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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133990353455.png - (47.18KB , 300x300 , BeautyQuest1.png )
423282 No. 423282 ID: b0d466

Oh damn, oh damn...
Look, I need your help, guys. I'm trapped in the most beautiful place ever, and I need to get out of here to help my friends stop the evil RENAISSANCE LICH from destroying the world with his amazing displays of color and creative expression! As you can see, he's trapped me in a prison of heartrendingly dazzling beauty. Even though I'm stuck here, I almost don't want to go! But I have to save the world.
Do you have any ideas?
I'm fresh out.
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No. 423283 ID: 34cbef

summon picasso
No. 423284 ID: 132b99

post modernism. or close eyes. and move by sound.
No. 423288 ID: d1e9bf

You have to critique it. Point out that the colors chosen do not blend well at times and the filter placed over it is reminiscent of ones used on an "artful" picture a teenager would place on his or her Facebook account.
No. 423295 ID: a504b7

Wake up the gimp
No. 423314 ID: b0d466
File 133990710587.png - (52.95KB , 300x300 , PicassoQuest2.png )


Ehhhh, maybe later.


Good idea!

"Picasso, Picasso, Picasso!"

The psychic connection has been formed! After he checks that I am not trying to trap him on the Material Plane, he manifests himself and starts gibbering in some dead language. I point him in the direction of the wall, which he punches through. He then leaves, with the promise that I shall spread his name to other lost souls. Whatever, Picasso!
No. 423316 ID: b0d466
File 133990712661.png - (944B , 300x300 , TruthQuest3.png )


Another good idea! I'll save that for the RENAISSANCE LICH!

Oh no! I'm free, but not out of danger! These indescribable horrors are in my way, and they're demanding I solve this maze for them! I suck at mazes! Can you solve it?
No. 423318 ID: 132b99

it's an unknown, any answer is technically the right one. say you divided it's MOM last night!
No. 423322 ID: d1e9bf
File 133990798770.png - (1.11KB , 300x300 , solution.png )

I fixed it.
No. 423346 ID: 886a4d
File 133991110177.png - (2.65KB , 234x235 , solving.png )

You forgot the red division... done!
No. 423371 ID: f387a1
File 133991505420.png - (1.96KB , 300x300 , pong.png )

No. 423971 ID: b0d466
File 134007812264.png - (24.01KB , 300x300 , RGBQuest4.png )

Yeah! Take that, you stupid horrors!
Alright, I'm at the Worldgate, with all its magnificence shining out at me. Wow! That sure is something. Anyway, I flip the levers in quick sequence, but the Worldgate isn't responding! There must be something wrong inside. Oh no! Look! The wires are all messed up! And the horrors are gaining on me with another terrible maze! Quick, I've got to match each wire to its correct input line, but I'm not sure how to tell which goes to which! And every second I waste here, RENAISSANCE LICH steals another artist's soul!
No. 423980 ID: 132b99

the one at the bottom goes to the one at the top, the one in the middle goes to the one in the middle, and the one on the left goes to the one on the bottom right.
No. 423984 ID: f387a1

There's always the Russian way.
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