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File 133625895761.png - (103.71KB , 800x600 , title.png )
408483 No. 408483 ID: 0162ea

Today is the day.

Master Breken calls upon you to step up onto the dais. In a few moments you will lose your title of Trainee, and be recognized as worthy of the burden of being a Mage's Companion.

Are you male or female?
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No. 408487 ID: d1f1b7

No. 408489 ID: 7c31d2

No. 408491 ID: 0d2bec

No. 408492 ID: aaeb1c

No. 408494 ID: fa9f7e

No. 408497 ID: a2fa74

Female. Hermaphrodite, if that's an option.
No. 408498 ID: b0d466

No. 408500 ID: c74bfa

never ask if there is an option. herm it is.
No. 408502 ID: 5029d1

No. 408505 ID: 3c4a14

>Are you male or female?
Does it matter?
No. 408507 ID: 48bd6c

No. 408508 ID: e75a2f

A mage's companion? Have a feminine personality but possess no primary sexual characteristics. Proceed to cockblock him for all eternity.
No. 408521 ID: 1e72ae

No. 408522 ID: 72d49b


We're becoming a mage's "companion", of course it matters.
No. 408535 ID: 3c4a14

Enlighten us.
No. 408561 ID: 365adf


This person has the right idea.
No. 408565 ID: 0162ea
File 133626645482.png - (85.10KB , 800x600 , 01.png )

You are male. One of the five Trainees in your year to receive the medallion Master Breken now hangs around your neck. Your name has been engraved on the reverse.

What is written there?
No. 408570 ID: 5029d1

No. 408571 ID: fc22db

No. 408572 ID: aa8dbe

Dengar. The GAR in our name shall aid us being the best Mage's companion.
No. 408575 ID: cf49fc

"World's Best Companion"
No. 408576 ID: 0d2bec

Keeper-of-Adders is your name.
No. 408577 ID: b9e291

Fluffy Butts
No. 408579 ID: 72d49b

Bobby Thorton.
No. 408581 ID: 7c31d2

In order to break the tie I'm gonna vote for Fluffy butts instead of just fluffy
No. 408582 ID: b0d466

No. 408613 ID: e75a2f

Sergeant Shaved-Balls
No. 408619 ID: b85f8c

Let's go with that.
No. 408695 ID: 6e44d2

No. 408748 ID: 6d6017


No. 408762 ID: 214bf9

We shall be the manliest companion ever
No. 408825 ID: bdb3f8

It says Tangier. This is a misspelling.
No. 408842 ID: 0162ea
File 133633042390.png - (108.46KB , 800x600 , 02.png )

You are Dengar Thorton. Your mother once told you this was your grandfather's name. She said it's a name to live up to. You promised her you'll do your best.

And now you take up the Companion's Blade. This, even more so than the medallion, will be the symbol of your lifelong duty and the years it has taken to prepare you for it.

You have been relentlessly drilled to fight with the sword, the bow and your own fists, that you may serve as your mage's guardian should the need arise.

You've been trained to survive in the wilderness, ride every type of mount used in the Empire and to offer basic first aid, that you may accompany your mage on his journeys, wherever they may take him.

You have been tutored in court etiquette, studied magic theory and received instruction in social interaction, that you may represent your mage suitably in the eyes of others, and be his friend if and when he needs one.

Which subject was your worst?
No. 408843 ID: 5029d1

uhh, bow using? that snout makes it kinda hard to aim properly.
No. 408844 ID: 6d6017

bowmanship, or whatever you call it.
No. 408847 ID: 09e5bf

No. 408854 ID: fa9f7e

Archery? And that seems like a bad idea, we have two forms of melee and only one of ranged. I suggest bad with fists.
No. 408856 ID: a43a6c

Social interaction.
No. 408886 ID: 214bf9

Bow, we prefer to get close to our enemies. Anything that's ranged is the business of mages.
No. 408903 ID: 166adc

Hopefully, being worthy of the role of mage companion requires that even his 'worst' skills may be adequate.

I would suggest the 'survival' one. He will probably be capable of camping in the wilderness if needed, but will probably have issues with more extreme environments like deserts high mountains, and supernatural environments.
No. 408929 ID: 6e44d2

Bow. Magi can shoot fire.
No. 408949 ID: ce4a4d

No. 408965 ID: b0d466

MAGIC THEORY was your worst
No. 409400 ID: 0162ea
File 133641621068.png - (64.19KB , 800x600 , 03.png )

"Adequate" is the most generous way to describe your skill with the bow. You can hit a target. As long as it's large. And not too far away. And preferably stationary. Still, you passed the final exam – even if it was with the lowest possible number of marks.

Master Breken places a hand on your shoulder. It is traditional for him to speak a few private words to every new Companion – to offer advice, or encouragement.

