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File 133798569455.png - (267.57KB , 1000x750 , 307.png )
416001 No. 416001 ID: 31015f

Thread 1 (Chapters 1-2): http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/290529.html

Thread 2(Chapters 2-4): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/314238.html

Thread 3 (Chapter 5): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/336833.html

Thread 4 (Chapter 6): http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/365456.html

Discussion thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/347404.html
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No. 416002 ID: 31015f
File 133798572497.png - (538.79KB , 1000x750 , 308.png )

We return with Mechi and her new friend Mirla, the Harpy, as they enjoy the fruits of a midnight hunt in the middle of a dark, cold forest, engulfed by the mist, devoid of any human sounds. Which doesn’t really bother the duo as both are nocturnal hunters and far from being civilized beings. In fact a good portion of those who call themselves civilized beings would consider the goo girl and her harpy friend nothing more than smart yet savage animals.

But they care not about this. Ignorant of the goodness of cooked food and even how to light up some fire, the two companions recover from the recent ordeals, still unsure of what to do next, or where to go. Even Mechi thinks that she should just go lurk in dark caves, waiting for unsuspecting prays, devoting to the simple life of a slime, something inside her tells her that it is impossible. In fact, a disconcerting feeling is creeping through the freshly blossomed thoughts of the anthropomorphized slime: that something or someone is hunting her. Watching her in the dark, waiting for a moment to strike.

Mila doesn’t seem to be worried at all, and just enjoys her food, looking up to try and make some conversation with Mechi.

“So! Where do you think we should go? We could head to the mountains! Or I guess if you want to try our luck in another city, I think there’s one not far away. Not like we have to decide any time soon, there’s lot of food in these woods and plenty of places to hide, we could just stay here!”

Again, something tells Mechi otherwise.
No. 416003 ID: 699da6

hehehe, boobies.
No. 416006 ID: 132b99

need a kindly wizard. or at least some human that doesn't want to kill us. to a new town.
No. 416013 ID: e3f578

Ask what she thinks would be the most fun.
No. 416027 ID: cf49fc

Let's go have badass mercenary adventures. You be the loose-bombard slime, who doesn't play by the rules. She can be your ditsy partner who you have to teach to be a real co- I mean mercenary. Together, you can take over the world! All you need is a wizard and you're set.

Go find one, THEN adventure.
No. 416028 ID: 0006f5

head to the outskirts of a city. it's either continue living like animals or gamble with the attention of someone who will either try to hurt us or help us.
No. 416044 ID: 55c4cf

Mountains probably has the best loot.
No. 416150 ID: 31015f
File 133806216751.png - (186.79KB , 1000x750 , 309.png )

“I think we should head to the next town, I need to find a wizard. Not sure why, but I think we need that help.”

Mirla shrugs and finishes her dinner.

“Ok, sure. We might want to stay out of the roads anyways. Or maybe follow the road and try to be careful. We might find a wizard or something traveling.”

Mechi doesn’t have fond memories from what happened last time she met someone on the road. But on the other side, that’s how she found Mirla, and she’s been pretty much her only friend so far. So she guesses it hasn’t been so bad, after all. Should they continue their journey to the next town through the wilderness, or follow the road from a safe distance?
No. 416153 ID: 71d68e


Really, approaching a town's already sorta risky, staying close to the road won't be much different. But it's not as likely you'll find a wizard just traveling on the road.

Still, you might find an interesting traveler. Just be more careful than the last time?
No. 416154 ID: 132b99

by staying together if one gets knocked out by a trap the other can murder the dude.
No. 416163 ID: f2cd76


might be multiple dudes. might be creepy wizard dudettes. can't know for sure. still, might be a friendly encounter too. I say road because all the interesting stuff that happens involves people.
No. 416440 ID: 31015f
File 133815095976.png - (327.96KB , 1000x750 , 310.png )

“Let’s follow the road carefully. “

“Alright, I can scout from the sky, but I won’t go too far. The sky is clear and the moon is high, anyone would be able to see me just looking up.”

They get moving towards the city. Following the road with Mechi’s kind of sluggish pace. The night is pretty peaceful and for some time even monotonous. Mechi realizes that a downside of this plan is that if her harpy friend scouted over her head, there was nobody she could talk to down here. With surprise and a bit of curiosity, she started to feel something new. She missed someone to talk to. It was a completely new feeling, and something inside her told her that it was “loneliness”. Which is weird because she didn’t even know how to talk a couple of days ago, and she didn’t even know that word.

Her train of thought is interrupted by a light ahead in the road. Where is Mirla. She must’ve seen it too, but she’s nowhere to be seen? What to do?
No. 416441 ID: 0006f5

huh. wait a bit and get a report on what she saw given she returns. otherwise approach the source, making sure you are deeper in the brush, away from the middle of the road
No. 416442 ID: f2cd76

smoke a fag.
No. 416476 ID: b85f8c

She's hiding. You should too.
No. 416925 ID: 6e44d2

Stand out in the open, tall and welcoming. We'll see who's coming 'round the bend.
No. 416992 ID: 31015f
File 133832602347.png - (393.34KB , 1000x750 , 311.png )

Mechi decides to be as sneaky as she can, sliding out of the road and silently “sliming” her way through the bushes. She starts to hear voices coming from the light too.

She finds out the source of light soon enough. A campfire, just to the side of the road, with a pot slowly heating up some liquid of acrid smell. Sitting around it, a couple of creatures Mechi hasn’t ever seen before, one of them small and scrawny, with green skin, wearing a suit that has seen better days. The other one couldn’t look different: tall and muscular, skin covered in short fur, and a more animalistic head and manners. Unlike the short one, he’s almost naked, only wearing straps adorned with feathers and small bones. The two of them seem to be dozing off, only awakened by the soft sound of struggle inside of a box next to them. Sometimes the big one kicks the box and growls something like “Be quiet. You’re not getting out.” before dozing off again.

Mechi can’t see her harpy friend anywhere around, and wonders what should she do regarding the strange creatures at the campsite.
No. 416993 ID: 886a4d

See if you can't sneak behind the box and melt a hole in it large enough to see into.
No. 417000 ID: 132b99

slither around and grab the gun by the wood near the trigger so it melts.
then move back and approach like you just came over. the gun is broke so if they want to hurt you they would need to get in melee range, where you can kill them easily.
No. 417003 ID: f2cd76

kill big guy while blocking his mouth. then the other one.
No. 417005 ID: e3f578

Try your best to make all lightsources on your body hidden or dim. Maybe wrap a non-transparent membrane around them, like what other creatures have to hold their water in.

Keep close to the ground to not black out shadows as well, maybe change your color to green.
No. 417074 ID: 4bdd79

Grab the gun, point it at the big guy while edging towards the box.

It doesn't matter if you can't actually use it. He doesn't know that.
No. 417086 ID: 0006f5

go melt away a tree in the distance so it begins to fall as you get away and see if they investigate
No. 417399 ID: 31015f
File 133840920959.png - (222.39KB , 1000x750 , 312.png )

Mechi decides to start with a cautious approach. It is worth mentioning that in a combat situation, the element of surprise is pretty much the only thing a slime has to offer to save its own life. And Mechi, like any other specimen of her species, is slow and clumsy. If she can’t take the enemy by surprise, they’ll have it very easy to stab, smash or shoot her core to bits, which would undo her.
Having thought of this, she slides around the campfire, changing her color to a green shade. She easily slides near the rifle, burning the area around the trigger. It’s useless now. She returns to hide between the shrubs to think about her next movement. But the couple acts first. The short, green one wakes up from his slumber and groans. “What... Uhn... Smells like something is burnin’.“

The other one half-opens his eyes and shrugs. “It ain’t th’ soup.”

They haven’t noticed yet about the melting gun, but they’ll find out soon.
No. 417401 ID: 0006f5

wow ! ok go poke a hole in the box and see if its anyone you know or should care about
No. 417403 ID: 132b99

No. 417424 ID: f2cd76

now melt the handle of the axe.
No. 417484 ID: b85f8c

Jump the gnoll. The strongest will die first, by you melting its lungs. The other is easy pickings.
No. 418043 ID: 31015f
File 133858824578.png - (230.74KB , 1000x750 , 313.png )

Mechi sneaks behind the strangers and without them noticing burns a hole in the back of the box. Hesitantly she whispers a shy. “Hello?”. A glowing, yellow eye peeks through the hole, and a feminine, and rather amused whisper responds to her greeting. “Hello, little slime. Are you going to save me? Or were you just trying to eat the cage?”.

Meanwhile she can hear a bit of a commotion starting around the campfire. The short guy is now speaking loudly. “Th’ fuck!? Someone broke th’gun!”
No. 418046 ID: 886a4d

A snake creature of some sort is my guess... lets let her out.
No. 418060 ID: f2cd76

quickly envelop the axe. they can't hit you with their fists. the axe is the only weapon left. the only choice they'll have left would be to give up the fight.
No. 418062 ID: e3f578

Play dumb. Don't speak.
Watch chaos break loose.
Often no sentient beast harms a friendly non-sentient animal it isn't afraid of, simply because it doesn't think it can double cross it or have any possessions. Only reason it would attack you if you play dumb is sustenance, and you're a slime, your not very delicious OR nutritious.
No. 418064 ID: 132b99

break axe. then demand it let's the creature out of the box.
No. 418150 ID: e3d099

It could in no way hurt our prospects to learn more about what is going on here, instead of busting open cages of people we don't know why they're in there. I say play dumb and retreat.
No. 418167 ID: 0006f5

ok in retrospect it was a very good idea to melt the axe handle ..

dont answer. burn a nice perforation / tear-away for the creature
No. 418278 ID: 31015f
File 133867060704.png - (348.31KB , 1000x750 , 314.png )

A quick glance confirms that it’s too late to go for the axe. The large beast got up and grabbed it. Fortunately, the two creatures are busy watching the gun and arguing to pay attention to the back of the box. Mechi doesn’t answer to the voice inside the cage, but simply corrodes a larger hole in the back. As soon as the wood is weak enough, a cloud of smoke bursts out and confuses the slime girl. When she’s able to see again, the box is empty.

