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File 131320590941.jpg - (53.59KB , 420x282 , mall_of_the_emirates_dubai_03.jpg )
339423 No. 339423 ID: 383006

The sex mall is a dimension outside of space and time. An interconnected bridgeway between worlds. Anything can be gotten there. Mostly sex oriented but I guess they have ice creams and things. Brave, foolish people seek it out. Dark, silent souls are drawn there. They have what you need, if you're willing to reach out and take it, at the SEX MALL.

Firstly, pick a species for the protagonist. Secondly, anyone can draw images for this quest. They must be done with something simulating a CRAYON, however.
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No. 339425 ID: 180ec2

For the sake of weirdness, salazzarine.
No. 339426 ID: 049dfa

Mok. Only tiny characters can truly experience the joys of sex mall.
No. 339428 ID: e17686

Human or Dragonborn plz.

Because 4th Edition is god-tier.
No. 339429 ID: 3b202e

No. 339430 ID: 3f3b9c

Tiny, huh? RNG says... slissa. Oh dear.
No. 339431 ID: 8092e6

mok or slissa. we need some large insertions.
No. 339432 ID: cbf891

No. 339433 ID: 00d3d5

Arby's Sandwich
No. 339435 ID: 523c4c

dik dik
No. 339436 ID: 221021

Slissas are tinier than moks, therefore better. In fact, the slissa can be on a quest to get bigger so that it can actually DO things!
No. 339437 ID: c891d3

Well, Mok seems to be a popular choice, so why not.
No. 339439 ID: e1359e
File 131320737075.jpg - (197.38KB , 800x900 , hipbird.jpg )

I suggest a HIP BIRD.
No. 339440 ID: 383006

I rolled all the dice

You are a tiny Mok. You were part of a tiny Mok village, but were shunned by your fellow Moks because __________(1)! It was truly tragic and has forever shaped your personality by making you kind of _________(2). You are known as ________(3). By "known as" I mean that's what your name is.

You discovered rumors of a vast place between dimensions where your dreams could become reality, and after many years of searching, you have finally found it! Your dreams of ____________(4) can now become reality!

Also, you are a (boy/girl)(5).
No. 339442 ID: 383006

This is excellent crayon work. That's the idea!

Also, the first image posted after an update becomes CANON if it reflects the text of the update accurately. Any background things or details in the picture are part of the quest.
No. 339443 ID: f7ae22

1) your gay
2) gay
3) gay
4) gay
5) boy
No. 339444 ID: 8092e6

1:boy trapped inside a girls body.
2:a slut
4:becoming a male
5: girl
No. 339445 ID: 00d3d5

1: of being a dickgirl with a dozen tentacle dicks
2: shy
3: Aphro
4: gaining enough power to rip open a hole to the outside realms so you can have tea time with eldrich horrors
5: boygirl
No. 339447 ID: e17686

1) You had a penchant for the strange and the occult
2) kind of a tool
3) Paace A.K.A Natty Ice
5) Bro
No. 339448 ID: 9cb4b3
File 131320786575.png - (318.67KB , 500x350 , DOING IT WRONG.png )

u should be a female snikt
No. 339449 ID: c891d3

rolled 2 = 2

1. one of your parents killed your other parent or something
2. psychologically damaged
3. Agurtzane
4. i don't know someone else pick
5. female if dice result is 1, male if dice result is 2
No. 339450 ID: 180ec2

1. You fell in love with an indahl girl from a rather xenophobic tribe, who was killed for loving somebody of another species.
2. Xenophillic
3. Cellia
4. Finding somebody to suit her unique tastes
5. Girl
No. 339452 ID: 049dfa

1) Of your sun allergy
2) Even Tinier than normal
3) Pektil
4) Becoming Huge
5) Just roll a dice for it.
No. 339453 ID: 383006

No. 339454 ID: 00d3d5

rolled 2 - 1 = 1

0 for girl
1 for boy
No. 339455 ID: 221021

1. You were especially tiny
2. Lonely
3. Relmin
4. Becoming big so people will love you
5. Female
No. 339460 ID: 383006

Pektil was a tiny Mok in his little Mok village. It was all fun and games until one day his parents were brutally slaughtered by an unknown assailant or assailants. It was very tragic, but the mystery of the horrible rape/homicide caused him to be shunned by his fellow creatures and left him Psychologically damaged.

He devoted his life to discovering a place where he wouldn't be powerless if it ever happened again, a place where he could become HUGE. Truly HUGE and stop bad things from happening to people like his parents. He totally wouldn't be projecting though, that would be creepy. So, yeah, uh, HUGE.

It was cold in the cave tunnel as the wind blew from the otherworldly glowing slit that pulsed with white light. He was ready for his first step into the SEX MALL. He'd had the foresight to bring FOUR ITEMS with him in his tiny backpack.

4) His favorite item.

They all have to be small enough for him to put in his tiny pack and also roughly medieval-level things.
No. 339463 ID: 3a9901

No. 339464 ID: 8092e6

1)dragon dildo
3)dragon dildo
4)dragon dildo.
No. 339465 ID: e17686

1) Bow + Arrows
2) Delicious Beetles
3) Healing Salve
4) Hand mirror
No. 339467 ID: 00d3d5

Euclid's C-finder.
Everfull box of mashed potato flakes.
A portable mansion
A can of cloudkill labeled "Can of whoop-ass"
No. 339468 ID: 049dfa

1. Pruning Shears
2. A Sun lamp
3. A portable battery to power the sunlamp
4. dragon fleshlight
No. 339471 ID: 180ec2

1. A metal staff with sunstones affixed to both ends
2. A bag of delicious candy, a special recipe from his village.
3. A pair of scissors
4. A magic gem that resonates with his favorite note to sing.
No. 339473 ID: 049dfa
File 131320963475.png - (820.47KB , 750x750 , SEXMALL.png )

Dreamworm Steak
Magnifying Lens
Indahl Stuffed Animal
No. 339475 ID: 383006

No. 339476 ID: 221021

1. A collapsible quarterstaff
2. A delicious cake!
3. A pocket knife
4. A large crayon
No. 339485 ID: 383006

This is totally what it all looked like.

Pektil checked his belongings, wrapping his long cape around himself. His parents were dead. He could become a hero. He was pretty sure that was a prerequisite. He also noted the graffiti on the wall. It didn't bode well, but then again, he knew his quest for power wouldn't be simple.

He grabbed the crayon off the floor and added it to his meager belongings: His trusty BATTLE SPOON, some saltines he'd found in a dumpster before he ran off, his trusty pair of scissors that he'd used to make his cape, and his most prized possession: A dragon dildo that he'd gotten from a suspicious fellow in a long, black cloak. The guy had handed it to him and told him it would come in handy one day, and since then Pektil had protected it diligently. His shunning certainly had nothing to do with this and was totally all about the dead parents thing, though. That's what Pektil told himself.

Steeling his nerve, he stepped through the portal. Hot, moist wind blew over him, then he had a feeling of vertigo, of being forced through a small, damp opening into a bright light-


Then he was there! He stood on a tile walkway with a glass barrier a few feet in front of him. Shops lined the path to either side of him, and soaring escalators ascended and descended from landings nearby. The center of the area was huge and open and he could see more rows of stores and islands of tile hanging over the void with larger stores or collections of booths. A gentle golden light shone down from somewhere, and Pektil hoped it was close enough to sunlight to keep him alive.

He had to figure out how to go about this. There were shops everywhere behind him, but the walkway was relatively deserted. He could see the path to his left bulge out into a larger island full of tables, and a cavalcade of strange creatures were eating and chatting. He wasn't sure how to proceed, but he did note there was no sign of the portal he entered.
No. 339487 ID: 2222da

Investigate shops. There could be something interesting.
No. 339490 ID: 180ec2

He went to look for a fitness shop. The easiest way to get big was probably to work out unless he could find some sort of magical artifact.
No. 339491 ID: 049dfa

He should obviously just go to the nearest shop and ask how he can get bigger
No. 339492 ID: 221021

Look for a potion shop and ask the clerk for a potion that will make you bigger, being completely oblivious to anything that seems off about the description.
No. 339494 ID: 8092e6

find a vidya game store and play some vidya games.
No. 339497 ID: 383006

OKAY: here is a mechanic. You can try to add a character, item or event to the scene instead of suggesting. Just make your NAME the NUMBER AFTER ANYONE ELSE WHOSE DONE THIS (so if nobody else has for this post, start at 1 [this is to make it easy for me to roll dice]) and type up what you want to be there or happen. It can't be anything happening directly to or affecting Pektil.

So, for instance, if you want a lazurek named amber to walk in, you'd put "1" in the NAME field and then type "A lazurek named amber was drinking a soda in the shop"

Somebody else wants a robot named Jayce to be there too. They put "2" in the name field and type "There was a robot border collie named Jayce. She was making some cup ramen and arguing with a giant beetle" or whatever. SIMPLE. I'll stick them in the next update.
No. 339505 ID: 383006

Pektil walked into the nearest shop. It was dark inside - black walls, a dark mahogany counter and deep maroon velvet curtains over the large bay windows. There was one cramped aisle between the counter and the far wall. Behind the counter were all manner of bottles, clay pots, vials and little wax packets, and the wall across from it was full of cubbyholes. Crooked red candles in heavy gold candelabras dripped piles of wax onto the countertop and provided the only light.

There was a female humanoid with quokka pelt and tail, playful eyes, skin, and crewcut black hair. She was extremely tall and voluptuous, her large breasts and round ass contained by blue jeans and a black t-shirt. She had mature features but a aristocratic aura, and looked down her nose at the tiny Mok as he approached.

The counter was over his head, and the shoptender's hair almost brushed the ceiling.

"I need something to make me HUGE!" he exclaimed.

"Okay, great. I have scrolls and potions for sale, but I want to see your currency. Whacha got?"
No. 339506 ID: 1854db

Offer the dragon dildo in trade.
No. 339507 ID: 8092e6

offer your virginity
No. 339509 ID: 049dfa

What DO they use for currency in Sex Mall? Pektil doesn't have much so it might behoove him to find out what exactly CAN be exchanged for goods and services here.
No. 339510 ID: 523c4c

Pektil saw a small furry toothy creature on the counter next to the she-shopkeep's paw, with a tiny black tail as thin as thread and small, inquisitive eyes. It fed on positive emotion and wept at the touch.
No. 339512 ID: 180ec2

Ask how you can get money in the sex mall.
No. 339517 ID: 383006

(Actually, I think the number should go in the SUBJECT field instead so it's easier for me to distinguish them from suggestions. If somebody suggests to interact with them before I add them in, they can totally do that.)

"What do you guys use for currency anyway?" Pektil asked. He saw a small furry toothy creature on the counter next to the she-shopkeep's paw, with a tiny black tail as thin as thread and small, inquisitive eyes. It fed on positive emotion and wept at the touch.

He wasn't sure if he was willing to part with his PRIZED DRAGON DILDO at the drop of a hat, and the tiny creature unnerved him.

"Well, any items or services have value. I'm Kiley Brunsting, and I operate this establishment for the owner, Devick."

"I could offer my virginity?" Pektil suggested.

"Oooh, that's pretty valuable. Actually we use anything from gold coins to credit cards here, and some folk trade exclusively in services. I could probably hook you up with a pretty sweet potion to make you huge if you want to give me your virginity." She stroked the tiny rodent with the tips of two fingers, it's liquid eyes dripping tears onto the black carpet at her touch.
No. 339520 ID: f7ae22

Ask her just how huge it will make you. You don't want to throw away your virginity if this potion turns out to not make you very huge.
No. 339521 ID: 180ec2

As he considered his options for payment, he heard something behind him. Walking along outside the store, there was some kind of creepy alien thing with six arms, each carrying a bag stuffed with various phallic objects and laughing to herself. At least he assumed it was a her considering the cargo it was carrying. As it passed by, one of the objects fell out.
No. 339524 ID: 049dfa


you should also make sure it is permanent if possible. Once you give up your virginity it's gone for good (though if there's anywhere you can get a new virginity, it'd be sex mall), so you'll need to make sure you'll get a lot of hugeness out of it.
No. 339525 ID: 049dfa


But seriously might as well go for it. The little weepy tail thing can come too.
No. 339526 ID: 3f3b9c

Pick that up and ask how much it's worth.
No. 339528 ID: 6e44d2

How much is virginity worth, anyway?
No. 339530 ID: 383006

As he considered his options for payment, he heard something behind him. Walking along outside the store, there was some kind of creepy alien thing with six arms, each carrying a bag stuffed with various phallic objects and laughing to herself. At least he assumed it was a her considering the cargo it was carrying. As it passed by, one of the objects fell out.

Pektil ran and grabbed it. "How much is this worth?" He asked.

"That looks like a 9 firmness marbled gray and brown eight inch horse dildo. Dildoes are basically currency, but I can give you a few gold for it if you want," she said, "Virginity, on the other hand, is worth a lot. You can actually buy it back here. Trade in virginity is lucrative. I'll be giving you my best spells and potions. Trust me, it'll make you about as huge as you can be. If you want." She fluttered her aristocratic eyelashes.

"I don't wanna get gypped," Pektil said, aware that he was being racist toward gypsys. "This'll be permanent, right?"

"Oh yeah," Kiley said. "I mean, it's reversable, but that would cost you money. It won't go away on its own."

"Can the crying tail thing come too?" Pektil asked, unsure of why he would want that creepy, creepy little bugger there.

"Uh, sure," Kylie said, grinning. "So, do we have a deal?"
No. 339531 ID: 049dfa

Yes. All of the deals. All of them.
No. 339532 ID: 3f3b9c

Yeah, I guess. If it's for the thing you've always wanted.
No. 339533 ID: 6e44d2

No. 339540 ID: 8092e6

No. 339614 ID: c2c011

Just make sure first that it will actually make all of you huge and not just give you a humongous penis.
No. 339684 ID: ec0bf5

(But that's part of the fun! We need some kind of upset to prevent the quest from being short and stupid)
No. 340343 ID: 383006
File 131343997976.jpg - (243.75KB , 850x700 , 10.jpg )

"Hey, this won't just make my p-penis bigger, will it?" Pektil asked, not wanting to be jewed out of his apparently most valuable possession.

"Nope, whole package," Kiley said.

"W-well, Ok. Uh, I-I guess we should do it..." he whispered. Pektil had never so much as seen a girl naked, so he had no idea what to expect. And this girl wasn't even a Mok! Pektil thought about how ... wrong what he was doing was, but he knew he had to so he could protect everyone! Nobody would ever die again! No son would have to say their father worked into his grave!

Kiley sauntered out from behind the counter, towering over Pektil. She was more than three times his height, and he could barely make out her large black eyes over her ample breasts.

"Follow me, she said, turning, her long, ratlike tail flowing liquidly behind her as she scooped up the weeping, ratlike creature and disappeared behind a curtain at the back of the shop.

Pektil steeled his resolve and followed as the tip of her tail disappeared with a ripple.

Behind the curtain was a cramped, tiny bedroom. The windowless walls were painted black, and there was a sink and a toilet crammed in the corner with a small cracked mirror and a vanity light above them, the only light in the room. The floor was dominated by a mattress covered in disheveled black sheets, a pile of pillows and a few assorted stuffed animals. Some bookshelves, also painted black, were nailed against one wall and crammed with a haphazard assortment of random scrolls, tomes and other miscellaneous. Higher up were long, flatter shelves that had folded clothes. A vent clattered from somewhere overhead, belching out cool stale air. The whole room was suffused with musky but not unpleasant smell of Kiley's body, hidden to a lesser or greater extent by strange spices and incense from the bottles and jars on the shelves.

When Pektil entered Kiley had already taken off her shirt and bra and tossed them onto a pile of equally rumpled clothing in the corner.

Her huge breasts were lightly coated with tan fur and they jiggled as she worked her pants down past her shapely ass. She did not appear to be wearing any undergarments.

"I can't fuck you with your clothes on," she grunted, one hand braced against the wall as she struggled to free her foot.

Pektil untied his cape and folded it neatly, and then took off his robe. He put them both inside his pack and placed it carefully at the foot of the matress beneath the shelves.

The cool air sent chills over his naked body and he felt scared and nervous. He kept glancing back at the heavy black curtain behind him. But no. He'd made a decision.

Kiley towered over him, her short fur in no way concealing her vagina. Pektil had never seen anything like it before. It was like a flower, or a toothless mouth with two shriveled, pursing lips. He shuddered.

Kiley pulled an empty bottle from the shelf, and set it on a lower counter nailed to the opposite wall, along with a small, white plastic bottle and the weeping, ratlike creature. She chanted something Pektil couldn't understand in three short barks and blue glittery dust burst from her fingertips. The whole room was suffused by a dull blue glow.

She sqeezed some clear fluid out of the plastic bottle onto two of her fingers then put it back on the shelf. The ratlike creature sniffed it disinterestedly.

"Lay down," she said, working the clear gel into her vagina as she kneeled over him. He complied, shivering.

She squatted down, and he could feel the heat from her groin against his fur, her wide hand running up his leg and pressing gently against his crotch. Some of the fluid was still on her fingers and it was hot, slippery. He closed his eyes, trying to blank his mind and ignore the monster towering over him, and soon enough he felt himself reach his full impressive three inch length. The crook between Kiley's index finger and thumb was soon replaced with a tight, wet heat like nothing he had ever felt before. He - he was inside her, her body easily consuming his length and pressing against him. He felt the matress sink as she put her hand near his head, leaning forward and pressing her pelvis to his. She twitched her hips forward, grinding his member against the confines of her body once, twice, three times... the pressure was unbearable, and he screamed as he came. He could feel his penis twitching as she withdrew from him. It had been the best six seconds of his life.

He noticed the formerly empty bottle was now filled with a glowing blue mist, and Kiley quickly stoppered it.

She opened the mirror and pulled out a wipe, rubbing it a few times over her vagina and then tossing it in the toilet. "I can get these potions and stuff ready and either cast them on you myself or just let you take 'em, whichever you want," she said.

Pektil felt dirty.
No. 340347 ID: ec0bf5

Ask if the blue stuff was his virginity, also have her cast it on him for SUPERMOK
No. 340351 ID: 8092e6

ask her to cast it on you.
No. 340352 ID: c891d3

Have her cast it on you, and be completely and totally taken aback when it fails to work properly.
No. 340359 ID: c2c011

Ask her to cast this spell that will make you HUGE on you. Then you can start working in porn with the stage name of Hughe Van Dong.
No. 340364 ID: 383006

"J-just cast 'em on me now," Pektil said, hoping this whole thing would be over soon.

She deftly picked some bottles from the chaos on the shelves, dropping them onto the mattress near Pektil. One was oily and black in a tiny vial, four of them were thick and white in a wide, pyramid-shaped flask, and the other three were red in a spherical bottle with a long neck. "Drink these, I'll get the scrolls," she said, stepping over him and through the curtain.

Pektil looked at the bottles, and then decided he should clean himself off before he got dressed. He clambered up the toilet and sat on the rim as he peed into the bowl, trying to sink the napkin that still floated near the surface of the water.

He clambered onto the tank, flushing with one foot, before he stepped over into the slick bowl of the sink.

He turned on the faucet and grabbed the bar of soap sitting on the counter next to a toothbrush and unevenly-squeezed tube of toothpaste. There were also some tweezers, a hairbrush and other assorted items lining the back of the sink.

He washed himself, drying off on the hand towel hanging from a ring on the side of the sink, before leaping onto the mattress and quickly getting dressed. Well, it was almost time to be the man he'd always wanted...

He hesitated, hearing Kiley talking to a customer outside. He could poke around, or get right down to business...
No. 340365 ID: ec0bf5

Drink them! Then you can see the customer's reaction.
No. 340369 ID: 8092e6

you should poke around. see if you can find some cool shit to steal.
No. 340370 ID: c891d3

Poke around!
No. 340371 ID: c2c011

Down that shit like they're shots in a bar, down the hatch and all in one go!
No. 340372 ID: b1f0e2

>It had been the best six seconds of his life.
I LOLed.

>Poke around!
Oh there will be poking.
No. 340414 ID: 383006

Pektil decided it was best to invade Kiley's privacy while she was gone. Where to mess around though? There was the little shelf next to the mattress, the pile of dirty clothes, and the big shelves - they would be impossible to reach unless he figured out a way to get up there - plus the medicine cabinet. Pektil also had no idea what to look for or how long he had.
No. 340417 ID: ec0bf5

Drink the stuff, then you will be able to reach the big shelf. Look in the little one, though.
No. 340422 ID: 39faf9

Check the shelf dawg.
No. 340425 ID: c2c011

Check the drawers for panties and possibly horse dildoes.
No. 340426 ID: e8cd4a

check the shelf do it do it
No. 340427 ID: 8092e6
File 131345194314.jpg - (140.82KB , 1280x720 , Sora no Otoshimono Forte - 03 - Large Snapshot 03.jpg )

check the clothes pile. see if there any used panties of hers. if there is put it on your head.
No. 340429 ID: 1854db

Take a look in the little shelf.
No. 340430 ID: c891d3

Find something that isn't the stuff she told you to drink and drink that instead.
No. 340435 ID: 049dfa

First drink all of the stuff. It will be easier to look for stuff if you are not tiny.

Then look over those shelves and see just how many virginities there are up there.
No. 340439 ID: 383006

Pektil decided that it was high time he got into trouble. He went over to the little shelf. The large glass bottle full of blue mist and the small white bottle of gel were sitting on top, along with the small, ratlike creature. It satred at him with large, watery eyes.

There was a black curtain underneath that hid a smaller cubby, and he pulled it to the side and peered in, chugging the little black vial. It tasted bitter and slid down his throat almost as if it were alive.

Behind the curtain he saw three vials. One was small and egg-shaped with a thin white fluid inside. It glowed faintly. One was in a little clay pot and he couldn't see what color it was, and the last was in a sealed glass ampule. He'd have to break it to get at the thick green gel inside.

He chugged a red bottle. It tasted like cherries, so he quickly drank a few more.

Behind the bottles were a random collection of scrolls he couldn't make sense of, and a large pile of panties sort of balled up and stacked on top of each other. He finished off the red potions and started on a white one. The fluid was thick, greasy and tasted sort of like how socks smell. He wished he'd saved the cherry ones for last. He wondered what he should do, if anything, with this newly-revealed treasure as he started on the second flask. He could still hear Kiley outside - she laughed at something.

He also felt a burning sensation in his stomach - a warmth that was slowly spreading throughout his body.
No. 340440 ID: c891d3

Try to fix your potion problem by drinking more potions!
No. 340441 ID: 049dfa

>He wondered what he should do, if anything, with this newly-revealed treasure as he started on the second flask.



HOARD THAT SHIT. Tuck it into your cape or something so that you can smuggle it out when you go. It helps that once you get huge you might still be able to wear your cape but your robe is going to NOT BE AN OPTION good sir.
No. 340442 ID: c2c011

Snag a couple of panties. She's probably not going to miss them. And chug all of the potions. Well at least all of the ones you were supposed to chug.
No. 340446 ID: e16f8e

Wear like a whole bunch of panties under your robe. At least a dozen. Also more not-jizz potions.
No. 340451 ID: 584f15

Drink more potions. Also try to get Kiley to fuck you again.
No. 340460 ID: 8092e6

you should steal some of these potions, could probably sell/trade them for neat stuff in the mall.
No. 340471 ID: 39faf9

STOP WITH THE POTIONS. They have effects that we don't fully understand.

Just... get outta there.
No. 340480 ID: ec0bf5

No, these are his potions he's drinking. He paid for them and knows what they're for.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Also, don't steal anything except MAYBE the panties, we could get in HUGE trouble and then we'd not get the bigness enchantment we paid so much for.
No. 340493 ID: 1854db

Take only one pair of panties if anything. If she finds out about that, the result will probably just be mild irritation.
No. 340507 ID: 383006

The warmth continued to suffuse his body as Pektil finished off the second flask. He was feeling kind of full and sick as he started on the third. The thick slime made him belch and he staggered slightly as the warmth became a burning, sending pins and needles down his arms and legs. He grabbed a pile of panties, slipping them on under his tunic. They were far, far too large, so he had to put the waistband over his shoulders like a mankini. The burning became searing, and he managed to snatch the glowing eggy-looking vial and shoved it into his pack before the heat became pain and he fell backwards onto the mattress. His head was spinning, the room shifting out of focus as the fire became a concentrated point centered on his groin. He felt his penis stiffen, then bulge against his multi-panty mankini as his balls began to swell... thankfully, there wasn't a long description of what happened to his genitals, but he was writhing on the floor when Kiley sauntered back in, still naked.

"looks like everything is working. Let me just slap a few spells on you and you're good to go!" She was still naked, carrying a bundle of scrolls under her arms.

She pulled them out one by one, unfurled it with a practiced flick of her wrist, and then bark a short, staccato phrase or two before it would burst into multicolored sparks or flame.

There were varying sensations of varying pleasantness before her arms were empty and there was a light dusting of ash around her feet on the mattress. Pektil turned away and lifted up his tunic. His penis and balls were not contained by his impromptu undergarment. His penis was probably six inches long! It might get up to maybe ten if he were excited! Far, far too huge for any respectable Mok! His balls were appropriately sized for such a massive unwieldy tool. He felt like more of a freak than ever.

"What have you done to me?" he shouted, dropping his tunic and rounding on the monster that had mutilated him with her dark sorcery. The end of it showed under his tunic! It would probably retract some more, but still!

"What? I made your dick huge. It's permanent and will stay proportionally large no matter what happens. I kept it small enough to keep it from, like, phsically getting in your way."

"I wanted my whole body to be huge! I wanted to be actually bigger!" Pektil shouted.

"Look, you need to calm down before I have to make you calm down. I just burned, like, probably a quarter mile worth of dildo in potions and scrolls on you. You need to get out. Now." She towered over him, her cold, black eyes hard and her small mouth pressed into a severe line. She gestured toward the curtain.
No. 340511 ID: c891d3

I guess you're going to have to find someone else to make the rest of you bigger.
No. 340513 ID: 8092e6

ask her for a blowjob. just to make sure everything is in working order.
No. 340514 ID: ec0bf5

I guess you'll just have to leave the store. Walk around in the atrium and look for somebody to talk to. Tell them of your sad tale and win their sympathy.
No. 340558 ID: c891d3

Also, drink that other potion you swiped that totally won't cause anything bad to happen at all.
No. 340563 ID: 6e44d2

She violated your verbal agreement and apparently profited from the deal, in that she has your virginity, too. That's bullshit. Call her out on it.
No. 340568 ID: 400170

She didn't. She said the 'whole package'. His balls got bigger too.
No. 340574 ID: 07416a

Steal everything before the sex mall cops show up.
No. 340632 ID: b09cda

Outside was a tozol named Jan, who was mincing along with a hobble chain. Due to safety regulations, she was kept in unbreakable heavy bondage which included a blindfold, arms bound under her breasts, and all but two tails braided and locked to her collar.
No. 340635 ID: c2c011

Damn, well atleast she made the whole package bigger and not just your dong. Anyway, sounds like you're in need of more cash/assets to afford making all of you huge. I would recommend going into porno and stripping, preferably with the stagename Hughe Van Dong.
No. 340652 ID: 935b01

Sitting in the food court was the blue, six-armed alien from earlier. She had her bags beside her and was eating a footlong sub she had impaled on one of her pointy, fingerless arms. The wrapper was labeled with the logo of Phallus Sandwiches. If somebody had asked her name she would have responded with "Ei".
No. 340809 ID: 953355
File 131355709494.jpg - (91.00KB , 500x600 , HUGE.jpg )

No. 340812 ID: 688f79

Lets check out the tozol she sounds hot
No. 340813 ID: 07416a

A wandering rogue locksmith was looking for tozzles to free in return for bonings because bonings were her fetish
No. 340874 ID: 07e210

Pektil was furious about how things had turned out, and tried to grab some more things right quick, but Kiley was both far too huge and far too fast for him. She snagged him by the back of his pack and tossed him bodily out of the store. "Don't come back until you've calmed down," she said cooly, slamming the door behind her.

Pektil's wardrobe had become disheveled in the struggle, and he found himself barely covering his dong with his tunic, looking pretty upset about the whole thing, before he got dressed properly again. >>340809

He decided to start wandering toward the big open area with the tables. It still wasn't densely populated here, and the broad expanse of tile was surrounded on the mallward side by a ring of open shops selling what looked like various food items.

He saw a tozol named Jan, who was mincing along with a hobble chain. Due to safety regulations, she was kept in unbreakable heavy bondage which included a blindfold, arms bound under her breasts, and all but two tails braided and locked to her collar.

A shorter blue creature with a sluglike lower body and a snakelike face slithered along beside her. It held a messenger bag to its side with one meaty paw, and the tozol's leash in the other.

Sitting in the food court was the blue, six-armed alien from earlier. She had her bags beside her and was eating a footlong sub she had impaled on one of her pointy, fingerless arms. The wrapper was labeled with the logo of Phallus Sandwiches. If somebody had asked her name she would have responded with "Ei".

Pektil also noticed a shifty, scaly-looking creture in long brown robes sitting alone. It had a big styrofoam takeout container in front of it, but seemed to be more focused on the tozol walking by than the food in front of it.

There was also a tall, muscular human man with curly blonde hair and huge white wings wearing a long, flowing white tunic sitting with a paint horse (well, the horse sat on the floor) and an elf in a pretty green dress.

Various other creatures of all shapes and descriptions went about their business, or chatted idly.

Pektil was interested in the tozol, but when he noticed the pointy limbed creature he wasn't sure if he should give her the coins he'd gotten from Kiley for the dildo. They were really the only money he had, although he wasn't sure how much the white potion in his multi-mankini was worth.
No. 340881 ID: 07416a

The locksmith ran over and freed the tozzle and then ran away giggling, never to be seen again.
No. 340889 ID: cadec0

Talk to the blue one and return her dildo.
No. 340890 ID: cadec0

Or at least give back the money and apologise, saying you sold it when you couldn't find the owner. She will be grateful, hopefully, and might help you.
No. 340892 ID: 8752ad

The slug-like creature with the tozol on a leash was loudly complaining, to no one in particular it seemed, about how hard it was to get a decent dick for its servant girl.

If the leashed tozol replied, it was impossible to make out around the gag that filled its mouth.
No. 340904 ID: 975d8c

I am okay with either path so long as we get some Good tozol pics :)
No. 340909 ID: f7ae22

While Pektil watches the tozol he can see her head suddenly pop off the neck as she is pulled by the shorter blue creature. Looking closer at the tozol reveals that it is actually constructed entirely out of butter which had started to melt.
No. 340930 ID: c2c011

Go ask the human where you can find porno street or strip club street.
No. 340962 ID: ec0bf5

Oh look, it's Ei! Go over and talk to her, she'll totally love you. And your enlarged organ.
No. 341070 ID: 383006

The tozzle discriptions were at odds with how I read the original one. She is chained by regulation because of how dangerous she is, so she's obviously not a slave or something.

The tozol and the blue sluglike creature passed by Pektil on the way to one of the food stands. "Where would you like to eat, miss Jan?" the sluglike creature asked.

"You'll have to read the signs for me," she replied in a bored voice, "My tails don't exactly let me make out printed text." The slug-snake was obviously carrying her purchases and leading her around, seeing as she was hobbled and blindfolded. Pektil didn't know if he worked for the mall or not. Maybe he could make some money that way if there were other people who needed help like that.

He decided to approach the creature with the multitude of spiky limbs instead of bothering with the tozol. As he walked past the little brown-robed figure, he heard it hiss "ppst, cmere," but decided to handle his business with the other creature first. This one looked so shady, he wasn't sure if he should mess with it or not.

The chairs on either side of the six-limbed creautre were covered in her bags of dildoes, so he hopped up on the chair opposite her as she continued to eat her sandwich. Come to think of it, he was a little hungry too.

"Hey," he said, "You dropped one of your dildoes outside that store there." Pektil pointed back over his shoulder towards the shop where Kiley worked. "I traded it in for some coins, but they aren't really mine so here they are." He fished them out of his pack and set them on the table.

"Oh, you can keep them," said the creature. "You look like you are new here, and I have plenty more. My name is Ei. I've just come to do some light shopping." Her voice was smooth, but had a sibilant hum underneath the tone, as if some part of her vibrated rapidly to produce sound.

The winged human, horse and elf table erupted into laughter at some joke or another.
No. 341075 ID: ec0bf5

Ask her if she has seen a trustworthy place that could help make you bigger. The last place you tried ripped you off and made your penis humiliatingly large.
No. 341168 ID: 140d37

also ask if there a map of the place somewhere
and if she know what it would cost too get huge.
No. 341169 ID: c2c011

Tell her of your ambition and ask what one could do around here to earn money to realise it.
No. 341179 ID: f14565

Looking up the character I noticed a small discrepancy.

After hearing him mention why he was upset, she put her head under the table. Despite previously looking extremely tired, she immediately perked up like she had just eaten all the candy in the mall, bumping her head on the table before successfully bringing her head back up. "Oh wow!" she said, excited and rather hyperactive, "That's bigger than any of these! I haven't seen anything that big since... since... since I met this one guy with one cloned from a giant space shark! (it was awesome) But that's the best thing ever! Why would you ever be upset about that? It's like my sandwich!" She then takes an unsettling bite out of said sandwich.
No. 341445 ID: 383006

I... can't use this, because his penis is not actually bigger than the dildo she dropped. :V

Pektil asked her if she has seen a trustworthy place that could help make you bigger. He explained that the last place he tried ripped him off and made his penis humiliatingly large.

Ei dipped her head under the table, then hit it on the way back up. She was grinning. "It's reasonably sizeable," she said, "No reason to be upset about that, it's almost as large as my sandwich." She took a big bite to demonstrate. "Unfortunately, I've never had need of a such a modification, but I don't think it would perhaps be something readily available in a normal shop. Most of the stores deal in strictly sex-related things." She tapped a spike against her chin.

"You could try the Service Areas. There are more... unorthodox improvements available there. Mostly concerned with fighting and violence. Make sure you have a good means of defending yourself and money when you go. The people there are dangerous from what I hear."
Pektil coughed. He didn't think he was ready to try that yet. "Is there a map of this place?" he asked, "Also, how much do you think it would cost?"

"There are information kiosks spread around. Generally, you tell them what you are looking for and they can tell you the closest location that is similar. Mapping is fairly impossible. This place is far too large. Anyway, I have no idea. Magic, surgery and superscience all probably have methods to accomplish your goal. Permanent transformations are expensive, even moreso if they don't come with any drawbacks."

"So, it looks like I'll need money," Pektil said.

"I suppose so," Ei said back.

"How do you think I could make some?"

"I'm probably not the right person to ask," Ei said, "I only come here to shop. No need to use this place to generate income. I think people will pay you for odd jobs, and I think there are certain games and contests in certain areas."

Horse, human and elf continued to chatter, and the blue slugsnake got a personal pizza from one of the stands and lead the tozol to a nearby table.

The little robed figure kept making eyes at Pektil.
No. 341453 ID: 07416a

Speke to the leetle roabed theng. Mebbe it have muny?
No. 341456 ID: ec0bf5

I think what f14565 is trying to say is that the character is supposed to be a lot more hyper than this. The sentences almost always are exclamations and tend to be rather short, and wind up like "I just wanted to paint you too! Why don't you like paint?!" I think that was the point of saying she was sleepy, to remedy the error.

