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File 134015447673.png - (145.35KB , 865x850 , this is different.png )
424198 No. 424198 ID: d1e9bf

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No. 424199 ID: d1e9bf
File 134015452213.png - (133.69KB , 865x850 , um.png )

|Good evening, Boaga.|

No. 424200 ID: d1e9bf
File 134015456456.png - (44.20KB , 865x850 , who the fuh.png )

|You oughtn't be afraid. We're here to help you out. We know about you, so please allow us to introduce ourselves. This young maiden fair is the princess Jiniki. Won't you describe yourself for our new draconic friend?|

Oh um I'm a Klis-khar and I have space majicka and my name is Jiniki and you look really cute can I pet you I super want to pet you~ pleeaasseee~

i don't
No. 424201 ID: e54316

Freak the fuck out
No. 424203 ID: b85f8c

Eh, it's just a dream. Ask who the black dragon-ish thing is.

(it's totally Dessen isn't it)
No. 424206 ID: cf49fc

It's Dessen. I recognized him earlier.

Anywho, Flip The Fuck OUT.
No. 424210 ID: 5d8f21

No. 424215 ID: 67e689

Flip the fuck out WHILE introducing yourself.
No. 424222 ID: a83682

Freaking out is good, but don't freak out too much... that'd just be rude! And when you're done freaking out, don't forget to say "Hi!"
No. 424226 ID: 0b7fa2

Yeah, initiate the FTFO protocols.
No. 424256 ID: befc95

Freak out softly.
No. 424265 ID: a2fa74

"Uh, ok. Where is Gren?"
No. 424266 ID: 0b7fa2

No. 424267 ID: 927efa

Where is sergal boat face?
No. 424308 ID: d1e9bf
File 134017941404.png - (123.85KB , 865x850 , please get away from me.png )

|Please calm down. This is no way to act in front of a princess!|
W-what do you want from me?!
|We've come to assist with some of your problems. Let's start with something simple... You seem like you could really use a hug. We are very good at hugging. What do you say?|
Don't be afraid mister my hugs are super friendly and nice!
No. 424312 ID: a2fa74

Accept the hug from the princess
"I want Gren to love me, but I don't think there's anything you can do to help with that."
No. 424320 ID: 735cd9

Accept hug tenetively. Make sure this is just a hug.
No. 424336 ID: 771d02

have a royal breakfast.
No. 424351 ID: 0b7fa2

crush her exoskeleton
No. 424363 ID: c6ec33

Baby steps.

Start with Jiniki hugs, and see if that'll let you stomach huge black dragon thing hugs. C:

Remind them that normal people/things don't just sneak up on sleeping dragons and start a hug-a-thon.
No. 424383 ID: 0b7fa2

BOAGA WHERE IS YOUR DRESS... son I am disappoint.
No. 424385 ID: c891d3

Hugs sound tentatively okay I guess.
No. 424402 ID: f13b39

One armed hug. Leave room for escape.
No. 425024 ID: d1e9bf
File 134039310178.png - (42.37KB , 865x850 , weirdest hug i\'ve witnessed.png )

O-okay, I guess that's okay--
|How rude of me! I haven't introduced myself. You may call me the Splanchnologist. I am a traveller of worlds, and I am not actually a dragon. However, you could not properly perceive me as I really am.|

Wow, this is, um, this is a really nice hug.
See, I told you~

|Now, you're not sure how we can help, so here's an example. Many of your troubles would be mitigated if you had greater self-confidence. Tell me something you want, that you are not confident about your ability to get or to do.|
Well, u-um, I have a friend, and I like her. Um, in-- in a... s-special way. But she doesn't like me that way back, and I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.
|Make yourself more attractive to her. Let's practice... Say "I know I can win Grentonis' heart." Say it with CONFIDENCE.|
I... I can win Grentonis' heart?
|That sounded more like a question. If you aren't sure, why should she be? Try yelling it. You don't have to firmly believe it yet, but if you can act like you do, you'll be ahead of where you are now.|
I can win Grentonis' heart!
|An excellent start! Much better.|

It, uh, pats me on the back.

|Let's find more things to practice...|
No. 425025 ID: d1e9bf
File 134039312011b.png - (51.49KB , 865x850 , fields of green.png )

Me and the, uh... the Splanch-knowl-oh-gist go through a bunch of things like that. The Princess helps, too, and after a while I feel a lot more... well, a lot more confident.
No. 425028 ID: d1e9bf
File 134039325168b.png - (72.32KB , 865x850 , talking is over.png )

|This was good. See you tomorrow night. I might have a very INTERESTING offer for you, if you still need it then...|
Bye Mister Boaga!
You're leaving? Oh, uh, goodbye! Thank you for everything!
No. 425029 ID: d1e9bf
File 134039326616.png - (13.26KB , 865x850 , wake up.png )


mh... Morning...
No. 425030 ID: d10f72

O.O what kind of dream was that. Well actually I was being sardonic, I can get a glimpse of what this is a connection to, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
No. 425039 ID: 37aa84

Now remember what your dream visitors spent time teaching you and greet the day, with great confidence.
No. 425040 ID: 223190

don't stand up until your morning boner has dissipated. dragons do get those, right?
No. 425057 ID: 6e44d2

Nah. Wear it proudly.
No. 425076 ID: b85f8c

Shouldn't Gren be lying on top of you still? Look around.
No. 425112 ID: 27d278

Boaga, you need to suddenly wake up a badass.
No. 425113 ID: 2bafff

Boaga learn to Firepunch
No. 425124 ID: d10f72

Boaga need to learn the thunder-flop from Murray.
No. 425183 ID: d1e9bf
File 134042911252.png - (16.16KB , 865x850 , stop being sad damn it.png )

...Dream visitors? I think I remember someone talking to me... something about being more confident. I feel kind of more confident.


Oh, she's over by the window. She... she doesn't look too happy.

"Good morning, Bo."
Morning, Gren. Is, uh, is there anything wrong? You look kind of sad.
"No, well... I just don't know what the hell we're doing anymore, Bo. We've spent a day here and we haven't gotten any closer to finding him. We haven't got a single hint of anything since we met that couple on the road. I'm scared, Bo. We're going completely blind here and it's looking less and less likely that I'm going to get him with each passing day."
No. 425184 ID: 132b99

well, if gallah keeps his word, he has soldiers looking all over.
No. 425187 ID: 2bafff

I don't know he seems very suspicious
No. 425198 ID: b85f8c

Why don't we ask around somewhere like the tavern or something? Someone else must've seen him on the road.
No. 425227 ID: 927efa

Dragons in the tavern, right. Capital idea there.
No. 425231 ID: 3fc190


I can see it now.

"So these two dragons walk into a ba-"
"Good god Frank, what the FUCK did you do?"
No. 425275 ID: 223190

fine then. leave town.
No. 425282 ID: 9718f3

Go talk to whatshisface the Lord guy. He will have put out queries for any information on an individual matching our prey's description. So while we may not have directly run across any leads, there is a fair chance of someone having seen him.

Of course, it could take another day or so for an investigation of any reasonable depth to be conducted. Possibly a good thing, considering the state of your shoulder.

She shouldn't worry so much, we'll get this guy.
No. 425310 ID: 37aa84

Remind her that there seem to be a lot of people here and it will take time to sort him out from the rest and even if he has left his armor is unique enough that someone will have noticed him. Our only options right now are to either be patient or to forget about it and return home.
No. 425539 ID: 067a04
File 134054657877.png - (510.53KB , 865x850 , what can bo doooo.png )

Hey, Gren, no... Gailegh said he's got people trying to find him, right? Someone will have to have seen him, and we'll find out, okay?
"But... I don't like being here at all and I don't want to talk to the humans anymore. I don't trust them to find anything. It just feels wrong for us to sit here and do nothing, Bo. "
I know. Maybe we could do something, to help find him or just to pass the time.
"...What do you have in mind?"
No. 425597 ID: bdb3f8

maaan, what did you guys do all the time back home? Time was passing then too wasn't it?

Maybe you could go poking around town some more or something. Meet more people we can accuse of being rape knight.
No. 425617 ID: b85f8c

Go out on the road again and try the other split?
No. 425836 ID: 9718f3

What do dragons do when not eating, sleeping, or fucking anyway? I mean, you paint as a hobby, but anything else? Does Gren have any hobbies or things she does for fun other than terrorizing nearby villages?
No. 426093 ID: d1e9bf
File 134068256695.png - (9.29KB , 865x850 , looking frazzled.png )

Well, back home I walked a lot, and spent a lot of time outside, s-so that's not much of an option right now. Gren spent her time with her eggs or Beodox when he was around, doing... what they did. Before all that, she took things from the village and people on the road some times and laid around either in her cave or on the cliff near it the rest of the time. That's why she's a bit... um, larger than me.

We could try the other road that we didn't go on.
"No, you're hurt. I don't want to make it worse. And besides, we should be here in case they find something."

Just then, Aleise busts through the door and slams it behind her. We both give her a questioning stare as she leans against it.
"There's some people outside. They really want you to leave."
No. 426095 ID: 132b99

but why? are they armed? if not then we can talk, if they are then the guards will have to protect us if they attack so still we can talk.
No. 426097 ID: af3431

Gren: burst through door. Roar menacingly. Spray fire. Hope they're armed.

Bo: Sneak out back. Go home. Hope Gren doesn't make it. Eat her eggs
No. 426099 ID: 08005b

I wonder why...
No. 426108 ID: 2bafff

confront the crowd and be prepared to escape make sure gren doesn't do anything stupid
No. 426168 ID: b85f8c

I don't think we should go out at all. That is likely to incite the crowd. Let the humans handle the talking, and maybe stay by where the talking is happening so they can reach you quickly if they need to ask a question or get you to come out or something.
No. 426176 ID: 927efa

Ha ha Grennie is faaaat.
No. 426431 ID: c891d3

Well... you don't really like staying here, and at least some of the people here aren't keen on you being around either... Maybe you and Bo should go look for leads somewhere else for now and check back here later.
No. 426432 ID: 4a328b


Break reality, make the colors come flooding in.
No. 426434 ID: 299ed3

Dance the dance of your people to them so they will be awed by it's magnificence.
No. 426435 ID: e8eaab

ask why
No. 426440 ID: a370aa

go out and see the angry mob but prepare to dodge arrows
No. 426598 ID: d1e9bf
File 134077370860.png - (12.12KB , 865x850 , concerned.png )

"What? Why?"
Yeah, why?
"Well, I guess they just don't want big firebreathing terrors living next door. I-- uh, sorry. I don't mean to sound rude."
"I'm going out there."
"I don't think that's a very good idea, ma'am!"
"What, are they armed?"
"Some of them, probably! I don't know, I was trying to push my way past them, not peeking into their pockets!"
I don't know if it's a good idea to go out there or not, Gren.
"Well make up your mind! You're going with me if we do!"
No. 426600 ID: d1e9bf

Please Read: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/46505.html#56452[/spoiler]
No. 426601 ID: 4a328b


No. 426603 ID: 132b99

boaga go out too, they want you gone too, so it's not like staying behind will make you safer.
No. 426605 ID: a2fa74

Gren is prone to doing dumb shit.
Bo, go up to the second floor and ask the people what's wrong.
No. 426610 ID: 2bafff

well at this point you need to secure an escape route for sure it would be an awful idea to rush in blindly. also Boaga be assertive before Gren does something stupid you need to stop her. You need to be cautious because you are still healing Boaga and Gren can still get overwhelmed. What is there left for you in this city anyway? Gailegh is definitely not trustworthy and you would be better off getting as far away from his seat of power as possible.
No. 426612 ID: b85f8c

Do not go out there. Again, I say, that will only make the mob angrier.

Also shut the curtains.
No. 426634 ID: 3c806d

Just be polite. It is hard to accuse someone of being an evil monster when they are oh so courteous.
No. 426661 ID: c6ec33

Ask them to send their leader in, or nominate someone (or a small group of people) to act as representatives. You want to hear their concerns, but don't want to deal with a mob.

Talk to them with the windows open, so the mob can see that you're not eating them. :|
No. 426694 ID: 9718f3

It's too dangerous for Gren to confront them(mostly because she has no tact), you'll have to do it yourself Bo! Ideally using some way of conversing with them that doesn't require being all that near them. Open the doors and talk through the doorway. If the mob gets pushy, slam the doors in their faces and hole up until help arrives.

"Hello everyone, I understand you have some concerns about our presence in your city. I assure you, we mean you no harm and will only be here until we've finished up some business of ours. A day or two is all it should take, really. Believe me, we're anxious to get back on the road ourselves! Not that we haven't enjoyed our time in your lovely city, your hospitality has been heartwarming. We have little with which to repay you, but we would be happy to help out in any way we can as long as we stay here, so long as it doesn't interfere with our goal."

Woo pandering!
No. 426770 ID: d1e9bf
File 134083208441.png - (19.67KB , 865x850 , faceless goons.png )

Uh-- Maybe only I should go, Gren...
"What? No, you're hurt!"
Yeah, and you make a mess of these kind of things!

She backs off, frowning at me, as me and Aleise go just outside the doors. O-oh, wow, that is a lot of p-people and they d-don't look happy to see me! T-they're all silent, staring at me. I-I guess I should say something!

Hello, I, uh, I u-understand that--

T-They're not letting me talk!
No. 426772 ID: fa9f7e

"Fuck you. I Say no humans in Rockhearth."
Breathe fire at them.
No. 426773 ID: 4a26e5


Bo, grow a pair, they won't let you talk normally?

Make yourself be heard, be LOUD.

You may be a gentle dragon, but you are still a DRAGON.
No. 426775 ID: c460ad

Do this.
No. 426776 ID: b2f225

Faceless, huh? You can't distinguish them, can you? It's scary, isn't? They're scared too, they don't know you. You could impose yourself, but this would create an opening for those malicious to attack you. There's always one or another among the crowd. Stop trying to be something you're not, be honest. You're hurt, you're scared. Show that.
No. 426785 ID: af3431

Make sure to get their attention, but don't do anything rash or threatening. Raise your voice if you have to, but keep calm when you talk. When you have their attention and can speak freely, explain that you mean no harm.

"I understand that some of you may have a distinct dislike for dragons, some with good reason. I only ask that you think what you're doing. How many of you have actually met a dragon, or spoken to one without leaping to arms first? Yes, there are some dragons out there that raid villages and hurt people. But they are a minority! I'm sure there are just as many, if not more, humans that do the same to other humans! Most of us prefer to stay away from you. And I ask, if we truly meant harm, why would we willingly come to such a large town, and request entrance and an audience with your leader? Wouldn't it make more sense to just attack from the start? N-not that I think about that."
No. 426793 ID: cb97cd

say this, loud and clear.
No. 426809 ID: b85f8c

I told you this was a bad idea.

They're just racist against dragons. Go back inside without saying anything.
No. 426814 ID: d7e757

And if they don't listen, it's because you aren't loud enough. Really let loose that HUGE voice.
No. 426999 ID: 317ec1

Pretty much this, be asertive, not angry.
No. 427012 ID: 9718f3

Face the crowd with head held high. Wait for a lull in the shouting and raise a hand to forestall their cries while speaking in a loud and clear voice, "Please, allow me the chance to speak. I appreciate your concern and understand why you want us to leave. However, in this land we answer to the authority of Lord and Law only, as do you all. We will await the decision of the ruler of this city and act accordingly."
No. 427015 ID: 4a328b


No. 427021 ID: c6ec33

No. 427029 ID: 0c889d

...maybe we should ask the girl why the Lord is letting his guests be abused like this? Clearly he should be controlling this dissent. Are his guards part of the mob? If they aren't willing to talk, then it's probably best we either head to the Lord's dwelling, or stay here and defend our position. Burning his subjects won't win us favour, and if we can keep that, there's more chance of finding our target.
No. 427035 ID: a2fa74

Politely wait for them to finish. Make it clear you are waiting.
If they start throwing things then bellow "ENOUGH!"

Either way, once they're quiet say "We are here to hunt a dangerous and depraved criminal so that he may be brought to justice.

If you were scared of us you wouldn't be here.
Who put you up to this, and why? Do they seek to protect the subhuman scum we seek, or do they simply enjoy tricking people into antagonizing dragons?"
No. 427059 ID: 223190

impudent sacks of meat! breathe some motherfucking fire!
No. 427072 ID: b2f225

Aren't dragons also made of "meat"?
No. 427074 ID: 223190


yes, but they aren't sacks.
No. 427075 ID: 6c61ee

Speak to them as if you were the motherfucking Wizard of Oz.
Loud and assertive.

