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File 131008577918.png - (1.62KB , 117x129 , Faithopener.png )
323139 No. 323139 ID: 43f5a7

“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”

It is often said that Gods and Goddesses are born, and live on, worship. That their death is one of the most tragic, for no one will mourn a dead God. In some times, the faith of all Gods dwindle - in times of true famine and despair - and in other times, it rises to leaps and bounds, in times of peace and plenty.

Before we begin this story proper... There are a few things We, The Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Arbiter of Gods and Goddesses (Omni to friends) must ask about you.
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No. 323141 ID: 44766a

Fire away.
No. 323142 ID: 43f5a7
File 131008585106.png - (2.41KB , 193x212 , FaithGender.png )

Namely, are you a God, or a Goddess?

Please, consider the question and answer with care.
No. 323143 ID: 44766a

No. 323144 ID: a5a1cd

Can we keep our gender mysterious and never let anyone else find out what it is?
No. 323145 ID: 55c4cf

Both at the same time.
No. 323146 ID: 0d7a83

No. 323147 ID: 0d095c


Please no more hermaphrodites
No. 323150 ID: cd63e9

No. 323151 ID: 43f5a7
File 131008604807.png - (2.24KB , 205x220 , Mystery.png )

This is certainly a possibility - But keep in mind that Identity is quite important to a God/Goddess. The less concrete you are in the minds of followers, the harder it may be to assert power!
No. 323155 ID: 453e62

No. 323158 ID: 0d095c

We will be male, female, hermaphrodite, and an inexplicable fourth gender as well. Simultaneously.
No. 323159 ID: 0d095c

But seriously, Goddess.
No. 323171 ID: a5a1cd

Hmm. As fond as I am of being mysterious, then, I will go with Goddess. Gender is extremely important in the minds of lesser creatures, and we'd probably stay small-time forever without having one solidly defined.
No. 323174 ID: 43f5a7
File 131008687686.png - (4.99KB , 275x274 , Domain.png )


And thus it is decided: You are a Goddess.

Now for a more complicated question:

As a fledgling Goddess, you must make your stake in a Domain. Multiple gods of Domains can exist, and vie for power constantly. With your level of ability, you may only choose one domain, and may only act in accordance with it. Your Domain also chooses a few other things for you, namely, your Manifestation (If you have one) and your Communication. It also determines how most of your followers come to you: By being drawn in by current followers (Social), by being conquered by a nation following you (Conquest), or by accepting your power and ways independantly (Magic/Science). All domains fall under these three, and it is easier to expand into ones of a similar recruitment method.

Choose wisely - but keep in mind that expanding into unknown and new domains is possible.

Art: The domain of expression, of creation, of voice and of image. Social

War: The domain of aggression, of hate, of fury and belligerence. Conquest

Knowledge: The domain of facts, of study, of lore and of Magic. Magic/Science
No. 323177 ID: af9f68

No. 323179 ID: 0d7a83

Goddess of Knowledge is always a winner.
No. 323180 ID: 0d095c

Knowledge. Just as planned...
No. 323181 ID: 453e62

No. 323182 ID: 451cb8

Given what we already are, I think either Art or Knowledge is more in line with what we do.

Though it seems like a non-sequitur: if we assume all creation leads to eventual destruction, then creation is more important. If not for things being created in the first place, nothing would exist to be able to run its course.

For that reason I say Art, as it seems more closely linked to creation than War of Knowledge.
No. 323189 ID: 43f5a7
File 131008846673.jpg - (5.45KB , 275x274 , lawchaos.jpg )


You are a Goddess of Knowledge.

You have some trouble communing with your followers - you have yet to decide upon a Champion, you have no Manifestation, and you cannot Commune as of yet. However, you do have a few abilities:

Choose Champion: This allows you to bestow a follower with divine power and a special connection to you - they will always be able to Commune with you, and their being will be considered Holy Ground for the purpose of enacting your power. However, you may ONLY choose a SINGLE Champion - and if they die, a great deal of Faith follows except in special circumstances.

Enscribe: You may create spell scrolls with divine power on holy grounds. Doing so requires a measure of power.

Inspire: You may cause a person to experience a brief and sudden revelation of the workings of the world. You can only do this so often for any one person before their mind begins to erode and they become a Fanatic.

Protect: This power can only be used on Holy Grounds, but it prevents harm from any being or location - once.

Now, one last question: Are you a Lawful god, or a Chaotic one?
No. 323190 ID: a5a1cd

We are a Chaotic god. It is each person's to find their own path to us, without relying upon established structures.
No. 323191 ID: 0d095c
File 131008858880.jpg - (14.22KB , 185x208 , Araghast.jpg )

No. 323193 ID: 856690

Order, simply because it is always chaos.

Besides it is easier to become chaotic than ordered.
No. 323195 ID: 453e62

No. 323198 ID: 44766a

Chaotic Goddess
No. 323200 ID: fa6e8d

Order, because order kicks ass.
Lawfull neutral all the way.
No. 323205 ID: 7fff2c
File 131008964332.jpg - (124.03KB , 689x711 , Cultist-chan capture.jpg )

No. 323209 ID: cd63e9

order. its easier to acquire or impart knowledge in an orderly setting.
No. 323212 ID: 75b807

chaos. we have proven time and time again that our actions will never be truly in harmony with each other.

besides, chaos is beautiful.
No. 323213 ID: 0d7a83

Gonna go for orderly order because something something OCD.
No. 323217 ID: 451cb8

No. 323220 ID: 43f5a7
File 131009039655.jpg - (10.91KB , 275x274 , HolySymbol.jpg )

You are Chaotic in nature. While no one library lays claim to your favour, instead, you are present wherever books are gathered - bookshelves, stores, libraries. Where other Gods are more solidified, you cannot penetrate, but nonetheless, your churches cannot burn, your temples cannot crumble - for they are everywhere. As a Chaotic Goddess of Knowledge, you can also Intuit where your power may be needed, but not often.

