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File 136040873797.jpg - (0.98MB , 959x959 , Cover.jpg )
491597 No. 491597 ID: cb9314

Open your eyes.
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No. 491598 ID: cb9314
File 136040944207.jpg - (1.76MB , 1575x1738 , Panel2.jpg )

You feel for the first time, the feeling of clothes tacked around your body, the silicone rubber of a gas mask pushing against your face as you take your first breath, fogging the bottom part of the mask's glass.

"Too tight," are your first thoughts.

But you remain motionless. It takes you a moment to process everything, your vision seeming blurry, your eyes having that small sensetion of tingling, yet you don't blink. You don't want to close your eyes, you are thinking.

It takes you a moment to ponder the obvious.
No. 491600 ID: cb9314
File 136040959161.jpg - (705.77KB , 720x1440 , Panel1.jpg )

"Wait, where the fuck am I?"
No. 491601 ID: 256d52

Better look around to see if you can get any clue and check your pockets. See if you've got a key to one of those lockers or anything like that.
No. 491602 ID: f2c20c

Almost looks like a locker room. Look around slowly.
No. 491603 ID: cb9314
File 136041051574.jpg - (528.18KB , 1365x778 , Panel4.jpg )

>You take a look around the room

You are standing close to the middle of a clear white room, the walls surrounding you filled with what seem to be lockers, covering every centimeter of the walls around you.

Taking a look at them you make the genius deduction that there are 28 of these room.
No. 491604 ID: 1144fb

Verify each locker to see if any of them are open, but don't actually open any of them. Ponder about what the numbers represent, and try to remember anything relevant.
No. 491608 ID: d39331

examine self. including pockets and any other places in which you may have stuff.
No. 491609 ID: f2c20c

6 on two walls, 8 on the other two? No door?

Looks like we'd better start trying to open random ones then. Try number 1 first. Keep going to 5, then skip to 15 and go to 20.
No. 491620 ID: 66ff59

lets take stack here first.
i suppose you don't know your name?
long hair, so female?
what's our inventory?
any indication if the gas mask even has a filter?
No. 491621 ID: 9200dd

It's all a lie. Take the mask off! (Muah ha ha, shortest thread ever?)
No. 491627 ID: beeca1

Nah, that'd be dildoquest before it got deleted.
No. 491629 ID: 4a328b

The answer is FEBRUARY

Open the ninth door
No. 491637 ID: a7824f

Check your pockets! Since you seem to have only gained awareness a few moments ago, it might be hard to discern what's in them, compared to the coat itself.
No. 491638 ID: 908c2d

Seems as good an answer as any. Let's check door number 9.

Forcibly consigned to the graveyard, you mean. You can still view it in its aborted glory.
No. 491652 ID: cb9314
File 136043929948.jpg - (395.87KB , 1134x734 , T8YpLOR.jpg )


You close in one of the 9th locker, your hand grasping around the handle to pull it. You try to gently open the locker door, but the door won't open. You try again with force, but the door still won't open. Two minutes and several tries later you put your mind to work and come to this conclusion.

"The door must be locked."

You give up on that door and try to find one that can open. You are met with disappointing, as all of the locker doors appear to be locked too. As you take a another look around the room, you assume that this also means you are trapped in here, as there are no doors or windows which you can exit the room. That, and you also note that the rooms appears to be well-lit, yet there are not light sources to be found.

"Weird," your thoughts peak.
No. 491653 ID: 76b151

Check self for keys. If none, look for keys on the floor.
No. 491654 ID: 0b214d


Check your pockets and also check if there is hollow space under each of the floor tiles by stomping.
No. 491655 ID: 370c40

Why does locker 26 have a 7 scribbled over the 6? Open that one?
No. 491656 ID: cb9314
File 136044012828.jpg - (600.17KB , 878x962 , Panel7.jpg )


After your failed attempts to open the doors, you remember that your memory doesn't go beyond the point where you appeared in the room. This is slightly worrying to you, as this may lead to existential dialogues with yourself that may end up killing you faster then the hunger will.

You start to sweat a little at that thought, as you also notice that the gas mask, while not uncomfortable, is sort of blocking the access from your face to the environment. At that, you decide to take it off.

You place your on the back of the gas mask and attempt to pull it out.

To your surprise, the gas mask does not come off, which leads you to apply more force. When that doesn't work either, you try to feel around your head and your (magnificent) hair for any way to remove the gas mask.

You quickly note that the gas mask seems to be connected to some weird ring on the back of your head that won't come off. A little feeling around your neck makes you realize that it also seems to be sewed to your main jacket too, making any attempts to remove it futile. It seems that who made the clothes really didn't want you to remove the gas mask.

"Fucking fashion designers," you let off.
No. 491659 ID: 66ff59

>which leads you to apply more force
i'm starting to think that maybe you are just weak.
No. 491660 ID: cb9314
File 136044328847.jpg - (507.56KB , 800x1273 , panel3.jpg )


Your previous tantrum with the gas mask leads you to examine the rest of your body. On your chest there is this ring thing with straps that wrap around your whole body. There doesn't seem to be a visible way to remove the straps or the ring, ans while you are at it, you also notice that the zipper too has been sewed, making the unzipping of the jacket impossible.

"Hope the pants aren't sewed too. How will I got to the toilet then;" you say to yourself.

But your eye catches something on the front. Beneath the ring near the stomach, there appear to be pockets, and where there are pockets, that also mean that there is stuff inside said pockets.

You open both pockets, thank goodness that those weren't sewed too and proceed to search for anything inside, preferably a key.
No. 491667 ID: 908c2d

>can't pull doors open
...I don't suppose you tried pushing any of them?

>Hope pants aren't sewn on
Honestly, the mask is a bigger problem. Not being able to eat or drink is not a workable situation for very long.

So... what's it got in its pockets-es?
No. 491669 ID: f0c265
File 136044794743.jpg - (2.02MB , 3324x2052 , Rulespanel.jpg )


You search is fruitful. Inside your pocket there seems to be an envelope, taking as much space as your whole pocket.

You remove the envelope and take a good look at it. Its sealed with red wax, on it written

"Rules of the Game"

You carefully remove the candle wax and open the envelope, wishing to see whats inside it. The firs thing you pull out is a paper, white as snow and folded thrice.

You bring the paper close to your gas mask and begin reading.

