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File 134619889986.png - (113.14KB , 799x599 , spaceship.png )
448900 No. 448900 ID: f72f26

I am starting a log telling of my inevitable exploits so let's begin.
my name is montelo gatz sergeant in service on the Tranport Ship: Lether's Burden.
I've just been promoted and my brother the Captian designated me as a squad leader.

We are carring a very important cargo back to the IceWorld:Vin-Malor to examine it
It's a mysterious relic that as been found on a abandoned planet by a band of explorers.
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No. 448906 ID: dfab53
File 134619933562.jpg - (66.66KB , 1134x802 , monteloer.jpg )

They reported that even before landing they were attracted to a definite place like a mysterius force was moving them."
No. 448911 ID: dfab53
File 134619947948.jpg - (33.70KB , 1164x823 , abandonedplanet.jpg )

"As they landed the origin of this force was cleary in what seemed a complex of ruins,"
No. 448912 ID: dfab53
File 134619953872.jpg - (64.50KB , 1272x899 , relic.jpg )

"they found what looked like a gigantic rock pulsing with energy."
"This energy had a disturbing side effect on three of the crew members.""they grow an unnatural atttraction for the stone, it became so bad they had to be placed in holding."
No. 448913 ID: dfab53
File 134619961238.jpg - (67.97KB , 1054x745 , shield.jpg )

"To prevent this from happening again my brother had this cargo ship modified with an internal shield chamber designed to hold in reactor leaks."
"He is confident this modified cargo chamber will stop the energy from this rock to spreading into the ship proper."
No. 448915 ID: dfab53
File 134619976104.jpg - (66.74KB , 1134x802 , monteloer.jpg )

"so far the shield seems to hold perfectly and making good time we're already half way to Vin-Malor."
"it seems my first mission will be an uneventful one."
No. 448917 ID: dfab53
File 134619984730.jpg - (12.02KB , 1012x715 , leader.jpg )

No. 448923 ID: dfab53
File 134619995048.jpg - (100.72KB , 1172x829 , goat.jpg )

"what? a solar?!"
"how did one of them get aboard my ship!"
"to all guards,find the intruder!"
No. 448931 ID: dfab53
File 134620027350.jpg - (8.72KB , 612x433 , relic.jpg )

No. 448947 ID: 1f8505

No. 448959 ID: 54c7e5

No. 448962 ID: d6c330

>we found a magic rock that does bad things
>lol, let's bring it on the ship
>it'll be fine, we're using an untested method of containment

Anyways. I vote for the intruder, rather than the genre-blind crew of the turtle-ship.
No. 448966 ID: 886a4d

We're always the intruder... lets be the Defenders this time.
No. 448971 ID: 100061

intruder, the defender seem to be Astranians, and those guys are dicks.
No. 448973 ID: 976f95

Intruder. Let's let the Astranians handle magic glowy rock of doom first.
No. 448987 ID: 2bafff

I vote for Intruder
No. 448988 ID: 6e44d2

Intruder. He looks cool.
No. 450006 ID: 0c2256
File 134643007507.jpg - (93.95KB , 1754x1240 , wut.jpg )

-error long range teleportation failed location unknown, damage to main mana generator, local mana incompatible, switching to secondary generators, all unnecessary mana powered device off starting reparations of mana generator, master ai off swithchingto cluster ai “legion”-
"agh, where am i?"the mat look at the surroundings"AI you've got to help me get out of here"
No. 451949 ID: 4a9eaf
File 134685990866.jpg - (126.31KB , 1754x1240 , fff.jpg )

"Legion are you online?" he wait another few second then say "Oh for... don't tell me it has been damaged!"
No. 451951 ID: 2e9e7d
File 134686087557.jpg - (113.93KB , 1754x1240 , fuq.jpg )

As he said this the sound of footstep can be heard in the hallways,coming toward him "Man, I really hope pou are not broken, i really need your help now!"
No. 451953 ID: d6c330

Hey, sup. Don't worry, we're here. We might be the backup, but I'm sure we're a way better AI than that wussy master that just switched off.

For instance, we already got access to this place's logs. You're on an alien (Astranian?) transport ship, that's bringing home some evil magic rock that drove 3 of it's crew insane. Apparently they thought everything would be fine if they shielded it, despite any evidence or understanding.

By the way, the alarm's going off. They know you're here already. ...pretty sure that's guards coming your way, and they aren't happy.
No. 451968 ID: 100061

OW, right in the stable memory. well good news is our decision making is still decent, bad news is we have no idea who you are or what your here to do.
No. 452014 ID: 6e44d2

Start movin', soldier. Fast and silent. Can you break into that door to your right?
No. 452209 ID: 6a1ec2

Lie flat on your back on the floor and giggle to yourself. That will lull them into underestimating you and they can drag you off to their space holding cell or whatever. Then you strike! And by strike I mean sing show tunes.
No. 453909 ID: cf0890
File 134747526549.jpg - (94.38KB , 1754x1240 , teeth!.jpg )

Necro: "they are transporting what?"

AI"never mind that now the alarm's going off. The inhabitants know you're on board ... that sound you hear? it's their footsteps coming this way, they're actions indicate hostility."

Necro: "fuck, we'll have to chat about the situation later, AI any strategic advice?"
No. 453911 ID: 75aada
File 134747583356.jpg - (70.48KB , 1754x1240 , puddinscan.jpg )

AI: "Start moving. Fast but silent. Can you break into that door to your right?"
Necro: "Maybe It will depend on the technology, let me check." he place his habd on the lock and a black pudding like substance come out of the glove
Necro: "The tech is bizarre but I should be able to subvert the lock. Problem is it'll take a good half minute." he look troubled " . . . and I'm not sure how long I have till the welcoming party arrive."
No. 453997 ID: 6e44d2

No time. Bash the door down and then run in the opposite direction.
No. 453999 ID: 6a1ec2

Sensors indicate tech is 2 level and extremely paranoid. Advise caution bashing down doors. Unexpectedly ridiculous amounts of reinforcement may be present.
No. 454004 ID: f2c20c

Why don't we just wait calmly for them to arrive, and tell them you got here by accident and would like to simply leave?
No. 454142 ID: 2bafff

This guy has the right Idea be cautious and make your way through the ship try to find out more about your surroundings
No. 455652 ID: f196ee
File 134791435889.jpg - (187.90KB , 1754x1240 , crash!.jpg )

Necro: "lets do this."
he takes a step back and punches the keycard reader
Necro: "with any luck it might seems like I broke into this room, now lets run"
No. 455654 ID: f196ee
File 134791449988.jpg - (172.09KB , 1754x1240 , run!.jpg )

Necro flees in the opposite direction.
Necro: "ok now we need to find a safe place to hide and-"
he is interrupted by a door at the end of the hall opening.
Necro: "shit."
No. 455661 ID: f196ee
File 134791525473.png - (199.82KB , 938x563 , ye1li.png )

from the door steps out an alien target who shrieks upon seeing Necro.
fuck non-combatant spotted"
Necro considers his options
Necro:"how should I deal with this?
I could just ram through her crushing her tiny frame,I could teleport past her and keep on running, but this way she will alert the guards,I could inject her with one of my paralysis chemicals,Or maybe get creative and do something else.
No. 455675 ID: 100061

we can't have him alerting the guards, that said he's a non-combatant, knock him out and keep going.
No. 455676 ID: bf54a8

knock them out and keep going. you have a mission and being known for not killing everything randomly will help.
No. 455681 ID: 1987d1

...we could try explaining you're not here to attack them? A non-com might be more amicable to listening or giving up intel that a humorless soldier sent to intercept you.

I mean, do you even have a mission, here? I kind of got the impression the teleport dumped you at an unknown, unintentional location. We're in survive and improvise mode, aren't we?
No. 455743 ID: 6a1ec2

You have a mission? Since when?

Better watch out or you'll get a taste of her chemicals too. |3
No. 455771 ID: f2c20c

Just toss her aside as you pass. No need for killing.