If neither of you have the voice to do so, call upon your host. Surely the people will listen to him.
No. 427077 ID: b2f225

They are bigger sacks, you mean. Who wants big sacks of meat nowadays? You eat too much or they expire. Smaller sacks are obviously better.
No. 427100 ID: d1e9bf
File 134092487433.png - (10.75KB , 865x850 , lookit dat raggedy hair.png )

I try to talk to Aleise over the roar of the crowd.

Why is Gailegh letting this happen?
"He probably has no idea what's going on! Should I get the guards?"
What would they do?
"Force them to leave."
"Well, uh, they'll probably yell some things first to get them to leave, and then get clubs when they don't..."
Okay don't do that yet!
"Why? What are you going to--"
No. 427101 ID: d1e9bf
File 134092488583.png - (14.91KB , 865x850 , rocks hurt, man.png )

STOP! We don't mean you any harm! Other dragons might, but we don't! Your lord has personally allowed us to stay! Isn't that enough proof of our good intentions? We are here to bring a criminal to justice and-- OW!

A few of them cheer...
No. 427102 ID: b85f8c

I told you there's no point in talking to these fools.

Go inside before you get hurt some more, and let the guards handle it.
No. 427115 ID: 4a328b


they are your greatest diplomatic strength

use the face
No. 427125 ID: d7e757

You guuuuys why are you huuurting meeee
No. 427126 ID: b2f225

Those malicious to cause conflict without any reason, there's always one or another among the crowd. The relationship between these people and dragons is severed. Your heart is gentle, but your mind is ignorant. You want to be the martyr? This may take a long time, you may suffer and die for nothing.

> A few of them cheer...
There's some hope here, however. Some harbor hatred, but most are simply scared. You can turn this situation in your favor?
No. 427130 ID: 997ce7

They cheered when he got hit by the rock.
No. 427133 ID: 67e689

Well that's certainly not nice.

Breath fire on all of them.
No. 427144 ID: 9718f3

You are a dragon. A true dragon has infinite patience. This is true because I just made it up. So you will not crush them with your mighty dragon strength, not burn them with your magnificent dragon fire.

Sound plan.
No. 427146 ID: b2f225

> A few of them cheer...
> few of them
> few

Urgh. I really hate to use this.
No. 427148 ID: 997ce7

...So? Did anyone boo? No.
No. 427155 ID: b2f225

Fine! Do whatever you want! Look if I care!
No. 427157 ID: 997ce7

I really hope that wasn't serious.

Anyways, moving on, we have two options: Aggress and Abscond.

Absconding would probably be more to your preference, but it'd eman losing the trail, and Gren'd hate that. She's been erratic enough already.

I'd suggest growing a spine taking a stand and aggressing. Maybe let out a burst of fire into the air and ask why the hell you should do what they lowly peasants say, especially when they're being dicks about it.
No. 427158 ID: b2f225

Apparently, a stone was thrown, followed by a few cheers. This means that, perhaps, not everyone agrees with this kind of attitude. These people want them to leave, not to arrest and/or kill them.
No. 427159 ID: 997ce7

Nobody objected, either. Lack of cheering does not equate to lack of support. We would have to actually look at their faces for that. That's, y'know, basic human nature.

Oh, by the way, it's naive.
No. 427160 ID: b2f225

You used "Aggress" and "Abscond" but didn't catch my reference? I'm disappointed! Outraged, even!

> Nobody objected, either.
Semantics. He's willing to take the risk or not? That's all.

> That's, y'know, basic human nature.
No. 427161 ID: 132b99

No. 427162 ID: 4a26e5

Is it bad if I'm expecting Boaga to completely fucksnap if this continues unabated?
No. 427164 ID: 997ce7

Shit, brain derped. Grammar Nazi-mode activated automatically.

Anyways, by "basic human nature" I meant you need to be able to hear the person's voice and/or see their face to know how they feel and right now we can't do either of those. Should've been clearer.
No. 427168 ID: b2f225

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I must agree. If anything, he can't do this alone.
No. 427169 ID: 997ce7

So... get Gren to join the fireworks display? Or for moral support?

Because honestly, what with Gren's mood swings and obsession, abandoning our only lead would be a terrible idea. Artfulness failed, Abscond seems like it would drive Gren over the edge, so, as bad an idea as Aggress seems, it looks like the least of the possible evils.
No. 427172 ID: b2f225

Human help. Or help of authorities without clubs.
No. 427173 ID: 997ce7

Hm. Arbitrate? Let's hope the guardsmen are sympathetic and don't take their view.
No. 427256 ID: 2bafff

it is clear we are not welcome here. Leave the city posthaste, though Gren may need some convincing. also don't tell her a bout getting hit with a rock she might do something stupid.
No. 427389 ID: befc95

Whatever you do, don't react with violence. You will be blamed, and called a vicious monster by them.

Humans are bad for that. Tell the rock-thrower that it's bad form to show such violence to a guest, and that he is setting a terrible example. What if YOU were to suddenly act out in violence against them like that? No one would survive.
No. 427403 ID: 3a50bc

They aren't listening, they're starting to get fiolent, and there's no saying if we did try to leave, we could do so without accidently injuring someone with such an unruly crowd about. I think these people have failed to leave us with anything but to call on the Lord's guards. At least if they deal with it, we will show we aren't aggressive... actually, we're dragons, we could probably roar so loud Gailegh could hear, maybe. I think that we should let the guards deal with this, then leave either immediately, or after a brief talk with the Lord to discuss a way of you getting the information he has... like sending a messenger out to ask towns if they've seen a pair of dragons pass by recently and following their information, heh... but no, seriously, it's either leave and get safe, or leave and hope Gailegh can keep us safe for the few minutes it'd hopefully take to arrange how we'll get the information we need to continue on. Maybe he can even suggest a safer spot to wait, if that's what we want to do.
No. 427407 ID: 1f8505

Go back inside. Clearly they don't care much for dragons of they throw rocks.
No. 427413 ID: a2fa74

Bellow "ENOUGH!" and blow fire into the air as a warning.

"We are here to hunt a dangerous and depraved criminal so that he may be brought to justice.

If you were scared of us you wouldn't be here.
Who put you up to this, and why? Do they seek to protect the subhuman scum we hunt, or do they simply enjoy tricking fools into picking fights with dragons?"

If they don't stop throwing rocks and yelling then send your hostess for the guards, and have her inform the lord that it would be best to keep mobs from forming for their own protection. Remember, as of yet you've broken no laws and caused no harm. You've even forgiven injuries inflicted on you, which is kinder than what they would even expect from a human.
If you let them force you to leave they'll feel like they're victorious and champions of justice and dragons are nothing but exaggeration, and that will promote more violence against dragons.
No. 427427 ID: d1e9bf
File 134100442035.png - (12.98KB , 865x850 , that didn\'t work.png )

They laugh and cheer as I turn around to go back inside.

"Bo, what happened out there?"
They wouldn't listen to me.
"Then I will make them listen to me. Move."
Gren! No! You'll make things worse!
"Please don't, Miss Grentonis. Mister Boaga, talking didn't work. So if you'll just stay here, I'll go get the guards now, okay?"
Wait, hang on, please...

Gren slams her claws into the ground.
"Tiamat-damned humans!"

S-she's not happy. How do I tell her that it might be good for us to leave? Is that even still a good idea?
No. 427429 ID: 132b99

ask the lord if we can stay at his place.
No. 427430 ID: b85f8c

Well it's not like the whole city was out there. There will be groups like this everywhere. How many were there? Like, 20? 30? How many people are in this city? I don't think it's a good example of what to expect from humans. Be sure Gren realizes this, and that her 'damn humans' attitude is about the same as theirs. That should cool her down.

If you are fit for travel then we leave. If not, we stay until you are. Don't be a wuss though. Seriously ask yourself if you can handle limping along for a day or so with rest periods.
No. 427434 ID: a2fa74

It is a TERRIBLE idea to leave. If you let them think they've scared you off they're going to be encouraged to commit more violence against dragons.
They'll see you as cowards and bullies, and if people already hate you you most certainly do not want them to think you're weak and timid.
No. 427494 ID: 51accf

Leaving isn't an option, it undoes almost everything you have managed to accomplish here. You need the information Gailegh has gathered regarding the man. At least talk to him first.

Plus, still injured.
No. 427516 ID: 4a328b

Don't leave. If worst comes to worst you can just ransack the city and leave on your own terms. For now, let the humans settle the matter amongst themselves.
No. 427700 ID: d1e9bf
File 134111153101.png - (16.27KB , 865x850 , oh no.png )

Okay, we're not leaving... I don't think I could go very far anyway. Aleise goes to get the guards as we cover the window and close the door.

Some time later, after the shouting of the crowd gradually gets louder and louder, we hear the sounds of fighting. A lot more sound than what it should be for just getting a small crowd to leave.

I have no clue what I should be doing! Gren and I are just sitting here!
No. 427701 ID: 4a328b

sloppy makeouts!

Why don't you two play a game to pass the time

Something like

No. 427702 ID: fa9f7e

No. 427704 ID: 2bafff

peek through the window to see what is happening
No. 427709 ID: 6a5a08

>rival nation is invading
No. 427758 ID: 09e5bf

Look out the window to see what is happening, or if no window exists, crack open the door and peek outside.
No. 427784 ID: a2fa74

This is not normal. Go check it out.
No. 427785 ID: b2112e

Try to see what's going on without revealing yourself. If you need to GTFO, it's important to know while you still have time to.

And hey, maybe you'll see a way to help.
No. 427887 ID: 13cdcb

Definitely check the window, but make sure no one notices you. Also check how you're doing with your wound, just in case they need to run from a raging mob.
No. 428827 ID: 99090a
File 134136874582.png - (10.96KB , 865x850 , overrused pose.png )

Okay, I look out the window. Some people are running around to the front of the building, while others are just watching...


Gren is peeking through the door.

"They're fighting out there. A lot of them. A lot more than there were. They're all attacking the guards, and it looks like the guards are falling back."
W-what? What do we do?!
"If we stay here they might turn on us next, but we're basically surrounded."
No. 428831 ID: a2fa74

Go to the lord's manor. That's where the guards will fall back to, and we need to talk to him about what to do.

Or you could just light the unruly mob on fire; help out the guards and show them why people try to avoid pissing off dragons.
No. 428844 ID: 1e9d01

Wanna bet That Man riled up the masses? He's here, and he's got power.

Escape out the window and run to the lord's manor. Grab one of the rioters if you can, so that our buddy has someone to interrogate.
No. 428908 ID: 4a328b


If they come, you'll roast them.
No. 428925 ID: dcd48d

kinda this, don't fight until they start really getting serious about hurting you, then fuck em up. Self defense.
No. 428927 ID: 2bafff

should have escaped while you could, oh well now we definitely need to get out of here. we need to find an escape route maybe ask the one chick.
No. 428936 ID: 67e929

If we can fit through the window, or are strong enough to go full Kool-Aid man on the wall the window is part of, we should, with our aim to be to head to the lord's manor. It's not safe here anymore. his retreating guards will make that clear to him. if you can't, maybe there's another way out, like through the roof, or perhaps the girl knows a safer passage out.
No. 430626 ID: 99090a
File 134186933232.png - (14.35KB , 865x850 , so out of practice.png )

"We're going to Gailegh's manor. That's the safest place to be right now."
But what about all the people out there?
"We'll make a path if we have to. Come on, follow me, I know the way."
"Damn it, come on!"

We go as fast as we can, and most of the townsfolk try to get out of our way, except for one man who looks drunk. He swings at Gren with a big knife, and she... she kills him.
No. 430627 ID: 99090a
File 134186934450.png - (12.01KB , 865x850 , i love drawing this guy\'s clothes.png )

We eventually get past the group of angry humans. It looks like they were centered on the building where we were. We're at the manor now, and there's guardsmen everywhere.

"It's the dragons!"

We're quickly brought inside through a series of halls to Gailegh, who's standing at a table with some other people. He turns to us as soon as we come in.

"I am very, very sorry."
No. 430628 ID: b85f8c

Welp, Gren killed somebody. I think we'd better leave. Just gotta get safe passage out and some manner of outpatient treatment for the shoulder. Painkillers perhaps?
No. 430629 ID: 34b761

Tell him you understand that none of this is his his fault and thank him for trying his best to protect you as well as allowing you to use his castle to get away form the mob like this, also offer to leave if it's the only thing that will make the mob let up, you don't want to trouble him.
No. 430630 ID: af3431

If there were ever a sign you shouldn't associate with Gren anymore, senseless slaughter of drunks is it. Time's come, Bo.

Accept Gailegh's apology. Try to negotiate a way out of the town. Keep calm and speak clearly. But no matter what, make it clear you are negotiating for your own safety and travel, and Gren is no longer your concern.

This is what she gets.
No. 430633 ID: c891d3

Well. That, um.

I mean, if she'd just knocked him out of the way or something, that'd be one thing, but...
No. 430636 ID: 132b99

i dunno, it looks like she barely whapped the dude, her claws are just really fucking sharp. and he came at her with a knife. killing someone that is actually trying to hurt you then.. yeah.
No. 430638 ID: 735f4f

Bah you had a dangerous mob outside your place. Only one drunken guy getting killed is nothing. They would have ended up killing you and burning down half the town if you had not left.
No. 430647 ID: 2bafff

leave, don't trust Gailegh and make sure Gren doesn't do anything stupid.
No. 430651 ID: 9718f3

We understand that it isn't his fault. We should probably leave as early as we can, killing that guy is going to make things worse. Martyrs and all that. But we need to know what Gailegh knows about the Rape knight before we leave. Should also rest at least another day for that shoulder.
No. 430673 ID: a2fa74

"What's going on? Why is there an angry mob?"
No. 430983 ID: 99090a
File 134195499363.png - (17.07KB , 865x850 , mad as ever.png )

I don't know what to say... I'd talk to Gren about what she did, b-but now probably isn't the best time. I-I think I'll just leave the talking to her.

"Accepted. That was not you fault."
"My lady, I-- you misunderstand. I know how these riots started. It's my fault for escalating it, and I have to do what I can to stop it."
"What are you getting at?"
"I'm afraid you're going to have to leave."
"Your presense in Rockhearth is upsetting the citizenry, and it's my duty to stop them before any more damage is done."
"I'm not leaving."
"My lady, please--"
"I'm not leaving. I came here to find someone, and that is what I am going to do."
"I'm sorry--"
"And I don't care if I have to burn down this entire city to do it!"
No. 430985 ID: b85f8c

>It's my fault for escalating it
Wait, what? What did he do? How did the riots start?
No. 430986 ID: 2bafff

Be a Man Boaga, or a Dragon I suppose, and Stop Gren! She is going to do something stupid and get you both killed if you don't stop her!
No. 430987 ID: ca5333

Bo, it is absolutely necessary that you grow a set of balls and stop this.

Right the hell now, smack her upside the head if you have to.
No. 430990 ID: a2fa74

Grab her by a horn
"Gren. Stop.
Gailegh. Explain. Now."
No. 431014 ID: 735f4f

We cant get our info if a rioting mob is chasing us down. Have him explain what happened then tell him a location he can send the info once he finds out what we need to know. We cant take on the entire town without getting hurt.
No. 431216 ID: 34b761

This. Gren stop being an obnoxious bitch, king dude, tell us your part.
No. 431217 ID: 68852c

burn down a city it is! finally, some fun.
No. 431219 ID: 9718f3

Stop Grentonis, find out what Gailegh did to make this mess.

We will probably end up needing to leave, make sure to ask what information, if any, he gathered on our prey. Possibly arrange for an agent of his to meet you at a specific time and place outside of the city to give a more complete report, once he's had time to investigate properly.
No. 431313 ID: 99090a
File 134204677005.png - (14.16KB , 865x850 , this is obv a good idea.png )

"Shut up, Bo! Gailegh--"

I grab one of her horns and yank down.

"What the hell!"
No. 431314 ID: 99090a
File 134204678195.png - (15.95KB , 865x850 , pushed around.png )

She turns toward me and shoves me back! S-she's r-really mad!

"Stay out of this, Bo!"
No. 431315 ID: b85f8c

Just tell her we're not burning down the city. You're not willing to go that far.
No. 431317 ID: a2fa74

Don't back down
"You are NOT going to burn down this city, because Gailegh is going to tell us everything he knows about that knight. Including what was used as leverage to make him start the riots."

Turn to Gailegh and glare at him
No. 431325 ID: ca5333

Stay calm Bo, stand your ground.

Not even Grennie is worth an entire city of people.

Get the info from Gail, through force if necessary, then we'll leave.

