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File 135740733763.png - (31.36KB , 550x400 , 1.png )
482576 No. 482576 ID: b3ca75

Chose Your Element!

Earth: Sensation
Fire: Intuition
Water: Emotion
Air: Thinking
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No. 482577 ID: 997ce7

Air, we already have too much of the first three. The PC's going to need to be rational to survive out advice.
No. 482578 ID: 710329

Air, let me think about it.
No. 482579 ID: 389f2b

Fire or Air
No. 482582 ID: d4ad1a

No. 482583 ID: dc5623

Let there be air
No. 482584 ID: 521153

Air. Smart guys are the best guys.
No. 482586 ID: b3ca75
File 135741182739.png - (27.32KB , 550x400 , 2.png )

You are one of the Air nomads. Your people are known for your renowned traders and scientists, though you are few in numbers. You, on the other hand, are a thief. A profession you have held all your life and are still got your head on your shoulders, which means that you are a very good one. What is your specialty?

1. Stealth: You have mastered the art to blend in with your surroundings.
2. Agility: Both quick and agile, no obstacle will be able to stop you.
3. Cunning: You don’t need anything more than your wits and tongue (Even though you don’t actually have a tongue, but I digress).
No. 482587 ID: 4a328b

No. 482588 ID: 389f2b

No. 482604 ID: 0006f5

No. 482605 ID: 8e137b

Cunning. Let's rely on pure and utter wit.
No. 482607 ID: dc5623

Stealth, one can not defend properly against what one cannot see.
No. 482614 ID: 76b151

I say Stealth.
No. 482616 ID: 14bafe

No. 482621 ID: 60fee2

No. 482694 ID: b3ca75
File 135742599698.png - (11.70KB , 550x400 , 3.png )

You lack the necessary organs to do this… that is to say a mouth.

You have chosen Cunning! You have an easier time to spin lies and think quick!
Choose you weapon!

+ Long range and good accuracy.
- Hard to conceal.

Hand Crossbow:
+ Easy to conceal.
- Long setup and reload time.

+ Need only ammo and can be used instantly.
- Short range and bad accuracy.
No. 482696 ID: dc5623

Throw, then lie your ass off on who did it
No. 482699 ID: be7fd9

Hand crossbow. The cunning, concealed weapon based on precision and skill.
No. 482700 ID: 76b151

Crossbow. Suits us more then any of the others. A single bolt at the right time is all we'll need.
No. 482703 ID: 027156

throwing weapons have the most swag.
No. 482714 ID: c31f72

No. 482726 ID: 1e72ae

No. 482784 ID: b3ca75
File 135743223603.png - (35.17KB , 550x400 , 4.png )

You are a genderless being made of sentient wind.
A professional thief with vast cunning and expert crossbow skills.
A rogue who steals from the rich and gives to yourself.
An unknown pawn and changer of fates.
…Even though you don’t really look the part.

What is your name?
No. 482791 ID: be7fd9

Wait, we made a genderless cunning rogue? Hmm. That's going to make it a little harder to get our game on, but it's nothing we can't overcome!

No. 482793 ID: 14bafe

No. 482798 ID: dc5623

Be the Nameless Wind
No. 482803 ID: 8e137b

The Whisper.
No. 482805 ID: 76b151

I like it.
No. 482858 ID: b3ca75
File 135743779534.png - (259.67KB , 552x360 , 5.png )

Your real name is Masil, thought you are known by most as “The Whisper”… A corny nickname, I know, but what are you gonna do?

Mission 0: Party Mansion.

Rent is due and I got just the job to appease my landlord. A lord with the name of Markelhay is going to have a garden party at his splendorous manor and, being the fat scrooge he is, hasn’t spent enough of his precious gold on the security. His inadequate guard force will have their hands full with the general chaos of the guest and hardworking servants, thus leaving most of the mansion itself without guards and ripe for the taking. The party will also give me ample opportunities to disguise myself either as a guest or as a servant, if the opportunities present themselves. A simple job, all thing considering.

I have found three possible entrances…

- I can always just walk through the front entrance. Clearly, I am a guest and belong there.
- I should sneak through the servant entrance. It will probably be very lightly guarded, if it is guarded at all that is.
- My third option is to climb to a nearby rooftop and use a Rope Bolt to simply climb inside the perimeter. Either to the balcony or, if I’m lucky, through an open window.

Steal at least 200gold, so I have some pocket money after the rent is paid.
I’m a professional, so no killing or seriously hurting anyone.
Black Jack (1)
Water Bolt (2) [Creates a small pool of water wherever it hits.]
Rope Bolt (1) [It’s a rope stuck on a bolt, meant to be climbed. Nuff’ said.]
Flash Bolt (1) [Creates a flash capable of blinding anyone looking at it. Can be thrown.]
Bolts (5)
Nobleman’s Clothing (1) [Perfect disguise]
No. 482859 ID: 0006f5

No. 482861 ID: 0006f5

go through the front #yolo #swag
No. 482887 ID: be7fd9

Yeah, go through the front door. Act like you belong there. They might expect the servants to try and steal, but not the noble guests!
No. 482890 ID: dc5623

Front door
No. 483063 ID: 027156

No. 483070 ID: 710329

Use your cunning disguise and enter the front door as a guest. Don't attach any attention to yourself and try to find the bathroom while finding yourself in the bedroom
No. 483092 ID: b3ca75
File 135749174885.png - (40.32KB , 550x400 , 6.png )

> try to find the bathroom while finding yourself in the bedroom.
Lord Markelhay, like the rest of his kind, probably keeps his most precious toys close to his heart and far from the servants. His bedroom, which should be somewhere on the second floor, would be the most ideal place for me to find this month’s rent.
> go through the front #yolo #swag.
Unsurprisingly, the front gate is guarded. The guard is a young water one and by her posture, a naive rookie. Thought the guard herself won’t pose a problem, the table with a pile of invitations probably will, with regard of me lacking one. Thought why they would keep them around in the open is beyond me.
No. 483093 ID: b3ca75
File 135749176160.png - (39.47KB , 550x400 , 7.png )

“H-halt! Who goes there?” Cutie tails says.
“Why, I’m a renowned guest, of course. Now, move aside, I’m already late as it is…”
“I-I’m sorry, S-sir, but I still need y-your name and invitation...” The guard says “Oh, and why are you walking? Shouldn’t you be riding in a carriage? M-most nobles do…

Well, she’s obviously very nervous and talkative… how should I play this?
No. 483099 ID: 76b151

Tell her you enjoy the evening air so you decided to walk from the main road. it will be so dreadfully stuffy once inside!