Or if you're feeling badass you could jump over her.
No. 458159 ID: d16542
File 134867905513.jpg - (181.40KB , 1754x1240 , necroslide.jpg )

The soldier slide past the alien and inject the paralizing chemicalin her neck
Necro:"done, non combatant neutralized"
"the room from where she came from seems to be an empty lab, with a backdoor."
>I mean, do you even have a mission, here? I kind of got the impression the teleport dumped you at an unknown, unintentional location. We're in survive and improvise mode, aren't we?and as this AI said,
I'm on this ship because my teleportation device malfunctioned
"now what should I do with this hm alien?"
"I don't have enough information to run around the ship for long"
" I could try to scan this aliens brain and acquire enough information to navigate, might damage the creature though."
"or we could try hacking into the ships computer to get a map read out."
"whatever I do, I need to make sure I secure me a secure hiding place."
No. 458161 ID: 62bab4

I think hacking the computer us a better option thank risking mind-raping the unfortunate alien. You have no reason to harm them (except perhaps survival), so perhaps it would be best to avoid upping the ante.
No. 458178 ID: 6a1ec2


>You have no reason to give them a reason to harm you

They could still be savages about it, but at least you didn't help.
No. 458182 ID: 0c2247

There's a psi-hazard artifact on board. Don't look at camera feeds, and avoid the area it's in.

You injected her with a paralytic, so she's still awake. You should probably be polite about all this, since it was your equipment that screwed up. Pick her up and carry her with you while you go hack the ship's map. If you set her down then put her on her stomach, not her back or in a chair.
"Hello. Sorry for popping in unannounced; my equipment malfunctioned and dropped me on your ship. I'll be gone as soon as I sort this out, and I'll try to avoid causing you problems in the meantime.
Don't worry, you'll be fine once it wears off."
No. 458203 ID: 0b214d


^This and-


^this look as good enough choices. We're here because of an accident, no need to act like a dick.

But yeah, hack the computer (avoid looking at security feeds) and bring the alien along with you. Also, maybe it's just me, but check that the paralytic you injected the alien with doesn't clash with it's biology, would be pretty funny if it died from an allergic reaction to an incompatible chemical.
No. 460542 ID: 50b704
File 134946684942.jpg - (103.46KB , 1230x989 , lift.jpg )

he take the girl in his arms "hmm"
>"Hello. Sorry for breaking in unannounced; my equipment malfunctioned and dropped me on your ship. I'll be gone as soon as I sort this out, and I'll try to avoid causing you problems in the meantime.
Don't worry, you'll be fine once it wears off."
he lift her"ok, I'm carrying her in to the lab now
so i can take the map informations" he enter the lab
No. 460546 ID: 50b704
File 134946709153.png - (251.05KB , 938x563 , 5wii46.png )

"ok let me figure out this"he place his hand on the computer keyboard
"there's seems to be some kind of gene lock on this teck I should be able to bypass it, but i need more time and i don't have it" he look frustrated "there's gotta be an easier way to by pass this"
No. 460548 ID: 100061

would a blood sample from one of the aliens help?
No. 460550 ID: bf54a8

tape her fingers under yours so she is the one technically using the computer.
No. 460556 ID: 86c3a7

Can you use that handy macroscopic sack of genes over your shoulder to bypass the gene lock?
No. 461690 ID: 50b704
File 134990005820.jpg - (117.76KB , 1047x740 , computer.jpg )

N:"Hmm, the blood sample is a good idea, but i have to scan her DNA to make it work and i need some time to do so, in the mean time I can do this"
he place the alien on his legs and, using the black pudding-like substance, glues her fingers to his own and start to work on the computer
Necro:"how the fuck did you develope such a strong gene block with computers this shitty? . . . oh sorry you're paralyzed."
Necro:"ah, found it!"
ok AI, there are three place we can hide for now:
Option 1: we can access the ventilation shafts and use them to sneak around the ship, but the only entrance large enough is far from here.
Option 2: we could enter one of the six storage areas, they're full of crates and containers where we can hide and it's relatively close,but it's still kind of exposed.
Option 3: this one is the closest but risky, we can access it through this back door and one small hallway trip. it's some manner of chemical processor, it's out of the way making it unlikely anyone will go there for some time.
No. 461691 ID: 86c3a7

...she doesn't really look like she's enjoying her situation very much. And this is why, even with a gene lock, they should have still password protected the computer access! Sloppy.

We should leave the girl here, upright at the computer. To a casual observer, nothing will look wrong (until they try to talk to her, of course). We don't want her seeing which way you go, or hearing you speak the destination aloud, either.

1 sounds ideal in the long term, but doesn't help us right now. Any place we hide though, we want to be able to use our time productively. Is a chemical processing lab or cargo more useful to us?
No. 461695 ID: bf54a8

talk under your breath, say "yes a storage area" but then go to the processor.
No. 461869 ID: 4594e2

Don't forget to hug the cute fuzzy thing before you go. ;)
No. 466094 ID: 649a5f
File 135116833242.jpg - (138.35KB , 1189x840 , i3A1A.jpg )

NC:"Hmm that's a good idea, storage area then"
as he say so he lift the girl from his legs
and place her on the chair in a way that to an observer would be tricked in believing she is just working on her pc
why? Some kind of diplomacy attempt? Very well"
he cling her with his arms
NC:"I'm sorry for what i have done to you, but I couldn't risk you to alert the security, the paralysis will wear off in an hour whit no lasting effect on your body,I don't want to cause harm to anyone on this ship: I just need to find a way to go back to where i came from"
she blush so much it can be seen trough her fur
No. 466096 ID: 649a5f
File 135116927731.jpg - (81.44KB , 1199x848 , lonelyworldquest2.jpg )

he exit from the backdoor and enter a dark hallway
NC:OK,no enemy in sight, switching to night vision and radar"

>Any place we hide though, we want to be able to use our time productively. Is a chemical processing lab or cargo more useful to us?

NC:"the chemical processor is goiung to be quite useful to me
if they have the necessary instrument i can make some decoy bombs"
No. 466097 ID: 649a5f
File 135117060428.jpg - (106.82KB , 1139x805 , lonelyworldquest.jpg )

NC:"Hmm, this equipment is fine
but, what the fuck is this stuff?
There is a pool of glowing green goo!should I investigate or should I focus on the bombs for now?
No. 466130 ID: 9d7671

We can make the bombs later, Investigate the goo!
No. 466135 ID: 049858

Anything unknown is dangerous. Investigate the goo, but keep your distance. Be aware this may be some kind of containment for something nasty.
No. 473497 ID: 67ba4b
File 135352816735.jpg - (83.92KB , 1191x842 , edRVt.jpg )

Necro examines the instrument on the counter.

NC: "ha! this is what I need."

he takes a test tube from a rack of test tubes and walks to the pool of qlowing liquid.

NC:"ok let's take a sample."

Necro then fills the test tube and walks back to the table with the instruments.

NC: "alright legion, now I will have to do some tests on this stuff, in the mean time would you like to look at some feeds from the ship cameras?"
No. 473498 ID: 70c0f2

...we'll take a look, but please don't look with us. Psy hazard on board and all that.
No. 473509 ID: 41a1a3

Sure why not
No. 474168 ID: 10ac19

Definitely. Let's see what's going on, here. Maybe we can figure out where we are.
No. 481022 ID: 67ba4b
File 135676529158.jpg - (83.49KB , 893x631 , BC8nl.jpg )

SquadLeader "hurry up, we have lost enough time looking inside an empty room,that damned pinkskin didn't even enter it"

Marine:"sir another door has been opened"

SquadLeader:"if this is another way to fool us. . ."

Marine: "sir?"

SquadLeader:" for now just see if it looks like a trap again

Marine:" yes sir!"
No. 481024 ID: 67ba4b
File 135676559256.jpg - (83.98KB , 1058x748 , 8PyyR.jpg )

Marine: "Doctor Yeli, what happened? have you been attacked?

she answers
"I-i-it said so-something about the ...aertion system . . .aeration"

Marine:"thanks for the help"
he exits the room.

