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File 135781496651.jpg - (168.26KB , 591x806 , 1334254339981.jpg )
484009 No. 484009 ID: 885ee8

Once upon a time, there was nothing.

Suddenly, there was a spotlight. Nothingness tore open into a screaming mass of somethings, and they all cried out in jubilation. The something in the spotlight raised its arm.

It was a shabby something, but it was charismatic. That's why it was the one in the spotlight and not one of the innumerable other somethings stretching off into near-infinity. Some manner of eccentric, floppy hat, goggles, several scarves, and about twenty more coats than any one omnipotent superbeing should be wearing. In fact, no part of this particular something was visible except its clothes.

"Welcome," The Something began. The lim(infinity)x throng cheered at the first word. The Something waited for them to reach an arbitrary level of quietude before continuing. "...to The Showdown."

Near-infinite cheering erupted again, all rejoicing in the charisma required of The Something to say those four words into a microphone. After eons of this, the gathered masses finally got quiet enough to continue. "Seekers," The Something said, "bring me your champions!"


Welcome to the showdown. It's a writing competitions disguised as a roleplaying battle. Basically, you submit a character. It can be any character, from any setting, from any time, with any sort of powers. There are a couple of minor restrictions, but I'll get to those later. Six of them that the host (in this case, me) finds interesting will get plucked out of their home universe and time and thrown into an arena with the others by the nigh-omnipotent host, The Something. Those characters will be told to fight each other to the death, and the host will disappear.

The contest works on a multiversal model. The characters needn't come from the same universe or even universes that share the same physical laws. A character from a flat world where magic is commonplace can coexist with a character from a perfectly realistic universe where planets are round and magic is laughable. In cases where the nature of the character's home universe is integral to the character's powers, it is assumed that the host has performed some omnipotent superbeing magics to keep those powers working.

Here's where it breaks from a typical roleplaying free-for-all clusterfuck. People write about their characters, including their interactions with the environment and each other and the battles (if any) between them, but they do NOT have the authority to actually cause any character deaths. While the characters have been told to kill each other, what the writers behind those characters are doing is collaborating on creating an interesting story with all the characters in the specified setting. In fact, they don't even have to fight at all; they just have to make interesting things happen around them.

The arenas will be described without all-encompassing detail; coming up with specifics beyond what is specified is encouraged. For example, the host might say that the arena is an abandoned gothic cathedral. The players might then determine that the cathedral is plagued by the deranged spirits of those devoured by the madness-inducing eldritch monstrosity whose sleeping eye is visible through a massive rift at the bottom of the baptismal pool. Or, possibly the cathedral is a historical relic of a long-dead race preserved by a sentient AI for study by other hostile machines.

When the host decides that the plot that has unfolded from the current setting is reaching a climax, he will announce which of the players was the worst writer. That player will get an opportunity to write their character's death, or else that will pass to the other players in the case that the losing player refuses or is unresponsive. The losing player's character will die, the host will move the survivors to a new arena, and the process will repeat until there is one winner.

What really matters at the end of the day is writing. If you submit a character who is super-powerful and can solve any problem with a thought, that doesn't make you more likely to win. In fact, it makes you less likely to win; characters who are never challenged by anything are much harder to craft an interesting story around. That being said, your character can be as powerful as you would like, as long as none of those powers allow the character to actually leave the battle. Powers that can alter the nature of the host's specified setting with minimal effort are also discouraged. Any powers that involve time travel are frowned upon as well. Characters should be your own creation. Characters original to this contest or characters from your personal quest are allowed, but not characters derived directly from other settings that you are not responsible for creating. Artwork accompanying your posts is allowed but not required.

If you're interested in competing, here's what I need from you:

Your name: (tripcode optional except in cases of extreme stupidity)
Your character's name: (Or what people can call them, if names are for some reason not applicable)
Gender: (mostly just tell your fellow contestants whether to say he, she, or it)
Origin: (where your character comes from, what makes them who they are. Be as vague or as thorough as you'd like.)
Appearance: (When the other characters look at your character, what do they see? A picture is an acceptable substitute.)
Powers/abilities/items: (here's where you tell us in short form what sorts of things we can expect your character to do. You can be as vague or as specific as you want. For example, if you mention your character carries a picnic basket, it would be perfectly normal if you were to later write that they pull an apple out of it. If your character pulls a bazooka out of it, you're probably going to have some explaining to do.)

That's it! Good luck.
No. 484019 ID: cf49fc

Your name: SCOM, One, Paladin of Honor and Virtue, Some Guy, Uh Another Guy, Shifty Looking Fellow

Your character's name: The High One

Gender: Neutered, to their eternal frustration

Origin: A distant alien world ruled by the Ethereals and a Giant Brain, wracked by genetic degradation due to poor choices made my certain giant stupid brains full of stupid.