As for your name you are Sir Theodore Roosevelt and you don't need an invitation for such a small event as this by joove.
No. 483102 ID: be7fd9

Wouldn't the easiest thing be to palm one of the other invitations and pass it off as your own?

All you have to do is make sure he doesn't read it and see you don't match the guest list, or realize the same invitation has been used twice. This can be accomplished by rudely tossing it back into the pile and making a mess. (After all, nobles get to be rude and overbearing to presumptuous newbie guards).
No. 483106 ID: 0006f5

exploit her fluster with an assertive manner, >>483102 we're obtaining a name, make a mess !
No. 483111 ID: b3ca75
File 135750285930.png - (40.34KB , 550x400 , 8.png )

“What? You don’t recognize me? I am the fabulous trade prince Theodore Roosevelt of the Bull Moose clan.”
“W-who-“ she stutter.
“And I’d have you know, I took a walk to enjoy the evening air. It will be so stuffy inside.”
“B-but the party is ou-“
“Besides, how I get here isn’t really any of your concern, peasant.”
“F-forgive me, m-my lord!”
While she is busy desperately looking for some nonexistent guard to help her, I swipe one of the invitations of the table.
“Here’s my invitation…”
I let her eyes linger on it just long enough for her to register that it’s real before throwing it back on the pile.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me.” I say with my most irritated sounding voice.
“B-but I didn’t s-see-“
“Hmpf! I’ve already spent enough of my patience on you.” I say before I start storming off, “The Lord will know of this… incompetence! Good day!”
“WAIT NO! PLEASE DON’T!” She screams after me, still standing at her post, “Please…”
No. 483112 ID: b3ca75
File 135750287347.png - (26.42KB , 550x400 , 9.png )

And I’m inside. Now, as much as I like to fill my pocket with small change and silverware, I’m here for the more expansive and portable stuff. If I’m going to guess, then the best stuff is on the second floor, thought that area is probably of limits for the guests though. I can see the stairs up from here but the guard standing next to will probably not let me go up, no matter what I say. I better find a way to get him away from there or, as an alternative, find another way up.
No. 483113 ID: 76b151

Lets wander around the floor to check our options. To give us an excuse glance at the various art he probably has littered around like most rich do. Put on you most snobbish, judgemental face. Nod once in approval at random, sneer most of the time.

If possible get a glass of wine to complete the image.
No. 483138 ID: 0006f5

we're not very quick or stealthy though. try to find a guest and come up with some way to use them in making a distration. the messier, the better
No. 483168 ID: b3ca75
File 135752217942.png - (34.29KB , 550x400 , 10.png )

There are art, wine and snobs in a lavish supply in here, to say the least. Most of the mansion is off limits thought, it is a garden party after all so most guest are out in the evening air. Only room that’s open is an art gallery, filled with drunken guest giving gruesome guesses germane the grotesque ill knowledge they possess of the world of art. The art itself is dreadful to.

“-I’m telling you, the only stench heartier than his paintings is the liquor on his fetid breath!”
“WHAT? How dare you defile the name of the great artist Lismmm... Lisssmmnn… Kismm… what-his-name! He is a saint and a genius! If I hear you insult his magnificence again, I swear I will boil your Knackers, heating the water with my own flaming bum!”
...Knock-kneed, inbred pageboy...

Well, I found two drunkard having an very insightful debate about the painting ”Rich Knave Throwing away ten thousand gold”.
Two drunkards that should be useful…
No. 483175 ID: dc5623

Declare that if the man enjoys that particular artist's art so much why doesn't he emulate it! Then you be richer 10,000 gold, do it he's drunk
No. 483205 ID: d4ad1a

Hey man, you must be the guy who did Pixel Quest. I loved that quest.

But, look. You do this thing where you spell the word "though" as "thought." It irritates the hell out of me. "Thought" is what happens when your brain does stuff, "though" is what happens when you're clarifying with an explanation. I keep reading it the way you spell it, and that distracts me from enjoying your quest, which is a shame, because it's pretty good so far. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out.

No. 483224 ID: 14bafe

Sheesh, what is that painting to the left?
No. 483302 ID: b3ca75
File 135758062207.png - (39.27KB , 550x400 , 11.png )

>Sheesh, what is that painting to the left?
Hmm, it doesn’t seem to have a name. There is a small inscription saying that this is the last painting made by someone called Lismal, painted on his death bed. He was never able to neither finish it nor give it a name. Looks like someone just spilled a bunch of black paint to me.

>Declare that if the man enjoys that particular artist's art so much why doesn't he emulate it!
Most people don’t carry around ten thousand gold coins, mostly because the gold would weight more than most people. Though it is worth a try…
”Ah, I see that you’re admiring the art of the great Lismal!” I say with a very snobbish tone of voice, ”Why, if you now admire him so, do you not try to emulate his art? In honor of him, of course!
”Emulate it?” The burning one sneers at me “You can’t just emulate such a masterfully work of art!”
“Masterfully? My progeny can paint better than this!”
“Hah! As if you spawn have time to paint! You lucky the seamstress guild aren’t bashing down its door for stealing their clientele!”
“What did you call him!?”
“A professional seamstress, a harlot, a skanks and a whore! Why, just the other night I saw him keeping two of your guards warm! They even included that crude guard animal you keep around!”
“YOU’VE GO- YOU’VE GONE TO FAR!”The one of earth screams as he pulls out a very decorated crossbow, “I challenge you to a duel you... you… you taffer!”
“Have at it, Knave!” The burning one answer as he pulls out a crossbow of his own.