Marine: "Yeli said something about the ventilation system, should one of us stay here and monitor her condition?"

SquadLeader: "Negative, we need all the man we can, that pinkskin entered the ship unnoticed, we don't know what he can do, she will have to wait for the paramedic bots"

Marine: "understood sir!"
No. 481025 ID: 67ba4b
File 135676568963.jpg - (71.79KB , 1322x935 , DLuMs.jpg )

biodroid colony "Shard": Noncombatant judged non hostile,
allowed communication with auxiliary A.I. "Legion"
paralysis off,
remote control off
beginning replication

Yeli:"what? who's talking?"
No. 481055 ID: ec6d4c

So we're going to colonize the poor girl now, huh? Careful what we say, guys.

>what? who's talking?
Nobody. It's in your head. Hearing voices and talking to yourself is a side effect of being drugged and scared, don't worry about it too much.

While you're waiting to be able to move, or for a medical team to find you, how about we chat a little? How you doing, Yeli? How'd you end up on a flight transporting a scary magic rock with untested containment anyways?
No. 481117 ID: 78c6ea

I don't know what that thing was but it just left me here. Why am I thinking paralysis off? Does that mean I can move again?
No. 482292 ID: 01f428
File 135733230863.jpg - (46.05KB , 1099x777 , aaaaah!.jpg )

Y:"I-in my head? how do you know it's because of the drugs? I'm earing crazy voices in my head!" she start to get really scared "Wh-where are the drones? I need to get examinated!"
No. 482305 ID: bf54a8

sigh, looks like playing dumb is just confusing the poor girl. we are a magic system that can mindlink. the big guy that just left is our core carrier. we are transmitting from him.
No. 482306 ID: c33f8f

Are you sure you want to get your head scanned? I am just wondering how the others will react if they find out that you have been compromised. Or will they even believe you when you start screaming about voices in your head.
You might get locked up for who knows how long, or worse turned into a test animal.
What you should do is calm down and tell the medical drones that you are fine. If you still feel like it you can be scanned after things settle down.

But you are free to do whatever you want, its not like we can control you. We are actually pretty harmless.
No. 482312 ID: d42c7a

Yeah, yeah. Fine. We're a harmless mental radio transmission. You're not crazy. We're an AI that advises the guy you ran into before. He's not a threat either, by the way. We random-ported aboard, and are mostly concerned with not getting killed.

You could run to your med people and have us cleansed from your system. Probably. But from what we've seen so far, the safety and health of personnel kind of isn't first priority round here. So you may not fare so well confessing to being compromised. ...and with that glowing crazy-making rock on board they might not listen too closely to the girl claiming to hear voices...
No. 482344 ID: 78c6ea

Yeah we're just harmless magic voices, totally not a nanotech colony slowly consuming and taking control of your body.
No. 482635 ID: 01f428
File 135742100741.jpg - (48.57KB , 1081x764 , fine!.jpg )

She evaluates what you say for a bit then she slumps over in defeat "Sigh, you are right...I'm not exactly a priority and I don't feel like being vivisected"
No. 482639 ID: 01f428
File 135742158559.jpg - (118.65KB , 1029x727 , qestions.jpg )

After sulking for a bit she rise her head "Hey, can i ask you a thing? Exactly what is it that thing? he is a real pink- I mean..human? I never heard of them having such advances technology, and you really want me to believe that monster appeared on our ship by chance, just when we are carrying that stone back to our main research planet?
No. 482646 ID: be7fd9

Uh yeah, he's human, -ish, I think.

Can't explain a lot of his backstory, though. Our memory was damaged coming here, and we're running on backups atm.

But yeah, long range teleport malfunction dumped us here. From our perspective, it was by chance. May not be entirely coincidental, though. For all we know that big glowing rock caused it. Kind of hard to test that hypothesis though. I guess you'll know for sure if it dumps more intruders on board?

I can see why you'd be skeptical, but in our position, it's kind of hard to prove a negative (we're not her on purpose, to do harm, for the rock, etc).
No. 482670 ID: c33f8f

So your name is Yeli and you are some kind of doctor. Hopefully you weren't in the middle of something urgent when you got kidnapped.

So what now? Are you going to try and convince either the captain or head of security that the intruder might not be hostile before things escalate.
Or are you just going to go and hide in your room until things quiet down?
No. 482676 ID: bf54a8

we think he came from a different place then the kind of humans you are used to. he had no idea what you were ether. the item this ship is carrying seems like a good candidate for the cause.
No. 482809 ID: 7003a8

I think he used to be. Maybe? He's not affiliated with the Solars if that's your concern.
He didn't even want to come here; the relic you captured pulled him off course.

Seriously, why do people always steal relics and bring them back home? Does it just not occur to people that can study them just fine where they are?
Or that it's PROBABLY a bad idea to take mysterious artifacts with unknown powers from DEAD WORLDS and bring them to LIVE WORLDS?
Honestly, people like you are the reason why we have things like Necromorphs, Zerg, Flood, Replicators, Shoggoths, and Geiger Xenomorphs infesting galaxies. Some common sense would make our lives so much easier.

My advice is putting the relic back before we find out what sort of horrible thing it does.
Failing that? Drive the ship into a star.
No. 482835 ID: 78c6ea


Two words: shiny shiny.
No. 483462 ID: ef9aaf

Well Ms. Yeli, as you can tell, some of us have more of an odd sense of humor than others.
Seriously, we're a group of multiple AI's who've been set up to communicate with you. We don't really mean you any harm. Please try and take this as calmly as you can. That said, getting rid of us will be difficult at best.
Moving on, the one human...um, humanoid? To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure how he'd be classified...but he is not one of these "pinkskins" you're familiar with. He doesn't really mean you any harm either, as evidenced by the fact that he listened to my suggestion and hugged you.
...and I confess, I think you're an adorable little fuzzy thing. Whatever you are.
Finally, while I have no proof of the matter, I do not think that it's coincidence that he happened to pop up here after you took that rock aboard and removed it from where it had been. I suspect it interrupted his teleport, in fact.
Since we don't know a lot about things from your end of things, could you tell us a little? Who are you? What kind of non-classified information can you tell us about your people?
No. 485609 ID: 8af682
File 135830920164.png - (104.98KB , 938x563 , YeliBlush.png )

Yeli:"OK, wait, you are not sure he is a human? but most importantly, how do you know about our cargo?exactly what are you, and how can you be so sure about the reason why he is here!?

Yeli:"huu, thanks . . . but still, how can I trust him if you are not sure about his objective?"
No. 485612 ID: be7fd9

>not sure he's human?
We were damaged in the teleport- we've got missing hunks of memory. Double checking the race of our boss hasn't exactly been a priority with trying to avoid getting killed by trigger happy security forces.

And we trust him... because we're his. He's got no good reason to lie to us.

>how can I trust him if you are not sure about his objective?
Well... let's go down points in his favor. He went out of his way not to hurt you. He left us behind to try and reason with you, rather than resorting to coercion by force, or taking hostages. He's been avoiding security instead of fighting back.

That's not proof, but it does suggest someone with good intentions, does it not?

>how do you know about our cargo?
Mad hacks. No offense to your electronic security protocols, but they aren't much match for a legion of AIs working in parallel.
No. 485616 ID: 7003a8

There is quite a bit of philosophical debate over the real answer, but we are fairly certain you would consider him to be a human.

As far as knowing about your cargo? You know how you can tell a black hole is there by the pull of its gravity?
We know you have some sort of horrible ancient artifact on this ship because one pulled him off course and onto the ship. From there it's pretty easy to guess it's cargo on your ship.

The black hole is a more apt comparison to the relic than you know; neither one should be dragged through shipping routes or brought home with you.
No. 488270 ID: 78c6ea

Well he was in armor, and clearly enhanced in reflexes, but he's about the size of a human and you can sort of see his face has no fur, so he's probably human.

We know about your cargo because one of your crewmembers was blogging about it.

