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File 131811485138.png - (155.31KB , 640x480 , 144.png )
356845 No. 356845 ID: 5b0012

I have no idea where I am or how I got here. Here's what I know about what's going on:
You guys can make anything happen, using something called "Impulse Weight." Some actions need more than others, and each person can only contribute one unit of Impulse Weight to any given action. Right now you're limited to 46 total units of impulse weight. Once you spend it on something, I don't know if you can get more until we get out of here! Spend it carefully!
On that note... a person can REVOKE up to one Impulse Weight to cancel out someone else's. If there's not enough to complete the action, then none will be lost. You can't add to your reserves by spending a net negative Impulse Weight on an action.

Phew. Got it?
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No. 356848 ID: e83f6a

got it. do a cursory inspection of yourself and move out !
No. 356850 ID: de7eea

Be sure to push down on the checkered blocks before fully stepping on them.
You just can't trust those rectangles...
No. 356859 ID: fb10df

I add my Impulse Weight to increase our impulse weight total and current.
No. 356863 ID: ec0bf5

+1 to this
No. 356864 ID: de7eea

[-1 to this] until we see whether it eats our impulse without doing anything. (We want to use just one impulse, to minimize potential loss.)
No. 356888 ID: 5b0012
File 131812306924.png - (116.64KB , 640x480 , 145.png )

There are long, shallow cuts all over my body. Everything else seems to be in order!
Alright. They're not giving way at all so far. I'll keep checking.
>>356859, >>356863,[>>356864]
spent 1 reserve impulse weight to gain 1 reserve impulse weight.remaining:46
No. 356889 ID: fb10df

No. 356891 ID: 35bcde

Grow boobs.
No. 356896 ID: fb10df

"I spend my IW to completely rewrite the way the IW system works in the way I intend it to work." This counters the independent agency system that allows for manipulation of the 'wish's intent, as it clearly indicates MY intent is the agency on which the 'wish' is granted.
No. 356911 ID: 1854db

[-1 IW to that.]

Anciu, we should get some guidelines down about what you're ok with us changing. Can we directly affect your body? Is there any equipment you would like to have right now? Want us to try healing the cuts?

Also what is that stuff up ahead? Looks like some weird blocky statue. Is it moving?
No. 356914 ID: b1f0e2

>You guys can make anything happen
>Once you spend it on something, I don't know if you can get more until we get out of here!

How much impulse weight would it take to create a plant that can grow in this place and produce beans, each bean imparts one impulse weight on its consumer.

It isn't completely broken because the plant takes TIME to grow.
No. 356926 ID: e83f6a

i like this idea. +1 to it
No. 356929 ID: ec0bf5

All right let's stop messing with this system. You said you were injured slightly, are you OK? Take a look at that floating possibly tetrahedron.
No. 356933 ID: 35e1a0

how much impulse weight would it take to contact Dessen?
No. 356981 ID: 5b0012
File 131814009910.png - (12.24KB , 300x518 , 146.png )

Oooh, boy.
I really don't think that would work, under the present circumstances.
Good thinking. For now, let's say... Only do things to me in order to protect my life. Don't do any mind-control. As for equipment, I'm actually starting to get quite chilly! Do you think you could make some clothes for me? You can fabricate them slowly and only use one impulse weight. If you could make it something insulating, easy to take off and put on, not flexibility-limiting, with lots of pockets, comfortable, and pretty, that would be the BEST. The important part is that it fulfills the first three.
This pedestal is completely motionless. I'd touch the floating triangle to see if I can move it, except that I don't know if something ELSE might happen.
the amount would depend on the life cycle of the plant
impulse weight registered(1) is not sufficient to begin this task
I'm ok. The cuts aren't bothering me very much. The floating shape is a very thin triangular prism.
estimated cost:one impulse weight per update
That's not too bad. You'd have to make sure to coordinate whatever messages you wanted to sent it. Let's try to do this without Dessen's help first, huh?

[[Paperdoll time!]]
No. 356987 ID: 35bcde
File 131814052489.png - (13.97KB , 300x518 , thingface.png )

THIS SEXY AND STYLISH TIME-TESTED DESIGN IS insulating, easy to take off and put on, not flexibility-limiting, with lots of pockets, comfortable, and pretty, AND ALSO STYLISH AS FUCK. IT HAS HOLES FOR YOUR ARMS AND WINGS AND SHIT!
No. 357061 ID: b6edd6

When it comes to poking things like the floating tetrahedron (and otherwise trap checking), maybe we should make a 10 foot pole?
No. 357099 ID: 0c0df8
File 131820161369.gif - (339.72KB , 300x518 , anciudressup.gif )

Nanomaterials are fun.

Form pockets based on intent. Aesthetics geared for those of a species capable of colour change. Don't like the current look? Change it, or change your own appearance to match it! Also, due to the properties of the material, it can be removed and put on pretty much by jumping into it or peeling it off however seen fit. Insulating? Yes, and also conductive if desired!

The only problem is it's a little fragile and prone to tearing, but it theoretically should be able to "heal" tears over time (providing there haven't been great chunks of the material taken away).
No. 357119 ID: 4bdd79

Oooh pretty.
+1 to this, if we need multiple IW for it.
No. 357285 ID: 5b0012
File 131828149897.png - (61.32KB , 640x480 , 147.png )

task initiated with 1 IW
How long will that take?
[~1 hour]
I'm not sure that I can wait that long. How about with 2 IW?
half of the previously stated time
That makes sense. I think we need that.
task continued with 2 IW
Very nice.
What's with you guys and that... aesthetic?
Maybe even an extendable pole. I have an idea! Device, How much IW would we need for, as a continuous action, the creation of 1728 extendable poles, each small enough, while collapsed, to fit in a pocket of this clothing item you're making, and able to extend [~10 feet], that wouldn't break easily? The poles would be created on-demand, and some mechanism would keep them from collapsing or extending accidentally without making it difficult to do those things on purpose. Let's say it would take about... [~1 minute] to create each one.
3 IW
Wow! I think I'm onto something! What's the most of those that we could get for just 1 IW?
about 402, if the first pole is not requested until [~1 minute] after the task has begun
How about THAT? I sincerely hope that we won't need so many, but I think it's a good deal.

Now that I'm closer to the pedestal, I can see a little blue spheroid on it. I can also hear what sounds like someone humming a tune. It's hard to tell, but I think it's the spheroid.
No. 357287 ID: ec0bf5

Say hi! Maybe it's friendly!

