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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 131405505676.png - (11.87KB , 640x480 , 113.png )
342340 No. 342340 ID: 5b0012

previous threads
#1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/85235.html
#2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/162089.html

now exiting dormant state

Hey! Like uh, the aliens have captured me! When your device shut off, it kind of stopped doing some of the stuff that was hiding me from them. I don't know where they took my clothing, or where you are. They've got me in this room closed off by a force field or something... They don't know you're here- at least I don't THINK so -so keep it that way. Disguise yourself as something and bust me out! Don't do any teleporting or they'll totally know something's up.
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No. 342350 ID: 28e94e

Okay, there's a big brown belt in front of us with a bunch of pouches. Yours?

[If our own stealth system disabled, reactivate it]
No. 342455 ID: b6edd6

Yep, [re-activate any stealth systems on device]

[rotate view point to look at the rest of the room]

Can you see any monitoring devices around you?
No. 342884 ID: 5b0012
File 131429327667.gif - (44.68KB , 640x480 , 131.gif )

If it has 7 pouches, I think it's mine! Check out the contents.

stealth-related activities were already reactivated.an additional unit of impulse weight will be applied to them at Narus' ok
More stealth? Not right now.

looking at the rest of the room (in multiple frames)
Do you see anything else?

There's this hovering robot thing... staring at me. I'm not even like, hiding against the background right now. It makes nooo difference. Must be some kind of special really-good-at-seeing robot.
You've got those uh, Cyral body shapes ready, right? You can test out one of those!

[[last image should have been numbered 130... sorry]]
No. 342894 ID: b6edd6

[Scan PLATFORMS for electronics or mechanisms that could tell if something is removed from them]

if(no monitoring devices found)
[Acquire and examine LOOT on platforms]
No. 342970 ID: 28e94e

Getting some serious Doom vibes from that animation
Seconding checking for any traps or surveillance gear on Narus's things, then taking them if they aren't being monitored.
No. 343403 ID: 5b0012
File 131455859889.png - (6.63KB , 640x480 , 132.png )

Hey yeah. good idea.
no monitoring devices found
Uh, well, that's lucky. And weird.

LOOT acquired.examining
-stretchy green object
-extradimensional container: contains Fervylis weapon with altered design for Narus' use, and 1 triangle munition, 4 square munitions, and 5 semicircular munitions, for weapon.
-Narus' sash: contains device, 1 mobile telephone, munitions from Fervylis weapons, 1 knife, 1 tweezer, 1 [[thing that is a straw]], 2 sets of small implements for writing or drawing, 3 small containers of poisons, 7 medicines in small amounts, 5 brochures

I don't think they removed anything from the sash! I saw them scan everything before bringing it to, like, wherever you are. That must be why.
Now I kind of want to get out of here so uh... help me out.
No. 343409 ID: 1854db

This must be a test. We know they wanted to retrieve us, and they scanned everything, so they must know we are here... unless being dormant makes us look 'normal'...

Wait. Narus, we already tested the Cyral forms. You didn't like them.

[determine if we are speaking to Narus now or if this is a fake]
[display completed IW-created tools and abilities]
No. 343411 ID: ec0bf5

[Grab the security keycard stuck on the back of Narus' sash]
No. 343416 ID: b6edd6

Instead of taking the keycard, we should
[Scan the keycard so we can make a copy]
[Query the status of that spy drone we had]
No. 344235 ID: 5b0012
File 131481240526.png - (13.74KB , 640x480 , 133.png )

Maybe the thing your device did to hide from detection doesn't need to be maintained uh, actively.

Pfth, you like, BARELY used them! This time would be much more thorough. I DO think the idea of you having the bodies is weird. Kind of a creep out factor going on. They can still be useful here! Well uh. One of them. Unless you want to use more. I guessss you can do that?

this Narus is not a fake
I actually didn't think of the possibility that they might make a fake me...

insufficient IW-
power ring: 5

moon cannon: 1

female Cyral body
male Cyral body
hermaphrodite Cyral body
neuter Cyral body
transparent armour film
intangible "spy"

further tasks are not listed due to not falling into the categories requested

impulse weight registered(2) is insufficient to perform task

OH. Now that your device is working again, I can do the telepathic contact thing... Hey, Anciu. Would an extradimensional storage device be helpful to send you?
Anciu: Nguhhhh ju-ust a second!

