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File 133843348835.png - (10.49KB , 750x400 , 1.png )
417528 No. 417528 ID: befc95


You bolt upright from your uneasy slumber, unsure of where you are. The room is dimly lit, but you cannot see far with your poor vision. What do you do?
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No. 417529 ID: fa9f7e

Punch that ugly motherfucker in the eye
No. 417530 ID: 7a2594

Fap to calm yourself down, not like anyone's watching...
No. 417531 ID: d5ee6f

Start your usual early morning ritual of screaming
No. 417532 ID: 132b99

feel for a light.
No. 417533 ID: 2713b7

Find a switch.
No. 417534 ID: 7a2594

Yeah, due to the amazing fap youre going to have.
No. 417535 ID: c0256d

No. 417536 ID: c77a97

Look around a lantern and pack of matches.
No. 417537 ID: befc95
File 133843400017.png - (10.79KB , 750x400 , 2.png )

You decide that, despite your better judgment, you would feel more comfortable starting your day with a scream as per usual.

Nothing happens, but your throat now feels a bit scratchy.
No. 417538 ID: 132b99

feel around the room for a light source
No. 417539 ID: 2713b7

Check your feet.
No. 417540 ID: 886a4d

Find the light you keep by your bedside you keep there because of your poor vision.
No. 417541 ID: d5ee6f

Get out of bed. Close to the ground, scoot to the door. Get something to open it, may be trapped.
No. 417542 ID: 7a2594

Put your glasses on, damnit!!!
No. 417543 ID: 0b7fa2

do you have a computer? what year is it?
No. 417544 ID: befc95
File 133843449059.png - (10.50KB , 750x400 , 3.png )

Your feet appear to be intact. There is no immediate light source, but you feel what can only be a blanket around your waist. You feel around for your glasses, but they are gone. You do not even quite remember how you got here, your brain is still fuzzy from sleep.
No. 417545 ID: 2713b7

Put a god damn shirt on.
No. 417546 ID: 886a4d

No shirts are available. Use the sheet as a toga and ty to grope around to find a lightswitch or something.
No. 417547 ID: 7a2594

What does the blanket feel like it's made of?
No. 417548 ID: befc95
File 133843476517.png - (10.70KB , 750x400 , 4.png )


It's scratchy and stiff, a bit like cheap wool.

You also appear to be naked....
No. 417549 ID: 7a2594

Back to square one... fap, but only to calm your nerves.
No. 417550 ID: 132b99

shake head to clear sleepies.
No. 417551 ID: 2713b7

Cut your tail to obtain the fabled drake sword and go forth to face lord Gwyn.
No. 417552 ID: d5ee6f

Toga time. Don't want the darkness to see your bits.
No. 417553 ID: befc95
File 133843528042.png - (10.44KB , 750x400 , 5.png )

Toga time indeed. How itchy it is on your boys....

You hear scratching coming from somewhere to your right.
No. 417554 ID: 0b7fa2

No. 417555 ID: 0b7fa2

I mean hey check out that noise
No. 417556 ID: 7a2594


Yell to it, though.
No. 417557 ID: befc95
File 133843573523.png - (10.36KB , 750x400 , 6.png )

Huh. there's a wall here. The scratching seems to be coming from farther up, the wall doesn't have a ceiling, it's open to an inky darkness roughly 6 feet up.
No. 417558 ID: 2713b7

Go to your left.
No. 417559 ID: d5ee6f

Tell the scratching you have a knife
No. 417560 ID: 2713b7

Fuck, I mean right.
No. 417562 ID: 132b99

climb wall.
No. 417563 ID: befc95
File 133843613639.png - (10.45KB , 750x400 , 7.png )

You attempt to shout out to the top of the wall that you will cut a bitch if you have to, but no sound comes out. You click your tongue a few times and try stamping your feet, nothing....

scratch scratch
No. 417564 ID: 2713b7

Earn a golden coin for every time the word Scratch appears.
No. 417566 ID: 2713b7

Check if there's a path behind of you.
No. 417567 ID: d5ee6f

Oh god is there someone on your head is it in your ear
No. 417568 ID: 7a2594

A tad bit late of a question but...

What's your name?
No. 417569 ID: 2713b7

Let's inquire further.

What ARE you?
No. 417570 ID: 0b7fa2

Look for a door out of the room
No. 417571 ID: befc95
File 133843715054.png - (12.02KB , 750x400 , 8.png )

Oh! Well, I'm a Chameleon, We're one of the three major races. We didn't really use names in our village (That's more of a Gecko thing). We identified by our color.... I'm sort of a pale lilac, but there's not a lot of light to see it by in here.
No. 417572 ID: 7a2594

>I'm sort of a pale lilac
No. 417573 ID: 13f847

So Lilac, Whats the last thing you remember?
No. 417574 ID: befc95
File 133843778677.png - (11.31KB , 750x400 , 9.png )

There's a metal gate here! It's pretty sturdy, but this piece in the middle is wobbly, I may be able to force it, I'm not even sure what else is in here.
I remember my young brother and I returning from hunting, not too many of the villagers were around but we didn't think anything of it. We went to our hut and and ate dinner, then went to bed. There was a lot of rustling, and I remember kicking someone who grabbed me before they hit me in the head. Then I woke up here....
No. 417575 ID: c0256d

Well they were nice enough to give you a blanket so they must care somewhat about your wellbeing.
No. 417576 ID: 886a4d

Well, first force the bar so we have a quick exit and a potential weapon. then we should explore your cell throughly. Then if nothing else remains to be found leave.
No. 417577 ID: 2713b7

Try to squeeze trough the bars.
No. 417581 ID: 0b7fa2

No. 417582 ID: 0b7fa2

maybe they were planning on strangling him with it... yeah, what about that huh?
No. 417583 ID: 2713b7

Or maybe that's actually a sack instead of a blanket.
No. 417586 ID: befc95
File 133843922091.png - (10.76KB , 750x400 , 10.png )

The wide bones in my hips prevent me from quite fitting past. Luckily in my efforts the bottom of the pole shifted a bit more.
No. 417588 ID: befc95
File 133843934426.png - (12.43KB , 750x400 , 11.png )

I decided to look around the room. It's medium sized, bigger than my hut was, but not as big as the chiefs. I found a bit of string and a cup of... water? It doesn't have any flavor, room temperature, nothing special.

