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File 135762249531.png - (103.26KB , 800x600 , default.png )
483454 No. 483454 ID: 51e5af

I don't know why I'm taking this job, but I've got a feeling it will lead me to something important.
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No. 483455 ID: 51e5af
File 135762254316.png - (217.57KB , 800x600 , d1.png )

"Greetings Citizen Batten. You reported that you are missing something?"

"A Finder…! At last. It's been so hard to get a response from you recently… Have you lot all gone on vacation?"

"Ma'am I assure you, Finders have no need for vacations."

Ever since I stopped being a Finder and started being THE Finder, jobs have been piling up like crazy. I try to go through them as quickly as possible, but the People have begun to take notice.
No. 483456 ID: 51e5af
File 135762263149.png - (164.26KB , 800x600 , d2.png )

Finders can find anything. From a lost frying pan to a missing child, to information and abstract concepts. Never once has a Finder failed to find something that could be found. I knew a poor bot once who searched two years for a lost ring, only to discover that it had been melted down into fillings a week before the bot begun the search. But I'm not like that - I'm the best. I would have known to check the destruction records right away.

Now, what is it this woman wants me to find?
No. 483457 ID: 00df0f

Your former compatriots.
No. 483458 ID: bf54a8

her son, he hasn't called in a month and he normally calls once a week.
No. 483459 ID: 6a5a08

No. 483461 ID: be7fd9

That Which Cannot Be Found.
No. 483495 ID: 51e5af
File 135763897887.png - (166.31KB , 800x600 , d3.png )

"It's my idiot son. He usually calls once a week, but I haven't heard from him in nearly a month! I knew it was bad news when he left to join this so-called "Resistance". Resisting what, I ask you?? All very hush-hush, wouldn't tell me a thing. But I won't stand for it any longer! You find him, tell him to call me so I can set him straight."

"If he can be found, he will be, citizen."

"And while you're at it, find those lazy friends of yours and tell them to get back to work!"
No. 483496 ID: 51e5af
File 135763908613.png - (41.07KB , 800x600 , d4.png )

Lost son and former compatriots.

The son will take some digging, but that second one is easy. I don’t even have to find them, I know exactly where they are.

Because I put them there.

To be fair, this is just a metaphorical representation of where they are. The Takers took them beyond the Veil, which is someplace I can't ever go. So I held a funeral for each of them, which is a kind of human ritual where they hope for the souls of dead things.

If the other Finders knew I was doing such an illogical thing, they'd say I have a glitch in my system.
No. 483497 ID: 51e5af
File 135763919988.png - (67.50KB , 800x600 , d5.png )

I think they may be right. Sometimes I feel things. Things that aren't logical.

Before I leave I wonder if there might be a clue to be had here. The other Finders have been gone about a month, the same time the son has.
No. 483498 ID: 00b740

Find this resistance and ask them what's up. Also, any idea why the Takers took all your buddies away, and why they have left you alone?
No. 483510 ID: 196d1b

Well, if the son is part of some sort of resistance, I think you'd better hurry before finding him will take some much more literal digging. Ask around about this "resistance".
No. 483513 ID: 389f2b

what were the others searching for? where they related in any form, anything that might be considered dangerous as someone didn't want it to be found?
No. 483514 ID: c33f8f

If the son had any friends we could try asking them, he might have shared something.
Or if anyone else joined the "resistance" with him, their families might know something.
No. 483523 ID: be7fd9

>connection between missing finders and son
Possibly? By what means were they taken beyond the view? Was that something a human could have been caught up in in some way?
No. 483796 ID: 51e5af
File 135773022917.gif - (861.55KB , 800x600 , d6g.gif )

49 days ago the other Finders began acting… strange. They all started working together on a huge-scale information search in addition to their daily duties. Well - it's not uncommon for them to exclude me from these sorts of things, but I couldn't get a one of them to tell me what it was about. And that made me feel … illogical.

So I did some searching of my own - it wasn't easy, mind you, for they were very careful. But soon I was able to piece together that they were giving FORBIDDEN information to a single anonymous human.

Of course I had to tell the Takers. But I swear I didn't think they'd hurt any bots. They were just supposed to take the human, see. But when the other Finders refused to show them where he was, the Takers got desperate and decided to stop the leak at its source. I don't know why they didn't just ask me - I could have found the human... I just needed more time.

No. 483797 ID: 51e5af
File 135773029885.png - (214.85KB , 800x600 , d7.png )

You have to understand, the Takers are not fundamentally bad. They have a job to do, just like us - but instead of giving things to the humans, they take things away. Bad things, like weapons and viruses and dangerous information. And when a human gets too sick or too wise to exist in society, the Takers will take him away and fix him so he can go back to living a happy life.

As to the Veil, it refers to two different things: A programming abstract which hides forbidden information, and a large door in the real world that separates the inside from the outside. Finders are not allowed near either of them.

Well I'd better wake up now and check the records. What should I spend my time looking for? The son's friends, his last known location, or information regarding the 'Resistance'?
No. 483798 ID: bf54a8

there is a good chance the resistance was involved in this forbidden information. so last known location would be a good start. and resistance secondary.
No. 483809 ID: be7fd9

Well, if the son disappeared at the same time as the finders, is it possible he was the one requesting forbidden information?
No. 483858 ID: 196d1b

Let's find out about this resistance.
No. 484717 ID: 51e5af
File 135797805378.png - (165.59KB , 800x600 , d8.png )

It's possible, but not probable. I will check on his location first though, just to make sure he is still there.

I easily determine the name "Samuel Batten" and find his sleeping body. Yes, exactly where he should be.
No. 484718 ID: 51e5af
File 135797812206.png - (343.33KB , 800x600 , d9.png )

A thin shadow falls on the monitor as a Taker looms over me. "Step away from the pod, QB-3. He's marked for Taking as soon as we pinpoint his position inside Cirrus." Oh. It's PJ.

"You're in luck then, PJ-1, because I'm busy finding that right now. And if YOU could kindly buzz away from the pod, I could do my job better."

PJ glares at me a moment but backs away. "A shipment of replacement Finders is on its way, QB. Can't come soon enough if you ask me..."

I try to ignore that and turn to Samuel's monitors.
No. 484720 ID: 51e5af
File 135797827726.png - (233.15KB , 800x600 , d10.png )

Huh... his current location is unavailable, and it has been for about a month… I scroll farther back in his history. It seems that for several weeks prior to that, his location has sporadically gone blank for hours at a time. What's more, every time he disappears he is standing at the exact same spot about a mile from his house… that's where I need to go.

