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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 130241615141.jpg - (65.62KB , 1024x1024 , panacian quest ch1.jpg )
295390 No. 295390 ID: 1914b2

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No. 295392 ID: 1914b2
File 130241619924.jpg - (13.05KB , 512x512 , panacian questAct1.jpg )

No. 295393 ID: 1914b2
File 130241620997.jpg - (12.25KB , 512x512 , panacian quest001.jpg )

No. 295394 ID: 8c73c8

No. 295396 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 295403 ID: 1854db

Wake up, red thing.
No. 295405 ID: 1914b2
File 130241720630.jpg - (12.14KB , 512x512 , panacian quest002.jpg )

What? Hello?
No. 295406 ID: 525bc9

Ohai thar!
Who are you by the way? :3
No. 295409 ID: 8c73c8

hi, seems you are new to this whole headvoices thing.
No. 295422 ID: 1854db

Hi. What's your name? What sort of thing are you? Where are you?
No. 295438 ID: f157b7

You look like a 'Bold!
No. 295447 ID: 28e94e

No. 295450 ID: a33914

Oh wow, you're cute. Hi, can you tell us your name?
No. 295464 ID: 1914b2
File 130245894197.jpg - (12.12KB , 512x512 , panacian quest002-1.jpg )

Name? What is that?
Who are you?
why you in my sleeping cave?
No. 295465 ID: f157b7

We are not in your cave you silly butt. WE ARE IN YOUR HEAD.
No. 295468 ID: f23097

Inspect self
No. 295491 ID: 1914b2
File 130246415614.jpg - (30.08KB , 512x512 , panacian quest002-2.jpg )

Ok? Why I doing this?
No. 295492 ID: 8c73c8

to make sure you aren't wounded, silly. looks good. you remember everything before waking up with us in here?
No. 295493 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 295497 ID: 29fbe3

No. 295503 ID: 66d965

Hello there, Mr. Dragon! Or perhaps Ms. Dragon. It's kind of hard to tell with dragons.

Do you have a name? Just referring to you like an object seems rude, especially when talking directly to you.

As for why we are here... I have no clue. Where are we, anyways?
No. 295505 ID: 29fbe3

Why such a somber face? Did something bad happen to you recently?
No. 295508 ID: 1854db

Looks more like a gargoyle or demon if you ask me.
No. 295534 ID: 1914b2
File 130247907584.jpg - (22.40KB , 512x512 , panacian quest003.jpg )

Whats name mean? I don't know if have one.
I at my sleeping cave.

It is daytime, I am little hungry maybe I go to magic food giver. I also could go talk with others and play.
No. 295535 ID: 8c73c8

let's get food first. meals are important.
No. 295537 ID: f157b7

What are you man? Like, what are your species called?
No. 295540 ID: 1854db

What do others call you? That is what a name is. The unique word people use when talking about you and talking to you and trying to get your attention.
No. 295542 ID: d677cc

Okay your name is now Ayd.

What are you, anyway?
No. 295543 ID: 29fbe3

How about those 'others' you speak of... don't they ever call you anything, or refer to your person in some way or another?

If not, how does the name Azzalas sound? (Yes, it's just Salazza spelled backwards, since s/he kind of reminds me of one.)
No. 295544 ID: 180ec2

Maybe we can call him "Slaz" after his uncanny resemblance to them.
No. 295545 ID: 8c73c8

No. 295546 ID: f157b7


No. 295547 ID: 28e94e

That is a very good name.
No. 295561 ID: cbce5d
File 130249149383.jpg - (17.72KB , 512x512 , panacian quest004.jpg )

Well ok, I guess that is my name. I still not understand this name thing but I am hungry so I going to eat.
No. 295562 ID: cbce5d
File 130249161318.jpg - (27.97KB , 512x512 , panacian quest005.jpg )

Here it is, the magic food giver. You go inside and it give you food.
No. 295563 ID: 8c73c8

does it only give one food or can you ask it for different food?
No. 295564 ID: 1854db

Go inside and get some food!
No. 295800 ID: 9efecf
File 130257298116.jpg - (20.83KB , 512x512 , panacian quest006.jpg )

No. 295801 ID: 9efecf
File 130257299886.jpg - (14.32KB , 512x512 , panacian quest007.jpg )

No. 295802 ID: 9efecf
File 130257303608.jpg - (23.06KB , 512x512 , panacian quest008.jpg )

No. 295804 ID: 9efecf
File 130257309497.jpg - (22.47KB , 512x512 , panacian quest009.jpg )

Nom- ?!
No. 295806 ID: f157b7

use your magic to blast off the collar? or can you teleport out of it? Has this happened before?
No. 295807 ID: 8c73c8

looks like a tracking collar. should probably leave it alone unless it is needed off.
No. 295824 ID: 07416a

Turn around rapidly and flail in panic! Something has you by the neck!
No. 295870 ID: 15b51b

Pull off collar.