Don't talk to her when we leave, just make sure she doesn't do something barbaric.
No. 431329 ID: 9718f3

"No Gren, I wont. You're acting crazy again and it's my job to stop you. You wont even listen to him before threatening to kill everyone! Now, Gailegh, how did the riots start and what happened that made them worse?"

Honestly, she needs to learn to be just a tiny bit more patient before ruining diplomatic actions with her threats of violence. Threats of violence are for AFTER you understand the situation.
No. 431331 ID: 2bafff

Stand up to Gren don't just take it, Remind her that we are in this mans seat of power and killing him or attacking the town will surely get you both killed.
No. 431335 ID: e3f578

"Gren, does Boaga look like a bitch? I'll ask again, does motherfucking Bo look like a bitch? Huh? No? Good. We ARE leaving, you know why? Because you wanted to in the first place and we don't even need to go that far, what are you a fucking hypocrite, you want to stay now just because the people have disrespected 'the mighty Lord Gretonis'? You have your choice on who to kill for your vengeance now Gren, it's either this town and me or that knight with the horns. You don't own this fucking town and you don't own me. So it's them and me, or that sick fuck. What'll it be, Gren? What'll be?"
No. 431348 ID: 34b761

this god damn. Gren needs to sit the fuck down and get off her high horse and Bo needs to get himself a higher horse. Shit I'd be ok with this word for word.
No. 431355 ID: b85f8c

There is absolutely no way that going full Pulp Fiction could possibly do anything except piss Grennie off. Boaga does not have the upper hand in this relationship (OR A GUN) so he has no way of backing up such confrontational language. Grennie will probably just bitch-slap him if he gets all up in her face.

Boaga's best tool is, and always has been, rational discussion. He needs to calm Grennie down, not boss her around or call her names.
No. 431356 ID: ca5333


One of these days Bo is just going to completely snap if Grennie doesn't stop being a savage bitch.

I can feel it, and it won't be pretty.
No. 431358 ID: e3f578

Hey, I think whether or not Gren thinks Boaga is a bitch is an important question! With those exact words.

Why is she trying to fuck him like one?
No. 431369 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah and apologize for yanking on her horn, that was really rude.
No. 431372 ID: ca5333


Nah man, Bo shouldn't apologize for that, it was the only reason she actually stopped and paid attention to him, it was heading to an ugly place really fast.

After this though? We'll stay out of it, we'll stay out of it so much Grennie won't even see us.

Let her get her own ass killed in her recklessness and brutality, we'll have no part in it.
No. 431431 ID: b33427

Bo, put on your most rigidly serious face, and lock your volume and tone to "contained." No yelling. No escalation. Lock eyes with Gren.

"...No, I am not going to stay out of this. Not when you're threatening to burn down a city. Not when you're menacing the only human who has been nothing but kind and gracious to us, and freely gave us his help. And certainly not when you're about to utterly destroy your only chance of finding that man, and don't you dare say otherwise. You need Lord Gailegh, alive and a lord, not dead or deposed. Which is why we have to leave, now. We'll go to that cave over the city. Gailegh can send someone to tell us what he finds out. But we can not stay any longer."
No. 431471 ID: c460ad

Do this.
No. 431474 ID: b85f8c

I can get behind this. We can stay in the cave until Bo is able to travel.
No. 431480 ID: c6ec33

+1 more upvote.

Oh, and if she still doesn't listen, ask her if she forgot your little chat just a while ago. Remind her that if your input doesn't count, then you might as well go home.
No. 431519 ID: 50708f


Getting all the information from Gailegh that we can get on why Rockhearth's citizenry have escalated into riots, his hand in that, and anything he might have learnt on the knight we seek. We need to hear this, but Gren as she is right now cannot be trusted to be rational. You will guard Gailegh from her as he informs you, and then you will leave. And if Grennie attacks you for protecting him, then it'll just be even more reason for you to head home and forget that bad-tempered, possibly hormonal, but still poorly behaved dragoness who seems to think you her pet, not her friend.

I'm starting to think her mood swings really are signs that she's gravid/pregnant from the knight somehow)
No. 431610 ID: 99090a
File 134213393438.png - (15.63KB , 865x850 , angry durrgons.png )

N-no, I'm not going to stay out of this, Gren!
Not when you're threatening to burn down a city. Not when you're menacing the only human who has been nothing but nice and kind to us, and did what he could to help.
And certainly not when you're about to utterly destroy your only chance of finding that man, and don't you dare say otherwise. You need Lord Gailegh, alive and a lord, not dead or deposed. Which is why we have to leave, now. We'll go to that cave over the city. Gailegh can send someone to tell us what he finds out, but we can't stay here any longer.
"Tiamat-damn it, I can't just sit around and wait, Bo!"
Gren. You'd just make things worse by staying. The humans don't want us here. They won't help us if we don't leave.
"...Damn it. Fine. I would have found him already if it weren't for you, but fine."
But before we go. Gailegh, what did you mean by 'escalated it?'
"I sent the guards to break them up after Miss Bentrant came to warn me. That's what started it."
That's it?
"Well, they were already disgruntled about the increased taxes this year-- The King is preparing for war, you know-- and our slavery deals were never really widely accepted by the populace. Have you seen Miss Bentrant lately?"
Not since she left to get the guards, no.
"Can we just-- go?"
No. 431613 ID: b85f8c

We should. Ask for painkillers.
No. 431616 ID: a4b8fa

fuck yeah, bo grew balls
No. 431643 ID: 62ff97

*sniff* our little boy is growing up into a Dominant Male!

But yeah, ask Gail if he has anything that would take the edge off the pain right now, if you want, make sure he understands that fucking us over right now would end very badly.

Then leave, don't pay any attention to Grennie as you leave, other than making sure she doesn't do something fucking retarded.
No. 431664 ID: a2fa74

"Tell your people we said we would follow the slavery laws, then abolish slavery. Let them think we were here to make them our slaves, and your wit saved them.
For our part, we'll be walking off in a huff."
No. 431860 ID: 2bafff

still don't trust this guy, but anyway. leave try finding somewhere outside the city to rest and gather your thoughts so you can decide what to do next.
No. 431883 ID: b33427

Wait a second... Ask Gailegh to honestly say how long he's going to be tied up putting down this revolt. You ask because while there's rioting in the streets, his agents can't make inquiries on your behalf, and those citizens who might have pertinent information may leave the city or die in the fighting. If he says two days or less, then leave for the hills. He says it's going to be longer, and you're staying. What's more, you're going to help him stop this revolt. How, you don't know quite yet, but you'll figure something out, and it won't involve burning down any of the city.
No. 431971 ID: 4a328b

You should just burn the whole place down and call the trip over.
No. 432042 ID: 99090a
File 134221968773.png - (11.94KB , 865x850 , weird angle aaaa.png )

I... I didn't enjoy doing that.

How long will it take for your people to calm down?
"Once we make an announcement that we had you both removed from the city, there shouldn't be many problems. There may be a troublemaker or two here and there, but nothing that should cause any other problems."
Okay. We'll be in a cave above the city, I guess. It's visible from the gate. You, uh, you wouldn't happen to have anything for curing pain, would you?
"There might be something."

After a few minutes of waiting, a man in robes comes by with some sort of odd plant and tells me to eat it. It's bitter, but my shoulder starts to feel better.
No. 432043 ID: 99090a
File 134221970326.png - (14.44KB , 865x850 , oh fuck more waiting around.png )

We're escorted out the gate by a bunch of guards. Some people are cheering, but a lot of them are quietly talking with each other. As soon as we're outside of the gate, our guards leave and we get off the road and get out of sight. We circle around the mountain and climb our way up to the cave. It takes two hours.

And now we're both just sitting in the cave. My shoulder is aching and I feel kind of... weird.
No. 432046 ID: 735f4f

Awww yeah high as a kite. Got to ride that feeling. Go cuddle with Gren. Make her feel safe and let her know this is the best plan.
No. 432047 ID: b573df

It's not about what you enjoy Bo, it's about what is -right-, would you have really stood there while Grennie slaughtered the King and then TRIED to burn down an entire city? Most likely getting you BOTH killed in the act?

Rest a bit, let Grennie stew on her own while you try to figure out the side effects of that herb.

Silence is good for now. She's obviously not in the mood for talking and you are feeling strange.
No. 432049 ID: aef453

Might want to refrain from getting too touchy-feely though, you did just make her mad and have a short argument. Cuddling is not really going to be accepted until her anger goes away.
No. 432052 ID: 2bafff

Haha the painkillers made you high, find somewhere to lie down and sleep them off.
No. 432079 ID: 0c2247

No, you wouldn't enjoy getting into a shouting match with friends.
However, things turned out pretty well. Gren backed down, nobody died, and you can still get help from Gailegh.

Go lie down next to Gren and put your arm across her.
No. 432223 ID: 4a328b

Draw all over the damn walls
No. 432244 ID: b85f8c

I like this idea.
No. 432341 ID: c6ec33

If you have anything to draw with, draw a nice picture for Gren. :>

If you don't, thank Gren for listening to you. It obviously made her unhappy to have to do what you said, but she did it anyways, and that's progress that you should recognize with genuine thanks. Also toss in an apology for having to get rough with her - She needed it, but apologizing lets her know that you feel bad for having to argue with her, which will hopefully soften her up a bit.

Something along the lines of "Hey Grennie, this medicine is making me feel really weird, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to say things that make sense. Anyways, before I get too loopy, I wanted to thank you for being willing to listen to my suggestions and get out of that town without too much trouble. I know it sucked, and felt bad to have to leave, so I really appreciate you trusting me and my judgment. I'm sorry I had to get a little pushy, but you seemed really angry, and I couldn't think of a better way to talk to you at the time. Can you forgive me?" At this point, bring out the puppy-dog eyes. If she says yes, initiate cuddle. If she say no, don't argue, just sigh and curly up in a corner looking sad and cute. :V
No. 432594 ID: 99090a
File 134231714509.png - (15.44KB , 865x850 , (kiss and) make up.png )


She's quiet.

Gren, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we had to leave, and I'm sorry that I got physical like that. You seemed angry and I didn't know what else to do. And... and thank you for listening to me. I know you're mad, but you still trusted me and that means a lot. I hope you can forgive me.
"I am mad at you, Bo... but I'm really not sure why. I've been really mad at you lately, but... you're my friend, and you do everything you can to help me, and in return I'm mean to you and treat you like trash. I push you around and yell at you, and you just bear it. I-- I should be apologizing, Bo, not you. I'm sorry I'm such a bitch. You're the best dragon I know. I hope you can forgive me."
No. 432598 ID: aef453



No. 432600 ID: b85f8c

Oh god, she's smiling BLUSH FURIOUSLY

Also of course you can forgive her. I mean, you love her. For some reason.
No. 432601 ID: 4a328b

Everyone goes "dawww" and dragon noogies are given out
No. 432603 ID: fa9f7e

Forgive her and tactfully ask whether she's been getting strange cravings along with her mood swings and glance not-too-covertly at her belly.

That should get her to think about whether she could be gravid/pregnant.
No. 432606 ID: fa9f7e

Wait, shit, that could be taken as a fat comment. Avoid saying she's been eating a lot, especially since she doesn't seem to be, and don't reference how much she may or may not have been eating, just what she's been eating.
No. 432615 ID: 0c2247

No. 432641 ID: b85f8c

Why would she be pregnant? She hasn't had sex with any dragon since that punk ran off ages ago, and there is no way she got pregnant from the knight as dragons *lay eggs* here. Besides, it would be a terrible topic to bring up.

Now, PMS maybe I could understand. That is not something we should bring up either though.
No. 432644 ID: a370aa

it's neither, she's a rape victim and trauma from rape kills the logical part of the brain
No. 432645 ID: fa9f7e

Because magic. Knight could teleport and make fireproof shields, who says he can't manipulate DNA to make a dragon ova accept human sperm?
No. 432647 ID: 4a328b

We already saw a dragon-person on the road, Dirine? It doesn't sound like it needs magic to happen!
No. 432650 ID: fa9f7e

I could be wrong but I think she said she wasn't half dragon, just a different species.

I can't find it in the archives, though, so I can't be sure if she was half-dragon or just lizardfolk or something.
No. 432676 ID: b85f8c

She was a Draconian. They are not half-dragons.
No. 432702 ID: 6a5a08

This heartwarming moment is drug-induced hallucination isn't it?
No. 432712 ID: b573df


No drug, magical or otherwise, is powerful enough to make Grennie this level of not-a-bitch.

Unless I'm wrong, but then I really would love to find out where I could get some.
No. 432775 ID: 4f3868

Bo should hug Gren as a sign of forgiveness.

And then this >>432598 if the moment's right.
No. 432862 ID: 9718f3

Man, glad to see she hasn't lost it entirely, she can still be nice. She's gone through some horrible things, it is understandable that she's angry. That she recognizes that anger towards Bo is misplaced is a good sign as far as recovery goes.

So yeah, forgiveness is good and stuff.

Oh, and if for some reason you DO kiss her, which I should mention is a terrible idea at the moment, blame the herbs for messing with your head. Or she'll kill you. No man, I'm serious, she will straight up murder your shit if she thinks that you're being nice to get in her pants.
No. 432863 ID: 025ab3


I think a hug, then give her a supportive nuzzle if she is willing to be huggled, and then let the emotion of the moment clarify if she wants you to kiss her.

I'd say that you can stil have failing logic and not act bitchy, but I think any more talk on Gren's possible eggnancy is probably best done in /questdis/ or something, since suggesting she might be has been ruled a dumb idea.

No. 433007 ID: 6e44d2

Guys, don't be so conniving. Just enjoy the sweet moment, give her a hug, and go to sleep. Now isn't the time for kisses or pregnancy implications or whatever.
No. 433509 ID: 99090a
File 134246549841.png - (16.14KB , 865x850 , hug-o-meter off the charts.png )

I forgive you.

She gives me a great big hug.

Yeah, Gren?
"Thank you. Really, thank you so much. For everything. I've said this before, but I mean it. Thank you."

We lay there for a bit.

That plant they made me eat for my shoulder is making me... feel weird...
"Weird how?"
I don't k-know, everything just seems... off.
"Are you going to be okay?"
Yeah, I'm fine.
No. 433513 ID: 0c2247

Gren: That new-found confidence of Bo's sure is attractive. Kiss bo.
No. 433559 ID: af3431

Gren: That new-found confidence of Bo's sure is intimidating. Kill yourself
No. 433565 ID: 67ac43

"is... is there a way we could ever be together, gren?"

if she gets mad, just blame it on the plant.
No. 433570 ID: 0478c0

No. 433649 ID: 4a328b

Go to sleep before you say something you'll regret. Like this!
No. 433661 ID: dc4a44

it was poison all along
No. 433867 ID: 99090a
File 134255630781.png - (15.59KB , 865x850 , cavern tale.png )

It's midday, though. I'm not tired.

Hey, Gren.
"Hey, Bo."
This is probably just the medicine talking, but... could we ever... be together?
I'm sorry...
"No, Bo, don't be. I-- I've thought about it."
Y-you have?
"Yeah. But... I don't know, Boaga. You-- you're cute, don't get me wrong."
I-- ah, heh...
"And-- I trust you. A lot. I just-- I think I need to find out what Beodox really means to me before I make any big decisions. Okay?"
No. 433868 ID: 132b99

bo smile, and then start tripping.
No. 433930 ID: 6e44d2


Yeah, this. This is the perfect moment for a psychedelic trip.
No. 433942 ID: 6a1ec2

She didn't say no!
No. 434023 ID: 9718f3

That sounds totally okay to me.

In the meantime, is it just me or are your hands, like, really big?
No. 434042 ID: b2112e

And oh man, look at the texture on the floor.

In fact, feel it.

In fact, lick it.
No. 434322 ID: 99090a
File 134265393925.png - (18.49KB , 865x850 , old friends.png )

That's fine, Gren--
"Weh-eh-ellll. Look at you guys."
No. 434323 ID: 99090a
File 134265395898.png - (17.90KB , 865x850 , beat the fuck up.png )

"Hi. What are you lovebirds doing in my cave?"
W-we're not--
"Your cave?"
W-what happened to you, Dil?
"Acolon. Apparently he thinks I lied to him. Something about how Gren was poisioned, not sick. You know, sick, like you told me she was."
I-- I'm s-sorry!
"So he beat the shit out of me and ran me off. I can't go home. And all of that is your fault, Boaga. You did this to me."
No. 434324 ID: a83682

So wait, Acolon thinks DILUPUNE lied to him, and was convinced so thoroughly that he laid the smackdown? Either Dilupune isn't telling the whole story, or Acolon wasn't.
No. 434325 ID: ad164c

How is it your fault that Acolon is a violent lunatic?
No. 434327 ID: 4a328b

No. 434328 ID: 0c2247

"No, Acolon did it to you. The poison had run its course before I even asked you for help; the one who attacked her used it as a means to inflict illness on her. We track the poison to find the attacker, nothing more.
Gren was and is unwell, and her recovery is slow. Her sickness eats at her mind and causes fits of madness, not sniffles and fever."
No. 434330 ID: 9bde81

Calling bullshit.

