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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133907534571.png - (12.40KB , 600x500 , Title.png )
419539 No. 419539 ID: c891d3


I forgot I was writing this.

Where were we... uhh...

Lemme just... gracefully transition into a new scene.
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No. 419540 ID: c891d3
File 133907537578.png - (24.88KB , 700x600 , 1.png )

So, Scalene at the party thing...

She gets drunk, and, I guess they hang out?

Like, the demons are mostly actually bros once you get to know them.

And she tells them about that one thing with dimensions, or whatever that was.

And I guess that gets fixed?

But eventually she passes out, and now she's back at her cave.

Sure. That works.

... Well, I can flesh it out later.
No. 419542 ID: c891d3
File 133907546103.png - (8.52KB , 600x500 , 2.png )

The morning after the picnic, Scalene found herself back in her cave, with no obvious indication of how she'd returned. She barely remembered any of the details from the day before. Whatever the naga had had to drink, it had packed quite a punch. She was pretty sure she'd taken care of that problem with the rabbit thing, at least.

Scalene tried to remember if there was anything else she needed to do, but her memory seemed to be full of fog. After some concentration, it did finally occur to her that she was probably now obligated to do lust demon things, whatever those were. There might have been something else as well...
No. 419548 ID: 31015f

She had to haunt the dreams of the mortals weaker than her. And she forgot to go buy groceries.
No. 419555 ID: 9e3c3d

Man, do you even need to do lust demon things? Look around the place. I think everything is already lust motivated as it needs to be.

Groceries are important, though. But first you need to find out what you actually need as a demon. Do you buy the same old things you used to or do you need to go shopping for souls of the damned? Do places that sell souls of the damned even take credit cards? Do you even HAVE a credit card?

Yes, yes, and no.
No. 419571 ID: 4594e2

Oh, yes, the Lust Demon things. There's a lot of mortals that need to have wet dreams, and you should check on your subordinates to introduce yourself and see how they're doing.
No. 419575 ID: 196d1b

Yeah, let's just go into the nearest town. I'm sure that if some scenario arises that you need to be involved with you'll know.
No. 419598 ID: f453e3

Go to the grocery store (to inevitably discover that the souls of the damned are on back order due to supplier issues and you'll have to opt for the soy-based alternative).

I think before you try doing any lust demon things you should figure out what your powers are! We know you have a passive ability that makes people attracted to you (and one that makes you unable to wear clothes) but surely there's more to a lust demon than just that!
No. 420222 ID: c891d3
File 133928957909.png - (13.70KB , 600x500 , 3.png )

The grocery store! Scalene had completely forgotten about that between all of the other things happening to her lately.

Still not feeling too well, the naga nonetheless found her way to her regular store. It occurred to Scalene as she pondered what to buy first that as a demon she might not need to buy the same things as she did before. A brief chat with the store's clerk revealed that, sure enough, she would probably be more interested in souls of the damned for nourishment now that she was a demon. Unfortunately, the store was fresh out, so the naga was advised to look into the soy-based alternative.
No. 420223 ID: c891d3
File 133928961289.png - (25.13KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

As she waited for the aspirin to kick in and hopefully clear her head a bit, Scalene realized she wasn't really sure what "lust demon things were", beyond toying with mortals' affections. What powers did a lust demon have, anyway?

The naga wished that spider were still around to ask, but she had no idea where he'd gotten off to or if he was even a reliable source. If any proper subordinates had come with this lust demon gig, she wasn't aware of it... would she have to find them herself?
No. 420226 ID: 132b99

well... there is ONE subordinate. they are basically a lust elemental. and gets more powerful based on the amount of lust in the area. it was basically indestructible while guarding the old lust demon's castle since it was basically an orgy all the time in there.
No. 420227 ID: 180ec2

She set her groceries down on her tail and went over to investigate the pointy thing who was clearly nervous about the naked snake lady and why it was attracted to her. It didn't help that Scalene was taking this as an opportunity to practice being sexy to fit her new job title.
No. 420229 ID: e3d099


"That cereal looks damned good!" Scalene thought as the creature to the right of her continued convulsing oddly.
No. 420234 ID: b85f8c

WHOOPS I forgot how this thread worked lemme do this again.

She considered flirting with the guy staring at her to get her 'lust-related duties' taken care of.
No. 420235 ID: d1e9bf

Lust demons have the power to remove the clothes of others on a whim, take the form of what a target finds most attractive, and clean up entire rooms near-instantly (because I imagine that being a lust demon can get the places around you kind of, uh, messy).

Also, to find her subordinates, Scalene needs to go to the newly-formed Lustcave (located conveniently under her own dwelling) and call them there with the Lustsignal.
No. 420238 ID: 9e3c3d

Yeah, tail rub the dragobold suggestively while someone else thinks of where to go from there.