Ask if you think people would be willing to pay for "this" while gesturing downwards.
No. 341457 ID: e8cd4a

sell yourself
No. 341462 ID: 8092e6

Whore yourself out for some quick cash.
No. 341467 ID: 28e0ce

Whoring this early? Fuck no. Talk to the hooded thing.
No. 341477 ID: 8bdb6a

Approach the tozol. See if she needs any other manservants to do odd jobs while she's here. Offer to sit on her shoulders and describe things.
No. 341479 ID: c2c011

Ask about what kinds of games and stuff. Also ask about what you're going to do with your new tool.
No. 341544 ID: f14565

Offer to have sex with her if she gives you some money to help you out. She is usually extremely willing to have sex with random strangers of all sorts, that crazy alien.
No. 341593 ID: 953355
File 131378947654.png - (157.81KB , 320x480 , eicrayon.png )

No. 341799 ID: f0e7f3

Give the offer for sexytimes to test your upgrade.
No. 341805 ID: 383006

>>341593 (sandvitch was good)

"So, what kinds of games are there to do?" Pektil asked.

"Oh, all sorts!" Ei said. "Mostly about sex. Like, stamina contests and volume and stuff."

"What am I supposed to do with this giant penis? Can I use it to make some money?"

"Uh..." Ei glanced sideways. "It's not very big. Comparatively. And unless you've got something special, most people won't pay you for sex. You might get lucky though?"

"Do you... you know, wanna?" Pektil asked, embarrassed.

"Nah, not really. I've got shopping to do, and plus my sandwich," Ei said, laughing. Pektil got the impression that she was letting him down easy.

Pektil thanked her for helping him and letting him keep the coins, and decided to go see what the shady robed figure wanted. He sat down at the table and it immediately started whispering to him in a raspy, high-pitched voice. It leaned in close and conspiratorially, and its breath smelled like sugar.

"Hey, hey, you wanna help me? I have the sex with you if you helps me out, OK? It real simple. Just go to blue slug," Its small, yellow eyes darting toward the Tozol's keeper, "and make a distaction so I can ..." It paused, glancing left and right, "do things."
No. 341806 ID: 0c4d9e

This guy seems pretty legit, you should distract that blue slug with that craaaaaaaaazy penis of yours.
No. 341809 ID: 6f1d54

Run out in front of the slug and yell "LOOK AT ME I'M A TARGET!"
No. 341810 ID: 3fd4fb

Demand to be paid in something other than sex. You don't need sex, but you do need currency.
No. 341815 ID: c2c011

Inform him that you need something other than the sexings, you're in need of cashmonies and nothing else will be acceptable. But if he has the cash then you have the tool necessary for the distraction.
No. 341819 ID: 1854db

Hey, we're not gonna do this just to get laid. We work for money. Besides, we just GOT laid like 15 minutes ago, and it could be uncomfortable to try again so early unless Moks are better than the average human about getting it up after an orgasm. I guess our dude could be 'talented' that way but- REGARDLESS WE NEED MONEY.
No. 341820 ID: ec0bf5

(Before he left, Ei had mumbled that she was totally exhausted and sexed out from Flails Breaker, who runs a magic sandwich and ice cream bar shop nearby.)

Pektil looked over at the slug and saw the Phallus Foods, Inc. shop right behind him, and glimpsed the deposed wizard through the window doing... something, to an unruly customer.
No. 341822 ID: 8092e6

No. 342254 ID: 1c26dd

Before he left, Pektil heard Ei mumble something about being totally exhausted and sexed out.

He wasn't going to accept sex from the gross alien, though. "Look, I don't need any sex, but I do need money."

"Psh, I have the hottest pussy in all of Sex Mall," the creature croaked, "but if you insist..." she slid a bag across the table. It clinked heavily when Pektil grabbed it and stuffed it into his backpack. Good enough.

He ran up to the blue snakeslug and shouted "I'M A TARGET" at the top of his lungs, then pulled up his tunic and began helicoptering his meat wildly. "LOOK AT MY CRAAZY PENIS!" He shouted. The slug stared at him in shocked silence. After a moment it began to regain its composure so Pektil started shouting "EEDLE EEDLE EEDLE." He didn't know why, it just seemed appropriate.

He could see the brown-robed creature creeping up behind the tozol with a huge ring of lockpicks, just starting to work on the hobbles.

The snakeslug was beginning to regain its composure, so Pektil would need to think of something fast to keep its attention.
No. 342255 ID: c2c011

You must run up and slap the slug with your dick in the face, then it's probably time to run away. Also watch out for sergals that ask you if you want to be a star, only agree if they pay you a lot.
No. 342258 ID: 07416a

Jump up on the table and continue. If at any time the slug seems to be breaking out of it's shock, begin to demand payment.
No. 342286 ID: 8c077d

When the blue slugthing began to drift back to his ward, Pektil jumped on the table, gyrating like a maniac, whipping his tool through the air mere inches from the creature's face.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Snakeslug squealed.

"Pay up buddy!" Pektil shouted, attempting to bludgeon snakeslug with his meat. He could hear clinking but not see the brown-robed creature.

"What are you talking about?" snakeslug screeched, backing away slowly.

Suddenly, the winged human was there, Smiling down benevolently at Pektil and snakeslug. Pektil took in the perfect coiffure and radiant smile. Actually radiant. As in, he seemed to glow with a soft light. His wings were spread behind him, white feathers drifting to the floor.

"Is there a problem here?" He asked, his voice rich and soothing.
No. 342289 ID: c2c011

Tell Angel dude that Slug dude told you he would give you cash if you did the helicopter in front of him, but now he's refusing to pay up and so you're about to slap him senseless with you manmeat.
No. 342313 ID: 6f1d54

Suddenly, the Tozol burst free of her compromised bonds, and laughed maniacally as she struck a pose. "AH, AFTER TEN THOUSAND SECONDS I'M FREE! TIME TO CONQUER EAR-ooh, pizza." The Tozol proceeded to pick up her pan pizza and take a seat at one of the food courts benches, eating it rather dainty and un-tozol like.
No. 342314 ID: 28e0ce

Yes. Brilliant. Also ask the angel what he's doing later.
No. 342318 ID: 8c077d

Pektil pointed accusingly at Slugsnake, "He told me he'd pay me cash money if I did this," he continued to spin his hips, 'eedle'ing lightly under his breath, "and he hasn't paid!"

Before the slug had a chance to respond, the human grabbed Pektil by the front of his tunic and slammed him bodily into the table. The tiny Mok gasped and his head swam as the human hoisted up to eye level. He spoke through gritted teeth, still smiling beatifically. Pektil couldn't recognize the emotion in his cold blue eyes.

"Please, lie to me again," the human said, "I would love to see what color your blood is." He slammed Pektil against the table again, rattling the teeth in his head.

Pektil could make out a hard, feminine voice from somewhere in this painful, swimmy world. "Put him down."

He could see the human turn to look at something to his right. "Don't threaten me, monster, or you will regret it."

"Put him down," The voice carried the threat of barely restrained violence. Pektil could smell the fresh peperoni pizza.

"Kneel!" The human's voice rang out, pure, vibrant, sounding like a cannon shot - an echoing, ringing bell. Pektil involuntarily drew up his legs, trying to kneel in the empty air.

Seconds later, he crashed into the table again as he was dropped, pizza smearing across the side of his face. He saw the human, holding his cheek in one hand, and the tozol, restraints removed, pulling her fist back for another punch.

Snakeslug was laying face down on the ground. When Pektil glanced to the side, he noticed everyone in the food court was kneeling.

"Oh, one of those," the human said, recovering quickly from the blow, "Well," he cracked his knuckles and turned to face the Tozol, "The old fashioned way is more fun."

Pektil felt himself regain control of his legs.
No. 342319 ID: c2c011

The Tozol certainly seems like the better one between them, yell out and ask her if she will take you away from the crazy human if you help her. If she says yes then throw food at the angel to distract him.
No. 342333 ID: 28e0ce

Punch the angel in the dick. Then run away with your money.
No. 342339 ID: 28e0ce

Nevermind, just run with money. You've helped enough.
No. 342343 ID: 28e0ce

A nearby riot enthusiast sees trouble brewing and excitedly starts the smashing and looting with his specially modified crowbar dick
No. 342372 ID: 3bd8ec

While they're busy with each other, get the hell out of here. Both of these guys seem super fucking dangerous.
No. 342381 ID: 063c28


Seconded. We don't want to get the authorities after us if they aren't already, unless we know it'll get us closer to our goal faster. Do watch what happens, though! Maybe find the guy who broke the tozol out and ask him what's going on.
No. 342382 ID: 07416a

Steal the pizza and take your money and run.
No. 342388 ID: 383006

Pektil started to shout something to the Tozol, but she was already fighting in earnest. Pektil was dazed, but even had he had his full faculties he thought he would have trouble following the action.

The tozol was fast, limber, and used every part of her body to strike at the human. His whole being was suffused with white light and a golden halo gleamed brightly above his head. He moved liquidly, a gleaming blur, and Pektil couldn't tell if either one was actually managing to strike the other.

Suddenly, the tozol cartwheeled backwards through the air. She slammed into a table, reducing it to shrapnel. She was on her feet in an instant. "you're fast," she said. The human's robe was still hanging perfectly, his hair unruffled.

Pektil noticed that people appeared to be rapidly fleeing the area, except for a rather large fellow with a crowbar in place of a penis. This obvious riot enthusiast was smashing and looting a nearby shop window with his modified member.

"I don't know that I can punch you hard enough to actually injure you," the human said, still smiling brightly. His cool blue eyes were open wide, matching the overzealous glee in his grin, "But I am extremely willing to find out."

His wings kissed the air and he shot forward like a bullet as she leapt to meet him. Pektil decided that sticking around here was probably an extremely foolish idea. Plus, you know, he'd already gotten paid.

He jumped to his feet, grabbing a smashed slice of pepperoni pizza and cramming it into his face as he pumped his stumpy little legs as quickly as he could.

He dashed down the narrow walkway he'd first appeared on, weaving past the other strange creatures either making their way slowly toward or rapidly away from the food court. The awful, echoing voice of the winged human shook the tile under his feet as he shouted something about tearing the Tozol apart.

He ran down another curved walkway, hugging the banister before sliding to a stop in a smaller open area hanging out over the central void. Pektil looked around as he gasped for breath. There was a bank of escalators here going in either direction, and a large, rectangular object made of some shiny, glasslike material. Glowing blue text scrolled across it, and he noticed that some of it shifted into Mok when he approached. It said "INFORMATION." At this point, Pektil realized he had no idea where he was running to. He could barely see the food court from here, extending out away from the shops of the mall. He saw shrapnel fly into the air, and a cloud of dust pluming slowly upward.
No. 342390 ID: 3bd8ec

INFORMATION, eh? Sounds promising.
No. 342391 ID: 07416a

Time to find out how much of what you just did is illegal!
No. 342400 ID: 1854db

That's a good idea. Check the laws.
No. 342423 ID: c2c011

Cool, information. Time to see what places you could make money at.
No. 342433 ID: 063c28

Check the laws, check the punishment for breaking the laws, check how much you got paid and what in, find a place selling what you're looking for, find out how much more money you need, check who's hiring. A quick summary of any useful work experience/abilities you might have would be relevant.
No. 342471 ID: 7a5e2d

Pektil approached the information booth and more of the letter shifted into random Mok characters below the big descriptive heading.

There were a few other creatures browsing. One was a relatively large spherical creature covered in red carapace. It had long, purple tentacles instead of limbs.

Some smaller creature with semitransparent gray skin that resembled an armor-clad cross between a frog and a rockfish floated near the screen, scrutinizing it quizzically.

There was also a dragon squatting nearby and looking vaguely confused. It had a muscular, short body with a long tail and neck and chestnut scales. It had six muscular limbs with four digits on each foot and small wings running from its shoulders to the end of its tail. Its enormous mouth smacked occasionally as it blinked its beady green eyes.

Pektil waked up to the board and asked it what the laws were and what happened when you broke them.

The law is simple: No theft, unconsented-to violence in public areas, and no inciting or attempting to incite theft or unconsented-to violence in public places. All beings classified as "dangerous" must be restrained appropriately unless they have a waiver of trust. Authorities will appear should an offense result, and the offenders will be taken before a magistrate and allowed to plead their case. The magistrate will determine an appropriate punishment.

Pektil was a professional hermit by trade. He knew how to skin fish and find grubs. That was pretty much it.

He checked his inventory: Six pairs of panties for a giant, the glowy white potion, all of the things he started with, and 183 shiny gold coins. The prices in the food court looked like it costs one or two for a meal.

He asked where he could find work.

Nearby, there are several places seeking employment: 1. Jizz Mopper 2. Testicle waxer 3. Stock Boy 4. Personal assistant 5. Mechanic's assistant [Suggesters, feel free to list other places seeking employment. Remember to put a number in the Subject line]
No. 342484 ID: 6f1d54

Mechanic's Assistant. You are small, with tiny hands, you are perfect for getting into cramped machinery and fixing things that tall people cannot get to.
No. 342488 ID: 07416a

Mechanics assistant. Soon we shall become a DILDO REPAIRMAN.
No. 342490 ID: c2c011

John INC, where you're guaranteed to be a star.

You want to be a star Pektil, don't you?
No. 342493 ID: 1854db

...well that's really odd. We didn't consent to violence from the angel, yet he was quite violent. He wasn't an authority since he didn't take you to be sentenced, either... doesn't seem like you were breaking the law by lying to the angel though. So I guess he was breaking the law himself. Also the law only covers theft and violence. I wonder how they're defining 'theft' and 'violence'? It appears that vandalism, fraud, non-physical attacks, and molestation would be fine under these rules, yet you could consider those forms of theft or violence if you stretch the meanings of the words a little. See if you can get some clarification on those terms.

...I wonder if the Tozol and angel fighting could be considered consensual?
No. 342494 ID: ec0bf5

Mechanics for sure.
No. 342497 ID: 07416a

You need a disguise. I suggest you take some of that money and dye yourself rainbow.
No. 342498 ID: 8bdb6a

Personal Assistant. You don't know anything about mechanical anything.
No. 342505 ID: 8e18cd

Personal assistant. You can't do mechanics, can you.
No. 342507 ID: 7a5e2d

Pektil asked for further definitions of violence. Like, whether or not vandalism counts. Or bad touching.

Although any nonconsensual contact or defacement or destruction of property can be considered violence, if the magistrate deems the offense to be a waste of his time, the individual bringing the charge will be fined. Most minor incidents are unreported and handled between parties. Nonconsensual spellcasting or psionic powers are considered violent acts, no matter their effects. Fraud or misrepresentation of products is considered theft.

Okay, well, Pektil thought the angel guy pretty much violenced him for sure. Now that he though about it, he didn't hear any more sounds from the food court. Maybe the situation was already under control. The armored tentacle sphere was wandering off that way, actually.

Pektil had more important things to do, like make some money. He decided his small size and little hands would make him a perfect mechanic's assistant. He got the directions from the information booth, and after a few escalators and walkways, he was making his way down a little alley between two shops.

The walls were tall and close, and the ceiling high. They were undecorated white drywall, with a blue line about a foot from the tile floor. Pektil noticed for the first time that the quiet murmur of distant chatter was absent entirely. The only sound was the hum of the big florescent lights set in the ceiling. He identical unmarked passageways occasionally branch off to the right or left.

He was starting to think this wasn't the best idea when he reached a big metal door marked "MACHINE" He could see a sign just past it that read "You are now leaving a public area." He stood in front of the door, wondering what he should do.
No. 342509 ID: 07416a

Report what's-her-face for scamming you. You wanted to be bigger, not have monstrous evil junk.
No. 342516 ID: 063c28


I dunno if the authorities would be very happy with us right now, and our case would be pretty damn weak if our theft was discovered, as these sound like the kind of magistrates who follow the spirit, rather than the letter, of the law, and wouldn't look kindly on a thief seeking restitution.

More importantly: We forgot to find out how much money we need! Now we don't have a reference point!

Head back to the nearest info booth you passed and find that out. Then return, but be cautious; theft and violence are both legal in non-public areas. In fact, find somewhere safe, like a bank, to store your possessions and money before returning here from the info booth.
No. 342542 ID: 8092e6

proceed further. go get that job.
No. 342549 ID: 8bdb6a

Double back and find out why the locksmith let the tozol out in the first place, since apparently it's just going to get her in trouble. It might be important?
No. 342618 ID: 07416a

A nearby floating snake shark noticed the furry little mok and decided she just <i> had </i> to say hello. Given the locale, it might just lead to something fun.
No. 342625 ID: c2c011

Cockknock the door of course.
No. 342652 ID: 383006

Pektil wasn't sure whether he should go in or go find another info booth. He probably couldn't catch up with the little lizard locksmith even if he tried - he imagined she probably wasn't still at the scene of the crime. Honestly, he didn't think Kiley intended to screw him over. She definitely intended to screw him... His memory of those six seconds caused a slight stirring down below. Kiley...

His reminiscing was interrupted by something warm and smooth brushing against his shoulder. He jumped back, shouting, and saw a long, gray and white mottled creature swimming sensuously through the air. It had fins and skin like a shark, but the wide, grinning face of a snake and was roughly three times his height in length.

Pektil looked to his right, making sure he was on the safe side of the public area sign.

The creature spoke, her voice rich, throaty and feminine, "I saw you standing there and just had to come up and say hello," she purred. Her muscular body pushed her effortlessly through the air with slow, powerful strokes, and she swam in lazy circles, coiling slowly around herself, her unblinking yellow eyes fixed on him.
No. 342653 ID: c2c011

Tell her your story and your need for cashmonies.
No. 342662 ID: 4071b1

Pektil decided to trust the snakeshark, so he told her his story, and basically asked her the questions he was going to ask the information booth anyway.

She swam up to him with a dainty flick of her tail, rubbing her smooth body against his back and shoulder. He felt her tongue tickle his elbow before she slipped under his arm, turning to face him with her tail still pressed against his back. "Hmmm," she purred, "This is the issue, as I see it, Pektil," She drew his name out, making it drip like syrup, "Permanent alterations with no side effects that last outside of the Sex Mall will be expensive, probably several thousand coins..."

She swam past him again, wrapping one of his tiny, fragile arms in a coil of her body and releasing it just as quickly as she turned to face him again, doubling back on herself. "My name is Hacke, by the way," she purred, her name a short, sharp spike in the sentence. "The other issue," she said, swimming very close, her golden eyes and round, black pupils gleaming under the florescent lights, "Is that most people in the mall proper are not interested in things like that. You will probably have to visit the Service Areas, the Mall Backworks where things are more," her tongue kissed the air, "primal."

"Of course," she said, pressing her tail against him enough to make him feel her weight, the hard muscles underneath her skin, "That might be something you're interested in..." She paused, sliding more of her body against him. Her permanent smile unnerved him, and he wasn't sure exactly what she was implying.
No. 342663 ID: ec0bf5

Agree without waiting to find out what she's asking.
No. 342667 ID: c2c011

Say that if it gives you cash that will make you afford becoming HUGE! then you're willing to do anything.
No. 342674 ID: 07416a

Only one way to find out!
No. 342675 ID: 07416a

Only one way to find out! Agree.
No. 342752 ID: 383006

Pektil readily agreed to whatever Hacke might be trying to convince him of. "Oh," she seemed momentarily surprised, darting her head back, but rapidly regained her composure. "Well, we can take our time then, can't we?" She pressed her body against his, pushing him toward the mall proper. "I know a place we can go. It's got nice ambiance, and we won't be interrupted." she drew the last word out, running her tongue into the cup of his ear as she said it.

They made their way out of the blank, flickering hallways and into mellow light, shops and people. Hacke had twined her body around his, pulling him forward. He could feel her chest expand and contract as she breathed, hear her heartbeat as she lead him rapidly along past the shops and onlookers. "ooh," she cooed, rubbing a fin against the inside of his leg. She felt so warm, it's like her body was suffusing his with heat. "this is going to be so fun."

She pushed him into an elevator, pressing a button with the tip of her nose. He felt something decidedly hotter than the rest of her body pressed against his thigh. She whispered into his ear, he could feel little puffs of breath as she laughed, "I didn't take you for the type," her fin moved further up the inside of his leg, "Mmm, you're going to make me happy," she purred.

The doors to the elevator slid open and she pushed him out on a dimmer landing. On one side was the familiar gulf that ran though the center of the mall, on the other were a row of gaudy neon signs. This area was more alive with strange creatures laughing, dancing, drinking. Hacke gently trailed the tip of her tail along the underside of Pektil's penis. "Don't worry, I'll make it good for you," she said, her words dripping honey.

Pektil barely noticed the large neon outline of some pointy-eared creature with far too many teeth opening and closing its mouth. Hacke was pushing him through the wide, red plush doors when a tall, slender yellow and black quadruped with a face like a cross between a fox, a ferret, and a grayhound stopped her "Just a sec," it growled, then turned its liquid eyes to Pektil. "You're sober and consenting, yeah?" it asked, it's gravelly voice decidedly feminine. Hacke worked the much warmer part of her body against his rapidly growing erection.
No. 342753 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 342754 ID: ec0bf5

Uh, this isn't going to hurt, is it?
No. 342760 ID: c04c0d

Err this isnt some sort of vore thing is it?
No. 342762 ID: 049dfa

o no vorey stories.

Make sure she isn't planning to EAT you before you go in there.
No. 342764 ID: 400170

Well, we are.
No. 342783 ID: 9040a2


Uhm, I guess so?
No. 342806 ID: 063c28


Okay, it'll be awkward, but we probably should make sure what exactly we're consenting to. This thing is awfully sharkish, after all.
No. 342828 ID: 8092e6

Check her vagina for teeth.
No. 342829 ID: be8491

She seems nice and super legit. Let's trust her.
No. 342832 ID: 6e44d2

"Wait, just a sec, what, exactly, am I agreeing to?"
No. 342848 ID: 383006

Pektil's penis twitched as she continued to rub the outer crease of her vagina against the underside of his member, her warm, muscular body wrapped tightly around his. He just wanted to agree, say anything to keep going, but some part of his brain was still functioning properly, and so he asked the first question that came to mind. "It won't hurt, will it?"

"Oh no," Hacke purred, the tip of his penis down the outer edge of her vagina. "You'll be unconscious before you get to my stomach," Pektil was stunned, and Hacke continued in her smooth, sultry voice, "Unless you want it to hurt," She rubbed her cheek against his, licking the outer edge of his lip.

Pektil wanted to disentangle himself somehow, but her heavy muscular body prevented him from doing more than twitching feebly. "Uh," he said, "What, exactly are we going to do?"

"We're going to fuck," she whispered, her warm breath ruffling the fur on his cheek, "Then I'm going to eat you."
No. 342849 ID: ec0bf5

Cry and say "Agreeing to stuff without knowing what it was was just supposed to lead to zany and awkward misunderstandings! I didn't realize I was going to get LITERALLY eaten!"
No. 342850 ID: 607629

just let what happens happen
No. 342851 ID: 8211e6

"I didn't think this was going to involve dying! D:"
No. 342852 ID: 92d617


That is the very rightful king of all bad ideas. You do not want to be eaten.
No. 342853 ID: b0e12d

Surely it won't be fatal. How would she help us get huge if she ate and killed us?
No. 342854 ID: 2ed31f

"Woah, wait, I don't want to die!" Pektil shouted. Hacke flinched, instantly releasing him as if he'd burned her.

"Wha-what the fuck? But, you said..." She stared at him open-mouthed, looking shocked and hurt.

"Agreeing to stuff without knowing what it was was just supposed to lead to zany and awkward misunderstandings! I didn't realize I was going to get LITERALLY eaten!" Pektil said, backing away

Hacke curled in on herself, hiding her face with a loop of her body. "You thought it'd be funny?" she said, he could hear a hitch in her voice. Like lightning her tailfin darted out and slapped him across the face, sending him staggering. He could see tears streaming down her face. "You're a fucking asshole," she said, sobbing, "Don't fuck with people's hearts," and with that, she swam rapidly up through the air, her tears glittering as they fell.
No. 342856 ID: 6f1d54

Foam at the mouth in utter confusion.
No. 342857 ID: 3bd8ec

Man, where the heck are we now, even?
No. 342858 ID: ec0bf5

Now can we go looking for that job? The mechanics place sounds interesting.
No. 342862 ID: c71597

Ask the guard what the fuck is going on here.
No. 342868 ID: f22cb0

Explain that you dying isn't what you want, and that if there was a way without permanent death you'd do as she wishes.
No. 342881 ID: 87b514

Pektil stood in a state of complete confusion in front of the door as a large black dragon with two anthropomorphic rabbits chained to its shiny, spike-studded collar walked up.

"Hey, sober and consenting, yes?" the yellow ferrety dog thing barked out.

"Oh, oh dear yes!" one of the rabbits said, flopping a wrist limply in her direction

"Oh my, of course," said the other, winking lewdly. The dragon laughed, black scales gleaming under the neon lights, thin tendrils of smoke trailing up from between its glistening white fangs. It pushed the plush, round doors open with the tip of its snout and slipped inside.

"Uh," Pektil said, turning to the guard, painfully aware that his tunic was hanging off of either side of his exposed member, "Can you tell me what is going on here?" His dick twitched in her direction, as if in agreement.

"This is a vore club," she explained, licking one nostril with a long, pink tongue. Pektil continued to stare at her with his dick exposed. "People come here to eat other sentient things, or be eaten by them." His erection began to wilt ever so slightly, pointing gently toward the floor. His tunic slid down the length, but still didn't cover the end.

"It's their sexual fetish," the creature continued to explain slowly, asking another cadre of creatures whether they were sober and consenting. "They get off on it," she said after another awkward pause. Her gravelly voice had taken a slightly confused tone as well.

"Uh, Ok." Pektil said, not sure whether he should try to adjust his junk or not. Maybe she didn't notice? "Where am I, anyway?"

"This is a nightclub district," the guard said, letting two green female creatures made of goo wander in. They each had long bendy straws pressed into the others' plastic flesh, and were drinking from the ends.

"Uh, there are dance clubs here. Like, where people go to dance," Her big fluffy brush of a tail was hanging limply behind her now, and her head was cocked to the side on her long, snaky neck. "And there's clubs like this one, for sex stuff."

"Oh," said Pektil after another silent pause, still painfully and visibly aroused.
No. 342883 ID: 1ae1ff

Ask why people would want to get off on dying. Also ask if she's into it.
No. 342885 ID: c71597

Ask if she knows of anyone who would like to hire you for something that doesn't involve dying.
No. 342888 ID: 8e18cd

Best to see if there are any BDSM clubs around..
No. 342889 ID: 1854db

Adjust your junk.
No. 342891 ID: f22cb0

Ask her if there's some way to not die, or at least be alive how you are now, after being eaten. And explain that you didn't mean to make her feel bad, you just didn't know you'd die.
No. 342898 ID: 87b514

Pektil tried unsuccessfully to pull his tunic over his penis. When he pushed his tunic down lower, it only pushed more penis out from under the edge. And it kinda hurt. It pretty much instantly bounced back up when he let go, wobbling slightly.

"Uh, so, are you into that? Why would somebody get off on being killed?" He tried to turn sideways to see if that would help, but now it was just swaying laterally.

She sighed, "Not really. It's just a job for me. I'm pretty big and I can read minds, so people can't lie about consent or whatever." She coughed. "I've done it," she turned away, letting some sort of centaur with a massive erection leading a human woman in.

"You know, the vore thing," she looked to the side, not making eye contact, "But, it was kind of weird for me. The pay was too good, but it really creeped me out." Her rough voice was somber and distant.

"So, do they really all die? I didn't know I was going to die." Pektil said, looking at the busy crowds of dancers. Bright lights and heavy primal beats escaped from the doors to the various clubs and shops all along the walkway. Bright chatter and happy faces swam in neon.

"Well, there are ways. Spells. Some things have methods of surviving, or of keeping their prey alive," They both looked at the myriad creatures, naked flesh, or forms more accentuated than if they'd been bare, kissing, drinking, singing, some dancing to music only they heard. "But most of them just die. Can't afford it, don't care. It's what they want. They don't care if they can only do it once. Or it's not real to them if they can come back." She growled, clearing her throat, "The predators mostly don't care."

Pektil didn't really know what to say, but his erection had mostly subsided by this point, although there was a large smear of precum down the front of his tunic. He decided to attempt to change the subject entirely.

"So, uh, you know where I can make money? That doesn't involve death?"

She turned to look at him again. Her slitlike nostrils flared at the end of her long, pointed muzzle. She licked one absently. "I guess if you don't mind waiting around, I could use some hands. If you want to or whatever. You're new here." She stopped a tiny drunk horse from wandering in.

"If you want, anyway. Just for today." She kept looking off into the crowds as the silence stretched on. "It's just carrying things," she said suddenly, "That's what hands are! I, uh, don't have any."

Pektil tried to decide what he should do. "How long would I have to wait?" He was kind of hungry.

"Just a couple more hours. I can wait here for a while," she rasped. "I'm, uh, Sommer Ecrote."

"Pektil," he said.
No. 342900 ID: 6f1d54

The Bun in The Oven: Preg/Impreg
Malleable Desires: Shapeshifting
The Crazy Alchemist: Potions/Chemicals
Club Wincest: Incest
Send In The Clones: myowntwinnowneitherofuswillbevirgins.jpg
Number 63: Genderswapping
Hard-Boiled: Oviposition
Biggie Smalls: Sizeplay
No. 342902 ID: 3bd8ec

Okay, this is a much more promising lead than anyone else we've run into so far.
No. 342905 ID: c71597

Sounds pretty good, ask if she can recomend any good place to eat at while you wait. A small meal shouldn't set you back that much.
No. 342907 ID: 28e0ce

Clang clang: mechanical and mechaphile club. Across the street is Flesh and Steel, a cyborg club. They are bitter rivals.
No. 342922 ID: 87b514

"Number Sixty Three is a genderswap club down the street a little," she said after a moment of reflection. "They serve decent food, and it's calm. Everyone there is just enjoying being the other thing, so no one will really mess with you I don't think. Just make sure and order without special ingedients when you order." She looked somewhat concerned. "Like, tell them 'no special ingredients.'"

Pektil thanked Sommer and headed that way. "I'll meet up with you there when my shift ends," she said, her gravelly voice quickly becoming lost in the noise and voices on the walkway.

Pektil's small size made it rather difficult to make his way down the street, but he could see the big neon sign over the club. There was an outline of a human, one half wearing fishnets and a skirt with long hair, a large breast and round ass, the other side a muscular man in a tank top and shorts.

The "6" on the sign looked like an erect penis and testicles, while the "3" had been transformed into a pair of breasts.

Pektil walked through the revolving door and into the club.

There was a raised dance floor on one side, with several circular islands with shiny brass poles rising from the sparse crowd of dancers. A few of the poles had interesting creatures twining around them.

Outside of the dance floor was a recessed area full of low tables and overstuffed pink and blue couches, with several couples or groups lazing and sipping drinks or eating from square platters.

A shiny metal bar with plump vinyl barstools took up the other wall, glasses hanging overhead. Several patrons sipped colorful drinks.

A Several humans in pink vinyl dresses with wide skirts made their way from the brightly lit bar area into the multicolored strobe of the pit surrounded the dance floor to deliver trays or glasses.

As Pektil walked in, he could see another raised carpeted area with more couches and large, circular booths in the back with mellow candlelight.

A human female in a black vinyl dress with cherry red lipstick stood behind the bar, waving to an empty stool with a cheery "Care for a drink?"
No. 342923 ID: 1854db

Ask for some sort of traditional Mok drink. With no special ingredients. Unless you WANT to try out being a girl for a while. I wonder how that would work with the big-dick enchantment? If they don't have the drink you want, ask what's good here and order that. Also, some food.

Hey you could even ask what the 'special ingredients' do, instead of assuming they'd turn you into a girl.
No. 342925 ID: 07416a

Ask how the special ingredients would interact with a size-enhancing enchantment on your junk.
No. 342926 ID: 6f1d54


But yeah, politely decline the drink on the grounds that you're starving and want food-food. What do Moks eat? Fish? See if they have any fish items on the menu, and be sure to ask for it without any special ingredients so you don't lose your schlong and end up with a pair of size G breasts instead.
No. 342928 ID: 8092e6

Ask her for some whiskey.
No. 342930 ID: 87b514

The bar was fairly tall, but so were the stools. With a little work, he'd managed to clamber up the one the waitress had indicated to him. He could see she had long eyelashes and heavy mascara and blush. Her nametag said "Tammera Dekay," and she was chewing a bright pink piece of gum.

"Uh, I want a drink and some food, please," Pektil said. He was used to drinking puddle water and eating grubs he dug up, being a hermit and all, but he didn't particularly like grubs and puddle water. "I guess just want whatever you recommend, but I need to know how the special ingredients work. I probably don't want any. Plus I have magic and I want to know what'll happen if I take them."

"Okay, sweety. You decide if you want meat or not, and I'll get a sorceress over here. Oh, you want a sweet drink or a strong drink?, think about that too." She made her way down the bar.

In a moment, a long, slender snakelike creature with six thin arms slithered up. It had a vaguely humanoid face with six diagonal slits where a nose would be and wide green eyes. Its scaly hide was mottled red and black, with a whitish yellow underside. Its hands were limned in blue ghostlight as it waved them near his groin.

"This spell cannot be reversed. The special ingredients here would give you feminine breasts and figure, and give you pussy, but you still would have a dick. Herm is popular, so I think it's OK." She hissed, "Only last until you leave club anyway.

Pektil glanced at the menu. It looked like food was only a couple coins, same for the drink.

He saw the waitress making her way back to him.
No. 342931 ID: f22cb0

Ask for without special ingredients. Sommer would be disappointed if you asked for with, I believe.
No. 342932 ID: 8e18cd


More fem figure wouldn't hurt but breasts or a pussy would probably be a bit too much given your current condition.

Pick something without special ingredients and ask if there's some kind of work to be done here... maybe you could earn something.
No. 342934 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, we don't need the special stuff. It's probably more expensive.
No. 342936 ID: 1854db

Yeah, we're gonna go without. Hmm. The way she phrased it, I bet you're going to have that big dick no matter what happens to you. Cannot be reversed means it will never go away. Granted if the rest of you becomes huge like you want, then it'll be 'normal' right?
No. 342941 ID: 8092e6

be a herm.
No. 342942 ID: 87b514

The waitress sauntered back up to the bar, and asked Pektil if he was ready to order. He turned down the drink on the grounds that he was really hungry, and said he wanted something with fish in it, no special ingredients.

"I'll bring you a tuna salad sandwich, sweetie," she said, pouring him a tall glass of water and walking away with swaying hips. Pektil remembered that she was probably not really a girl, at least not outside of here.

He saw a tall, elegant woman sitting next to him sip her drink and suddenly begin to change. Her breasts shrank inside her t-shirt as her shouldered widened. Her exposed midriff thickened, fat wicking away, revealing muscles, and her chin and jaw widened and drew down. A five o clock shadow slowly darkened her cheeks. She? upended the rest of the glass, and ran onto the dance floor with a shout.

The waitress slid a plate down to him. Ligtly toasted, fresh lettuce peeking out from underneath, two ripe red tomatoes and a generous helping of tuna salad. Pektil wasted no time in busying himself with his first real meal since he'd arrived in the Sex Mall.

Around a bite, he asked the waitress if there was any work that needed doing.

"I guess you could mop the loads out of the back room," she said. Pektil wiped a dab of mayonnaise from the corner of his mouth.
No. 342945 ID: c71597

Ask how much that would pay. Then you can compare wages between what you could do at the vore club and at this place. Also ask about the hours.
No. 342946 ID: 8e18cd


Jizz moper is a bit... hmmm... degrading. Ask how much pay is there involved and well if there are OTHER duties you could perform.

If not you could check some other club with less... extreme content.

And remember: Watersports is not jet-skiing, snuff isn't powdered tobacco that you snort up and scat is not scat singing. That's the most important things you should remember for now
No. 342950 ID: ec0bf5

See if that mechanics shop job is still open.
No. 342960 ID: 1854db

If it's work we can do right now for about an hour while we're waiting for our friend to arrive, sure. It would be rude to be late for the meeting, but we don't have anything else to do...

