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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 130505878809.jpg - (120.06KB , 800x618 , title.jpg )
303024 No. 303024 ID: e43834

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No. 303025 ID: e43834
File 130505893037.jpg - (13.97KB , 800x618 , page 1.jpg )

You come to in pitch blackness. It is horribly dark... You cannot see. The floor is cold to the touch.
No. 303027 ID: 8c73c8

feel around for a wall.
No. 303053 ID: bc502e

light a small fire,just enaugh to see arround you
No. 303059 ID: 180ec2

Well then open your eyes, silly!
No. 303060 ID: 8c7c47

No. 303069 ID: e43834
File 130506528068.jpg - (348.03KB , 800x618 , page 2.jpg )

My eyes are open, its just really dark.

>You spark a flame in your palm, the room lights up.

Nothing... I've lost my gold and Qwern's Red shirt.
No. 303074 ID: 00d3d5

Check around the room. If you don't find anything interesting then go through the door.
No. 303079 ID: bc502e

you can make fire but can you cause explosions?
No. 303081 ID: bc502e

if so, we have a good ol'case of crack in a wall
No. 303085 ID: 8c7c47

Examine painting/carving ... thing on the wall.
No. 303093 ID: 8c73c8

examine whole room.
No. 303121 ID: e43834
File 130506834699.jpg - (393.26KB , 800x618 , page 3.jpg )

>You look around the room... There's a sculpted mural on the wall. It seems to be a butterfly... Or moth fighting a angle?

Qwern's a dwarf I meet not long ago... Or at least I don't think it was so long ago... I'm not sure how long I've been out...

I probably could... It might drain me a bit however... I've never tried to make explosions, I don't know how much mana it would use.

I'm not sure breaking the first mural in sight is a wise choice but It's your call...
No. 303122 ID: 8ac290


No. 303124 ID: 8ac290

No, just look out the door.
No. 303138 ID: 8c73c8

we'll see about finding something normally explosive before resorting to magic explosions.
No. 303144 ID: 868a23

you seem a smaller than the last time we saw you. what happened?
No. 303146 ID: e43834
File 130507159112.jpg - (339.88KB , 800x618 , page 4.jpg )

>The next room is quite bland. Nothing much to see... Three doors including the one you just came through.

must be the change in graphic quality...
No. 303147 ID: 8c73c8

let's try door on the right first.
No. 303181 ID: 00d3d5

Grab that loose chunk of debris, then check the room to your left.
No. 303218 ID: e43834
File 130508133099.jpg - (360.71KB , 800x618 , page 5.jpg )

>You pick up the largest stone you find and navigate through the stone door in front of you... The room ahead is shattered... A huge gaping crack blocks your path... It's hard to see how deep it is, its quite dark...
No. 303229 ID: f0e3ae

how deep is the hole at the bottom?
No. 303286 ID: 8ac290

Throw the chunk of debris in, listen for it to hit the floor.
No. 303309 ID: 8c73c8

yes drop rock down. if it takes more then a couple seconds then it is too deep and you should try the other way.
No. 303328 ID: 47d1aa

Or you could try chucking that fireball in. You can make moar right?

Just what are your abilities? What other spells can you cast? How much mana do you have?
No. 303363 ID: 2104b8
File 130514351110.jpg - (284.52KB , 800x618 , page 6.jpg )

>You toss the rock into the pit. a little more than a full second passes before it makes a metallic *clang* noise followed by the rolling rock noise...

Clang? I thing there's something down there.

hmmm... I guess I could...

I have some magics. I can make blue fire that only burns clothes, it make's a good torch since I can hold it and it doesn't burn. I can also make normal fire and healing green fire. My magic comes from will instead of knowledge, so I don't cast spells or wave arcane gestures. I just do magic. That being said, I've been known to just come up with spells some times. Like the explosion for example. I think I might be able to... But I'm not promising anything.
As for mana, well that's where my real problem with magic lies. Since I don't understand magic I can't quite comprehend mana, nor can I measure it. I even have quite a hard time gauging how much mana I use when casting.
No. 303397 ID: 1854db

Go back and check the other door.
No. 303408 ID: 8c73c8

ah, so you can only say it uses a lot or a little or something. hmmmm... the fire burns directly from your mana. may be able to make it burn after coming off of you by making a jawbreaker of mana. just hold up your other hand and make a sphere of dense power. then light it up and drop it. it will eat away at the ball to stay lit.
No. 303421 ID: f0e3ae

I agree with this idea
No. 303466 ID: 2104b8
File 130515655396.jpg - (349.12KB , 800x618 , page 7.jpg )

Hmmm... Yeah that would probably work. And I'm sure I could do it.

>You walk to the other room, it only has one door, the one you just came in through.
No. 303468 ID: 8c73c8

apparently these dwarfs were plagued with some kind of giant moth monster thing. for now read the note, and make sure it doesn't get burned.
No. 303487 ID: 1854db

Read the note.
No. 303520 ID: f0e3ae

yes, do that
No. 303521 ID: 2104b8
File 130516289027.jpg - (244.01KB , 800x618 , page 8.jpg )

I wonder... These murals don't make much sense to me.

>You read the note... Fig:1~1... Granite 21. year 14. The moth of hills fought long and hard with Giruga of the sea. This is the first of these Old ones we've seen. Something about them pulls them together and pushes them apart. Giruga, with his voice so loud, yelled out the ocean we now know as thurmdoil. They fought for eight days... We know not how it ended... But the moth of hills was all that remained.
No. 303530 ID: d833e0

Movement! Light up high, flood the room, there's something in there with you!
No. 303538 ID: 8c73c8

behind you and to your right. looks like a moth thing. smaller then depicted on the engravings but still big. be ready to throw real fire at it.
No. 303544 ID: 2104b8
File 130516775686.jpg - (463.44KB , 800x618 , page 9.jpg )

>You drop the note and jump to the side hoping to dodge any potential attacks. Blue flame up high. Red flame at the ready. Light rules the room... Nothing... Tension rises as no monster is seen. Moments pass but noting appears...

... you sure you saw something?.. what did it look like?.. Was it... maybe... A dream demon... I thought I was rid of them...
No. 303545 ID: 8c73c8

that may have been what it was. we only saw it's face. practice the mana nugget flame thing. need to make sure it will last a while so you can climb the rope without it being dark.
No. 303546 ID: 1854db

It was a bug-eyed face with a small nose and curly antennae-looking things on its head.

Let's just climb up the rope.
No. 303577 ID: 5b2bc1

Hmm, how about dropping this "torch" right here, to make sure none of those things come out again, and make another, to take with you above. What are these "dream demons"?
No. 303692 ID: 2104b8
File 130523139181.jpg - (324.26KB , 800x618 , page 10.jpg )

Hmmn... Sounds like Staurin... Damn... These dream demons... They're euh... How could I say this? They don't exist, well they do exist, but they're not real. They're like dreams. They can't hurt me and only I can see them. I can't remember them when they're not there. For as long as I can remember they just followed me... I thought they were gone...

>You place a flame on the ground. It illuminates the room just long enough for you to climb out. You spark another light and see the next room. There's two doors, one is shut.
No. 303697 ID: 3d7a30

look in the amphora thing next to you and then examine the chest
No. 304267 ID: 2104b8
File 130542287427.jpg - (217.85KB , 800x618 , page 11.jpg )

>You tilt the vase to look in but it slips out of hand and crashes to the ground.

oups! well at least the things are out... Hmm there's a blue flat card thing and a shiny black rock. But here's the problem. I only have two hands and one of them is busy holding my light. What do I pick up?
No. 304272 ID: bc502e

inspect the black rock thing
No. 304284 ID: 0d7a83

Hold blue card in... mouth?
No. 304287 ID: 1854db

Examine both items more closely first.
No. 304289 ID: 35e1a0

examine card first.
No. 304295 ID: f0e3ae

you should be able to hold two things in one hand, just cup your fingers, the order is:
1. Fingers
2. Item 1
3. Item 2
4. Thumb
Then press thumb towards fingers and the magic of frictions will hold both items in your hand, at once.
No. 304299 ID: 2104b8
File 130542878853.jpg - (289.45KB , 800x618 , page 12.jpg )

>you pick up the blue card and examine it.

It's a... Blue card? It's rigid and made of... I don't know... It feels like paint. I think its made of paint...

>You place the card in your mouth for safe keeping's.

>You examine the rock.

Isha rock. Ish kina methalic. donth now anithng elth abut ith... Ish hart to thalk wish thish in mah moush.
No. 304304 ID: 35e1a0

shouldn't need to. i mean, where are WE? if we are in your head then simply thinking loudly should work.
No. 304316 ID: dcc6e1

Kick that chest open.
No. 304321 ID: b8e86f

Try balancing the flame on top of your head?
No. 304331 ID: 0d7a83

wait a minute, why do your thoughts sound like their talking with their mouth full?
Unless we cant here your thoughts, which is weird because we usually can.

Also use rock on chest.
No. 304333 ID: 1854db

Leave the rock, keep the keycard. Check to see if you can open the chest.
No. 304371 ID: 82530d

i swear.

if the card was poisonous.

is there anything written on the card? how hard is the card? what do you mean its made of paint?
No. 304440 ID: a6ab09

that's just part of your head casting a shadow on the rope right? Looks weird with the angle you're holding the light
No. 304454 ID: 2104b8
File 130551313195.jpg - (135.28KB , 800x618 , page 13.jpg )

Yeah I guess I wasn't paying attention when I drew that.

The card has noting written on it, its pretty rigid but its kinda floppy to. Now that you mention it, there is a shiny metal part here. It tastes and feels like something painted over and I haven't the slightest idea what it's made of so I think it might be made of painted over. But any guess is good at this point.

How does one think loudly? And I sounded like my mouth was full because it was. I have been talking aloud all this time.
I hear you in my thoughts, but you don't seem to hear mine. Or at least I don't think you do. Do you? If so could you tell me. It's not nice to invade a girls privacy like that. Speaking of which, You tell me to look at things and what not but do you see them? Erm... What I mean to say is can you see ME? And... Are you... boys or girls?...

I don't think that will work. If I can get any mana up there it wont be enough to do anything useful.

I'd hurt my little foot.

It's a chest. It's pretty sturdy at that, Whatever's inside it, it's well guarded... Hmm... not very heavy. If I use both hands I could lift it. But then I'd have problems navigating.
No. 304455 ID: 35e1a0

see if you can bash the lock off with the metal-rock thing. also try spitting on the paint and rubbing it, it may come off a little.

we can see you and the stuff around you. we are no gender in particular. possibly a spirit or something. and you think loudly by thinking of the words in your head.
No. 304462 ID: 1854db

Yes, we can see that you're naked, if that's what you're asking. No real details though. Perhaps that is because you are covered in fur. Don't worry about it.
Our gender? I think most of us identify as male.

Let's go right. Keep the card for now, unless you want to keep the rock as a weapon.
No. 304498 ID: c59c67

naked jokes not withstanding, if you cant open the chest, you can always drop it from a height.
No. 304544 ID: c958bf

This might not be such a good idea. What if whatever's inside is fragile? It'd break, obviously, and then we couldn't use it.

Maybe we can use the card to trip the lock, though? By wedging it in the gap under the lid and sliding it under the lock, it should pull it to one side enough to open the lid.
No. 304565 ID: 35e1a0

it's a padlock through a ring. not a lock embedded in the chest. is why i suggest bashing with the metal rock. could break the ring.
No. 304567 ID: 31f32d

we are both, we are many, some male, some female, some other.

@chest: can you compress your fire so that it is only half a centimeter in diameter or less? get it really hot but small and concentrated. Then use it on the lock.
No. 304692 ID: 2104b8
File 130560158871.jpg - (158.99KB , 800x618 , page 14.jpg )

What's a centimeter?

Ok well the that takes things off my mind. It's bad enough that I'm stuck in some old dungeon. I don't need a pervert staring at my butt all day long.

Your probably right. What ever's inside, it's light and that means it's breakable or paper.

>You spit at the card and rub as hard as you can. But no matter how hard you try the card doesn't change. You then take a swing at the lock. You bash at it as hard as your little mage hands can go, Within a few moments the rock overcomes the lock, cracking off a piece.

Hey it worked. Yay!... And now the contents of this box are mine! Ahaha! oh look. A piece of the lock is stuck on the rock... It's... It's holding on? BY MAGIC!
No. 304707 ID: ed9087

The rock is likely a piece of lodestone, it attracts iron and certain other metals.

And now the box is unlocked, lets see what's in it.
No. 304710 ID: 35e1a0

or maybe magnetite. it just means iron sticks to it. it's complicated but not magic. if you are still interested after you are out of here we could try to explain. anyway, what treasure is in the chest?
No. 304713 ID: a6ab09

well you do have a cute derriere~. Make sure the lock doesn't come in contact with the card just to be on the safe side
No. 304792 ID: 3d7a30


umm shouldn't that be make sure the rock doesn't touch the card
No. 304814 ID: 1854db

They were in the same urn together so I think it's a bit late for preserving the magnetic strip. I guess it can't hurt to keep it away from it from now on though.

Open yon chest!
No. 304992 ID: 31f32d

a centimeter is a unit of size... try compressing your fire to be the size of your nostril, or the diameter of your littlest finger, and make it as hot as possible... see if that can cut through things
No. 305103 ID: 2104b8
File 130575754564.jpg - (430.52KB , 800x618 , page 15.jpg )

My what? Oh well you said it was cute, so I guess it's a compliment. Thanks

Ohh... Ok... Yeah that sounds cool. I'll have to try that next time.

>You put down the rock a little ways from the card, making sure they're not touching.

You guys sound like you know a lot about all this stuff, so I'll just do what you say. Personally, I think it's all very confusing. Ok on to the chest.

>You open the now unlocked chest reveling a strong light. As you lift it out of the box, it's light floods the room and its shape is made clear.

It's a magic orb! Look how pretty it is. I wonder what it does?
No. 305118 ID: 120db2

Hold it over your head and smile.
Don't be surprised if a sound like 'DA-NA-NA-NAAAAA' plays.
No. 305119 ID: 35e1a0

at the moment it is a better light. examine the door with the pattern on it.
No. 305141 ID: 2104b8
File 130576957134.jpg - (368.51KB , 800x618 , page 16.jpg )

>You hold the orb high above your head. It's light shines and brings hope to your poor soul. A catchy little tune runs through your head, almost as if symbolic to your act.

>You examine the stone door closely. It is engraved with thick lines that twist and turn around a large hollow.
No. 305145 ID: 35e1a0

sounds like the orb fits in the door. but it is a good light so check the other room with it first.
No. 305322 ID: 2104b8
File 130584705782.jpg - (370.31KB , 800x618 , page 17.jpg )

>You enter the room to the right. There is a mural of a dragon and a terrakin on the wall to your left, and a door to your right.
No. 305325 ID: 35e1a0

read note first. then check next room.
No. 305327 ID: 0d7a83

Read note. Hug Grab key.
No. 305335 ID: 180ec2

Grabbing the key might be a bad idea. It could be trapped. Wait on it for now and read the note.
No. 305346 ID: 2104b8
File 130585410453.jpg - (375.54KB , 800x618 , page 18.jpg )

>You read the note... Fig:1~2 Marble 6. Year 20... The moth of hills had been sighted by the goodship~bountiful. Lead by The third Giruga, Thordal of the sea. The moth rained fiery death upon the ship and its crew. Nearly crashing they knew a single strike wound mean the end. The moth of hills was at that very moment struck down by a well guided harpoon. And so it sank into the ocean of thurmdoil... Gone but not forgotten. These old ones... They're fights live on...
No. 305349 ID: eba49f

That key is immensely suspicious looking. Maybe try to knock it off the stand from a distance with a pebble?
No. 305351 ID: b8e86f

That note looks like it better describes the room below, where you climbed up from. The note from the mural below also seemed to describe some other room not yet found. It might be important later on.. or at least remembering 'who beat who'.
No. 305470 ID: 47d1aa

keep a safe distance from key before activating potential traps.
you're a bold you should know that.
No. 305532 ID: 2104b8
File 130592695918.jpg - (374.44KB , 800x618 , page 19.jpg )

Your right... I wonder what this guys story was?