Your Mandate is simple: Knowledge must never be erased. To your followers, the burning of a tome or destruction of writing is a hateful crime. Furthermore, scientific inquiry is the greatest, most holy act of all.

My final question, honered Goddess: What is your Name and Title?
No. 323223 ID: 0d095c

Raul Fizwobble. Matriarch of Madness.
No. 323227 ID: 1f11d7

Calthedria the All-Knower.
No. 323228 ID: 0d095c

But in all honesty, Jeanette, Archduke of EDUCATION. Is better.
No. 323229 ID: 453e62

gellonata seeker of the truth.
No. 323231 ID: 451cb8

Jessica Alba.

Our title could be the Extant Lady given our link with documents. I dunno. I'm kind of unimaginative.
No. 323233 ID: a5a1cd

>Your Mandate is simple: Knowledge must never be erased. To your followers, the burning of a tome or destruction of writing is a hateful crime. Furthermore, scientific inquiry is the greatest, most holy act of all.
Man, that's a lame mandate. It's reactive, defensive. How about knowledge must be spread instead? That would be way better, make our people proactive and less whiny whenever someone decides to burn a book!

As for scientific inquiry, that's good and all, but not in and of itself. It's good because to learn or to teach is the most sacred act.
No. 323236 ID: 6a5a08

We are
No. 323239 ID: 451cb8

It seems to me chaos would be more reactive than lawfulness.
No. 323242 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah that's true. As a chaotic goddess we're less defined than others, we sort of become something different to each individual. That makes it hard to have our followers gather and focus on proactive movements.
No. 323243 ID: a5a1cd

Why? To sit around in laboratories conducting scientific inquiry and hoarding books so that no knowledge is ever lost seems a laughably static, Orderly thing. It's much more Chaotic to go out and travel, learning whatever you want and teaching whatever seems appropriate to anyone who cares to listen. Sitting around inside all day with stuffy tomes taking measurements is lame and static.

We should be the Laughing Teacher, whose followers wander the world bringing learning to all!
No. 323244 ID: 453e62

scientific inquiry means EXPERIMENTS. and anything other then really small ones would be outside activities.
No. 323246 ID: 453e62

also only DESTROYING a book is bad. copying and trading is perfectly acceptable.
No. 323251 ID: 451cb8

You're right. Sitting around and hoarding stuff and doing nothing much isn't very chaotic. And in that sense, I guess I can get behind 'scientific inquiry' being perhaps less than ideal, as science kind of seems to necessitate order?

On the other hand, nobody's hoarding, at least not cohesively in a single location. We're spread out across the world as it is. That was pretty clearly stated, and I think that's aptly chaotic. In addition, I agree with >>323242 that it would be difficult for proactive movements to organize themselves, so going with a less reactive mandate has its own pitfalls.

I like the sound of the 'Laughing Teacher' anyway, you've got me there, but I still basically support our mandate as it is.
No. 323253 ID: 6a5a08
File 131009208263.gif - (189.54KB , 598x574 , Mad Science.gif )

>science kind of seems to necessitate order
Not ALL science.
No. 323254 ID: 0d7a83

I think the Wandering Mind fits as a title. It covers our chaotic nature and the curiousity of our followers, who's minds will wander to new places and ideas.
No. 323255 ID: a5a1cd

All right, one last try to argue our mandate.

Knowledge on its own has no worth- it only gains meaning when contained in the mind of living beings, who can put it to use. Books thus have no inherent value; a library is useless if no one reads and uses its contents. They are a useful tool for spreading and preserving knowledge, but the key is that people learn, teach, think and discuss with one another; we should be telling our followers to focus on that rather than tying up their focus with objects which are ultimately tools in the quest for knowledge. It's too easy for mortals to lose track of the forest for the trees already.

The burning of a library is a tragedy, but the murder of a sage should be a greater blasphemy. To experiment and discover something new is wonderful, but to teach a child of the world's mysteries that they may spend their life also seeking enlightenment and truth is a greater achievement.
No. 323256 ID: 43f5a7
File 131009260311.png - (5.27KB , 277x303 , Firstartisticdepiction.png )

The Laughing Teacher is indeed a suitable name - and it also serves as your title.

Scattered across the world, in disorganized small sects, is the Class of the Laughing Teacher. While the most sacred act is that of Scientific Inquiry, other acts of spreading knowledge and lore are also adored. Teachers, Scientists, Monks, Hermits... many are the Students, but only One Is the True Teacher.

So sayeth the one and only written lore of the Laughing Teacher, written by Edgar Whoonse.

And now I leave you to decide what to do with your power. You may look upon the world, upon your followers, and see what is going on, of course. You're now set, and free to use your powers as you please.
No. 323257 ID: 453e62

feel out the minds of our followers and find who is on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough but has hit a roadblock.
No. 323259 ID: cd63e9

well we should see whats up before we do anything. then we should start spreading knowledge all over the place.
No. 323260 ID: 44766a

Also see the state of the world.
No. 323262 ID: 451cb8
File 131009317525.jpg - (44.78KB , 596x329 , t166161_im ok with this.jpg )

No. 323264 ID: 6a5a08

Cast Inspire on the greatest minds in our service, revealing knowledge of nuclear fission.
No. 323265 ID: a5a1cd

We should really get a better sense of what's going on before we start blasting people with knowledge.
No. 323266 ID: 6a5a08

Fuck sense, we are evolution! Unhindered and unfettered evolution!
No. 323268 ID: 44766a

downvoting the whole nuclear fission thing.
No. 323294 ID: 43f5a7
File 131009836709.png - (25.49KB , 800x600 , CurrentMap.png )

The world as it is currently known is seperated into three Continents - a Central one, and then an east and west one. All of your followers, at present, are on the Central continent.

As a Goddess of Knowledge, however, you have more knowing of the lay of the land than any other godling - you know where major cities lie, and the shape of all three continents. You'll need more to know the political situation, and even more than that to know everything about the lay of the land. It seems maps and the like are the purview of another God.

