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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 131282086253.png - (36.38KB , 473x440 , 001.png )
338080 No. 338080 ID: f7aa74

It's a nice day, maigical fire is in the air.
Today seems like a day for adventure.
Lets take over the world... but how?
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No. 338083 ID: c2c011

Pure power and coercion is so mainstream. Lets go with a giant mind altering spell instead!
No. 338091 ID: 0d095c

No. 338092 ID: 00d3d5

First, eat breakfast.
Become a music idol beloved by all, then run for office at the height of your popularity.
Keep your music career active while in office and use your singing to resolve serious disputes.
After that, lunch.
No. 338093 ID: 830e2a

No backstory?? ... okay then, become a bard and control people by music
No. 338100 ID: 6ef236

No. 338102 ID: b6ca92

Use an illusion spell that hypnotizes the viewer.
No. 338103 ID: 26c434
File 131283096515.jpg - (343.76KB , 1280x960 , 1ktrc.jpg )

Last time we did this some fagboat with whiskers ruined our plans.
Would not recommend unless thorough planning goes into it.
Learn how to charm the masses using music and grand performances.
No. 338182 ID: b1f0e2

Are you male or female?
That is one wicked expression... I approve

>Rule the world
Several practical and plausible scenarios which are NOT mutually exclusive.
1. Develop methods of mind control, or create loyal humonculi that can shapeshift. Use either ability to target kings, have them slowly replace people in power with your underlings and eventually cede power to you. Repeat in other powerful nations.
2. Find refugees, save a village under siege by monsters or petty warlords, or buy slaves en mass and liberate them. Use said people and region as the seed of a new nation which you expand conquest by conquest.
3. Find someplace with democracy, offer things you cannot deliver and that would bankrupt the economy such as free money to everyone. Get elected by the morons to highest office, replace people with your people and slowly take away freedoms "for the children" or "to stop the evil X" until you can just take over (numerous examples of where it happened)
4. Find a highly oppressive government where there is currently a rebellion, set sweep in as a supposed leader of said rebellion. You merely need to convince the leader of the biggest cell that you are a leader of another cell, join the "party" as the lowest member, and make sure everyone else dies so you become the leader by default (again, numerous examples IRL where it happened)

Personally 1 is the best. If you have the means to clone yourself including your mind and memories then this would be even better since you can work on all major nations in the world concurrently via that method.
No. 338306 ID: f7aa74
File 131292552099.png - (10.37KB , 348x448 , elf2.png )

yes, that sounds fun.
that sounds even funner.
all those sound fun.
... oh my god, that would send my little elf heart through the clouds. I'm not too good at singing, do you guys think this would work?
No. 338310 ID: c2c011

Use magic to amplify your voice and enchant the crowd. So you know, mind control spell that comes in the shape of songs.
No. 338321 ID: 0d095c

Nah. Someone tone deaf could resist you. Best go with Chronomancy, and DESTROY THEM ALL. People who go with you get Eternal Youth.
No. 338377 ID: d9f9ef

>Get to bar
>Stereotypical duechebag hits on you(sun glasses at night popped collar to much colon.)
>Cast spell to turn him into a teenager.
>Now his mind fits his body better.
I approve of this.
No. 338471 ID: b1f0e2

Hilarious? Yes
Awesome? Yes
Unnecessary Risk? Yes (law enforcement, not above the law YET)
Helps us conquer the world? No, not at all.
No. 338563 ID: 4d43b9


tone deaf people are killed.
No. 338602 ID: 830e2a

Hmm..... you know that singing in a shower makes ones sound better, right?
How about you record your singing, learn to play an instrument, perhaps a flute and enchant it with that recorded song??? The people will be mesmerized!!!
No. 338699 ID: f7aa74
File 131299328744.png - (38.50KB , 706x535 , 003.png )

I will have to learn control magic if any of those ideas will work. Oh what the hell, let's do this!! I'm having so much fun i almost forgot i'm burning down a peasant village.
Do you think there's a library of magics here?
No. 338706 ID: 4d43b9

kill first, read later. start with the one who's about to stab you in the back.
No. 338708 ID: c2c011

Probably not, peasants are not known for being great readers and mages. But it looks like some dude is trying to shank you with a lance, better set him on fire as well or something.
No. 338719 ID: 830e2a

Oh boy, those flames looks so nice! Try to make them bigger!! :D
No. 338734 ID: b6ca92

Well, they might, but not much of one.

Oh, and do watch out for that fellow with the lance. He seems to be fire-proof and quite irate with you.
No. 338760 ID: cd63e9

uhh how well known are you for burning down villages? most of these plans rely on you not already being known as a villain. I mean you might look into shape changing magic or something but if your already known as a threat you might have to just brute force it.
No. 338825 ID: b1f0e2

indeed, furthermore most of these plans don't require you to be very powerful to achieve. You, however, seem to have just single handedly annihilated a village, which means you might be sufficiently powerful to try more direct approaches. Discussion of which shall wait until finishing off speardude... if you can capture him alive as someone to experiment with mind control magic on. I am sure you have passive shields that protect you anyways. Also cast paralysis on him... Or pain, its like paralysis only more fun... for you.
No. 340893 ID: f7aa74
File 131360180558.png - (72.17KB , 502x382 , 131299328744.png )

w-at? -n't here you -oo well.
No. 340895 ID: f7aa74
File 131360188026.png - (2.60KB , 502x382 , 131299328744.png )

No. 340929 ID: c2c011

Hey, lady, you still alive? Connection seems to have been cut or something.
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