>You step back and pick up a small pebble. launching it as hard as your little mage arms can handle, it sails through the air and hits the key knocking it off balance. Just as it's about to fall a sloppy *Gush* sounds as a large pile of pink goop lands on it, engulfing the key within its self.
No. 305536 ID: 2104b8
File 130592782893.jpg - (449.34KB , 800x618 , page 20.jpg )

>Just as soon. the slime jumps to its feet. Within less than a moment its shape has changed. Morphed into a image quite familiar.
No. 305538 ID: 35e1a0

make a bunch of fire in your hands and throw a fireball at it.
No. 305541 ID: 0d7a83

Burn it. Burn it with the rage of ten thousand suns.
No. 305543 ID: 00d3d5

Make a bunch of fire in your hands, then flirt with it.
If it attacks, burn it like a thousand suns.
No. 305557 ID: 2104b8
File 130593202695.jpg - (425.83KB , 800x618 , page 21.jpg )

>You let loose a torrent of flames upon your foe. It steps back and hisses a piercing squeal.

AAAHHH!!! Get away from me! Die! Burn! I don't want to flirt with you!

>The flames fade with the hissing. Exhausted you look at your work to find the creature petrified, like cooked clay.
No. 305563 ID: 35e1a0

rest a moment. then knock it over. it could be alive in a shell.
No. 305566 ID: 0d7a83

Your gonna have to smash it to get the key. Also YOUR AWESOME. Much better than that Mudy guy.
No. 305597 ID: 1854db

Break it open and retrieve the key.
No. 305599 ID: 2104b8
File 130594610949.jpg - (378.13KB , 800x618 , page 22.jpg )

Thanks. But I don't think I'm better than anyone really. I'm sure that guy has plenty of skills, and it's not like everyone can just up and make fire.

>You sit down and relax. slowly you feel your energy coming back...

I have a lot more mana than that, I'm sure. It's just that using that much at once can tire me out... Is my butt really that big?

Ok, time to crack her open.
No. 305600 ID: 35e1a0

be careful about it being still a little alive and trying to hit you one last time.
No. 305601 ID: 4a8d5c

Wait, hit it with the orb. Might unlock some secret about that goo...
No. 305604 ID: 1854db

It looks like it mimicked you pretty accurately. So yeah, that is your butt size.

Actually it looks like the key is sticking out of it. Just pull it out.
No. 305606 ID: 0d7a83

Hmm thats interesting: Ever since it appeared there's been a small sphere floating just above it. It's still floating so you should be careful. It could mean it's not dead.
No. 305662 ID: b8e86f

It looks like you might be able to get the key without shattering the thing. If you just baked its surface the slime inside might come after you.
No. 307125 ID: 47d1aa
File 130650790650.jpg - (3.15KB , 93x121 , its safe.jpg )

No. 307882 ID: 2104b8
File 130678377689.jpg - (376.62KB , 800x618 , page 23.jpg )

hmmm... well it does make my back side kinda cute.

>You get up and pull hard on the key. it comes undone with a little effort, but not alone. Closely followed by the monster's pink claw. You fall over in panic.
No. 307883 ID: 35e1a0

back up a bit and grab the things. it should be a lot smaller now so if you need to bake it again it should be easier.
No. 307933 ID: 1854db

Scramble back and hit it with a little more fire.
No. 307939 ID: 2104b8
File 130680051057.jpg - (351.60KB , 800x618 , page 24.jpg )

>You step back to a corner grabbing your things on the way. As you make your retreat you hear a crash like a pot falling over, when you look again the monster is released and rearing back for an attack.
No. 307941 ID: 1a3b5c

fire burst. just a burst to stun it then head into the down room.
No. 307949 ID: b897ac

Incoming tentacle whip. Dodge that before you try anything else. The purpose is to escape harm, not destroy your enemies (though it's a good way to accomplish the first objective).
No. 307963 ID: 2104b8
File 130680436447.jpg - (88.16KB , 800x618 , page 25.jpg )

Running away! great idea.

>you drop the key and wave a burst of flames at your foe, but without looking at the effect, you're to busy running for your life. zipping past the room behind you, you drop the orb and jump for the rope. Sliding down you let go with a hop landing into the darkness... A moment of silence passes before you light a spark.

*huff* ok *huff* I'm in the room down bellow, now what?
No. 307968 ID: 00d3d5

Now go back and get your stuff.
No. 307969 ID: 1a3b5c

i.. i mean the the second door in that room. i have no idea what to do in this room. wait until it comes after you then burn it so it hardens again and then go back up the rope?
No. 307976 ID: eba49f

Retreat to a room that doesn't contain a flammable and necessary rope, then wait a bit to see if the slime follows you. If it does not follow, carefully climb up.
No. 307984 ID: 2104b8
File 130681106870.jpg - (180.28KB , 800x618 , page 26.jpg )

heh? B-but the monster's up there!

in what way was that down?... Oh what ever... I'll just wait for it.

Smart. Wouldn't want to burn the rope.

>You retreat to the room behind you. Waiting near the door, you peer cautiously in through the door as you wait for the creature... time passes and nothing happens, not even a noise can be heard... Except your beating heart... It's pounding grows louder with every passing moment...

I... I'm really scared you guys... When I was face to face... I... B-but now it could be anywhere... It could jump at any moment... I wish I wasn't here... Why do I have to fight?!

>You fumble your little fingers charging the magic just waiting for the moment to sling a spell... A single tear run's down your cheek...

save me... Qwern... Please save me...
No. 307985 ID: 35e1a0

relax. it isn't an invisible creature it HAS to use the same way you used. to get to you.just relax.
No. 307987 ID: cbc115

Hey now don't start thinking like that. You're not helpless, not even close. Qwerns a dwarf; dwarves like strong women, and you're gonna prove your strength by bustin' out of here. First things first, there's a certain jelly freak standing in your way. This has to change.
No. 308052 ID: 2104b8
File 130686990142.jpg - (273.82KB , 800x618 , page 27.jpg )

... You're right... If I can't get out of here it's the end for me... I have to fight... I just don't know how I'll manage...

That sound logical. I'll just wait here and focus on-AHH! *Thump!*

>yanked by the leg you fall to the ground. You struggle to flee, but in vain. You're pulled into he darkness by the slimy tentacle.

No. 308053 ID: 2104b8
File 130686990885.jpg - (219.08KB , 800x618 , page 28.jpg )

>Quickly swooped into the room, you're hauled up to the monster. It's horrid visage hisses rage at you.

No. 308056 ID: 0d7a83

Step 1: Shoot flames into the face.

Step 2: Grab that orb above its head.

Step 3: Apply MOAR FIRE to the tenticle. Get ready to fall as it hardens and snaps. Don't break your neck when you land.
No. 308057 ID: 00d3d5

Burn it.
No. 308062 ID: 35e1a0

tiny super hot flame to the tentacle should break it.
No. 308065 ID: eba49f

... Is it menacing you with fangs made of jelly? I think it is.
Anyway, yes, the orb's persistence makes it seem line an important part of the creature. You should bake then grab. (You are immune to your own fire, right?) Make sure the tentacle is one of the first things you grab, as the slime could throw you otherwise.
No. 308067 ID: 1854db

Bite it in the face!
No. 308101 ID: b897ac

Keep in mind that whatever way you're getting out of that bind, it's HOLDING YOU OVER A HUGE PIT! As soon as you blast/bite/claw it and get it to let go, make a grab for the ledge or that slime monster is going to be the last thing you're going to worry about. Literally.
No. 308110 ID: be7d72

Burn the orb, not the body. Could be it's weak point
No. 308228 ID: c958bf

The orb could, very easily, just be a bit that got shook loose when it was hissing. Like a droplet.

In any case, bake it to the ceiling, and climb down using its hardened body as a handhold.

Remember, you're not really killing it, you're just impeding its progress by encasing it in a shell of its own solidified material.
No. 308249 ID: 47d1aa

BURN!! BUrn it to the ground!! euh... Ceiling!!!
If you cook it hot enough you can bake it through and through.
No. 308271 ID: 2104b8
File 130694781575.jpg - (360.17KB , 800x618 , page 29.jpg )

>Between screams you breathe in hard puffing up your little chest, roughly twice as large as its normal size. Your horrified screams turn to furious roars as you yell hellfire onto your foe!


>It hisses agony at you and grumbles into clay... Rage turns to fear as you hear the telltale cracking of breaking supports.
No. 308272 ID: 2104b8
File 130694787149.jpg - (137.54KB , 800x618 , page 30.jpg )

>the chard tentacle that held your leg breaks under your weight. you plummet to the ground, landing hard on the edge of the chasm. thinking fast you grab the floor, using your tiny claws you struggle to not fall. with a bit of difficulty you pull yourself up and quickly scuttle to the far corner of the room.

*huff~huff* Safe... Some how... *huff*...

>Tired and drained you look up at your work... The monster is baked solid into the ceiling. The whole area is chard black.
No. 308288 ID: 35e1a0

good job little miss. take a break now.
No. 308293 ID: 3b202e

>Rage turns to fear as you hear the telltale cracking of breaking supports.
it may be a better idea to run
No. 308297 ID: 0d7a83

Grab the baked orb thing from the floor and throw it into the chasm.
No. 308298 ID: 5db67b

Hey Cunny, this might seem like an odd question, but what was your mothers name?
No. 308305 ID: 1854db

I think the breaking stuff was just the slime's tentacle.

Hey, there's still some fire lighting up the place. Are YOU on fire?
No. 308863 ID: 2104b8
File 130714081717.jpg - (150.92KB , 800x618 , page 31.jpg )

Yes... Rest... I'm really tired... I... I'm just gonna rest my eyes for a moment... NO! Can't sleep. Who knows what's in here with me.

My mother's name?... I think it's Furfur... I've never known my mother.

>You grab the orb from the ground and toss it into the pit. It shatters as it hits the walls of the chasm.

>You glance at the flames as they dance and flutter on your leg... Moments later you realize that you're on fire! You jump to your feet and run about frantically. moving to the room behind you, you jump and kick trying to put out the flames.

FFFAAAaaa!!! Fire Fire!

>Logic somehow returns as you beat out the flames. drained and tired you drop to the ground.
No. 308873 ID: 1854db

Rest for a moment before summoning up another blue flame light. Then let's get back upstairs and get the light-orb and key. Then open that chest and see what's in there!
No. 308874 ID: 35e1a0

check the spot for burns, if no burns then it may mean you are also immune to your normal fire.
No. 309623 ID: 2104b8
File 130739639156.jpg - (148.73KB , 800x618 , page 32.jpg )

ok... But I must not go to sleep...

>You sit in the darkness for a moment before lighting a torch in panic.

I can't stand the darkness... I'm still scared...

>You inspect the leg but find no burns... Only ashes that come right off with a little brush.

that's odd... I got burned all the other times. Why does it *YAWN* not... *thump*
No. 309624 ID: 2104b8
File 130739640469.jpg - (205.11KB , 1000x772 , page 33.jpg )

>You slip out of consciousness and into a horrific vision.
>You see pain... You see strangled screams... blood... terror...
>You feel the darkness all around... you feel every aspect of the scaring... NIghtmare...
No. 309625 ID: 2104b8
File 130739641407.jpg - (195.54KB , 800x618 , page 34.jpg )


>You wake up in horrible fright, light already at hand.

*huff~huff* It... It was just a dream...
No. 309635 ID: 35e1a0

uh... okay.
No. 309652 ID: d69a8b

Relax. Nothing to be afraid of. You're the only one here in this room. Though the dream might be a premonition... Now go back upstairs for your key and open that chest.
No. 309657 ID: 1854db

You have a mark on your butt.
No. 309665 ID: 2104b8
File 130739912446.jpg - (345.98KB , 800x618 , page 35.jpg )

It... It wasn't a prema... Premana... What ever that is...
It's just a bad memory that wont let its self be forgotten... I... *sob* I don't want to talk about it...

>You sluggishly bring your self to the room above you and retrieve your things...

Open the chest right? Didn't we already do that? With the magic rock, remember? The orb was inside.
No. 309667 ID: 35e1a0

some peeps are confused, and yes you have some kind of buttmark. go one room over to where you found the key and then check out the other door in that room.
No. 309690 ID: 1854db

How did you even live through that? Your brain is behind your nose... and that blood suggests internal injury.
Oh yeah. We did. So there's another door in the room where the key was- find out where that goes.
No. 309701 ID: 2104b8
File 130740156898.jpg - (373.54KB , 800x618 , page 36.jpg )

hey you're right! How long has that been there? euhh... What is it?

I was lucky... Docdoc told me I only had about 8percent chance of surviving if the eggs hatched... luckily we bolds have big noses and small brains, most other creature would of just died... Please guys... I really just want to forget...

ok I'll go check out the other room
No. 309707 ID: 1854db

It's been there ever since you fell asleep.

Looks like a heart-shaped doodle with dots on it, and a tail coming out. Also... whiskers? It looks a little childish.
No. 309719 ID: 35e1a0

yeah appeared when you woke up. and we just wanted to make sure it wasn't something that we should worry about. anyway, to the next room.
No. 309721 ID: a6ab09

looks like the bugs on the walls and the one we saw earlier watching you
No. 309732 ID: 2104b8
File 130740395903.jpg - (326.50KB , 800x618 , page 37.jpg )

you think? Well I can't make heads or tails of it. But it does worry me... What is it and why is it there?

Well if you think I shouldn't worry about it, I'll try not to.

>You walk over to the next room. Inside there's a big rock and a hole in the ground. There are no other doors other than the one you came in by. There is another image on the wall. This one is much more... intricate.
No. 309736 ID: 35e1a0

check out the paper on the rock, DON'T take the paper off.
No. 309738 ID: 07416a

Take the paper off! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
No. 309750 ID: 1854db

Looks like this is how the slime got down to ambush you. Hmm. How long is that rope tied to the stone? Also you might want to leave the paper alone, looks like a seal of some sort.
No. 309812 ID: 310a1f

Release the seal. Whatever it is will probably be thankful!
No. 309841 ID: 2104b8
File 130740984751.jpg - (343.14KB , 800x618 , page 38.jpg )

>You inspect the paper...

It's just a paper. There's red lines drawn on it. I wonder what it represents... You think it's sealing something?
The rope isn't very long, I'd say about twice my arm span... Maybe a little more...

What's a Kraken?

something's inside this?
>You inspect the rock. It appears like any other rock. upon taping it however, you notice that it's hollow inside. You then press an ear up to it to listen...


Eep! Something's inside it! And it's making slippery sloshy noises! Gross...
No. 309847 ID: 1854db

Say hello.
No. 309850 ID: 35e1a0

paper is magic. see if you can talk to the whatever. try a hello.
No. 309865 ID: 07416a

Take it offff! Say hello and r̳̰̽͑̀̊̎͡͡ͅe͇̥̗̠̙̓̈̇ͫ̀̊̃l̵̡̬̩̥̊͂ͧͥe͈̯͙̬̞̥̋́̌̓̐̍ͭ̊ậ̭̮͆͝s͆�
�̧̖̮͕͉͗̅ė̹͑̋͘ ͮ̊͛͢҉̛̫̟ͅmę͎͎̣̟̭ͬ̊̂

No. 309869 ID: 310a1f

Open it open it open it open it open it
No. 309887 ID: 2104b8
File 130741175573.jpg - (393.07KB , 800x618 , page 39.jpg )

>You sit back down in front of the paper.

Eum... HELLO! Is?.. Is anybody in there?

>You go back to listening to the rock...

*Slish~Slosh...* Squee!

Eep! There really is something in there...

Do I have to!?.
No. 309890 ID: 856690

No do not release supisious thing which we no nothing about, especially after that vision.

Have a bit of sense!
No. 309902 ID: 35e1a0

how heavy is it? it could be lighter then it looks. if it's really light then you may be able to take it with you until you figure out what it is.
No. 309954 ID: ed9087

Don't open it! It might be another slime!
No. 309986 ID: 310a1f

It's probably a friendly slime! They sealed it because it liked people! Break the seal!
No. 309987 ID: 07416a

Yes, open it. Listen to that squeeing, doesn't it sound lonely?..
No. 310074 ID: d8d42e

It sounds like a terrible idea.