And work is work. We shouldn't try to be picky unless we plan on staying here for a long time.
No. 342964 ID: 063c28


Yeah, a bit of odd jobbing is a good idea no matter what the pay is so long as it's safe, but we should be sure to compare pay when considering mutually exclusive options.
No. 342976 ID: bab287

Uhh, ask if there are any other jobs.
No. 342988 ID: c04c0d

Ask the waitress if she knows about any sexual fetishes that revolve around becoming huge.
No. 342991 ID: 07416a

Ask if they have a shower. If so, then accept the job and describe Sommer and ask to be told when she shows up.
No. 343014 ID: 41b2fb

"So, how much does it pay?" he asked.

"Eh, I'll give you fifty coins," the waitress said. Pektil correctly assumed that this'd just be a one time thing. It didn't look like they were really hiring.

"Do you guys have a shower? I'll do it if you have a shower. Unless there's something else I can do."

She cocked an eyebrow. "yeah, there are some showers next to the private rooms. I can show you. We don't really need any permanent help though. I just don't wanna clean the loads offa the walls."

She slipped out from around the counter and lead him back past the large private booths and overstuffed couches on the raised section above the bar. There were a few patrons lounging or snuggling in the dim candle light. The heavy techno beats that permeated the dance floor were much more subdued here, though. They wove between the boots and couches and reached a row of doors - brown against a dark brown wall. 'Tammera Dekay' handed him a ring of keys. "Okay honey, the one on the end is the shower room - it's not locked. Just get the bucket and soap out of there and then you can just go down the row. Wipe the walls down real good sweetie. I'll come get you when your friend shows up."

"Hey," Pektil asked before she walked away, "Do you know anything about fetishes about becoming huge?"

She smacked on her gum, blowing a bubble and letting it pop. The end of her tongue rapidly gathered it into her mouth again. "Size play is pretty ordinary. Transformation stuff. Yeah, there's plenty of places where you can be giant or tiny for a while. They're all specialty joints because you gotta make it where people can be comfortable, right? There's a few places for macros down on the lower levels, but it's just so hard for them to get around. A lot of the time they take temporary shrinking potions just so they can go do stuff while they're in the mall. Micros do the same thing with growing potions to be normal sized while they visit." She opened the shower room door for him. It was plain, white tile, with a row of toilet stalls and a row of little shower booths facing them. There were a few sinks against the back wall. She filled the bucket up with soapy water as she continued, "Course, in the service areas there's macros that stay big all the time. Place is dangerous, though." She pressed the bucket and a big orange sponge into his hands with a "there you go" and sent him on his way.

Most of the rooms weren't that bad. They all had a big round bed with a mirror on the ceiling, and a little sink with a mirror. Both bed, walls, and carpet were a deep reddish brown. There would be a few splatters of fluid on the wall, and Pektil would rapidly wipe it up and move on to the next room.

One of them, though, was a fucking disaster. Great ropey strands of semen dripped from the ceiling like stalagmites, and ran down the wall in long, snotty spatters. The smell was terrible - old gym socks, stale sweat and the putrid, rotten organic must of the semen itself. He was glad he'd asked about the showers before he'd agreed to take the job. He tried his hardest not to image what would have transformed the room into such a horrible mess as he scrubbed himself in the shower.

He dried off, stepping back into the bar almost as soon as Sommer walked through the door. The snaky thing dropped a little sack of coins into his hand as he hurried to greet her.

"Uh, hey Pektil," Sommer rasped, "I was just gonna get some groceries if you don't mind giving me a hand." She looked around, sighing. "I like this place because if you don't know any better, it's just like a regular nightclub, but because it's not a regular nightclub, you don't get a lot of really weird characters in here. Except us, I guess." She let out a few gravelly barks of laughter. "Oh, uh, you don't have to go with me if you don't want. I get it if you'd rather do something else."
No. 343018 ID: 8e18cd


If we have some time, we could totally accompany her...
No. 343020 ID: 07416a

A bloodied Tozol rushes into the nightclub and demands a shower.
No. 343021 ID: 07416a

Yeah, sure, go with her. Nothing better to do. Explain that you're new... REALLY new, and don't really know anything about pretty much anything. It'd be nice to have a friend. Benefits are excellent too.
No. 343025 ID: 6f1d54

Then she proceeds to demand a very stiff drink and a cigarette.
No. 343029 ID: f93445

Because skype and a coinflip made me do it

A blue and green nevrean named Dasaki sits at the bar eating a few slices of purple pineapple, turning to wink at you as the special ingredients start to take effect.
No. 343032 ID: c04c0d

Yes let us make friends.
No. 343034 ID: c71597

Tell her that you don't really know anyone else here and that you don't really know what else you could or would rather do.
No. 343042 ID: 41b2fb

Pektil noticed a blue and green nevrean sitting at the bar eating a few slices of purple pineapple, turning to wink at him as the special ingredients start to take effect, slimming his figure and plumping his butt, but not really doing much else.

"Yeah, I'd be glad to help you," he said, quickly making his way toward the exit.

"Cool," said Sommer, trotting toward the door as well.

"Yeah, I don't really know any-" Pektil began, before he was interrupted by a bloodied tozol darting through the doors of the bar. One of her arms was missing - just a ragged mess of tattered meat near the shoulder, and she was covered in bruises. When she asked for a shower, Pektil could see that a large number of her teeth had been knocked out. She also asked for a stiff drink and a cigarette.

"We should leave now," Sommer growled, heading quickly for the door. Pektil followed her without hesitation. Outside, the street was strangely quiet. Pektil couldn't really see over the people, so it wasn't until they made their way back toward Last Whisper where the crowds were significantly thinner that he saw them.

There were two of them, massive creatures who, walking abreast, would have filled the entire lane, and everyone steered well clear, crowding into whatever building was closest as they approached. Most people didn't even come up to their knees.

They were both anthropomorphic animals, rippling with muscle but with obscenely enormous breasts thrust forward, round and unnatural. They were more parodies of sex, narrow waists with rippling abs, wide asses and hard, muscular thighs. Both were naked, and sported massive erections fully half their own height. Their giant organs bobbed and twitched as they walked, dripping a steady stream of clear fluid onto the ground, doing nothing to obscure their massive, bulging ballsacks.

The one in front looked like a pitbull, her tongue lolling from the front of her mouth as she panted, dripping drool onto her breasts and grinning. Her bulging, bright red dogcock reminded Pektil of a spear.

The one behind it looked like a human, but it's tool was a massive, flared horsecock, mottled black and tan. The grin on its feminine face was no less terrifying than the dog's, full of power and easy violence.

They walked with slow, swaying gait, like runway models, parts of them rippling or jiggling as appropriate, as they walked in the direction Pektil had just come from.

"Authorities," Sommer said, ducking quickly into the alcove in front of Last Whisper. "They apprehend lawbreakers," she whispered roughly. She used the end of her muzzle to push Pektil up against her in the alcove, then dropped a tan leather messenger bag over his shoulder. "We should wait till they've gone past before we leave, and then we're gonna go to the elevators fast as we can," her growl was rough, almost hard to understand, "I haven't done anything wrong or nothing like that," she quickly explained, "They just scare the shit out of me."
No. 343043 ID: e9d7b9


Err, stay inside 'til they go past?
No. 343047 ID: 07416a

Hide. Ask if you maybe sorta encountered an angel thingy might that actually be an authority?
No. 343050 ID: c71597

Ok, lets avoid ever breaking the law here. Those authority people seem rather nasty and likely to rape you to death or something like that.

So yeah, staying hidden and waiting for them to pass is probably a good idea. Ask Sommer what they do if they catch someone.
No. 343070 ID: 1854db

We could mention the angel and ask what the hell that was about.
No. 343089 ID: 41b2fb

Pektil was pressed against Sommer's thick, soft fur. She smelled like dust and a little like leather. He could feel her heavy breathing and hear her rapid heartbeat. He was tempted to reach out and pet her yellow and black striped coat. After a moment she rubbed the elbow of her foreleg against his side. "Come on," she growled, "Let's hurry."

Head low on her long, serpentine neck, she darted forward into the scattered crowd, trotting quickly toward the elevator. Pektil hurried to keep up.

"So, what do they do when they find who they're looking for?" he said, walking quickly to keep up.

"Their spunk is poison. It paralyzes you," she shuddered, "Plus they're really strong and almost impossible to hurt. They take you to a magistrate for punishment."

They slipped quickly into an empty elevator and Sommer said "market" into the grill over the numbers. Pektil took the opportunity to catch his breath.

The elevator came to a stop on a level more like the one he'd first arrived on, but the walkway was wider and most of the shops were open air with broad, colorful awnings extending out over the tile.

Sommer began to trot down the avenue and Pektil followed, past cuts of meat, strange fruits and vegetables, bundles of dried herbs, whole fish on ice, any number of strange delights. They even had grubs.

"So, what about an angel looking guy. Could he be an authority?" Pektil asked. Sommer would stop and certain stands and ask Pektil to put some items into the satchel. There was a pouch on the side with coins in it, and he'd hand those over to the vendor. Pektil thought it must be pretty awkward for Sommer to do this by herself.

"Probably not," she said, answering his earlier question. "Most of 'em look like the two we saw. They aren't all as big, and their," she coughed, "equipment isn't all the same, but the general shape a' things is pretty similar." She got him to pick out the firmest of some bulbous red tubers.

Pektil told her about the angel guy he'd seen earlier, and asked her what was up with that. He left out the parts about him trying to slap some guy in the face with his dong.

"Could have been a vigilante, or just somebody lookin' for a fight," she said after a moment's consideration. She had him get some steaks, the flesh almost purple, before she continued. "He coulda had a writ of esteem." She had him gather some herbs as well. "It's like, to let you take care of minor disputes for the Authorities."

The pack was starting to get heavy, but Pektil didn't really mind. Being surrounded by the smells of dirt and vegetables, fish, meat, sometimes stinky cheese, were soothing, earthy. The omnipresent sussurations of haggling and idle chatter were a welcome change from the shouting and music of the nightclub district, but soon enough they were leaving the market behind, taking an escalator to a landing full of shops, then another to and enormous red brick landing, with rows of little porches and windows set into a massive, continuous brownstone facade. There were trees in little grassy areas bordered with stone that mostly blocked the view of the central void of the mall, although Pektil imagined that the upper floors could see over them fairly easily, and the bannister on the other side of the trees was a wrought iron fence. Some of the stoops had little planters on either side of the steps as well, with flower beds or vegetable gardens in them.

Sommer walked quietly down the rows of doors, her claws clicking on the brickwork, until she turned at one door in particular. It had a curved door handle that she pushed down with the end of her long muzzle, making her way inside. The hallway was small but well-lit, and they took a flight of narrow stairs up to the third floor. Maroon carpet lined the hallway, and she stopped in front of one of the many heavy wooden doors. It was deep brown, scuffed and scarred, but it looked sturdy to Pektil. Safe.

She reached into the front pouch of the messenger bag with her mouth, pulling out a key and carefully inserting it into the lock. She turned her head carefully to the side, and Pektil heard the heavy bolt withdraw. She removed the key, dropping it back into the bag, and pushed down on the door handle with her muzzle, showing Pektil into her clean, modern apartment.

Mostly, it was glass and metal, with heavy, plush gray carpet on the floor. What Pektil at first mistook for giant bay windows but soon realized were massive flatscreens showed a high mountain view with gently drifting clouds. The living room was an open expanse, with a raised bar separating it from the uncarpeted kitchen area.

There was no appreciable furniture other than a low table in the living area, and several large, round pillows in various colors.

"Thanks a lot for helping me Pektil," she said, not making eye contact. "unless you don't mind helping me cook or whatever. Uh. Otherwise I guess I can just give you the cash for being hands for me and you can just put that stuff on the counter." Her soft bushy tail hung limply behind her as she walked slowly toward the middle of the kitchen counter.
No. 343090 ID: 8e18cd


I hope all that time you spent being a hermit didn't limit you meal choices to gruel and grass.

Helping her cook would probably win you some more favours or money.
No. 343092 ID: 6e44d2

Let's help her cook! I like her, she's sweet.
No. 343095 ID: c71597

You are so helping her cook. That way you can probably get a tip and might be able to make this helping hands thing into a more regular arrangement that could see you gain some cash.
No. 343101 ID: 1854db

She seems a little depressed. Maybe you should ask her if something's bothering her.

We should help her cook, even if there's nothing in it for us. It just seems like a nice thing to do.

...I just realized we don't have any living arrangements. We could ask her if she knows how much it costs to live around here, and what places there are we can stay at. We probably shouldn't ask to stay here for the night. We just met her. Though, I guess, since she can read our mind she would be able to easily tell if we're trustworthy enough (since we stole from that shopkeeper without really giving it much thought, maybe we aren't)
No. 343104 ID: 6f1d54

"This is going to sound crazy, but really based on what I've seen today, it's a pretty tame story. So like, I fell through a portal thing and ended up here, so I literally have no place to go to or anything like that. So yeah, uh...if you don't mind a Mok with a giant dong, maybe I could sorta crash here?"
No. 343113 ID: 749762


Well, now I'd expect you to accept your payment and go. Though, it looks like you might be cooking after all.
No. 343137 ID: c04c0d

Help her with the cooking. Also try and find out why she seems depressed.
No. 343251 ID: 6e44d2

Guys, seriously? That's not depression: it's shyness. She wants some hot Pektil action.
No. 343374 ID: 6c7b78

"Yeah, I guess I could help," Pektil said, spreading the ingredients around on the counter.

All of the kitchen fixtures were much lower than he expected they would be in a house for someone of average height, probably because it would have been almost impossible for Sommer to use them otherwise. It also made it much easier for Pektil to help her.

Most of the implements he pulled out of the drawers looked completely unused, and after Sommer began to give him instructions for the preparation of the meal, he wondered how she would have managed to prepare any part of it whatsoever.

Soon enough, the room was filled with delicious, savory aromas, and a pot of meat and vegetables was simmering merrily on the stove. Pektil wondered for the second time how she'd planned on fixing the meal herself, and why she had cooked so much.

The huge flat screens transitioned from day into a starry night, accompanied by quiet sounds of blowing wind and chirping insects. Sommer was puttering around the room, scooting some of the cushions next to the low table in the living room. Pektil thought about asking her if he could stay there for the night, but wasn't sure if he should or not.

"Uh, thanks again," Sommer growled. "The bowls are in the cabinet right there. And, uh, you can make one for yourself if you want." She stood silhouetted against her false window, staring out over the bright, starry desert night that covered a blank brick wall.
No. 343381 ID: 1854db

Yeah, sure, let's eat.

Ask her about the mind-reading thing. How does that work? Can she tell what people are thinking all the time, or is it something she focuses on? Is that a common ability around here?
No. 343384 ID: c71597

Put down a bowl for youself as well. Ask her how she ended up here and how she got started on her job.
No. 343402 ID: 07416a

Bring her a bowl and give her soft ear scritchies.
No. 343835 ID: 383006

Soon enough, Pektil was sitting cross legged at the little table while Sommer reclined on a big cushion across from him, steaming bowls of rich stew sitting on the table between the two.

"So," Pektil asked, "How does your mind reading work? Is it something you have to focus on, or does it just happen all the time?"

"Well," she said, picking a chunk of meat out of her bowl with her tongue, "I can't tell what people are thinking exactly. It's more empathy - I can feel their emotions. I have to mostly be paying attention to pick up on it. It makes it pretty impossible to lie to me. Plus I can tell if somebody is under a spell or not." Pektil tried his stew. It was really good. Far better than grubs and puddle water. "I can focus to try and drill deeper, but people can notice that," she said, picking a vegetable out and chewing it slowly.

"How many people can do that?" Pektil asked, slurping the broth out of his big spoon. He was pretty sure the spoons were just for guests. The bowls were metal except one edge was raised and made of rubber so Sommer could grab them in her mouth without spilling them. They also had wide, rubberized edges. Like dog bowls.

"It's why I got the job," Sommer growled, slurping some of her own broth. "I mean, it's not extremely rare or anything, but it's not like everybody can do it." She paused, swallowing another cube of meat, "Plus, I can use mine to hurt people if I need to. You want to have a bouncer that can actually bounce, you know?"

"I guess," Pektil said. He was pretty sure you'd have to be pretty tough to deal with the sort of customers he saw going into that club.

They ate in silence for a while. Pektil looked around the room a bit more. There were the big screens, the night sounds, the big round cushions scattered over the plush gray carpet, and a noticed a silvery panel against the living room wall closest to the front door. He also noticed a tall, thin door in a recessed walkway on the same wall, and two big wooden double doors on the opposite wall. The entire place was immaculate, and he couldn't really smell anything besides the delicious stew they'd cooked.

"So, how'd you get here anyway? How'd you get the job at that club?" he asked, interrupting the relative silence.

"I was born here," Sommer said slowly, "Most people aren't natives, but some are. I was being raised to be a body guard, but my trainer got killed when I was still pretty young." She paused for a while, and Pektil was about to ask the question again when she continued, "I was just looking for work, but it's hard for me because I'm a feral," she said the word with some contempt, "So people expect me to act a certain way, and in a lot of places it's kind of hard to get around and do things. I did some jobs here and there, but I think it was trouble for me long term in most places." There was another long pause. Pektil got the impression that she didn't do much talking in the course of her average day. "Then I interviewed at Last Whisper and it worked pretty good. The place is mostly built for ferals, so, like, it's not as awkward, but I feel kinda bad because it just sort of reinforces the stereotype, you know? Like, we can't help but act like animals or whatever." She glanced at the bowls with an embarrassed grimace. "Would you mind getting me another bowl?"

Pektil went to get her another bowl. He wasn't sure if he should ask to spend the night, or just ask for his money and try to find some place.
No. 343845 ID: 1854db

Yes, ask if we can stay, but do so by asking if she would let us stay in exchange for you helping her out in the long term. I mean, this seems like good work for you, and she's been nice so far. It's a good arrangement. Heck, even the counters are the right size for a Mok.

Also it's a nice apartment. Seems like it should be expensive- does she get paid a lot?
No. 343847 ID: 8092e6

Ask to stay the night, give her some sweet mok loving.
No. 343870 ID: 1854db

Considering his last performance I'm not sure it would be very sweet.
No. 343889 ID: ce4a4d
File 131467420651.jpg - (92.09KB , 600x400 , dinner.jpg )

quest needs more shenanigans
No. 343896 ID: c7b6c2

Ask if you can stay the night in a REFRESHINGLY PLATONIC manner. Don't forget to be adorably pitiful as you ask.

After the meal, a knock is heard at the door. It is a mailperson, with a box for Sommer.
No. 343918 ID: c71597

Don't ask directly if you can stay the night, but hint at it. Like ask where one can find a very cheap place to stay where you're not likely to get rapemurdered.
No. 343945 ID: 26eb87

Mailperson: wait until most awkward moment possible to knock.

Pektil: be curious about box

Sommer: be embarrassed about box

Box: keep on being awesome
No. 343963 ID: 8dab69

The box is a box that causes intense desire of ownership for it in all those who see it, but is safely locked away in a quartz holding cage which negates its supernatural abilities.

Sommer thought the quartz box cage looked nice and has no idea about its terrible havoc-wreaking properties.
No. 343967 ID: 00abf8

They ate in silence for a little longer, just sort of relaxing in the presence of good food. Sommer yawned, stretching her front legs and displaying her long, pink tongue and rows of sharp, white teeth. Pektil was less focused on how slightly horrifying it was, and more on how extremely tired he felt. He'd certainly had a full day.

"Do you know anywhere around here I could maybe stay?" he asked, stretching his tiny arms in a sympathy yawn, "Or maybe I could, uh, stay here?"

Sommer cocked her head to the side and licked the end of her nose. "Yeah, I don't mind," she said.

"This place is pretty nice," He said, trying to maybe reduce what he felt was a potentially awkward topic.

"I do well at last whisper," she growled, yawning and stretching her back legs, arching her back.

Pektil began to talk again, stretching with another sympathy yawn, when he slammed his knee into the table with an audible "ROMP!" >>343889

Stew splattered across the table and Sommer's chest. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Pektil said, bounding up and grabbing a towel off of the counter. He quickly wiped up the table and tossed the bowls into the sink while Sommer sat staring in wide eyed silence. "I'll get it, don't worry!" Pektil said, kneeling in front of her. He rubbed the towel across her shoulders and chest. He grabbed her shoulder with his other hand for balance, noticing for the first time how long and silky her fur was. He carefully soaked up the broth, taking his time to carefully clean her shiny yellow pelt. He couldn't help but slowly work his fingers into her fur with his free hand. It wasn't long before he felt rhythmic vibrations through his fingers and barely hear a gravelly purr.

He looked up. Her head was bent like a swan, her chin against her collarbone and her eyes closed, her lips barely parted, just inches away from his own face. Her warm breath caressed the end of his muzzle as she purred and he leaned up toward her...

She lept back, startled as there was a knock on the door. Three short, sharp raps, followed by a tinny voice shouting "PACKAGE, FOR MISS ECROTE!" Pektil tumbled backwards, rolling under the table.

"I, uh," Sommer rasped, dancing nervously in place for a moment before she dashed for the door. He heard a muffled exchange before she hurried through the room, hauling a big square cardboard box awkwardly by the corner.

"Do you want me to.." Pektil began.

"No, I 'ot it" Sommer said out of the corner of her mouth, dropping the box and opening one of the big double doors. She pushed the box through and then slipped behind it, closing the door after her.

Pektil took the opportunity to finish cleaning and putting the leftover stew away, and Sommer reappeared just as he was finishing up, pulling some blankets behind her. "It's fine if you stay, she said, we can pile up some of these cushions to make you a bed, and I brought you a sheet and some blankets. She rapidly pulled some of the big round pillows - much larger in diameter than Pektil was tall, into a little nest, draping the sheets and blankets expertly on top of them. "The door behind you is the guest bathroom, uh, thanks for everything." She dropped a little brown pouch that clinked onto the bar, and rapidly disappeared back through the heavy wooden doors.
No. 343969 ID: c71597

Get a sleeping area set up, be sure to thank her a lot for everything she has done for you and then prepare to sleep. Although sleep might be hard to come by since it might be a bit tricky to get used to your now vastly larger equipment, probably going to have to twist and turn quite a bit before you're comfortable enough to sleep.
No. 343970 ID: 28e0ce

Peeking on a psychic is a terrible idea. Do it.
No. 343993 ID: 1854db

Peek on *what*? She doesn't wear any clothes.

Anyway we really really don't want to piss off the lady who's giving us a place to stay and hasn't actually paid us yet.

So I think we should go familiarize ourselves with the guest bathroom. Brush yo' teeth!
No. 344014 ID: 2f2e17

He is SUCH a ladies man.

You probabally don't want to piss off the only person here who has shown us kindness. Just go to sleep and dream of avenging your parents, little furry Batman.
No. 344021 ID: 66588f
File 131474407910.png - (46.47KB , 500x250 , Boxfulladicks.png )

Man, Pektil didn't even know what the fuck.
No. 344130 ID: 43d730

Thus, empathic arousal overflow from the other room.
No. 344148 ID: 1854db

There is a perfectly logical explanation of course. Dildos are used as a form of currency. So she could be investing. Sortof like buying gold coins. Dildo-shaped gold coins.
No. 344166 ID: ec0bf5

She thought it was a box of dragon dildos, because that is exactly what she had ordered. Through this weakness she brought it into her house. Little did she realize her paycheck wasn't due until the following day. The malevolent yet nice white box sat there tastefully and despite the fragile containment around it Pektil couldn't help but notice that the corrugated ridges in the cardboard were very aesthetically pleasing in their spacing, and the handwritten label on the box was in a very nice shade of crayon. He then got confused as to why he was admiring a box full of dicks and backed away from it, feeling a bit emasculated.
No. 344191 ID: 8092e6

go into her room and sex her up.
No. 344223 ID: 7be767

>>344166 The box is in her room. Pektil can't access it.

Pektil realized with some embarrassment that he was sporting a bit of an erection, so he decided to wander around a bit instead of going straight to bed. He picked up the pouch of coins from the bar and added it to his bookbag, giving him a grand total of 280 coins.

He also decided to check out the bathroom. It was simple and clean inside. Gray stone walls, a blue tile floor, and a dim light fixture that came on automatically when he entered. The toilet was some kind of weird-looking urinal type thing into the floor with a shiny metal flush pedal near the front. Some shower heads were set into one corner where the floor was slightly concave and pierced by a drain. A long mirror dominated the wall opposite the shower wall, interrupted by a wide, low sink and there was a door to the left of where he entered. The toilet was pretty easy for Pektil to manage - it was like pooping in the underground streams of his homeworld, but he didn't have a toothbrush or anything so he just ate some toothpaste that was in a dispenser next to the sink.

He peeked into the closet. There were towels hanging on a rack, and a big brown box of dragon dildoes. Pektil didn't know what the fuck.

He wandered around a little more, even gently pressing on the handle on one of the big double doors, but it was apparently locked.

He cozied down into the pile of cushions and blankets, and soon was fast asleep.


He woke up, stretched his tiny arms and yawned. The scene on the big screens had changed to a sunrise over the broken desert mesas, an orange glow suffusing the morning air.

He crawled out of the comfortable pile of cusions, smoothing down his robe and picking up his backpack.

There was leftover stew in the fridge and no sign of Sommer. He wasn't sure if he should do anything or just go. Maybe the mechanic's job was still available.
No. 344225 ID: c71597

Gently knock on her door to see if she's up. Wouldn't be nice to just leave before saying good bye and stuff.
No. 344226 ID: ec0bf5

Write a note saying that you're going to the mechanic's shop to look for a job and that if she ever needs anything else from you to look for you there. Then go off to the mechanic's shop and do just that.
No. 344230 ID: 66588f
File 131480784874.png - (136.65KB , 750x600 , Capitaldcolonsmallerthan.png )

Some prick locked the door from the inside, so, having nothing better to do, Pektil decided to practice the one hobby he truly called his own.
No. 344250 ID: 1a6ff0

>>344230 Keep in mind - you are supposed to be illustrating the scene as it happened and adding in any details you want, or illustrating something that is a logical extension of the update, not hijacking the update entirely. Although it pains me, I must ignore your excellent image.

Pektil briefly considered balancing bowls, but then remembered the bowls were basically shaped like dog bowls, and also remembered that this would be extremely silly. Still, it was an entertaining mental image for him to hold closely as he prepared for his day. :<

He knocked gently on Sommer's door once, but there wasn't a reply. Taking out his crayon, he scrawled a message on a paper towel talking about the job as a mechanics assistant, and if she ever needed anything that's where he'd hopefully be. He placed it carefully on the counter and then left the apartment. He heard the door lock automatically behind him.

He wandered out of the apartment and out onto the red brick path. The light was exactly the same as it had been when he'd entered, shining from some unknown source and casting minimal shadows.

He made his way down the nearest escalator, and asked the nearest information booth how to get to the big door that said "MACHINE" where he could get work as a mechanic's assistant. Surprisingly, this worked just fine and soon enough, after an elevator ride and a bit of walking, he was back with the flickering lights and bare plaster halls, in front of the big metal door labeled "MACHINE."

He looked down the dark hallway past the Public Area sign, remembering his encounter with Hacke. He knocked quickly on the door and heard a mechanical click. A muffled voice invited him inside.

He opened the door slowly, edging his way into the dim interior. The floor was bare concrete, and bright spotlights on long cables hung down from the murky darkness overhead. Grease and oil stained the concrete, and vast engines towered out of the gloom like ships parting water, rumbling, churning, gears and pistons larger than his body noisily accomplishing their tasks, vast belts spinning, huge, shuddering hoses and wires spooled out over the floor. It was surprisingly quiet. Perhaps because the room was so large, and the engines so widely-spaced... Pektil didn't really know. He was standing, staring in wide-eyed amazement. His mien didn't change when the creature approached him out of the gloom.

She was female, and naked, what little flesh remained. Her legs were gleaming steel, terminating in heavy metal hooves. Her right arm, mechanical from the shoulder down, resembled a human arm. Her left arm was a mass of twisting metal tentacles and arms ending in lights, saws, sparking apparatuses, and other devices the purpose of which he'd rather not contemplate. Instead of a face, she had a blank, metal plate with a grille set in the direct center, with four small lights set around the perimeter. Hoses, wires, and assorted machinery studded the rest of her bald head. He could see rubber ports under her ribcage that hissed rhythmically with the rising and falling of her chest, and thick pipes snaked in heavy loops from her back.

Her skin was angry and red where it attached to her mechanical parts, and pale as a corpse everywhere else. She walked toward him with a slow, heavy stride, her hips swaying as she lifted her leg, her metal hoof slamming into the concrete as she put it down again.

The voice from the grille was tinny and warbled. "Welcome. I imagine you are here for the assistant's job. I am Elinore Priesmyer. You may call me 'Miss Priesmyer.' What qualifies you for a position as my assistant?"
No. 344253 ID: 07416a

Dexterous hands and the ability to fit in small spaces.
No. 344267 ID: 1854db

...something tells me we might not actually be qualified. Apologize if that's the case and she needs someone with familiarity with machines.
No. 344300 ID: 60d609

"I've got dexterous hands and I can fit in small places," Pektil said. Her mechanical hands slapped onto her hips with a meaty thump, and she bent forward at the waist, lowering her 5'9 3/4" frame down to eye level with him, even though her blank metal face had no eyes.

"Miss Preismyer," she said, her mechanical voice buzzing with static.

"What?" Pektil said, trying not to stare at her boobs.

"You should have said 'I have dexterous hands and can fit in small places, Miss Preismyer,'" She replied, voice squealing with distortion.

Her face, if you could call it that, was very close to his, and he could see flakes of rust fall out of the metal grating in front of the speaker set in the direct center of the gently curved piece of metal bolted to the front of her head.

"Oh, uh... I have dexterous hands and can fit in small places, Miss Preismyer?" He hoped that was right.

She rotated back into an upright position with a jerk, a hiss of steam from somewhere near her shoulder blades. The breathing ports on her torso exhaled in what was perhaps meant to be a sigh.

"The pay is five coins an hour, although I can also pay in inches, and I expect you to work at least six hours continuously in any given twenty hour period." Pektil found himself staring at her naked flesh. It was shiny with oil, or maybe sweat, and her body was utterly hairless. Standing there, hands and tendrils on hips, legs splayed, he could see the inner lips of her vagina. Those and her nipples were slightly pink, not angry red like the areas around her implants, or corpse white like the rest of her skin.

"I expect you to be here at least six periods continuously, with a fourty hour break in between at your option," she continued, her voice alternately warbling with distortion or shot through with static. Pektil continued to stare at her crotch. The lips were open ever so slightly. He could almost see inside.

"Well?" She asked, stomping a metal hoof loudly against the concret, "Do you want the position?"
No. 344303 ID: c71597

Tell her that you will take it! And you will do your best and certainly won't disappoint her and be thrown out and have to do porno in some seedy dump.
No. 344306 ID: 1854db

Well the pay is kindof crap but we can learn things doing this job, and we can work for longer than 6 hours a day if we want to anyway. ...wait, what about meal breaks? And bathroom breaks?

Be sure to end what you say with 'Miss Preismyer' aaaaaand maybe stop staring directly at her vag.
No. 344307 ID: 28e0ce

Yes, miss Preismyer. Then ask about the inches thing.
No. 344311 ID: 66588f

Five coins an hour? Fuck that, we can get more by doing people's errands and shit. We even got free dinner and a place to stay last night.

Let's go find a, you know, job agency or something. Or maybe there'll be some fliers. Whatever.
No. 344316 ID: 3fd4fb

Stop staring, Pektil. I mean, come on. Her attributes aren't that unique.

The working hours sound reasonable, but five coins an hour seems rather low. We've gotten 280 coins basically just wandering around for a day or so, and we're looking at only +30 per work period at that rate of pay. I'd hope for more like twice that much.
No. 344319 ID: 1854db

'inches' is the alternate currency of dildos.
No. 344327 ID: c7b6c2

Stop staring, little guy.

You know, I'm not liking the terms of this job. It's for a long period of time (I assume), and honestly we don't have that kind of attention span or commitment to do something like that. The pay is shit, too. She's also going to end up doing something horrible to poor Pektil.

You know, suddenly I feel bad about stealing those coins from Sommer. I bet that's going to come back to bite us in the ass.
No. 344330 ID: 6b6016

Dude, Pektil is an unskilled worker who only knows how to catch and cook grubs.

He's better off taking the job and learning a thing or two about being an actual mechanic. Besides, its not like he can't do odd jobs whenever he's off work.

I say take the job. It'll help to have some income going in now that you're staying in the Sex Mall. You've gotta pay for food and a place to sleep after all.
No. 344920 ID: 383006

>>344806 Please draw images in something simulating crayon

>>344615 I pretty much can't use this for a variety of reasons. Try to keep things at least appropriate to the location. For example, this isn't a store and the doors are locked.

Pektil was on the fence about the job, but in the end he decided to go for it. "I'll take it, Miss Preismyer," he said, trying to stop peering at her vagina, even though it was right freaking there. He'd never really gotten a good look at one before, but he figured she might catch on if he kept staring. She was probably looking at him from somewhere. Wherever her eyes were. Maybe her butt. Or her boobs. He decided to inspect them closely for cameras.

"Good. You will begin immediately. Follow," With that, she turned sharply on one hoof and sashayed deeper among the shadows and clanking engines. Pektil scurried behind her.

She didn't speak as they walked, but her speaker produced some tinny, haunting music to accompany them. She would stop in front of a machine and adjust a bolt or a belt. Sometimes, she would ask Pektil to crawl underneath a mass of pipes or juddering steel plate and tell her what he saw. It was cool and dark inside the machine area, and the only sounds were the quiet rumbling of the engines and the mostly inorganic sounds that came from Miss Preismyer from time to time. Pektil realized he'd missed breakfast, but Miss Preismyer didn't really seem to slow down. Not that it mattered - the work wasn't particularly strenuous, and most of the time he was just standing around, watching her work.

"You may take a break, up to one hour, if necessary," she said. Pektil noticed they were near a wall - blank concrete interrupted with vents and massive, rusted pipes that disappeared into the obscuring darkness overhead. There was another metal door, very much like the one he'd entered. It opened up into a public restroom and he could see mall outside.
"Meet back here," her voice chased him out of the gloom and into the bright light of the mall proper.
No. 344921 ID: 1854db

Let's get some grub! How about we go back to that place we ate before, that was pleasant.
No. 344924 ID: 43d730

Forget not to ask for no special ingredients this time.
See how the effects interact.
No. 344925 ID: c71597

Time for food! Lets try some new place to widen your horizons and stuff.
No. 344933 ID: 630d1f

That blue and green nevrean was outside the restroom, attempting to stay inconspicuous and seeming to be waiting for something.
No. 344943 ID: 1854db

We already know! He'd become a hermaphrodite, because the dick never goes away.
No. 345112 ID: 31a27f


Well primarily you'll want some food, because that's what all mechanic's assistants need to get on with their day. Though make sure you don't buy anything weird. Check and check the ingredients.

Also, get some adorable overalls and goggles for your new job, if you have the time and money.
No. 345115 ID: 31a27f
File 131502351837.jpg - (126.10KB , 1280x994 , pektil.jpg )


No. 345146 ID: 400170

Outside, an unseen predator lurked on the ceiling and walls, a pair of binoculars in its hand and a plastic belt around its waist. It avoided people mostly, the invisible synx not in the mood for trouble.
No. 345313 ID: d42597

Eat at the place you did before, no special ingredients, and think about Sommer. Make sure you remember where she lives.
No. 346028 ID: 126c09

Food! Pektil thought about going down to that other place he went that one time. He wasn't sure how far away he was from there though, or really where he was. He steppped out through the bathroom door into a brightly-lit Mall area lined with shops. There was a food court nearby.

That blue and green nevrean was outside the restroom, attempting to stay inconspicuous and seeming to be waiting for something. Further away, an unseen predator lurked on the ceiling and walls, a pair of binoculars in its hand and a plastic belt around its waist. It avoided people mostly, the invisible synx not in the mood for trouble.