>Intuit used<

Now, you can 'feel' a need to be mentally present in a series of locations. No God is truly Omniscient, just as they are not Omnipotent or Omnipresent - you must choose where to direct your divine attention. As a Chaotic Goddess, you have the... luxury of a whole continent to watch over in this manner.

Red Marks are Pressing: your prescence must be immediate to grasp the chance given by this event. Pressing does not denote an emergency, nor a singular chance, merely the time you have.

Yellow Marks indicate a sort of urgent, but not pressing need. These will pass in time, but will last for at least a few days.

Green Marks generally don't go away until the reason for the event is gone, generally denoting a person of import such as a possible Champion.

Please enlarge the map, it is mostly unreadable otherwise.
No. 323295 ID: 453e62

well, with one of each it seems the red is the obvious choice. to the red mark!
No. 323296 ID: a5a1cd

Well, red it is. Focus in on that mark; time's a-wasting!
No. 323297 ID: 44766a

Check the red mark!
No. 323299 ID: af9f68

No. 323318 ID: 6a5a08

Red away
No. 323319 ID: cd63e9

to the red mark!
No. 323333 ID: 43f5a7
File 131010237035.png - (28.46KB , 800x600 , Highlyresponsivetoprayers.png )

Following your intuitive sense, you mentally move to the sacred location of one of your petitioners - you know his name to be Maxwell, a prominent magician-scholar and 'alchemist'.

He appears to be having some trouble with this formula.
No. 323334 ID: 6a5a08

Inspire Maxwell to duck and turn around, as part of an interpretive dance of knowledge which will reveal the key to the formula.
No. 323337 ID: 1854db

Feed him the knowledge that he is about to be assassinated and that he should dodge.
No. 323339 ID: 44766a

CAST PROTECT ON HIM! (does protect remove the treat entirely?)
No. 323340 ID: 453e62

use protect upon maxwell.
No. 323341 ID: 6a5a08

>Protect: This power can only be used on Holy Grounds, but it prevents harm from any being or location - once.
>This power can only be used on Holy Grounds
>it prevents harm from any being or location - once.

If this place of knowledge qualifies as Holy Ground, I second this.

If not, the interpretive dance is way more interesting anyways!
No. 323343 ID: 451cb8

I hereby name the central continent "Ghosty"
No. 323344 ID: 6a5a08

I second this!
No. 323351 ID: a76809

CLEARLY, the problem is he's trying to use magitech-combing magic and science together.

That's really hard, and frankly unnecessary. With naught but mundane methods and understanding of worldly mechanics, his formula could function perfectly.

Why, if we just nudged him a bit in the right way.....
[Vote for FUCK MAGIC, SCIENCE BE THE ANSWER! I figure if we consistently do this long enough we can start gifting MAD science to people, and let Science break magic over it's knee.]
No. 323353 ID: cd63e9

cast protect on him. Also if we can make that assassin in the window lose his grip that would be pretty cool.
No. 323355 ID: 6a5a08

Waitwait, I've got it.
We Inspire the Assassin as many times as possible at once, making him lose his concentration in a vision of godly knowledge man was not meant to possess, and thus lose his grip. This will kill the Assassin through the power of Gravity.
No. 323364 ID: 451cb8

I like this. Can we do this without it being too taxing? Make the assassin go crazy?
No. 323434 ID: b6ca92

Oh, I like this!
And better yet, the Assassin will become so inspired, that his first words after his surprised fall will be, "You're doing it wrong!"
Followed by him shoving aside the alchemist an correcting the flaws in his formula in a precise and intuitive manner.

>Savant Get+1
No. 323440 ID: 830984

I disagree. (Though it does depend largely on the magic system.) If magic is not useless, it has measurable effects, and studying it is science. Ignoring existing magic would be about as silly as ignoring electromagnetism .
No. 323518 ID: 0d095c

Inspire him to spin about and hurl an empty beaker into that assassin's face. Then show him that it's easier to do something either with Magic or Science, and combining the two leads to SUCK.
No. 323523 ID: 830984

>combining the two leads to SUCK.
I still don't get why lots of people say that. Magic tends to have arbitrary and bizzare rules, but so do non-magical things. Take quantum mechanics for example, which beats the hell out of many magic systems at sheer mind-screwery.
No. 323528 ID: 0d095c

Yes, but Quantum Mechanics is Pure Chaos, so it has an excuse.

And anyway, Magitek has all the god awful arbitrariness of BOTH systems! Do you want a system that shuts off in the rain AND THEN OPENS A PORTAL TO HELL?
No. 323542 ID: 830984

Portals spewing John demons only happen with demonic or wild magic. But at that point wizards don't really fare any better then tech would.

I think the magic around here is stable enough to be useful judging by the SWEET CYBORG HAND that our follower here is wearing. (When assassins still use crossbows, you are almost certainly at too low of a tech level to have non-magic cybernetics.)
No. 323568 ID: a4d333

protect Maxbeard.
No. 323634 ID: 43f5a7
File 131015071889.png - (28.16KB , 800x600 , Highlyresponsivetoprayers2.png )

You PROTECT Maxwell, and he is filled with a strange urge to check his tarp again.

>"I have checked these a thousand times, by the Laughter. A thousand and one times! Why do I bother?! It is not as if they will simply change!"

The Assassin loads another bolt, but knowledge strikes him like a wave unbidden, and he loses grip. He barely manages to hold onto the window, and you realize that we are on the fourth floor of a distant hermitage.

You INSPIRE Maxwell. He pauses in shock.

>"Of course. Of course! This is all wrong. These Runes might work under the right stars, but... But why bother with that? No, no, no. I must use some other way! A magic unreliant on Prana! This has to work... I must tell my colleagues!"
No. 323636 ID: 43f5a7
File 131015077306.png - (26.79KB , 800x600 , Highlyresponsivetoprayers3.png )

Maxwell runs down the hall, just as the Assassin looks into the room.