You should do it anyway.
No. 310118 ID: 9c538a

It's a magical dolphin! no wait don't open it duh

Who's Docdoc? Is he a scientist?
No. 310395 ID: b23f02

The slime hissed anger, this thing squee's cuteness.
What ever it is, it's friendly. That or its really small. So don't worry just rip off that seal and lets find out what's inside.
No. 310441 ID: b23f02


me again. Just one question. What's your opinion on polygamy?
No. 310474 ID: 115980

Anything that goes 'Squee!' is friendly and ad'aaawable. Fact.
No. 310569 ID: 4a9d1e

Does your red orb go on top of that rock? There seems to be a depression for it to fit into.
No. 310637 ID: ac9ea0

Do you really want to pass the rest of your life wondering...what could have been inside that rock? No? Then strip the paper off!
No. 311089 ID: 2104b8
File 130765891659.jpg - (344.85KB , 800x618 , page 40.jpg )

>Try as hard as you may, you simply cannot move it.

*Uguu...* Beh! I can't even lift it a little... I think its stuck to the ground?

Hmn... Well lets try...

>You place the orb upon the rock... And well nothing in particular happens...

Docdoc's my father... He's a black scaled kobold. He's also the tribe leader and witch doctor.

Why? What would be the point of having two husbands? ... Ew! No, gross.

*Sigh* Why do I listen to you?!

>Eyes closed you yank at the seal. When you open your eyes you notice that nothing dramatic happened.

Odd... Do you think I did something wrong?
No. 311096 ID: 0d7a83

Take the orb off the top then step back.
No. 311101 ID: 35e1a0

if taking orb doesn't work then take off the rope.
No. 311117 ID: 6e87fe

Why not just plain strip the rock bare?
No. 311134 ID: 0d095c

Isn't it obvious? You Have To Burn The Rope.
No. 311145 ID: 00d3d5

I think he means a husband and a wife. Some cultures rate your standing based on the number and quality of your mates, and for male-centric ones that means it would be how many wives your husband has and what ranking you have among them.
Yea, I don't see what that has to do with anything either. Maybe he wants you to seduce the monsters here for Qwern or something?
No. 311147 ID: 07416a

Refactory period: the time immediately following orgasm during which a man cannot achieve an erection.

No. 311159 ID: 35e1a0

also guy ment polyamory. not two husbands.
No. 311173 ID: 07416a

Fuck that, she needs all the husbands.
No. 311180 ID: 0448b9

I would prefer if you didn't touch the rock and maybe.. checked where the whole in the ground leads to?.

I would not want to talk about having tentacles in my nose either.
No. 311187 ID: 07416a

Silly girl, tentacles don't go in the nose.
No. 311237 ID: 1854db

Listen to the rock again.
No. 311244 ID: 2104b8
File 130766745099.jpg - (359.92KB , 800x618 , page 41.jpg )

You pick up the orb and step back cautiously.

You untie the rope and strip the stone of it. As you pull it away you notice the rock slide a little.

Oh! So the magic paper was holding it down?

oh... We'll it's still weird.

*EEhhh?* I knew you were perverts...

hm? What polamory?

No... I've only ever loved two men and I only want to marry one!

Me to... *sigh* Why do I feel compelled to follow your orders?

>you look over the edge into the hole. It leads to the other room below, the one with the chasm.

>You listen to the rock... The creature inside's acting up to the rock's movement.

*~SQUEEE! SQUEee...*
No. 311246 ID: 1be29c

Squee back at it.
No. 311279 ID: 00d3d5

Try again at lifting the rock?
Shove it around?
Hit it with things?
No. 311284 ID: 2104b8
File 130767069551.jpg - (379.59KB , 800x618 , page 42.jpg )

>You Squee at the rock. Listening in the creature inside squee's back
No. 311285 ID: 35e1a0

may as well take the paper and orb and go back to the other room. if the rock is glad you freed it then it will probably follow you.
No. 311291 ID: 2104b8
File 130767324308.jpg - (409.55KB , 800x618 , page 43.jpg )

>You try lifting the rock again. To your surprise its actually quite light, you tumble it over with ease. peering down on what you released your hair stands on end.


>Shaking, you step away from the creature... Not two steps away your legs give in.

T-T-ttt... Ta! F... Fu... I... I should have... I should have listened... I... I should never have listened... T-to...


Please Don't hurt me! Please... Pl... please...
No. 311293 ID: 0d095c

There is NOTHING here except for this tiny HARMLESS blue thing. You are a DEADLY FIRE MAGE. You are FINE.
No. 311295 ID: 07416a

It... Um. Looks less than horrific.
No. 311296 ID: 0d095c

P.S. DON'T KILL IT. This will not help ANYTHING.
No. 311302 ID: 35e1a0

wait, is it a thing like what laid the eggs?
No. 311318 ID: 2104b8
File 130767659894.jpg - (429.65KB , 800x618 , page 44.jpg )

N-n-no... B-but it... Its... Ten... Tenta... M-m-m... Monst...

>You push and kick as best you can... But in vain, your legs don't respond like they should. The creature slowly and dirpishly gets headway on your movements, closing in with every moment.
Your hand plummets into the void as you skedaddle backwards. Cornered, Endless tears run down your face...

*pant~pant* I... I...

>You raise your hand to unleash a devastating blow...


>Sparks emerge from your hand... Your arms go limp... Paralyzed with fear...

Squeea! Guuu...

please... *sniff* Please don't rape me... Help.. Help me... *sob* Qwern... Guys... Anybody... *sniffle* Help me please... I'll do anything! Please!
No. 311321 ID: 07416a

Nawww, it just wants a hug. You like hugs, riiiiight?
No. 311324 ID: 0d7a83

*sit there until it inevitably hugs you and then calm down maybe*
No. 311326 ID: 35e1a0

we can only talk.
No. 311328 ID: 44766a

Its not going to rape you. clam down. Take a deep breath.
No. 311335 ID: 1854db

It's a BABY tentacle monster. It probably doesn't have those urges at all.
No. 311405 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, for the-
You FREED it and you are TWENTY TIMES ITS SIZE! I has every reason to befriend you and it couldn't possibly overpower you if it couldn't even flip that hollow rock!
Stop panicking and go pet it already!
No. 311409 ID: 07416a

No. 311426 ID: ed9087

Don't look at the tentacles, look at it's cute little eyes! Are those the eyes of a monster?
No. 311432 ID: f4cd8c

Quick assume a submissive position and invite it over. Once its had its horrible way with you it should be weak enough to fight.
No. 311433 ID: 0d095c

Shut up.

Also, remember STAY CALM. You will be FINE. Just REMAIN CALM. There is no danger here.
No. 311448 ID: 8f855e

Lay back and spread your legs invitingly. Lick your lips.
No. 311455 ID: 0d7a83

No. 311489 ID: 2104b8
File 130773249524.jpg - (466.44KB , 800x618 , page 45.jpg )

*pant~pant* O... Ok...

>You try to focus on its cute points but are distracted by its wavy appendages...

You sure?... I... I trust you... You're all I've got down here

>Breathing deeply you try to calm your nerves...

>You sit still on the edge as the monster approaches. It stops inches from your feet...


>It jumps up and latches onto your leg, its soft tentacles wrap around your ankle as its maw engulfs your little toe.


>Panict and scared you try to flee, but all you manage is to flip over on your belly... The creature suck's and drools as his nimble tongue works circles about your toes.

Eep! Hehee.. No! Stop it! HEehee... Hahahi! It tickles... Stop! *Sob* What's it doing?! hahaha... HAHahee! Stop stop stop stop! *sniff* I'll! I'll!

>You thrash your leg back and forth trying to toss the creature, it holds fast and continues toying your foot.
No. 311490 ID: 0d095c

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. It's the most harmless, defenseless thing in the universe, and it can only say SQUEE and Unyuu~. It couldn't threaten a purple cone man, let alone a powerful kobold fire mage. If it's really bothering you,just scrape it off with a rope or a rock or something.
No. 311491 ID: ed9087

You might want to crawl away from the edge of that chasm, wouldn't want to fall accidentally.
No. 311497 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, this is getting far too silly. Stop trying to hurt the poor thing! Reach down and pick it up, then start petting it with your other hand.
I'd say let it ride on your shoulder, but I doubt you'd be comfortable with that.

It likes you and the monsters here appear to be scared of it. That makes it a perfect buddy to help you get out of here.
No. 311498 ID: 35e1a0

it's hugging you. if it's species does want your nubile young flesh this one is too young for those instincts.
No. 311552 ID: 0d7a83

No. 311575 ID: 0448b9

Just keep it away from your tender undercarriage and you'll be fine. See what it does if you try to get up.
No. 311588 ID: 3d7a30

I don't see what conceivable use it is
No. 311593 ID: 3b202e

No. 311603 ID: 1854db

Okay worst case scenario this is a tentacle monster with a foot fetish. You're fine. You can carry the thing on your arm or something. If it gets too grabby you can just snatch it away from the inappropriate hole and encourage it to mess with your foot again, maybe.
No. 311618 ID: eba49f

The forgotten beast Squee has come! A small blue blob with three tentacles and blue skin. Beware it's adorable hugs!
No. 311631 ID: 2104b8
File 130775383603.jpg - (476.02KB , 800x618 , page 46.jpg )

>Fighting the tickle induced spasms, you bring yourself to your knees. When you attempt to stand the creature lets go to avoid getting crushed, but jumps onto your leg right after.

*sigh* Well I guess I overreacted... It's actually pretty cute once you look at it.

>You pull the creature off your leg and pet it on the head...

*PUurr~* Unyuu...

Hee... Cute~

Maybe? I've never seen or even heard of this type of creature before.

What's a fetish?

Heh that's funny... I wonder why it was sealed away? Oh! We need to find a name for it!
And let's not get to side tracked. We still need to get out of here.
No. 311633 ID: 35e1a0

after some pets put him down and grab the orb and paper and head back to the room with the closed door.
No. 311658 ID: 2104b8
File 130775589708.jpg - (409.11KB , 800x618 , page 47.jpg )

>You pick up the orb and paper and walk over to the room with the door and the chest.
No. 311659 ID: 35e1a0

damn, another dream demon... without looking shoot a burst of flame at the doorway behind you, try for the top of it..
No. 311663 ID: 0d095c

Dream demon, directly behind you. Toss a fireball at it. Don't look at it. Keep moving.
No. 311664 ID: 65d267

Big bug behind you.
No. 311682 ID: eba49f

This time (unlike last time) it has red eyes. Do you know if that means anything?
No. 311696 ID: 1854db

Try pushing the orb into the middle of the door.
No. 311702 ID: ed9087

Hmm, do you think the dream demons might have something to do with your nightmare earlier?
Do they do that sort of thing? Mess with your dreams, that is.
No. 311723 ID: 2104b8
File 130776268769.jpg - (456.87KB , 800x617 , page 48.jpg )

>You shift the weight of the orb and sling your arm at the demon unleashing a flurry of burning fire. The little monster stare's in awe as you show off your magic.

*grumble* Damn dream demons, Fire doesn't kill em, but interacting with em make them flee.

A bug? Was it the same as last time? Maybe he's the only one that came back?

Red eyes? That one demon, I call him Buggy. I think he talks with his eyes. Red means he's angry. He always got grumpy when I'd make friends.

... I don't know... Probably... They're just dreams that slipped out of my head, so it's not unlikely that they could, I mean it's their home court, right?.. *Sigh* They do like messing with me... Showing me that night again... They can be so cruel...

Ok let's try.
No. 311757 ID: 1854db

Yeah, right in the middle where it's a circle.
No. 311804 ID: 00d3d5

Lets call our new friend Squeeguu! Squee for short!
Put the orb in the door, then go collect the card and stone.
Put Squee on your head like a hat, and put the card under Squee. Then all you need to hold is the stone.
No. 311808 ID: 35e1a0

what about the key? with how well it was guarded i doubt it just opened one little chest.
No. 311811 ID: 1854db

It didn't even open the chest, we don't know what it's for.
No. 311896 ID: b23f02


I agree with this statement

Also. You hear voices and no one else notices them. You feel compelled to follow their orders but don't always want to. And you occasionally see monster that only you can see, but they dissipate if you interact with them.

I think there's a word for that?

Just when did we first start talking to you?
No. 312087 ID: 2104b8
File 130783533019.jpg - (85.64KB , 800x618 , page 49.jpg )

Eum... Is it Oracle?

Well you started talking when I woke up a little while ago, but there were other voice before you, they come and go, but I've never had any stay as long as you. They all started appearing after the egg incident... The dream demons fell out of my dreams around the same time.

Teehee. What a cute name, and it fits him...

>You place the orb in the hollow and step back as the engraving begin to glow. The door rumbles as it pull's back and lifts into the wall, reveling the room beyond.
No. 312088 ID: 35e1a0

get the key metal rock and the blue card and head to this new room.
No. 312101 ID: 1854db

Summon up some blue fire to bring the key and card into the light, then bring both items into this new room.
No. 312186 ID: 9c538a

You lost the red orb... ooh look a green orb!
No. 312194 ID: 2104b8
File 130784550760.jpg - (440.66KB , 800x618 , page 50.jpg )

>You gather your things and head into the room. This room is notably smaller than the others. It's walls are adorn with trench like engravings. Another sealed door is encircled with gems: Green, purple and red. The red one is clearly light. Two statues of... Creatures... Strike a menacing pose in the corners. A brilliant green orb lights up the room, rest upon a small pillar.
No. 312195 ID: 35e1a0

careful now. take the green orb off the pedestal and place it in the indentation on the floor on the left.
No. 312199 ID: 35e1a0

damn, the purple orb may be across the gap. or behind one of those cracks in the wall.
No. 312201 ID: 1854db

I smell a trap.
No. 312205 ID: 7aedd2

Do Jazzhands at the statues/creatures much as they are doing, perhaps they will respond
No. 312448 ID: 0448b9

Nuke the statues out of orbit with your powers.. Hopefully they would have nothing to do with solving the puzzles, are actually dangerous, and wont cost you too much mana to do.

Wait no thats a terrible idea.
No. 313382 ID: 2104b8
File 130811594589.jpg - (432.92KB , 800x618 , page 51.jpg )

>You don't really know what these "JazzHands" are, but you try your best to emulate the statues. After what seems to be two minutes you Consider that it's not doing anything. But you have come to the conclusion that your good at "JazzHands"
No. 313383 ID: 2104b8
File 130811595932.jpg - (328.02KB , 800x618 , page 52.jpg )

>You carefully pick up the orb and place it in the indentation in the floor. Nothing happens so you inspect the indentation to find that it's in fact a slender pipe leading downwards.
No. 313385 ID: 35e1a0

pick it back up and turn around quickly, i don't want to leave the statues in darkness too long. could be darkness only monsters. put it back on the pedestal and then make the best concentration of mana you can and drop it down the hole. idea is it burns long enough we can find a crack that leads to it. then go back down the rope and go to the room you woke up in.
No. 313390 ID: 1854db

Ahh. Alright, get that thar orb and bring it out with the key. Hmm, I can't think of anywhere we haven't been yet but can get to. Can you? I wish we had a rope, and something to use as a grappling hook, so that we could get down that crack in the floor!
No. 313538 ID: 104c67

No. 313644 ID: 2104b8
File 130818283935.jpg - (410.11KB , 800x618 , page 53.jpg )

Wasn't there a rope in the room we just came out of?

>You pick up the orb and turn around to put it back, but you drop it when you see the statue. It's moved, and yet it's still stone. Riddled with fright you back against the wall. Oddly enough Squee seems quite oblivious to the threat.

Eum... Well that's horrifying. Any advice?
No. 313648 ID: 0d7a83

No. 313650 ID: 35e1a0

yep. only move in the darkness. put orb on pedestal then try to smash one with the metal rock.
No. 313652 ID: c82a3a

Put orb in the hole on the other side, but this time, walk behind the orb, to not create any shadows that might obscure the statues.
No. 313653 ID: 35e1a0

no that's another pipe, leading to the purple chamber. trying the green orb in that will be bad.
No. 313658 ID: 1854db

Optimally we'd want a light source in here at all times. We'll want to find a torch or something else that would stay lit for a long time.

Ooooooor we could just always have two light sources active- one blue flame behind you and the orb in the other hand.