The pole thing sounds good. Also where did you get such specific numbers?
No. 357289 ID: 35e1a0

vocate a "hello" perhaps the sphere is sentient somehow?

also adding impulse to pole idea if needed.
No. 357344 ID: b0581a

I dunno about this poles thing, it seems like it would take a hella long time to make the necessary poles (if I understand what is going on). -1 to the poles, though maybe I'm derping on something...they do seem important somehow.
No. 357346 ID: b0581a

Wait just kidding I did derp. Negate my -1, I thought we needed that massive amount of poles for some reason, but yeah, create the 1IW worth of poles.
No. 357591 ID: 5b0012
File 131838765511.png - (192.70KB , 640x480 , 148.png )

"Er. Greetings...?" the humming continues I just don't know what to make of this at all! It sounds distorted, and the tune is very wandering. I haven't heard any breaths taken, either. These things make me think it might not be a somebody. I'll get back to it in a moment.
It's just 123. Oh right! We count in base 12, so for me, 1728 is a 1 followed by three of 0. I just wanted an easy, large number. The rest was guessing at reasonable figures.
pole generation task initiated with 1 IW
Glad you caught yourself, there!
I'm going to look over the edge-WHOA. That is EXTREMELY disorienting! And somehow not completely surprising. Gravity seems to be pulling inward along the normals of the faces of this shape that I'm on. I'll bet I could walk on the side.
The other faces are doing it too.

Device, would I be harmed as a result of picking up the spheroid?
No impulse weight needed. Alright. We're going to need those poles even if I can ask that question about everything. Anciu picks it up. The humming immediately becomes quieter.se puts it back and it increases again.the item does not roll after being set down
That's-hey, maybe I could use it to locate this place again! Or maybe there are more of these pedestals and I can find them. I could carry it with me once this outfit is done.

Hrmmm. Should I try to walk on the other sides, or maybe figure out more about this pedestal setup?
No. 357599 ID: b6edd6

When testing strange geometries, drop a pole (or just hold one end and see which way the other end is pulled) where you are planning to walk to make sure the gravity does what you think it will do.
No. 357602 ID: b1f0e2

Are you the triangle thingie floating above the square thingie which is made of metal? Or the animal thingie made of probably meat that was fitted for clothes?

Who is talking to who?

>the amount would depend on the life cycle of the plant
I see, well if we can't find a way out we can use the last of our impulse to create such a plant and a campsite and spend some time getting enough for whatever future plans we have.
No. 357656 ID: ec0bf5

Let's do more stuff with this. It looks like a puzzle! Can you touch the floaty triangle safely?
No. 357927 ID: 5b0012
File 131853907378.png - (97.29KB , 640x480 , 149.png )

I was going to slowly crawl over the edge, but considering how many of those poles we can make, I think you're right. I'll just have to wait for the first one to be created.
I'm mostly meat, and I THINK I'm the only one here. The way I understand it, there's a device that's letting us communicate. The device translates my thoughts and narrates events. Most things appear to you as regular text, but the device's messages are ital-icised. Is that right? Italicised? Anyhow, I don't know where the device IS, right now, but that doesn't appear to make any difference.
Good. I'll try it. se pokes at one of the corners.the shape does not move
Device, how about you warn us if I'm about to try something dangerous? Is that doable?
it is doable without impulse weight
Super awesome. Do it, starting now and pausing whenever I want. task initiated
Now if I do this... "hpp" se braces, and twists the floating triangular prism 90 degrees.the area darkens while it is being twisted and lightens immediately once it comes to a rest
Ohhhhhhh. Wherever this is facing, there will be platforms. See, the old ones are gone and there are these new ones over here where I was looking over the side before.
you may now ask for a pole
Pole, please. generating
The first test will be the gravitation. I think I know what will happen. It might be bad if I'm wrong!

-ouuuuuuuurrrriuuuuuuu- the surface on which Anciu stands vibrates
"Wh-eek!" What WAS that?
No. 357928 ID: 35e1a0

there is a green thing over there now
No. 357930 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Hey Anciu, what did you do with the robot we sent you?
No. 358152 ID: 5b0012
File 131862027681.png - (124.90KB , 640x480 , 150.png )

Cool. It's my outfit! Pretty...
...I shouldn't stand around watching it knit itself! se drags it into the light.
I'm definitely not supposed to tell you that. Dessen would EAT me. Actually, I'm sure it's not that bad. But the events leading up to me getting trapped here are off-limits for discussion. and there's no way I'll give that thing an excuse...
first pole is ready
Ok. Make another pole now. task initiated [[I am about to do a thing]]. se throws it over the edge
I was right! se steps over onto the side,managing not to lose balance, and picks up the pole.se extends it
"hf" What is this thing MADE of? MAGIC? se shakes it around, retracts it, and shakes it some more
How does it get so much extension...there is another tremor, accompanied by the same noise as before
"rrk!" anciu exclaims
No. 358155 ID: 35e1a0

to your right, a thing with ton of eyes.
No. 358190 ID: 1854db

Yes, we do make things that are essentially made of magic. Reality breaking powers and all that stuff.
No. 358224 ID: 35e1a0

well, could be sufficiently advanced tech.
No. 358924 ID: 5b0012
File 131887981602.png - (247.80KB , 640x480 , 151.png )

Huh, those do seem to be eyes! One of them just blinked. That's the area that appeared when I twisted the floating object.
And there's a ring of light approaching from... down. I'm going to call it absolute down. Where the luminescent clouds are.
I haven't seen the device do anything that definitely shouldn't be possible. This pole is probably made of regular particles, but its mechanism eludes me. I'd like to take it apart, except that of course I currently NEED it. se extends it again and taps the ground
I don't think this big cuboid is hollow.

wha-hey, the humming stopped.
No. 358926 ID: 35e1a0

check out the orb, and change the thing back to default direction.
No. 358947 ID: b6edd6

I am tempted to poke one of those eyes, but I am also pretty confident that would be a terrible idea.
No. 359425 ID: 5b0012
File 131905370622.png - (18.85KB , 640x480 , 152.png )

the ring of light passes rapidly.abrupt, high-pitched noises become audible from the direction it came from

Yes, that does sound like a terrible idea!
Um, sure.Anciu returns to the orb and manipulates it.it still makes no sounds

darkness overtakes the surroundings
ooooohh.I don't think I should turn the triangle back right now. That deactivates the light source.
the noises from below increase in volume
No. 359426 ID: 5b0012
File 131905373036.png - (152.92KB , 640x480 , 153.png )

I get the DISTINCT feeling that it's protecting me right now.
No. 359433 ID: ec0bf5

...oh my. Uh, if it's protecting you, perhaps try to say hi to those... things?
No. 359460 ID: 1854db