Pektil had more pressing matters, though. He saw a tiny person clothing store and grabbed some overalls. Not only would his dick stop hanging out under his robes, it would probably be much safer than a long, flowing garment around all that huge, quickly-moving machinery. He grabbed some goggles too - they'd probably protect him from debris and dust.

Pektil wasn't sure if he should try to get something where he was, or try to find that club district and get to that other restaurant. He was pretty sure he remembered Sommer's house number, though.

The food court was fairly busy here, although there were plenty of carts and booths and the lines looked like they moved quickly. He needed to decide which way to head, it wouldn't do to be late back to work!
No. 346030 ID: c71597

Get food here immediatly and then impress your boss by being back to work way faster then the time she set for you. Get something that's quick and easy to eat. Like a kebabroll or something like that.
No. 346032 ID: 1854db

We'd better just get something here if we aren't in the club district. As for what to get... follow your nose!
No. 346049 ID: 9d2760

Eat something alive. Get a feel for this whole vore thing.
No. 346057 ID: 126c09

Pektil decided to just grab something quick - he thrust himself into the delightful smells of sizzling meats and baking pastries, and realized how hungry he really was. For a moment he considered getting something alive, but honestly the vore thing really creeped him out. He decided he'd just grab a dick-shaped cinnamon roll instead, making sure it didn't have any special ingredients first. After his purchases, he had 203 coins left.

He'd be back real quick, with his new little uniform and everything!

He stuffed his face with sweet, fluffy pastry and dashed back into the public bathroom, past the colorful bird guy, and was licking the last of the creamy icing from his fingers when he opened the big metal door marked MACHINE and returned to the gloom and thrumming engines and smells of metal and oil.

Miss Preismyer was standing unnaturally still. Silent in the darkness, Pektil hadn't noticed her until his eyes adjusted to the gloom. She turned on one hoof in a single, fluid motion to face him, slamming her other hoof into the concrete to stop her rotation.

"Well," her speaker squealed, "Don't you just look like a professional?" She bent sharply at the waist with a pnuematic hiss, "You deserve a promotion."


One of her long metal tentacles withdrew a pocket watch from somewhere, A round, heavy thing about the size of Pektil's hand, she dropped it into his open palm. It was heavy and shone dully in the dim light, and Pektil could hear it ticking - deep, heavy clicks that accompanied the slight vibrations chasing through the body. The chain snaked in between his fingers, trailing down almost to the floor with a sibilant hiss.

"Now you are a mechanic's assistant, first class. The pay is the same and there are no additional benefits, but you can keep that pocket watch," She said, turning sharply again. "Now back to work." She sauntered into the darkness, and Pektil slipped the pocket watch into the big front pocket on his coveralls and scurried after her.

The ghostly, warbling music resumed and they continued to work. More machines, more gloom, more work. As they finished tightening a belt on a giant, rumbling device, the music from Miss Preismyer's speaker stopped and she turned to Pektil. "It has been six hours. I can give you your pay for the day if you would like, and leave to you your business. You are probably hungry." Pektil guessed he kind of was. The dick-shaped cinnamon roll was pretty big, but still. "I will expect you back tomorrow. Also, if you could leave an address or a contact number, that would be useful to me." Her sentence ended with a loud burst of static.
No. 346065 ID: c71597

Tell her that you don't really have anywhere to stay at the moment and you would be happy if she could recomend a place. Other than that thank her for hiring you and promise that you will be back tomorrow.

If she can't recomend a place then you could probably head back to the Vore club and see if Sommer would let you stay again in return for being her hands.
No. 346082 ID: d42597

Don't tell her where Sommer lives, however keep in mind that will probably be where you will stay. Thank your boss again for the job before leaving.

Ask Sommer permission to stay again and ask her if you are allowed to tell the person you work for if you can use her place as your address.

If her work is over, or if she has back at the place, then ask her if you can cook with her again later. She seems like someone you can trust.
No. 346272 ID: ec0bf5

As Pektil was getting ready to leave, a grey creature burst into the shop, hobbling along on three legs. It was a little taller that Pektil, but longer to the point where it was probably the size of one of the medium-sized races from head to tail. It looked a bit like a snake with three mechanical legs and two mechanical arms, and a big black helmet with red eyes covering its head. Its little arms were full, holding its back right leg and a vibrating dildo, presumably as payment, Pektil thought.

"The multitool you sold me, ma'am, it doesn't work! It- it's... defective or something!" she said in an upset female voice. "What are you..." starts Miss Preismyer, confused, before the drone flips on her back and starts doing something with the leg and the dildo. She holds the leg up against a protrusion on her lower body, presumably where the leg belongs, turns on the dildo, and starts rubbing it around on herself there frantically and, to anybody but her, quite suggestively. A few distressed moans later, with nothing different with the leg, she shouts "SEE! Ma'am, it's not letting me repair the connections with my leg, it's just... messing with my senses or something, it feels really... weird." (of course it did, Pektil thought, she was just rubbing a vibrating dildo against her crotch) "I... I demand a new one that works!" she shouted, waving the dildo around to Miss Preismyer's confusion.
No. 346297 ID: 1854db

It's not a shop. It's like, the place where all the heavy machinery does work behind the scenes or something? Atmosphere regulators, power generators, that sort of thing I imagine.
No. 346329 ID: 0db2fd

"Well, I'm not really living anywhere at the moment," Pektil said. He decided not to mention Sommer at all. He'd think about whether or not he was going to go check Last Whisper for her once he got off work.

Miss Preismyer spread her legs and bent down at the waist like a gymnast, lowering her grille close to Pektil's face. She reached out with her right arm, placing her index finger under his chin and rubbing her thumb against the side of his jaw. He heard pressure plates depress in her fingers with little audible clicks. Her speaker made a horrible squeal that caused him to flinch. It took him a second to realize she was attempting one of those thoughtful hums and failing miserably.

"I can rent you a place," She said slowly in her staticky, distorted voice, "Five coins a night, with a sink, toilet, mirror, shower and lockbox."

She jerked rapidly upright, face snapping to the left and hips swiveling elegantly to place her right hoof behind her with a clank.

a grey creature scurried out of the gloom, hobbling along on three legs. It was a little taller that Pektil, but longer to the point where it was probably the size of one of the medium-sized races from head to tail. It looked a bit like a snake with three mechanical legs and two mechanical arms, and a big black helmet with red eyes covering its head. Its little arms were full, holding its back right leg and a vibrating dildo, presumably as payment, Pektil thought.

"The multitool you sold me, ma'am, it doesn't work! It- it's... defective or something!" she said in an upset female voice. "What are you..." started Miss Preismyer, confused, before the drone flipped on her back and started doing something with the leg and the dildo. She held the leg up against a protrusion on her lower body, presumably where the leg belonged, turned on the dildo, and started rubbing it around on herself there frantically and, to anybody but her, quite suggestively. A few distressed moans later, with nothing different with the leg, she shouted "SEE! Ma'am, it's not letting me repair the connections with my leg, it's just... messing with my senses or something, it feels really... weird." (of course it did, Pektil thought, she was just rubbing a vibrating dildo against her crotch) "I... I demand a new one that works!" she shouted, waving the dildo around to Miss Preismyer's confusion.

Miss Preismyer rapidly regained her composure. "That is a multifunction dildo, I do not sell things, and this is not a store," She said.

"A what?" the creature shouted in confusion.

"How did you get in here anyway?" She said, turning toward the creature. "I can deal with this Pektil, you're free to go," she gestured behind her with a mass of metal tentacles, waving him Mallward, "Just come back if you would like a room."
No. 346336 ID: c71597

It's a pretty good offer for the room, and it should make sure you're on time for the work. You should take it, you can find something better later on. And you could go to the last whisper and tell Sommer, so she doesn't start to worry or anything, not that she's likely to, but she's just about your only friend here so you should tell her and also possibly help her out free of charge if she needs it, since she's your friend and stuff.
No. 346388 ID: 1854db

Alright good. We'll be back later for that later then.

Man that's a cheap price for a place to stay, even though it has no bed or any chairs or anything. We'll want to get a sleeping bag or something and maybe a folding chair.

Let's go find a map and see if we can locate Sommer's workplace again. We have a watch now, so she can tell us how her schedule works. Then we'll know when she's available to hang out with! Oh, before that, we should get a notepad so we can write important stuff down in it.
No. 346448 ID: 383006

Pektil walked until he found the giant concrete wall that disappeared into darkness, then walked along it until he found a door. Exiting, the bright light of the mall proper was glaring after hours in the gloom of the backworks.

Pektil realized that the room Miss Preismyer offered was a pretty good deal. He'd have to seriously consider it at some point. But first, he had a friend, a single friend in the whole wide world, and her name was Sommer. He went to the closest information booth and asked where Last Whisper was. Seems like they didn't do maps here so much as remembering what the names of things were. Also, he picked up a dick-shaped sketch pad and a dick shaped penicil for a coin. It was a pretty good deal, he figured. The tit shaped ones with "real feel" nipples were twice that much. What the fuck was a "real feel" nipple anyway?

He took the directions to Last Whisper and headed down there post haste. The darkness, dance and party was going full force when he arrived, just like the first time he'd set foot on this floor. He quickly made his way to Last Whisper. Sommer wasn't there! A blue snake with shiny gold frills flicked her tongue at him as he approached. "Ssssomer hassssn't sssshowed up today. I had to fill in." She lisped. "I'd love to eat you up if you want to go insssside," she whispered as he sighed.
No. 346456 ID: c7b6c2


Go visit Sommer's house.
No. 346459 ID: 895fe6

That doesn't sound like much fun. Ask her if she can make it sound more fun. If she can't, ask her if she thinks Sommer will be in today at all or if it's a sick day or vacation or something.
No. 346468 ID: 1854db

That's worrying! Let's go check on her at her apartment. Also tell the snake you don't want to die, so no thanks.
No. 346534 ID: 3e481a


Chuckle playfully, and politely decline. Say that you 'might take a raincheck on that.' The last one got all pissy when you said no, and this one might have some magic powers to kill you with, since she's a bouncer.

Go to Sommer's house, but don't act like a stalky rapist about it. Knock on the door and say you have some cool news, like that you got a job or something. That was you can avoid her knowing obviously that you just wanted to stay the night.
No. 346557 ID: c71597

Say thanks but no thanks, ask if she gave any reason. Then go check up on her, preferably without seeming like some creepy stalker.
No. 346561 ID: d42597

Creepy stalker? I think Sommer would love to know someone actually wants to see her. I see nothing creepy about trying to find out where she is! Hell if anything we should be worried about her, she isn't at work!

Ask it if it knows anything about Sommer, not just where she is, but anything about her. What she might like and what places she likes to go.

Also ask why, when you are trying to do things and are happy with your life, you'd consent to death? Unless he had ideas that didn't involve his permanent death why would you consent?
No. 346692 ID: a9f83c

Pektil laughed in what he hoped was a somewhat convincing and not obviously terrified manner, and told the bouncer that he'd have to say no for now. "Sssssshame," she hissed, "you look delicioussss."

Pektil decided that his best bet was to quickly change the subject away from any gustatory qualities he might possess, so he asked if she's seen Sommer, or if this was a vacation day or something. "No," the snake said, looking at him more intently with her round, unblinking eyes, "Thissss issssn't like her, either. Ssssshe never called in or anything, I had to ssssshow up at the lassssst minute."

"What do you know about her?" Pektil asked. he'd determined that he was going to go see if she was OK, but it couldn't hurt to get a little background first. Pektil also noticed that there really weren't many people around. Far fewer than when he'd been here the "day" before.

"Ssssshe'ssss been here longer than I have," she said, seemingly pleased to have something to occupy her time with, "Sssssshe mosssstly keepsss to hersssself. Very professsssional I underssssstand sssshe ussssed to involve herssself with clientsssss here, but there wassss ssssome isssue that made her sssstop," she flicked her tongue in Pektil's direction, "Can't imagine why."

Pektil decided he'd better go check on Sommer. He made his way back to the cheery brownstone row. He walked quickly past the trees and cheery flowerbeds and bounded up the steps to the numbered building he'd remembered. He scurried down the hall, up the stairs and tried the handle to her door. It was locked. He knocked on the door and there was no reply.

Numbered suggestions or drawn images regarding Sommer will be ignored.
No. 346695 ID: 1b448c
File 131552401122.png - (1.12MB , 1280x994 , pektilIsNotACriminal.png )


Peek through the letter slot, if there is one. If you see nothing, and get no response from door-knocking, maybe you had better leave. Take up Miss Presmyer's offer for the night, and come back after work tomorrow.

For all you know, Sommer could be lying in her bed, feeling very ill, and she may need her rest.
No. 346698 ID: 5f3831

While Pektil is being a theiving burglar concerned friend, someone is looking at him through a low peep-slot in the door on the opposite side of the hall.
No. 346737 ID: 8092e6

find a window, crash through the window scream I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU SOMMER.
No. 346744 ID: 1854db

Uh, there probably isn't a window.

But you could try calling out to her. Ask if she's alright.
No. 346776 ID: c71597

Check through the mail slot to see if you can see anything of the insides. If nothing about Sommers whereabouts is reveled then you could try to go to the supervisor and get him to open the door for you.
No. 346987 ID: 383006

Pektil's immediate thought was to crash through a window and rescue Sommer. It would have been totally awesome if there were any windows to crash through, but there weren't. He shouted her name a couple times and knocked on the door again, but there was no reply. He decided to have a peep through the mail slot. Utilizing his tiny hands and face, he lifted the heavy copper shutter and had a glance inside. The room looked exactly as he'd left it - exactly. The sheets were still in a state of disarray and the cushions hadn't been moved. He could barely make out the closed double doors that probably lead to Sommer's room, unmoved, he guessed, since the night before.

While Pektil was being a thieving burglar concerned friend, someone was looking at him through a low peep-slot in the door on the opposite side of the hall. He remained oblivious, however.

He decided that maybe he'd go check the supervisor or something to see if he couldn't maybe get the door open. He walked down the long hallway, further away from the mall proper, until he reached a door with no mail slot or peephole that had a little bronze plaque labeled "supervisor." He had no idea what kind of creature waited for him behind it.

[Make up some potential Supervisors. Go fucking nuts! Just remember to put a number in the "SUBJECT" field for me.]
No. 346993 ID: 3b202e

rainbow coloured lorcke dominatrix in latex with four tits, can't really come up with a name tho
No. 346996 ID: a83de5

The supervisors are Shyens. Monster-kins, Behemoth breed.
No. 346998 ID: ca6975

ALien bug robot thing I dunno
No. 347004 ID: 8092e6

sexy lizard chick with all the frills.
No. 347011 ID: a2fa74

A half-succubus quarter-displacerbeast quarter-blinkdog whose senses are mixed up so proprioception is like fun sexytime touching.
No. 347013 ID: ec0bf5

Behind the door was... a robot? It looked like a robotic bug, with four legs and a pair of arms, with color changing eyes, a set of mandibles, and two pointy antennae. SARU-601 had taken the job as a part-time employment from her long boring career as overseer on a base where nothing ever happened (except that one time, though her boss says she's not allowed to talk about it quite yet). Though she'd never say it, she was forever grateful to one of the mall's roboticists for the parts enabling her to feel... something she hadn't felt in so many years. Her eyes were a bright purple just thinking about it when Pektil knocked on the door.
No. 347017 ID: 1854db

The supervisor was... nothing. A visible emptiness that Pektil's brain attempted to fill with color matching the space around it, like a blind spot. It spoke by muting background noise selectively, so that the leftover noise resembled speech enough to convey meaning. It was capable of generating white noise at will when the background was too soft or not fitting for its purposes. Perhaps it was carrying a generator or something somewhere in that unseeable form, presumably where it kept its pockets.
No. 347024 ID: 400170

No, Tangle Moth Monster-kin.
No. 347051 ID: c7b6c2

Immediately after Pektil knocked on the door, he was knocked over by a grey-white blur that burst from the door with a great, resounding cry of "NORTHERN SERGAL!"
No. 347053 ID: 6f1d54
File 131562223971.jpg - (12.68KB , 300x225 , cult_doctor_who_s06_silent.jpg )

Hello, my name is Steve, and I'll be your supervisor for today.
No. 347073 ID: c57663

I have no idea how anyone would ever be able to draw this.

>>347051Supporting this.
No. 347082 ID: c71597

Yes! This quest has been lacking in northern sergals so far, now is the time to remedy that.
No. 347084 ID: 383006

I'm rollin' dice
No. 347161 ID: 383006

Pektil knocked on the door. It swung open slowly, and he saw glowing eyes in the gloom of what appeared to be a supply closet with a desk stuffed in it. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he saw huge, leathery purple wings folded behind the figure. She had tall, pointed ears and a face that was somewhere between a dog and a cat. Sort of long, but widish with red, forward-facing eyes. She was covered in a short coat of fur, mottled yellow and shiny blue-black. She stood, slender arms, long, clawed hands and six small, perky breasts visible as she rose from behind the desk. Two tentacles, their broad, spade-shaped ends covered in pink, fleshy suckers swayed drunkenly in the air behind her.

She pressed her palms onto the desk, leaning forward over it toward Pektil. "Come in," she said, her voice smooth and liquid, "what can I do for you?" She slowly licked her lips with her broad tongue. Pektil noticed a plaque on her desk that said "Opal Ivey" in raised letters.
No. 347162 ID: 1854db

It's not hard to draw. Really fucking easy, in fact. Just make sure there's some details in the background, and draw him in as a solid matching color, obscuring the details in an obvious manner. It would be most visible in front of patterned wallpaper, like polkadots.

Alternatively you could draw him as a migraine marker. Sortof swirly chaotic bits inside the 'blank' space. The main idea is to convey that the brain doesn't get any information from the space he's occupying. Not even darkness. So it tries to fill it in.
No. 347163 ID: c57663

well that's not something anyone's going to have to think about now, anyway
No. 347164 ID: 1854db

Say that you're worried about your friend Sommer who lives here. She didn't show up for work or call in, and she's not answering the door. You're sure she's still home because it's still a mess inside from when you left this morning.

Don't bother avoiding the implication that you were having sex. Just calling her a friend would be enough I think, and around here people don't seem to give a shit about sex anyway.
No. 347177 ID: c7b6c2

"I need to find my friend Sommer. I met her at the Last Whisper BUT NOT IN THE WAY THAT YOU'D THINK OKAY? She's so nice, though. Even let me stay the night BUT I SWEAR NOTHING HAPPENED."
No. 347185 ID: 07416a

One of your friends received a suspicious package and then didn't show up to work the next day, an unheard of occurrence. You're worried about her.
No. 348370 ID: 7be767

"Well, uh," Pektil said, noticing the predatory gleam in her eyes, "I'm worried about my friend Sommer who lives down the hall. She didn't show up for work or anything and she didn't answer the door. She got this package and I don't think she's left her room."

"And what kind of friends are you, exactly?" She said, fluttering her eyelids.

"We met at Last Whisper but not in a gross way I didn't even go inside! She's super nice but nothing happened and I'm worried about her!"

Opal began to climb towards Pekil, over her desk, glowing red eyes half closed. "So, what are you going to do to convince me to open her door?" her voice was pregnant with promises Pektil wasn't entirely certain he was comfortable with. "I think I need some convincing," she purred. She was crouched on the desk now, leaning over Pektil's upturned face. He could see her tail drifting slowly left and right behind her shoulders, the two fleshy tentacles flexing, poised above and behind her head. Her ears were fixed forward, and she ran her tongue along her white, shiny teeth and purred.
No. 348374 ID: 8092e6

show her your giant mok cock. see if she likes that.
No. 348380 ID: 3bd8ec

Ask her what exactly she wants, I guess... ?
No. 348381 ID: 1854db

Tell her you're not really good at sex if that's what she wants. Maybe you could offer to work for her for a little while for free instead? Or just pay her some money? We still have some of that.
No. 348382 ID: d4ffb6

Ask her why she thinks you'd ever volunteer to be eaten if you had plans that very much required you staying alive and uneaten. Failing that, hope by some mystery the tozol from before shows up. And decides to wreck shit that isn't you.
No. 348387 ID: c2c011

Offer hot but short dickings.
No. 348411 ID: 383006

Remembering the shark snake, Pektil decided not to randomly agree to things "So what are you asking about exactly?"

"Do I really have to say it," she cooed, making a circle with her thumb and index finger, and sliding the finger of her other hand in and out.

"I intend on staying alive and uneaten, as I have plans that pretty much require that," Pektil said. It didn't pay to be vague around here, he guessed.

She licked her nose, glancing askance, "I- what? Oh, yeah, well, those euphemisms can sort of get mixed around here I suppose," she said. her voice was still smooth and liquid, but she was sitting up on the desk, tapping her chin with one claw, completely unconcerned by the six perky nipples on her chest. "Unless you were talking about the oral sex connotation there," she continued, "although I do have lots of teeth and-" she glanced back down at Pektil, "You're really taking all the romance out of my sultry seduction, you know."

Pektil coughed into one hand, "And also, I'm really terrible at sex. I could do some work or give you some money or something? Maybe?"

She swung around, dangling her legs over the front of the desk and revealing her pussy to him. The fur was matted and damp, a glistening trail leading down to the surface of the desk. "You really aren't selling yourself very well," she said, "And I do have some spare dildo change in the drawer..." she seemed to consider.

Pektil, seeing the opportunity to help Sommer begin to slip away, quickly unbuttoned his little coveralls and let them slide to the floor. He'd had a vaguely confused half-boner the whole time, and he gave his hips a flick, putting a little spin on it.

"Eh," she said, "It'll do," and suddenly she was on the floor next to him. "Gimme a kiss," she said, closing her eyes.

He leaned forward and was somewhat surprised when he fell through her, slamming into the corner of the desk. He leaned back in confusion, and felt a hand running through the fur on his cheek. Opal's hand appeared to be groping the empty air several feet to his left. He sort of leaned forward, looking at the image to his left, and bumped into her cheek? shoulder? He wasn't all to sure. Reaching forward blindly, he felt the unmistakable impression of a nipple brush against his palm, and saw her bottom middle titty depress. His boner got much, much weirder.

He felt claws gently trace the outline of his ribs, and saw Opal leaning toward him to his left, mouth slightly open. He tried to line up his face with where he thought she was going, and felt her lips press awkwardly against the side of his muzzle. She drug her broad, wet tongue across his cheek, matting the fur. He jumped slightly when he felt something thick and wet press against his member. He didn't know how much weirder his boner could get, so he desperately closed his eyes to keep from determining where her tentacles were. He also desperately pretended he couldn't feel the toothed ridges against his hips and abdomen.

She pushed him gently onto his back, and he was intimately aware of a completely different hot, slimy orifice pressing down around his meat. He felt himself losing control almost instantly, but he peeked to his right and saw Opal riding the empty air, groping it with claws and tentacles, then glance down at the wide, wet depressions moving across his fur, his cock slowly disappearing and reappearing as she rode him.

The complete fucking weirdness of the situation let him hold out for almost a whole minute before he blew his load into her invisible pussy.

Suddenly, the pressure was completely absent from his body, and glancing to his left, he could see her kneeling over what he suspected was his face. Something wet that smelled like slightly metallic musk dropped onto the end of his nose.

"That... is not going to work for me," she sighed in her throaty whisper, "Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and don't stop till I say so."

About twenty minutes later, Pektil was trotting behind where he thought Opal was, really wishing he had something to drink. Or a stick of gum. You know, basically anything whatsoever. Also a shower. It wasn't so much the flavor that bothered him as it was the shame, really. He was pretty thoroughly slobbered on from before, and there were the ... other smells ... localized mostly in and around his mouth.

Opal walked slowly, blinking forward roughly 1d4 yards on occasion, so Pektil had to hurry to keep pace. When they got to Sommer's door, she stopped.

"Hmm. I feel something in there. Some extremely powerful psychic presence. I don't know, Pektil. I'll open it for you, but maybe we should call the authorities instead." She looked at him, mussing the fur on his head with a claw some four feet behind where it appeared to be. "It's your call, though," she said.
No. 348415 ID: 1854db

Powerful psychic presence? Sommer not leaving her room? She's trapped by something, probably whatever's in the box. Calling the authorities might work but we don't want the enforcers coming in here and jizzing up the place, along with scaring Sommer to death. Do they have like, psychic specialists that can handle this in a more subtle manner? Or we could just ask a Tozol for help, since they're psychically null.
No. 348421 ID: c2c011

The authorities seems like a rather unsubtle and probably unhelpful group. Tell her that you want to check things out yourself first before calling in the hyper donged security people.

Also thank her for hopefully teaching you something about sexxings and improving.
No. 348471 ID: 3b202e

don't call the authorities, the less we see of them the better
No. 348485 ID: 07416a

Uh, go in. Ask her to call the authorities if we don't come out in five minutes.
No. 348543 ID: 383006

Pektil didn't think too much of the authorities. Powerful psychic presence? Feh. Pektil was so on top of that. "Open it up, toots. I got some superhero shit to handle." He swept his cape around his shoulders in a dramatic fashion. "If I'm not back in five minutes, call the cops."

"Some of your jizz is on your chin," she said, unlocking the door. Pektil slunk inside, wiping his chin with the back of his arm. Everything was just as he left it - pile of cushions and blankets, dirty bowls in the low sink, bathroom door opened just a crack. Pektil realized that he was extremely hungry, and grabbed a bowl of soup right quick before anything dangerous happened.

Pektil didn't feel anything particularly psychic, but he didn't have any powers or anything other than being a hero. He crept over to the two big wooden doors. He tried the handle. Locked. He knocked, calling Sommer's name, but there was no reply.

Leaning down, he pressed his ear to the dark wood. First, he noticed the smell. Shit, piss, and a heavy, sweaty musk. He retched, now vaguely upset that he'd just chosen to eat. vomiting all over Sommer's carpet would be pretty embarrassing. Breathing through his mouth and trying not to think about how smell was made out of little particles of stuff, he pressed his ear to the crack between the double doors again. He could vaguely hear some heavy, ragged breathing, but nothing else. Pektil wasn't sure exactly how to proceed.
No. 348544 ID: 1854db

...okay, the psychic presence hasn't even allowed her to go to the bathroom properly. You have no chance, Pektil. Definitely get some help.
No. 348546 ID: ec0bf5

All right this is a super bad thing. We need to get somebody in with a robot to come in. A robot with weak AI would probably be immune to something like this. I wouldn't risk a sentient robot, it might still be affected.
No. 348558 ID: 049dfa

What? No way. Sommer has basically been your only real friend since you got here, she's the only one who didn't try to get anything from you. She's already been in there all day, do you really want to ditch her now? 5 Minutes to get the authorities is 5 minutes she's still trapped in there. It's not even about being a hero at this point, it's about being a friend.

Bust your ass in there.
No. 348573 ID: 0a404b

go to the kitchen and look for a knife,hammer, thing to break the door down and try to help her. KEEP BEING THAT HERO. maybe use the penis pencil. then find out something DASTARDLY HAPPENED (the BOX IS FLOATING OMINOUSLY)
No. 348639 ID: 07416a

Yell at the door. Hope she comes out.
No. 348660 ID: 8092e6

wrap your head in some aluminum foil to block the psychics power and grab a weapon. get in there and fuck shit up
No. 348661 ID: 1854db

SIGH. If we're going in there, wrap your face with a cloth or something so you don't have to smell quite as much of the stink.
No. 348710 ID: c2c011

Arm yourself and break down the mothafucking door. Which is going to be a bit tricky, but there should be some way to get it out of its frame or something. Oh, and you should probably call of the cops as well, but keep working at it while waiting for them.
No. 348765 ID: dd4c5c

yessssss foil hats are the ultimate in psychic defense.
No. 348780 ID: d5f3cd

Pektil scurried into the kitchen. Time to be a big damn hero. He found a big kitchen knife, tied a towel around his face. As he was wrapping his head in tinfoil he heard Opal shout something about calling the Authorities. It was time to hurry, before legitimate help showed up!

He went back to the door and got to work. Because they were double doors and the hinges were just on the sides, Pektil could stick the thick blade of the knife in between the two doors and apply pressure. He wasn't very strong, but the internal doors weren't meant for security. It only took a few minutes of pressing against the doors and working the knife blade back and forth before he heard the distinctive sound of wood splintering and stumbled forward into the room. The room was large and dark, the only light coming from the door behind him and an open door on the wall to his left that he presumed lead to a bathroom. He could catch a bare hint of gleaming white tiles. The walls were painted dark red, and the floor was plush carpet. Through his kitchen rag he could smell the same stench - shit, piss, a heavy body odor musk - but it wasn't overpowering. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he made out a huge square bed that dominated most of the room. The mattress was a massive, thick square set on the floor, depressed in the middle and spilling blankets across the floor like a bloated carcass leaking blood. Following the path of the blankets down, he could pick out Sommer's shape laying sideways across the spilled blankets, the front half of her body obscured by the side of the door. He could see her haunches smeared with waste, her chest heaving.

He stepped further into the room, just barely seeing her paws wrapped around it, tongue lapping slowly at the side, strings of drool gleaming across the side, before his attention was completely and irrevocably locked onto it. A gleaming white cube, glowing softly, or maybe seeming to glow. Its lines were utterly perfect, its same more than unique, almost erotic. He wanted to touch it. He didn't remember walking across the floor, tripping over Sommer's limp back leg and crawling forward across her body but he remembered when the touched it. Smooth, so smooth. But the texture was more complex. No single word could describe it. Nothing could truly describe any part of it...

Cold, metal arms pulled him away. He felt himself struggling, flailing, reaching out and scratching. Screaming, he could hear himself screaming, hear Sommer howling in rage and pain, hear squealing machinery, feel blood pouring down his face. They were taking him away, away from it. He barely felt the sting of a needle before he lapsed into unconsciousness.


He could make out redness. A lattice of delicate veins running through the redness. A splitting headache. It was hard to think. The little veins were pretty, very pretty. Small into more smaller parts. Whose were they? His? Yeah, probably his. He guessed his eyes were closed. Could they even open? With some effort, he found they could, and a blinding white light consumed his vision. He brought an arm up to shield his eyes, surprised as it seemed to move gigantically into view. Green fur, three little fingers. He guessed it was his arm. It was hard to tell how far away it was. Could he touch it? No. You can't touch your own arm. A strange voice burbled in his ears as the fog began to lift and his vision adjust to the brightness. He couldn't really hear what it was saying at the moment, but he took the opportunity to glance around. He was somewhere warm, a little gray room with a big fluorescent light overhead. The walls were bisected by a shiny metal bar, white wallpaper underneath. There were some foggy shapes, cabinets or pictures or something on the far wall, and he could see a figure looming over him. He was a human, bald, wearing heavy gray robes. Metal knobs studded his scarred, bald head, and there was a tattoo of some kind of two headed bird with spread wings on his forehead. Long streamers of paper with heavy red wax seals adorned his robes and some of the studs on his head, and Pektil's vision focused on his bright blue eyes.

"Hello? are you awake?" the human said. His voice was slightly high, but not annoying. "You must be very confused. We've had to excise some of your memories, but as far as I understand you are currently perhaps fine, with perhaps maybe some lingering symptoms of the procedure. They'll wear off in time, don't concern yourself." Pektil could remember everything that happened, although he couldn't remember any of the details about the ... whatever it was that had him so obsessed.

"You must have some questions," the man said, sitting down in what Pektil assumed was a chair next to his bed.
No. 348783 ID: 1854db

Ask if Sommer is okay. And if you're in trouble.
No. 348788 ID: c2c011

Ask what the fuck just happened and if Sommer is ok.
No. 348793 ID: dd4c5c

Ask what the fuck just happened and if you're in trouble.
No. 348797 ID: 43d730

Sommer, then what happened, then if you're in trouble.
No. 348803 ID: 1fa603

Unbuckle your cute little suspenders and challenge him to a dick-waving contest!

Eedle eedle eedle.
No. 348817 ID: 0a404b

definately ask about sommers first then ask where you are, maybe after that say your hungry
No. 348841 ID: 07416a

Ask him if you can get a little valve or something installed on your urethra so you can stop coming so quickly.
No. 348863 ID: 383006

"Is Sommer OK?" Pektil asked, answering the look of confusion with "She's yellow and she was there too."

"Oh," his face lit up, "She's mostly fine I think. Mostly just dehydration and exhaustion. Some of the same brain symptoms. It's a little worse on her, being an empath and all."

"What happened anyway?" Pektil asked. He thought about undressing, but the feeling of cotton sheets rubbing against his dick and balls indicated to him that he was already naked.

"Well," the man began, looking toward the ceiling as if to gather his thoughts, "The yellow one, Sommer, you said?" he waved one hand idly as he spoke, flopping it around like a wounded bird, "she purchased something, we aren't sure where, and this thing is an extremely dangerous object of power." He placed a clammy finger against Pektil's forehead. "It gets inside your head, until you can think of nothing else. When she bought it, it was contained, and she obviously didn't know what it was," he paused.

"A hermagician arrived on the scene and determined the source of the threat. We sent some enforcers in who have no capacity for desire or emotion, so it was ineffective against them. They know neither joy nor sorrow. And, of course, I, being a sanctioned Psyker, preformed the necessary mental degradations." He laid the facts out in an even tone without inflection, counting the points off on his chubby fingers.

"I'm not in trouble, am I?" Pektil asked.

The man looked down at him again. At this point Pektil felt pretty OK. All of his senses seemed to be working properly and he mostly had motor control, although he did feel a little feeble and woozy.

"Oh, no. Of course, you had to pay for my services, but I've already deducted it. You're free to go."

Pektil started to get up, then thought of some more questions. "Hey, uh, any chance I could get some food?"


"What about a valve or something to keep me from coming too fast?"

"Psyker, not a surgeon," he said.

"Oh, where am I anyway?" Pektil asked, slipping nakedly out of the bed with the slightest of eedles.

"Ground floor," the man replied. "You pooped your britches, like, instantly. Unnecessarily, some would say. Most, actually, would say that. Not that you pooped your pants, everyone would say that. Most would say that it was unnecessary," He wiggled his chubby fingers and he continued to digress unnecessarily, "There's a gown for you in the little locker outside, as well as your bag and things. I think your little overalls are being laundered."

Pektil peeked out the door. He was in a flat gray hallway with more florescent lights, a big blue stripe bisecting the wall and matte gray floor. It smelled vaguely of cleaning agents and not much else. He saw lines of identical doors, with a biggish one marked "SHOWERS" a short way down the hall, and two wide double doors at one end that dimmed the chatter from whatever was behind it. There was a little locker outside of his room. He noticed other little lockers outside some of the other doors.
No. 348866 ID: 063c28


You are now a nudist.
No. 348868 ID: 07416a

Say, aren't they usually chemgelded? Lucky hair wizard.
No. 348879 ID: 1854db

Had to pay for his services...? Oh dear. How much money did we just lose? Any way to check?

Get your gown and put it on, to hide your giant dick. Then ask if you can see Sommer.
No. 349115 ID: 548b44

Pektil opened the little locker outside of his room. There was his backpack and cape, and a hospital gown. He decided to put on the gown. It felt pretty good - really let his ass breathe. He could always put his tunic back on, but the gown was pretty nice. White with little blue check-marky things. Real stylish.

Pektil wasn't sure what a hair wizard was or what chemgelding was but he figured that not having a sex drive would really only be an advantage if you had to work with the public in a place like this. That was a pretty random thought for him to have.

He checked his coins and found he had 153 of them left. "Hey, where's Sommer?" He shouted back into the room, "I wanna go check on her."

"Elevators are at the end of the hall," the man replied stepping out of the treatment room and pointing in the opposite direction of the noisy double doors, and then explained which room number Sommer's was. Pektil scurried down to the end of the hall, pressing the big shiny elevator call button more rapidly and frequently than was strictly necessary. He didn't really see anybody on the trip up to Sommer's floor. The doors were much larger and spaced further apart, and there was only a normal room door at the end of the hall, but it was otherwise identical. They must sort the floors based on the size of the patient - pretty logical considering the variety of creatures that probably ended up here.