Also, you might want to scout out lesser demons of more trivial and boring domains. Or go with some good old reliable constructs!

Of course, I wouldn't recommend golems of whatever to be used in anything other than menial tasks. Especially not in any of your daily lust demon tasks. That's just creepy.
No. 420239 ID: a83682

Perhaps part of a lust demon's job was to make sexual double entendres, especially awkward ones, at any opportunity.

Scalene turned toward the spiky person (in such a way as to make her bosoms jiggle suggestively, of course), and did just that.
No. 420245 ID: e894c0

she could get new subordinates. like that guy over there. I bet you could will him to come buckets.
No. 420247 ID: 64e33f

No. 420980 ID: c891d3
File 133947000906.png - (17.92KB , 700x600 , 5.png )

Scalene recalled that she'd accidentally discovered a couple of her powers earlier -- she could assume the illusory form of whatever others found attractive and effortlessly remove their clothes (with the caveat that they promptly burst into flames). If she had any others, she would just have to discover them as the situation arose.

As for subordinates, the naga had to admit she wasn't entirely sure what to do there. She supposed she could recruit mortals easily enough, but wasn't there anything more than that?
No. 420981 ID: c891d3
File 133947008712.gif - (84.48KB , 600x500 , 6.gif )

Scalene decided to check out of the grocery store and return to her cave. Almost immediately, she noticed something unusual -- there was now a passage leading down to something called the "Lustcave."

The naga wondered how long that had been there, and how out of it she must have been earlier if she'd just slipped right by it.
No. 420983 ID: c891d3
File 133947024125.png - (37.26KB , 600x500 , 7.png )

While roomy, the "Lustcave" was completely undecorated. The only thing in the room was something calling itself a "Lustsignal."

Scalene couldn't resist her curiosity, and touched the device, causing it to apparently activate! Within moments, her (somewhat disappointing) crew of subordinates rushed into the room, ready to do her bidding. Hopefully at least one of them would know if there were any specific responsibilities she had to take care of beyond messing with mortals.
No. 420986 ID: 196d1b

Scalene stopped for a moment and noticed that the thing that was totally a lian was still wearing pants. One of her minions, a tiny kitten who's job was to help with the cuteness aspect of lust, informed her that the pants were enchanted, quite suspicious for a random passer-by.
No. 420989 ID: f453e3

Kittenaga. Scalene's subordinates are themed to match her.

The "leader" of her subordinates, who appears as a gender-flipped version of Scalene, explained that her primary objective should be collecting followers to gain power - something her predecessor was very lackadaisical about, which is why it was so easy to take him down. As she becomes more powerful, she will grow larger and gain new abilities, so she won't have to worry about being offed by some random mortal.
No. 420990 ID: 132b99

a living pixelation effect was another minion, it controlled the curiosity aspect. since some parts being hidden is known to make somethings hotter.
No. 420997 ID: 64e33f

Her new secretary was an animated tribal fetish who was hired by the old demon in a huge misunderstanding over its nature, but was kept after proving itself to be extremely efficient at its job. It informed Scalene that, as the new Demon of Lust one of her duties involved bringing adventurers together romantically with the first person they meet, regardless of normal tastes. The process was started when a Lust Demon once made a sergal sailor fall in love with his ship, resulting in bizzare magical offspring and the now common name of "shipping"
No. 420998 ID: f453e3

Also, Scalene should totally be undressing that guy she dragged in with her tail.

...Actually, she might be ahead of us on that one...
No. 421006 ID: 196d1b


I like this idea. You could have that, and some kind of blocky serpentine blur for >>420990 , and a carved wooden snake for >>420997 !
No. 458308 ID: 059bd0
File 134872294764.png - (13.00KB , 600x500 , 8.png )

Sure enough, Scalene found herself looking at three surprisingly snakelike creatures.

"Sso, you're the new demon of lusst, huh. I guesss that explainss my new look. And thiss weird tongue thing I've got going on here..." The apparent leader of the group, a male naga looking otherwise exactly like Scalene, gestured down at himself. "I hope you're better than the lasst guy. Or the guy before him."

"Who are you?" Scalene asked.

"You can't figure it out jusst by looking?" The other naga sighed in frustration. "We're your henchmen. Or lackeyss. Or whatever you want to call uss. We come with the job. The lasst guy kind of ignored uss the whole time, but you ssaw how he turned out, so don't do that."

"I might ass well introduce mysself and thesse two. I'm your ssecond-in-command. I'll alwayss be lesss powerful than whoever I sserve, but I've been at this job for a long, long time, sso I've worked out ssome trickss of my own. I can give you pointerss if you need them, too.

"If you're wondering what to call me, I'll ansswer to whatever name you give me, sso long ass it'ss not prepossterouss or anything."