What sort of action would you define as 'definitely not possible'?
No. 359473 ID: 35e1a0

how much impulse would it take to create a lantern that emits the exact same light as the pedstal?
No. 359908 ID: 5b0012
File 131925607884.png - (120.77KB , 640x480 , 154.png )

second pole completed
"Grreetinnngs?" a few of the things outside roar.some try to press in, but are still held at bay
Eesh. Interesting idea, at least.se extends the pole
I wonder what would happen if I threw this out to them.
the creatures disperse and the surrounding areas become visible again
Looks like we won't be finding out. se waits for a moment, then replaces the spheroid and sets the triangle back.
Ok, I'll take that new pole and you create the next one.initiated
It appears that I was correct; the old platforms are back. Let's see what lies this way. "hnf" se twists the triangle 90 degrees in the other direction than before
I suppose that area looks more inviting than the other one.
Oh, say, creating mass out of nothing. Your device MIGHT do that. It should be CAPABLE, as far as I know. I can't conclude that it definitely is, based on anything that I've seen it do.
But how long would that take, and can we get any more for that amount?
it would depend on the size
How big were you thinking, human?
No. 359915 ID: b6edd6
File 131925759483.jpg - (61.35KB , 800x800 , Intelligent-Miner-s-Lamp-Searchlight.jpg )

I think you should go for one that is attached to a hat, so it doesn't take up any arms and won't be inconveniently dropped. Something like [image], except with the light mounted in a lantern on top rather than a one-directional light on the front. (It will look kind of silly, but it beats constantly needing to turn your head.)
(A hovering light that can follow you would also serve that purpose, but would likely be easier for other things to mess with.)
If you can keep it on at all times, it should be enough for the protection to extend a foot or so farther than your limbs can reach.

A flashlight might also come in handy, for looking/shadow-chasing farther away.
No. 360103 ID: ec0bf5

Wow! Look at all that stuff! Examine the ring first, stick the pole through it and look at the other side to see if it goes through the other side.
No. 360124 ID: 1854db

That's an odd looking thing. Everything is bent around the ring in the middle, as if it's repelled.

I don't think we're creating mass out of nothing. We have an energy reserve of sorts last I checked, it's just so large that it's effectively infinite. Like I dunno, an entire universe of energy. The issue here is how we're affecting your reality, and what types of actions we can do or objects we can create.

I suppose the poles could be hyper-dimensional. That'd explain how they can extend with no visible method of doing so.
No. 360541 ID: 5b0012
File 131943183918.png - (156.86KB , 640x480 , 155.png )

Ah, yes, I like that idea. Device, what's an ideal deal for making those? 1 IW for 2 head-mounted lanterns that take 3 minutes each to create
Whyyyy are they so expensive? they require power to operate.they will never run out
Ooh. It sounds good to me. I can't use IW, so it's up to you, humans.
Alright. as se sticks the pole through, there are waves of magnetism emitted from the ring
Erghh. se pulls it back, and it stops quickly.se taps the ring with the rod, and the ring vibrates with a subtle, bell-like sound, which resonates with most of the other objects nearby before dying down. se walks all around it, examining the glyphs that appear on some of the objects
Device, can we get any translations of this stuff for free? 1 IW will enable the translation of several areas, to be chosen at any time
That's worth considering.
You're right! I actually didn't notice that. Weird...
Just what I was thinking!
It's possible. (se twirls the pole deftly) I...will ask the device! Of course! Device, how DID you do it? it is made of dense materials, allowing for thin, sturdy segments.it is entirely 3d
That explains it well enough.

Well, I have a lot of options here. I'm content to keep seeing what's immediately accessible from here. If you think I should just pick a direction and go that way until something useful happens, I'd accept that as an alternative too.
No. 360551 ID: 1854db

Translation seems like a good idea, since we're a bit lacking in information.

Wait, don't we usually get automatic translations? Device, what happened to that feature? How much IW would it take to just reactivate that?
No. 360679 ID: 5b0012
File 131948644447.png - (64.32KB , 640x480 , 156.png )

unable to establish reference points for translation.indefinite translation of the artifacts would require 5 IW
While you consider that, I'll see what lies in the fourth direction. se returns to the pedestal and rotates the triangle 90 degrees further "nfhh." I'm almost convinced that this entire structure is magic.
And that wraps up the places I can go. Facing this newly-revealed area, I can go left, right, forward, or down.
No. 360687 ID: ec0bf5

Ouch, I think that's worth it. Hmm, it appears this... place... has some kind of crazy topology. Can you walk into the hole on the white boxy thing?
No. 360745 ID: b6edd6

[+1 impulse weight for the light hats, making sure they have an on/off switch]
[Query remaining impulse weight]
No. 361544 ID: a83682
File 131977030392.png - (11.87KB , 640x480 , 157.png )

I'll find out. se walks to the hole, pokes into it with the pole, and feels into the opening with hir limbs before walking in and back out
I can. Now... Aha! I can use you to peek around corners! That will be immensely helpful. Crazy topology is right.
task initiated.reserve impulse weight remaining:44
No. 361546 ID: 3bd8ec

Hmm... what is that a shadow of, around the corner there... ?
No. 361549 ID: 1854db

You know, we've got a good deal of IW stored up. I think we can spare 5 to be able to translate everything around here.
(so does that count as +2?)

There's some weirdness going on here. It looks like there's a room around the corner that's bigger than should be possible.

Do you need a weapon?
[query- do we have any stored weapons available to create or copy without using IW? What about the untranslatable ability?]
No. 362509 ID: a83682
File 132002742847.png - (11.17KB , 640x480 , 158.png )

next pole is complete
store it for now.
I see it in the last image... whatever was making has gone now! Oh, that's worrisome. Maybe there's something in there that can turn invisible! I... hope that's not the case, although it WOULD be sort of neat. The items on the walls are curious as well.
only 1 suggestor (1854db) has contributed toward the IW5 necessary for the translation task.
That's exactly what's going on. Hmm. On Uis we use extradimensional techniques in architecture sometimes. It's rarely as extreme as THIS. (se rubs hir limbs and torso to warm them) Hhh, I eagerly await that apparel.
I might need a weapon. Yes, I think I do.
one mobile turret is stored.the untranslatable ability can be used without using IW in a weaker form than with using
I'm looking for something handheld. Mobile turrets would also be splendid. Perhaps not right now.
No. 362533 ID: 1854db

Device, suggest a low-IW weapon. What sort of close-range or long-range weapon can we get for say, 5 IW? And how long would it take?
Are there any other abilities we can use without spending IW? Copying items, perhaps?

