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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 136166010611.png - (4.96KB , 800x600 , 019.png )
495458 No. 495458 ID: 74e4c2

Previous thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/486939.html

You wake up. You don't remember hitting the ground. It's dark here. You don't know how long you've been here. You hear voices.

>You got the wings?
>Yeah, put em in the caravan.
>You remember to tie the bag this time?
>Yes, of course I did.
>Because if we have beasts following us back again, Lady Aradia will have our heads.
>I KNOW that. Everything's good to go.
>...Do we take the boy?
>No need. The bounty stands for the wings, just leave 'im. The jungle will clean up for us.

A shuffling noise through the foliage. A wheeled vehicle rolls away, fades into the distance. All is quiet. Or so it seems at first. You hear various insects calling to each other, birds populate the trees. You are not alone.
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No. 495464 ID: 4a328b

Look around.
No. 495465 ID: 4e84e7

Cant you create light or something?
No. 495473 ID: 14bafe

He can BLOCK or BLIND; I'd say BLOCK is more useful here.

Grab that caravan with your stretchy arms and get your wings back! Before they get away!
No. 495474 ID: 76b151

They took your wings. Show them why you don't steal someones wings.
No. 495481 ID: 447c87

A quest to get back those wings to reattach them?
or more about mourning about the loss...
Or will we be searching for good prosthetics?^^

Choose your path!
No. 495483 ID: 78c6ea

You escaped the Above! Congratulations!

Oh no they took your wings which completely don't work in the thin atmosphere of Hell. What ever shall you do.

There's a bounty on you? Or just on angels that escape in general?
No. 495485 ID: 9ee360

Man, you lost your wings? And you didn't even get to trade it for a nordic god-sword or anything! Lame.

Get up and reclaim your wings, already.
No. 495524 ID: bf54a8

wake up and smell the ashes.
No. 495543 ID: 74e4c2
File 136167984295.png - (15.04KB , 800x600 , 020.png )



You rise up. Your wings have been taken, your body defiled by the unworthy.

You are absolutely fucking livid.

You stand in a clearing in what appears to be a jungle. Strange, exotic flora carpet the surroundings. Colorful fruit and flowers hang from trees. You hear birds singing merrily in the treetops. Strange though, you can't see a single one. You don't see a single living thing.
No. 495546 ID: 76b151

They had a wagon, it's trail should be fairly obvious. Use your extendo arms to swing through the trees. Also watch out for the birds. I think they might be the cleanup crew.
No. 495550 ID: bf54a8

wagon wheels should indeed have left a pair of ruts.
No. 495561 ID: 47a120

Follow wagon trail, use your stretchiness to move FAST.

Is your halo missing? Test your arm stretching and strength before giving chase, we don't want to be surprised. Also examine self for obvious injuries that might need immediate treatment.
No. 495572 ID: 62f448

Congratulations, you're a Fallen now.
If what I think is correct is correct, you should no longer be constrained by the rules of angelic morality. But as a consequence, your former brethren will hunt and revile you until you are eventually tossed into the bowels of Hell.
So, you know, try to have fun with it, and all that...
No. 495586 ID: 9ddf68

see if you can find a trail and get your wings back
No. 495590 ID: 78c6ea


There's nothing wrong with falling. The air was too thin and dry! Plus you were defending your friend, even if she set you up. You only need to worry about getting punished, when you actually do something wrong. No reason to throw away your morals just because you took a little tumble! Fortunately those morals don't constrain you from eviscerating the guys who dewinged you. But you can totally still be nice to people who aren't actually trying to cut you apart and sell the pieces.
No. 495593 ID: 47a120

No. 495650 ID: 62f448

True, as long as you constrain your fury to those who deserve justice.

Who knows, maybe if you do enough good, you can rise again?
No. 495679 ID: 74e4c2
File 136171683956.png - (28.43KB , 800x600 , 021.png )

The jungle growth here seems TOO CLOSE FOR SWINGING. Luckily there is a clear path to your left.

Your missing wings seem to be your only injury. The nubs where they were appear to be cauterized by some sort of heated blade, so there is no immediate danger of bleeding out. Your HALO is still there.
No. 495684 ID: 9ddf68

tracks to your left, go go go. It's time to get your wings back.
No. 495691 ID: a31717

Pursue your assailants.