Well, this is spiraling out of control…
No. 483308 ID: 8e137b

Attract the attention of some nearby guards and see if that flushes them out any rooms.
No. 483312 ID: 0006f5

alert the guards. but more importantly, hype up a crowd, i mean dang a crossbow duel ! look for any openings created should they move, and take them
No. 483321 ID: be7fd9

>You can’t just emulate such a masterfully work of art!
Seems he doesn't understand performance art at all.

I think your play here is to sneakily make your exit, while making sure this attracts as many guards and guests as possible. Then we make our way towards the valuables.
No. 483323 ID: dc5623

Play up distraction, then go steal while everyone's attention is diverted
No. 483325 ID: b3ca75
File 135758610975.png - (20.89KB , 550x400 , 12.png )

Luckily, there’s only one guard in the area, and that’s the one who was guarding the stairs. While he, the other guests and the servants are busy with the duel I get an ample opportunity to sneak upstairs, which would be where the fat loot is. Thank you, Lord Markelhay, for spending so little gold on the guards, it makes it so much easier to rob you.
No. 483326 ID: b3ca75
File 135758612073.png - (41.95KB , 550x400 , 13.png )

Ah, and the lords avarice helps me once again as he doesn’t seem inclined to keep the lights lit. The only light on the whole floor seems to be right in front of a quite impressive door, which I’m going to guess either leads to his bedroom or some kind of vault, both which will have this month’s rent inside them. Now, the only question is, what do I do with the last guard before I get to my price?
No. 483332 ID: 710329

Now, try to find the bathroom while finding yourself in the bedroom
No. 483333 ID: d4ad1a

This might be the time to use that club of yours. Alternatively, shoot a flash bolt to blind him and walk right by, though he will alert the other guards when his vision has recovered. Maybe use a water bolt to snuff out the candle, then sneak in when he leaves to get flint and tinder to relight it? I'm assuming you don't have matches invented yet.
No. 483340 ID: 14bafe

BlackJack, apply directly to the forehead. Well, back of the head, but you get the drift.
No. 483344 ID: b3ca75
File 135759287951.png - (11.05KB , 550x400 , 14.png )

>I'm assuming you don't have matches invented yet.
It would surprise me if he didn’t have any fire crystals on him to relight the lantern, though it doesn’t really matter as it will be drenched in water anyway. So let’s start off with a water bolt…


And while he is busy trying to figure out why he’s suddenly blind we give him a little love tap on the back of the noggin.


Then it’s only a matter of pick the lock on the door and enter.
No. 483345 ID: b3ca75
File 135759289224.png - (8.20KB , 550x400 , 15.png )

>Now, try to find the bathroom while finding yourself in the bedroom
Well, this isn’t a bathroom, I can tell you that. I can already see a way out of here and, if I’m lucky, a necklace that should be at least half the rent right there. Now, where is the rest of my rent?
No. 483346 ID: 542923


he's got a cigarette in his hand, so they probably do. I'd recommend the blackjack to save ammo.
No. 483349 ID: be7fd9

Hmm. I can't help but notice all these gendered pronouns getting tossed around. Are air elemental the only genderless ones?

If it was worth posting a guard on this door, there's gotta be more in here than just the necklace. Especially if you only think it's worth ~100 gold, the guard's wages would outstrip the worth of what he was protecting.
No. 483368 ID: b3ca75
File 135759941046.png - (52.71KB , 550x400 , 16.png )

>I can't help but notice all these gendered pronouns getting tossed around.
Female pronouns for the more feminine forms of air and water. Male pronouns for the masculine forms of earth and fire.

>the guard's wages would outstrip the worth of what he was protecting.
A guard’s monthly wage should only be about 50 gold, tops. I usually steal enough so I can live a good life for a few months before having to steal again. Keeps the guards of me, you know. Though I agree, there probably is something more in here. Let me just light that lantern so I can actually see the booty before me.

There we go… now I can… can… t-that’s not…g-good… I think I’m going to be sick…
No. 483369 ID: 542923

oh shit there's a live fire dude there throw the lamp at him and run, er, float away like yesterday

come on swoosh motherfucker swoosh
No. 483370 ID: be7fd9

Oh shit, dead body, and there's another guy between you and the door.

Need to take him out, get past him, and gtfo before you find yourself framed for murder. We're aborting this mission.
No. 483379 ID: 76b151

Through the window. Its time to GTFO.
No. 483381 ID: b3ca75
File 135760521417.png - (32.90KB , 550x400 , 17.png )

>throw the lamp!
Dammit, He dodged! Bought time. Good.
>Through the window. It’s time to GTFO.
Yes, the window. Locked, can get it open in a jiffy!
Though not fast enough. GOTTA THINK FAST!
No. 483382 ID: 76b151

Dodge! That thing should be slow on reloading. If you have a bolt in your hand crossbow preloaded fire back at him.

Or you could just crash through the window instead of unlocking it.
No. 483416 ID: be7fd9

Okay. Assassin killed that guy, trying to kill you.

I think you kind of have to shoot back. He doesn't seem the type to want to leave witnesses. You have a slight edge- he's firing at you blind, but you can see him.

Once he's down (injured, dead, whatever) break the window, grapple down, and gtfo.
No. 483420 ID: 684ecf

he's a bad guy. you're in the dark. he's in the light. you have to shoot him.
No. 483478 ID: 1e72ae

Throw the flash bolt at your feet! It will be so much more effective when he's trying to see into the dark. It may be enough of a distraction for you to disable him.
No. 483543 ID: b3ca75
File 135766266469.png - (29.03KB , 550x400 , 18.png )

>you could just crash through the window instead of unlocking it.
It isn’t made of paper! Last time I checked glass usually is quite sharp and I rather not cut myself open.
>Throw the flash bolt at your feet!
Well, I think I succeeded in blinding myself too…
His aim is way off after the flash. I can hear the bolt hitting the window about a meter away from me.
>It may be enough of a distraction for you to disable him.
Charge! Let’s give this gentleman a concussion…


…or alternative, he can tackle me out the window…ow…
No. 483544 ID: b3ca75
File 135766267497.png - (39.01KB , 550x400 , 19.png )

…Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow…
No. 483545 ID: b3ca75
File 135766268528.png - (41.01KB , 550x400 , 20.png )

…Ow? …wait, it doesn’t hurt anymore?
No. 483555 ID: be7fd9

Wow. We got you killed in almost record time. I guess that's what happens when you build a fragile social tricksy character, and then at the first sign of trouble, proceed to panic and spaz out like an idiot.