He knocked a few times on the door the man had told him was Sommer's and he heard a weak voice tell him to come in. He struggled with the door for a bit - it was much too big and heavy - before slipping inside the room.

In its basic form, it was like his room, although much larger, and the bed was fairly low to the ground. Sommer was laying on her side, a soft white sheet pulled up to her chin. "What do you think of this gown?" Pektil asked, giving a little spin, "It really lets my ass breathe."

"I'm not sure that makes a lot of sense," Sommer said. "Thanks for coming to save me. It was really stupid of you, but I appreciate the sentiment. I think I'm gonna hang out here for a couple hours. I feel pretty weak."
No. 349116 ID: c2c011

Time to engage friend mode. Ask her how she's feeling now and stuff, also if there is anything she needs your help with. Free of charge this time, despite your loss of cashmonies.
No. 349120 ID: 3a6e4c


Hang around like a bro for support. You're clearly doing a lot better than she is right now. Ask her if she needs anything.
No. 349123 ID: ec0bf5

Suddenly, Pektil heard sirens and yelling going on outside the building. He opened up a nearby window and could see a dispute going on involving the authorities and... was that the blue alien thing from earlier getting arrested?

He heard a loud mechanical voice coming from a quadrupedal, six-legged robotic bug thing (see >>347013) shouting angrily "YOU SOLD WHAT?!?!?!"
A second loud voice shouted at the blue alien: "MA'AM, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR BLACK MARKET WEAPONS DEALING, ATTEMPTED MURDER, AND COMMITTING ACTS OF PSYCHOTERRORISM. YOU SHALL BE HELD WITHOUT BAIL UNTIL YOUR TRIAL." "No no no no no Saru help help help it wasn't me I swear! D: It wasn't me it was another Ei from the doppelganger sex place! They locked me in the closet (it was full of snacks :D) and then they took the box and my money and my bags of toys! Nooooooo hellllpppppp!" she said as she was dragged away.

Pektil wasn't sure whether to be more or less confused about this incident with Sommer's package.
No. 349191 ID: 1854db

Tell her this stuff:
Agree with the stupid part. You are pretty foolish... but y'know, you want to be able to protect people. That's why you came here in the first place. If you hadn't at least tried to help her, you'd be letting yourself down. Besides, she's your friend.

(also apparently that stunt cost us 80 coins. Shitty.)
No. 349355 ID: 383006

"Yeah, haha," Pektil said, trying his best to sound comforting, "It was pretty stupid. I want to protect people though, that's why I'm here. If I hadn't at least tried to help, I'd be letting myself down, plus you're my friend."

Sommer gave a weak cough of a laugh. "They told me what happened. I was only sort of vaguely aware that you were even there." She shook her head, making a rough, animal noise in the back of her throat.

"How're you doing?" Pektil asked, clambering up onto the chair next to the bed. "I can help you out if you need me to do anything."

Sommer made that same noise again, shaking her head and closing her eyes, "I didn't eat or drink anything or sleep at all," she snorted, "I don't want to think about it. At all." She made another sound, somewhere between a growl and a purr, "Nah, I'm just gonna rest. You don't have to stay here or anything."

"Nah, I don't really have anything to do. I can just hang out or whatever," Pektil said. They sat for a moment in silence. Pektil was almost sure Sommer had fallen asleep

"Oh," she said, suddenly opening one eye and sort of glancing at him from under the sheets, "If you really want to do something, I guess you could go down to Last Whisper and tell Po what happened," her eyelid slowly drifted down, "You don't have to or anything. I'm sorry I..." She quietly started to snore.

Pektil had no way of knowing, seeing as how he was in a windowless room some distance from any "exterior" wall, but the blue alien from earlier was being dragged into the building that incorporated the treatment center.

The six-legged robot bug thing from earlier was following behind, shouting "YOU SOLD WHAT?!"

An Authority enforcer, an 8' tall red and black anthropomorphic Zebra wearing leathers that hid neither her large breasts nor her massive penis, was shouting at the blue alien. "MA'AM, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR INCITING NON CONSENSUAL VIOLENCE IN A PUBLIC AREA. PLEASE STOP STRUGGLING."

"No no no no no!" Ei whined as she was hauled effortlessly up the steps by one arm, a crowd had gathered, enjoying the show, "Saru help help help it wasn't me I swear! D: It wasn't me it was another Ei from the doppelganger sex place! They locked me in the closet (it was full of snacks :D) and then they took the box and my money and my bags of toys! Nooooooo hellllpppppp!" Her plaintive wails continued as she was hauled inside for holding.

Of course, Pektil had no way of knowing any of that, and the commotion would have died down before he managed to reach the lobby in any case.
No. 349362 ID: 1854db

Leave Sommer to her rest, and let's go find out if our poo britches are clean yet.
No. 349373 ID: 07416a

Give her a hug before you go. Then go tell Po. Then go and clean her apartment. GET A MASK FOR THE SMELL.
No. 349374 ID: 07416a

Also wander around in this fucking stylish gown
No. 349454 ID: c2c011

Go check if your rocking cool clothes are clean yet. Switch if they are. Then go to the last whisper and tell Po what happened. After that you should go and clean Sommer's place. Because that's something a friend would do. At least if it was a good friend. And since you only have one friend she should probably go in the good friend category.
No. 349494 ID: 383006

Pektil leaned over and gave her a hug right on the face. Her fur was really soft and smelled like soap. He heard her sort of mumble something, but he couldn't quite make it out. Better leave her to her to her sleeps. Besides, he had THINGS TO DO.

He went back down the elevator and then out through the noisy double doors and into a large, busy room. To his right was a large seating area full of black chairs and couches all attached to the ground. A wide variety of interesting creatures lounged there. There was a booth to his right - a little desk with a male human sitting behind it - and he could see over the doors he 'd just come through a big sign that said "TREATMENT AREA" The whole little seating area, receptionist and doorway were sectioned off from the rest of the room by a head high wall (waist high on most of the people) and everything was shiny and white. He could see long rows of desks of various sizes with more doors leading off behind them, some with their own seating areas, cordoned off from the main bustle. Some of the desks had multiple creatures seated behind them in long rows, and various creatures waited in queues of various lengths to speak to them. The main area of the room was a massive, open space full of a giant mob of bustling creatures of all sorts. Cylindrical black leather seats were scattered liberally across the expanse, with tall, broad leafed trees planted in their centers.

Various booths and stalls were also spread around, and a white, gentle light floated down from fixtures far overhead. On the far side of the room, large brass bars separated out a section of floor, and the crowd steered clear of it. Authority agents of all shapes and sizes and wearing very little or nothing at all, lounged on long, low settees, or leaned against the wall. Various creatures were handcuffed to the metal rails, awaiting processing. None seemed pleased, and some screamed in terror as they were hauled through the huge metal doors that lead from that section deeper into the building. Pektil could just make out a small seating area with a variety of unhappy creatures in it.

A huge bank of massive flatscreens hung at an angle above the row of desks and seating areas, against the wall leading deeper into the structure. Their bright displays showed various creatures talking, or lists of numbers and figures, or gaudy mall scenes, or close up, full penetration between various creatures.

Pektil tore his eyes away and asked the human in the little booth next to him if his clothes were laundered. The man handed him his freshly pressed overalls and he slipped them on. His ass couldn't breathe nearly as much, but he felt like he was all business with his goggles and overalls on. Shouldering his pack, he made his way as quickly as possible to the far wall.

It was mostly glass - huge windows and big revolving doors, and he slipped outside into the Mall ground floor.

Above, he could see the seemingly-infinite levels of balconies and suspended platforms, but below there was tile and smooth gray stone. The massive edifice behind him reduced the nearest balcony to a tiny ribbon of stone and metal, and he noticed that many of the other facades stretching off to his right and left were equally huge. The walkways were extremely wide, and a massive park with wrought iron gates blocked his view of the other side of the space. Looking up above the rich, leafy canopy, he could tell that the far wall was extremely distant. He would have liked to explore, but he was on a mission, and fortunately there was both an information booth and a huge bank of elevators of all sizes nearby.

The ride was fairly long, and he had to take the usual series of interchanges, escalators and powered walkways before he arrived in the club district again and once more found himself in the atmosphere of darkness, neon and sweat outside of Last Whisper. The blue snake with the gold frills was still outside.

"Desssssided to take me up on my offer?" she hissed, flicking her tongue close to his face.

"No, sorry, I got to talk to Po. It's about Sommer," he said, wanting to remove himself from her presence as quickly as possible.

"Ok, go on in. Go acrossss the floor and take a left passsst the bar. He sssshould be ecsssspecting you by the time you get there," she replied, seemingly disappointed. Or perhaps dissssapointed.

Pektil pushed open the plush leather doors and hurried inside. The air was smoky with incense, the light dim and red, and it took a moment for Pektil's eyes to adjust to the gloom. The floor was separated into multiple levels - various areas recessed into the floor a few feet. All of them features heavy, ornate furniture - mostly long, low couched of various sized - with sculpted bronze legs and fixtures and richly embroidered maroon cushions. Heavy tassels and fringe hung from the pillows and rugs that were liberally spread across the sections.

Against the back walls, there were rows of semicircular red leather booths, barely visible in the gloom. They were lit mostly by clusters of candles in little spherical glass holders.

The lights for the rest of the area came from heavy Chinese lanterns hanging from the low ceiling, linked to one another by thick, velvet ropes. All manner of creatures, mostly quadrupedal, lounged and chatted on the various settees, a variety of smaller, generally bipedal creatures sitting nearby in obvious poses of submission.

Pektil saw the bar against the far left wall, long and low with large cushions instead of stools, and hurried past. He didn't like the way many of the patrons were eyeballing him.

Past the bar was a short hallway with a large metal door marked "MANAGER," and Pektil could also make out a row of plush red doors against the wall opposite the entrance, probably leading to a variety of private areas.

Pektil knocked, and the door slid silently into the wall. Pektil scurried inside.

The office was in the same style as the rest of the club - red light from a Chinese lantern overhead, and a big, soft bronze-and fabric throne-like piece of furniture in the center. A low table supported a massive hookah dripping with tassels and gemstones, and various plush cushions were spread around the table's circumference.

Several pieces of ornately carved wooden furniture - desks, heavy cabinets - flanked the throne on either side, and a figure Pektil suspected must be Po lounged in the center of the throne, dominating the room.

He was massively long, with gleaming white scales and a wispy fringe of soft white fur along his back. He had four slender limbs terminating in long, clawed hands spaced along the length of his snakelike body. His head was something in between a horse and a snake, with a silky white goatee and shimmering golden antlers. His eyes gleamed like gemstones, and one clawed foreleg held a shining white sphere. His long mane and white fur rippled as if he were underwater, flowing out even though Pektil couldn't detect any breeze in the dim, smoky room.

"I am the Great Lung Po," the dragon said, "Please, tell me what has happened to my bouncer."
No. 349510 ID: c2c011

Tell him what went down and then get out of there before someone tries to dominate you into letting them eat you.
No. 349572 ID: 1854db

Give him the story, but leave out the bits involving people shitting themselves and such. Be sure to include the part where you HEROICALLY attempted to rescue her and fought VALIANTLY against the psychic cube thing but succumbed to its power after a long struggle of a few microseconds.

Also say she's ok and just needs some rest until the side effects go away. They didn't say exactly how long it'd take but you recovered pretty quickly.

...wait a second what time/date is it? Do we need to go to work soon?
No. 349592 ID: 07416a

Get on your knees and touch your head to the floor then >>349572

Always be polite to dragons.
No. 349643 ID: 0a404b

tell him sommers ok, that shes really tired and beat out, ask what date it is cause you dont know how long you two have been out. dont forget to explain how you did try to save her, but couldnt....... i mean you did didnt you?
No. 349652 ID: 0a404b

cause these's arent the same
No. 349657 ID: 383006

Pektil bowed down and touched his head to the floor, then told Po the basics of what happened, leaving out the parts with the poo, and making sure to point out how much of a hero he was and about how he totally almost saved her. He talked about how Sommer would probably be fine with some rest and that it didn't take him too long to get better.

"I appreciate your manners, deference, and concern for my employee," Po said, his voice like rolling thunder, "here is a boon." He tossed Pektil a red stone bead about the size of an olive and then waved for him to leave. Pektil was only too eager to comply, rushing out of the club before something bad happened.

When Pektil was safely outside, he checked his shiny silver pocket watch. It looked like it was close to when he was going to sleep yesterday, so a several hours had passed since he left work, but not much more. He felt a little tired he guessed, but he should probably clean Sommer's room up for when she got home.

He headed down to her apartment and tried the door. It was locked. Leaning against it, he could hear the sounds of cleaning happening from inside. He guessed it wasn't something he needed to bother with, just then. It was probably bed time, though, he just needed to figure out where to sleep.
No. 349664 ID: 1854db

We'll go back and arrange to rent from our employer of course! But first, dinner. No rush, just find something nice to eat.
No. 349672 ID: 0a404b

go back to the hospital and fall asleep, in a chair watching sommers
No. 349714 ID: c2c011

Get the rental of the place set up with your employer, then grab a kebabroll that you can eat on the go and go back to the hospitol and fall asleep in a chair in Sommer's room. Which is totally what a concerened friend would do and not at all something with any sort of romantic undertones.
No. 349863 ID: 5ad2ba

Sleeping with Sommer- uh uhm... in the chair next to her. Maybe next to her on the bed if there's enough room.

If you arn't allowed to stay, ask Sommer permission to stay at her place.
No. 349864 ID: 07416a

Um. Make sure that it's being cleaned and not robbed or something that would be pretty crap luck.
No. 350447 ID: 383006

Pektil was pretty sure it the place was being cleaned. It had been pretty spotless before, and there's no way that Sommer could have cleaned much of anything on her own.

He went down to the MACHINE area to see about getting a room. He heard the door open as he approached, and Miss Priesmeyer was waiting for him inside, hips cocked to the side, hand and tentacles pressed against her flesh. "I've decided to take the room," Pektil said.

"Excellent," Miss Preismeyer said in her distorted, mechanical voice, "Right this way." She began to saunter deeper into the gloom and noise of the machine area. They walked for several minutes, traveling to and then following along what Pektil guessed was the mallward wall. After an intermittent walk, they reached the "room."

It wasn't so much a room as a little cluster of items on an otherwise bare expanse of concrete. There was a yellowed mattress sitting in the center that looked like a deflated loaf of bread, the wrinkled sheet and duvet reminding him of skin peeled back from flesh. The pipes for the sink framed the bottom right corner and protruded directly from the from the floor, supporting the cracked porcelain basin and the mirror and medicine cabinet above it. The pipes continued to rise ceilingward, disappearing into the darkness overhead like dripping vines. The shower head, likewise, depended from a cluster of pipes rising from the floor like the head of a dying flower, framing the top right corner of the space. There was a drain in the concrete nearby, and he guessed it was far enough away not to splash on the bed or the lockbox. The toilet framed the bottom left other corner of the "room" and a heavy chest was bolted to the floor nearby. The mallward wall was visible at the edge of the gloom, and nothing obstructed the view of the the massive machines that continued their ceaseless rhythms like slumbering beasts in the darkness.

Miss Preismyer spread her arm in an elegant wave across the little section of space. "Five coins a night. If you do not pay, I will maintain the lockbox and it's contents for up to 72 hours, and you must pay the balance owed before I will release the contents." Pektil dropped the five coins into her hand with a clank of metal on metal, and almost simultaneously a long manipulator tentacle dropped a keyring with two keys on it into his hand. Pektil used the smaller key to open the empty lockbox and stow his backpack. He didn't realize how heavy it had been! He felt so much better not having to lug it around everywhere. Anyway, the white potion, bead and pocket watch were on him at the moment, for whatever good that did. "The closest exit is that way," Miss Preismyer pointed along the mallward wall, "And will let you out in a public restroom in a dusk district. The second key opens any door into the Machine area."

"I have some stuff to take care of, but I'll be back tomorrow!" Pektil said, hurrying toward the exit with a wave. He quickly found the wide metal door and opened it with the heavy key. Sure enough, there were florescent lights and white tile on the other side. He hurried through and out into the mall proper. He wasn't sure what a "dusk" district was, but it looked fancy. The next level up was pretty far away, and the dim light was somewhere between the normal mall illumination and the darkness of the club district or machine area. It was a low, warm light, mostly coming from flickering gaslights that dotted the stone and gravel walkways leading up to the railing over the central void. Instead of a water fountain outside the restroom, there was a carved stone basin hanging with moss through which cold, clear water constantly ran. The voidward railing was heavy brass, ornately worked on the tops of the posts with various designs and fantastical creatures. There were planters bordering the gravel walks full of grasses and flowers and a few trees, and tall lamp posts interposed themselves in the foliage at regular intervals. Tall facades made up the mallward wall, most of heavy stone or brick, a few of metal. Some of the buildings were meant to represent manors, with stone porches and heavy doors. Others looked more like castles or temples. The same salmagundi of bizarre patrons that he'd seen elsewhere wandered down the pathways. He noted that a larger percentage were dressed in finery, and many creatures lead others on leashes or chains. Brighter lights and laughter emanated from the doorways when they would open to admit a guest, and he expected that they were private clubs of some kind. He saw a few street vendors and open food stalls, with grinning attendants offering their wares to passerbys. He grabbed a Kebab roll for a coin, and savored the juicy meats as he hurried toward the closest information booth.

Before long he was back to the ground floor and then inside the treatment center.

He had no difficulty at all getting through the waiting area. He remembered Sommer's room number and told the man in the booth that he was there to see her, and he waved Pektil through with a nod. Pektil was pretty tired at this point, yawning loudly as he rode the elevator back up to her floor, and quietly pressed the handle, thankful that it wasn't locked. The lights were dim inside, and he could see the blankets rise and fall with Sommer's slow breathing. He sat in the chair for a while, trying to drift off, but it was awkward and uncomfortable. A short step brought him onto the foot of Sommer's bed, her quiet snoring emanating from the other side of the sheets and blankets, and Pektil laid his head against what he thought was her ankle and drifted off to sleep almost instantly.

Although he had no control over his dream, he remembered it vividly when he woke up. He just knew it would be important later. [Describe Pektil's dream]
No. 350448 ID: 1d0e20

Pektil dreamed of a strange mental world with swirling abstract backgrounds. Occasionally he saw glimmers of childlike scribbles in the background (how is it a background? how did he know that?) that seemed to glow. It all seemed very vague and half-assed.

Then he dreamed that he had the same dream over and over again with different colours of swirling abstract meaningless background, and slightly different scribbles. What the hell was that even meant to be? Is that a stick figure?

It was all very confusing, and Pektil thought that if he could call his own imagination half-assed in person, he would.
No. 350449 ID: 3bd8ec

Pektil dreamed of a giant snake.
No. 350451 ID: 8092e6

Pektil had a perverted dream which involved sommer wearing sexy underwear and sucking his giant mok penis.
No. 350452 ID: 5ad2ba

Pektil dreamed he was in The Last Whisper, surrounded by monsters, snakes and dragons. Lung Po, Hacke and the blue snake are notable, and closing in on him, then Sommer appears, pushing and holding him down with a big toothy grin before he suddenly wakes.
No. 350461 ID: ec0bf5

Pektil dreamed he was back in the caves walking around looking for something. He didn't remember what. Then suddenly he saw a ROBOT! He touched the mirror with his penis. Then he suddenly heard a female indahl voice behind him yelling "Hey this is my cryptic dream stop plagiarizing!" Then the dream got really sexy. He woke up to Sommer yelling at him in distress for what he was... doing... in his sleep, and told him he needed to take a shower.
No. 350464 ID: 07416a

Pektil dreamed of being a great knight riding his sexy psychic steed and lover and rescuing all the ladies and having threesomes or moresomes and none of them made fun of him for his premature ejaculation problem
No. 350521 ID: 0a404b

pektil *wakes up* he is trying to wake up, but cant open his eye's when he tries to shout nothing can be pronounced. then he sees a light, but cant figure out what it is, cause he cant open his eye's then he hears a voice, sommers not to worry about her, then beside her is her master person*tutor* he said to take care of sommers in anyway possible... i cant think of anything else
No. 350539 ID: c71597

Pektil dreamed of a snake that seemed to have a tail that streched out forever. She was also getting into all sorts of mischief for various reasons.
No. 350543 ID: 1854db

Pektil dreamed he was trapped in ancient ruins, with only a dim glow to reveal rooms full of rusted machines and the occasional skeleton picked clean of flesh. The smell of decay and dust assaulted his nostrils as he wandered for what felt like days, leaving footprints in the grime on the floor. The only sound he could hear was the occasional scuttle of tiny legs on the floor from some unseen vermin. Unable to find an exit, he grew weaker and weaker, but not from hunger, thirst, or lack of sleep. Pektil needed sunlight.
No. 350566 ID: 049dfa

Pektil dreamt of many things, but what stood out the most was riding across a bizarre, stark, gleaming white space across the back of a mighty steed that he recognized as sommer. Brandishing items of power, they charged toward an enormous reptilian figure spiraling out of a cavernous crack in nothing that tore open before them. Somehow he knew that, even though he was afraid, he and his friend were the only ones who could stop it.
No. 350663 ID: 063c28

Pektil dreamed.

He dreamed of the mall. He dreamed of the brightly lit shops, and of the vibrant myriad they served. He dreamed of the darkness of the machine room where he worked, and of halls deeper and darker still. He dreamt himself walking through these places, silently soaking in the surroundings, so alien from his home, and yet already beginning to feel familiar—and though he often walked among a dense crowd, not once was he buffeted, and though he often found himself in maze-like maintenance areas, not was he lost for a direction to go.

As he walked, the crowds thinned, and the machinery grew dusty and idle, until after what might have been an hour or an eternity, he finally found himself alone, surrounded by empty storefronts in a grand hall on the ground floor. He raised his eyes in wonder to what, for all the variety of the mall, finally felt truly alien, almost out of place: looming before him stood a huge set of dull metallic gates, set in a wall rising to infinity in the void above, and tightly shut. He approached, beginning to make out a fine gap in the seal between the doors, light leaking through—or was it streaming? The glow rapidly grew overwhelming until he could see no more, until he found himself blearily awakening to Sommer's inquisitive face.
No. 350771 ID: 59c558

Pektil dreamed.

He dreamed of the mall. He dreamed of the brightly lit shops, and of the vibrant myriad they served. He dreamed of the darkness of the machine room where he worked, and of halls deeper and darker still. He dreamt himself walking through these places, silently soaking in the surroundings, so alien from his home, and yet already beginning to feel familiar—and though he often walked among a dense crowd, not once was he buffeted, and though he often found himself in maze-like maintenance areas, not was he lost for a direction to go.

As he walked, the crowds thinned, and the machinery grew dusty and idle, until after what might have been an hour or an eternity, he finally found himself alone, surrounded by empty storefronts in a grand hall on the ground floor. He raised his eyes in wonder to what, for all the variety of the mall, finally felt truly alien, almost out of place: looming before him stood a huge set of dull metallic gates, set in a wall rising to infinity in the void above, and tightly shut. He approached, beginning to make out a fine gap in the seal between the doors, light leaking through—or was it streaming? The glow rapidly grew overwhelming until he could see no more, until he found himself blearily awakening to Sommer's inquisitive face.

"Hey," she said, her rough growl grounding him, scattering the last cobwebs of the strange dream he'd had, "Fancy meeting you here." She smiled.

"I just thought maybe you'd need something or something," Pektil said, awkwardly trying to brew up an innocent motive, "and then I got real sleepy and stuff and the chair was really uncomfortable and I figured you weren't using the whole bed and-"

"Don't worry about it," Sommer said, not lookind directly at him. "Thanks. It. It was sweet." They maintained an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes before Sommer slipped quickly down from the bed. "Well, uh, I'd better go talk to Po and make sure I still have my job and stuff."

"Oh, uh," Pektil interjected, then they both sort of waited for the other to start talking again for a moment before Pektil continued, "I talked to him before I went to sleep."

"Thanks," Sommer said, sort of talking over the end of Pektil's sentence before continuing after another moment of over-polite near-interruptions. "Well, uh, see you around. Here's my contact number and here's the contact for Last Whisper. You know, if you want to hang out or something." The numbers were pretty short so Pektil had no trouble committing them to memory.

Before she slipped out of the door, she gave him a quick lick on the forehead, mumbling "Thanks for everything" in her gravelly voice.

Pektil checked his watch. He has a couple of hours before he was supposed to get to work.
No. 350775 ID: c71597

Well lets go get some breakfast and check out prices for hugefying all of you so we know how much cashmonies we're going to need to get our hands on.
No. 351136 ID: 6e518d

Pektil walked out of the massive administrative building and looked around again at the first floor. The tile and stone, huge park and massive edifices were the same, but the avenues were much busier. He also noticed that many of the huge buildings had absolutely massive doors and windows. Some of the doorways were easily more than fifty feet tall. As he walked past the wrought iron fence into the park, he passed by some massive tables and chairs that he had mistaken for sculptures before, because they were unoccupied. Now, though, they were definitely occupied. Several giants sat around chatting. The smallest of them was easily over thirty feet high - all of them were wearing athletic shorts of various cuts and colors, with the females generally wearing a matching sports bra.

At the closest table, there were six creatures. Three male anthropomorphs - a Leptoceratops, an Argus Monitor, and a white breasted woodswallow, and three female - a Achelousaurus-taur, a humanoid black-spotted barbet, and a serval-morph. The tables behind them were generally inhabited by other giants, chatting over enormous coffees and pastries.

Pekil figured they might know something, but wasn't sure how to approach them, or which one he should try and talk to.
No. 351143 ID: 1854db

Try to get their attention by speaking normally. Just because they're tall doesn't mean they can't hear you!

Talk to the black-spotted barbet. Ask where you should go if you want to become HUGE! Though not quite as HUGE as they are. You'd need to be able to fit in the tunnels back in the depths.
No. 351224 ID: c71597

Just do it normally. Also don't accept any offers from them, vagina spelunking is not a hobby that you should pick up.

Anyway, tell them you're new here and you sort of want to get huge, although not necessarily that huge and you're wondering how one should go about that.
No. 351254 ID: a15fc3

Vagina spelunking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I say do it.
No. 351519 ID: 3b3feb

Pektil figured huge didn't mean deaf, so he went up to the chairs and shouted a hello, waving a tiny arm. The black-spotted barbet looked like maybe the best choice. She was huge, obviously, but definitely on the slender side of athletic. If she weren't huge, the breasts under her athletic top would have been considered small. Her plumage was shiny, and her long, scaly blue legs were crossed at the ankle under her chair. They didn't seem to immediately notice, so he tapped her on the underside of her giant bare foot with a tiny hand. She lurched back, giggling, and Pektil rapidly stepped into view to avoid an accidental squashing. He waved again and shouted another "hello."

"Brit, there's a tiny person waving at you," said the serval. She was rather muscular, with breasts that definitely wouldn't have been small if she had been a more usual size. Her long spotted tail swung slowly behind her chair.

"Oh, so there is!" the bird said, covering the end of her beak with her hands in mock surprise. "Stay still, let me bring you up here where we can talk." Pektil only trembled slightly as she placed him onto the table with one feathery hand. "I'm Brittany Aubry," she said, allowing him to shake one finger with both his hands, "What can I do for you?"

"well," Pektil replied, sitting on the edge of her saucer, "I was wondering about being huge, but not really as huge as you guys or anything but I was just curious about that."

Brittany slapped her hands on the table, letting out a long sigh, "It's effin expensive!" she said, with general murmurs of approval from around the table. "Most of us except for Audry," she nodded toward the dinotaur, "aren't Oh Gees, you know, original giants. We're just experiencing it for a while."

"You mean it's expensive to get giant in the first place?" Pektil asked.

"well, yeah," she said, "but it's super expensive to live as a giant to. I don't see how any of the O.G.s do it. That's why most of the magics and techniques are strictly temporary only. It makes it really hard to get around and you have to pay so much more for everything! Clothes, food, housing! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love it. You can do all kinds of things that you can't do when you're small! But I think that's why it's pretty impossible to find any size change stuff that's permanent out here. I think mine cost me about five thou or so." Once again, a general nodding of heads and murmurs of consent echoed around the table.

"'Big and Small' is a place down the street that's pretty good," the male dinosaur said.

"Yeah, didn't you get yours there, Curt?" the male lizard said, pointing toward the male bird.

"Yeah, they're legit," he replied, gesturing down the street toward where Pektil suspected the store might be.

Brittany piped up again, "If you decide to take the plunge and want some help, you can gimme a call." She gave Pekil her number, it was pretty easy for him to remember. Pektil wondered if he should ask them anything else or just go to work.
No. 351537 ID: 1854db

Ask if it's that expensive if you just wanted to be like, 5 to 6 times bigger than you are now.
No. 351552 ID: c71597

Ask how come they don't make permanent all body hugeifying spells? Since they make them for genetalia it would seem possible to make them for body size as well.
No. 351609 ID: 07416a

Naw, we just want double size. Bring us up to average, ya know?
No. 351618 ID: 063c28

Specifically ask about only increasing your size a moderate amount, not orders of magnitude as they seem to be in to.
No. 351720 ID: 383006

"So, why don't they make permanent stuff anyway? what if I just wanted to be a little bit bigger?"

"Oh, they make permanent stuff for that," Brittney answered, "if you just want a few feet or something, I think those are about 350 coins a foot roughly. For the other stuff, it's because nobody wants it and the people who think they do, really don't realize that they don't until they've had to deal with the problems it entails. I've heard there's people in the backworks that sell permanent stuff - they just have giants runnin' around breaking shit and stuff like that, but yeah, no legitimate need for it out here."

Pektil had an important fucking decision to make. How huge did he want to be?
No. 351721 ID: 8e18cd

7 feet tall
No. 351722 ID: c96375

I think Pektil wants to be about 8 foot tall. That sounds huge enough to me.
No. 351723 ID: 3b202e

12 feet
No. 351724 ID: 313ae6

As tall as you can afford at the moment.
No. 351726 ID: 1854db

INFINITY FEET TALL wait that won't work.

I was thinking 10.
No. 351731 ID: 3bd8ec

Well, we want to be HUGE.

So... I dunno, eight or ten or twelve feet tall I guess.
No. 351733 ID: 8092e6

8 feet tall should be good.
No. 351755 ID: 07416a

Personally I think 6 is good enough. Can we buy a foot at a time?
No. 351804 ID: c71597

7 or 8 should be good enough. Then you're pretty damn huge for a Mok. We should probably wait with the hugeifying though. We won't be able to do out mechanics job if we grow too big.
No. 351810 ID: 0a404b

5 foot
No. 351904 ID: c96375

Only get something temporary at first just to make sure it's what you really want, and make sure you won't be huge when doing the mechanic job.
No. 351906 ID: ec0bf5

I think we want to wait to do it all at once, it might interfere with our job thingy if we suddenly got huge. Eight or nine feet sounds like a safe bet, it's more than twice as big as any mok, and bigger than an indahl, too. Lots of monsters there, but there'll be one bigger than you no matter what, and being two or three times the size of any other mok will make you much safer from those, too.
No. 352731 ID: 01e367

Pektil decided he'd go for around eight feet. He only had 151 coins, so he didn't have to worry about whether to buy the size increases one at a time or all at once. Of course, he could try to sell something. He had that potion that he didn't know what it did, and that bead from the dragon. Also, six pairs of big panties. He had a feeling that selling the silver pocketwatch he got from Miss Preismyer would be a really bad idea. He'd have to remember to do it later, because it was almost time for him to get to work. He hurried up to the Dusk place and used his new big key to get inside the Machine area. He wasn't really surprised to see Miss Preismyer waiting for him. "Well, let's begin," she said, and they worked until it was time for his lunch break. It was mostly the same as yesterday - fixing belts, tightening bolts, moving valves and levers, but Pektil thought that eventually he might be able to make sense out of what he was doing. He payed attention when Miss Preismyer stripped a wire or soldered something into place. It didn't look too terribly difficult. Her haunting music was almost sort of starting to not completely creep him out.

He had a half hour to take care of business and grab lunch, and wondered how he should use it.
No. 352733 ID: c71597

Not really enough time to do anything bigger. But I guess you could check out if there are any cellphones or similair thigs. Might be good to get one at some point to make your social life easier and stuff.
No. 352796 ID: 9f0ef4

He checked to see if there were any portable communication devices. It looked like there were - supported in some mysterious way by the Mall itself. They ran about fifty coins. He could decide whether or not to get one later.

He worked busily with Miss Priesmyer for the rest of the day, almost sort of enjoying himself.

"Well," her speaker grated, "very good work today, Pektil. Will I be expecting you back this evening, or do you have other plans?" It was difficult to interpret her tone exactly, but Pektil thought she was probably just curious. She dropped his pay into his palm, bringing him up to 180 coins. He wasn't sure if he had other plans or not. It wasn't like anything really closed down around this place.
No. 352912 ID: c71597

Tell her that you have only been here or about two days and don't really know anyone that well or know about stuff to do. Possibly you're going to check up on the one friend you might have and see how she's recouperating from her accident and see if she wants to hang out or something.

Which pretty much seems like what you could do now. That or try to hang out with the giant lady. But that might be a bit weird to do the same day, you should probably give that a day or two before getting in touch with her again.
No. 352915 ID: 07416a

Work all day erry day
No. 352932 ID: 8092e6

Work all day also flirt with your boss. get some of dat fleshy robotic ass.
No. 352941 ID: 1854db

But since we suck so much at sex she might fire us or something.

Tell her you were thinking you might hang out with your friend a bit, but you'll probably come back to sleep here.
No. 352942 ID: 07416a

Wait wait tell her you have a premature ejaculation problem and want to get a valve installed on your penis or something
No. 352948 ID: 3fd4fb

Or just... NOT say that. Pektil doesn't really have that problem, he's just very low on experience.

Tell her that you'd like to check up on a friend, but unless she's free and wants to do something you'll be back.

Then go and do just that.

You should also probably consider trying to get some kind of enchantment that you can toggle on and off for your size increase, instead of just getting a permanent one. It would likely be much more expensive- but at the same time, the risk of being much too big all the time and having a terrible life because of it, which you've been explicitly warned about, is one that should not be ignored. Always make sure you have an out.
No. 353297 ID: 56f89d

"I think I'm going to go see my friend Sommer," Pektil said, "But I'll prolly be back here to sleep."

"Probably," Miss Priesmyer corrected him.

"Probably," Pektil said.

"Probably, Miss Priesmyer," she replied. She was standing, hips cocked to one side. He really couldn't tell if she was serious or just making fun of him.

"Probably, Miss Priesmyer," Pektil said, deciding not to risk it.

"Good. I will expect you at some point this evening, then," and she stomped away, hips swaying.

Pektil made his way to the door that connected to the dusk area's public restroom. He hurried through the quiet sophistication of the Dusk area and down to the noise, sweat, and neon darkness of the club area. Pektil had no trouble making his way down to Last Whisper, and there was Sommer, looking her usual self. He heard her asking if a cluster of tiny gray creatures chained to the chest of a massive dragon if they were sober and consenting.

"Hey Sommer!" Pektil said, glad to see she was feeling better. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better!"

"Yeah, I'm pretty OK. How're you doing?" Sommer asked, licking one nostril thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I got a job," Pektil said, and they shared some light small talk. Sommer said that she was still working for several hours and didn't know if she was really up for too much.

"I kinda just want to sleep when I get home," she said, "That whole thing took a lot out of me." She glanced down and then back up, as if she had something to say but then changed her mind. "I'm sure we can hang out some other time," she coughed.

