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File 131438687363.png - (258.23KB , 800x600 , 001.png )
343078 No. 343078 ID: a6008c

Previous threads: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Apocalyption
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No. 343079 ID: a6008c
File 131438688930.png - (358.73KB , 800x600 , 002.png )

One week.

One week was the difference between thinking I'd finally found a way to save the world, and condemning what was left of it to hell. One week ago, I'd never even set foot inside that monstrous city. I'd been looking for granny's mystic orb, that was going to make everything better somehow and save the day for me! How naive I was. How truly, truly naive.
No. 343080 ID: a6008c
File 131438690390.png - (150.56KB , 800x600 , 003.png )

Guess what, granny?! I found your stupid orb! And it brought me into the city, where King Fancytech McDemonpants said I could be queen of the world. Of course the orb told me to go along with it. Stupidest thing I've ever done. All I managed to do was make a fool of myself in front of everyone I'd ever met, and in the end, the blasted thing tore the city apart. Now, everyone in Neotis who has any amount of power is going to be using everything they have to kill each other for that useless crystal ball, because the winner gets to rule what is basically the entire civilized world. Well, I'm done relying on magic rocks to solve my problems for me. I'm done relying on others, and trying to get people to do things for me. I am done.

But I sure as hell ain't giving up.
No. 343081 ID: a6008c
File 131438691728.png - (216.51KB , 800x600 , 004.png )

"I'm home." I say, as I've said most every time I've walked into this particular dilapidated house. It's not really any better than anywhere else in this blasted out suburb, but it's mine, and the spot under the stairs is dry from the rain. Well, it was mine. This will be the last time I ever come here.

The trip from here to Neotis only took an hour by giant robot. The walk back here took me all day. I'm sure the chaos and the politics and the bloodshed back in the city are well underway. Tomorrow, I'll be walking into a mess. But I won't be walking in unprepared.

Tonight will be the last night I sleep in this old place, where I've lived the last 2 years of my life. Tonight I plan, and I sleep. Tomorrow, I go to war. Queen Coralina's got her magic book of demon summoning back, and she's got a kingdom to claim.

Narrative style change! Coralina has kind of given up on the orb's usefulness right now, and you will be controlling her the same way you've been controlling Blacwick in EDF. That is to say, Coralina will never respond directly to a suggestion, and suggestions will be interpreted as her own ideas. Right now, Coralina intends to attack the city of Neotis, reclaim the orb, and become Queen of the World! What's her game plan gonna be?
No. 343082 ID: 715620

Summon a demon that is even older than technology.

Summon a demon of WAAAAAR.
No. 343084 ID: 1854db

First, we look up GODDAMN POWERFUL SUMMONS. If we can, it should be something that can easily counter technology. It doesn't have to be a demon, either.
No. 343086 ID: b6edd6

What is war without technology?
"When in doubt we have got
the Gattling Gun and they have not" - Soldiers in Leopold's Congo
No. 343094 ID: cddaf1

Get a hat! We looked much better in a hat, what happened to that. Maybe a pirate hat to match the eyepatch. Suppress childish urge to gather an army of pirates to take back the city.

Also, feel like an idiot for walking all the way here. You're a summoner, why didn't you conjure a horse or something to ride.

A battle plan, eh? Well, we're the only one who knows about the relationship between Vresch and Rastin, right? There's got to be something we can do with that. Briefly entertain the idea of going back to Vresch and getting his help, since he wants you in power anyway, but then realize that sounds like a dumb plan the orb would come up with.

The most logical step is probably to get equipped, first. Try going to the Sorcerer's Guild and magicking things up. Vox seemed like he liked us, he'd probably help if we kick his boss' ass.

Really, though planning won't help much at this stage. The whole dumb situation is too chaotic for anything to work out, and it was all that orb's stupid planning that got you in trouble in the first place.
No. 343097 ID: c71597

You need a powerful and cool summon, but it has to be one you can control as well. Possibly something you could ride around in as a mech or something like that. Maybe something like an Engel if that's possible.

The enemy is going to be pretty skilled though, before you go in summons blazing it might be a good idea to look for allies, some halfway trustworthy people who would be ok with seeing you on the throne of the world.
No. 343108 ID: 0d095c

Summon a demon that's laser proof. No more making mistakes like last time.

