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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133844150266.png - (16.17KB , 500x350 , 2-1.png )
417613 No. 417613 ID: 37f0c9

...Everything slowly shifts back into focus.
You, a stone of indeterminate origins, immediately find yourselves looking at a familiar fuzzy being as they stir.

"Mmugh... What happened? Andy...?"

After looking around for a second, disoriented, you find yourselves being looked at.
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No. 417614 ID: 37f0c9
File 133844153324.png - (16.31KB , 500x350 , 2-2.png )

"Oh, great." You hear. "It's you."
A sigh is thrown in your direction as you are taken in hand, and the Usuran stands.
"Well, it's better than being alone, I suppose."
No. 417618 ID: 37f0c9
File 133844161187.png - (6.22KB , 500x350 , 2-3.png )

Mereba looks around, hand to head.
"Right in the thick of it, aren't we? That's not good at all.
A deep, obscuring darkness extends to all sides of you, barring a circle of light in your immediate vicinity.
"Can't even see any damn buildings from here."
No. 417619 ID: d5ee6f

Cast magic missile at the darkness
No. 417621 ID: 132b99

try a fireball. just throw one out there. and.. is that white circle in the distance? behind you. or is it a spell making the light?
No. 417640 ID: 37f0c9
File 133844464356.png - (4.48KB , 500x350 , 2-4.png )

After a second, Mereba responds.
"Ah, right. I guess you haven't seen this before. Yes, it's a magical light source. It normally has a longer range, but against a darkness like this..."

Mereba looks to the darkness for a second, before taking your advice.
"A Fireball would be a waste, but just throwing out some minor magic should be a big deal."

A small charge of energy gathers around the gauntlet on Mereba's left hand, before a burst of energy hurtles into the darkness.

The missile fizzles out after a few seconds.
With a huff, a few more missiles are fired, winking out in a similar manner.
"Nothing? Really? You're joking."
The tone becomes one of worry.
"I blacked out in the open? This isn't good."
No. 417642 ID: 132b99

okay drastic measures. hold us in one hand. cast a fire-something with the hand holding us.
No. 417664 ID: 37f0c9
File 133845017442.png - (4.91KB , 500x350 , 2-5.png )

Mereba almost subconsciously follows your instructions, aiming the gauntlet forward.
"A fire-something, huh? You want to see if I can harness you somehow?"

You feel a strange energy wash over you as a spell is cast.
"Flame Burst!"
No. 417665 ID: 37f0c9
File 133845019451.png - (11.66KB , 500x350 , 2-6.png )


No. 417666 ID: 37f0c9
File 133845022214.png - (8.49KB , 500x350 , 2-7.png )

Mereba lets out a high-pitched scream, staggering back as the gauntlet comes forward again.
Another Magic Missile flies forward, dispersing the flames and the shadowy apparition inside.

Merbea sits on the ground, shaking like a leaf.
The silence is broken a few moments later.
"Ten gods damned! Blasted... nightmarish... Nightmare... thing!"
No. 417670 ID: 132b99

wow that was nuts
No. 417677 ID: 8e5181

Entirely insante
No. 417752 ID: e3aff6

Was that some kind of memory?

Oh, I remember this quest. Can you put a link to the previous thread?
No. 417769 ID: e02b12

D-did you just kill a guy?

Um, you gotta find the center of this, so start moving. I hope you have a good sense of direction.
No. 418028 ID: 37f0c9
File 133858545618.png - (5.96KB , 500x350 , 2-8.png )

Ah, I knew I forgot something. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/340205.html

Mereba starts walking briskly in a random direction.

"That wasn't real. It just has to be some product of this Nightmare thing, I'm sure."
"...I mean, this is only my third time inside one of these things, and normally I'm not alone, but it's not a big deal."
"...Damn it, how long does this go on for?!"

It's dead silent around you, barring a faint humming from the magical light.
No. 418033 ID: e3aff6

For what it's worth you are only sort of alone.

So what happened to split you up from elf guy?
No. 418035 ID: 132b99

we gotta keep trying things. like a second magical light. try draining power out of us. make a solid laser instead of a ball. try things.
No. 419127 ID: ae3619
File 133896591353.png - (5.32KB , 500x350 , 2-9.png )

Mereba slows down as the panic subsides.