The scratching noise started up again at the back wall of the cell, it sounds small.
No. 417597 ID: b85f8c

As a chameleon, can you climb walls? If not, just jostle the gate some more to see if you can open it.
No. 417603 ID: 132b99

drink water
No. 417605 ID: 0b7fa2

Drink water then yell MOAR
No. 417608 ID: befc95
File 133844093874.png - (12.80KB , 750x400 , 12.png )

With a bout of STRENGTH I manage to dislodge the bar at the bottom. I find myself very weary after such a show of STRENGTH, but I should be able to go on just fine.
No. 417617 ID: 6e44d2

Look out, there's some orange behind you.

Also, is the scratching the sound of a gold skultula?
No. 417625 ID: befc95
File 133844315572.png - (12.89KB , 750x400 , 13.png )

Huh, something's behind me- BY OA-IL THAT THING IS BRIGHT.
No. 417627 ID: befc95
File 133844346918.png - (12.47KB , 750x400 , 14.png )

But it's so dark in here, it certainly doesn't look like it's glowing. It's so vibrant and bright and colorful....
No. 417630 ID: 132b99

acquire it.
No. 417633 ID: befc95
File 133844434549.png - (12.85KB , 750x400 , 15.png )

Aww, he's kind of cute. I've always been a fan of amphibians. He's such a cutie squishy widdle maan, I just wanna smoosh him.
No. 417634 ID: befc95
File 133844436949.png - (15.73KB , 750x400 , 16.png )

No. 417636 ID: 132b99

you got a light/weapon/pet. YAY
No. 417638 ID: 131de9

Well that definitely rules out flipping him over and giving him a belly rub. Did the brief burst of light reveal anything interesting about the room though?
No. 417639 ID: d5ee6f

New hat!
No. 417643 ID: befc95
File 133844528798.png - (12.82KB , 750x400 , 17.png )

I guess he can just ride on my head, he fits nicely on my crest anyhow. The blast was blindingly bright, but I saw most of the cell. Aside from my blanket-toga, the string, and the cup of water there was nothing of note.

What should I call the little guy?
No. 417644 ID: 132b99

No. 417645 ID: 131de9

No. 417647 ID: 503921

Carry the precious little guy around on your head so he can be Safe.
No. 417653 ID: c0256d

Safe is nice.
No. 417656 ID: 503921

Seconding this
No. 417663 ID: befc95
File 133844915207.png - (14.88KB , 750x550 , 18.png )

I have entered the HALLWAY. Scarlet is nestled upon my head, I think he's sleeping. I can see some sort of potion and a book on the shelves, and there is a heavy steel door. There appear to be several keys hanging by the door.
I can't hear anything, and aside from the scratching before I... I haven't heard much.

I'm feeling a bit better than I was before.
No. 417667 ID: 0b7fa2

Drink potion and yell MOAR in a fit of rage of thirst
No. 417671 ID: 9d7673

Books are for reading, so give that one a go.
No. 417672 ID: befc95
File 133845258580.png - (17.09KB , 750x550 , 18p.png )

(Pausing for the night, will resume tomorrow evening)
No. 417674 ID: 001168

Book first. it may give instructions about the contents of that bottle.. which seem to be the same color as the drink you tested in your cell. It could be some sort of drug to keep prisoners docile.. or maybe emergency medicine to help keep prisoners alive.
No. 417685 ID: 7a2594

I second this, but after that, take your salamander back to the wall and have him shoot at the noise.
No. 417695 ID: 42491f

Take all the keys, just in case. This will let you navigate this place better and hopefully slow your captors down at the same time. See if you can use the rings/string on the keys to fasten them together and carry them more easily. Then look at the book and see if it gives you any clues as to where you are.

Can you tell whether Scarlet was the one making that scratching noise earlier?

Also, who or what is Oa-il?
No. 417715 ID: 14b13a

Scarlet: be grossly incandescent.

Lilac: you are in a HALLWAY surely there must be more than just that door in there, pick the book & keys and scout a bit further.
No. 417805 ID: befc95
File 133852057594.png - (20.08KB , 750x550 , 19.png )

I grab all three keys and loop them onto one piece of string. I use the two extra with my piece from before and make a SMALL LENGTH OF ROPE. I add SMALL LENGTH OF ROPE and KEYRING to my inventory.
No. 417806 ID: 132b99

try keys on door.
No. 417807 ID: befc95
File 133852154661.png - (21.94KB , 750x550 , 20.png )

To my left I can see what looks like a desk around the corner. The hallway is not long, but there is a cell on the same wall as the steel door, a bit further down. Everything is dead silent, I can't even hear my own footsteps. Oh, Scarlet's awake. I can hear HIM, it's a whispered rasping sound when he exhales.

I grab the book and open it to the first page.
No. 417816 ID: befc95
File 133852295164.png - (48.35KB , 750x550 , 21.png )

This is uh.... Hm. Well it's certainly Gecko of that I'm sure. I recognize the word RAID, and the date is the last day I remember. I also recognize EXPENSIVE, perhaps referring to this potion? I'm not sure, Gecko was never an important thing to know in our village and we only picked up bits and phrases. I see no reason why I can't take it with me thought, who's going to stop me?
No. 417817 ID: d1e9bf

Visit desk.
No. 417833 ID: 503921

Take Potion
No. 417839 ID: b9e291

Drink all the things.
No. 417849 ID: b85f8c

May as well start collecting everything. Don't drink the potion until you know what it does (and want what it does to happen)

See if you can get that cell door open with one of the keys.
No. 417855 ID: bdb3f8

Sounds like a book about World of Warcraft. It can be safely ignored. Examine cell.
No. 417878 ID: 6e44d2

No. 418345 ID: befc95
File 133870631984.png - (19.46KB , 750x550 , 22.png )

I take the book and the bottle, saving them for later, and move down the hallway.