PJ taps the pod impatiently. "Well?"

Although we know the physical location of every human in Cirrus, they can't be extracted from the dream without us knowing their exact position within it. Blind extraction often leads to severe brain damage or death. And even though humans are dangerous and stupid, every bot is programmed to understand that a human is a terrible thing to waste.

Well, should I investigate the vanishing spot in Cirrus or look up the Resistance now?
No. 484723 ID: bf54a8

is there a timeframe for the disappearances? if he starts his vanish at a certain time then we need to be there at that time. if it is almost that time and you can make it there then go. if you cannot make it there in time or the time isa long ways off then look up the resistance.
No. 484736 ID: 76b151

Hmm I wonder.

Do a search for other blank spots on other people. Then correlate those missing people with the Finders last missions.
No. 484740 ID: c33f8f

Investigate the spot where Samuel vanished.
Also are all the humans sleeping in pods?
No. 484744 ID: 76b151

I gotta ask this. Do humans know they are in a VR?
No. 484745 ID: b33427

Gather what information you can easier get while outside of Cirrus while you're out here before heading back in. Start with scrolling back a month or two before the first time Samuel vanished and check for changes in his routine that might indicate when he met someone related to the Resistance or this vanishing thing. Then go looking for references to this "Resistance" in whatever records are most likely to note them.

As long as you're digging around in the records, are there continual activity recordings for every location in Cirrus? 'Cause if there are, bring up the record for the area immediately around the vanishing spot and scroll back from right now, noting anyone that vanishes like Samuel did. Also note if anyone was with Samuel at any of the times he vanished.

Just so you know if you're working against the clock here, ask PJ if the Takers are going to force extract Samuel from the dream if his location cannot be determined by a certain time, and if so what time that is.

Also, before going to the vanishing spot, visit Samuel's home and check it for clues as to what he was doing, and maybe how he was vanishing. 'Cause there's a pretty good chance there's got to be some trick to vanishing at that spot, and showing up without knowing it isn't going to get you anywhere.
No. 492416 ID: b0f131
File 136073909682.png - (244.30KB , 800x600 , d11.png )

No. I am not fully aware of the history of Cirrus, but I do know that it exists solely for their protection. And the humans are never awake for longer than the Takers need them to be; there might be awake humans beyond the Veil, but I wouldn't know about that.

"Is there a timeframe before you force extract him?" I ask.

PJ holds out two hands. "Six sunsets."

Six whole days? This will be too easy. I'll start by checking Samuel's activities before his disappearances.
No. 492417 ID: b0f131
File 136073916020.png - (290.99KB , 800x600 , d12.png )

Samuel's movements aren't too suspicious, and his disappearances appear intentional, but otherwise random.

There is… one strange thing, though. Samuel went to a pub called The Red Lion every Friday, and on the 23rd he stayed twice as long as usual and then never went back. The day after that was his first disappearance.

Now. To find out who else was in that pub, and look for blank spots in other humans, I'm gonna need the big database.

"Hey Finder," PJ calls as I turn away, "You can go oxidize in an acid bath for all I care, but... if you need any help on this case, let me know. I… don't want another death on my record."
No. 492418 ID: b0f131
File 136073923332.png - (251.95KB , 800x600 , d13.png )

"Cubey!! Just the bot I wanted to see. Having fun in Cirrus? I saw your completions this week went up 125% percent. Good job, you little circuit board, you!"

"Thanks, RT. Sorry, but I'm bit busy right now."

RT stops flailing his broom. "Eh? Now what's the matter. You've always got time to talk to Ol' Artie! You aren't still cross about them other Finders, are you? The lot of them wasn't worth a blink of your eye-lights. Come on, you can tell little old me what's worryin' ya. Well... ?"
No. 492436 ID: 6336b0

"I am in the middle of an important finder job."
No. 492442 ID: eaf2f5

Tell RT that we are feeling a bit illogical again but it will probably pass.
Ask him how he is doing, seems like he could use a new broom.

How well do you know RT and what is his job?
No. 492443 ID: 12c19f

He's a janitor -and- an encouraging parent-figure!
No. 492513 ID: 2b9066

hug rt
No. 492629 ID: b33427

Dang, RT looks like he's been around for a long time. How old is he? And how old is his broom? 'Cause it looks even older than him. Why does he keep that battered, patched up thing?

Tell RT that you much more baffled than "cross," since you might have found who had subverted them if the Takers had let you, instead of blanket taking all the other Finders. You know it was a serious situation, and required quick action, but they didn't even give you a chance. It just doesn't make sense to you, that's all. However, you suspect your latest case is in some way related to the unfindable human from before.

Wave RT over to the log screen and ask if he's ever seen or heard of location log entries being empty or containing incorrect data. For that matter, any log entries being blank or containing erroneous or corrupted data. Something like this might have happened before.

If he has time, how about asking RT to help you check the location logs for everyone that was at The Red Lion? PJ as well, since he appears to have nothing to do for the moment. You do have six days, but that's no reason to not use all available resources to do your job as quick as you can.

That "NaN///" entry in the location log might not be a blank entry in the database. It could be that the entry is filled with a non-number variable type. Samuel may still be sending location data, but its from within a non-Cirrus system which uses a different location method, or none at all. Can you hook right into the database and dump the raw data? Or plug into the locator sub-system and read what it's outputting?
No. 494038 ID: a503e4
File 136117107134.png - (167.32KB , 800x600 , d14.png )

"Sorry, RT, I'm just feeling a bit illogical again, but I'm sure it will pass. How are you today? … Would you like me to find you a new broom?"

"Eh? No no, Broomhilde here's sturdy as ever." RT raps it against a wall, releasing a cloud of dust.

I've no idea how ancient that thing is - but it's the only real wood I've ever seen, probably why he keeps it. RT himself has to have been here a couple centuries, as he always brags that he was created by humans. I can tell he misses them, and only Finders and Takers get to see them in Cirrus. Kind of sad, really, the way he always tries to act like one. It bothers the other bots, but they keep him around to clean and keep the rats away from the nutrient tanks.

"Oh!" says RT, "Before I forget, there's a library file I need you to check out for me. Library's closing soon, though, so hurry! It's called, 'Reverse-Engineering of Advanced-'"

"Whoah whoah. The library is closing?? When! I've got a time-sensitive case!"

"Looks like... 32 minutes now. Some kinda emergency maintenance stuff. Well don't let me keep you any longer, better get goin!"