“HEY! What are y’doin!? Ye stupid fuck, you open’d it!” It’s the voice of the short creature. It looks like they’ve seen Mechi and they don’t look happy about it.
No. 418280 ID: 132b99

flee. just go out a bit and when they chase you jump on the gnoll.
No. 418293 ID: f2cd76

they can catch you if you run away... but not if you climb away. there's a tree right there.
No. 418295 ID: 0006f5

lol climb up the tree and see if he either throws the axe and it gets stuck or he starts chopping it down. burn some large branches and generally be a nuisance
No. 418298 ID: 7acb8e

Climb Tree, wait for opportune time to activate plan 'Face Melter'
No. 418300 ID: e3f578

No. 418377 ID: 31015f
File 133873437453.png - (253.14KB , 1000x750 , 315.png )

Mechi bubbles a “Whoop whoop whoop!” sound and hurries to climb the tree before they can catch her. They throw a bit rocks at her, but none of them hits her.

“C’mere bitch! Ye’ll pay fer this!”

“Don’t stand right under the branch, ye retarded stray dog! She’s a slime, she’ll drop on yo stupid face and eat it!”

The large one growls furiously, but retreats to a safe distance. The two of them just sit down there, looking up at the branches where Mechi hides.

“Don’t worry, she can’t stay up there forever.”

Before she can think about her situation, the sound of flapping wings alarms her for an instant, announcing the arrival of her feathered friend. Mirla lands on the branch, next to her.
“I saw it all. I was going to go down and help you, but you climbed up here. Looks like you’re safe now, so I guessed I could just come down and talk... Why did you even get in troubles with the gnoll and the goblin?”

“Well... there was this thing in that cage and I decided to free her but then she went “poof” and disappeared in thin air, and those guys tried to catch me.”

“Oh... ok, I guess. What are we going to do now?I don’t think I can carry you, so we can’t just flee.”
No. 418378 ID: 0006f5

o lawd is dat sum magic

can either of you put out the fire ? that might allow you to sneak away if mirla provides some visual cover
No. 418380 ID: 1444d5

You could try and eat through the branch and drop it on them.
No. 418388 ID: 42491f

How far can you stretch? Could you have Mirla carry a tendril or something to the next tree, then pull yourself over using that?

Alternately, just stay up in the tree until the two on the ground get bored and leave.
No. 418391 ID: f2cd76

you could eat a tunnel through the core of the tree and burrow away without letting them notice. I hear sap is delicious.

or you could just chillax and smoke a fag. obviously you're at an advantage here.
No. 418405 ID: 886a4d

This sounds viable and sneaky... I like it.
No. 418720 ID: 31015f
File 133882131344.png - (295.77KB , 1000x750 , 316.png )

Mechi decides to put on practice another stealthy idea. She starts to burn and dig (and eat, yum) through the tree, while Mirla stays up and makes some noise to make them think that the slime girl is still up there.

After digging through the dirt for a while, Mechi emerges again, at a safe distance from the camp. Looks like it worked!
No. 418722 ID: 0006f5

wow uh damn !
book it ??
towards the city, while trying to stay off the main road. too bad the captive didnt feel like having just desserts nor sticking around
No. 418723 ID: f2cd76

the dude you just dreed is looking at you from between the bushes like a creepy stalker. say hello.
No. 418727 ID: 132b99

yellow eyes from the box in the bush behind you and to your left
No. 418740 ID: 6e44d2

Poke up your head and say hi.
No. 418766 ID: 31015f
File 133884404157.png - (362.27KB , 1000x750 , 317.png )

Mechi oozes out of the hole and recovers her original form, when she feels a presence behind her. She turns around to find... herself!
No. 418768 ID: 0006f5

ok uh. ditto / doppel that assumes the form of whoever it meets to ..
a) be cute
b) murder you, dispose of your remains and none will be the wiser

c) symmetrical docking <-
No. 418769 ID: 196d1b

Say hi, and ask why they look like you. Be friendly but on guard.
No. 418780 ID: 132b99

even if it looks like you it isn't acidic. so it can't kill you while weaponless.
No. 418783 ID: 886a4d

I believe this is the thing you freed, wave at it and ask if why those two had captured it.
No. 418801 ID: 9ac7a3

Turn purple again, so you can be told apart...then demand explanation.
No. 418834 ID: b9d767

The obvious thing to do would be to mimic the mimic. Shift into whatever shape it shapes into.
No. 420102 ID: 31015f
File 133924094045.png - (354.11KB , 1000x750 , 318.png )

Mechi turns herself purple again and waves at her copy. To her surprise, the creature also changes its color to purple and waves back.

“Hi, who are you? Why do you look like me?”

“Hi, who are you? Why do you look like me?”--The creature responds with an exact reproduction of Mechi’s voice

“I’m Mechi, and YOU look like me!”

“I’m Mechi, and YOU look like me!”

“No, I AM MECHI, stop saying that!”

“No, I AM MECHI, stop saying that!”


No. 420103 ID: d5ee6f

Now kiss
No. 420104 ID: 7e314f

Kissing her seem like the best idea.
No. 420105 ID: b85f8c

Slimes don't have any lips, guys.

Poke her instead.
No. 420106 ID: 7c31d2

Reach into her, grab her ball and pull it out.
No. 420110 ID: e894c0

No. 420130 ID: 6e44d2

Kiss her, then do this:
No. 420157 ID: 0006f5

hers are superior.

so what was with that not-copied bit of speech before she broke free ? either mimic is keeping up being extra cute or this is not what escaped.

groping is in order
No. 420280 ID: 132b99

just finger poke. when it pokes back it will get hurt and you wont, forcing it to break disguise.
No. 420343 ID: bdb3f8

say "your eyes are still yellow"
for science!
No. 420358 ID: 886a4d

No. 420366 ID: 409543

Orrrrr instead of foffing about we could remember there's baddies nearby and we should probably get further away for when they realize the trick.
No. 420401 ID: 31015f
File 133934961330.png - (347.45KB , 1000x750 , 319.png )

Mechi tries to touch her “copy”. The other Mechi mimics her movement like a perfect mirror but backs off in the last second, just about to touch the gelatinous flesh of Mechi. The core inside her body disappears, like she doesn’t want to bother keeping up the facade anymore.

“Ok, ok Queen of Acid, you win. I was just playing around.”

“Who are you?”

“I guess I owe you that bit. I guess you can call me...Kioo. Yeah, that sounds about right. Thank you for getting me out of that cage, by the way?”

“Are you a slime like me!?”

“Oh, no, no. I’m a doppelganger. And I’d love to answer more questions, but I think we should get out of here first.”

Mechi thinks she’s forgotten something about her current situation, as she hears heavy footsteps and loud voices approaching her through the forest.
No. 420402 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, you kinda yelled a bit. Book it!
No. 420403 ID: d5ee6f

Cop a feel
No. 420405 ID: e3aff6

We didn't discuss with Mirla where/how we will meet up.
No. 420406 ID: 132b99

okay move move move. you go up a tree she stays near the base disguised as you and when they get close you drop on the gnoll.
No. 420409 ID: 0006f5

oh man this
No. 420413 ID: e894c0


why kill them? maybe they're the good guys and the doppelganger is actually all evil and shit. we should avoid them until we regroup with Birdtits and get the full story from Copytits.
No. 420609 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, maybe not everyone out on the roads with people captured are just kidnapping people.
No. 421190 ID: 31015f
File 133951402542.png - (270.37KB , 1000x750 , 320.png )

Mechi quickly tell Kioo to stay near the base of the nearest tree while she climbs it up. She seems pleased by this course of action. Not more than a minute after the gnoll, armed with the axe, approaches first, followed by the goblin. And as soon as he’s under the branch Mechi drop onto him. His screams are promptly muffled and the struggle ends quick. Dinner time.

The goblin screams a “Fuck!” and simply runs away, escaping through the woods.

“I like your style, jellybutt.” --Kioo chuckles softly.
No. 421193 ID: e894c0

thank her. ask if she wants a cigarette.
No. 421197 ID: 132b99

save some for the others mechi. and be cool. ask if she can take on her true form now that the danger is very dead.
No. 421205 ID: 0006f5

hopefully mirla heard that
No. 421250 ID: 0faf03

You're well fed now. Head for the campfire and use it to elegantly light a cigarette and draw deeply to really get the nicotine going. Shout for Mirla.

Ask who those two guys were first, then how this doppelganger got captured. Last of all ask why he or she was captured.
No. 423178 ID: 31015f
File 133987746211.png - (352.30KB , 1000x750 , 321.png )

Mechi thanks her for the compliment and they return to the campfire, no sign of Mirla yet. The goo girl clumsily burns a cigarette before she manages to properly light a couple of them, offering one to Kioo. The Doppelganger chuckles and accepts it, even if only out of amusement.

“Who were those two guys anyways and why did they capture you?”

Kioo shrugs.

“They work for a particular baron I recently hire me for a very delicate job. I kind of screwed it up, totally not my fault! But he was thinking otherwise, so he ordered those goons to kill me. Luckily for me, they were greedy fucks. They convinced the baron that they’ve offed me, and smuggled me out of the castle. I think they were planning to sell me to an alchemist or a slavist, or something like that. So I’m glad that you decided to help me out.”

Just then Mirla peeks her head through the branches above us. She seems a bit worried about something, but that expression promptly becomes confused as she notices the two Mechis. “Hey, glad that you’re o--... I didn’t know you could do that!”

Mechi proceeds to explain the situation and present them. The Doppelganger laughs.

