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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 135114352711.png - (30.82KB , 960x640 , Awake.png )
466013 No. 466013 ID: 82175a

"Are you sure this is the right one?"
"There's nothing more I can do. Nobody could have saved him."
"You should have known... We won't make it much longer too..."
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No. 466015 ID: 82175a
File 135114356448.png - (147.08KB , 960x640 , traum1.png )

"Wait! There is something... That's strange. He should have been gone. There's something different about this one, isn't there?"
"Well, it doesn't matter anymore. Hello? Can you hear me? You have to save your little friend - I don't even know her name - but she helped us... or tried at least... I think he has her. Are you there? Come on. Wake up!"
No. 466016 ID: 82175a
File 135114362060.png - (96.28KB , 960x640 , traum2.png )

I awake from a strange dream. The smell of blood fills the air. As i open my eyes, pain slowly flows through my whole body, touching every nerve, muscle and internal organ in my body I know about and some more. I try to move but my body feels heavy. It's also chained to some kind of torture device, further obstructing my movement.
I can't remember why I'm here, what place 'here' is or even who I am, but those seem to be secondary problems at the moment. The last thing i remember is... I... I think i died...
...That can't be right.
I try to open my eyes again. The pain is still there. Everything seems dark and foggy. Maybe I'm not fully awake yet. I barely can make out what's right in front of me, but wherever I am, I have to get out somehow.
No. 466022 ID: f2c20c

Pull on your chains. If you are undead then you could have unearthly strength.
No. 466023 ID: c31f72

Cry out for brains! Its a classic zombie line.
No. 466032 ID: 98378e


No. 466035 ID: 6cc859

Examine the fitting your chain is passed through. You might be able to work it loose or unscrew it.
No. 466043 ID: 2b9912

Don't move make as little noise as possible determine what you can of your environment while giving yourself a chance to recover more. There is a chance whoever put you here thinks you are dead as well. If so it may provide an opportunity for you to escape. And from the sound of it your in no condition to want the attention of whoever did this to you.
No. 466116 ID: 82175a
File 135117681802.png - (214.99KB , 960x640 , traum3.png )

I stare silently into the room, trying to make sense of my thoughts and my surroundings. A strange green fire spends a bit of light. I definitively remember dying... And not the vague kind of death either, where you fall off a cliff into a raging river, but the kind where they cut you in half before ripping off your head.
Was that just part of that weird dream? Or did I come back somehow? The room is littered with body parts, broken bones, blood puddles and torture devices. I realy hope nobody brought me back as some kind of makeshift zombie - that'd really screw up my dashing good looks.
As my thoughts keep wandering, I begin to make out some kind of whispering coming from what I thought was a corpse. I can't make out anything more than its vague outlines and I can't hear what the figure is whispering, but it still touches something in my memory. Do I know that person? Is it a fellow prisoner, also trying to escape, a friend trying to save me or even the one responsible for my condition?

The figure whispers again. Somehow I think it adresses me, maybe because I am the only one around. I try to answer with a hearty 'Braaaiinns', but only manage to produce some hoarse coughs. I guess I have lost my voice, but at least there seems to be some sense of humour left in me.
No. 466117 ID: 82175a
File 135117684458.png - (163.85KB , 960x640 , traum4.png )

I try pulling on my chains to get free. Something creaks but in the end they don't miraculously burst under my strength. I feel around until my fingers find the rusty iron fitting, that connects the chains to the rack, and start twisting it. Maybe I really have been blessed with superhuman strength or maybe nobody cared about properly chaining up a dying man, because with squeal the fitting breaks loose and I stumble towards the ground.
No. 466132 ID: 9d7671

Fall on the floor and start crawling towards the whispering. Lets act weaker than we really are since who-or whatever cut all those people apart might still be around.
No. 466151 ID: f2c20c

Fumble around for something approximating a weapon, just in case the person is not friendly. Then get over to them by some means and find out what they want.
No. 466195 ID: 82175a
File 135120526468.png - (197.55KB , 960x640 , traum5.png )

I grab something from the floor. I don't know what it is. It doesn't matter, as long as it can be used as a weapon.
The whispering gets louder. It almost sounds as if it's coming from inside my own head. I keep crawling towards the figure. It's a young man. I think we met before... somewhere down here I...
With every inch closer to him, it gets a bit brighter. The foggy feeling slowly leaves my mind.
My memories start coming back. The unpleasant ones first, or maybe unpleasant memories is all I have. I remember my killer, allways completely dressed in black, always grinning - I met him a few times... he tried to kill me then too, must have had some kind of grudge - I hope succeeding once was enough for him...
I remember a woman. begging for forgiveness and stabbing me into the back again shortly after... times and times again. I must have been a sucker for a pretty smile...
No. 466196 ID: 82175a
File 135120537863.png - (283.73KB , 960x640 , erwache1.png )

And then I remember... that girl....

