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File 130119744912.png - (10.16KB , 785x458 , Chapter 4.png )
291080 No. 291080 ID: 230559

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Icon
Prelude: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/95660.html
Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/95893.html
Chapter 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/132287.html
Chapter 3.5: http://www1.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/272793.html
Discussion 1 (Closed): http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/374.html
Discussion 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/324607.html
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No. 291084 ID: 230559
File 130119751098.png - (10.06KB , 766x535 , Space.png )

Somewhere, on board the Splinter Carrier Infractus...
No. 291087 ID: 230559
File 130119753282.png - (12.09KB , 566x503 , Tally.png )

A new guide and champion of humanity is chosen.
No. 291108 ID: 2563d4

I vote for the glass of water.
No. 291111 ID: f6360f

That glass of water is a racist bigot who would drive this nation into the ground and you should be ashamed for giving it your support.
No. 291112 ID: e6032b

no! not democracy! the only thing that can screw military regiments!

also do we get politics research too? =3
No. 291115 ID: 15b51b
File 130120257695.png - (170.42KB , 700x700 , CHANG.png )

No. 291116 ID: 4e6eaf

whelp, (S)he got my vote
No. 291125 ID: 230559
File 130120404488.png - (87.66KB , 1436x1000 , Heirs.png )

With the resignation of Admiral Argus J. Ductor, a new leader must take control of the Splinter.

The five most popular candidates have been selected, each with a unique strategy and skill set to ensure mankind's survival.

Vice Admiral Johnathan Dwight is Admiral Argus Ductor's second in command and closest friend, and thus a natural choice for the job. He was one of the few Nautil to pursue a military career, joining the United States Interstellar Naval Academy and subsequently begun climbing the military hierarchy. He earned distinction during the Centauri War, where he earned his current rank. He follows most of the tenets set by his predecessor, focusing on reacting to situations as they come rather than going working with a particular predetermined tactic in mind.

Lieutenant General Lorette Segale was just a teenager when Earth was destroyed, losing her mother along the rest of her family and friends. She was personally trained by her father, a Light Infantryman, during the 5 year exodus from Earth, and thus was one of the first soldiers to enlist since the Splinter's inception. She was noted to be a natural born leader and, after serving valorously in the battle against the Breakers on Ithaka, was given training as a commissioned officer. On Gretz, she was the main liaison for the Rebels and as such understands our alien allies better than most anyone else. Her trusting personality has left herself open to threats on more than one occaision.

Wing Commander Radomir Voronova is the Splinter's most distinguished pilot. He first demonstrated his courage and skill by engaging and distracting Breaker fighters above Earth, enabling several dropships to escape to the Infractus. He has excellent sense when it comes to starship and aircraft battles, and would have likely been promoted to a much higher rank if he didn't refuse the promotion offers. He feels that ground combat is unwise and wasteful. His belief is that mankind remains completely mobile to avoid unnecessary combat. When combat becomes necessary, his belief is to respond from a safe distance with an unrelenting storm of nuclear ordinance.

The Naval Directorate of Intelligence and Reconnaissance (NADIR) existed before the formation of the Splinter, acting as a information gathering agency much like the CIA of the 20th to 21st centuries. Director Hector Karras has tirelessly led this organization for many years now, conducting census information, maintaining public order and gathering and organizing data obtained from every source imaginable. Karras has a variety of underhanded tactics in mind to help the Splinter combat its enemies. He is famously quoted in saying that "Mankind no longer has the resources to fight fair."

Dr. Freja Metzger is a prominent research director in the Splinter's science corps. She graduated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with doctorates in both Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology. She was the mastermind behind the Gestation Tanks and has constantly petitioned for the engineering of new species to aid in humanity's survival. Dr. Metzger has long term goals for the Splinter in mind, hoping to use her talents to both bring humanity back from the edge of extinction while pushing its enemies to the brink. She doesn't have much care for public approval and as such tends to tread on people's toes when even when incurring disapproval is avoidable.
No. 291127 ID: aff5d0

No. 291144 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 291153 ID: 6d4402

No. 291160 ID: 9ea6ca

My current leaning is towards the Vice Admiral or the NADIR Director.

All of the other commanders have useful bonuses. But most of them would be hard to utilize. The wing commander for instance has a bonus to space combat, something we don't have the resources for.

The NADIR director would enable the following:
- Vet the dryad refugees to make damn sure we don't have any sleeper agents with us.
- Use unconventional tactics to get the enemy off our back. We don't have the resources for a head on fight. Anything we can do to avoid pitched battle or weaken their resolve will help.
- Hopefully keep the enemy in the dark on where we are, and where we are headed next. If they can't find us we can avoid fighting altogether.

The increase in staff is annoying, but not an impossible hurdle. The influx of Dryads can hopefully fill in the gaps in terms of manpower.

The reduction in orbital BPs is not a huge penalty because we can supplement them with ground factories. Also we are not at the point where we can support a large space navy anyway.

Before anything is set in stone however. What kind of momentous event or upheaval would be required before the Commander of the Splinter would change again? All of them would be highly useful in certain circumstances. Just... not now.
No. 291165 ID: 230559

Just a few notes to take into consideration:

The %30 boost/penalty in orbital BP also includes the amount it can be assisted by ground factories.

I will give drones a major buff as before they were not terribly useful.

The chosen leader will remain in office for a minimum of 4 years, or until he or she is rendered incapable of performing his or her duty.

Chemical weapons will not cost SC, but require a little research for each species you wish it to be effective on.
No. 291172 ID: 07416a

Segale or Metzger.
No. 291173 ID: 056f95


Squid boss, best choice.
No. 291174 ID: 0b39f1

I'm going with Dwight as I don't care for all these fancy abilities and bonuses.
No. 291180 ID: f6360f

I really want Metzger's bonus, but at the same time we can't have a morale penalty. Not right now; every time we flee a planet morale hits rock bottom. Until we've somehow overcome that hurdle, either through technology (more comfortable spaceships?) or cultural engineering (establishing a more nomadic mindset amongst the populace) we can't afford a leader who won't keep spirits up. If we start having internal problems in addition to the constant external ones... things could get very bad. Vote against.

Karras could give us a good bonus, new options... and perhaps just as importantly, his downsides aren't that crippling. Command centers and airports having double personnel is something we can live with, and while orbital factories being slowed is damned inconvenient if we can get a decent ground production base we can make up for almost all of it. Vote for.

Voronova could be awesome. Very awesome. The problem is, orbital factories have much steeper startup costs than ground-based factories and we'd need ground factories to get them up and running- meaning that we have to overcome his weaknesses before we can make us of his strengths. We don't know that any given planet will be safe long enough to pull that off. Vote against.

Segale's boosts could be good if we're willing and able to exploit them. Those military restrictions hurt, though. We're in a desperate situation and can't afford to be unable to cut loose. Some of the things she'd ban are things that really saved our asses in the latest conflict. Vote against.

Dwight leaves us with what we've got so far, which is something we can work with. Also, Nautil are awesome. Vote for.
No. 291183 ID: e6032b

the nadir director do sounds like the right one now. we are in need to put a check on the dryads plus the possibility of actualy peforming sucessful espionage, god knows we needed some on the dryads.

i just dont want to deny the possibility of a naval structure upgrade. at that point, vice admiral dwight sounds more that right, even because we are not sure what we will face yet.

my vote goes to the NADIR director, hector karras. in the end we may need CE way more that improved genetics research or brighthappy relationships with neutral species.
No. 291194 ID: 34fef8

I say Karras.

On a rather unimportant sidenote, are gesters and gretz already allowed to vote?
No. 291197 ID: 45be60

Hector would be fine, but I for one welcome our new squid overlords.
No. 291198 ID: 15b51b

Dwight and Karras are the best choices, IMO.

Dunno which of those two. Karras has some nice bonuses, but it means we build up our fleet 30% slower, which is kinda important because our fleet is all we can really take from world to world.

Still, nice bonuses.
No. 291218 ID: 2563d4

As much as I want to say Annihilation, we've just seen that /quest/ would never agree to fire the damn things often enough to make use of it.

So Subjugation. The penalties on Unification and Attrition are just too steep, especially if drones are getting a boost. Hopefully we can swallow the ones for Karras, though.
No. 291225 ID: 0d095c

NADIR Director, or Metzger
No. 291229 ID: 1854db

NADIR Director Hector Karras.

We just got done making a carrier, so I think we're a little ahead of the curve on our space forces. We can handle lagging behind a little there. The increased personnel is a small issue we can overcome by just having more mans. Double plus, if we're better at counterespionage we can afford to introduce new alien recruits without worrying quite as much, and chemical weapons sound niiiiiice. Sure it's against the geneva convention but considering we're fighting to save humanity from *extinction* I think we're allowed to do that shit.

Also, some reasons behind why lost the last war were because we couldn't break the enemy's morale and we had very little intel. We didn't know where to strike if we wanted to win, and the enemy kept using unpredictable attacks against the rebels. All we really got was a little advance warning on their big attacks, and not really enough to react in a meaningful way, aside from that very last warning before everything went to shit.
No. 291232 ID: 5f0943

I'll take either Karras or Dwight, leaning heavily towards Karras.
The penalties of the other choices are simply too crippling to choose.
Seriously, screw "Miss. Geneva convention, Dr. Unpopular and Commander Nuke Happy."

> We just got done making a carrier
Cruiser actually, a carrier would take more than a hundred turns to complete.
No. 291239 ID: 46c430

Dwight. Or if not him, Karras.
No. 291242 ID: 6b2b68

Freja Metzger
No. 291243 ID: 4635e1

I vote Nautilus.
No. 291246 ID: c08eb4

wow there are a lot of half votes to dwight and karras ._.

i wonder if this will end in a council?
No. 291249 ID: 54af1f

Dwight or Metzeger
No. 291257 ID: 0d095c

Changing my vote to NADIR Director Karras entirely. Drones are awesome.
No. 291262 ID: 259738

No. 291271 ID: 3b0944

I think Karras would be an excellent option; Intel is largely overlooked in the grand scheme of things, and being more capable of knowing what's going on at any given moment is definitely a useful bonus for us.

If not him, Dwight.
No. 291274 ID: 9ea6ca

>The %30 boost/penalty in orbital BP also includes the amount it can be assisted by ground factories.
Ah okay. Still not crippling given that we don't have the SC to build a large space fleet anyway. If we can tap the dryads as workers we could probably just build twice the infrastructure and suck up the loss.

I will give drones a major buff as before they were not terribly useful.
>Sweet! Spy planes for everyone!

Consider my vote shifted to Karras alone. Above all our greatest weakness is not knowing enough about the enemies we face. Karras is the logical choice to deal with this problem.
No. 291275 ID: 3ac661

+1 for Karras.We have to many "may be a traitor" and perspective of actually knowing more than first look is refreshing.
No. 291283 ID: 368a24


Dwight is also nice, Voronoba is awesome... but not very usefull
No. 291349 ID: 28e94e

Dwight is the only option. There's no telling what we might run into and he'll allow us to quickly change strategies. Segale will utterly cripple our military and will screw us over if we get hit hard, Voronova will make everybody hate us (though this may not be much of a problem once we've moved to the uninhabited world), Karras will do horrible things to our logistics (currently our weakest point), and I get the feeling that you're hugely understating the blow to morale that Metzger will cause.
No. 291387 ID: 07416a

Why would he understate it? It's not like Ed has is plotting to fuck us over. Games hard but he's not going to go YOU CHOSE INCORRECTLY, GAME OVER! REBELLIONS FOREVER! I change my vote to solid Metzer.

Also, one of our enduring problems is the lack of manpower. Does anyone remember just how many factories and such we could build but not man? We NEED mass-produced citizenry.
No. 291596 ID: 6071d3

Dwight. Versatility is the single greatest strength of the Splinter. All other candidates reduce this, posing an unacceptable risk to survival.
No. 291623 ID: 676156

Hector Karras. No question. People have already said most of what needs to be said about him. We need to be in the mindset of getting into our enemies' heads and fucking them right in their weakest spot. Efficiency in action. Plus, he quoted Sun Tzu. Has anyone here read The Art of War? That kind of thinking is exactly what we need right now.
No. 292125 ID: 2dd482

Giving a solid vote for Dwight. We have to remain flexible.
No. 292129 ID: 7150d8

I'm giving a vote for Hector Karras.
No. 292137 ID: c128cf

Uh. Karras.
No. 292142 ID: c5628c

Dwight. In the game of survival, the one who adopted the best, survives the best.
No. 292464 ID: 9ea6ca

I already voted for Karras.

Just wanted to mention. If we do elect Karras we should make Dwight his designated replacement/second in command. Just in case we need to split our forces or an emergency crops up and Karras is incapacitated.

If possible we should form a council with the other un-elected candidates. Their input would be highly valuable, even though decisions are ultimately up to us.
No. 292493 ID: 06dbc9

Solid Dwight here. He's adaptable and Nautil are awesome.
No. 292501 ID: 28e94e

This is actually a good idea (though I'm still voting for Dwight).
No. 292502 ID: c63afb

This was my initial vote, and I stand by it.

But, I would like to extend my vote to any of the four humans, as they actually provide an interesting dynamic to the future of the colonies.

Also Nautils suck.
No. 292511 ID: e02378

No. 292554 ID: 647c47

Yea, we need a SPQR, even after the fall of the republic of Rome, the senate existed as an administrative force and provided Counsel for the Caesar

My vote stands anyway (>>291283)
No. 292561 ID: 5f0943

Ok I'm giving solid vote for Karras, instead of the maybe that I gave in my previous post here: >>291232
No. 293403 ID: 02b318
File 130180513837.png - (246.63KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 1.png )

After the votes are counted, Hector Karras comes out as the victor. After some congratulations and a brief celebration, Karras makes a televised speech to the Splinter.

"My fellow citizens, I come before you today as the Splinters new leader. Fleet Admiral Argus Ductor, my predecessor and perhaps humanity's greatest hero, has been in deteriorating condition for the past month and has now stepped down from office. As his replacement, I can only hope to be tenth of as great as man as he was. Let us hold him in our hearts and prayers.

For the past decade, we have been living in constant fear, not knowing where the Breakers and their vile kin may strike next. A formless and shadowy enemy, hiding in the dark corners of our vision, threatened our existence day after day.

For too long have the enemies of mankind ambushed and hunted us without fear of reprisal. The time of fleeing and reacting must draw to a close; now we must act with decisive initiative and unerring accuracy.

We must expose the enemy and their plans whenever they appear.
We must always be always two steps ahead of them.
We must strike at the very minds and hearts of the enemy.
We must turn back the darkness with blinding light."

Karras's abilities take into effect immediately. His operatives report that there is currently no subversive activity being planned.

The other candidates will remain at their current positions in the Splinter. You can ask them (or any member of the Splinter, in fact, down to the lowliest nonworker) for an opinion at any time.
No. 293406 ID: f6360f

I tried to offer a complete and useful idea for how to proceed, then realized that I'm utterly unable to do so without rereading all threads exceedingly carefully in order to figure out where the hell everything is, then cracking open Excel and spending some time running numbers on what would be feasible, and probably asking a dozen rules questions on the way.

So, since that kind of work is something I'd have to be really into this game to put in, I'll just go with "get everyone to an uninhabited but mineral-rich planet and start building up as fast as we can there". We need a good research and production base, one which is at minimum good enough to refit our spacecraft with the better engines that we've been developing, and I'm sick of pulling everything up and running all the time.
No. 293412 ID: 02b318

Few errors in list:
Metal income should be 1350, Baikonur should have a Large Power Generator not a Medium and the employed list should equal the amount of employees needed in Baikonur
No. 293417 ID: 07416a

We should put our professionals to work with the Clone tanks and also a Massive Lab. As a side-project, design edible plants which can grow in this environment.
No. 293428 ID: 9bacb6

From what I've gathered, doing anything but getting to the Archive is a waste of time.

Don't do anything except get the population to the Archive. All of them, because staying here is nothing.
No. 293450 ID: 1854db

Currently we need to move our ships at UD over to the portal anomaly and port over to the next universe and finally to the planet with the Archive on it.

Well, first we need to move the fleet over to Baikonur for a few turns to finish off that engine refit.

Our second colony can stay put for now but remain on high alert and try to keep some manner of advance warning system out so that we have enough time to evac them if needed. In fact, we can make stuff over there can't we? Let's get on that.


LARGE ORBITAL FACTORYx1 (Note: if the Jammer Cruiser must be present to hide orbital activity, deconstruct once the refit is completed. In fact, if that's the case, just build a regular Orbital Factory instead since it won't be up for long enough to justify needing a large)
LARGE DERRICKx4 (two Metal two SC)
That costs 4000 metal and 63 SC total, but there's varying sizes here soooo who knows how much the per-day cost is really!
After the 4 turns are up, the medium buildings will be done.

864 BP (wow, do we really need this many factories? Oh well, nothing else to use workers on atm)
2xHeavy Gunship
15xReaverx10 (they have Plasma pistols now! Imagine a hundred of these fuckers dropped on an enemy formation. DELICIOUS CHAOS.)
10xBeardy Bobx10 (because fuck Snarren)
5xTest Pattern
2xCaptain Slowpoke

50xChemical Gasserx15
50xChemical Grenade Launcher
30xChemical Bomb
15xChemical Hellstorm
10xCruise Missile
10xMLRS Gas Strikex5
10xMLRS Deployable Minefieldx5 (these should be interesting...)
10xMLRS Fusion Strikex5
2020 Metal, 155 Fuel, 115 SC. Within our budget.

I don't really want to use IP without a cloning tank, but if someone else thinks it's a good idea go ahead.
No. 293455 ID: 5c5428


If we are in fact going to be on this rock for more then four turns, then I think that we need to refine your plan.

Turn 0:

10x Large Derrick (6x Metal, 2x Fuel, 2x S.C.) [[They will pay for themselves after the first turn after construction.]]
2x Medium Smelter [[5 old derricks, +10 = 15, 18-15 = room for 3 more derricks.)
1x Medium Generator
1x Large Generator
2x University [[1x Workers, 1x Proffesionals]]
2x Massive Lab [[Very expensive.]]
1x Command Center
1x Large Orbital Facility

9400 Metal
186 Super Conductors
-93 Power
2450 Workers
1640 Professionals

Net Gain:
+2700 Metal Income
+54 S.C. Income
+168 Fuel Income
60.5 Power Surplus
+3 Morale
+24 Orbital Build Points

Turn 1:
2x Residential District

400 Metal

Turn 2:
Turn 3:
Residential District built. (???)
Turn 4:
Smelters, Generator, Command Center built.
Turn 5:
Derricks, Generator, University, Orbital Facility built.
Turn 6:
Lab built.

This way we can at least return our investment on the resources we spent while having a significant income to produce future arms.

The shop/entertainment will provide a fraction of morale. The stadium/command center give a flat upgrade.
No. 293461 ID: 5f0943

I think it would be a good idea to salvage the breaker weapons for SC, seeing as they are pretty much obsolete now.
No. 293509 ID: 5f0943

Since other people seem to be doing the build order thing better than I could, I'll drop my thoughts on research.

since both proposed build orders above this one seem to suggest building 2 massive labs (a notion that I agree with), which would give us 54 RP:

After the massive labs are complete, it would take two turns to complete Neural Implants.

After Neural Implants is done, we should have 35 spare RP.

Then, I propose we should research Massive Shipyard (A total of 72 Orbital BP, which would be immensely useful).
IIRC Massive buildings cost 40 RP to research, meaning it would take only one turn to research, which would leave 49 spare RP.

We should then go for Computing systems IV (since it would be done in one turn), which would leave 13 spare RP.

Then research CHIRON and NEPTUNE gas. (27 spare RP).

After massive labs finish:

Turn 101- work finishes on Neural Implants. 35 spare RP. Begin researching Massive shipyards.
Turn 102- work finishes on massive shipyards. 49 spare RP. Begun work on Computing Systems IV.
Turn 103- Computing systems IV finished. 13 spare RP. Research CHIRON and NEPTUNE gases.
Turn 104- CHIRON and NEPTUNE gases finish. 27 spare RP.

Of course, all of this is assuming that I haven't gotten something horribly wrong...
No. 293525 ID: 1854db

You aren't using any ground BP with that build. Wasted resources!
No. 293586 ID: 15b51b

Okay, we actually have 5x Large Derricks, not mediums.
I guess we can afford to make 15 derricks total, though. I mean, it'd be nice to have resources out our ears again.

We need to combine these plans and also add some more things.

For starters, we most definitely need to build:
1x Stadium
12x Large Shops
1x Medical District
6x Greenhouses
...in addition to the stuff in the second order, and the BP usage from the first.

I emphatically recommend that we halt and take new actions as soon as we've researched Neural Implants. We don't know what Neural Implants do, and we need to make decisions accordingly.

If you guys want, I can write up a more comprehensive build order with everything we need. Should I?
No. 293589 ID: 259738

Gotta agree with you on halting once we hit Neural Implants.
No. 293617 ID: 1854db

We don't need that many large shops, dude. They service 1500 people each, and we have 9000 there. We'd need 6 at most.
No. 293621 ID: 15b51b

They service 2,000 each, unless I'm mistaken.

The entire rest of our population is en route. That's over 22,000 people.
No. 293623 ID: 28e94e

So what's 22000 divided by 2000 again?
No. 293626 ID: 15b51b

11 would cover 22k even, but we have more than that and need to account for future growth, too. (Though I'm not sure how long we'll spend here, given the breakers are building stuff on Grezt)
No. 293640 ID: 934823

We do not need Shops, this is a temporary colony.

Sorry, but my build uses most of the resources turn 0, and could be optimized a little to spend ALL of them, PER TURN. I can rewrite if if you want taking in research considerations.
No. 293642 ID: 1854db

...uh. I just wanted to refit the engines and keep going towards the new universe and archive thing. Isn't that just 1 turn away once the ships arrive?
No. 293652 ID: 1854db

I also wanted to leave the colony there for the time being. If we can have a place just sitting and mining/researching/teaching without disruptions it'd be nice.

Though we don't really need factories for a mining colony.
No. 293672 ID: 8c73c8

yeah sure.
No. 293682 ID: 9ea6ca

To be honest. Its been so long since the action was rolling that I've forgotten whats going on outside of our recent evacuation.

So requesting the following:

1. Assuming she still plays the part of liaison. Ask Segale about the current integration status of our Gester members and Dryad refugees. As well as the current diplomatic situation with the crab people we met earlier.
2. Get a report from Dwight about the current status of our fleet. And the local stellar topography and points of interest.
3. Ask our agents how the screening of the Dryads is going and the likelihood of enemy agents being present.
4. Finally, discuss with Metzger the current needs of our research staff, important topics we should research asap. And the possible uses for genetically engineered organisms. This is one avenue we never really explored because we don't know much about it.
No. 293687 ID: 1854db

Oh, nobody said what the Occissor should do so I wanted to directly suggest orders for it: It should approach the unnamed star and get a more complete scan of the system, possibly revealing the location of the Archive and any suitable planets for colonization.
No. 295709 ID: ab8ce9
File 130255928796.png - (266.07KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 2.png )

The combined build order is followed, but halted at turn 6 due to an important announcement from Vice Admiral Dwight and several other advisers.
VICE ADMIRAL DWIGHT: Sir, we have grave news. We have detected a Breaker fleet finally appearing somewhere near Gretz. Since it is out of range of our scanners, we can't identify their exact fleet position or composition, though we know they are not far from Gretz and have a combined MASS roughly equal to that of three of our Destroyer-Class starships. A side note to this is Occissor reporting the scanning the Archive star system and planet (both of which still need official names). The planet the Archive is located on is mostly arid, with a belt of dense swamps and jungles near the equator. The planet has an atmosphere acceptable enough that we can build without a construction time or morale penalty, though is nearly devoid of resources. The only derricks it can support are Metal, and even those will operate at %50 capacity. The Archive itself is a large cluster of structures, currently inactive according to our scans.
NADIR OPERATIVE 42: We've finished screening the Storks, boss. There is no evidence for a subversive plot of any kind, but many of them are pretty unhappy relative to the rest of the populace. Another thing of note is that we found 14 Storks with magical abilities. They claim to be supportive of humanity and the Splinter government, but it's still risky having them around, especially with the amount of power they have over the Dryad community. The funny thing is that, despite all the hate the rebels have for the noble mages on their own planet, they seem to be looking to these magic-gifted individuals for guidance. Old habits die hard I guess.
LIEUTENANT GENERAL SEGALE: The Gesters have already integrated surprisingly well within the Splinter, helped by their tendency to curiosity. They're mostly workers or support soldiers within the Light Infantry, though a few, like NaNi here, have become productive members of the professional community. The Galts are pestering to get a bit more culture and technological information out of us, and are hoping for large scale trade of goods, resources and weapons. There are some Galts asking for induction into the Splinter, though they appear to be mostly extremist cultists. The Dryads are distancing themselves from the main populace when they can avoid it, though this is hardly surprising behavior. Though they consider themselves friends of humanity and the other Splinter races, there is still some species tension going on. A part of their discomfort stems from the unfamiliar culture and environment of the Splinter. If we can set up something to create a more familiar environment for them we can help ease their integration. Also, inducting some Dryads into the workforce or military might help them gain a better sense of equality, as all of their populace is non-workers at the moment.
DR. METZGER: Right now, our research is doing fine. I'd prefer live subjects for chemical weapons construction, but I suppose we can make do without. In terms of research direction, there's really no way we can go wrong. If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to not focus on dead-end tech like chemical gas right just yet, and stick to technologies that have possibilities for further development. As for genetically engineered species, I recommend thinking of it as designing a new weapon. The meatheads in the military think they've got all their bases covered, but there are always gaps like melee combat and distraction roles that can be filled by an appropriate, cheaply-produced modified organism. In non-combat roles, we probably could whip up something that can help slowly rewrite planetary ecologies if it serves us, or try to replace an expensive bit of technology with an organism that performs a similar task, though how exactly to go about the latter I am not entirely sure. I don't recommend creating another sentient creature, as those are much more difficult to engineer and can be a lot more trouble than they're worth. Don't tell any of the Nautil I said that.

With the construction of Labs and and Orbital Factory, Research and Shipbuilding may commence. So far, it appears the next order of research will be continuing NEURAL IMPLANTS.

The star-maps will have our short range scanner range be represented by the light gray squares. Longer range scanners generally can detect space-warping presence at two tiles further away, though have a chance to miss detecting such targets entirely.
No. 295805 ID: d2462b

well we would need to capacitate the dryad first if we are to simply give them jobs.

we should most likely try to settle communities where they can live together. a part would be nice for them as well. i think that the proper way to encourage them to take a job or go to college would be by convincing the mages that it is a good idea to do that.
No. 295910 ID: 1854db

Alrighty. To aid integration of new races into our numbers, it should be standard procedure to modify their living quarters to be more akin to what planet they come from. For Dryads we'll want to install a section of the ship that is filled with their atmosphere and has a selection of their plants and such. Like a greenhouse of sorts. I assume since we researched their planet, we have enough data to reproduce their plants and such? You know, we should probably ask the Gesters and Nautil if they want special living arrangements too. As for our allied Mages, we should educate them. Put them in school, have them become professionals asap. When they know what we know, they should be able to give better advice to the others.

The Galts... Um, let's avoid the cultists. We could bring in some of the less mentally unstable ones on our next visit, and yes we should share more cultural info with them.


1. Refit engines on non-speed 2 vessels.
2. Keep everyone on alert. Be ready to evacuate in 1 or 2 turns if the Breaker fleet starts moving towards us. We *can* outrun them, I believe, but we still don't have any good ship-based weapons as far as I know.

Otherwise continue with the build order, I think? I dunno, I may have missed something. There is a lot to keep track of.
No. 295947 ID: 676156

Well, since the mages hold status in the dryad community, we need to take every effort to make them feel comfortable. I agree that educating them especially (but also other dryads) is a great first step. We should also find ways to get them token community leadership roles, like police chief for their district or something like that. Make them feel warmly welcomed.
No. 296225 ID: 9ea6ca

I agree with all that.

We need to investigate the Archive. Integrate our alien allies. Increase ties to the Galts.

The problem is we need to do this while under threat from the Breakers. Either we can deal with them directly or just avoid them and leave them guessing.

Only relocation is feasible at this point. But where would we go?
No. 296358 ID: 0d095c

The Breakers are back?
This is both good and bad. Good in that we can gather more information on them and possibly enough subjects to create the BREAKER PLAGUE, but bad in the respect that they loathe technology and the Galt are a technological civilization like humanity, meaning that at some point in the future, the Breakers will likely attack the Galt as well.
No. 296363 ID: 28e94e

Oh yeah, good point. Warn the Galts, then.
No. 296410 ID: 1854db

The Splinter doesn't actually know why the Breakers attacked them. I suppose we could tell the Galts our story though.
No. 296597 ID: 676156

The Splinter had it very clearly explained to them by the Dryads. They know.
No. 298574 ID: 90ec0f


Mostly I agree with that. The only thing I add is that I would like to know more about those cultist. What kind of cult would make them want to join us?

I also want to bring up my bio weapons plan of the discussion thread, found here...


with the following addendums.
1. They are to be fully artifically created and totally sterile on themselves.

2. A nutritional soup should also be developed, containing a unigue encyme needed for their survival. A security measure to ensure they cant go rogue.

3. Instead of purebred bees, the scientists should use all avaibable genetic information of the vespidae family, to create the optimum for the folowing factors, sense of smell, amount of poison injected and of course piercing quality of the stingers.

These weapons should be researched as fast as possiple for every "pure" enemy race (Breaker, Snarren), with the Breakers being a priority.
No. 298793 ID: adfa55

Argh, I don't really want to get started implementing bioweapons until we have finished everything researchable for bioengineering but I don't even know what it'd take to make that biotronic facility because the wiki page is so horribly out of date (no data on large buildings, vehicle and weapon data similarly obsolete).

Ideas to be shot down, we need to make sure that we don't waste research on dud ideas like the electrolysis platform, so comb through these for the ones that are actually likely to be viable or worth so much we can tolerate inefficiency.

Mostly conventional:
-atmosphere-free life support and food production system (pressure dome farms? hydroponics? bacterioculture/fungiculture?)
-zero-manpower weapons for space
-low-mobility space weapons for defense (stowable in large ships, things besides interceptors)
-stealth, ecm-eccm
-solar wind extractors
-asteroid collectors
-orbital mirror powersats

Playing God:
-a seed population of mining slugs that breed like flies
-space-corn that supplies ships indefinitely with life support
-pod people with implanted training
-surgically implanted training
-space-tolerant lifeforms (!!orbital industry needs this!!)

Changing the rules
-study how magic works
--how the perception works, how to fool it
--develop countermeasures
--develop amplifiers
---use magic to scam free resources and personnel from the enemy
-anomaly manufacture, destruction, long-range detection, temporary generation, pathfinding
-instant-communication miniaturization:
--remote-piloted fighters & interstellar exploration craft
No. 298799 ID: 9ea6ca

For engineered organisms I think we should avoid weapon related applications. Defensive or no.

>-space-tolerant lifeforms
This will benefit us the most by far. Both in the short term (because of our leader disadvantage) and in the long term (because shipbuilding is hella slow and anything to make it go faster is a godsend)
No. 313415 ID: cd63e9

I disagree with you. at least one enemy we've seen so far would be absolutely helpless against some sort of insect swarm. the Snarren may be able to bonce assault rifles off there damn shields but a swarm of spiders or something similar would decimate them.
No. 314479 ID: 9ea6ca

So... bees with stingers full of anti-snarren venom? That could work quite well!

I'm sure engineering such a thing is possible, the question is the delivery mechanism. You can flood them onto the battlefield by the thousand, but they need to have some way of homing in on the Snarren.
No. 314480 ID: 35e1a0

smell. we surely have bits of snarren all over. just code the bees to home in on the smell of snarren and to sting it.
No. 314524 ID: 0d095c

Yeah, DEATH BEES and SPACE TOLERANT LIFE sound good. Make sure NOT to allow them to naturally reproduce. That's just asking for it. Unless we put them under a guiding intelligence. Like a Hive Mind or something.

Also, try engineering an INTELLIGENT CREATURE, for the purposes of INTRASYSTEM EXPLORATION. Like, a SPACE WHALE or something. That'd be cool. But that can wait.

Better yet. Interplanetary DIRE BEES. Engineer them to home in on Breaker starships in the millions like living cluster munitions. That'll learn em. But we'd also have to figure out how to build organic RADARs and organic light sails and thrusters. So that can also wait.
No. 314531 ID: c23d70


No. 314532 ID: 44766a

This is just getting silly.
No. 314533 ID: 7f6da3

By the way, Ed did tell us in the dis thread, that researching my BEEEES would cost 40 RP.

Considering that, I can´t even imagine what a space-organism would cost, considering we haven´t seen a natural one we could use as a basis yet. So SPACE LIFEFORMS will, most likely, have to wait.
No. 314534 ID: 0d095c

Okay, okay, let's just go with the Dire Bee plan, to kill the Snarren. Their shields didn't work on temperature, or being run over, so low velocity things like bees and Virii should work.

Also, we should capture some live Snarren, for Bio Warfare experiments, and also to try and exploit their genome for making our own gengineered shock troops.
No. 314535 ID: 0d095c

I just realized as I hit enter. Let's CLONE Snarren, and integrate the clones into the Splinter, as our Indoctrinated Cyborg Warriors! They're a hell of a lot more durable than humans, so they should survive the surgeries a lot better.
No. 314545 ID: 44766a

upvoting the clone the Snarren plan.
No. 314547 ID: 28e94e

No. 314548 ID: bad65c

they won't have there magic. that's not genetic.
No. 314552 ID: 0d095c

WHO CARES IF THEY AREN'T MAGICAL!? We can have HUGE, DURABLE warriors, who will DEMORALIZE the foe by appearing on our side. We can IMPROVE on their designs, with Cybernetics. We can clone one of the BIG ONES and give it the armament and plating of a BRIC, and grow hives of CHEMICAL DIRE BEES on its' back. We have a Geneticist specialized in screwing with nature. We should use her to the maximum extent.

Also, have Putin The Director examine the Clone Snarren, for any trace of some kind of Hard Wired Loyalty. If they don't have one, PUT ONE IN. Mwuhahahaah.
No. 314553 ID: 44766a

Just be sure to make them full members of Splinter society. We don't want to become our enemies.
No. 314556 ID: 87bac6


I second giant cyborg BRIC Snarren.

having them shoot dire bees out of their mouths when they bark is entirely optional, but also approppriate, since they're 'poodles'.
No. 314558 ID: 0d095c

Good idea! Otherwise They'll easily be turned against us! Giant Armored Cyborg BRIC Snarren Commandos with Bio Engineered Chemical Dire Bee Hives rigged to fire when they Bark, WITH FREE WILL AND HUMAN RIGHTS!
No. 314560 ID: c53c36

Seriously guys?? Aside from the obvious morality and ethical problems( especially with our alien allies), the enraging effect that will have on the snarren, the propaganda fooder that this would give Totus(painting us of coruptors of life, now WITH proof)? AND you want to add giant BEES IN THEIR MOUTHS?!?

I have to say I´m sceptical of that plan.
No. 314561 ID: 87bac6


we could always make them look too different from baseline Snarren for anyone to recognize, really. my concerns are with the part where people want to make them sentient even though the good doctor just got done telling us why that isn't a good idea.
No. 314562 ID: 87bac6

not to mention that adding giant bees in a canine's mouth falls less into the category of corruption and more into the category of awesomization.
No. 314569 ID: c53c36

If we change their baseline anyway, we can create our own supersoldiers instead. Something insectoid to tie with the bees. Maybe make them somesort of bee carrier and frontline chitin tank.

And no, adding bees into mouth is not awesome, more painfull.
No. 314580 ID: 0d095c

You're worried about Propaganda effects when WE ARE ALREADY USING LETHAL BIOCHEMICAL WEAPONS on them. Genetic engineering is pretty tame compared to that. Cloning em will improve OUR morale and our fighting force. And if you wanted Ethics, you should have hired Dwight or Segale instead of Karras. We have always been at war with ethics.
No. 314588 ID: 35e1a0

could also mix them with regular dog and give them dog lvl intellect. they go with their handlers to fight, not by themselves.
No. 314658 ID: cd63e9

the Snarren are not that physically dangerous without magic, not to mention the massive issues that come with mass producing a sentient species. Though I admit using the giant snarren for the base of some sort of cyborg close combat unit would be kinda cool, would probably work best if it was non sentient though.
No. 314667 ID: 0d095c

We only HAVE about 4000 infantry. And we HAVE Gestation Tanks. Giant Cyborg/Bioborg Snarrens can only improve life for the Splinter! Imagine the morale boost from knowing we have GIANT CYBORGS on our side.

Also, Karras should initiate a program to improve morale. Make some propaganda PATRIOTIC TELEVISION to take the edge of peoples' unhappiness.

Also, we need to improve fleet strength, so we should get our mining operations up to speed enough to build a fleet large enough to eliminate the current Breaker threat. We're going to have to stop running at SOME point, and this fleet seems smaller than average. If we can eliminate this scout group, we can buy ourselves more time. At least until that Third alien race shows up. Then we're screwed
No. 314673 ID: 28e94e

I support Snarren clones, but not Snarren clones with stupid shit like bees in their mouths.
No. 314782 ID: 44766a

When making a larger fleet be sure to outfit the new ships with a combination of plasma and railgun weapons so we can negate the Breaker's shields.
No. 314901 ID: 75c491
File 130845745684.png - (3.66KB , 259x152 , SHC2.png )

Since there doesn't seem to be a Build Order being made for quite some time, I will skip a few turns and make the BO myself, though it won't be as good as the ones you can make. I'll give you guys two days to make a Build Order if you change your minds. If any of you have uncertainties about the situation in the quest, let me know and I will try to clarify for you.