“Sorry about the confusion, I can change to a different form if this one disturbs you. So, where are you two free spirits heading to? Or are you just prancing around? Because I could offer you a profitable business proposition...”
No. 423181 ID: 132b99

ask if she HAS a true form.
and explain we are trying to figure out what the ball in you is about. some people wanted it and it's rather obviously magical. if they come for it in greater numbers you could be in trouble.
No. 423184 ID: 8c9e3c

yeah, what's she really look like? no need to be ashamed, we're all freaks here anyway.

her offer did make my curiosity gland twitch though.
No. 423191 ID: 0006f5

mechi multiplyyy !!

go ask what shes on about.
No. 423850 ID: 31015f
File 134005035062.png - (256.11KB , 1000x750 , 322.png )

“Hey, why don’t you show us your true form? ”

“Hahahah. No.”

“Come on, don’t be ashamed!”


“... alright then. What is this ‘preposition’ you’re talking about?”

“Well, it’s simple. I don’t know about you two, but I’m tired of humans, when they’re not trying to use me, they’re trying to hunt me, even if it’s out of nothing but fun.”

Mechi and Mirla nod at the same time.

“So I thought, what do they have that we don’t?”


“--No, no, no, no.” --Kioo interrupts with a bit of exasperation in her voice. It’s also worth mentioning that during the conversation her tone of voice has changed to something more deep, yet melodic, and still feminine. It’s not a copy of Mechi’s voice anymore, but something that sounds more akin to the voice Mechi heard from inside the cage.

“I’m talking about cities. Towns. They don’t need to hide in the forest from hunters, crawl into dirty caves to search for food, or anything because they live in big, clean and safe cities. Of course, if we get discovered inside one, they’ll slice and dice us op and serve us as dinner. But what if we had... our own city?”


“Yes. I know of a city we can claim as our own, where we can live and rule our own territory! I only need a bit of help, and then we can be as powerful as they are! What do you say?”
No. 423851 ID: 132b99

"but what about war? a nearby human city could decide it doesn't like us and attacks"
No. 423852 ID: b85f8c

We'll need more details before agreeing. Is anyone in it already that we have to drive out? How big is it? How will we defend it? We'll need more people to keep the city going. Farmers, masons, carpenters, administrators, woodcutters, miners... Well, ambushing caravans for supplies would lessen the need for skilled laborers but it would also attract lots of attention from humans.
No. 423856 ID: cf49fc

Only one thing can fend off armies without massive industrial bases or costly insurgencies: WIZARDS.

As we gather our civilization, we need to get wizards on our side. Then we'll be able to build our Mountain Homes or whatever in peace, and live out an awesome life in our awesome-powered civilization.
No. 423868 ID: 0006f5

just mention that an authority will find whatever reason it can to stamp out a budding city, and if it is somehow useful to them thriving, at best usurp its management. ask if she has an idea of anything so powerful but also prestigious to survive the odds

i like the wizard idea.
No. 423871 ID: f70e5e

does she mean take over an existing city? cause if we tried that we would have to deal with a constantly rebelling populous, but starting our own city would be an idea we could get behind.
No. 423899 ID: 771d02

fuck rational thinking. you don't achieve great things just by sitting and thinking and not doing anything to spring your thoughts into life. you just do what you already came up with and figure out the rest along the way. if we want it enough, try hard enough, we'll make it work, somehow.

tl;dr: fuck yes please.
No. 423905 ID: 73d8cf

Taking over some kind of abandoned city ,or finding a city that would accept them, or even building one from scratch or with help would be fine, but attacking innocent people is a bad plan for many many reasons.
No. 425038 ID: 31015f
File 134039886769.png - (368.69KB , 1000x750 , 323.png )

“What, do you mean taking over a city full of humans? I don’t think we can do that!”

“No, silly. I found an empty one! And it’s not like, ruins and rubble or anything. It looks new, with shops, churches, houses and a castle, everything in perfect condition. But completely empty! We just have to get there before someone else does it, and claim if for our own!”

“But what if another larger city attacks us?”

“Hmmm, that might be a slight problem, but I’m sure we can solve it after we get there!”

“Maybe if we had wizards...”

“Wizards? Hmm, I guess so... But no humans, alright? We can get more people like us to live there, but no humans allowed! That’s the only rule! Now, want to come with me and find that city or not!”
No. 425041 ID: e3f578

"So humans that do want to live in co-op with us in peaceful intentions don't? If we grow powerful enough, we may need to establish alliances, which may include with humans. Like, at least maybe a hotel for diplomats, property isn't possible. After the city's established, people around the world will notice that some creatures like us just want to live like they do, and not by leeching off of them. And don't forget, there are elves, dwarves, cat people and plenty of other races who are also douchebags to us. So really, it should be a 'no-douches allowed' city."
No. 425042 ID: b85f8c

No. 425043 ID: 223190

okay. but maybe we can make an exception for short blonde males.
No. 425048 ID: 42c1c6

Don't agree with that. Anyone should be allowed. You city should be a shining example that non-humanoid races are capable of living together with everyone, in peace. It's not just that too, having normal humans present is a good way to discourage attacks from human neighbors, and maybe open up trade.
No. 425063 ID: 132b99

be wary of CURSES and EVIL SHIT in the city.
No. 425069 ID: 9718f3

Seriously, this. Cities don't just get abandoned for no reason.
No. 425081 ID: 0006f5

yeap that is a mighty sus city. take it anyway but stress that for the sake of survival, the policies have to be flexible. unless you have unbelievable political tact, which i think monsters are in extreme disadvantage, you'll need to be as powerful as you can to not smolder out; this is probably dependent on anyone powerful and amicably opportunistic, not just monsters !
No. 425938 ID: 31015f
File 134065737641.png - (961.33KB , 1000x750 , 324.png )

“Are you sure about that? Maybe we’ll need some good humans to deal with other human cities, or at least show them that we can be different. We should just let everyone in that isn’t a douche. No douches allowed.”

“Hmmm... I don’t know. As soon as we have some humans in the city they’ll start to think they should run the place. They ALWAYS do that. But we’ll think about it.”

“Also I hope there’s no curses or other evil stuff in that abandoned city.”

“Nah, don’t worry, it looked fine to me. But in our way there we could try to recruit more folks to our cause, if that makes you feel safer. We could go straight there or take our time to go through the forest, I’m sure there are some tribes of humanoids that would want to join us. I’m not sure what to do, what do you think?”
No. 425947 ID: 180ec2

This sounds too good to be true, there has to be a reason it's abandoned. But, it's not like we have anything better to do.

Let's go through the mountains. We need enough people to get a self-sustaining city, which is more than three people.
No. 425949 ID: 132b99

No. 425950 ID: b85f8c

Let's take the long way around, yeah.
No. 425985 ID: 107c3d

how long ago does it look like everyone left? if it was recent we might get blamed and attacked by another city right away.
No. 426003 ID: 0006f5

i want to go straight there just to see whats up
No. 426240 ID: 223190

let's go there with more people. mountains, forests, whatever.
No. 427544 ID: 31015f
File 134105209118.png - (351.59KB , 1000x750 , 325.png )

We decide to walk go the long way and try to find as much help to populate our new home as we can. We decide to keep walking through the rest of the night, because we’re not tired and we all see in the dark. Kioo appears to be in an excellent mood and makes the walk more enjoyable with some stories of past experiences, jokes and pranks played on humans and anecdotes about past romances she’s had, including rather specific descriptions that Mechi found rather educative, but made Mirla blush, for some reason Mechi couldn’t quite understand. Another couple of hours of walking through the forest and they notice the faint bright of the sun shining through the leaves. The dawn is breaking.

Kioo stops to consider their options.

“I don’t know about you but I’m not tired, we could keep going on for a few more hours... But we’re more exposed and vulnerable during daytime, so we might as well play it safe and look for a place to hide and wait for nightfall. What do you folks think?”

“Hmm...” Absent-mindedly replies Mirla. Since the last night event she’s been strangely quiet and pensive. Mechi wonders if something is worrying her. Also she supposes that again she’ll have to decide about what to do next, keep going or camp until nightfall?
No. 427567 ID: 0006f5

hm. go look for a place to hide (dungeon crawl). see if you can ask mirla about whats on her mind when youre alone at some point
No. 427729 ID: 55c4cf

Enter dating sim mode and talk to Mirla about what's going on, hopefully you can help her feel better or be able to help with whatever's eating at her.
No. 428276 ID: 223190

eat a hole in the mountain.
No. 428646 ID: 31015f
File 134134690094.png - (225.25KB , 1000x750 , 326.png )

Mechi votes for looking for a place to hide and sleep until nightfall, and that’s what they do. She even considers eating a hole in a nearby mountain, but that would take several days to do, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Instead they look around until they find a cozy cave under a hill. There’s a few creatures living inside, so that’s even better, no need to find dinner. After they eat, Mechi turns to Mirla and asks if there’s anything eating at her. The harpy hesitates at first, but finally speaks up.

“I... I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’ve been feeling kind of light-headed lately. Almost don’t like to fly up alone anymore. I... I start to hear things. Voices, when I’m alone... I start thinking about my family... How I won’t see them ever again... I don’t... Sorry, I shouldn’t be...weak like this. I can pull my own weight, you don’t... Just forget about what I said.”
No. 428653 ID: 0006f5

mention that you hear voices, all the time ! also that she can talk to you whenever she wants to and is ready and for anything at all.

take note of landmarks or distinguishing features outside the cave entrance so you can coordinate in an emergency and not have a repeat or worse of last night
No. 428655 ID: 132b99

ask to try and take the necklace off, maybe it's got magic?
No. 428661 ID: 04b86a

Isn't she wearing the watch? Maybe we should get that off of her.
No. 428668 ID: 223190

might be the necklace. might be that harpies are meant to live in flocks and not by themselves. either way, it'd be a good idea to let someone else wear the amulet for the night to see if the voices go away and if affects others the same way.

it might also be her bra that's cursed. y'know. just saying.
No. 428670 ID: 6e44d2

Aww! Hug Console her.