...if you recover your wings, is there a way to reattach them? Is this a mission of reclamation, or vengeance?
No. 495710 ID: 47a120

You don't have to swing to go super fast. Your hands extend and retract and are super strong. Lift yourself in the air with your hands extended far and use them to "walk" rapidly (the speed is mostly determined by the length of the limb used for walking).
You can further accelerate it by grabbing something sold and shortening hand (pulling self towards it) or bracing against the grown and extending (pushing yourself)
No. 495722 ID: bf54a8

basically gorilla walk with super long arms.

anyway even if you can't stick your wings back on just getting them back would be nice. but. you should instead follow them, they are going to find someone that BUYS angel wings. he would be the far far worse monster in this.
No. 496406 ID: 74e4c2
File 136192412048.png - (31.79KB , 800x600 , 022.png )

You launch yourself through the undergrowth like a missile, tearing through the jungle like you owned it.
No. 496407 ID: 74e4c2
File 136192418686.png - (18.99KB , 800x600 , 023.png )

No. 496408 ID: 74e4c2
File 136192422466.png - (24.01KB , 800x600 , 024.png )

No. 496419 ID: 4a328b

ok try just running or something next time
No. 496421 ID: 9ddf68

or just jogging, you don't want to be tired by the time you reach the guys who took your wings
No. 496422 ID: 2accaa

next time try DODGE THE SPEAR OH GODing
No. 496423 ID: 47a120

Ok, go slower.
No. 496430 ID: 454447

Maybe try that a little higher up.
No. 496432 ID: 76b151

Return to sender.
No. 496443 ID: f2c20c

Trace the spear back to its source.
No. 496454 ID: 47a120

I looked really really closely... I am sure this is a branch and not a spear.
No. 496463 ID: d6ef5d

Turn to your right and see who through that thing right in front of you.
No. 496468 ID: bf54a8

take spear and look around for assailant.
No. 496470 ID: 74e4c2
File 136193778846.png - (24.66KB , 800x600 , 025.png )

You yank the harpoon from the tree trunk, and look to your left.
No. 496471 ID: 4a328b

Throw it back. Hard.
No. 496474 ID: bf54a8

throw it, then have your fist follow it. when they dodge the spear you can punch them.
No. 496489 ID: f2c20c

I bet you could throw a harpoon REALLY fast via extendo-arming it.
No. 496519 ID: 47a120

why throw? Extendo arm and STAB. That way you are less likely to miss.
Although we might try to just extendo arm and hold it to his neck first to question him before resorting to execution.
No. 498315 ID: 65ddc7

Fuck it, throw the spear back, then take off back after your wings. Hopefuly it will duck away giving you time you speed off back on the trail to your wings.

We don't have the time to be dealing with the locals.
No. 498346 ID: 74e4c2
File 136261015257.png - (48.52KB , 800x1200 , 026.png )

You return to sender.

The spear is flung through the jungle like a missile, tearing through leaf and fern.

You miss.

You don't think this is a local.

It disappears back into the trees.
No. 498347 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Cylosis, mebee?
No. 498351 ID: 76b151

No time to waste chasing this guy around the jungle. Proceed after that wagon!

DO keep an eye out for further ambushes though.
No. 498353 ID: 001618

We want our wings back not to deal with some bozo with a spear gun. I say ignore him for now unless he keeps being an ass. just make sure to watch your back as I'm sure having a harpoon shoot up you bum will not help you in the slightest.
No. 498365 ID: 47a120

The guy either shot us and missed or fired a warning shot, either way turning your back on him could be unwise.

I would say be prepared for a fight but try to talk, maybe it was really a warning shot. "Why did you shoot your spear at me?"
No. 500072 ID: 74e4c2
File 136331387777.png - (57.88KB , 800x1200 , 027.png )

The figure rushes out of the growth beside you and attempts to gut you with his gun. A frantic fight fractures the fragile forestscape.

The two of you seem fairly evenly matched. How should you end this?
No. 500075 ID: d6ef5d

Oh yeah, that's a Cylosian for sure. Artificial being, wears a metal helmet. As I recall, they're vulnerable to shifts in temperature. There a stream or something you could dunk him in?
No. 500078 ID: bf54a8

another solar flare should do it.
No. 500079 ID: 9ddf68

you could grab his leg and start beating him against things
No. 500094 ID: 2a8a2a

Grab his leg and use his momentum from that rocket jump to swing him into a tree or the ground.
No. 500102 ID: 49e805

BLIND him and then smash his face in.
No. 501073 ID: 74e4c2
File 136370664405.png - (14.84KB , 800x600 , 028.png )

The assassin speaks up.
>You think you can fight? Run? No. You have nothing.

You swing another punch at him, dodging a thrust from a combat knife.

>The Blood Hunters control the jungle! There is no prey we cannot take down.

His voice is heavily modified, grating. You don't see a face moving under the wraps, and that disconcerts you incredibly. Another stab. Another dodge.

>I know what you are. I saw what Her agents took from you. You are a False Angel, and you Fell. But if you think you can just come down here and take what is ours you are gravely mistaken!