Anciu, that tube over there looks interesting. I'd avoid messing with the mask halves however, they look a bit ominous.
No. 362749 ID: 6e44d2

+1 IW to translating everything.
No. 363137 ID: a83682
File 132019914805.png - (14.68KB , 640x480 , 159.png )

a weapon that can pick up objects and launch them with adjustable forces and orientation.its maximum launching force can turn small items into deadly projectiles.it would take less than a minute to create, if only one was desired. copying items can be done slowly with no IW, as can most regular features (at the cost of reduuced effectiveness), such as:
remote mind contact
external memory retrieval
corruptive properties
life-energy stealing
soul removal
That weapon sounds fantastic! Especially if easily transported and kept track of.
So you want me to go in there? Alright... (se gets the outfit-in-progress, puts it over one arm, and places the sphere into a pocket, before entering the area with the tube and half-masks)
-BONNNNG tick clickety clickety tick-
Eee... Sounded like that came from the mask halves up there. I'll just get a little farther away from those. Hey, it's a bit warmer in here.
Yes. I wonder where the stuff in the tube is going to. And going from! The tube is barely warm.
task now at 2

Weird place. Here's my take on it. displaying Anciu's take on it

[[quest paused until next week. SO BUSY! D:<]]
No. 364543 ID: a83682

[[you can suggest during any pauses unless otherwise noted, by the way. Additionally, I should be able to update tomorrow! yay]]
No. 364556 ID: b6edd6

Time to start prodding things with our disposable poles of poking, starting with the unknown thing, then moving around the room clockwise.
And remember to look at the ceiling first.
No. 364636 ID: 3947e9

+1 IW to translating everything.
No. 364883 ID: a83682
File 132096112319.png - (40.32KB , 640x480 , 160.png )

I can't make out the ceiling! It's too far away for me to focus on, even with my distance eyes.
-toonk, toonk- The unknown object is apparently hollow and quite stationary. These markings must have some meaning.
-tap, taptap- The machine looks like I could disassemble it with a bit of effort. Given its somewhat decrepit state, and the seemingly near-total stasis of the locale, I think it must have been here for a very long time.
-dvvvzz- "kh" The floating sphere vibrates unpleasantly when hit. I probably shouldn't touch it directly. -tap, tap- the cone does nothing special.
-trrrrrr. clunk.-etc. The shack thing has what seem like frosted windows, and there is a door which I might be able to open. I'm not sure.
-tac. TAC. thhhhhhh- The pile of shapes is all weirdly interconnected by forces of... some unknown source. Must be like the cone and sphere.
The tunnel is the only place that has shadows, as far as I can see. I'm not sure how that's possible.
task now at 3

lantern complete

That will be advantageous if I explore the tunnel.

[[:/ looks like I won't be able to update again until possibly next month. Here's hoping I get more free time before then. Sorry for the delays... I'm not exactly happy about them, myself.]]
No. 370257 ID: 1854db

Before we sit down for an extended period to disassemble the machine, let's look inside the shack to see if anyone is there.
No. 370305 ID: b6edd6

The pile of shapes looks like some kind of force-connected robot. We might want to find a way to sabotage it before it activates.
No. 376235 ID: 13b599
File 132528282810.png - (10.99KB , 640x480 , 161.png )

Anciu pokes at it more
It's too heavy for me to do anything with. se lowers to listen to the collection of shapes
I can't hear any sounds coming from it. Let's... hope it's not a robot. I've got no idea.
I'll try. se pokes the door a few times with a rod, and manages to leverage it open after a minute or so
I feel like it should be dusty. Of course it isn't. There's... a refrigeration device with what I guess must be food. The food looks almost fresh, though I'm not familiar with it. It might have gone bad. What else. Some chairs here. I think this might be a toilet in the corner. No fans around. The air is much stiller inside, as I'd expect. There are shadows. There are no people in here that I can see!

I hope that there are also no people in here that I CAN'T see.
I HOPE THAT THERE AREN'T ANY OUTSIDE EITHER! Anciu stays very still and quiet
eeerrrrrrggghhhhhhh. This situation is kind of stressful.
No. 376313 ID: 316d2a

Myabe you should move inside the door and look out to see if the maybe-robot or the machine have done anything?
No. 376746 ID: 1b0f2f

Oh my god solid color. A roof. Escape infinity by enter the cavvvve
No. 376981 ID: 13b599
File 132552976375.png - (20.47KB , 640x480 , 162.png )

I moved inside, but your device showed a snapshot from before then. That's how I checked inside the refrigerator. The door isn't in a position that works for staying inside and looking back to the machine or the pile. I'll step out and look around the corner. se does
The pile is gone. There's some credence to the idea that it could be a robot! Maybe even one that can turn invisible.
The cave? I was going to try to disassemble the machine first. se sighs
Iii might as well go over there. se does, with a worried look on hir face the whole time

Didn't hear or see anything else moving on the way here. That's SLIGHTLY reassuring. Let's see, now. This machine LOOKS austere, especially from a distance, but pieces moved when I prodded it, and some of the edges are dented and irregular. I think I could just pull it apart. se spends some time and gets several parts off
"Hfff." My upper limbs need a break. Oh! The clothing is much closer to being done. Still no sign of the robot or whatever it is.
No. 377369 ID: 316d2a

Maybe look inside to see if your recognize anything?
No. 377727 ID: 13b599
File 132580018086.png - (81.59KB , 640x480 , 163.png )

Hmm... I can't get a good enough look yet. It's actually sort of frustrating. Once the shell's fully disassembled, I should be able to.
I might as well investigate the cavvvve a little now, while I'm relaxing my upper limbs.
Just not too far in. Ugh, I don't like not knowing where the robot is.
Translations might have been really useful here! I'm no good at figuring out pictography. The blue tunnel has a nice look. Do you think I should go in?
No. 377771 ID: 13b599

[[durr, first thingy should be >>377369 ]]
No. 377776 ID: 1b0f2f

The blue tunnel has a nice look, and also whoever was here before you didn't leave any scribblings on the floor in front of it, so it must be unexplored!

But really I meant the shack. I forgot there was an actual cave to explore. Either way though, it's one step closer to getting "out" of "here"!
No. 377836 ID: 6e44d2

Guys, add impulse weight to the translator. I already did.
No. 377849 ID: e3aff6

Sure. [+1 impulse to translator]
I am rather unsure about the blue tunnel myself. It could just be arbitrary crazy person design by whoever built this place, but I find it very noteworthy how different it is from the other two openings. The difference in shape and the way it is not at floor level makes me suspect it is a chute for items rather than a hallway for whoever built this. You might want to drop something in there first to see whether it slides or is otherwise propelled down the tube, as many chutes lead to things such as Emergency Intelligence Incinerators.

By the way, did you check the ceiling for the robot?
No. 378540 ID: a83682
File 132606378986.png - (165.77KB , 640x480 , 164.png )

Unexplored, or they went in and didn't come back out. I'll go for it.
There's not much left to explore in the shack! I could have tried flushing the toilet, closely examining stuff from the refrigerator, or rearranging things in the room, but that's about it.
Yes, please.
IW toward translation is currently at 4 out of required 5
Good idea. se sticks one of the rods in and drops it.it falls a bit more slowly and irregularly than one might expect, but it doesn't get sucked in or pushed out.after some prodding, Anciu enters
No robots are visible on the cave ceiling.
Whoa. I feel really STRANGE in this tunnel.