Either she isn't telling the whole story, or Acolon was looking for an excuse to begin with.

Grennie WAS poisoned, and she IS sick, she hasn't fully recovered yet, and we already cleared it up with Acolon, so either she isn't telling the fully story, or he is a fucking asshole of a scale unseen.
No. 434331 ID: bf54a8

hell no, covering up a lie with a more complicated lie is dumb.

just calmly explain that you told acolin that you must of missheard. and that it didn't matter too much. why should it? sick, poison, same difference. acolin is just a jackass.
No. 434334 ID: 0c2247

Point to a single thing there that's untrue. :V
No. 434348 ID: 9718f3

Bo told her that it was a contagious sickness, which her mental afflictions could only be considered by the most flexible of standards. Acolon struck me as a very rigid fellow. Ultimately, Bo's actions did lead to Dilupune's current state, though Acolon shoulder's most of the blame for being a crazy asshole.

To be fair to us, we never suggested claiming it to be infectious, and "sick" is a broad enough category to be basically true in the case of poisonings, but that's how things worked out.

The problem is that we didn't explain SHIT to Acolon. Gren was the one who talked to him, and she didn't know about Bo's interaction with Dilupune so she just said, "Nope, totes poison, no clue where she heard that." No "Oh, she must have misheard/misunderstood" at all.

Explain that you are very sorry, you just panicked and said the first thing that came to mind when Dilupune said she would go visit Grentonis, because you knew she didn't want company after being attacked. You never intended for her to get hurt and you will explain everything to Acolon when you get back from your task, you promise. And do whatever else to make up for your mistake.
No. 434364 ID: b85f8c

To be honest I expected him to blame the person that told Dilupune the lie.

Also, he gave Boaga a warning first; did he not warn her? This whole situation seems unfair to her.
No. 434404 ID: 6a1ec2

Say that it isn't your place to tell Dilupune what happened, that it's a very sensitive issue that Grentonis doesn't need everyone talking about. Say you're sorry that you lied and that you just panicked and said the first thing that came to mind. If there's anything you can do to make it up to her...?
No. 434590 ID: 12c19f

The tip of her tongue and tail is gone... OW?

Bo, assume full newt mode.
No. 434687 ID: 1e72ae

I thought of telling this the first time there was a discrepency, but... "She was sick because she was poisoned," "we/I said she contagious because she just didn't want anyone to see her like that(beat by a human and all); we thought that if you knew that she just had hurt pride at the time, you would've gone over and bugged her (a lot), asking about how she lost. We're here trying to find the man that did it, but we haven't got him yet. We had no idea this was *your* cave." We also had Gren breathe fire into a crack in the cave when we thought something was in there, so we should apologize in case we burned anything.

When we tried to get Acolon to help us before, he said to us "If you lie to me again I will kill you", and later when we told him that she was poisoned, he said "Thank you. I'll... talk to Dilupune about this." I thought he was just being strict, but apparently he was serious.

She can also fly, so unless he got a cheap shot in, she could've gotten away easily.
No. 434701 ID: 99090a
File 134273196526.png - (17.66KB , 865x850 , motion is hard to convey.png )

I-- How is it my fault? Acolon is a--
"No, it is your fault! You told Acolon one thing, and told me some other thing. He believed me over you-- nngh-- because he hates me and he did this to me because of that!"
B-but... She was sick! she was poisoned, doesn't that count?
"Bo, what did you do?"
"Poison isn't contagious, you fucking newt. You fucked everything up!"

She starts limping toward me.

"We're not leaving."

Gren shoves her to the ground hard when she gets close. She yells in pain and rolls over clutching the side of her chest before laying still, breathing hard. Sbe struggles to get back up but can't seem to get her footing.
No. 434702 ID: 99090a
File 134273197896.png - (12.89KB , 865x850 , stop bleeding on my nice rug.png )

"Heh... yeah, you protect your loverboy, wingless..."
"I'll deepen those wounds for you. You're asking for it."
Gren, stop!

I get in front of her and turn to Dilupune.

I-- I'm sorry. Gren was hurt, so I panicked! I just wanted to help her! I never meant to get anyone hurt!
"Just shut up. Shut up. Please."

She sobs a bit. T-this is kind of awkward...

Is... is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
"...Yeah. Y-- you can get me something to eat."
No. 434703 ID: 067a04

Get her a nice, juicy, Acolon steak.
No. 434704 ID: a83682

Maybe Gren should acquire food since Bo is drugged and injured.
No. 434705 ID: bf54a8

when you leave tell gren that maybe the TRUTH will make her feel better.
No. 434718 ID: 4a328b

Bo, you go and hunt some grub, dammit. Gren can't do this for you--well, she can, but it'd make you a confirmed Newt FOREVER
No. 434722 ID: b33427

Go hunting, and take Gren with you. You shouldn't be alone in your state, and leaving those two together is a recipe for trouble. Hunt up enough for all three of you while you're at it.

This is a little worrying. While Dil is injured, and being shoved by Gren would hurt, the way she clutched her chest and breathed hard might indicate cracked ribs or some other internal injury. She should be watched to see if her symptoms worsen. There may be a trip down to the city to get a healer in the near future.
No. 434729 ID: b85f8c

Another one of those painkiller flowers would be nice right about now. We could probably approach the city to ask for another one?
No. 434745 ID: 12c19f

Unlikely. But since it -was- a raw herb... If Bo remembers the smell he could probably find a stalk growing somewhere.
No. 434841 ID: 2bafff

you aren't in good enough condition to hunt so send gren to get something and try to find whatserface some of that herb that you are high from. Or just try to do that and have drug-fueled shenanigans instead.
No. 434842 ID: b33427

Really, do not try to hunt, you are in no shape to do so. Even if it dings your pride a little, and Dil'll call you a newt for it, ask Gren to hunt for you. At least it'll get Gren away from Dil for a bit. Keep an eye on Dil in case she gets worse from her injuries.
No. 434919 ID: 99090a
File 134281482076.png - (14.69KB , 865x850 , lust.png )

Gren, could you? My shoulder...
"Fine. I'd just let her starve, but fine."
Oh, and if you find any more of that herb...

She leaves. Dil and I lay around for a while. From the noises she's making, I can tell she's in a good amount of pain.

"Hey... Hey, littlehorn, come here."
"I need your help with something."
What is it?

I walk over to her.

Dil, hey.
"Closer. I need you to look at something."

I lean in and she rolls on her back and grabs me!

"I'm horny."
W-wh-- I--
"Do it with me. P-please?"
No. 434920 ID: 96a1b7


It would only exacerbate you wounds.
No. 434921 ID: 4a328b

>Fuck no, go burn down a town

er, I mean

>Make sure she isn't going to like, die, or something. THEN you can consider 'doing it'
No. 434922 ID: a370aa

don't do it, think of what gren will do if she catches you in the act (and she WILL!)
No. 434923 ID: 2bafff

Become flustered and promptly faint
No. 434924 ID: 4a328b

Not care at all? Seriously, she doesn't like ya that way, Bo. She'll probably be glad you've found someone else.
No. 434925 ID: 160ec1

Focus on making sure she's okay!
No. 434928 ID: 6e44d2

This is... Odd.
No. 434933 ID: a370aa

oh. well in that case....
bo: acquire blood fetish
No. 434935 ID: 735f4f

Is this standard dragon behavior? Anyways you both are probably to wounded to do anything right now. Also would probably be a horrible idea in general. While fun it would result in major drama and further injuries.
No. 434936 ID: e3f578

>R. Knight: Enter inexplicably as if summoned.
>Plot: Get Real
No. 434939 ID: e3f578

Though, if we're getting serious here, I think she's trying to trick you Bo.
She gonna rip your dragock off if you know what I mean, or try and break it.
No. 434942 ID: 0c2247

Back off FAST
"No! What's wrong with you?!?"
No. 434946 ID: fed066

No. 434948 ID: ef2e83


It's probably just a reference to how young Boaga is.

Honestly I would say he is the Youngest dragon from that mountain, and he's certainly larger than Dil.
No. 434951 ID: fa9f7e

Do whatever you feel like.
No. 434956 ID: 6a1ec2

You're not horny, Dil. You only have one left!
No. 434961 ID: 12c19f

Oh sweet Christmas NO.

No. 434962 ID: 0c2247

Gren: Overhear this and look in to see how Bo responds.
No. 434963 ID: b85f8c

Tell her you're saving yourself for Gren.
No. 434964 ID: b26bd8

No. 434969 ID: 9718f3

Nope. You don't feel that way about her, you DO feel that way about somebody very likely to come back during the act who is finally kinda sorta warming up to you, you're injured, she's severely injured, and given the circumstances the whole thing is just very strange. So nope.

Though don't be surprised if she admits to having had a secret crush on you for, like, ever.
No. 434985 ID: a83682

Get away FAST before she makes you the Gren to her Rape Knight.
No. 434999 ID: d94e2c

No, She's hurt.
No. 435014 ID: 75dca8

In the physical state that they both are in?
Bo should ask why she's suddenly horny after walking all the way from their home mountain to Rockhearth with cuts and broken horns.
I'm thinking that there may be more to Dil's story than what she told us. Kinky, bloody sex maybe?
No. 435023 ID: b33427

She could very well be mentally impaired from the combination of exhaustion, hunger, injuries, blood loss and pain, which is manifesting as horniness. In other words, do not take advantage of her situation. You will not be able to live with yourself afterwards, and she might not live if her condition is worse than it appears.
No. 435037 ID: 9bd27f

Do what you do best Bo. Stutter out a mixed explanation and apology. Admit your love for Gren. All of that jazz.

Do not give in to her request though.
No. 435040 ID: c6ec33

Ask her why she feels that way. If she just wants to know that you care about her, she doesn't need to offer herself. You care that she's hurt, and you're going to make sure she's OK, but you don't need sex to prove it.

Right now, you're feeling very funky because of some healing herbs you had to take, and she's not doing well because of being assaulted. Neither of you is right in the head. Give her a gentle pet and offer the lick her wounds for her, and maybe snuggle a little, but don't do any sexytimes. :V
No. 435065 ID: dc4a44

Sex it.
No. 435107 ID: a4bbde

Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
sie beist und kratzt und tritt nach mir
hält mich mit tausend Armen fest
zerrt mich in ihr Liebesnest
frisst mich auf mit Haut und und Haar
und würgt mich wieder aus nach Tag und Jahr
lässt sich fallen weich wie Schnee
erst wird es heiß dann kalt
am Ende tut es weh...
No. 435191 ID: dcd48d

Nope hard as fuck, promptly leave cave.
No. 435460 ID: a783d1

This is no time for you to be sexing anyone. You're recovering from both a high and an injury, and she's... well, her tomguetip is sliced off. Both of you need to heal before you can even think about that. Even if she is in the mood, I don't think it wise to get her blood pumping when there's enough cuts for it to leak out from. If she's interested in you, she'll understand your concern for her health. If not, would you really want the responsibility that would come from bearing young with her? However, it seems like if Dil really wants you, you need Gren to make her choice. If she still wants to wait for Beodox, then she can't deny you the chance of happiness with Dilupune, if you even want her. Whatever happens, though, it's clear that one will be your mate, and the other yhopefully can be kept as a friend.
No. 435637 ID: b2112e

Because mangling and injuries are SO HOT.

Yeah, don't stick your dick in the crazy. This bipolar about-face from hating on you for the lie is sketchy as fuck too.
No. 435737 ID: 5e4fd9

Damnit Dilupune...

Welp, don't feel too horrible about it, it's Acolon's fault for being such an asshole. What you could do about him though, err... I dunno, cause he'd mess anyone of you all sorts of bad.

She literally wants to fuck the pain away. Stammer out that neither of them is in the situation nor the condition to err... Do that, and also that Grennie would be coming soon. Since she'll probably be the one most likely to know of the local flora and fauna, ask her if she knows of any herbs nearby outside the mouth of the cave that can help her and utilize them. Whether or not that works out, you gotta clean those wounds, so lick all of them clean. They still look fresh, so she must have flown all the way here and should be very tired and fatigued. She might fall asleep while you do that, but you have to cauterize those wounds (lightly and carefully) before the blood loss gets worse; ask her if you can do that, be polite. As for her tongue and splintered horn, that's going to need a healer or the work of a good alchemist, but will have to have some good human fetch for them later. The horn could also be sanded with a large smooth stone, perhaps. Now you can just snuggle with her, maybe talk. You're good at that, Bo.

By the way, Bo, you ever consider she really likes you? Has a crush on you? She has a cute petname for you, "Littlehorn", whenever she's mad at you it's either cause you did something stupid or she's hurt (Reasonable and like Grennie), when she's around you she's rather taunty and maybe even flirty, and she's practically asking you to do her right now. You're also the one male dragon around that's interested in girls and not violent, and is actually really nice. Whatever made you think she's always mean? Sounds to me she reaallly wants you Bo~. Besides, it must be really lonely around her place here. It's one reason why she comes to visit you three up there. Be there for her, but remember, when Beodox doesn't work out for Grennie (if he actually has no remorse about it after finding him and you haven't found and taken care rapeknight), you will have to choose between the two.

Chalk up another one for the travelling party too, after she's healed up.
No. 435794 ID: 99090a
File 134315993524.png - (16.18KB , 865x850 , oh that bitch.png )

I-- no! I'm-- G-Gren! I-I want to be with Gren! N-not you!

She laughs, then winces.

"Way to break a girl's heart. I knew you'd fall for it, littlehorn. I can't believe you even took me seriously!"
"Tiamat damn it, you can be dumb."
I-- I should have known you weren't, uh... horny... Y-you've only got one left.
"Hahahahahahaha-- agh! Stop making me laugh, it hurts!"
C-can you l-let go of me--
"I didn't think you'd say 'no', though. You've changed since you left. What happened to you?"
"Oh, and are you finally going steady with Gren? I mean, you just mentioned her, but she almost tore my head off for just saying it."
No. 435796 ID: a83682

"Oh, don't worry. If you get annoying enough, I won't stop her from actually tearing your head off. But to answer your question, Gren and I are just friends at the moment."
Then taste her blood, and smile as you lick your lips hungrily in front of her face.
No. 435797 ID: e3f578

I can't help but feel you have a history with Dil here.
She's done this before, hasn't she? Or you've dated or had a relationship before? Apparently your close enough to have shared your thoughts once before.
No. 435804 ID: b85f8c

Admit you aren't quite dating yet. Also I thought she might've been reacting to the 'wingless' comment.
No. 435991 ID: 2bafff

Answer truthfully and explain your situation
No. 435996 ID: 0c2247

Detagle yourself from her and help her clean those wounds.

"She needs closure over Beo before she can move on. There's more going on than just that, but that's not my place to say."
No. 436092 ID: 9718f3

I'm pretty sure Gren's reaction had more to do with who was saying it, than what was said. No offense or anything, but Dilupune makes the worst impressions on people. And not just first impressions either, subsequent ones as well.

Also the whole "wingless" comment.
No. 436226 ID: 6c61ee

Is she usually like this? Is this normal behaviour for her?
Because she's acting very strange.
No. 436498 ID: 99090a
File 134332736583.png - (16.26KB , 865x850 , concussion symptoms.png )

I-- I don't have a history with Dil! We've known each other for years, but we were never like t-that! A-and she's always teased me!

She's kind of mean!

We-- We're not together... I mean, I think she's kind of warming up to me, though. And-- she might have gotten mad at you because of,

uh, 'wingless'.
"I didn't know she had wing envy. Get off of me, littlehorn."
But you're holding on to me--

She pushes me away and rolls back on her side with a groan.

"I still blame you for this, you know. Fuckin' Acolon and his fuckin' lying complex."
I really am sorry about that--
"Being sorry isn't going to bring back my tongue. Or horn. Or my tail. Or un-break my ribs."
"Do you know how hard it was flying all the way here? With all of that? It hurt like hell. And to find you squatting here..."
Is there anything I can do? Like help you clean your cuts?
"I-- I should do that, shouldn't I. You can help me get the hard-to-reach places."

