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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 134845863945.png - (72.52KB , 320x480 , 1.png )
457428 No. 457428 ID: fadcec

My name is Lonnie, and my first day at Eastwood Academy for Young Boys is not really going too great. It's been going, I guess. A bunch of kids made fun of the scarf I made out of leftover fabric and I accidentally burned my notes in science class.
I feel a little bias too. Eastwood is for tiny teenagers. Boys with weak bodies. Most of the kids here were bedridden for more than a year. I'm just here because I'm short. I'm sure they're looking down on me.
If I'm going to make the best of school life, I should probably join some sort of group. Like a club. That sounds good enough for me.

The school's pamphlet says the clubs are...

-Art club
-Drama club
-Science club
-Cooking club
-Music club
-Swim team
-School News Board
-Student Council

I am feeling a lot of anxiety.
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No. 457431 ID: 6e44d2

Well, Lonnie, what interests you? All of those sound good. Music, archery, drama, and science would be my choices, were I you, but I'm not.
No. 457432 ID: a407a5

Are you interested in any of the mentioned clubs?

Better idea, maybe you should gather information about each club before deciding.
No. 457433 ID: f2c20c

Archery might be up your alley, if you're not too short to use the bows they have.
No. 457436 ID: 886a4d

And since you seem to enjoy making things perhaps the Art Club would suit you. I suggest against cooking class unless you want to learn it for later in life.

>ib4 Lonnie is actually a girl.
No. 457444 ID: 1987d1

Hey, if this is a school for the weak, but you're not actually weak, that gives you an advantage! Let's play to that, and do something athletic.

Of the two available athletics, I think archery sounds more interesting than swimming.
No. 457573 ID: 927258

Archery and art. You made a scarf, right? You artsy fuck, you.
No. 457576 ID: 07a50b

Well, your scarf is kind of gay. Just putting that out there
No. 457582 ID: d62ef1

art or archery sounds good, you like making things, and you arent the scrawniest here. drama club is always good, especialy since you can project an atitude that makes it seem you dont care about others insults. this tends to make them insult you less.

more like BADASS. you obviously just dont know class when you see it.
No. 457587 ID: 0b214d

Agreed, the scarf is badass.

Well... Science is the only club I' am going to suggest full heartedly. The rest are useful in their own ways, but it's doubtful they'll ever amount to anything helpful on a long term view, while science on the other hand...

What year is it and how old are you?
No. 457831 ID: 42c1c6

I think 3 to 4 times more scarf is necessary. Maybe you should take up knitting.
No. 457842 ID: e3f578

Is this place named after Clint Eastwood?
No. 457855 ID: 8042f4

Go for archery and either science or art. (depending on your preference)
No. 457949 ID: fadcec
File 134861431687.png - (66.16KB , 320x480 , 2.png )

I don't have any particular interests. I'm afraid of performing. I obviously have no muscle build, or else I wouldn't be at this school. I don't see any sewing classes. There was a photography club on the website, but there's no trace of it. The thing probably hasn't been updated for years. Anything I could have wanted to do is kind of...not here.
Well archery is okay, I guess. Arm muscles and hand-eye coordination are useful things to build.

The clubroom is listed on the pamphlet map. It's at the corner of the main building and the west wing, so it's simple enough to find. Unfortunately, there's no one inside. A lot of gear and a table covered in the remains of many a Subway lunch. Through the window I can see the shooting range, but it's empty. It's also surrounded by a forest, though. Maybe someone's taking a break behind a tree?
The intercom crackles to life overhead. I listen to it while trying to see if there's anyone outside.
"Announcement to all students. Black Week will begin tonight. Please prepare yourself. If you wish to move through the school, locate a sheep immediately. Do not enter hallways alone. I repeat, do not enter hallways alone."
'Black Week' isn't on the pamphlet or the website. If we're not allowed to go out at night, does that mean the staff is on high watch or something? We're all quiet kids, generally, I don't really see why they need to have a checkup week. Do private school boys really get that rowdy?
Whatever, I guess. Night isn't for another three or four hours, and it isn't curfew until two hours or so after that. I can find a club before then.
No. 457988 ID: 5cd436

Well lets go check out the swim team. Swimming is a great workout and it might be more popular than archery.

Black week and sheep thing sounds like some way to mess around with new arrivals.
No. 457997 ID: f2c20c

Go out and try putting a couple arrows in a target. Just to see how you like it.
No. 458009 ID: c8be92

You know what? It's probably wolves. The sheep is so if you small, slow little kids gain the attention of the wolves that migrate into this area this time of year you aren't the first target.

