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File 135789531428.png - (82.81KB , 800x800 , damselindistress.png )
484394 No. 484394 ID: d095c6

Ah, welcome to my wonderful Kingdom of Ptyge; where the kitty-cats rule, and any other animal drools (quite literally, those DOGS.)!
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No. 484395 ID: d095c6
File 135789534976.png - (87.26KB , 800x800 , damselindistress2.png )

You must have come from the fairy-world up north for my family's woooooooonderful World of Animals Party.
They invite the leaders from EVERY species, don't you know? Even the ... disgusting species that don't deserve to touch the royal ballroom floor!
Can you JUST -imagine-?
No. 484399 ID: d095c6
File 135789575732.png - (48.41KB , 600x600 , 3.png )

And, as I'm SURE you know, I simply CAN'T be seen in this old frock! Mother and Father are calling and I must help welcome the guests! And, as I'm sure you also know, this may very well be the night I meet my -blush- my future Prince!
No. 484400 ID: dcd676

Future prince? What do you think he'll be like, this prince of yours?
No. 484401 ID: bf54a8

open up your wardrobe then.
No. 484402 ID: d095c6
File 135789637862.png - (88.79KB , 600x600 , 4.png )

OH ONLY THE BIGGEST OF THE BIG DREAMBOATS! It's been years since my Mother and Father have had this party and perhaps some of the other Kingdom's princes have grown up some! ~swoon~
No. 484404 ID: dcd676

On a different note, what do you plan to wear? Surely you have at least one suitable outfit.
No. 484405 ID: d095c6
File 135789676150.png - (69.17KB , 600x600 , 5.png )

OH, don't worry! Mummy and Daddy picked out only the best of the best in dresses for me to wear to the ball! I'll be the bell of the ball~!
No. 484406 ID: df484e

You are the cutest! Prepare for the party!
No. 484407 ID: d095c6
File 135789722686.png - (109.92KB , 600x600 , 6.png )

No. 484408 ID: bf54a8

create a crazy plan to ruin her dress so it doesn't matter what she has.
No. 484409 ID: d095c6
File 135789764278.png - (58.98KB , 600x600 , 7.png )

Oh! Ha ha ha ha! I am all ready!
Oh, don't you worry, she has what's coming to her >:3
No. 484410 ID: bf54a8

cover your arm in spit and rub your head.
No. 484412 ID: d095c6
File 135789809339.png - (61.06KB , 600x600 , 8.png )

Ah, yes, how silly of me. Forgetting to clean my face! Thank you for reminding me! I believe I am all set to make my wonderful entrance now?
No. 484413 ID: 059ca3

Just double check that the laces on your bodice are straight.
No. 484418 ID: 472280

inb4 he is a dog
No. 484434 ID: 37aa84

Not quite yet you seem a little high strung right now. A quick whiff of the nip should mellow you right out.
No. 484454 ID: 3e2b13

Have you anointed yourself with an expensive perfume yet?
Scent can be very important in attracting a strapping fellow, especially for cats.
I recommend Eau de Chat.
No. 484504 ID: 78c6ea

Add more bangles. You will be the sparkliest princess.
No. 484582 ID: 10165a

do you have a jeweled collar on hand? dudes love collars.
No. 484584 ID: 0eef61

yeah yeah go for it and REMEMBER: Play hard-to-get the dudes love that

Dangle yourself near him but pull away at the last second like


a string of yarn or something
No. 484652 ID: d095c6
File 135796751486.png - (128.71KB , 800x800 , queencleo.png )

>knock knock
Queen Cleo: My Princess Amielle~ How lovely you look! Just don't forget to tighten your bodice, put some jewelery on, and don't forget to put some nice perfume on. Tonight might be your night, my precious kitten!

Princess Amielle: Yeah, okay mom! I'll be down in 5 or 10 minutes!
No. 484657 ID: 10165a


Get a maidservant to help clinch up that bodice.
No. 484660 ID: d095c6
File 135796814284.png - (94.01KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

I had done just this and everything Mother has told me to do. I also sniffed a bit of the nip, but not enough for them to notice.

How do I look?
No. 484661 ID: 10165a


you are ready to be the belle of the ball.
No. 484669 ID: d095c6
File 135796880172.png - (91.42KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

Yes! Yes of course! Let's enter the ball and find my Prince Charming!! ~swoon~
No. 484671 ID: 78c6ea

The whole world quivers in anticipation.