>Rules of the Game
>1. Do /not/ under /any/ circumstance remove the gas mask. In case of unmasking, seek death immediately.
>2. Follow the conditions given for each trial without any error.
>2. The locker room is the start, but it is also the end.
>Behind each locker lay the trials. For each trial you succeed, you shall be given one of the █████ ██ ██████████. For each trial you fail, you will be denied one of the █████. Complete and/or Fail all of them, and the final ███████ will begin.
>1. Open door
>2. Take tools, arms and the conditions of success or failure.
>3. Equip, step into said locker, close the door. Wait two minutes, open it again.
>The trial has begun.
>Conditions of failure and success will vary,
>Death /is not/ final
>██████████ ███████
No. 491671 ID: f0c265
File 136044868738.jpg - (390.22KB , 732x1048 , panel6.jpg )


Reaching the final line, you are confused by its placement. "Key" it says. The thought passes that maybe the key is somewhere around here, maybe hidden in some corner, or maybe you have to solve some super complex puzzle that will test your thinking and your mental skill before you can even start the trials.

Then you decide to look at the envelope, and quickly find a white key inside of it.

You hold the white key up to your gas mask. "One use" it says on the side. It also feels metallic. Not sure how it will be 'one use', unless the door eats it or something.

You go back searching your pockets, only to find you are empty pocketed. The only thing that you had with you the whole time was the envelope.

You gather all of your items and put them into your pockets.

Your current items are: A red seal made out of wax, A paper envelope, A white Metal key
No. 491673 ID: 78c6ea

Use the key to unlock your gas mask.
No. 491674 ID: f2c20c

Before we open a door, take a close look at the wax seal. What is the design on it?
No. 491676 ID: 908c2d

Okay, that really should have been upload at a much smaller resolution.

>one use key?
Someone put you here after completely wiping your memories- or created you on the spot. I wouldn't doubt they could rig up a system to break or otherwise render inoperative your key after use.

Well, let's start with door number 1.
No. 491680 ID: 7a0b44

try to unlock the gas mask.
No. 491681 ID: f2c20c

Do not try to take off your mask.
No. 491682 ID: 84b8a7

Examine the symbol of the wax seal, perhaps it'll jog a memory loose or be relevant in some fashion.

I agree with door 1 being the door we should try first without further information.
No. 491812 ID: eaf2f5

I bet opening door number 1 first is what whoever placed us here is expecting us to do. We must trick them by opening door number seven, lucky seven!
No. 491815 ID: 4a328b

Door #10
No. 491837 ID: b33427

rolled 13 = 13

Leave the choice to a roll of the die, so none may predict where you may go.

What is the design on that wax seal? Anything of note, or just blank?

The locks are probably designed to jam once unlocked, and trap the key in them. That's how the key is "one use." Do break the key's head off after the locker is unlocked, though. That way when you come back to this place, you can check that lock to know if it's actually the same place you were before.

You don't have a wristwatch to count down the two minutes after you step into the locker, do you? Guess you'll have to count down the seconds yourself, unless a timepiece is provide. Err on the side of too many seconds, just to be sure.
No. 491866 ID: c48ff8
File 136054225463.jpg - (391.70KB , 841x826 , Scan_Pic0001.jpg )


You take a look at the red piece of wax. Its red and it feels like wax should.

Nothing special about it, except of the design, which depending on how it was placed, probably is an E.
No. 491867 ID: 76b151

Or a 3. I vote we go through door 3.
No. 491870 ID: c48ff8
File 136054256358.jpg - (508.57KB , 904x1230 , Untitled-1.jpg )

Putting the wax on your pockets, you take a look around and try to decide which door you should open. You are at first just pulling numbers out of your ass at random.

Your thoughts are interrupted for a moment as you now realize that the dumbass who wrote the numbers did a really shitty job at it.
No. 491871 ID: 4a328b

Open the door on the left, 26/7
No. 491875 ID: c48ff8
File 136054305993.jpg - (339.08KB , 752x1190 , Scan_Pic0002.jpg )


Going back at to the doors, you first think it would be a good choice to start from locker door number 1, a just to do this from in the beginning. You discard that thought through after thinking. There's no point in trying to choose, all the doors look the same, no way of finding a way to which door you will go.

So you decide to think a random number.

"Hmmm... 13," you say to yourself, as you move closer to locker door number 13 and pull out your key.

>Your current items are: A red seal made out of wax, A paper envelope, A white Metal key
No. 491967 ID: 78c6ea

The key hole is on your left you useless fuckin mong.
No. 491970 ID: 4a328b

no open door 26/7
do it
No. 491976 ID: f2c20c

Do it.
No. 491981 ID: baa530

Go ahead.
Also jiggle the key and twist both ways, for peat's sake.
No. 491985 ID: 3d4a0a

Do it.
13 is your friend.
No. 492052 ID: 0f2b90
File 136062923335.jpg - (576.77KB , 697x1225 , Scan_Pic0002.jpg )

"Fuck it," you say, as you insert the key to the locker. There's no turning back point now. You will just have to deal with whats on the other side.

Thus, the 13th Trial begins, with the the sound of a locker door opening.
No. 492053 ID: 0f2b90
File 136062945863.jpg - (674.91KB , 922x1016 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )

To your great misfortune and stupidity (mostly stupidity), you pull the key from the door in the slight chance that you may be able to turn the one use key into a two use key.

Turns out that crank sound from when you opened the door wasn't for nothing. The blue key has now broken in half, leaving you with half of a broken key.

"This is useless now." You conclude as you discard the key beneath the door, keeping it in memory of course.

Once you discard the key, you face and open the locker door.
No. 492054 ID: 0f2b90
File 136062957884.jpg - (192.46KB , 586x1192 , Untitled-3.jpg )

Opening the door, you are met with what seems to be an almost empty locker room. There seems to be something hung from the inside of the locker's space. There also seems to be quite a few stuff on the bottom of the locker door.