I notice to my immediate left is a GECKO GUARD. He appears to be un-alerted to my presence. Further on is a door with some sort of tiny machine next to it, this technology is foreign to me. I also see another cell, with a large padlock secured to the front.
No. 418350 ID: d1e9bf

We shouldn't automatically assume he's hostile, but it's good to take caution nonetheless.

Examining the machine is our only lead right now, so do that.
No. 418358 ID: e3d099

Turn the color of the wall so that you are invisible.
No. 418389 ID: c569f6

Why is everyone naked except you?

Test your keys to see if any of them fit the padlock, but don't open it yet. Try to be quiet - if you wake the other chameleon up, he/she might wake the guard up, and you shouldn't risk that just yet.
No. 418393 ID: 067a04


This, then make a noise loud enough to wake them up. See how they interact with each other and what they say, but stay invisibles so they don't slaughter you and your entire family.
No. 418435 ID: e3aff6

But even if we remove our toga, we don't have a way to hide Scarlet.
No. 418452 ID: 1e91b9

Naked dame detected.
Condition: possibly in distress.
Proceed to engage swag mode.
No. 418462 ID: 7a2594

Wake his lazy gecko ass up, he's sleeping on the job.
No. 418641 ID: 503921

They're all lizards. They have genital sheaths so they don't need to hid their shame.
No. 418646 ID: 12c19f

He was talking about his boys earlier...

You know what? I seriously don't want that divulged further. Not with lizards so adorable.
No. 418647 ID: 503921

No. 418655 ID: 1f8397

>You know what? I seriously don't want that divulged further. Not with lizards so adorable.

But hemipenii are cute. Painful looking, but cute.
No. 444032 ID: befc95
File 134517258987.png - (21.16KB , 750x550 , 23.png )

Life is all about risks! Except, you know, when you want to live....

Oh well! I take Scarlet and gently wrap her in my toga-sheet, tip-toeing back to my cell and placing her inside. She will be safest here I like to think.

I stealthily scoot back into the main lobby and squeeze against the wall. I've, well, I've never changed color against a NOT color before so I shall take it as a learning experience! I can hardly make out myself at this point, safe enough I suppose and I can always.... Okay so I don't have an escape route juuust yet. I'm working on it.

I chuck the book at the guard, Take that!

>"AY OU! Pointy gahrl throw to me?! I have ye tied by yarh horn! Whar ye get my book?"

she hardly manages a shrug, and doesn't look to give HALF a fuck. He doesn't seem to happy.
No. 444046 ID: 99090a

Well uh keep hiding. Hopefully he'll go back to sleep and you can get some details from that girl.
No. 444057 ID: 6a1ec2

Well, now you have to rescue the cell occupant. Not only is it a chameleon, it's a girl! Hubba hubba. Anyway you should be good at nothing if not staying still. Just hope the guard doesn't smack you while passing by or something.
No. 444058 ID: befc95
File 134517656201.png - (21.13KB , 750x550 , 24.png )

She glares at the guard. Goodness that is the angriest look I've ever seen from a Chameleon.

>"What eh? Ye no gonna tell me what ye did? No gonna argue? 'No mista geko please no take me!' Where are ye shouting now?"

He sneer at her when she opens her mouth and points at her tongue. There is no sound from HER either. A poor trait in a female, we prefer loud and boisterous. GECKO GUARD rolls his eyes and pulls a box labeled KEYS from behind the desk. Damn, how many keys does this place have?

My skin is tingly, I fear I'm shifting back quicky! Should I try to run and hide, or startle the bastard and fight him? No no... I can't fight at all, what a terrible idea.
No. 444060 ID: 4a328b

No. 444074 ID: 1c0dc0

see if you can hold the color until he gets close. if you can grab the keys and THEN run, that's pretty much best case scenario right there.
No. 444075 ID: bf54a8

shuffle away while he isn't looking.
No. 444114 ID: ce639c

If you can do a stealthy dive roll to lie crossways in front of the desk, it's unlikely his field of vision will catch you immediately.

If that helps.
No. 444117 ID: befc95
File 134518438317.png - (17.86KB , 750x550 , 25.png )

>"What? what ye look at?"
No. 444120 ID: bf54a8

if he looks for you you will have one shot, be ready to give him a mega uppercut.
No. 444123 ID: 99090a

Tuck in that tail and put you finger to your lips in a hushing gesture!
No. 444127 ID: 4a328b

Chameleon lady: SEDUCE

Then this guy will attack from behind ok
No. 444131 ID: befc95
File 134518530579.png - (15.31KB , 750x550 , 26.png )

Oh please be quiet please be quiet! She looks smart enough... I think. This was a terrible idea, why am I even here?! I should have just stayed in my cell like a good prisoner and awaited my fate oh my Oa-il I'm going to die.
No. 444133 ID: bf54a8

covers blown! HARD UPPERCUT! then run and hope you can use another burst of SALAMANDER FLAME
No. 444174 ID: 99090a

Look up! Both metaphorically and physically.
No. 444187 ID: f2974f

When the guard peeks over the desk grab his head and get him into a choke hold
No. 444238 ID: e56aa5

Be sure to bite him before he can bite you.
No. 444242 ID: 9718f3

You could try running to your cell, grabbing Scarlet, and setting the jerk who would no doubt be chasing you at that point on fire. Then beating him until he died. You know, to be merciful.
No. 444261 ID: af6fbd

Man up, lizard! And it's time for decisive action, such as your foot in his balls.
No. 444402 ID: befc95
File 134526281143.png - (18.06KB , 750x550 , 27.png )

I tense, ready to strike! I just.. I just have to get his neck, yeah, that'll get him! I go to spring up and-

He's leaning over the desk, he hasn't seen me yet?

>"Ay gurhl? Ye try to see me past me desk eh? I know how ye must feel, locked away, ne'er to see ye fahmly an fhrends 'gain. I can help ye, give ye what ye want."