Your heart pendant fell off by the way.
No. 484673 ID: be7fd9

Maybe this a dumb question. But... you're the princess of the cat-kingdom, right? Doesn't that mean the visiting princes are going to be from other kingdoms? As in, not the cat kingdom? So... any prince charmings available aren't going to be of the feline persuasion?
No. 484679 ID: 10165a


must have fallen down the front of your dress. try searching for it in front of a handsome prince.
No. 484681 ID: 10165a


better yet, ask to have the handsome prince fish it out for you.
No. 484703 ID: d095c6
File 135797609685.png - (73.15KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

Don't be silly, my collar was just turned around.
>Amielle leaves her room and starts walking down the long, spiral staircase
Oh I just can't wait to meet... my... What is going on here?!
No. 484712 ID: d095c6
File 135797743969.png - (210.71KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

Amielle: D-DADDY?!
>It appears Mother has already escaped. By the look of things,those devious raccoon have been planning an ambush on Daddy's castle! We must make haste..!
No. 484715 ID: bf54a8

gasp and run. if there is something to throw then throw it at an attacker. but not the one dad is fighting, will end up hitting dad instead, always happens.
No. 484719 ID: 78c6ea

Pick up a sword you pussy.
No. 484724 ID: c31f72

Ditch the dress, it'll just trip you up later.
No. 484725 ID: 13b04f

But not through the one in the kitchen, no, your great lump of a father just shouted its location in front of those bastard raccoons. sometimes he is rather foolish. no, go for the next closest secret exit. if there are stripefaced murderors waiting there too, castles like this often have -er, what do you call them, toilets sticking out the side of the castle wall for ease of disposal...?
No. 484729 ID: a80db9

Garderobes. also where the clothes are stored, the funk prevents moths from eating your nice dresses.
inb4 its a ploy to kill their worthless daughter who is unfit for eventually holding a crown...

No. 484730 ID: 1f8505


No. 484733 ID: 8c2d28

Just to be clear, JUMP THROUGH THE TOILET.
No. 484738 ID: cf49fc

DO NOT HEAD FOR THE KITCHEN, THE ASSASSINS ARE WAITING THERE. Leap out a window and into a moat or hedge, then fleeeeeeeeee.

I've seen enough princesses be raped/murdered/kidnapped/turned-to-stone/genderbent while fleeing for the OBVIOUS secret exit to know you should NEVER go that way. If you know any OTHER secret exits, go there instead. Or hop out a convenient window.
No. 484771 ID: be7fd9

Dude, where are the guards? Since when does the king have to hold off invaders himself? That ain't right.

Still, as you're a non-com and a high value target you should probably get the heck out of there.

Um. They usually put those kind of high up the walls, to prevent people from climbing in that way. You're essentially asking her to take a flying leap off the castle walls! Cats may always land on their feet, but they don't necessarily survive.

...besides. Cat castle. They probably use the royal sandbox or something.
No. 484932 ID: d095c6
File 135806589833.png - (109.57KB , 700x700 , 13.png )

>Princess Amielle shrieks and dashes for her room to make a quick change into something more worthy of fighting and her weapon.

Oh my Lord! You guys! Did you SEE all those animals fighting?! ALL the guards were overtaken with other guards and oh, I couldn't even find my younger sister, Princess Lily! Proper escape rules are every Princess for herself while the Queen and King stay back and fight. I just hope I can find my sister so we'll be safe in numbers, you know... This isn't their first fight though.

>Amielle reaches her closet and pulls out her faithful (WEAPON) and (OUTFIT)
No. 484934 ID: a731a8

>riding crop and battle teddy
No. 484936 ID: d095c6
File 135806708563.png - (89.54KB , 700x700 , scottydont.png )

How about Scotty doooooooon't.
No. 484937 ID: c31f72

Crossbow and riding leathers?
No. 484939 ID: 57a559

Swag Desert Eagle and men's leisure suit.
No. 484941 ID: 8042f4

Silk gloves and a frilly dress.
No. 484944 ID: afe30e

Broadsword, or an arming sword if that's too heavy, with stylish, reinforced brigandine.
No. 484950 ID: 370c40

Crossbows rule.
No. 484953 ID: be7fd9

No. 484956 ID: 139363

A polearm and a catsuit.
No. 484957 ID: 7facf8

A stable boy's garb and a stabbing weapon, like a rapier. Wash that perfume off, roll in mud and muck first chance you get.
No. 484958 ID: b6edd6