And that sounds like what I heard while in the shack! Probably coming from back outside the cave. It's hard to tell. se hurries farther in
You raise an important point, too. Someone or something must have built this place. A group? But how did they DO it? It seems to be immense!
Whooooaaaa. It's really cold in here, but that ENORMOUS electrical device is wafting off some nice warm air. I want to go over to it, but I don't know what those red things farther in the distance are. They seem to be floating around slowly. What do you think?
No. 378567 ID: b6edd6

Time for our primary answer to all suspicious areas: throw a stick at it.
No. 379028 ID: a83682
File 132624217870.png - (124.43KB , 640x480 , 165.png )

I can't throw that far! I couldn't do that even at full strength. Maybe the last image doesn't show you how big and far everything is. I might as well walk to the tower. Which is really messing with my [magnetic sense]. se does so.the red lights stay away.se pokes the door with a rod until se hears a click and the door slides open "Oh!" How convenient. se enters.
Two pathways here. I pick the one that goes up.

Hey, there's some kind of control here. -tap- Not a button. -tictictic- It's a dial! I can't tell what it does, but this meter on the side changes and I [magnetic sense] some other changes. I suspect that it relates to the electrical activity on top. You think I should deactivate it, or maybe determine what it does on the maximum setting? I have no idea what the tower is FOR, and I didn't even see any pictographs on it. Maybe I should leave it be.
No. 379033 ID: ec0bf5

Twist it and see what the little thing on the right of it does. Don't turn it too high, it probably controls the thing on top and it might be dangerous at maximum. I... I think I'm going to +1 translation, because we really are just shooting in the dark right now.
No. 379035 ID: 1854db

Don't mess with it until we get a translation on what the corridor's symbol said.
No. 379359 ID: a83682
File 132634635639.png - (86.65KB , 640x480 , 166.png )

The display on the right of it has a greenish line that moves up and down. There's a cyan line that fluctuates but remains close to the greenish one.
translations activated
Spectacular! Device, give me that head-mounted lantern that you made earlier. confirmed
Right. No more messing with it for now.

Let's see if there are any signs on the outside of the tower.se shivers when the door opens.there are no symbols to be found
Nothing!? Ugh. Back to the cave it is. Take the lantern back, for now.confirmed
"ooghhuh" Anciu says while in the tunnel
So weird. Alright, the sign for the tunnel is NOT USEFUL. Maybe there's a map somewhere that says what the areas are. The machine seems like the best candidate out of what we've come across, as far as things that might be useful. Maybe it will say what a King's Eye is, or contain information about the monsters, or SOMETHING. Or maybe a King's Eye will take us out of here. I'm going with the machine unless you have better idea.
No. 379373 ID: 1854db

How fresh is the blood? If it's within the last... hour or so, I think we should go down the safe corridor to find the wounded person and help them. They wrote some notes here so they probably know about the area!

[estimate IW costs for creating some universal repair patches/bandages for organic creatures, possibly nanotech if that's a simple method, alternatively purely chemical]
No. 379377 ID: b6edd6

Hm, maybe when we did the extendable pole thing we should have given then a sharp end...
In any case you might want to have the lantern readily availible, as hopefully its warding light works on the monsters from the graffiti.

[query:]When we are in sight range of this 'trapped ether' light, can we analyze it to confirm whether it is the same light our lantern can currently emit?[/query]
No. 379390 ID: 1b0f2f

The one on the right is a dead end, so we won't find our way out there. As for the blue tunnel, the dial and those red things REMEMBER THE BIG RED SCARY FACES? YEAH DON'T TURN THE DIAL DOWN. I guess that leaves only the red room, but it's marked with the warning of a monster...
No. 379403 ID: 6e44d2

What's that thing poking its head out of the blue tunnel? Give it a wave.
No. 379406 ID: 1b0f2f


That's Anciu.
No. 379781 ID: a83682
File 132656878980.png - (55.98KB , 640x480 , 167.png )

I can't say for sure. It's just a big stain on the floor now. There's not even anything to scrape off. I'll guess that it's very old.

purely chemical universal bandages require too much IW to calculate for no cost.nanotech variety would cost IW 1 for an extremely small amount
That might have made them harder to transport. Maybe we should make some more items that are just plain weapons after all.

Yeah, I won't adjust the dial.

Two of you want the tunnel on the right, right? Let's have a look.
the tiny sphere Anciu carries begins humming again as se goes through the passageway
Oh, that's disorienting. More gravity weirdness. It looks like these pedestals with the floating triangular prisms are "King's Eyes". I wonder what the significance of the name is. Shall I try turning it, like I did with the first one?
No. 379815 ID: b6edd6

Might as well; there are no other visible exits.
No. 379830 ID: 1854db

Turn that thing.
[estimate IW costs to predict effects of the King's Eyes, or a thorough analysis of what they are]
No. 380462 ID: a83682
File 132684540984.png - (67.07KB , 640x480 , 168.png )

there is another spheroid on the pedestal.it hums along with the one in Anciu's pocket
These spheres have to be for some purpose, don't they?

In the absence of more specific guidance, I'll turn it to where the trail leads. "Hhh,"se exhales while doing so.
warning.you are about to do something dangerous
That wasn't nearly soon enough to [[I am ending this sentence prematurely]]-

prediction of effect is free.thorough analysis requires IW1
No. 380464 ID: 1854db

Don't worry, we got this.

[deploy mobile turret, presumably free action?]
[use that weaker form of the untranslatable ability on the monster, free action]
No. 380475 ID: b6edd6

While we try actions, you should probably get out a pole, as a makeshift bludgeon is better than nothing.
No. 381066 ID: a83682
File 132703034317.png - (72.00KB , 640x480 , 169.png )

"Eeeeeh!" I'm not fast! I can barely dodge this thing!
turret deployed.untranslatable ability used-SSSSSKRRRRRRRRRRP- "ERGHHHH" That is an AWFUL NOISE. the creature is held in place while the space it occupies bubbles -PEW- then it is shot by the turret
Anciu exhales loudly

What a mess... se extends a pole and pokes the dead creature with it
This is disturbing. This corpse apparently occupies non-contiguous space. Its texture seems to change depending on its position and orientation, too. A shame your device doesn't usually provide video. I hope this thing wasn't the baby of something intelligent...
Do I still... go into the new area? What if there are a lot of these, or something worse?
No. 381075 ID: 1b0f2f


With all due respect, it was a floating maw. Chances of intelligence are 0%. More likely it was just the appendage of a hyperdimensional creature who even now seeks revenge.
No. 381107 ID: b6edd6

You never know with creatures that live in non-euclidean territories.