"You've lost so much in the past few days. I understand. By necessity, we gotta keep moving, but you don't have to hide these things from me. We're partners, so we take care of each other. Can I do anything for you?"
No. 428943 ID: 55c4cf

console her, offer to bear the one ring for her for a while
No. 429111 ID: 1e9d01

Ask her if it started when she put on the necklace. Could be cursed.
No. 429210 ID: 31015f
File 134147536119.png - (186.65KB , 1000x750 , 327.png )

Mechi tries to comfort her harpy friend (without physical contact).

“Well, first of all, it’s not that bad to hear voices, I hear them all the time!”

“Really? What do they tell you?”

“Sometimes useful stuff... Other times, kind of weird things... But it’s not so bad, after all. Besides, you’ve lost so much in the past few days. I understand. By necessity, we gotta keep moving, but you don't have to hide these things from me. We're partners, so we take care of each other. Can I do anything for you?"

“No... It’s fine. But thank you, I feel better now. It’s great to have someone that... that still cares.”

“Want me to carry that watch for a bit? Maybe it’s magic and it’s doing something to you?”
Her expression changes to express concern and a bit of hostility.

“T-the watch?I- I don’t know. I’d like to keep it, please? It’s pretty much the first thing I own. I’m sure it’s just a harmless old thing.”
No. 429211 ID: 132b99

"what makes you so sure it's harmless? being sure something is safe for no reason is a sign that it IS magic and is messing with your head"
No. 429214 ID: 886a4d

Its not going to be permanent, just for a day so we can make sure its not talking to you. But if you really don't want me to hold it for you then I understand.
No. 429215 ID: 0006f5

ok. let her keep it. how about we go the full mile and suggest snuggling together for the (night) day. what (hubris and blind-zeal) risks we take for science !
No. 429221 ID: 68852c

sure. I was saying, just for the night, but hey, it's her watch.
No. 429242 ID: e3f578

"Careful, it might be convincing you that if it's the source of the voices. If this city thing takes, you'll own a lot. If not, still, don't let it get you if it's cursed. Please. I don't want my first friend gone because a watch possessed her."
No. 429901 ID: 31015f
File 134167860259.png - (211.39KB , 1000x750 , 328.png )

“Ok, keep it for now. But maybe you should consider that we don’t know anything about it. It might have some magic in it and do weird things.”

Mirla looks visibly happy and relieved about this.

“Thank you! Oh, I don’t think it is magic or anything, just an old watch. But if you makes you feel better, I’ll let you examine it in the morning!”

Ok, that’s solved. Now, where did Kioo go? Should I look for her and see what’s she up to, or just go to sleep?
No. 429903 ID: 0006f5

yeah look for her while getting a feel for the surroundings but try not to draw attention to the cave
No. 429944 ID: 68852c

sure, go look.

do you even need to sleep?
No. 430977 ID: 31015f
File 134195302883.png - (228.96KB , 1000x750 , 329.png )

Mechi doesn’t need to sleep in the literal sense of the word, but after enough physical activity she needs to rest, decrease her body activities and finish assimilating the food consumed that day. But she doesn’t have to close her eyes, lose consciousness or anything like that. She doesn’t have dreams either. She’s never had, at least.

So Mechi creeps further into the cave, that appears to be deeper than he expected, looking for the doppelganger. The dim moonlight can barely reach this deep, and only Mechi’s orb throws some light over her anyways boring surroundings. After a bit, she finds a turn in the tunnel, a dim light coming from there. She can also hear a soft voice speaking down there.
No. 430978 ID: 0006f5

eavesdrop, hope getting caught wont turn into a horrible mistake
No. 430980 ID: 68852c

snoop like a dogg and be shocked when you listen in on her talking to her own reflection about how you hobbitses tooks her preciousssss.
No. 430997 ID: 6e44d2

lol. Yeah. This.
No. 433572 ID: 31015f
File 134247879932.png - (178.68KB , 1000x750 , 330.png )

Mechi slides against the wall, as close to the corner as she can without getting caught, and tries to listen to the voice, that she thinks belongs to Kioo’s but she’s not sure, the voice is whisper in a barely audible tone.

“Yes... everything is in order... no, they don’t know... they will arrive soon... took the long way... exactly... ”

Then, the voice suddenly stops, and so does the faint glow coming from around the corner. Everything is in complete darkness and silence again.
No. 433576 ID: 132b99

i am now 150% sus. you should be too.
No. 433587 ID: 0006f5

whats interesting about this is i think kioo is using one of those magic telephones / compasses. otherwise, just try to stay alert and wait until the first chance we get to break away and observe kioo by herself again presents
No. 433643 ID: b85f8c

Of note is that we are in darkness and our purple glowing orb reveals our presence. Sneak away before they notice it.
No. 433658 ID: 4bdd79

Go back, inform on her to Mirla. When she comes back we'll get some answers out of her, one way or the other.
No. 433694 ID: 2972f8


too late, she knows we know.

run to birdtits and let her know. and by run, I mean slither as fast as you can because she might be right behind you.
No. 433696 ID: 6e44d2

Welp, we're about to be betrayed. Time to get out of dodge right the fuck now. Hurry back. Run.
No. 434895 ID: 31015f
File 134280047735.png - (245.36KB , 1000x750 , 331.png )

Mechi slides back to the entrance to the cave, as fast as she can (which isn’t saying much), just to find it completely empty. No sign of her harpy friend.

“Mirla! Mirla, hurry we have t-...Where did she go!?”
No. 434898 ID: 2972f8

yell louder. search just around the camp.
No. 434899 ID: 4bdd79

Something's up. Camouflage yourself like you did earlier, and slip into the bushes.
No. 434908 ID: 6e1234

Yeah I think hiding right now is probably a good idea.
No. 434929 ID: 0006f5

get the ell outta ere !
No. 434966 ID: b85f8c

What the heck are those two brown poles?
No. 438112 ID: 31015f
File 134385209582.png - (254.48KB , 1000x750 , 332.png )

Mechi decides that something is going on, so she slides out of the cave and into the wilderness again, turning green and trying to hide between the bushes and the trees. The dawn is already breaking and the sunlight rains through the canopy. She can hear birds singing, but nobody else out there.

She waits for a few minutes without any changes, and when she’s about to wonder if she should stay there for a bit longer or do something else, a casual masculine voice coming from above her startles her.

“Sooner or later you’re going to have to start facing your problems instead of hiding all the time, you know? Just a thought.”
No. 438113 ID: b85f8c

"It would be easier if I knew what my problems were."

See who it is.
No. 438117 ID: bf54a8

i'm not hiding from the, i'm trying to ambush them.
No. 438128 ID: 5c0329

that's none of his goddamn business. who the fuck is he, anyway?
No. 438136 ID: e3f578

I hide before I eat them, idiot. That's standard hunting tactics. And it's also guerrilla tactics but I don't think Mechi knows that.
As for the problems that can be solved without eating people, we don't hide from those. We've talked those out.
No. 438197 ID: 0006f5

you do not have the resources for facing problems directly. just acknowledge quietly and start eating the tree lol
No. 438825 ID: 31015f
File 134400501539.png - (223.53KB , 1000x750 , 333.png )

Mechi replies “I’m not hiding from them. Well, maybe I am, but just to ambush them. And who are you anyways?” while she casually starts eating the tree. Doing so she looks up, to see a robed figure sitting on one of the higher branches.

“Me? Just someone that wants to help you. I’m aware that you’re in a special kind of predicament, and your new friends are more likely to rely on you than help you sort things out. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, for now, let’s just talk. So, can I come down without having to worry about you trying to eat me?”
No. 438826 ID: b85f8c

No. 438827 ID: 0006f5

awesome. ask what he has in mind and pause eating for now
No. 438828 ID: bf54a8

you can coe down, and you wont get at, as long as you don't be a bitch.
No. 438877 ID: e3f578

"Only if you don't try to attack me.I'm a slime, I'm hard to kill, don't risk it. And this green is just cosmetic, I'm really a purple slime, a tier or two below black so don't think I'm easy. I have NO idea how I know about that though. And which predicament you talking about, my potentially-possesed-by-a-watch and missing friend, a shapeshifter that might be a little backstabby to even people who saved her life, or a crazy dude that can dissolve people's organic parts down to the bone with magic that's probably following me? Or the one I have no real home and would like to have a nice peaceful one? Also, how do I not know you're with the shapeshifter, I heard her talkin' inside to somebody, probably over a communication device or spell. I have NO idea how I know about communication tools too."
No. 438935 ID: 6e44d2

No, guys, it's a trap. Say yes, and then attack him immediately.
No. 439008 ID: 5c0329

say yes. be cool.
No. 439523 ID: 31015f
File 134417179291.png - (278.62KB , 1000x750 , 334.png )

Mechi has a huge internal monologue about what she should say to the stranger, but finally simply answers that ok, she won’t eat him as long as he doesn’t try to kill her, which won’t be easy by the way. The man nods and acrobatically descends from the tree.

“We’re in a bit of a hurry so I’ll leave the details for a better occasion. My name is Leo, and I belong to an ancient order that has a great interest in an artifact you possess. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to take it from you. But there are others that will do anything to take it. Powerful people. And that sphere of yours is like a giant magnet for them. So, in order to prevent a catastrophe, I am willing to offer my help in behalf of my order.”
No. 439524 ID: e3f578

Is the shapeshifter one of these people?
No. 439525 ID: b85f8c

Tell him okay, but we've already been fooled once by someone we completely randomly met, so we're gonna have to remain skeptical. Ask him if he's seen your harpy friend; she's got some sort of necklace that seems to be mentally influencing her and we need to get it off her. Also he could very easily be the shapeshifter.