You feel as if you have almost expended your power here.
No. 323637 ID: 453e62

wait until the assassin is in a precarious position then hit him again.
No. 323641 ID: 0d095c

Inspire the assassin to become a better human being. BY BECOMING A SCIENTIST!
No. 323643 ID: a4d333

why waste the remainder of our powers on an insignificant twerp? the assassin has lost his opportunity, and in the end, it is up to the mortals to get rid of him anyway. I say we attempt to learn what spell Maxwell is trying to create and use our own inscribing skills to show him how it is meant to look like and perhaps make our intervention known.
No. 323648 ID: 453e62

hmm... yeah just watch him a little bit, to make sure he doesn't have a back-up plan.
No. 323651 ID: 6a5a08

No. 323710 ID: 44766a

Inspire the assassin.
No. 323990 ID: b6ca92

[cancel this]
No inspiring, we already did this...

Unless, of course, we were to whisper into the assassin's mind about how simple the formula in front of him are, and how it would be so easy to hop in for only a moment to leave his mark on the world, one that would last for eternity...
No. 325184 ID: 43f5a7
File 131044098767.png - (16.25KB , 801x599 , Interruption.png )

You're about to follow, when something breaks your concentration.

>"Hey. Hey. Whatcha doin', hey."

You have the feeling this will be an annoyance.
No. 325185 ID: 6a5a08

Speak to Sunray the god of happy sunshine and hippies
No. 325186 ID: 453e62

"god things, watching out for my worshipers, you know?"
No. 325188 ID: 20f374

I was busy saving this guy's life, and if he died because of your interference, I will be quite upset.
No. 325190 ID: 830984

@Omni: By the way, when you have gods doing verifiable things, the Faith that gods need involves devotion as well as acknowledgment of existence, right?
No. 325192 ID: cd63e9

No. 325194 ID: 1854db

No. 325205 ID: 43f5a7
File 131044389269.png - (14.59KB , 801x599 , Muse.png )

Faith is more of the Belief that a God Cares, not that a God Exists - after all, since we're a real and present force in the world, why would we care if someone thought we were real or not? Everyone in this world knows we exists - but not everyone thinks we care.

>>"I was making certain a follower was not assassinated. He could still - "

>"Oh, I took care of that! He's my Fanatic, now. I'll make sure he doesn't attack someone of your flock, miss...?"

>>"Laughing Teacher."

>"I'm Muse, god of uplifting poetry and song! Happy to meet you!"

His voice sounds like laughter.
No. 325207 ID: 6a5a08

Wait you took our dude or the assassin?
No. 325209 ID: 453e62

hmm, poems and songs are often written in books. so we will probably cross paths again. thank him for the help. you suppose if he has a pesky person making one of his poem/song makers unhappy you will see if you can help.
No. 325210 ID: cd63e9

he took the assassin. thank him for his help. lets be polite he did just do us a bit of a favor.
No. 325212 ID: 830984

That is a bit creepy that a god can just take someone like that. On the topic of fanatics, can we tell whether someone we are Inspiring is in danger of any permanent mental damage?
No. 325215 ID: 1854db

Hmm, maybe we can be friends. Introduce ourselves.
No. 325231 ID: 519d0a

His voice sounds like laughter? And we're the Laughing Teacher?

Love interest go.
No. 325238 ID: 0d7a83

This god seems to be somewhat aligned with us. Not suprising really; poetry and song are pretty much the very first ways knowledge was shared and passed on.
No. 325312 ID: 0d095c

....This one is irritating. We must destroy him. Also, his domain pisses me off.'

Although to be fair he did just help us and inspire an assassin to become a poet. Then again, he did drive the assassin insane.
No. 325319 ID: cabe8d

we weren't able to do that. he's more powerful than us. let's not piss him off.
No. 325339 ID: 6a5a08

But our domains are practically family. I mean sure, poetry and song might be Knowledge's annoying distant relatives who always show you up and earning everybody's affection, but still kind of family in a way.
No. 325341 ID: 0d095c


Question the ethicality of mind raping the assassin into become a fanatic. Ignore the ethicality of mind raping the assassin into falling to his death.
No. 325471 ID: 44766a

just pointing out that Muse might not be that much more powerful than us. We hit the guy with Inspire first which might have made him more vulnerable to becoming a Fanatic when Muse hit him with Inspire. Or I could totally wrong.

Anyways, Laugh uproariously and thank him for taking care of that. Ask him he has any idea of who would want to hurt our poor Student.
No. 325476 ID: 6a5a08

Yes, who? Because we really should test that whole split an atom thing.
No. 325495 ID: b6ca92

...With our inspiration and his power over song and poetry, do you think we might get something like this?
No. 325497 ID: 519d0a

i hope so
No. 325647 ID: 830984

Do you know how much energy that takes? I don't think we can cause random concentrated explosions at will. (And doing such things tends to get you loads and loads of enemies.)

>Question the ethicality of mind raping the assassin into become a fanatic. Ignore the ethicality of mind raping the assassin into falling to his death.
Well one of those is killing him, while the other is stealing his soul mind and making him a slave. (Though on the other hand you could argue that in one of those he is dead and in the other one he isn't...)
No. 325678 ID: 43f5a7
File 131052658916.png - (14.52KB , 801x599 , Muse.png )

>> "... At any rate. It is a pleasure to meet you, Muse. I find that we have common domains."

> "Is that so~? I suppose you are somewhat correct, in a way... Books and knowledge both support literature, as well as prose." he giggles. "I do think we could grow together, yes. I'd be happy to extend an offer of noncompetition."

>> "It seems very reasonable to me."


>> "Who would have wanted to off him anyway?"

> "Who knows? Maybe it was the inscrutable actions of Omni. Maybe it was the actions of Torincus the Ever-Thoughtful. But I don't think you don't have to worry too much."

>> "Why not?"