It all feels so strange. As if I am waking up despite being awake right now.
The young man now lies before me. He isn't moving. I stretch out me hand, trying mumble a few words. It takes a few moments. I guess if you die you start forgetting how your tongue works.
No. 466197 ID: 82175a
File 135120540549.png - (200.72KB , 960x640 , erwache2.png )

"Hey... stranger...
can... can you talk..."
No. 466199 ID: 82175a
File 135120544197.png - (81.46KB , 960x640 , erwache3.png )

"Tell me...
do I...."
No. 466200 ID: 82175a
File 135120547535.png - (319.10KB , 960x640 , wach.png )

"Do I know you somehow?"
No. 466201 ID: bf54a8

yes, we are friends, we met quite a while ago and have had quite a few adventures.
No. 466204 ID: 886a4d

whoops. From man to construct. Looks like things aren't as simple as we thought.

Whelp try to stand now that things are clearer.
No. 466206 ID: 34cbef

Herbert? You gotta go man, it's time to get on your feet because there are some things you gotta take care of. First off you gotta find the girl.
No. 466207 ID: f2c20c

Herbert! Remember us. We are your friend. After the monster ripped you apart, we stayed with Isabel for a while, and discovered many things.

First, the monster is still alive. It is severely injured, however, and is a lot less dangerous due to restricted mobility. Second, we have a special power. If you see black vines anywhere, touch us to them. We destroy them on contact. Third, the true foe here is that mad headless doctor you met briefly and gave the disk to. He is responsible for the vines, and takes over people with them. He may have been responsible for Nicola's insanity, but... in the end, we chose to kill her. We made Isabel do it, Herbert. We initially couldn't speak to her at all, and could barely give her even subconscious advice, but eventually... we were taking over her mind without meaning to. Only you are able to carry us safely... Please forgive us. She doesn't trust us anymore.

Lastly... you're a robot. There's something unique about you, but that body you have is mechanical. How well have you been repaired? Can you stand? Do you feel okay?
No. 466213 ID: f2c20c

Oh right also, the zombies are good guys. Some freaky shit happened here, and everyone was reanimated by unknown means. They can be killed a second time, it seems, and Nicola had been systematically wiping them out. She eventually released a huge flood of poison that killed who knows how many of them. I think that was the last straw for us.
No. 466214 ID: ec0bf5

Oh man it's you! Hi! Are... are you having trouble remembering?
No. 466218 ID: 6a1ec2


We were so scared. ;_;

Can you give us a... a hug?
No. 466235 ID: 6cc859

No. 466561 ID: 82175a
File 135130631201.png - (213.96KB , 960x640 , umarmung1.png )


I remember.
I remember everything.

I remember you...
No. 466562 ID: 82175a
File 135130635704.png - (212.89KB , 960x640 , umarmung2.png )

But... what you're saying does doesn't make sense. I'm supposed to be a robot? That can't be. I'm a human, a king even... robots can't be kings...
You must be wrong.
No. 466563 ID: 82175a
File 135130640275.png - (1.82KB , 960x640 , blende.png )

No. 466564 ID: 82175a
File 135130646158.png - (177.37KB , 960x640 , erinnerung1.png )

"NO! Let me go you fiends. What are you planning?"
>"Well, well, is our guest uncomfortable - Maybe I can offer you a a glass of wine, so you can raise a toast to my victory, BROTHER!"
"Heinrich! I should have known. Wasn't banishment enough punishment for you? Haven't you understood yet? The people of france will never accept you as their rightfull monarch."
>"Maybe... but they do accept you - and once I transfered your soul to this construct your body is free for the taking. All thanks to professeur Malentente's new invention. I'll let you live, just so you can watch me take the throne that is rightfully mine - with the help of your own body. HAHAHA..."
""That will never work. People will see through your disguise. The young spanish princess will notice that you're trying to betray everybody. Your strange machines can't fool true love."
>"Pah! A minor problem. I could even use this to my advantage. Why don't I just put her into another puppet... or maybe into the body of some low street dog..."
No. 466565 ID: 82175a
File 135130649523.png - (389.11KB , 960x640 , erinnerung2.png )

>"...then Malentente here can have her place and together we will rule over france... AS HUSBAND AND WIFE."
No. 466566 ID: 82175a
File 135130654740.png - (193.21KB , 960x640 , begin.png )

Of course...
That's how it must have been. We'll have to stop him. We have to save everybody. And first we'll have to find Isabel and get out of here.
But how can we do that?
No. 466567 ID: 6a1ec2

Oh my god! You're right! Isabel is.. is... a princess!! Why didn't we see this before? The signs were all there! You are a genius Herbert we have to uh

Hey by the way.

