with a breath attack of that nature, and maybe to trick him into into shooting something that inconveniences him.
No. 565010 ID: 57a559

You could potentially cut off his tail and half his potential offense in a counter attack if you ever see the opening.

Try to get him to make a stab into you, but you dodge and get his tail stuck in a wall for floor. If he puts enough force into his stab, he'll be open for that tail cut.

Dragons are notorious for losing their tails to adventurers, and said adventurers getting a cool weapon out of it. You could then use it on HIM.
No. 565015 ID: 379075

It's totally cheap but if there's something around with sturdy enough building materials for it you could go somewhere he's more constrained than you are by an enclosed space.
You're half-kobold you dumbass, the legendary trapmeisters and ambush adepts. Play it up.
No. 565019 ID: 34b2f2

Killing blows are traditionally delivered through the eyes, the roof of the mouth when they try biting you, or soft underbellies. Last one's a crapshoot, depends on the type of dragon. Eyes are a solid target to aim for wounding, wings are probably pretty decent on that count too.

Using narrow spaces like an alleyway to outmaneuver him, maybe lose him for a second or two and use the time to get above him for a sneak attack, is a solid strategy. have to be careful to not just provoke him into deploying his breath weapon into said space though. That probably wouldn't turn out great.
No. 565021 ID: 256d52

Any chance you can collapse something onto him? That's always worth a try.
No. 565033 ID: e9e331

he's big your small, try luring him into somewhere where you can take advantage of that fact, like an ally or something. One big enough for you to make yourself a hard target but still small enough to limit his movement.
No. 565038 ID: a7868d

Ok, here's the thing about dragons. All the parts they use to hit things are part of them, so if they do a tail swipe and you play your cards right you counter the tail with a big fuck off sword.

Take the Bruce Lee plan of action. Attack any attack made against you. He swings his tail, you chop his tail, he claws you, you slash his claws. He tries for a bite and hes fucked.
No. 565042 ID: f31150

that's actually a good idea. all its weapons are natural, so if you slash at whatever part of its body it throws at an angle of 180 degrees, it will be damaged.

except if it uses its breath. if that happens, retreat strategically like the dickens.
No. 565137 ID: 2e236a

You're currently fighting the draconic equivalent of a stuck up teenager.

Treat him the way Jehral treats you. Only more violently.
No. 565147 ID: 0b54f4

This has already been kinda said, but a variant: he can maybe hit harder than you can, so if he tries to hit you, get the pointy end of your sword in the way, if possible.

Like with Shelob in Lord of the Rings.
No. 565169 ID: 999da3

If you have the stone on you, throw it into the air then rush at his neck with your sword while he's distracted.
No. 565242 ID: 6abcd2

Try to withdraw through buildings and stuff so he'll have a harder time following. Try to act a bit frightened. Maybe he'll go easier on you if you do.

Watch out for his breath attack. If he's blue then perhaps his element is air, lightning or cold? Stay away from water until you've got it figured out anyway...

It WOULD be awesome if you managed to chop off his tail so you get a weapon, mind.
No. 565375 ID: 379075

Oh, for fuck's sake. Dive into the sewers already, you're an adventurer now. We all knew it would come to that at some point. With any luck you'll find a few pockets of methane gas to explode in his face while you're down there.
No. 565419 ID: b67789

Seconding this scheme, if we can find any sewers in reach.
No. 565578 ID: 6b9918

Find somewhere he can't easily follow you. Keep blocking with whatever you've got. You'll probably be ok.
No. 566110 ID: 7e0def
File 139467429215.png - (235.91KB , 1024x768 , 175.png )

>his attacks are all part of his body
That makes it a lot easier, since he's huge and all. He tries whipping his tail around and I can grab it. Even if he has armored scales, you can't armor yourself against being grabbed.

"Let me go, you little cur! Let me go so I can crush you!"
No. 566111 ID: 7e0def
File 139467430105.png - (144.50KB , 741x650 , 176.png )

Hrrrgh! Time to rake up some of that collateral damage. Good thing he's not that big, or I might have had trouble actually doing this.

I whip him into a wall and the whole thing crashes down on him.

"Ha! You think you can get by just by being a dragon? That's why you're gonna get trashed. At least when you were a snooty little prick with a sword you were a threat. Now you're just a big target for an asskicking!"

He's probably not going to stay down, but it's something.
No. 566112 ID: 34b2f2

Stab him with his own tail. Just because.
No. 566113 ID: 9ddf68

think you could just hang on to his tail and just throw him around for a bit?
No. 566115 ID: e3aff6

Well? You still have hold of his tail; keep going with the whipping before he can recover.
Also, in super-strength fights, you shouldn't throw your enemy into buildings, you should throw them into the ground. Not due to collateral dammage, but due to the simple fact that building walls can give in under pressure, but the ground can't. (This is because there is nowhere for the ground to go that isn't towards the impact or occupied by more ground.) Unless it is constructed from adamantine or magic swords, hitting with a building instead of the ground is like bludgeoning with an empty tin can when you could be using a brick.
*And knowing is half the beatdown :V*
No. 566116 ID: 41beef

Do this:
'nuff said.
No. 566119 ID: a87e3a

Yank him towards you then impale him on your sword.
No. 566123 ID: 379075

Seriously, don't let up until he can't beg for mercy or escape your wrath. Apparently he has shit insticts for how to fight you if you were able to throw him into a wall like that, so keep it up! If you think you can do it right now chop off his tail, if not attack him in other ways: If you have the strength and stamina to keep it up slam him into more walls and the ground again; if not then bean him in the skull with whatever's handy until he's permanently brain-damaged or at least stunned and concussed.

Letting this guy talk or plan is a mistake, and if he gets sufficient time to recover he will use his breath attack on you or smash you into/with the local terrain. If he even gets to say one more word you have failed and you deserve to lose. Shut up and keep hitting him! Taunting him is a waste of time and might tell him what he needs to know to kick your ass, you fool.
No. 566128 ID: a97618

...is that the bank building you crashed him into? If so, now is totally the time to light up the explosives the goblins left behind with firebreath. Maybe he'll still get up, but let's make it hurt some more.