The Sheep Dies so that Ewe may Live.
No. 458035 ID: fadcec
File 134862888228.png - (70.39KB , 320x480 , 3.png )

I go back into the hall and try the door out, but it's locked. I guess the club members need a staff member? Actually, that's kind of obvious. The clubroom table is covered in Subway wrappers. There's an obvious tendency to leave the schoolgrounds here.
According to the map, the pool is at the very end of the east wing. Normally it would be a stressful trip, but the amount of students in the hall looks like it's been cut in half, and everyone looks like they're in a rush. Looks like the leaders of 'Black Week' are really gonna crack down on them tonight. Does it have leaders? Maybe I should ask the next person I see. That isn't running around.
Of course, when I finally get to the swimming pool, the door is locked. What an enormous waste of time. From the door's window, I can see the pool is pretty much devoid of all life, and the floor looks kinda dry. Looks like no one's been here for a while.
The intercom comes on again. "Warning to all students: this year's Black Week will be initiating in one hour. Please leave the hallways immediately."
That sounds pretty serious...? The voice on the intercom seems pretty cheerful though. Some sort of initiation for the newbies?
The rush and deadline brings up an obvious issue, though. Most people won't be up to their club activities. I guess I might as well go check out my dorm room. I heard this place has some nice rooms.
The hallways are completely empty save for a few casually moving students now. One of them is swinging a baseball bat. I flinch, but he doesn't seem to realize I'm even there. He's just sort of staring at the roof. Most of them are. I dont see anything but white cieling. Probably waiting for another announcement from the intercom.
I freeze when I reach the entrance hall. A student is curled up into a ball next to a splash of vomit. Another is clapping two hunting knives together. Another is leaving the room swinging a handaxe around. They're all staring at the cieling.
"Hey, uh," I mumble half-heartedly. "Something coming?"
"Black week," the baseball bat boy says. "You new?"
"Uh, yeah. I wanted to join a club."
"Oh yeah, the only ones open during Black Week are the Student Council room, Drama club, and Science club. I'd avoid the science club if I were you. If you wanna hang back and see what's up tonight, there's a really violent sheep that hangs out around the pool. If the door hasn't been busted in, he probably hasn't started stalking anyone yet. But if you're gonna go get him, you can't hang out with us. That thing is a maniac. I heard that one time he ate a live goat. Like a bunch of kids threw a goat in the pool, and he totally ate it. There's this other crazy sheep that attacks students sometimes, but dude, a whole goat. Even the bones. That's the scariest shit I ever heard."
"Uhm?" This is starting to feel less like a student crackdown and more like Battle Royale on an island of cannibal natives. And these guys are pretty terrifying by themselves. The vomiting kid starts crying and the knife kid puts down his weapons and gives him a hug. I have never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. I want to anywhere else but this room, right now.
No. 458040 ID: f2c20c

Ask them what the fuck a sheep is. Then get to the student council room. It rather sounds like "sheep" are DEMONS or something that they have to kill during Black Week.
No. 458081 ID: fadcec
File 134863699549.png - (67.46KB , 320x480 , 4.png )

I try to swallow down a lump of raw fear rising in my throat.
"What exactly is a sheep?"
"Iunno. We call 'em sheep or lemmings, since they follow us around. They look like little kids. They take care of the students."
"Ah...Huh. I'm gonna drop by the student council room then."

I step back. He immediately reverts back to swinging his bat, staring at the roof. The crying boy lets out a muffled sob. I leave.

The student council room is in the main building. I see more students just casually milling around, a lot of them still staring up. When I get there, the door is open.

"Oh, new boy. Hope the whole Black Week thing isn't freaking you out." A teen two heads taller than me waves me in. He's wearing a winter coat. I don't remember it being too cold out. "People get really nervous about it because a kid died one year. No big deal. I mean, the kid dying is, but there's nothing to actually worry about in general."
"What's going on?"
"Black Week! The school principal summons the devil."
No. 458083 ID: b6edd6

Why does he do that in a school of all places?
No. 458094 ID: f2c20c

Why is everyone staring at the ceiling? Does the principal summon the devil on the roof?
No. 458095 ID: 4a328b

So /why/ does the principal summon the devil? That seems a bit unsafe. And insane.
No. 458125 ID: 0b214d



Okay, either this school and everyone in it is batshit crazy, or there is more to this than meets the eye.

So, Lonnie... what are we, some attempt at imaginary friends to keep you psychologically stable, unknown voices in your head or something else?

Also, ask why the principal is summoning the devil and why he is doing it in the school?
No. 458153 ID: b6178d

>"Black Week! The school principal summons the devil."

Don't take the bait. Instead, take off your sunglasses. Say, dead serious, in your best movie-announcer imitation: "They thought school was hell... until the local principal... brought hell... to school."

Then don your sunglasses.

Or if you'd rather like, ask about joining the Student Council.
No. 458239 ID: c8be92

Maaaaaaaan, do both.
No. 458321 ID: 42c1c6

Lets take this crap entirely seriously and ask them if they can arm you. They've been through this, you should just stick with them.
No. 458851 ID: fadcec
File 134897956952.png - (21.50KB , 320x480 , 5.png )

"Uh..." I figure it's not a big deal if I play along. If I think of it as a school-wide augmented reality game, it's pretty fun, right? "Isn't that pretty dangerous? Why inside the school?"

"Hahaha, it's dangerous as hell. That's why he does it in the lower levels. He's like a few hundred feet below ground right now."

"Why is he even summoning devils in the first place?" He leans in. I take a step back and bump into the bookcase, forgetting that I've been clinging to the wall the entire time.