Try taking the orb out of the room, so that the room becomes dark again, and then bringing the orb into the entrance again. Maybe the statues don't leave the room? Then we wouldn't have to worry about light unless we were in this room.
No. 313676 ID: 7bfeb5


No. 313680 ID: 07416a

Ride him like a mechanical bull.
No. 313694 ID: 2104b8
File 130819090357.jpg - (422.05KB , 800x618 , page 54.jpg )

BAH! Geeze don't ever tell some one to not do something or they'll die! They'll always do it with out thinking!... Eh... Well it didn't move when I blinked.

ok I put the orb back. The statues haven't moved again so I think you right about the darkness. As for smashing them, I really doubt my girly mage arm could do it.

Yup, it just looks like another pipe.

*Blush* You said that last time to... Are you some kind of pervert?.. Eum.. Could you?.. Not look at... me.

leaving the orb here does sound smart, but then again we might need it latter... The orbs are pretty heavy. I can carry one in one hand but my arms get tired quickly. testing with the statues may help us understand them, but we might risk loosing sight of them, where as here we know there location.
So. What do we do?
No. 313699 ID: 35e1a0

well may as well TRY the rock. just smack it on a a crack. if it doesn't work then leave it there for now. wont be hard to come and get it if we need it.
No. 313709 ID: 0d7a83

Leave it here for now. Assuming it's light that stops them, and not someone looking at them. I mean it didn't move when you blinked but then again we were watching it to. Also I feel I should draw your attention to the statues alarming groin bulges. Lets, uhh call that an extra incentive for not letting them catch you.
No. 313711 ID: 180ec2

Examine the grooves, gems, and lights in the wall. That red one is staying on, and lighting up, while the purple one turns on and off seemingly sporadically, and isn't lighting up the attached grooves. I think the door should open if they all light up, but how to do that I don't know.
No. 313713 ID: 35e1a0

the red one is lit cause we put the red orb into the socket. need to find the green socket and purple socket.
No. 313716 ID: 07416a

You have a dirty mind, girl. Now get on his BACK, NOT HIS PENIS, put the lights out, and RIDE HIM LIKE A MECHANICAL BULL.
No. 313717 ID: eba49f

That is a terrible idea; his arms look like they can reach his back with no problem. (And her weak mage arms probably couldn't hang on anyway.)

Um... what are those blue and yellow glows on the ground behind you?
No. 313718 ID: eba49f

Oh wait, one is the key and the other is the card .
No. 313723 ID: 07416a

No. 313724 ID: 696a6d

Dunno, this ride em thing seems worth a try. Slimy isn't scared, we should trust him.
No. 313734 ID: 332ddc

is that a dream demon on your shadow?

ayway it seems we will need to move the left statue a bit. place your shadow on it for a second and lets check if he has anything on his back.

do you have anything that could fit on those crystal indentations on the wall?
No. 313736 ID: 35e1a0

>the red one is lit cause we put the red orb into the socket. need to find the green socket and purple socket.
No. 313751 ID: 7bfeb5

Trust him? Yes.
Trust his judgement? ....I think not.
No. 313847 ID: b23f02

Pervert? Well it's not my fault you're naked.
But don't worry, I will look upon your exposed body, Because you are gorgeous.

Moving on. What do we know about these "Gargoyles"? They move in the dark, or possibly when no one, not even us, see's them. We know their horns don't always stay on the side of their heads and that's about it.
What else do we know about gargoyles? Folklore, myths,legends? I've heard that if they're perched atop you when they turn back to stone, you turn with them... Yeah don't go ridding them after all.

So. I suggest you leave the orb here and not touch the statues, especially not in the dark, I simply cannot stress this enough.
You mentioned a rope in the previous room? Lets look at that as an option, if we can use it to cross the gap we might find a use for the orb, if not let's avoid this room as a whole.

Finally, how are you feeling? Tired, hungry, stressed? while you're in here you are in danger and need to keep your spirits up.
We will do anything possible to help you.
If you're tired, we can keep a watchful eye on you.
If you're hungry, we can help you look.
If you're stressed, we can mirth with you.
Anything, just ask.
No. 313890 ID: c958bf

Looks like they're there to guard the door from intruders. Even after you put all the stones in their proper places, I doubt the things on the walls will give off enough light to keep them from coming to life.

There's also the fact that it could just be the light from the orb that keeps them from moving. That sounds like something an old, vindictive mage would do. You need it to progress, but you can't take it without risking attack by stone statues that only move when they don't have a specific type of light.

I'm actually kinda drawing a blank here. Leave it, obviously, but keep an eye out for where it might go. We'll have to make a mad dash to where it needs to be placed from here later.
No. 313895 ID: eba49f

Something we might try is to expose the statue to very short periods of darkness so it moves small amounts, then knocking it over when it is in an unstable position (like mid-step). If we can manage to knock one over, gravity combined with their weight might be able to damage them.
No. 313973 ID: 2104b8
File 130826708934.jpg - (468.01KB , 800x618 , page 55.jpg )

>You pick up the rock and walk over to the statue. Holding it high above your head, you yell as you strike the creature as hard as you can, hitting it right on a crack. You put a big scratch on the creature, but not much more.

Well that was pointless.

Shut up! I am not a pervert! *Grrr...* Why do you want me to ride it? what would that bring? And what's a mechanical bull? Why would anyone want a mechanical bull?! Machines can't breed and don't give any meat... Fine, but you owe me. And there's no way I'm doing this in the dark, that would just be stupid.

>You pat the creature on the leg before climbing up on it. your bottom stiffens as you sit down on the frigid stone. Moments later the stone changes, now warm and slick. You feel the scales of the beast against your bottom. Panicked you look down at the creature to find that it's still petrified, only the part your sitting on reanimated. A chill run's up your pelvis as the monster's spine wave's past your groin. It's clearly aware of your doing.

Eep!.. I knew this was one of those pervert things. *Sigh*

>You wave around on the creature's back for little more than a minute then hop off, eager to stop.

I agree, we should look else where before activating this trap.

*Blush*Gorgeous? D-don't look at me like that, you pervert.

Well we've learned from our little riding session that it takes about two seconds before they animate, and that the entire body doesn't need to be in shadow, it can animate individual pieces.

How am I feeling? I'm hungry, thirsty, tired. I'm stressed. And I really need to piss.
No. 313978 ID: eba49f

Well, it wold be a bit messy, but I can think of a way to use the partial transformations to take these creatures down. You put a hand in front of its eye, then smash the eye with the rock while it is still flesh.
No. 314019 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah this is a good plan. You could shade its eye from the light and then smash it. You should test to see if your flames make them solidify as well, because if they don't you could blast it's eyes instead.
No. 314023 ID: 07416a

Alright, it got reanimated and it's spine was brushing your groin and you STILL waited a minute longer to get off? Who's the perv here?
No. 314024 ID: 1854db

That seems like it would work.

...if you need to pee... uh... You could squat behind the treasure chest to do that. We can't see behind it.
No. 314053 ID: 2104b8
File 130827370393.jpg - (430.36KB , 800x618 , page 56.jpg )

Yeah, because you told me to. I wouldn't of endured it if you hadn't made me do it.

>You cover the monster's eye with your hands, peering into he darkness you light a small flame, the eye turned to stone the moment light shun.
Mystery solved. Gouging time...
>You line the rock up with it's eye and cover it with your hand. Taking a deep breath you push the stone into its head, violent pulsing shakes the rock form your hand. The socket is bare. where once was an eye there is now engravings of blood and crushed remains.
*Sigh* One down... I'm gonna feel sick for a long time after this...
>You continue popping peepers until both statues are rendered blind.
Better you than me... Nothing personal...

Great idea, a non pervy one at that. Now If you don't mind...
No. 314055 ID: eba49f

I feel a bit bad for getting their eyes gouged out, but they definitely seemed to be trying to kill you. I was hoping we could reach their brains, but I guess their eye sockets were too tough for that.
No. 314062 ID: 2104b8
File 130827582159.jpg - (158.66KB , 800x618 , page 57.jpg )

>You light a torch and suspend it in the air with the mana ball trick. After what you drag the chest away from the wall and squat down behind it.

*Piddle* ~Ahh... I've been holding that in for a while.

Me to... It make's me sick just thinking about it. But Yah gotta survive right? I just wish It didn't have to be this way...
No. 314081 ID: 1854db

When you're done, see if you can pull the rope out of where it is and remove it from where it's tied.

...hey, think that treasure box is heavier than you? You may be able to tie the rope to it in order to get down that crack.
No. 314083 ID: 35e1a0

okay now take the green orb and bring it out of the room for a bit so they can move some then bring it back in to see how they reacted if they are both fallen over and clutching their faces then that means you did some real damage, if not then they don't really need the eyes.
No. 314158 ID: 9c538a

A mechanical bull is a children's toy, a machine sometimes placed outside of grocery stores. Children like to ride it because it has the appearance of a bull and jostles back and forth, mechanically. This allows them to imagine what it's really like to ride on a bull with it trying to buck you off. To request you ride something like a mechanical bull is a perfectly innocent and reasonable request. Any perverted thoughts that come into your head by the eerie sensation of its warm rippling hide against your nethers is entirely your idea. While I cannot speak for all voices, the vast majority seem to be as un-perverted as a disembodied voice in your head could possibly be.

Nevertheless, why do you think being a pervert is bad? It's unhealthy to think bad of yourself, so perhaps if you address that issue, you will be more able to succeed at what you want and thrive at what you have.
No. 314242 ID: 2104b8
File 130834294629.jpg - (374.60KB , 800x618 , page 58.jpg )

I see... I'm sorry for calling you perverts. I guess it just struck me as odd, but I'm not surprised, you were speaking of things I knew nothing of...

I... I've had bad experiences with... Perverted things... It is bad. It corrupts us... Left in the wrong hands perversion... Perversion does horrible things.

>You remove the orb from its room and scurry behind the wall.

Now that the orb is here, they can't leave the room.

>Two full seconds after you left the room, sudden horrid scream yell pain and agony. You hear claws tearing at the floor and walls, banging, suffering. Not only the sound, but the thought that it's your fault, fold's your stomach in eight. hoping to stop their suffering, or at least the noise, you light the room. The statues are frozen in agony, twisted on the floor, dragging theme self's to you.
If they didn't want me dead before... They certainly do now... I hope they don't feel when they're petrified...

I could climb up and untie it, or maybe I could unscrew the holdings, but I would fall. I don't think it's high enough to injure me but it could hurt.
The box might be heavy enough, but we should find something to weight it down, I'm sure there's some thing around here that we could use.
No. 314253 ID: 1854db

Egh. Hey, where'd your new buddy go?

Hmm. Think you could climb up, set the very top on fire, then pull on it until the burning rope snaps? Afterwards you could put it out by smothering it with the chest. Or just quenching it with the... puddle.
No. 314254 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... yes the pot fragments. just put a bunch in the box.
No. 314258 ID: eba49f

Or you could just snuff the flame out with your hand. The cloth burning flame would probably effect the cloth rope.
No. 316172 ID: b6ca92

Don't worry, when they become petrified they get completely 'switched off', and probably don't even sense the passing of time. But you know what you could do? On the backs of their heads, at the base of the skull, you can chisel your way with the rock for about an inch or so. This should sever their spines, rendering them painlessly unconscious within seconds and fully dead a few minutes after once they depetrify.

Wait, did I say painless? Sorry, forgot that the Eyes aren't so dependent on the spinal column as the rest of the body. They will be in excruciating agony until they go unconscious.

Also, you can now tell everyone you not only discovered the appearance of, but also killed two Grues. Quite the achievement.
No. 316373 ID: 519e36
File 130877947424.jpg - (126.98KB , 800x618 , page 59.jpg )

Great idea. That will most likely work.

I... I'd rather not hurt these things anymore than I already did. Besides, I don't think I'm strong enough to carve them.

He probably hid when he heard the screams, I bet he'll turn up. If not we could go look for him.

It's worth a try.

>You climb the rope up to the ceiling and burn the rope with your blue fire, How ever, It doesn't take.

Damn. Stupid magic! The blue fire can't burn it because it's not clothes. It's not the fabric that it burns, it's the clothes themselves.

>You attempt to burn it just a little with the red flames, but it take's far faster than you planned and you fall to the ground.

*Eeh!* Oww... Geeze that hurt. But I'm fine, I think... Well the rope's down, so now we can keep exploring.
No. 316394 ID: 35e1a0

make sure you smother the fire quick, so t doesn't shrink too much.
No. 316494 ID: 463cb4

Check to see if your hurt, does it hurt to touch your belly? What about your legs? Does it hurt if you rub your breasts? Try rubbing your breasts. The fall may have damaged some internal organs: Lungs, stomack, etc... Try coughin while runbing your breast, if it hurts thats a bad sign.
No. 316647 ID: 9c538a


I'll tell you what does horrible things. Monsters that only come alive in the darkness to rip you apart do horrible things. Perverts just seem kind of silly to me in comparison. While I can understand why you may be unable to comprehend their strange behaviors, what you need to watch out for are not pervs, but nose invaders!
No. 317234 ID: 519e36
File 130896111836.jpg - (340.67KB , 800x618 , page 60.jpg )

>You step on the flame putting it out immediately.

This sounds perverted... But I know you're not, I have to learn to trust you. Plus I don't really know anything about medicine or healthcare.

>You rub, poke and prod your body, looking for wounds.

Well the full front of me is a lot more sensitive since I fell on it. Especially my breasts... You sure this isn't pervy?! Either way, it doesn't hurt when I rub and cough. So unless there's some other healthcare you'd like to go over, Can we get on with escaping?

I know... Here I am raving on about perversion, when there are REAL monsters who REALLY want to kill me... Still... I guess I'm just afraid...

>You move the box into the other room and fill it with pot fragments.

There! now it should be heavy enough to hold me and then some.

>You tie the rope and toss it into the break.

OH! hey I found Squee. I wonder where he was?
No. 317236 ID: 35e1a0

probably hide by the hollow rock. was his home for who knows how long, may be comforting to him. anyway go down and let's see what is up.
No. 317293 ID: fe0ac6

he probaby is some sort of cave pest, if he isnt some sort of plot related monster.

he might have hidden himself in some crevice or the likes. i wonder what he eats.

do you think its possible he can dive in shadows like your dream demons?
No. 317332 ID: 519e36
File 130897296525.jpg - (366.75KB , 800x618 , page 61.jpg )

Everything about Squee is mysterious... He doesn't look dangerous at all, In fact he's really friendly... I wonder why he was sealed away.
Good question, what does he eat? I'll have to take a look at his teeth... He's got four roes of really tiny, pointy teeth... Creepy... And I still don't know what he eats...

Well It didn't change down here, good to know pinky's still hanging around. So... We could explore the next room, or we could climb down and see what's down there.
No. 317333 ID: 0d7a83

No. 317335 ID: 1854db

Go east.
No. 317336 ID: 35e1a0

i say check out the doorway.
No. 317338 ID: c958bf

I think I'm noticing a pattern with these orbs. Seems each one's guarded by something. Did you notice that?

Anyway, head East, through the doorway. Don't want to end up in a hole with the only way out being a rope. Besides, if worst comes to worst, you can just grab the rope and swing across from the door.
No. 317364 ID: 519e36
File 130897633113.jpg - (334.77KB , 800x618 , page 62.jpg )

Your right... What ever's behind that door must be valuable...

>You head through the door into a new room.

*Sigh...* Same old four walls. Every room here is the same... Getting kinda bored of it.

> the room has three doors including the one you came in by. The door at the end is huge, large disks are mounted on it. The walls are lined with trenches.
No. 317365 ID: 35e1a0

hey what does that tablet on the ground say? and i see another chest in the next room. and the big door may work with that key.
No. 317372 ID: 1854db

Now we know where the key fits.

Read the tablet.
No. 317405 ID: 07416a

Stop having bodily functions. It's gross.
No. 317529 ID: 519e36
File 130902922856.jpg - (286.56KB , 800x618 , page 63.jpg )

eum..? Excuse me? I not sure I understand...

>You read the tablet...

