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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 134035282309.png - (105.60KB , 900x700 , 1.png )
424936 No. 424936 ID: d49bc5

Enter Username:
Enter Password:

Select main style of combat: Melee Ranger Mage

Select Gender:

You have 3 xp skill lamps to use in 3 different skills:

Mining - Smithing - Fishing - Herblore - Cooking
Crafting - Fletching - Woodcutting - Firemaking- Farming
Summoning - Hunting - Construction - Runecrafting - Slayer
Thieving - Agility - Prayer - Dungeoneering.
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No. 424937 ID: 132b99

No. 424940 ID: 214bf9

No. 424941 ID: eb33e7

Username: Roger
Password: Yessir
Combat: Ranger
Gender: Male
Skills: Hunting- Herblore - Cooking
No. 424942 ID: d5ee6f

Username: xSasukeLovex
Password: hotyaoi

No. 424945 ID: 223190

username: smile4jesus
password: wertyqu
slayer, dungeoneering, agility.
No. 424946 ID: d5ee6f

Smithing firemaking Prayer
No. 424962 ID: 7d7b97

I second this
No. 424963 ID: 886a4d



No. 424964 ID: d72da6

Seconding this. More quests need yaoi-loving protags.
No. 425009 ID: 67a08f

No. 425022 ID: cf49fc

Username: LOLDONGS74
Password: Tomhasasmallpen1s


Prayer Summmoning Runecrafting
No. 425034 ID: 0d7a83

Username: ComandrShep4rd
Password: hotblueg1rls
Stylin: Ranger
Gender: Female
Skillz: Slayer-Agility-Hunting
No. 425037 ID: 27d278




Hunting, Agility, Herblore
No. 425066 ID: a461ff

Username: Garret
Password: TrU$Tn01
Combat: Ranger
Gender: Male
Skills: Hunting Fletching Slayer
No. 425100 ID: 6e44d2




Thieving, agility, runecrafting.
No. 425110 ID: 8ffedb


I love you.
No. 425153 ID: d49bc5

One tiebreaker vote:
Runecrafting or Hunting?
No. 425158 ID: 7c31d2

No. 425161 ID: 997ce7

No. 425171 ID: 132b99

No. 425173 ID: 316f46

No. 425179 ID: d49bc5

It's unanimous then, Hunting wins!
No. 425188 ID: d49bc5
File 134042956537.png - (301.29KB , 1000x800 , 2.png )

You are QuesterKun, a male ranger. Your password is *********

Ever since you were a lad you dreamt of becoming an adventurer, no doubt inspired by those amazing heroes that often passed by your home every day. Eventually the urge could not be contained and you set off, ready to prove yourself to the world.

At first you merely meandered around the countryside, finding shelter wherever you could and hunting your food off the approximately twenty square yards of open land between towns. You haven't had a very successful adventuring spree yet, but this morning you can feel things are going to change for the better.

You are level 15 in Defense, Constitution, Hunter, Slayer and Agility, and level 1 in all other stats.
You have level 20 in your Ranging stat, and have an overall combat level of 17.

Your inventory consists of 24 gp, a pile of ash, one cooked meat, a tinderbox, a bird snare, a butterfly net, a pair of earmuffs and 3 bones.

You are wielding 25 bronze arrows, an oak longbow and leather boots.

Your friends list consists of: Turael, Mom, PonyPrincessAzula and Ed Pastry.

From the main interface in the bottom right corner, you can access your Stats, Inventory, Prayers, Spells, Friends List and Worn Equipment.
No. 425191 ID: 132b99

who's that next to you?
No. 425197 ID: b85f8c

Who's that in the bed?
No. 425201 ID: 67a08f

No time for questions. Let's get out and do things.
No. 425205 ID: 365adf

> Open Friends list.

> Spam Ed Pastry in a PM/Whisper box with random strings of characters and the word "Jellybeans".
No. 425216 ID: d49bc5
File 134043287188.png - (337.73KB , 1000x800 , 3.png )


Who, this guy? You have no idea actually. You kinda stumbled inside in the middle of the night, tired as could possibly be and just a wee bit drunk, and fell right asleep in this guy's bed. He either hasn't noticed you the whole night, or he just doesn't care. Either way, you really hope he doesn't wake up to realize you're still here, because that would be really awkward.