"Alright but I've something to ask you first; it might save me some time." I walk RT back to the terminal and point out the NaN entries. "Have you ever seen anything like this? I have a feeling it's related to the unfindable human from before…"
No. 494040 ID: a503e4
File 136117117134.png - (181.09KB , 800x600 , d15.png )

"Cubey," RT snaps, "You listen to me, stay away from this case."

"But RT-"

"It was too much for all the other finders, combined. Do you really want to get involved with that? This is too dangerous for you. I've… got a hunch. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

His gaze flickers to PJ then back to me before he lowers the broom and shuffles away.
No. 494042 ID: a503e4
File 136117122269.png - (243.91KB , 800x600 , d16.png )

"That bot's up to something," says PJ, "We should follow it."

I glare at PJ. "Typical taker! You think everyone's guilty. RT just cares about me."

"You going to say that wasn't suspicious?"

"Look, there's no telling how long the library will be down. If you come to help, we should have just enough time to scan all the files I need."

"YOU'RE a finder, can't you just… find a way in? Once it closes?"

I don't think I like the sound of that...
No. 494073 ID: bf54a8

"and are you saying if i use your advice i wont get taken for doing something that is generally frowned upon?"
No. 494111 ID: 35edd4

"If it needs to be shut down for emergency maintenance, then our trying to use it might cause further damage and make it ultimately even harder to get what we need. Better that we hurry.

"And really, have some respect for the rules."
No. 494120 ID: eaf2f5

Even if we could find a way in after its closed there is no need to if we hurry, so pump those buns and get to the library.

Too bad we interrupted RT before he told us what he wanted. Revers engineering of Advanced... Brooms?
No. 494346 ID: b33427

"Yes," you could, and "no," you won't. Poking around in the library system while it's in a maintenance routine is just asking for something to go wrong. You're gonna do this the legit way, so get a move on. PJ can flutter about and spy on RT all he wants once this is done.

What other library files has RT asked you to check out for him? While you're there grab a copy of his library checkout log, as well as a list of all titles starting with "Reverse-Engineering of Advanced." You can see if there's a relation between all three later.
No. 503576 ID: 7ec464
File 136494283921.png - (161.60KB , 800x600 , d17.png )

I respond with a vehement 'no'. "And really, PJ, have some respect for the rules."

PJ shrugs. "It's like you said, everyone IS guilty of something. Just depends whether we decide to take them in."

Despite our disagreement, PJ decides to tag along.

We're able to collect a good amount of information, rushed though we are.

I also picked up the most likely match for RT's request, "Reverse-Engineering of Advanced RLO Encryption Algorithms." He has a lot of free time, and so asks me to check out files for him all the time. They won't let him have his own library license, poor guy. Anyway, he's taken an interest in programming over the past few years - sort of like a human studying biology.
No. 503577 ID: 7ec464
File 136494286688.png - (184.57KB , 800x600 , d18.png )

PJ leaves after the library closes, so I head back to my port to recharge and analyze the data we recovered.

The search term 'Resistance' hasn't turned up anything useful. I was only able to pull data about organizations called a resistance, so I may have to go back and refine my search. The last entry is about an Akavan resistance shut down in 2615 CE.

Oddly, some of the location data for the Red Lion has been modified by a user named 4R4CHN1D. That doesn't sound like any bot I know - most of our names begin with 2 letters - and unfortunately I can't look it up until the library is back online.

I was, however, able to find 4 other humans with missing location data. Avery Todd, Vina Ross, Roy Laguna, and Kenden Michael. Strangely, although they all disappear at the same times, they haven't a single other thing in common. They even disappear at locations separated by tens of miles. A for all I know, there's more of them out there in the data I couldn't reach in time.

Since I'm already plugged in, I decide to connect to Cirrus to check on those locations. This is Samuel's spot. Far outside of town, it's hidden by the low dirt hills around it. I can see a soft blue glow coming from the inside.
No. 503590 ID: d6ef5d

Walk to the window and look in. What's causing the glow?
No. 503665 ID: b33427

Odd. You know of anything in Cirrus that makes a large soft blue glow like that?

Be cautious in your approach. Go around the right side of the building, then crouch down and come back around to under the window and slowly peek in between the boards.

>"Reverse-Engineering of Advanced RLO Encryption Algorithms"
Got any idea what systems use advanced RLO encryption? 'Cause RT might be trying to recreate one, or do something with them.
No. 503958 ID: cb3d6e
File 136513703306.png - (131.86KB , 800x600 , d19.png )

RLOs are used to encrypt data in bots' memories. I'm not a programming buff myself, so that's all I know.

I approach cautiously and peek through the window. There is a human female inside, and she is holding a bag in her left hand. The glow is coming from a small computing device.
No. 503961 ID: 9e1727

Watch what she's doing, and what she's typing. It looks like she's about to enter a password, so move into a better position to watch the keyboard right now, if you can.

>User "4R4CHN1D"
Oh, just realized that's l33t for "ARACHNID." Yeah, that's not a bot name. Likely a hacker of some sort. Going to have to search for other modifications using that user name.

>Bot memories are RLO encrypted
Then if someone broke the encryption, they could read back a bot's memories... Possibly remove or edit them. Why would RT want a book on how to do that?
No. 504015 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. If this is Samuel's house, should any other humans be here?

She looks like she's about to enter a password to whatever she's doing on that computer.
No. 504538 ID: 6ba777
File 136540844186.png - (211.79KB , 800x600 , d20.png )

Well, RT probably just needs it for his own memory! He is always forgetting things…

And I should clarify, this isn't Samuel's house. This is the spot in the middle of nowhere that he tends to disappear at. It doesn't look like anyone lives here - the interior is vacant save for the table with the computing device.

This slit is at a horrible angle! I shift and just barely catch her typing out '-oss'. Then she turns around and- ah! I dash around the edge of the building as soon as possible. I don't think she saw me, but I hear her walk up to the door, and hear the hinges squeak as she pushes it open… I peek around the edge.

… Where'd she go?
No. 504539 ID: 6ba777
File 136540847836.png - (106.61KB , 800x600 , d21.png )

I creep back up to the window. She's gone!
No. 504540 ID: 35edd4

Do we seriously need to tell you what to do here I mean come on
No. 504541 ID: 0784a6

She suddenly vanishes the moment we suspect we are noticed, doesn't log out but leaves a timer so that anyone there interested in what she does needs to hurry? Looks like a trap. However, we can't really effort not using this opportunity. Who knows when another will come around?