Also, make sure you don't fuck up and accidentally destroy the city. That would SUUUUCK.

[spoiler]Aren't there only about five big demons? Like Vresch, then the demons of fire, plague, and wind or something?
No. 343143 ID: e3f578

Summon a second Vresch
watch them try and top each other for power
final destination
No. 343147 ID: b6edd6

Ok, so lets review what can kill a being who can control technology at will:
1. Demigod (or above) class magic [assuming magic does not count as tech]
2. Sneak attack with powerful enough weapons
3. Drop the goddam moon on him

Unfortunately, option 3 tends to have collateral damage of everyone else on the planet (and most people in orbit too).
No. 343210 ID: a6008c
File 131442366366.png - (253.53KB , 800x600 , 005.png )

There are a handful of major demons, but I already tried throwing the big bad fire demon at him. He's supposed to be the strongest of them all, but he lost. There's a few more major demons, but perhaps I should try something with more subtlety. A sneak attack, perhaps.

Of the major demons, Wind and Void seem like they would work best. Digging a little lower, there's also a pair of high level demons that look interesting: Storm and War. A demon of War in the middle of a mass armed conflict seems helpful, and a demon of Storm would have lightning, which could help against all the tech problems Vresch will have at his fingertips. I can only have one, so I'd better pick wisely. But I'll take this slow. I'll summon them first, in a perfectly prepared circle, and then attempt to talk to them before making a binding. I've got all night to pick, so I'm going to get everything I can on them out of this book before making a decision.
No. 343211 ID: a6008c
File 131442367520.png - (123.84KB , 800x600 , 006.png )

Ulasht, demon of War. A master strategist who takes his time and minimizes risk. Often summoned as a general, or a general's aide. His plans, however, seem bent on maximizing bloodshed, and his wrath is terrifying. Physically no larger than an adult human, but extremely strong and tough. However, he completely lacks any magical capability.

Feryze, demon of Storm. A being of mists, he lacks a physical form. He continually changes the weather around him, with no apparent effort. He is able to control this chaotic ability, but it seems he prefers not to. Good for summoning in an opponent's kingdom, for the rains punish all equally. Can manipulate wind, lightning, and water.
No. 343212 ID: a6008c
File 131442368649.png - (66.69KB , 800x600 , 007.png )

Tys, demon of Void. "Controls the area between spaces." (The author adds that he doesn't "fully understand exactly what that entails"). Able to go anywhere it pleases, he seems to like exploring. No one seems to have any idea how to hurt this guy, but he also doesn't seem actively malicious. He's certainly not friendly, however. Definitely not friendly. There is no good reason to summon Tys. (There is no picture included.)

Lut, demon of Wind. The fastest demon by far. A bat-like creature about as large as a horse, he is capable of both running and flying faster than any mortal creature. He actively enjoys tormenting people, and will pick them up and drop them from a high height because he can. However, he seems to have no problems following orders, if it sounds like it would be "fun." Often summoned to terrorize enemies, but Lut also makes an excellent warrior.
No. 343215 ID: 07416a

I would like to talk to Tys very very much. We can use Hope blasting off into space as an excuse for contacting him and unsummon him politely if he does not want to deal. As for Vresch... He is still not exactly our enemy. He is allowing all this to go on, but we don't want to be his enemy. That would be very very bad. Feryze is out for this reason.

If Tys does not work out, Lut is our best option. Pinpoint assassinations to simplify the situation.
No. 343218 ID: 715620

>4) Coralina wishes to prevent loss of life and set the people of Neotis free.



>Feryze, demon of Storm. A being of mists, he lacks a physical form. He continually changes the weather around him, with no apparent effort. He is able to control this chaotic ability, but it seems he prefers not to. Good for summoning in an opponent's kingdom, for the rains punish all equally. Can manipulate wind, lightning, and water.

>Can manipulate lightning
>delicious electricity
>Delicious EMP blasts

Easy way to knock out tech, easy way to bog down combat, also a demon that can't really hurt people directly.
No. 343219 ID: 4eeac0
File 131443014931.png - (99.89KB , 600x400 , 15.png )

Let's stop for a second and quickly run over what we know about the situation. After all, we might have forgotten some things over the course of the last... day.