So, from previous discussions it appears that the planned swarm organism will have the following attributes:
-40 RP cost
-Can only be bred from Gestation Tanks
-Wasplike in the fact they can sting
-A single tank can create two largish swarms per turn
-Stingers can penetrate though any type of skin and thin cloth
-Stingers become more lethal is appropriate chemical weapons researched. Also can carry biological weapons as well.
-Can survive on their own in most environments, but extreme environments like airless or volcanic planets are too much for them.
-They can be launched via APC, Dropship, Bomber or Test Pattern.

Going to address a few matters brought up:

>atmosphere-free life support and food production system (pressure dome farms? hydroponics? bacterioculture/fungiculture?)
Our various farming facilities already are capable of that.
>zero-manpower weapons for space
Throw me some specifics and I'll tell you the RP costs and if it is feasible.
>low-mobility space weapons for defense (stowable in large ships, things besides interceptors)
Like fighters only meant for space combat, or more like defensive satellites?
>stealth, ecm-eccm
Stealth is a fixed attribute: Commandos, Nightmares, NADIR Ops and Gunships and APCs driven by Phantasms can stealth. It would be possible to research drones and other Phantasm-pilotable vehicles to stealth as well, but in general they must be fairly light. Electronic warfare is already pre-built into larger Splinter vehicles
>solar wind extractors
The orbital powersat idea is a better alternative that fills a similar role
>asteroid collectors
At the moment, there are few asteroids that merit mining as they only contain metal and the costs of extracting would be too high compared to the returns. I will let you know if there are asteroids that are worth your effort.
>orbital mirror powersats
20 RP, these satellites will collect energy from the sun and beam it down to a power collector dish building on the ground in the form of a microwave beam. They will provide less power than ground based power generators and are slightly more expensive, but will not use up Fuel. As an added bonus, it stores enough excess energy to fire a MASER Beam once a turn at enemy ground forces. It is much smaller and weaker than standard orbital bombardment though, acting more like a giant sniper rifle than a massive bombing run.
>a seed population of mining slugs that breed like flies
45 RP for this research, they will simply improve the efficiency of Derricks on the ground. If you have a different intention in mind, lay it on me.
>space-corn that supplies ships indefinitely with life support
You can just put a small farming dome into a freighter.
>pod people with implanted training
That is impossible right now.
>surgically implanted training
You're going to need to delve further into implant technology to see if that is possible or not.
>space-tolerant lifeforms (!!orbital industry needs this!!)
If you want someone to staff Orbital Factories, you will need sentient beings capable of Worker and Professional training. That will be a very difficult task, costing over 100 RP. They will boost the Orbital BP made by Orbital Factories, but are less useful in terrestrial environments.
>study how magic works
That's built into the tech tree
>how the perception works, how to fool it
Tech tree again
>develop countermeasures
Aside from the resistance to controlling magic that human technology gives, standard technological defenses must be used, like armor
>develop amplifiers
Not sure I understand this one
>use magic to scam free resources and personnel from the enemy
I don't understand this one either
>anomaly manufacture, destruction, long-range detection, temporary generation, pathfinding
Everything dealing with Anomalies is built into the tech tree
>instant-communication miniaturization
Tech tree
>remote-piloted fighters & interstellar exploration craft

To copy the large Snarren, we will need a mostly intact body to carefully examine. The bodies of the large Snarren we fought so far are unviable, since they were either mostly burned or mutilated by weapons fire. Keep in mind that as
has mentioned, a lot of their fearsome power is supernatural in origin, and not something we can replicate. We're not even sure if the creatures are even possible without magic.

Giving them sentience and rights is a surefire way to make things more unnecessarily complicated. Creatures bred solely for war will work far better if they are simply lobotomized automatons.

Mostly correct, hardship and desperation have made the average Splinter citizen care almost nothing about the lives of their enemies. Pointless destruction toward neutral and friendly species is still frowned upon.

The Splinter government is already painted in as positive a light as it can be without going into outright propaganda. Using lies to boost public image will give a temporary boost to morale, but has the chance to seriously backfire. Also, developing new vehicles and organisms doesn't do much for the morale of the Splinter, the citizens prefer seeing victories.

Be more specific about this carrier organism you are talking about and I can give you an RP estimate.
No. 314918 ID: 1854db

What about the Large Labs that vanished?
No. 314945 ID: 9ea6ca

Did someone mention ants earlier? I just had a thought. Giant wasp are a go it seems, and they fill the niche of anti-personnel missile. But imagine what we could do with ants. Breed a clutch of eggs and put them inside a food block. This block is then buried in the ground like a land mine.

The eggs hatch and the ants grow to full size. The ants had a large stinger and are keyed to emit pheromone signals when Snarren or other enemies are detected. These scent signals cause the whole next to boil out of the ground and swarm over the target. The ants do not reproduce and once the food block is consumed the ants either die off or migrate to other food blocks.

Essentially the ants could be used as area denial. Each "colony" is a land mine in the form of an ant swarm, spread invisibly through the ground in a network of tunnels.


Apart from that, I suggest giving two types of venom to these creatures. One would be some sort of deadly toxin. The other would be a paralyzing venom, meant to send victims into a catatonic state. These would be used in areas where live prisoners could be recovered. Anti-venom would be used to wake them up. Otherwise they remain in a coma, possibly for a week.

Sound useful?
No. 315042 ID: 9ea6ca

>typos, typos everywhere!

That's what I get for posting at midnight.

Something I forgot to mention. The ants would be programmed to be more or less like normal ants. They burrow underground in vast networks near the surface. This makes stamping them out very difficult without flooding the occupied terrain. But even then, ants have been dealing with rain and floods for millenia. The colony will probably survive for a time.

They do not breed, or forage for food. Instead they break up the food blocks and store them in chambers spread around the network. If you want to extend the life of a colony, you just give them more food. The ants will harvest the food and take it underground and out of sight. The ant eggs are staggered in such a way that they do not all hatch at once. Extending the effective "life" of a colony. Unhatched eggs are tended to by the other ants and taken along if the colony moves.

If you calculate the consumption rate of food you can guesstimate when a colony will be running low. The ants would naturally migrate to areas with food when they run out. Either joining an existing colony, or following a scent trail to a new location planted ahead of time.

Repurposing a drone to tend these ants would be really easy. All it needs is a food dispenser and something to mark a pheromone trail
No. 315077 ID: 18aeca

>zero-manpower weapons for space
how about a sattelite with a mass driver, aimed from the ground?

it would be like a turrent, but on space and radio controlled

>pod people with implanted training
>surgically implanted training
then how about implants to allow direct control of our machines?

it should improve reaction times and open way to transhumanism for everyone

>>develop amplifiers
>Not sure I understand this one
im almost sure he ment magic amplifiers.

>Giving them sentience and rights is a surefire way to make things more unnecessarily complicated. Creatures bred solely for war will work far better if they are simply lobotomized automatons.
this is tecnically unwanted, but "worked around" with. we might as well start breeding giant sharkdogbirds and add armor to them to help us with CQC. we could even give them human pheromone compatility and spray any friendly alien with pheromones to prevent accidental backfiring.if they could navigate trhu toguth terrain better that our light vehicles and climb most buildings, they would be really great to invade compounds too.

coming to think of it, they could be a good pet for the army until they die.

>Be more specific about this carrier organism you are talking about and I can give you an RP estimate.
it would be interesting to have:
-a hyper resistant, adaptable fly that can transmit any diease at all and breed by the millions. maybe it would be interesting to have its larva not develop in carrion to prevent easy pest control. we would need a means to prevent it from targeting us built in their genes. the plus side is that we could easily use the enemy's natural illness to attack them even if we dont have one researched ourselves.

-a mosquito that can peform the same, but its larvae can survive in the bloodstream. eventually the host will start to bleed due to mosquitoes piercinf their skin. if the disease doesnt get them the mosquitoes will.
No. 315189 ID: 75c491
File 130852928468.png - (164.42KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Right. The Labs were never meant to have been demolished, meaning we already finished NEURAL IMPLANTS and have 143 spare RP. Also due to shortages of Professionals, currently only 2 of the Large Labs and 1 of the Massive Labs is active at the moment, giving us a current income of 45 RP.

NEURAL IMPLANTS has been researched. 10 Neural Implants cost 1 IP and 5 SC. They carry the same risk as a Max Strength Implant (%5 chance of death). Neural implants improve both the reflexes and speed of cognition of the implantee. All types of soldiers will benefit slightly from an implant, and labs staffed by implanted Professionals require %10 less staff to operate and give %10 more RP (Total RP will be rounded down, if fractions are givens). In addition, people with neural implants take 6 less turns to train from Nonworker to Worker, or from Worker to Professional.

2 new techs have been unlocked:
INTEGRATED TACTICAL IMPLANT SYSTEM: Soldiers with Neural Implants gain better advantages in combat. In addition, implanting people who weren't vat-grown with them no longer carries a risk of death.

MEMORY MOD: Greatly reduces training time of Professionals and Workers with Neural Implants.

-This type of insect will cost 30 RP to create, the relative cheapness of their cost compared to the flying insects due to their lack of mobility.
-To increase the effectiveness of their stingers, appropriate chemical weapons tech must be researched.
-They will behave roughly like a biological landmine
-Like the flying insect swarm, they will only be able to pierce through thin cloth.
-They can only survive on specialy prepared food, allowing them to set how many turns they will be able to survive, up to a max of 6 turns before they must be resupplied
-Four "minefields" can be created per turn from a single Gestation Tank

>how about a sattelite with a mass driver, aimed from the ground?
A Railgun Satellite would cost 20 RP, and would have more a much more powerful attack than the previously mentioned Energy Satellite, and can also fire upon enemy Starships.

>then how about implants to allow direct control of our machines?
Either tech tree, or just design autonomous drones to do similar tasks.

>im almost sure he ment magic amplifiers.
All things dealing with magic is in the tech tree

>hyper resistant, adaptable fly that can transmit any diease at all and breed by the millions.
Getting a fly to safely carry biological agents we do not understand yet is impossible.

>a mosquito that can peform the same, but its larvae can survive in the bloodstream
This basically carries the same purpose as the previously discussed insect swarm, except that it can breed using the enemy's bodies. That would raise the RP cost to 45 RP and make them slightly more sluggish, due to having to design an appropriate reproductive system for them.
No. 315190 ID: 0d095c

Order of Research should be Computers IV, Deadly Ant Swarm, and the INTEGRATED TACTICAL IMPLANTS, so we can give ALL our soldiers plants, and our civvies! Having Brain-Broadband should improve morale!
No. 315195 ID: 1091a0

we probably ought to get those zero-fatality implants researched as soon as plausible. I suggest we don't research ants. at least not until we've researched some of those chemical weapons. I'm assuming those gas-related research things are those.

I've also noticed that for quite some time now we haven't been able to fully staff our facilities. some additional gestation tanks may be due, methinks.
No. 315273 ID: cd63e9

we only have a few hundred unts of super conductors left. I say we shelve furthr reasarch on implats until we have the superconductors necessary to make useful numbers of them.
suggested research order
computing systems IV
warp tech II
warp slug cannons

I also suggest we abandon our colonies and pull out of the universe that has the dryads. There is nothing to be gained and much to be lost by engaging the breaker fleet. if i recall correctly we fond at least a few good sites to relocate to on the other side of the anomaly.
No. 315280 ID: 07416a

FULL SPEED MEMORY MODS. Addition professionals are teh sex!
No. 315328 ID: 9ea6ca

We can delay researching the ant swarm for now. Wait until after we have the right chemical research done. They are really only useful for area denial, and so far we have no battleground to sow. Thought we could massively troll the Dryads with them.

Power satellites and Railgun satellites are a great idea. We can take them with us when they move and even use them in a space battle. We need a way of increases the firepower of our fleet, but so far we don't have the ability to put down roots and build lots of starships.

We should finish things up with the shrimp guys, as it seems we may be leaving this area completely.
No. 315435 ID: 6a4a02


...we kind of have been neglecting our relationship with the shrimps, haven't we? we're not trading, and their planet doesn't even have a name yet!

hmm. maybe they have the superconductors we need.
No. 315674 ID: 9ea6ca

When we do make the wasps and ants. Would it be possible to make them resemble Earth creatures as much as possible?

It was mentioned that sending bio-engineered critters into combat would reduce morale. But since we went the Karras route, why not spin this in a positive light? Ants and Wasps are refugees from a destroyed Earth, just like we are. It might give our people heart to see them take the fight to the enemy.
No. 315740 ID: 1854db

I'd like to note that we did finish research on IMPROVED MOTORS >>284925 it just isn't lit up for some reason.

Okay, gonna set up a build order here. 3 turns.

Turn 0: Research on COMPUTING SYSTEMS IV completes. 53 spare RP. First, let's finally do culture exchange with the Galt for 36 RP. 17 left. Let's dump that into Warpslug Cannon because I want to get really really good guns and blast the Breakers out of the sky. Speaking of good guns, did we outfit all our ships with Chaos (ship-mounted plasma) guns? Those work well against shields, so we should be good for offense against Breaker ships with those. If we haven't, well...
Turn 1: Finish the Warp II retrofit on the ships we started on. There was only 1 turn left for that, iirc, and would cost 36 SC. We'll only be getting 25 OBP however. If Chaos cannons haven't been fitted to the ships then we should do that. Also if we have any ships docked that could use the Warp II retrofit, start that next. If not, start building a Corvette once all the retrofitting's done. We could use more space power.
RP: 45/turn. Warpslug's gonna be at 62/150. It'll complete after turn 3.
BP available: 198 (216-27) x3=594.
Goodsx1000 x6
Carsx100 x1
42 BP

Hospital x1
Command Center x1 (wait, shouldn't we have this already? My previous build order that was used for the combined one has it, and we're getting the morale bonus...)
Stadium x1
M. Shop x1
M. Entertainment x1
Buildings will require 1000 metal, 12 SC, 335 workers, 25 profs. Well, actually, more like 15 profs since that hospital will replace the medical district. We'll be slightly overworked as it is right now, but... I noticed something. We only need ONE university running! They house 1800 students and we only have about 1500 learning atm. So shut one down, and start training 300 profs to fill our capacity. We'll have another 60 profs free which is more than enough to cover the hospital.

Antiair Plasma Array x20
Naval Plasma Battery x5 75BP
MLRS Deployable Minefieldx5 x10 10BP
Gunship x5 75BP
Heavy Gunship x2 100BP
Test Pattern x5 200BP
Weaver x3 3BP
Reaver x15 30BP (I still want to do a reaver drop. We can put tiny parachutes on them to let them survive the fall.)
That's all our BP.
The factories will use 841 metal, 76 Fuel, 150 SC.

Hey, what's the trading situation like with the Galt now? Our resources have changed so the old deal isn't quite valid anymore. I think we should trade a couple of obsolete techs to them regardless.

OTHER PEOPLE: Feel free to add things to do. For instance, I didn't use any of our IP because I'm not really sure if we want to use any before getting the safety upgrade. Also, feel free to vote for different research options. As it is now the only clear majority is finishing Computing Systems IV.
No. 315745 ID: cd63e9

just a reminder that we should probably avoid building anything that we can't take with us, we really do not want to get caught by the breaker fleet.
No. 315746 ID: 1854db

We have plasma weapons on our ships. We can fight back now. We have better tech than we did when they destroyed our home, don't forget that.

I want to at least try a small skirmish using plasma weapons, before we evacuate. I think our ships might be faster than theirs too.
No. 315798 ID: cd63e9

our rapid technological advance is another reason to avoid conflict rather than seek it. we do not want the breakers to realize just how fast we are advancing until we are advanced enough to pose a threat to them, there is nothing here worth reveling our new ship scale weapons.
No. 315885 ID: 6e44d2

I think we'll be fine here for a while. Let's set up a f'real base here and work on building up our tech and resources as quickly as possible.
No. 315893 ID: 565f4f

hmmmm.... you got me thinking.

we could research the breaker plague if we get enought of the breaker.

so lets set a small commando team to disable their shuttles and put them on the ground. when thats done we will know for sure if our weapons will work on them, thats when we attack their ships still on the sky. capturing or destroying them would be a moot point, we are likely to get either the crew on the ship or the stranded soldiers on the planet.
No. 316216 ID: 9ea6ca

The multi-universe thing is getting really hard to keep track of. Especially since most of our explored territories are spread between gate jumps.

Do we have a list of planets, where they are and what universe they are in? An overall map would help a lot in understanding the situation.
No. 316406 ID: 44766a

By the way, have we broken down the obsolete Breaker weapons for resources yet?
No. 316511 ID: 9ea6ca

Assuming we can reconstruct some if we need to in the future for whatever reason. I don't see any downside to recycling them.

Keep a couple just in case, and for test purposes.
No. 316577 ID: 7ff0e9

biochemical weapons, because otherwise we'll have picked Karras for nothing.
No. 316603 ID: 1854db

Huh, the Naval plasma cannons are mounted on starships? That's a bit odd but okay!

Also that build order was supposed to last 3 turns. We definitely don't have enough BP to make all that military stuff! However I suppose I should add stuff to it. We need more residential in Baikonur after all, and construction of the Archive base should start too. ...it sounds like the Archive planet is completely devoid of life. I guess we don't have to worry about hostiles then.

Wait, what is Fleet 1 and what is Fleet 2? Is Fleet 1 the fleet around Baikonur? Do we have anyone in the Occissor aside from the military dudes piloting it? I mean, can we make a base there at all?

Also let's name the Archive's star Thoth.

Residential District x4
Luxury Complex x1
No. 316613 ID: 75c491

Fucking hell I am a moron, now I'll have to re update tomorrow then. I admit I never double check anything. I didn't see much suggestion in your post that you wanted it to carry on for 3 turns, though I guess I should have noticed the BP usage was pretty ridiculous for just 1 turn.
I'll assume these buildings are to be tacked on to your previous build order list

Also Fleet 1 is indeed the fleet around Baikonur. The contents and locations of the starships are listed on the update pages. Occissor has only a few soldiers and professionals and no resources to make a base.

Also yes the Naval Plasma Cannons are starship weaponry. The Splinter 'Navy' is really just the starships, there hasn't been a need for making aquatic vehicles... yet.
No. 316618 ID: 1854db

Hmm alright let me modify that build order then. We need more starship-mounted plasma for sure!

Cancel the construction of ALL those Gunships and Heavy Gunships. Build 15 extra Naval Plasma Battery instead. Also switch the 3x Weaver and 15x Reaver to 2x Weaver and 20x Reaver. I am deadly serious about Reaver swarming. We could even alter how the MLRS Deployable Minefield works so that it launches a bunch of Reavers instead.

This will change the material costs from
841 metal, 76 Fuel, 150 SC
784 metal, 16 Fuel, 335 SC

Also I'd like to order the Occissor to return to Baikonur, although it should wait at the Anomaly until we know that the Breaker fleet won't ambush them when they teleport here. I wish we knew what kind of sensors they have. Our fleet at Baikonur is stealthed, that I know. The question is, can Fleet 2 reach Baikonur without the Breakers spotting it midway?
No. 316740 ID: cd63e9

we might want to research Neptune and chiron gas. the snaran seem to lack any kind of NBC gear and I bet we can come up with some way of delivering it to the breakers. Its also really cheap.
No. 316761 ID: 75c491
File 130885411648.png - (281.14KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 3.png )

With the discovery of COMPUTING SYSTEMS IV two new drones have been unlocked, and existing drones are now more intelligent.

The discovery of GALT CULTURE allowed us to gain more insight into their society. The Galts have a very large focus on personal wealth, and are intensely dedicated with the concept of trade. Ever since the dawn of their civilization, finding out how to trade two very different goods and thus what things are worth is of foremost concern to them. They became a society based on trade and businesses, with powerful corporations becoming like nations. Armed conflict is a concept they are mostly unfamiliar with, preferring other methods to usurp one another.
Additional information about the Galts can be provided as requested.

The discovery of WARPSLUG CANNONS have unlocked new weapons for us to build. Warpslug weapons were unable to be miniaturized to the point where infantry and light weapons could be made. They are very expensive and are slightly less effective versus shields compared to plasma, but they more than make up for these deficiencies with their advantages. First of all, Warpslug weapons have the longest range of any weapons designed thus far, and are unmatched in terms of sheer damage they can cause. Even medium warpslug cannons can penetrate any form of ground unit armor we have seen so far. A new AA missile weapon using very similar Warpslug technology has been designed, and can be used on Interceptors, Test Patterns and Shii to replace their standard missiles. Naval Warpslug batteries can engage orbital bombardment like Naval Railguns, but are much more devastating (don't use them on targets too near our troops!) and cost 10 Fuel to fire per volley instead of 10 SC. They still can only fire 10 times per turn at most, and the only Carriers and Battleships can engage in orbital bombardment. A minimum of 5 batteries must be installed on a ship in order for it to fire on the ground.

OCCISSOR still is unable to have its engines upgraded due to being near the Archive in the other universe. (The star the Archive is located still needs a name as well)

The Archive remains sealed despite attempts by the Occissor's crew to access it. A base of operations with a lab structure will be necessary to research the building.

People who are still stuck in the starship instead of planetside housing are getting increasingly restless, though the production of more housing on the ground is keeping them from going over the edge.

Insufficient entertainment and shop structures are resulting in a reduced morale boost.

As a there are no new batches of workers being trained, bringing Dryads into the workforce is not occurring yet. Altering some of the residences and offering token authority positions to the Dryad leaders is helping prevent deterioration of morale.

The cultists are just some strange religious movement who worship the Splinter as angels or gods or somesuch. Snippets of news gleaned from the Galts reveal that they are fairly similar to some modern cults that occurred on Earth, in the fact they seem to be more about giving lots of money to a figurehead than any actual real religious meaning.

Morale concerns with bio-engineered combat creatures really only comes into play if they are sentient. Most people won't have qualms with mindless insects being weaponized.

The build order is taken. The Command Center was indeed already finished, I fixed that on the spreadsheet.

I'll make one a bit later
No. 316762 ID: 75c491
File 130885427118.png - (168.45KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

New techs have been unlocked:
COMPUTING SYSTEMS V: Unlocks more drone types, and drone intelligence will increase to a point where they will be nearly as effective as standard pilots (though they will lack the ability to become veteran Phantasm Aces)

DISRUPTIVE SHELL: The Splinter's fist attempt at energy shielding. It will function quite differently to the shields that the Breaker and Snarren use.
No. 316768 ID: 35e1a0

as amazing as the disruptive shell sounds it is expensive as hell. i suggest starting up the neptune and chiron gasses before making the bugs so they can be outfitted with SUPER poison against their selected targets. and may as well do the planetary research.
No. 316769 ID: a13d68

oh boy, energy shields. we should research that right after we research warp tech 3 and order the Occissor to return to be refitted so we don't crap our pants when we do eventually run into the Breaker fleet. we'll have the means to defend and escape.

I'm thinking of starting to prepare to get a new colony up at the Archive as well, since we eventually will have to anyway and need a leg to fall back on to. might as well get going already to turn it profitable as soon as possible.

at least one of those gases must be researched- probably CHIRON, since the research tree implies it to be Breaker-related and they're apparently the only real threat to us right now.

I'm still against bugs due to their inability to perforate anything better than thin clothing. no point in investing resources into something that can't really do much against giant spaceships and tanks with energy shields and even armored infantry when we could be just gassing them or poisoning our munitions.
No. 316770 ID: 35e1a0

the snarren wear loincloths. they are totally unarmored.
No. 316771 ID: 35e1a0

also, imagine the situation like when we were defending the temple again. just RELEASE THE BEES and all the snarren die.
No. 316774 ID: 0d095c


And someone better at Accountancy than I should do the Queue
No. 316780 ID: 234c26

I think that the Memory Mods should be our next research goal, followed by whatever military essentials we need (bees, etc.) and then the Tactical Implant System. It will be a huge investment of RP to get both, but the death risk from implantation effectively makes the implants more expensive and hurts our ultimately limited supply of personnel.

Warp III is on my list for after that. It's hard to argue that moving extremely quickly is anything but essential.
No. 316813 ID: cd63e9

I think we should research INTEGRATED TACTICAL IMPLANTS before memory mods. we do not want a 5% risk of death for something we are putting in our scientist.
No. 316816 ID: 234c26

I had figured that after getting memory mods we'd put the implants in our nonworker population and then send them into schooling. We get the maximum gain per implant that way, and our nonworkers aren't anywhere near as valuable as our professionals and workers.

I agree that we definitely don't want to put neural implants into any of our professionals until there is no risk from doing so. No implanting our commandos, either, although we'll probably want to do so at some point.
No. 316818 ID: 35e1a0

think gasses would be best. would give us ANOTHER weapon.
also new vehicle idea a tank with both a plasma gun and a warpslug on it right next to eachother. would use the plasma to open a hole in a shield and then fire a warpslug though the opening. should be super effective against giant snarren.
No. 316821 ID: 5f0943

Technically we already have tanks with two guns, Slowpoke drones.
No. 316840 ID: 9ea6ca

Slowpokes were changed from drone tanks to superheavy tanks with 2 heavy guns. Like a mammoth tank. We do have heavy ground plasma cannons, so if you can find a way to miniaturize the warpslug that would work great.
No. 316845 ID: 44766a

We were able to miniaturize the warpslug cannons down to medium level, so we already have a heavy version.
No. 316873 ID: cd63e9

iron town is in the same system as the breaker fleet right? I think we should start deconstructing it. we need to pull out of that universe yesterday.
No. 316896 ID: c5d5f7
File 130887966764.jpg - (117.33KB , 900x683 , anti_infantry_robot_by_progv-d33hqeh.jpg )

If our AI intelligence is getting this close to human level, can we start thinking about robotic infantry?
No. 316897 ID: 6e44d2

I think we did that already.
No. 316898 ID: 9ea6ca

*slaps forehead*

The new update picture was so big that I looked at everything except the bottom right corner

The warpslug weapons look great. Do railguns have any advantages over the warpslug cannons? If not we should phase them out whenever possible. If the warpslugs can deal with shields almost as well as plasma is there really any point in mixing the two? Just give slowpokes 2 cannons and it will have maximum firepower at long range.

For upgrading our fleet, I would say phase out the railguns for plasma. Warpslugs are very expensive, so only give enough to the carrier to allow it to bombard surface targets. Our destroyers and cruisers should also get 1 or two.

If possible, could we retrofit naval railgun batteries into those railgun kill-sats we mentioned earlier?
No. 316899 ID: 6e44d2

Also, I vote warp tech III, then the gasses, then the bugs, then the implant stuff.
No. 316903 ID: 9ea6ca

we do have walking drones, but they are fairly terrible. A tracked drone or spiderbot design might work well however. A minitank essentially.
No. 316914 ID: 35e1a0

.. a metal slug style minitank?
No. 316919 ID: 9ea6ca

If you'd like yeah. Two tracks, turreted weapons, perhaps twin-linked infantry rifles. We already have IRL drones like this mounted with heavy machine guns and grenade launchers and stuff.

If designed properly they can even climb stairs, so the only thing you lose out on versus a 2-legged design is the ability to shoot down.
No. 317007 ID: f1a850

id like to consider ethnical uses of the drones.

its possible that we may be getting near a self aware drone tecnology, possibly we can already make a hive of it. how about researching some sort of morality code restriction for it?

a hivemind style of decision making could be interesting if we want to make fire and forget drone armies, there could be "support" drones doing repairs, collecting energy and making ammo, effectively reducing the amount of officers or whatever we replace decision making with.
No. 317093 ID: 1854db

Looks like the majority wants to research gasses and bugs next. So let's do that. I really want shields but that seems to not be on the table. Oh well.

3-turn build order.
Neptune Gas, Chiron Gas, BEEEEEES!
20,20,40. 80 RP, done on turn 2.
Memory Mods is next. 150 RP, will be at 55/150 at Turn 3. It'll complete 3 turns after that. Sheesh.

L. Warehouse x3 (we're producing metal at a frightening rate. We need more storage if we really want all this. In fact, we are currently PAST capacity, if storage is used for all resource types as well as food and goods. I imagine that some of this stuff is being stored outside of our ships and warehouses somehow? The consequences for running out of storage room were never mentioned.)

Since we aren't actually using any OBP at this point, we'll have 648 BP at our disposal.

Goodsx1000 x5

Heavy Gunship x1
Warpslug Cannon x10
Heavy Warpslug Cannon x4
Naval Plasma Battery x17
Naval Warpslug Battery x5
The factories will use 774 metal, 30 fuel, and 479 SC. We can afford it.
Those Naval guns sure use up a lot of SC. We still need to make 10 more to fully equip our ships, too. What were we using our metal for before anyway? I am coming nowhere close to using what we're producing. I suppose if we built shitloads of vehicles we might though.
No. 317094 ID: 1854db

Oh wait I forgot about the 2 spare RP we have. Memory Mods will be at 57/150 instead.
No. 317097 ID: 9ea6ca

>The consequences for running out of storage room were never mentioned.
I would imagine that gathering just stops. Can we store as much as possible on the carrier to pick up the slack? We do need more warehouses of course.

Have a chat with our staff and figure out the best and safest way to get the Occissor home to us, and a properly equipped scientific team to the Anomaly.
No. 317098 ID: 9ea6ca

Oh and don't forget to include housing in the build order! We have people in orbit getting restless.
No. 317099 ID: 1854db

That's gonna be finished next turn.
No. 317126 ID: cd63e9

ok i'm confused, and bad at reading spread sheets. could someone sum up whats going on with the breaker fleet and iron-town?
No. 317139 ID: ea0bfe

We evacuated Iron Town shortly before the Dryads could call space worthy vehicles for the Breakers. So in short, Iron Town is gone, i´t´s cannon saviley stowed on one of the ships and the Breaker have hopefully no idea were we are.

The fleet they have has around the same mass that three of our destroyers have, so yeah, they propably outnumber us. I hope this helps
No. 317895 ID: 1854db

Ah, one last thing! Let's ask Voronova what he thinks about the Breaker fleet's movements, and how our ships compare to theirs now. Does he think we could take them in a fight yet?

...wait a second! If we're not using the Orbital Factory for anything, turn it Inactive and put our spare profs back to work at the University. Then we can have everything running that needs to be running, WHILE training some Dryads. Just put as many as we can in there, Mages first.

Ask Segale for a Dryad morale update afterwards.
No. 318290 ID: 9ea6ca

Snarren shields deflect solid projectiles. The proposed Splinter Disruptive shields are stated to "work differently". Can you explain this or will we just have to research them and find out?

Energy shields would be fantastic, but I don't think we have the resources necessary to fully utilize them just yet. Better to avoid combat altogether for now.
No. 318359 ID: 259738

Even if we can take them in a fight now, we probably shouldn't. It's an unnecessary risk. Salvaging Breaker tech isn't worth the potential cost of fighting right now. After we have our own shield tech, maybe it would be worth it. We still don't know how Breaker shields work.
No. 318474 ID: cd63e9

i agree, we need to build up a a good sized fleet, or get our own shields before we even think of fighting the breakers in space
No. 319225 ID: 9ea6ca

This is far future planning. But do you guys think our second capital ship should be a carrier or a battleship?

The battleship obviously has more weapons and armour, but the carrier would make it a lot easier to move a growing population. The carrier could also bring its fighter craft to the battle.

I somehow doubt we will ever be able to make a truly permanent settlement. So staying on the move might be the only way to survive.
No. 319235 ID: 35e1a0

we need a planet with no intelligent life on it that worships totus. cause using the gate leaves them unable to find us. then the only way to track us is by being ratted out.
No. 321436 ID: 4d024e
File 130976281626.png - (272.35KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 4.png )

Three turns pass. The Breaker fleet continues to meander around the Gretz star system.

The completion of new housing has eliminated the morale problems plaguing the populace stuck in orbit, and the training of Dryads as Workers is helping to ease them into accepting Splinter rule. They are gradually becoming more accepted among the civilians as equal citizens rather than refugee baggage or primitive natives.

CHIRON GAS and NEPTUNE GAS have been researched. All chemical weapons will have full effect against unprotected Snarren and Breakers.

A new creature has been designed, a type of lethal stinging insect, nicknamed "Ghasts". They may be created at Gestation Tanks and used against the enemies of the Splinter. Civilian reception of these biological weapons is mostly neutral.

Railgun's advantages over Warpslug weaponry is that it is much cheaper and the less explosive impact allows for less collateral damage.

A tracked drone with twin-linked infantry weapons would cost 10 RP to make. It would be slightly more expensive and less able to maneuver very rough terrain, but will be more durable, pack better firepower and have better accuracy.

Combat drones will not be given sentient AI, only powerful basic programs to deal with a huge variety of combat situations. If you want sentient AI, you just need to ask for it. (Not yet though, tech is not quite up to that level yet)

The self-sufficient drone army you are suggesting will take a considerable sum or RP to make. A wide variety of drones must be designed to fully support this idea.

When warehouse capacity is reached, Derricks will stop gaining more resoures. Max storage space has not been reached yet; food and goods only take up 1/100 of a storage space per unit.

Exact details on the shield's functioning will not be given until the tech is complete.

OCCISSOR CAPTAIN: Sir, the Breaker fleet appears to be currently moving away from the Anomaly. We should move while they are still elsewhere. Remember that they only have engines that more 1 parsec per turn, as opposed to our much more powerful engines.

WING COMMANDER VORONOVA: The enemy fleet is moving in a search pattern. They will eventually find us. We can outrun them easily, since we are at least three times as fast as their ships. Our ship armor has not changed since the Demise, so even if we outnumber them we can expect to take heavy damage. Our plasma weapons have similar range to their guns, but warpslug guns have much greater range. Our guns can break through their shields and most likely their will be able to defeat their armor. Exactly how much punishment they can take we don't know exactly, so I advise to get as much warpslug as possible and take them out before they can get into range. We cannot "kite" them with the warpslug guns because when we not in FTL travel we are the same speed as they are, and they could always try surrounding us.

LIEUTENANT GENERAL SEGALE: The Dryad education is progressing fairly well, but we are running into a few problems. Older Dryads have been found vehemently arguing with teachers and disapproving of our curriculum, and younger less willing students avoiding classes altogether. I expect about %20 less Worker graduates when compared to standard Human and Nautil students. The Dryads relatively poor performance in the education programs is causing a few humans to look down upon them as inferior, and there are quite a few Dryads who still resent our culture. These are rather minor issues though, in general there has been a noticeable increase of the species intermingling rather than isolating from each other, and there are very few problems serious problems arising from cultural differences.
No. 321497 ID: e5f157

told you we need the energy shields.
No. 321501 ID: 0d095c

Recommend looking into the source of these arguments. This may be small now, but with our morale problems in the fleet, anything should be counted as a problem.

Also recommend we step up creation of Warpslug weaponry, and also recommend construction of some kind of Injector missile to deploy chemical and biological weapons against enemy starship crews.
No. 321521 ID: cd63e9

we should nip the problems with the dryads in the bud if we can, we do not want an angry oppressed minority in the fleet. We should also get the hell out of dodge. we do not want to risk a confrontation with the breaker fleet.
No. 321531 ID: 1e9d01

I recommend private tutors for those Dryads who argue with teachers or avoid classes. They need to learn how we do things, even if they disagree with it.

ALTERNATIVELY, wait until we have some dryad Professors and have them teach those less willing to learn under human teachers.

Perhaps we could simply arrange study groups where the more cooperative Dryads can help explain concepts to those less eager to learn.

Run these ideas by LIEUTENANT GENERAL SEGALE. Since this is a minor issue we don't actually have to do anything but if we can do something easily about the problem then we should.

Have the Occissor move to meet up with our base, then we can put the 45 profs in the ship working in the Orbital Factory to refit the ship, and throw the extras at the Medical Outpost for a little bit of extra benefit.

I recommend going full production on making Warpslug Naval Batteries. Possibly researching shields, though it'll take a YEAR to finish... looking at their search pattern it may actually take a year for them to find us though. Maybe we can distract them with an attack on Gretz? Just a few turns more RP and we should manage to research shields before we have to fight them head on. These avenues are the highest priority right now, unless we just want to evacuate to the other universe.

Unfortunately even with those 45 extra profs we don't have enough profs to man both massive labs and ALSO man the universities and hospital. We'd have to shut down all our medical buildings, or a university. Neither is a good idea. Even then we'd only get an extra 9 RP per turn... oh well! I guess we could just put our extra profs on the Medical Outpost alongside the Hospital, for extra medical benefit.

I'll post a build order later after everyone weighs in on what we should be doing.
No. 321532 ID: a5a1cd

>also recommend construction of some kind of Injector missile to deploy chemical and biological weapons against enemy starship crews.
That seems immensely impractical. The very same systems which contain any atmospheric leaks in the event of a hull breach would be ideal for sealing off any penetration of a spaceship by such a missile.