We are the A.I. "Legion" one of many at your service. Part of us is a biodroid colony "Shard" which is currently making itself comfy in your brain allowing us to communicate. This is an entirely involuntary action.

We can be sure of the reason he is here, because his equipment was malfunctioning when he arrived, alerting us that he did not plan on arriving here. He could have staged that effect, though. You probably shouldn't trust him just yet. However his potential threat level is extremely high, so urge caution in any retaliatory action you take.
No. 488513 ID: 9ddf68

we know about the relic because we just know... not saying that to be avoid the question its just complicated and we are short on time at this moment.
Now i know this must be a shock to have an alien just show up on your ship, run into said alien, and now have voiceds in your head comeing from the very same alien but if you can help us get off this ship the sooner this will all go away and we can all go back to our normal lives
(Unless the relic does something else to mess with your trip)
No. 494121 ID: 8f3610
File 136118948948.jpg - (137.66KB , 1305x969 , lamia potion.jpg )

Yeli:"Hmm true, still I don't know why I should trust a Solar, one with such advanced tech even"

AI: "Well... let's go down points in his favor. He went out of his way not to hurt you. He left us behind to try and reason with you, rather than resorting to coercion by force, or taking hostages. and He's been avoiding security instead of fighting back"

Yeli:"hmm, you may be right.... he didn't threaten me and even apologized... A thing my co-workers should learn to do... but you still have to explain me how did you know about the cargo?"

AI: "Mad hacks. No offense to your electronic security protocols, but they aren't much match for a legion of AIs working in parallel

. . . well actually We know about your cargo because one of your crewmembers was blogging about it."

Yeli: "WHAT?!, doesn't anyone take confidential information seriously anymore?! *sigh* anyways what should I do now?"
No. 494122 ID: 8f3610
File 136118982796.jpg - (93.24KB , 1425x1058 , astrianbot.jpg )

as she ask you that a medical bot enter the room
No. 494130 ID: 9ee360

>anyways what should I do now?
...see what the medical bot wants. Hopefully it isn't here to cut you up because they realized you've been compromised by us and/or saw you talking to yourself like a crazy person.

>WHAT?!, doesn't anyone take confidential information seriously anymore?!
Well, to be fair, they probably didn't expect anyone to appear out of nowhere and start digging around in personal logs.
No. 494145 ID: 9ddf68

if the robot isn't going to do much Start looking into that artifact that seems to be the cause of all of this
No. 494218 ID: bf54a8

if it asks, say you are just letting off steam due to stress.
No. 494266 ID: 78c6ea

Well that's just about the most terrifying medical personnel I've ever seen. You... might want to keep your distance. Wait, did you say vivisected? Fucking run!
No. 494523 ID: 608120

Aheh heh...there's that one with the sense of humor, again. I would recommend you do not run. The robot should be told most of the truth, in that you were injected by "the intruder" with a paralytic drug that has since worn off. Report honestly to it any side effects that may have occurred. It may want to take a blood sample, but I doubt you're in any danger from that.
Dr. Yeli, do you recognize this type of medical robot? Do you think it could detect a nanoscale communication setup along your left auditory nerve?
...I think it's the left one, I don't have any data on that.
The reason I ask is because if it detects a sample of alien nanotechnology that close to your brain it might come to entirely the wrong conclusions. It might just want to cut out a microscopic piece of a nerve, which I'm sure it can do without harming you in any serious way. Call me paranoid, but I really don't know. So what would likely be it's reaction, doctor? Do you know?
No. 503715 ID: 67bfa9
File 136502194089.png - (405.38KB , 1875x1125 , YeliScared.png )

>Dr. Yeli, do you recognize this type of medical robot? Do you think it could detect a nanoscale communication setup along your left auditory nerve?
Yeli: I'm not sure, but they equipped with scanners to analyze health anomalies, let's hope it doesn't want to use it . . .

as the bot enters the room it address Yeli

Robot: Bio Technician Yeli, Niantiel. I have been sent to verify your condition,
I've been informed you were found in a state of partial paralysis after having been injected with an unidentified toxin is this true?

Yeli gives her report omitting some choice details regarding an AI in her head.
The bot stays silent for the whole report waiting for Yeli to finish.
No. 503716 ID: 67bfa9
File 136502218712.jpg - (200.02KB , 1170x826 , WdfvP9N.jpg )

Robot: report registered, now can I see the area of the injection? I have to scan it for ulterior medical examinations and ship records.

as it says this Yeli's eyes grow wide with fear


Yeli then speaks to the AI
Yeli: l-legion, w-what should I do now?
No. 503719 ID: d6ef5d

>what should I do now?
Hope we can beat that thing's scanners, and act normal and cooperative unless the robot tries something bad.

[put all yeli-modules into standby stealth mode. Set restart to be triggered on a 5-minute timer, or a sudden adrenaline spike in the host]
No. 503722 ID: eaf2f5

Tell the droid to either work really really fast or scan us later since you are in a hurry to do some important stuff you were in the middle of when you got paralyzed.
Yes very important urgent stuff, can't wait.
No. 503725 ID: 12c19f

Calming down would help. We need to render the majority of our nanites inert as to not develop any suspicious bioelectrical signatures, possibly even dissolve into your bloodstream. The remainder will have to hide somewhere until this biopsy is over.

If it takes a blood sample, I suggest we hijack it.
No. 503734 ID: 9ddf68

just go with it. you would raise a lot more suspension if you refused the scan. we'll figure out something.
No. 503737 ID: 12c19f

(Do we have a list of applications and abilities anywhere on what Legion can preform inside our host?)
No. 503772 ID: a62dfc

First of all, doctor, for the sake of whatever deity you worship...if any...don't talk out loud where the robot can hear. It might mistake that for hallucinations or other symptoms. Try to relax. We are well away from the injection site. Left auditory nerve, remember?
...might be the right one, I don't have time to trace the nerve impulses. Kind of busy, here.
Specifically, I'm sending a signal to any nanites in the area to evacuate or self-destruct. Since the signals in question are sent by your own nerves, the robot won't have any way to distinguish them from your normal nerve impulses.
No. 509504 ID: 67bfa9
File 136813247673.jpg - (150.43KB , 1022x722 , dFrT5Of.jpg )

support AI LEGION request made.
analyzing level of authority and command list in friendly host . . .

authority: limited
list of command and abilities :
-stealth mode 57% operative
-restart at command

hijack abilities limited: nodule dedicated incomplete.
1234 vertebrae
left ear nerves right ear nerves
right eyes retinas and nerves

you activate the stealth system for as much as you can and enter standby
Yeli: o-ok Let's do this"
she takes a deep breath as the bot speaks

Medbot: "anxiety registered, doctor this is a routine exam no damage will be done to the subject examined"

Yeli:"I know..."

the bot scans Yeli . . . it slows down in the neck area then shuts off the scan.
Medbot:"anomaly found in the neck area"

as she hear it the doctor's eyes grow wide with fear
Medbot:"Inflammation caused by needle penetration, I will need you to follow me to the infirmary to complete the examination."
No. 509505 ID: bf54a8

phew. that's okay. go ahead and just have some swelling reducer.
No. 509508 ID: d6ef5d

Well, of course, I'm a civilian and I was just forcibly drugged and assaulted! Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to this situation!

...really? I need further examination for inflammation? I'm a doctor- that's a pretty normal biological response to stabbings, and/or drugging!

I've recovered from the paralytic. Give me an anti-inflammatory if you have to, otherwise let me get back to work.

>hijack abilities limited
>nerves for eyes and ears
Oh hey, I guess that's how she hears us, we're tapped right into her auditory feed. Interesting that we're in the optic nerve too. I guess we could make her see things if we wanted? Or do a kind of augmented reality thing. Not thinking of any practical uses for that right now, though.
No. 509509 ID: 6ecdc4

Eh, just go with it you'll only bring more unwanted attention to yourself if you don't
No. 511335 ID: 4594e2

Hmm...inflammation isn't unusual, your body's just responding to the injection. ...and maybe something else. Call me paranoid, but isn't this ship supposed to be a sterile environment? Please flick your left ear a bit for yes, and the right one for no.
No. 512666 ID: 67bfa9
File 136959547120.jpg - (42.71KB , 640x480 , 5wiku1n.jpg )

Yeli: "I got assulted and drugged, o-of course i'm anxious! I'm just a civilian after all!"

the bot tries to accommodate to Yeli's response
Medbot: "my mistake doctor, I should have calculated that, shall we go now?"