That sneer... that horrible sneer. The female looks taken aback, did.. did she just wink at me? Oh gods I don't want to be in on some scheme, this is probably illegal!
No. 444403 ID: b85f8c

Escaping from jail is probably illegal. Go on, nod back. How else are you gonna get out but to steal the keys?
No. 444404 ID: bf54a8

wink back, this is your chance, she distracts him and you knock him out.
No. 444407 ID: 6a1ec2

What's illegal? Is that like something you can hunt? Anyway this guy is like 4 times bigger than you, so beating him up won't be the best idea. While he's distracted raping that girl grab the key from the drawer marked "KEY", then go hide like the spineless wimp you are until you can let her out.
No. 444408 ID: af6fbd

Maybe being fighty isn't our best bet here. I mean, your natural advantages seem to be more towards stealth as it is. How about stealing the keys while he's a little distracted by the girl-lizard?

And if you do manage to grow a little bit of a spine, you can easily clobber him after he walks past you on the way to her cell. His chair would do the job nicely.
No. 444507 ID: f2974f

Yeah after seeing this guys neck up close i am starting to support the stealth idea, instead of the strangling idea.
I mean look at your tiny little noodle arms! Better try to get the keys sneakily while he is distracted.
No. 444519 ID: 9718f3

Hopefully there will be a weapon or something behind the desk too.
No. 444530 ID: 4a328b

No. 445995 ID: befc95
File 134557962324.png - (20.01KB , 750x550 , 28.png )

Ugh... the way he just... pours over the table is a bit sickening. Good for the female their though, she can put on an act, he seems really into it!

I have to be quick, who knows how long he will accept her charade. This box of keys is, wow, really heavy. I could brain him if I could lift this thrice damned box!

Maybe I should try that potion. I have no idea what it does though.... I suppose I could throw it at him, maybe it has a surface effect.... or I could risk it and chug the thing myself.

By the gods he is HUGE.
No. 445997 ID: 99090a

Yeah, don't throw the keys. It's just make him mad. Toss dat potion.
No. 446006 ID: b85f8c

So, you can't lift the box? Drink the potion and try again.
No. 446009 ID: 6a1ec2

Drink the strength potion. Then rip off his tail and beat him with it.
No. 446011 ID: 8a3061

get up on the table and throw the box of keys at his head
No. 446019 ID: bbee3d

If you can do it quickly, pour just a drop out on your skin to test it. If it burns your skin or explodes or does something obviously harmful, throw it at the guard; if not, try it yourself.
No. 446106 ID: b85f8c

Oh yeah, good idea.
No. 446468 ID: befc95
File 134569794482.png - (21.07KB , 750x550 , 29.png )

We had a Shaman in our village. I remember talking to him once about potions. He said they were made in calculated doses, and only worked in full.

I am a man! I can make decisions! The fate of that pretty females tail-vent depends on this!
No. 446476 ID: bf54a8

No. 446488 ID: bbee3d

Well, IF you're sure this is that kind of potion, I guess it wouldn't make much sense as a weapon, as throwing or force-feeding it to someone would be too likely to spill some of it and lose the full effect. Which means it's likely to be something helpful. I'd still suggest testing it to make sure it's not just a bottle of acid or something, but other than that... it seems like there's only one way to find out what it does.

Unless you want to stop and ask the guard first. He'd probably know.
No. 446492 ID: b85f8c


Offensive potions are not usually expensive.
No. 446496 ID: d94e2c
File 134570133891.jpg - (65.31KB , 1072x635 , Patrick_-_DO_IT_FAGGOT.jpg )

Drink the potion
No. 446498 ID: 886a4d

I say we chuck it at the guard.
No. 446499 ID: b33427

Considering it was on a shelf in a prison, it could be for the guards to drink themselves, throw at the prisoners, or force-feed a prisoner. And if it does have an effect on drinking, it might be one beneficial to Geckos, and detrimental to Chameleons. Hell, do we even know if this thing is a potion, besides the bottle shape? It could be expensive booze, for all we know. All together, it's not a risk worth taking to chug it here and now.

However, there might be one person who does know what it does. The female Chameleon has been here longer than you, so she might have seen or heard what it does.

Get out where she can see you, pull out the potion, make the "drinky-drinky" motion with your thumb and forefinger, and point to yourself. If she doesn't give you a look that screams "you bloody idiot," down that potion.
No. 446542 ID: 9718f3

I still say you should go get Scarlet and burn the guy to death.
No. 446613 ID: e9c040

burn it to a crisp
No. 452881 ID: f70d8a


Or maybe burn the guy with Scarlet. Except she's in a different room.
No. 462592 ID: befc95
File 135017816907.png - (16.17KB , 750x550 , 30.png )

I man up and drink the potion.
No. 462597 ID: befc95
File 135017888164.png - (18.40KB , 750x550 , 31.png )

The world goes dark.
No. 462599 ID: 6a42fc

Okay that was a bad idea that was a bad idea

Well, stay awake, little guy. Odds are that thing made you a lot less lucid and as such a lot more tolerant to pain, so brain him with those keys now. That damsel is still in distress!
No. 462601 ID: b4b23e

Ok, NOW you're going to die. Pinch yourself or something to stay conscious.
No. 462604 ID: b33427

You chose... poorly, and by the look on her face, the chameleon girl knows it as well.

If you have any strength left, crawl back to your cell before the guard sees you. You'll have to sleep whatever that potion was off.
No. 462606 ID: befc95
File 135018021343.png - (19.89KB , 750x550 , 32.png )

I unleash the rage of my people on this big bumbly jerk!
No. 462609 ID: befc95
File 135018049448.png - (15.32KB , 750x550 , 33.png )

And them abruptly wake up.

I feel as though I've made a mistake.
No. 462626 ID: b33427

...Yes, you did make a mistake, Lilac, but you're still alive. That's unexpected after beaning that gecko guard. Maybe you hallucinated that bit.

Try pulling your hands through the manacles. You've got little dainty hands, so it might work.