That lock on your neck has got a key in it. Might you try turning it?
No. 466568 ID: f2c20c

The zombies must know the layout better than us. They were just here, so they can't be far. Going straight out that door, you should come to a T-intersection, one way was the poison-flooded room and the other way leads somewhere new. Keep the wrench with you. It can be useful as a tool... but from past history I think we should avoid fighting! Isabel was good at it, but you were not, sadly.
No. 466572 ID: bf54a8

no no, the key is what locks the head on, is how you lived and got this new body, is one of the advantages to having a robot body. your old one was destroyed but your head was intact and placed on a new body. is probably why you are tired it's running on empty, you need some food.
No. 466573 ID: ec0bf5

Doesn't that just detach the head or something? Let's leave that alone, we just got him fixed.

There are some parts from other robots to your right. Wherever you actually came from you are certainly a robot now, although definitely more human than any of the other ones.
No. 466658 ID: 9d7671

Shake your fist at the ceiling while screaming LIQUID! BRROOTTHEERR !!
No. 467205 ID: 82175a
File 135156062736.png - (271.38KB , 960x640 , kreuzung1.png )

I'll better don't touch that key, if it separates my head from my body.

Let's go to find some food or maybe one of those zombies then. A zombie doesn't really seem like someone you could trust, but I probably don't have anything to fear, seeing that my brain is currently in my other body.
I pick up the wrench and stagger out of the room. Passing some machines and tanks, I end up at a junction. It doesn't seem to be the junction you were talking about though. I don't see any poison flooded rooms at least.
A blood trace leads to the left towards a dark corridor. To my right is some kind of office, but it's overgrown by black veins.
No. 467206 ID: 6a1ec2

What does it say underneath that vent? It looks pretty sturdy; can you get the cover off? Vents have never proved a bad idea before.
No. 467209 ID: f2c20c

Please touch us to the black veins. We can clear it up and investigate the office. In the past, important things have been covered by the veins.
No. 467251 ID: bf54a8

don't NEED to, only if they get in the way.
No. 467375 ID: 6cc859

No reason not to.

You should remove the key from the lock as soon as you have somewhere safer to stash it so that no accidents happen and no enemies take advantage of the convenient placement. Give it to Isabel when we find her, maybe.
No. 467419 ID: 6d4259

I almost overlooked this thread^^

I don't remember clearly, but was he able to feel his vines getting attacked?
We may need to mention to Henry these are some parts of our evil enemy... So, contacting him we're still here would speed up things a bit, so we could immediately fight him... however we currently want to save our princess and we don't have a proper weapon.

So, I think, going in stealth-mode until not possible anymore would be the best choice for now...
No. 467546 ID: 82175a
File 135163986092.png - (349.43KB , 960x640 , büro1.png )

The panel under the vents has a bunch of buttons, mosty of which are just labeled with numbers. From what I can tell they control the exhaust-vents of several rooms. There's also an emergency button besides a big exclamation point. The vent seems to be not as sturdy as it appears at first. If I wasn't feeling this weak at the moment, I coud probably get it open with my wrench somehow.

I approach the overgrown office as far as I can without touching the veins. It's pretty dark in there, but I can see a light coming from somewhere on the other side. If I go any further into the room, I'll have to either step on the veins or you'll have to remove them for me.
You think that someone or something might notice us if we enter? Normally I could best the most ferocious fighter in a fair duel, as you know, but I don't feel that I've fully recovered from dying for the second time. Even a true hero needs a least a good breakfast to accomplish that.
Shall we risk entering nontheless?
No. 467547 ID: bf54a8

if you can't find any food out here then yes you must.
No. 467557 ID: 0c2247

Check the blood trail first. It looks fresh, and the hero should always follow fresh blood to rescue wounded people.
No. 467562 ID: f2c20c

Fair enough. Perhaps we should avoid the veins for now. If the mad doctor is in there, we would be severely outmatched.
No. 467741 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, those veins are usually a bad sign.

Let's follow the blood. That can't possibly go wrong.
No. 467949 ID: 82175a
File 135181785164.png - (208.31KB , 960x640 , nebel.png )

I'll investigate the trail of blood first then.

It leads up a set of stairs to a dark corridor. Fog emanates from a lit room. I can't really see, what's in there. All I am able to make out is that the floor is covered with a black fluid.
No. 467950 ID: 82175a
File 135181789679.png - (156.35KB , 960x640 , klettern.png )

I keep following the blood trail down the hallway.
It's pretty dark here, and more and more rubble stacks in my way. Something must have destabilized the walls and the ceiling here, until they collapsed.

Just as the hallway ends, the blood leads up to one of the holes in the wall. I begin climbing up. I think I can make out an unmoving body up in the hole, but it's too dark to really see anything. If there's anything still in this hole, it probaly hasn't noticed me yet or is too weak to react anymore.
No. 467966 ID: f2c20c

Ah, that's the junction I was expecting. Seems I got the layout a bit confused in my head.

Quietly say hello.
No. 467971 ID: 0c2247

Say hello!
If they don't respond, RESCUE THEM!
If they do respond, RESCUE THEM!