Pektil's evening had opened up in a fairly unpleasant way. He supposed he could go back to work, or maybe he supposed he could find out what his potion and his bead were good for, if anything. He didn't really think Sommer was rejecting him, at least he hoped not, but he had a little lump in his tiny throat.
No. 353322 ID: 1854db

You guys should talk about your schedules so you both know when the other's available. Maybe you can set up a regular time for you to come help her with stuff she needs hands for? Or just to hang out! And y'know, since it's Sommer's boss who gave you the bead, maybe she knows something about it?
No. 353354 ID: c71597

Compare schedueles to see when and if you can hang out. Then you should probably go get the potion identified and see if that bead is worth anything. Oh, also jack off on the panties and sell them to a porn store that sells panties with jizz on them.
No. 353676 ID: 383006

Pektil talked with Sommer about their schedules. It looked like she slept later and spent the time he was working at home, and then worked and generally just made food and went to sleep when she got home. It looked like they could hang out when she got off work, but that would be several hours after he did, probably around her dinner time. He asked her about the bead.

"Oh, uh, I have no clue. You should probably go talk to somebody who owns a magic shop or some kind of wizard or something. I know a pretty decent ones." Pektil had met a few people that knew magic, and Sommer gave him two recommendations. One owned a trinket shop, and the other was a freelance wizard. He could decide which one to visit.

He could probably almost definitely sell the panties, but didn't know if he should jizz in them first. Checking around in a regular mall district, he sold some unsoiled and some soiled to maximize his earning potential, and ended up making 450 coins, but it seemed like he really lucked out. That brought his total up to 630 coins! It was kinda weird to use the masturbation trough he'd noticed in the public bathrooms, but if he kept his eyes straight forward it wasn't too weird. He'd have to figure out what kind of magician he'd go to for identifying his goods. Sommer didn't give him any info about her two contacts. Of course, he could always try something else - there were plenty of stores advertising.

[Feel free to make up someone with an interest in magic or magical items for Pektil to visit, and describe their store, or just suggest one of Sommer's two picks if you want me to make something up]
No. 353680 ID: c71597

TRINKET SHOP! That way we can check out cool magical shit that we might trade the bead for if it's valuable.
No. 353689 ID: 8092e6

trinket shop go go
No. 353696 ID: 1854db

On one hand the trinket shop may offer us spending opportunities, on the other hand the freelance wizard might ID it for free if we're lucky... Yeah, let's go to the trinket shop.
No. 353714 ID: fb8ba7

Freelance wizard is probably a slut. I mean, free lance? Go visit her. Bring alcohol and viagra.
No. 353725 ID: 0a404b

visit the freelance wizard. she owns a house, which doubles as her shop; called the toshinuo yuri emporium. or something. she knows what the potion does(either very RARE or useless as shit) and the gem needs time to look at.
No. 353943 ID: adf038

Pektil decided to go to the trinket shop Sommer had recommended. It was actually in the Dusk district near his room, a rather large building of brass and deep mahogany, with two massive glass bay windows stuffed with various bric a brac. The storefront protruded from the surrounding buildings, and the windows reminded Pektil of an insect's huge compound eyes. The name of the store was "Gearsong," and the big double doors swung inward as he mounted the short staircase.

The back of the window displays were no less cluttered, piled high with all manner of mechanisms, books, furniture, crystals, and anything else he'd care to name. There was a wide aisle between the two massive stacks of things, Pektil walked across the dusty marble floor staring at the vast quantities of treasure. More wide pathways branched off between more enormous, apparently unsorted piles of things, things of all natures and sorts. Paintings, swords, mechanical devices, skulls and taxidermy specimens, clothing, he even saw some doors and windows protruding awkwardly from piles. Large, white marble columns reached up to the groined ceiling overhead, and more artifacts and contraptions were suspended from the stonework - Bundles of herbs, flying machines, articulated skeletons, other unfathomable things. The walls were cabinets and cubbyholes, many of them stuffed with yellowed scrolls or other delicate-looking items, and a warm orange light came from wrought iron baskets full of smooth, glowing stones nailed to the columns.

He emerged from the rows of paths and piles and into an open central area. A large rug was spread in front of a massive pile of gold coins and gems, and a few large standing bronze and silver mirrors bracketed the area. Some chairs and tables were scattered to one side of the rug, and a few strange-looking individuals in finery sat smoking pipes or fat cigars while they inspected some curiosity or another.

In the center of the rug was a dragon. It was at least three times Sommer's size. Pektil's whole body was roughly as big as one of it's forepaws, and it's black scales shone but dully in the light of a massive hanging basket of glowing stones that depended from the ceiling.

The dragon's great leathery wings were folded behind its back, and a series of white bone spurs ran from the crown of its head down its broad back and long tail. It laid on its side, forepaws that looked like heavy clawed hands folded on top of one another, and it looked at him curiously with deep, green eyes behind brass-rimmed spectacles as he approached. Its body wasn't slender, but wasn't overly thick or brutish, and its head tracked his approach with an air of refined grace. "I am Frost Mother, the dragon said, it's thick blue tongue visible as it spoke behind a set of gleaming white fangs Owner and proprietor of this establishment." Her voice was deep and rich, her diction crisp, "Welcome to Gearsong. How may I assist you?"
No. 353956 ID: 8092e6

show her the bead and ask her what it is and if its valuable.
No. 353971 ID: c71597

Show her the marble and the potion and ask if she can identify them.

Later on you could ask what sort of stuff she sells and maybe ask about how magic works and if you could learn.
No. 353984 ID: 1854db

Compliment her on her hoard. LOADSA MONAY.

Ask her about the bead-what it does if anything, and how much it's worth- and also mention we are in the market for a magical item that will increase our sexual endurance.
No. 353994 ID: c71597

We don't need that. Pektil just needs more training. Loads of more training. Which shouldn't really be that hard to get in a place like this mall.
No. 354003 ID: fb8ba7

Bow deep. Remember what politeness to dragon's got you before.

Don't ask what it is and what it's worth. Ask what it is and... Iunno, what the polite thing to do with it is. This is a fucking gift, we're being pretty crass by going SELL IT SELL IT.
No. 354107 ID: fb8ba7

No. 361066 ID: a2838b

1. ask what the potion is, she wont tell you unless you buy something,
2. 3 things on sale,
anal beads
a hat
a redwood oak ball that induces happy thoughts in anyholder(especially telepathics)(hinthint)
3. A.pektil either goes back to work or B. he goes and visits his only friend and gives her a gift(hinthint)
4.i love this quest please keep going
No. 361192 ID: 383006

Pektil bowed low, spreading his tiny arms. "It's a pleasure to meet you," he began, "and I really think your giant pile of loot is awesome," He's pretty sure that dragons liked to hear that kind of thing. He noticed her flexing one clawed hand and quickly continued, "but you are way even more awesome of course."

Pektil noticed that several of the patrons were now looking in his direction. The dragon, Frost Mother, ran her long, spiked tail through the pile of coins behind her with a raspy hiss.

"Uh, my name is Pektil," he began again, "uh, my friend Sommer told me that you might be able to help me. I have some magic things and I don't know what they do. Pektil pulled the bead and the potion out of his overalls.

"Step closer," the dragon said in her rich, refined voice, "here," she tapped the rug with one claw only a couple yards in front of her. She hadn't exactly given him treasures like the other dragon. Maybe he'd done something wrong. Maybe she was going to do something terrible to him. He shook as he stepped timidly closer, but she only moved the spectacles down her muzzle with a refined flick of her head. Her green eyes glittered in the light from the glowing stones as she gazed down her muzzle at him. "Just there is enough," she said when she dominated his vision almost entirely. His meekness was bordering on terror, so he shifted his eyes anywhere but at the dragon and held the items up so she could see them better.

He noticed a small table almost directly abutting her torso. It had a piece of card stock taped to it that said "DISKOWNT" and had a few strange knickknacks scattered across the surface and labeled. One was a small sculpture of a male and female human holding hands and having sex in the missionary position. A piece of card stock in front of it was labeled "Disgusting fetish statue. No special properties." There were also a set of anal beads carved from what looked like bone that were labeled "anal beads - never used. No special properties." There was a tall blue felt hat adorned with stars and planets in gold. It said "Wizard's hat. Makes the wearer believe that he or she is a wizard. Causes wearer to grow a beard when aroused." Lastly, he noticed a red wooden sphere. It's card said "causes mild euphoria when held. Especially potent in psychics and empaths."

"Pektil, the dragon said. He looked up quickly and noticed her blue tongue running across one glittering white fang in a gesture he hoped merely represented her collecting her thoughts. "The potion is a potion against infestation. It will prevent any sort of foreign object from invading your body and surviving there, although it will not prevent physical injury. It also protects from psycic domination, mind control, and pregnancy, and lasts for roughly 40 hours once consumed. I would value it at roughly fifteen hundred coins." She pushed the brass rimmed glasses up her muzzle with one slender white claw.

"The other object is a Bead of Resurrection. If you are carrying it on your person and are killed, the bead will be consumed and you will be made whole and alive once your body ceases to be damaged further. It will purge any toxins or diseases, magical or otherwise, and replace any missing limbs or organs. I would value such a powerful artifact at five hundred thousand coins. I would be interested in learning where you acquired such an object, as well" she said. Pektil couldn't read her expression, but he noticed she had extended her wings, perhaps subconsciously. He heard a figure in tattered red robes inspecting a strange puzzle made of multicolored glowing glass spheres mutter "wingest boner."
No. 361197 ID: 1854db

We weren't told to keep the bead's origin secret, so you can go ahead and tell her. It was a gift from the owner of Last Whisper. He's a dragon too, so... I guess that's why he had such a valuable item to give.

Also holy fucknuts that is an amazingly valuable object. Uh... we didn't exaggerate TOO much when we told Sommer's boss what happened, right? It would suck if he got pissed because he decided he rewarded us too well. Unless, of course, she's more than just a bouncer to him, and that's why he paid us so much. Sommer never said what side of the vore she took part in; maybe her boss paid her to eat her. Hey, Frost Mother knows Sommer. We could probably just straight up ask if there's something going on between Sommer and her boss. Uh, quietly.

Also now everyone in the room knows (if they heard what was said) we have something extremely valuable. I'm worried we'll get mugged.
No. 361422 ID: 4b5689

Tell her it was gift from someone and you had no idea it was such a valuable thing. Ask if it works several times or if it's a one use kind of thing. Also, thank her for her help.

Both of those seem pretty awesome, we could probably afford the procedure if we sold the resurecction bead, but it would be kind of dickish to sell a gift like that.
No. 361424 ID: 1854db

It only works one time because it is consumed in the process of reviving you.
No. 361436 ID: 2f6f69

Pektil understood that the bead is only good for one go. Before he decided whether or not to sell anything, he wanted to ask Frost Mother some questions about something that had been bothering him a little, especially now that he found out how valuable the bead was. According to Pektil's math, the procedure will only cost about 2100 coins. He has 180 currently.

"So, you know Sommer, right?" Pektil asked.

"Yes," the dragon replied coolly, "She had trouble fitting in. She wasn't raised by ferals, so there were certain things that bothered her," She waved one hand in a vague gesture, glancing toward the ceiling, "She lived with me for a while, until she found a job and became capable of managing her own affairs. You will have to ask her for further details. About that bead, care to share its origin?"

Pektil went ahead and told her the very basics of the story, including his encounter with the Great Lung Po at Last Whisper.

Frost Mother's wings were folded tightly against her back, her face a twisted mask of rage. "Fucking Oh Pee Eastern Dragons," she snarled, nostrils flaring. "He's probably got piles of those fucking beads. I should have known." Her tail slammed into the pile of coins behind her, sending up a spray of dangerous projectiles. Several of the patrons backed slowly away into the stacks, behind cover. Pektil skittered back to what he considered a safer distance.

"Stupid Oh Pee ferrets probably shit them out," she muttered, struggling to regain her composure. "Fucking antlered weasels..." He couldn't make out the rest of what she muttered to herself as her face slowly transformed back into a placid, neutral facade. "I apologize," she said, not sounding particularly sorry. "I have always been slightly disappointed in Sommer's choice of employment at that place. She has enough money to look for a better job than bouncer. She has a useful talent. Honestly, she has no interest in vore. I don't know what keeps her there. Very disappointing. She talked to me before about her employment, of course, but because of my ... thoughts," one eyelid twitched and the side of her lip curled up, revealing her white, glimmering fangs, "concerning the proprietor, has kept such conversations fairly nonspecific."

The conversation sort of petered out at that point. Pektil could keep or sell either of the items, of course. Both seemed fairly useful, in different ways. He'd obviously have to consume the potion before it would help him, though.
No. 361437 ID: 3fd4fb

Inquire as to if she can sell you anything to prevent you from being immediately mugged and losing all your money if you do, in fact, sell that bead for a ridiculously huge number of coins.
No. 361440 ID: 4b5689

Potion might be useful, but the cash from selling it would probably be more useful. So sell that one and ask about some sort of enchantment to make sure you don't loose the rebirth bead thingie.
No. 361505 ID: c04c0d

Might as well ask her for advice on your quest. See if she knows of any pitfalls we can avoid.
No. 361529 ID: 4dc4f5

dont sell the bead or the potion, if you have a future job that has "hazards" your good, cause the potion is obviously worth more than 1500, thats just what she's giving you to sell it. purchasing it would cost more. the bead itself has value to pektil cause he got it for saving sommers. now that you know some stuff about the bead and potion. ask how much the erotic telepathy orb thing costs as a gift to sommers
what he said too
No. 361547 ID: 2d6d07

Sell potion, buy permanent 4-foot enlargement, have ~100 coins left over.
No. 361612 ID: 063c28

Sell potion, see about bead-keeping charm as >>361440
suggested (it's way too valuable to sell or risk losing), and don't jump the gun on enlargement just yet. Ensuring that you always have the bead will make you even more able to protect people, remember, and we have a straightforward, safe way to accumulate further money at a reasonable rate.
No. 361748 ID: 383006

Pektil decided to go ahead and sell the potion for 1500 coins, bringing his total up to 1,680. He asked Frost Mother if she could hide the bead on him somehow, or make it hard to steal.

"Anyone who can see magic, such as myself, can tell that you are carrying it, although closer inspection is required to determine its function. I could mask the enchantment for 500 coins so it would only appear faintly magical. I could meld it inside your flesh for another 500 coins. It would have to be removed through surgery." That price seemed rather steep to Pektil. He wondered if Miss Priesmyer knew anything about surgery. She had a lot of metal parts, so probably. He also figured he'd ask her about his quest to be huge.

Frost Mother snorted, turning her great head to the side, "I feel that I am the perfectly appropriate size for a being, and perfectly shaped for such a size. I do not normally deal in magic of that nature - I find it tawdry to reduce some aspect of my being to a mere fetish." She went on at some length, but it mostly confirmed the sorts of things he'd already learned from the other folks he'd asked about it.

Pektil also asked how much the wooden sphere was, and was told it was 50 coins.

Pektil needed to decide whether he was going to buy anything or get the enchantment, and then what he was going to do after. There was probably a little time before Sommer got off work.
No. 361749 ID: 4b5689

Ask how much she would want for storing the bead here for safekeeping until you figure out what to do with it. Then ask what sorts of complications there might be from the surgery and where the bead would be implanted.
No. 361816 ID: 383006

Pektil thought about leaving the bead there for safekeeping, but it wouldn't really do him a lot of good if he didn't have it on him. He voiced his concern about the fact that the people in here were now aware of the value of his treasure.

"They haven't heard anything we've said," Frost Mother responded. "The first thing I do when appraising my customer's goods is silenceing the area," She snorted, glancing down her nose at him. "I'm a professional, after all." She waved one clawed hand languidly, "besides, I'm the most likely point of return for an item like that. You are a friend of Sommer's so I'll make a searching inquiry if any such items come into Gearsong." Pektil shuddered at the way in which she said 'searching inquiry.' The menace was fairly palpable.

Pektil seriously doubted that Frost Mother knew about surgery at all. He would probably be better off asking Miss Priesmyer.

He needed to decide if he wanted to buy anything, and where he was going to go once he left.
No. 361828 ID: 1854db

Oh thank god, that's a load off our mind. Having her dampen the magical signature would probably be a good idea though!

Hmm. Everyone else saw her visual reactions to the stuff... that's kinda vague but it's pretty obvious from her behavior that the bead is special. HOW special wouldn't be obvious... but we can just get some surgery from our boss to implant the thing and keep it safe.
No. 362697 ID: ca358a

Pektil decided not to buy anything, and just go head out. He hadn't picked a destination yet, but he was pretty much done here so he guessed he would just wander randomly or something. He thanked Frost Mother for all her help and complimented her on her excellent store. She thanked him for doing business with her, and said that she would be pleased to assist him in the future. He walked back past the piles of strange objects, not really thinking about much of anything, when he heard a whispered "psst" from a side-aisle.

Glancing down the avenue between the two massive heaps of objects, he saw the figure he'd noticed with the puzzle before - the humanoid in tattered red robes. He hadn't noticed before, but the figure's hood was just a red sack with no eye holes draped over his head and neck. The heavy, coarse-spun robe also had a large, deep hood that was currently laid in heavy folds against its back. The bottom of the robe was unhemmed and fraying, and Pektil noticed that instead of shoes, the figure had more of the same coarse red cloth wrapped thickly around its apparently plantigrade feet and held in place with twine.

The individual's wide sleeves were similarly tattered, and its hands were covered in more wrappings and twine that formed makeshift gloves.

It had a thick sash of the same material around its waist, and a leather messenger's bag crudely stained red slung over one shoulder.

"Psst," it said again, it's voice high-pitched and odd. It almost sounded like multiple voices speaking in concert.

"I noticed you looking to sell things. If you want to make some money, I have some work that needs doing." Pektil noticed the featureless bag over the creature's head didn't move as it spoke. Pektil considered what his response should be.
No. 362699 ID: 4b5689

A polite declining. Because that seems extremely suspicious and the work might make you end up in a shallow grave somewhere.
No. 362706 ID: 0ef5d9

This guy seems legit, but pektil does actually have gainful employment and a pile of cash at the moment. On the other hand, its not like he was doing anything else. Hear him out.
No. 362767 ID: 1854db

Ask him what kind of work. You don't want to get involved with anything illegal.
No. 362878 ID: f80f15

Hear him out but this better be hella good because things are going well for you at the moment.
No. 363017 ID: d34090

Pektil wasn't just going to mindlessly agree, but he thought the guy might be legit. "What kind of work is it?" Pektil asked, "I don't want to get involved in anything illegal."

The waved both wrapped hands in front of it vehemently. "No, no," it buzzed, "nothing illegal. My people are not," it paused, "treated fair in certain places. We need information that can be gained without harm to you, from somebody like you who isn't connected with us." It reached into the satchel that it wore, revealing a red drawstring pouch that clinked heavily when the figure bounced it up and down on one palm. "The pay is three thousand coins. If you would like to discuss details, we are more than willing to treat you and one guest you trust, if you think such measures are necessary, to dinner at Horn of the Ancients, a good restaurant just down the way." It gestures with one hand toward the boulevard outside. "We are doing nothing illegal, but would prefer confidentiality outside of your guest, if this is acceptable," it continued. "We will make reservations. If you would like to speak further, then meet us in an hour at Horn of the Ancients. This place is somewhat too public for further discussion." With that, it turned toward the pile nearest and began to inspect some of the items.

Pektil walked out of Gearsong, back among the gas lamps and cobblestones of the Dusk district in which it was located. He wasn't sure if he should accept the dinner invitation, although he felt that any place around here would probably be pricey and pretty good. If he did accept, he wasn't sure if he should go alone or take someone with him. He could call anyone whose number he had from any of the information booths, and there was one relatively nearby. Of course, he didn't have a super specific plan, so he was pretty much considering what the best course of action would be.
No. 363018 ID: 35bcde

Seems legit. Let's get some dindin.
No. 363019 ID: 4b5689

See if Sommer wants to come along, her mindreading stuff should be rather useful for figuring out if they're really legit or not.
No. 363123 ID: 1854db

Hmm. I wonder if Sommer will get off work early enough? Be sure to ask her about if these red-robed guys are dangerous or anything.
No. 363338 ID: 4dc4f5

good idea
how about if sommers cant go invite your boss she might want to have a break too
No. 363912 ID: 063c28

Good call, seconded; a 'sense motive' would be great to have for this.

Not sure if she would be very helpful. We don't really have grounds to trust her in the sense of keeping secrets and such, as this seems to need. She'd make it a proper creepiness competition, though.
No. 364028 ID: 4dc4f5

plus your boss wouldnt want her worker disappearing after she just found good help
No. 370032 ID: 4dc4f5

my god its been forever, but aside from that how about sommers she's the best for the job and who knows you might get into her pants. and what exactly would you be eating at this restaurant?
No. 374375 ID: 83ae92

Pektil decided to go ahead and accept the creature in the red robe's dinner invitation, and ask Sommer to come along with him. Although the thing seemed a little suspicious, Pektil thought it might be a good opportunity to earn some cash. Sommer's mind-reading could help him sus out the true intentions of the guy, to boot, she really was the perfect choice. Of courses, that wasn't the only reason he had asked her - part of him was also a little excited about just going to a nice place with Sommer, and a little nervous too. He called the number for Last Whisper on the information booth, and managed to ask for her when the rather intimidating bartender answered. Soon enough he was explaining the situation to her and asking if she could go with him, and whether or not she knew anything about the mysterious creature that invited him.

"I've never seen anybody like that," she said in her rough, deep voice, "but I can make some discrete inquiries." She paused, replying in an almost coquettish voice, " and I would love to go to dinner with you."

Pektil laughed nervously. Why was he even nervous? There was literally no reason to be nervous!

"Anyway," she said, after an only slightly awkward pause, "I'll meet you there in about 45 minutes." Pektil said goodbye and ended the call.

He was nervous, but didn't really have anything to do besides wait. He wandered into a nearby public bathroom, making sure his overalls weren't stained or too wrinkly, smoothing out his antennae in the mirror. He really thought it would take longer to see if he was presentable, so he wandered back outside, among the eternal dusk and gaslights.

He walked slowly down the gravel lane, taking in the scents of pipe smoke and oil, spiced tea and old stone. He saw the debutantes and distinguished creatures pass him by, searching for their own varied pleasures. He found Horn of the Ancients easily enough - the whole facade was gilded, and the stonework was carved into a monster's gaping maw. The golden horn rose massively above the street, almost reaching the trees on the other side. He sat on a bench across the way from it, watching people walk by or go inside. The doorway was fairly large, and he noticed an occasional dragon or other quadruped go inside. It was a fairly diverse crowd overall, though.

Sommer spotted him before he saw her, but he noticed her walking toward him. She was wearing a thin, white surcoat, like a horse, and a wide scarf of the same shimmering material around her long neck. A net of thin gold chains was draped across her forehead and muzzle, a few others draped across her shoulders and haunches. Some white leather saddlebags were also draped across her back. "Oh Pektil," she said, grinning widely as she bounded up to him, "It's worse than I thought!" she stopped in front of him, gravel spraying in a little fan. She whipped something out of her saddlebag, another white, shimmery garment that had settled over him before he could react. He struggled inside the thing, eventually finding sleeves and a deep hood. The shimmery robes were a bit too long, but Pektil thought he looked pretty bitchin'.

"We have to look presentable. Don't worry about it, it's just something I had laying around," Sommer said quickly before he could ask any questions, looking away and to the side. Pektil pulled the hood back, grinning. "Did you find anything out about the red robe guy?" he asked.

"Not too much," Sommer replied, using her mouth to straighten out the robe, and draping a thin chain across his shoulders. "There are more than one, and it's some kind of group called the Cult of Divine Penetration." She pulled out another chain, wrapping it around his waist. He helped her, finding the little clasps that held them all together. "I know when they first showed up here they had some kind of major run-in with the government, and they aren't allowed to go down on the first floor for any reason, but I don't know why. From what I could gather, most folks think they're weird but harmless." She inspected him, "You look nice," she said, "whats the plan for the meeting?"
No. 374390 ID: 9d5ba2

Be totally classy and do not at all ask if those robes come from the person Sommer reluctantly vored. Instead compliment her on how totally hot she is looking because she is looking totally hot, but do it while still being CLASSY ok.

Okay plan of attack: these guys are probably super-not-good-news but the important thing is to find out just how bad news they are, and if there's any way we can get anything good out of it without getting everyone we care about divinely penetrated. Maybe come up with a system so Sommer can discretely warn us when she is getting bad vibes on something. Brush her paw against us horizontally for good, vertically for bad. Diagonal for being unsure of stuff. Something discrete that the cultists will totally never notice at all in any way.

There is no way this can go wrong.
No. 374396 ID: c6ec33

Nothing bad can come from accepting a spy mission from crazy religious types that are already under suspicion from the government. Nothing at all. :>

Explain what little you know of their request to Sommer, if you haven't already, and then propose the following:
- Both of you try to fish for as much information about the job as possible without getting too suspicious (basically focus on the HOW, not so much on the WHY, but dig for WHY if you can)
- Make sure that the job is not TOTES illegal or at least plausibly deniable to another truthsayer if you get caught
- They said that there's no danger to you, but can you really be sure? Try to find out more.
- Have Sommer keep an eye out for lies and other forms of deceit. Maybe have her tap you under the table with her tail if she senses a lie?

No. 374410 ID: 83ae92

Even though Sommer had told him not to worry about it, like, expressly told him that, he couldn't help but wonder where the small robe he was wearing had come from. He decided not to ask her if it was from her reluctant vore victim or not. He'd really rather not think about it. Really rather. "You look totally hot," he shouted instead, giving his best open-mouthed smile. He was pretty sure open-mouthed smiles were an important part of being classy.

Sommer looked sort of distressed for a second, then shook her head and grinned. "Thanks. You look nice too Pektil," she said, her voice low, her face turned to the side.

"Uh," Pektil said, rubbing one foot in the gravel, "Here is my awesome plan. Okay, so, when this guy says something, like, have a paw on my leg under the table, and when he finishes saying his thing, brush her paw against me horizontally for good, vertically for bad. Diagonal for being unsure of stuff. It will be awesome and discrete and the cultists will totally never notice at all in any way."

Sommer looked slightly surprised, "Hey, that's actually a pretty good plan. We'd better get in there - don't wanna be late." He walked next to her, into the gaping stone maw that was the entrace to Horn of the Ancients.

Inside, the room was large and circular. A raised path lead past the maitre d', a rather large dragon with glittering gold scales, and then broke away, either leading up onto the bar raised two thirds of the way to the ceiling and running the circumference of the massive chamber, or down into the lowered pit that was filled with plush yellow booths and gold tables. In the center of the room, elevated half way between the bar and the pit, was a massive stage, hung with rich golden draperies and adorned with a few shiny golden poles of varying thicknesses.

The ceiling was a massive glass dome, tinted gold, with huge groined arches radiating from the center and down the walls. More solid gray stone was visible in the spaces between the tapestries flags and drapes, all gold, that covered most of the walls. The light was dim, and smoky, shot through with golden shafts of light from the stained glass overhead. As a glowing golden pixy lead them down the stairs and to their table, Pektil noticed something else. A massive, ivory horn, slightly curved and covered in ridges, was set in a giant gold ring in the center of the stage. The stage was currently free of any dancers or other attendants, although Pektil noticed that the horn gave off a ghostly white light.

The pixy waved a tiny hand to an overstuffed booth, identical to the others set around and behdin it. Pektil also noticed that the floor of the pit was sloped so that all of the tables had a good view of the stage. The creature he'd met earlier was already seated, and Pektil sat across the table from him. Sommer layed on the big plush pillow next to him. One of her forepaws was set surrepitously on his thigh. It's weight and warmth were comforting.

The red-robed figure buzzed out his greeting, and nodded to Sommer. "Thank you for accepting my invitation. Please, I have taken the liberty of ordering a decanter of wine. The meal is my treat, so indulge yourself." The menue in front of him was varied, but all of the dishes had meat of some kind. There were also many strange wines and liqors, some more than fifty gold a glass. Pektil hadn't even seen the waiter pour the wine, from the decanter he also hadn't noticed being set there, but there was a glass of it in front of him, and a little dish in front of Sommer. He wasn't sure exactly how to break the ice with the creature, or what he should ask. He knew he was mostly concerned with the job being sort of plausibly deniably legal and not really dangerous, and he probably needed to figure out how he was supposed to do the thing. He figured the guy might be evasive as to why he was on this mission.
No. 374421 ID: 9d5ba2

Don't get down to business right away. This is a classy restaurant, and you are being interviewed to be, like, a classy super-agent spy. You don't rush into these things! Make some small talk first. Maybe ask him about the restaurant! Try not to make it look like you're investigating him too much tho! Don't start grilling him about every little detail, at least right away.

It might be best to let him think you're stupid and easily manipulated because you totally know you aren't. That way, through Sommer, you can see how much he's willing to try and lie and manipulate to you, and from there, we can see how terribly untrustworthy he is.
No. 374424 ID: 9d5ba2

Oh and also don't order anything too expensive. Don't go for the free breadsticks but when this invariably turns out to be super-shady and we turn it down, we don't want to have ordered the most expensive things on the menu right before turning down his offer.

Because exploiting these shady guys for a really expensive meal couldn't possibly be a bad idea (it so is).
No. 374426 ID: c6ec33

At that moment, the audience quieted slightly, many heads and eyes turning toward the stage, as a slightly meaty and voluptuous anthropomorphic Goblin Shark Babe made her way onto it...
No. 374606 ID: c2c011

Ask if he would recommend anything, so hard to know what is actually good in these kinds of places.

Then I guess you should maybe wait until around the dessert to start talking buisness. You could try to talk about current events or stuff that's useful for a newcomer to know during the meal.

Oh, and try to avoid getting a tableknocking stiffy from Sommer caressing your thigh.
No. 374623 ID: 83ae92

Pektil decided that the classy thing to do would be to enjoy the meal before he got right down to business. He needed to show this thing that he would be such an awesome choice for super secret spy. He could be classy. He totally could. Super classy.

Of course, he wouldn't try to be too sneaky. If he let the guy think he wasn't all that bright, then the guy would possibly let things slip. Plus, Sommer's psychic powers would really let him know how much bullshit the guy was slinging his way. He took a sip of his wine. It was spiced and warm, and slid down his throat like a gentle caress. He took another sip, feeling the alcohol work its way down from his stomach, running tingling tendrils through his limbs. "You'll have to uh, excuse me," Pektil said, using his classiest voice, "I don't eat at places like this too often. What do you recommend?"

"I think the Chicken Cutlets Basciole with Lemon Pepper Cappellini is maybe good," it buzzed. "I do not need to eat, so am not so great at choosing a dish, perhaps." It shrugged beneath its robes in what Pektil assumed was a nonchalant way. "Anyway, we have appetizer, then soup, then main course, then dessert. A proper meal."

Glancing at the prices, Pektil got the unsubtle hint that these fellows at least had money. Sommer's paw rubbed horizontally across his leg, although Pektil wasn't sure what that meant exactly. Maybe that the guy was being good-natured about the whole dinner thing. When the wait-thing came, a slight, spindly golden armature in the vague shape of a person whose whole body vibrated for speech, they had picked out their courses. Sommer also asked for water.

"So, what's the deal with this place anyway?" Pektil asked, "It's really uh, interesting-looking."

"Don't know," the cultist answered, "It is fancy, people like it. Staff is very discrete."

Sommer rubbed horizontally across his leg again. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the wine, but the gentle brush of her paw was causing a reaction in him. Entirely physiological. A sort of tingling in his groin.

"Actually," Sommer said, seemingly unaware of the issue she was causing with his boner, "I know a little about this place," she lapped a few times from her little bowl of wine, unsure if she should keep speaking. Neither Pektil nor the cultist said anything, so she continued after a moment of awkward silence. "The horn in the center of the stage belongs to a massive monster, a behemoth, that was slain by some uh, bipeds through trickery on some other world. Its followers were saddened, because the creature was harmless, just big and scary, and they brought its skull here. The behemoth's spirit still lives inside its skull, and it decided to open up a restaurant," She paused again, glancing from one to the other, "A lot of ferals come here," she mumbled.

Pektil found his soup in front of him, although he didn't notice the waiter at all, as the cultist broke the silence. "That is a good story," it buzzed, "It is like us in a lot of ways." Sommer rubbed horizontally across his thigh slowly a few times. He felt his dong slowly swelling between his belly fur and the overalls he was still wearing under the robe. Before the cultist could continue, the other diners quieted slightly, although before then Pektil hadn't even really been aware of the whisper of conversation or gentle tinkling of dinnerware. Pektil saw many diners turn toward the stage as an eight foot voluptuous anthropomorphic goblin shark girl made her way onto it. She was totally nude, her mottled pinkish skin glowing under the white light from the horn, and her body moved with a seductive rippling, almost as if she were still under the dark ocean. The cultist continued, and Pektil wasn't sure whether or not he should listen to what was possibly going to be a very boring story, or watch what was definitely an extremely large-breasted female do something probably really interesting.
No. 374626 ID: c2c011

Boring story is probably more important, and it at least seems like the cultist dudes thinks they're doing the right thing. Or well, harmless thing anyway.

Hmm, might be a bit rude to ask it, but I guess you could inquire a bit into how come he can't really enjoy food anymore and if that has anything to do with the cult.
No. 374635 ID: 9f73fe

Horizontal meant "Good" or at least "Not suspicious" so so far things actually seem on the level.

Of course since this thing doesn't need to eat and has some weird ways of referring to itself maybe it's some kind of hive monster or a robot or something and Sommer's psychic senses just aren't strong/complicated enough to penetrate/understand it so don't get too complacent!

You are already going to get superboners from this awesome plan that is going exactly perfectly so try to ignore the hot sex show and pay attention to the cultist because this is probably super important. Let him say what he wants and goad him to say it! See how far he's willing to divulge without you having to start interrogating him!

And don't think too much about how awesome it would be if Sommer started touching your boner under the table because she's psychic and that would be totally unclassy if she knew you were thinking about that ok. Stay classy that is the most important thing.
No. 374654 ID: 83ae92

The shark on the stage wrapped her long tail around the side of the horn, which sent out a cascade of dancing lightning and gleaming white sparks on contact. She ran one finger across the side of the horn, crackling power running down her arm and discharging into the air. The golden light dimmed, the white glow of the horn casting harsh shadows, as another figure sauntered onto the stage from the deepening shadows of the pit. A slender quadrupedal dragon with white and cream scales, long erection bobbing slickly between his hind legs. Pektil tore his eyes away as the shark lady lifted her heavy tail, pressing her breasts against the horn in a shower of sparks.

Pektil hadn't even noticed that his empty soup bowl had been replaced by his entree, which smelled delicious.

"We came here for peace, to penetrate all things," the cultist began, and Pektil reluctantly listened, "We came to penetrate all things, to pierce barrier and open wide orifices of existence. Is to make always the way open! But no, here, they let everyone be free but tell us always no. We do only what the others do, but always misunderstood. Kept away." Pektil sighed in boredom, trying not to focus on the firm, rythmic horizontal rubbing on his thigh, or the increasingly loud snarls and moans of pleasure coming from the stage. His boner, however, was pretty deadset on not ignoring these things, and he felt his own stiff dickmeat pressed against his abdomen, trapped uncomfortably between his body and the denim overalls. Oh man, if his boner had gone down his leg instead Sommer would probably be rubbing it right now. It twitched. Pektil shook his head, trying to clear the bonerthoughts from his mind. He noticed Sommer was strangely silent, eyes fixed on the stage.

"So uh, you can't eat things? That's uh, because of the cult thing?" He tried to keep the cultist talking. It was apparently pretty passionate about this whole thing.

"Yes," it's choral, buzzing voice replied, "but it is not a thing any of us miss. Changes are a glory that happens. Still, though, all we need from you is information, very simple. All you would do is carry magic stone, and work job at big gathering on first floor, then give magic stone back to us when job is done. Pay is three thousand coins, and is not dangerous to you. You just carry drinks to guests at party. simple, safe."