If you can't do that, pick up a boulder from the rubble and chuck it down his throat. He can't bite through stone, and he can choke on it trying to get a breath attack out.

>Ha! You think you can get by just by being a dragon? That's why you're gonna get trashed. At least when you were a snooty little prick with a sword you were a threat. Now you're just a big target for an asskicking!
Remarkably perceptive, actually. As a swordsman, he depended on speed and skill. But I don't think he's ever needed skill to fight a human sized opponent as a dragon. He's untrained. That's a good weakness to exploit.
No. 566149 ID: 16a91f

disarm him.
No. 566159 ID: a3b8c1

"Let me go so I can crush you?" What the hell was stopping him from crushing you from both claws? Or even just falling back on you? Must be letting you win for whatever reason.
No. 566172 ID: 0b54f4

Holy geeze! You're stronger than I thought! He's like 18x your size!

But yeah, what they said. Do...fighting.
No. 566203 ID: 6abcd2

Steal the tail. Kobold style.
No. 566215 ID: a5c85a

Smash him one more time. Bite his tail while you are at it.
No. 566239 ID: ee480b

Man I thought you were gonna say show him the rules of nature.
No. 566316 ID: e1609c

Hm. Actually, do try to cut it off if you get a better crack at it. Best case scenario it throws him completely off balance, and worst case it pops off like any other lizard and you can sell it for PHAT LEWTS.
No. 567392 ID: 7e0def
File 139553684571.png - (404.34KB , 768x1024 , 177.png )

No. 567393 ID: 7d8412

fuck you! row row, dodge and weave!
No. 567395 ID: 26c50e

"You want it, go get it!" Fake throwing the rock over him, hope he falls for it and scramble to your sword.
No. 567398 ID: a97618

Okay, trying to pick him up and throw him again probably wasn't the smartest way to play that.

>give me the stone, and maybe I won't kill you
Oh yeah, sure, I'll totally surrender the thing thing you want so you might not kill me.

...was that a wind attack? His breath attack is air? Pff. Mock the fuck out of him for that. Air is the worst element. No wonder he's so light. He's full of hot air. He's a dragon of farts and belches. That's terrible.

An angry overconfident opponent is one who makes mistakes, and over-commits to stupid things. Gives you an opportunity to dodge and counterattack, or maybe giving your brother the opportunity to do the same. Although I kind of suspect he wants to see if you're capable of winning this before he intervenes. Family pride is on the line, after all. I get the idea they'd like it if thier half-dragon is better than other loser full-dragons.
No. 567413 ID: 9f8d21

Offer to suck him off if he'll promise to leave.
No. 567415 ID: d2995c

...The fact that he is an air dragon makes him notably not immune to YOUR breath weapon, doesn't it?

>Okay, trying to pick him up and throw him again probably wasn't the smartest way to play that.
It would have worked if your kept up your momentum. For future reference it is important to learn how to talk and smash at the same time if you want to chat in combat.
No. 567434 ID: 9ddf68

are you near anything heavy looking? If so throw it at him and make a brake for your sword. If not find some cover and get behind it so he can't hit you with another breath attack. If it's near an alleyway or something maybe see if you can't get around and behind him, or at least loose him for a moment to get a chance to pick your sword up again.
No. 567448 ID: 2f4b71

Wait, he's gone from threatening to pulverise and crush you to offering to let you leave and asking for the thing he wants! Hah, he's running scared!
No. 567450 ID: d315b1

Laugh at his shitty breath weapon, then counter with your own.
No. 567611 ID: a2f9bc

His breath weapon is good enough to cut people and blow them around, so it's not totally useless. Still pretty lame.

Walk up to him as if to hand him the thing and then punch him in the face because screw him.
No. 567625 ID: 7648f0

You guys are totally underestimating both the element of wind and this dragon. His wind breath means that he can deflect your fire breath with out a problem and he hasn't taken a scratch from you so far.

If you're going to fight him you should take him seriously and not drop your guard.
No. 567649 ID: d2995c

Good point about the redirection. We should avoid that by not breathing fire directly at him and instead setting fire to the next limb he tries to attack us with.
No. 569261 ID: 7e0def
File 139670640137.png - (191.26KB , 1024x494 , 178.png )

Damn my terrible life choices!
No. 569262 ID: a5c85a

Dodge, play for time, go into buildings. This commotion is bound to attract some attention. Maybe someone in this town is stronger than you or could help you out.
No. 569263 ID: ba72bf

seek cover. I will not have my protagonist bend the knee to a pretty little boy just because he grew wings and belched real hard.
No. 569268 ID: ffa549

Pff? Respect. Like you have any of that for jerks. He's still a bag of hot air, even if it is cutting.

Far from your worst life choice, really.

Really should have dodged or parried that air blade, though.

...if he can cut things with wind, maybe you can trick him into cutting through the wrong thing, now. Cut out the supports on something. Trick him into dropping a building or bridge or monument or something on himself. That's a pretty kobold way of dealing with things bigger than yourself.
No. 569271 ID: cee89f

Just because it's more painful doesn't mean it's less lame.

No. 569273 ID: 57a559

Why did you just sit there and take it you dumbass?
If your entrails aren't dangling out get the fuck up and start fighting already, go for his legs, neck, etc.

Best dragon fighters get up on his back and play Rodeo with some stabs in.
No. 569343 ID: e1609c

Gurgle out "Still... shit..." with your dying breath.
No. 569347 ID: 38df1a

collateral time. turn the alleyway into a burning smokey mess. you don't have to hit him exactly, just make it hard to see, and hard to breathe. then get out of there. hopefully your 'brother' actually steps in at some point.