... Actually, just save some time and say "Hello" while you rescue them.
No. 468209 ID: 82175a
File 135190922447.png - (235.99KB , 960x640 , wunde.png )

I slowly rise and start approaching the figure.
"Hello. Is somebody there? Are you allright?"
A sudden movement in the dark makes me flinch backwards.
"Go away!"
The figure starts slowly crawling away from me.
"Wait. I just want to help...I..."
"No! Go away!"
"But... You're hurt. Please let me help you."
"There's nothing you can do to help me. Just leave and let me die in peace. Maybe I'll be lucky and he doesn't find me afterwards... You... just go!"
No. 468211 ID: bf54a8

ask if they saw which way it took isabella.
No. 468226 ID: f2c20c

I don't think anyone took Isabella... but you should ask her if she saw her, at least.

Also ask how the zombification thing works. Why is it that she can die again?
No. 468280 ID: 0c2247

"Heroes don't believe in hopelessness or giving up. Even if I can't help you myself, I'll find somebody who can.
What's wrong? I can get things to help why I look for Isabella - she's a friend of mine; a heroic princess in a dog-girl body."
No. 468534 ID: 82175a
File 135206997106.png - (156.74KB , 960x640 , klettern2.png )

"Even if I can't help you myself, I'll find somebody who can."
"There's nobody who could help me anymore..."
"There's me. I'll at least try. Heroes don't just give up. I'll save my friend and I'll save you...
Have you maybe seen my friend? She... She looks like a dog at the moment. Her name is Isabel. She helped me when I was injured, maybe she can help you too."
"Oh... it's you... I didn't recognize you... it's so dark... and cold..."
The woman calms down. She lets her body sag back to the ground, facing away from me.
"I... I've seen her. She ran to save you... but when we caught up, all we found was your head in a room filled with... with the black growth... it stayed away from you for some reason. Your friend was gone..."
"Thanks... I'll definitively help you. Can you tell me what happened to you and everybody down here?"
"I did it... something went wrong in the recyclying facility... they sealed everything up and left us to die, so it tried to save them, gave everybody the serum... the minotaur doesn't die....
...it didn't fully work. We didn't die, but half of us went mad. We're slowly rotting away. And I saw him. He changed down there. I saw what he does to us.
...I already died twice. This will be the final time, I can feel it.
Dying hurts more once you know where the dead go..."

As she talks her voice becomes quieter and the pauses inbetween sentences longer until I don't know whether she is still talking to me or to herself.
No. 468537 ID: 6c3b85

Stay with her until the end. It is unbefitting of your noble blood to leave a lady to suffer alone. Also, ask her name so that we may remember her always and honor the memory of one who aided Isabella.
No. 468538 ID: bf54a8

so they used dark forces to try and save themselves but as it always does, it is not without a price, thank her for the info and say that, maybe, she just wasn't dead long enough to get to where she was supposed to go.
No. 468544 ID: 0c2247

She's already fading; it's too late.
Hold her in your arms, and comfort her in her final moments.

[Use our powers to fix whatever is making her die and start helping her recover]
No. 468676 ID: 6c3b85

I don't think we can heal gaping headwounds, Seven.
No. 468683 ID: f2c20c

...ask where the dead go.
No. 468784 ID: 0c2247

Lets not make assumptions about the limits of our necromantic powers with respect to zombie injuries. I'd rather try and fail than not try and risk passing on success.
No. 468844 ID: 6cc859

And stay until the end.
No. 468883 ID: 65294b

But we dont have necromantic powers.
No. 468885 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, that sounds a bit worrisome.
No. 468901 ID: 0c2247

We made Nicola stop bleeding, we wrested away control of some mindless zombie when it tried to attack Isabel, we gained power over Isabel as soon as she was even the slightest bit infected, etc...
Yea, for purposes of this place we totally have necromantic powers.

We are trying to use whatever powers we have to save her, because not trying is an indefensible decision.

No. 468965 ID: 65294b

Those arent necromantic, those sound more like healing and mind control. Whose to say those are convential zombies and actually undead, anyway?
No. 470410 ID: 82175a
File 135256987533.png - (215.16KB , 960x640 , sterben1.png )

I step closer.

"Hey. Can you tell me your name?"


She whispers something I can't understand.


I step closer again.

"I'm sorry..."

"It... It's ok... but what's your name?"

"E... Eva..."
No. 470411 ID: 82175a
File 135256990543.png - (214.64KB , 960x640 , sterben2.png )

"Eva... everything's going to be allright..."

"I'm sorry..."


"I've done so many things..."
No. 470412 ID: 82175a
File 135256994775.png - (624.13KB , 960x640 , vergangenheit1.png )

"...so many things..."
No. 470413 ID: 82175a
File 135256997878.png - (698.85KB , 960x640 , vergangenheit2.png )

"...so many things..."
No. 470414 ID: 82175a
File 135257002070.png - (202.33KB , 960x640 , sterben3.png )

"I... I don't know what you've done. But it's ok now. ...Eva...?"


"Where... where do the dead go?"

"The dead..."