1) Vresch controls the last city on earth. He's not really horrible, as rulers go, but he did make the world what it is today. A smoldering hellhole.
He's nice and cordial, but not flexible. Very in control. He's such a control freak.
"He runs such a tight ship. Put one tiny little hole in the side, and he'll panic until it's all better."
He could be considered a tentative ally. On the one hand, he's not likely to fight us, but on the other, he's... a control freak.

2) The city is currently undergoing a massive civil war for possession of the Orb of Infinite Psych. The last holder of the Orb at the end of roughly two weeks time will be declared the ruler of the city, as per the rules laid down by Rastin. The rulers of the city factions are currently attempting to kill each other, no doubt aided by the Orb, which probably means well, but is filled with gibbering morons.
Rastin is currently missing and presumed dead. He is a fucking troll.

3) Kara and Hope are both loose in the city. Kara is attempting to find the orb and destroy it solely to piss off Rastin. Hope is currently helping a bunch of germaphobes escape the city on their unending quest for purity. Both are complete fucking wildcards and
oh god we have no idea what's happening we are SCREWED
oh god oh fuck oh

4) Coralina wishes to prevent loss of life and set the people of Neotis free.


Our decision is based on how we intend to win and will effect our strategy for doing so.
If we choose Ulasht, he'll be strong enough to help us face most human opponents, and will be able to give us advice for our next step, tactics, and positioning for our summons. Don't forget that we can summon. Ulasht can act as a tactician for our limited infinite army. Of course, we'll have to take his advice with a grain of salt, as he'll want to create bloodshed, while we wish to prevent it.
If we choose Feryze, we'll be able to distract and debilitate nearly everyone in the city. We'll also be able to selectively power and alternatively fry the various mechanical devices around the city, meaning we won't need Vresch's help to do anything. We'll be completely independant. For once. Lacking a physical form, he'll even be more difficult to harm. As a side note, his name also sounds like Febreeze.
If we choose Tys, we'll... be able to spy on places? Maybe? Power over "the area between spaces" seems like one of those metaphorical things, and so Tys seems like the kindof guy who could be terrifically game breaking if we use his powers right, and completely useless if we don't. He's also apparently unfriendly, and almost impossible to harm. He seems like a high investment, high reward kindof guy. If we can't figure out how to use him, though, he'll be more a hindrance than anything.
If we choose Lut, well... Lut is the most conventionally powerful choice, clearly. Lut can rush in and kill things, and probably even get us back to the city in less than an hour. The downside is we'll have to keep a constant eye on him. He seems like the sort who'll be difficult to control if we don't keep him entertained, and may be more prone than the others to doing things we don't like by himself if we don't.


So that's the breakdown for it all. Now comes the part where I actually shut up and vote.
I'm going to go ahead and suggest my preferences are in the order as they are listed. First choice is Ulasht, then Feryze, then Tys, then Lut. So, depending on which one get more votes.

... I just think Ulasht sounds cool, okay?
No. 343221 ID: 252e1b

Spaces are defined areas bounded by edges of one sort or another. In a 2D plane, the edge is marked by a line. In a 3D volume, the edge is marked by a plane. In a 4D hyperspace, the edge is marked by a geometric 3D volume.

The edges are what separate, and thus lie between, spaces.

In our 3D world Tys would have domain over all planes and lines. Very powerful indeed, if you want to go somewhere in a hurry, or you wish to make someone see something that's not there, or any other number of nasty tricks.

Well, provided his domain really is the boundary edges and not alternate spaces altogether.
No. 343232 ID: c71597

Tys. With him on our side we can pop in, steal the orb, pop out and always be ahead of our enemies. If they try to pin us down we can just use Tys to get away. Then we simply wait for the end of this silly game and we will be proclaimed as the victors.

There might be some other problems along the road as well. But Cora should hopefully be strong enough now to control the demon and unsummon him if the need arises.
No. 343235 ID: 0d095c

DEFINITELY Tys. Remember how the LAST time you summoned a powerful demon, the Robots stomped it to death?

Let's go with a weird teleporting one, who may be able to do great things, than a windy dude who will almost certainly get lasered to death.
No. 343236 ID: b6908e


We need something practical and not counter to our goals.
No. 343237 ID: e3f578

Summon Tys
get all types of unfriendly
final destination
No. 343240 ID: cddaf1

Did we only look for strong demons? This doesn't seem like a situation we can only resolve with with strength, especially not semi-peacefully. And remember how well (in a matter of speaking) summoning a 'weak' demon worked out last time. We need a more indirect tack, something like a demon of Deceit or Manipulation or Conspiracy. We need a Demon of Politics.