Get at least one dagger as well. You never know when someone will need a stabbing.
No. 484964 ID: bbee3d

Kevlar and submachine gun. (Worth a try.)
No. 484965 ID: 12c19f

A rapier, main gauche, and chainmail! Because dual wielding is awesome!
No. 484977 ID: bfa44d

No. 484988 ID: 695191

Fuck yes, lets get a halberd and some simple armor. Also a big dagger for backup.
No. 485001 ID: 78c6ea

Outfit: dress with a large pink bow in the back
Weapon: full scale battle axe
No. 485070 ID: 059ca3

Princess Revolver (like a normal revolver but pink) and standard adventurer's garb with tall boots and a little mini-cape.
No. 485072 ID: 695191

Or if their tech isn't high enough for guns, a crossbow. In fact combine a small crossbow with my earlier ideas over here >>484988 For a complete set of battle equipment.
No. 485073 ID: 1f8505
File 135813815210.jpg - (878.60KB , 1920x1080 , elite_knight_set.jpg )

Ricard's Rapier and the Elite Knight set.
No. 485075 ID: c59939

No. 485076 ID: 31a627

No. 485081 ID: 5d98c3

Not a rapier, their scaling is awful! Pick out a good old straight sword, or a magical dagger, or a good old magic straight sword.
No. 485083 ID: 1f8505


I'm assuming Amielle has a high DEX stat due to her royal status.
No. 485093 ID: 62f448

100,000 times this
No. 485094 ID: c43a8d

No. 485106 ID: 112f0a

10/10 Would Summon.
No. 526455 ID: bc9c85

(updating this soon! :D)
No. 526457 ID: bc9c85
File 137456545783.png - (116.77KB , 700x700 , amielle.png )

-serious mode- I went to the armory, and this was all they had :I I can also get a hold of a pony and I have a sword and a poison dagger in my inventory as well.

I think the first thing we have to do is make the 2 hour ride to our neighboring Kingdom of Catalina. I haven't been there in a few years, but if I remember right, they have like 3 or 4 male sons and I believe one is around my age... Just sayin'... -blushes-
No. 526459 ID: bf54a8

sounds good, but don't ask them you gotta be coy.
No. 526460 ID: 9ddf68

well if we have no where else to go... also did you ever find your sister?
No. 526464 ID: bc9c85
File 137456706450.png - (167.28KB , 700x700 , amielle1.png )

I hope I can get there fast enough... What should we tell the King?
No, but I had received word that her and my mother locked themselves away with one of the guards in Lily's room.
No. 526465 ID: bf54a8

be really flattering and explain that such brutes have snuck into your home.
No. 526467 ID: 34cbef

kick that pony into gear then
No. 526471 ID: 4f63c9

bite the pony's neck, and trow the corpse at your enemies!
No. 526490 ID: 67bfa9

Ride like the wind!, your horse appears to be a unicorn does it have any magical powers?
No. 526612 ID: b1c062

The raccoons attacked, and you've fled the castle to ensure your own safety.
Something along these lines I think.
No. 526667 ID: bc9c85
File 137462717776.png - (143.64KB , 700x700 , amielle2.png )

Yes! But of course I will flatter the King and Queen, it's only, like, the law.
What is wrong with you?
(It's actually just for looks. It makes her feel pretty)
The RACCOONS?! But they just signed a treaty with us but a few weeks ago! Why would they... Maybe King Catalina will know.
No. 526672 ID: c95833

Right. Travel montage go. Wake us when you encounter something interesting. Or when you hit a problem.
No. 526675 ID: 8b9215

Wake us when you encounter a bumpy road because .. um ... no reason.
No. 526711 ID: 57a559

Wait, weren't you just there watching your father fight raccoons? Why are you suddenly surprised?
Is this King Catalina the father of your Prince? Or mother, sometimes Queens are called Kings in different languages and cultures. You know, because the has a lady name.
No. 526774 ID: bc9c85
File 137464690940.png - (183.60KB , 700x700 , mapofpytge.png )

The people attacking my family/guards were wearing very heavy armor and I couldn't really tell what species they were. I made this map to show you how our island works.