He tells you to be in his office in an hour.
No. 409401 ID: 0162ea
File 133641625492.png - (137.80KB , 800x600 , 04.png )

Fifteen minutes later the last new Companion is sworn in and the ceremony ends. You head out across the Academy grounds, pondering what to do next. You could go back to your room and switch out of your ceremonial robes – these things are starting to itch. Or you could try and find your friend Irina – she didn't show up for the ceremony. Alternately, you could take advantage of the lunch hour and head for the dining hall, or find some other way to kill time before the meeting.

What do you want to do?
No. 409404 ID: 6d6017

go for the poontang.
No. 409408 ID: 5029d1

find friend, change robes. in that order.
No. 409542 ID: 3eba16

Switch out of those horrible ceremonial rags before you do anything else.
No. 409649 ID: ce4a4d

You sure are short. What's up with that?

Go meet Irina.
No. 409737 ID: 0162ea
File 133650312212.png - (93.96KB , 800x600 , 05.png )

After wasting fifteen minutes touring Irina's usual posts, you find her at the guard station.

She congratulates you and apologizes for not coming to the ceremony, but she traded with another guard for a morning shift, and that ended just now. And that means you two can go out and celebrate – right now!

You're not short. You're "adapted for the resource-scarce desert environment from which your people hail." One of the Academy instructors once told you that.

Meanwhile Irina is about to drag you off to a tavern and get you drunk. Maybe you should do something about that.
No. 409739 ID: 5029d1

say you would love to but breken has asked you to come to his office in a bit. don't know what he wants but walking in even tipsy could be a disaster. but if there are no problems you should be plenty free after that.
No. 409742 ID: 6d6017

get drunk. wonder about how it'd feel to get a handjob from that robo-hand of hers.
No. 409759 ID: b6edd6

No. 409764 ID: b85f8c

Whoa, we can't go to a tavern yet. Gotta wait 'til after the meeting. We can like, agree on a time and place to meet her.
No. 409958 ID: 166adc

Remind her that you're still on duty, for at least a little bit longer.. drink non-alcoholic. Speculate on potential Mages you'll be serving. Surely you, or Irina, know a few recent, or upcoming graduates?

... or are you going to be a companion to a mage from Their apprenticeship onwards? Why wasn't 'babysitting' listed among your trained skills?
No. 410020 ID: 0162ea
File 133658621533.png - (76.69KB , 800x600 , 06.png )

You tell Irina that you have a meeting with Breken in half an hour. She says that sucks and asks what you did to get in trouble. You say you didn't do anything. She asks why he'd want to see you then. You say you don't know.

She thinks for a moment and asks if you know that one of the Mage candidates is being held back another year.

Companions are sworn in three months before Mage candidates undergo their trials. The Academy matches them up for that time, to let them get used to one another and hopefully strike up a friendship – or conversely, to reveal any unexpected personality conflicts. That's why the number of new Companions is always the same as of the new Mages.

No, you reply. You did not know that.

Irina says she heard it from the guards who have duty in the Circle chambers. Apparently that latest accident made the Circle a lot more particular about their criteria for candidacy. They've suddenly decided one of the Mages-to-be doesn't quite live up to their standards. And yet they've still sworn in five new Companions. Interesting, no?

You say that speculation and worrying is a bit pointless if you're going to find it out anyway soon enough. Also would she still be up for heading out afterwards.

Irina says absolutely – unless it turns out you were naughty after all, and you end up in detention. Then she laughs and says she'll come by your room in an hour or so. Then she leaves to get lunch.

You probably still have enough time to get back to your room for a change of clothes. Or you could take the time to speculate and worry about what the man who oversees all Companion training and assignments wants with you specifically.
No. 410021 ID: d5f488

nsh, worrying is for worrywarts. change into something more comfortable and preferrably less purple.
No. 410022 ID: 5029d1

just change dude.
No. 410025 ID: b85f8c

With five mages still being sworn in, they will still need five companions. This sounds like a false rumor.

Go change.
No. 410062 ID: 166adc

This is surely a fated sign. There is a one-in-six chance that you will be that mage's companion. Better keep your ceremonials on, you may be called upon to help them meet the 'higher standards' mentioned.
No. 410063 ID: b85f8c

Oh wait derp, it's the mage that's being held back, not the companion.

I actually have no idea what they'd do with the extra companion in that case.
No. 410286 ID: 0162ea
File 133668824835.png - (97.48KB , 800x600 , 07.png )

Your official Companion's robes have been delivered to your room. Awesome. You put them on without delay.

You hope they look good on you. They always looked so great on other Companions. Do they look good on you?