You would, but it looks like the guy is offline. In fact, you don't even remember putting this guy on your friends list. He's kinda just there.
No. 425217 ID: b85f8c

Okay, we'd better sneak out then.
No. 425219 ID: d5ee6f

Rifle through his stuff before leaving!
No. 425230 ID: d49bc5
File 134043505050.png - (300.87KB , 1000x800 , 4.png )

You could try the windows, though you're on the second story of the building. There are some stairs behind you, but they're reaallly creaky. It was a stroke of lucky that he didn't notice you climb up them last night.

It was also a miracle he didn't notice a stranger sharing his bed.

You get out of bed and look through the guy's dresser. There's 3 gp, a spool of thread, a needle and some smelly clothes. You pocket the gold pieces and sewing equipment but decide to leave his filthy clothing untouched.

You gain 45 thieving xp. You currently have 45 and level two thievery is at 83 xp.
No. 425233 ID: 132b99

go down the stairs and get out the house as fast as you can.
No. 425235 ID: d5ee6f

Take his lamp and leave. Adventure awaits!
No. 425237 ID: b85f8c

Second story? Psh, whatever. Open a window and climb out. Hang by your hands and drop down, be sure to bend your knees as you land.
No. 425244 ID: d49bc5
File 134043756444.png - (357.46KB , 1000x800 , 5.png )

That's a good idea. You're skilled enough in agility that it should not be the slightest of a problem-

though first you decide to pilfer the covered lantern. You don't have the Firemaking to keep it lit, though you could probably sell it fo-
+45 Thieving xp

Fireworks spray out of your noggin, suddenly waking your bedmate.
Man (lvl 2) - "Whhh- wha?"

Uh oh.
No. 425246 ID: 132b99

escape faster!!
No. 425248 ID: 299ed3

Quick, kill him while you have the chance.
No. 425263 ID: b85f8c

Less murdering, more escaping.
No. 425266 ID: d5ee6f

No. 425272 ID: 223190

throw LAMP at FACE.

not your own, though. his. maybe it'll light up his bed and make him panic.
No. 425279 ID: 67a08f

Beat the lamp before it attacks you. That was a close call.
No. 425280 ID: 9718f3

No time. Jump out the window. Your Constitution should be high enough to weather it if you use your Agility to back it up by turning the impact into a roll. Minor injuries at most.
No. 425421 ID: d49bc5
File 134051144072.png - (376.74KB , 1000x800 , 6.png )


You decide to hurl the lamp at the bookshelf, hoping the flames will provide a distraction. Unfortunately it does not break and nothing seems to catch fire.

Time for plan B: You hurl yourself out the window while the man is still dumbfounded. You tumble when you hit the ground (a bit ungracefully), but manage to avoid taking much damage.
You earn 150 Agility xp.

You can hear the man scream.
Man (lvl 2)-"Help! There's a terrible arsonist on the loose! Guards!"

To your immediate west there is: Varrock Palace.
North: Real Estate Office, Chapel:
East: Varrock Museum
South: Fountain, Training Dummies, Armor Store.
Next to you: The guy's house, Varrock Sewers entrance
No. 425422 ID: 132b99

get in the sewers!
No. 425433 ID: b85f8c

No. 425436 ID: d5ee6f

And try to steal the ladder!
No. 425467 ID: d49bc5
File 134052380515.png - (368.20KB , 1000x800 , 7.png )

(Compass added to map to make everything slightly less disorienting. Henceforth the minimap will always face the same direction as the camera)

You clamber down the ladder into the moist miasma that is the Varrock sewer system.

You cannot get it, but not for lack of trying. Your can't manage to fit it into your inventory.

The place is smells terrible, as to be expected of a sewer. There are a few Rats (lvl 1) and some Giant Rats (lvl 3) scurrying about. They don't seem to take notice of you. You're fairly certain guards won't follow you down here.

The note on the wall states, in scribbled handwriting:
"Rats er gettan wize to uz,
moovd to Dreyner sueers.
Phingspet & Grimesquit"

No. 425468 ID: 132b99

kill some giant rats, maybe their drop rat meat to heal with. if after a few nothing drops then just wander around. see anything lvl 10 or higher stop and tell us about it.
No. 425471 ID: b85f8c

We're level 15, I don't think killing level 1 or 3 mobs is going to get us anywhere.