I say this because that's totally the same dude the deathbed artist painted. Whisper, meet Death. Death, Whisper.
No. 483568 ID: 684ecf

offer sexual favors in exchange for your life.
No. 483578 ID: 0b214d


I think he takes things of more substantial value.

How about servitude or something? Like intercepting and holding souls of the dead, until Death can come to escort them to the afterlife or whatever? Surely this get a bit hectic even for Death of all beings.
No. 483580 ID: b3ca75
File 135767072808.png - (31.04KB , 550x400 , 21.png )

>Whisper, meet Death. Death, Whisper.
”…wait, I’m dead?”
”Oh, no, you’re having a near death experience, which means I got to have a near Whisper experience.”
”So… I don’t need to sell my body to get back to life?”
”Well, you can give me a hug if you want…”
”So you can help me get back to life?”
”No… I merely guides the souls to the other side, I don’t actually have anything to do with the death...”
”…then the hug?”
”I’m lonely… no one ever visits, you know…”
”…Right… so can I get back to life now so I can bleed to death?”
”I’m sorry, but no… I’m just keeping you company until your…um…future boss arrives.”
“Behold Mortal, My magnificence! Oooooh, choooosen oooone, are you ready to save the world!?
”That’s him… so… how about that hug?”
”Chosen one? I think you got the wrong guy…um… talking light thingy. You see, I’m already bleeding to death and secondly, I was stupid enough to start the whole bleeding to death thing. Clearly not Chosen One material.”
“…Well, the ones that actually was the chosen ones got slaughtered heroically but some rats so… you’re now the new chosen one, because you was the first guy I found! Neat, huh?”
”……………..what the hell did I smoke?”
”No one ever hugs me…”
No. 483583 ID: be7fd9

Geeze, man, get over the near death and the weirdness, and put your cunning to use here! There are opportunities to exploit. You can turn this fiasco around.

Give death a comforting hug. After, all, you're relieved he isn't here to collect you, and it might well work out in your favor someday to be nice to him. Death is certainly a being it could be helpful to win over!

Then, start talking terms about this chosen hero thing with the light dude. Find out what the gig entails, and see what you can get written into your contract in exchange for accepting. Work the angles, here!

...air elementals bleed?
No. 483588 ID: 37aa84

Give the poor guy a hug maybe he'll provide us some assistance later if we get on his good side now. Also this Chosen One thing sounds rather poorly organized if the first guy got killed by rats and the second choice is just the next person you stumble upon. Will our replacement should we die, knock on wood, be selected by finding a McGuffin in a Cracker Jack box?
No. 483601 ID: b6edd6

So, save the world from what? Hopefully not from a guy with a crossbow because that one didn't work out so well last time.
No. 483602 ID: 3f6a51

when he says chosen one, I think he means the guy he has currently chosen to give this job to. while it does sound rather dangerous, i would like to point out your alternative is probably to die right here and right now so its really unlikely to make things worse.

also give death a hug, he seems lonely.
No. 483618 ID: b3ca75
File 135768148788.png - (31.61KB , 550x400 , 22.png )

>...air elementals bleed?
Well… it’s more like leaking then bleeding, but the other elementals bleeds so most people just calls it bleeding. You see, I’m kind of a sentient gas cloud inside a husk of what is basically solid wind. Break through the husk and I’ll start leaking the gas. If I lose enough I’ll suddenly be in the company with Mr. Depressed over there.
>I would like to point out your alternative is probably to die right here and right now so it’s really unlikely to make things worse.
Actually, I will probably survive a few more hours before I bleed to death in extreme agony. Point taken though.

>be selected by finding a McGuffin in a Cracker Jack box?
“Marvelous idea! I’ll have to do that after you die horribly… I mean heroically!”
”Thank you for having faith in me…
>Give death a comforting hug.
“See, you’re clearly chosen one material! You don’t even fear death, instead you…um…I’ll admit, you probably going to have to work on the hug part, if you want to sound baaaaadaaaaassss!”

>Then, start talking terms about this chosen hero thing with the light dude.
”So… about this chosen thing gig… let’s talk terms.”
“Terms? Hmm, no one else have ever talked terms with me, they always assume that the resurrection is the payment. But very well… how about I’ll give a nice shiny silver coin if you agree? Mortals like shiny stuff, right?”
”…we kind of like more shiny stuff than that.”
“Then I’ll give you two shiny coins! And an apple! A delicious moist apple! Mortals like you love that stuff!”
”I was hoping more for the more riches than I have ever seen and the love of my life kind of things… and maybe that apple too…”
“I don’t know…”
”How about I let you keep the apple and you only give me riches and love. That way you only have to give me two things instead of the three that you originally offered! You’re basically tricking this dumb little mortal that has no idea how much things are actually worth.”
“…you right! It’s a deal, Sucker! Stupid mortal doesn’t even know that three is more than two…
”so…um… what am I supposed to do?”
“Hmm? Oh, right, the chosen thing. Let me check my notes… here we go… a thief, hmm? You are supped to ensure the balance between order and chaos by… joining a group of rebels lead by a man named T.A.O and then just let it play out from there.
”How do I join them? And are you sure one man can really help a rebellion win?”
“Oh, you have already joined them, I’ve already made you a member. As for winning, did I say that they had to win? Anyhow, do you have any more questions? Otherwise, please sign here… or do you want to talk more term? I like to talk terms… it was fun. Very fun! Oh, we should make some tea! …or maybe not.”
No. 483619 ID: 76b151

Accept the offer for tea. You are going to need a calming beverage after dealing with this... moron.
No. 483620 ID: be7fd9

Accept Tea.