I am vaguely in favor of continuing onwards.
No. 381608 ID: a83682
File 132726375318.png - (50.18KB , 640x480 , 170.png )

You're right that it could be an appendage! That would also be reeally bad.
I don't want to go very far right now. I'll explore a little bit further, but then I'll return to the machine.

there is a droning sound that grows louder as Anciu approaches a glowing area, which turns out to contain a small body of liquid
The blood trail leads into...wow, this attractive pool. se pokes at it with a pole.nothing unusual happens.se touches the end of the pole that stirred the water, briefly.noticing that the liquid doesn't hurt, se feels it more thoroughly
Well. The device warns me of danger. So [[I'm about to do something]]... Anciu removes hir clothing and slowly enters the pool
Oh, wow. "Ahhh..." This is pleasant.
...Whoa! The fatigue in my upper limbs has dissipated, and I feel slightly energised! I wonder if that's what the sign at the entrance refers to.
No. 381612 ID: 1854db

A healing pool. Neat. I wonder if the water keeps its healing properties when removed from the pool?
[is that the case?]
[if so, store a couple gallons of it]
No. 381973 ID: a83682
File 132746530718.png - (149.80KB , 640x480 , 171.png )

healing properties are lost very rapidly after removal
Awww... I was really hoping for that to work. Anciu sighs
Alright, it's back to that machine for me. se swims out of the pool, gathers hir items, and returns.after some effort, se removes all the outer panels of the machine
I don't know what any of this is! How fascinating! I CAN see that some things have broken. I beliiiieve I can repair them. with more time, se proves this belief correct
Ok, this looks like the power cable... And this part should activate it. I would so like to analyse this device further! I'm going to try turning it on instead. the machine powers on slowly, then
:3_3:"4 2? What are you doing here?"
No. 381988 ID: b6edd6

The float-bot wanting to talk is better than I was expecting. Tell it you are preforming repairs on damaged machinery.
No. 382198 ID: 1854db

No knowing what it's intentions are. We may be considered to be trespassing. Worrisome. We have the turret though. Just answer it's questions, feel free to ask who they are, what this place is, where any exits are...

[analyze robot for general information, especially weapons]
No. 383033 ID: a83682
File 132781818506.png - (90.30KB , 640x480 , 172.png )

any part of robot can be used as a weapon against suitably soft targets, such as Anciu.touch robot to acquire general information?

[[GOD]], I didn't even hear it walk up behind me!
Good thinking. I might as WELL tell it the truth.Anciu turns around to face the assumed robot
:Anciu:"I'm repairing damaged machinery. And who are you, and what's 4 2?" I hope the translation will work both ways...
it leans in close to Anciu
:3_3:"Why do you ask? I am 3 3. You are 4 2. Aren't you? No... You are someone else. 4 2 is also here somewhere." it leans back, and asks, "Who are you? Why are you repairing damaged machinery?" Hey, it does work. That's excellent.
:Anciu:"I'm Anciu. I was repairing this machine because I hoped that it would help me to escape this whole place." se gestures in the general direction of everything "I want to return to my home. I don't know how I got HERE, though... The situation is kind of a mess."
:3_3:"It does contain a map, but that won't tell you how to get out, because it's not labelled that way. I don't know where the exit is, either. I just know that there is one. Sorry."
:Anciu:"Oh... I see." 3 3 looks upward
:3_3:"4 2, I know you can hear me. Is this your host?"it looks back at Anciu "Sometimes it just doesn't feel like responding."
:Anciu:"What IS 4 2?"
:3_3:"Oh! Oh right. I didn't answer properly the first time. I am the third of the three-dimensional constructs created by The Machine. 4 2 is the second of the four-dimensional ones."
:Anciu:"What's The Machine?" 3 3 staggers backward slightly in surprise
:3_3:"Why, it was one of the creators of the Project of Accumulated Reality."
"That's the name of this universe," it adds.then it shakes its head and says "4 2! Respond! Gosh!" stomping one 'foot' and gesturing to the ceiling with open 'palms'
No. 383047 ID: b6edd6

Hello 3 3. We did not recognize you due to a total memory failure we had recently. Aside that we are functioning properly as far as we can tell. Anciu here is a temporary host. Our main one is in a different universe.
Could you summarize what happened to this place and why you remain here? Knowing the abilities of the local creatures would also be useful.
No. 383077 ID: 1854db

...wait a minute...

Anciu, where are we? Where is the Device?
[speak: "Are you trying to talk to us? Are we 4 2?"]
[also how are we supposed to touch the robot?! I haven't seen our physical object anywhere!]
No. 383195 ID: 1b0f2f

4 2 wouldn't happen to have a really ugly toothed purple maw would it? Because if not you're in some 4 dimensional trouble 3 3. If it is uh... oops.
No. 383558 ID: a83682
File 132798901406.png - (76.86KB , 640x480 , 173.png )

It's like I said a while ago. I don't KNOW where the device is! We can still communicate and it can still send and receive items.

section of device within Project will temporarily shift spassitudinally to touch 'robot'

messages relayed to 3 3
:3_3:"Of course, the charges! Hello! You are not 4 2, but I'll sure talk to you until it feels more responsive. All the hosts are temporary, I think. I think that's how it works. Anyway, this place isssss norrrmalllll? I saw 3 4 a while ago, and last time I went outside, I saw 4 1. There's still the population of other subjects here, too, not just the servants! 4 2 was only here briefly, after its creation. After that, er, I don't remember if the shadow-dwellers had arrived yet, but they are here now! I know a few of the King's Eyes were in place already. So uh, pretty much just more extensions were accumulated. Stuff fell in to the Project, the main subject population fluctuated..."part of its face swivels around "That's about it. The local creatures, wellll that's kind of hard but some of the big ones can open intradimensional tunnels and the SMALL ones might be poisonous and the medium ones might use tools and you know that's kind of dangerous. There's a LOT of stuff here. Can't really pin it down... I'm sorry, was that more talking than you wanted?"
:Anciu:"It's fine with me. Can you help me escape, in any way?"
:3_3:"I guess if you really don't want to stay, I can accompany you while you try to find a way out. You can all ask me things on the way!"
:Anciu:"I really don't want to stay."3 3's 'head' makes some weird, vaguely expressive waving motions
:3_3:"Well, ok. I'll follow you."
:Anciu:"I think we should look at the map before going anywhere."se turns back to the machine
"Although, some of the other things look useful too."
:3_3:"Yep. Definitely.
displaying translations
No. 383560 ID: 1854db

So, 3 3, what are your functions? Is it alright if we touch you to get some data on your composition? ...do you know what created the device we are using to communicate? It sounds like it could have been created by someone involved in this place.

Anciu, you may as well try every option. Map first, why not.