Are we capable of enveloping someone without eating them? If we can just glomp Mirla to restrain her and remove the necklace, that would work fairly well.
No. 439526 ID: 0006f5

it actually would be cool to know if removal is on the table even if we decide not to part with our precious. the process probably kills you or something hilarious. go then, flee to the abandoned city and see if he has objections to that
No. 439638 ID: e3aff6

What help, and what do people want the artifact for?
No. 439711 ID: 6e44d2

I feel good about this. Say yes.
No. 439752 ID: 55c4cf

Look up his skirt.
No. 439754 ID: bf54a8

no, mechi is basically pure acid.
No. 439759 ID: e3f578

If that were true she can't envelope items in her slime and have that as an inventory.
And really, you think we can honestly play a slime girl on tgchan where any form of intimacy is an impossibility thanks to Mechi's acidity? Where do you think you're posting?
No. 439765 ID: 5c0329

deal. tell us what to do.
No. 440207 ID: 31015f
File 134437468526.png - (324.47KB , 1000x750 , 335.png )

To clarify, and as a reminder: Mechi’s body is made of harmless gel with an acidic core. She can choose to expand that core through her entire body and be entirely corrosive, or freely move it all over her body. Currently she’s keeping the core compressed inside her, so she can interact with her friends and carry items without consuming them. Still, touching her would be risky, because when she’s relaxed the gel is pretty soft and would be easy to sink your fingers deep enough to touch the corrosive core. It would be very hard for her to envelope a large creature without burning it.

Mechi decides that he can trust Leo for now. She asks about her friends, and specially about Mirla and her strange behavior. She also mentions the watch.

“Hmm, she might be under the influence of that artifact. Trying to remove it now might be dangerous, it could trigger something even nastier. We need a place to stay so I can study it, and we can decide what to do next.”

Mechi tells him about Kioo’s plan.

“Ah, I didn’t know there was an abandoned city in the area, but that could serve us as a place to hide and plan our next move.”

Mechi tries to ask him about his order or the sphere, but Leo only answers that they’ll have to discuss that when they’re safe in the city, it’s not even safe to mention it out in the open.

“Where are your friends? Out here in the open? Or in the cave? We should go find them and move out quick-lYY! Heeeey! Don’t do that!”

Mechi nods with curiosity. Apparently people get distressed if you lift up their skirts. She’s learning a lot lately.

Now, should she look for Mirla out here with Leo, or go both into the cave to find Kioo. Or should they split up?
No. 440210 ID: b85f8c

Let's go find Kioo first. We want to make sure she doesn't shapeshift to fool us, so knowing which person she is at all times would be optimal.
No. 440215 ID: 6a1ec2

Naw, we already found Kloo. She's just pretending to be part of a secret lizard society. The jig is up Kloo we caught you!
No. 440217 ID: 55c4cf

I don't think they're distressed, they're just blushing and excited. I am pretty sure if you rubbed them they'd feel better. If the skirt is lifted up and no rubs are applied it is usually more embarrassing for everyone. For future reference, of course.
No. 440221 ID: 0006f5

find kioo. to make things hard if this is kioo and being productive and not alone otherwise !
No. 440223 ID: e3f578

All right, let's go back to our casual form now so that we're recognizable. When dealing with Kioo we'll definitely need the back up if she's suspicious.
No. 440489 ID: ce47da

No. 440550 ID: 4bdd79

Kioo can't change her eye color.
No. 440575 ID: b85f8c

Her eye color is normally yellow, like his. I guess it is a slightly different yellow though...
No. 443442 ID: 31015f
File 134505771778.png - (283.98KB , 1000x750 , 336.png )

Leo is firmly grabbing his robes now, so Mechi’s attempts to make friends are truncated

Mechi transforms into her humanoid form and tells her new friend that they should go and find Kioo first, mostly because she can’t rule out that this stranger is actually Kioo trying to trick her for gods know what reason. But they actually find the Doppelganger right at the entrance of the cave. She was a blob, but in less than a couple of seconds she turns into a double of the lizard newcomer, just with a more intense tone of yellow in her eyes.

Mechi introduces them, but Kioo seems to be suspicious about him.

“How did he know where were we? And why does he want to come with us?”

Leo hurries to answer that it was just coincidence and that he also wants to see that abandoned city that Mechi told him about. He obviously avoids mentioning the Orb. Kioo doesn’t seem to trust him yet, but doesn’t seem to oppose him coming along either, for now.

Ok, time to find Mirla. Mechi tries to think the best course of action. It’s weird that she hasn’t come back yet, and she wonders if the harpy might’ve gone far away. Should they search her together or split up to cover more area?
No. 443443 ID: 0006f5

stay together, get height. the foliage cover is going to make this hard ..
No. 443444 ID: e3f578

lift up Kioo's robe
snicker a little
No. 443450 ID: b85f8c

Stop messing with the robe.

Split up but stick with Kioo.
No. 443455 ID: 8843e6

you can melt a little bit off the robe's bottom while he sleeps later on

in fact, here's a project for you: melt an unnoticeably small amount off the bottom every night

hell, run a bet with Mirla and Kioo on how soon he'll notice

but that's for later. for now, split up and look for Mirla
No. 443462 ID: 6e44d2

Don't we, like, not trust Kioo right now?
No. 443569 ID: b6edd6

Splitting up when two thirds of your group are mysterious semi-shady people sounds like an extremely bad idea.
No. 444679 ID: 31015f
File 134532173028.png - (274.18KB , 1000x750 , 337.png )

Mechi attempts to lift Kioo’s skirt but the shapeshifter is mimicking Leo’s gestures, and grabbing her robes firmly as well. That matter will have to wait till they let their guards down.

Mechi decides that she doesn’t trust her new friends enough to let them split up. Shortly after they leave the cave and start walking around looking for her, Leo (or was it Kioo? They look almost exactly the same!) says “I think I’ve seen something weird moving up there in the trees... Yeah! Over there!”

Mechi looks up where the lizard is pointing at. At first she doesn’t notice what is he talking about, but then she sees it. She’s seen (or rather, eaten) creatures like that before, but they were very small in comparison. It’s a huge snake, and it seems to be constricting a prey. It’s pretty clear that said pray is none other than Mirla. At least the harpy seems to be still trying to struggle out of the deadly embrace of the monstrous snake, without much success.

“We have to do something, quick! She’s not gonna be able to last long!”
No. 444682 ID: b85f8c

Someone grab that snake's tail. Heck, both the non-slimes should, then you should grab a free portion of it.

Or just grab it yourself to shock it out of its attempt. Maybe climb up the tree through that hole in it? It looks like the same tree you ate.
No. 444686 ID: 0006f5

aw shit uh what is a huge snake afraid of ? impersonate whatever that is, even if poorly, in the mean time closing the distance to actually fight it.
No. 444695 ID: 0c2247

Cover its face with yourself.
It will panic, which will break its attempt at constriction.
No. 444696 ID: 6e44d2

Just enclose the snake and start dissolving it without dissolving the harpy.
No. 444739 ID: 12c19f

This, envelope the snake's head.
No. 444741 ID: bf54a8

fight the snake!
No. 444807 ID: 31015f
File 134532968717.png - (269.84KB , 1000x750 , 338.png )

Ok, Mechi thinks, covering the snake’s face with herself is a good idea! But she doesn’t know how to get on top of the tree quick enough to do so, she’d only be able to slowly creep her way up! She’s kind of freaking out, how can she get up there fast enough!? Or is there any other way to save Mirla!?
No. 444810 ID: 886a4d

Well miss shapeshifter can probably fly you up. Or since the Lizard has already proven adept at climbing trees he can help your friend by chopping off its head.
No. 444825 ID: b85f8c

You could THROW a bit of yourself at it.
No. 444826 ID: 0006f5

chuck rock ! also leo climb up, kick/hit it off the tree and i presume its not venomous unless it got super lucky and didnt need to use it on mirla
No. 444827 ID: 6a1ec2

Fling slime against snake. Later claim that it's your and Mirla's baby slime.
No. 444847 ID: bf54a8

grab a chunk of yourself and throw it.
No. 444910 ID: e3f578

Kioo, use Mirla's form and fly me up there.
No. 445136 ID: 42c1c6

you are an amorphous mass, try extended a long tendril up into the tree and then pull your core up into it.
No. 445281 ID: 31015f
File 134539272796.png - (289.41KB , 1000x750 , 339.png )

Mechi grabs a good chunk of herself and throws it at the snake’s face. And that’s a lucky shot, because Mechi isn’t very strong, or a good thrower either. Of course the blob she’s throw is not acid, so it doesn’t hurt the snake, but at least the animal panics a bit, shaking its head trying to take it off.

“Leo! Climb up there and do something!”

The lizard nods and acrobatically jumps from branch to branch until he gets to the snake level. He takes advantage of the large creature being distracted by the goo to kick it off the tree. The snake hisses loudly, managing to get rid of Mechi’s blob after the fall. But it looks like it’s had enough, and it uncoils herself off Mirla, then darts away through the trees and bushes.

Mirla seems to be alive and fine, but barely conscious.
No. 445290 ID: e3f578

How the fuck does a simple snake get its hands on a sentient beast like a harpy?
Ask Kioo or Leo if that's common.
Check Mirla's inventory and retrieve watch.
No. 445303 ID: 0006f5

yes, ask if this seems strange or no. try to take possession of the watch without being obvious; if you are confronted to explain why you removed the watch, do explain truthfully. oddly i have the feeling they wont believe you are a thief at heart .. the alternative is saying you dont want -them- to take it which would leave an even worse impression
No. 445317 ID: b85f8c

Get that necklace off her.
No. 445989 ID: 31015f
File 134557675791.png - (317.64KB , 1000x750 , 340.png )

Mechi asks if it’s normal to see snakes catching sapient creatures like harpies. Leo answers while taking care of Mirla.