>Maybe we can distract them with an attack on Gretz?
Having some of our ships act as raiders and harry the enemy fleet and/or draw them off in a direction we're not actually in could potentially buy us quite a bit of time. It would be risky for the chosen raiders, admittedly, but the potential benefits make it attractive enough that I'd back it. As long as they have our best engines and warpslug cannons, they should be able to give significantly better than they get and hopefully send the enemy's search patterns in entirely the wrong direction looking for us.
No. 321538 ID: 751acc


or, if it's possible, the professors could be tasked to work together with dryad eggheads to devise an alternative education system that would be suited to the dryads' 'cultural sensitivity' while still allowing them to function as workers/professionals/etc by the end of it. anyone who wishes to take it instead of the standard procedure would be allowed to do so without further ado.
No. 321541 ID: 83953d

how you got my interest, because its likely we could use support drones.

something in the line of the mulebot the army uses, but that would be able to recognize wounded soldiers and drag them, make first aid, etc.

a small warp-alpha-warp strategy can net us the victory we want, assuming we have at least 2/3 of their forces and we can damage them signifcantly.

getting a few ships with warpslugs and doing guerrila tactics might work even if we dont kill them at fist shot.

we make 2 fleets, one in a reinforced defensive position, the other ready to leave; the undefended fleet warp in at maximun warpslug range, attack the breaker ship. if we destroy it, the sniping fleet should warp to the defensive position and wait with both fleets to snipe the 2 remaining fleets. if we do not, warp to the anomaly wich they intend to leave at maximun warpslug distance, at that point the defensive fleet should warp in at the breaker army wich is now preparing to warp away and finish off that ship.

oh wait, its likely they will divide to send warnings to their home base. we need a small scout able to take out scouts or delay their exiting anwyay.

after our fleet at the breaker exit point take its shot, it should hold its ground as the defensive fleet warps in at similar range in a different direction to also give the shot to the damaged ship. at that point its friction war, we would have 2 fleets at one fleet, one on thier front and another on their back/side.

i think its a culture thing. if they are used to apprentice/master setting we should make changes. maybe setting them to work with experienced personnel could do them good.


if they are mages, we need to take good care of them. there is sure some sort of work and research we can do with them.
No. 321572 ID: 44766a

Have we inducted any Dryads into the military yet?
No. 321592 ID: cd63e9

i'm down-voting the idea of launching raids on the breakers. we have what, 4 warships? we don't have enough ships to send out a raiding fleet.
No. 321740 ID: 9ea6ca

Okay let see:

1. For now, suspend all construction of ground-based weapons and equipment. Save the resources for fitting our combat ships and the carrier with warpslug cannons. The rest can make do with plasma.

2. Expand our interceptor fleet and build at least enough warp torpedoes for a single engagement. Put all "extra" research into computer systems V and then energy shields.

3. Was there any mention of anti-fighter point defense plasma or warpslug? We are still using rainguns, might want to consider upgrading to at least plasma.

4. Research the new metal slug drones cause they are cheap. Recycle all of the Bromeliads as obsolete and replace them with the new drone.

5. Bring the Occissor home and upgrade its engine. Equip her or another ship with a scientific detachment and send it back to the Anomaly. Finding a home clear of Totus influence is our #1 priority.

6. Did we research the Galt planet yet? Might as well fit that in.

Our priorities should be, (in this order).
- Find a safe place that we can put down roots and do some serious growth.
- Up-gun our fleet to warpslug cannons and built up a large squadron of human piloted and drone interceptors with warp torpedoes. As many as our carrier can reasonably fit and launch.
- Wrap up loose ends with the shrimp.
No. 321754 ID: 9ea6ca

Can we get a rundown on the state of our implant tech? There are a bunch of different types now and each one has a different level of risk.
No. 321779 ID: cd63e9

hey ed, can we have a summary of whats going on right now? i'm a bit confused lost
No. 324039 ID: 1854db

Alright, time to set up a build order.

THIS IS A 4-TURN BUILD ORDER. I figure that's how long it'd take before the occissor is refitted. It'll get here in three turns, then refitted in one turn.

Looks like nobody really wants to research anything but the shields now so let's do that.

RESEARCH: Switch immediately to Disruptive Shell. It will complete in 12 rounds.

...no, we can do better.
Shut down 2 factories, and use our free professionals to staff the spaceship-bound Small Lab. Having the Small Lab running for at least 6 turns will allow us to finish the research a turn early. That could be all the time we need, as it looks like the breakers are staying 2 tiles away from Gretz during their search pattern. That will take 12-13 turns for them to reach us, if they do not somehow discover our location before they come within visual range. Even so, after the occissor is refitted we should send it out as part of the raiding fleet to harass and delay the breakers. We can discuss that more next build order.

Since the Occissor is here (arrived at the beginning of the turn), we'll have another 45 profs free. Start up the Orbital Factory and 1 more Ground Factory. Refit the engines on the Occissor. After that's done... well, I can detail how to put the profs back to work next build order.

I just realized we have more space in our Fortress for training dudes.

288 Crew. Apparently drones use Crew!? We're running low because of that.

Luxury Complex x7 because we're quite close to the population cap, and besides, we need 6 more to get a +1 total morale bonus from them. Half the population needs to be in there! (note, in order for the calculation to work right, the empty non-luxury buildings need to be set as inactive)
Large Shop x2
Large Entertainment x2
Medium Smelter x1
Medium Derrick(SC) x5 holy crap we have quite enough metal I think! Let's put 5 derricks of workers over to more SC generation. ...or just use our rather large number of free workers to staff them.
4900 Metal, 62 SC.

We have 108x4=432 BP with two large factories running. There will be a third Factory active on the fourth turn, so, that's an extra 54 BP. The three factories will be supporting the orbital factory, so knock 18 off that. 468 BP total.
Goodsx1000 x5
Carsx100 x1
APC x4
Naval Warpslug Battery x16 (all we can make with current SC income. That'll bring us up to 21 total. Good enough for a raiding fleet.)
Chemical Gasserx15 x10
Chemical Grenade Launcher x50
Missile Pod x12
Chemical Bomb x20
Chemical Hellstorm x15
MLRS Gas Strikex5 x30
MLRS Deployable Minefieldx5 x12
1324 Metal, 9 Fuel, 400 SC, 468 BP.

Also speak to SEGALE as outlined in >>321531 and ask Dwight if he's got any general advice about our situation. Is there anything we've been overlooking?

Hey, we can't take apart our Breaker weapons for any SC can we?

Oh. Maybe we should trade with the Galts a bit. Trade 10000 Goods for Fuel. Or SC if they have any. Heck, trade some more low tech to them.
No. 324043 ID: cd63e9

I vote we reunite the fleet. Unless i'm mistaken right now most of the population is living on the ships dangerously close to a breaker fleet. with a small colony on the other side of the anomaly that the breakers won't be able to find for a long time. we should move the fleet through the anomly befor we do anything else, then we can do >>324039 but only once we have a colony up and running.
No. 324055 ID: 1854db

You are mistaken. Almost all of the population is planetside. If we can delay the breakers for just a couple turns I am 100% certain that we will be prepared enough to kill them before they reach our colony. Even if we didn't put any more derricks on SC, we have enough income to make 4 Warpslug Batteries per round. There's 37 slots on our ship, and we have 5 already. So we need 8 rounds to fully equip our ships with Warpslug. Also, in 11 turns we will have Disruptive Shell, which I'm sure will make our ships durable enough to weather Breaker fire assuming they survive our onslaught.

We DO have extra Worker population right now so we could go start setting up a colony at the Archive after the Occissor returns, but that will merely allow us to access the Archive faster, not protect our dudes. Also we don't really have any free Professionals, unless you want to delay getting Disruptive Shell. I'm sure researching the Archive would require professionals on site. Granted, we only need the Small Lab to run for 6 turns in order to get Disruptive Shell in 11 turns, so it would be possible to shut it down after we have enough RP and send those profs on the ship. Keep in mind that would either leave the new colony defenseless, or draw military force away from the main colony where we *must* kill the Breakers.

There was a time when I thought we stood no chance against the Breakers, and I wanted to run and hide in the Archive's system too. I no longer have that fear. We can beat them.
No. 324520 ID: 9ea6ca

Maybe not beat them but at least give them one hell of a bloody nose before we scoot back to a hidden colony. We picked subjugation remember? Getting them to leave us alone is more important than just blowing them up.

Also don't forget that it will still take resources and BP to retrofit shields onto our ships.

>Apparently drones use Crew!? We're running low because of that.
They do? I was under the impression that running drones required staff and a command center. So people oversee the drones and they take commands from the base computers. But having crew assigned to each drone would defeat the whole purpose.
No. 324658 ID: cd63e9

we gain nothing from attacking the breaker fleet. we also have no idea how well there shields will hold up to warp slung attacks. right now we lack to ability to replace any ships we lose, and if a ship has something as simple as engine damage we would have to leave it behind. If we lose the battle we losse the fleet, if we win the battle but take even light losses we will have significantly reduced our ability to survive, if we win without taking any loses we ensure that the next breaker fleet send to hunt use will be much larger. The gains for attacking the breaker fleet would have to be truly staggering to make the attack worth it.
No. 324709 ID: 1854db

We would be killing breakers, that's a pretty goddamn noble cause. And besides, we already KNOW that warpslug is good against their shields. Also, we could salvage some tech from the wrecks. Maybe even resources? Prisoners for intel and Breaker Plague research?

We can in fact replace our ships, we just need a Massive orbital factory to do it in less than a year for smaller ones. Bigger ones will still take fooooorever. That is, if I'm understanding correctly how orbital factories work.

By my understanding, each orbital factory can take 1 work order. They cannot assist eachother. So a Massive orbital factory would make 54 OBP when fully assisted while we are under the current leader. A Battleship would take 56 turns. A Carrier would take 65. A Destroyer would take 12, a Cruiser would take 17, and a Freighter or Corvette would take 5. We could have multiple orbital factories working on ships at the same time, of course. Then they'd take the same length of time but pop out multiples once it's done.
No. 324934 ID: cd63e9

we know warpslug weapons are almost as effective against shields as plasma weapons, but we still have no idea how durable breaker ship shields are. as for your argument about replacing lost ships, we don't have the orbital infrastructure to do so. we would have to build the orbital factory's , and then build the ships, this would take a very long time and probably be insanely expensive. also yes we would be killing breakers. one fleet. one fleet that while out-numbing us by a decent margin (according to the mass scans) that is probably not a significant portion of there forces. the breakers are not us. they have worlds plural, and are to a man soldiers. they could probably replace that fleet without much time or trouble. we would at best be tipping our hand, and at worst they could destroy the fleet. We will need to fight them some day, but when we do it will not involve going in blind against a fleet that outnumbers us, before we have the infrastructure in place to replace any serous losses.
No. 324936 ID: 1854db

How about we just talk about this in questdis?
No. 327234 ID: 4d024e
File 131094332164.png - (306.38KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 5.png )

There was a problem on the spreadsheet that made it think drones required crew. It has been fixed

Due to conflicting suggestions the idea to assault the Breakers have been put off for these few turns.

The Freighter Vesuvius was dispatched to Gulch and has picked traded our goods and a few outdated nonmilitary tech for more Fuel. The Galts still would like to have access to our better technologies, but they still have fairly little to offer us in return.

The mulebot idea would cost 10 RP, but since all infantrymen have adequate medical supplies and training it would only be helpful in situations where it is impossible to send a human team to recover wounded soldiers.

Also, I don't understand the wording of your tactical plan. The only thing I can say is that hit-and-run guerrilla tactics won't work well in space combat since it takes time to enter and leave FTL.

No Dryads have been officially inducted into any military force yet, though the fighters who served in the rebellion on Gretz can be capable emergency militia should the time call for them. Official training for them would best be done as Light Infantrymen, as they make poor pilots and would lack cohesion with humans if trained as Commandos. They can't be trained as Power Troopers until they get a specially designed Power Armor for them (8 RP)

Well, I'll try to give my best summary of the situation: A small Breaker fleet is scouting the area around the Gretz star system, looking for any sign of the Splinter. The entirety of Splinter forces is located at Thrace, a planet in a star system somewhat near Gretz. An Anomaly has been scouted in a mostly resourceless planet in a different universe, and which needs a base built on the planet to be researched. There is some small trade going on with the Galt species. There are a few problems with Dryads integrating into the Splinter, but for the most part there have been surprisingly few problems. Our weapons technology exceeds those of any enemy we have faced thus far, but we still are working on developing defensive energy shields.

If you want any more specifics, feel free to ask.

MinStrength implants carry a 2.5% risk of death, while MaxStrength and Neural Implants carry a 5% risk.

Breaker weapons can be recycled for half their build cost in SC.

LIEUTENANT GENERAL SEGALE: Most problems we face are cultural, and the fact that the Dryads are not used to our methods and curriculum of education. Waiting until we have Dryad teachers will take a long time, and using more compliant Dryads to help educate the others, while showing some results, is not perfectly alleviating the cultural divide. There is a noticeable improvement, but still it is expected that 10% of Dryad graduates will be unfit for labor.

VICE ADMIRAL DWIGHT: As far as the general situation goes, we are doing rather well. The Dryad situation is progressing nicely and, given time, they will become a vital component of the Splinter. As far as things being overlooked, we haven't utilized Gestation Tanks to help keep increasing our population or create our new biological weapon, but our shortage of Professionals renders that an understandable oversight. Also, we must continue to be ready to leave if the situation calls, which means no especially large building projects for now. If the scout fleet finds us, whether they make it out alive or not, we can expect to find their main fleet to appear soon. As advanced as we are becoming, we still stand no chance against a fleet possibly thousands of times more massive than ours, and has the support of an entire planet of billions of people over our measly five-digit population.
No. 327289 ID: 1854db

>the main fleet will come hunt us down if the scouts locate our base
That's not something I had considered! Yeah, we're gonna have to pack up and leave if we can't get Disruptive Shell up before they find our base. And... looking at their position now, it doesn't look like they are taking a circular route around Gretz, so that's not guaranteed to happen. We probably have to leave. In fact, we may need to leave in 5 turns. Damn.

Also finding out that hit and run tactics are impossible because FTL takes time to activate... that is really disappointing. We can't really delay them without sacrificing part of our fleet, and that's just not feasible.

OKAY GUYS! When should we leave? I'm thinking we could safely stick around for 3 more turns before packing up everything. After that time we should have a better idea of the ETA of the Breaker fleet. However I think before that we should send a portion of our population ahead right NOW so that they can start building a base at the Archive. That way we wouldn't have to wait like 10 turns to start research back up again. Just like... 4 because of travel time.

SO. We should send our Lab Freighter with like 1000 Workers and our extra Profs. We'll want to build a small base. No need to bother building stuff we won't be using until the main force arrives again. Oh wait, we need to send more than one Freighter there because we need a bunch of resources to build stuff.

I think 10% is a good enough failure rate for Dryads. There's not much more we can do anyway.
No. 327299 ID: cd63e9

we will have to find something to do with the 10% of the dryad population that can't work. (induct them into the infantry maybe?) unless someone has a pressing reason to stay we should pull out now. as for the galt I have an idea for a parting gift. give them an archive containing all of our tech. explain to them that they will have to keep this secret for at least a year. if the breaker fleet nearby realizes they have it before they can defend themselves it will burn there world. it should give the breakers something else to worry about latter down the line.
No. 327381 ID: 9285a4

so we cant do guerrila tactics because even tho we have faster ships, we align at the same time and the distance advantage of warp slugs will not compensate it.

we dont really have how to win a engagement, considering we would also need to pick any stray scout going back to base to alert the main fleet.

about the dryads that cant work, if we can make them into mages id be quite happy. maybe we can find something related like comunity manager or caretaker.
No. 327449 ID: 6dc347

Can we research fast-activating warp tech? Also, for the purposes of hit-and-run, it'd be cool if we could develop tiny FTL-capable striker craft that could warp in, stay hidden from detection while recharging FTL drives, then unleash a payload of heavy-hitting weaponry (nukes?) before jumping back out. Such a craft would be devastating for enemy morale, as well as effective for hobbling the enemy.
No. 327450 ID: 9ea6ca

So... an interstellar ballistic warp torpedo? Sounds like a plan. Use the warpslug tech for it instead of nukes. Fissionables have reduced power when used in space.

This is basically what we would have done if we had elected Voronova.

Inducting them to infantry sounds good. Unless they can't be educated that way either. Then Mages might be an option.
No. 327588 ID: 6dc347

Yeah, I had forgotten about warpslug tech while writing that post. I think such a craft would be pretty sweet, and the smaller we could make it, the more we could produce. Hell, it could potentially do a lot of damage! Let's get to work on it right away.
No. 328904 ID: 9ea6ca

It seems that we need to begin preparing for our next move. Were there suitable planets past the anomaly? It would be best to relocate out of this universe entirely and dodge the fleet.
No. 328931 ID: 9ea6ca

Checklist for these next few turns:

1. Put all production resources into refitting the Ocissor and constructing interceptors, warp torpedoes and naval warpslug batteries. Recycle the redundant railgun batteries and replace them with the extra plasma batteries. If we can build enough warpslugs, start recycling the plasma batteries too.

2. Pack up a portion of our population and send them to begin constructing a colony and research base by the new anomaly.

3. Continue research on Disruptive shell, even though we will not be able to complete it before we leave.

4. Take the 10% of dryads unfit for labor and train them as light infantry at the soonest opportunity.

Plan to complete the evacuation within 5 turns. If the fleet starts moving towards us, cut that to 3 turns and GTFO. We need to avoid combat until we can gather up every force multiplier within our reach.
No. 329030 ID: 1854db

We've already refitted the Occissor. I think all our SC should go into making Naval Warpslug Batteries, personally. Also, we don't have any Naval Railgun Batteries and I don't think we can recycle anything since the obsolete Breaker weapons haven't been recycled even though it was requested multiple times.

I agree with everything else though.
No. 329231 ID: 9ea6ca

We can recycle the breaker stuff. We don't need them and we could use the SC.

Do we even have any naval railguns at this point? If not ignore what I said. Recycle the plasma guns as we replace them with warpslugs.

Build at least enough warp torpedoes to arm our interceptors for a single engagement. If the SHTF and the fleet catches up with us, we want to dump all the firepower we can on them, then retreat. No stand up battles.
No. 329237 ID: 44766a

Recycle the Breaker stuff. Keep a couple for testing purposes.

Also, we should keep a couple plasma batteries for knocking out their shields.
No. 329258 ID: cd63e9

No. 329265 ID: 1854db

Okay I was wrong, we can recycle the breaker weapons. It just wasn't done for whatever reason. Let's blame the paperwork getting lost or something.

So yeah, that'll get done. It should help with production of the warpslug batteries.
No. 331063 ID: 9ea6ca

Anyone up for making a build order? We should focus on assets that can help in a space battle. Everything else can wait until the new colony.
No. 331418 ID: 1854db

Yeah, sure. I'll make one.


First off, *recycle the Breaker weapons.* I've been told we'll get 65 SC from it, half next turn and the other half 2 turns from now. This isn't really that much (and it turns out we don't need it to make the last 16 warpslug batteries) but every bit of SC helps at this point.

Second, send those ships with the planned number of dudes and resources on them to the Archive planet. Next build order will involve setting up the colony.

Farmerx2 x10 (BTW I have an idea of how we can use these guys effectively. They are perfect for blowing up enemy fortifications, or threatening to.)
Light Plasma Cannonx2 x10
Medium Warpslug Cannon x10
Heavy Warpslug Cannon x10
Naval Warpslug Battery x16
Warp Torpedo x9

This uses all our BP, as well as 439 metal and 538 SC. We didn't need to recycle the breaker weapons to do this, but it gives us more left over. I didn't feel it necessary to build any more Produce since we're gonna have to pack it up when we leave anyway.
No. 333951 ID: a611d6
File 131199812379.png - (293.96KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 6.png )

Three turns have passed. The Breaker fleet looks like it will likely be within our radar range in a few turns. The freighters FAT MAN, FREDDIE MACK, FANNIE MAY and DOT COM, containing over a thousand people, plenty of resources and a built in SMALL LAB, are sent to the Thoth star system. They will arrive next turn, and be able to start building a base on the planet containing the Archive (the planet still needs a name). There must be at least one lab on the Anomalous Archive site to begin research.

Be forewarned that the planet, is nearly devoid of resources: the only Derricks that will operate are METAL, and even then they will only operate at 50% capacity.

The information packet containing the total of Splinter knowledge is compiled. Star maps, research data, equipment designs, cultural and historical information are all included, but the packet will not de-encrypt until several years pass and hopefully the Breaker threat has ceased in this area of space. Unless someone has any objections, the packet will be sent via Instant Communication when the last ship leaves the current universe.

All things related to FTL will be based in the tech tree. The craft you are suggesting would take 90 RP to make; assuming the ship you would like is roughly Dropship-sized craft with stealth capabilities and its only armaments as Anti-Starship Warp Nukes (which in themselves would cost 30 RP). Be warned that this is our first attempt in stealth in space that isn't communications-jammer based, and thus is not entirely risk free.

The Dryads unfit for Worker duty will be able to be inducted into the Light Infantry. Their combat effectiveness may suffer slightly though.

All Breaker weapons have been recycled for 65 SC. The Naval Railgun batteries are a built in cost when new ships are made; if a ship has no newer technology it will use the default railguns. You can recycle all the replaced railguns for 111 SC over a period of 3 turns though, but you won't be able to switch back to them later.

Warp Torpedoes are a permanent attachment, unlike one-use bombs. They are more capable of doing structural damage to lesser enemy starships than normal missiles, though they cant pierce to heavy shielding or armor. All the heavy lifting in space combat will be on Starship Naval Batteries, and possibly Nukes if the previous suggested starship is researched.
No. 333957 ID: 6e44d2

Let's research that rapemobile.
No. 333963 ID: 4b3c7e

seconding researching surprise space buttsex ships.
No. 333978 ID: 1854db


Pack. Up. EVERYTHING. Begin the trip to the Archive planet. We'll set up a research outpost there, and build SC/Metal/Fuel derricks somewhere else. Like in Conrix, at the ice planet. In fact, despite the life-filled (I'm assuming just animal life) nature of it, it sounds like a good place to put a colony. The other option for a colony would be that volcanic, thick-atmosphere place in Hylios. We'd have a bit of a detection bonus there but any land attacks there would also be harder for us to spot.

No. 333983 ID: bad65c

research warp nukes and then research the stealth ship. also it looks like we are low on heavy gunships and bombers. we should build some at the next opportunity.
No. 334116 ID: 9ea6ca

Can we get a rundown on what planets are available in the new universe? If all we have is the the planet with the anomaly on it then we should do some scouting.
No. 334124 ID: 1854db

Chloe has a bunch of useless planets, Hylios has the heavy-atmo planet, and Conrix has an ice planet like I said. The archive system has only the one, almost useless planet in it.

Those are all the systems we've found. There might be more. There probably are more, considering it's supposed to be an entire goddamn universe. We haven't been exploring as much as we could be.

(I wonder if Pastry has the universes fully mapped or if he just generates them on the fly?)
No. 334433 ID: 9ea6ca

Hmm alright. I don't think we need a build order for these next few turns. Things to do:

1. When the freighters arrive at the anomaly, have the one with the lab stick around in case they need to evacuate. Have the other freighters do a little scouting around.
2. Does the ice planet and heavy atmo planet have any difference in resources? if not plan to set up on the ice planet. We can make a final decision once the colony fleet is actually there.
3. Recycle everything and everything, start with the stuff that contains SC, then move on to the metal.
4. Pack up things onto the freighters and dispatch them once they are full. Once the freighters have no room left, put the rest on the infractus.
5. If the SHTF then we will need our carrier and other large ships for the fighting. Hopefully we have enough warpslugs to fit all of the batteries.
6. Just before we leave this universe for good, leave a satellite on this side of the gate. Passive detection only, just in case we need to return.
No. 335226 ID: a611d6
File 131225687133.png - (200.16KB , 1764x1590 , Base Report 7.png )

One turn has passed. With the oncoming Breaker Fleet, the settlement of Baikonur is being evacuated. Deconstructing the SC in the buildings and shipping everyone and everything into the starships take one turn to complete.

The Freighters have arrived at Thoth, you may begin creating a build order for the new base, and make sure to only use the resources available on the freighters (also give it a name). Due to communication errors, it turns out we were supposed to have 110 SC on the freighters as well.

There is more people than there is space in the fleet. Instead of leaving people behind, more people are crammed into the ships, causing increased discontent. A few small protests have occurred on the ships. If we can get them to a planet with sufficient housing space for everyone soon, we can prevent this problem from escalating.

Due to lack of space, the extra METAL that wont fit onto the fleet cargo holds has been dumped.

DISRUPTIVE SHELL have been paused, work has begun on the small <unnamed> deep space stealth bomber.

1. The other freighters do not find anything else of interest in the Thoth star system.
2. The ice planet has 50% less efficient fuel mining capacity
3. Stripping SC from the structures has taken up one turn, fully recycling the structures will take an additional turn.
4. All ships are completely filled
5. All batteries are already replaced by either Plamsa or Warpslug batteries.
6. A few SC has been used to create a small scanner with InstaCom abilities, so we can tell who passes by the gate.

<unnamed> - Desert planet, has air, contains The Archive, %50 efficient METAL, no other resources.

Conrix AB-
<unnamed> - Ice planet, has life and air, METAL and SC at %100 efficiency, FUEL at %50

Slag - Volcanic planet, counts as airless, all resources at %100 efficiency, all land bases and armies are harder to detect.

No planets viable for colonization.
No. 335232 ID: a611d6
File 131225842005.png - (1.08MB , 4176x2784 , Archive.png )

Also, a map of the Archive building. Base structures can be set up anywhere that isn't taken up by the grey Archive structures.
No. 335235 ID: cd63e9

I like Conrix AB, though we have enough moral boosters that we can afford the happiness penalty for settling on Hylios.

we also seem to be almost out of heavy gunships. we might want to build more.
No. 335247 ID: 462937


consider setting up an inner camp with military and research-related buildings right next to the archive and walling it up, putting civilian structures to a seperate place.
No. 335251 ID: 35e1a0

.. is the building on the top right a missile tube?
No. 335278 ID: 1854db

...whoops. Sorry guys, I didn't check our population capacity properly. We should've sent out more dudes on the freighters.

Well, it's only 5% overcrowding, I think they'll manage for 4 turns. Don't bother stripping anything but SC from the buildings, as we can't even carry any more metal right now. Let's get gone.


This is uh... a little different from what I originally planned. I had to reevaluate my priorities. Still works fine.

2x Large Derrick
1x Small Smelter
1x Large Generator
2x University
2x Large Laboratory
1x Massive Laboratory (this won't complete just yet)
3x Luxury Complex
1x Fortress
1x Command Center
1x Medium Warehouse
No. 335455 ID: cd63e9

do we really need that many labs? don't we have more labs than we can man packed up in the fleet?
No. 335519 ID: 1854db

We can't pack up large or massive buildings. So yeah, we need this many labs.
No. 336639 ID: a611d6
File 131251906888.png - (300.61KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 8.png )

4 turns have passed. The freighter fleet has begun setting up a base at the Archive (The planet and base both need names). At the end of the forth the main fleet has arrived from Baikonur to the Archive. There have been suggestions to build a primary base elsewhere, but first the main fleet had to stop at the Archive base to transfer personnel and equipment. There is no longer an overcrowding problem on the fleet, though it is recommended to not keep people on board the ship for longer than it is necessary.

A small scanner is placed on the Anomaly in the previous universe as we leave, to keep an eye on the Breaker fleet if it passes by. It is noticeably weaker than our ships scanners.

There is insufficient housing space in the settlement for all the in-training citizens to study in the universities.

If you want, you can place the constructed buildings on the settlement map yourself and arrange them as you wish. Use the building lists in the wiki page and copy+paste them onto the map.

It appears to be the only entrance to the mostly underground Archive. Like the Nexus at Gretz, this Anomaly will remain sealed until we research the appropriate technology.

The above-ground structures are fairly undecorated compared to the other Anomalous facilities we have seen, and contain several shielded windows through which we can see the massive labyrinthine networks of corridors and rooms below.
No. 336643 ID: a611d6
File 131251936880.png - (197.15KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

With the construction of the base at the Archive, a new tech has been unlocked:

THE ARCHIVE: Studies the Anomalous Archive structure thoroughly. It will open up the superstructure, allowing us to access whatever information and items are left inside. This tech will give us greater insight into the nature of this extinct race, and possibly reveal the location of other Anomalous structures. This tech also is likely to eventually lead into new, very powerful technologies later on.
No. 336657 ID: e4bbed

I suggest Ardus for the planet name. y'know, 'cause it means arid. which it is. and maybe Hothouse for the base. for the record, I know I suck at names and am only suggesting them because nobody else will.

send the fleet to Slag to colonize it. don't switch research until you complete the current one. when you do complete the current one, resume researching disruptive shell. also NEPTUNE, because 20 RP is like nothing.
No. 336691 ID: 1854db

We should've already researched Neptune. I agree with the rest of what you say though.

We're gonna need to build some more houses at the archive... sigh, I didn't think to check to see how much residential we'd need because of the students, only employed citizens... Should've made 3 Residential District instead of luxury complexes.

I guess the dryad education will be delayed for a bit while we build some more houses. May as well build some more luxury complexes, and a greenhouse so that the place is self-sufficient. And a Stadium because why not.

I'll write up a build order once some more people have posted.
No. 336698 ID: cd63e9

instead of disruptive shells we should research the archive once we finish warp nukes and the stealth ship. we should also place all our labs on the planet with the archive. something tells me its the key defeating the breakers and there god.
No. 336701 ID: 1854db

The labs are already there. I say we should research the shell right now so that we can fight the breaker ships though. We *know* that it will give us an immediate benefit, while we don't really know what researching the Archive will do.

Besides, we're like half done with the shell.
No. 336756 ID: 9ea6ca

I suppose we could go ahead and put downs some roots here. Hopefully we will be undisturbed for a good length of time. Couple things to do:

1. Get some orbital factories up and running and start making new ships. We ran out of space, if only by accident, which is worrying. So more freighters would be good, we also could use more warships.
2. Get some gestation tanks running to help boost our population. Having more Nautil around would help us expand our fleet as well.
3. Plan more ways to help integrate the Dryads. If we draft some of the workers as light infantry they may be able to help educate the infantry that couldn't be trained as workers. Having Dryad powerarmour may help with the camaraderie a bit.
No. 336759 ID: b1f0e2

research order:
1. the archive
2. Integrated tactical implant system.
3. Memory mod

Why this order?
The archive must be done ASAP because we might be forced to evacuate and might forever lose an opportunity.
The integrated tactical implant system eliminates the chance of death by implant, this is imperative for the following
Memory mod, this allows an 8x increase in learning rate. This is huge! Combined with 0% chance of death we could, should, and WOULD have every single person get a memory mod. The result would be unprecedented rate of education with an ever increasing rate of scientific research. And we can already tell that memory mode and computer V will lead to an ever awesomer tech which likely will also massively increase research and education.
No. 336761 ID: 9ea6ca

Agreed in full. We can put off disruptive shell for now. Its a hefty bonus, but it will not win the war for us.

Revised list:
1. Get memory mods up and running. Then finish off disruptive shell and do the Gas weapons and dryad powerarmour. Depending on what the anomaly tech reveals we can revise this plan.
2. Construct some gestation tanks and increase our population of humans and Nautils.
3. Use the influx of professionals to run orbital factories and begin to construct a battle fleet.
4. Continue to integrate the Dryads into civilian and military life.

Couple questions:
1. Do ships need crew? And where do these crew come from? Are they a separate category of soldier?
2. Can we check in with the Gesters? We have almost forgotten about them. See if they need anything and if there is anything we could do to make them better workers and such. The dryads can make useful soldiers but it was mentioned that Gesters are not fit for many roles. I think someone did raise the point that 360 degree vision could be very useful for a tank commander or BRIC operator.
No. 336763 ID: 1854db

>CHIRON GAS and NEPTUNE GAS have been researched. All chemical weapons will have full effect against unprotected Snarren and Breakers.

We don't need to research anything else, unless we want to attack the Galt. Which, yeah, I don't think we do. Speaking of which, they have some of our tech. If the Breakers check up on them and find that out, they might decide to attack them. Which would be kinda bad. If we can get Disruptive Shell up and go kill the breaker scouts, we can avoid that possibility.

Crew are trained like any other soldier. They train fast and cheap. We have a bunch of spare crew right now tho.
No. 336834 ID: b1f0e2

I am against attacking their scouts, we should avoid them for now.

Destroying their scouts would be sweet, but it will reveal our technological progress from finding these alien artifacts far too early. What if they know of the other locations and haven't bothered protecting them? But will once they figure out we are reverse engineering that technology? What if they send their entire fleet to look for us when we destroy their scouts? We should aim to keep our advances secret for as long as possible.

A few more things:
1. Assign people to watch the mages amongst our dryads, in secret, we don't want them to know they are being watched. Recall that the dryads seem to be an artificial species, served the same "god" as those that destroyed earth, and claim that their mages receive power via devoutness to said god. Now, that could be a load of crock, but as far as we could tell magic is extra-dimensional technology being executed based on signals from approved being, and there can be variation in the action to trigger a "spell"... aka flagging down a plan with your hands... IF their so called "god" is in charge of that then we might have sleeper agents. Or they might just lose their powers when it notices. However they are not necessarily sleeper agents, it might be that the source of said powers is different altogether.

2. Supposedly gesters have "magic talent", see if they can try to teach the gesters their magic. Carefully monitor it to see if it involves religion of their said "god".

3. It is highly plausible that said extra-dimensional technology is homing in on certain permission keys, try to isolate the chemical, DNA sequence, protein, or whatever it is it uses to identify someone as a mage. This means non-invasive research on the dryads and on the gesters. If we can isolate it then we could replicate it, stealing a valuable resource. And maybe create "anti-magic plague" that diminish its occurance in a population... such a thing would have turned the tide on the dryad homeworld.

4. We have now encountered 6 alien races who all supposedly serve the same "god" who ordered the destruction of earth. They are all anti technology, some have "god approved technology" which they are not allowed to know how it works or to improve upon, and they possess amazing powers, they all got orders to kill us from a supposedly supernatural source. We can conclude that this "god" is a real being, but if he was a real god he would have managed to kill us already. Creating life is no proof of divinity, humanity did that already. So we have an unknown alien scum pretending to be a god and sending his genetically engineered progeny at us. (our examination of the 6 races show all have been created, and that they are culled of genetic mutations that deviate too far from the baseline). Our long term goal should be to kill this would be god.

5. The ancients who built the dimensional travel system seem to have been supremely advanced race that had a civil war won by the anti technology faction who systematically destroyed knowledge, but not all of it. I might be making a leap of logic here but could said "god" be a member of said race from the anti tech faction? Their views seem to at least match. This isn't necessarily the case though, it could be a much later occurrence.
No. 336900 ID: 1854db

>it will reveal our technological progress from finding these alien artifacts far too early.
...what? Disruptive Shell and Warpslug Cannon- the two main military tools we have for our ships- are not based on Nexus tech. Warp is, but... well, who gives a shit, really. You're basically saying we shouldn't kill them because then they'll know we can kill them. They're not sending the main fleet because they don't have any target to use it on. Killing scouts is always a good idea tactically, unless you want them to see something misleading. Either deny the enemy intelligence, or give them faulty intelligence.

>Dryad paranoia
We already investigated them. If you want to do another screening of the populous, sure, but let's do it the NADIR way instead of just outright watching them constantly. People would flip.

>gesters magic potential
This is a good idea! We weren't able to make any progress initially because we didn't know exactly how dryad magic worked, but now we actually have mages to tell us.

>anti-magic plague, general magic research

>We have now encountered 6 alien races who all supposedly serve the same "god" who ordered the destruction of earth.
What? No we haven't, we encountered THREE. The Breakers, the Dryads, and the Snarren. Also only the Dryads show evidence of periodic culling.

>Nexus race having something to do with Big Asshole
You're probably right, here.
No. 336941 ID: b1f0e2

>we encountered THREE. The Breakers, the Dryads, and the Snarren.
The attack on the breaker camp on the gesters world revealed that they are a society made of 4 species performing different tasks.
However I misinterpreted "prisoner sketch" as a sketch of the prisoners rather then a sketch BY the breaker prisoners of the members of their society.
So we encountered 3 but know of 6.

>Disruptive Shell and Warpslug Cannon- the two main military tools we have for our ships- are not based on Nexus tech. Warp is, but... well, who gives a shit, really. You're basically saying we shouldn't kill them because then they'll know we can kill them.
Warp is based on nexus research, warpslug and disruptive shell based on warp.
And its not that we shouldn't kill them so much that we should not give them time to develop coutermeasures.
Make an attack fleet, find a juicy target, then get close but don't drop out of FTL yet. engage a scout to measure effectiveness of weaponry and if it is effective use instant communication to let main fleet know to attack (do so within a very short period of time).
I just don't think we should be revealing our cards like that... then again, if we can separate a small group we might be able to capture more of their tech.
No. 336943 ID: cd63e9

again, the breakers do not know we posses the means to hurt them, so until we use our new weapons we will have the element of surprise. once we use them the breakers will compensate, likely by simply increasing the size of scout forces they send out. so we should avoid fighting the breakers until we have the means to actually hurt them. destroying a scout fleet would do nothing but give them a demonstration of our new weapons and a clue to our location.
No. 336963 ID: 1854db

Oops, you're right, warpslug is based on warp.

Yes, technically there are two other subspecies aiding the Breakers. I don't consider them to be truly separate species however. I would like to note also that the Breakers cannot develop new technology. They are forbidden to. So if we are stronger than them we will STAY stronger than them. The only thing they can do is throw more ships at us, and since we can move faster than them we can decide which forces to engage. We can pick our fights, and win them.

We left the universe that the scout fleet is in, so destroying it there doesn't really give them any valid information. Also I'd like to note that we can assault Gretz again with the ability to stand up to Breaker ships, and end the threat permanently by shutting down the portals and subjugating the enemy Dryad mages.

