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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 130447518613.png - (15.95KB , 640x480 , Ireturn.png )
301299 No. 301299 ID: e41ad5

It's dark. My everything hurts.

My wings, torn from my body.

My mind, burned from the inside out, my processes destroyed. The timeline torn to pieces. Trapped within this body forever. If it dies, I die. My abilities are lost to me. I will need your help if I am to conquer again. If I am to regain my kingdom.

For I am Achilles, and none will escape my fury.
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No. 301300 ID: 00d3d5


... Well, that was easy. Who's up for a round of drinks?
No. 301301 ID: 370692

Could you tell us exactly what happened? Could you also tell us what you're able to do now? What you're not able to do now? Your... Achilles heel?
No. 301303 ID: e41ad5
File 130447648139.png - (6.07KB , 640x480 , Achilles2.png )

Need I remind you the toll they exacted on you? Or did the even shatter your memory? The way they shattered you, ground you to dust, and scattered you to the winds?

It took a lot of resources to replace you, Orb. You have a choice. But remember who you deal with.


As of now, I have enough energy to sustain this body. I can speak the language of this land. Currently, I have no other powers, and this body is frail and meek. I must utilize cunning and care to secure a place of power, if I am to survive.

As to what happened, exactly? I was destroyed by one I thought my ally, by abilities were taken from me, my empire was crushed, and my body was to pieces by those who thought themselves virtuous.

My hand is but a meager claw plucked from a pile of bones that happened to be handy and haphazardly stuck onto a fetid stump that pains me every single day.
No. 301304 ID: 7aedd2

quick question: is your name pronounced as three syllables or two?
No. 301305 ID: 00d3d5

Yea, we don't feel pain, Bones. I don't remember forgetting anything either, so I really don't care.
But of course I'm sure the zombie out for revenge is going to one day save the world. By dying.
No. 301308 ID: e41ad5
File 130447877255.png - (6.58KB , 640x480 , Achilles3.png )


The fate of this land is not yet made, Bound Legion. You know that as well as I.

Two. Ah - Sheels.
No. 301340 ID: 40cb26

Ok you we forgot everything and whatever. We're awake now and quickly getting bored so tell us what the deal is. Whatever you can, anyway.
No. 301368 ID: 1854db

So hang on your powers are currently:
1) Being alive
2) Talking

That's not a lot to work with. However you did just demonstrate that you are able to replace your limbs with those of corpses. So, let's find some corpses!
No. 301369 ID: e41ad5
File 130449321688.png - (55.82KB , 640x480 , Achillesstatus.png )

These are my current damages. Using corpse parts is not truly the way I would prefer - but otherwise, I have no options.

Luckily, I have positioned myself near a town - But unfortunately, there are not many recent bodies available. So the quality of my new bits will be... iffy.

I can sustain myself with my current energies for roughly one month - After that, my hope is that my body will be self-suffiecient. For that...

- I will need a working intestinal tract.
- I will need to replace the portion of my skull that was removed.
- I will need working lungs.
- I will need enough flesh to close the injuries on my torso that removed aforementioned organs.

In my current shape, it will take 1 day to move to town. From there, I know there is a Commons area, a shopping area, a living area, and a cemetery.

Lastly, my loss of psionics - save those that allow repair - is permanent. I'll need to find another power to rise above common rabble.
No. 301380 ID: 00d3d5

Yours sure seems to be though!

Yea, I'm not exactly seeing why you would need our help for this. You must be really, really lonely. It's almost cute, in a pathetic sort of way. If you were more honest about crying over how unloved you are then I might be inclined to take pity on you and help.
No. 301413 ID: 1854db

Cemetery seems like a good bet. Hmm. Can you use animal parts?

You know, I have a question. Why were you betrayed? Did you do something wrong? I seem to remember you being a decent guy.
No. 301519 ID: e41ad5
File 130455616224.png - (6.31KB , 640x480 , Achilles4.png )

I need your help because of your insight into the 'human' psyche. It was of such incredible use the first time, I thought it might be useful now. Cease your posturing as a creation of virtue and assist me as you were created to!

Right, the Cemetary.

I can use animal parts - but the closer I approach the human form, the better.

I was betrayed by my closest advisor. They thought me a monster - They feared my power and what I would do with it! But no longer is my goal the same. Now it is merely survival, and beyond that, I am uncertain.

For the love of whatever may listen, I look absolutely ridiculous.
No. 301529 ID: 1854db

Looks like there's a few small animals about. Squirrels, most likely. How strong are you, anyway? Would parts from animals this tiny help at all? If so, may as well grab that one in the bush first. The ones in the tree feel safe and won't run immediately.

What were your goals before this happened to you?
No. 301556 ID: 00d3d5

Who cares about virtue? Helping you takes at least a paltry effort, but sitting back and watching you flail about and die is at least as much fun with none of the work. Plus we get to tell whoever we bump into next that we oversaw your death and get lauded for it.

Well, we have some agreement at least. You do look absolutely ridiculous.

Oh, and have a tip: If you tell people your goal is revenge then it loses something when you immediately say you're just out to survive.
(Psst: That thing is credibility)
No. 301595 ID: 40cb26

Yeah... anything is going to be better than this. I don't care if you attach yourself to horses neck or you use raccoons for limbs, find whatever you can and make a form with function.

As far as our help goes, yeah we understand humanity. We also tailor our advice to suit the possessors nature. But we're also total lovey-dovey saps who want to have fun, save the world, and build harems. Not that we expect much of any of that but just avoid slaughtering the innocent and I think we'll be good.
No. 302462 ID: f0e3ae

... screw corpses and animals... Find a lone living human who is leaving town alone, follow him/her, knock him/her out, recycle their organs...
No. 302466 ID: 252e1b


You're thinking too small. Why bother adding bits to a torn up body when you can take the important bits from a torn up body and put them in a fresh and working body?

Let's put your brain in a horse. It'll be awesome, you'll love it, you'll be able to literally get right under the people you hate and break their necks. By throwing them off you.
No. 302476 ID: f0e3ae

Eh, it occurred to me to try to steal a body, but the logistics seemed problematic... might as well just get a few young strapping lads to strip of choice organs and make yourself look like a bodybuilder.

Also, animal parts are not as good as human parts... and a horse is downright crippled, it can't even open doors or walk up a flight of stairs, nor speak, nor do anything useful for itself. It is a pack animal and not worth confining yourself to...

now, being a centaur would be kinda cool... but a surefire way yo get yourself slain as a monster... its better to be a normal looking human so you can start fresh in a new town.
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