I say we go to the pc to stop the timer but carefully look around for traps / hiding people. 25 seconds is far more time then we need to casually walk there, so this should be possible. Be ready to bolt at any moment!
No. 504558 ID: eaf2f5

Jump in through the window and stop the log out process.
No. 504783 ID: 588e78
File 136549411990.png - (38.94KB , 800x600 , d22.png )

Of course you're right; I have to go in, trap or not.

Pulling the boards off the window, I climb into the vacant room.

I cancel the logout, but the computer informs me that it will shut down in 2 minutes regardless. I don't know the password so I can't cancel that.

There are two programs on the computer - a messaging client and something called PORTAL, with a little picture of a door on it. I turn around and look at the door… something's weird. I pull it open, to reveal the sunny dirt yar- huh.
No. 504784 ID: 588e78
File 136549413796.png - (86.99KB , 800x600 , d23.png )

No. 504785 ID: 588e78
File 136549417635.png - (189.56KB , 800x600 , d24.png )

No. 504786 ID: 588e78
File 136549419902.png - (87.22KB , 800x600 , d25.png )

I've never seen anything like this before.

Well, I guess… I guess I'm going in! My coding will allow me to disguise myself as a human, but other humans can tell it's fake up close. I'm not sure if I should sneak in or announce my presence... How should I enter?
No. 504787 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Would you lookit that. The humans found a way to hack the matrix! This must be where they go when they drop off of the map.

Let's go with sneaking. This seems like some kind of secret thing- they're likely to notice and not be pleased by some stranger human they don't know walking in.
No. 504794 ID: f2c20c

No. 504800 ID: 35edd4

Um, sneaking in would involve appearing to be a stranger human. As opposed to a stranger robot.
No. 504801 ID: 35edd4

Close the door behind you.
No. 507034 ID: 560132
File 136653981197.gif - (212.31KB , 800x600 , d26.gif )

I now appear as a PERFECT IMITATION of the humanoid form. I miss my second arms already.

Entering in silence, I make sure to close the door behind me.

No. 507035 ID: 560132
File 136653984878.png - (52.44KB , 800x600 , d27.png )

The stairs open into a circular atrium filled with what must be other portal entrances. The button by this one has 'Samuel' scribbled across the top.

I exit through the only open door and walk down a hallway until I hear voices. I pass several more rooms on the way, but they are either empty or the doors are closed.
No. 507036 ID: 560132
File 136653986427.png - (112.74KB , 800x600 , D28.png )

"...finally let me leave. I don't know why he's being so cautious; I didn't see a single Taker there. Only the neighbors noticed you were gone, and I left your message, so it looks like all our bases are covered."

"Thanks, Vina, you're the best." says the man at the table.

"Tell me something I don't know. Honestly, I'm just glad I got to do something other than lay around here all day…"

"Oi!" calls a new voice from a side room, "If you're so bored, why don't you code the new room already?"

Vina heaves an exaggerated sigh. "I'm coming, I'm coming…" And with that she leaves the room.
No. 507037 ID: 560132
File 136653988618.png - (83.95KB , 800x600 , d29.png )

I'd really love a look at what they're using to program, but then again, this man seems to be my target…! The door to the next room is on the left side, but I can't see in from this angle.
No. 507041 ID: eaf2f5

Remember the mission Cubey, the mission!
Loom over the the man at the desk and tell him:

"Samuel Batten. You must call your mother, she is worried about you!"

Then when the mission is done you can go and look at what they are doing in the other room.
No. 507044 ID: bf54a8

walk in and close the door behind you. "sam sam sam, you really should learn to call your mother some times. otherwise i wouldn't of needed to FIND you."
No. 507156 ID: d6ef5d

No. Do not go speak to them. If you're discovered, you will be outnumbered, and at risk. You could be overpowered. After all, these humans don't want to be found.

Notice they mentioned takers. They shouldn't know about them, should they?

Right now, your mission is to sneak around and learn what you can about what is going on here.
No. 507162 ID: bf54a8

this is a simulation, they cannot HOLD us.
No. 507163 ID: d6ef5d

I'm not so sure. We're in a hacked, isolated sanctuary within the simulation we can't see from the outside.
No. 507239 ID: bf54a8

unlike humans i am sure we can still intact with the outside word physically even while plugged in. an it's not like we uploaded our mind into the system. just reach up and physically disconnect ourselves if things go south.
No. 507953 ID: 69b575
File 136710087528.png - (75.70KB , 800x600 , d30.png )

I should clarify - the humans know about both Finders and Takers. Life inside Cirrus is not a perfect replication of the world it is meant to be. Our intervention is necessary due to inherent flaws in the system, Finders for retrieving lost data and Takers for removing incorrect data. Sometimes our jobs simply manifest themselves in more physical ways.

This 'Resistance' would draw Takers like flies if they found out about it. No wonder they're scared.

As for my safety, I could probably disconnect myself from Cirrus even in a strange place like this. It does take about thirty seconds to safely eject my files from the system, but I cannot be harmed by damage to my simulated body.
No. 507955 ID: 69b575
File 136710099425.png - (171.06KB , 800x600 , d31.png )

I hesitate whether or not to announce myself, but the excitement at finding my target wins out. Regardless, I'll keep my disguise for now. I step out around the edge of the desk. "Sam sam sam, you really should learn to call your mother sometimes. She's worried about you!"

Samuel jumps and falls out of his chair at my sudden appearance. "Who- who the hell are you?"

Hearing the disruption, the woman from earlier and a man in glasses burst in. "What the-"

"Your mother sent me…" I begin, glancing uncertainly between Samuel and the newcomers.

Maybe if I explain that they're in danger of force extraction, they'll all submit themselves willingly to the Takers! Then again, I've got a strange feeling about this lot. Perhaps I could pretend to be a sympathizer to their cause? But it's also possible they'll see through that deception easily.
No. 507956 ID: 2baea8

"My name is Michael. Your mother said to call. She seemed angry, but I think she's just stressed."
No. 507958 ID: bf54a8

"people go looking when someone goes missing. if you checked in with her this could of been avoided. i can just call her and say you are safe. if i don't call at all then more will come."
No. 508016 ID: eaf2f5

Warn Sam that he will be forcibly ejected in six days unless he does something about it. Then we must collect more data before we can make a decision on what to do next.

What is this place? How did they make it? Do they know something about the other finders?
No. 511511 ID: f5a174
File 136887095670.png - (123.01KB , 800x600 , d32.png )

"My name is Michael. Your mother said to call. She seemed angry, but I think she's just stressed."

"How did you… find me here?" Samuel gets to his feet.

"You could say it's my job. And it's a good thing she came to me, too - instead of the bots. You're in danger." I'm not sure how much they know about Cirrus, so this might be a good chance to test that out. "You're marked for taking. And if you aren't 'found' soon, you'll be forcibly extracted from this place. It will hurt you."