Yeli nods
Yeli:"yeah, let's go"
No. 512667 ID: 67bfa9
File 136959557043.jpg - (26.83KB , 640x480 , rw5HXjS.jpg )

the two enter the hallway and go south for 200 meters until they reach a big intersection, then move south for another 100, at the end of the hallway they see a door with "infirmary"written on it.
The door open to a new hallway that lead to a number of new rooms entitled with numbers.

Medbot: "room 8 is free, follow me"

In this room there are a series of beds latched to some red tubes and machines.
No. 512668 ID: 67bfa9
File 136959573474.jpg - (38.05KB , 640x480 , W8iW4Fc.jpg )

In the room 8, an examination room, there is a bed and a big machine with a chair attached. the bot points at this machine.
Medbot: "please sit in position the examination will begin soon"

as she sits the bot inject her with something her mind begins to fog.
only as yeli's conciseness fades does she realize the trap.

Medbot: "I'm sorry I had to deceive you doctor, but you are no longer pure of blood and must be examined, extensively . . . you will not survive this procedure."
No. 512669 ID: 67bfa9
File 136959582782.jpg - (63.16KB , 640x480 , pRSLXuq.jpg )

-emergency power generator 136 back online
-short range teleportation back online
-close range hack back online

Necro:"ah, now I can finally charge up and get back into the action

-friendly noncombatant connection lost

Necro: "hmm . . ."
No. 512670 ID: 735f4f

Crap boss they found our node in the Civilian you paralyzed. They are taking her to be dissected so they can analyze us. We need to go save her so they don't find out to much about our tech. Also would be horrible to accidentally get a nice civilian murdered.
No. 512671 ID: 19b3c3

No, Yeli! D=

Necro, we should help her. They're going to vivisect her to death just because we poked her. That's not right. Also, letting them analysis our tech would be bad. ...and if we save her, there's the plus of a friendly familiar with ship systems and stuff.

C'mon, rescue mode go!
No. 512683 ID: 9ddf68

uhhh boss, we have a slight problem here, that kid you planted us with is about to be dissected to find out what we did to her, so if we could get to the infirmary that would be swell. maybe try out your new hacking ability since I think only a robot is in there with her.
No. 512751 ID: 78c6ea

Their scanning technology must be a step above their computer technology. We were detected in approximately 2.71 seconds. Everyone in their society apparantly gets a full infometric medical evaluation every time they sustain injury, to make sure they are still "pure." Recommend being somewhere else with extreme prejudice. Such a paranoid civilization is extremely hazardous to both your and its health, and there is currently a 65.2% probability that their attitude will result in the ship collapsing into a singularity which then rams their home planet at nearlight speeds annihilating everything on it and leaving them a wrecked wandering people cast adrift in space those few who survive.

There is a 20.7% probability that this civilization has already done that at least once, to a planet populated by tiny deer.
No. 512793 ID: 5869f6

If you hurry now, there is a high probability you may be able to save the civilian. This course of action is recommended
No. 512800 ID: 5869f6

There may be other personnel with less than benevolent intentions in the infirmary though, so a cautious and stealthy approach is advised.
No. 512946 ID: 5869f6

Hurm. Dissecting a fellow crew member seems like kind of a dick move. If there is a way to bring her with you perhaps she can prove valuable as a defector? If she is willing anyway, though she probably will WANT to haul ass after you save her.
No. 512947 ID: 5869f6

IF you save her.
No. 513006 ID: 12c19f

It'd be a horrible blunder to have Legion extracted at the cost of Yeli's life.

Room 8 in the medical bay of the craft. Can you find the shortest route there and extract her from her dissection before everything goes south?
No. 513008 ID: 12c19f

Also, could the nanite collective infect the medbot and overtake it if we don't get there in time?

Assuming Yeli only suffers a few minor incisions beforehand...

No. 513010 ID: 19b3c3

Huh. Trying to attack or suborn to the medbot to buy her time isn't a bad idea. Although, ideally we'd prefer to do something before she knives stuck between her vertebrae, retinas, ocular nerves, or aural nerves. Which is kind of what would have to happen before our bots got access.
No. 513012 ID: 5869f6

If there was a way for us to infect the ship's systems, we could be able to buy time by cutting of routes, locking down systems, or other such distractions.
No. 513399 ID: 67bfa9
File 136985654585.jpg - (62.51KB , 823x611 , e8aS7Z6.jpg )

Tech theft doesn't really scare me,
Even if it did, I have a way to avoid that, but that would involve destroying the host and I'd prefer not loosing a useful ally when in such poor conditions.

I'd like to hack the entire ship but my abilities just don't have the power, at least not yet . . .
No. 513400 ID: 67bfa9
File 136985661763.jpg - (19.34KB , 609x452 , SQyiXKI.jpg )

There may be other personnel with less than benevolent intentions in the infirmary though, so a cautious and stealthy approach is advised.

I'm actually more an infantry unit, then a stealth one
but I don't have any of my heavier weapons on hand, so stealth will have to do.
No. 513401 ID: 67bfa9
File 136985669624.jpg - (34.41KB , 823x611 , tm24ylw.jpg )

It's not like I'm terrible at stealth or anything, I just prefer straight up combat
fortunately my current arsenal of knife and sword are plenty stealthy
tough if I don't mind making a little noise, or need a distraction I had the time to make 3 white phosphorus grenades
this should cause enough chaos and- shit I've just been spotted.
No. 513405 ID: 9ddf68

rush it and slash it in half with your sword before it can call for help and if it does rush into the infirmary and grab the little skunk thing and set up a white phosphorus grenade trap buy tying some string to the pin or whatever activates it and have it go off when someone enters the room, that should provide a good distraction as you leave the place.
No. 513412 ID: 1cf691

Jump and Rider Kick that robots head against the wall, then drop a smoke grenade in the intersection to cause some chaos.
No. 513413 ID: 19b3c3

Is that a bot or an organic? I can't tell from our visual sensors alone. [Scan target?]

If it's a bot, there's nothing wrong with killing it, or it would probably be easy to get inside its guard and hack it to death.

If it's an organic, I'd prefer a non-lethal takedown. Kind of hurts our position with Yeli if you cut down her comrades (even if they turned on her). Obviously can't use the injection again, since we don't want another infected person.
No. 513425 ID: c23ab0

It's a bot, and it's never a good idea to kill when you don't have to, even if it is a bot. However because it's a bot that means you can separate the head from the body to neutralize it nonlethally, where that would kill an organic. Most organics.

What I'm saying is kick his head off.
No. 513444 ID: bf54a8

remove limbs continue to infirmary.
No. 513483 ID: 5869f6

Synthetic appears to be a low class security bot. Minimum threat, dispatch and continue. Time is of the essence.
No. 515857 ID: 67bfa9
File 137084102102.jpg - (52.78KB , 813x604 , rl7nlfd.jpg )

Necro:" scanned, it's clearly just an inorganic bot"

seemingly out of nowhere a sword appear

Necro rushes toward and past the guard bot, in a flash of blue light
the blade cuts trough both the wall and the bot

Necro: "threat removed"
No. 515858 ID: 67bfa9
File 137084105906.jpg - (57.63KB , 813x604 , 4NDl5DG.jpg )

in a few more seconds Necro is inside the infirmary.
Inside he find Yeli laying on an operating table asleep and about to be cut to pieces by the medical bot

a smaller flash of light and a knife is buried in the bot head
No. 515860 ID: 67bfa9
File 137084109330.jpg - (102.06KB , 870x742 , DHY57F1.jpg )

the resquer grabs a nearby sheat and covers Yeli in it

Necro: "ok, time to leave this place"

he throws a granade in the room and sprints out

Necro: "this shoud distract anyone for a bit, now where to?"
No. 515874 ID: 9ddf68

don't know, anywhere that you think we should head off to? I suggest we try to find a port that would let us connect directly to the ship and try that hack the thing but we don't have the power... think we could use the ship's own power to power ourselves up enough to hack it? If so lets head towards the ship's engine or wherever it's power core would be found.
No. 515875 ID: bf54a8

if there is one big enough an air duct would be good. power core could be useful. maybe grab that robot's head so we can pick it's brain.
No. 515876 ID: c23ab0

Huh. Well you've got a bargaining chip at least. She seems nice anyway. What was the goo?
No. 515883 ID: 19b3c3

We already slagged the room and ran off? Dang, I was gonna suggest grabbing a reverser for the sedative off the bot. It has to have drugs for waking up patients under sedation they aren't vivisecting.