I hope this isn't some kind of shitty culling trial from the draconic side of the family.
No. 569381 ID: 9ddf68

alright how bad are you hurting from that? I mean if you can still fight it's time we kick this bastard's balls into his chest if you don't think you have the strength to keep on fighting then it's time for plan "run like a bitch".

For the fight plan if you actually think you could get a nut shot in go for it and you can retrieve your sword as he's stunned, if the nut shot isn't an option then find some why to stall him while you grab your sword.

If we're running the head for the buildings and just move through those. Since he's a fucking dragon right now he'll have a tougher time chasing you through some buildings so it will give you a better shot at getting away.
No. 569383 ID: ccd544

The dragon is a lawyer.
No. 569388 ID: f461c5

If you run, he will follow. Make him follow you right into the shitton of explosives that the goblins were setting up behind the bank.
No. 569390 ID: e1609c

oooh, I LIKE this plan.
Merge this with the still shit comment and we got us a classic taunt-into-obvious-trap routine
No. 569399 ID: 79391f

Tell him he just fell into the trap you didn't plan and are completely bluffing about.
No. 569439 ID: 2c6ff1

Okay at this point you might have to get your brother to help somehow. You're losing.
No. 569481 ID: a5478c

I third this plan
No. 569489 ID: ffa549

Yes. We have a whole bunch of bombs, and if we run now, he's arrogant enough to believe we're doing it out of fear, not that we're leading him into a trap.

Kobold leads him in, dragon lights the fuse. And dragon-bold beats dragon, bitch.
No. 570309 ID: 7e0def
File 139735413701.png - (303.87KB , 768x1024 , 179.png )

No. 570310 ID: ecb99c

Activate beast mode or dragon power or whatever ability is makin' your eyes go all wonky, that jerk hurt Jehral!
No. 570311 ID: 53ba34

no one picks on jehral except you!
No. 570312 ID: 79391f

Did you leave the oven on?

You left the oven on, didn't you?

It's okay, everyone makes mistakes.

Right now you should go run and turn your oven off. You're faster than bite-sized short-legged jehral so you're the perfect one to go turn your oven off and save your house.
No. 570313 ID: 75b8af

Hey, he hurt your punching bag. That's your punching bag. No one else gets to do that.

Limit break.
No. 570314 ID: 2c6ff1

Be about to do something awesome but get cut off by your brother saving your ass.
No. 570315 ID: 256d52

Rip and/or tear.
No. 570317 ID: 3a1f17

Oh look a distraction. Go for the eyes.
No. 570319 ID: 75b8af

Perfect chance to put a sword through this jerk's eye, or up through his mouth.

...also, if dragon-bro does step in? Be sure to point out / complain that Jehral beat him to it. What took yah?
No. 570325 ID: 9ddf68

someone is about to die. If you can go for his eyes and see if you can't claw one, then when he becomes a cyclops grab your sword and just go to town. He just fucked up, first he broke your spear, then he sent people after you, and now he's hurting your friends... like I said, he just fucked up.
No. 570354 ID: a5c85a

Limit break
No. 570355 ID: ba8629

After the obligatory comeback blow, run away with Jehral under one arm.
No. 570479 ID: 7e0def
File 139741800882.png - (276.63KB , 768x1024 , 180.png )

Now I'm at a new level of pissed off I didn't know existed.
No. 570482 ID: 75b8af

>so pissed you're now strong enough to cut right through dragon scale
Excellent. He bleeds.

Now to make some more of that happen.

We have to work fast- you don't know how long can sustain this, or how long you have until your own injuries overcome you. If you can cut through his armor, you're probably hitting hard enough now that you can break his spindly little limbs, with a direct blow, which will hamper his mobility. Damaging his wings will really hamper mobility, and I'll bet they hurt like hell when they're damaged.

Kill-strikes- the best way to do it is to either impale his brain through an eye or up through the roof of his mouth, or just stab him in the core through the cut you already put in his middle. Ruin a shit ton of organs (aim for the lungs or heart if you can).

And for heavens sake, if he does that cheap-ass wind thing again, dodge or block it with your sword. Or overpower it by punching a range-fueled fire blast right through it and down his throat. Bags of hot air burn, right?

This still stands if dragon-bro steps in at any point. Also be sure to complain if he steps in because he decides he wants this joker alive for questioning.
No. 570494 ID: 53ba34

another cut to the chest. then grab the sides and pull his chest open. then unleash the mother of all fireballs into his guts
No. 570499 ID: d2995c

Now if you can get in a second hit like that a biiit higher on that long, vulnerable neck of his you will be in business. (Even if you don't go all the way through, the windpipe is in front and I am pretty sure he still needs to breath.)
No. 570508 ID: 2f4b71

Insert blade through existing gash in armour, then wiggle & twist.
No. 570528 ID: a2f9bc

Rush in low to best prevent him from using his breath weapon effectively and rip and tear.
No. 570533 ID: f8d11f

Rip and tear leave nothing of him left
No. 570534 ID: a5c85a

Another cut, grapple and pull open flesh, apply fire.
No. 570549 ID: 38df1a

Now make him a half-dragon. Or rather, two halves. Maybe more.
No. 570561 ID: 57a559

Important things to strike at
Hit where they're thinnest.
No. 571055 ID: dea113

Charge in, cut arm and leave sword embedded, bite neck, stay latched on like a kobold, apply endless FIRE!
No. 571138 ID: 842b98

I agree with neck but if you're aiming to take it down quickly the wings and tail will mostly just anger it.
No. 579214 ID: 7e0def
File 140314302743.png - (231.18KB , 800x600 , 181.png )

No. 579216 ID: 7e0def
File 140314316233.png - (28.03KB , 800x600 , 182.png )

No. 579217 ID: 7e0def
File 140314339737.png - (109.02KB , 800x600 , 183.png )

Huah... Shit...I just had the weirdest dream and now I feel like I was run over by a truck. Realistic.
No. 579218 ID: 71e70d

> take Jehral_
No. 579220 ID: 13cd06

check wounds, find jehral
No. 579221 ID: c5f6d2

Where's the doohickey?
No. 579223 ID: 0ee153

Look at your shirt. Someone undressed you, then put on dumb-looking clothes. You are likely now a realdoll. Thankfully only in the little-girl sense of the word, but that's bad enough.

