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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 12519167205.jpg - (55.17KB , 800x600 , title.jpg )
37304 No. 37304 ID: f98e0b

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No. 37309 ID: f98e0b
File 125191704073.jpg - (56.36KB , 800x600 , 1.jpg )

He wakes up.
He doesn't know what he is, where he is, or why he is.
He knows who he is.
His name is Jeff.
No. 37310 ID: f98e0b

(This is a quest without a set author. Want to join in? Stop by #multiquest on irc.rizon.net and ask how YOU can join today!)
No. 37312 ID: 476456

No slacking, get off that bench and do some jumping jacks.
No. 37313 ID: 2cbe3e

Jeff, tell us a little about yourself.
No. 37316 ID: f98e0b

It's not samefagging if I'm not doing the next update.
Jeff, what race are you? Check.
No. 37318 ID: 007a2e
File 125191777370.png - (32.47KB , 382x500 , 567568678678768.png )


"Oh, ow ow ow! Cramp! Me bloody legs are killing me!"


"Guh, who said that? Umm, well I'm single, I used to work at a small store for me mam in London, but I think I too one short-cut too many coming home...Oh man..."
No. 37319 ID: f98e0b

Do you remember anything else between walking home and waking up?
No. 37320 ID: 6faa8c

Inventory, man!
No. 37325 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125191947229.jpg - (45.57KB , 800x450 , multi3.jpg )


Well I'm an orc of course you bloody wanker. Duh.


I... sort of remember someone. I stopped by the pub after closing up mam's store to kick back a couple with me mates before the walk home. There was a hobo, or at least the gent had the dress of a vagrant, who patted me shoulder and said "get home safe"


Me inventory? Oh, the stuff. Yeah I got me wallet with 5 quid left, mam's keys, and ol' Bluey, my crowbar. Makes me feel safe to walk home at night what with those bloody Dwarf gangs in London.
No. 37329 ID: c42be6

Look around. Can you figure out what kind of place you're in? Do you recognize it? See any exits?
No. 37330 ID: a02fcd

Well, I guess it's time for breakfast. Do you have to work at the store today?
No. 37368 ID: 1afd58
File 125192527066.png - (197.26KB , 640x400 , derp.png )

I'll have a butcher's about, but I don't see anythin' familiar. Looks like some old stone church or summin'.

>breakfast, have to work?
Yeh, gotta work later inna afternoon. Head's poundin', don't wanna think about food.


I musta got damned pissed; m'head is killin' me.
No. 37371 ID: 7d190c

Welp, lets go find some painkillers. Also, keep an eye out for some prettier clothing. We need to get in a dress pronto.

You have any sisters, Jeff?
No. 37375 ID: 2cbe3e


Let's go and explore this place. Find out why we were brought here.
No. 37379 ID: f98e0b

and more importantly, the way out.
No. 37413 ID: f4963f
File 125192824336.jpg - (199.49KB , 877x675 , Multi_Hall.jpg )

>Painkillers, pretty clothing! Sister?
Painkillers'd be just swell right now. And yeah, I got a big sis who quite frankly scares the piss outta me.

And look, love, I know yer tryin' to get yer jollies off, but I really don't really have the body type for that.

Right then.
Looks like a long hallway out here. There's some kinda bloody tapestry on the wall. I dun' recognize the symbol.

God, my head is killing me. Need some bloody painkillers.
No. 37418 ID: 7d190c

> don't really have the body type for that.

Oh, I don't know abot that. A bit of the right clothing... a touch of make up... you could become quite the looker. You should ask to borrow some of your sisters clothes next time you see her. You never know when they'll come in handy... and I hear silky fabrics feel real nice~...
No. 37436 ID: ab91ae

Hallways usually have doors in them. Lets find one.
No. 37454 ID: 0d5afc

As someone intimately familiar with the subject I can so that crossdressing does not work that way.
No. 37503 ID: 640f82
File 12519412071.jpg - (114.39KB , 1383x1009 , hallway.jpg )

Bollocks to you.

Well thar's the bloom'n door!
No. 37505 ID: f4963f


Approach yonder (amazingly drawn *_*) door! Let's get out of this churchthedral!
No. 37506 ID: 1689ab

Hey now. Thats no way to take a compliment. How can you expect to survive in the world if you tell everyone who compliments your lovely bone structure to Bollocks off?
No. 37516 ID: ab91ae
File 125194338793.gif - (958.15KB , 600x400 , Lets Make This Interesting.gif )

>Let's get out of this churchthedral!
Roight, 'n out we go.... whoa.

If Id'a been runnin' like some kinda loon, that woulda been roight painful.

...Well what's all this then.
No. 37517 ID: 9b5a49

No. 37522 ID: 1689ab

Huh. Look down. You see anything?

Lets um... Go somewhere else, shall we?
No. 37523 ID: bf9cdc

Have any idea why you could be here?
No. 37524 ID: ab91ae

Well, uh.... This door is a bust. Is there anything on the other end of the hall? Maybe stairs or something?
No. 37560 ID: fc832e
File 125194576026.png - (40.90KB , 640x400 , MultiQuest Cont.png )

As far as I c'n tell, ain't no bo'um to this. She stretches down far 's I c'n see. Sucker's 'uge! Ain't no place for a gen'lman loike m'self. Who goes 'n put's a door out 'a bleedin' nowhere, eh? Tell ya wot, same bloke who goes and takes a chap and sticks 'em such a place. 's an awful place we live in lads. Chin up, we'll get through 'ere.