She's also without clothes or equipment, which may be annoying later. Hopefully there's extras, somewhere.

>where go
Hmm. Can we pull up schematics or a map here?
No. 516174 ID: c15bbc

>Bargaining chip
Welllll...they were kinda going to kill her off just to see what we'd infected her with....

...Maybe they'll have to be more diplomatic if it's a public thing? Like, kill her off if nobody knows, but act like individual citizens are important when everybody knows about it? ...I'm not sure I'd count on it, though....
No. 516214 ID: c23ab0


Yes, they were. And she can attest to that. She being more sympathetic than a giant metal man. You'd be surprised how even in the most terrible societies there are many who sympathize with the idea of being vivisected by a robot who had a hunch.

If it were a normal medical practice she would have done so willingly instead of being tricked. So suffice to say she can at least make the stranners do what they do best: feel guilty.
No. 516255 ID: 5869f6

Recommended course of action is to find a place to regroup.
OPTIONAL: Find the ship's communication systems.
OPTIONAL: Infect a nearby console with a nanotech colony.
No. 520282 ID: 67bfa9
File 137255051915.jpg - (74.49KB , 640x480 , elP1wXt.jpg )

> I was gonna suggest grabbing a reverser for the sedative off the bot. It has to have drugs for waking up patients under sedation they aren't vivisecting.
as for neutralizing the sedative the nanites will clear her system once they finish to creating the main three nodules.

>Hmm. Can we pull up schematics or a map here?
I have the schematics in my brain, You can't see them?
No. 520283 ID: 67bfa9
File 137255063603.png - (256.28KB , 938x563 , locations.png )

>if there is one big enough an air duct would be good. power core could be useful.
There is an opening for the ventilation system 500m from here
I may be able to enter the ships energy generator rooms from there.

>She's also without clothes or equipment, which may be annoying later. Hopefully there's extras, somewhere.
to find a dress for Yeli I would have to reach the dormitory
unfortunately it's completely out of the way and probably full of people hiding from the invading alien(me) also probably guarded by combatant units
No. 520289 ID: 19b3c3

>can't you see them?
Um. Processing. [Access Schematics]

>dormitory inaccessible
What about another storage room? You'd think there'd be spare work clothes, or stuff for specific environments. Or extra uniforms or gear for people in roles where theirs might be damaged.
No. 520295 ID: bf54a8

then let's just get through the vents.

and hang on.
[open schematic]
No. 520367 ID: 5869f6

Salutem in umbra.
We need to stay undetected for as long as possible.
But, that goes without saying.
Through the vents it is
Simus in fortuna opulentum.
No. 520379 ID: 9ddf68

lets hit the vents for now but don't get to comfortable I'm sure this guys will be checking the vents often since it is one of the most cliche hiding spots anywhere so we'll check the Schematics for a better hiding spot.

[check ship's Schematics]
No. 533300 ID: 67bfa9
File 137616600363.jpg - (57.90KB , 1126x795 , ygpj8KG.jpg )

Necro:"I opened this thing"
Necro: "I can close it up thanks to the nanites, so don't worry . . . now time to find a good hiding spot."
No. 533302 ID: 67bfa9
File 137616611020.jpg - (190.76KB , 1200x849 , lUdWWMa.jpg )

Necro tries to acces the map
but is stopped by Mana

-string message first
-auxiliary cluster type A.I. Legion
- access to main systems denied
Mana "I'm sorry Legion, but I can't give a partyally working A.I. acces to the main memory cores "
No. 533304 ID: 41690e

Hey, who are you? And where are you? Are you another AI construct, or a remote user somewhere?

>can't give you access
Could you provide us with mirrors or controlled duplicates of the information we need if you're worried we might damage the core?

Damn right we're a party-ally. You should be throwing a party we're your ally, not complaining that we're partially damaged.
No. 533314 ID: 5869f6

The fuck!?
Who are you!?
Explain yourself this instant missy!
No. 533318 ID: 5869f6

(I think I phrased that command wrong, oops.)
No. 533328 ID: 735f4f

Then just throw what we need on a partitioned drive and let us have that.
No. 533332 ID: bf54a8

yeah, can you just sort out what we need and put it in a less dangerous place?
No. 533371 ID: 9d8047

Hello mana it seems that you do not get what a CAI is think of a AI and then add 9999999 more next to it on the same CPU now wean we started up i think the mem-core we wore in was damged so more over i dont think we can do more then mess up were some files are but if we started to to chap you dont wont us to do just kick us again k?
No. 533423 ID: c23ab0

Do you have a working thermal heat sink, cutie? Because you're hot!
No. 543670 ID: 67bfa9
File 138144326877.jpg - (101.81KB , 1000x700 , 7gVQ2Wm.jpg )

Mana: "what are you trying to do? you are just a side program I made to help manage the less important systems"

Mana "I'm sorry to inform you that you have much less then 1% of my processing ability as a collective. anyway, I'm Mana, the main A.I: of Mar- Necro, I pretty much have to stop him from breaking apart when heavily damaged and make his body repair himself smoothly. I also keep all the normal systems for fully hacking the operatives of a ship, and yes "I" hacked this ship not you."

Mana:"w-what I- "
No. 543671 ID: 67bfa9
File 138144339609.png - (281.33KB , 991x653 , map.png )

the image is cut off, and a map screen is pulled up
Mana:" A-anyways I placed the map in an unused core I modified it so only I can modify it's content, but you are free to browse as much as you want."
No. 543673 ID: 67bfa9
File 138144349517.jpg - (44.17KB , 700x601 , TajzgjZ.jpg )

Necro: "hmm this map could use more detail but it's better than nothing, now what to do next . . ."
No. 543706 ID: b2c9e1

Well, We should probably try to wake her up, but keep a hand over her mouth when she does, so we don't get the whole "AHHH WHO ARE YOU!?" thing...that and...does the ventilation system have fans? if so...We should probably prepare for the chance they get turned on and shit.
No. 543717 ID: c23ab0

Unfortunately you've transformed the lady into a ghoulish merging of skunk and machine. She's rather your, or shall I say, our responsibility now. As natural as nanomechanics is to you, this civilization sees it as anathema. One can only hope she's not as dedicated as that robot was for purging the unclean. You should probably check for a suicide pill.
No. 543720 ID: 53ba34

and then let's head for the female quarters so she can get some supplies.
No. 543772 ID: 2f2cd6

Pff. That was excellent timing on the flirting, there.

That map leaves out the important detail of our current location. I suppose if our rescue took place in the infirmary, we must be close by?