> "Because if anyone would be cheesed, they must first let it be known. Then, if you do nothing, they must offer you war. Finally, if you turn aside from all offers of peace and compromise, they are free to start a Holy War between their worshippers and yours. As godlings, though, it's frowned upon to do such things to us. So really, it's more likely it was a mortal thing..."
No. 325686 ID: 453e62

hmmm yes, assassins are usually hired. most likely someone didn't like what he was scienceing up.
No. 325690 ID: 947c6c

let's ask him about those bold-lettered concepts. or better yet, a place for a godling such as us might learn about these things ourselves. I mean, we don't really know anything about the world we're trying to leave a mark on.
No. 325692 ID: 519d0a

seems this guy knows more about being a god than we do!

pick his brains!
No. 325731 ID: 830984

What do you know about this 'Torincus the Ever-Thoughtful'? His name implies he wouldn't be the sort to go after scholars.
No. 325969 ID: b6ca92

I'm willing to bet that 'Torincus the Ever-Thoughtful' is a god of wisdom and tradition, meaning that the vagaries of science are an affront to him for their apparent foolishness and breaking of paradigms.
No. 326243 ID: 731373
File 131063854292.png - (17.09KB , 801x599 , GodlingsTerrace.png )

>"Well, you could just ask Omni."

He points behind him to a large... Building. A construction, more like - it is the front of a building, and nothing more, yet the 'windows' and the 'door' lead to blackness.

>"Or me, if you like. Omni receives only Three Questions, and is free to veto any he likes. The ones he takes are answered honestly, without error. And there is a list of the True God names and titles in his home. And you can talk to the other godlings here - though whether they will be helpful is up to them. Many may see you as competition, or in the way..."

>"One other thing - Omni's Dwelling connects to both teirs. So, you might run into a True God. Be careful not to anger them."
No. 326249 ID: 830984

If you don't mind, we would like to ask you a few questions, as you seem generous enough not to put a limit that steep on them.

By 'Three questions', you mean three per time period per god, or three per god ever? Either way, thanks for warning us about that bit before we spent any of those.

You mentioned two tiers, with one being ours and another belonging to the True Gods. Is the distinction just a matter of follower count, or are there other differences as well?
No. 326272 ID: cd63e9

ah, we are a very new god. in fact that was the first time I've affected the mortal plain, if its not to much trouble could you explain the basics of how gods interact?
No. 326277 ID: 6561ac

this one seems to be a nice enough person. perhaps he could give us a 'rundown to godhood'?

we should eventually visit the house nevertheless.
No. 326430 ID: 731373
File 131069717483.png - (13.58KB , 801x599 , moremusing.png )


>By 'Three questions', you mean three per time period per god, or three per god ever? Either way, thanks for warning us about that bit before we spent any of those.

>"Per god. It's basically his... care package for newborn godlings. He doesn't allow it for True Gods. Not anymore, at least, so I hear."

>You mentioned two tiers, with one being ours and another belonging to the True Gods. Is the distinction just a matter of follower count, or are there other differences as well?

>"There's a lot of differences! Number of followers, established locations of offering and worship, a chosen Champion and Embodiment, things like that all add up to a True God."

>Ah, we are a very new god. in fact that was the first time I've affected the mortal plain, if its not to much trouble could you explain the basics of how gods interact?

>"How we interact... It is, essentially, like this. There's an old code, which I've parsed together bit and piece by observing the True God's actions. I'll tell you what I know."

>"The First Rule is to Preserve the Materium. This one falls above all others at all costs. If there is a threat to the realm of mortals at large, all gods, and godlings, are expected to intervene, save Omni."

>"The Second Rule is No Demigods. According to Omni, there is a reason for this, a very important one - but he will not say what."

>"The last one is that no God may knowingly wipe away the history of the past gods. Time Travel, similarily, is not allowed. Omni states this is for... obvious reasons..."

You mull this over in your mind.

>"Gods and godlings are free to associate with one another, despite any rivalries on the Materium their followers may bestow on us. It's considered polite to be above mortal feelings, in this regard."
No. 326432 ID: 35e1a0

sounds like good stuff. thank him again and say we must be off to handle some more business. oh yes, how can we contact him later?
No. 326436 ID: 6a5a08

Also, we'd be glad to help if Muse ever needs anything. We owe him one, after all.
No. 326501 ID: b6ca92

Crazy question...
What happens if Omni IS a/the threat to the Materium?
Hell, can any god do anything to the big man?
Also, are you familiar with the names Nyarlathotep or Azathoth?
No. 326502 ID: f5fe2f

Awesome. Offer Muse a similar answering of questions in the future, as thanks. We should next go to the yellow exclamation mark.
No. 326675 ID: 731373
File 131078214342.png - (16.04KB , 801x599 , Celestiumgodlingstier.png )

>"You can always contact me with my name and title: Muse the Joyous. Just say it, not matter where you are, I will hear you and the line of communication will be open."

>"You're too kind! I will keep that in mind."

>"... I can't really think of a situation like that. It just... It'd be like... your own arm slapping you." Muse says, clearly a little distressed at the thought.

Muse wanders off, opening a view to the Materium.
No. 326679 ID: 35e1a0

well let's look back down on the place.
No. 326692 ID: 6a5a08

Check out yellow mark
No. 326843 ID: d527cb

investigate red thing. let's make a habit of investigating red things first.
No. 330854 ID: 2b8edc
File 131155697226.png - (24.97KB , 800x600 , CurrentMap.png )

You feel power flow back into you - you can again Intuit your necessity.

You look down upon the Materium. All gods can observe anywhere they like - by directing their thoughts to any one location. However, action may only be taken by connecting to a Holy Ground.

You may also return to the Godling Teir at any time you like by closing the link.

This action was taken due to a lack of consensus.
No. 330858 ID: 35e1a0

go to the location the yellow thing was.
No. 330861 ID: eba49f

Yep. Yellow exclamation mark location. If we can find whatever it was by looking there, we don't have to intuit again.
No. 331216 ID: 2b8edc
File 131162813288.png - (16.46KB , 801x599 , HRTP.png )

Wow, it's dark.