"Do you really think there would be a school running for the weak-bodied spanning three years? It only takes a few months to build muscles, even if you're comatose for years. There's a problem with us." He pulls his sleeve up, revealing his arm. It's whiter than any human body could possibly be, and I can see the veins snaking under his skin. "We're not weak, my friend. We're sick. We need the devil in us to get the devil out."

"Then he's summoning it for...?"

"The students. We're being eaten alive by these...things. This isn't a school for the weak. It's a school for the possessed. And the only way to shake them off is to lure them with that devil's energy." He pulls his sleeve back down. "They're the dangerous ones. The energy gets them all excited. First they go up, then they go nuts."

I instantly recall all the students gazing at the roof. Okay, kind of cool. I'd certainly prefer being possessed than a plain old runt. Especially if it doesn't mean pop-culture mind possession.
"Ah. That's right. I came here to sign up for the, uh, student council. If that's alright."

"Oh, of course. Let me introduce myself first. My name's Niel Monroy, the student council president. You won't be seeing me outside this room, so my year isn't important! And you, ah..." He raises his eyebrows at me, waiting for my name.


"...Lonnie, are in luck! We're in need of a treasurer. Well, we're in need of a lot of things. Actually, we're in need of 'everything that isn't the student council president'! But treasurers are extremely important to have during Black Week! See, you're already one of the cool kids."

"Aren't presidents voted in?"

"I'm special."
No. 458857 ID: 0c2247

So you're in a school full of possessed cultists. Clearly, there is only one course of action.

The power of whatever compels you to become a Paladin. Pick some faith you like and drive out the vile spirits with the power of your will!
No. 458859 ID: f2c20c

Ask how many Sheep there are. I'm going to guess seven. And there's a greedy one, a lazy one, a flirty one, a vain one...

Oh right, also, why do students fight the dispelled demons? Shouldn't professionals do it?
No. 458870 ID: fe4599

Yes I'm feeling that seeking angelic or goodly divine aid might be a better long term choice than being eaten alive by devils.

Also my Irish sense is tingling so for right now; tell no one your full name, make no deals or promises, eat nor drink anything offered, lastly be polite to everyone.
No. 458872 ID: 96c961

Find a weapon, brah.
No. 458874 ID: fadcec
File 134899338319.png - (105.07KB , 640x480 , 7.png )

"Let's get down to the first order of business, now that you're done writing. You seem to like taking notes, so I can give you another one of those notebooks. Keep track now!"
No. 458875 ID: fadcec
File 134899340487.png - (105.50KB , 640x480 , 8.png )

"As a treasurer, it's your job to collect sheep for the students. Find them, coax them, bring them here. It's the school's duty to make Black Week as risk-free as possible!" Niel grins.

"Isn't it a risk to me?"

"Well, since sheep make a living out of protecting us, absolutely not. I officially hand any ultra-violent sheep over to you, though, since your safety is extremely important."

"You're awfully cheerful about this."

"Paranoia and despair are the first steps to the fall of an empire!"
No. 458876 ID: fadcec
File 134899343693.png - (96.73KB , 640x480 , 9.png )

He shoves me out into the hall. I am feeling a slight sense of shock that he's actually done infodumping all over me. He's a bit of a talker.
"Good luck! If you're injured, the science club is working with the school nurse. First floor. Mind the guts."


"And like I said, it's generally very safe. No need to worry. We only got 70 casualties last year."

"Casualties--" He completely ignores me and shuts the door.
No. 458877 ID: fadcec
File 134899345355.png - (48.42KB , 640x480 , 10.png )


You guys seem just as lost on this whole demon-sheep business as I am.

School ARG or something, right?
No. 458878 ID: fadcec
File 134899355167.png - (27.50KB , 640x480 , 11.png )

[You are now trapped inside the Eastwood Academy main building for one week.]

[Story mechanisms:

[Window guide:
[D]Documents: Access information.
[N]Notebook: Access notes and objectives. Lonnie will not record info he doesn't remember.
[S]Sheep: Review the sheep you've met, the sheep in your party, and the sheep you've deployed around the student council office.
[C]Companions: Check the status of the humans you're travelling with.
[I]Inventory: look over the items you're carrying. Find a bag to carry around larger objects, and a cart for very heavy objects.]

[Storytelling mode:
The story will switch to Lonnie's journal in "safe" spaces, just to speed up the story and avoid lagging.]

Lonnie does not particularly trust you. You can convince him to listen by making good decisions. He may work completely independently if you really screw it up, and may even willingly do the opposite of what you say if he's angry with you.]

Lonnie's demon will be forced out of his body for five hours at the beginning of every Black Night. Lonnie will be more physically fit and can make better decisions during this time.]
No. 458880 ID: f2c20c

Naw bro, this sounds pretty serious. Find a sheep pronto so you don't get ambushed by a stray demon. Get to the one at the swimming pool, as you know its location already.

It wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for a weapon along the way.
No. 458881 ID: 6e44d2


Time to find a weapon. First order of business.
No. 458882 ID: 4a328b

[S]<--check this [doubt we have any to start with but it would be a pleasant surprise] and then --->[D]
No. 458887 ID: b6178d

Well, if we treat it like an ARG thing we could run with it without being too weirded out.