Appearance: An extremely tall, emaciated grey figure, entirely wrapped in a somewhat dirty white robe, levitating above the ground.

Powers/abilities/items: Possesses powerful Telepathic abilities, potentially capable of allowing control over weak willed organic life forms, or communication over short distances of a few hundred feet (with headblind pansies) and communication at very long ranges of up to several lightyears (with strong telepaths). Possesses significant telekinetic abilities allowing indefinite personal levitation and the carrying of man portable equipment. Also carries a small plasma pistol capable of vaporizing a rookie at a hundred yards, and an eons old edition of PlayChrysallid magazine.
No. 484042 ID: 011678

[[can we submit more then one charecter? as i have two ideas, ill just post this one for now]]

Your name: Cthulhlu

Your character's name: Spider, Sp1dr.exe or SPI.dr

Gender: He

Origin: A computer virus accidentaly given sentiance and raised to trans-sapience, currentley occupys aproximatley 20% of his dimensions galactic internet.

Appearance: Scine his Body is mearley a avatar construct of the virus, his apperance varis to a massive degree. however, there are several charecteristics that remain constant, no matter the form.
1) hollow, black eye sockets. 2)blonde, lank hair. 3) feline facial features. 4) extremely tall and malnurished, and very out of proportion limbs, often twice the length they should be. and finaly his hands and feet have been replaced with long, sharp claws.
Current form is that of a large marrionette/puppet made of wood, wearing a straight jacket and suspended by metal wires.

Powers/abilities/items: As a nanite construct, spider is able to repair itself from near any damage provided the matirals are present (metal and plastic mostly, but biological material can also be utilized to far lesser effect) however the process takes time and he is very vunrable whilst repairing disabling injurys. the nanites that dont form the body are used as "Utility fog" a clear, mist like cloud that canconstruct/deconstruct practicaly anything from the avilaable matirials.

Hismain weakness is his higly unstable mental state, this derives from his badly corrupted and malufunctioning programing. he is just as likley to attack you as he is to sit weeping in a corner.
Large EMP discharges can disable a significant proportion of his nanites, forcing him to flee to enact self repair.
Also while he himself is controling the nanites, the actual program is bieng transmited from somewere in the arena, if you can find and disable the transmitter he will instantly shut down.
No. 484044 ID: 011678

[[please excuse the terrible spelling, im bored at work and trying to hide what im up too :P]]]
No. 484079 ID: 0eef61

Your name: Brom
Your character's name: Ferrucio Crenello, the Revenant Mage
Gender: Male
Origin: Ferrucio is an ember, cast fitful and flickering from the tread-out fire of Gioriazia. He was an archmage, once, favored and celebrated in the gilded courts of the peerage. His home in Gioriazzo was opulent and built upon the highest crag in that precipitous city, a jewel inset into the highest reach of the City of Crowns.
His tower now is a marble skeleton, gutted from the siegefires and the greedy hands of looters who could not spell the name of the city they destroyed.
Ferrucio tries to tell himself the attack came late after Festival and that nothing he could have done would have saved Gioriazzo from the flames, and that the murder and destruction of all he cared for was not his fault. He is wrong, and he knows it. He has taken to heavy drinking.

Appearance: Ferrucio's armor took a team of three trained kingsmen to maintain. Every other day it was disassembled, polished, filed, bossed, buffed, checked, reassembled, and displayed in the archmage's study, open and ready for him to don (which took a fourth man all on its own).
It's old, now, and if those kingsmen were not murdered in their beds they were sold into slavery in some barbaric corner of the Cape Portentius. Ferrucio's tassets are rusting; they scrape and groan with every step he takes. The pauldron whose sweep covered his right shoulder was blasted off him in a fight against a Ganethan hedge wizard three years back. The snaps of his breastplate are tarnished and threaten to tear themselves from the worn and brittle leather of its lining. The gilt along his brigandine has flaked and peeled off, leaving dull, shallow veins along its surface.

His eyes gaze old and tired out of his battered Hounskull. His face is not what it once was; he tries not to show it to people.

Powers/abilities/items: Ferrucio was an archmage and his spells were flashy, impressive, and devastating. Five years of struggle and failure have seen him abandon his showmanship and spectacle. His magic now is utilitarian and coarse, fit no longer for Gioriazzo's bright duel halls; only to kill. Water magic he has abandoned. Divination proved of little use. He deals mostly in fireballs of little more art than when he was an apprentice, conjurations with no fanfare, illusions which serve only to misdirect and obfuscate rather than titillate and enrich. He is an artist reduced to a cage fighter, and his back is pressed against the wall with such frequency he has left an impression.