Of course, there's always the option of not summoning a demon. I mean, it does come with some pretty significant downsides. There's the whole blindness thing, and the shutdown of conjuration thing, and obviously, the possibly maniacally demon following us around that will be trying to break free. We should probably wait until we're in a situation that we can manage to deal with if it goes awry, or, less hopefully, after our other options have failed.

Tys does sound pretty awesome, though.
No. 343245 ID: d46481

I think the choice we're about to take is pretty obvious to us all.

it's the void dude. We're obviously gonna choose the void dude.
No. 343253 ID: d865ea

Okay, Tys seems like the obvious choice, being potentially super powerful and indestructible.

But hey, remember the last time you summoned someone that was super powerful? Yeah, don't do that again.

INSTEAD, look towards Ulasht. You got the Orb to give you advice, but it wasn't enough. This guy is better at it, and probably isn't an infinite number of wackjobs either.

Being powerful isn't the way to go here, Vresch is better at that and will always be better at that. You need to be smart. You need to be careful. Along those lines, having an interview first might be a good idea.
No. 343254 ID: f4963f

So it looks like the majority of votes are for ... an unfriendly being with ill-defined powers we don't understand, on the chance of it being game-breaking?

I'm honestly in favor of Luz, but I doubt he's going to get enough votes to win. Throw my vote in for the assassin-puppy-turbo-dragon anyways. In any event, the first step - if we have enough energy to do so, we should use an opportunity to speak to each of these guys and see exactly how unfriendly, for example, Tsy actually is, or how sporadic Luz is, etc. Think of it as job interviews. We didn't give the orb a test run, and look where that got us.
No. 343580 ID: a6008c
File 131458229418.png - (221.96KB , 800x600 , 008.png )

I sleep on it. The next morning, I decide on Tys, since he seems the most powerful. I mean, I've grown a lot stronger since I tried to summon Vresch, right? I can surely handle something so powerful, can't I? I'm sure I can. Worst case scenario, I still have enough materials to make one last circle, so if I decide against keeping this guy, I can send him away and try for someone else.

I spend a good hour or so making sure the summoning circle is absolutely perfect, and then...
No. 343581 ID: a6008c
File 131458230460.png - (237.68KB , 800x600 , 009.png )

...I summon Tys, demon of the void. A soft, bell-like sound echoes around the room, ringing in my ears. The lighting dims, and the demon is pulled into existence. I stare straight into the center of the circle...
No. 343582 ID: a6008c
File 131458231673.png - (301.85KB , 800x600 , 010.png )

...but I see nothing. I'm certain the ritual worked...

"Who summons Tys, lord of the void and master of the aether? And for what purpose does thou make thy call? A soft voice calls out, sounding quite unlike anything I'd ever heard before. It rings through the air, like a bell, but lingers like music. Soft, barely noticeable music.

...ah, he's here. And he should be in the middle of the circle. Somewhere. He just has a form that I can't see. That bodes ill.
No. 343587 ID: 1854db

Continue, be polite and answer his questions. Then ask a question of your own: What is it that he can do? It sounds like he is a master of teleportation.
No. 343590 ID: 07416a

Bow or curtsy or whatever. Be very polite. Inform him that a maniac with godlike powers is entering his demesne. This may or may not concern him. Ask him if he is interested in a partnership to control the city of Vresch.
No. 343611 ID: 3fd4fb

"I, Coralina, summon you. I seek your assistance in taking control of the city Neotis, currently in chaos but nominally ruled by the demon Vresch, master of technology."

Do not admit to ignorance of his nature or capabilities until after he's agreed to help you.

A couple points of clarification are needed here- exactly what will give you control over this demon? Surely you don't have to blind yourself with a mindlink to use it. How much freedom to act will it have, and how much ability to defy you? Basically, how is this supposed to work out?
No. 343674 ID: c71597

Introduce yourself and explain your purpose. You need Tys assiastance in taking control of the orb and then keeping it away frome the competetition and keeping yourself safe from those who would harm you.

And if you can't see him then it's likely that others won't see him either, which is rather useful.
No. 343708 ID: cddaf1

What he's totally colored in. Everyone will be able to see that, it's completely useless invisibility.