Ok, now. I don't have the equipment to take one of those apart, Narus.
Narus: ...Oh yeah. I guess not. HEY what about a creepy hovering robot?
Anciu: That would be good. It would ONLY be good if it were definitely, controllably deactivated. It would also have to be intact.
Narus: Humans, uh, well. I'm guessing this robot will be here whenever you show up.
No. 344236 ID: c43589

What were you in the middle of, Anciu? Hope we aren't inconveniencing you from a new scientific breakthrough or crazy invention.
No. 344269 ID: 1854db

Alright, let's get this show started then.
[activate Neuter Cyral form]
[activate assisted camouflage on us just as it was put on Narus]
[deploy turret]
[create the portable shield device we gave Narus]
[attach portable shield device to turret and activate]
[copy shielded turret 5 times]
[assign turrets to automatically target any hostiles, but not the robot watching Narus. The intent is to capture that intact.]
[map out route to reach Narus, begin travel along route with turrets]
No. 345218 ID: 5b0012
File 131508179531.png - (16.02KB , 640x480 , 134.png )

Anciu: As a matter of fact, I was sleeping! It's a good thing you woke me up. I haven't been eating as much as I should have. If I go to eat something now, I should be more useful.
Narus: Please eat.
Anciu: I'm leaving to eat right now!
Narus: Thank you.

neuter cyral form active
camouflage active
turret deployed
device is being created
enqueuing task
enqueuing task
task is in progress
navigating route.turrets are not self-mobile.carrying completed turret

The shield device! It wasn't with the other items! I wonder what they did with it.

Why are there so few of you now? That seems like a bad sign.
No. 345226 ID: 1854db

There could be many reasons why there are fewer of us now. None of them relate to someone in your universe messing with us.

Anciu, what kind of thing are you going to eat?

[locate the existing instance of the shield device we gave narus]
[define Fervylis]
[modify the turrets so they can walk around on simple mechanical legs. Four of them.]
No. 346058 ID: 5b0012
File 131534445965.png - (72.93KB , 640x480 , 135.png )

Sure... But uh, like, isn't your device more effective with more people?

Anciu: I think what I'll have is Tsurizha. It's an Upright Regional dish, made with meat and a sauce that naturally collects into bubbles, because of a chemical reaction with other ingredients. The traditional drink to have with it is a pulpy, sweet mixture, but oh... I'm in the mood for something else.

shield device is being exchanged by Fervylis in an enclosed room.chosen path to it and chosen path to Narus split apart soon
Fervylis are the alien invaders whose vessel Narus and device are located on
task is in progress


Narus: I didn't [[magnetically sense]] that one. You must still be far away, or they've got some, like, shielding between us.
No. 346060 ID: 1854db

Yeah, it's annoying. The tasks I've lined up are going to take a long time to complete without more IW. I kindof wish that DEMOCRACY guy was around for this.

Still, right now we aren't pressed for power. I'm sure if we encountered some form of obstacle, more people would show up.

Man, what IS this thing we just found? I'm gonna stop to check it out.

[display map and routes to each location]
[also display positions of nearby Fervylis]

[What the heck's that thing in that room?]
No. 346115 ID: b6edd6

If we have a toxin that is hazardous specifically to Fervylis, and all the Fervylis here are invaders, then perhaps we should start pumping this ship's atmosphere full of that toxin.

If their breathing engines also filter, we could try spewing EMPs, as there doesn't seem to be much room in those cybernetic torsos for EMP shielding after organs and machinery. Actually, EMPs seem useful anyway when our enemies have mechanical parts but our allies don't.