Wtf is going on.
No. 295888 ID: 1854db

Investigate the device around your neck. Nervously leave the food giving place.
No. 296172 ID: 43c59c
File 130265808725.jpg - (26.56KB , 512x512 , panacian quest010.jpg )

I leave the food place quickly.

>remove collar
I think I might be able to remove it.
What the-
No. 296173 ID: 07416a

Get shocked.
No. 296174 ID: 43c59c
File 130265818029.jpg - (32.44KB , 512x512 , panacian quest011.jpg )

Ow! That hurt a-lot!

I don't think I want to touch it now.
No. 296175 ID: 28e94e


No. 296179 ID: ee1442

Punch it a lot until it no longer hurts you!
No. 296180 ID: 07416a

They're unlikely to put a power source in it strong enough to kill you. It'd be a waste. Keep on tugging on it.
No. 296181 ID: 8c73c8

can you make noises?
No. 296183 ID: 1854db

Okay, leave it on. Go ask your friends what's up with it.
No. 296464 ID: 43c59c
File 130274504790.jpg - (31.43KB , 512x512 , panacian quest012.jpg )

>Consult others
I go fly back to the caves and go to the nearest group.
I tell them it is stuck on and it hurts if I try to pull off.
No. 296465 ID: 43c59c
File 130274507717.jpg - (21.74KB , 512x512 , panacian quest013.jpg )

"Hey, I have idea!"
No. 296466 ID: 43c59c
File 130274516366.jpg - (31.07KB , 512x512 , SCIENCE!.jpg )

"Ok, i found big rock, you hold that sharp rock and I hit it with this big one."

This is starting to sound like bad idea...
No. 296468 ID: 8c73c8

this is a very bad idea. if it works it will send the rock into your neck. if it fails then it will do nothing but hurt you.
No. 296470 ID: 2563d4

It'll be fine.

No. 296472 ID: 07416a

Tell them that the magic feeding tube did it to you first.

Oh, and try a less-big rock first.
No. 296480 ID: 9b5a86

Yes, tell them that the magic food giver put it on you. Don't go to the magic food giver unless you want a shocking thinky on you.

Also, this seems like a bad idea. Time to get up and leave.
No. 296491 ID: 8301fa


Tell them not to just drop it from on high! Start with gentle taps and work your way up.
No. 297088 ID: d031f8
File 130293274903.jpg - (24.28KB , 512x512 , panacian quest015.jpg )

>might be a bad plan
"No worry, it be jus-"
No. 297089 ID: d031f8
File 130293276971.jpg - (25.53KB , 512x512 , panacian quest015-2.jpg )

No. 297090 ID: d031f8
File 130293278698.jpg - (15.36KB , 512x512 , panacian quest016.jpg )

No. 297094 ID: d031f8
File 130293327760.jpg - (29.41KB , 512x512 , panacian quest017.jpg )

No. 297095 ID: d031f8
File 130293329747.jpg - (14.70KB , 512x512 , panacian quest018.jpg )

what is tha-
No. 297096 ID: d031f8
File 130293330972.jpg - (13.30KB , 512x512 , Act1end.jpg )

No. 297101 ID: 26d95d

No. 297155 ID: 76028c
File 130298271825.jpg - (23.13KB , 512x512 , PQ2-1.jpg )

No. 297156 ID: 76028c
File 130298272554.jpg - (31.10KB , 512x512 , PQ2-2.jpg )

No. 297160 ID: 221021

Wake up and look for your friends.
No. 297183 ID: 5d545a
File 130298716782.jpg - (25.08KB , 512x512 , PQ2-3.jpg )

what? who was...
No. 297184 ID: 5d545a
File 130298718558.jpg - (24.93KB , 512x512 , PQ2-4.jpg )

oh its you.
No. 297185 ID: 221021

Hello! Are you ok? What's around you?
No. 297189 ID: dad664



No. 297194 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, you are stuck with us until you 'win', how that happens is unknown.
No. 297202 ID: 07416a

You seem to be looking at us. What do you see?
No. 297226 ID: 1854db

Hey. Sorry that stuff happened, we didn't know what was going on.
No. 297237 ID: 2563d4

No time to waste.
Remove the mask and take a deep breath.
No. 297243 ID: 799b3d

Nice to see you too, Slayd.