Let's [D] review our documents (for clues or hints, learn who our teachers are, that sort of thing) while we go hunting for sheep. Asking the student body where they've seen any might be a good idea.
No. 458906 ID: 8682da

Well before you encounter the horrible demon horde, you should probably encounter the horrible human one first!

Go and meet up with that science club and introduce yourself! Go get'm tiger!

(If the school nurse has Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies playing please vacate the area post-haste.)
No. 458953 ID: 1e72ae

Absolute first thing is to get a weapon; try to find something that won't break after only 2 or 3 hits. Second is to find a sheep to protect yourself while you look for more. If you see a demon before you find a sheep (or before you even find a weapon) run; you won't be able to beat one by yourself when you have no training at all.
No. 458977 ID: fadcec
File 134903606963.png - (420.09KB , 640x480 , 12.png )

The only documents I have are the notebook and the school pamplet. My bag...I...forgot it outside. Ugh.

I don't need to check the pamphlet right now. There's nothing remarkable about either, really. The notebook has a nice colour, I guess.
No. 458979 ID: fadcec
File 134903612085.png - (67.46KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

>Locate Weapon
>Locate sheep (pool high priority)
>Meet the science club

[Objectives updated! Objectives can be reviewed in the [N] tab.]

I don't really need to go find the science club. The pamphlet says they're situation in the chem lab, which is just down the hall from the nurse's office, so it's pretty easy to find them. I'll go check it out after I get at least one sheep.

As for weapons, I'll pick one out when I see one. Openly searching is a waste of time if I'm going to surround myself in things made to protect me, and I don't want to like...assault someone if this is an ARG.

So, the sheep. The student hunters I saw before seem to know about two violent sheep. One of them is in the pool. I'm guessing the sheep won't be there if the door is broken or open.

"One minute remaining. Please evacuate the hallways."

Better get inside that pool room either way.
No. 458981 ID: fadcec
File 134903615508.png - (104.53KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

...Oh, wait. Duh.

The pool room is still locked. Of course I need a weapon. To bust the door down. Unless I can somehow magically find the P.E. teacher, I'll have to break it down or find someone who can.
Or if there's still a member of the swim team in there, but it's been like two hours since classes ended. This is what I get for not listening to my backseat drivers I guess! Wow Lonnie, way to go, you frickin moron!

[Lonnie has a better opinion of you!]

Anyway, my options are pretty heavily split right now.

>Locate a weapon
>Locate someone with a weapon
>Ask around for the P.E. Teacher
>Ask around for Sheep locations
>Go check out the Science Club instead
No. 458983 ID: f2c20c

Try knocking on the door to get the Sheep's attention.
No. 458986 ID: 0c2247

Get a baseball bat. It's an effective weapon, but people won't think of it as one until you actually use it as one. They're also effective for bashing stuff open.
No. 459024 ID: fadcec
File 134904109640.png - (75.02KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

No. 459025 ID: fadcec
File 134904111943.png - (122.54KB , 640x480 , 16.png )

No. 459027 ID: fadcec
File 134904113623.png - (167.17KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

Looks like someone is holing up in the back room. There's someone shorter with him. The sheep?
No. 459028 ID: fadcec
File 134904115674.png - (101.52KB , 640x480 , 19.png )

He doesn't look very happy to see me. Whenever I try to look at the person behind him, he tilts to block my view.
Seems to me he's not so hot about letting me into the pool. Which is a problem, because I'm pretty sure the principal is going to summon the devil any second now.
No. 459047 ID: 34cbef

give him that desperate face, you know, the one that says that you would cry if you don't get in there
No. 459049 ID: 6a1ec2

3 seconds. That's about enough time to flip him off for not letting you in before your body gets rended into tiny bits by dreadful forces arcane.
No. 459061 ID: 351677

Yell at him through the window that you're the student council treasurer. If he doesn't help you, his shit will be summarily wrecked.
No. 459266 ID: b6178d

Hang on. Think this through. Given what we know whoever's with him definitely has to be a sheep, and whatever his reasons for being here he has to rely on that sheep to protect him. At least if he wants to leave the place or if any of the 'demons' get in.

Therefore, telling him you're here to take that sheep away, forcing him to stay here alone or accompany you into the dangerous hallways, might not make him open that door for you.

So, simplify his choices! Tell him you're a new student, you got caught out in the hallways at a bad time and that he's either letting you in, or you're breaking in, bringing whatever's out in the hallways in with you, with no door to bar their way. His choice.

[Since it might get relevant, here's how to break glass and get in without hurting yourself too much: Remove scarf/jacket. Use Scarf/jacket on hands. Use hands on window. Reach through window to unlock door.]
No. 459358 ID: fadcec
File 134913780449.png - (106.65KB , 640x480 , 20.png )

>pretend to be normal student

>aggressively pretend to be a desperate student
No. 459359 ID: fadcec
File 134913789835.png - (172.62KB , 640x480 , 21.png )

One should never underestimate the power of dark eyeba
No. 459360 ID: fadcec
File 134913791549.png - (168.20KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

No. 459361 ID: fadcec
File 134913795637.png - (244.10KB , 640x480 , 23.png )


No. 459368 ID: 0c2247

The fuck? Are you possessed now or something?
Start praying and making holy symbols. In context, the sign of the cross is probably your best bet.

