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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 130120478807.png - (8.91KB , 828x763 , 1.png )
291131 No. 291131 ID: 2ed55a

The comes a time in every man's life to start acting his age.

I always act like I'm 9...little do they know i'm 309...
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No. 291132 ID: 2ed55a
File 130120482924.png - (15.26KB , 828x763 , 2.png )

Times change, people, and I gotta get with them.

And I know what I must do.
No. 291133 ID: 2ed55a
File 130120485362.png - (473.94KB , 828x763 , 3.png )

No. 291134 ID: c128cf

Fuck yeah.
No. 291136 ID: 70d9eb

Go primal savage on nearest ass.
No. 291138 ID: 2f6d22

First, one must LOCATE the ass.
No. 291139 ID: 3a5025

Court the nearest dame for their lovely ass.
No. 291142 ID: 175f58

This will be fun.
No. 291145 ID: 2ed55a
File 130120552949.png - (24.21KB , 828x763 , 4.png )


What is this amateur hour? I know I need to get ass, but one simply does not go to outside and start humpin' wildly at the prettiest looking thing to pass your eyeballs, people. Come on.


Damn right it'll be fun. First things first, where to start?

No. 291146 ID: 2f6d22

Read the note
No. 291147 ID: c99bd8

Wasn't there stamps? I read the archives, there is stamps somewhere in this house.

No. 291148 ID: 3416ec

Read note
Hug chair
No. 291150 ID: f39593

hug note
chair tom
No. 291151 ID: 175f58

Read note.
Tell us more about your pad? Any furnishings other than your chair and table?
No. 291152 ID: 29fbe3

Go to outside and start humpin' wildly at the prettiest looking thing to pass your eyeballs, obviously.
No. 291156 ID: 2ed55a
File 130120612675.png - (68.14KB , 828x763 , 5.png )


Consider it done.


That was a dark time in my life, I've moved past that, now.


This is my place of business, just the chair and desk, I like to keep things minimalistic, you dig? I do have a skewed Bonnie Tyler poster, however.
No. 291157 ID: c99bd8

Is it skewed, or do you just live on an incline?

Aww yeah.
No. 291158 ID: f39593

So, do we want High Quality ass or will any old ass do?
No. 291167 ID: c128cf

What's on the other side of the note?
What's on the other side of the skewed Bonnie Tyler poster?
No. 291178 ID: 07416a

fGhost... Since when have you been male?
No. 291217 ID: 653ea0

Don't do it, we don't need some chubby ghost around!
No. 291230 ID: 1854db

...which gender of ass are we aiming at?
No. 291411 ID: 2ed55a
File 130127989137.png - (192.47KB , 828x763 , 6.png )


I've checked on the other side of that poster. Nothin secret there. Just a whole lot of woman.


Since forever! What's your deal, man. Fix your brain.


Ass of the female persuasion, I ain't no fruitloop.

So where would a good place be to find some women, ready for the takin'? Where to go, guys?
No. 291413 ID: f39593

Go to the arcade, hit on GURL GAMERS
No. 291414 ID: 07416a

Have you tried the other side of that poster?
No. 291416 ID: d70df4

Flirt with poster.
No. 291422 ID: 2ed55a
File 130128085082.png - (478.75KB , 828x763 , 7.png )


I'm gonna put on my sexy voice for this one.

No. 291423 ID: 2ed55a
Audio fff - fff - (878.45KB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 0:56

No. 291424 ID: 07416a

No no lift the poster, flirt with the girls BEHIND it.
No. 291426 ID: 2ed55a
File 130128155874.png - (18.79KB , 828x763 , 8.png )


Heh. Seriously though, where's a good place where bitches run wild?
No. 291427 ID: 07416a

>I've checked on the other side of that poster. Nothin secret there. Just a whole lot of woman.
No. 291431 ID: 2f6d22

I think he means Bonnie Tyler is a whole lot of woman, not that there are a whole lot of women behind the poster.
No. 291433 ID: 07416a

Oh. Well, in that case, kill a whale. Bitches love whales.
No. 291435 ID: 8c73c8

oh yeah man. get a girl a whale and she is yours. needs to be fresh killed by yourself. or it doesn't count. you can have a mount though. get your best whale slaying weapon.
No. 291436 ID: 70d9eb

Go to a karaoke bar, the ladies will get all up on your dick once they hear your voice.
No. 291444 ID: 1854db

This is a good idea. You sound like you've got a good singing voice.
No. 291601 ID: 2ed55a
File 130136458071.png - (28.32KB , 828x763 , 9.png )


best way to do something is to combine them! To the whaleoke bar!
No. 291602 ID: 1d3974

You need a hero.

Not figuratively, but a real hero to turn on Bonnie Tyler "I need a hero" for you to sing.

Replace hero with "busty wench" too.
No. 291610 ID: 07416a

Okay, kill the whale. While it's sinking rescue the chicks from the sinking whale while singing.
No. 291616 ID: 175f58

Girls like men who can sing.
I would know, I'm a girl.
No. 291625 ID: 55c4cf

Offer swedish fish, look for a barrel.
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