Sorry about what happened. We didn't know what was happening either, which is why we recommended trying to warn the others about the food place.

Look around a bit? We should check what situation we are in.
No. 297264 ID: cda7e7
File 130300337602.jpg - (27.80KB , 512x512 , PQ2-5.jpg )

>Are you ok.
Yes I seem to be perfectly healthy, in fact I feal better then fine...weird.

>Look around
I seem to be in a A34 Animal Containment Unit. Wait how did I know that?
No. 297265 ID: cda7e7
File 130300338828.jpg - (25.36KB , 512x512 , PQ2-6.jpg )

>What are you looking at?

I see in front of me a maintenance panel, I’m not sure how I know this but I do.
No. 297266 ID: ee1442

do you feel... extra leggy?
No. 297267 ID: 8c73c8

it seems they uploaded information into you. i am guessing the panel is actually a test that you need to compete, open the left hatch.
No. 297271 ID: 221021

Delve into your mind. It seems to contain things that weren't there before. What do you know about yourself? Where are you? Why are you here?
No. 297277 ID: cda7e7
File 130300784201.jpg - (36.13KB , 512x512 , PQ2-7.jpg )

>Feeling Leggy?

>Open It.
The hatch contains some wires and electronics nothing seems to be wrong.....I think I can rewire it to Drain the Tank, Open the Main Hatch and maybe some other things.

>What are you
I don't know anymore...

>Where are you.
Somewhere else...

I-I don't know.
No. 297278 ID: 8c73c8

think you can get the other parts of it open? if so do that, if not then drain the tank and open it up.
No. 297298 ID: cda7e7
File 130301816534.jpg - (27.41KB , 512x512 , PQ2-8.jpg )

>Drain tank, Open top.
Done and done.

I seem to be in a small room with many containers, various small science equipment and an assortment of other small objects.
No. 297300 ID: 5e3923

Examine this science.
No. 297301 ID: 8c73c8

and open up the lockers.
No. 297306 ID: 8bdb6a

Open the lockers. Look for something to defend yourself with.

Only then should you try to figure out what happened.
No. 297309 ID: cda7e7
File 130302229911.jpg - (16.97KB , 512x512 , PQ2-9.jpg )

>Science Stuff
Mostly just glass tubes and containers. There is also a centrifuge. I also found this weird white tube shaped thing the words on it say "General use Nanites. Use approved only on Panacians.". I have no idea what it does.

Seems to be full of more empty glass containers and allot of paper. I did find 2 more of the odd "Nanite Injectors". One of them is has part of the label missing and is colored red.
No. 297313 ID: 8c73c8

they do SOMETHING. i suggest just holding on to them until we find out what. if you can find a bag , or turn a lab coat into a bag.
No. 297334 ID: 1854db

What part of the label is missing on the red one?

Is there a door to this room? Are any of the papers written on?
No. 297410 ID: cda7e7
File 130306882027.jpg - (27.91KB , 512x512 , PQ2-10.jpg )

>Examine Red Nanite Injector
Its missing most of the label but other then that its just red.

There is a door at the far end of this room. there is also a desk with other stuff on it mostly cans and a bottle.

All blank.

>Bag or lab coat
I looked in the locker things but no lab coat or bags.
No. 297454 ID: 1854db

Hmm, mysterious nanites... Tempting to just inject it and see what it does. Let's not though, not until either we are about to die or we are completely trapped.

Inject one of the other general-use nanites. It should be safe.
No. 297456 ID: 221021

Maybe you are a panacian. It would make sense, considering you seem to have been experimented on. Inject them all. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 297722 ID: 8c73c8

i say inject none until we have more information.
No. 298100 ID: e1853d

Hang onto the Nanite injectors, but don't inject yourself. Knowing what it does and what a Panacian is would be advised before doing so.