No time for that – you're due for the meeting with Master Breken.
No. 410287 ID: 0162ea
File 133668830968.png - (149.87KB , 800x600 , 08.png )

You arrive at the office a minute early, and after knocking you are bid to enter. Master Breken is seated, head bowed, eyes fixed on some point on his desk. You approach, but he doesn't seem to acknowledge your presence.

You are to travel to the province of Smaragae, Master Breken says, without looking up. There you are to report to the Bronach Valley garrison, where you will take up the duties of Companion to Mage Gerhold. You will be receive the necessary travel documents and introductory letters, and you will be granted a six-month advance on your stipend, in order to purchase a suitable mount and supplies for the journey. You are to depart in the company of Mage Aislynn and Companion Felix and remain with them for as long as your routes continue to converge. They are currently housed in the Academy guest wing, but wish to leave within the next two days – you are to accommodate that request into your own preparations.

Master Breken finishes and looks at you. He seems to be expecting some sort of response.
No. 410288 ID: 5029d1

give a slight bow.
No. 410294 ID: b9e291

Spit out your drink in surprise.
No. 410302 ID: 15c5f2

Drop your monocle, say, "I say!"

Give a deep bow. "Of course, sir."
No. 410305 ID: 72d49b

"I see, sir." If he has no more to tell you, thank him for his time.
No. 410306 ID: b85f8c

Cool. You're the Companion whose Mage got held back, but they're sending you to a different Mage rather than have you wait a year.

Perhaps you can inquire what happened to Gerhold's original Companion.
No. 410406 ID: 166adc

This isn't looking good. You're being transferred away from your original Mage, possibly to one that had lost their companion.. or who is in a situation so dangerous they need a second.

This is a major point, I'm sure he won't mind too terribly much if you ask what's wrong. Just don't press it.
No. 410426 ID: 1444d5

Before you reply, what - if anything - do you know about Mage Gerhold and/or his companion?
No. 410514 ID: 0162ea
File 133675783518.png - (149.77KB , 800x600 , 09.png )

The name is unfamiliar to you. This most likely means that the Mage has undergone his trials before you've entered the Academy.

You bow and acknowledge your orders.

And? Master Breken asks.

And you were wondering if you could be told what happened to Mage Gerhold's previo-

Master Breken interrupts, saying that he certainly hopes you are wondering. You were just told that you must undertake a two thousand mile journey into the imperial hinterlands and, contrary to convention, be assigned to a far older and more experienced Mage. On your first day as a Companion, no less. You should be wondering – more, you should make it your top priority to find out what is happening to you and why.

Master Breken then says that Mage Gerhold's Companion is missing, and given the circumstances, almost certainly dead.
No. 410515 ID: c7b237

"And what circumstances are those, sir?"
No. 410543 ID: b85f8c

Ask how likely it is you'll share the same fate.

Also, like... uh, what the place is like. Do we need to pack anything special?
No. 410555 ID: 0ec58f

Ask if that's why a mage is being held back a year or if this is just a 'happy coincidence'
No. 410587 ID: 252e1b

You need to know more about what sort of person Mage Gerhold. Obviously you understand that circumstances must dictate actions to some degree, but you trust that you would not be assigned to someone utterly unsuited to your personality.

What is Mage Gerhold's stated mission? And his actual one?
No. 410595 ID: e3aff6

Say you are concerned you might not be experienced enough to succeed where a veteran Companion has not.
No. 410969 ID: 0162ea
File 133687232121.png - (122.30KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Master Breken say that the Companion went missing while patrolling Bronach Valley. Which means that he was taken by the Fae.

He says that you heard correctly. The Fae. The valley is a gateway. Which is why the treaties under which Smaragae joined the Empire stipulate that the Academy is to station at least one Mage with the garrison encamped at the entrance. Which is why Gerhold and his Companion were there.

You express concern over your lack of experience and ability. Master Breken agrees.

He says that there's a reason this post is given only to experienced pairs. There's also a reason why every assignment lasts only three years, and why the Circle still has to practically force Mages to go there. The valley has claimed more than a few Mages and Companions over the decades. You should go nowhere near it.

Except that Gerhold has refused to let another Mage take his place. He even volunteered to serve another three years with the garrison. What's more, the Smaragae embassy is also demanding that he remain at Bronach. The Imperial Liaison became involved, and the matter was brought to the attention of the Emperor himself.

Now the Circle is under imperial mandate. Gerhold is to stay where he is. He is to be sent a new Companion. The only choice they have – the only choice Master Breken is forced to make – is who to send. He has chosen you.

It is unfair, he says. It is likely he is sending you to an early grave. However, "likely" is still better than certain – and that would be the result of picking anyone else. Fae are masters of Spiritum, and their magic has been known to even overwhelm Companions on occasion. But your own Spiritum is so withdrawn, your teachers claimed it's practically nonexistent. They will have no hold over you.