[determine if we can shift spassitudinally permanently, or if that is even a good idea at this point]
No. 383561 ID: 1b0f2f

Anciu can stay or not stay, but this is very important 3 3. We have limited resources known as Impulse Weight. We have no idea how to produce more of these resources, and Anciu has expressed that we may not be able to do so until we get her out of here. Thus even if we wanted to stay, we have no choice. We're on a limited budget, and if we stay too long we will be powerless.
No. 384010 ID: a83682
File 132824617931.png - (93.66KB , 640x480 , 174.png )

[[oh lawdy I'm sorry for all the text :( ]]

:3_3:"I am a servant of the POACR's creators. A construct created to um, do whatever!" it flexes its fingers
"Mostly building stuff for The Machine, but The Carver uses me occasionally and The King is welcome to but he hasn't. Ever. Without orders I just go to sleep until something wakes me up, like you guys! Yeah, you may touch me. And the device you are using is 4 2, so The Machine is who created it."
:Anciu:"Ohhhhhhh! That still leaves plenty of questions! How did 4 2 come to my universe?"
:3_3:"I'unno." Anciu droops suddenly and frowns with a "hnf," and returns hir attention to the machine

Alright. Let's see, ok this changes the selection and then...Ha!
Heyyy, it's 3d. And HIGHLY symbolic. And...
Anciu:"Wow, this is frustratingly extensive. We need a way to narrow down the choices by a loooot."
:3_3:"An exit is definitely not uh. Hmm." it kicks at the ground "At a node where 4, nor where more than 6 connections meet unless the number of connections is between 17 and 23. For sure. That's an insight I picked up about the structure."Anciu is unfazed
:Anciu:"Can you make this map reflect that somehow?"
:3_3:"Yeah, here, scoot." Anciu makes way for 3 3, who makes such rapid adjustments that Anciu has no hope of keeping up "Now the ones it's narrowed down to are all marked differently. And they'll stay that way."
:Anciu:"Sweet! That still leaves a lot, though."
:3_3:"Yes, hmm. Sssssomehow we'll find more details!"it throws its hands in the air excitedly "There's a bunch of stuff lying around that I can't read, but maybe 4 2 can. Like on that thing."it points to the structure labelled by Anciu as 'I don't know'
:Anciu:"Of course! I haven't even looked at that since we got translation going."
:3_3:"Oh, marvelous."Anciu selects the 'Hierarchy' option on the machine, having figured out how to get back to the menu mostly by quick luck.incorporating data into displayed visual

proposed action is possible with IW1 and not recommended

:3_3:"Oh, operating on reserves? Mm-hm, I can see that being a problem. I can't get you more or anything, but that's important to know. If that happened, I think part of the device must be somewhere else! How did you get here?"
:Anciu:"We don't know."
:3_3:"Ohhh, well."

displaying net of 'I don't know' object
No. 384014 ID: 1854db

Oh-ho, so the Device is 4 2? This means it can talk on its own. It has not for as long as we've interacted with its assistance. I wonder why that is?

Your choice on what to do next, Anciu. Myself, I'm interested in this Chat menu option.

[4 2: Alright, now I know for sure you think for yourself. Why would it not be recommended for us to shift more of you here? Wouldn't that let us use IW unrestricted? Can you tell us more about the circumstances of us getting here?]
No. 384018 ID: b6edd6

It is possible some advisor subsystems are still working while the main 4 2 is indisposed, though I suppose it probably would't hurt to ask.
No. 384022 ID: 1b0f2f

Incoming and outgoing through the trapped 'aether'. That sounds suspiciously like the way out, if there is a way out that doesn't involve dying. There is also the un-numbered area from which the subjects entered, but it doesn't say whether you can go out that way, or if it's out at all. A node with 1, 2, 3, 5 or 17-23 connections probable leads to the trapped aether. But if outbound is through the trapped aether, why does it translate as being "trapped"?
No. 384510 ID: a83682
File 132847692699.png - (181.68KB , 640x480 , 175.png )

3 3 acknowledged
:3_3:"There we go."

It has talked, sort of. Never when unbidden... you're right.

I am interested in that too! Let's see what it does.
:3_3:"You want to converse with some of the subjects?"
:Anciu:"I don't want to sound utterly single-minded, but do THEY know anything about escaping?"
:3_3:"Mmmmaaaybe ssssome of themm?"
:Anciu:"Good enough! What's the Aether, by the way?"
:3_3:"It's the stuff of the universe... more or less. The spaceworms use it to make their spacewormholes. They can't use it to enter areas like the one we're in, though, because the Aether here is bound. The Shadow-Dwellers can't get in because it's too concentrated here, but they don't care if it's bound or not."it paces in a small circle while continuing to face Anciu while it says this.stopping, it says,"err, is that helpful?"
:Anciu:"I will have to ask more about it later!"3 3 makes an odd dancing motion to which Anciu blinks and turns back to the machine again.se is able to sign in as a guest and picks a chat room equivalent that is based in area 11
MRZERO:Greetings, guest!
guest:Greetings, MRZERO! I've just ended up in the POACR by accident.
MRZERO:My, how unfortunate. Are you interested in escaping?
guest:Yes! Very much so.
KAST:That's a shame. We don't get a lot of newcomers.
MRZERO:I believe Area 11 is connected to an area that is connected to ANOTHER area, which has an escape route. Perhaps we should meet, and look for it together. What do you say?
KAST:I like that idea.
:3_3:"Hey, I could use an excuse to visit some of the other subjects."
:Anciu:"Uh, ok. How long would it take to get to Area 11?"
:3_3:"About 2 days, if we walked."
:Anciu:"That's longer than I'd like! How can we get there faster, aside from ambulating more quickly?"
:3_3:"We could try to find 4 1 and ask for transport, or maybe hijack a spaceworm. 4 2 could probably take us there, but it might take a lot of reserve impulse weight."
:Anciu:"Is the spaceworm thing... practical?"
:3_3:"Mmm, uhhh, no, but it might take less IW than teleporting."

proposed action (spassitudinal translation) would exacerbate timespace fragmentation.potentially,depending on manner of conduction of action.unknown

Ehh. This time I'm simply unsure of what the best option is. Until now I've mostly had an opinion one way or the other!
displaying Area 11 and connected areas
No. 384577 ID: a83682
File 132848174935.png - (205.46KB , 640x480 , 175.png )

[[oops here's the actual correct version of the image]]
No. 384616 ID: b6edd6

We might as well try finding 4 1.
No. 385111 ID: a83682
File 132865651028.png - (11.85KB , 640x480 , 176.png )

guest:I'm not sure when I can get to Area 11. I'm a sort of tube-shaped thing with six tentacles, 4 eyes, and 2 wings... Is that distinctive? Would you recognise me if you saw me?
MRZERO: Most definitely. I'm a grey thing with a long snout, 2 legs, 2 arms, and 2 eyes.
KAST:So am I. We might bring a friend or two.
:Anciu:"Should I mention you?"
:3_3:"You might as well. They should know who I am. 4 1, too. Maybe 4 2, but probably not actually..."
guest:3 3 is with me too.
KAST:What? REALLY? How did you manage that? I don't know ANYONE who's seen 3 3!
MRZERO:That is impressive. We'll have to talk more about it when you get here.
guest:We're going to look for 4 1 now. Maybe we can be transported quickly.
MRZERO:Best of luck! We'll be waiting for you here. You can contact us with the usual chat, like you are now.
KAST:Good luck!
guest:Be well.se leaves the chat
:Anciu:"So how DO we search for 4 1?"
:3_3:"HEY 4 1 ARE YOU HERE?" Anciu rubs hir head
:Anciu:"You don't have some kind of special communication method just for creations of The Machine?"
:3_3:"Nnnnnnope. Let's go outside."
:Anciu:"Wait. I'd like to do this as quickly as I can. How about this: We start on the path to Area 11 and call for 4 1 on the way."
:3_3:"Yeah, that should work. Hey do you have a light?" head lamp appears on Anciu's head
"Ok good. You'll need it to protect you. The shadow-dwellers can't do anything to me because I'm imbued with ancient magic against that sort of thing, but you're NOT."
:Anciu:"Right."they go outside. There is no path leading away from the entrance area
:3_3:"Oh yeah so um someone turned the King's Eye away. 4 2 can turn it remotely or we can take a longer path."
turn King's Eye back? (IW1 will enable 501 remote turnings.current IW: 39)
I vote yes...
No. 385112 ID: 1854db