You sense three people nearby - but this one is the only one near your Holy Ground.
No. 331218 ID: 0a7b71

where's the other two?
No. 331225 ID: 35e1a0

hmm, look about him, can you tell what is in the bag?
No. 334582 ID: 2b8edc
File 131213758796.jpg - (16.71KB , 801x599 , HRTP2.jpg )

The bag carries a volume of books - most of them are simple medicinal handbooks, concerning herbs and application thereof. These are acting as holy ground for you.

It's hard to tell - you shift the viewpoint, but still cannot see them.
No. 334603 ID: c25acc

Look upward, what type of place are we within?

And check to see if the follower is alright.
No. 335093 ID: f8aa66

Beware of grue.

Pretty sure they're just asleep. Are they a Follower of yours, and can you enter dreams? We could use more context in what we're looking at.
No. 335126 ID: 2b8edc
File 131223937481.jpg - (16.01KB , 801x599 , THATISACIELING.jpg )

>We could use more context in what we're looking at.

You look up. You're in a cave.
You look through the books, and, pleasantly, find a diary.

>Automatic action: Hug book, read diary<

Startree 25th
Year of Omni

Today we shall be bringing education to a settlement that has spent centuries isolated from the world! Happy day! With luck, we may even see them see the light of the Teacher, and laugh with them as they laugh with her for the first time. Glorious days!

Startree 27
Year of Omni

It appears we have hit a snag. Jenkins, the leader of the expidition, has noted the normal pass through the mountains has been artificially sealed. How strange! We have instead been forced to trek through a series of caves.

Jameson says that the passages are safe and uninhabited, but I have trouble sleeping at night most nights. I pray to the Teacher that we can make it through alive... I only hope we don't lose Jameson, he's the only one here with an even passing knowledge of geo-graphy.

No. 335128 ID: 1854db

I think those are footprints outside. Let's go follow them.
No. 335143 ID: f8aa66

Ah, a missionary. Considering our portfolio, these guys are probably the closest we have to priests.

He must survive!

Checking out the footprints sounds fine, but try to keep an eye on him. If the expedition runs into trouble... maybe you could try turning the diary into a spell-scroll? Maybe with a little notation saying, 'Use in case of bugbear attack -- Signed, Laughing Teacher'

Or shoving knowledge of geography into his head if Jameson has vanished, I guess.
No. 335201 ID: 79622b

consider preserving power. a few books can't possibly count as a significant holy ground.
No. 335479 ID: 2b8edc
File 131230693980.jpg - (24.99KB , 801x599 , HRTP3.jpg )

While normally, they wouldn't, the prayers of the missionary have also done their part. Both in alerting you, and in giving you power.

However, as a Godling, you don't have all that much in the first place.

You focus on the diary, and one of the blank pages becomes a repository for magical power. Choose a spell. There are twenty pages in the book, and you feel you have enough power to enchant three pages with power to spare.

Arcane Heal
Divine Location
Stone to Mud
Mud to Stone
Surge of Knowledge

No. 335509 ID: cd63e9

stone to mud seems like a good choice. it would let them get though the sealed passage. arcane healing would also be useful in case someone got hurt. divine location (if it does what i think it does) would also keep them from getting lost.
No. 335640 ID: 2ad8b0


this, except surge of knowledge instead of healing.
No. 335654 ID: 644ca1

Sounds like a solid set.
No. 335688 ID: 2b8edc
File 131232545771.jpg - (15.98KB , 801x599 , ohmewhatisthat.jpg )

You grant him Surge of Knowledge, Stone to Mud, and Divine Location. The book flops to the floor.

"psst. pssssst."

You look up.
No. 335700 ID: 1854db

No. 335709 ID: 87c8e0

'sup brah
No. 335776 ID: 2b8edc
File 131233293966.jpg - (16.74KB , 801x599 , Zithysus.jpg )

You send a greeting at it - and surprisingly, it responds. Mortals normally cannot hear you, and gods don't live in caves.

"greetings, interloper. i am the god of spiders and darkness and predators and caves. my name is zithysus, and i guard this passage from interlopers as an avatar. the people beyond desire isolation and peace - and these missionaries seek to disturb them. if you will drive them away, goddess of their hearts, then there will be no bad blood between us."

"i understand you are a young godling and thus i am allowing you a greater chance to avoid my wrath than i would a fellow true god. i will help you deliver your message, for the echoes of the caves are my voice, the darkness my hands, the spiders my eyes, the stone my ears, the prayers of the people my flesh. your people will come to no harm, i will only deliver your words as you would."
No. 335777 ID: 71c0ea

we should accept this offer
No. 335779 ID: 1854db

There is no real reason to not do this. However I am not sure how we can accomplish what is asked of us with our current skillset.

Inspire, perhaps?
No. 335781 ID: 35e1a0

ask why the people desire isolation though. peace i get, but your missionaries are teachers. you could have them only teach what would help the people.
No. 335787 ID: a731f2

hey, we're not here to fuck with other gods, we're here to further our agenda- knowledge for all.

however, we also have no reason to believe the missionary having anything resembling malicious intents. what reason would you have to deny the denizens of the valley the sweet fruits of education?
No. 335808 ID: 2b8edc
File 131233725113.jpg - (16.53KB , 801x599 , Zithysus.jpg )

"my people beg for isolation for contact brings them woe. war, disease, heresy, a hundred and one threats sit outside their plateau. though knowledge would be of great boon to them, i am inclined to agree with their belief in isolationism. they have lived happily without this knowledge, what would gaining it give them in boon? i apologize, young godling - your intent is noble, but our interests conflict."