>Your current items are: A red seal made out of wax, A paper envelope,
No. 492055 ID: 908c2d

Investigate said junk. You probably need it for the trial.
No. 492056 ID: 2f4b71

Get ye flask.
No. 492089 ID: 5aa752

Follow the instructions on that note. Step in there, gather your stuff, and read any further instructions.
No. 492108 ID: f2c20c

Follow your instructions.
No. 492244 ID: f4b51f

l stuff
No. 492247 ID: fe1755
File 136068079773.jpg - (347.60KB , 1179x863 , Untitled-56.jpg )


You pick up the following items from the locker:

>One envelope
>One handgun with one clip in it
>Two clips for the aforementioned handgun
>One medium sized pouch
>A filter for the gas mask
>A High Explosives Grenade
>One Esko Energy Bar (for those emergency snack eating sessions).
No. 492252 ID: 32fdcc

A gun... do you know how to use it? Check the envelope, it must contain more information about the trial for sure.
No. 492253 ID: 76b151


Then enter locker and close door. Count down 120 seconds then exit.
No. 492259 ID: 908c2d

First things first, tear open and read what's in the envelope.

>emergency snack
But how... you've got a gasmask bolted to your face!
No. 492260 ID: eaf2f5

Check if there is anything inside the pouch or are we just supposed to use it to carry all this stuff.
No. 492262 ID: f2c20c

Keep in mind if you meet any other humans outfitted like you, they will have been given the same supplies.

How many bullets in the pistol, and how many bullets per magazine? Be sure to open the envelope and read what's in there.
No. 492264 ID: f4b51f

open envelope

read letter

equip gun

load gun

wear pouch


maybe it's a suppository ration.
No. 492268 ID: a7824f

nobody said he had to be the one to eat it. Could be used to help some poor hungry soul, or as bait.
No. 492270 ID: 55deae
File 136069064690.jpg - (552.52KB , 1110x998 , Untitled-1.jpg )


You first decide to check the envelope. It was stuck between a small strap that the gas mask filter had. The gas mask filter coincidentally is a Mark 1, and it provides protection against P1. You are not sure what that means, so you decide to check the envelope.

The envelope almost looks the same, with exception to the size. The paper has the same feel to the last one, and it is sealed with the same red wax.

Opening it, you see a small letter inside of it. Sadly, there is no one use key, regardless of how hard you try to search. At that, you pull the letter and bring it up in front of your gas mask. The letter has two paragraphs of text, both written in a different way, one appearing to be handwritten, the other one looking like it game from a computer or a typewriter.

>To whom it may concern
>Aw, what wonder are the gates that take us from this world to another, what splendor makes us prepare to meet the Lord that has cast them. But those stones are cursed, they have broken the gates of brass and iron, they taken it down and hid it between false gates and terrors
>Go through the doors, cut through the falseness and thievery, find the real gate and bring salvation forth. But beware, open the wrong gate, and you will have to put arms against the great evils behind the false gates.
>Thus I say to you, savior, open them and may the lord's will be with you.

Beneath this, you find the other paragraph.

>.45 ACP Handgun with two clips 8-round clips. Holds 8 rounds. Kills living things.
>MARK-1 Gas Mask Filter P1. Protects against Particles.
>HIGH EXPLOSIVE Grenade. Explodes.
>Medium sized pouch. Hold items.
>Esko Energy Bar. For those emergency snack eating sessions. To consume, unscrew the gas cap left to your gas filter, insert, and using your finger(s), push to your mouth. Warning: unscrewing the gas cap will make force you to make contact to the outside world. It is recommended you eat quickly and efficiently.

Well, at least you now have something to eat.

>You have: A Mark 1 Gas Filter, A .45ACP Handgun with two clips, A medium sized pouch, A high explosive grenade, two paper envelopes, two red wax seals, A "Esko Energy Bar" for those emergency snack eating sessions.
No. 492271 ID: 908c2d

Alright. So... pocket the goods. Put the handgun and the grenade in separate pockets where you can draw them easily and quickly, if needed. Equip the filter. Then do as the first letter said and get inside the locker.

Alright, sounds like we just have to open the right gate to complete this trial. There will be monsters and things behind the wrong ones.
No. 492272 ID: 76b151

Right the objective is to find the 'true' gate amongst monsters and false ones. We'll know it for Brass and Iron construction. We might have to reassemble it as well b\c of the 'broken' reference. The failure is probably death or passing through a false gate.

Alright lets get prepped.

Eat now. You'll need the energy for later and you don't know when you'll have time to do so while in the trial. (Unless your feeling full right now, then its meant for later on.)

Put the gun so its easily accessable. (In the straps maybe) as well as make sure both clips be be reached quickly. (pockets or straps.

Eaverything else should go into your pouch or pockets. Secure the pouch around the straps or waist.

Then lets head on in.
No. 492279 ID: ccb2c1

I'd put the filter on now, if I were you. You probably won't have much warning, when the time comes that you do need it.

Anyway, look around. What can you see?
No. 492286 ID: 55deae
File 136069621022.jpg - (536.53KB , 826x1427 , Scan_Pic0001.jpg )


You stand still, thoughts flying around as to what you should do. Seems to you that the task is to find the correct gate, maybe fight some "they" whoever the flying hell they are.

"The gate's probably Iron and Bronze," you muse "reconstructed after it was broken,"

Seems to you that this will be easier then thought. You put all of your stuff in the pouch. Not going to waste the Esko Energy Bar, after all its not an emergency. After you are done putting all the items in the pouch, you decide to put the .45ACP handgun and the clips in your jacket's pocket. They will be easier to quick draw that way.

Enough bickering, its time to do this.
No. 492287 ID: 908c2d

Alright then. Time to shove yourself in the locker, since there are no bullies to do it for you.
No. 492317 ID: f2c20c

Step in and do the 120 seconds thing.
No. 492332 ID: 9afb49

Get the grenade in an easily accessible pocket and go search for the door.

Also I'd recommend putting the filter on, because if they bothered putting a mask in you, then there's probably something really bad in the air.

Find out if there's a way to take your gloves off for easier handling of things.
No. 492379 ID: 4a76c5


If the rest of the suit is any clue the gloves are probably sewn on tight, but who knows.

If the gloves do come off, hope you had your tetanus shot. At least whatever it is that's (supposedly) contaminating the place isn't dangerous on contact, or else your head would have been fully hooded.

And yeah, you might (quickly) check the condition of your current filter, or ensure there actually is one.

also they're called magazines Go get 'em, champ!
No. 492543 ID: 71a9a6
File 136079610147.jpg - (764.60KB , 803x1315 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )

Just before you step into the locker room you pull out the gas mask filter and screw it in on the front of your gas mask. Better do it in a safe place now after all.
No. 492550 ID: e36926


What the fuck is even going on in this filename.