OldOnes The OldOnes date back from the dawn of time. Said to have been descendents of the god children them self's. Blessed by creation they changed the world, nay the universe by their will. As all things, The first OldOnes came to pass. But their power left not this land. Stubborn, their Potential lay withing their decedents. How ever, riddled with envy and fear. The likes of men sought to destroy the humble OldOnes. Within Little time, no OldOnes had families to speak of. No legacy to offer their power. But the soul is that of a snake, if needed it slips away. Now the OldOne's legacy passes from body to body without blood relation. A soul descendent.
No. 317532 ID: 35e1a0

uh huh. interesting. we'll keep that in mind. now let's see how locked or not that chest is.
No. 317642 ID: 519e36
File 130904692666.jpg - (247.60KB , 800x618 , page 64.jpg )

>As you enter the room you notice the smell and sound of running water. The air here is cooler than in the later rooms, a stone pool resides in the corner of the room. Upon the wall you see a torch and a switch, There is a closed door with engravings like the one you saw earlier. The chest is not locked.

Ok let's see what's in this chest... Wow... Plenty of stuff here. There's some clothes, a note, a small glass pyramid, three feet of chain, a book, two potions and a stack of dehydrated meat.
No. 317648 ID: 07416a

Put the lights out, take a bath, stinky.
No. 317649 ID: 35e1a0

check the note. and i am pretty sure that door needs the purple orb.also use normal fire on the torch so you don't need to keep the magic on.
No. 317674 ID: 519e36
File 130905103345.jpg - (260.65KB , 800x618 , page 65.jpg )

>You light the torch and sit down to read the note.

~Dear 5thMothOfHills

My most humble apologies regarding the trials.
As your guardians may of warned you, you are being tested for the OldOne's soul.
The food in this room is fresh and the water clean. By all means, rest. The trials to come may prove most difficult.
Any and all questions you may have will be answered after the trials.
Best of luck, Honored Moth.


Can I not turn off the lights? I... I'm afraid of the dark. Besides, seeing me naked's nothing new to you right?
No. 317706 ID: 519e36
File 130905388548.jpg - (280.59KB , 800x618 , page 66.jpg )

>You step into the water, It's cold to the touch, but within a few moments you find it to be quite comfortable. Water fall's from the ceiling into the pool, as it swirls away through a grid at the bottom.

Aahh... Just what I needed. I felt so dry and dusty. And I was so thirsty.

>You drink from the pour. It's cool and fresh. You hum pleasantly as you wash you body quite thoroughly.
No. 317718 ID: 1854db

Where'd your buddy go?
No. 317726 ID: 7aedd2

Well usually you drink from the water BEFORE you bathe your dirty self in it, but whatever, you're a kobold, so I'm sure this is the least of your unhygienic processes.
No. 317749 ID: 519e36
File 130905726617.jpg - (325.70KB , 800x618 , page 67.jpg )

He's splashing around in the bath. He seems to like water.

I didn't drink from the bath, I drank from the water pouring from the ceiling. And it's not in my nature as a kobold to drink dirty water! We try to keep clean too you know. I'm sorry if some of us live in sewers and others in caves!
No. 317752 ID: 7aedd2

Yeah okay so maybe you're not the typical carrion-eating kobold. But you're still basically trapped in a dungeon without any source of food, so maybe we should cut this relaxing bath short and continue looking for a way out?
No. 317753 ID: 35e1a0

... try the lever.
No. 317757 ID: 1854db

>without any food
There's jerky in the chest. Also clothes (though with how often we use blue fire that seems pointless)

Just enjoy your bath for as long as you like. We're in no rush.
No. 317919 ID: 3d7a30


The fact that you are in this complex implies you're being tested to see if you have an OldOne's soul
No. 317930 ID: 0d7a83

Yes and the tatoo you have looks enough like a moth to pretty much confirm you as the 5thMothOfHills whatever that means.
No. 317931 ID: 35e1a0

simple. fifth reincarnation of the moth of hills. those murals of the moths on those walls? those were her past lives or something. if you look you will see the moth's tail is on fire. and in the note about it it rained fire upon the ship.
No. 317948 ID: 3d7a30


plus the fact that she's being followed by 'dream demons' that look a lot like moths

An open and shut case I think
No. 318551 ID: 9c538a


Plus the fact she already knows she's an OldOne and has known for years because she can make fire with her hands. The question is Cunny, who left that note, and where did they go?
No. 319517 ID: 519e36
File 130937715711.jpg - (288.99KB , 800x618 , page 68.jpg )

*Sigh* your right. I really need some kind of magic fire resistant clothes. Or at least some pants...

I can't even remember last time I bathed in such nice water. It feel's so good to be clean.

This is all very eye opening. I'm glad we're figuring all this out.

So I guess I just have to clear their trials? But then what? What do you think will become of me when I'm done?

The letter was signed "Namaste" I wonder who that is. He seemed nice.

>You get up out of the water and pull the lever. Just as soon the door to this room close's with a tight *Thunk!*

Ah! oh... All the doors in this room are shut?

>Flipping the switch again the door reopens, and shuts when you pull it down once more.

No. 319519 ID: 35e1a0

okay cool. you could lure a monster into here and then pull the lever so it gets slammed in the door. most likely killing it.
No. 319526 ID: 065795

Ensure that Squee is completely clean before he gets out of the water. There's a chance he spent the time out of sight splashing around in another puddle of liquid. I know the idea is gross, but some animals just ~do~ things like that for hard-to-fathom reasons.

Then again it could have been its first drink in years.
No. 319530 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Maybe you should check to see if the clothes are resistant to your blue fire?
No. 319547 ID: c958bf

The clothes should be okay if the sleeves are short enough. Just roll the sleeves of the shirt up as far as they'll go. Or, very carefully, burn them off. Or go topless. Whichever.

Also, Squee, is he any larger after being in the water? I know it sounds odd, but it's a valid question.
No. 319611 ID: 3d7a30

We don't know what will become of you. Probably something cool. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Also, 'Namaste' is generally used not as a name but a greeting. It means 'reverential salutation'.
No. 319621 ID: 519e36
File 130938840261.jpg - (293.26KB , 800x618 , page 69.jpg )

Oh I see...

That would be cool. Let's try that next time we're chased about by monsters.

He sure look's clean enough. I don't think little Squee would do something like that, would you?


Eww... Your right, his breath smells like piss.

Should I? Odds are they aren't. But then again the blue fire is an OldOne's trick. Maybe these clothes do resist it?

Oh yes, the sleeves are probably short enough. Egh? The top is way to small. I can't even close it. to make things worst, the pants aren't pants. They're chaps. *Sigh...* What's the point of having clothes if they don't even cover up?! They are soft though, very comfortable.
No. 319622 ID: 35e1a0

warmth. and is that all that is in them? discard the vest and keep the chaps.
No. 319639 ID: 1854db

What... why would they give you these clothes? They don't cover up anything. Sigh. I don't see any point to wearing the chaps unless they're leather. Leather would provide a bit of protection. They're pretty baggy though and that could get caught on something. Up to you, I guess.
No. 319663 ID: 065795

Animals don't share all the values of people. And the little guy's a rather strange sort of animal at that.

Might as well test out the durability of those clothes. Try setting a teeny part of one of the leggings on fire, around the ankles. Try both normal and blue fire. Think -tiny- amounts tho.
No. 319665 ID: bccf7b

If you must, you could turn the vest into a pair of panties.
No. 319666 ID: 0d095c

I'm pretty sure we have enough evidence with your clothing coupled with the presence of slimes and tentacle demons, along with blue, clothes destroying fire: THE OLD ONES ARE SICK PERVERTED OLD FUCKS. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
No. 319698 ID: 519e36
File 130940017432.jpg - (304.18KB , 800x618 , page 70.jpg )

well we always need more clothes during our harsh winters. any thing in them? Oh sweet Kurtulmak This thing has pockets! these chaps are so baggy I could fit a lot of stuff in them. But they're empty for now.

Nope it's clothy blue cloth. Maybe they didn't have anything else in my size?

Well it's gross. But I suppose it's normal, I'd just rather he not lick me anymore.


>You set the bottom corner of the vest on blue fire. The small flame spreads quickly. After putting it out you try with the red flames, but they yield the same effects.

I'd rather not seeing the condition they're in... Hey wait?! D-do you think they... Do they see us now?

*Sigh* I know... I really hope this isn't one of those rape things... It really worries me that some crazy creepy perverted sickos are having me run around in their maze... *sigh* I'll just have to burn them alive with these flames... hehehe...
No. 319705 ID: 0d095c

>Burn them alive
... I like the way you think. Let's get out of here and do that to them. Flip the POV around 180 degrees so that we can see the fourth wall.
No. 319709 ID: 35e1a0

at the moment we should get the key and use it to open the big door.
No. 320417 ID: 519e36
File 130956851043.jpg - (182.72KB , 800x618 , page 71.jpg )

No. Nononono... I'm not like that! why did I say that?! I'm not a mean person...

That's allot of degrees! By the way, just what are those? And which one's the fourth one?

>You walk back to the room with the statues... You creep cautiously, blue in the air, red at hand... The statues still haven't moved... You scurry to put the rock and card in your pockets, grab the key and get out.

*huff~huff* Hate that room... I figured I'd pick up the other things now that I have pants...

>You climb back down the rope and walk towards the big door.

Ok! let's see what door McLarge has to offer.
No. 320431 ID: 35e1a0

lea back after it clicks, in case sonething was waiting near the door.
No. 320775 ID: c958bf

Yeah, soon as that door comes open, be standing a ways back from it. Just in case something's waiting for you.
No. 322237 ID: 9c538a

Namaste is not a name. At least I hope it's not a name. It's another word for "Hello." I suppose you could name someone Hello, but that would be very silly.
No. 328335 ID: f32750
File 131112296947.jpg - (120.35KB , 800x616 , page 72.jpg )

Would it? I'm called Cun~cun, cause I start fires and peoples say I'm cute. Cun in draconian mean's both flame and innocent. Boldic names describe who we are. Someone could easily be named hello, warrior or funny.
What do your names mean? How do you choose to name yourself when you come of age?

>You turn the key in the door, Clicking and clanking run's up and down the door as the spinning plates atop the door sink into it as it rises... You step back... You are blinded by what's on the other side! Light... Sunlight! Your eyes hurt as your sight readjusts to the light.
No. 328336 ID: 35e1a0

it's most likely the bottom of a pit.
No. 328342 ID: 1854db

After your eyes adjust, peek into the room.
No. 328444 ID: f32750
File 131113073479.jpg - (166.12KB , 800x561 , page 73.jpg )

>You peek your head in to find a few peoples waiting across the room. The room is really big, the walls are very very tall and there's no ceiling. There are three doors, the one across the room is very similar to the one we just crossed, the other door is barred.

>Across the room a albino Cutebold wearing a cape stares unpleasantly at you. The other, a hooded figure, opens his hand to you and speaks.

come in~come in... We have much to talk about, oh! could you leave your pet at the door? He isn't needed for this part of the trial, don't worry you'll have him back afterwards... I promise.
No. 328445 ID: 1854db

Erm... okay.

The hooded figure appears to be a magical projection of some sort. So it's really just you and the other cutebold in here.
No. 328448 ID: 35e1a0

looks like a battle to the death to me.
No. 328451 ID: 7aedd2

A beak and... a rat tail? I'd suggest you not move from the doorway and instead ask all your pertinent questions from where you are rather than risk getting closed in.
No. 328456 ID: 679e7a

Generally our parents name us at birth; some of our names mean things, but others are just pleasant sounds (or aren't chosen for their meaning). In fact, there are so many of us that one name won't do; we have the name of our family, our first name, our middle name (sometimes chosen after birth), and sometimes one or more nicknames or other chosen names. Generally, though, names are just used to identify us more or less uniquely; they're not significant in the same way yours are.

And bring the squid with you; it can wait in the corner or something if that's a big deal.
No. 328461 ID: b6ca92

supporting this motion.
Too many would-be 'heroes' have gotten screwed over prematurely after forgetting the old 'one-way-door' trap.
No. 328561 ID: 701a19

Go ahead and leave him behind. We don't want him to get hurt.
As what's going on here.
No. 328572 ID: aa6f62

That's not a projection!

It's a g-g-g-g-ghost!
No. 328573 ID: f32750
File 131117564101.jpg - (133.80KB , 800x561 , page 74.jpg )

Really?! He does look kinda fuzzy... Let's keep that in mind.

Oh I sure hope not... I don't think I could kill a person, let alone a fellow bold.

Your parents name you?... Where I'm from most parents dump they're eggs in the common nest. You have a beautiful culture.

I'll carry Squee for now, if things get hot we'll put him somewhere safe.

Yeah I don't trust them either...
I'd rather stay here if you don't mind! And Squee stay's with me.

Kekeke... Ever the rebel, very well... Our oracle has informed us of you, of your destiny. But he is old of late and his mysticality is growing far more woven with every year...

Oh please! Don't tell me you actually think SHE is the Moth, Obviously I am the OldOne of hills. There's simply no way a mere wyrmling such as her could have any value!
No. 328577 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, battle to the death, or at least serious wounding. pretty sure squee should be left behind now, so he doesn't get hurt.
No. 328582 ID: 0d7a83

There hasn't been anything concrete to suggest this is a battle. Anyway just ignore her, and don't let her know you can make flames if you can help it.
No. 328583 ID: 0d7a83

Oh and ask what the hell's going on with the clothes.
No. 328608 ID: 0d095c

Use Blue Fire on her clothing.

No. 328631 ID: 1854db

Heh. You could burn that stupid pink shirt off. Blue flame of course.

I think this is going to be a fight. So set Squee aside.
No. 328649 ID: 2eac65

Wait! Ask him how the trial is going to work. Let's not make assumptions.

If it does turn out to be a battle, try to avoid a battle to the death. Suggest that you fight until one of you surrenders, or possibly a more esoteric challenge like removing the opponent's clothing. Then no one will have to die pointlessly.

Of course, that's assuming that our suspicions are correct. Let's not count on them unless they're confirmed. If we assume it's a battle, they might be insulted.
No. 328675 ID: 7aedd2

Continue to gain insight into the situation. No rash actions yet.
No. 328760 ID: b6ca92

Before you say anything, hold out a hand and create the blue flame with it. A show of power to help your case.
Then blab all you want.
No. 328771 ID: 47f42b

No don't show her your magic. Currently you seem to be the one who knows the least of what's going on here. Until you know more there's no reason to give away the few surprises you have.
No. 328819 ID: f32750
File 131122588997.jpg - (140.66KB , 800x561 , page 75.jpg )

Yeah let's not say or do anything we'll regret.

Why don't I have any clothes? I mean the ones you gave me aren't even worth wearing?!

Simple really... In order to prove that you're the moth, we have to unleash the OldOne's soul. That being said the best way to do so is to get that mana pumping.

Ok but what does that have to do with useless clothes?

>The girl swing's her arm up into the air, whipping her cape behind her.

*Sigh* You really don't know anything do you? To think that I, The great and powerful Trixy, am being compared to a loose nosed peasant!

Loose nose! Why you... *Grrr*

Fine, No use getting angry.

Ok so how is this trial going to work? How do
I win?

The OldOnes have immense power, so logically, if pitted against each other, the Moth would be the victor.

But does it have to be a fight to the death? Could we just fight until one surrender's? Or we could even have a more passive challenge, like trying to take the others clothes off?

Pfff... Are you even taking this seriously?

As much as I would just love to see two cute young ladies rip each others clothes off, I'm not the one to chose the trials. Besides, it wouldn't prove anything. As for the cause of victory, the OldOnes are the weavers of destiny, if the MothOfHills see's it fit for one to live, that it shall be. Now... Before you start, do you have any questions?
No. 328828 ID: 35e1a0

"again, are we supposed to TRY and kill eachother or are we holding a baking contest?! jeez" put squee back in the other room and tell him to stay.
No. 328832 ID: 7aedd2

Here's a question... What's in it for you? If you fight, you'll either lose, in which case you'll die (judging by the attitude of the other 'bold) or you'll win, in which case you will no doubt have numerous other trials, tasks, and responsibilities thrust upon you. Why shouldn't you just surrender right now and step out of Trixy's way so she can go fulfill her destiny like she wants to?
No. 328857 ID: f32750
File 131122960438.jpg - (186.69KB , 800x617 , page 76.jpg )

So we don't have to kill each other? It's over when the other surrenders?

If that happens, yes

Fine. I surrender! have your destiny. Keep your trials, I just want out of here.

... Really?! Oh for the love of god! Fine! You forced my hand... I lied, you're the MothOfHills. We knew all along.

What! No! Impossible, I'm the Moth!