The man in glasses swears, and Samuel turns on him. "Roy- you said I'd be safe here!"

Roy crosses his arms. "We don't know he's telling the truth…"

"Ordinarily they'd send Finders after you first," I continue, "But it seems that all of the Finders... have gone missing."

Roy and the woman, Vina, exchange a glance. "Didn't I tell you that would end badly? I swear I-" she begins, before Roy cuts her off.

"No, no; No more talking. I'm getting Mr. Todd." he glares at me and walks swiftly out of the room.
No. 511512 ID: f5a174
File 136887099862.png - (114.39KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

The woman is still regarding me defensively, but Samuel just looks apprehensive. He sits down with a loud sigh and the woman goes to comfort him.

"What were you talking about earlier, before you were cut off?" I ask Vina.

"I shouldn't say too much before the boss gets here." Her eyes flicker to me and then back to Samuel. "But… since you've put yourself in danger to warn us, I suppose I can fill you in on a few things. Some you might know, some you might have guessed. We're the Resistance, and this is our headquarters. I suppose that you know about Cirrus, since you're here. We're fighting against the robot scum who stuck us in this world and tried to convince us it was real, and we're fighting for humanity's freedom. As you can see, we've managed to create our own offshoot reality, basic as it is. Progress is slower than I'd hoped, but we're definitely making advancements."

I hear footsteps approaching - I have time for one more question for this woman.
No. 511521 ID: f2c20c

What do they have to do with the other Finders going missing?
No. 511522 ID: eaf2f5

I though Cirrus was made to protect the humans from... something? Also ask if they know anything about the Veil.
No. 511558 ID: bf54a8

no... just protect. they are three laws robots that have decided that the best way to protect humanity is to lock them up so they can't get hurt.

ask what they had the finders find that made them go missing.
No. 511748 ID: f5a174
File 136904305610.png - (145.02KB , 800x600 , d34.png )

Cirrus does exist to protect the humans! Humans just have trouble understanding things sometimes. But they're not prisoners or anything. They need us.

"Listen," I say, doing my best to emulate sympathy, "I know you can't tell me much, but would you please let me know about what happened to the Finders? It's… relevant to my job, you see."

"Well - I suppose it couldn't hurt." says Vina with a sigh. "After months of research, we managed to hack into the Finders' brains." They what? "We modified a section of their programming so that they reported directly to us. We had them searching for information that would help get us out of here. The Arachnid had them bring back large amounts of raw data as well, but I'm not sure what any of that means. All I know is that we haven't heard from them in a long time, and it's been making us all nervous… " she stands at attention as a large man enters the room, followed by Roy. "Good afternoon, Mr. Todd."

The man nods at her before returning his attention to me. "So," he begins, "You must be Michael! The name's Todd." he holds out a hand. "Avery Todd." I gingerly shake it. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance."
No. 511749 ID: f5a174
File 136904309553.png - (157.88KB , 800x600 , d35.png )

"I was just sitting down to lunch, you see." he continues, "You really must join me!"

"I'm not particularly hungry."

"Ah, then you'll have to forgive me for eating while we talk. I'm starving!" the man ushers me through several rooms until we reach a decorated room with a table full of food. He shoos the other humans away before offering me a chair and sitting down. "That's one good thing about living in a simulation, though - can eat all I want, and I never get any fatter. You sure you'd rather not take off that mask and have a bite? Or a smoke, perhaps?"

"I have a condition," I reply uncertainly, "I'd really rather keep it on."

"I see, I see." he's silent for a while as he eats and I sit uncomfortably. I can't help but think about the other Finders, and wonder why I wasn't affected. "So," he says after a few seconds, "I'm told you tracked Sam all the way here at his mother's request? Quite an impressive feat! Please, tell me more about what you do!"

"I act as a sort of, er- human Finder. It's kind of, er, my job."

"Fascinating. You know - we could always use a man like you to help out against the bots. Us humans have to stick together, eh?" he smiles in a way that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "So what do you say, Michael?" he leans forward over his plate, staring at me expectantly.
No. 511751 ID: f2c20c

Tell them alright. And your first task, you assume, is to find the Arachnid. You'll need information- all they know about whoever or whatever it is.
No. 511781 ID: ab494d

agree to help out this fine ass mofo
No. 511783 ID: 2baea8

Sure, let's do this. If we can get them to trust us, we may be able to find out more about their plans.
No. 512415 ID: f5a174
File 136947294639.png - (125.74KB , 800x600 , d36.png )

I meet Mr. Todd's gaze. "I accept." I say. "And I assume my first task is to find the Arachnid. I-" his laughter interrupts me.

"No no no," he responds, "You misunderstand. The Arachnid - and I'm surprised you've heard of him - is on our side."


"Actually, he's the reason this whole organization exists. He's the one who showed me the truth about this world. To be honest, it shocks me I didn't figure it out sooner - all the robots running around, with no one controlling them… The fact that we never seem to get any older… The mysterious appearances and disappearances. But it's as if the whole place is surrounded by a fog - keeps you from thinking straight. And when you're looking for recruits, you've got to find the folks who are already suspicious, who doubt their reality. It's impossible to forget the first moment you realize your whole life is a dream. What about you, Michael?"

"Hm?" I query, looking up from my hands.

He raises an eyebrow. "How did you find out about Cirrus? I'd love to hear your story."
No. 512416 ID: f5a174
File 136947303384.png - (112.97KB , 800x600 , d37.png )

At that moment there is a knock at the doorway. Roy shows himself, frowning. "New guy," he says. "Samuel's portal didn't close properly. You must have left the door open. Now, go back and close it before something gets in."

"Oh," I reply, "That's quite impossible. I made sure to close it on the way in."

Mr. Todd's smile disappears and Roy's eyes widen. "Call everyone," Mr. Todd growls, "Tell them to scour the area for any sign of bots. Get Samuel to close the portal; if he's captured, DON'T go after him. Our position may just have been… compromised." his gaze sweeps over me. "Keep Michael with you. I'm contacting the Arachnid." and with that he rushes out of the room.

The next few minutes pass in a tense blur. The other humans, in varying degrees of worry and exasperation, search the multitude of rooms. Samuel is panicking and Vina is convinced that nothing but the wind opened the door. Finally, Roy and I are alone. No one's found anything suspicious, but he refuses to let me out of his sight.