No. 579224 ID: ac14c0

Grope self to identify inuries, locate nearest person and ask what happened.
No. 579229 ID: 9ddf68

look around and find out where the hell you are, then see if you can't find your friends, and finally if your in a hospital or something grab your friends and try to sneak out so you don't have to pay the bill cause fuck hospitals are expensive.
No. 579240 ID: a2f9bc

I guess you got run over by that cabbage truck and then had weird dreams about dragons and junk.
No. 579326 ID: 50338d

Look around. Is this your room, or did your jerk friends drag you somewhere else?

Call out for attention. Obviously someone is here is waiting around to dote on you after dressing you in their loser clothes. What is this thing on your shirt, anyways? Some lame ass elf rune? A terribly drawn arrow? Some people have no taste.
No. 579340 ID: 4f0da9

You were kicking ass in the dream, didn't think that would be weird for you.
Don't move too much yet and look around. Is it a hospital? Is anyone familiar nearby?

Any signs you've been given a sponge bath by a strong yet gentle orderly?
No. 579668 ID: 7e0def
File 140329741109.png - (83.66KB , 800x600 , 184.png )

I'm not in a hospital, I'm in a normal room. I wasn't hit by a cabbage truck. I'm pretty sure I cut that right in half in an awesome display of being ridiculous.

"Finally waking up from your ass kicking? You need to be more careful with my little brother, by the way. I've only got one spare."

Sika's here. So I'm probably not captured or anything. That's good.

"Your dragon pal took off and left your magic rock thing behind. Did you smack him when he beat up your boyfriend?"
No. 579669 ID: dc4b80

Fuck yeah I stabbed him good. Apparently not good enough though.
No. 579672 ID: 88960e

You mean he didn't die? Shit. Things are supposed to die when you kill them. Why didn't one of your friends or dragon-bro finish him off? He must have been almost dead.

And no. You beat up that lizard for breaking something of yours. Us dragon bitches are territorial, you know.
No. 579674 ID: 71e70d

Let her know it's not like you like him or anything, then request that he be brought here immediately
No. 579675 ID: bb78f2

What're you talking about, girl?
You have PLENTY of spares. Your parents go at it like bunnies.

Joke that if he beat up Sika he would be dead and over a fireplace, because she's so sweet and tackle her because you're glad to be alive. And that anyone that sticks her tongue out at you deserves some roughhousing anyway.
No. 579680 ID: ac14c0

Ask if it looked like the dragon was dying, and if your idiot brother actually bothered to show up to save your ass like he said he would.
No. 579695 ID: 8fbeb2

So you kicked a dragons ass annnndd theeennn?

What happened after that?
No. 579698 ID: 4f0da9

Sarcasm time
"I'm a dragon. Fuzzbolds are my treasure horde. They will all be mine someday. You're next~"
No. 579828 ID: 7e0def
File 140339321604.png - (57.69KB , 800x600 , 185.png )

>Let her know it's not like you like him or anything, then request that he be brought here immediately

"He's right there. We've been keeping you cripples in the same room, so you're easier to look after. Try to control your crazy lust for each other."

"Haha. You wanna be the one smacked up and bedridden?"

[i]"Heh... Well anyway... We blew most of the money from catching goblins getting all your bones magicked back together, so we didn't make much. At least your not bleeding all over the floor now."
No. 579829 ID: dc4b80

Man he looks so tiny and fragile lying there. If you want to keep up this lifestyle you had better get strong enough to protect him. Eventually these crazy cult members might start going after your family and friends.
No. 579830 ID: 4f0da9

Ask if the healer left any instructions like 'don't go cutting trucks in half for a few days' or 'don't let her out of bed for a week' or other arbitrary crap that would apply to non-awesome people.

Then go probe Jehral for sore spots and scold him for getting hurt like that.
No. 579831 ID: bb78f2

Play with his ears.
Grab 'em both and move them to the tune
"I'm a little teacup"
No. 579833 ID: 50338d

Tie Jehral's ears over his face like a blindfold so you can lie that he lost his sight in the fight when he wakes up.

>Everyone's fine, didn't make much money
Not bad for accidentally picking a fight with a dragon.

>At least your not bleeding all over the floor now.
Yes, I much prefer keeping my blood where it belongs.
No. 579895 ID: 9ddf68

"speaking of the goblins, I thought I told all three of you to drop them off, don't tell me you guys are going soft on me and are starting to worry about my hide? sarcastically(sniff) I might just cry.

But really what's the damage and how much do we got left? Also anything interesting while we were out or have you just been watching us sleep like the little voyeur you are?"
No. 580772 ID: 7f0da5

Engage cuddles, then figure out what the plan is from there. Maybe ask Sika if she's heard of any other fun stuff going on around here.
No. 580795 ID: 321d85

So...what'd the OTHER guy look like? AKA, how did that battle actually end?
No. 582275 ID: 7e0def
File 140423427750.png - (84.58KB , 800x600 , 186.png )

I'm not going to molest Jehral in his sleep... Until Sika leaves.

Squish, squish. Flop ears. Hehe...
Oops. He's awake somehow.

"Good morning..."

"It might be morning, I haven't checked yet" I reply, easing up on the face squishing. "So, how do you feel after getting whacked by a dragon?"

"Alright, I guess. You have me pretty used to it by now." he says.

"Well, jumping on a dragon to save me is pretty heroic. You didn't do much, but I freaked out and kicked his ass after you got hurt, so it all worked out."
No. 582276 ID: a5c85a

Get under the covers with him and cuddle.
No. 582277 ID: 7483cf

actually, yeah. He deserves a reward.