No you're not, your are just a girl. And as of now you are of no use to us. An associate will show you out shortly...

>The girl falls to her knees, she look's in rage and sorrow at you and the man, tears run down her cheeks...

Listen... Cun~cun. Dark times are coming. The circle is closing in faster than ever and we need a hero! We need the MothOfHills! If you don't help us, all is lost... Please, I beg of you, I'll do anything, we'll do anything, the enclave will do anything! But you have to save us, you have to save this world.

well that went better than expected...
No. 328859 ID: 7aedd2

Hah, genius. All right so first thing you should do is cheer up the other kobold. She's been a bit mean to you but her entire perception of you has been as a rival due to the lies these other people have fed her. If anything, she should be upset with them, not you. Maybe you can be friends? If she's an albino, then it's quite possible she's something of an outcast and she looked at this opportunity, false though it was, as finally being recognized as valuable.

Then you need to know more. Tell the other guy that you're not unreasonable and if he just explains the situation to you IN DETAIL you're sure that we can come to some agreement. But no lies, no manipulation, no secrets. Everything they know you need to know so you can best figure out what to do.
No. 328861 ID: 35e1a0

that. it. i. what? okay then. i guess we can help. ask what needs to happen. and then tell trixie that in all the stories, heroes always travel with a group. she can your first party member.
No. 328862 ID: 1854db

Oh, cool! Well, alright. Agree. And ask what's up with those orbs and stuff. Do we still need to go through the trials? When he said 'get the mana pumping' does that mean it'd be best if we cast spells often? We can do that.
No. 328865 ID: cd63e9

they built up a false rival to test you. assholes. we should help the poor girl. though we should be careful not to come off as feeling pity for her.
No. 328896 ID: 701a19

Walk over and comfort the poor girl.
"These people are total assholes, and the Moth's power is a fire that can only burn clothes. I'd be happy to help you save them, though."
No. 328918 ID: 9c538a


It's just confusing. Imagine if someone named you just Cun. Then they tried to warn you about a fire. "Fire there's a fire!" "What about me?" "Fire, fire!" Names need to be adjectives, not things. Naming you "fiery" (Cun~Cun) works because you can understand "Fiery, there's a fire!"

You walk up to someone and say "Namaste." "What?" they ask. "What do you mean what?" you say. "Why did you call my name?" It doesn't work see. They'd have to be named Helloish or Greeter, so that when you just said hello to them, they would think you meant hello, not their name.

Besides even if not named Namaste people end letters in "Namaste." It's a way of saying peace be with you. I'm sorry but this is just a FEDERAL FUCKING ISSUE HERE

seriously, if you thought Namaste was a name then it's a name. I don't care.
No. 328922 ID: eba49f

You should point out to her that she may not be the Moth, but she is still a strong spell-caster, right? (Unless these guys were planning to have you fight someone helpless...)

>I'm sorry but this is just a FEDERAL FUCKING ISSUE HERE
Are you by any chance some manner of adventurer?
No. 329022 ID: 48c72c

>I beg of you, I'll do anything, we'll do anything, the enclave will do anything!

he will learn to regret those words. What do we want? We want all the gold and gems, we want a legendary staf and robe, we want a hand full of gnome slaves and a beautyful harem of assorted species all of wich withing a floating castle. Anything else?
No. 329029 ID: 84fe26

Perhaps Mana flow is affected by a person's physical and emotional state. I'm pretty sure Cunny's been though a broad range of emotional situations, many of which were only compounded by being naked.
No. 329208 ID: b6ca92

>I beg of you, I'll do anything, we'll do anything, the enclave will do anything!

Ask him for that in writing.

Also, get face to face with the other girlbold, and make it damn clear that these guys are assholes, and after we've dealt with the whole 'saving the world thing' you will personally help her make them regret ever existing.
No. 329280 ID: f32750
File 131130567981.jpg - (168.50KB , 800x608 , page 77.jpg )

I feel bad for her, we should cheer her up. Then we can talk with the hooded guy.

>you put Squee down and walk to the bold. She looks up to you in tears...

These people are total assholes, and the Moth's power is a fire that can only burn clothes. I'd be happy to help you save them, though.

SHUT UP! You don't know anything! You're so ignorant, you high tailed little runt! *Sob* You you horrible atrocity filled vermin! I should the The OldOne of hills...

... You know, in stories about adventure and destiny... The hero always has some followers. I may be the Moth, but that doesn't mean anything... I'm still just me. The way I figure, someone as ignorant as myself need's someone as powerful as you. I mean if they were comparing you to an OldOne, what does that make you?!

She's a prodigy... A genius from birth. That is why we chose her... To see if your raw power could compare to hers.

see? So what do yah say? wanna be my first party member on this journey of great destiny?

... I've nothing left... I may as well.

well she's not as comforted as I would of hoped... But as least it's a start. Now on to the question asking...
No. 329291 ID: 1854db

Ask her what she can do. Demonstrate your big ol fire gout. Ask how you can start saving the world. Should we continue in the Trials and open that three-orb door?
No. 329292 ID: 7aedd2

Assuming she's not morphing into some kind of hideous flesh eating monstrosity (by the look of her face), sit with her and put an arm around her or something while you ask the other dude to explain everything to the both of you.
No. 329301 ID: 00d3d5

"That's just plain not true. You're smarter than me, more experienced, and more skilled. You'd do great at almost anything you set your mind to, while I'm mostly just a screw-up.
You don't need me, but I need you.
My name's Cun-cun. What's yours?"

At some point in this speech you should start hugging her.
No. 329312 ID: 9c538a


OK we can work with this. At least she's not currently trying to kill you.


Do the enclave even have any gold and gems? It's unwise to demand from someone when you don't know what they have, even if they're desperate. Tell him you will have to think about what the enclave can do for you later. Until that time comes, you will do whatever you can to help him out.
No. 329316 ID: a10a78

Not just a follower. A teacher. She's clearly pretty educated, and hopefully knows more about what being the Moth is supposed to mean. You can still show her respect, and make sure she gets the respect she deserves for helping you achieve your destiny.
No. 329318 ID: 0d7a83

What you do now is lower your voice to sound all humble and timid, then say something like "Please help me Trixy, I can't do this alone".
No. 329319 ID: 35e1a0

you are reimu, she is marisa. you have the talent, she has the skill.
anyway, ask the rat what exactly you need to do.
No. 329336 ID: f32750
File 131131230578.jpg - (194.26KB , 800x610 , page 78.jpg )

>You sit down next to her and rest you hand over her shoulder...

That's just plain not true. You're smarter than me, more experienced, and more skilled. You'd do great at almost anything you set your mind to, while I'm mostly just a screw-up. You don't need me, but I need you. I need you not as a follower, but as a teacher and a friend.

>You pull the bold up against yourself and squeeze her tightly in your arms.

My name is Cun~cun Daltier. What's yours?

Trixy... The great and powerful...

Teehee. Ok then, my friends call me cunny.

could you demonstrate some of your magic?

sure... I know a lot of tricks, what would you like to see?

oh I don't know... Got any good Ideas?

So! euh... Who are you?


Well then... Tell us every thing.

that would be very long. what is it you wish to know?

tell us what you need a hero for?

Alpha and Omega... The beginning and the end... Soon a dark force will return, it will bring death and suffering unto the land and leave the world in ravage. We need you to stop it.

Ok, but how do we do that?

... No clue... But the Oracle say's you're the one who can do it.

yay... So am I suppose to continue the trials?

You could, The purpose of the trials is only to flush out your mana, if we can pull enough root mana out to the surface the OldOne's soul may appear, if it does, you'll have a fighting chance.
No. 329340 ID: 35e1a0

well you know you need those orbs for this. is the purple orb beyond that grate?
No. 329341 ID: 1854db

Good. Let's do that.

Also, let's show off to Trixie our magic. Create a big ol' gout of each type of fire.

Then ask her to show off her favorite offensive spell. Or maybe she's got some sneakier tricks?
No. 329392 ID: 7aedd2

Ask for clothes and stuff. Food, drink, nice little house for your squee-thing
No. 329459 ID: eba49f

>Soon a dark force will return, it will bring death and suffering unto the land and leave the world in ravage. We need you to stop it.
Well that doesn't actually tell you much at all. Ask what specifically is it that has them so worried, including its powers, its known weaknesses, and any forces it might command.
No. 329477 ID: 48c72c

So we have to get the root mana pumping and that is done by stripping you naked and having you run around in a maze of slimmy tentacles?
Maybe it would make more sence if we understood mana.
have Trixy teach it to us, since she obviously knows more than us.
No. 330105 ID: f32750
File 131144582573.jpg - (247.05KB , 735x568 , page 79.jpg )

Could I have some clothes? Good ones?

We'd be more than happy to offer you our finest silks and wears, after the trials, otherwise they'd likely catch fire or be ripped off by the creature that await you.

*Gulp* I see... What about food?

certainly madam! You have meats in your saferoom and trixy has been given fruits and greens, I'm certain you can share.

what's with these trials? How does having me run around naked in a maze of tentacles and slime monsters pump mana?

We need you to flush your mana with root chakra in order to turn it into root mana. The OldOne of Hills resides there...

So you're hoping to stimulate her adrenal gland with fear of death and rape? I guess it would work... Why not just reiki her?

we must pull her chakra out. putting more in will only slowdown the process...

You're right that was dumb of me

I'm so confused, what are they talking about?

Is the purple orb beyond that gate?

Spoilers my dear... I cannot give you such information...

what exactly is it that has you so worried, including its powers, its known weaknesses, and any forces it might command.

The darkone is a creature of shadows, with a body black like tar... one hundred Sixty years back, it ravaged the world. It blocked out the sun and slaughtered countries, Countless heroes threw themselves at it, but in vain. It chose a wise time to strike... The last of the OldOnes had dissipated never to arise for years... The Darkone, was defeated by it's self... ridiculous as it may sound, it simply got tired and went to sleep. None know where it lies, the Oracle says it will wake soon... Why now? The guardians are the weaver of fate... Did they anger the Darkone?
No. 330106 ID: f32750
File 131144583574.jpg - (251.68KB , 800x608 , page 80.jpg )

How about you show me a strong attack. Or maybe a tricky little spell? Here I'll show you what I've got...

>You hold up your hands a make several flames appear...

This blue one only burns clothes, the red one's just fire, that green one heals peoples and that purple one... Wait how long have I had that purple one? I wonder what it does?

>Trixy stares at the flames in awe...

How did you just do that! There was no circle, no flux, no weaving, no chant?! The power of the OldOne is impressive... Here, let me show you some of my magic
No. 330107 ID: f32750
File 131144584390.jpg - (286.90KB , 800x615 , page 81.jpg )

>Trixy waves her hands around chanting...


>A blue circle filled with runes and symbols, form's on the ground...


>A whirling gust of wind spirals about her circle just before catching ablaze! The torrentus flaming spiral spire's up towards the heavens. With a wave of her hand she sends the flames crashing downwards... The ground where her circle was is white with ungodly heat but quickly cools to a bright orange...
No. 330109 ID: f32750
File 131144615609.jpg - (173.53KB , 800x568 , page 82.jpg )

>She then spins around chanting...


>Within a few seconds she turns completely invisible... You hear little footsteps tread across the ground, circling you a few times...

*Whap!* Eep!

>A sharp slap hits your butt, you instinctively cover your backside, but just as soon your hands are pinned there. A hand grope's you breast as she whispers to your ear...

You know? As it stands I could rape you to the bone... And there's nothing you could do about it, I could even magic myself into a man if I wanted... Tell me, are you affraid? ... Hahaha! Just kidding, I would never do anything like that...

>Trixy releases you and turns visible...
No. 330111 ID: 00d3d5

"No, you couldn't rape me.
Lets go get food, then start our adventurous explorations!"
No. 330118 ID: 3bad4c

That's implying it's not rape if you consent.
You should probably leave all the sex until after you win the trials.
No. 330123 ID: 830e2a

Is Trixy really meaning what she just said?.. Tease her and then continue with the trials.
No. 330125 ID: 7aedd2

You seriously have a type of fire that only burns clothes..?
No. 330143 ID: 1854db

Tell her not to threaten to rape you again. It's not funny. However... I bet you can still create fire while your hands are behind your back like that, can't you?
No. 330186 ID: c2d9fb

It may be the only use she's found for it so far.

Ask Trixie if she knows magic that can find people. Maybe you can find out where Qwern is, and how far away he is!
No. 330229 ID: 35e1a0

... what if it can burn ANYTHING that is considered clothes? like ARMOR?
No. 330417 ID: 9c538a

Trixie is a... what? Rape what? Magic into a ...what? You are now in the most confusing relationships ever.
No. 330422 ID: 5b2a97

I, uh, wouldn't worry to much about that. Trixie's been different from everyone else for the whole of her life, and that tends to give someone an odd sense of humor.
No. 330559 ID: eba49f

>The darkone is a creature of shadows, with a body black like tar
Well that sounds rather familiar, now doesn't it...

Ask her
"Really? I mean, I was expecting you to hold a blade to my throat and say 'If this were a fight, you would be dead', but instead... Is that really the first thing you think of?"
No. 331013 ID: b6ca92

....This quest just got a lot more interesting.
>inb4 blue firestorm=NAKED TIME
No. 331839 ID: f32750
File 131172067710.jpg - (433.97KB , 822x716 , page 83.jpg )

Sex? No. Just no, I would never do that to Qwern. He's the only one for me...

Yeah I could of, I just didn't think...

That was very mean you know! You had me really worried!

Sheesh... Calm down it was just a joke

Well It wasn't funny. I've been a rape victim you know?!

... *sigh* I'm sorry, that joke was in really bad taste...

*Grumble*... Could you do me a favor? I need to locate someone, do you know any spells that could find a dwarf?

Yeah. But I'd need to see him, do you have any pictures?

euh... No. *damn*

you sure? Do you think maybe I was to hard on her?

Are you some kind of pervert Trixy?


Well I would of understood if you said something like: If this were a fight, you would be dead... But instead you went for rape. is that really the first thing you thought of?

Oh shut up!

Heehee... Sorry, it's the guardians that said it...


Yeah, the voices in my head. You'll meet them soon enough. Peoples in my tribe say they're contagious...


*Grrgle...* I'm hungry... Should of eaten in the safe room... Ok then let's relax a bit before starting up on our adventure again.

Sure... There's a bedroll in the other room and some food... You like mango?

Never tried, is it good? This will be a great time to get to know her... But what should I ask?
No. 331841 ID: 35e1a0

pretty sure it's good, but your tastes could be different.
No. 331842 ID: 7aedd2

Ugh I hate mango...
No. 331881 ID: eba49f

Mango is awesome.
No. 331882 ID: 9c538a

Mango is very sweet, but complex. It tastes something like extra sweet pumpkin. Like a cross between squash and strawberries.

Can... can Trixie really magic herself into a man?
No. 331890 ID: 9202a9

I like mango, but you usually want a knife to cut it or it get rather messy.
No. 332032 ID: 874bd8

Hell yeah, we likes us some mango. 83
No. 332143 ID: f32750
File 131174177618.jpg - (327.62KB , 800x618 , page 84.jpg )

It's sweet? I've never tasted sweet before... What do strawberries taste like? What's a pumpkin?

Oohh... I'm getting exited!

>Trixy hands you the mango. Your eyes water as you sink your teeth into it. The ripe juices run down your through and coat your tongue...

This... This is the single *Om* Most delicious *nom* Thing I've ever tasted!

>A tear runs down your cheek as you take another bite...

So this is what sweet taste's like... *nom*

>Trixy looks at you curiously as you finish off the fruit... After grabbing the bedroll from her room, you walk over to yours and make yourself comfortable... Trixy settles down in the cool water. Squee seems Quite happy to see you've made a new friend.

If your tired you can go ahead and rest on the roll.

thanks, I haven't gotten much shut eye since I've got here.

Say... Can you really? ... You know... Become a man?