More importantly, Master Breken says, you of all the Companions he has sworn in today – of all the Companions he could have sworn in – are the only one to have faced death. Not through accident, not through sickness, but in combat. Your life was forfeit, but your resolve did not waver. That is a quality which places you head and shoulders above every other candidate.
No. 410985 ID: 166adc

Kindly remind us what Spiritum is, and about this brush with death?
No. 411055 ID: 5c94e7

Request the general to utilize his familiarity of Mage Gerhold, his companion, and the Fae, to consider the possible scenarios:
>Mage Gerhold's sanity may have been compromised by the Fae.
>Mage Gerhold's loyalty may have been compromised by the Fae.
>Mage Gerhold's companion may still be partially alive and is being used by the Fae as a way to magically manipulate Gerhold.
>Mage Gerhold's priorities may be compromised through some personality quirk inducing some obsessively possessive form of personal vengeance against the Fae for taking his companion.
>Mage Gerhold may have some connection within the military garrison that is inspiring him to stay and defend.
No. 411066 ID: 5c94e7

Request Master Breken to explain how the Smaragae nation has ties to Mage Gerhold.
Also request consideration of this scenario:
>Smaragae may have some plot in mind with reference to the Fae that Mage Gerhold is a critical part of.
Query Master Breken if there has been events in the past where the Fae were used as a direct or indirect weapon of war or politics, and if Mage Gerhold would have the background and experience to be capable of such magic, assuming unlimited time and resources.
No. 411232 ID: b85f8c

I don't think we should accuse the Mage of treason at this juncture, or even imply it, but we should certainly inquire as to why he insists to stay.

Also let's thank this guy for his praise. It's pretty high praise.
No. 411403 ID: 0162ea
File 133695237441.png - (57.76KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

Spiritum is a complex concept, which you cannot focus on right now, as Master Breken's words bring up the memory of what happened in your third year of training.

A golem went berserk rampaging across Academy grounds, maiming or killing anyone in its way. It made its way to the training salles, broke in through a wall, killed the Weaponmaster and three other trainees, and then cornered you and Irina. Somehow, you held it off until Mages arrived and disabled it. But while you survived unscathed, Irina suffered grievous wounds.

You don't deserve this praise.

You raise the issue of Mage Gerhold's odd behavior and his possible motives. Master Breken says that this is a very good question – one that the Circle has investigated as thoroughly as possible.

They do not think that Gerhold hasn't fallen under Fae influence. The Smaragae are practiced in identifying thralls and carry little love for them. The more likely possibility is that Mage Gerhold has made his assignment a cause. He has the reputation of being an idealist, and a driven one at that. His previous Companion had been chosen specifically for his cautious pragmatism, to act as a counterbalance.

As for the Smaragae themselves, it's likely they are simply all too happy to have the services of a Mage who doesn't consider his presence among them a punishment. These people know better than to bargain, or ally themselves with the Fae.

Master Breken then says that if you have any more questions, you should ask them quickly. He has tasks he must attend to – and so do you.
No. 411415 ID: b85f8c

I think that's enough questions. We can go.
No. 411433 ID: 72d49b

Right, I don't think we need to know anything else. Most of what matters I'm sure we'll hear from Gerhold anyway.
No. 411571 ID: 5c94e7

One last question.
>If something of importance is incidentally discovered regarding the Fae's recent incursions or Mage Gerhold's behavior that requires both secrecy and expediency, how best would that information be securely relayed to General Master Breken?
No. 411738 ID: 0162ea
File 133702056310.png - (149.44KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Master Breken answers that with the distances involved, there is no quick or easy way to contact the Circle. It will be your responsibility to determine the appropriate response to any discoveries you made – and to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Keep your eyes open and your mind alert, and perform your duty as best as you understand it.

You are dismissed, Companion Dengar.

Out of the office, you take a moment to collect your thoughts. You have a lot of things you need to do. Supplies to purchase. People to meet.

Where do you start?
No. 411751 ID: 5c94e7

>Where do you start?
Go get yourself a probably-goodbye-hug from Irina, and see what advice she may have to give.
No. 411791 ID: b85f8c

We've got to meet Irina at our room. How much time do we have now? Maybe we should just take inventory of what supplies we have already.

Also we're leaving in the next two days, so we can set aside SOME time for ourselves before we go.
No. 411825 ID: cd6e04

take Robocat up on her offer.
No. 412279 ID: 0162ea
File 133712786071.png - (80.08KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

You recall that Irina will be waiting for you.

At the same time, you realize that this may be the last time you'll see her for a very long time. Or ever – even if you survive Bronach Valley, who know where you'll end up next. There's Companions who never set their foot inside the Academy again after being sworn in, because their Mage decided he wants to devote his life to studying fungi in some jungle thousands of miles away.