Last night he slept on the floor of a stable and his arm is cramped and aching. He is mildly hungover. He told himself he wouldn't be. He needs to hold on for just this one more battle, he tells himself. Please, God, just this one more.
No. 484155 ID: 885ee8

Submitting more than one character wouldn't really work, unless you're claiming you can write prolifically enough to cover two slots in the contest at the same time. Just submit the one you'd most like to write for.
No. 484244 ID: a68605

sorry i didnt mean that id have two chars in play at once, i meant i have two ideas for you to pick one from, didnt put that across very well did i -,-
No. 484267 ID: 92c81e

I would like clarification on a few points before I put the effort into making a submission.

1:When do you plan on starting?
2:How do you plan on maintaining order? I mean keeping people active, keeping the posts going, and similar.
3:I assume there is some degree of godmodding allowed? It becomes incredibly difficult to write interactions, let alone conversations between player controlled characters, when you are not allowed some degree of control.
4:Are you pairing people off (1v1's only), or taking all 6 submissions into one arena?
5:So, all our characters know about this fight, is what was told in the first post? ("Fight to the death, GO!") Or do we have a better reason than that? Either way is fine, but it will determine how we should approach writing about this.
No. 484388 ID: 885ee8

If you're really evenly divided, I'd say flip a coin. If you're not perfectly divided, pick whichever character idea you're most excited about. I'ma go ahead and nix the "more than one character per person" thing though.
1: Whenever I have enough interesting characters.
2: Order should be mostly self-maintaining. If a player does something outlandish or stops posting, then they're going to lose anyway. If we have a big problem with authors abandoning the battle, I might initiate some system of character replacement.
3: Excellent question I should have addressed in the OP! Posting about other people's characters is not only allowed but encouraged. I'm migrating this idea from another forum, and over there the way it tends to work is that each author mostly writes about their own character exclusively at the beginning of the first round, and then they all start slowly working the other characters in as their personalities and mannerisms become apparent. The obvious caveat is, if you write someone else's character stupidly, you will lose and not that character's player. Basically, after you create the character, they've been released into this space and are no longer your responsibility. What matters after the game starts is the story. An emergent principle from that fact is that keeping secrets about characters from the other players is counterproductive. Keeping secrets from other characters, sure, but the players need to know what they're working with.
4: All six at once. One dies, then the remaining five go to the next arena, etc. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
5: The default assumption is that another of these multiversal presences has plucked the character from their home universe without prior knowledge. They're thrown into the arena, told "fight to the death go" and then let loose. "Fuck your rules, guy!" is an acceptable and common response, as is an attempt to subvert the game itself. Just be aware as a player that the character will never succeed, even though the character might not know that*. If you'd like to flesh out the multiversal character (basically a stand-in for the author, as The Something is a stand-in for me) responsible as well, that's OK too. These things sometimes tend to get sort of meta by the end. Just try not to get too masturbatory about it.
Also, if you'd like to break from this default and have your character somehow be aware of his predicament before the opening speech, that's OK but you have to explain why that's the case.

*All bets are off at the end of the final round. Escaping the battle, subverting it somehow, or even killing the host are allowed under that condition only, as long as there's only one character alive at the end of the attempt.
No. 484477 ID: bdb3f8

Your name: o, or circle if necessary.
Your character's name: Glimkin (probably "child of shiny" in his native tongue)
Gender: male
Origin: Once there was a kobold. Like most kobolds, he loved shiny things. Unlike most kobolds, it occured to him that shiniest thing ever was probably that big ball of light that is way up in the sky half the time. And so it was that Glimkin started to worship the sun in his own, stupid way. And so it was that a short time later he was blind. But his piety did not go unnoticed, for the sun goddess is a kind and benevolent diety. She rewarded Glimkin's devotion by granting him a fraction of her power, and though his eyes remain ruined, he no longer needs them to see. His divine mandate from his goddess, which he takes quite seriously, is to "try to please be good, okay?"

Appearance: Glimkin is a three foot tall creature with a physical appearance lying somewhere between an alligator and a scarecrow. He wears a blindfold, and often a hooded cloak as well. There is a bit of shoddy but surprisingly well maintained armor and a small collection of crude weapons occasionally visible under the cloak or hung from his pack.

Powers/abilities/items: Glimkin has the powers of both a divine oracle of the sun and a kobold. For those needing more elaboration, this means that he is capable of diverse magical feats mostly based around the ideas of restoration, healing, light, and fire, though he does know a few spells intended to blind those who use their eyes to see. He is also sneakier than his white clothing should give him any right to be, an accomplished burrower, adept trap maker, and so naive it is a wonder any of his species ever survives. Blessings of his goddess have given him the ability to call and resist fire, and to see what is actually around him, despite his own blindness or others' attempts to conceal themselves. The closer they are, the easier this becomes.
He carries a simple spear, a small blade, and a sling, along with a pack of esoteric adventuring gear suitable to a high fantasy setting, though notably, no light sources.
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