She pauses for a moment, as if it's hard to concentrate on my question or maybe because she didn't expect me to still be here.

"The dead..."
No. 470415 ID: 82175a
File 135257005965.png - (203.59KB , 960x640 , sterben4.png )

"...the dead go nowhere..."

All tension leaves her body as her eyes shut.

"Hey... Eva!"

She doesn't react to my words anymore. I stay a bit longer, but she doesn't start moving or speaking again.
No. 470421 ID: f2c20c

There's nothing more we can do. It's time to move on.

Shall we go into the green room?
No. 470429 ID: bf54a8

poor soul, lost because of the desires of evil leaders.

[make it impossible for her corpse to be controlled by he black veins]
No. 470483 ID: 6c3b85

If we find a blanket, we should cover her up with it. Or, like, block up the hole with rocks so she'll be left alone. That would be a nice thing to do.
No. 471830 ID: 82175a
File 135295130735.png - (525.27KB , 960x640 , pflanze.png )

Sadly I'm currently too weak to cover up the hole with stones. If I want to hide the dead woman, I'll have to find some other way.
I climb back down the pile of debris toward the greenish light coming from the next room.
No. 471834 ID: f2c20c

Cool room. Hmm. Before we go further in, look at the ceiling to see where those vines are coming from. It wouldn't do to get eaten by a plant monster or something.
No. 471966 ID: 82175a
File 135302206882.png - (527.28KB , 960x640 , pflanze2.png )

Keeping an eye out for mutant plant monsters I enter the room. A leaf canopy covers the ceiling. If there are any monster here, they're hiding, probably pondering whether I'm weakened enough, that they could risk to face me in a one on one fistfight.
No. 471983 ID: f2c20c

Well, that flask broke recently. Call out asking if anyone's here. Maybe Isabel is hiding in a cabinet.

Also check out what that flask is, carefully. Don't get too close to those fumes.
No. 472037 ID: 82175a
File 135303728720.png - (528.59KB , 960x640 , pflanze3.png )

There's no answer, but I think that I hear something rustling. It may just be in my imagination though.
I bend down to take a closer look at the broken flask. Besides some warning symbols there are just the letters HCL printed on its label.
No. 472056 ID: f2c20c

That... may have been too loud. Anyway that's a rather strong acid, don't touch it!

What's in the spray bottle?
No. 472084 ID: 82175a
File 135304539132.png - (537.62KB , 960x640 , pflanze4.png )

There's nothing written on the green spray bottle, I have no idea what it might contain. There are some other spray bottles in the open cabinet, which all seem to be filled with cleaning agents. There are also some boxes and bottles labeled as mineral nutrients.
No. 472086 ID: bf54a8

you can't see any other jars of acid? would make a good weapon, throw it at an enemy.
No. 472095 ID: 82175a
File 135304973183.png - (524.55KB , 960x640 , pflanze5.png )

Inside the cabinet is nothing more. On top of it, are still several jars though. There's also more acid, but if you want me to take it with me, we should find a way to safely transport it first.
No. 472097 ID: bf54a8

to the left are some sacks, empty one out.
No. 472125 ID: 144900

Empty one of the Spray bottles and fill it with acid.
No. 472139 ID: f2c20c

Doesn't hydrochloric acid melt plastic?
No. 472176 ID: b52950

depends on the concentration.
if this one is actually eating the floor, I doubt it will not eat the plastik-bottles, though...
No. 472180 ID: f2c20c

That would also depend on what the floor's made out of...
No. 472335 ID: 82175a
File 135313287938.png - (370.03KB , 960x640 , säure.png )

The sacks at the wall are filled with earth. One of them has burst and already spilled most of its content on the floor, so I take it.
I'd rather not put a glas bottle of acid in there to carry it around. If our future adventures turn out to be like our past ones, it'd only be a matter of time until it bursts back there, because we try escaping radioactive rat mutants by jumping off a cliff or something like that.
I try filling it into one of the spray bottles instead. I empty the bottle that appears to be the sturdiest and pour the acid in and observe. There's a bit of fume, but not as much as there is one the floor. Even if the acid is able to destroy the plastic, it may take a long time. It's probably safe for transport now.
No. 472339 ID: bf54a8

nice, and if it lasts a little while it is like an acid sprayer.
No. 472367 ID: f2c20c

Alright, cool, we've got acid. Quickly open the other cabinets to see if Isabel is hiding in them, then we can go. ...or maybe she'd be hiding in the foliage?
No. 472422 ID: 144900

Is that a chunk of cheese behind you?
No. 472611 ID: 32c3ae

...This may not be the right time, but Herbert, I think you might not be the only robot here – I think I share your fate. We're relatively safe at the moment, see if you can find something out of place in me – a hard lump of metal, I suspect. These black vines and their creator are a serious problem, not to mention the very person who took Isabel, and I’m apparently something capable of dealing with them; the more we understand about whatever I am, the better.
No. 472620 ID: 6c3b85

Herbert, my dear friend, you are forgetting that you are still in a regrettably weakened state. Is there, perhaps, another exit out of this room that might lead to the food packs that will reawaken you heroic strength?
No. 473343 ID: 82175a
File 135346543553.png - (535.30KB , 960x640 , pflanze6.png )

I put the acid, the wrench and my key into the sack, before opening the other drawers. They're all empty, but i can still see traces of the things that were stored here in the dust. Somebody must have taken them not long ago.