Sommer continued to rub horizontally across his leg. The cultist either honestly believed what it was saying, or had some method of preventing Sommer from reading its thoughts. "What is all this about penetration and stuff? I'm not doing anything criminal, right?"

"Ours is always to penetrate, to open wide. We glory in penetration, but they do not let us act freely. We are forbidden from going to first floor, but no law about us paying someone to go instead. You seem to not have ties to anything, so maybe you do this for us. Magic stone is just recording thing, to take data."

Pektil felt more horizontal leg rubbing. He felt flush and a little dizzy from the wine, his boner hot against his fur. He tried to readjust, but it only rubbed his cock against the strained denim. At least no one could see.
No. 374655 ID: 9c7c3b

Sounds legit. Do it. Maybe later you can tease Sommer about being so focused on the show.
No. 374658 ID: 9f73fe

Ask him what data it's gathering. This really doesn't sound all that terrible, but we might as well see if we're allowed to know what's going on.

If he's reluctant to tell, well, see if Sommer thinks his reluctance is suspicious or not. This sounds like it's really not so bad at all which clearly means it is going to be terrible but I don't see any reason to turn things down right now.

Man if the guy started being shady Sommer would have to rub her paw up and down and that'd mean it'd probably bump against your boner it would almost be great if this turned out to be a scam huh.

At least that's what you'd be thinking if you weren't classy and professional. But you are so classy and suave and not at all thinking about this nonstop right? Right.
No. 374666 ID: c6ec33

Ask more about the plan to serve drinks at a party. Figure out what your role would be. See if there's any particular information they're after. Isn't the first floor mostly Macro stuff anyways? How would serving drinks there work, exactly?

Also, as interesting as their religion sounds, it MIGHT not be good to ask too much. Plausible deniability and all that!

And whatever you do, try not to think of the fact that Sommer is empathic and totally knows that you're horny. Try not to imagine the possibility that she has a total girlboner from being around you and watching the action on stage. Try not to get distracted by the action on stage. And WHATEVER you do, try to avoid thinking about the possibility that she's intentionally teasing you with her rubbing. And NEVER EVEN THINK about how nice it would be to go back to her place and... you get the picture.
No. 374667 ID: c2c011

Ask a bit more about his cults believes and practices. They seem rather focused on penetrating things and opening up orifices. Would be nice to hear if they do other stuff.

Oh and ask a bit about what sort of party it would be. Could be good to know if you're going to have to wear a weird outfit or anything like that.
No. 374696 ID: 6ba8b3

Okay, yeah. Sommer isin't paying any attention so no help from there.

3000 for a job a bum could do. 50 and they could pick anybody and buy their silence to boot if that's an issue. Less even.

Really, what do they want for that sum. If it's not illegal or horribly dangerous then what? Is it down payment for future endeavours with them or would it end in something bad (good in their point of view) happening to everyone and it's payment to quell your concience? At least tell who you're screwing over for this? It's not like you have a lot of opportunities like this but at least you would like to know what part of your morals you should be drowning in coins.
No. 374823 ID: 32e092

Get Sommer's attention by asking how she likes her food, then ask about what the data is/why they want it.
No. 374906 ID: 1854db

That seems like a totally reasonable job.

No. 374975 ID: 83ae92

It seemed like an OK deal, although Pektil didn't think it would hurt to find out more, and Sommer was there to let him know if things were shady, Sommer, whose heavy paw was still pressed on his thigh, mere inches from his boner. If it was something shady, she'd have to rub right maybe into it, and oh she certainly seemed interested in what was on stage, and she had to know he was... Pektil shook his head quickly. He didn't want to think about what Sommer's empathy may or may not be picking up. He hoped she was paying attention - she seemed kind of distracted. "Hey Sommer, how's your food?" he asked, trying to get her to focus on the cultist and not on the stage, or his raging erection, if that's even a thing she was focusing on. Oh what if she was? What if she was getting excited because of ... Pektil shook his head again. He really really wished she wasn't psychic sometimes. He didn't catch her reply, but she was only occasionally glancing up at the stage. The stage from which moans were loudly emanating.

"So uh, what is the data that it collects?" Pektil asked.

"Just things anyone good at magic could tell. Data we want."

Another horizontal rub, although it had a hint of diagonal at the end. Of course, no surprise there. Pektil knew they wanted to keep secrets. They weren't going to tell him what they wanted the information for. If he kept prying they might not want to hire him at all.

"So, can you tell me more about the job? I thought it was mostly macro stuff down there. Do I heave to wear anything silly?"

"Big event," the cultist buzzed, "but not macro-big. Important people there. We provide uniform for you, and you are waitstaff. Take drink orders, pass little sandwiches. Very simple."

More horizontal rubbing. Pektil's boner was almost painfully hard, straining against the denim. He just had to Not Think about what Sommer may or may not already know. And how much he'd like to...

"It's not a weird outfit is it?" he said, trying to take his mind off of ... that thing he was just thinking about.

"Tuxedo-thing. Very simple."

Another horizontal rub.

"That's the other thing, this seems like a whole lot of money for something so simple." Pektil said.

"Because you will not tell anyone that you are with us. That we paid you. You must be quiet about who you are collecting for, or that you are collecting anything other than drink orders and empty cups. Money is for silence." it buzzed.

Sommer rubbed rapidly in horizontal strokes across his thigh. Her claw accidentally brushed the edge of one of his testicles. He twitched.

Without Pektil noticing, his entree was gone and a creamy confection on a little dish had been set in front of him.

"Anyway, no more questions," the cultist continued, "Do you take the job or do we find someone else?"
No. 374976 ID: c6ec33

Take the job. Nothing bad can come of this ever!

Now, with that out of the way, you can FINALLY pay more attention to what's on-stage... and Sommer. >___>

Focusing on what's on stage will TOTALLY take your mind off all the embarrassing thoughts you're having about her. TOTALLY. I mean, it's not like you can just ask to spend the night at her place and expect anything to happen after watching a sex show where you're both horny out of your minds...
No. 374977 ID: b738b4

3000 for the job and our silence, eh? Yeah, take it. Get the when and where they'll hand the outfit and magic stone over and when and how they'll pay you afterwards.

Though, what about Sommer? She's been listening the whole time. What about her silence? Nothing bad will happen to her 'cause of this, right? Right?!
No. 374980 ID: 1854db

Sounds fine, really. Let's do it. And look at the staaaaaaage
No. 375005 ID: a3fa3a

There's no way this won't go bad but maybe it won't go so bad to not be worth it, so let's do it. We're gonna get so huge from this, and I don't mean the boner that Sommer is almost masturbating for you.
No. 375020 ID: 1854db

Also try not to jizz in your pants (it'll happen anyway though I bet)
No. 375094 ID: bdf35e


>creamy confection

Tread carefully.
No. 375113 ID: 83ae92
File 132486320051.jpg - (291.76KB , 1024x768 , 05.jpg )

"I'll take the case!" Pektil said, giving the cultist his classiest thumbs-up/wink combination. "My friend's cool too, right?" he asked.

"We will assume that leaked information concerning us comes from you," the cultist said, a strangely threatening undercurrent it its tone. It dropped a handful of glittering gemstones on the little tray with the cheque, which was expertly whisked away by the waiter Pektil hadn't noticed standing nearby. The cultist then slid a red leather bag across the table to Pektil. "Here is five hundred gold. Enclosed is also an address. Meet a man there in eighty hours to recieve the uniform and further instructions. Thank you for assisting us."

Sommer was licking a spot of whipped cream off the corner of her nostril, apparently having enjoyed her own confection. Pektil took the tiny fork and scrutinized his before taking a bite. It was farily delicious, if you're into really good pastries. When he glanced up at the stage, though, it looked like the show was coming to a close. Or, had already come. Somebody had certainly come somewhere. The horn itself was glowing but dimly, pulsing slowly instead of the previous steady glow. Pektil could make out the large male dragon and female shark anthro in the shadows, as well as an obviously female dragon, exhausted and dripping with fluids, with a male anthropormic viper fish collapsed against her flank.

All of the participants were panting and flushed, writhing slowly with satisfied gasps as the curtains slowly lowered. The cultist rose, heading toward the exit. Sommer shrugged, moving her paw off of his thigh and stretching slowly. "I guess we'd better go too," she said. Pektil shrugged and slid out of the booth. They walked slowly outside, Sommer staying just even with Pektil. Beneath the gaslamps, under the gently waving trees, they saw the cultist disappearing into the crowd that slowly meandered down the lane.

"Oh uh, thanks for inviting me," Sommer said, "I know it was business and stuff, but I still had a good time." She turned slowly, as if to walk away, although she glanced back over her shoulder at Pektil.
No. 375114 ID: c2c011

Thank her for coming along and ask her if she would like some coffee or a light snack or something, your treat as thanks for her coming along. Oh, and ask her how the show was with a wink.
No. 375156 ID: 9f72e6

Like, at least ask if she wants you to walk her home. At least.

Try not to, like, think about any ulterior motives, like using your raging boner on her, because, you know, she's psychic, and she'd totally know.

Unless you think she might be into that in which case still just ask to walk her home but totally give a huge WINK inside your head. Just keep it a classy wink.
No. 375157 ID: 1854db

I honestly want to know what was happening on stage, no implications required. And thank her for coming, we felt safer with her there. Say maybe after we do the job and get the upgrade, she'll feel safer with us around instead? Though I guess we were planning to go back home after we got huge. Feels a bit sad to be leaving a friend behind, though.

Ask her if she was uh, looking at your mind at all during that.
No. 375181 ID: 4dc4f5

""Oh uh, thanks for inviting me," Sommer said, "I know it was business and stuff, but I still had a good time." She turned slowly, as if to walk away, although she glanced back over her shoulder at Pektil."

that my good sirs is a motherfucking in, tap that ass soon

>> seriously though say it was no problem and thank her again for coming, in the mean time go back to work just incase
No. 375182 ID: c6ec33

PEKTIL. You must be suave and smooth and stuff. The night is young, and you have a fair lady and friend to accompany!

I agree that perhaps suggesting that you could walk back home with her is probably a GOOD PLAN.

ALSO, you should conversify with her! For example: "I'm glad you had fun. I'm sorry I missed the show, though - it looked like you, uh, enjoyed it." Etc.!

And don't think about the fact that she probably remembers how goddamn horny you were.

But anyways, might as well ask her about her feelings on the job at SOME point. You know. When it wouldn't ruin the moment. And prevent you from getting laid. :V
No. 375320 ID: b738b4

In a silly, overly posh manner ask the fine lady Sommer if she would deign to accompany you on a relaxing promenade through the Dusk district. Perhaps to a coffee house for after-dinner refreshments and conversation.
Hopefully one that sells peppermint tea; That big meal isn't sitting so well in your tiny Mok frame. Uh, don't mention that last bit. Stifle a burp.
No. 375339 ID: 2bf03d

Just then, a man wearing a labcoat with spiky hair and a bulging eye runs by, holding a large beeping suitcase while being chased by a pair of humanoids in dark clothing.
No. 375486 ID: 4c07c6

"Hey, uh, wait up," Pektil said, trotting after her, "I uh, do you want me to walk you home?" he asked.

"Oh, uh, sure, I guess," Sommer said, looking away, "If you want to."

"Yeah, uh," Pektil let the sentence die a slow, awkward death, not really sure of how to resuscitate it.

"So," Pektil asked, "What did you think of the guy and the job?"

Sommer shrugged, "I don't know. He believed in what he was saying. I don't really like the authorities at all. Anyway, I believe it's not dangerous to you. Maybe it'll be fun. You can be a cute little spy in a tiny tuxedo."

Pektil laughed. "Oh uh, do you need the robes back?" he asked.

"Nah, uh, go ahead and hang on to it," Sommer said. "I can tell you if I need it back or something. I'll come pick it up later."

They walked for a little while in silence, shoulder to shoulder past the classy gentlemen and well-dressed ladies. "Uh," Pektil said, saying the first thing that came to mind, "So like, what happened in the show? I wasn't really paying a ton of attention to it, but like, uh, you seemed to be enjoying it." Pektil did a sort of haphazard grin because he wasn't sure exactly how much suavity he should inject into the statement. The end result was more of a grimace with one eyebrow raised awkwardly. Fortunately Sommer wasn't exactly looking at his face. They made their way to the elevators and down some powered walkways, approaching Sommer's district. The awkward silence had done wonders on his boner, reducing it to just the slightest bit of chub.

"Oh uh," Sommer began, her rough voice quiet, "It was a, uh, a sex thing. With the bipeds, uhm," she trailed off, glancing at the ceiling, the storefronts, pretty much anywhere but Pektil, "you know, with the ferals. And the whole time the horn is glowing and sparking and stuff. The Bernyon, the, uh, behemoth can feel the sexual energy from like, the people in the place, and like, taste what they taste and stuff. I uh, I tried to get a job there before. Uh. Because, you know, it's very feral-friendly and stuff. But like, I just wanted to be a waiter or a bartender or something and they said I didn't have hands and stuff but I could, you know, perform, but, like, uh, I didn't really want to do that." Pektil imagined that if she wasn't covered in fur, she'd be blushing. Actually he imagined she'd mostly be composed entirely of blush. Like a beet, or a cranberry. Maybe like a cherry or a tomato. Maybe. Probably one of those little tomatoes, though. Those things are adorable.

"Haha but yeah the food was really good but oh look we're at my place I should probably get to bed I sure did have a rough day," Sommer said, hurrying up the steps to her brownstone.

"You didn't uh, see anything I was thinking did you," Pektil asked as the door was rapidly closing.

"Catch up with you later!" Sommer growled roughly, slamming the door behind her.

Just as well, Pektil thought. He was supposed to see Miss Priesmyer this evening anyway, or told her he was going to go back anyway. He could ask her about the bead. The bead surgery thing. He didn't know how he felt about Sommer. She was really nice to him, and he liked her, and he thought she liked him too. It was just, he felt bad for her. He didn't really think she had a lot of friends. He knew what that was like, growing up without parents, alone in the caves. The other Moks had always shunned him. That's why he'd come here in the first place. Of course, he wasn't sure there was anybody back home who even wanted his protection. Sommer had blown him off earlier this evening, but in the end she'd come out with him anyway. He didn't know whether that was a good sign or not. He'd never been very good with the ladies. Or the guys for that matter. Really pretty much anyone. A sort of gloom settled over him as he walked back toward the Dusk district. He wasn't sure if he should go back to Miss Priesmyer right away or whether he should go somewhere else. Judging by his pocket watch, it was close to 'evening' for him.
No. 375525 ID: 32e092

Head back to Priesmyer. No need to cut things close; we got a lot done and can spend some time relaxing in routine.
No. 375532 ID: f21b0e

Go to see Priesmyer, then if you're not too tired, stop by Sommer's. She seemed like she had something on her mind.
No. 375545 ID: b738b4

Pektil, this thing between you and Sommer, it's just you're both socially messed-up. You've been an outcast for a long time, and she's a feral in a place that has few options for her kind. Few non-demeaning, non-sexual options, that is. You heard what she said after you asked about the stage show. Tread softly, and take it slow, buddy.

As for what to do right now, swing by an info kiosk. Ask what's at that address the cultist gave you, and where it is. Just in case you need to rush there later. Mentally check your job schedule and see if it overlaps when you have to meet up with the contact.
Head back to your rented "room" and stash your cash. Carrying this much is just begging to be mugged. Keep about 50 on yourself for walking-around money. Then take inventory of what you've got, and figure out where to go from there.

Oh, and make a mental note to buy some clean bedding. Maybe a sleeping bag. 'Cause that mattress... Ew. You're not sleeping on that. Ever. Period.
No. 375549 ID: c2c011

Go and get Ms Priesmyer taken care of, after taht we can figure out other stuff.
No. 375626 ID: 4c07c6

Pektil decided to go back to his room and talk to Miss Priesmyer. Anyway, he could ask her about the surgery and the bead. He probably shouldn't be carrying all these valuables on him anyway. On his way back to the Dusk district, he stopped by an information kiosk to check out the meeting location. It looked like it was an alley between two stores in a normal mall district, he could probably find it pretty easily if he needed to. He also made sure it wouldn't conflict with work. The meeting was after his work, and he was supposed to take a work period off every five 'days,' so it should actually coincide with his 'day' off. 'Well, that certainly worked out in an extremely convenient fashion,' he though to himself in a satisfied manner.

He thought about Sommer too. He didn't really understand what she had said before about being raised to be a bodyguard and having a trainer and stuff, but he guessed things could be hard for her around here, what with not having any hands and all. He guessed he'd gotten along pretty well for being an outsider, but for being a native it sure did seem that a lot of sexual stuff made her uncomfortable. He guessed he'd better just take it slow.

As he walked through the dusk district, he noticed a store selling adventuring gear and decided to get himself a pillow and a sleeping bag. It wasn't that he didn't trust Miss Priesmyer's bed, but the sheets looked old and threadbare. Plus he could use it other places if he needed to. It cost him 105 coins, but he got good, comfortable stuff.

He opened the door at the back of the public bathroom and walked into the Machine area. The noises seemed more subdued than normal, the lights dimmer. He spotted his "room" soon enough. There was a little desklamp on the floor next to the mattress. Miss Priesmyer must have put it there after he left. It was a turnip-shaped porcelain thing with a crack in it, but it cast a warm circle of orange light around the room. It was the first time he noticed how dark the area was, or maybe it had been lighter when she showed it to him. Anyway, he was glad to have it, and used its light to stow his stuff in the lockbox. He took of Sommer's robe and his overalls, and slipped his tunic back on while he sorted his belongings. He figured he should carry maybe fifty coins for walking around money, but he should probably keep the rest here. he had 2,525 in coin, assuming the small, shiny coins that the cultist had given him were worth 50 each, and that the pouch that Frost Mother gave him had the 1,500 she said she paid for his potion. 2,500 coin was a lot of money. The huge treatments would only cost 2,100 to get to the size he'd wanted. Actually, he should probably go do that, he thought. Go live out his dream and finish his quest. Go back home to his people.

Well, maybe not just yet. The 500 was for the job he was supposed to do, and he should probably do that before he left. Of course, they would be getting a uniform for a normal-sized mok, so being huge when he went to do the job would just ruin the whole thing. Yeah, he'd better hold off for at least until the job was done. Then he could start thinking about it.

His reverie was interrupted by a burst of static from Miss Priesmyer's speaker. He hadn't even heard her walking up on him! She started talking, but she was too surprised to really catch what it was. She was wearing a worn out old housecoat. At one point it may have been red or pink, but it had faded into an off-white, although the big fluffy cuffs and hem still had a bit of color, and it was liberally decorated with holes and stains. The garment was entirely useless - Miss Priesmyer wore it open, so it did nothing to cover her breasts or her crotch. She stood near the showerhead framing one corner of his room, although she had not yet stepped 'inside.' "Back for the eventing?" her speaker hissed.

"Oh uh, yeah, I guess," Pektil said. He guessed he should ask her about the surgery. He wasn't sure if there was anything else he wanted to talk with her about.
No. 375643 ID: c2c011

Ask how skilled the local surgeons are and if they could implant something the size of the bead safely and comfortably. I guess maybe you should also ask about fulfilling dreams that are within reach of fulfilling, if it's awesomely satisfying or if it can also be a bit sucky?
No. 375729 ID: 4dc4f5

in my opinion, your size doesnt matter to sommers, and sommers doesnt care about your size.

the quest to get larger might be less important then finding someone for pektil to (like, love, marry) which originally was his issue, always never being around them caused him to be a cast away
No. 375820 ID: b738b4

Seconding asking about surgeons in the Mall. Specifically ones that could implant your resurrection bead quickly, safely, and, above all, discreetly. Don't want anybody knowing you're walking around with this inside your body. Better get it magically masked too.

As for the hugeness treatment... Well, do you really think your fellow moks would react well to an eight foot tall mok showing up out of the blue? Especially one with over-sized, ahem, "equipment." ...Yeah, not so well.

Anyway, you've got a job here and now for someone of your stature, and a job lined up where they're expecting you to be regular mok sized. It's not like you're in any rush to get huge. There's time.
Maybe you could look into more expensive hugeness treatments later. They might have ones with variable size.
No. 375885 ID: 1854db

Ask what she just said. ...I wonder if she's trying to seduce you.

Also weren't we going to like, ask someone about ways to enhance our stamina so that we don't orgasm like immediately when having sex?
No. 375969 ID: 4c07c6

Pektil tried not to think about what would happen later. He'd have to make some hard decisions after the spy mission, he guessed.

"Oh uh, did you say something? I didn't catch it," Pektil asked, focusing alternately on the corpse white skin and cold steel of the cyborg.

Miss Priesmyer leaned against the oxidized pipe that supported the showerhead. Her cluster of tentacles and armatures coiling around it like writhing snakes. She leaned against it, her metal hip clanging loudly on contact. "Nothing important," her speaker hissed, "You just seemed to be considering a problem of some kind. I was curious as to its nature."

"So, uh, I actually had something to ask you," Pektil said, scooting a little further away from her across the bed. He hoped she wasn't trying to seduce him, "I uh, you have, uh..."

her tentacles continued to writhe around the shower pole, and she tapped one hoof against the back of the other with sharp, metallic clicks. Her other arm clicked as she raised it to her near-featureless faceplate, tapping what would be her chin thoughtfully with one long finger, "Go on," she said sternly, "Stuttering is unseemly."

"Uh, a lot of surgery. You have a lot of uh, robot parts and things. I was thinking about getting a surgery to uh, get this bead implanted-"

She quickly let go of the pole, reaching the bedside in a single bounding step. She crouched in front of him in a flash, her metal thighs hissing with a release of pneumatic pressure. "Well, let me see it then," she said. Pektil thought he heard a hint of excitement in her distorted, warbling voice.

"It's, uh, a resurrection thing," Pektil said, retrieving the bead, "I need the surgery to be quick, safe, and really discrete, but I've got some cash..." Pektil couldn't help staring at her spread vagina, positioned almost exactly at eye level and completely unconcealed by the drab, ratty housecoat. It looked slick, damp and clammy like the rest of her skin, gray and mottled on the inside. He glanced quickly up to her white breasts and perky gray nipples, also damp with what he hoped was sweat. He'd never been this close to her, her metal tentacles snaking across his sleeping bag as if they had a mind of their own. He'd never noticed the smell - stale sweat, machine oil, metal and a faint sickly-sweet odor, like rotting meat.

"I would be delighted to do the surgery for you, Pektil," she said, shifting position so that her metal thighs pressed deeply into the mattress. At least now he couldn't see her vagina. Well, he could sort of see the top of it if he tried. She flipped her hand in what would be a feminine gesture if not for the rapid, jerky movement and series of clicks as she continued, "You see, I was created to perform surgery. Well, primarily anyhow, for that purpose. I suppose you could use the word 'transformed' instead of 'created,' but it is of little difference. Whatever I was before I became myself was almost entirely erased in the process." Her staticky voice betrayed no emotion he could discern as she spoke. These were matter-of-fact, commonplace pieces of information, "These things," she raised a variety of saws, clamps, little torches and needles from the mass of tentacles that made up her left arm, "are surgical tools, although they work quite well as mechanic's tools. Really, the two fields are very similar to one another. Especially in my case, and the case of the subjects that I was made to operate on." She paused, leaning closer to Pektil, the pressure plates in the fingers and palm clicking as her metal arm made another deep depression in the mattress. He noticed the reddish-purple flesh where the metal joined the organic parts of her body, the mass of scars and tiny, moving devices that covered her bald scalp. He could hear the rubber breathing ports on her back sucking in and exhaling air rhythmically, her chest barely moving as she breathed.

"I would gladly perform the surgery on you, free of charge, as long as you agree to my terms. Although my old life was rather tragic, I do miss some parts of it, and get very few opportunities to relive the bits I did enjoy." She paused, shiny metal tentacles and armatures snaking across her thigh, almost touching his feet, drawing back slowly when they came too close. "Do not be concerned - I am a professional, after all. Although I would be," she paused, "disappointed, it would not affect our business relationship if you were to deny me a mutually beneficial bit of fun."
No. 375979 ID: c2c011

Ask for a bit of more information about the terms and the surgery. Would be good to know what she's going to do and how she's going to do it. Knowing wheter or not the terms involve getting any other work done so that she can fulfill her original function or something like that. If it only involves sexings then it should be fine.
No. 375985 ID: 10d022

Oh, well, what the hell. Why not. As long as it's not anything too kinky.
No. 375988 ID: 4dc4f5

>>free surgery
>>add on condition(try to be really sutble with it) of getting her to wash somehow or she may do that automatically hopefully
No. 375997 ID: c6ec33

As long as she's not going to remove most of your limbs and turn you into little more than a living dildo hidden in a closet somewhere, this might be a good deal!

Besides, Pektil, you can't stop staring at her creepy girly bits. Maybe knowing what it's actually LIKE inside would let you get over that issue? >___>

No. 375998 ID: b457f2

Agree to whatever she wants unconditionally.
No. 376007 ID: 32e092

Go for it once she confirms that there will be no significant changes, aesthetic or otherwise, made to you in the process of implanting it—and that she knows how to and will use appropriate pain-prevention measures.
No. 376016 ID: 4c07c6

Pektil was vaguely uncomfortable. He did keep staring at her naughty parts though. Maybe the sexy times would be good for him. Clear his head. Give him some focus. "Okay, sure. I guess tell me what's going to happen first if you feel like it," he said. Pektil wasn't all that worried for some reason. "As long as it's not gonna like, mess me up or something," Pektil continued. He was feeling pretty glib about the whole thing.

"Ah, excellent," Miss Priesmyer said with a burst of static. She stood up slowly with a mechanical pneumatic wine. "Attend!" she slammed the back of her hand against the mysterious pipe nearby. The loud, reverberating clang quickly disappeared into the vast darkness around them. "At some point after you have gone to sleep, I will return. You will likely wake up slightly before I reach your bed. You will hide under the covers. Don't say anything. Eye contact is acceptable if it is sufficiently meek. Sounds, or noises are acceptable if they are not words. Distressed noises are preferred. I will climb on top of you. You may attempt to struggle or fight back. This will, obviously, do no good. I will hold you down and undress you with my surgical tools. If you do not want to be undressed, then please remove your clothing beforehand, as it will be destroyed in the process. I will speak to you, but do not respond. Under no circumstances should you attempt to lick, kiss, or touch me in a caring or what you consider to be erotic manner. That would make things weird, and ruin the scenario for me. At this point, I will anesthetize you and begin performing the surgery. Parts of your body will be numb, but you will remain conscious. You will not feel pain, although you will feel an uncomfortable pinching sensation. I may choose to mount you, although if I do you will not feel it, or be aware of it. I will satisfy myself and complete the surgery. There will be a small incision beneath your ribs, but it will require only a few stitches. Any other incisions will be extremely minor, for the purpose of injecting chemicals. They will require no further treatment. Nothing will be removed from you, and nothing will be inserted other than the bead, which should be placed somewhere nearby. At this point, I will leave, perhaps gracing you with a tender gesture of some kind. Under no circumstances should you respond in kind or say anything to me. Whimpering is appropriate." She had stood stock still the whole time, her body in an attitude of readiness.

He heard her machinery whine as she took a step to the left, slowly pacing the perimeter of the room. Her hand and tentacles were folded behind her back, armatures and tools spilling across what Pektil appreciated to be a rather toned ass beneath the ratty house coat. He noticed the fuzz from the collar and cuffs drifting gently down around her as she paced with sharp, precise steps. "Remember," she continued, "No speaking, whining and noises are acceptable. No friendly touching, although struggling is appropriate if you choose, and under no circumstances should you attempt to kiss any part of my body, Understood?"

Pektil opened his mouth to speak, but she turned sharply, striking the concrete with an echoing crack of her hoof. "Excellent. I will see you at an undetermined time this evening. Make yourself ready."

She stalked quickly away, disappearing into the gloom before Pektil could ask any questions. He huddled inside of his sleeping bag, wondering how to prepare himself. Maybe he should just run.
No. 376017 ID: c6ec33

Yep, absolutely nothing wrong happening here! :D

Pektil, you were BORN for this acting job! You get a free surgery AND you get to act like the weakling you are inside! It's PERFECT.

No. 376020 ID: b457f2

That sounds totally legit and pretty hot. Go along with it exactly and do not ruin it for her. Make sure to not show any affection at all during the whole deal and just act all afraid instead.

Don't screw this up like you did with Hacke >:C
No. 376021 ID: 3d1c2e

Well this is a thing. I guess you'd better prepare for your appointment at 'an undetermined time this evening.'

Go and get yelled at by someone, to put you in a sad and downtrodden mood. Just what the doctor ordered.
No. 376022 ID: c2c011

You should probably sleep naked, or at least wear something you're ok with her destroying, possibly your old tunic. Would probably make her a bit more happy. A shame you don't have any tights or something. Hmm, might be a decent idea to go out a buy a cheap pyjamas or something for the occasion. After that I guess it's time to sleep.

And while the whole deal is probably going to be quite a bit traumatic it's also free. Which is good. Who know, you might even like it a bit.
No. 376046 ID: b738b4

Really wish you had some booze right now. Or an amnesiac. Or both. Actually, no. What if your dick couldn't get up when the time comes? You really don't want this lasting any longer, right?

Place the bead in plain sight on the strongbox, nestled in some clothing or something. Then cover the floor drain, stick the stopper in the sink, and put the seat down on the toilet. That thing is not going to get away, dammit.

Strip naked, or wear your tunic if you don't care for it. And better stow your sleeping bag for this; Miss Priesmyer may try to cut you out of it otherwise. You can stand one night on the deflated mattress. Not like you're going to be able to sleep anyway.

When the time comes turn into a whimpering ball of mok. Do as told, say no words. Let all that fear and panic seize you up.
You'll be a natural at this!
No. 376047 ID: 32e092

Basically this. Go out and get some shitty cheap secondhand bedclothes for her to cut you out of, if you can do it quickly. She might appreciate the gesture.
No. 376111 ID: 10d022

This is perfect, Pektil. Go and get some shitty clothes, yeah, then go to sleep. Then do what comes natural.
No. 376114 ID: 1854db

You're not going to even be aware of her doing anything to your dick. You won't orgasm; I assume she will have injected something to force you to have a boner. From your end it may as well just be that she's holding you down during the surgery, and being her usual naked self.

But I guess if you still feel really uncomfortable about freaky zombie-cyborg rape play with your boss, you could go after her now and tell her you're not okay with it and would just like to pay for the surgery.

Or discuss a safe word.
No. 376841 ID: 4dc4f5

you will be fine dont drink any booze, it might have effects on the pain meds. other then that cloths, ripped off, sounds like a fun night after new years eve
No. 377932 ID: fc8508

"I don't know if I'm Ok with this," Pektil said into the darkness. The machines rattled on, unresponsive. Miss Priesmyer had already disappeared, the echo of her hooves on concrete swallowed by the gloom.

Although Pektil felt that running away as quickly as possible was the better idea by far, for some reason he found himself walking out into the Dusk district and buying a pair of little blue footy pajamas with ducks on them for 15 coins, and some cheap, starched sheets for 5. He felt a sort of creeping terror as he walked slowly back through the machine area, his footsteps echoing among the massive, chugging engines. Back to his terribly insecure "room." He put the pajamas on slowly, trying to convince himself that it wouldn't be that bad. She was naked all the time anyway. He wouldn't even know what was happening. He just had to pretend to be scared.

He pushed his sleeping bag to the side, making the bed with his new sheets. Surely she wouldn't do anything all that terrible.

He placed his Resurrection bead conspicuously on top of the lockbox, feeling the smooth, round stone under his fingertips. The red stone was shiny in the small circle of light cast by the fat little lamp, the only warm light anywhere in the gray, gritty void.

His 'room' was completely exposed, and he had no easy way to block off the dim hulks in the infinite darkness all around him. He went to the sink and drain and put stoppers in, and put the toilet seat down. He didn't really think the bead could go anywhere, but he wanted to do something to keep his mind off of what was going to happen.

He huddled under the sheets. If he was acting, it was surprisingly easy for him to get into character. He was nervous. Nothing bad was going to happen, he was sure, but the whole scenario was making him very uncomfortable. He didn't think there was any way he was going to be able to get to sleep, huddled under his sheets, exposed to the void, but it had been such a long day. He blinked, scanning for any sign of movement, then blinked again, a little more slowly. What had she done before anyway?... this was what she enjoyed...

Sommer. Sommer was warm. Warm fur, slow breaths. She brushed his ankle with her tail. He felt her tail along the top of the covers. Her tails, snaking slowly around his ankle. Her breathing was harsh, heavy. He could hear the air sucking in, and whistling slowly out. She was talking in her sleep and he laid against her. Her big, warm body. Talking in her sleep, but he couldn't understand. Her voice was weird. Her voice was messed up, except for the whines, whines and hisses. More tails. Some of her tails were under the covers, snaking up almost to his knee. The tails were hissing. They were snakes, snaketails, hissing and whining, and cold, cold and-

Kicking frantically, dim lights glowing over him. "Do not resist." a harsh burst of static. Screaming. Who was screaming? Something grabbed his free leg. Cold metal. More bursts of static.

"Cease struggling," He wasn't sure. The tentacles flexed and Pektil was lifted into the air, slammed down into the mattress, his mouth snapped shut with a click. The tentacles on his legs coiled tighter, pressing into his flesh. He smelled machine oil, metal and that sickly, rotting meat smell. Another limb pressed down on his shoulder, gripping him tightly with cold metal fingers. He pawed at it futilely. A bright light shone in his face, the shape above him only an indistinct silhouette cut from the deeper darkness. He heard a keening mechanical whine as more tendrils wrapped around his free arm, pinning it against his side. One arm wriggled slowly into his field of view. It ended in a tiny whirring sawblade.

He tried to scream again, but found his mouth filled with tentacles, slowly flexing, forcing his jaws open.

"Since you seem incapable of being still, I will have to sedate you." A large, thick tentacle slid slowly into his mouth. It slid across his tongue, cold and bitter. He could feel its weight against his chest, feel it move like a fat, heavy snake over his lips. He retched as it began to force its way down his throat, pressing his tongue against the floor of his mouth. He tried to escape, but his thrashing body only twitched as the limbs that held him tightened. He gagged again as the thick arm wormed further down his throat. It moved further in slow pulses as he felt drool wetting the side of his face. He tried to flex his cheeks, turn his head, but he could only breathe shallowly through his nose, trying not to vomit. He could feel it inside of him, and he let out a low, muffled wine as the tentacle shuddered and burbled and thick slime spewed into his stomach. He heard fabric tearing.

He thrashed as he saw the occasional spark, saw bits of pajama pulled away with cold, mechanical hands. he felt the open air on his fur as he was stripped. The metal limbs shifted position to allow the saw access, but his fingers barely twitched when he tried to move his arm. He gagged as the tentacle slowly withdrew from his throat, dripping shimmering strands of drool across his chin and chest.

He felt something sharp stab into his abdomen, "You will feel some discomfort."

Turning his head to the side, he saw a small manipulator claw pick the bead up off of the lockbox. Almost immediately, he felt his fur parting my a mass of tiny feelers, felt a heavy pressing sensation, like someone running a fingernail across his skin, then another painful needleprick. He could feel his flesh parting, feel cold air on parts of his body that had never been exposed before. He smelled blood, and felt pulling inside his abdomen. he could hear a horrible wet sound, like someone chewing with their mouth open, coming from his abdomen. He could make out more of Miss Priesmyer's body now that his eyes had adjusted to the gloom. She was straddling him, long tendrils flexing and pulsing across his body. Her metal hand was laid loosely on his shoulder. blood was spattered across many of the limbs, and he could see a few loops of his own intestines laying across his chest. A nest of mechanical limbs disappeared through the hole in his flesh, he could see them pushing against his abdominal wall, and feel them inside of him, invading his body.