Failing that, yell for the guard so you can ask why you're not dead after what happened.
No. 462628 ID: 6a1ec2

Well, you drank heavy sedatives and passed out while he was raping that girl, but you were so into the notion of saving her that you dreamed about beating him up. After he was done raping her he no doubt carted your unconscious ass off to a more secure cell.

I'd say that counts as having made a mistake.
No. 462631 ID: befc95
File 135018232057.png - (14.66KB , 750x550 , 34.png )

I pull hard against the restraints!

My right arm comes loose, reaffirming to me that Geckos are not bright creatures. Left one is a bit lodged though.
No. 462632 ID: 4a328b

Any loose screws you can unscrew it with your free hand?
No. 462633 ID: b33427

Swing your right arm around and grab under the edge of the restraint. Brace your legs and tail against the wall, and push back with all your might. That may be enough to stretch it to the point you can slip your left hand out.
No. 462640 ID: befc95
File 135018322836.png - (15.37KB , 750x550 , 35.png )


No. 462647 ID: b33427

Oh, dear. How bad is that injury? Try holding your left arm above your head to slow the bleeding.

Sit down for now, until the bleeding stops. You can check the door once that happens.
No. 462652 ID: befc95
File 135018393382.png - (14.87KB , 750x550 , 36.png )


It's not horrible, just sort of oozy, stings like a wasp!
No. 462653 ID: b33427

Ah, good. No risk of bleeding out.

...O-kay. So... Now what? Listen to the door to check if anyone is around, maybe?
No. 462654 ID: 4a328b

Examine fourth wall
No. 462657 ID: befc95
File 135018464391.png - (14.32KB , 750x550 , 37.png )


Oh hey, there's my cell.
No. 462659 ID: 4a328b

Can you slip out through the bars? Look at the red thing.
No. 462662 ID: b33427

Oh, and Scarlet is still there. Kneel down at the door and quietly beacon for him to come to you.

And as long as you're there, see if you can slip past the bars. These ones might be wider spaced.
No. 462677 ID: bbee3d

See if Scarlet can melt through the bars - or, failing that, the walls.

If not, is there anything you can reach through the bars?
No. 462759 ID: 6a1ec2

That cuff was no doubt filthy! Lick your wounds until they are clean.
No. 463274 ID: 6070bc

They probably made sure the bars weren't loose this time so you couldn't break them again, lets see if you can slip through the bars this time. You said your hip bones were too wide but if you try it side ways you may fit through.
No. 463328 ID: 8a8ae8

eat the bars and succeed
No. 463464 ID: 12c19f

Do the dance of your people and get that salamander back over.
No. 470546 ID: befc95
File 135260360277.png - (14.37KB , 716x510 , 38.png )


I do a traditional Tail-Shuffle. I don't think salamanders understand our dances, but I'm grasping at vines here.

(trying something new with the art, never mind that it's already amazingly inconsistent.)
No. 470547 ID: befc95
File 135260366912.png - (18.12KB , 736x532 , 39.png )

Oa-il smiles on her lost traveler today.

I quickly pick Scarlet up, she feels nice and warm, sweet girl probably has a good belch left in her!
No. 470549 ID: bf54a8

yay, now examine bars.
No. 470551 ID: b33427

Whisper to her "Good girl, Scarlet!"

How hot is a salamander's bite? Think you could get her to chew on one end of a bar for a bit and get it to melt? Or just hot enough to be bendable?
No. 470553 ID: b6edd6

Check if these bars can be dislodged as easily as the previous cell bars were.
No. 472050 ID: befc95
File 135303945282.png - (42.41KB , 700x600 , 40.png )

The bars seem must more stable. You think for being so technologically advanced the Geckos would be a bit better at this! I mean, at least make ALL of the cells flimsy. Oaa.

I give Scarlet a snuggly hug and tell her what a good girl she is. She's so toasty~

Sweet moment over, I prod her mouth against the base of a bar. She make an angry grumbling noise for a moment, but eventually opens her mouth and bites the bar. It make smoke!

(Okay, I finally have an art program to get some damn consistency up in here.)
No. 472054 ID: befc95
File 135304007048.png - (9.10KB , 700x600 , 41.png )

Look at that thing glow, must be hot!

Where I come from things glow red when they're hot. I mean yeah it's bright but... it's weird.
No. 472055 ID: bf54a8

spit on it.
No. 472057 ID: befc95
File 135304053162.png - (18.78KB , 700x600 , 42.png )


It sizzles and smells like a butt now.
No. 472059 ID: b6edd6

Hopefully whatever the bar is made from is non-conductive enough that you can push an higher portion of it without being burned. Try spitting on a part that is further up to test that.
No. 472061 ID: befc95
File 135304129701.png - (9.06KB , 700x600 , 43.png )


I hock up some more saliva, I wish I still had that cup of water...

It's not hot up here! Buuut it's also not melted, I could probably coax Scarlet into another chew.
No. 472062 ID: bf54a8

wiggle it a little.
No. 472069 ID: b6edd6

It isn't melted up there, but the other end of that bar is melted. See if you can push it first, then have Scarlet chew above that point if it cannot be pushed now.
No. 472109 ID: 6cc859

If the bottom is literally molten, it should be quite soft and thus responsive to the leverage of twisting/tugging on the cool parts.
No. 472122 ID: 12c19f

Melt the top and give the center a good push or two, careful with your flippers there.
No. 472136 ID: a41970

if the bar is not too big for your hands it can be turned in a spear!
No. 473128 ID: befc95
File 135338801854.png - (9.61KB , 700x600 , 44.png )


I convince Scarlet to nibble at the bar once again. The heat in her belly is greatly diminished, and she seems a bit sore at me!

The bar melts up here too!
No. 473129 ID: befc95
File 135338808847.png - (8.85KB , 700x600 , 45.png )


I muster up a bit of strength and SHOVE the bar out of place, bracing for the clatter I'm sure will follow!