“No, not really. I mean, maybe they might grab one of their babies if it falls off the nest, but even that is pretty rare. I mean even if the snake caught her sleeping, she should’ve been able to wake up and break free before the thing coiled around her.”

Mechi looks over Mirla, it looks like she just fainted. But other than some bruises, she’s fines. She discreetly takes the pocket watch hanging around her neck. Leo doesn’t seem to notice it, and if he does, he doesn’t complain, and Kioo wasn’t even looking at the moment.

It’s curious, the watch feels kind of warm to the touch. And Mechi almost hears something... is it music? A voice? The sound is too faint to make out what it is.
No. 445990 ID: bf54a8

the orb is drowning it out. they must get louder as time goes on.
No. 446003 ID: b85f8c

Listen closer.
No. 446005 ID: 0006f5

now that we're all together, head to the abandoned city
No. 446007 ID: 6a1ec2

...what time is it?
No. 446175 ID: 6e44d2

That watch is bad juju. Get Kioo to wear it.
No. 447500 ID: 31015f
File 134592537770.png - (436.15KB , 1000x750 , 341.png )

Mechi opens the clock to try and see what time it is, and at the same time she tries to listen closer. She kind of makes out some of the words, and the voice... it’s sort of familiar. A deep, threatening voice, that she’s heard before.

...useless... pointless... give up... you’re too inferior to comprehend the power you’re holding...go away... die...
No. 447502 ID: 0006f5

call it a bitch in front of its tits
No. 447509 ID: b85f8c

Melt it.
No. 447510 ID: bf54a8

"and your too dumb to know when to shut up."
melt it.
No. 447516 ID: 6a1ec2

What time is it?!
No. 448830 ID: 31015f
File 134618481789.png - (277.72KB , 1000x750 , 342.png )

Mechi calls it a bitch... not sure who is talking but it’s a bitch, for sure! But her attempts to see what time it is keep being unfruitful, specially after things get more and more blurry...

Hey, where did the watch go, she asks herself, I just had it in my hand...And this doesn’t look like the forest anymore...
No. 448834 ID: b85f8c

It's still in your inventory. Drop it.
(or if that's an error)
Focus on your purple orb- it's doing something.
No. 448835 ID: ec0bf5

Ask if there's anybody there. If not, try on the hat.
No. 448846 ID: 533c7a

your orb is glowing with a black light.
No. 448897 ID: 0006f5

i think its a bit too late to drop the watch, but try it anyway. go have some tea and try on the hat
No. 448965 ID: 54c7e5

You will look adorable in that top hat.
No. 449098 ID: 6a1ec2

Don't be rude. Can't you see it's tea time?
No. 449546 ID: e60bc5
File 134633613346.png - (272.60KB , 1000x750 , 343.png )

Mechi tries to drop the watch, but instead it just stays floating around. And she tries to put the top hat on, but she can’t because it looks like someone is already wearing it.

The deep voice can be heard again, all around her, clear now.

“Do you like to take what it is not yours? Is it just mindless hunger or do you have developed a petty criminal mind, after all?”
No. 449550 ID: 533c7a

"curiosity, i saw a hat and wondered if i would look good in it. the watch was from my friend and seemed to be making her a bit nuts so it took it and my conjecture was correct."
No. 449555 ID: e3f578

"I used to be nonsentient a few days ago. The concept of ownership still seems petty to me. For example, owning this watch has already screwed up one of my friends. I prefer safety if anything else."
No. 449561 ID: ec0bf5

Picking something up to examine it isn't theft. And removing something from someone's person when they've collapsed and there's a good chance it's hurting them is basic regard for life.
No. 449651 ID: 6e44d2

All of this, and then:

Do you like to condescend to beings you don't understand? Is it just a deeply ingrained habit, or do you really think you're that superior to me?
No. 449695 ID: 0006f5

insist that you two have a drink and fib about all the plans you had to steal from kioo and leo, how you were going to loot the city and run off to raid caravans
No. 449696 ID: 6a1ec2

Yes. Mindless hunger for the current time. GIVE ME THE CURRENT TIME I HUNGER
No. 449897 ID: 2cc3ac

Tell it to explain itself immediately, you're not in a mood for games, especially mind games.
No. 456783 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134832356783.png - (297.38KB , 1000x750 , 344.png )

Mechi answers that she was nonsentient just a few days ago, so the concept of ownership still seems petty to her. She’s only been moved by curiosity, and helping out her friend taking that watch that was doing more bad than good to her.

The watch hovers towards the floating hat, and the mist seems to condense under it, almost taking an humanoid form. The voice continues speaking.

“I see. Then it’s imperative that you understand that you understand that such thievery doesn’t go without consequences around here. Bad things happen to those who steal, and take what doesn’t belong to them. Like when you took my pocket watch. Your friend almost died because of that.”
No. 456786 ID: e3f578

you didn't really have a name on it either. Lie, when we took it we sort thought it belonged to my old captor, he collected all sorts of weird things.

and call desire for vengeance over crimes petty. In this case, what matters most is getting the watch back, not punishing the takers. and when he starts talking about justice, call justice just a fancy word for petty vengeance to make it sort all right and better. And make a note to him that he should maybe drop this creepy anger act, it's hard to make friends that way. And you for some reason can tell he's not even all that pissed over the watch, he's just acting this way because he has a foolish notion of superiority, which ultimately does not exist. Stupid sentients.
No. 456801 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134832942736.png - (325.39KB , 1000x750 , 345.png )

The figure coming out of the mist becomes clearer now, and Mechi is able to recognize a familiar face... or rather, lack of. The man, dressed with an elegant sweet and a metallic, featureless sphere for a face sits back, as a chair materializes out of thin air behind him. Mechi notices that the metal mask (or is it really his face? Mechi can’t tell, the man’s voice doesn’t sound muffled in any way, like it would sound coming behind from behind a metal mask) is polished and shiny, but she can’t see her reflection (or any kind of reflection) on it.

But she answers that she thought it belonged to her old captor, who was a butt, by the way, and that she collects all kinds of weird things.

Also that what he’s doing isn’t justice, just a fancy name for vengeance over petty crimes, to make it all sort of right and better. And that he should drop the creepy anger act, or he’s not gonna make any friends, and that she doesn’t think he’s angry over losing the watch at all, just acting this way because he has a foolish notion of superiority.

Mechi catches her breath. She’s not sure she knows what half of what she just said means, or where did it came from, but there it goes anyways.

The man shrugs, while the teapot magically hovers in front of him and starts pouring hot tea into the now also floating teacup.

“Oh, you don’t understand. I never called it justice. I just said that bad things happen to those that steal from me. I make those those bad things happen. Yes, vengeance. Such a delightful thing. Fancy a cup of tea?”
No. 456808 ID: e3f578

oh god
He's evil, we can't really talk our way out of this or get inside his head.
I would hesitate drinking the cup of tea, but I doubt he knows how to poison a slime, and we wouldn't want to insult his now gentlemanly demeanor. Perhaps decline on the notion that he would lose the teacup
as well as the tea, and we kinda wouldn't want to anger the man who dissolved a lifeform without having to have it inside him further, intentionally at least.
Ask if he can do much to her currently in this place, and what he wants with the orb you ate, because like it wasn't obvious. You may be able to work with him for a while if you can convince him to let you, until your usefulness is dried up. You don't care about the watch, he can have it really. May we talk business?
Do not show fear in your voice Mechi, to talk successful business you must always be confident and never intimidated! Speak to him as equal and never let his sense of superiority overpower you!
No. 456817 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134833553953.png - (396.77KB , 1000x750 , 346.png )

Actually Mechi doesn’t feel scared at all, even if she remembers that this man and the way she disposed of her captor disturbed her back then... But right now, she feels rather relaxed, almost safe...

Mechi politely refuses the cup of tea, saying that she’d only go through it. Then she asks the man what does he want with the orb she ate.

“Well I do want to obtain it, obviously. It’s such a waste to see such a powerful artifact being passively used by a creature as oblivious as you.”

Mechi remains calm and ignores the spiteful remark, instead she asks if he can do much to her currently in this place. The mysterious man shrugs and dismisses the question with a vague gesture with his hand.

“No, I can’t do anything to you here, I assure you. I just wanted to talk and know the creature that ate the purple orb. And don’t worry, I guarantee that you won’t go through this cup. So, tea?”
No. 456837 ID: 0006f5

sure, pinky out. and .. such as what ? does this person plan to end hunger or save the rainforests, what have you ? or just buttmad that global enslavement or unfettered hedonism isnt possible without the orbs
No. 456838 ID: 0006f5

also if you say plural orbs i wonder if that will send a jolt of thought or simply be glossed over
No. 456840 ID: 6a1ec2

So, what can this powerful artifact be used actively for? It doesn't seem to tell the time.
No. 456854 ID: 55c4cf

Ask if he is from the order of the Invisiblessed.
What is your escape plan, Mechi? I worry in places where you have little to no control.

Callibrate your six-axis controller, we may need to do our best to survive if this guy snaps and means us harm.
No. 456863 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134834872273.png - (307.50KB , 1000x750 , 347.png )

Mechi asks the time.

“Well, it’s tea time, of course.”

She accepts the cup and with a bit of surprise, she realizes she’s not eating through the cup. It’s weird. She takes the drink to her face and takes a few sips (or does somthing similar). The tea is hot, and rather good, to her opinion. She takes a few more sips before asking again.

“So, what are you going to do with the orbs?”

The man doesn’t seem to be phased by the plural, he simply shrugs.

“Whatever I want. Conquer whatever country I desire? Destroy them? Determine the fate of every living being around me? The possibilities are endless. I hope that helps you understand why you will die. I want that orb.”