He gesstured to the smaller of the creatures that had accompanied him into Scalene's cave, an adorable cross between a kitten and a naga. "Thiss iss Kitten. Don't call her anything elsse unlesss you want her to ignore you. Her thing iss being cute. That'ss about all sshe doess, really, but you'd be ssurprissed how powerful that can be on itss own."

Kitten, for her part, just smiled at Scalene. Evidently she wasn't much of a talker.

"On the other sside, we have... thiss thing. It... might have ssomething to do with curiossity? Honesstly I'm not ssure what it doess." The blocky serpentine thing made a sort of bleeping noise in response. "It'ss managed to ssurvive thiss long, anyway."
No. 458310 ID: 059bd0
File 134872296192.png - (13.19KB , 600x500 , 9.png )

"Unfortunately we're the only oness left -- becausse it'ss been sso long ssince ssomeone capable hass had thiss job, you'll have to create any other sservantss you may want. Sspeaking of which. Thiss role of yourss hass ssome ressponssibilitiess, you know. I'm never going to get ussed to talking like thiss..."


"You need to collect followerss. Doing thiss will give you more abilitiess and make you bigger, which meanss that you won't get humiliated by the firsst hero type who comess your way, And once it getss out that you're a demon, you can count on there being more than a few of thosse." Scalene's new companion explained. "I ssee you've at leasst managed to come up with one follower already. That putss you on par with what the lasst guy managed in the whole time he wass the demon of lusst."

Scalene had barely even noticed that she'd dragged the customer from the store into the cave along with her. Evidently he wasn't too bothered by being abducted.

"Sso. What iss your plan going forward?"
No. 458331 ID: bf54a8

well, let's pick up a few more.
No. 458336 ID: f2c20c


Scalene decided that it would be best if she found out more about her new follower, and asked him about himself. Thinking it would be most convenient if her followers continued to support themselves in their own homes, she discovered a new ability- she could form portals at will to the bedrooms of her followers, while in the Lust Cave.
No. 458364 ID: 734c82

How can she get bigger? I mean, from a logical standpoint. Anyway, Scalene found herself presenting a document and pen to the ¦3 faced visitor. She wasn't sure where she got them, but looking at the paper it appeared to be a contract binding him to her. She tried to ask him something about what in her power she could do to get him to sign, but he was kind of out of it and did it anyway. She wondered if she should try to contact anyone she knew from before the whole demon thing.
No. 458890 ID: 56968f

yeah, this quest is all about logic.

you'd probably hump that guy if he brought you more people. and you'd probably hump those people if they brought you more people. maybe five per?
No. 459010 ID: 37aa84

She's a demon of Lust she'd probably hump him even if he didn't bring her more mortals. Heck her tail coiled around him without her even noticing.

As I recall before you fought your predecessor you were warned not to look him in the eyes or you would lose yourself to him. So look this guy straight in the eye and tell him your hosting a party tonight and you need him to invite as many people as he can. Once the party starts we'll reward him by taking extracting his soul from and making him into our new henchman then do the same to as many guests as we can in one night. Between yourself your three current henchmen and having the new henchmen starting to convert others you should be able to produce a sizable following. Of course with so many simultaneous disappearances in one night you'll need to abandon your home and find a new place to dwell so the adventurers don't catch onto you too quick.
No. 460599 ID: d43cd5
File 134948551017.png - (30.06KB , 700x600 , 10.png )

"I think I will call you Masscalene."

"Whatever. And your plan?"

Scalene pondered for a moment. She recalled that she had been warned not to look into the eyes of the previous lust demon, and wondered if she could use this to her advantage. "I have a plan," she told Mascalene.

"What kind of plan?"

Scalene swooped forward and looked her captive right in the eyes.

"Oh, thiss kind of plan. Good luck with that." Scalene's second-in-command rolled his eyes.

Ignoring the heckling from her subordinate, she drew her new follower closer to herself. "I'm going to hosst a party tonight. I want you to get the word out to ass many people as you can. Could you do that for me?" The lian-like creature nodded blissfully in response.

Mascalene sighed. "Like I ssaid, good luck with that. Your hold on him iss pretty sstrong, but I don't know how well he'll be able to carry out orderss."
No. 460600 ID: d43cd5
File 134948558130.png - (18.17KB , 700x600 , 11.png )

The demon of lust glared at Mascalene.

"... but at leasst you're trying. Sso you'll hosst a party, and then... ?"

"I will try to convert ass many followerss ass I can once the party beginss, and posssibly make him into a new servant after that."

"Well, it'ss ssomething, anyway. I don't ssupposse you've thought of anything to do while he'ss out doing that?"