I take a look at the cheese. It might turn out to be handy if we are attacked by rat monsters again. Sadly it turns out to be just a big green shard of greenish glas. Unable to rely on cheesy trickery, I guess we'll have to find food and restore my power first before we can search for Isabel.

There might be another door out of this room hidden beneath the thick foliage in front of me. I can't see anything though, so we'd have to step into this little jungle, hoping that the plants won't try eating us. Other than that we could go back and try our luck in the poison flooded room or face the strange black veins in the office.
No. 473344 ID: f2c20c

I don't think the plants will want to eat us. Let's go.
No. 473372 ID: 9e7c92

Poke plants and be ready to use your acid if they do try eating you.Otherwise, let's try to find some foodbags for you.
No. 473414 ID: c33f8f

Lets brave the thick jungle like a true explorer. Too bad we are missing a machete and a pith helmet.
No. 473436 ID: 0c2247

You're immune to poison, and a room covered in poison means somebody could have BEEN poisoned. Since the only other person we've seen has died and there are barriers that would prevent poisoned people from moving around on this side of the poison, we should obviously go search the other side before we get ourselves mired in veins and vines.
Isabel left the poison-covered room to chase after Nicola, but this seems like a completely different area than the one she was in. The evidence, then, points to her being on the other side of the poison-covered room.
No. 473910 ID: 82175a
File 135367799297.png - (524.56KB , 960x640 , eingeborene.png )

I poke the plants, trying find out whether they'll attack. Since they don't seem to be in the mood for a mealtime, I'll find out whether there's something hidden beneath their leaves.

I discover a place where the vines let me enter the jungle. I wander on an overgrown trail through the darkness for half a minute - stumbling over piles of earth or getting caught in the undergrowth - until I see a light shimmering through the canopy.
There really was another exit hidden here, but it doesn't look very inviting.
No. 473911 ID: bf54a8

those are heads from possessed robots. they have your same current form but were mindless and so easily controlled by darkness. whoever did this destroyed them after they were controlled. meaning if you can show them you are not like them they will not fight you.
No. 473929 ID: c33f8f

Yeaahh... The poison floor room is starting to sound more tempting right about now.
Throw one of the severed heads into the hallway ahead to see if anything happens.
No. 473937 ID: 1e9d01

Walk up to the door and knock on the frame. Ask if anyone's in here. Tell them you're not possessed or anything, and you can prove it.
No. 474362 ID: 82175a
File 135384519814.png - (547.70KB , 960x640 , eingeborene2.png )

I'm on the brink of turning around to investigate the poisoned room instead, but I gather my courage and step towards the door. Having made our way through the jungle we might at least throw something in there and see what happens.

Suddenly I stumble over something that rattles loudly.
No. 474363 ID: 82175a
File 135384522591.png - (555.56KB , 960x640 , eingeborene3.png )

Something moves inside the room.

"Hello! Is somebody there?"
No. 474364 ID: 82175a
File 135384525999.png - (443.84KB , 960x640 , eingeborene4.png )

The light goes out.

"Hello... I want to talk. I'm not like the others. I'm not possessed and I don't want to fight you. Can we talk, so I can prove it to you?"

There's a short silence, then something starts moving towards us. It sounds like some heavy metal object being dragged over the floor.
No. 474365 ID: bf54a8

if they are coming to you then back up to the clear area.
No. 474369 ID: c33f8f

Yes back away but take one of the heads with you. We can use it as a distraction to see if whatever is coming will attack.
No. 474371 ID: f8a2bb

this and we can also prove we can remove the black vines
No. 474395 ID: 82175a
File 135386477396.png - (572.93KB , 960x640 , eingeborene5.png )

I grab one of the heads and start moving away from the door, trying to push through the dense foliage back to the clear area. The noise comes closer and, before I can make it back into the jungle, suddenly stops.

The light goes on again.
No. 474400 ID: bf54a8

they got a bomb. throw head.
No. 474415 ID: 1e9d01

Don't throw the black-vine infested head at anything. Not unless you want to deal with a possessed enemy or piss off whoever that is.

Just dive off to the side and yell for them to please stop. Explain to them that the black vines are what control people, and you have something that can remove them.
No. 474418 ID: f8a2bb

No. 475048 ID: 189e64
File 135407335969.png - (373.93KB , 960x640 , flamme.png )

"No! Wait!"

I stumble away from the figure and whatever it is holding, trying to dodge to the side.

"It's the black vines that control the people, making them attack. I can remove them! Look!"