And then I see it - the little metal hand waving at me from behind Roy's back. P- PJ?? Damn it!
No. 512419 ID: bf54a8

can you even stop a bot in here? you break his avatar but will he be okay physically? then he could just yank out your wires and disconnect you. only way to take him out for real is if YOU log out and stop him physically. you can also hand over every human in the base. those are your options, stop PJ or hand over the humans and let all of them get taken. i suggest you stop PJ
No. 512420 ID: bf54a8

oh and right before you are out say "behind you" to roy so he turns and sees him. and then sees him disappear as you take care of it.
No. 512421 ID: 2baea8

Make a look of utter horror.
Shouldn't be too hard, considering that's not far from your current feeling.
No. 512423 ID: f2c20c

Don't react. Somehow, PJ is able to completely elude these folks, so pointing him out might just make you look like a nutcase. We just need to be left alone for a couple minutes and we can talk to him to find out how he got in here, and also to tell him to keep his mouth shut about this place so we can get to the bottom of this.
No. 512630 ID: d03cd2

Wise words.
No. 517731 ID: bc24fb

sorry for such long periods with no updates! my summer has been turning out to be a lot busier than i'd thought it would be... from now on the updates will be much more sketchy... sorry if you like the old style better! hopefully i will update consistently until at least the end of the chapter :)
No. 517732 ID: bc24fb
File 137153261952.png - (111.25KB , 800x600 , d38.png )

I'll ignore PJ - the bot must have found some way of eluding the humans. I wink at the bot so PJ won't blow my cover.

PJ ducks away and a human I hadn't noticed earlier steps through the hallway door. "Nothin there," he announces to Roy.

Roy gives him a knowing nod. "It's exactly like we talked about, then." he says, and slips away.

Within the span of a minute, all the other humans - Vina, Sam, and Mr. Todd - arrive in the room. Vina and Sam look confused, while the man Mr. Todd addresses as "Kenden" looks quite aggressive, refusing to loosen his grip on the 2x4 he rests on his shoulder.

"Well, my friends," begins Mr. Todd, sweeping his arm around the room, "I won't keep you waiting any longer. We've discovered the identity of our intruder. And it's … right… over… there!" he shouts, pointing to the wall behind me.

Spinning around, I see… absolutely nothi-
No. 517733 ID: bc24fb
File 137153267887.gif - (242.42KB , 800x600 , d39.gif )


In the shock I drop my disguise, and as I'm shoved to the ground I feel the very illogical sensation of fear threatening to overwhelm my systems.
No. 517734 ID: bc24fb
File 137153278330.png - (213.84KB , 800x600 , d40.png )

"My oh my." chuckles Todd. "Please, you two, try not to look so surprised. I can't have been the only one who thought our new friend "Michael" arrived under suspicious circumstances?... No matter. As you can see, we have a specimen of robot scum on our hands."

Sam's brows contort in confusion. "Is it going to help us like the other Finders?"

Mr. Todd sighs. "No, unfortunately not. Roy thinks it's running on an entirely different operating system than the others. It would take days to reprogram. Luckily, our shut-down sequence seems to be compatible. I think we'll just have to destroy this one." He clicks his tongue and shakes his head.

"H-hey!" I cry out, "You can't threaten me in here," I say, "My body is completely -"

"Well of COURSE we can't hurt you HERE," Mr. Todd interrupts, "But by visiting us, you've been kind enough to plug a network cable directly into your silly little robot brain. It will take you… what, half a minute to disconnect? We can shut you down in, oh…" he looks at his watch. "About two seconds."

"E-empty threats... I assure you, my antiviruses are all up to date. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

"It ain't never seen the Arachnid work." Kenden drawls, pushing down on me with the post.

I feel my battery skip a beat. I have a feeling they aren't bluffing...
No. 517736 ID: f2c20c

The Arachnid is a program. Great. However, they are still bluffing. You're on a completely different operating system, so whatever they would normally use to kill robots won't work on you. If they can't hack you, they can't kill you.

Still, best to cover our bases. Tell them that you really didn't leave that door open. Another robot followed you in. So... if you die, your friends know where they are and will shut down their whole operation. If you survive, you will be able to convince the other robot not to blow their cover Only you can keep them safe now, so they will have to let you go.
No. 517749 ID: bf54a8

make a sigh.

"i suppose i can tell you what i came here for. i am a finder yes, but i decided to find something for myself. what happened to the others. but it was true i was given the mission to find samuel by his mother. but also by... the takers. they need his location data to pull him out without scrambling his brain. if they can't get him out safely in 24 hours they will just yank him. which leads to my next point. there is a taker with me, physically, and he is in here too. running an even better hiding system then me, has turned completely intangible to you humans. he will take down all your names and then just take care of you in the real world.

so now you can ether trust me and have the arachnid primed to go when i point him so he can be disabled before getting out. or don't and just have all your brains scrambled as you are yanked out of the system without being logged out."
No. 517831 ID: 19b3c3

...fine. I will concede it is possible you may be able to injure or kill me.

Why do you wish this? What were the other finders helping you with?

I did not lie as to why I originally found you. I was not sent to cause you harm. Sam's mother merely asked me to find her son.
No. 517870 ID: 2baea8

Nothing we said was false, aside our being 'Michael'. Sam's mother sent us to find him. There was another thing we wanted to find though, something for ourselves. What happened to the other Finders? If they are going to destroy you, ask them to at least give you that closure. And while they talk, PJ will hopefully do something useful...
No. 518021 ID: bc24fb
File 137162489285.png - (154.94KB , 800x600 , d41.png )

"Look. I have been telling you the truth. Except - my name is QB. It's true that I came for Samuel, and if the Takers can't locate him, they will just yank him out of Cirrus. That will damage his brain… if he is lucky. Otherwise, it will kill him. And their deadline is 24 hours." That's not entirely true. Sam has days left. But I need these humans to understand that they need me.

Vina takes Sam's hand as the others turn toward him.

"Sad as that may be," says Mr. Todd slowly, "I'm not at liberty to sacrifice this entire operation for one man."

Vina's head snaps to Todd and she narrows her eyes. "We have to at least try!"

Mr. Todd ignores her. "Now, is that all you have to say for yourself, bot?"
No. 518022 ID: bc24fb
File 137162491488.png - (153.75KB , 800x600 , d42.png )

I do my best to glare at him from the floor. "Fine, I concede that, possibly, you can hurt me. But… why would you wish this? I haven't done anything to you!"