I start licking her wounds. I'm wondering if I should do anything about her tongue, and this close I can hear her wheezing with each breath.

"You-- ah-- You're a likable guy, though. Even if you are a newt. I mean it."
No. 436500 ID: e3f578

oh god he took off a bit of her tongue just because he thought she was lying, even with no proof?
Acolin is a fucking psychopath.
I know he's currently defending Gren's eggs for no ulterior motives right now, but I really think we need to either give him an intervention or kill that fucker.
This is completely unacceptable behavior, even for a dragon.

Grens kids will be growing up near that mad man, and they'll be kids so lying will be in their nature. That fucker is going to brutalize them once their able to speak and he'll justify it over the tiniest white lie or mistake.
No. 436506 ID: 0c2247

Not much we can do about the concussion besides keeping her relaxed, keeping her at rest, keeping her under watch, and putting a damp cloth on her head.
If we have any cloth, anyway.

"That psychopath really did a number on you. Lie down and rest; I'll take care of this."
No. 436515 ID: 68f2f2

don't be a baby, nothing got hurt that won't grow back. Dragons are tough and built for fight!

don't apologize too much, Bo, you didn't know that Acolon is a psychopath.
No. 436613 ID: b85f8c

Thank her for the compliment. Also ask her what she knows about the city down there. Tell her the description of the Knight and ask if she's seen him.

Also ask if she's met the mayor.
No. 436749 ID: b2112e

> < Ralith> Trout: so will any of this grow back
> < Trout> Ralith: Tongue/Tail? Nope. Horn? It's possible, but it'll take forever and they'll be uneven
No. 437595 ID: 99090a
File 134369241699.png - (16.02KB , 865x850 , it\'s a miracle she\'s still standing.png )

Uh... thank you...

I move on to the cuts around her chest and neck.

So... what do you know about the city down there?
"Not much. Lots of people, lots of noise, part of some kingdom. Agh, damnit, that stings. What are you doing?"
S-sorry, it's deep! Um... have you seen a human in full chainmail armor in the last few days? With a bucket helmet with two horns on the side, black gloves, uh...
"I don't know. I didn't exactly stop to look around when I was flying over here. I think I saw some human like that three or four days ago, on the road near our mountain. Why? Are you trying to find this human? Is that why you two left? You never told me."
No. 437647 ID: 2bafff

ask why she wasn't able to escape Acolon if she can fly and he can't
No. 437656 ID: e3f578

"It's Gren's business, not my right to tell you. Plus, she'd do to me what Acolon done to you. It's why I had to lie to you, and skip around the subject with Acolon. If you weren't so nosy, this wouldn't have happened. I'll repeat it, it is not my right to tell you. Ever. You want to know that bad, you ask Gren, but she'll never tell you or anyone. It was tough enough to get her to tell me and the people necessary to finding that man. Just trust me, that knight? You do not want to fuck with that night specifically, or even go near him if you're a dragon unless you have back up. You want to blame anybody besides Acolon for what happened, blame him. And if you somehow do manage to get your claws or teeth on him, bring him to Gren alive. This entire thing between him and her needs to end if all of our homes are going to find peace. But I doubt you could take him on yourself, he has magic and an insane poison. You get hit with that poison, then you'll know why everything that has happened happened. He's probably a humanoid demon under that mask, actually, for all we know."

Bits and pieces of that thing. I have no idea how to tl;dr that myself.
No. 437658 ID: 6a1ec2

The ironic thing is that Dil has been fucked up far worse than Grentonis, yet here we are defending Grennie. Just, you know, just tell her. Dil deserves to know more than anyone. No more lying!
No. 437659 ID: fa9f7e

No. 437676 ID: 32e092

Don't do this, because unlike certain suggesters, you're not a MASSIVE PRAT.
No. 437679 ID: 735f4f

Tell her to ask Gren when she gets back. It is her story to tell.
No. 437685 ID: 4f3868

I think that we might as well tell the real reason why Gren and Bo left. Dil's already in a bad shape, and we don't want anymore people to get hurt by misleading people from the truth.

Bo should ask Dil to walk Gren's shoes (or claws?) if the same thing were to happen to her. That could help her understand why Gren wanted to cover up the story.
No. 437691 ID: e3f578

Well, a lie that would be effective while totally letting her know why we hate that guy so much, is that the knight raped you instead of Gren. And that you went hunting for her so she'd help you with hunting down your rapist.

That would suitably guilt trip her to help you all out. Even if it's a little immoral to do to a woman hurt so bad from your older lies. And then you can tell everyone a trutheir lie without shaming Gren at all, ever. You'll take on all of Gren's embarrassment for her.

This is either the worst idea, or the best idea.
No. 437702 ID: 32e092

It's Gren's secret to share. Don't do it for her.

> Dil is horribly mangled because we lied to her
> Lie to her some more

Are you retarded?
No. 437715 ID: e3f578

It's not like she would know, at all unless someone told her the truth.
I'm not retarded, but I'm not a moralist either. I don't want to embarress Gren by telling the truth, or be a big cocktease to Dil by elling her nothing.
Acolon's nowhere near here and Dil doesn't have his complex, and it's not like anyone besides us would tell her the truth. There are only four people (maybe three if goatee leader and the Knight are actually the same person, though its unlikely) in the world that understand what really happened. We would be the only one willing to back off on that lie.
It's consequence free if Dil believes us. And who got raped is such an insignificant detail to her even if she finds out later. Somebody got raped, she won't care who did as long as the secrecy and embarrassment is completely understandable to her. She'd even understand if she found out later why Bo would take on Gren's shame, you know, because she probably understands how seriously awful and traumatic that is and that the victim would keep it on the downiest low.
No. 437746 ID: b85f8c

Tell her that is why you're out here, but don't say why it's important.
No. 437756 ID: 9718f3

Not our place to say, really. He broke into Gren's cave. Any more than that and she'll have to ask Gren herself. Which... might not be a good idea.

It is the worst idea. It wouldn't even work. Gren was the one who was injured, while Bo was walking around talking to his neighbours. It simply isn't believable and would lead Dil straight to the truth. Not to mention Bo isn't exactly great at deception.

We have to be careful to not make a fuckhuge deal about what the knight did or Dil is going to start imagining the most horrible things possible. Since the truth lies within that range of possibilities. And Gren'd be pissed if we led Dil to come to the correct conclusion by acting like a huge spaz.
No. 438130 ID: 99090a
File 134385378580.png - (16.06KB , 865x850 , how do dragons even kiss.png )

I... I shouldn't. It's not my story to tell. Gren would probably do to me what Acolon did to you if I told you.
"It's that serious?"
"Huh. She looks okay. She was strong enough to shove me to the ground."
It's not really physical...
"Do you think she'll tell me if I asked her?"
I don't know. She's been acting odd lately. She could do anything.

I finish cleaning the last of her injuries.

I did what I could. You're in a really bad shape, Dil.
"I know."
Just... get some rest, okay?
"Okay. Thank you."

She-- um. She kisses me on the cheek and lays back down.
No. 438131 ID: 99090a
File 134385380559.png - (15.00KB , 865x850 , i maek dirty joek.png )

A while afterward, Gren comes back.

"I couldn't find anything."
"No. You're better at this than I am, Bo. It was dead out there."
"Hey, your boyfriend's good with his tongue, you know that?"
I-- I cleaned her up.
"Cleaned me up good."
"Shut up."
Gren, uh... we never told her why we were out here.
Well, maybe it's a good idea to tell her? And stop lying?
"I never lied, Bo."
"Yeah, tell me! I'm curious."
No. 438138 ID: e3f578

Gren, come on she can help.
We need her. She can fly, well after she heals up. You said you hated waiting around. We need a scout.
What happened is nothing to be ashamed of. You need justice, Gren. You're never going to let it go or live your life right without it. Think about your kids, you won't be able to raise them right without your groove back.
No. 438166 ID: 0c2247

Gren: Tell her the truth. It's unpleasant, but talking about it will help you come to terms with it.
No. 438167 ID: b85f8c

Gren: I take it you're not friends with her. Don't tell her unless she has something of value to give in exchange. She's kindof useless so heavily wounded.
No. 438177 ID: 735f4f

We probably should tell her. In her condition she would be easy prey for rape knight.
No. 438186 ID: 6a5a08

No. 438385 ID: 18af26


Also, though probably not advisable due to Boaga still being there, she's not really in any state to be taunting you for what happened anyway if she's not seeking a few more deep scratches, and to be honest, if she'd taunt you over such things, then Boaga should understand that she deserves a bit more pain for being such a bitch about it, or he really is a heck of a newt.
No. 438845 ID: 99090a
File 134400967780.png - (13.17KB , 865x850 , potential concerns.png )

I don't want to.
"Gren, you told Gailegh, so why can't you..."
He wasn't from home.
"She can help us."
"Please tell her."
I... the day before we left, I was attacked. A man-- wearing chainmail and a helmet that completely covered his head. H-he used a poison-- a poison on a knife, a-and he stabbed me with it, and I couldn't move-- my muscles just weren't working--
And-- h-he--
"Grentonis, it's okay. I-- I get what happened. I understand."
N-no. You don't. And hopefully you never will. The man is dangerous to us, o-or anything draconic.
"Y-yeah, you're not safe, Dil. Not in your condition. He was able to do that to gren, so..."
"Well, where is he?"
We think he's in the city, or somewhere around here. That's why left. To find him.
"Here? M-maybe I shouldn't be here. I think I need to go."
No. 438866 ID: e3f578

Dil, there are healthy two dragons here a bunch of guards on our side, well, Boaga's side since Gren alienated the government a little with a tantrum, but Bo saved everyone from her with his diplomacy so Galegh is technically in Bo's debt. You think leaving is safe in your condition? You want to go back home to where Acolon is right now? Why did you even come here in the first place instead of resting in your home? Can you handle a possible random adventuring party finding you on your own in this condition?

IS leaving honestly the safest thing to do right now? IF the knight does come here with the poison, he still has two dragons to get through before even managing to get to you Dil. He can handle one healthy powerful dragon on his own, but he'll have to double his guard against two. Defending the front and back from dragons is almost completely impossible for such a small single creature, no matter how much magical knowledge he has or the equipment he possesses.
No. 438904 ID: 885ee8

Ask her if she had a similar experience.
No. 438916 ID: b85f8c

Go where? Plus we actually don't know if he's here or not. Mostly we're just stuck here because of Bo's shoulder wound, and trying to confirm if he's been here at all or if someone spotted him going a different direction.

By the way, she said this was her cave. Has she stayed here before? Does she have any experience dealing with the humans in the city, or know the area at all? Like, what else is nearby- what is along the road past the fork?
No. 439126 ID: 18af26

It's not wise anymore to be alone with such a dangerous man on the loose. It would be wiser for Dil to stay where she will be safer, with two dragons to protect her, one already wise to his tactics. Especially since right now she could do with our protection while she heals. We were also kind of waiting to perhaps get some information, too, on finding this piece of scum.

I wonder if Rape Knight is into guy dragons? With all of us here, and Acolon, though strong, still all alone at the other caves, if Rape Knight is... oh my, and Gren's eggs, too.
No. 439421 ID: 5c0329

I think she'll be safer in a group of dragons.
No. 442556 ID: 99090a
File 134490117261.png - (9.59KB , 865x850 , tired.png )

No. Where would you go? Back to Acolon so he can finish what he started?

We're not leaving for a while, so neither should you. You're safe here.
"Yeah, Dil."
"But two of us are hurt and you..."
I what?
"Well... I'm sorry, but..."
It'll be different the second time around.
"Okay. I don't think I'm up for flying anyway. O-or moving at all."

Dilupune lets her head fall to the floor.

"Gren, we really should get her something to eat. We need food, too. I'm

going to go look for some, okay?"
Okay. Be careful, Bo. Don't hurt yourself any more.
"I'll try."
No. 442557 ID: 99090a
File 134490119542.png - (16.05KB , 865x850 , sleepyhead.png )

I perch myself on top of the cliff face and watch the city below as he

leaves. Hours pass, and he comes back with a cow in his jaws. I notice that

his limp has worsened. The three of us share it and toss the scraps down the

side of the mountain. We sleep soon after the sun falls, Boaga next to me

and Dilupune on the far wall.

I hate waiting. I hate the very idea of having to wait. These next days are

going to be very painful for me, but... Bo's here. He'll make it better.
No. 442558 ID: 99090a
File 134490121560.png - (33.54KB , 865x850 , round 2.png )

No. 442559 ID: 99090a
File 134490129957.png - (47.73KB , 865x850 , tonight on fear factor.png )

You-- you're back! Hello! Where is the princess?
|Alas, Miss Jiniki is busy with her friends in another place that's also far from her home. They're all quite silly there.|
Oh... Are we going to do more of that stuff from last time? I think it's working! I stopped Grennie from hurting people and she's been acting nicer to me, too!
|We are, and I know! Well done, Bo.|

It gives me a hearty pat on the back.

|You've still got work to do for confidence, but tonight you must build up its relative, your courage.|
"Yeah, t-that's not really my strong suit, I don't think."

It nods.

|This one's more delicate to approach. There isn't time to conquer all of your fears, but once more we'll start simply and work up with specific examples. Essentially, courage is about self-control.|

There's suddenly a big pool of water. Big enough for me to swim in.

|Let's start with your apprehension of drowning...|
No. 442560 ID: 99090a
File 134490137425.png - (105.93KB , 865x850 , uncomfortable proposition.png )

A lot of time goes by and we stop the lesson for a bit.

|You're doing well, considering how short these are. You've clearly got it in you to keep improving. Before we continue, I have a proposition for you.|

There's a loud noise like metal grinding, almost like it's clearing it's throat.

|There's something you've been interested in for some time now, and I'm offering you the opportunity to experience it. Oh dear, you've been getting this a lot lately, haven't you. Well, it's not exactly my cup of tea either, but it would certainly remove the temptation, for you. And you'd benefit from having that load off of your... back. Do you know what I'm referring to?|

Oh-- U-um-- I-- I think so, b-but-- You're not like Gren, I don't know how that'd... work...

Suddenly it's a lot of things that are moving around and one of them, uh, pats me on the head. I-it's soft. And nice.

|I've many tools with which to ensure your enjoyment, and being in your head enables me to avoid anything you'd dislike. I'd start simple... hugging, kissing, that sort of thing. We'd work up from there, and if you really disliked it, we'd stop. Though, not to boast, but I'm certain you'd want to continue for the whole thing. Your body would still go through some of the usual processes, so I'd make sure nothing went anywhere it shouldn't. Wouldn't want that awkwardness when you woke up, after all.|

U-uh-- B-but... I don't know if...

|Take your time answering. I wouldn't rush you into something like this. I'd normally make a different offer, but your injury means you don't have any spare blood, so that one's out.|
No. 442568 ID: b85f8c

Ugh, refuse sexytimes with the nightmarish tentacle monster from another dimension.
No. 442569 ID: fa9f7e

No. 442572 ID: 13b599

You could give it a try, anyway. Cut out before the sexy part if it gets too weird.
No. 442573 ID: 886a4d

I say he goes for it.
No. 442586 ID: 9718f3

Would Bo have sex with someone just because they offered? I don't think so, doesn't seem like him. It's tempting, but temptation is something Bo is familiar with at this point. It is a matter of self-control and I believe Bo can control himself just fine, without this assistance. So no. Thank you, but no.
No. 442600 ID: e3f578

Bo, come on, this is all a dream. You can't honestly believe such a creature is real right? You can indulge in your physical pleasures here without shame. I mean hell, you've been thinking about this shit for a while and you haven't had a single chance for self-relief!
It's your mind, it's your right.
You might be able to think straighter after this. Think of the mental advantages! I mean, the dragon male who's even a prude in his own dreams, who's even heard of such a thing?

And if you'll insist that it's all real, well, don't you think you should learn to get better at it for Gren's sake? You need to get better at expressing your passionate side to woo her. You may walk with more confidence as well! Boaga, your strut will improve!
No. 442605 ID: 13b599

Probably not just because they offered, though this particular dragon doesn't seem like the toughest person to persuade.

As it is, Bo, you don't stand to lose anything if you accept, and it would make it easier to redirect your attention if the temptation comes up later (assuming you went all the way).