I hold the head in front of me and bring you close to it. The vines start crumbling and falling to the floor.
The figure stares at me for some time. Then there's a click and the flame goes out.
No. 475050 ID: 189e64
File 135407338536.png - (430.04KB , 960x640 , warten.png )

Nervously I stand in the darkness, unsure what will happen now.

".... Hello....?"

The sound of something being dragged over the floor starts again, this time moving away from me.
No. 475051 ID: 189e64
File 135407359543.png - (541.63KB , 960x640 , einladung.png )

The light inside the room goes on again.

"Hello! ...can I come in and talk to you?"

There's no answer.
No. 475065 ID: bf54a8

well they believed you, i think you can enter.
No. 475075 ID: f2c20c

Might as well go in, cautiously. Step over the rope this time, and leave the head behind. Maybe put it back on the pole too.
No. 475303 ID: 189e64
File 135415426856.png - (402.37KB , 960x640 , lagerfeuer.png )

I put the head back, step over the rope and enter the room. Vines hang from the ceiling everywhere in here. They all have random things attached to them and there's a rattle whenever I touch one of them.

I end up making a lot of noise until I finally reach the light source catching up with this rooms inhabitant.
No. 475314 ID: bf54a8

they are still guarding themselves, but not in an openly hostile stance. approach a little then point to the food bags in the shelf.
No. 475315 ID: 4a286d

Ask if you can have a food bag and then, if they say yes, make sure they either hand it to you or toss it.

If they wont, do not turn your back on them when you go get it. Keep your eyes on them and stay defensive, if passively.
No. 475322 ID: f2c20c

First, introduce yourself and ask who they are. Second, ask if they've seen anyone since camping here. Any non-crazy zombies, or dog-folk? Ask if they have any supplies to spare, and if there's anything they need doing. We aren't going to stay here but maybe we can do something for them.

Also maybe we can ask more about the nature of this facility. We know some accident happened down below, but what exactly was it? Where did the black vines come from? What is the "Minotaur"?
No. 475324 ID: 81e800

Introduce yourself.
No. 475374 ID: 0c2247

Introduce yourself. Ask who they are, and if they've seen Isabel around here.
No. 475736 ID: 189e64
File 135431616380.png - (405.11KB , 960x640 , lagerfeuer2.png )

I step into the light of the fire.

"Uhm... Hello. I'm Herbert... king Herbert, rightfull heir to the throne of france, to be exact, but that's a long story... and this is friend."


They continue staring at me without moving at all. I shift my weight from one leg to the other, while waiting for some kind of reaction.

"So... who are you? Do you know what happened here?"


"Uhm... can you understand me at all? You can just give me some sort of signal if you can't talk."

The figure nods slightly. I guess they don't have a voice,so I'll have to stick to yes or no questions.

"Have you met anybody else? Anybody normal or not possessed, I mean. I'm looking for my friend you know. She looks a bit like a brown dog and is about as big as me and I thought maybe you know what happened to her?"

They hesitate, then vehemently shake their head.

"Well, I have to find her, but I'm pretty weak at the moment. Can you maybe share one of your food bags with me? I can help you in exchange, if there's something you need."

The figure ponders for a moment, the points at you then to the direction we came from.
No. 475737 ID: 189e64
File 135431619151.png - (390.99KB , 960x640 , lagerfeuer3.png )

Next they stand up gesture towards the food bags and then slip into the surrounding shadows.
No. 475742 ID: f2c20c

It seems like this person just wants you to leave.

Oh well. I guess we can get a little food and go.
No. 475749 ID: e3f578

Can you even eat herbert? I forget.
No. 475757 ID: bf54a8

that seems like, you can have some food, but leave. so get what you can carry and let's go.
No. 475800 ID: 69b36e

He can. The foodbags have straws he can use through that iron mask thing he's wearing, if I remember.
No. 475867 ID: 81e800

I guess he doesn't want us around right now, Herbert. He doesn't seem to have much of a problem with you though. If you want, we can wait outside for a little while while you talk to him, and you can come back and get us and tell us all about it.

Or we could just say goodbye and and go look for Isabella somewhere else. You should have a food bag though.
No. 475902 ID: 189e64
File 135437897011.png - (299.09KB , 960x640 , essen.png )

Seems like all they want is for you or the both of us to leave. Even if they just meant you by that gesture, I wouldn't be able to do much without your help. It's really hard to concentrate on anything if you're not around to give advice.

I grab one of the bags, open it and start drinking. I feel a bit better with every gulp. I think I am ready to face the dangers of this place once more. Since Isabel apparently hasn't been here, let's go and search her in the rooms we have previously passed.