Todd laughs mirthlessly. "Haven't done anything? Why, then what do you call all of this?" Arms wide, he surveys the atmosphere around him. "I suppose keeping all of us as your eternal prisoners is just "nothing" to you soulless bots. So we should just… let you go, then? To run off and tell your little Taker friends? If we can't control you, you're a threat to us. Really, I don't know why you stayed once you found the place. Wanted to take a look-see at your pets' newest toy?"

"I came here for my dead friends." I interrupt, "That's right, every other Finder was Taken, and it's all my fault -I mean, YOUR fault- that they're gone. If you must kill me, I at least want answers as to why they died."
No. 518023 ID: bc24fb
File 137162493135.png - (207.96KB , 800x600 , d43.png )

"Hmph," says Todd, "Damned shame. We weren't finished with them yet. But I suppose we can continue without them - can't say I didn't expect this. You see, bot," he says, leaning in toward me, "We're getting out of here. Makin' a break for it. Your" He uses his fingers for air quotes, "friends were helping us with that. They were collecting information that was… what did they call it? 'Beyond the Veil…?' " He crouches down to my level. "Your time's growing short, bot. I doubt you've got any more information that would be… interestin' to me."

I feel like PJ's presence is my strongest bargaining chip, so I'm hesitant to reveal it . But it seems like these humans really, really don't like me, so I need to make a decision now. I glance at the faces of the other humans to survey my options.
No. 518024 ID: bc24fb

i have also opened up a discussion thread, in case you're interested.
No. 518047 ID: f2c20c

Beyond the Veil? That is where the Takers took your friends. Also, we know something about it. That there might be awake humans out there.

So. Propose a trade. You find the awake humans, and your friends at the same time. You both get what you want.
No. 518120 ID: 9f7acd

Not information. Service. Offer to join them willingly. Because you want to know what is Beyond the Veil.
No. 518129 ID: bf54a8

"there is nothing more i can tell you, but there is something i can show you. let me up, you can stay behind me with your... weapon and i will lead you to it."
start walking towards the door then lunge and grab pj and spin him around so the spook swing from kenden hits him instead. use him as a shield. will probably disable his cloaking, if not you can just use him as a shield until it does.
No. 518136 ID: 2baea8

No. 518251 ID: 19b3c3

>I feel like PJ's presence is my strongest bargaining chip, so I'm hesitant to reveal it.
Don't rat on your friend to try and save yourself. That's a terrible thing to do, and there's no way to know they wouldn't just take you both, anyways.

>I glance at the faces of the other humans to survey my options.
Vina and Sam don't like this. They aren't too fond of plan kill you and wait for the takers to brain-damage or kill Sam.

...if you can think of any way you might be able to help Sam's, they would probably stop Todd, even though he seems to be in charge.
No. 518923 ID: bc24fb
File 137197252510.png - (209.87KB , 800x600 , d44.png )

"Not information. Service. Look, I can help you. I-" I pause. "I want to help you." Todd raises his eyebrows and smirks in disbelief. "Because I want to know what's on the other side of the Veil, too. That's where all my friends were Taken, and I believe that there may be awake humans out there."

"It's too bad we can't trust a word you say," says Todd, "If there are other humans out there, rest assured we'll greet them ourselves. We don't need you."

"But Sam does need me." gaze passing over PJ, I turn to Sam. "And I have a plan."

"We don't-" Todd begins.

"Deal." Vina cuts in. Even Sam looks surprised, but she glares at him. "It's the only chance you've got, Sam. If you get Taken, it'll be just like you died. You won't remember any of this. Any of us. You won't remember me." She turns to Todd. "Please. I know you don't want to take the risk, but this whole thing is risky. We're never getting out of here unless we take some risks."

Todd looks displeased, but holds his chin thoughtfully. "It's not the risk I don't like." he says.
No. 518924 ID: bc24fb
File 137197258140.png - (115.27KB , 800x600 , d45.png )

Vina rushes to continue. "This robot here, QB, can help us. He can-"

"He?" Kenden repeats from behind me, exasperated. "Vina, baby, you do realize this thing is a robot, right? It isn't a he." This just seems to make her angrier.

"Oh, you're right," Vina snaps, shooing Kenden away and adjusting to a gentler expression as she kneels down beside me. "How rude of me not to ask. I know you disguised yourself as a 'Michael', but... are you a he or a she?"

I'm taken aback by the question. "The mullet human is right," I finally say, "I am an it. But, uh, well…" RT has been pressuring me for ages to pick up little human quirks like gender. I guess that’s really what I need right now… to seem more human. I need to make a good impression on these people. So... what am I?
No. 518925 ID: c23ab0

You're a she. Humans dig robot chicks.
No. 518926 ID: f2c20c

Your human disguise was male. No reason to switch now.
No. 518928 ID: bf54a8

i agree, no reason to change now, and it fits you. and if can snag the 2x4 and slap pj with it, now would be the time, when no one is expecting it.
No. 518944 ID: 2baea8

You are a manly man.
Don't reveal PJ until only you and Vina are around. They'll use this Arachnid thing to erase it.
No. 518951 ID: 19b3c3

..but I suppose when I had a choice, I chose a male appearance without thinking. Which means if you were to assign me a gender I would be a he?

>slap pj
No no. No sacrificing another bot to try and maintain our cover with these humans.
No. 519046 ID: bc24fb
File 137204087972.png - (40.03KB , 800x600 , d46.png )

"If you were to assign me a gender I would be a he. QB - Cubey - the male." I say.

"You're killin' me, Vina." Kenden rolls his eyes.

"Good." she responds, then looks to Todd.

"Well well," he claps his hands together, "You've convinced me. I'm interested to hear about this plan, Mister Cubey. We're like a family here, and Sam's safety is important to all of us."

Phew. "I can easily get the takers to postpone the extraction until the end of the week. That will give us about 5 and a half days. If that time proves insufficient, we could stage a fake reset. It would certainly be risky, but it would get the Takers off your back indefinitely."

"Hmm," Todd muses, "Five days is enough, if we do a bit of triage. We'll miss out on the chance to research the origins of this place... and we won't have as much time to respond to any hiccups. What's your expert opinion, bot? Act now or try and buy some more time?"
No. 519048 ID: bc24fb
File 137204094149.png - (71.26KB , 800x600 , d47.png )

PJ moving in the background catches my attention.

I just realize the bot has been trying to message me since we got here.

No. 519050 ID: 19b3c3

>I can easily get the takers to postpone the extraction until the end of the week.
...is that true?

Because if I duck out too soon, they might stop buying my act. Also, I would like to find out as much as I can about what is going on. This is a very unusual situation.