Yeah. Why? Don't believe me? I can prove it to you.
No. 332145 ID: 1854db

No thank you, we believe her.
No. 332159 ID: 7aedd2

Tell her that she can prove she can become a man in the .dll. Oh wait that's rather meta. Anyway, you're going to need some rest, and then you probably should continue to go through the trials and whatnot in order to strengthen your powers and practice all the new things that you'll be able to do (like the purple flame), as well as learning teamwork with Trixie. However, as voices of wisdom, it's probably our responsibility to warn you that this thing that they expect you to fight and defeat, this Darkone or whatever, is in all likelihood the creature that at the moment is in the company of Qwern and is quite smitten with him.
No. 332181 ID: 35e1a0

naw, they said it's still asleep and is ABOUT to awaken. i am sure they have all their scry experts watching it at all times.
No. 332184 ID: 00d3d5

Ask if she can change the genders of other things, too.
No. 332197 ID: f32750
File 131174433508.jpg - (382.13KB , 800x618 , page 85.jpg )

>You wave you hands frantically as your face turns beet red...

Nononono... It's nothing like that!

hehe... I understand, your just curious?

But why? Why would you want a...

A penis? Why all the better for raping cute little bolds with my dear... Hahaha! I'm joking... It's for studding... Helps train my sacral chakra... Chakras are very important for your mana you know?

oh... I don't get it...


Oh but could you change the genders of other things?

Probably... Why?

Oh just the guardians getting curious.

Wait... the dark one's with Qwern? How did you? ... Never mind I'm sure I wouldn't even understand. You say it's smitten with him, what does that mean... Are they friends? But it might not be you say? Namaste said some thing about angering the DarkOne... Did you guys do anything like that?

Either way... I need some sleep before we go on. Good night!

It's noon... Oh well, sleep tight.
No. 332200 ID: f32750
File 131174490158.jpg - (23.23KB , 800x618 , page 86.jpg )

>Comforted by the bedroll you fade to a tight slumber in an instant.

-character select-
No. 332203 ID: 00d3d5

Trixy. We are going to mess with her head SO BAD.
No. 332215 ID: 7aedd2

I am very much against messing with people's heads SO BAD. I kind of want to stick with Cunny so we can best suggest directly to the 'protagonist,' but there's a lot she still needs to learn from Trixy and the cult, or whatever they are, like all their talk about Mana, Chackra, and Root stuff, and that might be better achieved if we get straight into Trixy's head.
No. 332234 ID: 1854db

Trixy. It would be best if she found out sooner rather than later that the Guardians are real. Just so she doesn't think Cunny is insane.
No. 332243 ID: 9c538a


Oh god.

No. 332307 ID: 9ace4a

let's go whit trixy
No. 332365 ID: 0a9030

If we stick to trixy we could find out about her past.

That and I'm still curious about her futamagic.(
No. 332371 ID: 4317d0

I too vote Trixy. She was raised to believe she'd be carrying destiny in her hands and she seemed to like the idea. Now she's kinda stuck as a second-stringer simply because she lacks a stamp of approval on her ass.

Let's help her get some of her own greatness in, and make sure she teaches Cun-cun properly.
No. 332410 ID: 0a9030

Also DAWWww...
No. 332622 ID: ab2ddf
File 131182156205.jpg - (108.23KB , 800x490 , page 1.jpg )

>Trixy stares pensively at her wine as it fall into her glass...

Oh... So you must be the guardians... Indeed I can feel your presence. It's... Pungent... I like it.
I suppose you're chock-full of questions... Teehee... It would be a pleasure to fulfill your curiosity...
No. 332627 ID: dad664

Why you predatorin' on the kobold girlie, trickster?
No. 332628 ID: 7aedd2

Where the heck did you get that glass, let alone the wine? And what do you mean 'pungent,' are you claiming you can smell us? Or taste us? Couldn't be me, I make sure to bathe regularly. Can't speak for some of the other 'guardians.' Anyway, Trixy, you can tell us whatever you want to tell us about yourself or not, but you need to give Cunny all the information about Chackra and Mana and all that. After all, she's your first real friend, isn't she?
No. 332725 ID: ab2ddf
File 131182802287.jpg - (107.81KB , 800x510 , page 2.jpg )

I'm just fooling around is all... Still, she is quite fine... Sizable bosom, innocent eyes and one cute derriere not to mention the tattoo...

I summoned them of course. Pungent just means strong smelling, it's not always bad you know? I can't quite smell you, but I can feel you inside me... oh... and it's a pleasure you know?... You weave fate right? Hhmm... We're gonna do amazing things you and I...
About me? Well I'm nine years old. which in human years is about eighteen. I'm an outstanding magicaster, I like poetry, talking and debating, long walks on the beach and poking about in spells. My favorite color is luscious red and I love crimson wine with a slice of cheese. But seriously I'm completely open. I'll tell you any thing you want.
well said... Indeed I've never actually had a friend before. So you'd be my first. I'll drink to that, cheers! And Cun~cun's a dear sweat thing, I'll definitly cherish her.
No. 332739 ID: 1854db

Good, we seem to be on the same page here. Got any clues for us about what's next in the trials? Any ideas how to get Cunny's mana pumping?
No. 332753 ID: ba1062

That don't involve sex?
No. 332755 ID: 7aedd2

Hey, remember, Cun-Cun's your real friend, not us. We're a conglomerate of a bunch of voices, many of which probably don't mean the best for you and all of which ultimately just want to get their own satisfaction, one way or another. She, on the other hand, seems to actually have a very nice-and-cheery personality and probably would be a very good friend for you and try to help you with whatever she can. And most of what you tell US you should also be telling HER, so why not speak out loud rather than in thought? Saves you from having to repeat yourself.
And how do you know which way our perception is orienting? You're giving us a suggestive look and you know it.
Also, if you can change your body in such a complicated way as to turn yourself effectively male, can you change your body in other ways? I mean, you'd be able to look like whatever you wanted, right? Or it only temporary?
No. 332782 ID: 387fea

Unfortunately, Cun-cun's had a rough history on top of being cute... and there's this guy she likes. It all seems to be adding up to her being very sensitive on the subject.

Can you tell us what these tests were supposed to do to help Cunny 'flush her mana'? Hopefully we can figure out an alternative that won't make her do something she'll regret.
No. 332816 ID: ab2ddf
File 131183328966.jpg - (95.86KB , 800x614 , page 3.jpg )

I don't really know what these trials are like. My room only lead to the room you found me in. Flushing her mana refers to diluting it with chakra. That being said the trials are probably designed to stimulate her adrenal gland and get her root chakra going. In other words... putting her under a lot of stress and making her panic, possibly seriously hurting her and pumping adrenalin.
Ask your self, what's she scared of? Well that's probably what's in there. If it'll help I was given this red card and a small red pyramid

Quite. And yet I still feel more kinship with you. Cunny's very sweet and I'm sure we'll grow into the best of friends, But you're different, I suppose a Crush would be the best word for it. you're powerful, Omnipresent and mysterious... But if I'm bothering you I'll stop.
I could tell her, but she's asleep right now. Yes I can become most anything you want, it'll only last a few hours but I can always just cast the spell again. Why, got any suggestions?

No. 332837 ID: 7aedd2

Not really any suggestions, but if it was possible that the spells were permanent it'd call into question whether you really are in your true form, whether you really look the way you do, whether you're an albino, whether you're even a female (or kobold)! Are there limitations as to size or function in your transmutations? I mean, could you morph into a scorpion and have a usable poison stinger? Or could you move your vital areas around, and put your heart and brain in places that aren't typical in order to protect them? Weird stuff, transformations.
We still don't fully grasp what you mean by things like Chackra and Root Chakra, but all that can wait until CunCun is awake. She needs to understand it all more than we do, and you can help her do some training, even if your magics are different in nature.
Also I'm pretty sure it's difficult to have any romantic interest in a highly mercurial and ultimately disembodied series of voices.
No. 332841 ID: 387fea

Try to mimic Squeegu, Cunny's little pet. Just to see how the little bugger reacts.

Can you tell if it's sentient or not? Cunny found it under a rock, with strange seals in place atop it.
No. 332870 ID: 1854db

Ah, so that's why there was a tentacle monster child trapped in there. And I can assume that there are more rape-themed things in here. I wonder if those gargoyles we mutilated would've grabbed her naughty bits. It also explains why none of the clothing provided protects against sexual acts.

SO! We have to scare the shit out of her, huh? If you turned into a tentacle demon at any point it would put Chee into a blind panic, I assure you. Unfortunately that runs the danger of her burning you to death afterwards. It should be a last resort, unless you can somehow pull it off without her knowing it's you.

You can turn into anything? Thanks for the offer but you're cute enough already. I guess if you were more lizardy I wouldn't complain... Still, you should know that we get restless if nothing constructive happens for a long period of time. How long has it been since Cunny fell asleep?
No. 332874 ID: 7aedd2

Ugh. I'm utterly against anything that makes use of rape, even false threatened rape. Try to use less deplorable means to achieve your ends.
No. 332909 ID: 7aedd2

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your lies?
No. 333073 ID: ab2ddf
File 131189370293.jpg - (94.73KB , 800x452 , page 4.jpg )

>Trixy casts a spell and turns into a Squeegu.

Woh... I'm not used to having such squishy body. How am I supposed to keep my eyes from wobbling around?

>Trixy approaches Squee, who immediately reacts negatively, Showing his teeth and hissing loudly, he shuffles left and right...

He doesn't like me getting near Cunny? He must be territorial. I wonder what Cun~cun is to him?

>As soon as Trixy turns back into herself, Squee Calms down and cuddle's up against Cunny

TeeHee... Yes I'm a real albino. And yes I was born a cutebold. But you're right to ask, I usually don't appear as a such.
If I turn into something bigger It will require more mana and wont last as long. I can't become non living things and organs are where they need to be for a reason. but yes I could turn into a scorpion or even a dragon.
Sure I'll explain everything to Cunny when the time comes, But for the time being, What do I call you? guardians of course but do you have names? Could I call you master?

I suppose we could torture her. Something really painful to get her adrenalin going. But I think the trials will do the trick, I mean they have for several generations now.

Cun's been asleep for about fifteen minutes now. What would you want to do? I'll take orders.
More lizardly? very well...

Oh but I've been wondering... You've known Cunny for some time now, so... When are the little one due?
No. 333080 ID: 1854db

Hahaha, Trixy, I really doubt we can get anyone pregnant. Or have sex. We're just a buncha voices, right?

Cunny just thinks of us as friends anyway.
No. 333083 ID: 9c538a

Though, conceivably, it's possible that she and Squee-goo...
No. 333139 ID: ab2ddf
File 131189764132.jpg - (127.79KB , 800x623 , page 5.jpg )

Well I figured it wasn't you. You think it was this little fella? Hey maybe, I mean none of my bestiary speak of this creature, so what do I know?

>Pinching at her nipples, she squeeze's out a few drops of milk.

Kobolds don't usually have breasts. They only get this big when they lactate... The trials could be dangerous if she didn't lay her eggs yet.

>Trixy licks the milk from her hand...

[b]mmm... Good stuff, haven't had any since I was a fledgling... Think she'll mind if I had a drink? Hehe Nah she'd probably kill me...
No. 333145 ID: 35e1a0

that.. it.. she had those since she got here... meaning.
No. 333146 ID: 1854db

I have no idea who the father is. She's had boobs for as long as we've known her, even when she met the man she's in love with now.
No. 333151 ID: 44766a

... You guys think its from the tentacle rape?
No. 333154 ID: 7aedd2

No. Just no. Cut that out. No being creepy. Stop it. If she's pregnant it's probably a rape-baby and she'll have a huge episode when she finds out. Great. Ugh, how needless such complications are...
No. 333164 ID: 07416a

No. 333175 ID: ab2ddf
File 131190016608.jpg - (186.43KB , 800x701 , page 6.jpg )

Don't know who the father is? ... I know what that's like... I've been such a douche haven't I?
No. 333186 ID: 7aedd2

I think you need to grow up and start thinking of what a decent friend would do
No. 333187 ID: 1854db

Friends don't grope friends in their sleep.
No. 333199 ID: 387fea
File 131190180683.gif - (58.35KB , 634x450 , dwarf445.gif )

The true situation grows more dire with each revelation. We, too, were not aware of Cunny's state. Would her use of magic affect her pregnancy, or the other way around?

Also, you mentioned needing to see an image of a person you want to scry on? Can you see this?
No. 333202 ID: c958bf

Don't feel bad. Being mean is dampened a bit by lack of fore-knowledge.

Anyway, what did you make of that purple flame she showed off earlier. It was new to both her and us. We know what the other three do, if it might help you figure it out.
No. 333203 ID: 1963d1

Are you a male right now or just more horn-ed and lizardy.
No. 333234 ID: 0d095c

I'd recommend you move away from her. Before she entered this room, she was showing some fairly bloodthirsty thoughts. She might attack you in her sleep. Who knows what lurks in her subconscious mind?

Also, try to get her to summon more PURPLE FLAMEY DOOM. It looks pretty.

And be more polite. Politeness makes you more friends than power ever does.

No. 333245 ID: ab2ddf
File 131190388605.jpg - (82.35KB , 800x608 , page 7.jpg )

It's hard... I've never had those before... What are friends like?

Was that bad? I wouldn't of minded... I guess I'm just... Weird...

Kind of... Santa mining for mushrooms?
You shouldn't do magic if your pregnant... It can sometimes drain mana from the baby... That can kill the child.

I guess...
I've never seen any spell like that. I'm very curious about it... Well have to experiment with it.

right now? I'm female. And well yes I am more lizardly like you asked...

I know about being polite... My late master tough me all about it... Pinky out, holding doors, licking feet, black leather, candle wax... I'm sure Cunny will be really impressed by how polite I can be.
No. 333259 ID: 94c0d7

*ahem* I don't think you need to go as far as feet licking and sticking your pinky out. Perhaps we're being a bit hard on you, seeing as you've never had one to call as a friend. As far as manners goes, just supporting Cunny the best way you think is best, and learn from your mistakes. Oh, and remember that the way you react to a situation will affect the final outcome.
Loving the horns by the way. ^^
No. 333262 ID: 1854db

Oh dear. That's not quite being polite, that's submission. No wonder you wanted to call us Master after saying you had a crush on us. I think you should have a long talk with Cunny about what polite means, and how she wants you to treat her.

Hey, also, you don't have to keep that form up just because we suggested it. It looks neat, I guess, but you should go with whatever's most comfortable for you most of the time.
No. 333265 ID: 7aedd2

Generally speaking being a good person is treating other people as you would like them to treat you. Except sexually. And being a good friend means keeping aware of their desires and making sure not to wrong them, which means in order to be a good friend to CunCun, you need to talk to her to determine her desires and values, and share your own so she can be similarly aware of them
No. 333342 ID: ab2ddf
File 131191205623.jpg - (203.81KB , 800x617 , page 8.jpg )

Heehee... What? No... It's just edicate, every one knows that! Hehe... Right? That's just how men be polite to women... Right?!


>Cunny wake's up in a cold sweat. Look's around quickly and exhales deeply...

Oh... It was just a dream...
No. 333348 ID: 1854db

You should change back to kobold so she recognizes you.
(also it's etiquette)

And, well, okay PART of what you said was just being polite. The pinky thing and holding doors. Licking boots, leather and candle wax are more about submission.

Ask her why she was dreaming about cheese.
No. 333353 ID: 35e1a0

jesus, how are her eyes staying in their sockets? and yeah, that isn't all 'polite'. no wonder kobolds as a species can't advance, no one ever teaches you guys the RIGHT thing.
No. 333358 ID: 7aedd2

Reassure her and then spend some time getting to know each other and exchanging info about magic and whatevers.
No. 333413 ID: 387fea

Wow. Short nap, there. I suppose it was the odd dreams.
Anyway, yes, you should probably change back to normal.. perhaps explain that we're in your head for the time being. Perhaps there's a way we can be shared.
In the mean time, her being pregnant is a Major issue. she needs to know ( and that you didn't just get her pregnant, she might be a little confused at first) And the test moderator needs to be told as well.. unless he already knew?
No. 333444 ID: a43a5c

There're different kinds of politeness for different circumstances. The leather, candle wax, and bootlicking was for those who like that kind of thing, but you should only do it if you like it. Anyway, it's not the usual politeness to show to everyone.