So, yeah, politeness is good because pissing off demons is always a bad thing, but at the same time, maintain that you are the summoner here and are in control of the situation. The last thing you need is for him to get the idea that he's got a chance of manipulating his way to freedom (because admit it, he does). So be bold! First off, you do not "need his help". Admitting that just puts him into the position of power. You've summoned him to "evaluate his worth in aiding you". Ask how he would go about retrieving and protecting a valuable artifact being pursued by many dangerous people, defeating a powerful tyrant with control over a massive metropolis, and establishing yourself as rightful ruler of said metropolis.
No. 343751 ID: a6008c
File 131464634667.png - (201.34KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

As my eye adjusts to the change in lighting, I notice that I can see him, but I can't make out any details, or his physical form. He's just this purple splotch on the air. It's kind of bizarre. The shades shift lightly, but otherwise it doesn't seem to be moving.

As for how I'd control him, ideally, I would dominate him with a mindlink to establish my ability to do so, and then hold it over his head as a threat in the future. While mindlinked, I am effectively blind, yes, but I can see through... however Tys sees things, so I would not be at a complete loss. Looking at Tys, however, I don't know if he even HAS any senses, or at least ones that I would be familiar with. I'm suddenly unsure if this will work. When not bound in mindlink, or bound in a circle, the demon would have full autonomy to do as it wishes. Tys... may not be the safest choice.

I put my hands to my side, and do a light curtsy. "My name is Coralina Madison, and I summon you to assess whether or not you can serve my purposes." I emphasize those particular words in the hopes that he understands the power structure here.

>And thy purpose is...?

The ringing in my ears swells up when he speaks. It's almost painful to hear, considering how soft and melodic his voice is. "I seek the destruction or banishment of Vresch, demon lord of Technology." At the sound of that name, the ringing changes tone. "He has control over the only city left in the world, because he destroyed all the other ones."

>...Vresch? Truely thou speaketh in jest.

"To counter him..." I continue on, "I need to take hold of a valuable artifact within the city. It's being pursued by many dangerous individuals, but the holder takes control of the city. My goal is to defeat the current tyrant, reclaim the stupid artifact, and become the rightful ruler of the city."

>It fancies itself a lord?

That ringing laugh sounds again.

>Why should I do anything to help thou? I have little concern for who controls thy meager race, and little desire to rule myself.
No. 343756 ID: cddaf1

He likes exploring, right? It'll be a citywide adventure, with brilliant locales and fascinating, quirky residents. How long has it been since he's been on Earth? Surely not since it's been... redecorated, obviously.

Alternatively, offer him something he's sure to like. Like candy. Everyone likes candy, right?

Alternatively alternatively, realize summoning a mist with completely unknown powers who has no reason to listen to you and letting it roam free in the hopes that it'll make things better is actually a fucking awful idea and consider summoning Ulasht.
No. 343763 ID: e3f578

In the end, you don't really care to be a lord, it's just that you don't trust any potential ruler to not abuse the city.

As to why should he help, it's bound to be heaps of fun. If he isn't interested in just that, ask what he would want. Also, tell him Vresch is pretty much top dog thanks to advances in technology that make it better then a lot of powerful magics
No. 343768 ID: c71597

Try mindlink anyway to see if it would work. If not then I guess we have to persuade him. You could imply that Vresh has ambitions to expand beyond a single city on a single planet on a single plane. And he has already shown himself to have quite a tyrannical bent.
No. 343775 ID: 35e1a0

"surely there is something you want"
No. 343776 ID: 35e1a0

also, i haven't seen any tyranny from Vresh, maybe a bit nuts but the city ran pretty fucking well.
No. 343820 ID: 3fd4fb

Given that Tys doesn't seem to be taking the threat of Vresch terribly seriously, you might mention the fact that you already summoned a major demon of flame (name it) and Vresch slew it out of hand.

Regardless, dominate it with a mindlink just to prove that you can and to assess how effectively you can perceive things when using it. Then release it to continue the conversation.
No. 344177 ID: b79855

He respects power. Explain that Vresch killed the strongest demons you threw at him, and how. Tell him what nuclear weapons are.