So... Yep. Not an ARG. Time for you do devote yourself to becoming a paladin.
No. 459370 ID: f2c20c

He WAS. Possessed by a parasite demon thing, which the presence of the Devil himself pushed out of him. Just like they said.

Yep, you were possessed alright. Get a handle on yourself, then stand up and check new physiology. Also check it out, that Sheep has weird legs.

Oh right, introduce yourself too. Be polite!
No. 459380 ID: bf54a8

shake it off.
No. 459384 ID: 4a328b

Introduce yourself. You're the new treasurer, Lonnie. You need to gather up all the sheep, apparently--don't worry, you're not going to take his sheep away! But if he could help you find another one you would be very grateful.
No. 459434 ID: 6a1ec2

Possessed. Yeah right. That thing was probably your soul and the devil's totally stealing it! Go catch it quick!
No. 459436 ID: fadcec
File 134914665051.png - (226.65KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

uAAugaghh I feel like I just shat a whole entire satan out of my FACE.

>check out new physiology

That must have been the demon Niel was talking about, because I feel amazing! I don't even remember the last time I held up my hand without it shaking.

>introduce yourself

Oh, yeah. I should put more effort into this now that it's actually important. it's important, right? I wasn't just spontaneously gassed?

"Thanks for letting me in! I'm Lonnie. Actually, I'm..."
No. 459437 ID: fadcec
File 134914669381.png - (167.79KB , 640x480 , 25.png )

...Is he some sort of cyclops ant?

"The treasurer. Uhm...I'm guessing that...isn't the violent sheep that hangs out here?"
"...That one...already started stalking someone. This is Spotter. He's just a seeker."
"I seeeee."

I don't see at all. I feel like a baseball fan trying to get into football for the first time. And the fact that this grim-looking guy sounds so nervous is making me nervous. Everything is too tense.

"I'm just looking for sheep that haven't started uh, 'stalking'? Stalking anyone yet."
"I don't know anything about that."
"Ah. Mm. Okay."

There's a really uncomfortable silence. The sheep doesn't even blink.
No. 459438 ID: 6a1ec2

Lick the eyeball.
No. 459439 ID: 4a328b

Ask what a Seeker does
No. 459443 ID: eb6589

Don't lick it, that's a bad idea.

Wipe the tears and mucus off your face.
Acquire Friend.

"Anyway, nice to meet you, um...?"
No. 459445 ID: bf54a8

"well, maybe he can help me find them then? if his job is to locate things"
No. 459446 ID: 2e3746

Try to talk to Spotter!
No. 459447 ID: 0c2247

"Ok, could either of you explain any of this? What ARE sheep?"
No. 459449 ID: fadcec
File 134914916763.png - (263.76KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

>Ask what a seeker does

"What exactly...is a seeker?"
He stares blankly down at Spotter. "Sees things. I guess. They just warn you if a demon's coming."
"So, sheep have types?"
"Oh." He looks confused. "Not...really...? Passive sheep just have a lot of eyes sometimes. Usually they're like plants. Roots."
"And the strong ones..."
"They'll yell at you a lot."

>what ARE sheep

Excellent question.

"What exactly are sheep, anyway?"
"...Li...Little demons. They come up with the devil. And, uh...Like attention. And snacks. They look like a lot of stuff. Animals. Bugs. And some weird stuff. Lots of teeth and eyeballs, too. Some of them stay after Black Week, but they, uh...They start to avoid people. And the school."

Whoever this gruff trenchcoat kid is, he's not a fan of talking. It's a pretty stark contrast to Niel.

So with the way the baseball kid was talking about him, and the fact they come up with the devil, the pool sheep is probably here year-round. Since Spotter is already here, he must be a year-round resident too. This seems like the sort of info a sheep collector should keep track of.
No. 459452 ID: 0c2247

"Are they all male? Can any of them talk? How do they keep students safe?"
No. 459453 ID: eb6589

Okay, let's leave him alone now. Lets go look for Sheep!

He said bugs and plants, does he school have a farm or a solarium or something?
No. 459462 ID: f2c20c

Wipe your eyes, bro. Also ask if he wants to help you find a sheep so you're both not in any danger anymore.

If not, we gotta jet. Like, quick. Cuz if you don't find a sheep or a weapon you're gonna get hurt bad.
No. 459465 ID: 72b600

Thank the man for his time and let's get going. Check around the pool area for other Sheeps.
No. 459466 ID: 4a328b

Um maybe take him to the student council room? You're supposed to gather sheep, and having a lookout would be good...If the guy doesn't want to go don't press it, though.
No. 459481 ID: fadcec
File 134915276567.png - (191.22KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

>wipe face
>leave him alone

Final round! I make myself presentable.