Mechi isn’t concerned about the threat. She’s feeling very calm and relaxed right now. She’s never dreamed, or even, really slept before, but if she had, she’d say she feels like dreaming right now. Escape plan...? Why, there’s no danger here? Funny, it’s like someone was softly whispering that to Mechi.
No. 456865 ID: f2c20c


You are in grave danger, actually. Try to wake up, as hard as you can. Maybe poke the orb, or focus on it- it's turning BLACK.
No. 456867 ID: 0006f5

tell him those are wonderful ideas and youll get right to it with earnest. but also mention there doesnt seem to be any countries, living beings or endless possibilities here.
No. 456886 ID: e3f578

Obviously be aware of your danger, and aware that your friend was also calmed and manipulated by the watch. And inform your enemy that you will be leaving now. You're glad you could have civil conversation with your would-be killer, and that your destruction won't be so easy.

Maybe make a leaving point that having that much control seems as petty and pointless as ownership, superiority and vengeance, but oh well, he's been sentient his whole life probably. Whatcha gonna do? He's got too much worry, but you got street saviore faire.
No. 456897 ID: 6a1ec2


Alternatively, you learned what time it is so you can close the watch now.
No. 456904 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134835423219.png - (290.22KB , 1000x750 , 348.png )

“Those are wonderful ideas but I don’t see any countries, living beings or endless possibilities here.” --Mechi says.

The strange man shrugs.

“That is because this isn’t a real place, of course.”

Mechi shakes part of the unnatural feeling of pleasantness and feels the urgency to wake up, the sudden realization that she is in danger. She tries to touch the orb but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

“Just take your tea and relax. Everything will be over soon...”

Mechi can’t close the watch, she doesn’t have it anymore.
No. 456905 ID: f2c20c

Throw the tea in his face. Then try to eat him.
No. 456907 ID: e3f578

Try eating him. Just a thought. At this point, what else CAN you do?
Or you can try punching yourself in the face or eating the orb a little harder than usual.
No. 456909 ID: bf54a8

start screaming and focus all your power on to waking up.
No. 456912 ID: b6edd6

We could try setting him on fire.
No. 456920 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134835614395.png - (308.52KB , 1000x750 , 349.png )

Mechi tries to shake off that artificial voice telling her to relax with all her energies. She tries to scream, she throws the tea at the man with no face (with no visible effect), she tries to wake up! For a moment she feels like she’s fighting that presence off... But the this strange world keeps fading away, and her senses with it.

The man seems to be getting irritated though, at her attempts.

“Stop that, will you? Just die already and stop this farce, it’s getting ridiculous.”

He’s trying to remain calm, but Mechi’s struggles are visibly disturbing his attempts to control the situation.
No. 456921 ID: b6edd6

Keep doing whaterver it is, and flow under his coat to avoid the fireball.
No. 456922 ID: f2c20c

The watch! You can see it again. Attack it.
No. 456923 ID: 0006f5

eat the watch
No. 456924 ID: 886a4d

Concentrate all your acid on that watch.
No. 456938 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134835804733.png - (272.43KB , 1000x750 , 350.png )

Mechi focuses all her energy and lunges towards the man, trying to hit, eat, take or attack the watch. The man screams in pain and fury, as this whole cloudy world starts fading away.

“AAHGGH! Stupid slime! I tried to give you an easy way out! You idiotic blob, next time we meet I’ll show you suffering, I’ll...”
No. 456940 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134835807755.png - (286.60KB , 1000x750 , 351.png )

The rest of his rant is lost, in the mist, as the blurry horizon changes colors. It’s all kind of blue and green now... Mechi still feels like she’s floating, but in a more clumsy, down to earth way. The familiar sounds of the forest and running water return to her, and some voices too. They all still feel so distant, but she can almost make up some words... “back... Snap out... Mechi!... Wake... Step...”

What a weird feeling.
No. 456942 ID: 6a1ec2

Immediately retrieve eyes from magic chest
No. 456943 ID: f2c20c

You're about to fall off a cliff. Back up!
No. 456948 ID: 0006f5

"i knew it ! it was tea time all along !!"
No. 456954 ID: bf54a8

ask if the watch is destroyed.
No. 456962 ID: 55c4cf

Blow a bubble.
No. 456984 ID: 26a7c1

You're in a river, probably headed towards a waterfall or something.

I hope you can swim.
No. 456997 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134836503005.png - (282.67KB , 1000x750 , 352.png )

Mechi doesn’t know how to blow a bubble, but she pushes back somehow and shakes her head. Her vision gets a bit clearer, enough to let her see that she’s pretty much... about to fall off a cliff!

The only thing stopping her from falling down are a bunch of branches and vines, entangled around her body... and they’re quickly being corroded by her acid body!

And now she can understand the voices. She recognizes Kioo and Leo, shouting from somewhere above her.

“Wake up! It’s not gonna last much longer!”

“She’s not gonna wake up in time, and we can’t lift her up, the vines won’t last that long!”

Mechi should do something about the situation.
No. 456998 ID: 886a4d

Recall your acid, then climb up the vines.
No. 457001 ID: bf54a8

stop all acid production, CLIMB!
No. 457004 ID: e3f578

Move all your acid to your big butt!
No. 457028 ID: f2c20c

Yeah, that's about right.
No. 457043 ID: 0006f5

every spot on the vines that you were previously holding needs to be replaced with a grip on higher, undissolved segments. do so and recall acid.
No. 457044 ID: 2b7fd5
File 134836846613.png - (272.34KB , 1000x750 , 353.png )

Mechi retracts her acid core back, and manages to climb on the vimes enough to stick to the wall and creep her way up. Leo is up here, and he looks very relieved.

“Phew! I can’t... I mean... are you alright!? I thought you were a goner!”

“But what happened? How did I end up hanging down there?”

“We were taking care of Mirla and suddenly you completely zoned out. Eyes fixed in the distance, completely silent, clutching that old pocket watch... We didn’t know what was up with you! And then you turned around and started walking. We tried to stop you but we didn’t really know how! And then you kept walking up the mountain and towards the cliff. We tried to put as many vines and branches around you as we could, trying to pull you back... You snapped out of it, just in time! What was that!?”

It’s pretty late here and I think this is a good stopping point for the session.Next saturday it’ll be Passage’s turn, and next one we’ll continue Meigara from here. Thank you all for participating!
No. 457046 ID: bf54a8

"the watch was exactly as i thought, it was talking, but apparently it decided that i needed to die as fast as possible so it took control, luckily this here glowing ball let me regain that control"
No. 457054 ID: 0006f5

honesty is fine. you had a feeling the pocket watch was cursed or -something- and it basically caused you rigid hallucination when you put it on. the question now is where did mirla get it from or who had access to it that could imbue such an effect
No. 457055 ID: f2c20c

Tell them that the watch lets chrome-head control people. Huh. We still have it? It must only work against someone once.

Consider destroying it.
No. 457059 ID: 55c4cf

Disenchanting or destroying it is probably a solid idea.
No. 457060 ID: e3f578

We got to get this shit checked out, the orb thing, immediately. Oh and...
His guard is down now is the time to strike! Actually, no go to Kioo and strike the doppleganger's skirt instead. Unless she's already changed then go back to the original plan and lift the skirt again!
No. 457132 ID: b6edd6

Ask if his hands are alright; they look like he tried to stop you by grabbing you.
No. 457650 ID: 63b607

maybe it's one of them things Voldemort had seven of.

I hear they were delicious. eat it.
No. 460694 ID: 188a18
File 134953270949.png - (280.26KB , 1000x750 , 354.png )

Mechi remembers that she found the pocket watch in the dungeon back at the city, and it probably belonged to that creepy man with the metal head... the same one she dreamed about just now. Mirla liked it and Mechi didn't see anything wrong with letting her have it. Which happened to be a mistake. It’s not doing anything right now, but that could change and start doing things to her mind again, think Mechi. Maybe she should get rid of it and throw it down the cliff. Or not. She should make her mind.

Mechi points at Leo’s hands, which seem to be in poor shape, burned and bloody. He shrugs and tries to hide a groan of pain. “Yeah, when we noticed you were going straight towards the cliff, I tried to grab you. That was stupid of me...”
No. 460696 ID: e3f578

Ask him how to destroy the watch. He seems knowledgeable in artifacts.
No. 460697 ID: 6b7ab2

apologize and share your wacky dream experience with him. give him a kiss. uh, an air kiss. damn watch was cursed after all. keep it because you know the trick to overcoming it now. and tend to Mirla.
No. 460702 ID: bf54a8

ask if he can help destroy it. and at the moment it is safest with you, throw it away and someone else will pick it up and they will hunt you.
No. 460704 ID: 188a18
File 134953825311.png - (213.65KB , 1000x750 , 355.png )

Mechi apologizes for all the trouble she’s caused, and fails to know how to give a kiss. Leo shrugs and tries to dismiss the matter, even if it’s obvious he’s in pain. “It’s ok, I’ll get them healed when I go back with the Order.”

Mechi tells him about the watch and the weird dream, and asks his opinion about it. He examines the object for a moment, before answering.

“It’s a powerful, enchanted artifact, linked to that strange man, who is obviously a powerful individual. It might pull you again into another trance quite easily, and next time that man won’t let you snap out of it so easily. We don’t have the means to destroy something like this right now, but it’d be too dangerous to carry. My advice is to leave it, in a well hidden spot. But if you want to keep it, it would be wiser if I carry it. I would be easier to immobilize if I’m hypnotized by it than you, for obvious reasons.
No. 460705 ID: bf54a8

yes but he may not have to go to such extremes to kill you. can make you swallow your tongue, something you can't do.

in fact, would falling that far even kill you? you are slime, unless it splattered you in a million directions i doubt you would die.
No. 460706 ID: e3f578

Does he have any offensive magic powers or a weapon?
If he can fireball his face, you figure the man in the hat will just have Leo do that instead of making nature or the laws of physics off the watch's holder.