You are going to miss her.

You'll have to let her know you're leaving, of course. But should you tell her about the Fae and everything? It's bound to upset her, and make her worry about you. Maybe you should be a bit vague about your assignment. Saying goodbye will be painful enough as it is.

How much are you going to tell Irina?
No. 412287 ID: b85f8c

Tell her that we don't want to tell her about the assignment because we don't want her to worry. That should cover all bases!
No. 412302 ID: abbc45


"I am being assigned somewhere far, far away, and will likely never see you or anyone else here again."

"...Let's go get some drinks."
No. 412308 ID: 5029d1

yeah you totes need to sleep with that robo-cat before you leave.
No. 412313 ID: 7c85b9

Being ambiguous about where you are being sent so she wouldn't worry is kind of demeaning, she's a grown woman who risks her life being a guard for a living not some 5 year old. Not to mention trying to hide where you're being sent just makes it sound worse and more worrying.

Be open and just tell her. If she's a friend talking about it with her should give you some much needed support and give you a chance to weigh things out with someone instead of just internally.
No. 412341 ID: 5c94e7

You guys forget something important: those fancy golem prosthetics Irina is sporting?
She got those from the same incident where she lost half of her face and arm fighting the rogue Golem along with Dengar.

That's a bond forged in battle. You do NOT disrespect a comrade-in-arms with any personal implication of weakness or cowardice, on your side or theirs.

Tell her everything that she wants to know, but if Irina tells you to not say something, don't say it. She understands the military; she understands the value of the words "need-to-know".
No. 412345 ID: 5c94e7
File 133713475379.png - (36.66KB , 314x389 , Untitled.png )

>PTSD or prosthesis rejection?
>You decide!
No. 412349 ID: b85f8c

Hmmm... okay, sure.
No. 412393 ID: 166adc

You are friends. You have fought and suffered together.
She already knew that you're leaving town anyway.
She deserves the full truth.

Are there any rules against her coming along? I'm not saying we -suggest- it to her, but what if she volunteers?
No. 412516 ID: 5c94e7

She already works as part of the town/academy guard.
No. 412760 ID: 0162ea
File 133721354426.png - (144.95KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

When you come around the corner, Irina first tries to hide the tremor, then shrugs it off and says the arm needs recalibrating again. She's had that done three days ago, but the artificer she got was still a student. And an idiot.

It's been a constant problem for her ever since she got the prosthetic. The spell matrix can't maintain attunement to her Spiritum. The replacement eye does a little better, but you know that there are days when she walks around half-blind.

And that's why, while you can briefly entertain the wild idea of asking her to come with you, you know it's completely unrealistic. The same trait that brought her to the Academy as a prospective Companion now keeps her bound here, as the only place where she won't slowly turn into a cripple.

But you realize that even with all her own problems, you wouldn't be acting fair if you held back on your own. So you tell her everything. About the sudden assignment, the odd circumstances surrounding it, the danger, the Fae…

Wow, she says once you're done. So how did you manage to piss Breken off enough to send you on a suicide mission?

She then says that this probably means you'll be too busy to get those drinks with her. You reply than no, you absolutely still want to go out. You'll find a way to set time aside for her.

Well then, she says. And asks if you'd mind if she helped you with the shopping. So that you don't pay an arm and a leg for a bunch of useless junk, she explains with a smile. And you can get those drinks afterwards.

She also asks if you thought about paying a courtesy call to that Mage you're supposed to travel with. And what do you want to do first?
No. 412774 ID: b85f8c

It's probably best we met the Mage first, just to touch bases with him and get an idea about where we're traveling through and what we need to purchase compliment his supplies.
No. 412805 ID: 5029d1

met? he's way far out. we can only magic phonecall him. or something. anyway. get all the very basic things that that everyone absolutely needs. like a good length of rope, never have enough rope. some good socks. gonna be a lot of walking and good socks will help. if you can get a collapsible ten foot pole, get it. 10 foot poles are the best anti-trap tool.
No. 412870 ID: 252e1b

Not Mage Gerhold, he is the mage who Dengar is to be the companion of.

>"You are to travel to the province of Smaragae... where you will take up the duties of Companion to Mage Gerhold...You are to depart in the company of Mage Aislynn and Companion Felix and remain with them for as long as your routes continue to converge. They... wish to leave within the next two days – you are to accommodate that request..."

Dengar has to talk to Mage Aislynn and Companion Felix, and they all three need to be ready to leave within two days.

>So how did you manage to piss Breken off enough to send you on a suicide mission?
He tried to impress on me that he was making the best of a bad situation, that it was not personal or punishment. I was the candidate most likely to survive, as he saw things.