Plus, you might pick up some moves to impress Gren with. Why not ask the dream thing for that too?
No. 442608 ID: 6a5a08

You know, it was just preaching about how self-control is important to courage, but I'm sure this temptation immediately after isn't a test in any way.
No. 442611 ID: b85f8c

You guys realize you won't be getting any porn out of this, right?
No. 442612 ID: e3f578

I'm rooting for it for the character development.
I've covered this before.
No. 442620 ID: b85f8c

How is having an erotic experience with an otherworldly monster that he's known for all of two days a GOOD thing? Especially since y'know he's in love with someone else.
No. 442626 ID: e3f578

Just to get him some damn relief
He's been jerked around for so goddamn long with a lady giving him mixed messages and then recently another one just to screw with his head.
It actually might get his head and priorities straightened a little, not to mention when he wakes up he'll still think he saved himself for Gren thanks to it happening all in a dream.

This purple motherfucker has had blue balls since he started out on this adventure. Someone cut a break for the poor boy already.
No. 442627 ID: b85f8c

He could just go jack off and accomplish the same thing. This is obviously not a dream, anyway. He remembers it quite clearly when he's awake.
No. 442638 ID: b85f8c

Just noting here that that's the in-quest evidence for it not being a dream. Us suggesters know it's not, because it's freaking DESSEN, and the first 'dream' has ties with a third quest besides, through Jiniki.

I figure I should outline more reasoning against doing this:
1) It's not going to make Boaga more confident in sexual matters since it's not sex with another dragon. Normally a sexual experience is helpful in that respect I believe because it teaches you that the opposite sex has the same sort of desires you have, so you don't have to be ashamed of them and/or hide them all the time. Here it would just be, I don't know, like a deal with the devil for a blowjob. No real emotion on the other person's part.
2) It's going to be WEIRD, since Dessen is completely alien and refuses to have conventional sex with anyone due to its asexual nature. This may actually have a negative effect on Boaga's mindset.
3) A personal reason, but I figure I should state it. I find myself extremely annoyed when Dessen breaks the fourth wall just to proposition quest characters in like, ITQ. It's practically a power fantasy character so it makes me think of self-insert erotic fanfics. Going even further than that and having it show up in quests like this for more than just a goofy cameo... well, that makes me lose respect for the author.
No. 443084 ID: 6a1ec2

It's tempting but, wait what was that last part about not having any spare blood?
No. 443141 ID: 8042f4

No sleeping with tentacled horrors; that's just weird.
No. 443438 ID: 075c85

I say go for it, tentacles are totally awesome sexual partners!
No. 443439 ID: 4c8689

How is completely meaningless sex with an eldritch / tentacle horror supposed to help with anything?

If anything it would leave Bo even more confused, as I doubt he has seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
No. 443508 ID: e3f578

>How is completely meaningless sex with an eldritch / tentacle horror supposed to help with anything?
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Bo is surrounded by ladies that tease him, he has balls bluer than the grass of a fiddler, with no means of privacy to deal with it himself, which is helped along with the fact that he is purple, which is blue and red mixed so it's like he's literally fiddling on violet-blue grass.
Granted it is just one pro here, but it's a pretty big pro.
Can't anyone have a little sympathy for the poor dragon's situation here?
No. 443519 ID: b85f8c

You say that as if he's had issues with awkwardboner more than twice.
1) Gren getting too cuddly
2) Dil joking about sex

That's it. It's not a problem at all.
No. 443526 ID: e3f578

If it was just once I'd agree
But two awkward boner situations within a few days time with no relief I believe dies balls blue enough to make it a problem to warrant casual sex with a friendly individual.
No. 443531 ID: b85f8c

No. 443621 ID: 13b599

What makes you say it's meaningless? Bo could surely learn a thing or two.
No. 443622 ID: b85f8c

Would anything he learned be useful when having sex with his own species?
No. 443643 ID: 13b599

I suspect there would be an instructive element to it, yeah. This is supposedly stuff to help with Gren, isn't it?
No. 443653 ID: b85f8c

>Well, it's not exactly my cup of tea either, but it would certainly remove the temptation, for you. And you'd benefit from having that load off of your... back.
It's just release, no instruction.
No. 443657 ID: 13b599

Hey Bo. Ask for it to provide you with helpful relevant advice, in case it wasn't already going to.
No. 443697 ID: 929c52

Absolutely not.
1: This thing has been going on about self-control being important before making the proposition. IT IS A TEST, DO NOT FAIL
2: what the fuck is that about the blood? IT IS A WARNING, HEED IT
No. 443698 ID: 13b599

1. Saying yes sounds like it would take more courage than saying no!
2. Apparently whatever that's about isn't going to happen.

Ask it what it was talking about with that blood thing, though.
No. 443716 ID: b85f8c

>Essentially, courage is about self-control.
He's being tempted. If this is a test, saying yes is failure.
No. 443812 ID: 13b599

If this is indeed a test, and it's about facing things even if they're frightening, saying no is failure. It's the easy way out with nothing ventured and nothing gained.
No. 443846 ID: 6a5a08

Saying yes is taking the easy way out, instead of facing his problems on his own.
No. 443852 ID: 13b599

Self-control is an aspect of courage, but you seem to think that they are the same thing, or at least that the test relies on them being treated as the same thing, which is quite a goofy thing to do. Why are you doing that?
No. 443854 ID: 6a5a08

Because accepting the offer means Bo does not believe he is able to control himself. It means he is afraid of failing, and requires the help of another to control himself. It's the easy way out. For Bo to get stronger and more confident he has to fight his own battles.
No. 443862 ID: 13b599

It doesn't mean that if he does it for the experience and not for the relief. Then it means he's willing to explore at least one unfamiliar and probably frightening thing.
No. 443864 ID: 6a5a08

A valid point, but if he were doing it for the sake of doing it, that would bring into question his loyalty to Gren. It may also make future interactions awkward, as he would be reminded of it (events involving strong emotions, excitement, fear, or anger stick in the memory better) and he may question his own loyalty. This depends on Bo himself, but it seems to me like something that would be in character for him if he does choose to accept.

Overall, I do not believe this is best for Bo's psyche.
No. 443867 ID: 13b599

If this were a time when he should even consider doing that sort of thing with Gren, I'd be totally inclined to agree with you. That said, his choice here shouldn't affect his willingness to help Gren out. I suppose it COULD lead him to question whether or not to get with her, but he should be doing that anyway (considering they don't actually know each other all that well), and in fact already has begun to do so.

I think the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks, and on top of that it seems safe to say the former are more likely to happen, if he says yes.
No. 443891 ID: b85f8c

Oh my god.

LOOK. I quoted DESSEN. He thinks courage is essentially about self-control. If this temptation is a test, then saying yes is failing it.
No. 443898 ID: 13b599

I think it was referring to how you need to control your fear in order to be courageous. I suppose we're just not going to look at it in the same way.
No. 444014 ID: aef453

I vote against getting sexed up by the annoying tentacle-fuckwad barging into a quest that isn't his own.
No. 444033 ID: 8db51b

I totally agree with this sentiment.
No. 444045 ID: 6a5a08

You have a way with words.
No. 444115 ID: a63f48

guys guys this kind of fighting is exactly what it wants!youre just playing into its hands.
No. 444282 ID: eba9b6

go for it bo
No. 448096 ID: 99090a
File 134603136268.png - (69.88KB , 865x850 , grim and dark.png )

Um-- no... I'm sorry, that's... I don't think I want to.
|I understand, and will respect your decision. This was the offer mentioned in your previous dream, and though frightening, not originally intended as part of the current fear conquering activities. Had you accepted, I'd have provided useful advice in the appropriate category, but for it to make the proper impact, you'd need the sensory aspects of the experience. Let me know if you change your mind later.|

It's suddenly a dragon again, and everything gets a little darker...

|Well now, let's see. Next we need another something that you fear much less than... dying sad and alone. Losing a loved one? No, that's still too much yet.|

No. 448097 ID: 99090a
File 134603137891.png - (41.05KB , 865x850 , early dragon gets the knight.png )

...It's morning. I-- I remember something. Some kind of dream, with a black creature. Just like last night.

Gren and Dil are still asleep.
No. 448101 ID: 5b0012

Look around for knights.
No. 448108 ID: b85f8c

Status of entanglement with gren? Can you get up? Do you WANT to?
No. 448135 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, how much do you feel like a poncho?
No. 448295 ID: 9718f3

You look tired.

Might as well get up, stretch a bit but be careful of the shoulder. Maybe go for a short walk to limber things up. Should actually help the healing process if you don't overexert yourself. But stay close! No telling what a rapeknight might do with a cave full of sleeping female dragons without YOU there to protect them, Bo.
No. 448587 ID: aef453

Quietly conceal morning wood.
No. 449799 ID: 99090a
File 134637528742.png - (78.98KB , 865x850 , smell what the roc is cookin.png )

Grennie isn't on top of me again, which to be honest is kind of a relief. I like being close to her, but she's, uh... heavy. I guess I'll get up.


...m-my shoulder is r-really sore! I probably shouldn't have gone hunting last night, but we needed food... Yeah, maybe walking will make it better. But it's a long way down the mountainside, and Grennie usually has to help me. I could just pace around here and, uh... guard Dil and Gren.

"Dragon! Draaaaaaagonnnnn!"
No. 449800 ID: 2ed56b

No time for that, Bo, it's time to be a Big Damn Hero!
An oversized bird should be no match for you, right?
No. 449804 ID: b04a86

Don't call Gren fat, she'll never fall for you like that!

Also save this random person, injuries be damned.
No. 449815 ID: 9718f3

Holy shit breath fire at that thing like my gosh. The bird thing not the human thing, to be clear.
No. 449827 ID: 6a5a08

You're a blue... ish dragon right? Can you breath lightning at that bird? If not, fire works too.
No. 449832 ID: df3a6b

Find out what he wants before you do anything rash.
No. 449917 ID: c6ec33

Bo, this is super important. I want you to channel ALL of the confidences right now.

You need to ROAR the biggest dragon roar you have ever roared, OK.

ROAR while running towards the dude. It'll either startle the roc or force the guy to retreat in terror. Both results end up saving the guy, although we'll have some splainin' to do afterwards.
No. 449921 ID: 6a1ec2

No. 453333 ID: 99090a
File 134730746668.png - (98.07KB , 950x700 , oh god duck.png )

T-that's a big bird! The human just barely makes it to me. I take a big breath and the human notices, but the bird doesn't! He manages to throw himself to the ground just in time! I roar and let out a flame!

No. 453339 ID: bf54a8

giant bird, it's for breakfast.
No. 453346 ID: f2c20c

MMMM-MM. Fried chicken!

Get out of the way of the burning bird before it crashes into you.
No. 453408 ID: f80ba3

Grab the human as you duck back into the cave so the bird doesn't crush and engulf either of you in flames.
No. 453458 ID: 4a328b

Ok see if the human was coming to greet you or giving a big ole battle cry. You can say "Waht?!?"

also breakfast, score.
No. 453471 ID: 006627

And because it's quads (check 'em), it's a critical hit!
Random bird fiend doesn't stand a chance.
No. 453653 ID: 9bd27f

Awesome job Bo! Check to see if the human is alright, and ask him how he ended up in that situation. Also, introduce yourself and get his name.
No. 453669 ID: c8ffb5

let's hope the chicken wasn't on the human's side and both our allies... both bad or only bird bad will work much better.
(nice when everyone is just good or bad and breakfast, isn't it?)
No. 456388 ID: 6a42fc
File 134820154204.png - (20.33KB , 765x750 , watch out birdbrain.png )

No. 456389 ID: 6a42fc
File 134820157979.png - (15.74KB , 765x750 , humans are such cowards.png )


I get over to the human, who is still laying splayed on the ground, covering himself. He doesn't look like he's going to talk to me!
No. 456390 ID: bf54a8

"the bird is gone"
No. 456391 ID: f2c20c

Tell him when he's ready to talk you'll be in the cave. Then drag the bird in and announce to the other two dragons that you brought breakfast.
No. 456424 ID: 0c2247

"When you're ready to stop cowering and talk I'll be in the cave. Thanks for leading breakfast here, by the way."
No. 458240 ID: 6a42fc
File 134869768997.png - (15.24KB , 765x750 , hey wake up asshole.png )

The bird's gone...


I'll, uh, I'll be in the cave.
No. 458241 ID: 6a42fc
File 134869770422.png - (13.64KB , 765x750 , oh god plot progress.png )

"They-- they saw your guy!"
They did?!
"Y-yeah! They saw him going on the north road! An... an hour ago I think!"
No. 458242 ID: bf54a8

run, shake the girls awake, gren ask what up just say THEY SAW HIM.
No. 458243 ID: f2c20c

Which direction?
No. 458257 ID: 26a7c1

He said he's on the north road.
No. 458258 ID: f2c20c

He didn't say which direction ON the north road.
No. 458350 ID: b33427

Tell the guy to stay right there, go wake up Gren and Dil, and tell them what the guy said. Go back out and ask this guy if the guy you're after was on foot or not, how they knew he was your guy, and to confirm if he was going away or towards the city.

This news also presents a problem. You aren't rushing anywhere with Gren while your shoulder is messed up; You shouldn't be on it at all, really. Dil's not going anywhere in her state as well. You're going to need some kind of assistance to travel with Gren, and Dil's going to need healing magic to fly, if she's going to help you track your guy.

Perhaps if you rested your front half in a wagon, you could push yourself along the road with your back legs. That should work.
No. 458444 ID: 6cc859

A completely healthy Gren couldn't defend herself against him. Is this really a good idea?
No. 459080 ID: 6a42fc
File 134904812603.png - (11.69KB , 765x750 , the worst wakeup call.png )

Where was he going?!
"North! Away from the city!"

I hurry into the cave and leave the human behind!

They found him, Gren!
"T-they did?!"
Yes! On the road!
"How long ago?"
An hour, he said!
No. 459081 ID: 6a42fc
File 134904814376.png - (16.58KB , 765x750 , oh no bitchmode again.png )

She stares at me a moment, then gets up.

"We're leaving! NOW!"
"Calm down, you... you..."
G-Grennie, but--
No. 459086 ID: bf54a8

"you gotta eat something first, need to be full power. look i burned a bird thing, eat that, it's right outside the cave."
No. 459087 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, eat first.
No. 459088 ID: e3f578

But what?
Seriously Bo let's just go
of course we're in a hurry
Yeah okay she entered bitch mode but shit this is understandable lets not make you a target again or anyone else. Tell her to go ahead, we'll help the other dragon get up. Then you'll catch up, shouldn't be long.
No. 459104 ID: 0c2247

"Eat first! Also, this could be a decoy. Capture him alive and make sure you have the right one first.
If it really IS him, then I won't object to whatever you decide to do."
How is Dilupune doing? I doubt she's well enough to fly, but can she walk? If this is a decoy then we do NOT want to leave her alone here.
No. 459109 ID: c6ec33

BO: We need a plan! If we don't have a plan, he'll probably just use his magic and poison again and defeat both of us. I don't want you to get hurt by him again.
No. 459111 ID: f2c20c

If he's a decoy then he won't know Diplune is here. The only human that's seen her is this messenger. So she can keep him here until we get back, or move elsewhere so the town doesn't know where she is.

Okay, here's the plan. Gren attacks him alone, and when his guard is down (or he's busy blocking fire), Bo ambushes him. Perhaps with a thrown rock? He still has one good arm. Of course, this requires that Bo be somewhere out of sight. Maybe we can go ahead of him on the road and find an ambush point?
No. 459167 ID: 0c2247

1: Didn't Dil refer to this as HER cave?
2: We don't know if she was spotted on the way here.
3: Even if they don't know she's here, there's still a very real chance this could be bait to get us out of the cave so they can come in here and set-up an ambush for when we return.
4: I was kinda assuming that somebody playing a decoy for murderous dragons wouldn't be in a decision-making position. In fact, the easiest way to get somebody to be bait for a dragon is to trick somebody clueless. "Hey, random schmuck, if you wear this armor to deliver this letter to the town north of here you can keep the armor."
No. 459175 ID: 32f0e3

But we need to do this cautiously or he is going to kick our asses.
No. 462064 ID: 6a42fc
File 135001857786.png - (12.71KB , 765x750 , pls stop.png )

You should eat something first! There's--
"He's right there! I'm not stopping to GORGE MYSELF!"