"That's true. I at least have you all to talk to. Whatever the hell you all are, anyway."
"Honestly, I'd worried about what exactly, except that Andy trusts you."

She sighs.
"As for how we got split up... I'm not sure. The last few times we ran into a Nightmare, we entered together."
"I don't see why this time would be any different, or how I ended up with you."

"Also, no offense, but I'm not to keen on trying to drain power from you after what just happened, alright?"

She looks back to the magic light humming behind her.
"Although, I might be able to boost this light someho--*SMACK*
No. 419128 ID: ae3619
File 133896594650.png - (7.43KB , 500x350 , 2-10.png )

"Ow! Damn, that smarts!"
She looks around, seeing nothing but a sheer wall.
"Well, I found something solid, probably a building or something."
"I guess it's a good a time as any to give this light a quick boost."

Mereba grabs the light, tossing it skyward as she focuses intently on the thought of a powerful light, if only for a second...
No. 419129 ID: ae3619
File 133896597997.png - (10.03KB , 500x350 , 2-11.png )

For only a moment, the light becomes strong enough to push back the darkness even further...
And you find that her hunch was right, it is a building. If you use the word loosely.

The structure towers over you, the floors seemingly alternating between right-side up and up-side down.
A window shattered to look like a set of teeth sits above the normal-looking doors on the ground floor.
On the second floor, what you swear looks like a giant eye sits where a window should be, and it stares directly at you.
It's impossible to see anything past the beginnings of the third floor, but you sense that is hardly the end of it.
No. 419131 ID: ae3619
File 133896599979.png - (6.83KB , 500x350 , 2-12.png )

No. 419133 ID: 132b99

go in.
No. 419211 ID: 8ebaa1

cast fire
No. 419222 ID: 8ebaa1

to the huge eye
No. 419270 ID: d1e9bf

If this has something to do with the creation of the nightmare, than go for it. Otherwise you shouldn't take any unnecessary risks.
No. 419751 ID: 3f7518
File 133913739010.png - (8.11KB , 500x350 , 2-13.png )

Mereba considers the possibility of giving the building a severe case of red-eye,
before deciding it would be a waste of her magical reserves.

"'In.' That."

"I'd consider that daft, if not for the fact that a lot of things are looking very daft to me right now."

She takes a cautious step to the door.

"Then again, what better place for the center of all this to be?"

Steeling her nerves, she enters.
No. 419752 ID: 3f7518
File 133913741740.png - (5.69KB , 500x350 , 2-14.png )

As soon as you both enter the building, the door slams shut behind you.

Mereba doesn't flinch at all, considering a slamming door far more predictable than the sudden image of a man burning alive.
"Man, I really hope he's in here somewhere. I think I'm getting worse by the minute." She says in a low voice.

As the two of you take in the surroundings, you notice the darkness inside is a bit less oppresive, but still starts abruptly at the edge of the magical light.
You also realize that everything looks even larger inside, with no ceiling in sight, and four hallways stretching out in multiple directions.

Mereba tries not to think about the fact that two of them extend past the door you just came from, and ultimately fails, shaking her head in disbelief.
"Our best bet would probably be to find the source ourselves. That's where Andy would be heading, at any rate."

She looks around aimlessly. "I'd bet on the top floor, which means... finding the stairs."
No. 419755 ID: 132b99

only thing that influences what way to go at all, is the front path seems to be the most lit up.
No. 419786 ID: 85937f

No. 419793 ID: 886a4d

Since we're headed to the source of the darkness wouldn't it make sense to head to the darkest path?
No. 419863 ID: 85937f

yeah, maybe
No. 419866 ID: d1e9bf

The top floor would be kind of a conspicuous place for a nightmare source. If the building used to be an inn, then go upstairs, but if not, look in the basement.
No. 419878 ID: fb69eb

They don't seem to be too concerned about subtlety.
No. 419884 ID: d1e9bf

Neither are doomsday cults, once they start ending the world. But they usually don't do their Elder One summoning sessions out in a public park do they?

My point is, this is the kind of thing for which they'd keep their preparations hidden.
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