Also, is it dark in there? I don't recall you finding a flashlight.
No. 492556 ID: 9ee360

According to google translate, it's Greek for scan. :V

Now c'mon, get to the trial already.
No. 492816 ID: 71a9a6
File 136083801303.jpg - (3.25MB , 1757x2962 , Σάρωση0002.jpg )


You step in, and just before you close the door you take your final look at the room around you. You seem a little nervous at first, sweat beginning to form again on your face, then again it could the gas mask. But you don't want to think about that now.

You close the door and then start counting.
No. 492817 ID: 71a9a6
File 136083815931.jpg - (367.58KB , 379x932 , Untitled-1.jpg )

And now, you wait.
No. 492818 ID: 4a76c5


I think I saw this one in a Sotheby's auction.
No. 492832 ID: e155e0

120 seconds are like way over.
No. 492844 ID: dc0f7a

inb4 the room changes
No. 493077 ID: f2c20c

Get your gun at the ready for when you open the door. Listen at the door briefly before you open it, and do so slowly while peering out.

We want to be careful because we're opening the door into a completely unknown and potentially hostile situation.
No. 493080 ID: 43be96
File 136092854967.jpg - (0.97MB , 890x1074 , Untitled-1.jpg )

Once you closer the door, you start counting, 120 seconds. It feels weird at first, maybe the nervousness has finally gotten you. You think of pulling the gun out and maybe trying to hear if anything is happening outside. But even through you try, the only thing you hear if the beat of your own heart.

100 seconds to go.
No. 493082 ID: 76b151

If you don't feel paticularily hot that might not be sweat. It might be why you are wearing the gasmask in the first place.
No. 493083 ID: 43be96
File 136092877961.jpg - (919.28KB , 641x1693 , Σάρωση0002.jpg )

The sweat seems to have started again, this time so much that you can feel it between your clothes, a small odor of it leaking into the gas mask. Makes you wish that they had given you a deodorant too.

80 seconds to go.
No. 493084 ID: 43be96
File 136092890778.jpg - (0.98MB , 655x1623 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )

The only thing you can do now is close your eyes and hit the wall. Maybe its the gas mask, you try to rationalize, but this weird feeling won't lave your body. You continue counting, not wanting to miss your mark.

50 seconds to go.
No. 493085 ID: 43be96
File 136092898169.jpg - (1.53MB , 725x1319 , Σάρωση0003.jpg )

And now you just feel weird.

10 seconds to go.
No. 493198 ID: f2c20c

That's quite a change. NOW we can prepare to open the door, but make sure those 10 seconds are up first.
No. 494179 ID: 501d47
File 136122269780.jpg - (640.32KB , 778x1520 , Untitle21.jpg )

0 seconds

Ok, break's over, time to kick ass.

You cautiously open the locker door and try to peek outside.
No. 494194 ID: 4a328b


Need more information here.
No. 494846 ID: dfd0a7
File 136148376930.jpg - (313.94KB , 1051x683 , Σ21.jpg )

Taking a good peak out of the locker door, you see a moderately lit room.

There seems to be some sort of bright lighting coming from those entrances, and there seem to be scribbles on the wall.

What do?
No. 494849 ID: 9ee360

Read scribbles!
No. 494852 ID: dfd0a7
File 136148528079.jpg - (829.73KB , 1973x736 , Σάρωση0002.jpg )


You walk around and check on of the walls.

It is full of scribbles of people talking and replying to each other.
No. 494853 ID: 4a328b

I guess this is the "message board" room. It's saying not to open door #1, soooo good thing you didn't?

See if you can get someone to respond to you. Write "Hello?" on a wall
No. 494857 ID: b6178d

Don't be tard, of course they can't respond. Instead, think of a nickname to use for your own scribbles!

Maybe 'Nepenthe', since it's a mythical drink that makes you forget sad things. Who knows, maybe you really did drink it?

Anyway, how about scribbling "Forgot why I'm here, how I got here. Parts of the game rules explanation have been scrawled over. Could anyone in the know leave a few clues or an explanation about this game?"
No. 494870 ID: eaf2f5

Take a look through the and see what lies beyond, also keep in mind:

"Go through the doors, cut through the falseness and thievery, find the real gate"

So im not sure how much i would trust any of the written text.
No. 494921 ID: 35edd4

Now the other wall.
No. 494928 ID: f2c20c

It looks like there was something written on this wall then overwritten. See the very left bit of it? Some text is suddenly cut off.

Can you try feeling the wall to see if there's a seam or covering or something?
No. 495228 ID: 78c6ea

Why don't you try leaving a message?
No. 495714 ID: e7f247
File 136173581884.jpg - (653.71KB , 1667x912 , Σάρωση0004.jpg )

You wander into the opposite side of the room, to the other wall, and begin reading.

Seems to you that whoever passed through here had some questions like yours. You read the scribbles on the wall, helping you in anyway way they can.

The wall next to this one has most of its contents censored by black bars, done by markers it seems. The responses to that seem to be censored as well. Too bad, it could have helped.
No. 495736 ID: eaf2f5

Ok monsters, stuff, double meanings yada yada yada got it.
Write YOLO on the wall and rush outside towards adventure!
No. 495737 ID: e7f247
File 136173954363.jpg - (393.49KB , 885x1152 , Σάρ2411.jpg )


You write YOLO on the wall (off panel of course) with your non existent marker.

Its time to do this.
No. 495746 ID: 2343b3


No. 495748 ID: e7f247
File 136174158590.jpg - (1.62MB , 1145x1449 , 145.jpg )

Before you stands a hallway, very well lit, the architecture stunning you with its complexity as light bounces of the marble walls and floor.

It's big. Very big. In, fact, you have no idea how this hallway was made, finally noticing that the hallway expands beyond even your horizon.

Symbols liter the marble tiles and the walls, the first on that greets you being that of an eye with some sort of formless mass extending like tentacles from its sides.

On the other side, a statue of what looks like a female warrior faces the eye-octopus thing.

"That's nice," you think.

You also notice light coming from an entrance from beneath the eye-statue. In fact, there seem to be similar entrances off in the distance.