Check the desk, to see if it has any drawers or similar.
No. 298115 ID: 494334
File 130343748263.jpg - (19.15KB , 512x512 , PQ2-11.jpg )

>goto desk
Alright there is a few boxes behind here all about the same size. Some drawers and allot of discarded items on a table as well as a XF63 Holographic Projector.....

Again, I have no idea why I know that.
No. 298116 ID: 1854db

Open the box that's on the chair.
No. 298118 ID: 180ec2

Not only do you know all these new things, you are speaking much more formally than you were earlier. They've definitely done some kind of brain experimentation on you. Although against your will, it seems as if it has had positive results. Regardless, you should do something about this to let them know that kidnapping people and experimenting on them is not right. This you could either do diplomatically or physically, but I'm not sure if you would be any good in a fight, so we may need to just talk to somebody if we meet them immediately.
No. 298120 ID: 8c73c8

move the stuff out of it's way and turn on the projector. maybe it will give us some information.
No. 299043 ID: 04bbb0
File 130370544022.jpg - (14.72KB , 512x512 , PQ2-12.jpg )

I push the box out of the way.
All of this stuff... I know what it is called, when I see it I see things about it, its hard to explain...
No. 299049 ID: 8c73c8

oh. you seem to have a dataport or something lodged in the back of your skull. interesting. anyway turn on the holo thing and see what it says.
No. 299051 ID: 1854db

Hey, you have something on the back of your head. It looks like that screw thing on the counter could screw into you, in fact...
No. 299054 ID: 8c73c8

oh yeah, probably upgrade slots, and that is an interface device on the table.
No. 299138 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, you've DEFINITELY had brain surgery. Feel the back of your head and tell me you aren't alarmed.
No. 299139 ID: d35800

Plug into the Matrix.
No. 299289 ID: da23d4
File 130379176819.jpg - (61.91KB , 512x512 , PQ2-13.jpg )

>hole in head
What! I do not remember this being here. I wounder what happened to me...
No. 299290 ID: da23d4
File 130379179778.jpg - (74.71KB , 512x512 , PQ2-14.jpg )

>Plug In
No. 299291 ID: da23d4
File 130379197470.jpg - (38.89KB , 512x512 , PQ2-15.jpg )

Well does not look like I can get inside this thing. When i put The thing into the hole I feel kind of funny, like something is in my head now besides you voices.

Well what should I do now?
No. 299292 ID: 8c73c8

just think of a bunch of stuff. something may work. if not then leave it alone and let's check other stuff.
No. 299344 ID: 1854db

Bah, it doesn't recognize you. Try to think at it that you want access, or information... I expect it not to work though. Maybe you can try the other hole? You have two.
No. 299350 ID: 176570

See if you cant interact with that thing some. If not, unplug and survey your surroundings.
No. 299386 ID: 3b2d3e

Ask it for help. Try to get it to tell you about itself.
No. 299387 ID: 180ec2

Speaking of us voices, can you tell us anything about what you can do or what things were like before we showed up? We have absolutely no idea.
No. 300257 ID: 449a1d
File 130412892496.jpg - (85.64KB , 512x512 , PQ2-16.jpg )

>What things were like before
Things were normal, peaceful, I played with others and flew around and..... now that I think about it something about that seems wrong.
I am not sure but I have a feeling that the sky should not have been hard like the ground and the ends of the world is where the sky and ground meet.
New people seem to appear from nowhere and some disappears sometimes.

I am not really sure of anything at this point anymore...

>Hack Terminal
I think I can get in another way but something seems wron-
No. 300258 ID: 449a1d
File 130412895841.jpg - (63.91KB , 512x512 , PQ2-17.jpg )

No. 300259 ID: 449a1d
File 130412898599.jpg - (106.85KB , 512x512 , PQ2-18.jpg )

No. 300261 ID: 449a1d
File 130412900430.jpg - (91.58KB , 512x512 , PQ2-19.jpg )

No. 300262 ID: 449a1d
File 130412901151.jpg - (4.64KB , 512x512 , PQ2-20.jpg )

No. 300264 ID: 28e94e

No. 300269 ID: 221021

Oh no please wake up don't die!
No. 301091 ID: 97e18b
File 130439942327.jpg - (55.35KB , 512x512 , PQ2-21.jpg )

No. 301093 ID: 97e18b
File 130439998968.jpg - (111.26KB , 512x512 , PQ2-22.jpg )


ow... head hurt... what this? it look like me.
No. 301094 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, seems you got a lot of computer parts in you, a lot seem broken.
No. 301103 ID: a01cf8

It appears you have a bunch of tech in your brain,
but it seems everything related to memory has been damaged and cannot be accessed.
No. 301121 ID: 1854db

Damn, your computer broke. Now you're dumb again :c

I wonder how we can repair this? Hey, I bet those 'general use' nanos might help.
No. 301123 ID: 868a23

you ate a big steaming pot of stupid that's what
No. 301228 ID: 8ac290

Hum, looks like you damaged yourself by unplugging without ejecting first.