Get the background on the rebellion you're joining here. Find out what they're fighting, what they stand for, etc. You don't want to get killed by showing up and saying the wrong thing.
No. 483626 ID: 37aa84

Just want to be clear here, ensuring balance does not mean joining the side that's winning and destroying them by joining them and finding out I'm completely incompetent at being in rebellions right?
No. 483647 ID: 14bafe

Afterlife tea is famously good, might as well take some. Also, be ready with an explanation for why you just busted through a window in the bedroom; you'll get resurrected right in front of a water guard.
The truth might be the best lie in this case, you went into the bedroom after the guard was unconscious, and there was an assassin standing next to the body of some fire dude, likely whoever owned this mansion.
No. 483649 ID: b3ca75
File 135768514497.png - (30.97KB , 550x400 , 23.png )

>Accept the offer for tea. You are going to need a calming beverage after dealing with this... moron.
Tea accepted!
”Yay, tea…”
>Just want to be clear here, ensuring balance does not mean joining the side that's winning and destroying them by joining them and finding out I'm completely incompetent at being in rebellions right?
”The incompetent part is completely wrong… hopefully. The other part is a maybe, maybe not. It all depends on your choices in life.”

>Get the background on the rebellion you're joining here.
“They are called Followers of the Old Order of Living Strife… or Fotooolsqz for short!”
”I don’t think that’s what it’s spells…”
“It’s a group of people opposing the Knights and Kings New Dominion, KKND for short, who are trying to create a new world order, no matter the cost. Let’s just say that some of those costs have irritated Fotoologsolsqz’s and they started rebelling against them. Now, go and help Fotozeenicus or whatever! …oh and sign the damn contract!”
No. 483654 ID: 37aa84

Never sign anything you haven't read, need to make sure there isn't some obligation he hasn't told us about yet.
No. 483655 ID: be7fd9

What's the completion clause? At want point do we count as successful and get paid?
No. 483657 ID: 14bafe

I think we might be able to answer that for ourselves by reading the contract.
No. 483662 ID: b3ca75
File 135768652861.png - (27.59KB , 550x400 , 24.png )

Let se… Blah blah blah… blah… blah blah blah… To complete ye quest and get ye flask you most eliminate two(2) sons of fate to bring balance to the force(s) of chaos and order. If thy quest have been completed then ye will be rewarded with one(1) More riches than you have ever seen (before signing the contract) and one(1) Love of ty life. If ye fails than ye will die horrible!

X _____

…doesn’t seem to be any small print here…

”…sons of what?”
“Oh, that’s just what I call the two things that is bringing disturbance to the balance. Don’t worry, you’ll know who they are soon enough. Now, sign!”
No. 483665 ID: f2c20c

Seems legit.
No. 483666 ID: 76b151

Oh great, I think you are being recruited to being the evil guy in opposition of the true Chosen One(s). Oh what the hell accept anyway.
No. 483669 ID: be7fd9

Hey, we're a force for balance, not good/evil or order/chaos. That means we take out whoever's winning, regardless of side.

Get your John Hancock on.
No. 483672 ID: 76b151

We definately chose the wrong build for this in anycase, now we're gonna have to find people to help us kill both the Hero and the Villian of this little date with destiny.
No. 483677 ID: be7fd9

Hey, nothing says we can't work indirectly. We use our cunning to arrange and manufacture the downfall of these people. We don't necessarily go in guns-a-blazing ourself.
No. 483688 ID: b3ca75
File 135769122041.png - (26.41KB , 550x300 , 25.png )

>We don't necessarily go in guns-a-blazing ourselves.
Indeed, stealth and deception have destroyed far more empires than just the sword alone.
>Seems legit.
And so we sign away our souls…
“Ah… good, good. Now, don’t worry, I have taken good care of your body while we negotiated. Not only will you will find yourself quite refreshed when you wake up, but I’ve also seen to it so the city guards think of you as dead… at least, they think the air elemental that killed lord Markelhay is dead.
”If you can do stuff like that, why don’t you take care of this problem yourself?”
“Because this way is funnier!”
”See you soon!”


…And I wake up in terrible pain… Ow… oh, and there’s and ugly earth elemental leaning over me…
“Oh, good, you’re awake, cutie.” He says, ”Please, darling, do not try any sudden moments, you’re still healing from the beautiful wounds…”

Why can’t I ever wake up to a beautiful lean air elemental leaning over me… or at least a water one with a nice tail… is it really that much to ask?
No. 483692 ID: be7fd9

All bandaged up?

Ask where you are. Take inventory, you got any stuff left?
No. 483693 ID: c31f72

Oh gods, its Hans! Run!
No. 483836 ID: b3ca75
File 135775239267.png - (23.25KB , 550x300 , 26.png )

>All bandaged up?
Either that or this guy’s taste in clothing is as bad as his looks.
>Oh gods, its Hans! Run!
You mean Hans, the Mad Mage? Didn’t he drown in the blood of his enemies hundreds of years ago?
>Take inventory, you got any stuff left?
Let’s see… I got lots of bandages, pain and the need to sleep. But the rest, no, it’s all gone.

>Ask where you are.
“Why, honey, you’re in my fabulous little alchemy shop down at Drury Lane. Some people clad in all black came by a few hours ago, wanted you patched up and I can’t just say no to someone as handsome as you sweetie. But now it just you and me, cutie… all alone… together…I got a table in the other room if want to cut directly to… you know~

…I don’t know if I should be afraid, disgusted or just confused…
Good news is that I know where we are and it not far from home, bad news is that… thing…
No. 483837 ID: be7fd9

>You mean Hans, the Mad Mage? Didn’t he drown in the blood of his enemies hundreds of years ago?
...well, at least he died happy, then.

>No stuff!