Don't go all the way though, make him take that step.
No. 582283 ID: 50338d

>Alright, I guess. You have me pretty used to it by now.
See, I told you it was gonna toughen you up. And you just whined about it.
No. 582310 ID: 9ddf68

"sooo... why'd you come back? Didn't think I could handle myself?"
No. 582314 ID: 53ba34

he gets a kiss, on the forehead, for saving you, and a punch for getting hurt.
No. 582325 ID: bdfecc

Give him cuddles and see if you captured Nako in the end. DID YOU GET THE MONEY?

Also maybe it's time to go undercover and travel far away before more enemy dragons show up.
No. 582647 ID: 8bf5d1

"I know I'm awesome, but I'm not the kind of dragon that takes virgin sacrifices."

'help' the little dork out of bed and see if he can walk.
No. 582952 ID: 7e0def
File 140460338027.png - (77.72KB , 715x577 , 187.png )

>Give him cuddles and see if you captured Nako in the end. DID YOU GET THE MONEY?
Sika already mentioned that they got the reward for Nako, then spent most of it on our medical bills. Oh well. Cost of adventures.

"You have your own bed, you know." Jehral says.
"Yeah, but maybe I want this one now. Deal with it."

>he gets a kiss
I deliver my mouth based affection in the form of gnawing. He can take it or leave it.

"If Sika peeks in we'll never hear the end of it." he says.
I don't feel like moving anywhere else right now. I'm still beat all to hell.
"Why? Are you planning on doing something that would be a big deal?"

"What? No... Not really."
No. 582955 ID: 50338d

>Are you planning on doing something that would be a big deal?
>What? No... Not really.
Then we're cool. Kobolds sleep in piles all the time.

Kick back, relax, and wait for the world to decide to bother you again.
No. 582961 ID: 1f8505


Now spoon.
No. 582964 ID: 9b57d3

See if you can fit his entire head in your mouth.
No. 582967 ID: bb78f2

Fuck it at this point, the little man needs to take a step!

Be Jehral: Kiss Rynh.
No. 582973 ID: a2f9bc

Try not to think about his 'big deal'.
No. 582985 ID: a7868d

Pfft, stupid Jehral. He's all slaps on the ass when you are being a bitch but climb into bed with him and get all gnaw-y and suddenly he's got cold feet.

Lil bastard is never gonna take that step. What a pussy.
No. 583041 ID: 353e29

Conquer bed. Demand tribute from the puny native.
No. 583045 ID: 2fc3e9

Or think about his penis as much as you want, not like we can stop you.

Alternatively, since he's being a bitch at the moment, slap his ass.
No. 583047 ID: dc4b80

I think they are both a bit to tired to do much.

Does not mean you can't tease him though.

Tell him that's to bad because if someone decided to do something you would be far to tired to bother stopping them.

Then relax and take a nap next to him.
No. 583083 ID: 7e0def
File 140467074423.png - (96.11KB , 800x600 , 188.png )

>Tell him that's to bad because if someone decided to do something you would be far to tired to bother stopping them.
See what happens if you encourage him?
"I'm still hurt, you know!" I gasp from getting suddenly kobolded in the chest.
"I know, but so am I." he replies through a mouthful of ear. "It's what you get for invading my bed."
I could totally stop him, if I wanted.
No. 583084 ID: 50338d

Don't stop him. Complain he's damn lucky he already used up his getting-his-ass-kicked-by-a-dragon quota for the day.
No. 583086 ID: a5c85a

No. 583100 ID: 407977

Don't stop him. Encourage him further, try to bugger his own injuries in retaliation.
No. 583115 ID: 2fc3e9

Crush the breath out of him gently.
No. 583119 ID: a7868d

I uh... I dunno. Let him be in charge?

I always pictured it more you browbeating him into it the first time. I didn't think he had the balls. Only apt reward is to let him win.
No. 583195 ID: 353e29

Time for tickles.
No. 583201 ID: 40935b

You might want to come up with some kind of plan if someone walks in- just toss something reasonably heavy that's in reach to block off the door. No, not Jal.
No. 583252 ID: a7868d

random sexy goodtimes don't really require a plan. Also, I think your team realizes you need a few minutes alone to thank the conquering hero here.

The dragon ass whupping line was all right, give him that one but don't stop him.
No. 583270 ID: bdfecc

Get him to give you back rub or massage.
No. 583292 ID: 1977d5

Seconded, with gusto!
No. 583295 ID: 7e0def
File 140478951208.png - (70.78KB , 800x600 , 189.png )

Are they fighting in there? "I'm gonna beat you up because I like you and I'm five years old." Seriously, they're so hopeless.
No. 583307 ID: 0ee153

Odds are they're fucking. Might not want to go in unless you want to see your brother and/or Rynh naked.
No. 583309 ID: 2fd516

Yeah... "fighting".

Isn't there a keyhole to peep through?
No. 583312 ID: a2f9bc

Totally. Not like you. So how's things?

How's Thodren?
No. 583314 ID: 7e0def
File 140479175549.png - (69.46KB , 800x600 , 190.png )

>Odds are they're fucking.

That's crazy. They'd never work up the nerve.

"Eeee! Don't bite so ha... Ahn~"

That's probably normal...

"Ah, stop! No, wait... Keep going. Aaaaah ah..."

Haha... Completely normal. Nothing to worry about here. I'm just going to go away somewhere else.

"Aah! Gross! You can't be done already..."
"I'm just getting started!"

Okay, I did not even fucking hear that.
No. 583317 ID: 53ba34

i suggest you walk away, interrupt and Rynh may want to REALLY kill you. not just say it as a joke, but legit make BBQ kobold.
No. 583318 ID: 50338d

...have cameras been invented yet? Or magic cameras? I think it's time to collect embarrassing blackmail material.
No. 583320 ID: a2f9bc

But you did hear that fucking. Zing!
She's got that anti-fertility charm though, doesn't she? No problem.

