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File 136021206177.png - (198.27KB , 1411x1429 , intro.png )
491027 No. 491027 ID: eba327

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No. 491028 ID: eba327
File 136021209352.png - (154.14KB , 1000x1071 , page1.png )

You are this young girl.

What will you do?
No. 491029 ID: 0ddd3a

Manhandle that doorknob, there are sandwiches to be eaten.
No. 491031 ID: 74e4c2

Examine your swanky house. It looks too STYLISH to be unexplored.
No. 491033 ID: 908c2d

Go outside and check on the kite, balloon, dirigible or airship you have tied to your house.

(I mean, c'mon, that's obviously cable and not smoke).
No. 491034 ID: f2c20c

Stick your face against a window and make funny faces.
No. 491036 ID: 7008f9

Fire a laser from your obscenely oversized right eye.
No. 491037 ID: dc4a44

Become the little- wait.
Eat scarf.
No. 491041 ID: 8dbc01

kick door open. leap through and dodge roll into the first room.
No. 491043 ID: f8ceeb

play with your own ears
No. 491048 ID: d15797

Enter level select code. Mine cart level.
No. 491062 ID: 35edd4

"Ears" is of course a euphemism for "dick"
No. 491063 ID: 78c6ea

Cook a delicious meal on the pot belly cast iron stove which you have lit!
No. 491072 ID: c00388

scratch ears & lick self
No. 491114 ID: f1b3ee

Bust out window and base-jump to the ground level.
No. 491254 ID: eba327
File 136029524892.png - (624.29KB , 3136x2093 , page2.png )

You can't go to the room with the stove, or really explore the entire place, because its split up into apartments. Well you could go to the apartment below yours and check up on your real estate agent buddy, who pointed you to this place.
ANYWAY, your other friends are coming over with some furniture and stuff in a while.
No. 491257 ID: eba327
File 136029538093.png - (454.16KB , 1420x2506 , page3.png )

You can't really BUST out of the door, because you doubt the guardrail would hold, and you can't make ridiculous faces because you're really tired.
Oh, and you can't play with your dick because you don't have one.
No. 491285 ID: 9ddf68

uh, just how 'big' is your apartment, and I mean the one you are living in now not the whole apartment complex
No. 491287 ID: 908c2d

Oh! You got the rooftop apartment. They have the best geometry. Slanted walls are cool and fun to decorate.

Explore cupboards and stuff. See if the previous occupants left you any surprise treasure or anything.
No. 491328 ID: 8dbc01

explore the cupboards, just in case, then check out your view from the balcony!
No. 491547 ID: 76e983

If you don't have a dick you must have something else. Play with that. Or, alternatively, go find a dick to play with.
No. 491551 ID: eba327
File 136038734543.gif - (92.37KB , 1000x1150 , page4.gif )

You take a long moment to remember the layout of your apartment.
There is ONE BEDROOM, ONE BATHROOM, and a COMBO KITCHEN LIVING AREA PART, all of which is on the upper level of the house.
There is also a GARAGE on the lower level.
No. 491554 ID: eba327
File 136038825360.png - (167.25KB , 1000x963 , page5.png )

You search the kitchen cabinets. Your haul certainly exceeded your expectations, which was to find nothing.
No. 491557 ID: 9ddf68

meet the neighbors if you haven't already
No. 491560 ID: 908c2d

Equip cool shades, and daydream about making awesome pies and sipping lemonade. Quietly lament your lack of anything to mix up the lemonade with or in, or to make pies with, at the moment.
No. 491561 ID: eba327
File 136038918763.png - (54.08KB , 1000x468 , page6.png )

There isn't really anything to see out on the balcony, except for the neighboring house, which seems to be the exact same shape as yours.
You guess you could go and talk to the neighbors while you're outside?
Or you could investigate the shit you found in the kitchen?
Or something else entirely? (that's not playing with your VAGINA)
No. 491587 ID: 38b91c

Play with the neighbour's vagina.

If they don't have one, get all passive aggressive with them.
No. 491589 ID: f2c20c

We're outside. Meet the neighbors.
No. 491591 ID: 78c6ea

Priority one: acquire dick.

Priority two: acquire all the dicks
No. 491594 ID: 4d157b

Lets go mingle with the neighbors, also what is your favorite color since your house needs to be painted.
Just look how boring it looks compared to your neighbors house.
No. 491742 ID: eba327
File 136047351060.png - (91.06KB , 1000x672 , page7.png )

You cross the street to talk to your next door neighbor, before you talk to the people in the neighboring apartments.
This house seems to have been identical to yours at one point, but the owners seem to have made their own modifications, the one who owns yours splitting it into apartments, and the owner of this one painting these ridiculous colours.
You cant really paint your house because you don't own it, and also there are other people living there.
No. 491743 ID: eba327
File 136047359309.png - (138.35KB , 1000x1314 , page8.png )

You knock on the door, and the person who lives there answers. You are suddenly gratful that your house is a bunch of dull browns.

"How may i help you?" they say.
No. 491749 ID: f2c20c

Sup. Just meeting the neighbors.
No. 491799 ID: 2d1c9d

Ask to borrow a cup of sugar.
No. 491818 ID: 0006f5

ask if you can borrow some cumin
No. 491847 ID: 78c6ea

Give him your shades. With that paint job, he clearly needs them far more than you do.
No. 491849 ID: 908c2d

Say hi you just moved in next door. Compliment him on the colors and stuff.

>"How may i help you?" they say.
Is that really what he's saying? That's not what his face looks like.
No. 491949 ID: eba327
File 136055659065.png - (201.37KB , 1000x714 , page9.png )

You say you've just moved into one of the apartments across the street and you were just getting to know the neighbors.
He asks you if that is seriously it.
You say it is.
You are about to offer him your shades or ask for some ingredient or something when suddenly
No. 491950 ID: eba327
File 136055662151.gif - (143.83KB , 1000x1146 , page10.gif )

No. 491958 ID: 4a328b

Ask if he needs help with that...
No. 491960 ID: 908c2d

Jegus, what was that! Are you okay! There wasn't anyone else inside, was there?!

...you don't cook meth or anything right I hope.
No. 491968 ID: f2c20c

Where did that come from?
No. 492067 ID: 1b703f

first of all investigate the situation

and then ask the man his name

then find frank
No. 493710 ID: eba327
File 136107647462.png - (174.37KB , 1000x727 , page11.png )

You ask him what his name is. He says its Milo. You say that doesn't sound very punk or soft grunge or whatever the fuck he is. He says shut the fuck up.
You ask if there was anyone inside. He doesn't answer, and instead watches his house catch fire some more.
(You can now give commands to Milo.)
No. 493722 ID: 9ee360

...should we call for help, or the fire department or something?
No. 493846 ID: 1b703f

suggest calling for help

and say hi to the new person
No. 493854 ID: f2c20c

Milo: Go in and grab a fire extinguisher to try and put your house out.
No. 493937 ID: 4a328b

Milo: Watch house burn down. Move in with neighborlass
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