"So, are they all boys?"
"I...yes? I think? I don't...I mean, I don't usually see them as humans, but I'm pretty sure they're boys?"
"And can they talk?"
"Well, some of them don't have mouths, but most of them don't like talking anyway...?"
"How do they keep students safe?"
"Wa...Oh, uh. Making traps, warnings, and some are like, beasts. Teeth and spikes. They fight with that."

Okay, I think that's all I need for now. And good too, because he looks really twitchy now.

"Do you want to help me look for sheep? Or go to the student council room?"
"Uh. No. I'm...I know where the student council room is."
"Well, okay. Feel free to drop by. I don't have any friends here. Thanks for all the help, really. I'm having a hard time finding my way around here."

Aaaand interview over. I got a lot of information, in the vaguest sense. I'm guessing the designs, abilities, and personalities of these things are really all over the board.

Now what?

>Find a weapon
>Find companions
>Find Sheep
>Visit the science club
>Hang out with Spotter and trenchcoat
No. 459484 ID: 0c2247

HEY! KID! STOP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA! What is this, amateur hour? First you fumble your lines, and now you're having a staredown with the 4th wall?
No. 459489 ID: 6a1ec2

Kiss him you fool.
No. 459491 ID: f2c20c

Huh, I think there's still something odd about your eyes. Consider wearing the sunglasses next time you talk to someone.

Go somewhere very close by. You should avoid the hallway until you have protection. Is the science club nearby?
No. 459497 ID: eb6589

Find sheep. Lets see whats in the back of the pool where those guys came from?
No. 459500 ID: 6e44d2

Let's not troll him too much.

Ask if he knows where to find a weapon, then go in the direction he indicates.
No. 459693 ID: 4a328b

Pull out your MAP and see what rooms are nearby
No. 460258 ID: b6178d

Huh. Is there something going on with that guy's eyes? Maybe that's just me.

And sheeps are all demon mutant things. Figures. Spotter sounds like a general sheep designation. Might want to call him Pool Spotter, in case you get to meet more.

Anyway! You're in a pool area. Know any kind of weapons you could find in a pool area? I do.

Cleaning equipment! Like mops. Mops are great. There's range on them. Good for battering something at a distance. Like, something coming at you from above, from the roof of a hallway.

Usually not -too- sturdy, though, but hey, it could do for keeping lesser beasties away. Greater beasties you usually wanna run from anyway, get a door between you and it.

Search the pool area for a mop, or at least some kind of weapon.
No. 461665 ID: fadcec
File 134989340158.png - (115.72KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

>kiss him
Not a good idea. He looks agitated enough as-is. Unless he shows spontaneous trust and interest in me, I'm sticking to my 'leave him alone' plan.

>pool equipment
Agh, shit, I don't think he'll let me back in, now.

>call him pool spotter
I'm guessing Spotter is just his name. Freaky Trenchcoat wasn't using it like a title.

>what's wrong with your eyes
Bright eye colour, big eyeballs, dark eyebags. I suppose it's striking if I keep them somewhat lidded, but the wider they go, the more I look like a demented lemur. That makes people nervous.

That's not good for coaxing out sheep, obviously. Good thing I left my shades on my head!
No. 461668 ID: fadcec
File 134989368852.png - (363.94KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

>What rooms are nearby?


The setup of the school is painfully simple, though tiresome to navigate.

The only probably locked anyway rooms close by is the Gymnasium and two clubrooms; the Art room and and an abandoned clubroom. It looked abandoned when I peeked, anyway. Lots of dust, no footprints.

In the central wing is the Student Council Room, central staircase, multiple classrooms, and an elevator. The Science room and the Nurse's Office are in the back hall of the central wing.

The east wing is really stupidly far away, and has the Cafeteria and Kitchen, Archery Club, Music Club, and second staircase from what I vaguely remember.

Most other classes and clubrooms are upstairs. There are three floors in this school.

I guess the west wing doesn't have a staircase because they put the swimming pool in.

[marker guide:
Green: current location
Red: homebase
Blue: safe space
Cyan: Medical assistance]
No. 461672 ID: f2c20c

Oh jeez, we're at a dead end? Book it!

Try for the Gym.
No. 461681 ID: 4a328b

See if you can go in the gym. Even if no one is there you can probably find a weapon/lever of some kind in the equipment storage
No. 461696 ID: dc4e32

there is no way you won't find anything weaponizable in a gym.
No. 461700 ID: 7d57ce

Head for the gym. If the door's locked, try doors until you hit an intersection or one's unlocked.
No. 462827 ID: fadcec
File 135024103472.png - (70.29KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

>enter gym, recieve weapons
It's locked. This comes as a surprise to no one.

It makes me wonder though, are the classrooms open? There was a lot of focus on getting out of the halls.
No. 462828 ID: fadcec
File 135024106097.png - (108.00KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

>check doors until something opens

Locked, locked, lo--YO.
No. 462829 ID: fadcec
File 135024109782.png - (96.16KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

"Oh, sorry...hey. You're that first-year, right? Are you adapting alright?"