And I don't understand your question? Catalina is their last name and they named their land after it. It's weird, but Catalina is a small kingdom my father gave to King Catalina a long time ago before I was even born and I don't really understand why because I honestly don't pay much attention to that stuff.

The only thing I really care about when it comes to Catalina is that they made the people who live there very, very poor and they NEED our help! My father has created a sort of Welfare Project for our own poor and We feel like it could really help Catalina if we can get the land back and unite us all.

So, maybe if, um, King Catalina has a few princes to choose from I could help my kingdom by marrying and we could mend and reunite Pytge for the greater good? -blushes-
No. 526775 ID: 67bfa9

you should meet the princes first, to make sure they aren't jerks
No. 526781 ID: c23ab0

Lead on princess and we'll make sure you get to ride the royal bean pole of each and every one of those princes!
No. 526786 ID: bc9c85
File 137465106847.png - (92.80KB , 700x700 , castlecatalina.png )

I will ask to see the princes when I have warned the King and Queen
I don't know what you think I have in mind but it has nothing to do with... bean.. poles...
No. 526790 ID: c23ab0


You know, whistle stick, tree of life, Dr. Feelgood, quarter pounder with cheese, one-eyed wonder weasel, spelunking sausage?

Anyway, warily assess the guards on either side of that gate. Make sure they're friendly to your approach.
No. 526836 ID: 67bfa9

>I don't know what you think I have in mind but it has nothing to do with... bean.. poles...

I think they're referring to the magic bean sprouts that shoot out towards the sky, it's quite the ride, but the way down is a pit of a pain, also beware of giants
No. 526842 ID: 1f8505

Beg them for soldiers to help retake your castle!
No. 527271 ID: bc9c85
File 137474654915.png - (180.61KB , 700x700 , 15.png )

>one of the guards approaches Amielle as she slides off Buttercup and walks to greet him.

Guard: Princess Amielle! -the guard bows to her- Your highness! What do we owe the pleasure?
PA: My father's castle is being attacked by the raccoons! I didn't stay around long enough to find out which, but we need help! A lot of guards have taken a few months off to go retrain up northeast! I -must- speak to King Catalina!
Guard: Yes, your highness! Please, come right in.
Good idea!

PA: Do you think you could send some soldiers up while I speak to the King?

Guard: Certainly; I'll send a squad over immediately.

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.
No. 527272 ID: a01b62

Well, go talk to the King. And don't think about his beanpole.
No. 527324 ID: c95833

Well, that was easy! Surprised a guard has the authority to deploy troops, actually.

Let's see the king.
No. 527343 ID: 57a559

Well, maybe we should conceive a heir soon, as a precaution. Can Princesses have male concubines so their heirs are legitimate at least? Well, if things don't go well enough you might be Queen soon, not to worry you. We want to save real marriage for alliances in the middle of wartime.

I suppose we're thinking too fast tactically that it's useless. We don't have enough information and a lot of situations can change fast. Just be careful here, the guard only treated you nice because you're a noble from an alliance and that's just what he has to do, okay, maybe he actually likes you but regardless if King Catalina is a plotter he may take advantage of this situation to get control of your lands and get more riches. God forbid the racoons get funds to pay them for the welfare system, then Catalina will definitely go for betraying your father. Unless he was raised to be honorable, but who knows.

Point is, careful. Your kingdom's in a vulnerable situation and there's a lot to gain by fucking your shit up. Catalina's line would even get a valid claim to your lands too if he forced a marriage between one of his children and you if you're actually taken hostage by them.
No. 527355 ID: 238e35


>Well, maybe we should conceive a heir soon, as a precaution

I don't think it would be wise for Amielle to get pregnant before either the situation at home is resolved or she has some sort of protection from an ally. It'd make defending herself more difficult and I think it's likely that raccoons will try to attack her.
No. 527357 ID: 57a559

That's why I said as soon as possible. As in, when it's safe it's possible. We're in wartime and nobles need heirs! Lots and lots of heirs!
No. 527384 ID: 01531c

are you drunk again?
Heirs only work via the male bloodline!
No. 527420 ID: c23ab0


You know, I'm not sure I do either.