No. 460606 ID: ec0bf5

Scalene had planned to acquire a very potent aphrodisiac gas to pump into the room at the height of the party and get everyone all loosened up and prepared to enter her services. She figured this gas wouldn't be too hard to find. The party supply store probably stocked stuff like that.
No. 460618 ID: f2c20c

Scalene decided to do something completely reasonable and smart. Invite more people herself!
No. 460619 ID: 37aa84

Scalene decided it would be best to have her home look the part. While sending Masscalene and Kitten to go get decorations she took the other one with her to get food for the party.
No. 460670 ID: 6b7ab2

she sent out Blockles here with an invitation sign to make people curious about her party.
No. 460957 ID: b3dd38

Scalene also revealed the new name for her pixellated companion: "Naughty Bits!"
No. 461496 ID: d6ae01
File 134983393627.png - (13.28KB , 700x600 , 12.png )

"You and Kitten should go get decorationss and ssuch, and perhaps a potent aphrodissiac, if you can find it. I'll take, uh.... Naughty Bitss, there, and we can sstock up on food." Scalene felt increasingly confident about this plan, even though she'd kind of made it up on the spot.

"Going all in on thiss, huh? I'll ssee what I can come up with for you, then." Mascalene slithered out of the room. "Come on, then, Kitten."


The lust demon turned to her remaining subordinate, who bleeped again. "I feel like I jusst went grocery sshopping..."
No. 461497 ID: d6ae01
File 134983395230.png - (12.87KB , 600x500 , 13.png )

One spending spree later, Scalene and her companion had what seemed to be a reasonable amount of food for a party the naga hoped would be well-attended. Of course, almost all of it was junk, but Scalene figured it would be okay.

Her other servants had yet to return. Scalene had an inkling that it might be quite some time before the lian-like creature in particular returned from his errand. She wondered what she ought to do during this downtime...
No. 461500 ID: 6a1ec2

Scalene was a little bit worried about trusting an aphrodesiac from the party store, and decided to test it out before the party started, just in case.
No. 461504 ID: 0f60d7

Sure, why not.
No. 461505 ID: ec0bf5

Scalene decided to practice dancing lustfully, to make sure she'd be a real "snake charmer" for the party.
No. 461511 ID: 253da0

Scalene had a thought that she decided to test: if she looked at herself in a mirror, would she find herself extremely attractive? After inhaling some test aphrodisiac, the answer was a very strong and embarassing yes.
No. 461572 ID: 3bad4c

Cave needs better lighting. Try to do something about that. Dark caves are scary.
No. 533058 ID: 0046c5
File 137609949143.png - (19.56KB , 700x600 , 14.png )

Scalene wondered if she should try the aphrodisiac, then remembered that Mascalene and Kitten hadn't actually brought it or the decorations back yet. Oops.

Her new follower was still out somewhere too, for that matter. She wondered if she ought to be worried.

Short on ideas, Scalene arranged some better lighting and decided to practice dancing. At the very least, "Naughty Bits" seemed to think she was okay at dancing.

However, the naga couldn't shake the feeling that things had gotten a little too... quiet. Quite frankly, she was bored! Either something was going to happen or she was going to make something happen.
No. 533065 ID: dba375

Scalene was interrupted by a weird sensation. Someone or something was climbing on her tail quite a ways further down, back outside. Something... weird.
No. 533070 ID: 0006f5

scalene's worries got the best of her and she heads out to not so surreptitiously bring up lust and parties in the same conversation. she does this to see if word and therefore attendance is getting out and it would be lame to directly ask about the hype for her own party, after all.
No. 533131 ID: cf49fc

Scalene suddenly realized, needed music! She vowed to immediately purchase a computer and begin pirating music for the party.
No. 533175 ID: c23ab0


No. 533182 ID: cf49fc

Record company slave detected!
No. 548090 ID: f29090
File 138447413806.png - (53.03KB , 700x600 , 15.png )

Scalene decided to legally pay for music while wearing a pirate hat, using Naughty Bits as a makeshift computer. The download would take several minutes! Naughty bits looked sad, but Scalene insisted it was not the size of his bit-rate that--

She was suddenly interrupted by a weird sensation. Something was climbing on her tail! She made her way outside, removing her hat so it wouldn't be destroyed by her lust powers.
No. 548092 ID: f29090
File 138447428994.png - (20.35KB , 700x600 , 16.png )

To her surprise, the source of the sensation was...
No. 548096 ID: 9ddf68

those two Lazuhrek kids you took under your wing but seemed to have disappeared entirely since you got your daemon powers... Where the hell were they all this time?
No. 548097 ID: 9dba7d

No. 548099 ID: f3bb85

Seems sensible enough.
No. 548101 ID: ec0bf5

They've just been there. Sleeping on her tail. It's a good thing she noticed, because Scalene has been known to just set things down on herself and forget about them for months.
No. 548102 ID: cad45e

Clearly grown up and become respectable lawyers, as respectable as an lawyer can be.
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