With Disruptive Shell, we can go back to war. I'm not saying we need to assault Gretz immediately, but we need this tech at least to defend the Galt homeworld. Speaking of which, I wonder if we can broker an alliance with them and use their manpower to make ships and research new tech for us. They have a lot more people, so they could aid us greatly.
No. 336968 ID: d4b5b2

The only problem is, when we show we can defeat the breakers, or otherwise invalidate their use, (Like the big portals) other races are then sent after us, possibly a coalition. Completely crushing each in turn with overwhelming, not just sufficient, force is the safest way.
No. 336971 ID: 1854db

We kindof need shields if we're going to fight them at all in space combat. Going for a promised 'powerful' tech without knowing if it will even help our ships... is that wise?
No. 336987 ID: cd63e9

are you insane!? we can not stand up to a breaker fleet. with disruptive shells we might be able to take a scout force, but in the end we are a small refugee fleet and they are an interstellar empire. if we are going to defeat the breakers though direct military force we are going to need either allies or a truly staggering technological advantage.
No. 336991 ID: 1854db

...what? They can't get through the portals if we close them, dude. And there is no main fleet at Gretz. Maybe we could close the portals before we attack the scouts, if that makes you feel better about it.
No. 337030 ID: cd63e9

i'm pretty sure there is, also we don't know enough about how the breakers get from universe to universe to be sure we sealed all the portals.
No. 337055 ID: 1854db

No, there is no main fleet around Gretz. We could tell that they had a scout fleet. The main fleet would be HUGE. And the portals are summoned by mages and are extremely obvious, so yes we would know when they were all sealed.
No. 337083 ID: cd63e9

we know they can be summoned by mages, we don't know for sure that's the only way. in fact if that was the only way the breaker would probably have never been able to hit earth. also i'm fairly sure that the breaker fleet did not arrive via mage portal. hell if that's the only way they can get around we are safe in the universe we are in now.
No. 337115 ID: 1854db

...if they could get here by another, easier method, they would have at the beginning of the conflict. There must be some reason they can't get here the same way they got to Earth. Maybe it takes a long time to create a gate without someone assisting it from the other side.
No. 337123 ID: b1f0e2

no HERE, THERE. It is a dimension different then the one in which earth was located, and different from the dimension we are in right now. They might have means to enter this dimension but not that one. Also it could have been a matter of speed, maybe they have sent a larger fleet in a more conventional means but the gates were simply faster and were the first to react to our presence.
No. 337139 ID: 1854db

Yes yes I know this is a different universe tha earth. Assuming that that means they can get here easier is just paranoia. So is thinking that they would send the main fleet even if the scouts didn't find anything.

We have a halfway-researched tech that would increase our ships' military ability immediately and by a noticable amount. Abandoning it for something long term without even planning to attack in the short term is foolishness.

What if we have to fight ships in this universe we just colonized in? What then? Will you bet on gaining that long-shot tech before that happens, on the off chance it is more powerful than Disruptive Shell and also works with our ships? What are you even planning right now? Do you want to keep hiding until we've filled out the whole tech tree? When are we going to fight back? If it is anywhere in the near future then we need Disruptive Shell.

Hell, even if they DO send the main fleet to the dimension we just came from, we can just leave. Killing the scout fleet kills their scouts, it doesn't mean we have revealed our position at all or opened ourselves up for a counterattack. All we would reveal is that we can get to that universe and we have ships strong enough to defeat theirs even without a numbers advantage.

Also I'd like to point out that if we do lure their main fleet to a universe, it won't be at their homeworld. This universe we're in now could be where that homeworld is, you know...
No. 337151 ID: 5a7dd9

you guys, I love the idea of memory mods too, but education brings nothing to a community doomed to be wiped out. we should first be very very sure we can cover our asses in case of an immediate combat situation, then focus on being all productive and shit.
No. 337152 ID: 1854db

>Abandoning it for something long term without even planning to attack in the short term is foolishness.
Whoops, this should be "Abandoning it for something long term without even having the means to attack in the short term is foolishness."
No. 337154 ID: cd63e9

Yes, hide until we fill out the tech tree. We could kill the entire breaker fleet and it would not represent a major blow to them. They are an interstellar empire, we are a small fleet. even if we could destroy their ships at a 10 to 1 ratio we would still lose a straight up fight in the end. Fighting before we have an overwhelming advantage is fool hardy and will get us all killed.

As for killing there scouts, they will assume we are near the scout fleet that did not come back, and if they are smart and have their scouts send regular reports they will know about where there scout forces were ambushed. This of course assuming we manage to perfectly jam the scout fleet. We don’t know that much about breaker communications and the point of scouts is to be able to call in enemy contact; I give better than even odds of the scout fleet getting off a transmission before being destroyed. Not to mention if we kill one scout fleet the next one will probably be larger.

As for why we should research the archive, as far as we can tell the archive is a store of knowledge left behind by an extremely advanced race, quite possibly the race that made the gates we use to get form universe to universe. That kind of tech represents the kind of edge that would let a handful of ships topple an interstellar empire. We also don’t know how long it will take the breakers to find us again. If they chase us off before we research the archive we will lose the chance to study it permanently. There is no way they will leave it intact if they find it.
No. 337167 ID: 1854db

>interstellar empire
We don't actually know how many planets they're on. Meta knowledge implies that they are rather restricted in how many planets they have. Also, don't forget we can engineer a Breaker Plague if we get 100 Breaker prisoners. That is a weapon that we'd use against their colonies and just leave afterwards. We can, in fact, fuck the Breakers' shit up.

I don't really get why you think killing their entire fleet would not present a major blow to them. I mean, that's all their ships. They can't just walk that off; they will have no ships afterwards, and we know full well how hard it is to make new ones. As for their scout fleet, you just said that killing them would cause the breakers to deploy more ships in that area. How is that a bad thing for us, exactly, since we can choose where and when to attack the scouts?

Also researching the entire tech tree before making any military action is pants on head retarded. We can't hide forever. Remember how a Breaker ship just randomly landed on the Gester planet? I can easily see that happening again. Plus, just researching the archive might attract attention.
No. 337206 ID: a43a5c

I say take the opportunity to research the Archive while we have it. We can research the Disruptive Shields anywhere. We can't research the Archive anywhere.

And remember: it's only because we went to rather extensive trouble (even fighting for it) to research the other Anomalies that we even was able to get our current advanced propulsion and warpslugs. At this point, I wouldn't even say that it's a vague promise of a technological leap. It's a virtual certainty.

Also, we've been severely hampered in our research by a major bottleneck of professionals. We've had to close labs just to maintain important infrastructure that required professionals. Fixing that will allow us to advance our research by leaps and bounds, and greatly speed research on crucial military technology.

In short, I agree on the Archive->integrated tactical implant->memory mod->disruptive shield research order. I'm pretty sure we have some breathing room for that, but I really don't think we should push the shield research back any further than that. After that research order, we can look at Computing Systems research and whatever the Archive research opens up.

And we already set a base down on the Archive planet. If researching the Archive would put us at risk of attracting attention, maybe you should suggest abandoning the Archive planet. But, seriously, that will get us nowhere.

As for attacking the Breaker scouts, what would we gain from it? If I saw a more concrete gain proposed than destroying a few ships out of a vast imperial fleet, I'd be more willing to consider it. We've already abandoned that universe, so it's not like there's much to find (though I do think we should've destroyed our former base thoroughly). The biggest worry is that they might attack our Galt friends. But honestly? We can't do anything about that. Yet. We might have the weapons and soon the shields, but we don't have the sheer numbers necessary to deal with any fleet they would likely bring to an assault upon the Galt. Yet. That will change. Hopefully not before the Galt need our help.
No. 337214 ID: a43a5c

Further addition: we need to start cloning and building ships before we can even hope to put up a significant fight. However, the professional bottleneck is the single greatest hindrance to that. Actually, I'd go as far as to say that zero-casualty memory mods is a crucial military need. We need manpower fast, and we need professionals for that. Not only that, we need trained manpower. Fast. We need those memory mods for that.
No. 337217 ID: cd63e9

the fleet they sent after us is not there entire armada. we have every reason to believe they have more than one world.

seconding that research order with the addition of the stealth ship and its armament being researched after the archive. even after we research memory mod it will take time to manufacture a meaningful number of implants. we can start implant production while we design our raiding ship.
No. 337281 ID: b1f0e2

Perfectly reasoned and exactly what I had in mind. I wont go point by point because EVERY single point is correct and exactly my reasoning. It isn't rocket science.
Archive->integrated tactical implant->memory mod->disruptive shield research order was what I had in mind. The memory mods are of crucial military importance, they are crucial to powering all our labs (since we had to shut labs down due to lack of trained personnel).

Finally, another advantage that he didn't mention is that after researching the archive we may abandon its planet. A planet whose only resource is metal at half rate, is a drain on our economy.
No. 337320 ID: 1854db

Finishing research on Disruptive Shell would take like 4 more turns. If you're worried about having to leave the Archive planet that early then I'd like to point out that it would actually take longer to research the Archive. If there's any risk of us getting chased off before the Archive research is finished (IE from some fleet showing up- I doubt that ground forces could take us on at this point since we have so much orbital bombardment capability), researching Disruptive Shell would probably prevent that from happening at all. I agree that those other techs are goddamned vital and we should get the Archive research done soon too, but 4 turns for this kind of protection is too good a deal to pass up.

I'd like to note that the Archive, Memory Mods, and the Tactical Implant cost 650 RP in total. That'll take 15 turns with our current lab output, though in 10 turns we'll have more profs. So... probably more like 14, since then we could just use 2 Massive labs. So, we'd be without shields for over a year. Is that worth waiting 4 turns to make what would be a long term investment?

In regards to the Galt, we can in fact protect them if we prevent them from being discovered. Killing the scout fleet would buy some time, at least. As for tangible benefit... well, it would give us some critical combat data. We know that the Warpslug Cannon works well against shields but we don't have any real tactical data. Also, we could grab some ship debris and research it like we did with the Breaker Walker. OH! Also, Disruptive Shell would probably work for the Breaker Walker, allowing it to be a viable vehicle.
No. 337325 ID: cd63e9

ok i think i see the disconnect. you seem to think researching disruptive shield would allow us to fight the breakers. It would not, even there scout fleets outnumber us. disruptive shells would give us a chance against a scout force but that is about all it would do. simply put we have so few ships that risking them when we have an alternative is foolish. when we go after the breakers we will do so with overwhelming force, disruptive shells will be a step twords getting that overwhelming force but unless it makes us immune to breaker ship weapons it will not make attacking the breakers viable.

also could you give yourself a name? have a debate with someone who doesn't have one is kinda weird.
No. 337326 ID: 1854db

...have you been reading prior updates?

>VICE ADMIRAL DWIGHT: Sir, we have grave news. We have detected a Breaker fleet finally appearing somewhere near Gretz. Since it is out of range of our scanners, we can't identify their exact fleet position or composition, though we know they are not far from Gretz and have a combined MASS roughly equal to that of three of our Destroyer-Class starships. A side note to this is Occissor reporting the scanning the Archive star system and planet (both of which still need official names). The planet the Archive is located on is mostly arid, with a belt of dense swamps and jungles near the equator. The planet has an atmosphere acceptable enough that we can build without a construction time or morale penalty, though is nearly devoid of resources. The only derricks it can support are Metal, and even those will operate at %50 capacity. The Archive itself is a large cluster of structures, currently inactive according to our scans.
>WING COMMANDER VORONOVA: The enemy fleet is moving in a search pattern. They will eventually find us. We can outrun them easily, since we are at least three times as fast as their ships. Our ship armor has not changed since the Demise, so even if we outnumber them we can expect to take heavy damage. Our plasma weapons have similar range to their guns, but warpslug guns have much greater range. Our guns can break through their shields and most likely their will be able to defeat their armor. Exactly how much punishment they can take we don't know exactly, so I advise to get as much warpslug as possible and take them out before they can get into range. We cannot "kite" them with the warpslug guns because when we not in FTL travel we are the same speed as they are, and they could always try surrounding us.

We have enough Warpslug batteries for all our ships, and we at least match them as far as mass is concerned- We have 1 destroyer and a Cruiser has just as many guns. There are Frigates and Corvettes to make up the difference. We can kill them. There is no question of that. We could even kill them WITHOUT the disruptive shell tech, we would just probably take losses. Losing any of our fleet would be a giant setback, so I wanted Disruptive Shell first so that we would be able to kill them without losing any of our ships.
No. 337327 ID: 35e1a0

indeed, if we find a LONE breaker ship, it would be something worth attacking. just swarm it and disable and then reverse engineer the FUCK out of it. cause once we know exactly how a ship is put together we can make a weapon that counters it perfectly.
No. 337342 ID: cd63e9

if we attack a scout force and destroy it and lose even a single ship, that's a loss for us. we simply cannot afford to risk the fleet. we can with time and resources replace a frigate or corvette, but i really doubt we can replace any of our larger ships. fighting in space should be our last resort. we would also accomplish nothing, nothing says hostiles over here like a scout force disappearing. not to mention the first time we take out a scout force they will start making the scout forces larger.

also, 1854db could you start using a name? unless someone pays close attention to the ID section it might look like your are more than one person.
No. 337391 ID: 1854db

I agree that we shouldn't lose any ships, that's why I want to get Disruptive Shell. Voronova seemed to be suggesting that we could avoid heavy losses by using Warpslug against them and taking advantage of our range. Adding Disruptive Shell on top of that would mean we take like, no losses, assuming that a 500-RP tech is strong enough. AND OF COURSE IT IS.

>use a name
No. 337392 ID: 35e1a0

it could reduce losses but i doubt it is perfect. would still lose ships.
No. 337396 ID: cd63e9

this argument is going nowhere. lets just put weather we should finish disruptive shell or not to a vote.
No. 337402 ID: 1854db

Okay, look. With just plasma, and us outnumbering the Breakers, Voronova said he expected heavy losses. With Warpslug, that downgrades expected losses because we have a huge range advantage. With Disruptive Shell it would downgrade it even further, and it will be at least as powerful an upgrade as Warpslug, since it's more expensive to research. I would forsee us walking out of that fight without any losses at all.

The votes right now are 2 shell to 4 other stuff. We don't need to take another vote. Since I can't convince any of you 4 that disruptive shell is more important to research than Memory Mods/Tactical Implant even when it's over halfway done already then I guess we're just gonna go with that.
No. 337404 ID: 44766a

I personally would like to finish the shell research because we are almost done with it.
No. 337412 ID: 9ea6ca

Goddamit people stop trying to engage the breakers. Disruptive shell is not a miracle. Nor is Warpslug technology. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE BEEN TESTED IN COMBAT.

Any space combat may result in heavy losses. We can't afford to assume anything else. Can we absorb such a loss at this point? Imagine what would happen if we lost the Infractus.

We need manpower, we need technology and we need ships. We are in a totally different universe from the nearest enemy. If they can find and attack us within the next 20 turns, then we are simply fucked. Game Over.

Since they obviously DON'T have that power, we should use this time to set down some roots and do some real growth. As people have pointed out we are starving for professionals. The course of action is clear. Get memory mods, churn out people from gestation tanks and educate them ASAP. Weapons, ships and combat can come later.
No. 337416 ID: db967a

if we are to expect battle, then I say disruptor shell. Especially if we are almost done with it.
No. 337417 ID: 1854db

>neither of them have been tested in combat
>don't test them in combat
No. 337434 ID: a43a5c

I agree on the shields' importance. I really do. But what I consider a far greater priority is beginning the bootstrapping of our growth as early as possible. Hell, now that I think of it, I'd actually support researching the integrated mods and memory mods first thing, followed by the disruptive shield, followed by the Archive.

Also, a minor correction: I'm a she.
No. 337441 ID: b1f0e2

look, even if we do the shell before the implants that will let us massively increase our research rate, we MUST finish the archive first. Because the archive will be essential for future tech and we don't know when/if we will be forced away from that planet.
Archive first just so we don't lose the opportunity forever, then we debate about whether implants then shell, or shell then implants. And I still say shields later.
Personally I see the reasoning behind doing implants then archive, because implants are essential for bootstrapping our economy and because they will allow us to operate more labs and massively increase research. as well as more manufacturing buildings. If we can have a bigger economy we could actually build some space ships and engage.

But we can't engage YET... even if we outnumber them, and have disruptive shell and warpslug, and much less lossess they do, we still take lossess that we cannot afford and canont replenish at the moment which are a major portion of the entirety of humanity while they only lose a tiny scouting force. We cannot afford to lose a single ship, we can count our ships on our fingers and our people are numbered in the tens of thousands, they number in the billions and their ships are similarly numerous. billions vs 10,000 = 100,000 to 1 ratio. we can't afford to cripple ourselves for an inconsequential victory.
No. 337442 ID: a43a5c

I'm now changing my vote to mods, then Archive, then shields. The stealth ship stuff are lower priority.

Other than research order, is there anything else we need to settle before proceeding onward? Is a build order necessary?
No. 337445 ID: 9ea6ca

Sure, we have PLENTY of spare breaker ships lying around that we could shoot out of combat? *end sarcasm

Nothing less will work. Even shooting warpslugs at shielded breaker vehicles won't give us the data we need. Starships are built to a totally different level.
No. 337446 ID: 28e94e

We're already almost done with Disruptive Shell, so it'd probably be cheaper in the long run to just finish research and be done with it. After that we work towards Memory Mods.
No. 337448 ID: 1854db

...I was pointing out that you don't want to get into a fight with them because they haven't been tested in a fight. Which is the only way we can test them in a fight.
No. 337449 ID: b1f0e2

Ah, I see your mistake, you think that if we pause the research we lose all currently invested research points in the field. AFAIK we do not, we can pause it, research something else, and then come back to it and pick up where we left. This means that it is in fact more expensive to finish shields before a technology that increases RP generation or a massively awesome tech we have limited time to research.
No. 337550 ID: 9ea6ca

Exactly. We have no way of testing them without engaging the enemy fleet. Something we need to avoid at all costs. Voronova explained that we can expect heavy damage for any engagement, so any victory we win will be a Phyrric one. Unless we can outgun the enemy 10-1 and give ourselves a 90% margin for error.

The enemy fleet strength masses at least 3 destroyers and is likely growing by the day. So in addition to the planning above, I would suggest:

1. Research the mobile orbital shipyards we mentioned earlier. Having at least a few will save us a lot of time when we move colonies.
2. Plan to construct at least 2 destroyers and another cruiser with a warp enhancer.
3. Research drone killsats and use our redundant railguns to arm them. They can help out in the space battle without risking human lives.

One angle you guys haven't explored yet is the Dryad planet. We have bioweapons, and we know that the hostile mages are the ones summoning breaker ships. If we could wipe them out entirely and leave only the rebel dryads that would cut off the Breakers from reinforcements and keep the Galts safe.

If at that point we engaged the enemy fleet we could annihilate them for good instead of just fighting a skirmish.
No. 337558 ID: 9ea6ca

Hey Ed, you mentioned the cost of ships includes arming them with railguns. Since railguns are sort of obsolete at the moment. Could we get the figures for building ships with empty hardpoints?

A ship without guns could be completed much faster, and even though it would be defenseless it would still be fully mobile. We could then arm them with whatever weapons we have in stock, or built them as we need them.

And besides, we DO have a big pile of redundant naval railguns sitting in storage. I'm hoping we can use them to make killsats. But if nothing else if we already have the railguns we shouldn't need to spent materials and orbital BP to make them for a new ship.

One last thing. I can't remember if this was asked before, but how effective are the anti-fighter railguns mounted on our ships? Would it be worth looking into upgrading them with our new technology?
No. 337568 ID: 1854db

>Voronova explained that we can expect heavy damage for any engagement, so any victory we win will be a Phyrric one
No, dammit, he did NOT say that.
>Unless we can outgun the enemy 10-1 and give ourselves a 90% margin for error.
Military engagements do not work that way!

>The enemy fleet strength masses at least 3 destroyers and is likely growing by the day
No, it is NOT. We could detect the Breaker ships and there was only ONE fleet. Unless something has changed, there is still just one scout fleet out there.

>One angle you guys haven't explored yet is the Dryad planet. We have bioweapons, and we know that the hostile mages are the ones summoning breaker ships. If we could wipe them out entirely and leave only the rebel dryads that would cut off the Breakers from reinforcements and keep the Galts safe.
I DID mention this earlier. But wiping out everyone still on the planet not immediately claiming to be a 'rebel' would be unacceptable behavior.
Destroying the scout ships and waging war on the Dryad mages again is something I agree with totally. It would cut off the Breakers.
No. 337597 ID: cd63e9

1854db the breaker fleet appeared in deep space. that means it is very unlikely that they arrived via mage portal. we have no idea how they get from universe to universe (we might want to ask our breaker prisoners)but we have no reason to believe that simply eliminating the mages will keep them out of a universe. we have seen allot of evidence that we are up against more than one race working together so it is quite likely that they have multiple means of traveling between universes. your are right that we are going to need to test our weapons in space combat at some point, but doing so against a large enemy force when we cannot afford to take even moderate losses is foolish. until we have a better idea of just how much punishment breaker shields can take, and how much damage they can dish out we really can't get a good idea of how many loses we would take. ( I believe how little we would gain from destroying a scout force has already been established)
No. 337781 ID: 1854db

They most certainly did not. We saw them coming out of the portals. And what spacefaring force would be smaller than a scouting fleet, exactly?
No. 337802 ID: 28e94e

The idea is to build up our forces enough that we can afford to take some losses before we go pick a fight. That way if it turns out that our new tech is ineffective then we can still come out of it without taking massive losses.
No. 337805 ID: 1854db

Well, alright, but be aware that it will take at least a year to build anything unless we research Massive Orbital Factories. We can, I'll note, build stuff in parallel, and one ground factory can support more than one orbital factory.
No. 337847 ID: b1f0e2

ok, so I have two ideas that are pretty far out there.

1. World-ships. Take a truly massive asteroids with the right materials in it, and "settle" them. Place drives on it first so it can be relocated between star systems (giant warp drives) to escape pursuit as needed and then over the years progressively build it larger and larger. Eventually when it is fully harvested junk material can be jetissoned and new asteroids reeled into it to harvest to fuel its orbital factories.
With large open parks, onboard entertainment, food production, and luxurious accommodations... All you really need to live comfortably in space is energy (reactors got it covered), raw materials (massive excess from asteroid, rope some water asteroids for atmosphere production and water itself), and tech... For gravity set it to rotate rather then wasting materials on expensive gravity plates.
it could be like living on a planet to the inhabitants and no morale issues.

2. Sign a formal alliance with the Galt and bring them up technologically. They will be able to defend themselves, will be allies against our enemies. They number in the billions and have an entire planet's economy on their hands. And since our enemies are anti-tech they are automatically our allies against them. Eventually the plan would be to form a unified star trek like federation. We could continuously share tech with each other so they would actually assist us in acquiring tech once up to speed. Their societal structure suggests they are unlikely to try and just exterminate us when they have the change.

Also we could ensure we are not just a tiny spec of a minority, we keep our knowledge of genetics and biology to ourselves at first, what we initially trade is just industrial technology and weapons technology. So for quite a while they will be very behind on biotech, during that time we focus on population replenishment via cloning tanks and educating them via memory mods (we can share the memory mod tech with them, just not biotech). In return for our advanced tech they would supply us with ships and resources that a planetary economy with billions of individuals can provide. Start a propaganda campaign encouraging people to have dozens of tank babies, older kids can help with the younger ones and we would see exponential population growth. If we keep unlocking ancient technological secrets, find more alien races to bring into this federation, and keep our population entirely fleet-bound in luxurious ships then we have a path to clear victory and eventual galactic domination.
No. 337858 ID: 28e94e

The first idea would need a bajillion BP and the second idea is just plain stupid.
No. 337859 ID: 9ea6ca

This is getting recursive, so let me spell it out one last time.

>Voronova explained that we can expect heavy damage for any engagement, so any victory we win will be a Phyrric one
>No, dammit, he did NOT say that.

Direct quote of post: Our ship armor has not changed since the Demise, so even if we outnumber them we can expect to take heavy damage.

We know for a fact that engaging the breakers 1-1 without warpslugs and without shields would be suicide. We did that once in the battle over Earth and got our asses kicked. Of course warpslugs and shields must be worth SOMETHING, but just how much we have no idea. Warpslugs are very destructive yes, but we don't know how they will perform in a space battle, we can only estimate. Disruptive shell is even LESS of a known quantity, we don't even know how they work at this point and the only way to test them is exposure to direct enemy fire.

This is why we need to outnumber them 9-1 in statistical strength. As it stands now we have 1-1 odds and we simply can't afford a loss.

>But wiping out everyone still on the planet not immediately claiming to be a 'rebel' would be unacceptable behavior.
If I was speaking in-character as a Splinter member I wouldn't give half a shit about ANY alien at this point.

But yes that would be a bit much. Nuking snarren/mage armies sent to kill us is one thing, but IIRC most dryads are subservient to the mages. The rest of them are much like the rebel dryads we have with us, and the rebel settlement we left on the planet.

Ideally we would need to get rid of the hostile mages and replace them with rebel mages who have no loyalty to totus.
No. 337868 ID: 1854db

I reiterate: Military engagements do not work that way. Outnumbering your opponent by 9x does not give you a 90% chance of victory, or even a 90% chance of winning without taking serious damage. Outnumbering your opponent by even 2x, assuming your troops are about as good as theirs, will allow you to hand them their asses. Outnumbering them by 9x would result in destroying them in moments. Haven't you ever played an RTS?

Also in the battle over Earth we didn't have plasma weapons and were greatly outnumbered. Ships with plasma weapons are about on even grounds with the breakers as far as offense is concerned, and this is why we'd have still taken heavy damage even while outnumbering them a little-because we didn't have an advantage.

Warpslug guns have WAY MORE RANGE than plasma weapons, which have about the same range as breaker weapons. A range advantage is devastating in a military engagement. You can greatly soften your enemy before they start fighting back, which both creates a morale differential and allows us to kill them faster once they're within range to attack us. If we have shields too, even if they aren't godly or anything, then a good chunk of damage we take from the weakened enemy force would be soaked by them. It is an optimal scenario at that point. We have no reason to think that we would suffer more than minimal casualties with both a range advantage and a defensive advantage.
In fact Voronova seemed to think that attacking them was a decent idea if we had a lot of Warpslug weapons. He didn't say "my advice would be to avoid combat", he said "get a bunch of warpslug and kill them before they get near us".

So basically you're just treating the Breakers like bogeymen instead of realizing that we are far stronger than we were before, and this is a prime opportunity to find out exactly how strong that is.

Hell, we could just go within detailed scanning range of them and see how many guns they have before actually moving in to kill them.
No. 337874 ID: 9ea6ca

Okay screw all these stupid broken analogies.

Step 1: Get disruptive shields. If the anomaly doesn't reveal any useful combat tech, go to step 2.
Step 2: Send a scouting ship to get a close look at the Breaker fleet. Jump in, have a look, GTFO. Do this in a way to draw them away from our old colony and the Galts.
Step 3: Estimate enemy fleet strength based on past engagements. If Splinter fleet strength is >= 200% Breaker fleet strength. As Day9 would say, Just go fucking kill them!

If not, follow the plan. Build up our fleet capacity and keep an eye on the breakers to see if they are getting any stronger.
No. 337876 ID: cd63e9

do you know how many volleys of warpslung rounds it would take to down there shields? how well our armor would hold up to breaker plasma fire? if they have weapons we haven't seen yet? unless you have your own source of information you don't. if the answer to any of those questions turns out to be an unpleasant sunrise even with the slight mass advantage we would have ambushing a scout force could result in us taking unacceptable losses. the first time we fight the breakers in space we should make sure we have something along the lines of a 4 or 5 to 1 advantage at least. once we have some idea of how well there ships do we can start planing more risky fights.

again, we also stand to gain nothing from attacking the breakers right now. we know they used the portals the mages set up to move there smaller assets into position quickly but assuming that that's the only way they can move from universe to universe would be an act of massive stupidity. so even if we wiped out the (by now almost certainly reinforced)breaker presence on Gretz we would still not be able to stay for very long. in short hitting them now has moderate to high risk and little to no reward.
No. 337884 ID: 1854db

>do you know how many volleys of warpslung rounds it would take to down there shields?
No. That is a valid issue. On the assault against Earth we were unable to do much of anything to their shields. So even though warpslug is effective against shields, we don't really know how much it would take to bring them down...

>how well our armor would hold up to breaker plasma fire?
Yes. From the assault on Earth.

>if they have weapons we haven't seen yet?
Why would a scout fleet have better weapons than a planetary assault fleet? Also, keep in mind Breakers are not allowed to improve their tech.

>we know they used the portals the mages set up to move there smaller assets into position quickly but assuming that that's the only way they can move from universe to universe would be an act of massive stupidity.
No, assuming that is the only way they can move from universe to universe quickly is a logical conclusion, since it's the only method we've seen them use since the Gretz war started. If they had another way that could be used easily, they would've used it. It might be possible that they can move into universes in another way, but it is either too expensive or too slow for them to use to send ships to defend the Dryads. It would probably be accurate to say that they got to Earth via the same method, and there's another magic-using species in Earth's universe.

But your concerns about the strength of the Breaker ship shields is enough that I'll agree we should get more ships before attacking the scout fleet. I think we should at least get a good look at the scout fleet ships to see how they're armed though.
No. 337889 ID: a820bb

You know, I have to agree with 1854db. Military advantages are not just sheer numbers and we do have many things that give us an edge over them.

For starters, warp slug cannons allow us to shoot from a further distance. Add that to the fact that our ships are faster than theirs AND smaller in size and groups and we can do hit and run strikes. We don't need to fight them head on, we simply need to test the water first. Like others have said, we know nothing of their ships but we aren't going to learn if we do nothing at all. The main planet we are going to will have only metal and even then at a reduced rate. Building up a large fleet on our own will not help us and if we can stall them into thinking we are attacking them full force and have them go towards where we were, we can buy time to finish research on the archive and THEN focus on them. Besides, this would give us relativly safe data on their capabilities and help us think of a way to deal with them better when we do go full out.

Second, on the Galt; I have this very odd feeling that they are sort of like kin to us. True they are bugs and aliens have been sort of... ehhhh to us, but they were excited to see us and willing to let us learn and want to learn in return. Heck, they would probably be like us if the Breakers didn't try to kill us first chance and wanted to do things peacefully. Speaking of, by the looks at how far they got, they will probably be targeted by them soon even if we don't do anything. Mr God doesn't seem to like things outside his plans and these guys are most definitely the kind of species he'd enjoy to squish. With the amount of resources they have and our tech, we can likely build a large fleet really fast and have a stout ally just like Nani and the gesters who followed us.

In the end, I say with dealing with the breakers, we preform hit and run maneuvers to keep them away from the Galts as we buy them time to use some of our tech and learn from each other better, away from the archive so we can learn all we can from them and get off that dirt ball, and once we have a good understanding of the Breakers capabilities and a larger fleet, then we can focus on dealing with them directly. Let them waste time chasing ghosts that shoot them and flee before they even get close.
No. 337895 ID: 9ea6ca

Ed made it clear that "hit and run" tactics would not work. Our ships have comparable acceleration in normal space and it takes time to jump into warp. So you could jump in, shoot em up and jump out.

However that stealth ship we are working on could be useful for this.

As well it wouldn't stop us from using kiting tactics in a normal fleet engagement. Essentially, you shoot them at maximum range and then accelerate away to maximize the time it takes for them to catch up to us. They WILL get into firing range, we just need to eke out as many hits as we can before that happens.

Those railgun killsats I mentioned would be very handy. We could deploy them like a minefield and use them to target ships that have already lost shields.

So summing up the previous posts. There are two things we need to know before we commit the fleet to a FULL attack:

1. Performance of enemy weapons against disruptive shields.
2. Performance of warpslug and plasma against breaker shields/armour.

We already have the data we need for railguns as they were used in the previous battle.

There is something else I just noticed. I was reading through the old threads to find the stats of splinter starships. Each ship can mount a certain number of naval-class weapons. These are usually guns, but they can also be missile batteries.

Did we ever develop a capital-class missile weapon based on warpslug technology? The Warp Torpedo is a small craft based weapon, not useful against capital ships. If we could make warp missiles it would greatly extend our maximum engagement range. As well if we could give them plasma warheads like the starmaker, we could potentially strip enemy ships of shields BEFORE they reach maximum warpslug range.
No. 337904 ID: a820bb

Not a bad idea and a thanks for pointing out my flaws there, gave me a few ideas.

Another thing we can do is also find a way to make decoy bases or ships. Things that seem much bigger on the enemy's scanner than they truly are, like a becon that acts like a bigger ship or colony. All we need to do is find out what they use to find us and we can use that against them. Pretty sure those poodles won't enjoy heading out to some far flung iceball to freeze to death just to find a monument saying "Humanity was here."
No. 337908 ID: cd63e9

we are working on the plans for warpslung torpedoes right now.

I do have a question for everyone who wants to attack the breakers, why? I mean yes we will need to fight them eventually but ideally not until we are in a position to replace any ships we lose to any nasty surprises. the small scout forces we can (probably) destroy right now are a very small amount of the breakers fleet. if we blow one up they will just note the point of contact as a clue to our location, and probably start increasing the size of there scout forces. The weapons we would be using are not the kind of thing that leaves much useful tech to be salvaged, it would be to close to a fair fight to safely test our new weapons against the breakers shields, not to mention right now replacing a frigate would be a sizable investment, let alone one of the larger ships. even if we kicked them out of Gretz and managed to quickly defeat the mages, (something we couldn't do befor we burned though allot of our useful ammo and martial) we have every reason to believe that the breakers have other (probably) slower methods of getting to gretz, and we still stand no chance against a serous breaker fleet. what would we gain by attacking?
No. 337912 ID: 9ea6ca

On a side note, I just read the research tree and noticed that we still haven't researched the Galt planet. Is this an error? I could have sworn we did that already.
No. 337913 ID: 1854db

Actually, current research is to develop a nuke-based anti-spaceship stealth craft. There might be some warpslug(not warpslung) technology involved, or it could just be a shitload of nukes. I'm not entirely sure on that.

Why do you think that we wouldn't be able to salvage anything from their ships? Warpslug cannons don't atomize targets. Destroying the scout fleet could give us many things:
1) Information on how much stronger our ships are compared to theirs
2) The opportunity to study their ships
3) Possible prisoners of war, which we need to engineer the Breaker Plague
4) Delaying/stopping their scouting efforts, and a possible misdirection of them.
5) Possibly clearing the field for a second war against Gretz.

Hmm, I just had an idea. We could research ships meant to fly up to theirs after their shields are depleted and drill in, releasing a boarding party. Then we could straight up *take over* their ships.
No. 337919 ID: a820bb

For starters? Not all of want to go to Gretz. As you said, not really worth it. However, running away isn't going to help us. We have no way of knowing how they find us either through their God, special scans or energy but it's pretty obvious they WILL find us.

The next planet has no real materials except for the archive. We won't be able to make much of anything and there is a very good chance that the moment we get a good look at it, they will notice and they will bring more soldiers this time. We need to divide their attention and forces as much as we can. Shooting the scouts when they search a place that isn't near us can do that and also give us that test time.

Look at how just running has helped up. We flee for a bit, get some resources and technology, but we have to run the moment they spot us. We don't have the luxury of materials or time on our next stop and anything that can give us a few extra turns will be important.

We are already a major threat to them and it's obvious they are not going to go easy and I'd rather have the fleet look for us at the location of their destroyed scouts than at the archive itself.

Also, stealing ships? Sounds like a good way to get some nice research material and maybe a way for us to throw them even further away from us.
No. 337922 ID: cd63e9

1)- we can't afford serous losses and we barley out mass them. finding out who has the overall stronger ships this way is a bad idea.

2)- warpslung cannons use simplified FTL engines to fire massive slugs at near C. the outer hull might be mostly intact but the soft tech bits are going to be so much hyper-velocity shrapnel.

3)- the even softer crew are going to be so much paste. the breakers are fanatics so i doubt we will get them to surrender.

4)- it will not slow down there scouting efforts by a strategically signifigant amount. they have a massive reserve of ships so they can just send out more scouts, and it will give them a direction to focus there efforts in.

5)- we already had a war with gretz. we are to few to take the planet quickly, We also have every reason to believe the breakers have a slower way of moving there fleet that doesn't need a mage portal so even if we settle for simply purging gretz we will still have a breaker fleet inbound. gretz would be more trouble than its worth even without the breakers.
No. 337929 ID: 1854db

You seem to be assuming that we have to completely pulverize an enemy ship in order for it to stop working. This is ridiculous.

It will slow down their scouting efforts, by at least as long as it takes for them to warp in more ships and get back to where the scouts were before. Depending on how far away from Gretz that is, it could be like, 6 turns. Which is pretty significant considering how fast we can build and research shit.

Also we still don't have 'every reason to believe' that they have another way of warping in ships. We in fact have no reason to believe that, aside from the fact that it would be advantageous of them to have it. You. Are. Being. Paranoid.

It would be pretty difficult to deal with Gretz on a military level due to our low numbers, yes, but I'd like to note that we got Plasma and Warpslug tech since then, as well as the Farmer drone which we can burrow under their settlements and basically go "Surrender or blow up."
No. 337934 ID: a820bb

Also on the note of warping them in with a unique method, if they could do so, why not use it when we were still on Gretz? They could have blockaded us and made it so we could not escape at all.