Might 's well 'ed back, I figyah. 'Eres som'in loike a platform down 'ere, but she's a bit 'f a ways off. Nuttin' else a intrest, far 's I'm concerned. Back in we go.
No. 37567 ID: ab91ae

Roight. Let's see wots on the other end o' the 'all, then.
No. 37604 ID: 789c25
File 125194998968.png - (58.86KB , 560x560 , CliffRacer.png )


"what da bloody feck!?"
No. 37605 ID: 43d730

No. 37615 ID: ab91ae

Oy, shut it ye git! Back down the 'all with ye!
No. 37627 ID: 9e9b47
File 125195174972.jpg - (43.35KB , 816x595 , multiquest2.jpg )


I try to slam the door in its' face with all me might, but the bugger comes in any'ow, leaning its 'ead in as it 'olds onto the tower for support. It then just sits there, givin' me some kinda toothy bloody grin. I glare back, brandishin' Bluey. Good ol' Bluey.

"WILL YOU BE NEEDING ANY FOOD OR BEVERAGES THIS EVENING? MY MASTERS HOPE YOUR STAY HAS NOT BEEN AN UNPLEASANT ONE AS OF YET." It says, and grins as I dunno wot to say. It seems to like da fact that 'M weirded by it talkin'. Whatdoyasay inna first place to some bloody great big bloody bat?
No. 37629 ID: 43d730

ಠ_ಠ at it.
No. 37631 ID: ab91ae

Kin we get some painkillers?
No. 37632 ID: 7238e2

(I very much did not expect that)

Try asking why we're here
No. 37652 ID: fc832e
File 125195541528.jpg - (16.58KB , 431x372 , Multiquest 2.jpg )

Look a' 'em, snakin' round loike the snake-bird thing that 'e is. Disgustin'. 'e's gone an' let 'imself in all noice loike.

"Alroight you, you nasty bird thing, I don't know 'o you or ya "Masta'" is, but I ain't the kinda folk to take kindly to this sor' a treatment, you hear me?"

"TERRIBLY SORRY, ESTEEMED GUEST." I don' loike the way 'e says it, ain't a bi' of sinceri'y in 'is bones. "I ASSURE YOU, YOU'LL FIND BETTER CARE FOR YOU IN THE LOWER HALLS." An' all that screechin', enough to drive a fella mad!

"Shut it, bird brain, yer given me a headache. Go an' make yerself useful and get me some painkillas, eh?"


I ain't loikin' the sounda tha'. Bugger wants to tag along, eh? 'e's a big fella', but I imagine 'e can't move aroun' too well in 'ere. Tha' tail looks nasty though.

Do we let the nasty bugga' tag along then?
No. 37659 ID: 9e9b47


No, I think we'll be fine by ourselves. Thank him for his offer though. Let's head and find some stairs leading lower then.
No. 37702 ID: ab91ae
File 125198915573.png - (43.63KB , 600x400 , slanty room.png )

"Stay back, ye damn bird. I kin make m'own way down a coupla stairs."

Bloody thing.

Oy, there's the stairs at the end o' the 'all. Let's see wots down there then.
No. 37740 ID: 72ae58
File 125199904191.png - (81.26KB , 560x560 , WaterCooler.png )

"Ah, hello. I'm glad you could make it. I trust you're settling in nicely?"
No. 37743 ID: a02fcd

Oh boy. Be careful, this guy's tough. Ask him why you're here; he seems to be the chatty type.

Also where here is.
No. 37751 ID: ab91ae

Wot's all this then? I've been held 'ere against my will by a bloody water cooler? To 'ell wi' this! Wotcha want outta me!?
No. 37760 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125200259584.jpg - (46.19KB , 800x450 , multiquest3.jpg )


"Wot's all this then? I've been held 'ere against my will by a bloody water cooler? To 'ell wi' this! Wotcha want outta me!? Where IS here?!"

After a moment of silence, a chuckle breaks out, and a white-robed figure steps out from behind the back right wall. He has a large and obvious pair of wings on his back. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I just couldn't help passing up a good joke. You're not the first person to scream at this water cooler in confusion. Incidentally, would you like a drink?" The man picks up the kamina glasses, throws them off the water cooler, and fills up a small paper cup with water. "Sorry about the glasses, it's a bit of a joke."

Jeff doesn't think it's funny. In fact he thinks it's rather annoying. "That's not funny in the least, ya prat! Now, tell me why I'm here!"

"Oh, right. How rude of me. My name is Malkezadek, by the way. You may call me Mal if you wish. I know you of course, Jeff. You come from the Barony of... Lawn-done, correct?" Malkezadek has real trouble with the pronunciation of London for some reason. Plus, London's a city, not a barony.

"aye I'm from there, so what of it?"