Silence. I hate this place, I really do.
No. 473134 ID: 886a4d

you now have a nice metal staff to bonk people over the heads with.
No. 473135 ID: befc95
File 135338957282.png - (8.93KB , 700x600 , 46.png )

I re-enter the HALLWAY. (Which I fucked up the layout of before. I'm retarded.) to my right along the same wall is the SHELF and the HEAVY STEEL DOOR, across is my original cell and a POSTER written in Gecko. The keys are no longer present on the wall, probably added to the giant box of keys up front.
To my left is the desk and that lady chameleon.

It's still glowing on both ends, far to hot and dangerous for me to mess with!

(I seriously fucked up the initial layout, but I've made myself a map! I will do my best to not horribly ruin it again!)
No. 473137 ID: b6edd6

>It's still glowing on both ends, far to hot and dangerous for me to mess with!
It seems to have been fine to hold in the middle, and in a situation like this a dangerous object can come in handy.

Carefully look whether the guard is still at that desk.
No. 473148 ID: ed8081

If the guard is gone, this might be a good time to introduce yourself to the lady.

I'd suggest having Scarlet use the same trick on this cell, but it sounds like she might need to rest for a while.
No. 473243 ID: b33427

Pull the poster from the wall, and leave it near the bar to be rolled up around the middle later. Paper makes for a good insulator, so it'll protect your flesh. That is, up until it catches fire.

Hide Scarlet in the cell you just came out of, then go sneak about a see if any Geckos are around, or any new stuff is here. Color shift to blend in, like you did before.
No. 473336 ID: 9263d6

Read what the poster says.
No. 473443 ID: 0bf55a

this and read the poster first, if you can read gecko
No. 476735 ID: befc95
File 135475813372.png - (9.69KB , 700x600 , 47.png )


I want to go home.
No. 476738 ID: befc95
File 135475826830.png - (7.06KB , 700x600 , 48.png )


I RIP the POSTER in a small burst of anger. Scarlet happily clicks along behind me as I grab the HEATED POINTED BAR and wrap the offensively unreadable poster around it. I can't see the Guards desk from here, I'll have to go to the end of the HALLWAY to check.

Should I attempt to sneak and see if it's safe, or just run in with my pointy stick?
No. 476742 ID: f2c20c

Well, you're completely silent. You don't need to sneak.
No. 476761 ID: bbee3d

Don't run with pointy sticks. It's a good way to hurt yourself. Besides, stealth and the element of surprise are all that allowed you to get as far as you did last time. That's probably your main advantage over the bigger, more numerous geckos.

Your chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fire.
No. 510190 ID: befc95
File 136841636483.png - (7.65KB , 700x600 , 49.png )


I don't know what I was thinking, the adrenaline must be getting to me. I scoot along the far wall and proceed along the hallway.

The GECKO GUARD's desk is right around the corner, and I can see FINE LADY CHAMELEON's cell from here. Scarlet is hanging on my back, to avoid clicking along the floor this close to the guard.

My heart is racing in my chest, I'm so nervous! Now or never, h-how do I do this?!
No. 510192 ID: f2c20c

Peek around the corner. You need to see your target before you stab it.

Then once you see him, either run up and stab his shit, or sneak up and stab his shit. Actually, considering you are incapable of making noise perhaps we don't need to sneak.
No. 510199 ID: befc95
File 136841749210.png - (9.06KB , 700x600 , 50.png )

No. 510200 ID: befc95
File 136841751303.png - (10.12KB , 700x600 , 51.png )

Uh... S-stab now?
No. 510205 ID: 9ddf68

either that or see if scarlet can burn this guy for you.
No. 510207 ID: 4e4163

Poke him. Hard.

By which I mean stab him, and also maybe burn him, yes.
No. 510218 ID: befc95
File 136841938022.png - (12.50KB , 700x600 , 52.png )


Oh shit oh shit oh shit
No. 510219 ID: befc95
File 136841942919.png - (35.44KB , 700x600 , 53.png )


No. 510220 ID: befc95
File 136841946059.png - (10.97KB , 700x600 , 54.png )


No. 510221 ID: 78c6ea

What part of poke and stab do you not understand?
No. 510222 ID: 78c6ea

...never mind.
No. 510223 ID: bf54a8

roll to your left!
No. 510226 ID: f2c20c

Don't let Scarlet get crushed! See if you can tip this guy over to the left.
No. 510230 ID: 9ddf68

quick try and get him off of scarlet, she just helped save your life after all the least you could do is return the favor
No. 510311 ID: 37aa84

Once you and Scarlet are out from under the lummox check on the fine lady. The brute didn't hurt her after we passed out did he?
No. 510351 ID: 59c57c

try and push him off to the left. push the bar to the right, and the gecko should end up rolling left. most of its weight will end up on the floor, so you won't be horribly crushed.
No. 511482 ID: befc95
File 136886002630.png - (9.59KB , 700x600 , 55.png )

I manage to gather my thoughts enough to worm out form under the GECKO GUARD. He...h-he's making an awful noise, it sounds like a thick moist sucking.

I shake myself out of it. Gotta breathe. Scarlet is... wow, she's PALE! Little girls still breathing, I owe her the best for saving me.... Oa-il I could be DEAD right now.

Ew. Ew, there's dark GECKO BLOOD on me. It tingles in a bad way....


No. 511483 ID: befc95
File 136886008844.png - (9.72KB , 700x600 , 56.png )



Oa-il please make her okay, she isn't moving...!
No. 511484 ID: befc95
File 136886014269.png - (7.50KB , 700x600 , 57.png )


I breathe a sigh of relief, the FINE LADY CHAMELEONs head turns towards me. She.. she seems unharmed I suppose...?
No. 511485 ID: befc95
File 136886016309.png - (7.69KB , 700x600 , 58.png )


No. 511486 ID: 4e4163

At least she's alive but uh


Explain that you don't know what the FUCK you're doing.
No. 511487 ID: dc4a44

Just let her out before someone else shows up.
No. 511492 ID: 9e1727

Multitask. Scramble over to the desk and rummage through the keys, holding each one up for her to indicate which one is for her cell, while blabbering out of control a stream of apologies for screwing up before, and that you're infinitely sorry for what you assume happened to her after, and you don't know what the fuck you're doing, and that you're a complete moron, and so on and so forth.