Attempt to bind.
No. 345400 ID: 8d5171
File 131513465295.png - (211.19KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

I decide to appeal to what little the book has told me about Tys. "You like exploring, don't you? When was the last time you've even been to Earth? Surely not since it was redecorated. It'll be a citywide adventure, with brilliant locales and quirky people."

>I care not for the race of man, and I little need a chaperone to examine a world.

"Well, surely there is something you want. Perhaps we could cut a deal?"

>That is not such a sure thing. I am the embodiment of Void. There is nothing material I desire.

"...Well then. There is one other way to make you work for me. I could bind you." I propose, using the threat of domination to possibly get his compliance.

>That is highly unlikely.

...So be it. I attempt a mind link.
No. 345401 ID: 8d5171
File 131513466718.png - (241.93KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

I place my hands at the base of the circle, and close off my eye to myself. I reach inward, feeling for the presence of the demon - Tys. With Vresch, it felt like reaching towards a cold, burning light. With Balrog, demon of flame, it had felt like reaching towards a roaring pillar of fire, and I'd ending up drawing back instead of forming a link. This... this feels like something else entirely.

It feels like I'm reaching towards... nothing. No, less than nothing. It's not like reaching out to a desk and finding nothing on top of it. It's like reaching out to find the desk isn't there either. I firm my resolve, and attempt to hold nothing within my grasp.
No. 345402 ID: 8d5171
File 131513468595.png - (206.38KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

...It slips away.

>...As I had suspected. You can not bind the Void, summoner.

...Dammit. Dammit. Well, at least it failed there. I was unable to form a link at all, so there's no backlash. Nothing broke. I am still fine. But... now what? I don't know what to do with this guy.

I could send him back and call someone else. I could try again to negotiate, but I don't have anything to offer. I could try and find out if there's some other way to bind him. I'm certain there must be, I just don't know how. I'd need to check the Sorcerer's Guild's libraries first. <s>I could release him, to make this mess even more chaotic and impossible to clean up</s> That's stupid, Cora, you're stupid.
No. 345404 ID: 35e1a0

if nothing messes with the circle, how long could it last? if a LONG time then leave him there to stew.
No. 345419 ID: 3fd4fb

Hmm. Well, I'm inclined to say that you can afford to spend a little more time in experimentation trying to find a way to bind this guy. You've had decent success with being self-taught in the past and the Guild libraries are a fair ways off, not to mention in what is for you a hazard zone. Might as well feel around; it might feel like there's nothing there, but Tys is definitely there- he just feels like nothing, or at least nothing familiar.

If you can't figure anything out in a few hours, and think the binding will hold, then we can leave for the Sorcerer's Guild. The summoned power armor idea thrown around in a much-previous thread could likely make your travel back much quicker and safer, if you build it with the appropriate muscles to tirelessly run at speed.

One item for consideration is that if you're going back to the city anyway, you can probably pick up more summoning supplies there anyway, so there's really no need to leave Tys here instead of banishing him. You can always summon him up again if you need him, given that you've got the supplies.
No. 345421 ID: 82ba80

He may not want anything material, but there are few things that might appeal to any demon.

Offer him Vresch. Once he's toppled, Tys can do as he pleases with him. Devour his essence, fill him with void, enslave him, etc.

Otherwise, we can offer it any number of immaterial things. Say there's another demon it dislikes- we can summon it and bind it once we're done with Tys, and rid him of it.
No. 345424 ID: b1f0e2

send him back.
If you find a way to bind him later you can summon him again, if you just leave him here in the circle he is bound to escape eventually and things will really go bad.

He seemed to be surprised at vresh's position, ask about that. My guess is that he assumes vresh to be the weakest of demons still, unaware of how powerful he has become.
No. 345427 ID: e3f578

Just ask what kind of non-material things he does like. You know, just kinda asking, no deals yet. Get to know one another. Does he enjoy long gliding puffs on the beach? Ladies? Besides just exploring.

I mean, to be honest, goals are really needed to have a point to explore. I mean the fun of the whole thing is the journey and to begin the journey, one has to know the destination.
No. 345456 ID: cddaf1

I decide to just send him back. I mean, it's not like I'll even have any idea what to do with him if I can manage to bind him. And even if I find a way to control him, I'll constantly worry about his chances of escape.