What do?
No. 495751 ID: a19d72

walk down the hallway to find more art to admire
No. 495752 ID: d87442

What does the plaque below the warrior's statue read? If it reads anything at all.
No. 495753 ID: eaf2f5

Wow thats... thats something alright.
Looks like some kind of museum for giants.

Start investigating! Check out that suspicious shadow in the entrance under the eye statue, also look at those hieroglyphs.
If the shadow was only a trick of the light and the hieroglyphs were uninteresting go read that plaque below the hunter goddess statue.
No. 495754 ID: 2343b3


No. 495778 ID: 47a120

This warning is clearly for world gate #1 found in this here trial 13; Not for trial #1.

Well, there is a door that says 98, if the advice on the wall is to be believed #600+ are easier and a good place to grind equipment drops.
Is the door you just came out of numbered?
No. 495834 ID: 35edd4

There's some indication that there are horrible tentacled things around, so let's not go in the door under the state of the horrible tentacled thing.
No. 496008 ID: e7f247
File 136182030519.jpg - (675.14KB , 651x1476 , 341.jpg )


You try to take a small look underneath the eye-octapus, but you are too short to do that. The plate near the wall says 1 - 25, through you almost mistake the 25 for a 98.

Your eyes gaze off through, drawing them to the big statue of the armor clad warrior. Underneath her there is a marble plate that reads

"Let her arms guide you."
No. 496011 ID: eaf2f5

Well that is pretty vague alright.

The scribbles on the wall said that we should tackle the easier gates first, so i guess you should carefully head down the hallway and look for 600 or higher gates.
No. 496012 ID: a31717

So... one arm is hold the spear. And the other is behind her. And if we consider her "arms" instead, the spear is pointing upwards.

No idea how we're supposed to interpret that.
No. 496013 ID: 2343b3


Look where the spear is pointing.
No. 496030 ID: f2c20c

Look behind the statue.
No. 496043 ID: de590a

it's probably her spear, but check to see if her butt-scratching hand indicates she's hiding something in her butt nevertheless.
No. 496159 ID: 47a120

yes, this
No. 496306 ID: b2e6de
File 136190467791.jpg - (596.74KB , 662x1414 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )


It passes through your mind that you should maybe check if there is something behind it.

After you climb up the marble (a task which takes formidable effort), you find the warrior's arm extended on the back, a small unseen light showering it, something written on her palms.

"Fight thyself, DG 623" it's written on the marble hand.

There also appears to be a bronze shield there, too heavy to carry or even move that much.

>You have: A Mark 1 Gas Filter, A .45ACP Handgun with two clips, A medium sized pouch, A high explosive grenade, two paper envelopes, two red wax seals, A "Esko Energy Bar" for those emergency snack eating sessions.
No. 496307 ID: 76b151

Now look up to where her spear is pointing.

If theres nothing there lets go fight ourself. Random inscirptions have never steered me wrong before!
No. 496309 ID: 76b151

Also feel around behind the shield. Maybe theres something there.
No. 496312 ID: eaf2f5

Make a mental note to find a pen or a sharpie as soon as possible.

Or is it written in blood?
No. 496322 ID: 2343b3

Inspect behind the shield to see if there's anything funny down there.
No. 496355 ID: d6ef5d

So... there's a mirror match waiting behind door number 623?

There's nothing hidden behind or underneath the shield, is there?

And the spear doesn't point to anything significant?
No. 496442 ID: f2c20c

I bet when we fight ourselves, we loot our own gear. SO. Let's wait on fighting ourselves until we have something we want to duplicate. ...maybe it would be nice to duplicate our gun though? Something to think on, I suppose.
No. 496769 ID: b2e6de
File 136204802882.jpg - (555.37KB , 749x1387 , 2001Γέρας.jpg )

Finding nothing beneath the shield and taking a look to where the spear is pointing, you find nothing of interest or value.

You jump down from the marble statue.

Where to go now?

>You have: A Mark 1 Gas Filter, A .45ACP Handgun with two clips, A medium sized pouch, A high explosive grenade, two paper envelopes, two red wax seals, A "Esko Energy Bar" for those emergency snack eating sessions.
No. 496770 ID: 35edd4

Start heading down the hall to doors 600+ to grind for drops.
No. 496772 ID: ad199c

Go fight yourself. Find gate 623.
No. 496805 ID: 76b151

I agree, to six twenty-three.
No. 496816 ID: 2343b3

Do we know how to get to 623?

That plaque only goes up to 25.

Also, 'fight thyself' could mean a lot of things. It could be a test of willpower for all we know. It could also be an elaborate dead end, so preparing a bit beforehand might not be such a bad idea.

We should at least explore the rest of the nearby hall to see if there's anything worth looking at. Maybe more notes.
No. 496820 ID: 76b151

Its a hallway, there are literally two directions it could be. Go one way, see whether the door #s increase or decrease then head in the way they increase.
No. 499593 ID: 41b7d2
File 136304398435.jpg - (310.96KB , 490x543 , Ητέχνημουείναισκατά.jpg )

Your body feels sour.
No. 499595 ID: 41b7d2
File 136304410229.jpg - (358.68KB , 522x565 , Γαμώτοξέχασα.jpg )

No wait, your brain feels sour too. What the hell did you do anyways.

I guess that weird feeling you had from the locker door must have sapped away some of your health. You don't even remember when you fell asleep.
No. 499596 ID: 41b7d2
File 136304425914.jpg - (778.82KB , 611x1692 , 22zc2.jpg )

Taking a look around, you see that you still are in the hallway (you also seem quite bummed about that).

Thankfully, you were near your destination. The entrances to the 600 and further gates.

Above the entrance it also has a statue. Kinda deceitful you think, what with the huge robe and the mask that hides something behind it.

What do?
No. 499604 ID: d6ef5d

Damn. You passed out? Any guess how much time passed? You feeling hungry yet?
No. 499621 ID: f2c20c

Check your health status. If you're feeling well enough to travel, move to our target number door for the fight.
No. 499655 ID: eaf2f5

I dunno about the statue, aren't you also wearing a mask and covering clothing?

Well anyway go inside and look for the door 623 and be ready to cut through some "falseness and thievery"
No. 499659 ID: f2c20c

Oh, wait, I get it, we have to figure out how to get to the number we want, too. It's not as simple as walking to 623.

Try looking under/behind the robe.
No. 499953 ID: d1281f
File 136326144434.jpg - (1.05MB , 1095x1010 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )

You do realize that the entrance is right in front of you right?