What a nice guard that was!
No. 527433 ID: 238e35


It depends on Ptyge's succession laws. They might have equal primogeniture, in which women inherit on equal terms with men. They might have semi-Salic Agnatic primogeniture, in which inheritance is traced through daughters only if a king has no sons (which appears to be the case). Or they might have full Salic Agnatic primogeniture, in which succession can never be traced through women and, on the death of the king, the kingship would end up with one of Amielle's uncles or male cousins.
No. 529026 ID: b84d5e

Go on in, but look around you and keep your sword close at hand. It's not impossible that the rulers of Catalina are involved in the ambush somehow.

Does Ptyge or Catalina have a navy of any kind? You could try to find out where the ambushers landed on your island and wreck their ships out of spite.
No. 529758 ID: bc9c85

No. 530660 ID: bc9c85
File 137545464159.png - (114.38KB , 700x700 , 16.png )

> Ami walks down the long corridor to the throne room. Guards stand on either side, bowing their heads but Amielle does not take notice as she is too busy daydreaming

> PA (thoughts): OooOoooOOooh you guyssss. I'm getting excited. I know I'm here to like, SAVE THE KINGDOM and whatever but I'm also really excited to meet the princes of Catalina~ We throw fancy balls sometimes, but the royal children aren't allowed to go until they're 18. I got in because I lived there of course, heh heh.

Well for Felines, anyway, the heir is the first born no matter what sex. My mother married into royalty, so like, he's in control and she's kind of like Leonidas's wife.

Um. No. No kittens for a while. Besides, even if mother and father die and I take over and get killed, I still have like 4 younger siblings. ALSO like, those Royal dudes that help you out while you're still new. There most likely won't be a problem.

Sword is sheathed, but seriously, we are very friendly with King Catalina. For the size of his army vs. ours, it would be a ridiculous move to attack us.
No. 530663 ID: a01b62

Not when you yourself are under attack! Maybe it was a coordinated move to betray you.

Anyway, commence diplomacy.
No. 530666 ID: b5df96

>For the size of his army vs. ours, it would be a ridiculous move to attack us.

Then how are they supposed to help with baddies who kicked your butts? Logically, if Catalina couldn't stand up to you, he can't stand up to your attackers.
No. 530907 ID: c23ab0

We all know what happened the last time you got all excited on your way to see the princes. At least this time you have some armor.
No. 534782 ID: 255362

>> hey guys. sorry for the delay. most of you know I was out of town for the last two weeks or so and I just now got home. school starts monday too though, so I hope you can bear with me asnd my somewhat busy life. just don't toss this to the graveyard just yet! thank you <3

>>lots of looooooveeeeeee, threeP
No. 537982 ID: 7fde7e
File 137763207006.png - (299.80KB , 1125x600 , did.png )

>> Amielle is quickly taken aside to a room full of capes. It appeared to be a room where visitors leave their hats and coats, etc. The woman who grabbed her was a chubby, short, older female British short hair (yes, with the accent).

Hartley: Oi, miss, I'm very sorry for grabbin' ya so rudely, but you were walking very quickly towards the throne room and you're um... a wee bit scantily clad, miss.
Amielle: Oh! Goodness, I'm so sorry! This was honestly the only armor they had when I rode over from Pytge. I'm here to see the King, you see. Oh! And my name is Princess Amielle Evans and I am the daughter of the King of Pytge, King Mortimer Evans and-

>>Hartley quickly grabs the sides of her skirt and bows as low as possible
Hartley: OH MISS PRINCESS! I am so very sorry! I had no idea! Welcome to our castle, Princess. Let me bring you somewhere that has clothes more suitable to you.
Amielle: Ah, thank you, ma'am.

>> Hartley and Amielle walk briskly down the hall to another room.
Well, for example,
Our army: 1
Their army: .75
So I guess our army is not really that great as I thought... Sorry about that, I'm just, you know, really proud of my citizens and armies, and just everyone! I really love Ptyge.

>> blushes
I-I d-don't know what you're ta-talking about!
No. 537983 ID: d5f617

Tell her that it is your nation's tradition to wear this type of dress and she must respect that. Then make it skimpier just to defy her.
No. 537987 ID: 57a559

Don't let her grab your sword girl. Might be traitors and spies within the crowds. Keep it on you at all times. Can't even trust her.
No. 537998 ID: 7fde7e

[[ LOL ]]
No. 538001 ID: 67bfa9

I second the motion
No. 538008 ID: 96c896

I don't think she would do that.