He seems to be hesitating.
No. 335816 ID: 35e1a0

"how many people are in the village? 300? if less then one day they will die due to inbreeding. sterility, insanity, genetic defects, they will all slowly but surely rise. even if you have more then 300 you need at least 1000 to halt it entirely. there is also ways to grow food that will let them grow larger harvests without damaging the soil."
No. 335823 ID: eba49f

You have mentioned strife, infections, and foolishness. These problems are in the outside world, but they cannot be locked out entirely, because all populations hold the seed for them. However, the fact that these problems will arise does not mean that they cannot be dealt with when they appear, and understanding a problem is vital for dealing with it.
No. 335825 ID: 44766a

But knowledge could bring 101 solutions with enough time. If your people cut themselves off from the rest of the world, they will die the slow death of stagnation and die alone and forgotten by the rest of the world.
No. 335829 ID: 1854db

Please do not take this as us refusing the deal. We are merely conversing at the moment.
No. 335831 ID: cd63e9

there may be some way to meet both needs. perhaps allowing a select few teachers in but only after they swear an oath never to expose them? I assume an magically binding oath would be possible?
No. 335835 ID: f8aa66

We can't promise allowing the missionaries in wouldn't be perilous in some way, to the natives' mind or body or culture. They could bring disease, we don't know their character beyond their love of knowledge (Christian missionaries were often kind of dicks), and the knowledge they bring WILL change the natives (even if it's just a few of them becoming more interested in the outside world).

And we cannot fight a greater god, godling that we are.

All we can say is that not every change is an improvement, but every improvement is a change. Tradition is well and good, but knowledge is neither good nor evil; he could guide them into using that knowledge to become greater than they are while staying true to their traditions. And we leave it up to Spider Dude-god to decide.
No. 335836 ID: 2b8edc
File 131234547783.jpg - (18.55KB , 801x599 , Zithysus.jpg )

"you propose an interesting idea." the avatar states. "your words are not only strong of virtue but also meaning, a rare thing in any time. it is true that change is necessary - for how can growth occur without it. it is also true that there is no knowing the mortal mind. thus, i will agree to these terms."

He turns to look upon the missionary.

"while this mortal sleeps, his brethren hew at my caves in earnest. this angers me not, for it only makes my domain larger. in time, his brethren will find their way through. my people are not what one would call... accepting. i will create for your missionary a sign that he is to be accepted. i accept that converts may occur among my people. however..."

He turns back to look at me.

"in return for this reach of trust, you must include the event in your fables and tales and faith - no matter the outcome or how it shines upon you. if the people of the plateau are wiped from the earth, their blood shall stain your hands. if they venture from my lands and enrich the world, then that too, rests upon your heart."

His eyes shine oddly.

"laughing teacher, is this acceptable?"
No. 335838 ID: 35e1a0

a story always teaches a lesson, even if it is a harsh one. acceptable.
No. 335842 ID: 44766a

"Yes it is, Zithysus."
No. 335848 ID: cd63e9

how could it be any other way? even gods must bear responsibility for there actions.
No. 335871 ID: c25acc

Knowledge of failure, and knowledge of glory. It is acceptable that all be known to history in the name of the Laughing Teacher.
No. 335877 ID: 2b8edc
File 131235289939.jpg - (12.66KB , 801x599 , Celestiumagain.jpg )

"our will be done. in the name of the one who knows, sees, and enacts all things, the compact is sworn. he will see to the recording of this event, and he will make certain it is upheld."

You feel a great commotion. Two other men run into the room, followed by a great spider. The missionary seems fearful, but then one of the men show the spider to be harmless - apparently this is a rare herbivorous spider, which baffles them. They also announce to the missionary the way ahead is open, and lead him there.

You feel the event is no longer pressing, and return to the land of the Godlings.

>Seek out Muse

>Go see Omni

>Seek out Zithysus

>Intuit again

>Something else
No. 335988 ID: 63c45f

No. 335990 ID: c25acc

No. 335994 ID: cd63e9

we should probably talk to Zithysus. we did make a deal with him so we should probably find out more about him and his. also i suggest a policy of checking on his people ever so often, make sure the missionary's aren't acting like dicks and such.
No. 335997 ID: 856690


No. 336003 ID: 35e1a0

still have a blue flag left. not sure what it could be but we should check that.
No. 336076 ID: aa66a4
File 131240453579.jpg - (33.84KB , 801x599 , ZithysusCelestium.jpg )

You decide to first and foremost seek out the God you interacted with on the mortal realm - but you don't have to go very far before he finds you.

"so you are the godling i spoke with. i am impressed - few are brave enough to reason with a god when so below one. i am also pleased - prayers are more meaningful with competition, and their newfound knowledge has lead to them taking up mining. in time, my domain shall be ever larger. i do believe the deal you made benefits the both of us, laughing teacher."

"should you have any questions, i would be happy to help to the best of my ability."
No. 336119 ID: 4721eb

what was that deal about? I'm guessing we're both now bound by some weird cosmic powers to uphold the deal?
No. 336121 ID: 35e1a0

well, i am wondering what exactly the difference between a godling and a full god is. worshippers?
No. 336124 ID: b6ca92

Great one, who among your peers do you feel would be less reasonable than yourself?

Are there any gods you know who were old enough to Ask Omni his three questions before he closed the door to full blown gods?

Have you any advice for a growing godling?
No. 336148 ID: aa66a4
File 131241337504.jpg - (52.35KB , 940x679 , Bertruger.jpg )

"a true god has numerous worshipers, this is true, but only by the dint of their power allowing them to garner so many. a true god has a avatar, and a way to commune directly with their followers. some choose to speak through a mortal prophet and champion. others use signs and portents. others still use their avatar on the mortal plane." he explains. "godlings have trouble communing directly with their followers. they must be roundabout and careful in their dealings, and attentive at all times for threats."

"less reasonable? it depends - some gods are gracious but easily offended, others are more tempered but uncaring. there is only one god anyone would tell you to avoid contact with - bertruger, he of the thousand blades. he is almost as old as he who sees, knows, and enacts all things - and strong enough besides that any mortal knows of and believes in him in some way or another. an ancient god of war, violence, power, and destruction. do not cross him - for it is likely to be the last thing you ever do."

"he is also one of the few who asked their questions late. due to this... only he knows how the world will end, and how to kill he who sees, knows, and enacts all things, and how to survive both events."