And, yeah, show her it's you. She should know about the pregnancy thing too.
No. 333483 ID: b6ca92

Since we just established Trixie can see images we channel, would it be to meta-gamey to just repost a pic of Qwern?
No. 334445 ID: 9c538a

Well, if she started lactating before the trials... oh god it's Qwern isn't it. WHAT DID YOU DO QWERN.
No. 334457 ID: 44766a

... I don't think Qwern every had the chance.
No. 334755 ID: b6ca92

Oh god, it all makes sense now.
Cunny is pregnant with the Moth-Of-Hills!
No. 334763 ID: eba49f

She is the Moth of Hills (or at least a reincarnation).
Though I suppose some deitys are into that kind of thing, I find it generally unlikely the Moth of Hills plans to be its own parent.
No. 335840 ID: ab2ddf
File 131234609883.jpg - (366.81KB , 800x618 , page 9.jpg )

It's me trixy

>With a wave of her hand Trixy changes back

ohh... You had me worried...

eumm... Mind telling em what you were dreaming about?

oddest dream ever... I dreamed that my lover was milking me to make cheese...

you don't say?

It felt so real...

hehe... I bet...
*deepbreath* Cunny... I've got news for you... sit down

ok... what's it about?

... you're... you're...
how do I tell her? I don't want to hurt her... Why do I care?! I've never cared about hurting someone before? why now?

No. 335843 ID: 35e1a0

because she is your friend, people don't want to hurt friends. anyway, need to do it fast. once you say it once you can repeat it easy "youarepregnantsorry."
No. 335849 ID: 9c538a

I have something very special to share with you, something important about you and your body THE NOSE TENTACLES FILLED YOU UP WITH MONSTER BABIES OH GOD
No. 335850 ID: 35e1a0

i highly doubt it was that.
No. 335851 ID: 00d3d5

"Kobolds only have breasts when they're lactating. You're pregnant."
No. 335854 ID: 7aedd2

If you're set on telling her right now, then
>>335851 is actually not inappropriate.
No. 335872 ID: b8304c

>her lover
Who was this?
No. 335873 ID: 1854db

Go with this.
No. 335889 ID: 23fb8e

Lead in slowly. Tell her you don't normally see boobs that big on a kobold, and ask how long she's had them. The aim is to get her to realize herself rather than just out-and-out saying it, it'll be easier on her.
No. 336348 ID: bc502e

That would be Qwern from Qwern quest, they met in its first chapter
No. 336458 ID: bccf7b

Adorable? Cute? Smooshing the blue thing?

Not actually fat, it's just a horrible parasite growing inside of you?
No. 336935 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131258955074.jpg - (247.76KB , 800x602 , page 10.jpg )

Friend... I still have a hard time getting that in my head...

>You put your drink down and look at Cunny with concerned eyes...

Cun~cun... You have big breasts you know?

Oh eum... Thanks? Wait is this another one of your rape things?

No! It's just Kobolds don't usually have big breasts...

oh? never noticed...

Well yeah you see... They only get that big when they lactate.

wait... what does that mean?

yes... I'm sorry...

But what does lactate mean?

oh! eum... when they make milk

but aren't breasts suppose to make milk?

how dense is she?
Yes... But only when your pregnant...

>Cunny look at you in confusion...

Your pregnant!
No. 336938 ID: 7aedd2

Aaaaaand now the reaction...
No. 336940 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131259074123.jpg - (264.78KB , 800x618 , page 11.jpg )

... what?
No. 336950 ID: 35e1a0

say it again.
No. 336956 ID: 7aedd2

No. 336961 ID: bfae1d

"Evidence suggests that you've got a baby in you."
No. 336969 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131259540083.jpg - (276.21KB , 800x618 , page 12.jpg )

>You lean in close and put a hand on her shoulder...

you're pregnant Cunny... You've got a baby in you... But I'll help you out with it. Okay?

>She pauses for a moment...

Do you know who the father is?

n-no... I don't remember...

Masters say it may be the tentacles... Does that ring a bell?

>Her eyes grow wide... her claws scrape the ground.

But they... They...

Cunny? A-are you ok?!

>She puts her hand on her stomach and cries...
No. 336970 ID: 1854db

Erm. I think they just went in her nose. Also, she had big boobs back then too. So, no, we've ruled that out.

Ask her how long she's had big breasts, after reassuring her it's not that.
No. 336974 ID: 44766a

maybe it just has something to do with her being the Moth of Hills?
No. 336978 ID: 00d3d5

Can you use your magic to see what it looks like? Or detect what sort of creature it is?
No. 336983 ID: 7aedd2

cast Mordenkaiden's Magical Ultrasound
No. 336998 ID: b8304c

No. 337009 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131260236090.jpg - (299.47KB , 800x611 , page 13.jpg )

>You hold her in your arms and hug as tight as possible

Don't worry... The masters just told me that it wasn't the tentacles... Maybe it has to do with the fact that your the Moth?

good idea!
Mind if I cast a spell to see what it looks like?

go ahead...

>You cast a few magic words and weave some arcane gestures before pressing your ears against her belly...

positive... There's definitely an egg of some sorts in there... Should I tell her?
No. 337016 ID: 7aedd2

Can you be more specific? I mean, kobolds lay eggs and she's lactating so we already know that she's got eggs.
No. 337044 ID: c04c0d

Wait when did she get molested by tentacles? Think I missed something there.
No. 337052 ID: 1854db

She had a nightmare earlier that revealed the fact.

Well, yeah, you can tell her she's definitely pregnant, and it looks normal. Any idea how long until she lays the egg?
No. 337056 ID: bccf7b

News-flash: She's the easter boldy.
No. 337088 ID: c04c0d

Yeah I remember the nightmare but also that apparently none of those took and was more nose related. Cant think of anything we have seen recently that would account for it. Are kobolds like other egg laying species and regularly lay unfertilized eggs?
No. 337095 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131260942229.jpg - (280.94KB , 800x624 , page 14.jpg )

I dunno... All I saw was a bunch of eggs. Who knows whats inside them or when they'll hatch?

well your definitely full of eggs... can you tell me how long you've had those boobs?

no... I can't remember...

*Sigh* okay then... I'd suggest not taking the trials if your pregnant... You'll get drained real easy. if the eggs break it will be trouble and and magic might kill the infants... But hey maybe you don't want em?

I don't know... I just don't know anymore...

Well ultimately its your decision... I'd advise you talk it over with Namaste and the masters...
No. 337102 ID: 4e5b59

Cunny is more than a little distraught. I think a friendly hug and shoulder to cry on is in order, with restrained groping urges. Good time to practice friendship Trixy!
No. 337104 ID: 35e1a0

it's odd though, should eggs come out quickly? i mean, the entire point of eggs is to not tax the mother by needing to provide constant care for the embryo. like, get them out somehow or something.
No. 337162 ID: 7aedd2

It being her call and all, I'm not going to weigh in on this.
No. 337174 ID: 00d3d5

Trixy, since she's just incubating them at the moment you should move her eggs over into you.
Then she can take the trials without worrying.
No. 337368 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131267766334.jpg - (359.99KB , 800x618 , page 15.jpg )

>You hug the poor bold tightly in your arms... Cunny's hugging back even harder...

Well yeah... Kobolds lay they're eggs two weeks after fertilization... So it shouldn't be to long...

That's a great idea!
Cunny if I put the eggs in me you could take the trials. Wanna try?

you can do that? yeah sure.

>You weave your magic spells...


>Magic marks form and the eggs are warped from one womb to the other...

There... Now I'll just have to babysit for about two weeks... Yay... I feel like a seahorse... Oh well friendship right?
Soo... lets get to those trials... I'm not sure how they go down, so I'll let you give the orders...

No. 337371 ID: 00d3d5

Let Cunny lead the way, since these are her trials after all.
No. 337372 ID: 35e1a0

well first up is that grating in the arena room. seems to lead somewhere. if not then we need to go back to the main room and take the green orb and find where that goes... hmm, may as well try this. make a ball of purple fire and hold it inside the hollow of that nearby door.
No. 337387 ID: 4e5b59

Namaste...he's the shimmering cloaked guy right? I agree with Trixy's previous idea, it never hurts, let's ask him if he knows anything about the eggs/when she got them, just in case.
No. 337389 ID: bccf7b

Worst case scenario: egg-laying.
Best case scenario: bigger breasts.

... Huh.
No. 337390 ID: 1854db

Two weeks...? I guess we don't have much of a time frame for how long she's had tits that size.

No. 337423 ID: bc502e

wait a sec, two weeks? anyone remember when the first quest took place?
No. 339501 ID: 9c538a


You what you did what you what. what.

No. 341001 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131362746193.jpg - (401.96KB , 800x705 , page 16.jpg )

I suppose that's good new...


>You shift control over to Cunny

okay lets try this new fire...

>You hold up a ball of Purple flames into the hollow...

hhmmm... Didn't do anything... oh wait yes it did. The hollow's slippery now... This could be useful.
So what now?
No. 341002 ID: 44766a

... Fire that makes things slippery? That doesn't even make sense. Oh well, sounds useful.
No. 341016 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, by the way, we just checked in on Qwern. He's doing just fine.
He's making friends in a town full of monsters, his shoulder injury is recovering nicely, and he's trying to cope with being the target of affection for a creature of shadows with a body black like tar who almost destroyed the town when he rejected her and she lost control of the mindless evil bring she keeps repressed.

... soooo, I was thinking you might want to befriend her and share Qwern since that would be a way to contain what is likely the darkone without anybody getting hurt. Such as the people who would be around her when she inevitably loses control. Such as Qwern.
She's very sweet and kind; you'd like her.
No. 341045 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131363507559.jpg - (232.89KB , 800x522 , page 17.jpg )



What did you..? Wait... Qwern is...

Cunny are you alright?

Shoulder injury!? affec... Share? Share Qwern?! My Qwern?! I-I'm! Why didn't you?! Aaahhhh!!!

Now now Cunny... I'm sure he has his reasons... Right?

I'm gonna! Aaahh! I've gotta blow off some steam!

>Cunny marches out of the room stomping as she goes...


Well that came out of no where...
No. 341046 ID: 35e1a0

no, one of the voices in here is SUPER RETARDED. and thought it would be a good idea to tell her to share the person she loves.
No. 341085 ID: 528bf9

ok heres what we do. Wait for her to calm down a little then we explain.

Cunny, you have to understand. Qwern and the darkone are just friends. She's in love with him, but qwern isnt. He's looking for you and wont stop untill he finds you. He loves you. You may have to "share" him but lets not talk about that right now. is there any kind of message you want us to tell him?
No. 341138 ID: 00d3d5

...because it's SO RETARDED to have her pissed off and expecting the worst case scenario when she can't accidentally break the dark one's prison in a blind fit of jealousy and anger, rather than letting her burn out all her negative emotions towards Goldie in impotent frustration and becoming capable of rationally working out a resolution that everybody can live with.

Yep. Planning and forethought are full-retard.
No. 341145 ID: 7aedd2

I'm not sure who we're speaking to at the moment, but yeah, as often, one of our voices is retarded.
No. 341341 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131371799902.jpg - (128.70KB , 800x561 , page 18.jpg )

>Cunny Stomps around the big round room, muttering to her self and kicking air... after a moment she drops to the ground and pouts... Still frustrated she listens to our your words...

Qwern's looking for me? ... I see... so you guys are in Qwern's head to? Could you send him a message? Tell him I love him and ask him what he thinks of the DarkOne exactly... Could you tell him about my situation with her and about the predictions Namaste told me... And how did he get injured? Is he going tot be okay?

I'm sorry for getting angry... You really shouldn't argue amongst your self's... A best you should be angry at me... Why does the DarkOne need to be with Qwern? She sounds dangerous...
You wanted to keep going right... I'll take a look at this grate...
It's sturdy and metal. It's dark inside and there are two slits with little glass beads next to it. I wonder how we get it open...
No. 341347 ID: 44766a

Ok, the Dark One as we know her is named Goldie. I am kinda certain that Goldie is some poor girl that is playing host to the Dark One or something. We have seen inside her mind and she looks like a normal person in there. Also, Qwern just woke up from a nightmare that had creature that sorta looked like Goldie but look like a rabbit instead of a human. Qwern is still sorting out his feelings about Goldie. He seem to be rationalizing as a father-daughter relationship, but he might be just tricking himself. Don't worry he most defiantly loves you. And yes people are completely able to love two people the same way. Please Don't Freak Out About It.
No. 341364 ID: cc70c4

He's repeatedly said he doesn't view her romantically. I'm inclined to believe him. And she seems to be some ordinary girl tormented by a monster inside her. Maybe you can develop a special flame to burn out possession or something? I dunno.
No. 341568 ID: c04c0d

Try fiddling with one of the beads.
No. 341592 ID: 00d3d5

You put one card in each slot at the same time.

Also? Goldie is a sweet girl who has lived through things nobody should ever face. As near as we can well she's possessed by the dark one, and last time it forced her to watch as it used her body to conduct its rampage.
She's clinging to Qwern because he's the first person to show her kindness or protect her, and he's providing an emotional anchor to keep her mind from tearing itself apart over what she's gone through.

You really shouldn't be mad at Qwern, since all he's doing is the exact thing that made you fall for him. You love him because he can't turn away from somebody in need.
You really shouldn't be mad at Goldie, since all she's doing is trying to hold herself together and make up for her guilt over being possessed by evil.
You really shouldn't be mad at yourself, since I phrased things the way I did just so you would get pissed and then calm down so you could think about what's going on with your anger already burned out.

You're the same sort of person as Qwern. You reached out to Trixy even though she was being a jerk, and if you lashed out at Goldie for her being clingy with Qwern you'd feel terrible about it later.

Goldie needs your help and your support. She thinks she's in love with Qwern, and you're going to need to respect that until we can shift that over into seeing him as more of a big brother and you as a sister-in-law.
No. 341636 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131380255110.jpg - (311.29KB , 800x618 , page 19.jpg )

You... You really mean that? I... I understand... It's just... Why am I crying? I sorry for getting angry... You're all sure great friends...
No. 341637 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131380255572.jpg - (365.94KB , 800x643 , page 20.jpg )

Give me a hug!
No. 341644 ID: 3be3e0

... You know, I'm sure there's a way for a bunch of disembodied voices to hug someone, anyone know it?
Well, a way that doesn't involve giving us a body. I don't think that's ever ended well.
No. 341646 ID: c04c0d

No. 341647 ID: 1e3433

I have no arms and I must hug.
No. 341648 ID: 0d7a83


Yeah this'll totally work.
No. 341651 ID: 0d095c
File 131380496699.png - (89.87KB , 632x818 , screen-shot-2010-01-18-at-33111-pm.png )

Here ya go. One virtual hug.
No. 341772 ID: 3bad4c
File 131382872501.png - (560.85KB , 800x643 , flame hug.png )

*flame hug*
No. 342006 ID: 9c538a

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
No. 342042 ID: 4bc7e6

Euh... I'm all for freedom of speech and all... But could you like delete that post?
It's just not the time for Steven... Qwern's getting some clothes soon, go Steve him up.
I honestly like that meme... It's the single most forced meme ever... But it needs to be well placed.
No. 342159 ID: 9c538a


I just thought it was funny that her impending hug pose looked like the paperdoll clothing games done by some quests. And of course there's only one outfit that epitomizes paperdoll clothing games. But since I deleted the image it will surely be gone forever, saved to no one's hard disk and never appear on the fanart thread.
No. 342190 ID: 4bc7e6

>and never appear on the fanart thread.
Teehee we'll see about that!
No. 342246 ID: 2222da

You, sir, are terrible. >:I
No. 342465 ID: 528bf9

ok now that were all friends,lets get an inventory check including trixy's stuff. And put it in gif form.
No. 344363 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131483724730.gif - (1.02MB , 800x600 , page 21.gif )


Ok lets check over our stuff...
We have a magic rock that loves metal, Two potions with scribbled labels, A little red triangle thing, Trixy had one to, we have a big book and that red card, Trixy has a blue one.
No. 344368 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131483830966.jpg - (309.83KB , 800x574 , page 22.jpg )

Ok lets try this...

>You and Trixy line up before the slots and press your cards in simultaneously... The beads above the slots light up and the grate slides up into the wall... Inside is very dark...

Okay looks like we can keep going... Do we need to do anything before we leave?
No. 344374 ID: 6f1d54

There's a thing on your buttocks.
No. 344380 ID: 1854db

That's been there a while.
No. 344512 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... can't really think of anything.
No. 344568 ID: c9b053

nope. Onwards!
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