Get something that's easy to put on, it's not like you have a lot of time.
No. 538065 ID: c23ab0

What I was talking about is how your family got attacked by raccoons. What did you think I was talking about?
No. 538139 ID: 16c47c

Ask how everyone (the princes) are doing. Has anything happened recently?
No. 538265 ID: 7fde7e
File 137774947994.png - (115.26KB , 608x600 , did1.png )

This person is right, I really don't have a lot of time.
>> Amielle and Hartley enter a chamber with many, many gowns and robes and such. Princess Amielle picks out a summery type, short, easy to pull over her head dress.

Ami: Oh! This is so cute! Oh, um, Mrs. Hartley, was it? Can you please show me the way to the throne room, or where ever the King may be at the moment?

Mrs. Hartley: Ah, certainly, your highness. If I might ask, what brings you here?

PA: Our Kingdom, Pytge, has been attacked by the Racoons of Procyon. Has Catalina received any threats lately? Is the royal family and its citizens holding up okay?
No. 538299 ID: c23ab0

That's an adorable dress! A bit short though. Onto the throne room!
No. 538315 ID: 5869f6

That dress fits you wonderfully, princess! Onward, to the throne room!
No. 538318 ID: 593f45

Well, you're doomed. Raccoons are better than cats in pretty much every way. With their superior numbers, they will sweep over the land and eliminate you all with whatever weapons they hold in their little paw hands.
No. 538370 ID: c23ab0


Excuse me? They don't look nearly as good in dresses.
No. 543503 ID: 7fde7e
File 138131373286.png - (107.68KB , 600x600 , 17.png )

Mrs Hartley: Ah, here's the Queen! Your Highness?

> A light brown siamese cat in a gown and tiara stops mid-walk and looks over to Princess Amielle and Mrs. Harley

Queen Catalina: Yes, Mrs. Hartley, who is this?
Mrs. Hartley: This is Princess Ami-

>but she is quickly interrupted by the Queen.

Queen C: Amielle! Look at you! You've grown up so much! What do I owe the pleasure?
Princess A: Queen Catalina, your Highness, the raccoons have attacked us! We need your help as soon as possible!
QC: Ah! This is terrible news! Do you know what happened?
PA: No, I have no idea! I was getting ready for my father's party when I came down to the ball room and saw my father being attacked! My mother sent me over as fast as possible while father and the guards fought them off and mother and sister went to hide somewhere.
QC: This is horrid. Let me find my husband! We must send help at once!
No. 543515 ID: 2f2cd6

Oh, well, that went well. I wasn't expecting this to be so simple.

...brace yourself for the other shoe. It hasn't dropped yet.
No. 543518 ID: 7fde7e
File 138133894177.png - (253.28KB , 600x800 , 18.png )

>Queen Catalina asks Mrs. Hartley to bring out some tea and tells another servant to fetch her husband

>The Queen motions for Amielle to sit at the tea table and they both sit as they wait for the King's arrival.


>A muffled growl is heard from a room nearby.
No. 543522 ID: 2f2cd6

Uh, wait politely for the king to approach before you make your formal request for aid. Don't want to annoy him by being rude or joining in with his wife's nagging.
No. 543523 ID: bf54a8

be sure to curtsy
No. 543528 ID: c23ab0

Don't curtsey if you're already sitting at the table. The proper etiquette when ordered by the queen to sit before the king does, is to look up at him like a deer caught in headlights.
No. 543534 ID: 16c47c

Do you know this guy?
No. 549375 ID: 7fde7e
File 138504172186.png - (277.56KB , 600x800 , 19.png )

>King Catalina slowly turns around

King Catalina: ... Yes dear? I'm sorry, my migraine is acting up again.

Queen C.: Oh, I am so sorry darling but we have an emergency!

>King Catalina perks up, still in pain but more alert

King C.: Please, go on, dear.

Queen C.: Actually, I think Princess Amielle should explain what's going on...

>King Catalina looks across the tea table and notices Amielle, perking up even more and smiling widely.

King C.: Amielle! My Goddaughter! How are you, dear?

>King Catalina hobbles over and gives her a huge hug while Princess Amielle turns blue from such a strong hug.

Princess Ami: I-I'm g-good, Your Highness...