Taking your first steps in, you are met with another huge hallway, this one shorter in length, identical numbered gates stretching out on both walls to an end just off in the distance.

They are roughly thirty-two arches it seams, each one leading to a big gate.

Go to 623?
No. 499962 ID: 34f12d

If there's a way to scale the entrance, there appears to be something under the statue there. Papers.

If you can't get to it, take a look around as you head to 623.
No. 499963 ID: eaf2f5

Naw man we don't follow other peoples rules because we are cool like that. Go to 632
No. 499967 ID: 91c1b3

Go to 623.
It looks like there are images carved into the walls near the tops of each door. Do any of them look interesting? Check the ones around 623 so we can tell which picture goes to which door.
No. 500158 ID: b9a320
File 136337307447.jpg - (1.27MB , 918x1787 , 623.jpg )


You fool, you had forgotten to look at the statue or behind it.

Going back through, you realize that there was nothing behind the statue, some douchebeazel deciding to write "Haha" with a red market behind it.

It also turns out that that wasn't paper, but broken shards of mirrors. You barely managed to escape getting your hands cut going up there.


You look at the designs on the top, but unfortunately they don't give you that much information it seems. One is some pretty things with the face of a guy in the middle, the other is some sort of lizard-snake-dragon, and while the designs are pretty, but they seem to be of no use to you.

Still as you reach gate 623, you see that the design on top is that of a naked faceless female it seems.

Inside the archway of 623, you find a gate towering before you. The gate seems to be made out of gold, not iron or brass, and it doesn't seem to be reconstructed.

So, shall you open it?
No. 500161 ID: eaf2f5

You gay son?
There is a picture of a naked female on the door and you waste time thinking about not opening the door!
Of course you are going to open that door!
No. 500203 ID: 5aa752

Plunge into her doorway.
No. 500214 ID: f2c20c

It's better than plunging into the unknown or fighting an ogre. Enter with your gun ready.

Also, if the statue is any indication, I'd say these gateways ALL involve dopplegangers of some sort.
No. 501125 ID: 7680a5
File 136372275081.jpg - (1.34MB , 814x1377 , Γραμμές.jpg )


You have decided to get some pu- I mean, you have decided to open the gate and fuc- I mean fight the whatever danger lies behind it.

Yet you stare at in front of the door, not moving a muscle, as if there is a big question that needs answering.

"Wait, how in hell am I supposed to open this thing?" you say to yourself.
No. 501127 ID: d6ef5d

Maybe just try the handle? If you're lucky, there will be some kind of mechanical aid.
No. 501133 ID: eaf2f5

Try being polite and knock on the door, maybe someone will open it.

Or look for scribbles on the walls that tell us what to do.

Maybe there is some password or action we have to do to get the door open. There is a naked person above the door, too bad we cant take off our clothes.
Try saying the number of the door aloud.
No. 501135 ID: 34f12d

For all you know the door is really light. Or like someone else said, it could have an assist of some kind. Just give it a shot, and if that doesn't work, look around the door for anything helpful.
No. 501141 ID: 7680a5
File 136372711882.jpg - (1.13MB , 905x1562 , Χρυσός.jpg )


Ok, the door is open.

What do you now?
No. 501148 ID: d6ef5d

Peer carefully around door, wary of potential ambush.
No. 501153 ID: eaf2f5

Tell anyone hiding in the shadows that you have a gun and you are not afraid to use it.
Then proceed forward with caution.
No. 501182 ID: ad199c

waltz in (without drawing your weapon or making sure the safety is off) and shout "Hey me! C'mon out, it's time for some masturbation!".
No. 501209 ID: 34f12d


But yeah, proceed with caution. Look around/behind the door, up, down, everywhere.
No. 501284 ID: 96705b
File 136379950729.jpg - (1.01MB , 763x1520 , Axe.jpg )


You take a step forward, gun rained in one hand, taking a few looks around the room to see if anything is hiding in the shadows.

"Hey me! C'mon out, it's time for some-" you cut yourself sort, "No wait, that's fucking retarded, let me try again" you think to yourself.

"I have a gun," you announce to the room "And I am not afraid to use it."

You wait for a moment, but the only thing you are met is with a grave silence that makes you feel mocked.

What do?
No. 501288 ID: 34f12d


The challenge may not begin until the door is closed behind you. It wouldn't make sense for you to be put in a challenge you can escape.

On the other hand, the room looks dark. Is there any other source of light? Maybe you could illuminate more of the room if you can before seeing what happens when the door shuts.
No. 501289 ID: d6ef5d

Okay... so what's in here? Is it just a big empty room? Anything of interest? Paths to follow? Places your supposed doppelganger could be waiting in ambush?
No. 501295 ID: 96705b
File 136380325985.jpg - (716.17KB , 1084x983 , Stars.jpg )


You close the door behind you and wait.


Well, nothing's happening. You have no idea if the fuck will show up. The path seems to extent up to a wall up ahead. Lighting is pretty good, if even if the walls are shrouded in darkness.

You are not so sure if closing the door did jack shit, or how to open it again to be honest.

Maybe go forward and try to find her yourself?
No. 501299 ID: d6ef5d

Let's advance.

Be ready to fight, but don't jump the gun. This "fight yourself" deal might only throw a hostile double at you if you're out to fight. If you're not, we might get a non-hostile double, or an empty path to whatever the reward for this area is.
No. 501301 ID: ccb2c1

Onward, then.
No. 502448 ID: d36b27
File 136433605535.jpg - (539.75KB , 1406x713 , Σας.jpg )


You move deeper towards the end, keeping a close eye at the walls where light doesn't reach, but the only thing you are met with is nothing but a dead end.

It must be somewhere around here, somewhere where you can't see. You look up but the only thing you see is darkness. Ain't no way it could come from here.

What to do?
No. 502449 ID: f2c20c

Turn around.
No. 502450 ID: 34f12d




(Also look behind you.)
No. 502451 ID: 454447

Maybe you'll literally have to fight yourself.
No. 502452 ID: da61c0

ooh, i know! slap yourself!
beat yourself up! that's surely what this means!
No. 502454 ID: d6ef5d

Reach out and touch the dead end. Maybe it's a through the mirror kind of deal?
No. 502539 ID: d36b27
File 136441301326.jpg - (531.69KB , 1134x737 , Σάρωση0004.jpg )


Something itches in your brain. There has to be something to do in here.