Where do you think we should start looking?
No. 475903 ID: bf54a8

grab one for the road. and let's just do it systematcally. take the nearest one.
No. 475904 ID: c891a7

This place is telling me a story.
See that bloodied knife on the shelf?
And see all that blood to your left?
There was a violent conflict but as to why I have no clue.
No. 475943 ID: f2c20c


That's Isabel's shirt! We need to ask this person where the shirt came from.
No. 475962 ID: f2c20c

Oh. Wait, I get it. This is Isabel. She's afraid of us. Like, us in the puppet. That's why she wants you to get rid of us, and also why she won't speak- she doesn't want to be recognized. She must think we want to take over her mind again.

Can you tell her we're sorry? Put us aside for a while, on the edge of the camp.
No. 475974 ID: 038adc

No. 476031 ID: 6cc859

Killing things? Wielding a flamethrower? I don't think so.
No. 476083 ID: 0c2247

Grab Isabel's shirt and hold it up. Ask where they found it.
No. 480769 ID: 9eb20f
File 135654245423.png - (393.04KB , 960x640 , ruf.png )

This does look like Isabel's shirt, but I'm sceptical whether this person is her. All of this doesn't seem like something she'd do.
I'll just ask where they found this, mention that you're sorry for what happened and see how they react.

Putting you and the bag down offside the fire, I step back into the middle of the camp, holding up the piece of clothing.
"Hello, are you there? I have a question."
I wait a moment, until I hear a slight noise somewhere in the darkness.
No. 480770 ID: 9eb20f
File 135654248491.png - (332.40KB , 960x640 , ankunft.png )

A few moments later the figure steps out of the shadows.
"Uhm, I found this... I think it belonged to my friend. Do you still remember where you found it?"
They stare at me for a few seconds, then nod.
"Can you show me where?"
They nod again gesturing towards the direction they just came from.
"Are you sure you haven't seen my friend?" I point towards you. "...because my friend over there has made her do something and he wanted to apologize...."
No. 480771 ID: 9eb20f
File 135654251940.png - (423.39KB , 960x640 , angriff.png )

Suddenly they jump back yanking up the spear and pointing it at my heart.
"Wait! Stop! What did I do?"
No. 480772 ID: bf54a8

you need to use use us like a doll. hold us standing, then make us bow towards them. ad gain say "they say sorry"
No. 480775 ID: bf54a8

they are scared of us, is why.
No. 480776 ID: 710329

Time to die
No. 480782 ID: 7003a8

[Doll: Stand up and say "Sorry"]
No. 480785 ID: cfa8a1

They can't understand us.

Hands up. Leave. Thankful gesture.
No. 480796 ID: f2c20c

Tell her we don't control you. We just talk to you. We were trying to just talk to her, too, but it didn't work the same way. We won't do it again.
No. 481059 ID: 9eb20f
File 135680157972.png - (341.30KB , 960x640 , angriff2.png )

"Wait! This is a misunderstanding."
I slowly back up. The spear remains pointed on my chest.
"Friend didn't mean to do anything. He's not doing anything. He's just talking to me."
I stumble to the ground and slowly pick you up.
"He says he's sorry for what happened."

They keep their weapon raised, point at the both of us and then towards the surrounding darkness.
No. 481068 ID: bf54a8

oh, they are just upset you didn't leave yet. they basically said you can have food but leave as soon as you are done.
No. 481077 ID: f2c20c

Okay, I think we'd better go. Tell her good luck, and we're glad she's safe.
No. 481164 ID: 9eb20f
File 135686207420.png - (546.74KB , 960x640 , zurück.png )

I slowly stand up.

"Okay if you want us to go, we'll leave."

Hastily gathering my belongings and stumbling away from the fire, I turn around a last time. They are still standing there, the spear raised towards us.

"Thanks for your help... and good luck."

I quickly scurry back through the trip wire filled room and the jungle behind. I'm still not entirely sure who that was, or what exactly we did to make them send us away again, but at least I was able to regain my strength.
No. 481200 ID: f2c20c

I keep telling you that was Isabel. You must've been asleep for a long while, and she's suffered much as well as gotten stronger. She'll be fine where she is. I wish she could've helped us but I suppose we hurt her too badly.

We'll just have to be careful, and not get you killed again. So. What next? Do you want to try to escape, or find someone to help us take on the mad doctor? We won't be able to fight him on our own. He's just too strong, and he has minions.
No. 481201 ID: bf54a8

take a reverse, follow the blood going the other way.
No. 481210 ID: c33f8f

Lets get back to the office and try to clear the black veins.
No. 483246 ID: 78c6ea

Poor Isabel. Never did anything to deserve it, yet she suffered so. Anyway what you should do is set up fortification, some kind of home base. Ideally it will have one way out that you can defend, and one way out that involves a long drop onto something soft. You can explore from there and build a map, as well as search for food sources. Once those needs are met you can focus on finding better weaponry, and ultimately learning what you are and what you need to do to recover your kingdom. Think of yourself as deep in the most dangerous of jungles, and you must survive by wit and tenacity, always looking for a way to make your escape, allies to aid you on your journey, and some way of sending a signal to the kingdom of France, your brethren no doubt mourning the loss of their king.
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