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File 130051436534.jpg - (722.06KB , 750x1140 , Veteran of a mission.jpg )
289221 No. 289221 ID: a76809

An old and grizzled man, scars etching his calamitous past into his body, leans contentedly against a well-worn, age stained bar, smoke drifting around his face as he smiles a feral, sharpened grin at the others at this quiet, relaxed place of solace. His voice is spiders crawling in your ears, the sound of mountains breaking, of the wind roaring, of trees exploding-and no matter how strange it should be, the worn speaker's words seem no more irregular to the bar patrons than their own interrupted conversations. They take note of the markings on the speaker's coat-he's a Hunter, one that spends their life slaying the many monsters that plague the land, its people-his scarred body proof his veteran status. And so it is respect and attentiveness that greets these oh so strange and twisting words that flit through the air, as the speaker-becomes a story teller.

"You know what we Hunteres do. The Goblins, the Worgs, the Wights, the Ghouls, the Werethings, the Zombies, the Vampires, the Gorgons, the Basilisks, the Orcs, the Witches, the Ogres-and all the beasts that roam the lands beyond our mountain home, all are our prey, to ward harm from the rest. And you know how demanding our duty is-how many die on their first mission-how many veterans make just one overconfident mistake to fall."

The Hunter, now recognized as a marked and seasoned individual, pauses to tug at his collar, lank hair shifting slowly as he drains his mug in one long pull before he continues.

"And you know where our numbers come from mostly-criminals sentenced to death, forced to serve, those ancient tools of the WitchQueen, gifted to our order centuries ago, still letting us bind them to their oaths. A way the vile can be made honorable-and anyone can earn their second chance."

The patrons nod amongst themselves, wrapped up in the mans lilting speech, the twisting sylabbles that seem to jab directly into their brains, eager for more. All knew of the surly origins of most Hunters-and the Oaths they are forced to swear made them tolerable-their service pushed them further, to grudging respect. Criminals turned protecters-Hunters in a nutshell.

"Well today, I would share with you a story-about a volunteer."

A volunteer?

The previously silent bar explodes into murmurs, the idea tossed about, mulled over, pried apart and slowly absorbed by everyone, till even the most lowly scullion is hinged on this one unknown Hunter's words. He continues to speak with his voice that should not exist and no one notices its oddity, too wrapped in the content of his speech.

"Yes, some few years back, there was a recruit who simply walked up one day, and ASKED to join.... a tale of some interest, I would wager. It all began......."


You will be creating The Volunteer, the player character of this quest Character creation works as follows.

You pick two characteristics from the following pool:


Those two picked characteristics become the founding blocks of your character. Pick STRENGTH and DURABILITY, expect a big old meat mountain of a character-pick Intuition and Precision, you could have a dexterous trick shooter. The combination possibilities can be left up the GM, or given some direction by posters (you can describe how you want the two chosen to mix together, or leave it to me)

After picking your characteristics, you will pick a Perk, and a Past-the two must be interrelated. For example-a Perk could be being ambidextrous, with a Past of a performer with knife tossing. Or a Perk of a well-crafted revolver, and a past as a gunsmith's apprentice.

Lastly, you stick a name on them.


Perk: Stone Bones (bones weight thrice as much but are much harder to break)
Past: Apprentice to a Reckless Tinkerer {only survived intact due to difficulty losing limbs thanks to sturdy bones-gains a knack for manipulating gadgets and can attempt to build things given materials.

Gender: ______________

_________________ Is a sallow-faced youth, moderately muscled from constantly lugging metal equipment about, and well acquainted to pain through their master's shop mishaps. The defining point of their life transpired when they were thirteen, and a band of Goblins attacked their homestead while they were visiting the family, on leave from their apprenticeship. The Goblins slew everyone that carried _________'s blood to the last, and had begun to hack at ___________ in their blood frenzy, only delayed by their so-called Stone Bones refusing to yield-

When the half-dead child was saved by a Hunter, a warrior that feather the goblins with arrows, cut them with swords-and saved the wounded child. The hunter tended to the extensive wounds, stayed with them while they suffered through the blood poisoning from Goblin blood getting into the wounds-and the recovery thereafter. He saved the child's life, healed him, avenged his family, and convinced the tinker's family to take the child in more permanently. It was from then on that _______________ decided their dream in life was to become a hunter-and from then on, all their extra time in the shop was spent trying to devise weapons, implements to slay the manifold monsters that roam the lands.

