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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 135340459497.png - (201.41KB , 1200x900 , First of Thorns.png )
473179 No. 473179 ID: 067a04

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a man named the Wandering Rose, for that was what he was.
He came from one very different place, in search of others.
His word was silence, and he spoke it often.
He found a place - a simple place - and took the time to explore.

What place did the Wandering Rose find?
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No. 473180 ID: f2c20c

No. 473182 ID: 72781a

A forest
No. 473183 ID: c073c8

A shoreline.
No. 473194 ID: 5744ba

No. 473199 ID: c33f8f

An old temple
No. 473204 ID: 98378e

A rose garden.

Mother? Is that you?
No. 473206 ID: dd0b5f

A dark cave.
No. 473209 ID: 267691

A swamp
No. 473223 ID: 067a04
File 135341664071.png - (107.38KB , 1200x900 , Second of Thorns.png )

The Wandering Rose had walked his way through a swamp, murky though it was, through the dark forest made up of leafless trees, and now stood at his unknown destination: an ancient temple.

He heard a cry from within.
Perhaps it was not so ancient.

What did the Wandering Rose do then?
No. 473226 ID: c33f8f

He sneaked inside the temple
No. 473239 ID: 98378e

He barged recklessly into the temple, heedless of any danger possibly lurking within.
No. 473240 ID: 6a42fc

But only because he was confident that he could easily deal with any potential dangers within.
No. 473244 ID: 92c81e

poke your head in.
No. 473276 ID: 3fcc04

The Wandering Rose decided to investigate, because he wanted to know more of what causes such things to happen in this place.
No. 473332 ID: 9263d6

He opens the doors of the ancient temple.
No. 473362 ID: 067a04
File 135347723556.png - (273.75KB , 1200x900 , Third Of Thorns.png )

The Wandering Rose rushed into the ancient place, confident he could handle whatever lay within.

A phantasmal woman awaited him, her shrieking stopped by his approach. She introduced herself politely as the Royal Tulip, a hundred years dead, and begged his help.

She spoke of being trapped in this place, her business in the world of the living not yet complete.
She knew the problem lay within the center of the temple, but could not solve it on her own.
She once again asked the Wandering Rose for his help.

How did the Wandering Rose respond?
No. 473363 ID: c073c8

That he would help, if only she provided some information on the problem and any dangers that might lie along the path to the issue.
No. 473364 ID: 72781a

With total apathy. The business of the living takes priority over the dead.
No. 473371 ID: 9e7c92

He valiantly accepted the challenged, but asked exactly what he might have to do. To make sure he was prepared, that is.
No. 473379 ID: 6a42fc

He accepted-- for a price.
No. 473405 ID: 98378e

She should just have stayed dead like decent folks. Royalty, always thinking they're better, and that whatever unfinished business they have is of earth-shattering important.
No. 473474 ID: 9263d6

He asked her how her business at the center of the temple could affect him, and why he should help.
No. 473501 ID: deaff4

he wanted to help, but he also wanted to get whatever he could out of the woman. so he negotiated for a reward. a sexy reward.
No. 473556 ID: 41a1a3

He accepted
No. 480322 ID: 067a04
File 135621050176.png - (197.31KB , 1200x900 , Fourth of Thorns.png )

He hesitantly accepted her request, and she skipped in phantom delight. She promised the Wandering Rose all the treasure she had left behind, then vanished!

In a moment, he could hear her voice again, though not see her. Her ghostly whisper pointed him down the hallway, and warned him about the many dangers ahead - small demons, imps, and the like - and it wasn't long before the Wandering Rose found one of these aforementioned dangers.

"Oh, thank goodness! I've been lost down here for ages. Could you point me the way out?"

The Royal Tulip quickly whispered that this creature was not to be trusted. The creature did not seem to hear.

What did the Wandering Rose do then?
No. 480329 ID: 13f9b9

Greet them and ask how long theyve been here
No. 480355 ID: b608d1

The Wandering Rose said he was very tired and would like to have a soft spot to lie down before heading back out. If the imp turns around then whack it in the back of the head like the imp intended to do if Rose turned his back on the imp.
No. 480358 ID: f2c20c

Quietly inform it to keep its distance, but direct it towards the exit. If it ignores our warning and gets too close, engage in combat.

We can fight, right?
No. 480476 ID: 0b214d


I agree with this...
No. 480584 ID: 66b90d

az do I
No. 480634 ID: 78c6ea

Be quiet at it as hard as you can.
No. 480661 ID: 08d492

I like this
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