"And now for fun," he heard her say. More needlepricks in his thighs, and her head cocked to the side with a loud mechanical thump as one of the devices stapled to her skull slammed into her brain. He felt something wet dripping against his thighs as the Rapidly began to lose sensation. Her metal hand moved out of view, into the darkness where she sat atop him. He heard a staticky moan come from her speaker, heard her make small noises that quickly became frustrated growls.

"It appears that we need more certain measures to stimulate you. You do not appreciate my beauty. I will teach you to appreciate me. You will learn that I am beautiful." Pektil only whined in response. His whine was answered by a high-pitched whirring, and he saw a limb terminating in a tiny drill slowly moving toward his face. It moved above his head, the drill out of view, the tentacle swaying in the air above his face. He felt the fur part slightly behind one ear, heard the drill squeal as it made contact with his numb body. It screeched as it drilled into his skull, a thin line of smoke and a smell like charred meat tracing faintly across his senses. His body jerked. He saw her shift on his lap.

"Better. Yes. You love me, don't you?," she purred, her voice uneven, cracking with static. She began to ride him, humping with short, sharp motions, leaning further over him. She placed her hand on the mattress near his head, his cheek lay against the cold metal. The tentacles continued to squirm inside his body. "Of course you love me. I am beautiful." Her voice began to crack with moans and squealed screams. Eventually, the tentacles slowly began to withdraw, his intestines pushed inside the hole in his flesh. He felt pulling inside of him, then against his skin, another moan from the darkness above him.

"Cum for me," She said, moaning and shuddering as he saw the tentacle laid across his snout, the one burrowed into his skull flex once. "Ahnn, yes," she moaned, another of the devices on her skull slamming into her brain. She ran her hand across his chest, pulling on his fur and she flexed, bending backwards, her perky breasts clearly outlined by the lights on her faceplate.

"Now sleep," she said, and the blackness consumed him utterly.

Pektil woke up, groggy and sore. He could see the small incision on his abdomen with clean stitches. Spattered patches of dried blood dotted his coat, and the shredded remains of his pajamas were scattered across his little room. There was no sign of Miss Priesmyer, but the air still smelled of sex and antiseptic. Crusty fluids matted the fur of his crotch. He felt terrible. He didn't know exactly what to feel about what had happened, or what to do when he inevitably had to see Miss Priesmyer in a few hours.
No. 377944 ID: 1854db

First, stand under the shower for like, an hour. Recover as well as you are able.

Next time we see her, we have two complaints: One, after explaining what she was going to do she didn't give you a chance to say no, and two, she drilled a fucking hole in your skull. A HOLE IN YOUR SKULL. That's not cool! You've got a hole in your head now, and she might've damaged your brain! ...do you still have a hole there?

but yeah, it was about as scary as expected, though the surgery was more invasive than expected. She said there would be an incision, she didn't say she would yank out your intestines midway through. The rape bit was pretty much what she said it would be like.

But hey now you are quite certain you are not into rape play. You learned something.
No. 377947 ID: 33eed1

Well. Don't act all weird about it. Just thank her for implanting the bead when you see her.
No. 377960 ID: c6ec33

1) Check to make sure brain-hole has been, uh, repaired.
2) Despite the crazy rapetimes, there may be a silver lining. Miss P. obviously knows how to control your bodily functions... maybe she can install something to let you last longer? :D
3) Try not to puke and/or act strange the next time you see her. That might turn her on. The best way to turn her off might actually be to treat her as hot and sexy. :V
No. 378014 ID: c71597

A show might not be the best idea with fresh stitches, but you could probably wash your crotch in the sink. And look at it from the bright side, you got it for free, and she did sort of do a good job of it. Maybe a bit traumatic, but still competently made.

And try to act normal around her. Poor thing probably has a hard time keeping any social contacts or employes. She will probably be very happy if you stay with her despite what happened. Even if she won't show it.
No. 378041 ID: 32e092

Yeah, think how rarely she gets to indulge herself like this; she must be very lonely. Try to be nice and prevent things from becoming too awkward. Do inquire about the whole drill-to-the-brain thing, though, as that wasn't part of the deal and is pretty worrying, as you now almost certainly have a structural weak point in your skull.
No. 378075 ID: b738b4

...Question your mental faculties, 'cause what the fuck was that?! Did your brain go on vacation and leave your dick in charge?
You've seen that this place has kinks and fetishes that'd be horribly traumatic if you don't know what's what going in.
Remember Hacke? Remember the circumstances of how you first arrived at the Last Whisper club? You could have died there and you damn well know it!

However, what's done is done. Chalk this up as a learning experience, and vow to never, ever, agree to sex acts without knowing what you're getting into, from now on.

Realize you just had more involved surgery back here than you were expecting. You don't know anything about Miss Priesmyer's actual skill other than what she said. You don't know much about Miss Priesmyer, period. Also, it's doubtful she's operated on a mok before.
Yeah, you better get your green furry arse to a doctor, pronto, and make sure she put everything back where it belongs.

Throw your clothes on, leave a note saying you're feeling sick and taking the first half of your shift off to see a doctor, and get going. You can worry about how you're going to deal with Priesmyer later.
No. 389457 ID: 859194

Pektil looked at his reflection in the mirror over his sink. He wasn't sure exactly what to feel about what had just happened. It was certainly a lot more extreme than what he had expected, and he felt extremely conflicted. He touched his hand against the tiny scab above his temple. The spot of dried blood was smaller than the head of a pin. A swatch of his fur had been shaved on the left side of his stomach. He ran his finger along the puckered flesh, the regular, perfect line of black stitches holding it together. He rolled the knot of the thread between his thumb and index finger, feeling it pull slightly, trailing a finger down the two little bits of thread, neatly clipped close to the body of the knot.

The whole incision was a little more than an inch long. It had felt so much larger last night. They both had, with his warm intestines laying wetly across his chest.

He got a washcloth and a towel that were folded neatly on the seat of the toilet, along with a little unlabled tube of ointment. There was a handwritten note telling him to gently clean the site of the stitches and apply the ointment in the morning and at night, after he had washed the area. The letters were freakishly uniform, all perfectly neat and ordered on the unlined paper.

He didn't know how to feel.

He cleaned himself, trying not to think too much. He had work. He had to go see her. At work.

He guessed he could just leave. He'd gotten what he wanted, and he had to know it would be ...

Not that. What did she do before, that this was something she missed? He understood why he'd never seen her talk to anyone. It was clear why the job had no other applicants.

He wasn't sure he could feel pity for her.

To work.

He got dressed in his little overalls. Collected a little cash and his pocketwatch. It felt heavy in his hand. He felt it ticking like a heartbeat, but it was cold. Heavy and cold.

He supposed he should go to work.

Pektil went to where he normally met her in the morning. She was standing there in the gloom- gleaming metal, pale flesh where it wasn't angry and red. Her speaker crackled, "Let's begin," as if nothing had happened. She was clean, composed. He touched his finger to the little spot of dried blood on his forehead.

He flinched when she touched him.

He couldn't help it.

The next day was the same.

He noticed she explained more. She told him what they were doing. Why this piece needed to be replaced. What this tool did. He managed to suppress a shudder when her metal hand closed over his, to help him use a soldering iron to fix a burned out capacitor.

He realized he hadn't left the Machine Area in two days, except to go to the falafel stand close by the exit. He should probably do something else, instead of just laying there. Laying in his bed with the lamp casting it's little circle of light, trying to hold back all those shadows.
No. 389461 ID: 1854db

Go get some sun or find a sunrock or something. Maybe check the directory for memory washing services/other therapy.

Perhaps you should go see Sommer if you're feeling better after walking around a bit. Actually no, don't go see Sommer until you've fixed your head. She doesn't deserve the pain of seeing your mind in this state. You could probably talk to her over the phone though. Tell her that... something happened and you aren't feeling very well so she probably doesn't want to see you like this.

Hmm. How many hours until we have to do that secret spy job? Should be like 30 or so hours left?
No. 389503 ID: 369d34

Yeah, don't lay about in this oppressive gloom. Go ask an info booth where a sunny park or plaza is. The Mall will certainly have something for its visitors that like or need sunlight. It'll be a better place to think than back here.

You should call Sommer; As a local, she'd know more than you about where to go and what to do for someone in your situation. There has to be some service in The Mall for those that have had a mentally-scarring sexual experience they didn't want. But, if you feel you can't talk about that yet, at the very least you could just check in with her so she knows you're still alive and kicking. She might be looking to talk to you as well.

Did you ever tell Sommer where you're staying, or working, or how to contact you? Maybe getting one of those Mall communicators would be prudent now. See if they have one with a built-in Mall info booth function too.
No. 389518 ID: bbdfca

Contacting Sommer would be best. If you can get a phone or something, go for it, so you don't just show up at her and make her feel like she has to deal with you RIGHT NOW. She's always been so nice and put her problems aside to help you out, so you might as well let her deal with you when she can instead of just forcing yourself on her by, like, just.

Awkwardly coming up to her and saying "Hey can you find me again later so we can talk ok bye" and then walk away. Don't do that. You're gonna be a spy still, ok? You have to keep practicing being suave and that is so not suave.
No. 389531 ID: c71597

Moments like this is what friends are for. So time to call Sommer and ask if she has time to hang out.
No. 389540 ID: 62e83b

Well, it's good that Miss P. is teaching you the why instead of just the how, it might help to know that sort of thing.

Also, getting a communicator and hanging out with Sommer sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe it'll cheer you up, that whole ideal was a lot to get over.
No. 389556 ID: 4dc4f5

No. 389621 ID: 4f5779

Oh yeah. that mission thing. Pektil had sort of forgotten about that. He guessed he had about 40 hours left before he had to go meet that guy, which was probably something he should still do he supposed. He guessed he should buy a phone too. He stepped out of the machine area, the dim light of the Dusk district easy on his eyes. He walked down the cobbled lanes, easily finding a store that seemed to sell communicators. It felt good to be standing in the cool building, looking at the wide variety of machines in their little brass-rimmed, glass display cases. The worker was a young, slender gazelle in many-layered embroidered black dress, dripping with white lace and a few tasteful pieces of jewelry. She helped him pick out something nice for about 150 coins. It was a shiny silver frame with a liquid, shimmering blue substance in the center. He could just ask it for information and it could display things, just like the big info kiosks he'd used.

The smile and soothing voice of the cashier eased him, and he felt better as he wandered down to the first floor, playing with the new toy.

It was extremely simple to use. He could just press against the flexible blue surface to dial numbers or access the kiosk data. He quickly entered the numbers for the people he knew, and asked about mind wiping. He'd had it done before by that sanctioned psyker guy at the hospital, he recalled, for somewhere around 50 coins.

There were also a few other places with a variety of interesting names that he could go to, several magical and technological varieties for either. Maybe it would be best if he forgot - he wasn't sure.

For now, his plan was just to walk around in the park area some. He'd remembered the huge forest in the center of the ground floor. He wanted to call Sommer, at least touch base with her, but she was going to be at work for a few more hours, so he had time to kill. He wandered through the massive, wrought iron gates and in amongst the trees.

Like the rest of the area around the park, everything was massive and obviously designed for macros. The decorative stones that lined the wide gravel avenues were chest high to him, whereas on a normal path they'd barely come up over his ankle. Massive concrete benches were spaced along the paths, with smaller benches clustered around and under them for the more usual-sized inhabitants. Pektil picked smaller side paths at random, and was somewhat relieved to see the flora was a more reasonable size. Dappled sunlight pooled among the comforting shadows of the path and Pektil felt his worry gradually melt away. The dimness wasn't the dimness of the gloomy black void. The massive looming trees weren't those horrid rattling engines. There wasn't anyone here to -

He sat down on a bench, watching the occasional couple holding hands or solitary creature stroll past. Checking his watch, he realized that Sommer would probably just have gotten home and decided to call her.

Her phone rang a few times before he heard her gruffly answer with a cautious "Hello."

"It's me, Pektil," he said,

"Pektil!" Sommer all but shouted, "I was worried something had happened to you! I haven't heard from you in so long! Is everything OK?"

There was no point bringing anything up if he was just going to get his memory erased. He probably needed to decide that before he said anything else.
No. 389626 ID: 9ab2ee

Don't erase your memory.

Sommer vored someone once, remember? She always seems really upset by it and never wants to talk about it. She's had a Bad Experience that she's living with.

She's a good person to go to about this, ok. Don't wipe your memory and forget, don't undo what you've learned. At least not yet. Sommer's been dealing with her regret silently for a long time, so maybe this is a good moment for both of you to work through some stuff together.
No. 389630 ID: fed066


Telling her you had intestine sex with your boss would probably just make her jealous.
No. 389633 ID: 62e83b

Ask her to meet you in the park. Also I would suggest getting the mindwipe. It's a pretty big deal, but not overly expensive and maybe it'll cheer your mopey arse up. Don't bring it up to Sommer, you're doing this to get your mind off it anyways.
No. 389635 ID: 1854db

Maybe we shouldn't get it erased, but... blurred. Made harder to recall. Most trauma is because the memory isn't fully processed by the brain and sticks out like a sore thumb. So if we can just get that done, so that the memory isn't so... crystal clear an pointy and damaging, then we should be alright.

I think we should tell Sommer very little about what actually happened. BE VAGUE, but tell her that we're considering getting memory treatment or if not that at least some therapy, and ask her for some advice. Maybe set up a meetup time to hang out, or... ask her if she wants to go out on a real date, and make your relationship official? Then Pektil could just turn down requests for sex on account of being in a relationship. Unless, I guess, Sommer wants an open relationship. Maybe that's normal around here.
No. 389637 ID: e7989a

No don't get a brain wipe you

fuzz ball just talk with sommer about it a mind wipe is not the answer to your problems
No. 389639 ID: 7c31d2

Get the brain wipe because if you don't your brain is gonna bring the incident back up when you least want it to
No. 389640 ID: 482504

no mind wipe, talk with sommer
No. 389642 ID: c04c0d

Yeah the best way to deal with trauma like this is to talk about it with a friend. Tell sommer what happened and realize you need to be much more careful in the future.
No. 389648 ID: 369d34

No. No memory wiping. No memory dulling. You're not going to take the easy way. You're going to work this out, with Sommer's help, and be a better person for it.

Talk to Sommer, but try to ease into the details. Start off by saying that you agreed to trade a sexual encounter with your boss for a favor, and it turned horribly traumatic. Go from there into the rest of the story.
No. 389650 ID: c6ec33

Tell her that you've been really busy with work, and that you also had a pretty terrifying surgical experience. Ask if it's OK if you guys can meet up and talk about it, and maybe plan a little bit for your spy thing. But possibly don't call it a spy thing because talking about being a spy is not what you do as a spy OK?

If you meet up, you can possibly tell her about what the bead does, and therefore why you had the surgery. Putting your trust in her is sure to show her how much you value her as a friend.
No. 389735 ID: 91318f

Don't get your mind wiped or changed in any way. There might even be a risk of it effecting your other memories. Best to talk about it with Sommer, she's worried!
No. 389750 ID: 60cc2d

I think its a bad idea to remove any memories that dont actualy damage your psyche, because dealing with them makes you stronger. Also, it would remove precious EXP !!1!!12!
No. 389835 ID: 94ed3e

Damn, like, oh damn. Don't get your mind wiped, you should talk to Sommer about what happened. Tell her you have some serious shit that you want to talk to her in person about.
No. 389839 ID: 1854db

...don't you guys at least want to confirm that there are side effects to memory alteration?

At least we should get some therapy.
No. 389845 ID: d5ee6f

Ask to meet with Sommer sometime. Also meet with the dude.
No. 389898 ID: 784dcc

No disassemble. No disassemble!
No. 390016 ID: 4f5779

Pektil paused. Maybe it would be better if he just talked with Sommer about it. He could always go back later.

"Hello? Pektil?" Sommer said.

"I... Well no, not exactly OK I guess. Would it be OK if we could meet somewhere?" Pektil said.

"You can come over, I can come meet you."

"I'm in the park," Pektil said. For some reason, being out under what felt like sunlight made Pektil feel a lot more comfortable.

"meet me at the gate in about fifteen minutes," Sommer growled.

Pektil made his way back through the dappled shadows to the front of the park. He sat down on one of the smaller benches to wait for Sommer to arrive. Above him, he watched one of the enormous hooves of the slender quagga sitting on the bench above him swing lazily back and fort, her butterfly wings glittering as she stared lazily up into the trees.

Pektil turned toward the gate. an enormous sphere of greasy orange tentacles rolled lazily through, followed by a little cluster of humans chained to a massive floating obelisk. The leaves far overhead rustled in the breeze.

He hadn't noticed before, but over the sounds of quiet conversation, breezes and rustling leaves, he could make out other noises. Moans, barks and sighs and whinnies drifting gently from the hidden areas off the path. Pektil supposed he shouldn't be too surprised.

"Pektil!" Sommer bounded up to his bench, her long tongue hanging from her mouth. "What happened?"

"Well, uh, my boss wanted me to like, uh, she uh," His voice dropped to a mumble.

"It's ok," Sommer said, climbing onto the bench next to him and laying a forepaw on his shoulder.

They sat there in silence. Pektil wasn't sure what to say. It felt good having Sommer there with him. He realized he was more afraid of Preismyer than anything else. The fact that she enjoyed what she'd done to him. Eventually, Sommer cleared her throat and began to speak.

"It took a while, for Po to convince me," she said. "I hadn't been working long. I mean, since I'd started working there. He was pretty insistent. He said I'd love it." she sort of trailed off, unwilling to continue.

Pektil pressed his little snout into the fur between her ears, hugging her big, soft face. He remembered that smell, like dust and old leather.

"I was thinking about getting it erased, maybe," Pekit said.

"It doesn't matter," Sommer mumbled, "When something else happens, it'll just make you wonder what you've forgotten."

The gentle sounds of the Park floated past them. The macro quagga was humming to herself.

"I sort of wish there was a sunset," Pektil said, "This would be like, a scene out of a story or something. I dunno. Maybe it would be too cheesy."

Sommer sneezed and lept off of the bench. "Hey, uh, Pektil, you wanna go get some food or something? I'm not really hungry, but we could like, go somewhere, I dunno." Her mouth was open slightly, "I'm just kinda tired of sitting here," she paused, "whatever you want to do is fine.
No. 390019 ID: 616d10

Heh, seems like someone has allergies. Ask if she knows any cafe sort of places, somewhere to get a quick bite to eat. Also, smalltalk. Maybe something suggestive, you both have free time.
No. 390021 ID: c6ec33

Sure, ask her if she has any places in mind. You're still pretty new here, and have no idea what places are good for both Moks and feral ferret-dog things.
No. 390049 ID: 369d34

Yeah, ask if there's an out of the way pub or cafe that the locals go to when the sexual ambiance of The Mall gets to be too much.
No. 390051 ID: 1854db

I guess you're gonna be alright, then?

You've been eating a lot of falafel... Ask her if there are any bigger restaurants that serve that sort of thing. You could get something out of the same type of cuisine.
No. 390699 ID: 372de9

Pektil thought about it for a while. "Hey, uh, is there somewhere we can go that's like, out of the way, where we wouldn't feel out of place? Like, maybe a place where there isn't you, know, such a, like, focus on sex?"

Sommer glanced awkwardly up at the canopy far overhead. "Uh. I think I know a place. It's sort of a hangout place and not a eating place."

Pektil also glanced down at his communicator. It had apparently picked up what he had said and had generated a list of places!

Suggest a place for them to go by writing up a description and NUMBERING your suggestion in the SUBJECT FEILD! You can do a list too! Suggesters can also either pick Sommer's place or one of the user generated ones!
No. 390705 ID: afddfb

A large building which simulates a space station, zero-gravity and simulated SPESS. Named the "International Sex Station" as a horrible pun. Most people go out to SPESS for "recreation", the interior is a hangout, for the most part.
No. 390706 ID: 8e18cd


The Harlot's House of Latex. A latex-themed BDSM joint slash shop - Walls are padded with black rubber, drinks are being served in gas-mask wearing guys and gals, and their speciality are glow-in-the-dark liquers giving the whole place a very 'futuristic decadent' feeling.

Wearing some piece of latex clothing is required to enter the club area and for those not owning such, these could be purchased in the adjacting shop.
No. 390711 ID: c6ec33

The Fluffy

A relaxing joint designed for hanging out and looking at cute things! It is basically a cute zoo. There are baby otters, turtles, penguins, etc.! There is even a daycare center designed to show off only the CUTEST babies of sapient species.

The entire place is filled with lava lamps, bean bags, hammocks, and it serves cheap yet delicious organic enviornmentally-responsible and humane snack-foods.

The proprietor is a large, white, fluffy creature.
No. 390861 ID: d5ee6f

SPESS is awesome.
No. 390867 ID: fed066


Man, that would get really gross really fast. Whatever, let's try it.
No. 390869 ID: 1854db

This, but sometimes the animals are for sale.
No. 390887 ID: 369d34

Yeah, this sounds like a relaxing change of pace. ...Uh, just don't think to hard about what this place is doing in The Mall, OK.
No. 390907 ID: a75970

No. 390910 ID: d210fe

No. Nonono nooooo animals at SEX mall. Space.
No. 390912 ID: 7c31d2

Cute Zoo! Just hope they don't make Pektil an exibit
No. 391884 ID: 4dc4f5

SPESS sounds awesome. do it
No. 391945 ID: 0524bd

No. 391946 ID: fa9f7e

Hell yes! Intestine sex, here we come!
No. 449970 ID: ef0404

"Hey, Sommer, why don't we try this place?" Pektil said, pointing at his screen. Sommer nodded and licked her nose.

A few elevators, escalators and powered walkways later and they were standing in front of an unassuming building. The only sign above it was a bronze plaque with a stylized figure of a gumdrop-shaped pile of fluff.

"I think this is it," Pektil said. He held the door open for Sommer and they made their way inside.

The interior was brightly lit and colorful, with hammocks, beanbag chairs, and huge, overstuffed pillows piled and slung haphazardly across a spongy foam floor. Lava lamps in mostly bright greens, blues, and reds hung upside-down from the ceiling, spaced between more natural lights. The walls, in contrast to the bright primary colors of literally everything else, were stark white and plush, like thick, furry carpet.

Spaced around the edge of the room were glass cases with open tops, and little wooden fenced areas, sort of like cribs or playpens. Each case had a variety of adorable baby animals in them. Little otters, turtles, penguins, ferrets, and bunches of other things scampered around while the clients petted and played with them. Little boxes near the cages had chewtoys, blocks and rubber balls, and some of these were scattered across the floor.

There was a long counter and a little swinging gate that lead inside. Behind the counter was a human with pale skin and long blonde hair. He had a long, white horn protruding from his forehead. He was dressed all in fuzzy white robes, with a pyramidal hat in the same shape as the creature on the sign. He had a little rack of pamphlets that said "HAVE YOU FOUND THE FLUFFY?" in thick black Impact font on the otherwise undecorated white cover.

"Welcome!" he declaimed, spreading his arms wide. "Five coins each, please, stay as long as you like!" He gestured toward two boxes near the little swinging gate. One had a slot for coins, the other a circular hole. The man gestured toward the low bar at the back of the room, with fluffy pillows and stools set against it. "You can partake of a variety of all-natural, environmentally responsible and humane snackfoods, and also inquire as to prices of anything you would like to purchase." A blue-skinned, green-haired female humanoid with large, dark eyes and bony spines instead of hair waved from behind the further counter.

Pektil payed 10 coins for their entrance fee, and then walked inside. The spongy carpet felt good under his feetsies, and he glanced around at the other patrons. The place was relatively quiet except for the occasional adorable squeak, and there weren't many people there. A large arachnid creature whose carapace constantly shifted to match the colors of whatever it was standing on played with a pair of penguins. A wide-hipped female hedgehog and a voluptuous female salamander were chatting with a nervous male hare as they all petted little balls of fluff.

A nervous, spindly white creature with a long, waving tongue hung upside down from one of the lights, watching a little pile of turtles, and a creature that looked like a combination of a cheetah and a fish wreathed in blue mist observed a pile of ferrets.

Pektil wasn't sure what he should do, how he should talk about what had happened with Miss Priesmeyer. Whether he even should bring it up again. It's why he'd called Sommer. She'd started to say something about her own past. He just...
No. 449971 ID: b5e3b7

Look, this is a good time to open up with one another, Pektil! It can be a time of healing for both of you! She's more experienced in this kind of stuff and, okay, she obviously isn't dealing with it that well, but that just means you both need to be there for one another!

You and Sommer should settle in somewhere away from everyone else and make it look clear you just want to be alone to talk! Maybe you can touch some of the critters! Peep at the creatures! Eyeball the little beasties!

Sommer was about to open up to you, so let her know that this is a safe and relaxed place for her to do that. And it's safe for you to tell her about how you basically were eviscerated sexually, okay? Look at all the animals! Everything is going to be fine.
No. 449974 ID: 6a8f04

No. 450052 ID: c6ec33

Find some critters that are basically, like, just these totally uncritical balls of love and affection ok?

And then you will each play with one and talk about your feelings.

You will start by saying that you still feel like a newcomer here, everything is so weird, and it feels like you've made a lot of mistakes. You're not sure what your real goal is anymore. You were gifted a resurrection pearl, and you ended up paying for the surgery to put it in you with sex, which was absolutely terrifying and basically rape. You regret it, and you feel lost, and most of all, she seems like the only reasonable person you've met. If it weren't for her, you wouldn't really want to stick around here, and you'd probably be long gone.
No. 450076 ID: 045568

Find ze fluffy
No. 451461 ID: f2c20c

Well, I'd say we still have our goal solidly in mind. We're gonna get huge, so we can protect people. We'd like to go home maybe, but now that we've made a friend like Sommer we're not that sure about it. This place is just so strange though.

Optimally we would live at home, and like, come back here to hang out with sommer.
No. 451653 ID: 7461d3

It wasn't going to be easy. He'd already broken the ice really, though, back in the park. He had never told her exactly what happened. Maybe she didn't need to...

No, Pektil thought, he was the one who wanted to tell her. They walked across the spongy foam floor, over to a corner where nobody else was really doing anything. They glanced in the little areas as they passed, Sommer's heavy footfalls audible, her wide head swinging from pen to pen, looking at the adorable little creatures. Pektil reached in to one little cage, pulling out two little pastel animals he couldn't identify. They had small black eyes, and his hands sank down to the wrist in soft fuzz. He walked quietly over with Sommer and climbed into a bright red hammock, she snorted and layed down on a big blue cushion, curling her tail around her legs. Her mouth was open slightly, the tip of her tongue slipping back and forth over her shiny white teeth as she breathed.

Pektil handed the blue critter down to her. She grabbed it gently in her mouth and set it between her forepaws, where it churred and snuggled into the fur on her chest. His own yellow critter nestled into the crook of his arm, poking into his own thick fur. He could feel it's little face against his skin, tiny hot breaths from its little nostrils.

"I'm confused, Sommer," Pektil began.

"Yeah, you were talking about-" Sommer had started talking, then stopped. "Oh, uh, I didn't mean to cut you off," she growled, looking up at him. The silence stretched out for a bit.

"Oh yeah you were-" Sommer started at the same time Pektil did, their words sort of stumbling over each other like a pile of goats trying to fuck a doorknob.

"Okay, you go," Sommer said, sneezing and looking away.

The silence stretched out, but Sommer refused to start again. Pektil petted the little fluffball and tried to line up his words.

"I got. uh. consensually surgeraped." He said, not meeting Sommer's confused glances. "My boss, she surgeristically installed the bead thing I got, but it was really scary and basically rape, and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Now she's like, nicer to me, and hasn't said anything about it or anything but it's like. It makes me feel really bad, Sommer. She talked about how before she came here, she was made into this android that she is now, and how her memories and everything are all altered and her old personality was gone. And how she was created to do these horrible things, and how she still wants to. I'm scared of her. Plus I'm not sure what to do with my goals and all. I don't know if I wanna go back home where nobody cared, or stay here, where at least I have a friend."

He paused, looking down at her looking up at him, "Or, well, I think you're my friend."

Sommer sneezed again, her tongue briefly licking her nostril. "Oh, uh, of course you're my friend," She growled, her gravelly voice low and thick, "I uh," she looked down, at the little thing nestled against her making teensy noises, "I... um..." she licked her nostril again, then made a little snort.

She paused, pushing the thing a bit with her nose, before shaking her head and looking back up to him. Her voice was flatter, but her eyes were deep, scared and sad. "It took a while, for Po to convince me," she said. "I hadn't been working long. I mean, since I'd started working there. He was pretty insistent. He said I'd love it."

"First, he... made me watch him do it. He... it was a one time client. That's somebody who isn't, uh, isn't coming back. It was a guy, and Po went slow. I remember his face disappearing behind the rows of Po's teeth. He could barely breathe, Po's throat was pressing his arms to his chest and his breaths were these short, whistling breaths, but he had this smile on his face, his eyes were glazed and looking far away. It looked like ecstasy." she cleared her throat.

"Even after that, I didn't want to. It almost made it worse. It felt like, even though they wanted, people who wanted that were broken. It felt wrong. Even if they came back, it was killing. I hated it." She coughed again.

"Po showed me... things. Made me do things. But he takes care of me. He let me stop, but I still remember his face. The strings of spit glittering like pearls between those long, sharp teeth when his mouth moved toward me..." her voice faded to a whisper. Pektil was almost sure she wasn't going to start talking again before she did, "But he let me stop. I'm scared of him, but it's a good job. He's nice to me. I remember it, but he's not bad. He just likes things that I don't like. That's Ok, that's just the kind of place this is. He's nice to me."

Pektil wasn't sure what to say. "It's not her fault," Sommer said, looking up at him, her expression serious. "She had horrible things done to her, you said, to make her want to do those things. I feel sorry for her. It must be hard. She probably thinks you're going to leave her now, and she's going to find somebody new until she does the same thing again," Pektil saw the barest hint of a tear slipping into the fur at the corner of Sommer's eye. A tiny, glittering thing, and then it was gone. "She's probably lonely, Pektil, I feel bad for her."

Pektil wasn't sure what to say. He didn't feel bad for Miss Preismeyer.
No. 451772 ID: 551a12

Pektil, it... doesn't sound like Sommer's job is actually all that healthy for her. Preismyer didn't actually really want to hurt you, maybe, and Sommer's boss maybe didn't want to hurt her either, but it happened, okay?

It's hard for ferals to find jobs, for sure, so maybe she can't quit? It is kind of like how you basically can't do anything and are sort of half-stuck working for Preismyer!

But you remember how you feel when you're working with Preismyer? That is basically how Sommer's felt every day for a real long time. Her job is hurting her. Not that you should suggest she quit, but, like.

These kind of common feelings are things you could be talking about, because you're both feeling them! So long as you don't press it too far, ok. Don't make Sommer cry. Don't make yourself cry, either.

Look at all the fluffy things!

When that conversation goes terrible (it might!) don't worry! You don't need to come up with a solution for things right now. Maybe you can't find a solution. Maybe sometimes things are bad in life, Pektil, and being really big won't fix it no matter how big you are! But being with friends is a good thing tho! Maybe you and Sommer should hang out more often. Not to talk about traumatic stuff next time, okay. Just because friends should be friends. She needs some happy times mixed in with all her suck and sulk.

Whatever happens with Sommer and her job, you have to talk to Preismyer about what happened with you and her. You can't hide from her when you're working alongside her everyday. Even if you can't pity her, try to understand her. You consented to it, but you didn't know what it meant. She might not have understood it either. There's a lot of misunderstanding and pain to clear up, okay?
No. 451805 ID: f2c20c

I don't think Sommer's met her. Miss Prismeyer didn't seem to think like a person anymore... I doubt she even feels loneliness. It is pretty terrible what happened to her, but right now I bet Pektil is a bit too frightened of her to feel sorry for her.

Contemplate the fluffy cute things. Ask Sommer if she's allergic to something in here, what with the sneezing.
No. 452031 ID: bdb3f8

No, I think if Miss Preismeyer wasn't a person any more she wouldn't be uncomfortable with her largely-unrequited need for sexual activity in any form, or the wherewithal to treat Pektil differently afterward. There is some shred of personhood still rattling around in that cold metal heart of hers, and Sommer is probably on the right track.
No. 452122 ID: 374204

This was confusing. Confusing and wrong. Pektil still didn't know exactly what had happened with Sommer and her boss, but he wasn't sure it was good for her to work there, maybe. He didn't know exactly what he was really all that good at, but he felt that what he was doing now, all this thinking and feeling, wasn't his forte.

He petted the little creature that he held in the crook of his arm. This was far too deep, far too serious for a little mok to deal with. He didn't understand what Sommer was saying, not really. Maybe she was trapped there. Maybe she couldn't quit. He remembered how she said before about it being hard to find a job, but he also remembered what Frost Mother had said, about being disappointed in Sommer for working there.

Sommer was his friend. His only real friend, and the thought of her being hurt every day, of being scared, really hurt him too. She was so shy and awkward. It was just wrong for her to be like that. There had to be something else. Maybe he could help her, somehow.

"So, uh, Sommer," Pektil said, "I mean, I feel really uncomfortable at work now. Maybe sort of like how you feel around Po, you know?"

She turned her head away, nuzzling the little sleeping creature in between her forepaws. "Yeah, but you know, it's not so bad," her voice was low and flat.

"But, you know," Pektil cleared his throat, "Maybe it would be better if I quit, you know, and tried to find something else, you know? To not feel that way?"

Sommer looked up at him, her long face a mask of distress. She put one forepaw on the edge of his hammock, her gravelly voice plaintive. "No Pektil! No! She needs you, Pektil. Don't leave her all alone! It's not right. You have to be there for her; She needs you..." her voice trailed off, her eyes moist with unshed tears. He felt the rough pads of her paw against his knee, large and awkward.

Pektil wasn't so sure that Sommer was right. He didn't know what Miss Priesmeyer felt or thought or didn't feel. There had to have been something. She had been... nicer. Maybe she was sorry. Maybe she didn't want him to leave. Did it matter so much? Pektil didn't know. This whole situation, his and Sommer's, was something he was poorly-equipped to deal with. "Did you ever talk to Po about how you feel?" he asked.

"Look, Pektil," Sommer said after a long silence. She'd moved her heavy paw away, awkwardly stroking the fuzzy thing nuzzled against her. She was looking down at it's sleeping body, "Can we just talk about something else, please?"

Pektil didn't know what to say. He felt a big, heavy lump in his throat that he just couldn't swallow. He changed the subject, failing to sound remotely natural. "So uh, are you allergic to something?" he asked.

Sommer sounded matter-of-fact, at least. She laughed a little, "No, uh, I just get nervous and I sneeze sometimes," she said. They spent the rest of the time pleasantly. Looking at and playing with a variety of little cute animals. Pektil remembered to grab one of the brochure-things on his way out- he'd have to remember to read it later.

Pektil waved goodbye to Sommer and walked back toward an entrance to the machine area. He felt tired, exhausted even, but that blank numbness was gone. He didn't like the talk he'd had with Sommer, but he felt different now, like he'd squeezed out some infected, abscessed thing inside of him. It was still raw, he thought, but maybe it was healing.

He remembered to eat something on his way back- he grabbed a vagina-shaped falafel before descending into the darkness of the Machine area. Even though he didn't think he would be able to sleep with all these barely-understood thoughts and ideas, he slept almost as soon as his head touched the pillow.


He awoke, several hours later, feeling at least marginally refreshed. More refreshed than he'd felt in a while anyway. He cleaned his wound and put on his overalls before walking out between the shower pole and the toilet. Miss Priesmeyer was there, all pale flesh and shiny metal, her hooves clanging loudly on the bare concrete floor, her metal tools and tentacles writhing across her body. The blank faceplate turned to look down at him as she stood, naked, back straight, her metal arm behind her back. "Shall we begin?" her speaker hissed.

Pektil supposed this was as good a time as any to talk to her. He just needed to figure out what to say.