>too forward earth elemental
Politely and delicately decline, in light of your injures.
No. 483845 ID: 12c19f

"As much as I'd like to erode with you I've got dire business to attend to. Like -not- spending eons being used as a stone buffer."
No. 483846 ID: 37aa84

Darn, now where will we get rent?
No. 483855 ID: b3ca75
File 135776053964.png - (27.40KB , 550x300 , 27.png )

”I am sorry, um…beautiful, but have to decline for now. You did say I should take it easy on the wounds.”
“Oh, but we can take it nice and easy~”
”And leave you unsatisfied? Not on my honor! Besides, as much as I'd like to erode with you I've got dire business to attend to… like running away screaming from you…
“What was that last part?”
”Oh, I just bemoan that we can’t spend time together, my fair maiden, but alas I have to leave! Farwell for now, but let us meet again in our dreams! …more like nightmares…
“Oh, how should I ever live without someo-

…And I’m out… wait, I should have asked about who brought me here… but, eh, it’s not worth going back there for that.
No. 483856 ID: b3ca75
File 135776055423.png - (248.29KB , 552x360 , 28.png )

>Darn, now where will we get rent?
Why, by pawning off the belt I just stole from the alchemist. The buckle is made of real silver, if I’m not mistaken. It’s probably not worth enough for the whole rent, but should be enough to satisfice the landlord for a few more days.

Well, welcome to the city… and the dawn of a new day. Let’s see, where should we go?

1. Home (I really need a good day of sleep.)
2. The Fence (Sell’s and buy’s pretty much everything.)
3. Shop (The owner still owns me some stuff, can probably get a new crossbow from him.)
4. The alchemist (Why would I ever want to go back there? Why is this thing even listed?)
5. The execution square (The place where they remove the competition. They’ve even put out the one who will bite it tonight, poor bast- wait, isn’t that the guard from the mansion? The water one with the really nice tail that guarded the front gate? Why are they going to kill her?)
No. 483859 ID: be7fd9

Well, I would really like to go home and crash...

But that water elemental is kind of getting killed tonight. And it may be your fault. We might have to do something about that.

If there's time, go home, quickly get some replacement clothes and backup supplies, and then visit the shop for a new crossbow. Then we need to investigate the execution (and quite possibly put a stop to it). If there's no time, head strait to the square, and we'll improvise.
No. 483863 ID: 710329

Go back to the alchemists shop to have seks. NO! Horrible! Get a new crossbow in case the alchemist comes after you.
No. 483868 ID: b6edd6

We should have time to prepare since it is dawn now and the execution is at night, but I agree we should rescue the guard. Every proper mastermind needs a naive sidekick to order around.
No. 483886 ID: b3ca75
File 135777317454.png - (41.35KB , 550x300 , 29.png )

>we should rescue the guard.
While I’ve never been one to risk my life for charity work, I do feel a little guilty. Then again, she did have a nice tail… But what am I supposed to do with her after I set her free? I can’t just let her run out into the city, the guards will probably just catch her… or worse.
>We should have time to prepare since it is dawn now and the execution is at night.
True, she will be killed at sun down and it’s just about sun rise now. Though, the longer we wait, the more people will wake up, making it more difficult to set her free.

>go home, quickly get some replacement clothes and backup supplies.
New clothes, a black jack and some bolts. It’s always something…
>visit the shop for a new crossbow.
”Good morning, Mr. Scintill, everything going well?”
”…morning, Mr. Whisper. If you’re here to buy something then we’re still closed. Come back in an hour... And I’ve already told you, that poker bet was about a favor not money, so no, I’m not going to pay your rent.”
”Actually, I was wondering if you can spare one of your crossbows?”
”…Son, why on earth would I give you a crossbow just like that?”
No. 483887 ID: a666b1

fence that belt.
No. 483896 ID: f2c20c

Don't we have gold?
No. 483907 ID: 1e72ae

Because borrowing a crossbow is a favor. We'll return it(probably) when we can get a new one.
No. 483910 ID: b3ca75
File 135777946016.png - (39.46KB , 550x300 , 30.png )

>fence that belt.
As soon as I get the crossbow.
>Don't we have gold?
Not being able to pay the rent and having gold is kind of opposite off each other.

>Because borrowing a crossbow is a favor. We'll return it(probably) when we can get a new one.
”Why, because it’s a favor. Don’t you want me to stop bugging you about that? And I promise to return it, you have my word, my oath and everything else on that.”
”I can still not just give it to you, no matter how much I want you to stop bugging my about that favor. Do you know how much paperwork I have to do to sell any kind of weapon? The city guard is going crazy about weapon trade lately. They are almost in here once a week to check that I don’t sell them under the table. Sure, I can help you fill out the paper work, but it will still be at least a week before you get your hands on one.”
No. 483912 ID: 1e72ae

He wouldn't technically be selling the weapon under the table. Anyone else have any ideas?

You should actually fill the paperwork out at some point. Then use a different crossbow/file off its identification. Then if you are stopped/frisked by a city guard, you could claim to use it legally.
No. 483913 ID: c31f72

He gives us the crossbow and calls the guards to report a break in.
No. 483915 ID: b3ca75
File 135778373674.png - (27.97KB , 550x300 , 31.png )

”Well, how about if someone steals one?”
”Then I’ll have to fill out the paper work for that instead.”
”What if it got stolen before it got here? They can’t blame you for that.”
”…fine, I’ll write one off on the next shipment. Just remember, I’ll get it back the next poker night.”
”Dream on, bud. And thanks for the crossbow.

>fence that belt.
Got 2 gold for it. Only need 10 more to pay the whole rent.

>we should rescue the guard.
Welp… here I am. I doubt she’ll recognize me… so… how do I do this? And what do I do with sexy tails afterwards? I can’t just leave her here.
No. 483916 ID: be7fd9

Hmm. We'll have to move fast. The longer we wait, the more likely you are to be observed breaking her out. And that's a tough situation to talk your way out of.

Do we even have any tools that could get that lock open, or do we need to get our hands on the key?

I don't suppose there's a poster or something that says what crimes she's accused somehow already convicted of?
No. 483929 ID: 37aa84

You could conscript her into that resistance you're supposed to be a part of now that she's a victim of the corrupt system.
No. 483963 ID: 027156

look around. no witnesses? pick that lock. only dumb peasants around? pretend to be cursing at the prisoner while you pick the lock. guards or smart people nearby? go pickpocket a guard for the keys and discreetly give it to her. the keys, I mean.
No. 484059 ID: b3ca75
File 135783549973.png - (28.56KB , 550x300 , 32.png )

>Do we even have any tools that could get that lock open, or do we need to get our hands on the key?
Tools are for complete tools. My hands are made of air, making it quite easy to pick a lock if you know how.
>I don't suppose there's a poster or something that says what crimes she's somehow already convicted of?
There should be one here somewhere… ah, here we go… wait, there’s a letter here too… addressed to “the whisper”? The hell?