Maybe you have to beat yourself up, after all, it said "Fight Thyself".
No. 502540 ID: d36b27
File 136441306613.jpg - (823.78KB , 1338x648 , Αμην.jpg )

"An ambush." you think as you turn.
No. 502541 ID: d36b27
File 136441317347.jpg - (731.14KB , 942x760 , Σάρωση0005.jpg )

No wait, there's nothing here.

Well that was a waste of time.
No. 502542 ID: 2fbf20

Guys it means you have to overcome your own weaknesses.
No. 502545 ID: eaf2f5

Well then we must turn our thoughts inwards, sit down and start thinking about your fears and phobias.

If that doesn't work just get mad and shoot your gun in the air like you just don't care
No. 502548 ID: d36b27
File 136441710429.jpg - (919.98KB , 1149x888 , Τι.jpg )

You know what, you may be right.

Maybe the first trial is not that of combat, but that of introspection. Maybe what you really need is to sit down and think. What are you, who are you, why are you here, what do you fear or love. Maybe this is what you have to do before you face the real threats, learn of your own humanity. Her arms will guide you after all.

Say, what's that sound.
No. 502550 ID: d36b27
File 136441721673.jpg - (1.25MB , 1544x845 , Αδύνατον.jpg )


How did it sneak up on you...
No. 502551 ID: eaf2f5

Spin around and point your gun at it, tell it not to move
No. 502553 ID: 2fbf20

It was probably clinging to the damn ceiling
Be prepare to kill it if it is armed.
No. 502555 ID: d36b27
File 136441873139.jpg - (1.33MB , 1632x776 , Μπαμ.jpg )


You move around and you prepare to sh-

OW, that motherfucker is silent as all hell. It jump kicks you right in the face, you firing your handgun because your finger was on the trigger, something which that thing took in mind and directs her body in a way that your shot misses it.
No. 502557 ID: 2fbf20

This thing knew what you were going to do before you did it.
We need to be less predictable now!
No. 502563 ID: f2c20c

You've still got the gun, though. Keep shooting. Try to grab it so it can't dodge.
No. 502566 ID: d6ef5d

Well, she's lost the element of surprise. As a doppelganger, she should be just as strong and fast as you, and you're the one with a gun out. You should be able to win this.

That said, any chance we don't have to kill each other, here?
No. 502578 ID: 34f12d

Whatever you do, don't let it disarm you. Put some space between you and the copy. Watch your mask, don't let it pull it or break it.

If it can read your mind ironic thought processes are going to work against you, so don't fall into the White Bear problem; but pep talks and imagining victory can come later when you've got a few paces between you two.

If that causes you to think of a polar bear and one shows up you can blame me for that.
No. 502597 ID: ad199c

You still haven't really tried talking to it... I mean, it's you or something right. It looks kinda like you.
No. 502662 ID: 76b151

it attacked us. fairly sure that talking is not going to work.
No. 502691 ID: ad199c

Tell it if it kills you it'll die too.
No. 502746 ID: 647e21
File 136460949061.jpg - (738.38KB , 762x1394 , Τελικά.jpg )


You keep on firing, trying to speak to the doppelganger, a task too difficult since you are being hammered by her.

Her arm is directed again as to not get hit with the gun, this time moving her whole body with dexterity up front while you fall.
No. 502747 ID: 647e21
File 136460959456.jpg - (1.50MB , 1128x2175 , Ελα.jpg )

She moves her body with such agility as to not even make a sound, her left leg moves up front ready to direct a kick right at your chest.
No. 502748 ID: 647e21
File 136460970826.jpg - (574.90KB , 693x1482 , Χάνεις.jpg )

She kicks you with amazing strength, a silent yet powerful hit only broken by your body hitting against the ground hard, her body still in an upwards position as to land on both of her feet.
No. 502750 ID: 34f12d

This doesn't make sense. She's way too quiet. She has the same gear on that you do minus the mask, and she's moving around a lot. You should at least hear the air coming off of her, or her outfit rattling around.

She's more than just a mirage but your doppleganger is intangible in some way. Like a simulation. At the same time she has neither a gun nor a mask out. She's not mimicking you entirely, at least not as you were when you entered.

She feels real, but she sure doesn't seem that way. If Star Trek has taught me anything about dark, grid-patterned rooms, it's that they sometimes contain holograms that imitate you and kick your ass. Maybe she didn't come from anywhere because she materialized in the room.

Get off the ground ASAP and try to get away from her. Does she cast a shadow?
No. 502761 ID: f2c20c

Man, we're getting our asses kicked.

Grab its leg, hold it still so you can line up a shot. If you can't grab it then you won't be able to shoot or punch it either, so in that case it's probably indeed intangible and you should listen for a source of sound that isn't you.

It's quite possible that this is a projection, and the real enemy is somewhere nearby.
No. 502782 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Not sure if the silence is due to freaky doppelganger stuff, or because she's smart enough not to speak without a gas mask, or because she's just busy trying to kill you.

I don't know why we thought going right to getting our ass kicked in a mirror match was a good idea.

Hmm. Grab her legs and roll to one side? Done right, you topple her, and pin her legs so she can't keep kicking you with them.
No. 502791 ID: 34f12d


Yeah, some clarification would be nice. Is she vocally silent or completely silent? Complete silence is really strange given the getup. No footsteps, no rattling, no ruffling, nothing. If she's just not saying anything, that's less unusual.
No. 505008 ID: 883d0f

fantastic illustrations are fantastic
No. 507352 ID: ec006a
File 136671471128.jpg - (533.28KB , 597x906 , Σάρωση000222pg.jpg )

You roll around, the pain in your chest refusing to leave, your muscles weak and powerless for a moment, making movement difficult.

As if it were a dream, you wonder, how can she be this fast and silent? How can a creature of flesh and bones move with such elegance, how can she be like this if she is supposed to be you.

A thought has descanted on you. She isn't. Maybe she is just as false as the pain in your chest right now.
No. 507353 ID: ec006a
File 136671478587.jpg - (722.74KB , 865x451 , Untitled-1.jpg )

Rising your head, that hypothesis is shred to bits.

