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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 131238103472.png - (664.59KB , 1000x1000 , chemoa.png )
335968 No. 335968 ID: e2020c

Arriving in Chemoa, a major ocean colony of the frog empire, you have many options in the preparation for the next journey.

Chemoa is famous for its breeding and geneconserving programs - the perfect planet to find the most purebred frog milia and soldier breed females in the frog empire. Chemoa lacks capability to produce capital ships and decent physics research. A paradise for the speck of the frog empire, the major society on Chemoa revolves around partying, reproduction and leisure time while a group of powerful electricians run the import mashinery beneath the oceans mining the deep core of the planet.

Being a hybrid it is possible to arrange a meeting with an electrician, if you find one. Releasing the current crew from ragnarok comradeship is also a viable option to replace it with purer blood or females you could reproduce with. Or, maybe an electrician could engineer new cybernetics to the current crew to make them pointer in combat. New AI weaponry could make a nice addition to current cybernetics.

What now is required is in addition to endless nights of partying preparing for whatever future may bring. While capital ships are too expensive, you could change your assault shuttle to a courier and seek an assignment to a capital ship passing by Chemoa near in neighboring solar systems.

Supplies & costs

Weaponry (person arms: 1credit, special versions 5credits, ship weapon: 10credits):
Fusion Blasters: hand-cutters, 2-handed, vehicle, ship weapon.
Nerve Disablers: 1-handed, vehicle, ship weapon.
Neutron Blasters: ship weapon.
Ion cannons: ship weapon.
Quark Rippers: ship weapon.
Projectile weapons: 1-handed, 2-handed, vehicle, ship weapon.
Quantum disablers: a ship computer hacking device - electrician-guided.
Photon guns: 1-handed, 2-handed, vehicle weapon, ship weapon.

Speedfloater: 1 credit (defies gravity 1-2 persons)
Float Buggy: 2 credits
Minisub: 1 credits
Space Drone: 2 credits (can be armed with hand arms)
Submarine: 10 credits, (requires bigger ship to freight)
Float Armor: 10 credits, can be armed with ship weaponry. (requires bigger ship)
Spider Walker: 5 credits
Dragoon: 15 credits, can be armed with ship weaponry (requires bigger ship)
Mini Ornitopter: 10 credits
Ornitopter: 20 credits (requires bigger ship to freight)
Walker (massive, can be mounted with ship weaponry, requires a cargo ship to transfer, rare) 200 credits


Assault shuttles (space shuttles 25-50 credits):
2-person space assault shuttles
6-person space assault shuttles
12-person space assault shuttles
20-person space assault shuttles
40-person space assault shuttles

12-person warpspace assault shuttles (50 credits)
22-person warpspace assault shuttles (75 credits)

Space Shuttles: no armament, inside solar system transfers for 1-40 persons at once. (10 credits)

Couriers: Warpspace (between solar systems) transfers, max 40-persons. (70 credits)

Cargo Ships: Warp Freighter; freight ~1 000 000 tons + (50 credits)

Quantum Equipment (Requires training from an Electrician to use non-destructively.)
Quantum Teleporters: 20 credits per unit. Quantum Entanglers: 15 credits per unit.
Quantum Locators: 25 credits per unit.
Quantum Encoders: 50 credits per unit.
Quantum Readers: 15 credits per unit.

Frog 1 credit
Commando 5 credits
Pilot 10 credits
Cybernetic commando 20 credits (at least "3 lives")
Novice Electrician 100 credits

Personal Armor
Space suit 1 credit
Space flysuit 2 credits
Energy shielded space suit 5 credits
Energy shielded space flysuit 6 credits

Custom armor: 20 credits

Warheads: 40 credits
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No. 336285 ID: b6ca92

Feeling lost? This may help. It's the only other Frognarok thread I can find.
No. 336303 ID: b6ca92

Oh hey, I found a Discussion thread too! Perfectly virgin as well.
Ask your questions there, and MrB will hopefully answer them.
No. 336794 ID: e2020c
File 131254665152.png - (888.19KB , 1000x1000 , rain.png )

You have 125 credits on your battle account. It's raining. This is your assault shuttle, Valkyrie.
No. 339572 ID: 5ad0c1
File 131323090646.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1000 , Unit1.png )

Picard is in the baths. All fuss around equiping Valkyrie escapes his mind.

(see the discussion thread for equipment)
No. 339610 ID: b6ca92
File 131324660538.png - (62.04KB , 960x999 , 131313485716.png )

Here is a simplified catalog for future reference.
Details are in the Disthread.
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