…It only says “We know” under a weird shaped blot of ink…

Anyway, as for the poster about the crimes... “Eluvia of the Pulsher water clan has been convicted for aiding the dangerous assassin that inerted Lord Markelhay. Her verdict is to be liquefied at sun down. Please, do not feed, help or otherwise be nice to this criminal scum. Throwing rotten fruit and taunting is encouraged. If you want to have “Fun” with the criminal, please do so at night and clean up after your romp. Love and kisses – the executioner.”

>look around. no witnesses? pick that lock.
Well there is a guy that setting up his booth on the other side of the square, but his too busy to notice anything. Lock picking ti-

“…wha- what?” Oh, she’s waking up, “…are you here to laugh at the s-show? Wait… What are you doing!?”

…Maybe I should talk to her before I set her free, just to make sure she isn’t hostile or something…
No. 484070 ID: be7fd9

>My hands are made of air, making it quite easy to pick a lock if you know how.
Silly me, assuming that a society of elementals might have designed locks that, yanno, elementals can open bare handed.

>What are you doing?!
Saving your life? If you're opposed to that, speak up now, because it would certainly make my life easier.
No. 484076 ID: 37aa84

Inform her of your affiliation with the resistance and that you know she was uninvolved in any assassination plot. She is being executed as a scapegoat to save face since they failed to locate the real killer and you want to offer her the chance to join to avoid execution.
No. 484091 ID: f2c20c

If she asks why you're doing this for her, tell her she has a nice tail. Save for later that she got in trouble because you fooled her into letting you in so you're sortof responsible. If you told her that now she'd probably yell at you and that'd attract attention.
No. 484099 ID: 027156

tell her you're saving her for reasons completely other than getting her to want to have sex with you.
No. 484101 ID: 4ede1b

>Silly me, assuming that a society of elementals might have designed locks that, yanno, elementals can open bare handed
And if they haven't done that, how did they manage to make a stockade that can hold hands made of water?
No. 484108 ID: b3ca75
File 135784943611.png - (40.23KB , 550x300 , 33.png )

>Silly me, assuming that a society of elementals might have designed locks that, yanno, elementals can’t open bare handed.
Well, most locks are designed to be pretty immune against anything water, fire and earth elementals can do. They just keep forgetting us air guys, those speciesist bastards. Besides, took me years just to figure out how to do it, even longer to master it.
>how did they manage to make a stockade that can hold hands made of water?
See, speciesists! I bet they don’t have stockades for air elementals, but water? Sure thing.

>If she asks why you're doing this for her, tell her she has a nice tail.
While amusing, I think I’ll use some better words than that. There is still a chance I might get some reward for this.

”Why I’m saving your life, miss.”
“W-what? Why?”
”I can’t just let them destroy such a perfect form of beauty, now can I? But really, do you really need a reason to do something good? Now, shush, I almost got you free…” …Chicks dig chivalrous guys, right?
“W-where are going to take me? Are you going to r-ravish me?”
”Well, maybe if you insist later… but as for where to take you… you see, I work for the resistance a-”
“You’re with the resistance? I find t-that hard to believe. Oh, and there is a guard coming…”

Wait, what? Well, crap, I didn’t see her coming… I kind of was too distracted by that sex-… other things.

”Stop pestering the scum, peasant. It’s time for the morning force feeding. Not even the pigs would eat this, hah ha ha.”
No. 484110 ID: b74c5e

Well, you can act natural and let this happen, but that would probably take a while and people might show up to throw things at her.
Since there's a person setting up a booth, blackjacking the guard probably isn't an option.

Can you maybe convince him to let you do the force feeding? With luck, he'd leave and you could carry on your business.
No. 484111 ID: be7fd9

Maybe we can spare her the feeding?

Why are you even bother to feed her that? She'll be dead anyways, tonight, and if they're liquifying her, that slop will just mean the execution will leave a worse mess to clean up.
No. 484126 ID: b3ca75
File 135785326803.png - (36.90KB , 550x300 , 34.png )

>Why are you even bother to feed her that?
”I have to ask, why feed her? Isn’t she going to be liquefied tonight anyway?”
”It’s either that or go all the way to the scrap heap to dump it, and frankly, this is way more fun.”
”But won’t it make the cleanup worse?”
”You do now that she will be in a pot when we boil away her skin, right? We simple use the leftovers as the base to make food for the next prisoner.”
”What!? Are you telling you just cast away something like elemental water? Earth one loves to use it in their drinks, so you’ll probably get at least 50 gold a bottle on the black market. If you’re smart, that is.”
”Really? Hah ha, you’re lucky this time, scum. No force feeding for you, instead we will sell your filthy remains like the trash it is. Thank you for the tip, stranger.”
”No problem.”

Well, I just stole the key to the stockade, so I can free her as soon as the guard is out of sight… Of course, I still haven’t figured out what to do with her after I free her. Any ideas?
“Y-you made that up, r-right? About the e-earth drinks?”
No. 484129 ID: 60fee2

Well, we could always use a minion. She just needs a little training and experience.
No. 484130 ID: be7fd9

Well, immediately following her escape, you're going to need to hide or disguise her. They'll likely be looking for the escaped prisoner, after all.
No. 484149 ID: f2c20c

Since she owes us her life, she can help us in our quest. You've clearly demonstrated your lack of ability in straightforward combat, so an easy way to compensate for that is to have help.

Maybe out of pure coincidence(haha it's not coincidence) she'll turn out to be the love of your life that you signed the contract for!
No. 484158 ID: b3ca75
File 135785847327.png - (33.93KB , 550x300 , 35.png )

>Maybe out of pure coincidence (haha it's not a coincidence) she'll turn out to be the love of your life that you signed the contract for!
You really think so? I don’t know… she is nice looking, sure, but she is a little bit too timid for my taste.
>Well, immediately following her escape, you're going to need to hide or disguise her.
I guess I can take her home. I think I got some clothes and make up that would disguise her nicely…

“Um… where are you taking me?”
”Home, sweet home. It’s not much, but it’s ho- um…
”Ah, I see you was able to rescue agent Eluvia without any problem. You have completed the test and are now an official member of the “Fools”, agent Masil. Well done.”