Seriously though, where the heck is Thodren? Did you ditch him, sell him into slavery, eat him?
No. 583323 ID: 0ee153

Go find someone to molest.
No. 583325 ID: 9dd1ee

definitly sneak a peek, this is probably just one of those situations where it sounds like something lewd but in reality is quite innocent
No. 583326 ID: dc4b80

Well if you keep listening the situation will go from lighthearted spying on a sibling to you just being a pervert.

So go bother someone else before you start masturbating at the door.
No. 583332 ID: 288d9b

Things will get weird if you get caught peeking.

They will never, ever let you live it down.
No. 583333 ID: 9ddf68

hey where's Thodren? think it'd be funny to tell him that Rynh wants to see him and send him on up?
No. 583335 ID: 0ee153

Not really, no. See previous comments re: actual murderous rage.
No. 583342 ID: 10e1d3

Better really let them be at peace. If there's even the chance that they got the nerve to do something intimate at last, well, you really don't want to disrupt that one, do you? It'd make it even harder for them to go for it again.

You could still spy on them, though. Just make sure they don't see...
No. 583343 ID: bb78f2

Sika, girl, just go get some porn instead of eavesdropping on your brother's confusing situation with that girl. Come on, if they are boning do you really want that image in your head?
No. 583348 ID: e15bdc

This, it is surely merely a misunderstanding and you should check just to make sure. There's just no way, right?
No. 583350 ID: b8ceae

You need to one-up your bro. Go fuck a Minotaur.
No. 583374 ID: 3f0c1b

Seems like it's time to walk away, and pretend you were never here.
No. 583378 ID: a7868d

These two have had a seriously repressed sexual tension going on across multiple instances of time and space. The thing you should be thinking, having known them both since you were all kids, is "It's about fucking time you idiots."

I agree though, never thought your bro would have the balls. You should think up some subtle and snide remark to throw his way next time Ryhn isn't listening.
No. 583407 ID: 759d37

Go hang out with the big dude, he's barely gotten any screen ti-er.. attention since he got mind controlled by cat-bitch.
No. 583447 ID: e73b69

Peek in you know you want to
No. 583737 ID: 7e0def
File 140504919594.png - (67.05KB , 640x480 , 191.png )

>Peek in you know you want to
I do not what to see my potentially naked, potentially aroused brother. That is not cool.
They can do what they want. I'm out.

>Go hang out with the big dude
Thodren is kind of weird, because he clearly has no idea how to deal with being in a city and he's also huge.

> Go fuck a Minotaur.
Okay, I am three foot eight and he is clearly around eight feet tall and four hundred plus pounds. How would that even work? The mechanics of this terrify me, but I guess I will go find him, since everyone else is otherwise occupied...
No. 583739 ID: f759c0

Yeah, you'd better go find the big lug before he gets himself into trouble. He's a barbarian and the city is gonna be totally weird and nonsensical to him. He's probably in some sort of trouble already.
No. 583740 ID: dc4b80


Just find that one creepy mage in the market. The one with a stall way in the back who giggles a lot and sells "special" ointments and compatibility spells.

Every town big enough has one. With as many half breeds as there are running around you know there parents got help somewhere.

Oh did you leave the stupid magic thing with them? Because if you are carrying it you might get jumped by crazies.
No. 583741 ID: 638a22

Why are you so skeeved out, anyways? You're a kobold. Giving the tight living conditions, and the rate at which you guys reproduce, this can't be the first time you've been uncomfortably close to family members doing ugly things. You'd thunk after enough exposure you wouldn't need the brain bleach, anymore. Or at least it wouldn't sting so much.
No. 583743 ID: 9ddf68

well what else is there for you to do if you don't want to hang out with the big guy?
No. 583747 ID: 26941a


Help the huge cow-man adjust to city life.

The last thing you need is an eight foot tall sucker watching your back.
No. 583750 ID: 10e1d3

>How would that even work?

No. 583758 ID: 9ccb59

>I am three foot eight and he is clearly around eight feet tall and four hundred plus pounds
Horses are taller when they stand on their hind legs, and they weigh twice as much, yet five feet tall humanoids have been able to make it fit. And they only die occasionally.
No. 583760 ID: f0a5e4

Wizard science can make it happen. Because reasons.
Seriously there is a goddamn college of wizards in town. And they're wizards. They'd probably do it just to see if they could. I can practically assure you this would not be the first request like this they've received.
But seriously, whaddaya wanna do? Get drunk? Go shopping? Rake the streets for crazy hermits, cryptic bullshit, and plot hooks?
No. 583826 ID: a7868d

Why don't you and the minotaur go do another job board job. Good way to waste some time while those two get it out of their system.
No. 583829 ID: 10e1d3

How long do you suppose they're going to take, anyway? Should we go for a short simple job, like taking care of some outlaw living nearby, or maybe we might want to take a long nation-wide quest?

I mean, there's a LOT they need to get out of their system... you may have a lot of time.
No. 583835 ID: bb78f2

Just the tip
No. 583937 ID: cee89f

Well for starters, you get on top.
No. 583942 ID: 31f47e

Stretchy magic!:D
No. 583958 ID: 37aa84

Well hopefully you haven't been riffling through Rynh's things and happened to peek at a particular book. Anyway you should probably make sure the minotaur isn't getting into trouble while those two settle whatever aggressions they may have.
No. 584005 ID: 7483cf

Just get an easy mission from the board to waste a few hours. Having something to do will make it easier not to think about your brother and Ryhn, making sweet sweet love for those several hours, covered in sweat, grunting, moaning.... like I said, It'll help you not think about it.
No. 584317 ID: fa680a

Rhyn's dad was together with a dragon, compared to that a minotaur isn't that big.
No. 584322 ID: 7fd5be

A small dog may fit himself well into a cave of the giants, yet a massive ox may have some trouble entering a rabbit-burrow.

'Tis hardly a comparable situation.
No. 584324 ID: 529458

...You know there's really only one real response to this.