Also, we do not, I repeat, do NOT want a direct conflict with them, hence the warp slugs. We do not have the time or resources to build a fleet equal to theirs and even some data is better than none. Besides, do you have any other idea that can buy us time, right now, which we need at this moment? Because if you don't, then I side with 1854db.
No. 337938 ID: cd63e9

when your dealing with weapons who's speed is measured in percents of C one good hit will be all it takes to shred the internals. as for simply saying to the mages surrender or blow up, if we were willing to simply depopulate gretze we could have done so at any time. there is ever chance they will either not believe us or keep fighting anyways. never count on fanatics giving up. as for assuming the breakers don't need a mage on the other side to summon them, I fail to see how that's being paranoid. if the brekers needed a mage on the other side to open the way they would never have been able to hit earth. assuming that taking out the mages would seal them out a universe is at best overly optimistic. also what on gretz is worth fighting for?

we do need time but how much would this really buy us? our best defense right now lies in being hard to find, if we engage in any kind of combat with them they will get more information about us. information that will likely make it easier for them to find us. so far ever time we have moved universes its taken them a long time to find us. presumably that means tracking us across universes is hard, but its quite possible that if they see us use the same portal over and over again they might be able to get a clue out of that.

it pretty much boils down to attacking them is mid to high risk and no real reward.
No. 337955 ID: 1854db

Are you just not reading my posts, or are you ignoring what I say? I'll repeat myself.

1) An entire ship's "internals" will not be destroyed when you hit part of it with a weapon.
2) There could easily be a race of mages like the Dryads in Earth's universe.
3) We could buy somewhere around 6 turns by destroying the scout fleet, assuming the Galts are in danger.
4) Eliminating the Dryad threat on Gretz will allow us to prevent more Breakers from arriving through there, at the very least.
No. 337970 ID: a820bb

Tracking us through an entire universe is hard, yes, but not if they have an idea where we are. It's obvious they can key in on us easily and they've been doing it faster and faster. Especially when we go near anything like the monolith.

The next planet we are going to is home to a bigger one and has a low amount of metal. We want to get that done fast but even if we do that takes turns of time.

We have no data on their ships, they are closing in, and the next time we run like normal they will have a plan.

Remember, the Breakers are religious zealots that focus on Logic. We do the same thing over and over and they will put two and two together. Mixing them up and doing something they don't expect will buy us time to not only do what we want, but unlike them, we can adapt our methods with our technology.

Running around in circles is just going to give us trouble and you haven't really shown us any way to give us more time other than running away.
No. 337972 ID: cd63e9

the reason I feel one hit will shred a warships internals, think of it this way, a warships hull is made out of very hard materials, inside the ship it is much softer. unless i'm miss interpreting the power of warp slung rounds what will likly happen is that it will punch right though the outer hull, and then deposit enofgh energy on the ships internals to render the parts the shell comes into contact with into hypervolicty shrapnel that will likely destroy the rest of the ship. assuming that the slug coming out of an FTL based weapon is moving somewhere around C the sheer scale of the energy involved means anything not specially hardened to survive would be utterly annihilated.

as for weather or not mages are necessary for the breakers to enter a universe or simply make it easier for them to do so, I admit we do not have much evidence either way, but risking the fleet on the assumption that mages are both necessary and that there is only one race of them in the target universe is not a good idea. also considing how long it has taken the breakers to find us in the past I don't think that buying 6 turns is worth risking the few ships we have. I can see the breakers deciding to try and inflict as much damage as possible by focusing on one capital ship once they realize they are going to lose.

however at this point I think we have spent way to much time arguing. if the majority want to go after the scout forces i'll shut up.

also, am I the only one with a name here? I'm not sure how many people i just had a debate with and its weirding me out.
No. 337976 ID: 1854db

>focus-fire as a desperation tactic
Ouch, that could hurt.

It looks like the vote for/against researching Disruptive Shell immediately is 5 to 4 in favor of it, unless someone changed their position on it.
For: Me, Elephant Guy, Magus Black, 28e94e, Juroko
Against: New Guy, MrTT, 9ea6ca, Kaja
No. 337977 ID: b1f0e2

IRL, anti tank weapons are needle shaped and accelerated to several times the speed of sound. At mach 5 it enters one side and exits the other, the tank shows no sign of damage but all internal electronics are destroyed and all people are splattered from the shockwave it sends through the tank and its air.
mach 5 = 1,701.45 m / s
the speed of light = 299,792,458 m / s

>It's obvious they can key in on us easily and they've been doing it faster and faster.
They are currently searching for us in a circular pattern in the wrong dimension. So they obviously don't have that capability.

Also, "warpslug" suggests warp-speed. Which would be higher then C.
1 Parsec = 3.08568025 × 10^16 meters
We can travel 3 parsecs a month at current warp. That is 9.25704075 × 10^16 (meters / month) * (month/30 days) * (day/24 hours) * (hour / 3600 seconds) = 3.5713891782407407407407407407407 * 10^10 m/s = 35713891782.407407407407407407417 m/s = 119.12871998403444628152522571938 C
damn.... our warp drive is FAST! we are going 120x the speed of light.
No. 337979 ID: cd63e9

just like to say the fact that we can use warpslug weapons on planet without breaking it open means that the shell is probably not quite doing C... actually did we ever test what it did to surface targets? finding out it shatters the crusts of whatever world it's used on when use it to support our men on the ground would be awkward. related issue, instead of recycling our old rail guns I vote we mount at least some of them on some satellites. warpslug cannons are to powerful to be used for close support so if we recycle the old rail guns we lose the ability
to offer close support from orbit.
No. 337982 ID: b1f0e2

>My plan to give tech to galt.
>Response was "this is stupid"
>Suggestions is we take heavy losses to protect the galt with no benefit to us whatsoever.
If you thik that the galt would betray us then why sacrifice so much to protect them? Either we leave the galt to die, or we give them the tech to build their own fleet and engage the scout force to protect their people.

>Use railguns
IIRC railguns cannot penetrate their shields, they didn't lose any ships when attacking earth. No point using railguns.

Speaking of shields, I am guessing that their shields are similar to the shields on the wolf people, which would be magic shields. We have several mages on board, we know magic is multidimensional phenomenon, we are studying alien structures that involve dimensional travel. If we can make a dimensional stabilizer of some sort we could nullify all magic in an area.

>Enemy mode of dimensional travel
The breakers are natives of the same dimension of humanity, they traveled normally. We know that in character because we interrogated breakers.
The dryads of natives of another dimension, the dimension of the galt. The dryads opened gates to bring in the breakers from our dimension to their planet. Alternative methods of travel capabilities are unknown.
We are currently in the dimension of the archive.

It is actually possible that the breakers don't have means to travel past dimensions and needed the dryads to open the gate for them.
However, it is also entirely possible that there are entirely different servants of the would be god in this dimension, we know (in character) that this "god" has races in more then one dimension. The true and primary enemy is the pretender god who ordered the breakers and the dryads to attack us, not the breakers or the dryads themselves. They are just his fanatical to death (mostly) servants and creations.
No. 337985 ID: cd63e9

sorry if i wasn't clear, but I meant save some rail guns for surface bombardment duty. they are not as powerful as warpslug, but because of that they can be used on targets that are closer to our own troops, and sometimes its just nice to have a medium gun to use so you don't have to chose between the small guns, and the leave a 2 mile glassy crater guns.
No. 337987 ID: 1854db

>The discovery of WARPSLUG CANNONS have unlocked new weapons for us to build. Warpslug weapons were unable to be miniaturized to the point where infantry and light weapons could be made. They are very expensive and are slightly less effective versus shields compared to plasma, but they more than make up for these deficiencies with their advantages. First of all, Warpslug weapons have the longest range of any weapons designed thus far, and are unmatched in terms of sheer damage they can cause. Even medium warpslug cannons can penetrate any form of ground unit armor we have seen so far. A new AA missile weapon using very similar Warpslug technology has been designed, and can be used on Interceptors, Test Patterns and Shii to replace their standard missiles. Naval Warpslug batteries can engage orbital bombardment like Naval Railguns, but are much more devastating (don't use them on targets too near our troops!) and cost 10 Fuel to fire per volley instead of 10 SC. They still can only fire 10 times per turn at most, and the only Carriers and Battleships can engage in orbital bombardment. A minimum of 5 batteries must be installed on a ship in order for it to fire on the ground.

It doesn't really say how fast it goes. Also, I'd like to note that humanity's Plasma Weapons were crap against heavy armor. Warpslug not so much.
No. 337988 ID: b1f0e2

You were clear, I simply started typing before you made that post and I meant useless in ship-ship combat vs breakers. I hadn't considered the usefulness of railguns in orbital bombardment only in ship-ship combat. You are perfectly correct on that issue.
In fact we are mostly in agreement, I corrected you on one minor supporting argument (breakers are native to same dimension as humans) but the conclusion you drew is still correct (we cannot assume they can't D-travel), and our only real disagreement is on whehter to do Archive->implants->shields or implants->archive->shields

A railgun deforms after several shots and needs to be rebuilt, the materials aren't destroyed and can be recycled after shooting them rather then before, so the railsats for bombardment are a plausible idea, shoot them until they break and then reclaim and recycle... Actually that doesn't explain why they actually cost SC instead of costing construction points to repair. but their usefulness in orbital bombardment is that we can shoot them closer to our own troops.
No. 338185 ID: 9ea6ca

Looking at the map, can we get our ships to do some scouting around the sector? We have an unexplored area in the middle of the map and I think we should explore at least a 5 tile radius from all of the planets.
No. 338504 ID: 0c6846

>Disruptive Shell

Seems the most helpful at this time.
No. 340114 ID: 1854db

Okay, some tasks:
Have any free Dryad Mages personally check to see if Gesters have any capability with magic.
Check to see if it's possible to research some anti-magic tech or plague.
Send two of our Corvettes out to scout around in this universe, to get a bigger picture of what's out there. One on a bit of a circuitous route up around the top of the map, the other towards Conrix to clear up that black spot. Also let's pick up some of that nebula fuel while we're there- send a Freighter along with that cruiser. Or, if we're settling in Conrix, just send our Carrier there with the Corvette. We should at least keep some Freighters around at the archive planet along with the Destroyer in case we need some evac or muscle.
Also let's send another Corvette through the gate to peek at where the scout fleet went.

I'm voting we settle on the ice planet... that makes it 2 to 1 in favor of it, I think? People didn't vote much about this. It'll take 4 turns to get to either destination, assuming that Pastry is allowing diagonal movement. You guys can keep voting on that issue now, before Pastry updates, so he can send the ships to Slag instead if more people want it.


Residential District x1
Luxury Complex x5
Medium Warehouse x1
Stadium x1
Large Entertainment x2
Biodome x1

Finish the antistarship thing, then continue Disruptive Shell.
No. 340164 ID: 6e44d2

Wow, we've been bitching and debating for quite a while now. Can we just go with the plan where we settle on some out-of-the-way planet (whichever) and start harvesting resources, and go with the intelligent research order suggested?
No. 340175 ID: b1f0e2

current votes are in favor of disruptive shell first, then archive, then implants.
I can accept when I have lost, democracy wins, shields shall be first.
For the sake of moving things along lets go along with that rather then continue with the back and forth.
No. 340184 ID: cd63e9

out of curiosity, how many rps will it take finish disruptive shell? I know we are close, but is it last 100 close? or last 20 close?
No. 340185 ID: 1854db

We were at 322/500 before switching to the antistarship thing. We've got 20 left on that, and we're getting 21 RP this turn, so it'll finish next turn. After 178 more RP at 48 RP per turn- which is 3 and a half more turns dammit- we'll have Disruptive Shell done too. So, after the first turn of the next build order it'll be done.
No. 344610 ID: 1854db

Leave 4000 units of food at the Archive colony and let's say 1000 metal. Also 100 SC... and 500 fuel.

There should be a military presence there as well.
No. 346491 ID: 5d7441
File 131545557008.png - (322.90KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 9.png )

Four turns have passed. Ships have moved into position: The bulk of the fleet carries most of the population and resources to Conrix AB to begin the main colony on an ice planet (both the colony and planet need names); CORVETTES are sent out to scout the space near Thoth and the Galts in the other universe, neither reporting any disturbances; a few ships remain at Thoth to protect the research colony.

Select a site to build in the ice planet. The white terrain is land, the light blue is frozen water and the green parts are pockets of life that exist near thermal vents.

GOODS have run out, but since no stores were open in the first place the morale penalty is fairly inconsequential.

Research has concluded on the Anti-Starship Warp Nuke, known as the DIPLOMAT. The DIPLOMAT warp nuke is only effective in space combat due to its bulky design. The proposed nuke-bearing ship can carry several barrages of these nukes. The nukes propel themselves next to an enemy ship where the warp generator in the warhead activates, sending a huge pulse of hypervelocity mass in a wave in front of it and dealing tremendous damage to enemy ships. New missiles must be built every time it is used, but it does more damage than any weapon yet devised, can fire multiple volleys at once and has the ability to be fired while stealthed, which makes it very compatible with the proposed hit-and-hide nuking ship proposed earlier. A ship's weapon slot can be switched for a missile array that can hold 3 volleys of DIPLOMAT missiles per battle, allowing it to deal a huge burst of damage early in the battle but becoming useless after it runs out of ammo.

Next topic is DISRUPTIVE SHELL. As the suggestions are very evenly tied, decision regarding engaging the Breakers and later technology will be delayed until later.

I'll figure the cost of the ships without railguns next update, we don't even have orbital factories yet.

I believe the Naval Railguns were recycled for SC.

Anti-fighter railguns can pierce all space-capable aircraft that we have, but remains untested against Breaker armor. It has extremely poor capability against shields. Our current alternative is plasma arrays, which use plasma technology and are excellent against shields but poor against armor. Warpslug weapons are too bulky and slow to fire for effective anti-fighter weaponry.

We should have already researched GALT CULTURE, my mistake.

Warpslug weapons don't quite accelerate slugs to c. The ammunition is extremely small pellets that do not have much mass either. Warpslug guns won't crack open planets, but are still without a doubt the most powerful known kinetic weapons so far.

There are some messages from advisers and personnel:
VITIUM CAPTAIN: Sir, this is the commanding officer on board the Vitium. We have not detected any sign of the Breakers, even with our long range scanners. They're most likely simply scouting too far from us, but it might be possible they have some undetectable ships. They definitely have them since they managed to sneak up on us at Ithaka. It's a scary thought, Sir; though since they didn't try engaging the fleet itself back then despite the tech advantage we can assume they are not warships and of little risk to our starships.

LIEUTENANT GENERAL SEGALE: In response to your requests of utilizing the Dryads' superdimensional abilities, I have appointed one of our most loyal Dryad mages to be our adviser in such matters. I hope you don't mind his 'traditional' mannerisms, he's a very nice person and actually very intelligent once you get to really know him.

GUHRDUHC "VIZIER" RHUGHRAGYR: Hail great warlord, Director Hector Karras, Bearer Of The 'Ocular Implant' and Peerless Leader Of The Splinter Tribe! I am the humble Guhrduhc Rhughragyr, Patriarch Of The Chergruh Family, though you may call me by the friend-name graciously bestowed upon me by your common followers for my skill in the wonderful sport known as 'basketball': "Vizier Dunk". I thank the fair General Lorette Segale, Close Friend Of The Ghatung, for assigning me this esteemed post and the gift of this very nice hat. I hope to eventually be accepted into your war-host to validate my rank. In respect to this great honor I have made tattoo markings I hope are worthy of..."

L.G. SEGALE: "Im sorry to interrupt Vizier, but if you could get down to business now, the Director is a very busy man."

"VIZIER": "As you wish, General Lorette. I have done what was requested and have looked at the Purple Ones for their magic abilities. I see promise within them, though to actually gift them with magic they must be granted it by Totus, or so our religious texts say. I do not believe this gift can be taken back when given, but the problem is that obtaining it in the first place requires the God's consent, which I doubt he will willingly give to an ally of his nemesis. Give me some time and perhaps I may find a way around this predicament, though for now I recommend relying on us Ghatung Ghadderung if you truly need our magical abilities. As for the other request regarding a way to remove a being's the ability to use magic, I fear that would be extremely difficult. From what I have seen, the only way to remove it is by willfully using your pariah technology, but even then it only lasts while it is in ones hands. I will look into this further, and shall contact you if I make new findings."
No. 346510 ID: 6f104d
File 131545987738.jpg - (70.57KB , 465x252 , cant spell colony without colon.jpg )

suggested colony locations as pictured.

after disruptive shields, we ought to research warp 3. it might let our stealth ships enter FTL travel fast enough to appear, deploy warp nukes, flip its enemies off and disappear in a quick fashion.
No. 346535 ID: 9ea6ca

Are you sure you want to put us right on top of the biomass?

Good to know about the antifighter guns. I would suggest replacing some of the railguns and make the rail/plasma mix 50/50. That should cover our bases nicely.
No. 346590 ID: f70e5e

just crunched some numbers. assuming we don't get more rp set up researching the archive will take 7 turns, and researching disruptive shells will take 5 with whatever we research second taking one turn less due to some rp rollover. while disruptive shells will have immediate gains, the archive is probably the most important long term tech we can research right now.
No. 346757 ID: 9ea6ca

Doh, I thought we agreed that the archive was more important? We can research shell anywhere, but we only have one chance at the archive.
No. 346761 ID: f70e5e

unless someone changes there vote we are 5 for finishing the last 40% of the disruptive shell research first, and 4 for researching the archive first. we also already had a big debate about it, so rather than have another one I think we should just have a vote and go with what the majority want. the issues isn't important enough to merit another massive debate honestly.
No. 346762 ID: f29f63

Lets finish the disruptive shells in my opinion. May need them sooner than later.
No. 346773 ID: 1854db
File 131554928612.png - (6.89KB , 454x246 , Locations.png )

We get more Professionals in 6 turns, so we can build more labs at that point if we desire it. Actually I want to build a Massive Lab at the archive later and ship extra Profs over to staff it instead of the 2 large labs. Efficiency!

Re: More archive grumbling- If we ever see a fleet incoming (a non-Breaker fleet as they aren't in this universe at all) we can just switch to researching it and knock it out in 7 or however many turns it takes. Nobody knows we're in this universe, actually! To make you feel better, we can order our scout ship to loop around and get an even bigger area around Thoth explored. Or send a freighter out, if that's not too risky (I asked about the risks in questdis).

...I'm not really sure where we should build the colony since there's no indication where the various derricks can be placed. Are the resources evenly distributed? I've noted a few places of interest to me in this image. We can either choose a spot near some life, or a defensible location (assuming we can break the ice to make it impassible). On the other hand perhaps making the base near life will make it easier to defend, as attackers would have to pass through the possibly-hazardous steam vent area.

Our choice for colony location also depends on if the life on the planet is dangerous at all. Can we do some basic scans of wildlife without spending a turn? If we have to spend a turn on it, may as well make sure it's detailed.

I approve of Vizier. Seems like a cool guy. Going so far as to get a splinter logo tattoo... That reminds me though. What are the reasons that people are giving up on Totus' religion? Was it the 500-year reset? We did tell the planet about that right?
No. 346779 ID: f70e5e

you know it just occurred to me that whatever is granting magic to the dryads is probably politically neutral. if it was Totus or something aligned with him it would probably reach out and explode us as soon as a mage singled it with our location, and if it disliked Totus it would probably do the same to him, or at least not grant his followers magic. that is of course assuming it is self-aware. we should keep this in mind as we explore magic.

also, in regards to building a massive lab, I suggest building 2 more large ones. we have to abandon massive buildings when we leave a world and having to rebuild a massive lab each time is time consuming. .
No. 346780 ID: 9ea6ca

If a repurposed freighter can carry a small building. What class would it take to carry a massive building?

Just like the orbital factory, labs are something we will need all the time. It may be worth researching some kind of purpose build science vessel.

I'll cede the point on the archive research. I didn't know the vote was that close.
No. 346782 ID: b1f0e2

We also do not have enough trained people to operate as many buildings as we like, remember we had to shut down labs last time due to lack of people. This is why some of us want to get memory mods ASAP. There is no point in building massive labs.

Disruptive shell will not have immediate gains, it will have no gains whatsoever until we actually get in combat, and we shouldn't be engaging in combat anytime soon. The most immediate gain would be researching memory mods, the gain would be that we could massive increase our industrial and research capacity (professionals train at 8x the speed) which have been historically limited by the number of trained operators. More scientists = more research done, faster.

Now, we are very closely matched but disruptive shell has a slight lead, so let us compromise here.
How about the following research cue as a compromise:
1. Disruptive shell
2. Integrated Tactical Implant System
3. Memory Mods
4. Archive
5. Warp 3

Note that my own personal preference would be:
1. Archive
2. Integrated Tactical Implant System (eliminates chance of death from implants + soldiers get a HUD)
3. Memory Mods
4. Computing Systems V
5. Whatever comes from mixing Computer V + Memory mods (I am sure it would be amazing brain implants that will catapult human society into the future)

So the compromise list is a far cry from that, I am constructed it based on how many votes each suggestion got.

PS. Voting against any attacks on the enemy as of yet, we cannot let them know how far our tech advanced.
No. 346792 ID: f70e5e

how about this as a compromise
1. Disruptive shell
3.Integrated Tactical Implant System
4.Memory Mods
5. Warp 3

this gets the archive researched fairly quickly and we can work on production of the neural implants while we are researching the archive. it's going to take us some time to stockpile a meaningful amount of them since we haven't been using them very much.
No. 346799 ID: b1f0e2

I like it even better than the compromise I suggested since its closer to what I would prefer.
If others agree then I am all for it.
No. 346801 ID: 1854db

Totus himself is granting magic to the Dryads. So no, not politically neutral. Also Totus can't take back the magic, and the Breakers had to search to find us, so he obviously can't track the magic either.

Also, you're not making any sense re: building more Large labs instead of a Massive lab. Massive Labs take 5 turns to build, compared to a Large lab's 4, and we can't take ANY buildings with us when we leave. There is absolutely no reason to avoid building another Massive Lab instead of staffing 3 Large Labs. It's even cheaper to make in total, and we can just deconstruct the 2 Large labs we have already, so we'd save materials. NOTE: We are using 600 profs on those 2 Large labs right now. A Massive lab uses 750. So if we made one and reallocated some of the new profs to it instead of the 2 Large Labs, we'd basically be getting another Large lab's worth of RP for half the prof cost.

I guess if everyone's ok with just getting 45 RP per turn we can keep it like this. We could easily get 54 though, and still have plenty of profs to staff other stuff! We'd have 450 profs free then in fact, enough to open up some Gestation Tanks again, alongside a real Hospital and a shitload of Factories. We could start pumping out starships in parallel! It would be wise to research Massive Orbital Factories soon, for that purpose. It'll take like, 1 turn to research.

We don't construct implants beforehand. They're made on the spot.

You know what, you're right. Now that the Breakers are nowhere in sight we don't actually have a reason to get Disruptive Shell right this red-hot minute. Now it's more like something we'd want just for peace of mind. I'd be ok with switching over to either the Archive or Tactical Implants, now... but as soon as we see that Breaker scout fleet again I want to switch over to Disruptive Shell so we can take them out. Hopefully by then we will also have a large quantity of delicious Warp Nukes and Stealth Launchers. Mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious ambushes. They will fear us. Oh yes, they WILL fear us.
No. 346804 ID: d9c6e8

2nd this
No. 346806 ID: b1f0e2

>Massive lab argument
Are you sure your numbers are right because they sound too good to be true. If they are right we should indeed be building massive labs.

The wiki doesn't contain the relevant info so I am looking for it now.
I found a master list in the questdis though and according to it
RP of one massive lab is 27 which is equal to 3 large labs (3x9)
Massive lab saves, compared to 3 large labs:
1. 200 metal (1000 vs 1200)
2. 8 SC (40 vs 48)
3. 4 Power (20 vs 24)
4. 150 professionals (750 vs 900)
5a. With atmosphere: 7 build turns (5 vs 12)
5b. No atmosphere: 9 build turns (6 vs 15)
6. And it also provides a bonus ability "Resistant to damage, infiltration and escape, can hide research secrets from populace"

So massive labs are superior in every way shape and form to large labs, we should indeed go with massive instead of large.
As such, I am changing my vote in support of massive lab building. In fact, build more than one.
No. 346831 ID: 6fa1ef


Voting for this.

Also, massive lab looks like a good deal.

It'd be a good idea to find out more about those biomasses before landing, but I'd say overall a secure site's the best bet for the first landing. We can then investigate the biomass and decide if we want to settle there later.
No. 346862 ID: f70e5e

i'm fairly certain we can pack large or smaller buildings up and take them with us. though I could be wrong, if I am we should build a massive lab if we can staff it.

also if Totus was strong enough to be the source of all magic he could probably just reach out and snuff us out. it's more likely he's putting them in touch with something else.
No. 346863 ID: b1f0e2

>From what I have seen, the only way to remove it is by willfully using your pariah technology, but even then it only lasts while it is in ones hands.
New research proposal. Experiment with various objects to determine exactly what counts as pariah technology. Discover how accurate it is, whether broken pieces of tech count, whether tricking someone into picking up something innocuous that actually contains "forbidden tech" counts, and whether we can design technology that works around the limitation to allow for a mage who wields tech.
No. 346865 ID: 1854db

Whoa now, we can't staff 2 more Massive Labs. Also you can build Large buildings in parallel, so you can actually get a base full of smaller buildings up faster. That's their one advantage. Also there's the fact that we don't always need huge buildings.

The building freighters we have can only fit one Small building in them, and it's all claustrophobic and shit. It's not that we're literally shoving the building in there, it's a different type of structure, organized to use as little space as possible.

...I should update the wiki, it's way out of date.
No. 346896 ID: f70e5e

right now we need tech more than anything else. we should start building labs, I think we have enough professionals to man 2 more large labs. or we could build one massive lab and shut down one large lab for the personal to man it. I think the second option is more rp but i'm not entirely sure.
No. 346955 ID: 1854db

We are currently using all the profs we can on large and massive labs. In 6 turns we'll have another batch of profs, at which point we can staff a second Massive Lab and possibly 1 Large Lab alongside it, depending on how many profs we want to use for other things. More than that is sadly impossible, unless we want to build Medium or Small labs to put profs in. I don't recommend that unless we can't use them properly anywhere else.
No. 347229 ID: 9ea6ca

Two massive labs worth of RP should be enough.

All of our other manpower should be transitioned towards orbital production capability. We have considerable land assets already and a ground war will be the end of us. So instead of building things like tanks, lets start building ships.

We will need as many of the stealth craft as we can make. And retrofitting shields onto all of our starships will also require a lot of drydock hours.
No. 348361 ID: 49c551

>Two massive labs worth of RP should be enough.
There is no such thing as enough
No. 348366 ID: f29f63

One cannot have enough science. Still, I agree with the 2 massive labs being made.
No. 348401 ID: b49d2c

who's gonna run the labs, though? we need more edumacation.
No. 348409 ID: f29f63

Ahhh, but building big labs take time. Once the second lab is built we should either be close to having our next group of grads, or actually have them. Besides, I have to admit that it would be more efficiant to have 2 massives instead of 1 massive and 3 large ones.
No. 348417 ID: ae41b0

we are going to research memory mod brain implant, cuts down scientist education time from 4 years to half a year.
No. 348422 ID: b49d2c


in that case, memory mods should be researched a lot earlier.
No. 348539 ID: f70e5e

we have a large research Que and a limited window to research the archive tech, and researching that was the entire reason we chose to come to this universe. we had an argument earlier and ended up deciding to finish off disruptive shell first (though we might want to hold another vote about that) but we need to get the archive researched as fast as possible.
No. 348548 ID: 9ea6ca

In the discussion i mentioned the possibility of designing massive building ships. To go along with the orbital factory idea, how about a mobile massive lab? As you pointed out, we need research. Will always need research. And currently the limiting factor is ground space and the time it takes to construct a massive lab.

It would probably be very expensive but it might be wise to invest in a purpose built science ship. No weapons or cargo capacity, just SCIENCE. We currently have a small lab literally stuffed into a freighter. But this would be much bigger, equating to a massive facility.

This way we could have constant RP income wherever we go, with no delays or building times.

Its not a pressing issue but we should consider trying to construct one before we pack up this colony and move again. Along with some of the mobile orbital factories we haven't researched yet.
No. 353406 ID: f95959
File 131717086021.png - (3.67KB , 259x152 , SHC3.png )


It's been decided that researching Disruptive Shell followed by The Archive will the course of action.

The wildlife appears to be generally harmless. The area it is in is impassible to most ground forces (MBTs and BRICs may traverse it) due to dangerous thermal vents and dense coiled vegetation.

As for Dryads, their religion hased has waned since the beginnings of the first uprisings on planet Gretz. At first, radical Dryads began to suggest either looking into the power of Humanity's technology or attempting to make peace with them. The theocracy among the Dryads branded them heretics and began persecuting them and their families for their ideas, often disproportionately so. The historically oppressed lower classes had their eyes opened to the tyranny of the upper class and saw in Splinter technology a means to finally overthrow the priests and nobles. To most, this wasn't an issue about the religion itself, but rather just the acts of the ruling Dryads. It was only after the Dryads officially started becoming a constituent of the Splinter did their religion start to change significantly. In the beginning of the revolution, most Dryads still revered Totus as a benevolent deity and magic as a holy tradition. Dryads that joined the Splinter who learned history of Totus's actions tend to be more unsure of their faith, though some of the original religion still persists.

Massive scale structures would require specific ships be designed for each type of building. Due to the mobile Massive Lab's complexity and usefulness, the cost would be 105RP.

The ship will also be rather expensive, due to the cost of enlarged warp engines.

"Vizier" will work on most matters related to magic and Totan religion. He might be able to unlock research opportunities for the scientists later. He is currently focusing on the same topic you suggested: The interaction between Human tech and Totan magic.
No. 353419 ID: 1854db

>green areas are basically walls
Nice! Let's build a base in that semicircular nook, then.

>Dryad religious crisis
Personally I think that Totus intends to be benevolent but is blinded by fear. Nobody in Splinter has any way of knowing this unfortunately, so we can't reassure the Dryads that they weren't worshiping an asshole.

The Massive Space Labs sound like a good investment, considering the rate of RP we're getting nowadays and the amount of effort that goes into rebuilding the labs every time we move. Also we won't have to keep a military presence where our labs are stationed to protect the massive number of Professionals working in them, since we can just have them in the fleet at all times. I think we can hold off on it for a while though.

So, what do you guys think? Build inside the verdant crescent?
No. 353433 ID: 6fa1ef

No opposition to that placement. It sounds fine.

And, there's another plus to mobile labs: we can just move them around to study future Anomalies, though we'd have to include arrangements for studying planetside ones. Agreed on it being something to work on later though.
No. 353445 ID: d4155c

Thirding the location. It's a highly tactical spot and could easily be defended.

Also agreeing with the massive space lab idea, but putting it on hold. We'd have to spend time making it anyways, so let's wait for now and focus on the more pressing issues.
No. 353531 ID: f70e5e

I doubt Totus is in any way, shape or form a nice guy. you notice how he seems to be strongly anti creativity? he reacts with overwhelming force against anything that would change the status quo. if he was anything but a monster he would have sought an alternate solution to the threat he felt humanity posed, such as sterilizing or quarantining humanity, or basically anything but causally deciding to wipe them out. not to mention he set himself up as a god and probably believes in his own divinity. he might be doing what he truly believes is best for existence, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a monster whose crimes dwarf anything else we have ever know.
No. 353540 ID: 9ea6ca

Alrighty then. Massive lab science vessel to be put in the queue behind everything else. I just like the idea of a star trek style science vessel. Roaming around discovering things, trolling enemies with the power of SCIENCE. We may want to look into making a similar ship for gestation tanks as well. That is another building we could probably make constant use of.

The crescent locations looks good. Is there anything of note beneath the ice? We might want to do some poking around to see if we can discover anything. Thought I suppose that work will be part of the planet tech we will research eventually.
No. 354883 ID: 1854db

(HEY I FOUND AN ERROR. You're listing the 'in training' people twice in there. Once for the Archive colony, and another for the fleet about to make a colony on the ice world. Also, on my spreadsheet, the housing morale bonus calculation did't take into account the Fortress-type buildings housing soldiers, which was throwing the calculation off.)
Alright, build order up in here.

This is a 6-turn build order.

First, have one of our ships capable of harvesting fuel from the nebula go do so, assuming they aren't carrying any citizens that will be going planetside.
New colony, name it Crescent City. Place it right in that crescent of green there.
Large Derrick (Metal) x2
Large Derrick (SC) x2
Medium Smelter x1
Large Generator x1
Large Factory x2
Luxury Complex x13
Citadel x1
Biodome x1
Command Nexus x1
Medical Outpost x1
Medium Warehouse x1
Stadium x1
Gestation Tanks x1
Large Orbital Factory x3

All that costs 11500 Metal, 215.5 SC, uses 59.5 power, 3340 Workers, and 156 Profs. Which we have.

We'll have two turns where the derricks and factories are running, so let's start up some orders for them:
Two L Factories means 108 BP per turn, but -36 to support the three L Orbital Factories, so 144 is available for land construction.
Diplomat x36
I assume they cost 4 BP like Warp Torpedoes, though it was not listed. If they cost no BP, then make this as well:
Slowpoke x3
Heavy Warpslug Cannon x4

Cruiser x1
Frigate x1
Freighter x1
(unless someone has other ideas?)

Massive Labs x1 (in preparation for the new batch of Professionals)

Research on Disruptive Shell will finish on turn 4. After that, The Archive research starts!
No. 354886 ID: 1854db

In fact, have that ship that's going off to gather fuel take 600 Workers with it, and go straight to the Archive planet. We won't be using all our workers, and we need to refill the school at the Archive.
No. 373514 ID: a611d6
File 132428834036.png - (535.96KB , 2800x2836 , Base Report 10.png )

6 turns have passed.

The base at Crescent City has been started up and is going along rather nicely. Morale is good, resources are coming in and the planet is proving to be relatively harmless.

Research has concluded on DISRUPTIVE SHELL. We can now create shields which we can attach to virtually all our units and buildings. The shields of the Breaker and Snarren basically acted as a second set of armor and health, requiring one to overpower the shield in order to damage the unit inside. Our disruptive shells behave differently, simply reducing sudden forces and energies that pass through it by a moderate amount. They do not completely block any shots, but cannot be deactivated by firepower and are equally effective against kinetic and energy weapons. The strength of shields vary based on the size of the generator. Infantry shields make small arms much less deadly but do little against heavier munitions, while naval shields can significantly weaken powerful shots from enemy ships.

Like the shields used by our enemies, they tend to be less effective versus melee attacks and flamethrower-like weapons.

The amount of Naval/Structural shells required to protect a building or ship depends on its size. For ships, the number of shells needed is equal to its fuel consumption per turn. For buildings, it scales linearly with small buildings needing one shield, medium needing two, etc.

Our ships have moved around, with the INFRACTUS picking up fuel at the nebula and workers at Crescent City and moving them to Hothouse. The corvette CONTEMNO circles explores a little deeper into unknown space, and near the end of its journey it picks up a faint radio signal of a civilized race nearby. Its location lies vaguely in the yellow circle.

There are multiple important reports coming in from Splinter personnel:

VITIUM CAPTAIN: "Sir, we have an urgent report! Our long range scanners is detecting the Breaker fleet that we saw a long time ago around Gretz, the one with the combined mass of three Destroyers. What are your orders?"

"VIZIER": "Great Director, I have been working on the research topic as you requested earlier. I have concluded that Totus's 'magic' is likely sentient, or at least much like your intelligent computer programs. This magic seems to be designed to work only with organic beings or with predictable inorganic patterns, like those in our enemies' technology. Our own technology is too... eh, chaotic, I suppose. It doesn't allow this force to 'flow' through it, exactly why though I do not know.

I'm close to figuring out how the gift of command over this power is granted, though I need a better view of the big picture. If I can study another race already gifted in magic, I think I may be able to figure this out. For now I could use a different direction to take my studies and meditation."

Hector Karras's espionage ability allowed the following observation to be made.
NADIR OPERATIVE 42: "Our most sensitive equipment detected a tiny blip in our scanners. Thankfully we had a good Nad working the shift, who decided to examine it further instead of dismiss it as a technical mishap. After some more precise scans, we found a Breaker stealth ship. It appears to be a transport, small and unarmed but even faster than our own ships. This one can reach up to 5 parsecs a month, compared with our top speed of 3. Evidence points to this being the same class of ship that snuck up upon us back on Ithaka and deployed that Breaker base. We managed to detect it before it could land and now it's turning tail and running, far too to fast for us to catch.

They found us sir. Thankfully their main combat ships are still slow as all hell, giving us a little time to finish our operations here, but that doesn't mean we should get comfortable."
No. 373515 ID: a611d6
File 132428840650.png - (201.85KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

The heavy vehicle shields apply only to MBTs, Bombers, Dropships, Captain Slowpokes, and MLRS.

Weavers, Reavers, Bromeliads, Beardy Bobs and Farmers use infantry shields.

A new tech has been unlocked:

RUDIMENTARY ANTIMATTER FABRICATION: Discovering this technology will allow us to generate small amounts of antimatter and then safely contain it. It will be a slow process and use up massive amounts of energy, but the product can be used for a variety of applications. This tech will likely lead to others in the future, but as of now the other prerequisites are not yet unveiled.