No. 484159 ID: be7fd9

Obviously this is your contact and/or recruiter with the rebels you retroactively joined thanks to the reality warping meddling of the light-being.

Use your savy, here. Roll with it. Of course you knew she was a rebel agent, and you were rescuing her for the cause. Not a problem at all.
No. 484161 ID: f2c20c

Wait, I thought we were already a member due to the thing in the afterlife? MAYBE THIS GUY IS A SPY!

Or well, ask him what your membership benefits are.
No. 484184 ID: 027156

cool, cool. so who are you again?
No. 484229 ID: b3ca75
File 135786410702.png - (39.61KB , 550x300 , 36.png )

>Wait, I thought we were already a member due to the thing in the afterlife?
…I don’t know. Did that light thing actually change anything or did he just set me up so I would become a member?

>so who are you again?
:EleWhisper: Um… Thanks you… miss…?
:EleSalvador: Oh, how rude of me. I am Salvador. Corporal Salvador of the Ethereal clan.
:EleEluvia: Also known as the ass kisser.
:EleSalvador: I heard that.

> Of course you knew she was a rebel agent, and you were rescuing her for the cause. Not a problem at all.
:EleWhisper: Well then, I completed the mission you gave me… with splendor, if I have to say so myself…
:EleSalvador: …Wait, did you actually figure it out before you came here? Outstanding! You’re even better than Eluvia gave you credit for.
:EleWhisper: Um… yes, of course… I figured it out…
:EleEluvia: I told you he was perfect for the rebellion.

>ask him what your membership benefits are.
:EleWhisper: So… do I get dental, or what?
:EleSalvador: Dental? …wait, you mean benefits, right? Well, you have our protection, our aid and the honor to fight for freedom and equality!
:EleWhisper: I rather have bread on the table and a roof over my head.
:EleSalvador: Of course, those who aid the cause will be rewarded generously, and besides, if you don’t join we’ll just give you over to the City Guard, Mr. “Assassin”… And you do have a life debt to pay back to Eluvia, she did save you after you crashed through that window, after all.
:EleWhisper: But I did just pay it back, didn’t I?
:EleEluvia: That was faked, pretty boy. The only danger I was in was getting feed gruel by Aqulon overplaying his part… that jerk.
:EleSalvador: Well, if Eluvia here is done talking about her love life, then I’m leaving. Be prepared to get you first assignment at nightfall, it will be a prison break, if I remember correctly… Oh, and say hi to your new partner, Eluvia, she’ll be staying here with you for a while.
:EleEluvia: Wait, what? Are you just going to leave me here? At least give me my clothes back you… YOU ASS KISSER! …damn it!
No. 484236 ID: 60fee2

And you thought she was timid.
No. 484243 ID: be7fd9

Well, at least the guard won't be looking for her, then. Still, if that was staged, she should be perfectly free to go back to her place. Especially if that's where her clothes and gear is (although it might be gentlemanly to lend her something in the meantime).

And I guess it's time to rest up then, if we got a mission tonight. You're still pretty beat after last night.
No. 484249 ID: 37aa84

So I'm guessing she was playing security for Lord Markelhay's party to set him up for something and we just stumbled in and saved whoever she was actually there to let through the trouble.
No. 484391 ID: 027156

...well hello there, miss Eluvia. how you doin'?
No. 484464 ID: b74c5e

>Wait, did you actually figure it out before you came here? Outstanding!

Well, the poster really gave it away. Hell, the only thing we didn't know was that it was fake, just that it was a mission.

Do they know what happened to the real assassin though? Seeing as he was the one who brought us to near death.
No. 484481 ID: b3ca75
File 135793318377.png - (31.12KB , 550x300 , 37.png )

>And you thought she was timid.
Well, she was… I’m going to guess I was an act. After all, who suspects the timid one with low self-esteem?
>So I'm guessing she was playing security for Lord Markelhay's party to set him up for something.
:EleWhisper: So… why were you at the party?
:EleEluvia: To spy on the Lord. We thought he was a potential ally to the enemy, though they apparently thought the opposite. No real loss.
>Do they know what happened to the real assassin though?
:EleEluvia: Our cart lost a wheel so that joker got away. Though we do know who he is now thanks to your little screw up, so that always something.

>Still, if that was staged, she should be perfectly free to go back to her place.
:EleWhisper: Well, you are welcome to stay, but feel free to go back to your own place anytime you want.
:EleEluvia: My “place” is several miles away and was on fire last time I saw it. It’s probably not an “is” anymore, more of a “was”. So, yes, I apparently stuck here with you, pretty boy.
>And I guess it's time to rest up then, if we got a mission tonight.
:EleWhisper: …Well, if you’re going to stay then I’ll have to warn you, I only have one bed.
:EleEluvia: …I rather sleep on the cold floor.
:EleWhisper: Oh, you wound me. Can’t you trust little old me to sleep next to you, I mean, it’s a pretty big bed.
:EleEluvia: Of course I don’t trust you, we just met!

>it might be gentlemanly to lend her something.
Of course, though it’s a shame to cover up something with such beautiful curves…
:EleEluvia: H-hey, stop staring at me l-like that!
:EleWhisper: My apologies, but I’m just trying to measure you up so I know which of my clothes would fit you. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to just stop for a while and enjoy the beauty nature have bestowed on us.
:EleEluvia: …j-just stop, okay.

Also, Happy birthday to me, I guess...
No. 484498 ID: f2c20c

Well, go looking for something she can wear, while asking her about Aqulon. Are they together or was Ass Kisser messing with her about that too?
No. 484515 ID: be7fd9

Alright, alright, a clothesless piece of tail is sharing your apartment. We get it. Lay off the cheap lines.

Point her towards the closet, and go collapse in bed.
No. 484778 ID: 1bb66d

ask her about the enemy she mentioned.
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