He takes an unfired harpoon from his quiver and slashes it at you, nicking you in the shoulder. He's fast, but repeated solar flares keep him off balance.

>Even SHE, the TRUE Angel, will be naught but a trophy on the Hunter's Wall! Give up, boy. You lost before you even started.

He shoots out of the jungle, riding a bolt of green lightning. You grab his boot and use his momentum to swing him violently into a tree.

It doesn't appear that he is dead, but he isn't moving.
No. 501079 ID: d6ef5d

>His voice is heavily modified, grating. You don't see a face moving under the wraps, and that disconcerts you incredibly.
That's because he's wearing a full head encasing helmet under those wraps, complete with speaker.

>It doesn't appear that he is dead, but he isn't moving.
Don't trust that he isn't faking. Carefully make sure he's actually out of it, then disarm him and tie him up. Use his own wraps and clothes, if you have to.
No. 501089 ID: 9ddf68

hit him hard in the face to make sure he's out then loot his body for weapons and get back to following those two bozos that took your wings. we have wasted to much time here already. Just don't try and kill him, he's not worth it.
No. 501091 ID: 78c6ea

As you leave him tied to a tree with his own wrappings with his gun slung over your shoulder, mention you wouldn't have taken what is his if he hadn't shot it at you.
No. 501092 ID: d6ef5d

Full head metal helmet. Punching him in the face isn't exactly a sure fire knockout.

And this guy knows stuff. I'd rather interrogate him than running off half coked again.
No. 501102 ID: bf54a8

completely disarm and use their own stuff to restrain. remove protective items as well. after they wake up say "i only wanted what is mine, my wings, and then to go home."
No. 504023 ID: 74e4c2
File 136517545394.png - (18.77KB , 800x600 , 029.png )

You strip the hunter of anything useful and secure him to a tree trunk.


>1 broken harpoon gun
>4 intact harpoons
>1 quiver
>1 coin purse (12 silver, 3 gold)
>1 combat knife
>1 compass
>1 first aid kit, all parts accounted for
No. 504024 ID: 9ddf68

hot damn you finally got a shirt (or close enough) and some other nice gear as well, now that this ass hat is dealt with lets go find that trail with the two clowns that took our wings before it grows cold.
No. 504025 ID: d6ef5d

Local currency and first aid kits are always useful. (Although would a kit designed for his artificial 'biology' be any good for yours?). And a knife and compass are also great thing to have.

The mantel will cover up the broken stumps of your wings if you want to hide what you are (although, the halo is still a problem).

Anyways, discard the broken gun, quiver the harpoon, equip the mantel and quiver, and stow the rest of the gear on your person as best you can.

Then, if the prisoner has awakened, it's interrogation time. He knows about the men who took your wings, and the forces in play in this world. We need that information.
No. 504040 ID: 3e2b13

I say we kill him. What has he done that makes us think he's worth keeping alive?
No. 504049 ID: 76b151

Right, that was a waste of time. Lets go get back our wings.
No. 504109 ID: 47a120

Kill him, equip/wear everything you looted off of him. Resume chase
No. 504112 ID: af8414

You've got him tied up, you can take the stuff and keep going now.
No. 504175 ID: bf54a8

killing someone in a fight is WAY different then just leaving someone to die. do not do that.
No. 504254 ID: 47a120

Are you saying we should untie him before we leave?
No. 504258 ID: bf54a8

yes. may still hate us. but if he has any honor what so ever he would give up on hunting us. we were in the perfect position to kill hm for attacking us, but we spared him.
No. 504287 ID: 91c1b3

Leave him tied up and alive. If the blood hunters are competent then they will find him before he is harmed.
No. 504335 ID: 47a120

1. He doesn't seem to have any honor to me.
2. He is a murderer, he wants to murder angels and mount their heads on the wall as trophies. Even if he leaves us personally alone (extremely doubtful) he is still a murderous scumbag... think of the angel children!
No. 504336 ID: 76b151

hes better off dead imo.
No. 504337 ID: d6ef5d

>kill him
>release him
Guys, neither of those things are things you do to prisoners before interrogating them.

You heard him taunting us before. He knows things. About another angel down here, about the hunters. That's information we need. We make him talk before anything else.
No. 504339 ID: 62f448

Yes! Interrogate him first. Ask him who he is, who he's working for and what he wants with you. If he doesn't comply, threaten to hurt him. If he continues to not comply, DO hurt him. Then kill him when you're done with him.
No. 504344 ID: 76b151

Remember we are chasing after our wings. We can interrogate the guys who cut them OFF!
No. 504348 ID: 47a120

exactly, time is of the essence.
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