(just to be sure) [Check that our device has anti-EMP shielding]
if(device is adequately shielded)
{[Form weapon to create EMP bursts of varying sizes]}

Also [review knowledge about the recovered Fervylis weapon, specifically what it uses for launch force (explosive, electromagnetic, mechanical, etc)]

and second that shield belt (even though the EMPs will likely screw with it, that will be ok if it also screws with the guns).
No. 346178 ID: 4bdd79

+1 to all active suggestions that I haven't +1'd yet.
No. 346195 ID: 1854db

+1 to this stuff.
No. 346273 ID: ec0bf5

Sure, these both work. +1
No. 346594 ID: 5b0012
File 131550264396.png - (26.36KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

Yeah. He was way enthusiastic!
I hope so.
It made that sound that the teleporting guys on the spaceflight made. I'll bet they're closely related.

rendering symbolic map with Fervylis positions

it is a teleportation agent machine

Ok cool.

Hey, maybe! Maybe we could even do that to the other ships, without being in them.
They have mechanical parts? I guess that's what those shells are.
device will not be harmed by EMPs
EMP weapon is nearly complete
Fervylis weapon uses only mechanical force to launch projectiles.it is intended for use against creatures with softer outsides than those used by Fervylis.the weapons usually require a pair of tentacles to operate properly, but this one was created earlier by device with modifications for Narus to use it
error at "shield belt":unable to find previous reference.did you mean portable shield device?

Hi, other people!

values recalculated
power ring: 8
Agreement with Caplisk: 3
Moon cannon: 8
create portable shield device: 2
copy shielded turret 5x: 2
assign turrets to target hostiles but not robot watching Narus: 2
map out route to reach Narus, begin travel along route with turrets: 2
do things to Narus without his permission: 1

Hey hold on what was that last one!?
No. 346597 ID: b6edd6

Yeah, by shield belt I meant portable shield device.

I'm pretty sure their torsos are mechanical. You can get metal-like shells on organisms, but you don't get coolant fan vents like those guys have if you are working with biotech.

It wouldn't hurt to try EMP on their ships, but warships have much more room to keep shielding in than person-sized machines do.

In any case we should arm ourselves with both an EMP based weapon and a reliable poisioned-projectile weapon in case our EMP experiment doesn't work out.

Hrm, too bad about their guns not having electronic components.
No. 346615 ID: 4bdd79

Uh what what the hell did I do -1 to that last thing
No. 346616 ID: ca6975

+1 to all, including doing things to Narus without his permission.

It's for your own protection, Mr. Epicentral. Trust us.
No. 346635 ID: 1854db

-1 to doing things to Narus without his permission. I may have voted against that before, I don't remember.

I don't think we need to worry about arming ourselves too much. We can just use our untranslatable ability to scramble them into a shower of gore. Not to say we shouldn't keep making weapons. Narus could use them.

Speaking of which, it seems we can make a small detour to recover the shield device and kill some of the invaders before reaching you. What is your opinion, Narus?

[spread camouflage to turrets and begin quiet movement to avoid detection]
[determine where those guys teleported to just now]
No. 347372 ID: 5b0012
File 131569365283.png - (24.05KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

Dessen: This situation reminds me of an episode of Dread Fantasy.
Narus: ...[Augh, GOD], I know exactly which episode you mean! I don't look anything like Gwvvdn 919 Downright, though.
Dessen: No, but you're in a situation much like his in that episode.
Narus: Handsome guy...
Dessen: Yes, he was.
Narus: Can I do what he did to escape?
Dessen: You can, but I don't recommend it.
Narus: Yeah, ok. Better not.

portable shield devices are completed and affixed to turrets.
Turrets are locomotive

doing things to Narus without his permission is at -1
Thaaat's better!

TOTALLY not cool.

I think we were onto something with just getting me out and using the untranslatable feature on that machine thing, like you were going to do before the device turned off. Maybe if you take this uh, robot thing here, there would be nothing watching me and you could teleport us all out of here! Is that shield device important? I say don't bother if it's not.

there is insufficient impulse weight to perform either task
No. 347384 ID: b6edd6

Our readings seem to say that the shield device is in a test chamber, in which case it is quite important we either get it back or destroy it. We don't want them either replicating it or finding a quick way to disable it.
No. 347627 ID: 1854db

Hmm? What did he do to escape?

Well, if we're gonna blow up the ship as we leave then we can just let the guys mess with it until that point. That is, assuming that what we were planning would destroy the ship...