Let's not do that again.
No. 301229 ID: 07416a

I think it's cuz hackz.
No. 301311 ID: 5958e0
File 130448013599.jpg - (84.83KB , 512x512 , PQ2-23.jpg )

>Tech in Brain
Me see that. no know what that but think it good idea it get better.

>Dumb again
That no nice!

Yes, good, but how get out here?
No. 301315 ID: 221021

Aww, but you're so cute this way! You look purple to us. Does everything look purple to you? You should try injecting the nanites. They're clearly made for you and you can apparently get fixed when you're hurt to an extent.
No. 301316 ID: 8c73c8

look around.
No. 301323 ID: 5958e0
File 130448220091.jpg - (28.43KB , 512x512 , PQ2-24.jpg )

ok but...
No. 301324 ID: 5958e0
File 130448222049.jpg - (6.13KB , 512x512 , PQ2-25.jpg )

>look around
No. 301327 ID: 221021

Wait, are you actually in some weird empty space or can you just not see? Feel around and see if you can feel anything.
No. 304142 ID: 586c86
File 130535109209.jpg - (82.96KB , 512x512 , PQ2-26.jpg )

not easy how tell you but it like I see me from other eyes when think it. I touch around I feel things but I no see it.

me is feel dizzy. head feel like turning.
No. 304143 ID: 1854db

Try to focus on your surroundings, and imagine it being lit.
No. 304144 ID: 07416a

Let there be LIGHT.
No. 304952 ID: 9efecf
File 130569283115.jpg - (125.55KB , 512x512 , PQ2-27.jpg )

>go towards the light
I-It shiny... I scared.
No. 304953 ID: 9efecf
File 130569286379.jpg - (60.00KB , 512x512 , PQ2-28.jpg )

No. 304954 ID: 9efecf
File 130569296821.jpg - (52.12KB , 512x512 , PQ2-29.jpg )

No. 304955 ID: 9efecf
File 130569306723.jpg - (85.58KB , 512x512 , PQ2-30.jpg )

Someone is in front of me. it seems surprised.
No. 304957 ID: 35e1a0

move slowly for a bit. to make sure the repairs hold. ask what is going on.
No. 304995 ID: 337b24

Why don't you ask her if she can remove the syringe in your face?
No. 304996 ID: 1854db

Say hello.
No. 306784 ID: c9ae9b
File 130638766349.jpg - (85.43KB , 512x512 , PQ2-31.jpg )

It seems to be holding together and i seem to be more cognitively able now also.

>Say Hi
Slayd: "Hello!"

???: "H-hi?"

Slayd: "What is going on here?"

???: "um I found you on the ground and saw the nanites so I injected you with them to fix you."
???: ".....did you break the containment unit also?"

Slayd: "um..."

What should I do?
No. 306785 ID: 35e1a0

"i believe so. i was trying to activate this terminal but unfortunately my credentials aren't valid for it."
also take the thing out of your head, it makes you look silly.
No. 306786 ID: 07416a

Yes. Do you have more I need more repairs are not complete
No. 306789 ID: f123de


First ask if you can safely take it out of your head.

For now, let's not say you broke the containment unit. Then, ask it what it's doing here. Maybe it can show you around?
No. 306794 ID: 44b73c

I would go with a "Probably?"

Also, ask as to why you are here and such things.
No. 306800 ID: 1854db

Say you just rewired it, you can fix it.
No. 308913 ID: acfe27
File 130715340671.jpg - (94.65KB , 512x512 , PQ2-32.jpg )

>Yes, no, maybe, a-little.
Slayd: "Ummm ummm"

???: "Wait... are you... unprogramed?"

Slayd: "What?"

???: "You are, aren't you!"