At the age of seventeen, _____________ has finished their apprenticeship, and are now an accredited tinkerer, fully knowledgeable about basic clockwork and general mechanics-with a personal specialization into guns. Two thirds of their graduation pay goes to buy materials and time to craft a buckler with a blunderbuss worked into the center, as well as some leathers and extra shot.

So equipped, ___________________ sets out, to fulfill their dream.

Do you want to name and assign a gender to the prebuilt character, or make your own?
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No. 289231 ID: cf244d

Make our own character.

As much as I'd like to go SOCIALIZATION/STAMINA for the sex...

I dunno. SOCIALIZATION does seem pretty potentially useful. So does PRECISION. AMBITION sort of does, except I don't know how that's even a thing.
But if we're going to be fighting monsters, maybe we should focus purely on combat and go STRENGTH/DURABILITY?
Seems like it's be more fun not to go that route though.
No. 289232 ID: 259738

I want to go with PRECISION and INTUITION, or maybe switch INTUITION out for something else. PRECISION sounds good though, regardless of what our focus is.
No. 289239 ID: f6360f

I'll take a shot at this...

Name: Alexander

Gender: Male


Perk: False Smile (gives no indication of any hostile intent to those he works against)

Past: An orphan who drifted into a gang and eventually into organized crime, gaining a minor reputation as a reliable and unexpectedly brutal operator which helped him keep those on his turf in line. He is quite familiar with criminals and lowlifes of all sorts, as well as the various tools and habits of their trades. When a particularly nefarious witches' coven left most of his friends gruesomely dead and the mob shattered, he skipped town with a taste for vengeance. He swore to find and hunt witches, vampires, and any others of their ilk which walk hidden amongst people- more driven by a bitter loathing for them than anything else.
No. 289242 ID: a9629e

I think AMBITION/INTUITION would be interesting for a mad scientist hoping to go Herbert West, but hopefully with a bit more control, on all those fresh monster corpses he shall produce.
No. 289245 ID: bbd32e

Perk: Something Intuition-based could be interesting. Able to read a room or a sense of something not right, something like that. Or a contortionist, good for slipping out of holds and fitting into small places.
Past: If it's Intuition, she was apprenticed to a her grandfather, a watchmaker, before he was murdered. With her little fingers, she had a good hand with the delicate clockwork. She instinctively understood how things fit together like cogs in a machine. He was murdered by a werething. It was an accident, the werething (named, say, Fenris) didn't realize the colored gold watchface contained silver. In surprise and pain, he tore out her poor grandfather's throat and fled into the night.

If it's the contortionist thing, she would almost have to be a runaway to join the circus. To escape, oh... I don't know. An unpleasant village marriage, or to see the world, or for adventure. She was a clown, entertaining the crowd between acts, but she was learning gymnastics on the side, a trapeze artist being a much more prestigious post. While travelling between one town and the next, her group was beset by goblins, etcetera.
No. 289309 ID: 1854db

I'm gonna agree with precision/intuition. The intuition may help us keep from getting splattered, since we lack durability.
No. 289310 ID: a76809

[Further explanation of Characteristics (Final char generation will finish in about three hours}]

STRENGTH is just that, the amount of physical strength the character has. Picking this means you can lift heavier things, hit harder and carry more. Your muscle power would allow you to harm more types of monsters without special tools (would still mean diddly against Vampires, Ogres and the larger Werebeings).

PRECISION is how accurate the character is. Picking this makes shots more accurate, and difficult ranged pursuits more easily accomplished. Has a lessened impact on melee-oriented characters.

Durability is how hard your character is to kill. Picking this means it is harder for poor planning or getting in over your head to result in immediate death, and it means that wounds suffered can recover faster (wounds that would take a month to heal could take two weeks or less), as well as making wounds taken less severe.

STAMINA is how long you can keep exerting yourself full force. Picking stamina means you can run longer, hold your breath longer, swim faster and fight full force for longer before you tire.

AMBITION is how much you are driven by your existence as a volunteer. Those who pick Ambition are less likely to be startled or frightened in their early career, and more likely to be swayed by poster motivational suggestions.

INTUITION is the ability of the character to fit together puzzle pieces and figure things out. Picking Intuition makes it easier to puzzle out the weaknesses of given monsters you hunt, and can make it easier to figure out just about anything you start tracking.