[determine if using the untranslatable ability on the previously mentioned target would destroy the ship]
[determine if we could just use the untranslatable ability on the entire ship at once]
No. 348786 ID: 5b0012
File 131602653131.png - (8.42KB , 640x480 , 138.png )

I'm with you, second guy. What could they do before we blow them up?
Gwvvdn's character tricked a guard into letting him out, then ran away and found an evacuational ship. It was harrowing in the episode! That's uh, the gist of it though. I'm sure the details would all be like, different.


an approaching Fervylis from the right according to rendered map makes noises.translating

"...hearing something."
Hey, you can transl-
two turrets engage it and it is killed noisily and messily
[[premature sentence end]]. Ouh. I'm sure more of them will be coming after THAT!
more are coming
Hey, I totally called that one too. Hurry and get this robot! And me!
No. 348805 ID: 1854db

Doesn't matter, the turrets will easily handle any enemies, and we can just copy them at will. We could probably kill every Fervylis on this ship this way. Also, we'll be out in a second. Let me just hedge our bets by getting you protected before we attempt evacuation and blowing up the ship.

[disable robot as per Anciu's wishes. Disconnect its power source perhaps?]
[if robot is successfully disabled in a way that would please Anciu, teleport it to Anciu]
[activate the panel to deactivate force field on Narus's cell.]
[reactivate camouflage and armor film on Narus]
[copy shield device, place next to narus]
No. 348857 ID: 1854db

Um, I'd like to note here that I probably can't do all this stuff with no support. C'mon other dudes, back me up here. More Impulse Weight!
No. 348861 ID: b6edd6

Ok, [+1] to that stuff, and next time we see a Fervylis without a clear shot at Narus, lets test out the EMP against them.
No. 348870 ID: 4bdd79

+1 to all that.
No. 348877 ID: 44766a

+ 1 to those suggestions.
No. 348909 ID: ec0bf5

Do it. +1
No. 350430 ID: 1d0e20

You know, we really have little idea WHY the Fervylis are doing any of this.

We can pick up on the thoughts of those we touch. At the earliest available opportunity, touch a Fervylis, for Uis' sake!

Maybe we can just pretend this is all a big misunderstanding and DEMOCR DIPLOMACY them back to their home universe! And then secretly blow up their ships. I dunno. We need to know where these guys are coming from, though. Metaphorically.

Also +1 impulse weight to all active plans.
No. 350433 ID: 1854db

Oh, yes, I agree. We should do that. We'd have to order our turrets to not attack one of them, and have them box it in while we perform the interrogation.
No. 350466 ID: ec0bf5

I wonder how much impulse it would take to just grab one and bring it with us as we escape?
No. 350474 ID: 4bdd79

I don't care how much it'd take, I'll +1 anyway.
No. 350595 ID: 5b0012
File 131649316078.png - (33.81KB , 640x480 , 139.png )

I'm sure they have attack robots. Like, every [[huge group, especially referring to most of the population of a species]] has those, right? Those might be able to overwhelm the turrets... and we're in a dead end, so uh. That'd be bad. Protection's good. I didn't mean to say that you should hurry and not be careful too!

robot's power source has been nondestructively disconnected
robot and power source have been separately teleported to Anciu
task completed
task completed
task completed

Anciu: I really should have specified! I need the robot in my room, and I'm NOT there right now!
Narus: Is it going to be ok?
Anciu: Only if you teleport it into my room before anyone sees!

task initiated

task initiated

Good thinking!
No. 350608 ID: 1854db

Alright, on it. Also, I am attempting to destroy the ship while we escape, while also seeing if I can probe a Fervylis mind at the last minute.

[teleport robot and power supply to Anciu's room.]
[detect any nearby attack robots, and estimate combat effectiveness against shielded turrets.]
[probe closest Fervylis's mind for why the invasion is occurring]

[activate delayed use of untranslatable ability on previously mentioned target that would indirectly destroy the ship, and teleport us and Narus out to a safe location, so that the ship is destroyed after we teleport out of it. Optimally, said safe location would allow us to safely observe the destruction of the ship.]
No. 350667 ID: 1d0e20

I can't think of much to add here (except +1 impulse weight) but perhaps we should leave some form of message-

Actually, no. I think [UTT] on the ship would probably give the best possible message about what happens when people fuck with the Device and those the Device thinks are pretty cool guys.