No. 584511 ID: bb78f2

You know she might now mind that.
Sika, how sexy is Rynh's dad on a scale of 1 to 10?
No. 584773 ID: 2fd516

Go steal shit. Or mock the goblins in jail.
No. 584787 ID: f0a5e4

He does have that whole smoking hot grizzled but amiable veteran thing going on, doesn't he?
No. 588144 ID: 265534
File 140720583358.png - (92.00KB , 664x646 , 198.png )

>various methods of mounting a minotaur
>Rynh's dad humping a dragon
>is Rynh's dad hot?
Ugh... This is a lot to think about before breakfast, but on the other hand, I don't have much of an appetite anymore.

"Are they alright?" Thodren asks, stuffing what looks like most of a whole chicken into his mouth.
"Huh? Oh, yeah. Lots of energy... That's for sure."
"That's good," he mumbles through a full mouth.

>He does have that whole smoking hot grizzled but amiable veteran thing going on, doesn't he?
Oh my god... I do not want to think about whether the guy that would tell us to stop jumping on the couch when we were kids is humpable. Too weird for me. Then if Rynh is my sister because she's with my brother, I'd be her mom for being with her dad, then her dad would be her brother and Jehral would be his own uncle because he'd be his dad's brother...

You know what. I'm not thinking about this anymore.
No. 588146 ID: 2fd516

What about Rynh's brother, the dragon? Then you'd just be double-sisters.

Eat your eggs. Then go out and see the sights around town.
No. 588153 ID: 51d9ee

Hrrm, you normally work out and whatnot right? What kind of excercises do you do?
No. 588154 ID: bb78f2

Ask Thodren if he wants to go out and kill some shit like in a dungeon or something because you got to get stuff out of your head.

You can punch Rynh later for causing all this mental trauma and for putting the possible thought that her dad is hot into your head. She may use your brother as a punching bag but someone should put her in her place and show who's the real alpha of this little group. Your clear dominance has been challenged by her earlier berserk mode and you need to reestablish yours.
But its pretty clear by the fact that your now into her dad because you humored it for a second even longer than Thodren, and the idea of his ass in tight leather armor like he was wearing nothing at all will never leave your head for the next few weeks. Fight and deny it all you want, but it will continue to fester for quite a while until one day, you're completely comfortable with the idea. You're going to see it in every skeleton you bash apart, ever ankle you bite, every evil catgirl you undress. Forever.
It's just so wrong, it's right. That's how it always ends.
Unless you start undressing a lot of catgirls. Then you might develop a catgirl fetish. Those ears, dat tail, that tongue. The meow. That tongue again.

Okay no fuck this shit DUNGEON CRAWL
No. 588167 ID: 9ddf68

damn girl you need to get laid, your brother manages to get some and then your mind just goes all over the place.

Oh and do you guys have any plans on what to do next ooorrrr are you guys just waiting for something to happen? Other then your bother getting some I mean?
No. 588171 ID: f839a9

Fuckit. Find something else to do.
No. 588202 ID: e66b79

Hang out with Theodren for a while. Find something productive to do, like a small job or a dungeon crawl.

You know, no pressure. Nothing special. Just... hanging out.
No. 588203 ID: e66b79

Also that's not how family relations work: you need to add "in-law" to a bunch of them.
No. 588227 ID: 100f65

Something different to think about:
Did any of those books Rynh got on magic make any sense at all to you? Not saying you should sign up for no-pants wizard college, but the burden of being 'the smart one' seems to be on your shoulders.
No. 588268 ID: e6f4c6

Fuck this, you need to get away from your crew until the badness has adequately seeped out of your brain.

Go steal something. Something cool but not ultimately valuable, so you can avoid potential problems with the authorities. You know, just for fun, to get your mind off... nothing.
No. 588684 ID: e6f4c6

Why are you being so uptight about this. It's not like you haven't been watching the two of them flirt since you were all kids. This is just the logical progression.

Just go do something useful.
No. 588833 ID: 265534
File 140760465695.png - (78.87KB , 515x470 , 193.png )

Instead of worrying about what Rynh is doing to my brother, I will think about something else.

I don't think we have time for finding and exploring any dungeons. They can't possibly keep going for that long. You need to dedicate to that kind of thing. Probably a whole week, at least.

>Learn magic
Rynh is the closest thing to a magic user we have and she just spews fire everywhere. I wonder if I could learn magic. You don't hear about a lot of kobold mages, but I could probably pull off one of those skimpy sorceress numbers, right?

It's probably not something you can just start doing on your own, though. This might require further investigation.
No. 588835 ID: 2fd516

Well there IS a magic academy in town.
No. 588836 ID: ef47e2

They could probably check for any innate talent you have for it. I got no idea how magic works in this universe.
No. 588837 ID: a19cbe

>You don't hear about a lot of kobold mages
Poison, darkness, fire, transmutations? The darker sides or charms, hexes, curses, trapmancy? There's all kinds of stuff that's thematically appropriate with the sneaking and trapping and stabbing shit.

>It's probably not something you can just start doing on your own, though
Yeah, you need to be touched by a god, or find a book, or a make item, or awaken your potential, or some bullshit like that.

...hey. Try bugging Rynh's freaky dragon elf bro. He's a dragon who makes himself look like an elf. He must know something about magic shit. And he'll be hiding somewhere nearby to see if crazy people try to kill her again. Go find him and sneak up on him.
No. 588843 ID: 9ddf68

well if you want to just see what your options are for possible spell slinging in the future why not check out the magic academy that you kinda saved a few days ago? I mean you're not doing anything else right now, your group has no plans on what to do after Rynh and your brother finally get out of bed. Don't see why you shouldn't go to the magic academy. If nothing else it will give you something to do.
No. 588848 ID: 100f65

Probably dont hear alot about Kobold mages because they're secretive and cunning.

As for Rynh... she barely had the patience to have a new weapon made for her before she started looking for trouble. If she does pick up any magic, it will likely be about as subtle as the Goblin Incident.