(Also I appear to have forgotten to put an extra tech on the tree, stemming from The Archive and Warp Tech III. I'm terribly sorry if this would have affected your decisions in the past)
No. 373516 ID: f70e5e

I think we are 5 turns away from finishing research into the archive. even if they start moving now we should in theory have enough time to finish the tech. if it turns out they are faster than we think would it be possible to move the archive?
No. 373517 ID: 453e62

upgrade the battleship with shields and any armor it can get. may be able to make it capable of tanking the weapons of up to medium craft and maybe a few hits from larger weapons.
No. 373519 ID: 1854db

Vitium is to advance towards Gulch, and if the Breaker fleet is heading towards them, we should tell them our full story so that they are properly warned. The Breakers might be about to torch their planet.

Our scout ship should take a detour and get a better look at the new civ.

Send out one of our smaller ships to follow the scout as best we can, to get some data about what's in that direction. Once it gets out of scanner range, head back. If any enemies are detected, do not engage. The purpose of this is just to give us some indication of how long we've got.

VIZIER is awesome for that breakthrough. I suggest researching along the same lines, finding out how much tech we can put on something breaker-made before it stops being magic-conductive. We might be able to use this to sabotage enemy tech...

As for the incoming fleet, I say we should prepare for a fight. It's annoying that we got found after just 6 months on this planet... Build a shit-ton of shields, put them on all our ships, then make a looooooooad of warp nukes.
No. 373520 ID: f31dfc

Got to say, we were lucky enough to get a warning that they spotted us. We need to develop some actual anti-capital ship fighters. We've got the tech to develop some pretty nasty machines and it would likely be better to take future fights to them and have ships able to catch spies before they run.
No. 373522 ID: 786012

I don't think that our ships can accommodate sufficient amount of shields to withstand a pounding from a Breaker fleet. Remember, they destroyed a planet, which is a ridiculously more durable than a shielded ship.

Unfortunately, we've invested in Conrix a lot of time and resources. Losing it will be a heavy blow, since AFAIK we're out of universes to run to.

Contacting the detected civilization is a priority. Approach stealthily though; if this is a space-faring species, and if it's affiliated with breakers, then we're in trouble. I suggest approaching them from the "northern" side.

If the civ is friendly, we might want to acquire their help in manufacturing. Having the resources of a whole planet (or at least a state) will tremendously boost our defense efforts.
No. 373523 ID: 1854db

Oh wait we're supposed to have 36 Diplomats already. Where are my Diplomats, Pastry?! WHEEERRREEE
No. 373527 ID: 453e62

did you even read what our shields do? they make anything that hits them WEAKER, that weakened shot then hits the armor. we need to hold out and hope this fleet contains only smaller ships. and then focus fire on any with single large mounts. the smaller ship weapons will have their power bled enough that they cause minimal damage to the armor.
No. 373534 ID: 0583a2

since we can't upggrade our fleet by researching better weapons and armor, I say we upgrade it by outfitting everything with the latest tech and also building as many ships as possible.

I'm assuming most of the upcoming combat will be in space and infantry won't have much to do- otherwise I'd also vote for researching the Integrated Tactical Implant System.
No. 373537 ID: 453e62

indeed, fighters with missiles is how we should go. and shield up all the ships. and give the infractus half plasma and half warpslug.
No. 373541 ID: 0583a2

...and I wonder if we have the timee to build another destroyer.
No. 373589 ID: 1854db

More errors: The Archive's metal total should be higher as it had two derricks running (I forgot to have stuff made in the factories, d'oh). The food totals are wrong- they weren't split when you made a second spreadsheet, I think.

Other things we need to do: Put 600 more profs in the Archive's school system, and 12 new trainees as oh let's say Crew.

I've calculated that with our current SC income and Factories, we can build 2 Naval shells per turn. This seems rather slow. Building an extra Large Factory would let us build 4 per turn, but we don't really have enough SC income to support that in the long run. We DO have some extra SC lying around though, so we could rack up a decent number of shells pretty quickly. We would need to move some of our profs from Hothouse to Crescent City to start up more factories, though. Or anything that uses profs really. Also since we're kindof pressed for time now, the question is do we want to make large factories/derricks or smaller, less efficient ones that will start working earlier?
No. 373608 ID: f31dfc

It's going to take a long time to produce those ships if we don't boost production. I recall that ground factories can help support in the construction of capital ships. Maybe we should get on that.

But like I said before, this is half the reason why we should have anti-ship fighters. They would be quicker to make and not as costly as ships and don't require big crews for them. Add a long range warp slug weapon on them and we can weaken, if not destroy them before they get too close.

Also, we should probably work on industry and maybe make some consumable goods to bolster moral.
No. 373611 ID: a611d6
File 132435275878.png - (97.84KB , 1452x1400 , Base Report Fix 1.png )

The Archive is a colossal structure that contains many underground components.

Here are the fixes

Though the Demise was a chaotic event, we at least know that the weapon they used to fracture Earth was not like the ones they used for ship-to-ship combat. We have reason to believe that our ships will be facing weapons fire on a order of magnitude somewhat similar to ours.

The ground factories are already supporting the shipbuilding process to their maximum extent.

Fighters, at least when compared to our own ships, are ineffective at taking on capital ships. This is because they use small weapons designed to take out lighter enemy aircraft, rather than the massively armored and shielded starships. Bombers are slightly more effective in the fact they can carry a single DIPLOMAT warp nuke as ammunition.

However, we have not been able to face the Breakers in space yet, so we do not know the full extent of their strengths and weaknesses.
No. 373708 ID: 437934

how the hell do you get 645.8 cars? and why do you get negative profit from 0 goods? this is insane. I suggest the statistician dudes are demoted from professionals to workers and that whatever drugs they are taking are outlawed.
No. 373762 ID: 31f32d

Are we maxing out all research stations? Is there any way we could finish researching the archive and then just flee?
No. 373763 ID: 453e62

flee to WHERE?
No. 373771 ID: 1854db

I think we DO have another icon marker we can use to go to an unexplored universe...
No. 373780 ID: f31dfc

Running only works for so long. We need to recoup supplies and finish the ships we are making before we flee. We barely have any room as it is and it's going to get to the point where we will have no time at all to prepare.

Load up the diplomats when they come in range. If we are going to drive them off, we may as well do it before they can even counter.
No. 373783 ID: 31f32d

1. Making a stand when you that outclassed means certain death now instead of a chance at life. (we can slow them but cannot win at the moment).
2. Our enemy bans advanced tech and we stumbled on a cache of super advanced stuff, if we run long enough we can get advanced enough tech to win.
3. We have plans in works for worldships that never land on planets, simply harvest resources and move as they build ever larger and more technologically advancedd exile fleet to attack the enemy from a position we can win.
4. We need to be able to breach dimensions properly as well as planetary destruction weapons to annihilate the planets of our enemies in surprise attacks to prevent them winning via simple attrion. As they have many planets with billions and were are a mere few million.

I am not quite sure here, are the enemies advancing on our outpost on the archive world, or our outpost on our main colony?
No. 373792 ID: f31dfc

Yeah, world ships are nice until you realize that they take TIME. A lot more than we have with our current tactics and more resources than we have total. Last time we ran, we had to DROP resources to fit the key stuff and it's obvious they will keep tailing us. Eventually they are going to close the net and that will be that. We can research all we want, but the fancy knowledge of our ancestors won't rescue us without putting it into practice. Shields that allow us to make the scarier weapons less scary help and our new missiles may help more.

HOWEVER, those missiles have not been tested in combat and we need to do so some time, so why not now? The three ships coming at us are mostly not the large fleet that caused us to flee in the first place and knowing the power of our missiles is very important. It may take 3 diplomats, it may take 300. It might even take one. But we will never know until we use them.

Not only that, but their ships are slow. It will take them time to reach us and it would take them longer if we damage them. If we destroy them outright, then we will have plenty of time to research and build before more ships arrive.

It's obvious they will keep hunting us and we just proved that they have scouts who can find us no matter how clever we are. How about we use some of that ancient knowledge we researched to good use and actually use our diplomats?
No. 373800 ID: 437934


>world ships

I stopped reading right there because it gave me the greatest idea ever.
No. 373801 ID: 31f32d

>Eventually catch us
No they wouldn't, because we will strike them before that happens. At a time and place of our choosing, when we are strong enough, and prepared. Utilize guerrilla tactics and hit and run and attack their industrial base with weapons of mass destruction.

Also spaced is MASSIVE and there are multiple DIMENSIONS.

Shield tech is awesome... but having it 6 months earlier might have cost us permanently losing access to a great ancient tech, the tech that made shields possible in the first place (look at the tech tree, shields are based on researching ancient's tech). It was a stupid gamble when we assumed they wouldn't find the archive before we finish with it, it has since been PROVEN to have been retarded by the fact they found us and when (if we did archive then shields we would currently be having archive, 4 months away from finishing shields, and able to abandon the archive planet to fight a proper guerrilla warfare.)

This is also TOTALLY unrelated to anything I said in quest. Since I didn't actually bemoan in quest our past choices, we HAVE SHIELDS. Done, end of story, moving on, spilled milk...
I am asking if we can, with our fancy shields, finishing researching the archive without engaging the enemy, and then escape before they arrive. To this end, I want to know what is our current research rate? Are there any underused labs that can make it shorter if we divert personnel?
No. 373832 ID: 1854db

>cannot win
We do not know this. We have Diplomats, Warpslug, and soon the Disruptive Shell on our side. If the Breakers take like 20 turns to get to us, we'll be well armed indeed. Before deciding we still can't fight, we should ask for another combat estimate.

No it wasn't retarded, and has proven to be not retarded. In 4 months we'll have finished the Archive research, and it's definitely going to take longer than that for any Breaker fleet to get to the NOT-ARCHIVE colony that they found. It will take at least one turn for the scout to get to wherever it came from, and at least 3 turns to get to our NOT-ARCHIVE colony. Because we researched the shell first, we have a 4-6 month head start on manufacturing the equipment itself. In fact, long range scanners will pick up any Breaker fleet 3-4 turns away. You don't even have all the facts straight with this doomsaying nonsense.
No. 373838 ID: 31f32d

>Cannot win
>We do not know this.
You do realize the outnumber us over a million to one right?

I point out a CLEAR and EXPLICIT path to victory:
1. Keep running while getting tech.
2. Locate their worlds
3. Hit and run with WMD on the worlds, glassing them.
4. Whittle down and kill the fleets which can now no longer be replaced by the churning factories and countless people.

When I say we "cannot win" such an engagement I should have clarified, we cannot come out ahead. If we kill 10 of their ships for every 1 we lose it is still a pyrrhic victory. We are simply too few to afford such loses.

I would love to throw unmanned automated gunships at them though.

>Wrong colony, they are attacking the non-archive one
Ok, lucky us. We didn't lose a once in forever opportunity. We should still up sensor alertness, give a medal to the person who caught that troop transport, and teach the method he used to catch it to other sensor operators to ensure nobody sneaks on us there while we finish the archive.
No. 373839 ID: 1854db

In the long term we have the Breaker Plague, dude. I thought you were referring to fighting the ships they send against us, anyway. You seem to be naysaying any attempt at engaging their ships.
No. 373842 ID: 453e62

you don't even know how big the fleet here is. could be fucking 3 frigates and they smugly think that will be enough.
No. 373844 ID: 31f32d

I am, you cannot shoot plague at space vessels.
We need to kill a million of them for every one of our casualties just to break even..

Engaging with unarmed vessels like warp missiles is not that bad, as it can buy us time that more then makes up for it. Furthermore it ensures our research continues at max rate to unlock the secrets of the archive. It might also get us the wreckage of their ships to study and reverse engineer the tech of which is also beneficial.

On the other hand it tips our hand as to the existence of those weapons as otherwise we could have potentially used it to surprise them and break through their defenses on a concurrent attack on their worlds with WMDs

Also, reaper plague is not enough, they might find a cure or quarantine. I suggest planet destroying weapons like they used on earth.

Actually, lets go for it... but in the following manner.
1. Park fleet in their path.
2. When they are 3 minute away (at their speed) from fleet, have warp missiles hit them.
3. Based on damage from that initial salvo either retreat, engage with ships, engage with more missiles, or engage with both.
No. 373846 ID: 77c458

The size of the enemy fleet is utterly irrelevant for every single one of my arguments.
No. 373849 ID: 453e62

it is completely relevant, if we completely destroy the enemy fleet we gain a LOT of time to do whatever, you appear to think that they are totally indestructible. losing a frigate to gain time to build a battleship and research how to make even stronger guns is PLENTY more then breaking even.
No. 373855 ID: 77c458

>if we completely destroy the enemy fleet we gain a LOT of time to do whatever
Reading comprehension fail!
1. We lose ace in hole as all future fleets will be larger.
2. We only gain a little time as they will send a much larger attack.
3. I explicitly stated we gained time and that it was worth it if it was done with no losses except unmanned missiles as it allows us to finish archive now.

>you appear to think that they are totally indestructible.
Total and utter reading fail.
Which part of outnumber us millions to one and pyrrhic victory do you not get?
If it is a 10 ship fleet, and we destroy it utterly killing thousands of them and lose just a single crewmember, we have still suffered, relatively, greater losses then them. Your mistake is that you are comparing only the MATERIAL COSTS and completely ignoring the personnel cost.

>losing a frigate to gain time to build a battleship and research how to make even stronger guns is PLENTY more then breaking even.
Unless the battleships now have to face fleets 100 times larger. And what if they have more advanced tech that they might decide is not all that forbidden now that they are actually threatened?
Also, you assume we will wipe the floor with them. They could actually win.

Finally, NONE OF THOSE is related to the fact that the size of their force is totally unrelated to MY ARGUMENTS.
Its related to YOUR argument. Not MY arguments. READING COMPREHENSION!
No. 373856 ID: 453e62

it's forbidden because their GOD SAYS SO. they do not have ANY hidden tech.
No. 373857 ID: 77c458

>it is completely relevant
NONE OF THOSE is related to the fact that the size of their force is totally unrelated to my arguments.
You didn't counter a single one. You misinterpreted two and ignored all the others while saying completely unrelated arguments that support the other side without refuting any of my own claims.
Which is not that big a deal except you used
>you don't even know how big the fleet here is
as a counter argument

Their "god" is a real person with potentially very advanced tech. He personally ordered the destruction of earth. And he can make an exception on the ban of whatever tech he wants to allow for destroying the heratics. He also allows SOME groups technology while forbidding it to all others so we know he is inconsistent there.
No. 373859 ID: 453e62

they would need to train how to use it, meaning we would get even MORE time.
No. 373860 ID: f70e5e

if we outnumber the fleet the breakers send we might want to consider destroying it if its the only way to have enough time to finish researching the Archie. the breakers are really slow in ftl, so blowing it up once its near its destination might buy us a significant amount of time, and while it reveals how strong we are now if we play our cards right we will be much stronger when we next fight them. but this is all irrelevant until we know how far away and how large the breaker fleet is. we might have a firly long time if they don't have a fleet near the gate to this universe, and as I said there ships are hilariously slow on a strategic scale.

by the way, how far away is the archive planet form the gate we used to get to this universe?
No. 373862 ID: 453e62

the breakers don't even use the gate. they use some other way of getting from one to the other. also we have the KEYS to the gate. so they can't use it even if they wanted to.
No. 373866 ID: 1854db

>cannot shoot plague at space vessels
Wanna BET? Hell, we could probably develop a space warfare gas weapon, though we'd have to remove their shields to get it on their ship. Also you are assuming they CAN quarantine the plague. Keep in mind we will be developing it in order to basically wipe out their homeworld. That is what it's FOR. If it doesn't do that job then it's a waste of RP.

By the way, we can't do hit and run attacks, that was suggested before. It takes too long for us to warm up our warp engines.

Oh, oh, oh. Also. We don't know how fast they can breed, or how many planets they're restricted to. We have cloning tanks, and like a 10% population growth rate. We could in theory outnumber them in a hundred years if Totus's restrictions are harsh enough. We also don't know how fast they build ships, or how long it takes for those ships to reach us. You are assuming that we are facing something that is what we would be like in the future. The reality could be much worse or much better. Considering that they are not swarming us immediately in every universe I'm going to ASSUME, for the sake of SANITY that they do not have a massive empire spanning hundreds of planets and every dimension.

Your repeated, unsubstantiated panic every time we even mention space battles is clogging up the thread and frustrating the fuck out of me. Cut it out!
No. 373869 ID: 299ed3

Admittedly we can fire missiles containing the plague at ships.

However, if the fight the missiles are used in is a ship-to-ship fight then unless it kills them within a few minutes they could take out our ships.

If the missiles are the equivalent of missile mines than then the time it takes to kill infected breakers would be meaningless

The problem is, all of the above assumes that the plague isn't sucked out by the pressure leak caused by breaching the hull. In order to effectively use plague missiles on ships we would need to know the hull density of breaker ships and quite possibly the interior design in case breaker ship design isn't congruent with ours. Also there's a chance that breaker ships have air locks for hull breaches and if they are fast enough could quarantine our plague.
No. 373876 ID: 31f32d

you are wrong about every single one of your assumptions.

>Hell, we could probably develop a space warfare gas weapon, though we'd have to remove their shields to get it on their ship
At which point you have gone to more effort to do less damage then a missile that explodes. I am actually the one who suggested earlier capturiung an intact vessel by shooting down its engines and then injecting plaugue in.

>Also you are assuming they CAN quarantine the plague
If it comes to it, they could blast it from orbit with low yield nukes.

>Keep in mind we will be developing it in order to basically wipe out their homeworld
No, for ground warfare. We glass their homeworld from orbit.

>By the way, we can't do hit and run attacks, that was suggested before. It takes too long for us to warm up our warp engines.
Wrong. We can't do "shoot a volley, warp before return fire, shoot a volley, warp before return fire".
What we can do is "warp in with a large force, kill all defenders, glass world, warm up engine and then (attempt) to fly away before reinforcements arrive". This is also hit and run and is doable depending on the distance to reinforcements.

>Oh, oh, oh. Also. We don't know how fast they can breed, or how many planets they're restricted to.
Then its a good thing my step 2 was "find all their worlds" and my step 3 was "glass them all simultaneously".

>We have cloning tanks, and like a 10% population growth rate. We could in theory outnumber them in a hundred years if Totus's restrictions are harsh enough
And that helps us survive million to one odds NOW how exactly?

>We also don't know how fast they build ships
True, but regardless it is faster than what we can do at the moment by a lot... again, millions to one (at least)

>or how long it takes for those ships to reach us.
Weeks at most, we saw previous attacks

>You are assuming that we are facing something that is what we would be like in the future.

>The reality could be much worse or much better. Considering that they are not swarming us immediately in every universe I'm going to ASSUME, for the sake of SANITY that they do not have a massive empire spanning hundreds of planets and every dimension.
We interrogated some before, we actually know some of what to expect. If they had hundreds of planets they would be outnumbering us billions to one.

>Your repeated, unsubstantiated panic every time we even mention space battles is clogging up the thread and frustrating the fuck out of me. Cut it out!
It is not panic. I outlaid a plethora of reasons against it. I also presenting the reasons for it. And for the first time ever we have good enough reason to justify an engagement. Oh... and reading comprehension FAIL!
Observe >>373844
That's right, I am actually voting we attack them.
No. 373899 ID: 1854db

You nitwit, I don't ASSUME anything, I postulate and eliminate the impossible.

>At which point you have gone to more effort to do less damage then a missile that explodes.
That's the POINT. It would wipe out the guys inside without destroying much of the ship itself, so we could salvage it.

>If it comes to it, they could blast it from orbit with low yield nukes.
You mean, kill everyone on the planet in order to rid themselves of the plague? Yes, they could do that. And then we'd have accomplished what we wanted.

>No, for ground warfare. We glass their homeworld from orbit.
It would be FAR FAR cheaper to just develop the plague than to spend months shelling the entire planet. Also, we could then go down after the plague kills everyone and research shit. Not to mention if the plague takes long enough to establish symptoms it might spread onto their ships too!

>What we can do is "warp in with a large force, kill all defenders, glass world, warm up engine and then (attempt) to fly away before reinforcements arrive". This is also hit and run and is doable depending on the distance to reinforcements.
You were suggesting that we fire warp nukes and then run. That is what I said we cannot do. Oh, but we can't glass a world and run either. That TAKES TIME.

>Then its a good thing my step 2 was "find all their worlds" and my step 3 was "glass them all simultaneously".
You want us to survive "million-to-one odds" for long enough to create a big enough force to glass multiple planets all in one go? If we had that much power the Breakers would be harmless already.

>And that helps us survive million to one odds NOW how exactly?
By making them not million to one odds anymore?

>True, but regardless it is faster than what we can do at the moment by a lot... again, millions to one (at least)
No. Absolutely not. They cannot make a million ships in the time we make one. If that were true, we would be swarmed already.

>Weeks at most, we saw previous attacks
What the fuck are you smoking? That is flat-out wrong. There's nothing within a parsec, and it takes a full month for them to move a parsec with the exception of the unarmed scout ship that's meant to set up a forward base. I forget if we found out through the interrogation what the base was for.

Then what are you basing all this on? It's certainly not based on what we've seen of the Breakers.

>We interrogated some before, we actually know some of what to expect. If they had hundreds of planets they would be outnumbering us billions to one.
MATH DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. Millions times a hundred is not billions. Besides, there are thousands of us. If they have millions of troops, the odds are more like a thousand to one (which isn't really much better)

>That's right, I am actually voting we attack them.
You're suggesting we attack them in a way that is IMPOSSIBLE! If it isn't panic then you're just not thinking straight (which is what is wrong with panic). You're not giving reasons with data behind them.

We should not act without data. Right now there is nothing to attack anyway. We don't know where they are. Unless you mean the scout fleet, which we have no significant forces near and we don't have any disruptive shell anyway! If you like we can divert more of our ships there to assist and possibly help evacuate the shrimps (do they have space vessels?), but we'd have to send them immediately to stand a chance of them arriving before the Breakers.
No. 373901 ID: f31dfc

Well, it's pretty unanimous we should attack then, but we should keep our ships relatively close to home and fire JUST when they enter range.

Other than that, I say we continue building factories to construct parts, consumables, and weaponry. Maybe outfit our ships with warp slug weaponry and work on some Ambassador class warp slug weaponry. Range is our friend here until we can research better armor.

I also suggest once the archive is researched, we research massive space ports or the means to better send our planet side bp to ship construction. As it is, we don't have the most time in the world and quicker ships means we can deal with threats quicker.
No. 373963 ID: f70e5e

if we have time for a second tech we should research integrated tactical implants, we have been dealing with a major shortage of professionals since day one, being able to use implants to speed training without a 5% loss would be a massive help.
No. 374077 ID: 3947e9

>And that helps us survive million to one odds NOW how exactly?
That should have been "being outnumbered millions to one". Outnumbering someone obviously does not equate with odds of success. However considering I said outnumbered about a dozen times and odds only once, I believe everyone got it.

>MATH DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. Millions times a hundred is not billions.
Million * 100 = 100 million
Millions (plural) times hundreds (plural) can easily get to billions.

Everything else is just failed logic, insults, and lots of reading comprehension fail (aka "You are wrong it is <Insert statement that agrees with me>).


No. 374089 ID: e4a136


That's totally counter-intuitive unless they have faster ships than we do.

If this is not the case, then hit and runs are our best bet-if you do it from odd locations and then disappear, they might actually get distracted and think there are outposts in that direction.

Further, it is highly demoralizing.
No. 374090 ID: 1854db

How many times do I have to say it?

No. 374093 ID: e4a136


Attack at an angle while at relativistic speeds; do not cease accelerating or stop moving to engage.

Probably have better targeting computers than they do.

It's still possible, especially if we KNOW where their fleet is.

Unless you're talking about hyperdrive engines, but I wasn't aware that fighting was even possible at that speed.
No. 374098 ID: f31dfc

It's not so much a matter of combat expertise. They know we are here and I would rather keep the ships close to the planet.

If it comes down to them choosing to go after the attackers or the base, they WILL go for the base. We have no defenses set up yet and if we try to lead them away, they may just decide to fire on us and cut out the middle man. We have too many people there to risk moving our ships away from and a defensive line there means that if we make diplomats as they approach, we can load them up before battle.

And before anyone says we should just leave, we just barely started, it would hurt morale and it would mean leaving any additional resources we have.

So yeah, stay relatively close to the planet and have them come to us so we can get more work done and have as many diplomats and warp slug guns loaded on our main attackers as we can.
No. 374101 ID: 1854db

>while at relativistic speeds
No, we can't do anything except scout while in warp. Also, it's not relativistic, it's FTL. A parsec is over 3 light years, so we're going like 10 times the speed of light.

It's impossible to use hit and run tactics against the Breakers with warp, Pastry has stated this explicitly. I keep telling you guys but you won't believe me, what the fuck is up with that.
No. 374109 ID: 3947e9

Wait... they have cloacked ships... could this main fleet be a distraction while cloacked battleships close in on us?

>we're going like 10 times the speed of light.
Actually I did the math already, in this thread.
Our current warp drive is 120x the speed of light.
Warpslugs do not accelerate a projectile to C and beyond, it used warp tech to accelerate a slug to ridiculous speeds that are still below C.
No. 374126 ID: 1854db

No they don't have cloaked battleships, we know what their battleships are like already, stop being so paranoid. And yeah I wasn't taking into account that we go 3 parsecs a month, so 120x is right.
No. 374127 ID: e4a136


It's pretty clear you didn't understand my post. Please go back and read it again.

However, this opinion is more understandable, and something I can agree with.
No. 374144 ID: 1854db

>Attack at an angle while at relativistic speeds; do not cease accelerating or stop moving to engage.
We cannot attack while moving at warp speed which is FTL, and I really doubt our ships can go near the speed of light outside of warp. That would take a very VERY long period of acceleration anyway unless we had some form of inertial dampening to protect the crew (which we don't; that would easily be usable for military applications).

So no, I didn't misunderstand shit.
No. 374177 ID: e4a136


>Relativistic speeds = FTL
An incorrect assumption.

>Requiring hyperdrives to reach relativistic speeds.
Also not correct.

>no inertial dampeners
There's already internal gravity on the ships.
Dampeners already exist, regardless of whether you want to recognize them as such. There is no reason you cannot use impulse engines for hit-and-run tactics after jumping into a system.
No. 374179 ID: 453e62

UGH, how do you plan of GETTING to that speed? it takes months to get up to speed if you have super powerful engines that can burn that entire time. and then once we are up there we get only a single pass and then we have to TURN AROUND, meaning the ships will need to slow down for a few months, turn around and then spend another couple months speeding up.
warp is fast because we go into supspace dimension where the laws of physics work differently.
No. 374184 ID: 1854db

>Relativistic speeds = FTL
>Requiring hyperdrives to reach relativistic speeds.
What the fuck, I never said any of that! I had assumed you thought that our warp drives got us to relativistic speeds. Stupider things have been said here believe me.

I don't see how artificial gravity = dampeners, either! They could just be generating artificial gravity via rotation anyway.
No. 374199 ID: 1854db

Argh, I mean more stupid, or dumber, or... fuck it, let's take any more arguing to questdis.

From what I can tell the consensus is to fight the breakers. But how, exactly? We don't know when they'll be here since we haven't explored enough in the direction the scout is going. Do we send a ship that way to find the breaker fleet's location, so we have an indication of how long we have? Or do we keep everyone here and wait for the 4-month warning that our long-range sensors give by default? I wonder if they'll send the planetkiller ship immediately, or try to wipe out or fleet first before committing?

How many turns should the next build order be? It'll be 4 turns before the breaker fleet we're currently tracking in the other universe can reach the space shrimps, and 2 turns before our scout there can reach them to open communication. Anyone agree with me that we should send the scout to that planet to warn them?
No. 374215 ID: f31dfc

I believe we should warn them if not try and deal with the breakers before they harm them. At this point, we should just tell them everything and give them some of our schematics. Their entire economy is based on corps and trade. Chances are that if they all decide to work together, they could make enough weaponry to deal with the Breakers.

As for our main fleet, if they do go towards the Galt, we go towards them and fire diplomats at max range. A pincer maneuver with two sides firing at two points can give us a small advantage as well.

If they head towards our main planet, the old plan I made still applies.

We should inform the galt anyways. Their economy looks like one where we could outsource with them for info and get some quick weaponry and supplies. Maybe ships if we helped them reach space travel.
No. 374251 ID: 437934

FYI, I'm for attacking.
No. 374566 ID: 3947e9

been advocating this since forever. We could definitely use the help
No. 374615 ID: c0bb4e

Didn't we already send them an encrypted packet that'll decrypt in a few years?
No. 374629 ID: 6e44d2

Open thread, see shitstorm.

Uh, let's fight them.
No. 375004 ID: 1854db

No, only one person suggested that. I personally felt it was a bad idea for reasons that I have since decided were unfounded. Personally I think we should give them an instant transmission device.

So it looks like the build order is going to be something like this:
Build Naval Disruptive Shells. Lots of them.
Send scout to the Galt, give them our full story, and possibly talk more than that about maybe an advanced trade agreement where we give them tech in exchange for them making stuff for us with their huge economy. I'm wondering if they HAVE any super conductors to make things with though? They obviously have metal out the wazoo.
Send scout out to follow the Breaker scout.
Leave main fleet at base? People are saying attack but I'm not sure what they're saying to attack or WHEN.
What do you guys want to research after the Archive is finished? It'll be done in like 4 turns. I heard talk about tactical implants and memory mods, but guys, our death rate for Memory Mod implants would be 5% right now, and without Memory Mods we already get a huge benefit for labs- 10% less profs needed and 10% more RP produced. I would say Memory Mods are next if we just want to train lots of profs... but right now I think we could already benefit greatly by just shoving Neural Implants in enough Professionals to staff our labs. Tactical Implants seems like more of a military tech to me.
No. 375007 ID: e07105

That seems like the main idea along with Diplomats just in case 36 doesn't cut it.

Also, once the archive is done though I say we do a side project and upgrade the moon cannon and set it up. A solar system wide defense would help us deal with fleets before they come too close and reduce the numbers in bigger fleets.

Another idea is a sort of mine/missile hybrid using Diplomats. Basically set up a pod with the missiles, a radar, and a simple A.I. Maybe camo so it looks like a asteroid. The radar would pick up ships and any ships within range that have a 'bogey' signal or are known enemy ships would cause the pod to aim and fire upon the ship. They would be one shot, but add it with the moon cannon and we have an effective early warning system... call them Juroko missiles. Both because of the Jericho missile, and because we seem to be having a running theme here.
No. 375018 ID: 1854db

Wait... if we can upgrade the Moon Cannon so it doesn't use SC maybe we can build more of them! Bristle the damn moon(s) with them, and switch our ships to plasma as we run low on Naval Warpslug. That would provide a bitchin' defense.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that it'll take about 4 turns for us to move ships from either of our colonies to Galt, so if we want to offer any sort of large-scale evacuation to them we'll need to plan in advance. That said, the fleet we detected is the scout fleet. It doesn't have a planet-killer so the Galts are not in immediate danger of them getting their planet blown up, as far as we know.
No. 375052 ID: 6af537

Meanwhile, a look into the future.

... Suppose we manage to repel the fleet that comes at us this time. What comes next though? They'll just keep sending larger fleets that we're not likely to be able to vanquish (most likely with planet busters), that's what. And this means that we must gain mobility ASAP.

So, after we're done with the Archive, I propose focusing on getting that modular mothership and escaping to the other end of the galaxy or something.
No. 375054 ID: 453e62

yes they could send a larger fleet, except by then we could have the moon with tons of guns on it and snipe half the next fleet down while they are far away. and the other half the next turn. they would need to build up an absolutely PREPOSTEROUS amount of ships. and if we get a stealth high speed ship it could follow the next scout back to wherever it reports to and we can break whatever it is they are using to move into the other universes.
No. 375058 ID: c0bb4e

I think we're overestimating our weapon's capabilities. I'm not saying it won't work, but I think we're comparing our guns to super weapons that can wipe out entire fleets in one shot.
No. 375059 ID: 453e62

wut? i said snipe half of the fleet with like 100 guns.
No. 375063 ID: 6af537

... Imagine the butthurt of the Splinter when that fleet approaches from the other side of the planet, rendering the moon railguns (or whatever we replace them with) useless. Or are we to cover the planet with them too? That'll require so much time and resources it's not even funny.

Also, really-long-distance sniping (such as for "next turn" to become applicable) implies that they are too stupid to dodge, which I'm not willing to bet anything on. Moreover, even the Diplomats don't have FTL speeds, and what you can see you can (try to) intercept.

Also, from the Demise we have no idea about how the planet buster even looks like, which suggests that it's not that distinctive from other Breaker ships, which in turn suggests that all our moon-based defenses might be annihilated with one strike and we'll know about that only when the Moon Cannon shells start raining upon our planet-side base.

Not to mention that the might of the whole Earth Defense Force pun not intended failed to even marginally inconvenience them, and we're not that much more powerful, if at all. If they really come in force, a stationary defense won't save us, especially with out pitiable ship roster. Which we admittedly can expand, but that'll require the same facilities as the ones needed for the Mothership, so these will be steps in the same direction anyway.
No. 375067 ID: 1854db

If you're just gonna tell someone else they're wrong without suggesting a course of action, do so in questdis, guys.
No. 375454 ID: eb672d

Well either way, it looks like it will take about three turns to finish research on the archive so our turn order should be three turns.

Aside from a large warehouse, we should make some turrets to defend the city with.

For factory production we should go with what we have planned.

Let's load up the ships, install the diplomats and warpslugs, and get ready. It's going to be a big battle.
No. 375615 ID: eb83a6

Should we split the fleet to increase sensor range? We have superior engines, so gathering everyone in one place shouldn't be that much of a problem.
No. 375621 ID: eb672d

Hmmmm, don't think so. As it is, they will come towards us. That much is obvious. We should position the ships a bit away from the planet when they near so it does not get hit in the cross fire just in case.

We need to send that Diplomat to the Galt as well before the Breakers move too close. Be honest, inform them why we are homeless as it were, the threat of breakers, what they have done, and past experiences. We don't want to scare them, but we want them to be aware of them. The data we will give in exchange for their data, along with a sample of warpslug tech, some of our robots(not the blowy uppy ones)and a sample of SC if they do not have it.

For now, aside from the Galt Diplomat, the ships should stay where they are. They don't know of the Archive yet. Let's not inform them. Besides, some defenses there are important since we have few soldiers there.
No. 375624 ID: eb83a6

>send that Diplomat to the Galt
For a second I thought you're talking about the nuke. Misunderstandings ahoy!
No. 375653 ID: eb83a6

(Those interested in long term planning may join yet another "what to research next" discussion in the discussion thread.)

(Ed, can we please have an update or two before the New Year?)
No. 375880 ID: e4a136

As according to the quest thread; the Breakers are likely to completely ruin the Galt's shit. We should've done this earlier, but...

Definitely need to start trading tech for industry, along with being more detailed (if we haven't already) about why the Breakers annihilated the humans in the first place.

And as an interesting side note, there's actually nothing wrong with having them make ship weapons for us: They can't use the tech until they have ships, and a lot of the weapons would simply make the planet uninhabitable if used on itself, or best put to use for defending the planet.

This could very easily set a stage for the galt planet being the first line of defense (in theory). I would call this into question, however: while the Breakers could definitely be manipulated into starting a fight over the planet... I have no idea if they would go after it if they knew where we were or stop to genocide it if they knew humans were nearby.

As for drones, they can only use them against each other.

Giving them older engine designs to give them the capacity (without informing them the math) would allow them to get a step up and colonize their planets. Another option for that instead of giving them full-up ship designs.
No. 376142 ID: a611d6
File 132522859372.png - (3.40KB , 259x152 , SHC4.png )

Usually I round up for cars, but I forgot. The negative goods income shows what the consumption of goods would be if we had any.

We can currently only access Breaker/Human home universe, the Dryad/Galt Universe and the Archive universe at the moment. There is a fair chance we can obtain something from the Archive though...

We do not know the direction the fleet in the Dryad/Galt universe is heading. We need to get in range of short range scanners (the light gray tiles on the map) in order to verify the direction they are heading, or make a guess based on the vague long range estimates.

Nearly all of our Professionals are involved in research. At the speed we are going, we will achieve the Archive tech in EXACTLY 3 turns.

Detection of the stealth ship was mostly due to Hector Karras's counterespionage ability, and a bit of luck. We will always be on the lookout for stealth ships, but finding them is not 100% guaranteed.

A little over 5 parsecs, or at 6 turns at Breaker fleet speeds.

Building Interplanetary Cannons in the settlement you want to protect and placing the fleet above the settlement means you don't need to worry about the enemy fleet avoiding our defensive guns if they want a space b
attle. This does not stop them from deploying ground troops in our blind spots, though. Also realize that the range on even our Warpslug cannons does not reach beyond a planet and its satellites. It still has long range enabling several free hits on the enemy as they approach, but can't strike them from over a turn away.

I generally update after getting a specific build order. If there are no objections, I can follow a 3 turn build order to the guidelines set by
Which includes:
Using available resources and BP to create Naval/Structural shells
Sending the Corvette 'Vitium' to warn the Galts of the Breakers and offer them the following techs: Interplanetary Cannon, Warpslug Cannons, Early FTL Drive, as well as the full history of Earth and the Splinter.
Request the Galts to construct Naval/Structural Shells for us, assuming they have access toe Superconductors and are willing.
No usage of Implantation Points, unless there is a greater consensus that we should use them now.
Keep the fleet at Conrix there for defense, equipping the Infractus and Bombers with Diplomat missiles and the rest with Warpslug cannons (Note: 3 Diplomats take up the same space as a Warpslug battery. It's high burst of damage versus constant damage. Bombers can carry 1 Diplomat each.)
No. 376145 ID: eb672d

Sounds about right. Maybe use the IP for some max strength mods on our power troopers. We should probably outfit about 12 bombers with diplomats(I believe they can go in space. Right?) which leaves 24 diplomats. Capitol ship missile pods can hold three each.. so that's 8 slots worth of missiles. I suggest spreading them out amongst our fleet positioned over Conrix so in the worse case, if one ship is lost, we can still fire plenty more missiles.

