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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133365301463.png - (417.70KB , 900x900 , EbenQuestHairy.png )
398864 No. 398864 ID: c3ec0a

[14:47] <MrBrush> Tell me a good jungle name
[14:47] <MrBrush> and a name for a protagonist
[15:03] <Anon44_Work> Lives-In-Trees
[15:03] <Anon44_Work> Protagonist name should be Theo Elbermung
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No. 398866 ID: c3ec0a
File 133365316182.png - (450.23KB , 575x450 , juuF8B12.png )

I am the last Ebony Dweller. My line has fainted. I often come to this pond to sit and spend time. Here I can hear the voice of the Great Mother whispering to me in the language of the leaves, a language every tree-living knows here. This forest is Ootonga, Lives-In-Trees.

The Great Mother supports us tree-living beings and lives everywhere in Ootonga. She provides us with food and shelter in the form of dead tree. But Ootonga has not known peace in a long while. The outsiders are cutting down trees and pillaging the earth for shiny, dark things.

I have a short black fur. The Great Mother doesn’t look into our appearance and exclude someone from her secrets only because he seems to be an abomination. She however encourages us to find our own way, our own destiny.

Those who wish to learn the way of the Great Mother are supported in their aspiration. We can seek an earthly path or a spirit path. Water reflects the spirits well. It is a gateway for the spirit to affect earthly matters. As a tree spirit, I am empowered near to water like my tree grows strong from a rich supply of water.

My spirit animal is a butterfly.

But who was my spirit goddess that channels me the power of the jungle? What was my druidic specialization again?
No. 398868 ID: 7f554e

This seems very open ended...

Your spirit goddess is Hamamda the serpent.

Your druidic specialization is roots. As in plant roots.
No. 398869 ID: 219a13


This, but your specialization is poison.
No. 398879 ID: 1596ce

To be more specific, poisons made from herbs, such as roots, leaves, mushrooms, and so on.
No. 398996 ID: c3ec0a
File 133371854399.png - (1.21MB , 900x1100 , a_003.png )

Theo's skill tree. Chapters required to unlock new skills.
No. 398997 ID: c3ec0a
File 133371858956.png - (450.37KB , 575x450 , juuF8B123.png )

A hunter finds me.

”Theo! Have you seen the captives in the tree village? They’re scary, but we need to find out why they’re hacking down the forest. Could you help us Theo? They don’t know our language.”

What should I tell him? No, I haven’t seen the captives! What on Earth are they hassling again?
No. 399039 ID: cf49fc

Might as well go talk to them. Oh, and what are their axes made of? Wood, Wood and Metal, Wood and Rock, etc. It would give us insight into their psyche.
No. 399186 ID: 49d4d7

"nope. I haven't seen the captives. I was out here meditating. I might as well go see them now, or more people are going to disturb my meditation"
No. 399765 ID: 7f554e

You better go sort this out. Do you know any good truth serum type poisons?
No. 400354 ID: c3ec0a
File 133416411243.png - (1.30MB , 1000x750 , walking_004.png )


"Nope! I haven't seen the captives. I was out here meditating. I might as well go see them now, or more people are going to disturb my meditation."


We're walking a hunting path towards the Tree Village. As we walk I keep closing myself into my mind, not paying much attention to the surroundings. At last I inquire the Efoolin hunter as I call them: "Are their axzes made out of WOOD and STONE or are they otherwise retarded and still use METAL?" Then I wonder what I just blurted out and make corrections: "Don't say they are using metal! Do you know what metal is? No you don't". Again I wonder what kind of spirit is influencing my speaks. "Metal."

"Theo you are acting weird! But you are asking about their axes. They're strong unlike anything we have seen and their axes eat sunlight and spit out pictures to whoever looks into them."


I know lots of poisons that would make tree people or their game shit their furry asses and make them beg for mercy or quick death, thus my expertise limits to killing and torture not narcotics that influence the mind “in a sucking way”. My potions are more “explosive from their nature”. But I could try to find someone in Lives-in-Trees who knows about mind-bending alchemy.

A good poison is Sun Falling On Treetops which makes an intimidating feel of falling and an intense burning effect that lasts for half an hour until the subject dies if not hastened with a quicker poison. The ingredients are a rare sort of mushroom growing in these parts of the jungle and the other ingredients are salamander’s poison, urdine dew and azure frog poison.

Another is Serpent's Tongue that rips the mind permanently into shards and makes the subject extremely self-destructive before its catatonic phase in which foam is erected from the subject's mouth and the brain is totally destroyed. It’s mixed from a few sorts of snake poisons.
No. 400364 ID: 70591e


if said mushrooms are gray and pink and phallic, there's some to your right.
No. 400367 ID: c3ec0a
File 133417404021.png - (675.06KB , 1000x600 , Mmushroom.png )

Ah yes, this is an ingredient for the pain soup. Shall I pick it up?
No. 400374 ID: 70591e

unless there's a reason you shouldn't that I'm not aware of, go right ahead.
No. 400380 ID: c3ec0a
File 133417623774.png - (1.13MB , 891x750 , thebite.png )

Auch! Shit! A fucking emerald tree boa bites me in the head! The fuck! It's trying to swallow my head!
No. 400384 ID: 7f554e
File 133417882443.jpg - (10.11KB , 230x219 , datsnake.jpg )

Why would it do that? You don't fit into its stomach. This is surely a great blessing from Hamamda. Snakes be praised!

Bite its tail, form the Ouroboros, the endless cycle of destruction and creation.
No. 400408 ID: b6edd6

Try to grab it by the neck and pull it away from your head.

You'd be surprised what snakes can fit in their stomachs.
No. 400411 ID: 70591e

let it eat you, then rupture it from the inside.
No. 400574 ID: c3ec0a
File 133425204710.png - (697.00KB , 1000x600 , takeabite.png )


I let it try eat my head but it shows to be too difficult a task for the small boa.


It HAS to be a sign from Hamamda.
I take the snake off my head and I bite its tail. Then I let it go. It disappears into the undergrowth. I hear a satisfied hiss in my head.

I collect the mushrooms and go back to the hunters' path to meet again with my hunter companion and see his confused looks.
No. 400576 ID: ed57e8

explain that a snake of that size would never attack something of your size for no reason. so it must of been told to do so by a higher power.
No. 400632 ID: 70591e


give him a thumbs-up and keep an eye out for other ingredients on the way.
No. 400669 ID: bbee3d

Do you often hear snakes in your head?
No. 401946 ID: c3ec0a
File 133466499053.png - (903.90KB , 1000x600 , treevillage.png )


I tell the startled Efoolin that snakes that size never attack this big prey unless it's a sign from a higher power. I give him thumbs-up and explain that I hear snakes in my head all the time which is only half true.

I keep my eyes open for the rest of the ingredients for Sun Falling On Treetops and after some hours of searching I manage to find all the ingredients!

The Tree Village is a total tune-up built from rope, sticks and stone-sawn planks just the way things are here in Lives-in-Trees.
No. 401947 ID: c3ec0a
File 133466509886.png - (462.89KB , 1000x600 , dworvs.png )

I climb up the catwalks and follow the hunter. He shows the way to the prisoners. What shall I do with them? They seem robust and have gray beards.
No. 401948 ID: 70591e

interrogate 'em one-on-one in private rooms, to see if their claims match. I at least one of them will likely be a dumbass.
No. 401953 ID: ed57e8

also ask to see an axe.
No. 401954 ID: b6edd6

It appears that they are dwarfs. You can only hope that they aren't the kind that floods the world with magma.
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