King C.: So, please, tell me what brings you here?
No. 549380 ID: fc937d

>So, please, tell me what brings you here?
Well, there's this teensy weensy violent raccoon invasion of my home.
No. 549384 ID: 57a559

Well go ahead, tell 'em why you're here.
Don't stutter.
No. 549427 ID: c23ab0

You're here to hit on I mean hottie I mean seek help of the princes I mean the raccoons. Against the raccoons! Help from the king against the raccoons! The raccoon guys attacked. Not sure if they won or not.
No. 549580 ID: 7fde7e
File 138520201777.png - (133.80KB , 883x800 , 20.png )

> Princess Amielle takes in a deep breath and begins to talk very loudly and quickly.


> Amielle pants loudly, out of breath, but relieved to finally be in King Catalina's presence.
No. 549581 ID: 7fde7e
File 138520205250.png - (154.77KB , 608x600 , 21.png )

> King Catalina smiles reassuringly and puts his paw on her shoulder.

King C: My dear Princess, I will gladly help you. Let me confer with my Generals about the situation and we'll see what we can do.

> Amielle sighs in relief.

PA: Oh, Your Highness, I am very grateful and my family and our kingdom thank you for all of your help. You have no idea what a-
No. 549582 ID: 7fde7e
File 138520870520.png - (128.95KB , 608x600 , 22.png )

> Princess Amielle's speech is cut short by something tall, dark, and handsome walking behind King Catalina.

King C: A-Amielle? Are you okay?
No. 549583 ID: 3df5af

Is it... the Raccoon prince?
No. 549585 ID: 9076a0

Who is it and just how hot is he?
No. 549620 ID: c23ab0

Rate his hotness on a scale of 1 to prince
No. 549624 ID: 7bbaae

No. 550135 ID: 7fde7e
File 138563060665.png - (181.31KB , 800x600 , DIOSMEOW.png )

> Princess Amielle tries to contain herself but cannot. She whispers to herself, "¬°Dios meow!"

King Catalina: Oliver? Is that you, boy?

> The King asks as he turns his head. A tall, slim, Siamese cat slinking behind the King and turns towards them nonchalantly.

Oliver: Sup?
No. 550145 ID: 876c9d

try not to drool
No. 550152 ID: 1ebf90

Whoah, pull yourself together! You don't want to make a bad first impression! There will me time for romance after the more urgent things are taken care of.
No. 550153 ID: 5ce288

He kind of looks like a tool.
No. 550156 ID: 57a559

Yeah I agree
Total tool
Come on Amielle you don't sense it? Don't let his looks fool you.
He's a poser.

Now get back to saving your Mom and Dad before they died because you got distracted by a tool.
No. 550158 ID: 7e4b54

Oh come on, give the boy a chance to make an impression before you judge him a tool. He's literally said one word to you, you can't judge him based on that.

That being said, you should calm down. No sense in crumbling your biscuits when he's the one acting cool.
No. 550163 ID: c23ab0

Too bad you lost that chainmail outfit.
No. 550167 ID: fd6ae9

Be cool, girl. He'll respect that.
No. 550178 ID: 9b6759


She can still impress dudes in a dress, yo.
No. 550179 ID: 7fde7e
File 138567662085.png - (148.28KB , 600x800 , 24.png )


> Prince Oliver, noticing that there is a pretty lady-cat in the hall, sheepishly walks over to the King and Princess, blushing a bit.

Prince Oliver: I, uh, I'm sorry, father, I didn't realize we had, um, company.

King Catalina: -Ahem- Well, uh, it was unannounced. It appears our allies in Pytge are being attacked by the Procyon Raccoons. Oh, and this is Princess Amielle, daughter to King Mortimer. I imagine you haven't seen her in a few yearsblahblabhblahblahbalhh....

> The King says a few more things but they drown out as Oliver reaches his paw out to you.

Oliver: Pleased to make your acquaintance, fair princess. I am Prince Oliver, eldest son of the King over there if you, uh, don't remember me...
No. 550180 ID: c23ab0

Oh god he's BLUSHING
No. 550184 ID: 9b6759

YOU HAVE HIM IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND now just act natural and not like a spaz
No. 550185 ID: fd6ae9

He's blushing! He likes you!

Take his hand and return the introduction, keep your cool and try not to become completely flustered. And of course you remember him!
No. 550189 ID: 96c896

Give him your hand to kiss!
No. 550197 ID: 57a559

No, kiss HIS hand like he's supposed to kiss yours.