Other than that, outfit the ships with warp slug guns, and also give the galts instant communication with us. It would allow us to organize ourselves better in the future and make further calls quicker in case of trouble.
No. 376168 ID: 6af537

>give the galts instant communication with us
do you mean giving them the tech, or just the device (a black box essentially)?

Spreading the DIPLOMATs is a good suggestion.

Also, to the OP: if we share a tech with someone, are its prerequisites shared too? And, does further research from the tech in question become available to the recipients immediately (provided they know all other prerequisites)?
No. 376176 ID: 437934

I forgot what implants we have, but if there's anything to help out our pilots, implant 'em away.
No. 376205 ID: c0bb4e

I believe neural would help the pilots. They increase reflexes as well as making them smarter and stuff.
No. 376430 ID: a611d6
File 132532139904.png - (509.18KB , 2800x2836 , Base Report 11.png )

A class of Power Troopers and Workers have finished training. 6 Naval/Structural Shells have been created in our factories.

Going by earlier orders, the Contemno approaches the radio signals of the civilized race nearby. It has detected the star system containing the civilization. The radio signals are still rather faint and jumbled, almost organic in nature. Our translators cannot make head nor tail of the language without proper context. We will need to enter the solar system to investigate further.

With the discovery of The Archive, the researchers manage to break their way into the facility. The place is a massive underground complex. There is a relatively small amount of living space compared to the Archive's size; most of the construction consists of great libraries filled ancient metal plates. Most of these plates appear to be scoured of their information, though in several secure vaults the scientists managed to preserved bits of data containing very useful information. This will be elaborated upon in the next two posts.

Two of the Icon discs have been found as well, allowing us to access new universes.

The Breaker fleet has entered within short range scanners of the Vitium. We can see now the specific makeup of the fleet is 2 Destroyer-equivalent ships and 3 Escort ships. They will arrive in the Galt system next turn.

The Galts received the following technologies from us through the Corvette Vitium: Interplanetary Cannon, Warpslug Cannons, Early FTL Drive, as well as the full history of Earth and the Splinter. They also obtained an Instant Communications device to contact us in emergencies, and a warning that the Breakers will come rather soon. We have left out the fact that the Breakers are now extremely close.

Their planet, Gulch, contains only sparse amounts of Superconductor. SC is incredibly valuable for them and, even with the looming threat of invasion over their heads, many corporations were reluctant to use their supplies to construct the Interplanetary Warpslug cannons. This problem is being compounded by several mining companies across the planet raising the prices of Superconductors to obtain more wealth in this time of crisis. There are 4 of these gun emplacements under construction now with two new cannons being started per turn, but they will not be finished until 2 turns AFTER the breakers arrive.

This scarcity also prevents them from constructing Disruptive Shells for us, though if we brought them the resources they claim they would gladly offer their factories for our own use. For the gift of technology and warning them of the invasion, they offering assistance for up to 10,000 BP for free, and after that for a relatively small fee of 1 SC or 15 FUEL per 100 BP.

In accordance with their agreement, we can now research their culture.

The missiles are spread so that all Bombers and each combat ship (aside from the Destroyer Occissor) orbiting Conrix has a slot of missiles. The remainder of the slots are occupied by Warpslug Batteries.

Strength mods help make soldiers more resilient, but are not as important for Power Troopers as their armor already improves their strength.

Prerequsite techs are not shared, and they cannot look further into the tech tree without all the techs that lead up to it. Depending on their skill in reverse-engineering, they might be able to discover preceding techs faster. As an alien race though, they do not follow entirely the same tech tree as we do.

Neural implants are installed in the pilots. Out of 30 implantees, there is only 1 casualty. The neural implant is beneficial to all types of soldiers.
No. 376438 ID: a611d6
File 132532275593.png - (204.50KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

From the Archive, we have learned more on the history of the precursor race responsible for all these Anomalies dotted across the universes.

I will give the very short version of it, though I can elaborate if you desire.

The race was already incredibly ancient and powerful by the time they discovered interdimensional travel. They expanded quickly into other universes, eager to gather resources for their drained homeworlds and spread their civilization. Wars were fought with other powerful aliens, with the precursors eventually defeating them and taking their technology and planets for their own use.

Eventually their conquests died down as the race focused on research to allow them to further manipulate the laws of the universe. They set aside one universe for the sole purpose of experimentation, testing their ability to easily move energy and material between dimensions. The main drive was to pull bits of energy from an extremely young universe, manipulate it into whatever form hey desired and then send it to any point in space.

One of their race's most prominent scientists feared their drive for power and interference would lead to a never-ending reign of tyranny and destruction. In secret, he subtly sabotaged their interuniversal efforts in the experimental universe. What he exactly did is a mystery, but the aftermath of his actions allowed him to seal himself in the experimental universe, away from harm while he used the technology to destroy his own species and scour as much evidence of their presence as he could from existence. As you can guess, this individual is the godlike Totus. It appears one way or another his grasp on the technology has waned somehow, as his "magic" is not as destructive or prevalent as it once was.

Two new techs are now revealed, but cannot be researched until all prerequisites are completed.

BIOCERAMICS: Allows our genetically engineered creatures to grow plates of highly durable Bioceramic, allowing them to be more useful in combat. This takes up a lot of energy and cannot be used for tiny creatures or intelligent creatures. Also, this will reduce the cost of researching new engineered organisms.

SHORT RANGE TELEPORATION: Allows construction of equipment that allows teleportation over short distances. Since this is a frontier bit of technology, only smaller objects can be teleported around.
No. 376455 ID: a611d6
File 132532518574.png - (39.69KB , 942x784 , The Map.png )

From the Archive, we gained more details about the universes we can travel to. The map is updated to show all possible connections, and universes we can access are in light blue.

FRONTIER: Last universe discovered by the precursors, and thus not as influenced by them as much. Standard in most other ways. Home to the Anomalous Archive and our current settlements.
NEBULOUS: Home to the Galts and Dryads. Empty space here is not quite as empty, odd dust and gasses scattered everywhere make the universe appear like a thin red nebula. Contains the Anomalous Nexus exists here.
WANING: A universe in the degenerate era, where the only stars are dying dwarfs and the planets are cold and barren. A single precursor Anomalous Asylum exists here.
COMPACT: The stars in the universe are much more clustered and closer together than in most others. Quite a few precursor Anomalous Settlements have existed here.
MORTAL: Birthplace of Humanity, the Breakers and the Gesters. Named as such as it was the first place the precursors discovered, and the presence of no especially powerful interstellar empires was novel to them. Nearly all Settlements here have been purged, all that remains is the Gate that we already discovered.
OSCILLATING: A small, universe that undergoes a big-bang big-crunch pattern. This occurs relatively often, about every 10 billion years. Little, if any, life exists here due to the short lifespan of the universe. Right now in a stage of collapsing on itself. It contains a single Anomalous Monitoring Station.
UNMARKED: A late discovered universe, this one was set aside as a sort of 'preserve', where the precursors would not interfere beyond observing the races from deep space. Contains an Anomalous Outpost.
POROUS: This universe has many distortions in spacetime, containing many bubble in which ships move more quickly or slower, and a few highly dangerous pockets that can tear all matter apart. Contains some Anomalous Settlements and Research Bases.
MARRED: Major wars between the precursors and their equally ancient foes have been fought here. As the natives of this universe have been exterminated and the precursors themselves have gone, this place resembles a barren battlefield of shattered planets and ruined cities. Contains several Anomalous Battlefields and Settlements.
SYNTHETIC: An artificial universe created by the precursors. It is very small, and void of anything but an Anomalous Sanctuary.
HOME: The birthplace of the Precursors, contains numerous planets either covered in their construction or stripped of their resources. Contains the Anomalous Homeworld and other Settlements.
INCIPIENT: A very new universe, containing many nebulae and half-formed solar systems. Contains an Anomalous Derelict Ship hidden in one of the nebulae.
UNSTABLE: The 'experimental' universe mentioned by the precursors, and the home of Totus. It would appear that whatever Totus used to seal himself in there no longer exists, and we can access it if we obtain the correct disc.
"THE VOIDS": Unbelievably ancient universes that have long since become nothing more than cold voids. We cannot access these.
"THE REFUGE": A last ditch attempt made by the precursors to survive Totus's genocide. Nothing in the Archive goes into detail about this place, though more information can be found in the neighboring SYNTHETIC universe.
"THE NODE": Not much is known about this either, aside from being somehow related to Totus's power. We will have to go into Totus's own UNSTABLE universe in order to learn more about this place.

Total list of researchable Anomalies:
Settlements (HOME, POROUS, MARRED and COMPACT), the Derelict (INCIPIENT), the Research Bases (POROUS), the Asylum (WANING), the Monitoring Station (OSCILLATING), the Outpost (UNMARKED), the Homeworld (HOME), the Battlefields (MARRED), the Sanctuary (SYNTHETIC), the Gate (MORTAL, researched), the NEXUS (NEBULOUS, researched) the ARCHIVE (FRONTIER, researched).
No. 376460 ID: 6e44d2

Hot damn that is cool.

I say we research the sanctuary next chance we get. I haven't been following our resources and whatever very closely, so don't take my vote as decisive, but we should plan on packing up soon and heading there.
No. 376464 ID: 453e62

nononon, that puts us RIGHT outside totus' place. of all the places he could have power over that would be the most powerful. in fact, it could be the home of the snarren and elves.

we will need a sensor ship. basically a supersized manned scanning drone. in order to find the ship in INCIPIENT. precursor ship tech should be cool.

would also pass through HOME and we can check out the precursor homeworld.
will need to find the OSCILLATING key in relatively short order. i doubt even precursor tech can withstand being in the middle of a big crunch and bang.

the make up of the breaker fleet mean we outmatch them in terms of total weight. only thing left is how good can our guns break the shields. a focus fire on the destroyer equivalents would rob them of weapons that can have a chance of damaging our ships effectively.
No. 376487 ID: 385f21

(Ed, fix your Fleet Disposition table. Also, could you please label the universes not only with icons but with their names too from now on?)

Well, to me it looks like we should first repel the Breaker fleets, and then think about traveling to other universes.

The Galts won't be able to repel the scout fleet if it decides to invade, and Vitium is outfitted with neither shields not DIPLOMATs. Moreover, even if we pull a part of our fleet from Conrix, we won't get there in time. The question now becomes, what do we do?

- We can either warn the Galts about the incoming fleet or not.
- We can either pull Vitium out of there right now, or wait a turn, or not wait at all.
- We can pull some ships (from either Thoth or Conrix) to repel/chase the scout fleet and destroy it. Both locations are ~3 turns away from Gulch.

I propose we warn the Galts and pull Vitium one cell to the left right now and see what the Breakers will do. To the Galts we justify it as trying to lure the invaders away from their homeworld; hopefully the whole fleet will follow us, once they determine that Galts are, in fact, not us. Move in the direction that does NOT have the Universe Gate there. At the same time, assemble a strike fleet (which ships exactly is to be determined later, when the fleet disposition tables get fixed, and preferably not by me :) and move out in force to chase and destroy the scout fleet.

Meanwhile, we should totally take the Galts' offer of BP. I propose we build some capital ships. We should provide the professionals though, so as to not have to share the relevant tech.

And that brings me to the topic of research. Bioceramics and, judging by the description, Short-range teleports won't be of any immediate assistance right now, unlike the TacImplant+MemoryMod combo, which will help to replenish our workforce which we'll be using at the Galt factories, so I vote for starting that.

Also, why have we still not reassembled the Moon Cannon on one of the moons over Crescent City? Do that. Also continue to produce shields for our ships (first priority) and a second helping of DIPLOMATs (however much we can build once every ship is outfitted with shields). Install the existing shields on the ships, starting with the military ones.

Also, it appears that we have 150 professionals at Hothouse, doing nothing. We also have 3 small labs on starships at Conrix that are inactive. So let's move those ships to Thoth and have a boost in RP. On the same ships, move some non-workers and unemployed workers from CS to Hothouse to be trained.

Finally, could anyone please verify that what I'm suggesting here won't destroy our economy or morale or something? I might have missed something necessary.
No. 376507 ID: 453e62

this small fleet may be able to invade but it will not be able to kill galts effectively. most of the population is under water while breakers breathe air. the planet killer would need to attack for them to be in any real danger.
No. 376510 ID: 385f21

Well that's a relief. Then we can get the strike fleet going without worrying about Breakers wiping out half the planet in the mean time.

Oh, and one other thing I forgot to suggest. We should scout out some space around Conrix. Send two ships in the down-left and down-right directions for about one turns worth of distance, then retreat.
No. 376583 ID: eb672d

I believe we should use the first critical turn to complete multiple small projects asap. We have several and they are rather handy.

Small projects we have: Decoys, Diplomat/Missile Mines(Jurokos), upgrading the moon cannon. The upgrade and mines cost 5 and 7 research points. Hardly a pitance right now.

As for other things; I remember reading about that orbital solar array. It produces less energy, but the fact it can be used as a sniper cannon and requires no fuel is a good thing. 20 rp was the cost.

My finally Research idea is Massive Space Stations for ship construction. Remember guys, Massive buildings produce and cost about the same as 3 large buildings, but they are cheaper on professors and staff. Not to mention the fact that Massive buildings have secondary features. We need those ships done quick if we are to be ready.

As for the Galt, inform them of the Breakers approaching. Don't act hostile to them, remain neutral. Get our diplomat out of there and if they ask, tell them we were just here for trade(not entirely false).

Drop off and set up the Moon cannons, then get a couple of ships and the bombers piloted by phantasms ready. We may need to do a bombing run on them before ship to ship combat.
No. 376659 ID: 6e44d2

I think we can provide them with materials and blueprints without needing to explain their underlying function. It would be just about impossible for them to reverse-engineer technology that far ahead of their own, so we don't need to worry about that, either. Even if they do figure it out, they aren't a threat. Totans hate our technology, so they won't use it against us, and these guys have no reason to attack us, especially not with these friendly diplomatic relations going on.
No. 376698 ID: 3947e9

upvote. We want that ship
Although oscilliating is not a big rush because it is a 10 billion year cycle.

Next research should be integrated tactical implant systems (no more implant death; soldiers get HUD) followed by memory mods (8x faster education).

We are being far far too paranoid about the galt and they are an invaluable opportunity. We need to ally with them closely and leverage their massive factory ability. With off planet mining for SC by us and them we can build a massive fleet to oppose the breakers. They might also assist us in research.
We tell them we discovered the aliens are coming towards them and the exact ETA. Then leverage the close-less of the enemy fleet to them to get good terms in the alliance. We want a staggered process of joining us where eventually they become full voting members of the splinter, a federal system where planets retain a large degree of autonomy within the greater whole (proof we don't seek to subjugate them), and full sharing of tech on process finalization (expected at about 20 years from now, plenty of time for us to rebuild our population before sharing cloning tech).

We give them a set of tech right now to help them fight. But as a precaution, we don't share any biological research with them (so they don't get cloning tech, so that we can out breed them), and we don't share precursor tech (so they don't run too far ahead of us on research); at least, not until the full join in 20 years. Have the politicians throw a bunch of fluff and staggered steps in the joining process, syncing of laws, etc. Be willing to make some concessions.

Right now we should share with them:
1. Computer tech (all the way to 4)
2. Warp (that is, warp 1, 2 and instant coms)
3. Weapons & Shields
4. Manufacturing (building schematics, etc)
5. Spaceship designs

Have them crank out a fleet of ships to fight totus forces while we repopulate using cloning vats, and ferret out precursor tech. Eventually when we sufficiently outnumber them, we can bring them into the fold as an equal part of our coalition.
No. 376744 ID: fc22d7

For research, I vote on neural implants+memory mods, and then the other assorted projects (the various small projects, plus massive space stations) mentioned here. The new techs we unlocked look cool, but sound more like prerequisite techs for far more useful techs. We'll get to them later.

Upvoting the Galt diplomatic measures mentioned in >>376698 though the details might need hammering out. We want them an active friendly ally. If we can get them to the point where they can build ships for us (which'll require giving them military techs and shipbuilding tech), that's a lot of building power they have.

We should look into getting more SC mining going so we can trade it to them. Also, let's look at luring away and then blowing up that Breaker fleet. Though it might only buy us time until a mass exacuation of the Galts becomes necessary. :( That'll be far easier though if they get shipbuilding tech.
No. 376745 ID: fc22d7

Oh, hey, putting Galt culture on the research queue should help with diplomatic efforts. Just thought of that. It might sound like a minor priority, but we really do want them on good terms.
No. 376750 ID: eb672d

Honestly, I'd rather not start the neural implants right away. We have way too many small projects that aid in our defense and the likely hood that we are going to NEED them soon.

Besides, in the next Turn, the Breakers will be there. That sounds like a plot critical turn right there so why not get our quick research done in that turn?

Besides, I REALLY want to free up some of those Space Station Profs by researching a Massive Orbital. Quick pros are fine, but we still need to use them efficiently.
No. 376751 ID: 3947e9

good idea and upvoting... except looking at >>376438 it shows we already HAVE galt culture... what gives?
No. 376756 ID: fc22d7

>>376751 Oh, hey, wait, it wasn't Galt Culture that we unlocked the research option for. It's planetary research. Which... isn't a huge priority. Though there's a small possibility we might discover something that would help the Galts optimize their use of their planet.

Getting our quick research done in the next turn won't make a big difference in that one turn since we'd still need to take at least a turn building. Still, a good point that now is a good time to focus on quickly getting tools to help combat the Breakers.

Let's see how the Breakers react to our moving our nearest ships within sensor range. We could still buy the Galts time if they follow our ships. If they move ships toward us, put in an appearance of spotting the Breaker fleet and then retreating, to lure them to where we can focus more firepower upon them.
No. 376803 ID: eb672d

It takes one turn to finish, yes. It will also take time to properly use them. However, for our fleet to properly approach the Breakers it will take Four turns. With our current research speed, we can get the 150 rp tech done in 3.

Those three extra turns can be used to produce mines to protect our colonies, a better space station so we can make our ships faster, decoys to draw away enemy ships, a better moon cannon, and a way to not only get power without fuel, but a means to also defend our ground forces.

You also forget that they know we are HERE. Getting our defenses up on the home front is never a stupid idea especially when they know we exist.

Also, sending our ship towards the breakers is a bad idea. You know why? Because that means the breaker will either think we are in the vicinity and call reinforcements, or they will think the Galt are fully allied with us and call in BIGGER reinforcements. Not to mention that our closest ship is a corvette. We move in, they can just shoot us down.

Remember, we would need to put implants in each and every prof candidate for them to get that bonus and that requires implant points. Implants that are on a different planet than the one the school is on.

In short, we do those implant techs first, it will take 7+ turns for them to finish. Then the turns to equip all our graduates with the implants. That is 6 turns we could use making defensive mine fields, better moon cannons, better, more efficient space ports, and decoys to buy us more time.

You can wait one turn to start your implants.
No. 376804 ID: 453e62

yeah we want them to SPOT us fleeing towards our defensive position.where we will have the upgraded moon gun waiting. and when they get in range we will have them be hit from the gun, missiles and our ships at the same time. total overwhelming force. if a ship is mostly intact then its a bonus but we beat the ground forces by surprise attack with insanely high amounts of attack power focused on them.
No. 376810 ID: 385f21

Remember that the known fleet and our defense positions are in different universes, and we don't want to attract attention to mementos from Totus' former compatriots. Let's have the Breakers chase Vitium around: Vitium has better engines, but doesn't have to use them to their fullest. Just pretend to run like hell towards nowhere.

Also yeah, I'll support the "let's get the small projects out of the way" motion. Someone has to collect all the propositions in one place, though, and confirm custom designs cost in the discussion thread.
No. 376842 ID: 0adc60

Contemno should enter the system and proceed to track down the source.

Marred should have lots of tech to scavenge, and Unmarked should have lots of potential allies. but we can't access either, so we should hit the Sanctuary up in Synthetic, especially because it might get us into the Refuge, which in turn might have some awesome Precursor shit to give us an edge over these mooks.
No. 376920 ID: 453e62

to make sure they chase Vitium and leave the galt alone broadcast to them
"rch, you found us before we could subjugate this planet but you will never take us alive!" and the they flee. would make them target us and then we can lead them into a trap.
No. 376968 ID: f70e5e

this would not work. the breakers would probably take anything we said with at least a grain of salt. if we had some way to feed them info that would be different, but the downside of untraceable coms is that its hard to pass false Intel. we should tell the galt about the breaker scout force, and that we are going to try and lure it away. we should also see if there is any way we can rush a single cannon to have it up in time to help against the breaker fleet.
No. 390930 ID: a611d6
File 133111975292.png - (536.58KB , 2800x2836 , Base Report 12.png )

A turn has passed.


MASSIVE ORBITAL FACTORIES take 5 turns to build and have the ability to be equipped with defensive Naval weapons. The building itself is not as well armored as navy ships though, so don't expect it to hold out well on its own.
DECOY SHIPS cost a fraction of their normal price. They resemble a thin husk of with scrambling equipment inside of it. Enemy ships can't tell the difference until they drop out of warp to see it.
The new MkII INTERPLANETARY CANNON uses warpslug technology instead of railgun tech, making it more devastating, cheaper to fire, and better able to hit targets in orbit. It takes 4 turns to build. Upgrading the cannon we already have will cost 100 METAL, 30 FUEL, 30 SC and 20 BP.
"JUROKO" STELLAR MINES are simple, hard to detect drone platforms that can be stationed out in space. They carry and fire one DIPLOMAT warp nuke each, and can be reused after firing. They are very fragile constructions, and even small fighter craft can take them down easily.

The VITIUM moves back one parsec away from GULCH while the Breakers approach, as to avoid getting caught by the fleet. The Breakers are not responding to any of our hailing attempts.

The VITIUM transmits the following technologies to the Galts: COMPUTING SYSTEMS 1-4, WARP 1-2, INSTANT COMMUNICATIONS, PLASMA WEAPONS, FUSION CASTSERS, WARPSLUG CANNON, as well as all our building and starship schematics.

GALT DIPLOMAT: "I... we cannot thank you enough for these gifts. You have sent our humble species centuries into the future, given us the tools so we too can reach the stars. Our economy will blossom greater than it ever has. We will always honor mankind's compassion."

The GALTS are informed of the impending Breaker approach, though they cannot do anything to rush the progress of the defensive cannons.

The Breakers enter orbit around Gulch. They do not seem to make any hostile moves, though after a day the Galt Diplomat cpntacts us again. After this brief meeting, the Breakers engage warp again. From their movements, it appears they are trying to catch up with the VITIUM.

GALT DIPLOMAT: "Your enemies, these Breakers, have found us. Grave news. They made contact with us, and issued our entire species an ultimatum: Break contact with your Splinter, give up all your technologies and submit to their jurisdiction. It is either this or be destroyed by their fleets. We do not want to turn on you, after all you have done for us, but the threats the Breakers made are terrifying a lot of the employee class as well as corporate leaders. Most of us still believe in you, but there is still plenty of fear. I'm sorry that the optimism from your recent gifts did not last very long."
No. 390931 ID: a611d6
File 133111981550.png - (30.62KB , 627x664 , Stuff to name.png )

CONTEMNO CAPTAIN: “We entered the star system emitting the radio frequencies. They appear to be coming from the second planet here, a mostly barren rocky world with some large lakes covered with red algae. There are about twelve very small alien ships surrounding this planet. They look like some organic form stuck in a crystallic structure, with some boosters attached to it. We’re receiving direct radio signals from them, shall we open hailing frequencies?”
No. 390937 ID: 3947e9

@CONTEMNO: Yes, if they are willing to talk then lets talk.

The breakers' religion proclaims technology is evil and requires its abolishment, with a special exemption given to specific technologies of war and a specific race, which compose the fleet you encountered. Our research suggests their so called God is an actual living being, the last living member of an ancient race of very advanced technology who killed each other in civil wars over this very issue.

Humans were never given the choice to forgo technology, they simply tried to exterminate us. We expected their fleet to attack your planet with the intent of extermination instead of talking; our ships were in wait to ambush them as soon as they tried to. To our surprise they talked to you instead and offered this ultimatum, it is why we did not engage their fleet yet.

If you decide to accept their ultimatum we shall understand, but know that it will require you to forgo all technological progress, forever.
It is possible that they were aware of our ambush and chose this tactic to separate us in order to come and exterminate you later. Or it is entirely possible that they are sincere and will uphold their side of the bargain. Ultimately it is your decision but both paths carry risks, choosing to submit is not guaranteed safety. Not to mention all those who would die every year from simple preventable causes if you return to a technology-less agrarian society. You would also have to kill all those of your species who refuse to cease their use and research of technology.

If you choose to fight, we offer to protect your planet with our fleet while you build your own defensive fleet.

If you choose to submit and destroy all your technology, We will not hold it against you; and hope that the breakers keep up their side.
No. 390938 ID: 3947e9

Oh, and if the galts agree to work with us, we need a ship to immediately go there and scan the planet for any hidden enemy vessels. We don't want them summoning allies into the galts world directly, or intercepting our communications.
No. 390943 ID: f70e5e

open hailing frequencies to the unknown alien ships, but warm up your warp engines first. if they turnout to be hostile we should not engage.
No. 390952 ID: e1fb71

okay, let's build some of the crap you finished researching. Hothouse doesn't seem to have any factories, I bet it could use one orbital factory. we could also put some of them mines in orbit around our colonies. and why not have a small fleet of fake ships at the ready?

next up for research: warp tech and anything related.
No. 390979 ID: fcf88e

@ Galt: The thing about the Breaker's bit of diplomacy is while the security seems good in a short term situation, this will also stunt any future growth.

You are an industrial race right? Making plenty of products and designs, competing with one another and growing due to the healthy competition. Now, the Breakers and Totus think differently; One path, one set of rules. Their rules. Specifically, Totus' rules. He was willing to preform genocide on his own people, make himself a self stylized god, and is more than willing to bully any race he sees as a threat.

Hell, what makes you think your safety with them will be without a price other than what they said? If you give up our technology, they will still be stronger than you and they can use that to pressure you. They can have you make weapons for them with no return, threaten your people to fight for them or die, forcing you to give up your resources for their 'holy mission'.

In the end, your race would be unable to grow, unable to invent new ideas, unable to leave your planet and find new places to live and explore and new products to make with that technology. It will simply be the same thing, over and over until your companies stagnate and be rendered shadows of what they are.

Of course, we will be willing to help your race prepare and shore up defenses. Even lure the breaker fleet away from you to buy you some time to help better protect yourself. After that, if your race wishes it, we can be business partners and help each other grow. If you want to formally join us, we will accept that too and help protect our brothers in arms.

Just remember: The breakers may threaten you with a quick death, but their promise is one of slavery, stagnation, and the death of your entire culture and way of life.
Contact the other race and let's begin Operation: Breaker Breaker.

Part one: Vitium heads out back towards our fleet, leading the breakers along. Make sure to stay out of combat range, but also make sure they are tailing us.

Part Two: Ready some diplomat loaded Jurokos. As many as we can get in one turn at a ratio of one juroko to one diplomat. Load the Jurokos up on the ships which are armed with warpslug tech and diplomats.

Step 3: Find a empty space near our home planet for that selected fleet to set up shop. Drop the mines, bunker down and get ready for the Vitium to run back.


This may be our best bet at the moment to busting down their fleet and they are going to hunt down the Vitium anyways. May as well destroy them before they fully bunker down and try stuff with the Galt.

Set up the Mk II Moon Cannon as well. We will need it soon.

And now we can work on stuff like The Tactical Mods. It's going to be one hell of a next set of turns.
No. 390989 ID: ed57e8

make sure the radios are isolated from computers other then a translator. don't want to find out they are sentient machine things so hacking another is trivial.
No. 391202 ID: 385f21

Sorry Juroko, the fleet is in another universe!
I can't stress this enough: DO NOT lead the Breakers to any of the gates!
No. 391215 ID: fcf88e

And yet they have been able to follow us everywhere we go one way or another. So either they have tech that allows it, or they use the gates we use. Seriously, they were how close to us when we used the first gate? Pretty damn close and if they did a proper search, they could find it easily.

Totus may be 'omni potent' but it's all due to the tech he has. He needs it as much as we do and I have this odd feeling the warp gates are not something he can just make. After all, every gate we've seen the breakers pop out of so far are small. Meant for ground troops and that's it.

Also there is the fact that if we don't get those breakers out of here, they are going to subjugate the Galt and we lose an ally, potential resources, and the Breakers could likely bully the tech out of them. They may not use it, but they can see how far we have progressed and send larger fleets to end us. If we send our fleet here, then we would be in a direct fight with them from the start WHICH IS WHAT WE WANTED TO AVOID since our best gear is long range.

Not only that, but you gave no counter idea. You just flat out said NO. So unless you have a plan that can help the Galt, deal with the Breakers who will find out we use the gates by bullying the Galts along with our tech secrets, and NOT cost us our ships as 'sacrifices', then either offer options or come up with your own.
No. 391272 ID: e4a136


They don't know where we actually are. Unless this is their whole fleet, which would be a little sad.

But seriously guys I thought this would be huge battle with tons of ships.

This isn't.

Kick the shit out of them here and now; there's no reason not to. And there's no reason to leave at the moment.

Hell, if their fleet isn't in-system we could blockade the entrance to this universe with mines.
No. 391283 ID: fcf88e

Oh they know where we are. They sent a cloaked scout we were lucky enough to find. This is basically the same fleet that has been hounding us since we left Earth. Most likely not the main fleet, but it still has been rather persistent.

We should get our main fleet ready then either way. Hopefully their slower ships and our faster ships will allow us to set up a ready position to receive them in the Galt's Universe, but we would likely be unable to set up a proper mine field. We may still be able to over whelm them before they even get close, but you never know.
No. 391403 ID: a611d6
File 133128131852.png - (4.66KB , 259x152 , SHC5.png )

I have made a slight error in the earlier post. Only one Escort ship and the two Destroyers are following us. Two of the Escorts are remaining around Gulch.


These arguments are made to the Galts. The diplomat elaborates on Totus's history with the Splinter and how submitting to the Breakers would, in the most optimistic scenario, lead to the end of their freedom and progress. He promises that Splinter will be there to support the Galts militarily.

GALT DIPLOMAT: "We can see the danger we are in, but please understand our species has never had to make such a significant choice before. We normally follow our economic models to make decisions, but now we are dealing with aliens who do not work like we do. You are generous and your position makes sense, but without some hard evidence we are lost. It was not very long ago that these Breakers pushed you to the brink, and many doubt that, even should form a defensive contract with one another, that we can do anything against these mysterious Breakers. Our global Conference will try to come to a decision soon, but it will still take some time, and we won't continue construction of our defensive cannons, or any of your technology for that matter, until that is resolved. However, support for resistance will likely increase if we can see legitimate military victories against these Breakers."

Meanwhile, in the unnamed star system, contact is made with the new aliens. As we have not been able to observe their society before, our translator is not able to work perfectly. This problem is compounded by the fact these aliens do not use recognizable syntax, meaningful statements are condensed single words.

UNKNOWN ALIEN: "Strangers, good meeting, <no reference word>, dangerous. Individual, we, watched, isolation, twelve stars, unarmed. Conqueror, guide, enforce, <no reference word>, isolation, watching, unknown number stars. Communication, two species, individual, strangers, secrecy, planet surface, possible potential."
No. 391412 ID: 1854db

Okay, inform the new species that our translator is having difficulties, but we may proceed on the planet's surface if they think we're communicating well enough. Otherwise, we can wait until we have done enough research to upgrade the translator. It is their choice. Also ask for clarification- do they wish to meet with a single member of our species, or may we bring a group? We would feel more at ease if a group was sent.

In other matters- continue the wild goose chase with VITIUM, and go in a wide arc clockwise around Gulch to reach our gateway. We should scramble every military vessel we have aside from the carrier (which we'd need for an evacuation of crescent city) and the freighters at Thoth (again, for evacuation), and Contemno (who is too far away and busy) and shove our naval shells on them (well, the ones at Conrix anyway) in roughly even distribution. In three turns our fleets will meet up in the other universe and ambush the split breaker fleet near the gateway. Load up our ships with bombers and interceptors, and put Diplomats on them. Enough for two battles, because we're gonna be fighting two battles.

So basically we'd be leaving the carrier at Conrix, and a bunch of freighters at Thoth.

This opportunity is too good to let pass up. Let's do a field test, gentlemen.

Uh, for a build order, keep making Naval Shells. Also put some more workers into school on Thoth. On Conrix, put 1000 more Power Infantry in training.
No. 391431 ID: fcf88e

Hmmm, the translation is iffy, but I think I got the most of it done.

12 stars, 12 ships. They seem to be isolated, possibly by the ships. The conqueror thing may be totus and this is a form of lock down, similar to what they are trying to do to the Galts. They want an individual(diplomat?) to meet them in secrecy on the planet surface.

We should send a response, but keep it simple due to how their language seems to prefer that method. "Meeting Spot?" for the diplomatic meeting area in this case. When we get them, we meet them. Simple as that.

Also, I like the idea of keeping some ships(especially our weaker vessles) near the base. Never know for sure, but let's not evacuate until we need to. We'd lose a lot of supplies and resources if we do so right now.
No. 391437 ID: 385f21

Um. We've actually been monitoring (some of) the gates we used to travel between universes, and we know that nobody but us used them. That does mean that Totus either has other gates, or uses another means of transportation, or has Breaker fleets positioned in all universes already.

In light of that, the only thing that will happen is that they will settle near the gate and trap us inside the Frontier. Which, as the map suggests, we might have troubles getting out of.

And regarding my lack of meaningful contribution, how's this: let's adopt your plan, but enact it in Nebulous. Let Vitium lead its half of enemy fleet somewhere to the left, while scrambling the mines and stuff through the Gate and around the Vitium-chasing fleet into their path. Then, explosions and warpslugs, as requested.


On a somewhat unrelated note, why is our main fleet still sitting at Conrix? A detachment should spread to the 'south' and at least discover some space or something. Also, we might want to send a ship to the other side of the nebula, as I'm afraid the Breakers will approach using it as cover, and with a ship there we might have a chance of catching them early. Just don't let it stray too far, so that we could recall it ASAP if something happens.


I'm a bit confused: who is that UNKNOWN ALIEN, the ships or the settlements?
To 'meet in secret', we'll have to use that jammer cruiser we have, right?
Also I suspect that 12 ships can be arranged aroud the planet in such a way that they can directly watch all the planet. Unless the jamming includes visual/heat/etc cloaking, we might have a problem getting to the surface undetected.
No. 391444 ID: 88e5ad

rally the navy. attack the breaker fleet at Gulch. try to follow the other breaker ships without being detected. retreat if caught.

try to tell the unknown aliens that you need a better translator to understand what they're saying and ask for permission to land on the planet to study them a bit. study their culture with RP and all.
No. 391447 ID: ed57e8

no no, i think they are a reminant fleet of a group that once had colonies at twelve locations. these ships are one runner from each. most likely carrying escaped people while the fleets from the planets sacrificed themselves for them to get away.
and then they say that the watcher, totus' forces, have a unknown number of stars, an unknown number of planets under their control.

agree and send someone down.
No. 391469 ID: 1854db

>On a somewhat unrelated note, why is our main fleet still sitting at Conrix?

I suggested we send a scout to follow the cloaked breaker ship and find out how far away their main fleet is but everyone was like NOOO DON'T DO THAT WE DON'T WANT TO FIGHT THE BREAKERS and so we sat.

We have some corvettes to spare, so we could do that now. It's probably a good idea.
No. 391894 ID: fcf88e

All right; Turn Order time. The plan with the breakers will take 3 turns initially. We can get the Warp 3 Tech finished next turn after the initial fight.

Research Order (for now):
Warp 3
Tactical Mods
Memory Mods

Build Orders:
1st Turn: Naval Shells(for when the fleet gets back) and set up the Lunar Cannon.
2nd turn: Diplomats and Juroko mines
3rd Turn: Some consumable goods and such to improve the mood for the very possible victory(or defeat.)

Ask for coordinates for a meeting spot with the new species. Quietly land there.

Make sure that all ships heading to fight the breaker chasers are equipped with warp slug tech and diplomats.

Have the Vitium lure the Breaker fleet following it near the entrance. Get our fleet into the Nebulous Universe just before they arrive. Unload ordinance in volleys(in case of shields). Be sure to log how many hits they can take for future reference.

Glory to Humanity.
No. 391950 ID: 1854db

Thinking about it, maybe we should cancel the Cruiser and reclaim spent resources from it, as well as deconstruct the factory that was making it. I really doubt we have 50 turns until the Breaker planetkiller fleet arrives, and we need more ground BP. The other ships might finish before we have to evac though. They've got 12 and 9 turns left to finish, respectively.

I think we should make at least 3 naval shells during these 3 turns. That's using up like half our BP, the rest can be used on diplomats and jurokos. LOTS of jurokos.

We haven't researched that stealth-nuke ship yet. Why not? Anyone wanna do that before Warp 3? Warp 3 gets us closer to antimatter...
No. 391952 ID: fcf88e

Not necessarily. Once one ship yard is free, it means we have an extra yard to work on the other two ships. If not, we could likely scrap the two, make the Massive one and continue.