Slayd: "wha-"

???: "I cannot explain everything to you quick enough in this fashion but there is another way."

It digs around in its bag and takes out a long cord. It plugs one end into the back of it's head.

???: "Here you have to plug this in the back of your head, I know you did not have the best experience with this but you have to trust me we do not have much time."

What should I do?
No. 308914 ID: 180ec2

Ask what it does, first. The last time you stuck stuff in your head without not knowing what it was, bad things happened.
No. 308919 ID: 1854db

Tell him you were smarter before, if that's what he means. But yeah, I think you should do what he says anyway.
No. 308935 ID: ed9087

go ahead and do it, this person seems to genuinely want to explain what's going on.
No. 308994 ID: 9c538a

Tell him he's going to have to try. You're happy to go along with him, but data cords are how programs travel. A data cord into your head can let the programs into your head. Thus, he needs to explain why the hard way, before you will let him program you.
No. 312216 ID: 4f2264
File 130785134896.jpg - (72.13KB , 512x512 , PQ2-33.jpg )

>Ask what it does.
Slayd: "so what will this do?"
???: "It will allow high speed transfer of data allowing me to give you all the information to help you escape."
Slayd: "What makes you think I am trying to escape?"
???: "You are, are you not?"
???: "We have been waiting for a moment just like this to have one of us break free from this place."

Slayd: "Are you going to program me or whatever it is that you said?"
???: "What? No no no that is the last thing you EVER want to happen to you."
Slayd: "Why is that?"
???: "Well it will force you to follow the master's commands or it will cause you great pain."
???: "This also makes it impossible to escape them."
Slayd: "Is this program going to infect me through this up-link?"
???: "No, thankfully it does not have that function nor will I subjugate you to it."

Slayd: "Who is this 'we'?"
???: "It is the other ones like me and you except you are different."
???: "You are free to do as you please a ability all of us lack, which is why we want you to escape so you will not have the will of the masters imposed on you like us."
???: "Don't misunderstand me though we are far from miserable here but we long to be able to do whatever we want, like eat the food in the refrigerator in the master's break room."
Slayd: "Refrigerator?"
???: "Its a big metal thing that preserves food, but that's not important right now."

Slayd: "What is your name, anyways?
???: "N-name?"
Slayd: "I don't really understand it myself but the head voices told me my name is Slayd."
???: "I don't think I have one....."
No. 312217 ID: 35e1a0

tell him his name is isaac. and stick the thing in your head.
No. 312220 ID: 221021

Ask what this thing about masters is. You don't have a master, or anything like that.
No. 312271 ID: 1854db

Plug it in, plug it in.
No. 312273 ID: d8313f

Let's call him Dell
No. 312336 ID: 28e94e

Dell Conagher?
No. 312421 ID: 58645c

This for fuck's sake, this
No. 313104 ID: 0b6d17

Exactly what I meant, yes.
No. 313145 ID: c0b6e3

This must be so.
No. 329351 ID: 7e5075
File 131131414010.jpg - (76.16KB , 512x512 , PQ2-34.jpg )

Slayd: "Your name is now Dell."

Dell: "Dell?"

Slayd: "Yes that's your name now."

Dell: "Dell..."
Dell: "Oh, I almost forgot yow will need these to access the information I am giving you."

Slayd: "How do I use them?"

Dell: "It is easy all you have to do is to plug the metal part in the back into your head and look through them."
Dell: "You better get going, they will get suspicious if they find you in here."
No. 329352 ID: 7e5075
File 131131424931.jpg - (41.78KB , 512x512 , PQ2-35.jpg )

The hall seems to be empty, I am not sure what to do right now.
No. 329355 ID: 1854db

Plug it in, receive information.
No. 329356 ID: 35e1a0

equip goggles.
No. 329780 ID: e0e77b
File 131139017174.jpg - (126.13KB , 512x512 , PQ2-36.jpg )

I already have the Goggle-
POWERING UP HUD DISPLAYING INVENTORY RETRIEVING INFORMATION BLUE - Lab CYAN - Storage VIOLET - Dorms RED - Security GREEN - Unknown Heavy Blast Door 10 Meters Ahead Area Inaccessible

No. 329797 ID: 35e1a0

if we can't go that way, then let's go the other, turn around.
No. 329805 ID: 1854db

Ask your buddy what the two syringes do.