Then get confused at everyone's reaction, go "Wait, isn't this what I'm supposed to do when offered a hand?"
No. 550198 ID: 5869f6

Princess, what I am going to say is very important: No second impressions.
Just stay calm and be polite.
No. 550210 ID: 1ebf90

Seconding this.
No. 550231 ID: cee89f


I'd say 'also, smile' but that doesn't seem to be a problem.
No. 550234 ID: 7fde7e
File 138570799845.png - (159.82KB , 800x664 , 25.png )

> Princess Amielle gingerly wipes the drool off her chin and gives her paw to Prince Oliver.

Prince Oliver: Of course I remember Ami! How could I forget such a charming young lady?

> The prince takes Amielle's hand and kisses it. Amielle blushes but tries to keep her composure.

Princess Amielle: A pleasure to see you again, Oliver~

> King Catalina rolls his eyes and puts his paws on his hips.

King Catalina: Alright you two, we need to get down to business. Do you know anything else about the attack, Amielle? The Raccoons have never been on good terms with either of our Kingdoms but for them to attack? Something is fishy here.

> For a moment you forgot about the real reason you came to Catalina.
No. 550235 ID: 57a559

You just know that it was so incredibly sudden. One moment EVERYTHING was fine. People were preparing for the ball, you had a nice conversation with your mother, she went away, you go downstairs and BAM! Dad's fighting racoons. No alarm, all very sudden. They reached the king as soon as the attack started.
No. 550237 ID: fd6ae9

>Something is fishy here.
Let Oliver's hand go with a sigh and address the king.

I'm sorry, your highness. I can only report what I have seen- I do not know the cause, nor can I speak to what may dark politics motivated the attack. It came without warning.

All I know is that my home is in need of aid, and beseech your help.
No. 550286 ID: c23ab0

Tell him about the World of Animals party; it may have had something to do with the attack.
Agree that something is fishy. The last thing daddy told you was we have been "ambushed" and then to escape.

Also nice drool woof woof
No. 550618 ID: 7fde7e
File 138608554383.png - (383.81KB , 679x653 , nothing_matters_when_were_dancing.png )

> You daydream about how the ball SHOULD have gone

> Prince Oliver comes over to you and asks you to dance. You and him dance gracefully across the ballroom while everyone around you disappears into a haze~
No. 550641 ID: 3c2f03

Gracious! You're blushing like a flustered ninny! Recover, Darling! RECOVER!
No. 550803 ID: c23ab0


We're advising Daydream Amielle, not Daydream Oliver who is blushing. Daydream Oliver is an indirect character.
No. 551809 ID: 7fde7e
File 138692487935.png - (267.05KB , 800x620 , 26.png )

>Prince Oliver and King Catalina look at each other

KC: Uh, Princess, are you okay?

> Oliver waves his paw at Amielle

PO: Helloooo? Amielle?

> Amielle snaps out of it. What were we doing again?
No. 551810 ID: 53ba34

uh,it.. YOU DAD! yeah, your dad is in trouble
No. 551814 ID: fd6ae9

You were supposed to be answering the king's question, and explaining you position. Something like this >>550237
No. 551843 ID: 37aa84

You were about to tell the King everything you know about the attack which is admittedly not much before you got sidetracked by a wild love interest.
No. 551852 ID: 7f3f68

Bwahaha; you encounter a wild love interest!

Anyway, yeah, I don't know any other facts relevant to the attack. Unless you have other background knowledge, or saw something we didn't, I think we've already given them all relevant information.
No. 553754 ID: 7fde7e
File 138813347150.png - (96.78KB , 701x566 , 27.png )

Amielle: OH UM R-RIGHT. A-anyway, I should probably get going and you should um, talk to your Generals like you, uh, s-said.

> Amielle fumbles with her tail. King Mortimer brushes off the daydreaming and is back in business-mode.

King Mort: Right. Well you should not leave without an escort! Perhaps my son, Oliver would be so kind as to ride home with you?
No. 553767 ID: 268efe

Yes. Hell yes. Hell. Kittens. Yes.
No. 553802 ID: e99169

Which home? The one overrun by raccoons? Perhaps you could stay here where it is safe before moving on to rouse the nations populace.
No. 553804 ID: fd6ae9

Wait, home? You're going home? Last you heard, it was still held by invaders. I'm sure the prince is plenty capable, but we will likely need a somewhat larger escort if we intent to clear out the riff-raff.
No. 553911 ID: 4447b0

Quick, regain your composure. You look like you've been caught staring at one of the stable boys again.
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