She has both a shadow...
No. 507354 ID: ec006a
File 136671486324.jpg - (225.80KB , 397x456 , Untitled-21.jpg )

...and an silent, but audible, breath.

This is no false doppelganger.
No. 507357 ID: f2c20c

Then let's match her. Stop thinking about your moves so much as act by instinct. You should be able to fight as well as she does, if she is you.

Also note she has your gun now. Don't be where it points when she moves to use it. We're going to have to keep her on guard or at least moving to avoid getting shot, so be aggressive.
No. 507360 ID: d6ef5d

So... what's she doing then? I can't but notice she's just standing there instead of kicking you while you're down. And she has your gun, but she's not even pointing it at you. That's really odd behavior for someone who jumped you out of nowhere- you'd think she'd want to finish the job.
No. 507372 ID: eaf2f5

Try standing up and raising your hands as a sign of surrender and see what happens.
No. 507377 ID: 91c1b3

Is she...another us? One who also got the "fight thyself" message?
No. 507414 ID: 76f500

wait, did she just take the gun..?
No. 507415 ID: 78c6ea

In case of unmasking, seek death immediately.
No. 507419 ID: 34f12d

Try your best to get back to your feet. Stay away from the business end of that gun if you can help it.

She hasn't up and blown your brains out though. You can either try and make her regret it or attempt some de-escalation. Considering that her moves are a lot smoother than yours and she's got your piece now, you might at least try asking her why she's attacking you before you lose your head.
No. 507484 ID: 480661

Ask her why.
No. 508052 ID: a23ec4
File 136718992641.jpg - (1.22MB , 1519x1417 , Panel1to4.jpg )

A new wound has dug on top of your chest, one that will not leave you alone. She has taken your gun, yet she has not shot you. Why?

You try to get up, one word coming out of your mouth.


She does not respond. Her only moves are that of her left hand. With a single click, she unloads the pistol's magazine, moving it to her right hand before discarding it, the magazine falling down to the ground making a clutching sound.

So it seems, she wants a fight, a fair one at that. But you reason with myself, since non of you are wiser than the other, neither of you should appear to be greater then the other; but she moves around with elegance, her moves quick, her will strong, as if she knows something more then you. What is it that she can do that you can't;

You do not fancy your self a fighter...

...or do you?

What will you do?
No. 508059 ID: 34f12d


Well, if we're going to get our asses beat, we might as well do it in style.

If she's you and you're her, and she can move like the fucking wind, you might as well try and ape her style. Do what she does. Let's see if we learn anything about ourselves before we die horribly.
No. 508085 ID: f2c20c

She is you. You are a capable fighter. Fight to disable, then coup de grace. Try quick strikes to the sides of her knees, and if you can grab an arm, twist it around in as painful a fashion as you can manage.
No. 508134 ID: eaf2f5

Oh, it's on! Charge in low and try to grapple her, just watch out for her knees.
If you manage to grapple her legs you can bring her down to the ground and then either go for a mount or a choke hold.
No. 508140 ID: d6ef5d

I wish we knew what's going on, here. If she's aping your impulse to fight yourself when you entered the room, can we stop her by not wanting that? If she wants a fair fight, does refusing and using non-violent resistance stop her in her tracks? I mean, does she do anything, if you don't adopt a fighter's posture, or throw the first punch?
No. 508170 ID: 36eaa9

As the scholar and gentleman Bob Marley once said... "Get up, stand up. Stand up for your right. Don't give up the fight."

See if you can maneuver her away from that pistol. She ejected the clip, but she didn't eject the round in the chamber. The pistol still has a shot ready to go. Just one shot, true, but sometimes that is all you need.

General plan here is to see if you can deal with her at all hand to hand. During that establishment of abilities, position yourself so that you can land very naturally near the pistol.

As soon as a decent opportunity presents itself, grab it and shoot her.
No. 508190 ID: d300d2

So we aren't a fighter but she is. She doesn't want to kill us, but it looks like she wants a fight.

Maybe she doesn't want to fight us because we are her, but she's obligated too because... she exists for it?

She might not be able to talk, so maybe ask yes/no questions, starting with "You want to fight me?"
No. 518131 ID: 9c93dc
File 137166331698.jpg - (165.13KB , 502x700 , Σάρωση0005.jpg )


It is peaceful for a moment at least, silent overtaking both of you. One part of you asks if she is you, and not fighting will make her not fight too. You imagined that such a plan was risky, but not entirely inplausible since she hasn't attack you yet.

So you ask

"You want to fight me?
No. 518133 ID: 9c93dc
File 137166340478.gif - (176.33KB , 459x740 , Απάντηση.gif )

You are eventually met with silence once again. Not a word, not even a nod.

You don't feel bad, its not like the odds were in your favor.
No. 518135 ID: 9c93dc
File 137166348703.gif - (1.47MB , 584x368 , Πριντημάχη5.gif )

Everything else now becomes an afterthought, both of you look at each other, waiting for the first one to move.
No. 518137 ID: 9c93dc
File 137166362774.jpg - (1.51MB , 950x1586 , Σάρωση0001.jpg )

You suddenly sprint, looking straight ahead as she takes a few hops back. You think for second if this is the correct move, but...

No, you don’t want to think about that right now.


She is you. She is as fast as you, you can do this.

You can fight her.
No. 518138 ID: 9c93dc
File 137166385519.jpg - (1.07MB , 1157x852 , Σάρωση0002.jpg )

She stops the hoping, and in a moment you reach up to her, as she tries to land a punch. You blame yourself for the last time, you turned back and let your defense down. But now, you can see clearly, you can see with in that terrible moment how powerful both of you are, you see with clarity what you are capable of...

...and in that instant you deflect it.
No. 518146 ID: 591152

err.. counter attack?
No. 518160 ID: 1cf691

Start falling down on her while holding her arm straight and pulling it behind her back. If she falls on her shoulder with your weight behind it the shoulder will break and you have pretty much won.
No. 518188 ID: 19b3c3

Well, time to press your momentary advantage, I suppose.

Huh. Doppelganger has straps on the back of her head, even though she's not wearing a mask.
No. 518292 ID: 6d5e30

your doppelganger is smiling now that you are fighting back...

You have a grip on her arm so try to throw her to the ground (using your leg to trip her in the same maneuver).
No. 518302 ID: f2c20c

Lift up violently, to dislocate her shoulder. Attempting a pin here may work too.
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