It takes me a moment to recognize him; he's the knives kid from before. I don't see the crying or baseball kids anywhere.

"Uh, yeah. Monroy made me the treasurer. I was going to bring the pool sheep, but there's just some guy there. All I got out of it was a description of what sheep are."

"The pool sheep takes a while before it'll start stalking you, so..." Knives scratches behind his ear, deep in thought. "...Too early. It's going to be in a big room, though. The only open activity room is the cafeteria, but a lot of other hunters tend to collect there...And it's a fish, so it'll look kinda...aquatic."

"Er...So how do I get keys? Do I track down each individual teacher?"
No. 462832 ID: fadcec
File 135024114944.png - (210.50KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

"Hah, god no. If you want to hunt for sheep, you should probably look for the janitor. He'll never be in a locked room, and he gives out keys to students. You can ask him for a set for the activity rooms. There'll be students in some of them, though, so I wouldn't worry about tracking him. I'm guessing the guy you saw in the pool was one of them."

"The...Actually, I don't think he was even a student."

Knives looks clearly confused at this. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I mean, he didn't puke demon when Black Week started. That seems very...not-student-y."

"...Well if an outsider could be hiding out before Black Week even started, it's likely that either the gym teacher or the janitor is still on the first floor."

"Oh, good, I've been wanting to get into the gym. Thanks, erm..."

"Li Hyung. Second year."

"Thanks Li!"

Alright, now I have a firmer goal! And more notes! All I need is a general place to start.
No. 462835 ID: 72b600

Well, let's hunt for that janitor. Dedicated search time is go! Ignore anything else that isn't a threat until you find him. Open doors and run.
No. 462847 ID: f6cff9

You might as well go looking for the janitor. You ain't gonna find anything with all the rooms locked up.
No. 462873 ID: f2c20c

That's weird. If he was an outsider, why did he know about Sheep? Let's label that guy as Suspicious. Ask everyone about him from here on.

I want to say... check doors on the way to the science room.
No. 463213 ID: c8be92

He might have been a psychic, since he could see us. I still don't know why he's here though, he might be an investigative reporter looking for evidence or something.

But yeah, step one is go to the first floor.
No. 463370 ID: 570b81

Hmm, perhaps this explains why he was so nervous? Anyway, look for the janitor but be careful. You could still really use a weapon... Maybe ask Li if he could spare one? Or even if he wanted to join you? Never hurts to ask.
No. 463968 ID: fadcec
File 135046572198.png - (156.71KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

>he's totally suspicious

I dunno, he mostly looked kind of spooked. Like, more social anxiety than hiding something. But if you say so!
No. 463969 ID: fadcec
File 135046573930.png - (134.74KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

>Start checking those doors for the Janitor

Looks like there isn't any janitor around here. Lots of students just kinda hanging out. I shoot out quick 'have you seen the janitor' to all of them, but I'm not getting much beyond a 'he's still on the first foor, maybe'. Wow. So helpful.

Most of them are pretty gung-ho about this. I have to admit, it's pretty comforting.

I'll hit the science lab on my way, so I might as well check in on the scie
No. 463970 ID: fadcec
File 135046575409.png - (133.08KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

No. 463971 ID: fadcec
File 135046576517.png - (94.50KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

No. 463972 ID: 72b600

Gross. Ask them, and I quote, "what the hell is going on here."
No. 463976 ID: f2c20c

Holy shit.

Ask them WHAT.
No. 463982 ID: 43b15d

No. 464020 ID: 733ae0

Nah, this is pretty obvious.
A kid got a chunk taken out of his head by a demon and they're moving his body, because it's a health and safety hazard.
Introduce yourself and ask who they are and if they need any assistance. Then ask about the Janitor.
Also, it's not polite to stare, so do the polite thing and lower your shades.
No. 464235 ID: c8be92

"Newbie walking around without a sheep? As treasurer of the student council, I demand to be allowed to come with you and introduce him to the realities of this school. We really should tell the students to take Black Week seriously..."
No. 464734 ID: fadcec
File 135075651633.png - (244.78KB , 640x960 , 39.png )



"I'm just as surprised. I never expected to see a second body as a student here."
"We found him by the basement, sir. Looks like the principal drew out Sentinel again."
"The school really is going to close down at this rate. Absolute reckless endangerment. Morgan, tell a teacher and find Isda before Niel does. Zeke, hand me my scalpel."

"The sound of 'fucking' makes me want to start with the reproduction organs, this time."
No. 464735 ID: fadcec
File 135075653693.png - (113.76KB , 640x480 , 40.png )

No. 464736 ID: 72b600

Lonnie: conveniently run into the janitor now.
No. 464737 ID: 4a328b

No. 464746 ID: 15255a

if you leave the school with your demon around here, bad shit might happen. otherwise everybody would evacuate right after the exorcism.
No. 464749 ID: f6cff9

Man reading this just makes me think that they just get kill/dispose of anybody who tries to leave the school. That or if you leave the school the demons will just kill you in the open. There has to be something keeping the students here.