Also, this map is from the thing he wanted you to hook up to your head? What else is he sending you?
No. 329966 ID: e0e77b
File 131140356442.jpg - (117.54KB , 512x512 , PQ2-37.jpg )

>Turn around.

Dell seems to only have given me data like the map that it thinks will help me.

RETRIEVING... Item: T3 Panacain Nanite Injector(White). Subtype: General Use Nanites. Manufactured by: Confederation Security Forces(CSF). Notes: Used to deliver Nanites into a Panacain. Additional Notes: General Nanites are used for the creation, maintenance, repair and upgrade of all Internal Wetware and Internal Wetware Components. Item: T3 Panacain Nanite Injector(RED). Subtype: UNKNOWN. Manufactured by: Confederation Security Forces(CSF). Notes: Used to deliver Nanites into a Panacain. END OF DATA.

I am feeling uneasy standing and turning in one place.
Which direction should I go in?
No. 329969 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, yeah this way seems good. watch the left for a door into storage.
No. 329977 ID: 1854db

Ask your buddy if he knows what the red injector does. The data he gave you didn't say. Does he think it's a good idea to try it out?

Let's get into the nearest Storage room. Looks like you're gonna have to go in the direction you're facing now in order to find a door.
No. 330027 ID: 07416a

Stooooraaage. They have toys.
No. 330292 ID: aa73e5
File 131146933755.jpg - (72.19KB , 512x512 , PQ2-38.jpg )

>Ask buddy what the red injector does
Dell: "I don't know."
No. 330295 ID: aa73e5
File 131146968444.jpg - (79.65KB , 512x512 , PQ2-39.jpg )

>To The Storage Room!
I am here but the door seems to be locked. I think I hear something inside walking around.

Not sure what to do.
No. 330296 ID: 35e1a0

take a right.
No. 330298 ID: 1854db

Look for signs on that Unknown room, to find out what it is.
No. 330703 ID: 10e7f6
File 131154646119.jpg - (145.02KB , 512x512 , PQ2-40.jpg )

The sign next to the door says "Mess".

What is that thing?!
Name: (Unspecified) Code Name: 'Anahera' Specialty: Wetware Interface Clearance: Level 2(Scientist)
This must be one of those "Masters"...

Anahera: "Oh! there's one I can use."
Anahera: "Come here you."
Anahera Approaches.

Oh, umm should I run or wait?
No. 330708 ID: 35e1a0

approach, if questioned on slow responce say you are a new one, your reflexes haven't caught up to what you know.
No. 330716 ID: 07416a

Wait. Don't arouse suspicion.
No. 330719 ID: 1854db

He's got a wetware interface. That means he can tinker with your brainmeats. This could be a dangerous situation... but right now we can't blow our cover. Approach.
No. 330722 ID: 35e1a0

later on you can dodge things by saying "sorry i already go orders from _____" with the blank replaced by the name of someone else in here.
No. 337500 ID: b0d1a8
File 131270085743.jpg - (106.05KB , 512x512 , PQ2-41.jpg )

I walk to Anahera.

Anahera: "Wow your the first one that didn't run when you saw me."
Anahera: "Whats this you got here?"

She takes the Red and White Injectors.

Anahera: "Hmmm... This must be that new nanite type they are working on."
Anahera: "You must have been delivering these to Troy....."
Anahera: "Welp, its mine now, heh heh heh."
No. 337501 ID: b0d1a8
File 131270097088.jpg - (134.90KB , 512x512 , PQ2-42.jpg )

Anahera picks me up and starts walking north into a lab.
No. 337502 ID: b0d1a8
File 131270115530.jpg - (81.77KB , 512x512 , PQ2-43.jpg )

Anahera: "Alrighty, you stay here while I call an Lab Assistant."
Anahera: "Oh, you need to upgrade your Wetware network to include your body."

Anahera Uses an White injector on me.
No. 337507 ID: b0d1a8
File 131270171421.jpg - (72.58KB , 512x512 , PQ2-44.jpg )

Pick an Upgrade Body Network Allows you to create wetware inside your body and gives accurate report about your body. Also improves your muscle control. Wetware Control Center Improvement Improves your intelligence and reactions and opens up basic upgrades.
No. 337509 ID: 07416a

No. 337512 ID: 35e1a0

is that another one on the desk over there? if so then use that one too and get both.
No. 337519 ID: 1854db

If she needs to upgrade our Body network to do whatever she has planned for us, avoid it. Upgrade Wetware Control Center Improvement.