You get [UTT]'d. [UTT] all in the face. Or perhaps your face is in some horrible alternate dimension. We aren't quite sure. But the message is clear, if untranslatable!
No. 350790 ID: 3bd8ec

More IW for the things in this post!
No. 350792 ID: ec0bf5

I'd like to +1 this and also propose just taking the guy with us if we're already probing them.
No. 350793 ID: 1854db


[upon successful teleport/destruction command, walk away from the explosion in slow motion while donning sunglasses or the equivalent Silrw object.]
No. 350833 ID: 1854db

[since we're teleporting, store turrets for later deployment!]
No. 351349 ID: 5b0012
File 131667049110.png - (153.68KB , 640x480 , 140.png )

task completed

Narus: Cool.

task completed
attack robots are present but inactive.turrets would have low combat effectiveness against them
invasion is occurring as part of a larger-scale probing of multiple universes
task initiated

Anciu: I confirm that the robot disappeared from here. Hopefully it's really in my room now.

there is insufficient impulse weight to perform this task


task completed

Anciu: I'm going to have to hurry this eating.
Narus: Ohhhh.... Um, okay, message to Obict: Obict, I think you're better off not hearing about this until we finish...
Obict: Alright.
Narus: Yeah, so... we'll talk later... be well!
Obict: Be well.
Narus: Nnnnow I'm not quite sure what to do. That was a pretty awesome explosion. Except now there's like, a dimensional boundary anomaly where the ship used to be. Uhhhhhhhhhhh.
No. 351352 ID: 5b0012

[[shit]], is there a giant creature in there?
No. 351353 ID: 5b0012

Guys, I see a huge pink Cyral wearing a hat. In the anomaly.
He's dancing.
No. 351358 ID: 1854db


Uhhh uhhhh uhhhhhhhhh Dessen? You're multi-dimensional and stuff, any advice here?
[determine short-term effects of anomaly]
[determine long-term effects of anomaly]
[determine best way to close the anomaly]
No. 351361 ID: 1854db

What, seriously? That's weird as shit.

Also we aren't getting any visuals anymore and your responses are coming faster than normal. I don't like this.
No. 351410 ID: ec0bf5

[+1 to measuring and analyzing the anomaly]

Are you sure that you're actually seeing that and you're not just letting your imagination run wild? Like, instincts for recognizing members of your species being overactive? People look into the skies and see faces and people in the clouds and stars, you sure it's not just like that?

If not it looks like we've somehow made some kind of naked singularity or stable wormhole or something. [Launch a rock or clump of dirt or piece of debris from the ground at it]
No. 351500 ID: 3bd8ec

Throwing a rock at it sounds like a kind of retarded idea.

+1 to these, I think.
No. 351889 ID: 5b0012
File 131684803586.png - (35.71KB , 640x480 , 141.png )

Yeah! I really didn't anticipate that!

Dessen: Oh. well. Firstly, tell your device to think happy thoughts. Narus, you think them too. I'm going to join you.
Narus: What will that do?
Dessen: If we're fortunate, it will keep the thing on the other side from manifesting here.
Narus: uh.
Dessen: Fragments from the ship are contributing slightly to the boundary anomaly, but the main issue is from your violent warping of the dimensional transit actuator. If you had just blown it up with an explosion, like you were going to do before, it might not have had such a large reaction. The ship fragments should drift away soon. I recommend removing the transuniversal wormhole. The terminals of the universes are well-defined, so what I would do is separate them and then reattach the pieces of this universe to each other. I would possibly reattach the pieces of the other universe, too, but you don't have to do that. In fact, don't.

short-term effects include transference of energy and matter between the affected universes
long-term effects include unneccesary timeline deviations
estimated best way to close anomaly is to bring all points of current universe currently connected to other universe to their previous relative positions simultaneously.use of multiple agents for this purpose is recommended

Narus: You don't see it? Eeeee.....
That's even MORE weird! This thing is making me REALLY uncomfortable!
Dessen: I will make you very comfortable later.
Narus: Man, I have so much to work for!