Just run to the 1st floor if you aren't already there. Reason number one is to put as much distance between you and the science department. The second reason is we still need those keys from the janitor.
No. 464766 ID: f2c20c

East wing is next, I'm thinking.
No. 464793 ID: fadcec
File 135077608483.png - (436.74KB , 640x480 , 41.png )

>kill you if you leave the school
>science club terrible run
>everything is terrible

Wait slow down, I'm having a hard time parsing the situation as it is.

Well, the principal and the science club being a bunch of complete psychopaths is easy enough to understand, I guess.

Alright, let's do a chart. Charts are cool.
No. 464796 ID: fadcec
File 135077614341.png - (176.05KB , 640x480 , 42.png )

>Why can't anyone leave the school

...Can't they? I don't remember any issue with leaving the school. No warnings or anything. I can probably just go if I really wanted to. I just wanted to score some points with the students.

Actually, that brings up a second question. Why do all the students get to just...leave? There's ample warning Black Week is going to be a thing. Guessing from the way it was paced and everyone's reaction to it, the first years usually get a few days of school to be filled in. Maybe even an assembly.

But like, 80% of the student body is outside of the building anyway. Black Week started at least two hours after classes ended. Most people should be either in their dorms or in town.

Yeah, but no, I'm fucking leaving. Right now. I'll pin this garbage on a postboard as a warning for some poor first-year.

"Are you alright?"
No. 464808 ID: f2c20c

Jesus christ, MORE BLOOD. Ask this guy if demons bleed. While backing away.
No. 464854 ID: 15255a

no. the dead guy was too freaky. and the blood all over you is not helping.
No. 464875 ID: 4a328b

>"Are you ok?"
"Only physically."
No. 464903 ID: 267691

Creepy bloody guy with knife standing over you

back up back up back up
No. 465033 ID: fadcec
File 135086397513.gif - (153.90KB , 640x480 , 43.gif )


"Oh, I'm fiWOAH."
"Don't worry! Most of it's mine and Grinder's!" The baseball kid pops up. There is some sort of toothy bug-lizard clinging to him. "We got into a little trouble, is all. We're just going to get patched up at the nurse's office."
"Is he...?"
"What, Jamie? Hell no, he's totally out of it. I kinda wanted to drop him off, too. He's probably gonna get himself killed just standing there staring off into space or like, crying a lot."

Oh, that's the crying kid, isn't it...?

"Uhm...Can't we leave?"
"Yeah, you can go to town and buy a book, something to eat, some weapons, call your mom. You won't be staying out there though. You can only leave in the morning, but you'll snap right back into the school. All the students not here? Gonna be in by tomorrow afternoon. Every single one."
"Well that answers a lot."
"Yeah. If you""'re not planning to do anything, we're about to head to the second floor. Major sheep potential. Wanna come? I got a knife if you don't want to just tail us."

Oh dammit, my head is pounding.

>Head for the east wing
>Follow them upstairs
>Forget Monroy, occupy yourself instead
No. 465035 ID: 4a328b

Gratefully accept that knife, and the offer to go sheep-hunting. You're the treasurer, this is your job, and you don't seem like you're going to be able to run away from this so easily.
No. 465036 ID: 72b600

This, but also ask if he has any painkillers or something, your head hurts a lot. If he's going to the nurse's office anyway, you might be able to pick some up there.
No. 465039 ID: 537597

thank him and accompany him.
No. 465046 ID: f6cff9

It looks like you were right about being able to leave kinda... since you're just gonna be teleported back to school in the end anyways. You might as well get a head start on that sheep hunting.
No. 465048 ID: f2c20c

Follow along. We've been wandering without anyone at all to assist us before, completely vulnerable. This is a good opportunity to tool up by nabbing a fighty-sheep before we go looking for the janitor.

Also, that's some weirdness. The blood and his torn clothing is phasing in and out of existence... maybe you could ask about that?
No. 465106 ID: d4ad1a

Yeah, when reality shifts like that, it typically means that the very fabric of the universe is becoming unstable, and that's the sort of thing you'd like to be privy to.
No. 465491 ID: b6178d

Ough. Knife against horrible things from beyond this reality? That's way too close combat for comfort. Still better than nothing, I guess, but man.


Ask if the thing clinging to him is a sheep, or if it's part of the 'trouble' he ran into. It... would kind of make sense if it's a sheep? I mean, if they sometimes lash out at, but still protect students, that would explain why the casualty rate is so high, but mortality relatively low.

'Major Sheep Potential' probably means major trouble potential as well. You'd probably be better off just exploring the current level for now, by heading to the east wing and checking doors as you go, as you did earlier. Pick up sheep stragglers, get familiarized, see what people are around, find the janitor or the gym teacher and ask for keys, those sort of things.

Also, general hypothesis: Some students get -really- traumatized, desensitized or changed by Black Week, and those who are here for longer, like, say, the teachers, nurse and janitor, are either liable to be nutjobs or special, special people in some ways. Or both.

Seriously, that Science Club dude, being all 'welp, we got us a corpse-- again -- time to get dissecting' in deadpan monotone? I figure he's either so jaded he's effectively crazy from a 'normal' standpoint, or there's something gone wrong with him.
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