Besides, Rynh is Rynh. If she learns magic, fine. This is you. Learning magic that will help your friends is a big plus, but learning magic that will help Sika isn't exclusive to that.
No. 588853 ID: bb78f2

Hey, you know whats a REALLY awesome school to pair with your skills?
The Illusion school.
Fuck conjury, destruction, or healing (though to be honest healing is pretty bitchin too.)
No. 588855 ID: ec2e47

If you learn magic than you can probably eventually get invisibility. Invisibility is cheating at stealth, and cheating is great.
No. 588978 ID: a37506

Are there any ambitions you've had in life that you haven't gotten around to working toward?
No. 589041 ID: a2f9bc

If by "investigation" you mean "steal a wizard book and try stuff" then I agree.
No. 589064 ID: 3ea81f

Learning magic would probably just take a lot of time, money, and dedication. That's probably the main reasons for why not everyone learns it. I mean sure it would be handy to be a blacksmith, but most people don't bother becoming one, do they?

If you really want to be a cute little sorceress, magician or witch then go for it. It's not like you'd be stepping on Rynh's toes. She'll just learn better ways to blow things up. There's a place for divination, illusions and the more clever magics. You could even create magic stuff and get rich.
No. 589089 ID: 74bf1b

Good idea. Healing and summoning would be nice too.
No. 589151 ID: 53548a

Sure. But first, figure out why your right forearm is so shrunken. You may be under a curse already.
No. 589255 ID: cee89f

NEVER dress like a mage. Mages are extremely important targets in a fight - if you're sporting a huge neon sign that says 'I'M A WIZARD' they'll go for you first. Dress like a rogue.
No. 589311 ID: aff57d


Really. A thief's armor works just as well for reagent pockets.
No. 589781 ID: 265534
File 140825303397.png - (184.94KB , 1002x430 , 199.png )

I will probably keep that in mind, unless I see some mage outfit that looks good on me. Then all bets are off. What's the point if I don't get to wear the silly clothes?

That is so racist. I don't even know where to start with you.

I have no idea how to do that. It might help though. I should go to the school, be the coolest kid. Shove nerds in lockers... with magic. It'll be great.
No. 589782 ID: 4b571b

I dunno. Those guys at the college really didn't seem to know what they were doing. And they still might be miffed about the damage from the fight the last time you guys where there.

I still wanna bother elf-dragon bro.
No. 589789 ID: cee89f

>What's the point if I don't get to wear the silly clothes?
Gaining the power to shoot lightning from your fingers is well worth the trade-off of not painting a bright neon target on yourself.

>That is so racist. I don't even know where to start with you.
Well, do you know where you can acquire one legitimately?
No. 589790 ID: 256d52

Even if the college seemed kinda useless, they'd have primers there. And wizard duds.

Might as well ask Rynh's brother first if you can get a hold of him though. He might have some useful advice.
No. 589809 ID: dc4b80

Rynh made some "friends" with those wizards in the college when she showed them that rock the cultists are after. Maybe you can sweet talk your way into getting lessons from one of them.

If you wait until those two are done boning you could bug Rynh for a introduction. Or you could just go over now and see if you can take advantage of the recent attack to look around.
No. 589811 ID: 2fd516

Go trespass on Academy property.
No. 589952 ID: a2f9bc

It's not a race thing; it's an adventurer thing. Y'all thieves.
No. 590492 ID: cf6380

Awesome. Now we are on our way to getting a legit mage in the party, not just a berserker that can breath fire.
No. 591029 ID: 265534
File 140891882670.png - (115.04KB , 660x620 , 200.png )

After giving Rynh some time to recover from her injuries and making sure there's isn't any naked flailing going on, I inform her of my well thought out and not at all spur of the moment plan to become a wizard or sorcerer or something like that.

After a bit of badgering about the whole deal, we hobble over the academy again and after assuring them we aren't going to wreck up the place again, we can get down to business.
The next semester starts in about a month. I can totally learn some basic stuff before that and then be well on my way to twisting reality to my whim by winter.

"I don't know. This sounds really expensive." Rynh says.

"If she passes aptitude testing, it's twenty-two thousand seta per year." Galaf tells her.
"Okay, yeah. That's pretty expensive." Rynh replies.

"No way, it's an investment. You need a badass wizard-type on your side. I could be a badass wizard." I tell her, "I'll pay you back in no time, once I'm all awesome. Besides, you got my brother. You owe me."

"If I say yes, will you stop pawing at my sore arm and not talk about that in front of other people anymore?" she sighs.

"Deal! Don't worry about a thing. This is clearly the best idea. You just need to survive without me for a while."

"It'll be a challenge, but I guess I'll try."
No. 591030 ID: 2fd516

Sounds good. Time for aptitude testing!
No. 591031 ID: 265534
File 140891923493.png - (207.25KB , 1024x768 , 201.png )

Now that that's settled, Rynh and the others are going to keep going and I'm going to have to buckle down and study, so I can be good enough to get out there again. It kind of sucks, but taking the time to pick up some useful skills is better than tagging along and being a burden.
I finally got my hands on Rynh's magic book. Not a lot of effect just yet, but I'm sure chapter two will yield better results. Just got to keep going until classes start and I start really learning stuff.
The first time I went to that academy was pretty interesting, but I doubt there will be as many explosions next time.
No. 591036 ID: 9ddf68

>I doubt there will be as many explosions next time.

Well it really depends on what type of magic the students learn, how powerful they are, and how much control they got. So don't lose hope yet kid.
No. 591050 ID: 487455

>twenty-two thousand seta per year
>you got my brother. You owe me.
...wait, does this mean you're now effectively whoring your brother out for 22k a pop.

You're not a wizard, you're a pimp!
No. 591072 ID: 5786d8


they both get cool hats, though
No. 591076 ID: c4dc9d

Wizard pimp!
No. 591117 ID: cee89f

The two aren't mutually exclusive
No. 591131 ID: 9dd1ee

Wizard Pimp DOES seem the best carreer path.
No. 591162 ID: 1f8505


If there aren't a lot of explosions, you're not wizarding right.
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