She's leaving!
No. 462065 ID: 6a42fc
File 135001860097.png - (11.54KB , 765x750 , stop pls.png )

Gren! wh-- what about my shoulder, Gren? The plant isn't working anymore! I-it HURTS for me to walk--!
"So WHAT about your... your... shoulder..."
No. 462066 ID: 6a42fc
File 135001861208.png - (13.94KB , 765x750 , oh yeah he is hurt i forgot.png )

"...Damn it..."
No. 462070 ID: f2c20c

We just need to get another painkiller flower. It shouldn't take long for Gren to give the messenger a ride back to the city, have him go in and get another flower, then come back to deliver it.
No. 462086 ID: 629257

Just get the both of you into good enough condition to travel, and head out as soon as you can. It won't make a huge difference to the hour lead he has, we'll track him down either way.
No. 462278 ID: 6cc859

No. 462341 ID: b33427

Say that this could be for the best; That if the guy is walking about bold as brass, he's confident he could take Gren in a fight. The risk that his confidence is valid makes Gren facing him alone a bad idea. There's also the possibility the guy on the road isn't even the real guy you want. The guy you're tracking could have paid some poor schlub to wear his armor and go for a walk, with the idea that Gren'd rip the schmuck to pieces and go home thinking she'd succeeded.

However, if he did hire someone to wear his armor, that means that someone likely saw his face and could identify him. This means you've got to capture him alive.

Head back outside and see if that messenger is still around; You need to get a message to Lord Gailegh, and neither you nor Gren can go into the city. If he already headed back, ask Gren to head down the mountain and bring him back.

You need him to tell Lord Gailegh to send that healing mage up here, along with a dragon-sized dose of that painkiller plant, for Dil. He should also tell Gailegh that you need him to send someone to discreetly follow the armored man, just in case he goes off-road. Oh, and to clear and secure a spot in the city big enough for a dragon to land in, and mark it with an "X."

Now, the plan is to get Dil into good enough shape to fly. She follows the road, locates the armored guy, silently swoops down and lands just long enough to nab him in her jaws, making sure to not kill him, then immediately takes off again, and gets as high as she can, as fast as she can. That'll stop him from retaliating, since he'll crash to the ground with her if he does. She heads back to the city, lands on the "X," spits out the armored man, and takes off. Then Lord Gailegh's men take it from there.
No. 465406 ID: 6a42fc
File 135096958746.png - (13.84KB , 765x550 , morale issues.png )

Maybe this is for the best, Grennie. I mean, if he's just walking around out there, then he must think we can't hurt him...
"He's-- He's right there, though, a-and there's two of us... What if we got you another one of those plants?"
It's not the pain, Gren! I could hurt myself worse if I move too much...
"I... he's..."
That might not even be him. He could have paid someone to wear his armor, and walk out of the city.
"Are you two still talking...?"
"Shut up!"
"Just want some peace and quiet..."
Maybe we can get Gailegh to have someone follow him?
"H-he probably has his hands full with the riot, Bo. I think we're on our own.Tiamat damn it all. Never going to..."

She looks absolutely devastated.
No. 465428 ID: f2c20c

Dammit Bo, don't give up like that. Get a painkiller plant and just DEAL with the added injury. This is to make Gren happy! BE A MAN. On the off chance that this is someone who was paid to just wear his armor, then that means the real culprit is someone in town, and we can find out who it is from the decoy. In either case, we need to get down there. Don't let him get away.
No. 465432 ID: d4ad1a

He's severely wounded. Like he said, it's not about the pain. Gonna have to wait 'till another time.
No. 465437 ID: e3f578

Revenge is a dish best served cold, Gren. We need more of a plan of what we're going to do with this big threat before trying to take him down. We might manage to make it all the way home and ruin his life utterly and completely. And if we're creative enough, that won't have to include slaughtering other people, so Bo is pleased as well.
Wait and plan. We can do what we've been doing, just keep following his routes. You're dragons, you live for a very long time, and that human probably has a bunch of years left on him as well. We have time Gren. There's always more time.
No. 465439 ID: 6a1ec2

No. 465781 ID: b33427

There is a way, but it means that Gren will have to go it alone, and trust herself to not kill the man the first chance she gets, since he may not be the man she seeks. Bo has to stay behind, 'cause even if Bo got down the mountain, and swiped a handcart to use as a "wheelchair" for his front half, he's no good in a fight in his state, wouldn't be able to go off-road, and would slow the both of them down, even on the road.

Now, what Gren is going to do is tail the man in the armor from a distance, preferably from the hills and crags near the road. Dil can help with planning a route, since she knows this area from the air. Even taking an evasive route, Gren can keep up, since dragon strides are longer than a man's.

Eventually the man in the armor is going to have to rest for the night, either in a camp, or at an inn. That'll give Gren a chance to capture him, while he's in the depths of sleep. If he's made camp, then it'll be a matter of slipping out of the forest, or across the fields, knocking the wind out of him so he can't mutter a spell, and covering his face until he passes out. Rip him out of his clothes, down to his underwear, and Gren carries him back in her jaws.

If there's an inn, though, that's trickier. No way to figure what to do until Gren arrives and sees what's what. Perhaps if she can snag the innkeeper or one of the staff, she can threaten to burn the inn down if they don't deliver the armored man, bound and gagged.
No. 469188 ID: 6a42fc
File 135224918453.png - (11.13KB , 765x600 , oh man is that determination for once.png )

No, no. No. I am not losing this. I am not going to let him just walk away from me. I just want to finish this and go home.

...I am going alone.
"W-- what?!"
I can follow him. I can catch up. Neither of you can. And I can not wait around anymore, Bo!
"But-- But Gren, he..."
I know what he did! And now I can expect what he does. And I am just going to follow him until he is vulnerable, until I am sure I can surprise him.
"Grennie, no!"
I am sorry, Bo. I know I will lose him if I don't.
"B-but I could lose you!"
No. 469189 ID: f2c20c

No, he won't. We'll be very careful.
No. 469195 ID: c01c5b

There isn't any reason for you to believe that That Man won't have more poison and magic. You need help, and Boaga needs more rest and healing.

Go get that human to contact Gailegh for assistance on both of those fronts.
No. 472518 ID: 6a42fc
File 135319752376.png - (10.55KB , 600x600 , i guess im slinkoboy now.png )

No you won't, Bo. I will be very careful. I promise.
It'll be okay. Okay?

I hug him.

I am just going to wait until he sleeps, and then tear his throat out. I'll be safe.
"...Okay. C-come back soon."
I will.

He squeezes me tighter. I have to almost push him off of me, but soon afterward I get details from the human looking dazed outside and climb down the mountain.
No. 472519 ID: 6a42fc
File 135319754033.png - (11.64KB , 800x600 , journey except not.png )

It's nice and warm today, better than the rain that has plagued me for the last few days. The sun is still new in the sky, and I'm rested. For the first time in almost a week, I feel strong. Confident.

I've never gambled, but I would bet my life on this. I AM betting my life on this.

I follow the road north for an hour, observing it from a distance on high ground where I can find it. I enjoy the walk, the peaceful silence.
No. 472520 ID: 6a42fc
File 135319755550.png - (13.23KB , 700x750 , dont stop belevin etc.png )


No. 472521 ID: 4a328b

no, no. wait until he sleeps. stalk him unseen until then.
No. 472522 ID: f2c20c

What is that red on him? Be wary, do not approach if there's something different about him. There are also others on the road. What would they think if a dragon came out of nowhere and attacked someone unprovoked?
No. 472571 ID: befc95

CHARGE HIM. You may not get this chance again, you need to strike now!

Try to go in from behind if you can, stay out of sight as long as possible.
No. 472574 ID: 6cc859

Don't be an idiot. Now that we've found him, we can shadow him until he sleeps and it actually is safe.

Remember what happened last time we engaged in a straight-up fight with this guy? Remember our promise to Bo?
No. 472594 ID: 62496e

No. 472601 ID: 12c19f

Mistaken identity is a possible issue here too. The worst that could happen is the black knight set up a decoy for you to slay.

...I don't know, can dragons identify by smell? Smell is said to be connected to memory.
No. 473098 ID: 6a42fc
File 135337447828.png - (14.66KB , 800x600 , this this pose NEVER looks right.png )

Grahh! I do not care if it's someone else at this point! I could kill him now, and... I... Nnnh...! I can't. Damn it, I can't. I made a promise to Bo. Damn it! He always...!

...He always does what's best.

The red... I can not see that far, that well. I do see red on him, though.

Damn it, I'll just follow him. It's hard keeping my impulse to just run and tear him to shreds in check. Very hard. The only thing keeping me from doing it anyway is the thought of the look on his face when I wake him to end his life.
No. 473099 ID: 6a42fc
File 135337449188.png - (23.36KB , 700x600 , yay dark shades again.png )

He walks, and I walk. I make certain no one on the road sees me.

...And he walks, and walks, and... doesn't... stop...

I'm... I'm very tired, a-and my legs are sore... It's hard to see, but I can smell salt in the air. I think I'm near the ocean. That's... that's a long walk, and I did it so fast...
No. 473102 ID: f2c20c

He's glowing. Wanna bet it's a golem or something? A trap, in any case. Approach to get a better look but do not get close.
No. 473118 ID: 62496e

Clever bastard. He's probably trying to wear you down so he can attack. Probably using magic or drugs to enhance his endurance.

Speaking of which, he seems to be casting something. Take cover.
No. 473196 ID: 2ed56b


This isn't good at all, Gren. How did you get so far, so quickly? This is illusion magic and/or a trap. Get back to Bo before something worse happens.
No. 473198 ID: bf54a8

back off, this is obviously more magic at work.
No. 473242 ID: b33427

Wait a minute... How far away is the ocean along this road? How long has he been walking? 'Cause if you, or a man, can't walk that in a day then something is very wrong here.

Tail him until the road gets near the water. If he does something obviously wrong, such as walking right down into the depths of the ocean, then you've been had. If he just keeps following the road, get ahead of him, and hide near enough to the road you can get a good look. If this is a trap, then it'll go off if you attack, either with fire or claw.
No. 473255 ID: 12c19f

We've made a grave mistake. He's an adept magic knight of some manner. We've left ourselves vulnerable.
No. 473261 ID: 3bea8b

well, we actually didn't make a mistake I think... it was hard enough to restrain Gren from attacking him the moment we noticed him. This would most likely have ended in death.
Everything else wasn't an option for Gren.

So, for now, Gren, be rational. can you still fight him like this while he's a strong magic user? can ou even reach him when exhausted like this? You caught him at a bad moment (bad for you), so I don't think anything else than retreating will do anything in your favor.
No. 473389 ID: 6a42fc
File 135348523358.png - (27.85KB , 800x600 , dead tired.png )

I-- I have to stop. Just for a moment...

He's been glowing for a long time, since it got dark. I didn't mention that. He-- he has a light, or something.

The ocean... it isn't too far away from where were were, I think, but I have been walking for hours, too.

I... yes, I could fight him... I-I know it... I'll j-just follow him. For now.
No. 473390 ID: 6a42fc
File 135348525518.png - (39.53KB , 800x600 , you mentioned a grave mistake.png )

I lost sight of him during my... rest... but he should still be on the road. Just over this hill. The path goes along the beach for a distance, all the way up to...

He, uh... Oh shit.
No. 473391 ID: 6a42fc
File 135348527094.png - (35.30KB , 800x650 , well i can\'t say you were wrong.png )

Oh shit!
No. 473396 ID: 735f4f

Well at least he wont have to poison you this time seeing as you are to tired to fight him off anyway.
No. 473397 ID: f2c20c

Let me guess. The knight on the road was an illusion, maybe even enchanted with a sleep spell that affects anyone that stares at it too long... And now the real one's right behind you. Well, run away. You can't fight him head on, you know that.
No. 473513 ID: 12c19f

He... Walked across the ocean.

Yeah we're done here.
No. 473515 ID: 6a5a08

It was a distraction.
Get back to the defenseless injured dragons.
No. 473531 ID: 735f4f

Now is he just walking over the ocean off into the distance? Or is he coming your way?
No. 476366 ID: 6a42fc
File 135458359413.png - (17.08KB , 750x600 , darkness my old friend.png )

No-- no, it's walking out onto the water-- That wasn't him! Oh shit, oh shit, damn-- he was probably following me the whole time-- I can't see a thing!
No. 476368 ID: 6a42fc
File 135458361347.png - (18.12KB , 800x600 , come to talk with you again etc.png )

I-- I ran. I have no clue where I'm going, or where the road is. I haven't seen him, at all. But I can't be sure he's not following me. I h-have to catch my breath! I... I feel tired enough to pass out at any moment, but I can't just lay down. I have to make sure that I lost him first, or I can get somewhere safe.

I'm in a forest, and I know I ran north along the coast. It's to the west, and I can hear waves on the shore. To my east are a bunch of rolling forested hills. I'm big and hard to hide, but I can't run anymore. My legs feel like they're about to give out...
No. 476371 ID: f2c20c

Is that a chopped-down tree? There could be a town nearby, which means you could request shelter in exchange for service. There's really no way you could 'lose' him since you're a giant dragon and your tracks are super obvious. You have to find shelter, or make some. You could, for instance, dig a hole in the side of a hill big enough to stick your rear end in so nobody can access it. Make a tight-fitting cave as a protective shell, basically. Optimally you would be able to stick your whole body in there so that he'd have to face your mouth no matter what.

Oh! You could also drag that log with you and keep it as a weapon.
No. 476408 ID: d4ad1a

Clever. This.
No. 480320 ID: 99d4f0

No. 480326 ID: 6a42fc
File 135621065618.png - (13.59KB , 800x600 , so degrading.png )

I don't need a log! I have my teeth and claws. I'll dig, I guess. It's degrading, and... and stupid but... I can't run anymore.

This will have to do. I have to do this fast...

No. 480327 ID: 6a42fc
File 135621067309.png - (16.81KB , 800x600 , So DAMN degrading.png )

I... I'm not sure if I'm seeing things or if... just tired...


M-maybe I wasn't being followed, maybe...


...m-maybe he was just distracting me... so he could get to Boaga and Dilupune...

O-oh Tiamat-- I let that happen...!
No. 480328 ID: 99d4f0

You are going to get raped...again, do not sleep! Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!
No. 480331 ID: bf54a8

no, they are together, he can't take both of them at the same time. and he probably wont try.
No. 480363 ID: f2c20c

You can't do anything about that right now. We will get back to them as fast as possible after this.

Also, don't worry too much. From what we know of him, he probably couldn't take on two dragons at once, even if both were wounded. Plus, I think Boaga would sooner die than let THAT happen right in front of him.

Right now you need to sleep, so you can be fit for travel tomorrow. You need to sleep.
No. 480440 ID: 521153

Yeah, can't not sleep. In your exhausted state, consciousness is not likely to be an effective defense. Denying yourself rest only works to the enemy's advantage.
No. 480632 ID: 78c6ea

Just sleep with your eyes open. Dragons can do that right?
No. 482078 ID: 6a42fc
File 135725820984.png - (12.09KB , 800x600 , sleep already you dumb bitch.png )

I... I guess... really isn't anything I can do, thanks to how stupid I was! Oh, I'm sorry, Bo...! When I see him again, I'm just going to... I'll... hug him. A lot.

Yes... a lot...
No. 482079 ID: 6a42fc
File 135725824387.png - (10.12KB , 800x600 , kind of a pointless decision really but eh.png )

I slept fitfully, plagued by nightmares. I haven not had any since I was just a hatchling. I awake, tired and sore, and above all, hungry. I immediately catch a squirrel in my jaws and swallow it whole, for what little sustenance it could provide. It isn't nearly enough for me. But it will have to do.

In my panic, I must have gotten turned around in the woods; It took me an hour to get back to the road. I start to walk back when I remember something.

Acolon mentioned that an acquaintance of his lived up the coast from here, and that he might be willing to help. I want to get back as soon as I can, but it would be good to have someone else on my side for once. I do not know where this friend of his is, other than in the mountains, or if he would even offer any assistance, or if he would tolerate my presence. So maybe it would be a bad idea. But it's definitely something I should consider.
No. 482091 ID: f2c20c

Considering the other two dragons we have with us are injured and unfit for travel, we really should go recruit Acolon's friend if it is at all possible.
No. 482105 ID: 6a5a08

With Acolon's whole truth and honor thing, I doubt he'd recommend this dragon as even possibly willing to help if they weren't. On the other hand, we have two injured dragons still recovering near a city of people discontent with dragons being around, with the knight's current location unknown. I say keep Acolon's friend in mind for now and go check on the others.
No. 482153 ID: d4ad1a

Whatever our enemy wanted to do with us gone, he's had plenty of time to do it by now. Rushing back won't do us any good. Recruit.
No. 484170 ID: 384bf5

No, go home, Boaga would get worried!
No. 484190 ID: c267d1

Go give Boaga some of those hugs you spoke about. He's very likely /damn worried/!
No. 484326 ID: 6a42fc
File 135787837531.png - (13.09KB , 700x600 , oh what.png )

I-- Yes, I need to get back to Boaga. I can't just go off on a long shot for help I don't need, without telling him! He'd get so worried...