Also, put Scarlet on the desktop, and peek around under there for anything that might be used to wipe that horrid Gecko blood off.
No. 511494 ID: 12c19f

Tell her you're an idiot.

Chicks dig honesty.
No. 511496 ID: 78c6ea

U gonna get admonished
No. 511547 ID: 37aa84

Yeah, that unknown potion was reckless idea. Guess we'll get to see how loud she can be while we dig for the keys.
No. 511820 ID: befc95
File 136911604488.png - (14.59KB , 700x600 , 59.png )


I try desperatly to explain myself. I'm as lost as she is! B-but I don't think she can hear me over her own rage. By the Gods I was wrong about her, she's as noisy as they come!

I-I hope that was the only guard, she certainly isn't being shy.

No. 511821 ID: befc95
File 136911612748.png - (22.65KB , 700x600 , 60.png )

keys, keys, keys.... ignoring her. Just gotta ignore her and focus. FOCUS.

t-there are several keys here. Chameleons are not gifted in the art of... dexterity. I can take 2.
No. 511823 ID: bf54a8

just slide the whole box over.
No. 511827 ID: befc95
File 136911690469.png - (7.71KB , 700x600 , 61.png )


Lilac is still too weak from the UNKNOWN POTION. He cannot move the HEAVY BOX OF KEYS.
No. 511828 ID: 256f3d

Move that card thing in the upper left, just in case it's covering up another key.

Pick up the key in the upper right and either throw or slide it across the floor to under the cage lock, or as far as you can get it to go. Then pick up the other two metal keys and walk to the lock, kicking the third key along if you couldn't get it all the way to under the lock.

Uh... You know what salamanders eat? 'Cause Scarlet could probably use a bite right about now. Or do they "eat" heat? Either way you best put Scarlet on your head so he doesn't get left behind.
No. 511829 ID: 78c6ea

I'd tell you to inspect the lock, but in the time it took you to do that you could make two trips to carry all the keys. I'd tell you which keys to take but without even inspecting the lock there's no way to tell. Just pick two at random and hurry. Now that she's warned the entire complex, time is of the essence!
No. 511833 ID: 9ddf68

so you got three keys, a keycard, and some headphones. Ok we can ignore the headphones completely and as for the keys, I bet one opens the cage the the ANGRY LADY CHAMELEON is yelling in right now so if we can figure out which one that is we can just leave that hear and grab the other two, maybe see if you can take the keycard as well as it could help later.
No. 511837 ID: 59c57c

take the one that has all pointy teeth and the one that has all squared teeth. unless something horrible happens in the next few seconds you have time for a second trip.

oh crap someone's going to come check on the noise. GET HER QUIET.
No. 511846 ID: eaf2f5

Just start throwing keys at the angry chameleon lady. It might get her to shut up and when all the keys are near the cell door we won't have to run back and forth between the desk and the door.
No. 511864 ID: 37aa84

use the loose wire to make a makeshift key ring to hold all of they keys so you can carry them in one hand and take the card too.
No. 511951 ID: dfda68


Yes, yes! This! This is the clever plan.
No. 512766 ID: befc95
File 136962212886.png - (12.09KB , 700x600 , 62.png )


Shush, be quiet Fine Lady! I have no idea if there are more guard but I DON'T NEED HER BRINGING THEM AROUND.

No. 512769 ID: befc95
File 136962277499.png - (9.86KB , 700x600 , 63.png )

You aren't very bright, are you?
No. 512770 ID: 735f4f

Well that puts a bit of a wrench in our plans.
No. 512776 ID: bf54a8

good news, scarlet is awake, what do salamanders eat?
No. 512787 ID: 256f3d

...Facepalm in self-disgust at your lack of observational ability. Question how the FUCK did you miss that; Looking right at it before.

Fire back at the Fine Lady that you've been just a LITTLE BIT distracted, what with escaping again, being nearly captured by the gecko guard and impaling him with a hot metal bar wrapped inside a poster.

So if she's done insulting her rescuer, does she have any clue how to unlock this thing? The guard didn't happen to have the combination written down someplace nearby, did he?

...Wait a second. How far apart are those cage bars? Is it just a trick of the view that they're that far apart? She can't just slip past them?
No. 512788 ID: 9ddf68

and he's all you got lady so you better suck it up. Ask since she seems to know everything where you might find the combination to here cell, or a bolt cutter, I mean really who the hell uses a padlock to lock a cell door, you might as well just tie the door to the wall with some rope. If Scarlet is feeling better you could see if she could get rid of the lock but lets save that as a last resort.
No. 512811 ID: befc95
File 136962786716.png - (11.92KB , 700x600 , 64.png )


I've had kind of a bad day okay?! T-there are Geckos, and there was some fire, a-and I don't even know where I AM! To top that off there's this stinging GECKO BLOOD all ov-

She cuts me off, rolling her big judgmental eyes at me

6-4-10-8- something else, I can't remember the last number.
No. 512814 ID: bf54a8

luckily it has only a few numbers so you can just brute force it, try every number for the last number.
No. 512816 ID: 9ddf68

just keep trying until you figure it out, just ask her to keep an eye out for any more guards and ask if she knows where you guys are.
No. 512817 ID: 44ed7a

No. 512827 ID: 12c19f

It goes up to 14. So lets go downward from 14 as the last number until something succeeds.
No. 512849 ID: 256f3d

Er... Yeah. That didn't help any. Escape now, yell later.

Okay, so the pattern would put the last number as 14, but the lock only goes up to 13. Try putting 1 in as the last digit, but if that doesn't work you're going to have to try every other number.

While you turn the knob remark about how stupid it is to put a combination lock on a jail cell door, especially within reach of the prisoner.
No. 512853 ID: 19b3c3

Assuming that's supposed to be a pattern, it looks like alternating between subtracting 2, and adding the last two numbers in the sequence. So with a seed of 6:

6-2=4. 6+4=10. 10-2=8. 10+8=18.

6 4 10 8 18.

...unfortunately, there is no number 18. The dial stops at 13, so 14=1, 15=2, 16=3, 17=4, 18=5.