"Good we indeed took you from the proper universe then. Just making sure, really. We need you, Jeff, to ask you a few favors."

Jeff thinks about it a long time. "Can I go gaffe to ma when I'm done?"

The man seems to not understand the accent for a moment, and then nods vigorously. "Oh, of course. As soon as you do something for us we can see about getting you home. Yes, I think that's fair."

"Where am I?" Jeff repeats, not wanting to let this opportunity for information pass.

"This? Why, this is the Nexus of All Worlds. The Anchor, people here call it." The man sips at his cup of water.
No. 37778 ID: 16fe41

>trans-dimensional travel
Oh lawdy.

Take water, ask why we're here.
No. 37780 ID: ab91ae

What kind of.... favors?
No. 37835 ID: 1afd58
File 125201256167.png - (68.44KB , 640x400 , derpaderp.png )

>take water, ask why we are here.
>What kind of favor?

The water's room-temperature an' not that good. Still, helps m'head.

"So why me? Why am I here, what d'you need me for?"

The man drops his almost jovial manner immediately. "It's serious, Jeff, and since you went right for it, I'll drop the joking and get to it."

He sighs. "You're an orc. You know that well, but what you don't likely know is that your world is only one of the hundreds of thousands that used to have orc populations. Someone has been traveling through all the varying worlds, ending all races but humanity."

The room spins. I feel dizzy, and my vision is blurring. "Oi, whass inna water...?"

The man continues talking as though I hadn't spoken. "You've been selected by the wiles of magic itself to be the champion for your world. Nearly a thousand years in your past, what you would name Anno Domini One Thousand Ninety Four, a great orc leader was supposed to arise, one that would halt the wars of extermination lead by humanity in that era. He has been assassinated in his infancy by our enemy. If this error is not corrected, you will have never been born, along with the millions of other orcs in your world."

The man's wings spread, and I feel like I'm being pulled away from everything. "Wait... this's insane..."

"Lead your people, Jeff. Take a new name, find a tribe, gain power, and defend yourself against extinction. You are the sole hope for all of orc-kind."

The world fades to black.
No. 37861 ID: f98e0b
File 125201562395.jpg - (71.14KB , 800x600 , 2.jpg )

...and fades back in.
Bloody hell.

I'm on toppa some sorta big black pillar thing.
There's other orcs here. A lot of them. With weapons.

They're cheering.
No. 37897 ID: ab91ae
File 125202710539.png - (61.60KB , 600x400 , Grots.png )

"Lord Jeff... your people are waiting for your speech. We march on the enemy as soon as the sun rises - rally them, my lord!"

I turn t'see an 'eavily armored orc standin' at my side. Some 'ow I know 'is name is Sir Grots, an' 'e's my second in command. Not sure 'ow I know that though.

Below me the gits slowly grow quiet. I reckon they want me to say somethin', whether I want ta er not.

...Roight then. Wot should I say?
No. 37899 ID: f98e0b

No. 37922 ID: f21281
File 125203538636.jpg - (67.14KB , 1392x640 , waaagh.jpg )

>Asking what he should say


Do we really need to tell you?
No. 37924 ID: 6164e0

No. 37979 ID: 789c25
File 125204269541.png - (112.73KB , 560x560 , WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.png )

They want a speech. Well I ain't no bloody politician, but I know wot I say t'me boys back 'ome in London.

The best bloomin' speech any orc anywhere ever gave to anothah.

No. 38013 ID: ab91ae

Now turn to Grots and ask him who the hell we're fighting anyway.
No. 38142 ID: 2cbe3e
File 125208173633.jpg - (19.99KB , 800x450 , sirgrot.jpg )


"Sir Grots, who we fightin' anyhow?"

"Those bastards from the Blackhand Tribe, of course sir! Those motherless sons of slime think that THEY are the true orc clan?! Never!!!"

Bollocks. We're fighting other orcs?
No. 38144 ID: 6164e0

Give them a good thumping, when your dominance is asserted, absorb them into your army whether they want to be or not, and keep expanding. 'Tis the only proper way to run a WAAGH.
No. 38145 ID: ab91ae

Waaagh. Waaagh never changes.
No. 38148 ID: 65732b

Invite the rival orc leader to parley. Then smack his snout to establish superiority, thus obviating the need for war.
No. 38153 ID: 43d730

You could go the stupid heroic route, where you challenge the opposite leader to single combat for the victory, or the careful way, where you lead the army as normal.

Actually, what do you remember from history in school? Anything about the area or circumstances?
No. 38165 ID: ab91ae
File 125209492676.png - (64.65KB , 600x400 , Going to get a messenger.png )

>Actually, what do you remember from history in school? Anything about the area or circumstances?

I was never much for schoolin', always seemed a waste o' me time. 'Owever, there was a Blackhand gang o' chavs always hanging by the south end o' London. Tried to rough me up a coupla' times, they did. Reckon they're related? Ah, I've not the brains for this.

>Meet leader of Blackhand Orcs, parley with him/challenge him to single combat
This don't sound so bad an idea. "Sir Grots, you reckon I could 'ave myself a chat with their leadah?"

"Yes sir, we'll send a scout out to see if they'll agree to a meetin'!"
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