Check out that passage to the north! It looks interesting.
No. 425602 ID: 223190


we're level 15 in agility. the character doesn't even have a level. I think.

use ranging skill to locate old base of phinewhats and grimewhatsits.
No. 425789 ID: d49bc5
File 134059847971.png - (361.06KB , 1000x800 , 8.png )

Your overall combat level is 17. Also, Ranging in this case is simply just your skill at shooting, launching or chucking various pointy objects at people over long ranges. Or close range even; you do not get penalized for shooting someone who is up in your face.

If you mean the ability to track, then you can use your Hunter skill, though you don't need much ability in Hunting to read the note and assume that Phingspet and Grimesquit are probably presently in Draynor sewers.

You shoot two of the giant rats dead. Your lack of armor allows them to land a few bites on you to deal a total of 34 damage, but you emerge victorious. You expend 7 bronze arrows, and collect 2 raw rat meat and 2 bones.
You gain 121 experience in Ranging, Defense and Constitution.
Lvl 15 Constitution and Defense: 2621/2746 xp
Lvl 20 Ranging: 4621/5018 xp

You decide this probably isn't worth your time, and head down the passage. You stop when you see a rather nasty looking Zombie (lvl 13) standing in the room at the end of the hall. There is a rusty iron gate in the room as well.
No. 425793 ID: 886a4d

Kill the zombie unless you think you don't have the health too.

Do you have any healing items \ abilities?
No. 425795 ID: b85f8c

Kite that zombie. Snipe it from long range and keep your distance.
No. 425827 ID: 223190

sneak up to the zombie and pull its pants around its knees. then trip it over and kick it dead.
No. 426667 ID: d49bc5
File 134078852911.png - (309.53KB , 1000x800 , 9.png )

The idea to pants the zombie crosses your mind, until you remembered when someone explicitly stated to you once that zombies are not shy creatures and do not suffer penalties for embarrassing situations.

Also, the bastard is gross enough without you having to look at his rotting unmentionables.

You stand a ways back and fire an arrow at him, whilst continuing to back up. The zombie lurches forward, though it looks like he's still fast enough to get to you after a few more shots.

Eating food is the only way to heal you. You have one cooked meat that can heal you for 30 life points.
No. 426668 ID: b85f8c

From the amount you knocked off it looks like he has 120 hp. He'll be almost dead by the time he gets in melee (assuming 'a few more shots' is 3 hits), and so he'll hit us once before we finish him off. Ah well. Take the hit!
No. 426669 ID: 132b99

No. 426707 ID: 223190

strafe back and shoot. then strafe back and shoot.
No. 427640 ID: d49bc5
File 134109322508.png - (371.38KB , 1000x800 , 10.png )

You are already doing so, but shooting does slow you down a bit.

You manage to toss a few more shots out at the zombie, hitting twice for a combined 40 damage and missing once (stupid cheap bow).

Finally the zombie closes in and whaps you across the face with his wooden plank. It stings like hell.

You still can use your ranged skill in melee combat without any disadvantages. Your melee skills are pretty crap anyways, and you don't really have anything on you well suited for that kind of thing.
No. 427662 ID: 3eba16

Climb partway up the ladder then fire arrows down at the zombie from your new safe sniping position.
No. 427671 ID: 9202a9

And if this does not work just shoot it till it's dead
No. 427745 ID: d49bc5
File 134112136862.png - (425.56KB , 1000x800 , 11.png )

You run to the ladder and quickly scramble up it, taking a 20 damage hit from the brute as leave.

The zombie tries to climb up, but it's too clumsy and keeps slipping back down. You plant 3 arrows into the zombie, ending its undeath. You have 11 bronze arrows remaining. The zombie drops bones, a wooden plank, and 26 gold pieces.

You gain 141 experience in Ranging, Defense and Constitution, leveling up your Defense and Constitution skills. Once more, fireworks shoot out of your head and triumphant music plays, though at least here nobody is around to hear it.
Lvl 16 Constitution and Defense: 2762/3115 xp
Lvl 20 Ranging: 4762/5018 xp
No. 427907 ID: 6e44d2

Woot! Can you pull the arrows out of the zombie's corpse? Also, check out the place he was guarding.
No. 427908 ID: 886a4d

Might as well eat that meat to recover some HP.
No. 428273 ID: 223190


and hopefully gain some xp in CHEST HAIR.

go south past where you found the zombie.
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