So... 6 4 10 8 5 is my guess, I suppose.

Although it's entirely possible that any pattern in the first 4 digits is completely coincidental and we'll have to brute force the last digit anyways.

...or do we? It's the last digit, can't we just keep turning until we feel or hear a click? Often, with that style lock, you don't even need to remember the last digit, since the latch catches and releases as soon as you twist the dial past it.
No. 512882 ID: f2c20c

If it's the last number then you can just check each number on the final spin to see if it's unlocked yet. It'll just take a little time.

On the other hand, the pattern is 6-2-6-2. As in, 6 left, 2 right, 6 left, 2 right. So continuing the pattern you would go 6 left after the 8, which is 14. Much faster than checking each number.
No. 513961 ID: befc95
File 137014355767.png - (9.85KB , 700x600 , 65.png )


I roll in the numbers. I-I've never seen a lock like this before, so I go in sequence.

No, not like that idiot. left, then right, then left again.

I'm sorry! A-all this metal stuff is too weird.
No. 513962 ID: befc95
File 137014372534.png - (10.62KB , 700x600 , 66.png )


The lock pops off! FINE LADY CHAMELEON pushes the metal gate open and steps out into the LOBBY. She looks down at her hands for a long moment.

...a really long moment....

You're out! we're free!
No. 513963 ID: befc95
File 137014374980.png - (10.97KB , 700x600 , 67.png )


No. 513965 ID: 735f4f

It almost seems like she is mad at you for some reason.

Let some tears well up in your eyes and start babbling about how you just woke up in this horrible prison and some guard tried to molest you and all you wanted to do was try to help her escape and now your salamander is tired and its all gone wrong.

Try not to pause or breath in-between words.
No. 513974 ID: b9d767

If there is anyone that should be angry here, it's US!

Well SOMEONE is ungrateful. What, you upset you didn't get rescued by a knight in shining armor? I could have just gotten out of there while I could and left you behind for that gecko to do whatever he wanted with, but instead I tried to make sure YOU were safe before leaving. Oh, go ahead and tell me how much of an idiot you think I am. Because that's what you're going to do, isn't it? Berate the guy who just busted you out? Because if that's how you feel then you can just STAY in the cell, because you're on your own.
No. 513976 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what that was for.
No. 514004 ID: 9ddf68

tell her if you don't like it out here feel free to go back into the cell. and if she gives you crap about you being useless or stupid or something then point out the fact that since you where the one that let her out what does that make her?
No. 514014 ID: dc4a44

Fix your salamander.
No. 514160 ID: 64a3ab

Do this and then
Give Scarlet the poster to eat, fire likes paper, doesn't it?
No. 514222 ID: bc8d67

...You know, you actually deserved that slap for the unmitigated stupidity of drinking that potion earlier when nearly any other plan short of slapping the guard's ass would have been better. And considering what vile things the gecko guard must have done to her due to your moronic actions, she's letting you off lightly.

Just look her in the eye and say you deserved that for what you did before, with the potion. You're still are going to cry a bit, 'cause that hurt.

Go over and pick Scarlet up and put her on your head, then start picking the keys up from the floor. Tell the Lady that there's a big metal door with a lock back there that might have something or maybe another prisoner behind it that could help us, and ask her to help pick the keys up with you.

Feeding Scarlet some paper from the poster, or even some of the dead gecko guard, might work to bring his flame back.
No. 514226 ID: 12c19f

I would not be surprised if she can consume flammable material to fuel some sort of magic chemical reaction.

If not this, some actual food will have to wait.
No. 514367 ID: 67e689

Let's not get hostile with one another, Lilac doesn't need to worry about us arguing.

Yeah, let's see if we can find some way to make Scarlet feel better.
No. 514547 ID: befc95
File 137037690113.png - (11.67KB , 700x600 , 68.png )


I go to pick up Scarlet, my eyes watering just a bit, W-what was that for...?

Oh she wasn't happy about that. She runs over and snatches up Scarlet before I can get over there.

What was it for?

She goes over to the dead guard, her anger is thick enough to taste, but she handles Scarlet gently...

WHAT was that FOR?

Her foot crunches into the dead guards nose...

You can't be stupid enough to ask that. Stop being stupid. Get some of that poster for her.

I oblige, tearing an un-bloodied piece of paper from the metal bar, trying to avoid touching anymore gecko blood, the last of which I think my skin absorbed, gross!
No. 514548 ID: befc95
File 137037697756.png - (11.21KB , 700x600 , 69.png )


Scarlet eagerly takes the paper! Her color returns, albeit not as bright as before....
No. 514549 ID: befc95
File 137037722079.png - (13.17KB , 700x600 , 70.png )


I-I'm sorry. I deserved that slap... I'm not a real hero type, y-you know? I just want to go home and get away from all this grey. I feel like I can't breathe or think straight...

She seems to consider my apology, her face softening a bit. She continues to kick and prod the guard though

...Thank you for saving my salamander. Come on, you're stupid, but I'm sure I can figure out the big door and we can leave. Which Forest are you from?
No. 514552 ID: 9ddf68

what forest are you from?
No. 514553 ID: 12c19f

Wow, rude?
No. 514555 ID: 3e4b6e

The North Forest
No. 514557 ID: 19b3c3

Yeah, judging by the head-shapes, he's from the north, and she's from the east.
No. 514581 ID: 5a5dd4

On the topic of introductions; Chameleons may not use proper names, but it seems like it'd be a good idea to ask what she'd like you to refer to her as, and what her salamander's name is.

We can't just go around referring to her as the FINE LADY CHAMELEON, and it'll be awkward if we refer to the salamander as Scarlet and she's already chosen a different name for it.
No. 514637 ID: fe2ea3

It could be she's mad because we've kinda mistreated her salamander in the course of getting its help. Pretty sure it only bit through the bars because it was agitated by them. Plus we worked the poor thing to exhaustion in the proccess.
No. 514647 ID: 12c19f

>We can't just go around referring to her as the FINE LADY CHAMELEON

Says you.
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