That many remote turnings for 1 IW seems quite efficient. Sure.
[how much IW would it cost to find 4 1?]
No. 385525 ID: b6edd6

Agreeing with this.
No. 385934 ID: a83682
File 132901633239.png - (284.72KB , 640x480 , 177.png )

[[aaack sorry, didn't mean to take so long with the update]]
task completed.pathway appears
between 0 and 3 inclusive

That doesn't sound TOO bad... How much would it take to get 4 1 to us?
unable to determine
they spend a mostly uneventful time walking, until 3 3 stops.Anciu follows suit
:3_3:"I haven't been over in this area for a while. Things've changed around a bit. Basicallyyyy I don't know what to do to get through here."
IW cost to get through? 5
WHAT. WHY? powerful interference in the area
:Anciu:"Why is there a puzzle thing here."
:3_3:"This universe has a mind of its own! HEY 4 1 CAN YOU HEAR MEEEE?"
Let's see if we can figure this out, then.
Anciu tosses a pole into the blue area.it acts normally, but after several seconds, a ghost of it appears, following its exact trajectory, and bumps the original pole out of the way.se presses the reset button and the ghost disappears, and the pole flies back out where 3 3 catches it
:Anciu:"Huh. Good catch."
:3_3:"Huh, was it?"
I'm thinking 3 3 should be the one who tries out whatever we come up with, from this point on.
No. 385939 ID: 1854db

[+1 IW to locating 4 1]
[how much IW would it take to determine what the objective of the puzzle is, exactly? Push all the buttons at once? Push a specific one?]
[is the blue area dangerous?]

Try throwing a pole so it hits a button. Or heck, if the blue area isn't particularly dangerous to 3 3 it could go in there and push buttons. From a distance. While keeping away from its shadow-copy.
No. 385947 ID: b6edd6

What happens if you throw a pole in and do not reset? Does the 'echo' only follow the initial path of the pole, or will it continually push the pole while following it until it reaches a corner?
No. 387022 ID: a83682

[[Apparently I have too much going on to update as frequently as I'd like. So, do you guys mind terribly if I keep going sporadically, or should I try to pause until I can be more reliable?]]
No. 387131 ID: b6edd6

[[I don't see any particular advantage for not updating as opposed to updating less.]]
No. 393954 ID: a83682
File 133211993297.gif - (1.08MB , 640x480 , 178.gif )

[[geeeez I didn't mean to take this long. Really sorry! D:]]

task initiated
1 or 2
not intrinsically

Anciu throws a pole so that it hits a cyan button, which creates a buzzing sound.the 'echo' continually pushes the pole while following it until it falls off of the platform.now generating new pole to replace it.
se throws another pole so that it hits the purple button, at which point several things happen.a small cup appears, visually similar to the 'echo' of the pole, and another button turns purple.the reset button is pressed before this pole falls off of the edge like the last one

:Anciu:"Maybe we have to press all 3 buttons at once and do something with the cup. How destructible are you?"
:3_3:"This thing can't push ME around!"
:Anciu:"Er, great? Ok, how about you go in there and maybe avoid the duplicates of yourself. Take a pole, if you want."
:3_3:"I'll try it without a pole first." it does.displaying simple animation of sequence of events, sped up
I uh, am kind of lost here. It reminds me of a few computer games I've played. I'm not sure if that's a helpful association or not...
No. 394059 ID: 1854db

It looks like you may have to interact with the summoned ghost objects. Like, put the long thing into the cup. Did a third object appear when the third button is pushed? Perhaps you are supposed to push that when the two shadow-objects are united.
No. 398971 ID: a83682
File 133369690631.png - (207.28KB , 640x480 , 179.png )

That is how it seems. No third object.
:Anciu:"Try putting the second object inside the first one and then pressing the third button."
:3_3:"Mmyup, ok."
after several experiments, the following new things are determined:
-the second object does not fit inside of the cup
-pressing the third button while the items are pressed together has no special effect
-the two green ghost objects do not experience duplication like the externally introduced ghost objects
-the second object is a sledgehammer.the cup does not break when 3 3 hits it with the hammer (when this was attempted, the cup was flung out of the blue area and disappeared instead)
-none of the ghost objects exist outside of the blue area
-pressing buttons with the objects does not have any special effect
-all ghost objects turn off after about a minute has elapsed, when the sun engraving's eyes light up.at that point, the area must be reset
-letting go of a button does not end a blue ghost object, but it does end its green one until the button is pressed again
-the platform's gravitation goes in the same direction on all of its accessible faces, making it impossible to stand on the bottom

I'm sure we can figure this out. You can try to give us more ideas, get the device to solve it for us (for a hefty price, apparently), or just wait and see how long it takes for us to do it...
No. 398975 ID: b85f8c

You could try smashing the panel with the eyes on it, using the sledgehammer.
No. 399101 ID: ec2e47

Can the poles extend far enough that you can press a button from outside the area? Using that you could probably have 3 3 do the same thing as before while your press the third button.
No. 404897 ID: a83682
File 133546898262.png - (160.12KB , 640x480 , 180.png )

3 3 tries this on the next attempt.the face cracks from the force of his strike with a noise like a gong shattering.pieces flake off of the bottom of the platform

:Anciu: "WHOOOAAAAAAAAA! A... are you FANTASTICALLY strong, or what!?"
:3_3: "Oh, well, I guess. I built things for The Machine. I could take apart just about aaaanything here, too."it wiggles its fingers "I don't think a direct approach like that is going to work on this! Mmm, better reset it."
the pieces reattach to the platform and the cracks fuse back when Anciu presses the reset button

No, unfortunately.

[[This may be a bad spot for it, but it seems I need to put more attention into game development than I have been, so, I'm going to have to put the quest totally on hold for a while! Thanks for sticking with me so far...]]
No. 408025 ID: b85f8c

Does the order in which you push the buttons make a difference?
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