Remember though, the mines are basically the launch system. You need diplomats to put on the mines for them to actually blow things up.

The stealth nuke delivery ship shouldn't be cost expensive either. We can likely start the bomber first, then use the rest of the rp to work on Warp III. Should still be 4 turns for it, but we will have something extra too.
No. 391955 ID: 1854db

Nope, one shipyard can only work on one ship. That's why we have three ships in progress instead of focusing on one.

You know we have 36 spare Diplomats right?
No. 391961 ID: fcf88e

Very well, once the two ships are done, scrap their yards in place for a massive ship yard and get the Jurokos ready. Make sure there is a diplomat for each new Juroko though. We do have the naval shells, diplomats and warpslugs installed on our fleet, right Ed?

Another thing, the weight increased, but I saw no change in the numbers in our armory aside from one naval shell. Might want to correct that if the case.
No. 391962 ID: 1854db

Oh, and we should've made 2 naval shells over that one turn anyway.
No. 392126 ID: bb0c2f

I'm still not sure that we should bring glory to humanity in any proximity to the gate. I'd suggest distance of at least 3 (what does a grid cell represent, I forgot), more if feasible. Because we won't be able to hold the gate should they try to forcibly occupy its immediate vicinity. And they will, if they discover it.
Paranoia, ho!
No. 392209 ID: fcf88e

That is why we bring the Jammer with us. Should mess with their communications and possibly make it so they can't inform others.

We can't keep delaying things paranoia or not. We are pushing it with three turns worth of chasing and a few more turns would make things even tougher. No, we are going there now, deal with them as soon as possible, and free the Galts quickly. No delays.
No. 392673 ID: 6af537

We only have one jammer. Where does it go, to fight or to talk?
No. 392705 ID: 1854db

To fight, of course. The new aliens can wait. We should inform them of the possibility of us using the jammer cruiser for added security, though.
No. 392706 ID: ed57e8

yeah the new aliens don't know about it, but seem confident that the surface will be plenty of security.
No. 392792 ID: fb9917

Does setting up the Lunar Cannon require BP?
No. 394873 ID: fcf88e

It will cost BP for the lunar cannon so I guess whatever remaining BP for the first turn should be filled with jurokos and diplomats.Bring the jammer to the fight. The secure area is likely secure enough for whatever reasons.

Finally; Seeing as we will be facing space fleets more often, I suggest a certain ship type to deal with future problems; The Yamato Class Battle Ship!
Features: The Yamato is a anti-space battle ship. Spacing the cannons out to deal with enemies from any angle and designing the cannons' mountings to focus more on piercing and penetration power, the Yamato would be designed to smack the ever loving crap out of enemy ships. To drive this home, the Yamato gives up it's orbital bombardment array for the ability to mount a Lunar Cannon Class Cannon (or as many as Ed will allow) on the bow of the ship. After all, why keep the big guns at home? The down side is the specialty piercing rounds would do little damage to ground forces and cause reduced splash. Not only that, but due to the position of the guns, not all of them can fire on the planet effectively. Still, in a battleship vs Yamato fight, the Yamato would have the upper hand... with a big stick in it.

Pros: 1.5x efficiency in space combat.
Better ship armor penetration.
Able to mount Lunar Cannon to ship for combat.

Cons: Can only use half the ship's guns for orbital bombardment.
Splash and area damage of the bombardment is reduced.
No nuclear bombardment array.
No. 394876 ID: ed57e8

we don't even have a REGULAR battleship out. our biggest ship is the carrier.
No. 394883 ID: fcf88e

Ahhh, but you forget, once we free the Galt, we will still have that 10000 BP. Give them the massive ship yard plans in return for the Yamato to be the first thing made. The Galt probably have a bonus to production while we have a problem with it.

We may as well use the BP to build up our fleet and get some bigger ships ready since it takes a while for us to build them.
No. 395162 ID: fb9917

So a 3 turn build order would be something like

Turn 1:

3 Naval Shell, 1 Juroko Stellar Mine, Rebuild Lunar Cannon
400 Metal, 15 Fuel, 135 SC
108 BP

Turn 2:

20 Diplomats, 9 Juroko Stellar Mine
40 Metal, 100 Fuel, 29 SC
107 BP

Turn 3:

10 Diplomats, 11000 Goods
240 Metal, 50 Fuel, 10 SC
106 BP

640 Metal, 165 Fuel, 174 SC total
No. 395164 ID: fb9917

We don't even have a third of the SC we would need to build a carrier, let alone a battleship. We could maybe get another cruiser up?
No. 395170 ID: 1854db

We only get 108 BP per turn if we don't assist the orbital factories. We can assist the orbital factories by up to 36 per turn. Which would leave us with 72 ground BP per turn.

Oh, speaking of those, since I doubt the Cruiser has any chance of finishing before the planetbreaker fleet gets here, I suggest we simply stop construction and dismantle that orbital factory. It'll free up some BP.

Perhaps we should build some more ground factories, too? That's a bottleneck right now. I think it'd be best if we made some Medium factories since I'm not sure Large ones would be worth the extra turn of constructing them. We could also build a couple more Medium SC Derricks.
No. 395175 ID: fcf88e

Turn order looks good, as for not having enough sc, you do know what we are going up against right? Breaker tech tends to be made out of a mix of metals and SC which we didn't use due to their price and general waste of SC. We are going up against capital ships made of the stuff.

When we destroy the ships, any capital ships that are damaged should scavenge the wreckage for usuable pieces and SC. We should be able to extract a small fortune of SC from them.

It might not be the full cost of SC we need, but it would be enough to give us time to finish two of the three ships we are making. Once they are finished, we would have more available SC to make more stuff and to devout to building the battle ship.
No. 395226 ID: 7d7f79

Forget a battleship, what we need more than anything is Homeworld's Mothership: The ability to run a full war economy in space with total portability. The one constant in all our conflict with Totus has been that unless and until we defeat Totus itself our enemy will always be able to reinforce and try again with double or more than the previous attack even when we win.
No. 395241 ID: 385f21

This idea has been raised several times already, but we simply don't have industrial capacity for that, with or without Galts' help.
No. 395243 ID: fcf88e

While that may seem like a good idea, you seem to be missing a lot of the complaints completely when it involved making a single battle ship. Remember, any BP, resources, RP, and SC needed to make a Mother Ship would require the investment of multiple bases and planets to pull off with decades of construction even if we had the necessary materials. Even the Galt's hearty budget of 10000 BP would likely just scratch the girth of what we have planned for that.

However, I do agree that we need some sort of means to make stuff or train stuff on the go. Having a steady ship designed for teaching, medical aid or the like would greatly help us. That is why I propose the Eden class Carrier.

Simply put, the Eden class would be like a small portable colony by using and modifying the carrier's base design meant for carrying large ammounts of goods and using said space as modular points for buildings. Better climate control, state of the art tech to make it a relatively nice place to live on, and maybe some built in apartments so the crew can live comfortably. I can see this sort of ship hold pretty decent sized buildings or a bit of every type. However, I can also see this thing guzzle gas like a old mini van which would mean any weaponry that uses energy by the buckets or uses alot of space for ammo would be a bad idea. Hell, probably would have a lot less guns too for additional space. It's no planet ship, but it would be better than stuffing a few labs on a couple of ships.

Pros: Designed for the crew to be pretty well cared for so it would likely have a moral boost. Possibly able to deal with larger groups of people without being over crowded.

Modular set up inside so that it can fit various buildings. Not sure how many but possibly a few mediums. Maybe one large.

Cons: Would need gas to move, gas to make power for the buildings, and gas to maintain the living standard. This is NOT a fuel friendly build.

Reduced space to put in more buildings. Got to give and take.

Weaponry would likely be cut back a bit and even then, the reduced space would mean weapons requiring lots of space would be rather unwise to equip.
To put things in perspective by the way; we could technically make 3 big ships with the Galt's bp. Two 3500s and one 3000. Since we take no penalties with ground factories, we don't really need them for building stuff we can do ourselves.
No. 395244 ID: 1278c1

Uh, you know, we're kindof supposed to use the discussion thread for coming up with new designs.
No. 395258 ID: 7d7f79

Fair point, but my general point was that we don't have a problem with a lack of a battleship. We have a problem with the fact we can never build enough battleships until we somehow can match up to Totus itself.
No. 395263 ID: ed57e8

it's rather easy actually. the galts help us build the primary frame, engines, and hardpoints. then we can build more parts of it at every planet. just build it in blocks
No. 395343 ID: fb9917

Honestly all these ship ideas should probably wait until after we recover some Breaker ship technology. We might learn something important about ship building. Does anyone have a different suggestion for build order or are we good?
No. 395385 ID: 7d7f79

Honestly, the build queue is pretty much impenetrable to me, I need a better UI to make sense of it.
No. 395404 ID: b85f8c

Like I said, dude, we don't have 108 BP every turn unless we stop construction on all the ships. So that build order doesn't work.
No. 395424 ID: fb9917

Turn 1:
Conrix: Stop production of Cruiser, Dismantle 1x L Orbital Factory, begin construction of 2x Large SC Derrick, 1x Large Factory
Construct 14000 Goods
1680 metal, 20 sc, 84 BP, 24 BP to assist orbital factories

Turn 2:
Conrix: Construct 2x Naval Shell, 4x Juroko Stellar Mine
84 SC, 82 BP, 24 BP to orbital factories

Turn 3:
Conrix: Construct 1x Naval Shell, 16x Juroko Stellar Mine
56 SC, 83 BP, 24 BP to orbital factories

1680 metal, 160 sc total

Unless we are tearing down this colony in the next 5 turns I'm pretty sure large buildings are more efficient than medium. And that cruiser was not going to be finished before the breakers show up.
No. 395465 ID: b85f8c

That's pretty good but I think we can pass on making any Goods, and replace that with something more useful like another Naval shell and the Mk II lunar cannon retrofit.
No. 395468 ID: fcf88e

Sorry, don't think we should dismantle the cruiser just yet. Also, the Juroko mines are platforms for the Diplomat missiles so making them only is a bad idea.

Keep the old turn order, just compromise it so it would fit with the BP given to ship construction.
No. 395474 ID: b85f8c

We already have spare Diplomats to stock them. Why is it that you want to continue making the Cruiser? I would at least like to PAUSE it.
No. 395481 ID: fcf88e

Reasons why I say we keep making diplomats is due to what we are about to go into. We will be using the ones we have loaded rather soon and having a small stock pile of the things never hurts. Especially if we set up Jurokos. Not only that, but Jurokos are cheap to make compared to diplomats. IF we flee, I would rather use the resources we have to make more diplomats than try to make them later on a planet with no SC.

As for the Cruiser, the reason why I say keep making it has two reasons:
1. we have a few more turns for the first of the three to finish. When that happens, we can dismantle that station and have a surplus of professors. We then make a massive space port, move the cruiser work there, and dismantle the other large one.

2; If the cruiser cannot be completed before the breakers move in, we convert it into a decoy and load it with Juroko mines and perhaps some automated weapon systems. At the very least it would scratch the enemy fleet and possibly delay them further.
No. 395565 ID: b85f8c

Um. Each Orbital Factory can at most produce 18 OBP. They work in parallel, so each ship will go up by 18 each turn. They're at 90 now, which was from 5 turns. Out of 300. It'll take another 9 turns for the first one to finish.

If we're going to make a Massive orbital factory, we should start making it now. Even if we left the Cruiser in the Large orbital factory it's in now, and put it in the massive when it's finished 5 turns from now, the Cruiser would take 19 turns from now to finish. I really doubt the breakers will take that long to arrive. It's already been what, 5 turns since the scout left?
No. 395569 ID: fcf88e

Actually, the quickest would be the 250, which will come in a bit sooner, but I digress.

The scout was 5 turns ago. Yes, that was true. However, the scout had a very fast engine. Faster than our fastest. Their bigger ships on the other hand do not. The big ships also lack the stealth tech of the scout so we can likely see their fleet coming and move it before they reach us. The only fleet we have seen so far is the one in the Galt's universe and that is several turns away. IF there is another enemy fleet, they would be much farther away.

Let's make a simple calculation shall we; Let's say the enemy scout can go 4 parsecs a turn since ours can go 3. If the scout reaches the enemy fleet now 5 turns since we've seen it and move 1 parsect a turn due to numbers and size, then it would take about 20 turns. You yourself said it would take 19 for our largest, so this would mean we would have one turn to book it if they do not slow down at all or are delayed.

As for why, my sentiment is always the same; We have no room. We leave too early and we will be over crowded and will have to dump valuable material and supplies to fit everyone.
No. 395607 ID: b85f8c

No, it would not be out earlier. 250-90=160. 18x8=144. 9 turns left. The breaker fleet being 20 parsecs away would give us enough time to complete the cruiser, yes. It would take 7 turns to confirm that they are at least that far away... I really wish there hadn't been so much opposition to sending out a scout earlier.

Your worries about not having room aren't unfounded, but keep in mind we have a second settlement. We can move supplies and stuff over there first (and they don't yet know that it's there) so that we don't have to shove everything in all at once.
No. 395632 ID: fb9917

The cruiser is like 30-40 turns from being completed, not 20. If we replaced the large orbital factory with a massive one, we could maybe get it done slightly faster, but the problem is that the breakers ALREADY KNOW WHERE WE ARE. We don't have enough time to finish the cruiser. We might have enough time to dig up a few more superconductors and build a few more things on the ground, though, which is why I suggested what I did. Thoth/Hothouse has no SC or fuel, and only 50% efficient metal, so we could really use any SC we can get while we are still on Conrix.
No. 395773 ID: 385f21

The Breaker scout's speed is 5 parsec/month, see >>373514. That means they'll get here on 6*k'th turn, where k is natural.
No. 397113 ID: fb9917

Turn 1:
Conrix: Stop production of Cruiser, Dismantle 1x L Orbital Factory, Construct 2x Large SC Derrick, 1x Large Factory, Convert Lunar Cannon to Mk II,
Construct 1x Naval Shell, 7x Diplomat

1514 metal, 65 fuel, 97 SC, 83 BP, 24 to assist orbital factories

Turn 2: Construct 2x Naval Shell, 3x Diplomat

6 metal, 15 fuel, 83 SC, 82 BP, 24 to assist orbitals

Turn 3: Construct 21x Diplomat

42 metal, 105 fuel, 21 SC, 84 BP, 24 to assist orbitals

1562 metal, 185 fuel, 201 SC total

Cruisers have about half the storage space of a freighter, so your complaint about not having room makes no sense, since we would have to stop construction on the freighter and the frigate to complete the cruiser in 19 turns.
I would much rather we got off this planet within 15 since we have no idea how large or how distant the fleet coming for us is, and they might already know about Thoth.
No. 397118 ID: fcf88e

You do know that other orbital facilities can NOT help one another right? So your whole complaint about it slowing down the other two has no grounds. It will still be bloody slow, but that is why I suggest the massive space yard which can also serve as a line of defense.

Yes, the cruiser has less space than a freighter, but a freighter is also weaker and in the off chance we get ambushed, would be one of the first things to go. Not only that, but we could put a Jammer on the cruiser as well which we can use for 'stealthed' transport fleet to transfer supplies while keeping the other one free. Besides, big ships will take a while no matter where we are, but if we want to fight the breakers, we will need to build them and that means taking time.
No. 397131 ID: fb9917

We don't have professionals to run a massive orbital factory. To get those professionals we need to take them off something else.
No. 397135 ID: fcf88e

This is why we look at older posts when we reply. One of my suggestions was start the massive space yard and once the FIRST ship is done, we dismantle THAT yard AND the cruiser's yard and proceed from there. It takes what, 4 turns to complete? We do it on turn 2 and it will be ready on turn 5. When the first ship will be done. Hell, if I recall someone said before, they would both be done then so we would have plenty of professionals to work on the new massive port.
No. 397182 ID: fb9917

The first ship will be done in 9 turns, not 5? And massive buildings take 5 turns to build. The massive orbital factory takes 50 professionals to run, and large orbital factories take 20. We have to shut down all three large orbital factories to get enough professionals to run a massive orbital factory, because we only have 2 unemployed professionals on Conrix. The earliest we could possibly finish the cruiser is in 15 turns, and that's if we stop production on the frigate and freighter. If we finish those ships, the earliest possible time to complete the cruiser would be in 21 turns. I don't want to be on this planet for 21 more turns when the Breakers already know where we are.
No. 397230 ID: b85f8c

We have 150 free profs in Hothouse, we can send those over in 2 or 3 turns to staff the massive orbital factory.
No. 398050 ID: d8ec9c
File 133334199744.png - (415.37KB , 2800x2836 , My made-up scifi race can beat up your made-up sci.png )

All of your build orders have been ignored entirely.

As diplomats open up contact with the aliens on their planet, they realize they have stumbled into a trap. They have found the glorious Wombonians, an advanced society of hermaphrodite wombat people.

They are enlightened and superior to our culture, not because of love of knowledge or peace, but the fact they are always naked and beautiful, have no sexual taboos and hate gender conformism. Despite the best attempts of Karras's NADIR operatives, the Wombonians have implanted their propaganda into our communication networks.

Overwhelmed by the glory of this species, thousands of civilians have already joined the Wombonians. Loyalists, spouting inflammatory phrases such as "This looks ridiculous" and "I'm going to just hide this thread now." are being hunted and raped mercilessly.

The times are grim for mankind (also the other races in the Splinter, but nobody cares about them. Humanity fuck yeaaaaaah)

Our last hope is the legendary ROCKET COMMANDO, Jessicanya Abradamns. She is sending one last inspirational message before she will attempt to undertake a suicide mission to stop the Wombonian Queen... king... thing, in its tracks.

J. ABRADAMNS: "I have no idea what the hell I am doing."
No. 398057 ID: b85f8c


No. 398093 ID: 2563d4

Use nukes, and then more nukes.
No. 398116 ID: fcf88e

Yeah, that is a troll post. Art style is wrong, ID is wrong, and only made as an attempt to flame. Cute and all, but it's kind of disrespectful to Ed if you do this.
No. 398119 ID: f70e5e

it might be a joke post rather than a troll post, april 1st and all.
No. 398131 ID: ce4a4d

>Cute and all, but it's kind of disrespectful to Ed
Your post is disrespectful to Rocket Commando Bacteria Jessicanya Abradamns.
No. 398138 ID: cf49fc

I know what our next genetics project is now!

No. 398149 ID: b84f3f
File 133337443085.png - (99.23KB , 318x470 , wahahahaha.png )

unleash the ultimate weapon.

I am the twist of my curl
Pink is my hair, and loud is my voice.
I have wahaha'd over 1000 times.
Signing to Shiichan.
Speaking for Shiichan.
Waiting for Act 2's arrival...
I have no regrets that I didn't get a route!
My whole life is

No. 398154 ID: b85f8c

It's him, he announced the update from IRC.
No. 398170 ID: 3947e9

The problem with april fools jokes is that everyone knows its april fools.

Trolling is much more effective when someone isn't expecting it.
No. 398243 ID: 6e44d2

Man, you sure don't know what humor is.
No. 398253 ID: b6edd6

Except most times some people still fall for it...
No. 401695 ID: fb9917

Since we are determined to finish the cruiser, we might as well get as much out of this planet as we can before we have to run, and since we have no idea whether we will have access to another planet with superconductors, that should probably be our focus.

Turn 1: Conrix: Begin construction of 1x Massive Orbital Factory, 4x Large SC Derrick, 1x Large Smelter, 1x Large Generator, 1x Large Factory, Convert Lunar Cannon to Mk II

Build 1x Naval Shell, 4x Diplomat

5808 metal, 189 SC, 50 fuel, 71 bp, 36 BP to Orbital Factories

Have a freighter pick up 150 professionals from Hothouse and bring them to Crescent City. They should be here before any buildings finish.

Turn 2: Conrix: Build 18x Diplomat

36 metal, 18 SC, 90 fuel, 72 bp, 36 bp to Orbital Factories

Turn 3: Conrix: Build 2x Naval Shell

80 SC, 70 bp, 36 bp to Orbital Factories

5844 metal, 287 sc, 140 fuel total
No. 410738 ID: a611d6
File 133684532486.png - (62.71KB , 1122x986 , New Faces.png )

The diplomat on board the Contemno replies to the alien.
Diplomat: "Do you want just one of us, or can we bring down a group to meet you?"
Alien: "Group, acceptable. Meeting, haste, safe."

A dropship with a diplomat and several guards lands on the surface of the unnamed planet to meet with the new aliens. The ships and lifeforms on the surface both appear to be of the same species. The aliens seem to colonial organisms with their technology physically integrated into their bodies. There also appears to be an airborne form of this species that operates the equipment.

The diplomat is directed to one of the colonies on the surface and is greeted via radio contact.

Alien: "Stranger, good meeting"
Diplomat: "Greetings. Our translator is not working very well, can you still understand us?"
Alien: "Communication, stranger, strange, acceptable. Communication, Individual, understand?"
Diplomat: "Yes, I think I can understand you. You talked about secrecy being necessary. Are we safe here?"
Alien: "Meeting place, secret, safe. Conqueror, distracted, hunting."
Diplomat: "That is good."
Alien: "Stranger, name?, society?, technology?, culture?"

This order will be followed when you decide to end the diplomatic encounter with the new aliens.
No. 410744 ID: 5029d1

rough overview for now. but it sounds like they are being hunted by totus as well.

name, the splinter
society, many races
technology, strong enough we can fight the hunter off
culture, remnants, the runs from the hunter has weakened it.

this is what i THINK they asked for.
No. 410847 ID: cd6e04

uhh, conqueror? does he mean the breakers, or are these guys some kind of rebels?
No. 410892 ID: b85f8c

Tell them the basics about who we are. It sounds very, very much like they have been conquered by Totus. If this is true, tell them even more details, and suggest a secret alliance.
No. 416303 ID: d49bc5
File 133810434609.png - (46.66KB , 1122x986 , Stranger.png )

Diplomat: "Uh.. Name, The Splinter. Society, many Races. Technology, strong. Culture, fleeing..."
Alien: "Individual, fear, Splinter, alliance, Conqueror, conquered?."
Diplomat: "No, we, er... Splinter, free, uh... damaged by Conqueror. Um, conqueror of Splinter and you, same?"
Alien: "Conqueror, Individual, alliance, many species, religious. Constituent, first, bony, dogmatic, technologically advanced. Constituent, second, Splinterlike, supernatural, low technology. Conqueror, alliance, same?"
Diplomat: "That sounds like Totus alright. I mean, yes, same conqueror."
Alien: "Individual, Splinter, alliance, forge?, hope, freedom."
Diplomat: "Yes, we accept."
Alien: "Alliance, beneficial, risky, terms?. Conqueror, unstoppable, watching, caution. Assistance, given?, recieved?"
No. 416304 ID: 132b99

uhh, they seem hurt? we heal it, see lots of blood. they tell us how their ships work and their warp drive work.
No. 416305 ID: b85f8c

The first thing that comes to mind is an information and technology exchange. We do not have much knowledge of this universe; if they have star charts that would be extremely useful to us. Gosh, we should've asked the Galts that. Oh yeah, and any resources that won't be missed, or particularly skilled individuals that are mobile enough to go with us would help.

We can also give them information on the conqueror as well as our technology, and possibly... passage on our ships off their planet? A way to escape? I am unsure if their biology would allow such a thing without massive changes to our ships' habitats. We might be able to simply set up a base here to defend them later on, after we're strong enough to hold off a concentrated assault... but that could take centuries.
No. 416633 ID: 5c94e7

The first thing needed is to facilitate communication as best and as fast as possible.
>Alien: "Alliance, beneficial, risky, terms?. Conqueror, unstoppable, watching, caution. Assistance, given?, recieved?"
"Terms, knowledge, history, science. Assistance, given(to them), defence, disguise, shield, offence, later, other, infrastructure, escape, space, ships. Assistance, recieved(by us), compliance, resources, materials, metals, navigation."
No. 435182 ID: 54c7e5

Also in the terms section, magic. The Vizier needs to study another magic-using species to open up another tech tree for us.
No. 435197 ID: 2972f8

join forces. become stronger together. expand chances against Totus.

interspecies crossbreeding project.
No. 435253 ID: 3734f6

I am curious to know HOW they are avoiding totus. We are running, they seem to be stuck on a planet. So how are they avoiding him?

Or maybe he just doesn't direct as much force against lower priority targets.
No. 448944 ID: 533c7a

i think they WERE running but their supplies have dwindled too far for them to keep moving. they are dying.
No. 456797 ID: 649a8f
File 134832870433.png - (34.01KB , 1090x706 , map gift.png )

Diplomat: "Terms, knowledge, history, science. Assistance, given, defense, disguise, shield, offense, later, other, infrastructure, escape, space, ships. Assistance, received, compliance, resources, materials, metals, navigation, magic."
Alien: "Terms, acceptable. Starmap, transfer, immediate. Individual, offer, metals, Surveyor forms, scouts. Individual, await, exchange, eager. Magic?, Individual, not Supernatural."

Diplomat: "So, how have you been avoiding the Conqueror this whole time?"
Alien: "Conqueror, not avoiding. Individual, failed, conquered, past. Individual, desire, insurrection."

Diplomat: "Are you hurt? You're bleeding..."
Alien: "Cybernetics, Individual, integral, useful, minimal harm. Conqueror, cybernetics, fear, hate, misunderstand, superstition."

The diplomat rolls this idea in his head, and then silently mutters to himself: "Ew"

The aliens have provided us with maps of their domain. It would appear that their realm has been subdued and Breaker fleets posted as guards on some of their worlds.
MEMBRANE: 1 alien planet
EYE: 2 alien planets
WING: 2 alien planets
SPINE: 1 alien planet
NEURON: 3 alien planets, one of which is their homeworld
VIBRISSA: 1 alien planet
PALPUS: 2 alien planets

GUARD 1: 4 Breaker Destroyers, 1 unknown Breaker Capitol Ship
GUARD 2: 2 Breaker Destroyers, 4 Breaker Escorts
GUARD 3: 3 unknown Breaker Capitol Ships, 10 Breaker Escorts

Alien: "Guardians, lessened, distracted. Opportunity, arising."
No. 456834 ID: bf54a8

if we can loop around and attack guard two the other fleets may break off to investigate. but for now we need to engage that fleet coming for the galts. securing their alliance would help a lot in fleet buildup.
No. 456859 ID: f2c20c

Hmm. Yes, tell him that we are in the middle of a military action right now to aid another civilization that would allow us to build more ships faster, which would let us take on their guards. Right now we don't have enough ships to take on their guards, but we will. We understand if they wish to withhold any assistance until we destroy some of the breakers near them.
No. 457469 ID: fb9917

It seems likely that if we hit the fleet threatening the Galts that they might pull some ships away from guard duty on these guys. It also seems likely that the reason they are distracted is because they are going after us. Our ships are faster, so we might be able to take advantage of ships being moved away from guard duty, even if they are looking for us. We should probably still hit the Galt fleet, and then see if an opportunity can be made to help these guys.
No. 457472 ID: bf54a8

No. 465323 ID: 649a8f
File 135095187579.png - (547.68KB , 2800x2836 , Base Report 13.png )

The conversation between the mysterious aliens and the Splinter draws to a close.

3 turns pass

Warp Tech III will be completed next turn. A new technology is available: <UNNAMED ALIEN> Culture. It costs 30 RP and will allow us to gain a better understanding of our new allies, as well as work on a better translator.

This build order is followed. The new MkII Lunar Cannon is operational, and all proposed buildings will finish in 1 turn.

The VITIUM draws the Breaker fleet around Gulch into following it. After a turn of maneuvering, two of the Escort ships remaining around the planet break off to join the pursuing fleet. Meanwhile, a majority of the combat-capable starships of the Splinter group up to engage. The fleets eventually collide in the empty void of space between the anomaly and UB, the star system Gulch is in.

WING COMMANDER VORONOVA: "The enemy fleet is making no maneuvers indicating retreat. A few things to note, Director: The Diplomat missiles are spread evenly about our ships, and the Cruiser is the only one of ours that is shielded. Though we have better warp tech, we cannot move faster when out of warp compared to the enemy fleet. All ships, barring capital ships such as Battleships or Carriers, have the same speed. Due to stability and energy concerns, firing our weapons prevents our ships from moving, so 'kiting' the enemy without taking damage is not possible. Assuming of course they can actually manage to get close enough to fire at us with their weapons."

An incoming transmission from one of the enemy ships' commanders:
UPLIFTER: "You are not fleeing from an open space engagement? Perhaps humanity has changed its ways. May the Lord-Of-All guide us to victory, and may He let your souls be finally at peace."
No. 465329 ID: bf54a8

wait until they are almost in range of the warpslugs then fire a volley on nukes, spread evenly over the enemies right when they impact fire all warpslugs evenly split between the two larger enemy ships. if that fails to destroy them then fire a second volley of warpslugs at them again, if it does destroy or incapacitate then fire on the smaller enemies, position independence in the front after second volley so as to draw fire
No. 465332 ID: 5b26d6

I spit upon your lord! engage them from multiple and preferably opposing sides.

better research that culture tech quick. squeeze it in right after warp III.
No. 465338 ID: f2c20c

What about enemy retreat? How capable are we at pursuit? Could we engage warp to reenter combat within range of our weapons?

At any rate, time the launch of Diplomats so that we've launched three sets of volleys just as the enemy ships get within range of our warpslugs. If the diplomats prove to be more effective than we thought, we won't have to risk the enemy getting away if we delay the attack a little bit. Direct all of the first burst towards one of the large enemy ships. Let's see how they handle focus fire. Second burst should be divided evenly between the two large ships, if the first one is still operational. Then divide the third burst between the smaller ships. Volleys should continue to be launched at whatever target still has shields; big ships are the priority. Meanwhile we pummel them with warpslug.
No. 465485 ID: d3c653

Battle time yay!

Alright, first off spread the forces a bit, both to keep the group loose, but to also provide more space for evasion. It would also prevent them from firing in one area and hitting one or two of our ships with one volley IF they ever get in range. It would also allow us to fire at different angles at the enemy which can provide us a better chance of hitting them if they try evasive maneuvers.

For the launcing of the diplomats, we should first off, not fire them all at once. I'm OK with volleys, but if their shields are the type that takes a hit, then vanish, it would make the first volley ineffective(though the shields would be down.). Instead, time the shots in such a way that when one connects, another is coming right at their face. That way, if the shield is down from the first one, the second one will likely damage the actual ship. We can do that once they reach the middle of the diplomat only zone. 12 in one volley means 3 for each cruiser, 2 for each escort using that method.

If they fail to crumple from that, get them in warp slug range and pepper them with warpslugs and diplomats. Warp slugs first if shields are down, diplomats if not. This would probably be where we can just ram them with diplomats at once.

Other than that, cruisers take priority first, then escorts. Let's show them our toys.
No. 465487 ID: f2c20c

Diplomats work like this:
Each mounted weapon can fire three volleys. We have 12 of them, and they're spread out between our ships. So basically we can fire all our diplomat weapons at once to unleash 12 volleys, and can do that three times. Come to think of it it's probably overkill to fire 12 volleys at a single target, even a large ship. ...on the other hand, there isn't really such a thing as overkill, is there? Let me modify my battle plan:

Time the launch of Diplomats so that we've launched two sets of volleys just as the enemy ships get within range of our warpslugs. If the diplomats prove to be more effective than we thought, we won't have to risk the enemy getting away if we delay the attack a little bit. Direct all of the first burst (12 volleys) towards one of the large enemy ships. Let's see how they handle focus fire. If it's destroyed, fire 6 at the second large ship and 2 at each of the three smaller ones. If it's not, fire 6 at each of the large ships. For the third set of 12, we should have better combat data on their effectiveness so we can determine if we even need to launch any more Diplomats.
No. 465488 ID: f2c20c

Well, I think we have 12 of them, anyway. If we have 36 separate installments, then we actually have 108 volleys and can fire 36 each time. In that case we would probably want to evenly split our Diplomats throughout the enemy fleet to give us a good indication of their effectiveness, at least for the first round of nukes.
No. 468777 ID: fb9917

Don't hesitate to blow the enemy ships to particles. While an intact ship obviously would have more scientific value, we don't have the technological superiority to take any major risks with our people here. Although if we can cripple weapon systems that should probably be a priority if we can actually identify what the weapons look like.
No. 470935 ID: fb9917

So I guess I'll put together a build order for the next turn.
Also, all buildings are supposed to finish next turn? I thought the Massive Orbital was going to take 5 turns, not 4?
We still need some more Naval Shells to cover our whole fleet. Also we should probably look into finding a new location for our next base, we should probably get a corvette or frigate or something refitted with Warp 3 tech soon so we can have it scout out another universe. Incipient maybe, or Compact?

Turn 1: Conrix: Build 2x Naval Shell

80 SC, 70 bp, 36 bp to Orbital Factories

As for research, we should probably squeeze the new alien culture tech in between Warp 3 and Tactical Implants, so that should finish next turn too.
No. 472954 ID: 86a9fe
File 135331193815.png - (381.04KB , 986x682 , Battlemap 1.png )

I placed the battlemap into maptools for more clarity and ease of use. The blue circle denotes a shielded ship, and the colored shapes are examples of the maximum ranges of some of the ships present.

A ship can take either of these actions a turn:
Move 8 hexes (6 if it is a capitol ship)
Fire its main guns
Recharge downed shields (Requires 2 turns of inactivity)

Things that can be done automatically:
Fire AA guns
Activate/Deactivate Shields
Launch fighter squadrons (Carriers only)

Fighter/Bomber craft can move and fire in the same turn.

Diplomat Nukes - 15 hexes
Warpslug Batteries - 12 hexes
Breaker Weapons/Railguns - 9 hexes
AA weapons - 6 hexes

If you wish to change your battle plans due to this change of map, then post below. If not, then the battle plan will be holding ground and firing all nukes at one of the cruiser once they get within range, and warpslug fire will be evenly distributed at targets within range.

There are 36 individual nukes, and 12 launchers. Each launcher can fire a nuke per turn.

This build order will be followed once the conflict here is resolved. Also, I meant to say "All buildings except the massive orbital factory will be finished next turn."
No. 472973 ID: f2c20c

Oh jeez, that is a LOT less of a range advantage, especially since they can move so fast compared to our fire rate. Also, I don't see any blue circles.

Well, no point in holding back with the nukes since they're gonna be in our faces after the first volley. We really only get one free attack. Wait, two attacks. They move within our range, get shot, then have to move again and get shot again before returning fire. I would like to spread out the nukes a bit between available targets though, since we have two shots.

Also, get everyone a bit better formation. The ships in the back need to move up a few hexes to ensure that they will be in range to attack via all weapons even if just the big ships are being fired upon. We can fire all of a ship's weapons at once, right? Maybe it would be best if we had everyone in a line so that everyone can fire all their weapons. We have 30 railguns. I'm guessing that a bunch of those are on our smaller ships, so it seems like a shame for them to be out of range to fire them once the breakers get to us.
No. 472977 ID: ca8307

release the fighters. have all ships move just one hex outside their range, or as close as possible to that. then, wait for them to move in.

hopefully the limitation that larger ships can't move and fire at the same time applies to them too, so as soon as they're in range you can have all of your ships unload their deadliest weapons on anything in range while your fighters rush them in an evasive manner.

seeing as how we're outnumbered here (and overall), we should invest like a hundred kilofucktons of resources in building whatever ships prove the most effective in this battle, and in enough nukes to fill their servos thrice over.
No. 473021 ID: fb9917

I don't think we have any fighters in this battle. We didn't bring the Carrier.

Activate the shields on our one ship with shields I guess, but I'm not sure we should really change the battle plan. A massive strike on the cruisers with diplomats before they get in range to fire seems like a good idea, and if we move any ships with diplomats on them they won't get that free attack.
No. 473022 ID: f2c20c

We will get the free attack(s) if we move on the first turn, because we can't shoot on the first turn.
No. 473025 ID: fb9917

Oh. Right. Ignore me then!
No. 473249 ID: 0511b7


In light of new space combat rules, Bomber/Diplomat combo looks very attractive.

Perhaps we can develop escort carrier on Frigate/Freighter hull.
No. 475010 ID: 38739e
File 135406198337.png - (277.87KB , 1011x821 , Battlemap 2.png )

(I have decided to remove the range markers since it would be annoying to mark the ranges of several different kinds of weapons on every ship. Also, they weren't perfectly accurate. If you want them back, let me know)

The light ships in the rear move up into a line formation while the front ships prepare to fire their nukes at the enemy.

The Breaker ships move forward, putting the forward ships just out of range of warpslug cannon, but in range of the Diplomats. The Occisor and Independence, having not moved this turn, get to fire this turn.

5 Diplomat missiles are launched.
1 each to the 2 nearer Escorts and lower Guardian
2 are aimed at the upper enemy Guardian.

All shots connect, dropping the shields and dealing slight hull damage to one of the Guardians and both Escorts. The other Guardian's shield is damaged, but not yet depleted. The missiles seem to be quite effective, only having a marginal reduction of power against their shields.

It has been noted that the missiles targeting the Escorts had some difficulty staying on course when they reached 1 hex around them. The Escorts seem to have some kind of anti-missile defense on board.

Those are AA railguns. They are used against craft like Fighters and Bombers, though can do some minor damage if fired against light, unshielded starships. They will unlikely be able to scratch heavier ship plating, and their status as railguns rather than plasma guns means they wont be able to penetrate shields very well.
No. 475012 ID: bf54a8

ready second volley, 2 on each guardian, delay slightly, then 2 more on guardians, rest of shots even split of warpslugs on escorts.