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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133590600546.jpg - (30.46KB , 800x512 , zero.jpg )
406569 No. 406569 ID: ea0bdf

>Pardon us while the artist tries to piece him/her/itself together into something tangible.

Now, then.
Scianze feekshun, Contemporary shenanigans or fantasy schmantasy?
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No. 406571 ID: b9e291

No. 406572 ID: 1b6a00

No. 406573 ID: b31368

No. 406574 ID: ea0bdf

(I mean I coulld totally continue my previous one, but fffffffff...udge. Maybe at a later date. Let's do this)
No. 406577 ID: 3ce5b2

contemporary fantasy! magic is real but no one knoooows maaaaaaan.
No. 406578 ID: ea0bdf

(Well, it's mostly just style/approach, there will be mindfucks and magic-ness, probably, either way.. I hope)
No. 406579 ID: f2c010

No. 406585 ID: 1b6a00

then let's make magic obtained throgh science in a contemporary age
No. 406593 ID: ea0bdf
File 133590859805.jpg - (24.65KB , 800x512 , One.jpg )

~~How do you feel?
No. 406594 ID: 5e3d1a

Amazing, like charged with energy and ready to go.
No. 406595 ID: f2c010

No. 406596 ID: 1b6a00

where am i?
No. 406597 ID: 7c31d2

Cold, slightly aroused
No. 406599 ID: 8a64e4

No. 406600 ID: ea0bdf
File 133590898225.jpg - (6.60KB , 295x260 , no.jpg )


w-here.. wha..?


>Admittedly, the answer is dull, heavy, drunk.
No. 406601 ID: 1b6a00

what we are^?
No. 406603 ID: ea0bdf
File 133590951085.jpg - (3.42KB , 266x270 , umm.jpg )

>what are we?

I don't... know.
Do you? More importantly..
Are we drowning?
Feels like liquid..

No. 406605 ID: 1b6a00

try to punch the glass
No. 406607 ID: 5029d1

no, probably stasis tank.
No. 406612 ID: 7d7f79

Standard syfy bubbly liquid tank with something/someone inside from what we can tell.
No. 406613 ID: 5e3d1a

Look for buttons to push!
No. 406629 ID: ea0bdf
File 133591125088.jpg - (28.58KB , 800x512 , two.jpg )

Banging at the glass for a while, eventually, it cracks, sending our little protagonist plummetting to the floor.

It's hard to breathe, now, and the glass cuts deep into the skin as it breaks beneath our little friend, and the floor. A soundless whimper trembling its way forth.

I think that was a bad idea
No. 406631 ID: 1b6a00

damage check
No. 406633 ID: 5029d1

get up and out of the glass. cough up water in lungs.
No. 406636 ID: 7c31d2

Strip, check yourself for injuries, if uninjured, masturbate.
No. 406644 ID: ea0bdf
File 133591228337.jpg - (21.55KB , 800x512 , three.jpg )


Mostly just cuts and scratches, but something feels lodged into the flesh at the shoulders.

No water to cough up...
But it's immensely hard to breathe either way.
With a frown, the little one brushes some wet hair our of its eyes, trying to put on a smile for the imaginary audience, failing miserably.

Now, they're cold and naked.
No. 406645 ID: ea0bdf

>And in pain*
No. 406649 ID: 1b6a00

describe the something in the shoulder
No. 406650 ID: ea0bdf

I can't turn my head quite that far, nor reach it with my hands...
No. 406651 ID: a43a6c

Don't move if it hurts to move!
No. 406653 ID: 8a64e4

Try to get up. If you can, start walking around.
No. 406661 ID: ea0bdf
File 133591401649.jpg - (37.81KB , 800x512 , four.jpg )

Getting up, it's almost even harder to breathe.
Little one really wishes it could see the main source of its pain, however, probably glass, stuck at rather odd, symmetrical-ish places just under its shoulderblades.

To one side is a hallway of what looks like workstations, of various kinds.
it keeps going into the darkness, there's no -real- lighting here, so our protagonist muses it might be endless? There's a door to one side, back towards the.. egg?

Little one continues to look around, curiou-
Well, fudge.
No. 406663 ID: b6edd6

Is that some kind of pickaxe sticking out of the skull there?
It it is a weapon, loot it then look at the computer, otherwise skip to the computer part.
No. 406664 ID: 1b6a00

inspect body
No. 406669 ID: ea0bdf
File 133591468047.jpg - (36.20KB , 640x480 , five.jpg )

Not much of a body, just a cleaved SKULL, and it's spinal chord... with- no, this smells thick, but it's not blood. some kind of PAINT?

The little one then extracts the FIREAXE and CROWBAR.
No. 406672 ID: ea0bdf
File 133591506012.jpg - (18.49KB , 424x305 , computerbroken.jpg )

As for the COMPUTER... well.....
the WORKSTATION looks something akin to-

Unless you meant the MONITOR overhead?
No. 406673 ID: 1b6a00

use crowbar on box
No. 406714 ID: b6edd6

Yes. BOXes are made to be opened.
No. 406719 ID: b9e291

Use crowbar to dislodge glass from back.
No. 406818 ID: ea0bdf
File 133594005212.jpg - (27.57KB , 640x480 , six.jpg )

>Use crowbar to dislodge glass from back...
I may be wrong but last time I listened to... well, suffice to say I think you're out to make everything worse.
The little one muses, suspiciously glancing at the RUSTY CROWBAR.

Opening the BOX, we find CLOTHING of dubious design and more dubious origin. the BOX smells of.. icky. Probably PEOPLE.
The CROWBAR gets stuck in the ROTTED WOOD of the CRATE'S LID.

What to wear, what to wear....?
No. 406987 ID: b6edd6

Wear the shirt, and keep the other in case you need bandages or something.
No. 407197 ID: b9e291


Well fine. Don't take my advice. Just try not to imagine the glass working its way into your shoulder blades as you struggle to put on the shirt, and all it would have taken to save you the pain is to poke it out with some sort of prying implement.

I wouldn't put on the shirt if I were you.
No. 407303 ID: b6edd6

Actually that is a good point about the shirt. We should still keep it for later though.
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