[Reactivate Yeli-nodes from standby]
[Assess health of host]
No. 548028 ID: 06331f
File 138445823597.jpg - (73.62KB , 700x550 , Man.jpg )

I-I d-definitely wasn't embarrassed, I just decided our chat was a needless waste of time..Y-yeah...
No. 548031 ID: 06331f

the armored man chuckle "Of course you weren't, pff"
well fuck...I don't think she should be...I mean, she was just freaked out of the voice in her head, but was pretty calm after figuring what you were,still, better safe then sorry...
he open her mouth and look for fake teeth full of poison he then realize something
:I "wait... couldn't you simply stop the poison in her?"
[Reactivate Yeli-nodes from standby]
[Assess health of host]
You restart the nodes forming in the tiny furr- alien, I meant alien...
and they begin to clean her system from the anesthetic
OK, so... what now?
No. 548063 ID: 06331f
File 138446923162.jpg - (57.98KB , 700x550 , chukle.jpg )

I forgot the pic...
No. 548200 ID: 53ba34

let's head towards female quarters. she needs clothes.
No. 548269 ID: dbbfc7

Wait for her to wake up before you move anywhere, she might have some insight on where to go and how to avoid detection.
No. 552311 ID: 67bfa9
File 138722753382.png - (100.16KB , 684x684 , NecroGrim.png )

a good point too, let's move a little further in the conduct then you can start to work on her systems
No. 552312 ID: 67bfa9
File 138722757708.png - (114.01KB , 684x684 , YeliSleepy.png )

-nodes completed
-medic nodes complete
-eye node compete eyseight eneched
-medic node : system cleared

Yeli wakes up,she screams and jumps back, hitting the wall.

Yeli: w-what happened?
Neco: the medic bot,uhh-
Yeli: where we are? w-what are you going to do to me?
No. 552313 ID: 53ba34

WE are not going to do anything to you. we were on our way to the female barracks so you could get some new clothes. the medic bot tossed your old ones. they were going to kill you to rip us out.
No. 552316 ID: 88960e

Nothing. We were forced to intervene to prevent your vivissection and subsequent death at the hands of your medical robot. Regrettably, the nanites did not escape detection.
No. 552323 ID: 5869f6

They were going to dissect you while you were unconcious.
We came just in time to save you.

They KNEW it would have killed you, yet were going to do so anyway.
The thought metaphorically sickens me.
No. 552401 ID: b8ceae

...which would have been EXCEEDINGLY foolish on their part, as studying us in vivio would have been orders of magnitude more productive and effective.

Regardless, you're healthier now than you've ever been.
No. 552408 ID: b8ceae

Hopefully the bot didn't update the ships record to reflect your status. Otherwise we'll have to go in and alter records for you to have a clean bill of health and continue to remain in good standing with your people. We apologize for the inconvenience - we had no idea your people were so callous about individual lives, nor so brutal in their methods of research.

The medibot stripped you, so we're making a detour to fetch you some clothes. Which room is yours, and is there anything else you require from it?
No. 552478 ID: 4300e1

First of all, Doctor, please try to calm down. We're not safe yet, and lot of yelling might give away our position. Secondly, I have to extend my apologies. I underestimated your people's ability to detect nanoscale structures, and you're paying the price. I'm very sorry. As you're now in violation of the purity laws, they seemed to feel justified in killing you to get that nanotech. We regard that as evidence that your people really don't possess the cultural maturity to handle it well.
If you're familiar with the "gray goo scenario", "red goo apocalypse", and similar scenarios, then you'll probably agree this is too powerful a tool to leave to those who aren't prepared for it.
Since it was us who got you into trouble, the boss and us have gotten you out, at least for the moment. Like my buddy over there said, We're on our way to get you some clothes and basic supplies in order to help you start your new life as "impure", whatever that may be. As a matter of damage control, can you tell me if someone who's no longer "pure Astranian" can regain their purity? It seems like it wouldn't be difficult for us to pack up everything we've installed in your body and leave, if that would do it.
Thirdly, how do your eyes feel?
No. 554290 ID: 27ccf7
File 138839130256.jpg - (99.80KB , 986x720 , angry skunk.jpg )

Y:"W-what! Damned bot, I never trusted that thing! You also told me it was fine for me to get examined!" she look at Necro
"I hope you would take responsibility for it!
legion:"About that..Hopefully the bot didn't update the ships record to reflect your status. Otherwise we'll have to go in and alter records for you to have a clean bill of health and continue to remain in good standing with your people. We apologize for the inconvenience - we had no idea your people were so callous about individual lives, nor so brutal in their methods of research.
yeli jaw drop for a second "HOW could you even do that!?"
No. 554292 ID: 27ccf7
File 138839150144.jpg - (144.94KB , 1564x1137 , Man_A_.jpg )

Man.A. interrupt her

"They can't, but "I" did it already miss, I could not stop him from transmitting you were infected by an extraneous body, tough, so someone may still be suspicious of you"
Yeli:"Who are you?"
she cross her arms and make a smug face "I'm Man.A. that's all I can and I'm willing to say, now I have to go back to fixing "
No. 554293 ID: 27ccf7
File 138839166436.jpg - (171.27KB , 1100x800 , necro.jpg )

legion "Yeah, anyway, we were on our way to the female barracks so you could get some new clothes. the medic bot tossed your old ones."
necro:"Unless you think it will be unstealthy, as you seems fine with your current setup"
Yei:"Wh-what? what do you mean?
well, you seems completely fine talking while naked so-"
No. 554294 ID: 27ccf7
File 138839169383.jpg - (51.14KB , 1111x800 , skunkcrying.jpg )

No. 554306 ID: b8ceae

Can we send a retraction? Maybe a notice that the bot's instruments were malfunctioning and it has been taken out of service pending repair?
Do the systems have a standard form for that kind of report?

You could always wrap yourself in a sheet, but the barracks might be best.
No. 554311 ID: 53ba34

yes, so... to the barracks then? or do you want to just stay like that?
No. 554321 ID: 0f1482

>"I hope you would take responsibility for it!
We did. We took action to prevent our mistake from being fatal or permanently damaging for you.

...she's more upset at being naked that betrayed by her own kind and nearly vivisected. Geeze.

There there. You're in front of a bunch of AI's and a cybernetically augmented alien. None of us share your culture's particular taboos, and we don't have any biological reason to care about your nudity either. Calm down.
No. 554351 ID: b625ce

Please dont stink up the area
No. 554392 ID: d9c8fa

No. 554746 ID: 233fdf

Alright, now, the best thing you can do here is remain calm and take into consideration the predicament you've found yourself in.

Lets work under the assumption that you're now recognized as a threat, or some kind of foreign entity by the ship's AI, or at least by the various automatons aboard, given that the medbot did.
And if the medbot had the capabilities of transmitting, then I've no doubt he transmitted your current "impure" state, possibly as a safety protocol.

So, lets try to find a friend to help sort out this misunderstanding, and of course steer clear of any bots.
No. 554747 ID: 233fdf

[/.sarcasm] Also, your display of lewdness is an affront so our collective. You should be ashamed.
No. 554757 ID: b8ceae

No. The ship's records have been altered, but a message about her being compromised was sent out before we could intervene. Unless somebody was reading the com traffic when it was sent nobody on the ship will consider her suspect.

The problem is that since command knows she's suspect she's going to face trouble once the ship hits port.
Unfortunately, that's at the LATEST. Command is very likely to message the ship about her status, and it's doubtful we'll be able to tamper with that communication without raising suspicions.