If it proves necessary to pass information to the others, you are perfectly capable of acting as my proxy. And as you are undetected, your departure would not make the humans suspicious as mine would.
No. 519051 ID: 2baea8

"I'll try to buy you some time to finish what information and planning you can."

No. 519086 ID: c23ab0


The finders have already postponed extraction for about a week. He was just lying and saying that her demise was imminent to buy sympathy.

And tell PJ that you need to find "Arachnid", but only these humans know where it is.
No. 519092 ID: bf54a8

:how deep does the rabbit hole go? this could be just one group, we need to confirm how many there are and for that i need their trust. see if you can examine this... wood, while i talk to them, it is odd.:

then when he gets in real close to it to examine it BAM. crack him over the head with it.
No. 519119 ID: f2c20c

I think "Arachnid" is a program they have installed on the computers here. They threatened to kill us with it, after all, and there was a guy sitting at one at the time.
No. 594958 ID: 2bdeac
File 141125164798.png - (205.74KB , 800x600 , d48.png )

Long-ass break over... hopefully someone will remember this quest. And hopefully I will remember how to draw all my characters again :P

No. 594960 ID: 2bdeac
File 141125169342.png - (193.70KB , 800x600 , d49.png )

"… Well, bot?" says Todd.

I focus back on him. "I will attempt to stage a false memory reset for Samuel. It may not work, but either way it will buy you some time to finish what information and planning you can."

Vina looks grim, but accepts it without a word.

Todd tilts his chin up at me and grins. "Exactly what I was thinking, bot. Great minds think alike - or should I say, great machines?" He chuckles.

I think they will let me leave now. Should I go while I still can, or do I risk questioning them about the Resistance and Arachnid?
No. 594964 ID: 2fd516

Ask them if they're willing to talk about anything, before you go. Like, is the Arachnid a human, or a robot? Did the Arachnid say how he found out about the Veil? Don't act like you have to know. I expect PJ will be able to find out some info from the chat log he's reading.

Do they have any plans for after they get out?
No. 595366 ID: 2bdeac
File 141145517541.png - (98.48KB , 800x600 , d50.png )

"I must leave now. But before I depart, is there anything you're willing to tell me? For example… who is the Arachnid? And are there more of you? Surely you must have had help. And what do you expect to do when you get out of here? … It is not the sort of place for a human."

"Look." says Todd, "Our plan is our business. Just know that we know everything your little Finder friends knew, and nothing more. We're trapped in these individual pods in this big facility run by these God-damned slave driver robots… Oh, and there's a big door. We came in through that door some 400 years ago… and that’s how we're getting out. Go now, bot. Oh, and QB?" His voice becomes ominously quiet. "… We'll be watching you."
No. 595368 ID: 2bdeac
File 141145522043.png - (166.74KB , 800x600 , d51.png )

As I prepare to disconnect, PJ relays the chat info to me.

ROY: Todd is bargaining with him. He's going to help us save Sam. 4R4CHN1D: Very well, you can fill me in later… ROY: He's asking about you. 4R4CHN1D: Don't tell him anything. We can't trust what we can't control… ROY: But what if he Finds you? 4R4CHN1D: Impossible. ... He'll never even know where to look.
No. 595370 ID: 2fd516

Tell him wait. You have to find the Arachnid before you can tell anyone, because otherwise the Arachnid will kill you. They can hack into robots, remember?
No. 595371 ID: 53ba34

explain you need to find the Arachnid first, if he takes these people in then the arachnid will hide, and their suspicions will be completely on you, making finding him impossible, and he will just make a new group.
No. 595458 ID: 2bdeac
File 141151489982.png - (172.00KB , 800x600 , d52.png )

Accuracy update to previous post... no bump

I was hoping for a few seconds to think, but as soon as I disconnect, PJ is done and waiting for me.

"QB! This is huge. We must bring this information to VK-9 immediately."

Oh no… VK-9 is the head Taker, and vicious at that. If VK gets a hold of this, I cannot be sure of the humans' safety. And if the "Arachnid" even learns of PJ, I cannot be sure of my own…
No. 595660 ID: 2baea8

We must catch the Arachnid first. Eliminating this cell of operatives may solve the problem temporarily, but we don't know who their allies are. The Arachnid will also be alerted and go into hiding, meaning the biggest threat is still out there.
No. 595670 ID: 2ec61a

if he tries to argue counter with that you are a finder, you know far more about finding people then he does. and you KNOW that this will be the ONLY chance to find the arachnid.
No. 596820 ID: 2bdeac
File 141227486302.png - (225.26KB , 800x600 , d53.png )

I hold up a hand to motion PJ to wait. "Think, PJ. If we eliminate this cell of operatives, the Arachnid will go back into hiding. He is obviously the bigger threat here. Even if you don't care about my well-being, consider the other bots! The Arachnid has threatened to delete me already, and he managed to control the other Finders. We need to continue with the plan I gave the humans, if we want any chance of finding him."

PJ's eyes narrow. "I must still report this to my superiors. These humans know too much; we must remove this information from them." PJ looks me up and down. "… And I know that VK-9 will make the logical decision."

"Are you implying something, PJ?" I snap.

"No, of course not." PJ says coolly, but I can hear the smugness. "I just wonder if you are a bit too willing to help the humans…"

"Look, PJ. I am the only remaining Finder. How about you stick to your job, and stay out of mine. Once I have located the Arachnid, the humans are all yours. Until then, we can't do anything to spook him. Or do you want VK-9 to blame you for this failure…?"

PJ blinks at me. "Very well, Finder. I just hope you know what you are doing." With that, PJ buzzes away.
No. 596821 ID: 2bdeac
File 141227493355.png - (99.12KB , 800x600 , d54.png )

Time remaining until Samuel's extraction: 128 hours (5 days).

My primary goal is to find the Arachnid. If I cannot do that, I must plan a fake memory wipe for Samuel to buy more time and the trust of these humans. I also need to keep an eye on PJ and continue my other Finder's duties so ensure that none of the other bots catch wind of this.

Now, how should I begin… ?
No. 596822 ID: 2fd516

The Arachnid already said you shouldn't have any idea where to begin. However, you did find out a crucial piece of information- the other Finders were hacked. Check the logs for access into their code, find where the hacking came from. Trace the connection to find the Arachnid.
No. 596880 ID: 2baea8

Don't trace it yet, he might have means to detect that. You'll need to recruit someone to help you who's as skilled in information warfare as the Arachnid or he'll just move shop when he finds someone's tracking him.
No. 597158 ID: 2ec61a

what we really want is to find the other finders, which the takers will never let us know where they went. so while we will fin the arachnid, we wan their help.
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