Also try asking what the red injector does. Then see if we can snatch some more white injectors and run.
No. 337803 ID: 180ec2

We're supposed to be upgrading our body network, but even if that wasn't the case it would seem to be the best one. We don't need the extra brains because you're already pretty smart, and we are doing a lot of the planning and thinking anyway. Plus we don't want to upset these people who clearly know what they're doing and have control of the situation. Let's try getting more upgrades, though, those are nice.

Ask them what they're planning to do, and if it puts you at any serious risk. Also ask what all this is for.
No. 337880 ID: eba267

Body network, like they said.
No. 337881 ID: 54b372

Intelligence. If she protests say you were too stupid to know any better.
No. 337888 ID: b0d1a8
File 131277290566.jpg - (116.58KB , 512x512 , PQ2-45.jpg )

Control Center Upgrade Selected

My mind feels a-little more clearer now. I still don't really know what is happening but I do know something about this seems wrong.

>Get tube, Upgrade all
>No don't get upgrade

What should I dooo?!?!
No. 337892 ID: 180ec2

You have another one? Well then use that, because when that person gets here and sees you screwed up they'll be upset with you. Use it and upgrade what you were supposed to have.
No. 337893 ID: 07416a

Use it. Upgrade your body control center so she doesn't yell at you.

Course, she's probably going to do horrible evil painful experiments on you and you'll DIE so let's just see what we unlocked.
No. 337894 ID: d3dfb8

Fap. Fuck the other suggestions.
No. 337898 ID: 1854db

I think we should just run away. You're probably gonna get reprogrammed if you stay here.
No. 337903 ID: 180ec2

Oh yeah, that's right. I guess you should probably leave, then, but I really want to find out what's going on. I'm going to say stay and use the tube so you can talk to her, but get out before they do anything to you.
No. 337911 ID: 28e94e

No. 337968 ID: 8bdb6a

Brain upgrade pls
No. 339219 ID: 9c538a

See what more brain upgrades get you? Indecision! Body upgrade.
No. 339221 ID: 35e1a0

just jam it in your brain and see what happens.
No. 340281 ID: 6495db
File 131343051715.jpg - (133.59KB , 512x512 , PQ2-46.jpg )

>Jam it in your head.

No. 340282 ID: b0d1a8
File 131343081394.jpg - (121.89KB , 512x512 , PQ2-47.jpg )

I get the body network, it seems that I can get more things if I had more injectors.
No. 340283 ID: b0d1a8
File 131343088296.jpg - (97.28KB , 512x512 , PQ2-48.jpg )

>run away!

Oh um I think it might be too late for that.
No. 340329 ID: 9c538a

No. 340333 ID: 9c538a

um um um um um
No. 340334 ID: 35e1a0

just say "hello sir"
No. 340341 ID: ec0bf5

Ask them what this experiment is about. If you're agreeing to be the test subject you have a right to know. Also compliment the big one's head.
No. 340570 ID: b0d1a8
File 131347277323.jpg - (111.00KB , 512x512 , PQ2-49.jpg )

Slayd: "Hello sir."

His eyes move slowly from right to left as if he is reading something.

Kel'mek: "oh hello."

Anahera: "That thing has been chattering at me about something earlier I have no idea what."

Slayd: "What is this experiment about?"

Kel'mek: "What are you even going to do with it anyways?"
Kel'mek: "I hope your not 'Testing Panician explosive resistance' again."

Anahera: "oh no, not that I want to test something I have been developing for quite awhile."
No. 340571 ID: b0d1a8
File 131347302165.jpg - (56.57KB , 512x512 , PQ2-50.jpg )

Anahera: "It is going to blow your mind..... not literally of course."
No. 340572 ID: b0d1a8
File 131347304012.jpg - (51.48KB , 512x512 , PQ2-50 paused.jpg )

No. 340591 ID: 1854db

Try to keep a clear path to the door so you can make a run for it. Do so the instant one of them attempts to grab you or inject you with something you don't recognize.

Meanwhile, bring up the red injector again, asking what it does.
No. 340646 ID: ec0bf5

Explain to them that you should have the right to be told about the procedures, especially if they could be hazardous to your health. (that will confuse them for sure)
No. 340693 ID: 35e1a0

no, it will make them see we are defective and kill us. don't say that.
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