>She also asks if you thought about paying a courtesy call to that Mage you're supposed to travel with. And what do you want to do first?
It would probably be best to meet with Mage Aislynn first. She will have prepared for the route and she or Companion Felix will likely be able to provide route-specific provisioning advice. And I will be traveling with them for some time. It would behoove me to make a good impression.

Come with me to meet my traveling companions, and after we can compare notes on them over drinks.
No. 413666 ID: 0162ea
File 133739336496.png - (119.02KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

You tell Irina you'd like to visit Mage Aislynn first and you head for the Academy guest wing. However, along the way you run into a couple guards who want to talk with her about exchanging shifts. She rolls her eye and tells you to go on, cause the haggling's going to take awhile.

You reach the building and the housekeeper directs you to Mage Aislynn's rooms. You knock on the door and a male voice bids you to enter.
No. 413678 ID: e3aff6

Say hi from where you are, and ask if he is mage Aislynn.
No. 413682 ID: 5029d1

yes or the companion. if yes to ether then explain you are the companion that is to accompany them.
No. 414235 ID: ce4a4d

Guess it's pants-optional, huh? I guess he's the boss.

Introduce yourself.
No. 414498 ID: 0162ea
File 133756095934.png - (121.66KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

You begin to introduce yourself, only to be interrupted by a yell of Wait!

He wants to make a wild guess. You're the guy they're sending to his untimely doom, aren't you?
No. 414499 ID: 0162ea
File 133756099302.png - (116.66KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

He says, nah, the boss was here, but she left to enjoy the many comforts of staying at the Academy. Like soap. And running water. And more soap. He's Felix and he has been told to wait here and expect you. It's lovely that you didn't disappoint.

Well don't just stand there. Come in, make yourself comfortable, let's talk about the whole doom bit.
No. 414500 ID: 0162ea
File 133756106590.png - (103.70KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

For example, Felix says, do you know that the reason they'll be enjoying your company is that they've served their three years at Bronach?

They're like this great fountain of knowledge on the place. And you will drink deeply from it. Oh yes. It'll be his pleasure to make sure you do.

So, when are you looking to be ready to depart?
No. 414504 ID: 132b99

tomorrow afternoon. you ant to say 'goodbye' to your friend. if he catches your drift.
No. 414514 ID: 0162ea

Herp, >>414499 was supposed to have >>414235 as its first line, derp.

No. 414561 ID: 5c94e7

also shopping for supplies

I wonder if there's anyone at the Academy who can give you a few pointers about the Fae?
No. 415255 ID: 252e1b


What is the current political situation in Smaragae like? Bronarch Valley must be a constant headache for the local leadership. Knowing who the key players in the region are will be useful. Since Mage Gerhold apparently likes it there, we'll need to know who can make life difficult and easier through the power of their office. Biographies that are as complete as possible would be ideal: names, ages, preferences, dislikes, family, known positions on issues and the like.

Who is the commander of the garrison, and what is he like? How do the regular soldiers protect themselves from the fae? Are the soldiers in the garrison well disciplined and equipped? Or is the posting used as a punishment duty? How close is the nearest settlement? Nearest source of reinforcements? How long could the garrison hold out in the event of a siege?

What are the supply lines like? How are the amenities? Are the soldiers cycled often or is the posting usually a long one for them?

What fae groups are the primary antagonists? What is known of the way the fae court with access to the gate is organized?

What is the route like for the trip? I'm going to be purchasing supplies for our journey, and I'd like your advice on what I should bring. Gear, rations, suitable amounts for tolls or bribes- all these are things I will want advice with.
No. 415686 ID: 0162ea
File 133787973206.png - (735.62KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

You're not sure yourself what drift that would happen to be.

Still, you suggest tomorrow afternoon, and Felix replies it's pointless to leave that late in the day, and do you know how much taverns this close to the Academy charge per night? You both settle on departing in the morning of the second day from now.

You then shower him with questions and he laughs and tells you to calm down a bit and leave something to talk about during the journey – you wouldn't believe how boring riding along a road for weeks on end can get.

He does get out a map to discuss the route you'll be taking. He says that your fastest option would be to split off from them in Birma, ride to Maelno, buy passage on a ship to Dansek, and then travel up the river. The downside is that you'd have to plan for selling your mount before the sea voyage and getting a new one afterwards. And that you'd deprive the two of them of your company after just a few weeks.

Or, if you want, you could accompany them all the way to Verga, and then travel west along the Great Northern Road. The drawback to this route would be that it'd add a month or so to your journey.

Either way, you shouldn't buy too many supplies for the journey itself, and everything else you might conceivably need will be provided by the Bronach garrison. So all you need is basic camping gear, a ranged weapon if you don't have one already, and maybe a week's worth of provisions. This side of the mountains, you'll have no trouble getting more in any town or inn you pass, so why stock up on dry rations when you can eat fresh?