Maybe it really is better to leave it, he might be able to track it. I don't see what we can gain by keeping this awful thing. If the harpy still wants the watch for whatever reason, we'll save up to get a similar one that isn't an awful, evil device.
No. 460708 ID: 55c4cf

sniff it, maybe it smells funny
No. 460718 ID: 0006f5

not sure what keeping this thing is supposed to accomplish. im inclined to leave it except mirla might have a real fit about it, not too confident of our ability to present a strong case. forget the city mang, lets get leo healed and frighten some order folk
No. 460729 ID: 188a18
File 134954908794.png - (201.76KB , 1000x750 , 356.png )

Being splattered into a million directions would kill Mechi, actually. Basically if he dense core inside her is destroyed, she dies. The soft gel that makes her “body” is completely malleable and almost indestructible, but that’s not the case with her core.

After Mechi asks, Leo answers that he doesn’t have that kind of magic powers. He doesn't add anything else, but anyways Mechi decides that the watch is too dangerous too keep around. They bury it deep under a large tree root.

They head back to find the others. Mirla seems to be up again.
No. 460732 ID: bf54a8

"you okay?"
No. 460733 ID: 0006f5

ask mirla what happened and if she's ok
No. 460745 ID: 188a18
File 134955506936.png - (176.97KB , 1000x750 , 357.png )

Mechi approaches her harpy friend, who doesn't look too happy.

“Hey, are you alright?”

Mirla sighs and nods, shaking her wings slowly, shrugging.

“Yes, thanks to you. I was so stupid, insisting on holding onto that watch. I should've known better... And it’s the second time I get caught like stupid little bird... You should go on without me, I’m just slowing you down.”

Confused, Mechi also notices that Kioo isn’t nowhere to be seen.
No. 460748 ID: 0006f5

ask if she knows how something like that could have happened to the watch, like, at what point did she -not- have it on her person ?? very strange. also, kioo missing is very strange

and it's less she's slowing everyone down as it is the all of you not being sloppy and being better off for it. everyone is sure to slip up and it would be great to know mirla is on the case; wink

dangit where is kioo .. im thinking it would be cool to scout out the order for possibly letting them in on the monster city plan
No. 460777 ID: 7c1f5d

if there's anyone to blame here, it's Intrigo for the first time around and that ballfaced asshole for the second. and both times we both were caught. and on that note, I think the two of you went through enough together to be friends and friends don't leave each other behind for retarded reasons.
No. 460781 ID: 26a7c1

Curse the heavens for denying you the ability to hug, then go look for Kioo.
No. 460800 ID: f2c20c

Ask her and Leo where Kioo went.
No. 460925 ID: 188a18
File 134959669936.png - (171.97KB , 1000x750 , 358.png )

Mechi asks if Mirla knew that the watch was going to do prior to putting it on, or even after doing it.

“I... I don’t know. I should've noticed something was wrong with it when I started to hear and see weird things... But I guess I was too dumb to get the hints.”

Mechi tries to comfort her, telling her it’s not her fault, none of them saw it coming, and if there’s anyone to blame it’s that bastard of Intrigo for the first time and that obnoxious ballface for the second.

“ We've been through too much stuff to be leaving each other behind! And we should actually get going already, we've been sloppy enough here. Where is Kioo?”

The harpy looks relieved and a bit happier, but she shrugs. “I don’t know. After I woke up she asked if I was alright, and when I told her that kind of, she says “good” and walked away in that direction.”

The harpy points towards the east, through the trees. Mechi wonders if she should go after Kioo, just call her or just get moving, trying to find her on their way.
No. 460926 ID: bf54a8

we should just get going.
No. 460929 ID: f2c20c

Huh. Get going. She was plotting something anyway. Dunno what it was, now.
No. 460930 ID: 7228fb

loose ends are bad, m'kay. go after her.
No. 460948 ID: 0006f5

get moving but be on the lookout for kioo
No. 466664 ID: 55c4cf

Sing her the song of your people, if that fails let us move on.
No. 470399 ID: 7508a8
File 135256268067.png - (409.61KB , 1000x750 , 359.png )

Mechi decides to keep going on, keeping an eye out for Kioo, but not stopping to look for her. After all, she’s suspicious about the Doppleganger, and thinks she’s up to something.

After a few minutes going through the forest, the sun rays peek through the ceiling of leaves above, warming up the jelly mass that is Mechi’s body, making her feel pretty content, despites the misadventures of the past few days. Mirla seems to feel better as well, and soon she flies over the trees to scout around and stretch out her wings freely.

Mechi’s content train of thoughts is interrupted by Leo, who clears his throat to get her attention.

“Mechi” --He starts. “I think you should reconsider what you’re doing and where you should go next. I mean, I’m sure the plan with the empty town sounds very alluring, but as you must’ve noticed, the stone you posses is attracting unwanted attention. And I fear it’ll get worse. It’s going to lure more evil towards you, bad people that will try to take that from you. I think you should come with me, our sanctuary isn’t far from here. The gem --And you, of course, and you!-- will be safer there. And I’m sure the Abbot will be able to shed some light on the situation.”

He waits, expectantly, for Mechi’s answer.
No. 470400 ID: f2c20c

Come to think of it, if we were to go to the empty town and try to set things up there, the orb would wind up luring people there that would fuck everything up, wouldn't it?

It's probably best if we went with Leo. We can trust him, since he went so far as to injure himself to try to save us.
No. 470408 ID: 0006f5

sure, kioos not making it easy and the city isnt moving. ask what he would do if he had a stone like yours
No. 470426 ID: 488507

if it's on the way, you could stop by for a chat. if not, meh, let 'em come because you could probably use the protein in your diet.
No. 470630 ID: 7508a8
File 135262913321.png - (202.28KB , 1000x750 , 360.png )

Mechi decides to go with Leo. The lizard monk smiles and tells her that it’s the right choice. They wait for Mirla to come down from the clouds and they tell her the change of plans. She doesn’t seem to mind, so Leo leads the way.

He didn't lie, just a couple of hours later they cross a river and another patch of forest that leads into a small hill, where the monastery sits. It looks like an old structure, yer well preserved, and from here Mechi is able to see movement in the windows, walls and the open door.

They approach the door, guarded by a couple of monks that simply nod at Leo and let him in. Inside the main courtyard, all seems to be quite peaceful and silent. Monks walk up and down, minding their own business, not curious at about the nature of the two monstrous visitors. Leo bows and solemnly proclaims: “Welcome to the Sanctuary of The Last Days. Don’t worry, you’re safe here, at least for now. Would you like to rest a bit, see the place, or would you like to speak with the Abbot right away?”
No. 470632 ID: aa1a1d

I dunno, is anyone tired? if not, go speak.
No. 470645 ID: f2c20c

Let's look around. If shit goes down it'd be a good idea to know the layout of the place.
No. 470673 ID: 0006f5

get familiar with exits and such, actually arent we supposed to be resting during the day
No. 471162 ID: 7508a8
File 135275356939.png - (210.44KB , 1000x750 , 361.png )

It’s true, and with all the stuff happening last night, Mechi hasn’t had much time to rest! And after all that walking, she’s pretty tired. She tells that to Leo and he nods, understanding. They walk into the large courtyard, a square are surrounded by different buildings, and a few citrus trees. The place is very peaceful and silent, and Mechi can see the occasional monk walking among the trees, meditating or dedicated to their duties.

“The Guests room is on the first floor, first door to the right. Feel free to take a look around and rest there, the Abbot will be happy to see you tonight. Just... try to not burn the bed down.”

Leo gives a polite bow and disappears through a large door in the main building. Mirla glides down from the sky and sits next to Mechi. “Ok, now what? I’m kind of sleepy...”

Mirla hasn’t had much time to rest either, busy as she’s been almost getting eaten by a giant snake that night. But right now Mechi tries to decide what to do before going to their rooms. She could try to gather some information asking at some of the random monks, explore the place, or do something else?
No. 471204 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she saw anything interesting while flying around. Also, what's the general layout of this place, and is there only one entrance/exit?

Let's go chat up a monk and ask them what the order does exactly.
No. 471205 ID: 0006f5

tell leo youre going to sleep in a secluded place not near anything that would be missed if it were horribly burned, then do so. we'll need the energy for a better investigation; its almost like protagonists never sleep !!
No. 471210 ID: 2bf10d

explore the living shit outta this place. find secret passages and valuable ancient artifacts by squeezing into suspicious little openings and pulling things that may be levers in disguise.
No. 471428 ID: 7508a8
File 135284130738.png - (127.76KB , 1000x750 , 362.png )

Mechi doesn’t see any other exit than the other she came in, but she doesn’t know the layout of the entire place. As far as she knows, any of the buildings around the central courtyard could have a back exit. There seems to be a large garden behind open gates at the other side of the courtyard.

Mechi asks Mirla if she saw anything while flying around. The harpy looks a bit uneasy around here, probably not very confident being here in the open.

“No, nothing weird about this place. Doesn’t look like many people live here, I’ve only seen two or three monks walking around since we arrived... I don’t like being here too much, I think I’m going to hang out in the garden. I’ll be there if you need me.”

And with that the harpy flies off, leaving Mechi alone with her thoughts. Just then she notices one of the monks working on one of the walls, repairing a crack on it. The guy doesn’t seem to be pay any attention to Mechi. Should she try to catch his attention and ask him something or go explore on her own?
No. 471515 ID: 0006f5

explore the garden before promptly passing out
No. 471637 ID: b2cbd6

explore the ?s
No. 471700 ID: 55c4cf

Go to the garden for the time being, and possibly spy on the "Church?" from said garden if possible. I think this will give us a lead/hint/reason to change plans or reinforce what we already think.
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