I start the long trip back, accompanied only by my own thoughts. I think... I think I'm done. I've searched for the man for days without so much as glimpsing him, and every turn I've taken seems to make my life worse. And I want to go back home, to my cave, to my children...

I feel like I'm being watched the whole way there. I felt the same way last night.

I make it to the crossroads again, where I killed the criminal. That's-- that's a familiar... Boaga?
No. 484327 ID: 6a42fc
File 135787838922.png - (11.62KB , 700x600 , ITS HAPPENING.png )


I run toward him!

What-- What are you doing here, Bo?!
"I was going to look for you...! I got worried!"

I go to hug him, but something... else happens.
No. 484328 ID: 6a42fc
File 135787840302.png - (10.25KB , 700x600 , flop to the ground.png )

No. 484330 ID: bf54a8

oh my. you can't deny that just happened gren. your rational side may not like him but it's now obvious that your instincts like him.
No. 484331 ID: c267d1

No. 484333 ID: f2c20c

I thought we were going to find him to bring him to justice and make sure that nobody else gets hurt?

I guess you can just count on the mayor to try to catch the guy, and spread the word amongst other dragons via some anonymous manner that there is someone that can do it.

What's he doing walking around? Isn't his shoulder still hurt? Well whatever, tell him what you've been thinking about today.
No. 484334 ID: 3b1bd6

Clearly you must hug him harder.
No. 484355 ID: 7003a8

Roll with it, and enjoy!
No. 484378 ID: 78c6ea

Don't feel pressured, Grennie. Just enjoy your feelings of happiness. Boaga is the real deal!
No. 484469 ID: 572be1

Just want to note that the last thing the knight tricked you with was probably an ILLUSION.

Double-check that this is actually him somehow. poke him where he got hurt.
No. 484532 ID: 6a42fc
File 135794973489.png - (12.01KB , 850x600 , scandalous!.png )




"G... Grennie...?"
Wh-- what were you doing out? Why are you walking around?
"You... y-you just kissed--"
Boaga. Why were you out of the cave?
"I-- I just got w-worried! I was g-going to go find you, a-a-and make sure you were okay..."
That was stupid! You have a torn shoulder! You could never find me, not with that, you dumbass!

I know he's real. He yelped when I brought him to the ground.

"...Gren? Was... was that actually...?"
No. 484537 ID: 7a105f

Yup. Perhaps you two should return to the cave for "rest".
No. 484538 ID: d6ae01

No. 484543 ID: 3b1bd6

You might as well admit it...
Take him home, and I suppose cuddle or sleep in a pile of love or whatever is not strenuous for his shoulder.
No. 484572 ID: f2c20c

You were really relieved to see him after getting lured away like that. Maybe you got a little worked up. We'd better go check on Dilupune to make sure she's okay. Then I guess we'll just take it easy for a while so that the two injured dragons can heal a bit.
No. 484631 ID: 35edd4

Definitely get back to Dilupune. She shouldn't be left alone in her state.
No. 484680 ID: c6ec33

Gren: He cares about you and he's brave enough to try to find you with an f'd up shoulder that makes him vulnerable. He's either dumb and courageous or just courageous - and he obviously wants you to be safe even at risk of pain to himself.

Now, tell him that you were worried about him, and you should both get back to check on Dilipune. That knight has escaped, and he could be anywhere.

Either that, OR there was NO KNIGHT at all. It's possible the villagers tricked you to try to get you out of the area!
No. 485004 ID: 6a42fc
File 135812374072.png - (8.35KB , 800x600 , sadbo.png )

N-no, I was... I was just really relieved to see you. I was worried about you. I got lured away. It wasn't the man, just an illusion. We were mislead.
I made it to the shore, but it kept on going over the water. I thought he had followed me the whole way there, but... I don't know where he is. I thought he might have gone after you, but you're safe...
...Bo? I think I'm done.
I can't do this anymore. We're not never going to find him, Bo.
"Yes we are...!"
No. We're not. Everything we've done has just lead to the both of us getting hurt. Especially you. I don't want that to happen. But... let's just get back to the cave, OK? I need to think this over. Maybe we should just get the message to someone who can spread it.
"O-okay... Dilupune was angry at me. She really didn't want me to leave."
No. 485005 ID: 6a42fc
File 135812375889.png - (11.62KB , 800x600 , lots of laying down and mad.png )

We make the walk back. I notice that Boaga's limp has only gotten worse. Gods, I'm so sorry, Bo.

Dilupune is very mad at both of us for leaving her alone. I tell her to shut up.

And now we're laying here, all injured in some way. Home seems like a distant memory. It would be nice to go home...

Boaga won't stop staring at me.
No. 485006 ID: 3b1bd6

Blush back to assert dominance.
No. 485009 ID: 7a105f

The two of you are probably too tired to do much, but you should at least enjoy each others' company. Pick up where you left off, I'm sure he wouldn't complain.
No. 485010 ID: f2c20c

We should tell the town that it was an illusion so that they know a bit more about how powerful the mage is.

He's thinking about the kiss. Maybe you should think about it too.
No. 485011 ID: 4a328b

Go hunt some food, don't talk about the kiss, don't repeat the kiss--smack Bo if he tries to bring it up.
No. 485012 ID: 78c6ea

He's not ogling you out of utter horniness, silly. You can tell because he's not even erect down there! Bo is just worried about you for losing your resolve. Though it wouldn't take much to get him on the side of horniness I'd say.
No. 485811 ID: 6a42fc
File 135839617773.png - (13.01KB , 850x600 , everything is coming to pass.png )

I don't want to think about... about that! Boaga is my friend, and I...


"...Y-yeah, Grennie?"
...Come over here, please.

He shuffles to my side.

What I... did, back on the road? I... I don't know what to say.
"You said that you were just worried about me..."
I lied. I mean-- Not that I wasn't worried, I just-- oh, to hell with it.

I kiss him again. Hard. He recoils in surprise, but I push toward him.

...It's been a long time since I've loved someone.
No. 485812 ID: f2c20c

Well, tell him.
No. 485813 ID: 7a105f

Continue, the both of you could use a bit of stress relief now that you're somewhat safe!
No. 485819 ID: f2c20c

But Dilupune is right there!
No. 485822 ID: dfa96b

Plenty of Boaga to go around.
No. 485839 ID: 12c19f



No. 485852 ID: 35edd4

Boaga: Feel a vague vindictive satisfaction in making out with Grennie right in front of Dilupune after she was harassing you.
No. 487446 ID: 6a42fc
File 135907426512.png - (10.70KB , 700x500 , nope outta there.png )

I'll tell him when... when we're done here...

"Mffh-- ah-- G-Grennie... w-wait..."
No. 487447 ID: 6a42fc
File 135907428983.png - (9.38KB , 700x500 , meanwhile outside.png )

...I just...

I had to get outta there.
No. 487452 ID: f2c20c

Understandable. How are you healing? What will you do now that you know this cave is very close by to a dragon rapist and you got kicked out of your other home?
No. 487473 ID: 735f4f

So how are you feeling?
No. 487478 ID: a9298b

Are you biting your own tail hard enough to make it bleed? Stop that.
No. 487479 ID: c6ec33

Do. Uh. Do your parts grow back? Cause it would kinda sucks not to have, like, a tongue or tailtip forever.

Also, considering the amount of romance going on here, what's YOUR angle? You got anyone special? Please don't tell me you have a crush on Boaga, because that would just be awkward.
No. 487484 ID: bf54a8

liazard tails pop off, horns should too. just file the other one down so they get back to the same length.
No. 488953 ID: 4e4163
File 135959451559.png - (8.53KB , 750x550 , dilupune gettin mad.png )

I'm better. Still sore, and all I feel like I can do is just laze around, you know? At least my ribs don't feel like they're on fire anymore.


No, no, I'm not biting my tail that hard. It's just... a big wound... that won't grow back. Same with my tongue... I'm not worried about my horn, I can deal with that.

Ah-- No, I don't have a crush on Boaga...! He's...

Okay. Grentonis doesn't like me. She hates me, actually. If it weren't for Boaga we'd have gone at each other already. Acolon is trying to kill me right now, and he never liked me before that.

Boaga's the only dragon I'd ever really call a friend! We've kept on good terms and he doesn't mind too much when I pick on him. Hell, maybe we COULD have been together. Maybe I was actually serious when I asked him to do me the other day. Maybe I was too afraid to act like I meant it.

But if he's going to be with Grentonis, t-then she'll make him hate me. He's impressionable and folds like paper. And I'd lose my only friend, and I'd have nothing! No home, no one to talk to or pick on or anything. Nothing. I-- I should just leave, and go... wherever. Pick my hobbled ass off the floor and go.

...or, I could to stop them from becoming a pair! It'd be better for everyone that way. Boaga wouldn't have a bitch for a mate, I'd still have someone looking out for me, and Gren stays as crazy as she is instead of getting crazier thanks to whatever she thinks love is! Yeah!

How should I go about doing that, you think?
No. 488954 ID: f2c20c

By explaining your feelings honestly to Boaga.
No. 488956 ID: f522ec

Yes, talk to Boaga, maybe talk to Gren too. Maybe you and Gren can get along?
No. 488961 ID: 57a559

Or Gren might kill you. And then you've left nothing, nothing but grief for your one friend.

You should trust Boaga to have more spine than that girl, if he truly is your friend.
And Acolon is the biggest asshole and Gren and Bo might clear shit up with him. They never really lied to him, just left out information, and even if Gren did, do you think he would be that much of an asshole to not be willing to understand what Gren has gone though? Like, can people lie to other people but not him? Is that okay? Like, what IS his whole deal? And do you think that somehow we'll drag him into this adventure too? You're a gossip, you probably know everyone the best if they're not lying to you or spreading rumors.

Maybe you should find a new home, I don't think four dragons who mostly get on each other's nerves are good company. Even if one is actually a nice dragon. not worth it.
No. 488977 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and there's another option. Wasn't there another dragon up north by the shore? Maybe you could hang out with them.
No. 489501 ID: 4e4163
File 135978904265.png - (12.77KB , 700x500 , cockblocked.png )

I don't know about any other dragons. And they wouldn't take kindly to me just walking all over their territory. Grentonis and Bo are weird like that. They don't know how to behave like what they are and I have to say I've taken advantage of that on more than one occasion.

Gren wouldn't so much as lay a claw on me, I don't think. I don't think Boaga would be very happy with her.

I'll... talk to Boaga, I guess. Right now. I don't want them doing what they're doing, or each other.

Hey, Boaga!
"Oh damn it, what does she want?"
Come out here, for a moment, please!
"...Right now?"
"...Don't go, Bo."
"Sorry, Grennie..."
No. 489502 ID: 4e4163
File 135978906914.png - (14.54KB , 850x600 , awkward talk.png )

Boaga comes shuffling out.

"Uh... what did you need, Dil? Gren and I were, uh... b-busy..."

I put on my best face. What should I tell him, exactly?
No. 489512 ID: 78c6ea


Wish him the best of luck with his love, and let him know there will be no hard feelings between you and him.
No. 489514 ID: 6a5a08

Add that you will help and support him however is necessary.

This is the only option of a true friend. And considering he is practically your only friend, that makes him it.
No. 489516 ID: f2c20c

Tell him that you know Gren hates you and that if him and Gren get together you're worried about losing Bo as a friend.
No. 489526 ID: 735f4f

Just tell him the truth that you value him as a friend and want to at least keep it that way. And that you are sorry for interrupting him but your life is horrible right now and everything has gone wrong and then break down crying.
No. 489827 ID: 458227


Blurt out the truth, you dummy! you're afraid you'll lose Bo as a friend because Grennie hates you on accounts of being full of crazysauce.
No. 490583 ID: 4e4163
File 136009508297.png - (12.31KB , 800x600 , all these bitches.png )

...I'm afraid, Bo.
You're... with Gren now. Right? Is that what that was?
"I-- I guess... I don't know, it was just... sudden..."
You know Grentonis hates me.
And-- I'm just afraid that you'll start hating me too.
"But-- why?"
Because you'd do anything to be with Gren! And if she tells you to do something, you'd do it. And if she wants you to stop talking to me-- You're my only friend, Boaga, and I don't want to lose you.
"...I... I don't think she'd do that..."
But she hates me. And she'd want you to hate me, too.
...B-Bo, please.
"...I don't know, Dil... I really do want this..."
I know you do...
"I... I can try talking to her about it..."
...Okay, Bo. Hey, can you... can you do me a favor?
Get Grentionis moving. You two can't sit around here the whole time. And I feel well enough to at least walk...
"That's... that's a good idea."
No. 490584 ID: 4e4163
File 136009511027.png - (13.25KB , 950x600 , what a slut.png )

Bo comes back. I give him a smile, happy that he's back.

"H-hey, Grennie. Maybe we should get going... Do we know what we're going to do? I know you want to get home..."
I want to spend time with you, Bo.
"...y-yeah. But we could... do that... when we get home. We should still probably get the word out about the person..."
I... I guess we should. I can wait for you~
"Eh-h. y-y-yeah..."

I guess I need to decide what to do. I would think that the dragon up north that Acolon mentioned can tell others. I'm almost excited to get back home, and back to my eggs.
No. 490602 ID: dadd6f

Things always gets complicated...
There is an angry friend at home, remember?
I also hope you don't mind dil...
No. 490603 ID: 57a559

If Acolon doesn't smash your eggs and kill you for lying through omission, that is.
You might have to kill Acolon when you get back.
No. 490656 ID: dadd6f

Do you have experience with apologizing to Acolon?
He got violent when one didn't admitted lie, right?
We just didn't want to make him worry...
A problem just as big would be acolon's reaction to dil...
No. 490665 ID: f2c20c

Talking to the other dragon doesn't cost us much. May as well do it.
No. 490896 ID: 78c6ea

Apologize to Acolon with your teeth.
No. 494285 ID: 4e4163
File 136124751094.png - (10.03KB , 700x550 , god damn it gren stop it.png )

"Uh, hey, Grentonis? Boaga?"
...Yes, Dilupune?
"Do you think you can talk to Acolon? About me? I'd really like my home back--"
"Grennie...! We will, Dil, once we get home. We're going to go visit the other that Acolon mentioned, right, Gren?"
"I don't think I can walk with you guys yet, though. Do you mind waiting a bit more? So I'm not so hobbled?"

I don't take my glare off of Dilupune. Damn it, I hate her. I don't want her with us at /all/, but I think Boaga does. That worries me, but I don't want to make him upset with me. On the OTHER hand, I want to get home very, very badly. I have to make a decision to either wait, make her come with us, or leave her here and MAYBE pick her up on the way back.

...And I can't exactly, ah, show Boaga 'the ropes' with her around. I'm pretty sure he's never touched a female in that way.
No. 494288 ID: bf54a8

well you need to talk to acolin anyway to get your eggs back.
No. 494305 ID: 735f4f

I know you don't like her much but try to have a little empathy with her situation. Also with everyone a bit injured strength in numbers is important. And worse case if the rape knight got her after you left then Boaga would be sad.
No. 494329 ID: c6ec33

Look, you may dislike her for now, but you don't want to possibly make her suffer the same fate that happened to you, do you?

Besides, Boaga's been waiting for this for years. He's doing everything he can just to NOT hump your brains out right now. He's a nice guy, OK, and you don't want him feeling guilty when you go at it - that's just a recipe for blegh.
No. 494368 ID: f2c20c

(wait, didn't Diplune just say that she was well enough to walk? Why can she suddenly not?)
We basically confirmed, because of the illusion, that the knight is in the city.

Don't leave her here defenseless. I think her best bet is to travel up to the other nearby dragon and stay with them until we find out if Acolin is going to forgive her or not. If he won't, then she'll need to find another home.

Now, if she can't make the trip up there in her condition we should wait until she can. Think about it. You don't want anyone else to have to go through what you did, do you? Even someone you hate.

Until she's ready to leave, you can get a lot of snuggling done. Or you can just ask for privacy (she should remain within shouting distance, of course) and do something a bit more than snuggling. I mean, you were about to do it when she was here, before. What's keeping you from doing that again?
No. 494449 ID: 943463

You don't want to leave Dilupune vulnerable here; whether you like her, hate her, or somewhere in between, I hope you don't want her to die, or to have something else horrible happen to her.

Hang around; you can sleep in the cave, and do your not-sleeping outside, discreetly. Can a pair of cottage-sized dragons do "discreet"? Not like Dilupune will go wandering around much while recovering, and since she already knows the two of you are together, you could make it clear to her that you expect more than a little privacy in exchange for guarding her.
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