As far as money goes, Felix says that if ol' Breken actually got the Bursar to cough any up, you should get your hands on every single piece you can. Just make sure not to carry it all in one pouch.

Finally, he tells you to get some sturdy and flexible, but warm clothing. It'll be early to mid autumn by the time you reach Smaragae, and the winters there are dry, but cold and very windy.

When you ask about other people who could tell you about the Fae, Felix says that he doesn't know of any person, but if you really want to go and spoil all the stories he was going to tell you, you should be able to find a few relevant volumes in the library – especially since as a full Companion, you now have access to ordinarily restricted sections.

Do you have any more questions for Felix, and if no, what's next?
No. 415688 ID: 132b99

the drift was sex. you have GOT to tap that cat-ass before you leave possibly forever and never see her again.
No. 415696 ID: 6e44d2


Also, hit the library. Read the restricted sections, everything and anything that's interested you, but you've been unable to read. Then resume preparations.
No. 415709 ID: 1444d5

Travel with them. You may be able to shave a month off a multi-month journey, but you'd be travelling without them for almost all the way. Instead, you can spend your time with them receiving further training as a Companion (you're certainly going to need it) from people who've spent plenty of time at Bronach and survived. That's far more valuable than arriving a little earlier.
No. 415711 ID: ce4a4d

Ask why they don't take the shorter sea route.

Doesn't this mean you can goof off here for weeks and then catch up with them that way? You could, like, practice, or some shit.
No. 415713 ID: 132b99

they are going to verga, then stopping, while we keep going.
No. 415831 ID: 5c94e7

Good point, so we could either leave them early and enjoy the security and speed of the waterways, or stay with them longer for information in various things diplomatic and supernatural but be stuck traveling the roads and the dangers they may hold.
No. 435311 ID: 480c22
File 134300062093.png - (92.17KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

Oh… uh… y-you couldn't possibly…

It wouldn't be… that's…

Irina is your friend. Your best friend in the whole world. To even consider doing… that with her…

What if she rejected you? What if this would destroy your friendship? You can't possibly risk that. No matter ho- No matter what.

What's going to happen is, you're just going to pick up the money from the Bursar's, go out to get those supplies, and then spend the evening having fun with your friend. And nothing else.
No. 435312 ID: 480c22
File 134300067089.png - (359.89KB , 1000x600 , 21.png )

You manage to catch the elevator down to the city just before it leaves, saving you a half-hour wait.

Now, Felix said you should buy a ranged weapon of some sort – for all the good it'll do you. You will also need a mount and a set of winter clothes, as well as camping gear, but Irina says that she knows where you can get a standard set for a low price, so not to worry about it.

Where will you head first then?


And the hiatus is over. Sorry about that. On with the show.
No. 435313 ID: bf54a8

let's start with the closest. to yon blacksmith.

also, you are about to leave. if you upset her by asking by the time you get back she will be over it.
No. 435314 ID: fa9f7e

And if she isn't, she's into you and in denial.
No. 435315 ID: b85f8c

Uh, if you approach THAT subject with her you should be subtle. Stick your toe in the water, don't dive into it.

It sounds like you have feelings for her but don't want to ruin things. Maybe she feels the same way? Just finding that out would be a good thing, regardless of whether or not something happens because of it.

Check out a blacksmith or hunting supply shop, to get that ranged weapon. Are there guns? A gun would be nice.
No. 435374 ID: e3aff6

The weapon shop is closest.
No. 436661 ID: 5ecbe2
File 134335186872.png - (164.13KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

>if you upset her by asking by the time you get back she will be over it

That's true, you suppose. You've never known Irina to be bothered by anything for too long. Sure, she does get angry, or upset, but then she gets over it – usually by dealing with the thing that got her upset in the first place.

>And if she isn't, she's into you and in denial.

Which means you're certain that if she did… feel something for you, she'd have said so a long time ago.

At least, you're pretty sure she would.

>Uh, if you approach THAT subject with her you should be subtle.

Oh, uh… you suppose. Well… you're not sure how to be subtle about… uh… THAT. Does it involve complimenting hair or something?

>Are there guns? A gun would be nice.

Huh… well, there was that one Master Artificer two years ago, who developed something he called a " chemically propelled bolt launcher." He claimed he could use it to accurately launch a projectile at targets up to 200 yards without any use of Materium.

His demonstration on one of the Academy's testing fields drew quite a crowd. He spent half an hour giving a lecture on the principles of the weapon's functionality, then finally loaded it, lit the fuse, and pointed it at a target dummy. Then the launcher exploded, killing the Artificer and his assistant, and wounding seven other people with shrapnel.