"my advice for you is to remember that faith can be finicky, and trust is the greatest coin among us. not worshipers, not power, but trust."
No. 336151 ID: cd63e9

are there any formal rules about how gods interact that i should be aware of?
No. 336181 ID: 1854db

Wait, this war god guy knows how to kill Omni, and hasn't yet?
No. 336182 ID: 35e1a0

could be a timing thing. like omni can only be killed while the world is gone.

anyway, i think that is enough information for now, world needs constant attention.
No. 336186 ID: 46c430

Thank him for his time, and say how we hope our relationship will continue to be amiable and mutually beneficial.
No. 336282 ID: b6ca92

Thank you for the words of warning and advice.
Should you ever desire a favor from us, know that we will honor it by any means possible and impossible.

One last question for road though. How may we defend ourselves against another divine assailant, or barring that, how may we hide ourselves?
No. 336736 ID: aa66a4
File 131252939370.png - (23.23KB , 940x679 , HRTC.png )

"my many thanks for your humble offer. i will keep it in mind. as for advice in that nature - my only advice it to simply avoid predicating such assaults. simply put, remain humble and quiet in your actions, and seek to establish yourself as fast as you can. true godhood will allow you to defend yourself more ably."

He nods.

"another piece of advice, given freely - if you ever find yourself in a truly inescapable bind, contact asar, the banker. he will demand a cost, as he does for all things - but no matter how much trouble you are in or how stained your hands, he will assist you."

And then Zithysus vanishes. You turn your thoughts to the ground below.

To the last flag you recall, the least pressing one.

To find a human rummaging in a large pile of books, waist-deep in academia.
No. 336738 ID: aa66a4
File 131252944271.png - (19.18KB , 936x600 , HRTC2.png )

"Ah. Here we are..." she says, inching out. "This book has plenty of information on the things you were asking about. I'm sure it will come in handy."

"Thanks, Sarah."

"Not a problem! My father left me this library, it's the least I can do to help... though it's still such a mess..."

"Yes, your father was such a help. Are you sure this huge book is the right one?"

"Bilbin's Big Book of Babies, yes."
No. 336741 ID: cd63e9

hmmm a new parent perhaps?
No. 336747 ID: cc6666

read book.
No. 336796 ID: 0d095c

(Open the book. Prepare for horrors/cuteness)
No. 336804 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, the owner of a library. that sounds as close to a high-priest as we can get. wait until the man leaves and then try to say "hello child, can you hear me?"
No. 337293 ID: 44766a

Do I smell a possible Champion?
No. 337303 ID: 698cb2

You should really avoid smelling random people, it tends to make them nervous
No. 337314 ID: 44766a

... Its a figure of speech.
No. 337344 ID: 698cb2

... I apologize, I forgot my attempts at being funny tend to fall flat
No. 339542 ID: aa66a4
File 131321942828.png - (9.36KB , 431x574 , SUDDENLYPAPERDOLL.png )

You have reached enough worshippers to choose your MANIFESTATION. This is only one step in becoming a True God, but it is a major one!

All Gods have the following theme behind their looks: A round 'head', a 'face', a 'halo' of lines arranged in a specific manner, a 'body' that is long and preferably tapers, and some sort of set of 'limbs'.
No. 339559 ID: b1f0e2

>You have reached enough worshippers
Have we now? This suggests a the passage of time is accelerate in the divine realm.

Hug book, read it. Find out the exact knowledge it contains.
Speaking of, how costly is this action? could we use it to quickly read all books in the library?

Hold your horses, this is a major of power and we should review all candidates before making such an investment.

Pretty awesome... Ok, how about encoding some knowledge (formulas?) into our form?
No. 339593 ID: 0d095c
File 131323977678.png - (78.36KB , 431x574 , God\'s Paper Doll.png )


I think this goes very well with our chaotic domain.
No. 339599 ID: bd2a40
File 131324173820.jpg - (44.92KB , 414x573 , Done.jpg )

Damn, so many failures trying to put this up.
No. 339609 ID: b0e991

inb4 steve'd
No. 339650 ID: cd63e9

do the equation on the boy change or is it always the same one?
No. 339653 ID: b1f0e2

I like the idea of shifting equations.
No. 339669 ID: 830e2a
File 131327071819.png - (27.50KB , 431x574 , god.png )

Just leaving this here
No. 339695 ID: a820bb

Nah, I think we should keep with the crazy teacher face. Maybe some frizzy looking hair to serve as our halo. Afterall, we are the goddess of SCIENCE! so we need to look the part.
No. 339697 ID: cd63e9

yeah, maybe we could use a modified version of the image from >>323256 as our face?
No. 339702 ID: 35e1a0

just replace
face with that one. crazy wide smiling being with glasses and constantly shifting equations for skin
No. 339710 ID: 6a5a08
File 131328011105.jpg - (33.20KB , 431x574 , LaugingSteve.jpg )

No. 339740 ID: cd63e9

where is that costume from?
No. 339754 ID: a820bb

Yes... we shall be the Mrs Frizzle of this world and with our mighty ruler we shall make our enemies wish they stayed home today.
No. 339755 ID: 35e1a0

the act of the "field trip" will be a holy journey to discovery the secrets of the cosmos.
No. 339756 ID: a820bb

And the bus shall be our most holy artifact. A carriage that requires no horse and that can carry one through both air and water as easily as on a road for those whom take the field trips of the Laughing Teacher.
No. 339847 ID: 2222da
File 131333325733.png - (61.99KB , 743x823 , Laughingteacher.png )

From the greatest quest to ever grace the internet.

In other news, my submission. Now with 70% more Frizz!
No. 340767 ID: aa66a4
File 131354426837.png - (106.15KB , 416x553 , LAUGHINGTEACHER.png )

The large tome was given to the pregnant woman, you cannot read it. :V

You have gained the ability to MANIFEST on Holy Ground. YOur Manifestation is unable to affect the world physically, but any powers you use while manifested will be free to use - however, the Manifestation costs energy to keep up.

The manifestation can also speak, but only to Believers.

With this new power in hand, you can now commune with Believers on your holy ground. With that in mind, some may wish to reconsider their suggestions for >>336738 this point in time.
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