No, summoning Tys was a mistake from the beginning. I refuse to have spent the day walking here and the night studying only to turn up empty handed, though, so I'll try summoning the demon of war. This is a kind of war in a way, and it's not like I've been able to come up with any plans. In addition, his lack of supernatural abilities should make him easier to manage, or at least limit the amount of damage he can cause.
No. 346044 ID: 4531bc

He wants looooove

Give the poor guy a hug!
No. 346113 ID: ea68ca

It would have been awesome if he cooperated, but he did not cooperate. So let's just move on to a more reliable option. Say bye, if he doesn't decide to act better, dismiss him.

Frankly Ulasht will probably be smarter than you. He'll likely lead you to victory if feasible, but at a great cost. Lut might be great if you can interest him in a challenge (mess Vresh up without being caught) and he succeeds.

As messed up as things are, I think I'd rather try Lut and possibly fail than go with Ulasht and get a lot of innocents killed.
No. 346144 ID: 1854db

Don't offer him Vresch, offer him a chance to *show up* Vresch. To prove that Void can overcome Technology.
No. 356166 ID: 0d9d60

What we should do now regarding Tys, is as such: Instead of reacting with dispair, we should react to this failure to mindlink with him with an air of surprised respect. If we react to him as such, he is likely to view our attempt less negatively. If we do wish to continue with our previous choice of him over the others, then it may be prudent to mention that Vresh intends to in time extend his reach beyond the planet to attain control over interstallar spaces. If we don't wish to continue to use Tys, then it would perhaps be best to arrange his transport back to the realm from which he came.
No. 356168 ID: 4bdd79

y u bump this
No. 356810 ID: 72b600
File 131810581655.png - (236.18KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

Yeah I'm done here. Goodbye, Tys.
No. 356811 ID: 72b600
File 131810582830.png - (149.47KB , 800x600 , 016.png )

As soon as he's gone, the room suddenly feels lighter. Quieter.


Now the question is, should I try for one of the other demons? I think I should. I've got time for one more, I should think. Feryze of the Storms, Lut of the Wind, or Ulasht of War? Hmm hmmm.
No. 356815 ID: cddaf1

Ulasht sounds like the reasonable option. Neither a sadistic drake nor a chaotic storm will help me actually accomplish anything, especially without a real plan.
No. 356816 ID: fa2f8d

lut and feryze are just animals seeking to kill things... Ulasht is (supposedly) a wise general. you need a clever dude, because let's face it: we're not clever.

he's got plenty of motive too: Vresh has created like the biggest civilization to ever exist on Earth- conquering Neotis should be like the ultimate challenge for him.
No. 356817 ID: 35bcde

Lut. Best tactical use and Ulasht seeks to maximize casualties, while you want no casualties at all.
No. 356819 ID: f4963f

Lut! Demonic attack-dog dragon. Not enough of those around.
No. 356821 ID: 7a6406

No more foul-ups. Go for one of the lessers - Feryze or Ulasht. Worse comes to worse, you can take control of them directly. Don't even try for Lut -- he's powerful enough that you might have difficulty controlling him, and you'll have to reign in his temperament on top of that.

Febreezey isn't necessarily a bad choice. After all, he'll be difficult to hurt with his incorporeal form, and he'll have a lot of powers that can be used effectively in a city like Vresch's. Electricity means you'll be able to power the trains even without Vresch's help, or zap them so someone else can't use them. Along with rain and wind and fog, you could get some really sneaky tactics going. Not to mention being able to make your own dramatic effects at will. Also his name is just... just the best. But on the downside, he really seems the aloof type. We may have to force him to come along, and keep his interest, and he'll be constantly screwing around with the weather even when we don't want him to. He'll be useful, but burdensome.
But there's also Ulasht. He's more likely to cooperate directly, given that war is kindof his thing, so we'll barely need to convince him to help. He also has a tactical mindset that can help us find solutions we wouldn't have otherwise thought of. And he's still STRONG -- I'm willing to bet he's at least as strong as any of your high end puppets. Not to mention, we'll probably be able to hold actual conversations with him. And let's face it, you haven't exactly been able to have a lot of those, lately. Still, we'll have to keep an eye on him, since he does love bloodshed, and is likely to mess with variables to create it if we just blindly follow what he wants us to do.

In the end my vote goes to: Not Lut.
No. 356832 ID: cb0cc3

Ulasht. Casualties or not... at least he's smart enough to help you win, and probably willing if you phrase it right.
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