We DO have a few options, but they're not fun; Mana, could you start confusing ship systems? Sabotaging the robots so they start misidentifying everything; stranners as robots, robots as humans, doors as inexplicable vertical sheets of water, etc? Then have the ship's sensors start seeing impossible things, such as nearby star systems being located in the mess hall, and well-known planets like Vin-Malor chasing after the ship?
If they start getting system-wide errors then all anomaly reports become suspect.
No. 554788 ID: b849b2

Man.A, I'd like to thank you for hacking the files and rendering the good doctor no longer in violation of these "Purity Laws". This makes the job much simpler.
Dr. Yeli, I'm not sure what kind of cover story your people would accept about the robot finding "something", but if a suggestion of a minor infection at the injection point would help, by all means consider it. With that out of the way, Doctor, please calm down. While it's true that you are nude, try to recall that none of the beings here regard you as an object of desire. Personally, I maintain my earlier opinion about you being a cute, cuddly-looking sort of person. I would rather see you in some pretty little dress with ribbons in your hair, but a uniform will have to do. Is there a place nearby where a temporary covering can be obtained, so that you don't have to try to sneak into the barracks nude?
Also to consider, you really should avoid any other robots or sensory devices which have the sensitivity to detect the nanotech within you. Is it possible to obtain some of those sensors so that we can create a masking field to protect you?
No. 563345 ID: ea4a7d
File 139275737485.jpg - (82.19KB , 1111x800 , relic.jpg )

Man.A :"Please I'm trying to fix all the damage stop calling me out so much, it's tiring for me, but yeah, if we manage to get some more energy and a decent terminal to access the various bot shipwide I can make them believe that all astrians are infected, tough we've left a few robots dead along the way, so the skunk may still be considered as a menace
No. 563347 ID: ea4a7d
File 139275761410.jpg - (81.73KB , 1111x800 , relic2.jpg )

"Wait! If the bot think anyone is infected there is a chance the ship will be set to selfdestroy!"
mana:" Oh..."
necro:"justgive random false reading anytime they scan something, this should prevent the selfdestruction...still many will end up sectioned"
No. 563348 ID: ea4a7d
File 139275784964.jpg - (60.50KB , 1111x800 , relic3.jpg )

"Wait again...this is way too much, I mean I don't really want people to end up dead just to avoid being suspected...there may be other way, I don't know..."
Necro pat her head" You are a much better person then i thought, fine, for now lets grab you some clothes"
No. 563352 ID: b8ceae

So have the scans give obviously bad readings. Detect people as robots or coffee cups or bits of string at random.
After that happens for a little while, have all attempts to scan just return error messages.

If the active scans are obviously wrong and then stop working outright it puts the active scan of her into question without anybody else being suspect.

Now, lets go get her some clothing.
No. 563357 ID: 53ba34

actually sounds like a good plan
No. 569755 ID: 2e8b76
File 139698860304.jpg - (128.13KB , 1111x800 , rpRYbb8.jpg )

N:" hmm, that's  great suggestion, tough the fact we had to kill a robot to save her remain "
He look at her
"For this reasons you will be most likely still be a suspect so yeah, we can remove you from being suspected for a while, but we stil need to be wary... for now let's grab you some clothes"
Yeli""OK...but You still need to take responsability for your screw up!"
Necro:"K, let's move"
No. 569757 ID: 2e8b76
File 139698907969.jpg - (64.13KB , 1000x800 , yeliohmy.jpg )

They keep on walking for a few minutes
Necro:" OK , we need to take that passage in front of you, we need to crawl into it, but it's all straight until the female quarters"
yeli, a bit embarrassed mumble" c-can you go
N:"are you afraid of the dark? I have to inform yu that untill now you have been in almost darkness, but your eyes have been modified to being able to see in it"
She blush more "A-are you teasing me?"
"what? what do you mean?"
"A-are you really that dense?!I- I'm wearing just a rug! I don't have any underwear!"
OH, right...FIne i'll go first,don't try anything weird, as he say that he neter the tunnel and Yely soon follow.
After a few minutes of crawling...A scream come from behind, it's yeli!
No. 569759 ID: 53ba34

use that space dude flexability! turn aroun in the tunnel
No. 569826 ID: ffa549

Right. What's behind us?
No. 569843 ID: b7a896

Can you short range teleport back there?
No. 577921 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140234940549.png - (352.83KB , 1050x756 , M74oiuI.png )

teleporting behind someone who is screaming because something is behind them is usually a bad idea.

I can still turn around in this tunnel or teleport myself a meter away facing her direction.
No. 577922 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140234944827.png - (175.63KB , 1050x756 , V20BKxC.png )

I also have recovered enough to retrive one of two long range weapons:

One is a small handgun that shoots stun darts.
The other is a sniper rifle, really powerful but loud.
No. 577927 ID: 53ba34

spin around and get the stunner. robots can be meleed.
No. 577971 ID: c7a241

...it would help if we acquired a target before we picked something to shoot it with. Or if we were even sure there's something behind her to shoot.

A really loud rifle strikes me as a hazard, in a small, enclosed metal space. Especially for Yeli, with those big ears. Ignoring the risk of whatever may be behind her, or of trying to shoot past her without hitting her, there's a risk of serious aural damage.
No. 591433 ID: bef9ac
File 140917716631.jpg - (121.66KB , 1050x750 , blarg.jpg )

He short range teleport himself in a better position, both suited for shooting and meele
He's greeted by Yeli,s terrified face: A small bot has jumped on her back
No. 591445 ID: 53ba34

apply FIST to roboface
No. 591450 ID: 88960e

Hack it! Then we get a robot drone slash pet to use.
No. 591964 ID: 3f0c1b

Awww... how cute, can we capture and hack it? I think we have broken enough bots for now.
No. 598190 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141325130647.jpg - (52.12KB , 898x755 , kecscc.jpg )

The cyborg Punches the little bot off the astranian girl it lands on it's back, with its tiny robotic legs wriggling.
Necro:" In the face!"
the small bot is quickly hacked by Mana.

Hacking routines: ON
Scanning for breaches...143 found
begin hacking: deactivation running programs...deactivation subroutines...scanning memory data...No data found...
Scanning for data transmission...One, non identified, source found...unable to trace source...closing non identified transmission....
Mana: pop up again:" something is wrong, That bot is a shell, remote controlled"
Yeli:"They've found us already?"
Mana:"I'M not sure, The signal was completely different from what I've seen in this ship, like a complete different technology..."
Necro:" Do you have any idea if there is something able to control technology that way...that is not a creepy space relic?"
No. 598231 ID: 8b533b

A non-astrian drone? Maybe we're not the only intruder!

Can we tell the direction or strength of the signal? If we overlay with the ship schematics, maybe we can estimate where they are.

It's also possible we could use the drone a means to attempt communication with whoever is controlling it.
No. 599863 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141468866534.jpg - (71.12KB , 787x786 , jhdphq.jpg )

>>A non astranian drone?
Yeli:" No, this is clearly astranian made, Mana just said it's being remote controlled and I'm fairly sure they are made in a way that makes impossible to reprog-"

Man.A:"OK!I'm done reprogramming it!"


Man.A:"It's a shell, I just had to upload a new code in it, some basic hard-wired stuff was in it, but I just worked around it with some logic leaps"

>>Can we tell the direction or strength of the signal? If we overlay with the ship schematics, maybe we can estimate where they are.
Man.A" I'm trying to figure it out...
I didn't picked up any signals before this bot attacks
its spread trough the whole ship coming from multiple sources
but I can't contact it
whatever this signal is it shut itself down every time I try to connect to it"

Yeli:"Oookay, that does not sound creepy at all
damnit, this was supposed to be an important boost for my career
and now I'm naked, my only ally is some kind of robots with skin grafted on and almost certainly the field they used to shield the relic failed massively"

Necro:"I'm most certainly not a terminator...I think"

Yeli:"A-a what?"
No. 599867 ID: 2ec61a

only way to stop this is to get to that relic and make it stop doing it's relicy thing.
No. 599967 ID: b8ceae

Man.A, You have the frequency and encoding of the signal, right? So you can listen to what it's saying?
Can you tell the species is responsible for it? Or at least what they identify themselves as?
Are they Human? With the Solar Directorate/Militia or otherwise?
If so, identify yourself as an agent for any of the spec-ops groups from Earth's space colonization phase, and demand they stop interfering with your infiltration.

If they're not human, then transmit this back at it: "Bah wah neep widdi bong"
No. 599973 ID: 4d85c5

>A-a what?
That was reference to pre-interplanetary pinkskin popular culture. The 'terminator' was a fictional monster from cinematic entertainment of the era. A robotic assassin encased in a shell of living tissue for purposes of infiltration and facilitation of time travel.

We can provide you with a more detailed summary or replay archived media for you under less pressing circumstances if you're interested.

>damnit, this was supposed to be an important boost for my career
Provided we can avert what seems to be a budding disaster on this vessel, it still may be. In any event, better to be trying to address the problem than do nothing.
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