Dessen: It's not just him. I see a dancing pink Szierkhogh. Your device sees an amorphous pink cloud. Happy thoughts!

impulse weight registered(1) is not sufficient to perform task

"fthfth pehh."
Narus: Sand.
...Something smells sweet and... like something I don't recognise. It's almost kind of pleasant.
No. 351890 ID: 1854db

Happy thoughts? I know just the thing!

Also, [perform that best method for closing the anomaly that was just described there. With multiple agents.]
No. 351910 ID: ec0bf5

+1 to closing the anomaly. Also... what is that thing it looks like a square snail with tentacles and a sun on its back sitting in a golden throne where are we? Narus are you still there? Uh happy thoughts happy thoughts maybe it's friendly! [Look up what that thing is]
No. 351911 ID: 1d0e20

That would be a Fervylis on the throne. More impulse weight to things that stop the thing in the anomaly from manifesting! HAPPY THOUGHTS

No. 351947 ID: b6edd6

[+1 to rift closing procedure]
No. 351956 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 353270 ID: 5b0012

[[D: gotta put this quest on hold until next monday! Sorry...]]
No. 355414 ID: 5b0012
File 131766895372.png - (20.91KB , 640x480 , 142.png )

Narus: Oh huh. Caplisk, do you know much about things that, uh, bridge universes?
Caplisk: No. I haven't been educated about those yet. Why?
Narus: Oh, well. We accidentally bridged our universe with another one, and we need to close it or it'll make people really angry!
Caplisk: That is one way to put it. It made me angry right now!
Narus: Erk! I meant... [[premature sentence end]]. I'll explain later. Be well!
Caplisk: I don't know if I can forgive you for ruining the whole universe, yeah.
Narus: We're fixing it!!
Dessen: Stop looking at Quincy. It will only make him stronger.

That almost makes ME want to demanifest. Hrm. We'd better do this quickly. Lingering in Quincy's presence leads to rage and an urge to fistfight.
Narus: [[good god]]. If I didn't know you quite as well as I do, I would totally think you were making this up.

impulse weight registered (4) is sufficient to create 3 agents to begin repairing this universe's border at the closest fault.more agents to follow

impulse weight registered (1) is sufficient to produce some output of happy thoughts
Iiii guess that still doesn't worrrk...

thing is Maxten

a floating device approaches rapidly and hovers nearby.words come from it:

"How did the two of you get here? Who are you"

Dessen: No, I'm busy thinking happy thoughts.
Narus: fbluh I didn't even ask yet. ughhhh. I think we, like, should NOT tell them the truth about either of us until we find out more.
"I uh, need to know who you are, first."
No. 355467 ID: 1854db

+1 to happy thoughts!

Ummm. [turn to look at the floating device]
Maybe we can tell him we're here due to a teleporter malfunction, and we can teleport back ourselves after it recharges? Also ask it who it is. We will remain silent for now; you know more about alien manners and stuff.

Well, whatever you decide to tell it, [forced event: it totally believes us.]
No. 355530 ID: 4bdd79

+1 to all of this.
No. 355536 ID: b6edd6

+1, and also
[prepare a force field to capture the floating thing if we need to]
No. 356128 ID: ec0bf5

]+1 to all this], although do you think it would hurt much to tell it your name? You specifically aren't exactly well known, they might just say "Oh, it's just some random guy."
No. 356385 ID: 5b0012
File 131793937273.png - (195.25KB , 640x480 , 143.png )

Dessen: This is interesting. There's anothhh----e- - r - - -
temporal anomaly detected.temporal anomaly has affected device
This is a prerecorded message from Dessen:
It's now several minutes into the future! You're somewhere else and I can't remove you. Don't try to cause any temporal paradoxes. You will not be able to. This is the end of the message.
Anciu: This is not great at all.

[[THIS thread is PAUSED! Anciu's Adventure will begin soon...]]
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