You still have a large scar on your left bicep.

After trying out a number of weapons, you feel there's three you could use without embarrassing yourself too much.

A composite bow – somewhat on the expensive side, but still well within your budget, and the extra draw you'd get from it would go a long way towards compensating for your below average size.

A cavalry crossbow – light enough to be drawn without the need for a windlass or a stirrup, yet still with enough power to punch through anything short of plate armor – at least at close range. Of course, it's still slower than a bow, and with a lower effective range.

Throwing spears – you've been taught that even a nonlethal hit with a spear will more than likely disable the victim – it's hard to do anything productive with a four foot shaft sticking out of some part of you. And though lightweight and balanced for flight, it can still serve as a melee weapon in a pinch. The downsides are the relatively short range and the ammo limitation – you could not realistically carry more than three or four of those around.

Which one should you choose?

And, once you make your purchase, where to next?
No. 436675 ID: b85f8c

Ugh. He fucked up the gun's design. He used either the wrong type of explosive or just too much of it. How BIG was the launcher?

Have you ever asked her if she thinks you're handsome? An alternative for approaching the issue from a really subtle angle is to be very straightforward and honest. Say that since you're gonna be going off somewhere for who knows how long and might wind up dying, that if there's any secrets between you or things that you'd like to do together that you never got around to, that you should probably settle things before you leave.

I'm thinking you should get the crossbow. You can pre-load the thing so you can fire it at a moment's notice, and honestly you probably won't be firing it multiple times in a single combat.
No. 436750 ID: 99090a

A bow is the best thing for a trained fighter, which you are. Go for it.
No. 436816 ID: 9f34b8

Bow all the way!

While we do our shopping ask Irina does she have anything special in mind for tonigh or are you just going to go to your normal hangout tavern.
No. 436900 ID: 1444d5

Go for Spears. Big Pointy Sticks are always useful regardless of throwing prowess.
No. 448773 ID: 5ecbe2
File 134617462149.png - (109.84KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

It's a tough decision, but in the end you decide to go with the bow. Since there's no point in dragging it around everywhere, you tell the shop owner to have it delivered to your room at the Academy and you move on.


You clear your throat and in the most casual tone you can manage you ask Irina if you're just visiting your usual hangout tonight, or maybe she has something, uh, special planned.

Why do you ask, she wants to know.

Uh, well, it's just that… well, she did nag you for the past two weeks to make sure you keep your schedule clear today. So…

She smiles and tells you that you should probably get all the shopping out of the way, unless that's all you want to end up doing today. So where to next?

The clothier or the stables?
No. 448788 ID: 533c7a

she does have something planned, but it's a surprise. clothier, you need good duds.
No. 448792 ID: 54c7e5

Clothes. Don't want to have to get fitted after mucking about with horses.
No. 449689 ID: 7459d5

I say Stables first. Your choice of clothing and choice of steed are going to end up being related. Might as well get a steed first, since it will be the hardest thing to make changes to. If there's a mount of sufficiently high quality, it may be worth dipping into clothes money to secure it.
No. 451183 ID: 21cda8
File 134668133354.png - (173.68KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

You'll be the first to admit that you're not an expert on these matters, but is it really necessary to strip to your skivvies to have your measurements taken?

Irina assures you that yes, absolutely. You wouldn't want to end up with clothing that's too loose, would you?
No. 451185 ID: 21cda8
File 134668159202.png - (58.97KB , 400x600 , paperdoll.png )

You will need two sets of clothes. Winter gear for Smaragae's dry, but cold and windy winters, and everyday travel clothes.

Irina laughs and says that she hopes you didn't expect to run around in these fancy robes day in and day out.

Also, in case you missed it, there is now a discussion thread in >>/questdis/59456
No. 451469 ID: 063f2c
File 134672124683.png - (54.08KB , 400x600 , companion steve.png )

No. 451472 ID: 2385cb
File 134672173777.gif - (19.49KB , 400x600 , summer.gif )

How could you want anything else
No. 451473 ID: 2385cb
File 134672175245.gif - (22.35KB , 400x600 , winter.gif )

winter ver.
No. 451475 ID: bf54a8

this is a TAILOR not a blacksmith, cloth and leather only
No. 451581 ID: f2c20c

She's checking you out, bro.

>Finally, he tells you to get some sturdy and flexible, but warm clothing. It'll be early to mid autumn by the time you reach Smaragae, and the winters there are dry, but cold and very windy.

Everyday travel clothes... How about a simple shirt, light jacket, and some tough trousers? Oh, and a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

For winter clothes, get lots of layers, some insulated pants, and a cloak of some sort. Since the winters there are dry you won't have to worry about much snow. Keep that in mind.
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