SOCIALIZATION is your ability to interact with other and gain information/services from them.
No. 289312 ID: 5f0943

We shall be a gun man who is awesome by analysis.
No. 289314 ID: 46c430

Ohhhhhhh-kay, after a chat with Bob on IRC, leaning towards the pregen character. Or at least something with Durability as one of the two characteristics.
No. 289316 ID: f88f02

Perk: Encyclopedic Knowledge: You know the weaknessses of almost everything you face, though your knowledge is based on hearsay and rumor. When you first hear of or encounter a foe, roll against (number). Succeed, and you know the weakness of what you face. Fail, and it's simple rumour and folklore, not the truth.
Past: Chronicler of Monsters: As someone who has recorded and maintained a repository of knowledge of the fowl beasts men hunt, you're extremely knowledgeable about them... but again, many stories you have written and put away are rumours or folklore, and it is hard to tell the difference. Still, you have a general idea of what a monster is, and if you cannot know its weaknesses, at the very least, you can know one if it is described to you.

Name: Antares Geremiah
Gender: Male

Antares is a dour, sad man, who has heard hundreds of stories of beasts of yore. While not strong, he knows how to use a crossbow, bow, sling, and many other ranged weapons, having trained for years to finally, as he put it, 'bite back'.

Dressed in a long, plain robe that hides hardened leather armor, and festooned with what you could afford in terms of ammo and weaponry, you feel you are finally prepared to make the stories of the monsters in your area the last ones. At the least, you have a crossbow, some thirty bolts, and a sling, which can use almost any stone you care to find.

While middle aged, you are not weak or simple-minded, having spent most of your time training or nose deep in books. You are ready.
No. 289318 ID: 3a52ed

Dang, and I was hoping for DURABILITY/STAMINA too.
No. 289319 ID: 21e57a

Perk: Eagle Eyes (Can pick up the smallest details twice as far away)
Past: Hunter Apprentice

Name: Bobby "Gravedigger" Byrd
Gender: Male

Bobby is a cold faced youth with hard, green eyes. The defining point of his life transpired when he was thirteen, when an Ogre raid wiped out his town to a man. Bobby had been on guard that day and had not seen the Ogres before it was too late. He cowered in the guard tower as the screams of the dying and the eaten filled the town, fearful of the Ogres and promising to himself that he would never fail to notice anything again. His promise would have been short lived, however, if the Hunter had not arrived to stop the Ogres from burning out the tasty young human. Even a skilled Hunter was almost not enough and, after defeating the last of the Ogres, it was young Bobby that needed to tend to the Hunter’s wounds.

When the Hunter came to, Bobby was still burying the dead of the town. The hunter, thankful at being saved himself and realizing the Gravedigger would die, took the boy in under his wing. Amazing, the boy was a swift learner, and quickly absorbed knowledge in Hunting and eyes that could spot a rat scuttle at one hundred yards in heavy brush. And so, wherever the Hunter went, the boy would follow, digging the graves of the dead, tending to the wounds of the Hunter, and learning everything he could so one day he would Hunt the Ogres

At the age of seventeen, Gravedigger Byrd has finished his so-called apprenticeship and, with the Hunters Blessing, demanded to become a hunter himself.
No. 289321 ID: 28e94e


Perk: An old, weathered rifle, still quite dependable despite its age.

Past: Grew up as a son of an old war veteran, and as a result is fairly knowledgeable when it comes to the military (read: can use certain military equipment and can blend right in with soldiers). Also knows how to take care of himself more than most, and is somewhat skilled at hunting and foraging. Volunteered after the death of his father and several others close to him at the hands of monsters.

Did I do it right?
No. 289326 ID: a76809
File 130056215626.jpg - (102.68KB , 334x450 , Goblin.jpg )

[No actual decision made, indecisive post.]







Perk: Encyclopedic Monster Lore
The Volunteer has exhaustively tracked down all manner of folklore and established writings on the monsters that plague the land, and as such is much more familiar than most would be. Goblins, Orcs and Ogres are intimately known, as are the more common Werethings and yougner Vampires. For all other monsters, the Volunteer must roll a d100, and the accuracy of the known lore will be based on that roll.

Name: Geremiah Byrd

Geremiah is dour, cold faced man, sad green eyes always open. He's heard hundreds of stories about the monsters that plagues the land-and his knowledge scares him. So many beasts that can strip flesh from bone, that can lay waste to the common man-it is for this reason he became a hunter, turning his quick, steady hand and excellent spatial awareness to being a Monster Hunter of Bow, crossbow, throwing knife and pistol. So far, his only middling constitution has not proved an issue, with nothing closing the distance on him.

The Defining moment of his life came when he was ten, and an Ogre went undetected until it was at the town's gates. They had to hold out for three days against the monstrous beast-in the chaos Geremiah's sister and brother were both slain, his village massacred by the thick-hided giant. On the fourth day a pair of Hunters finally appeared, and while one fell in the act, the other slew the monster, saving those that had managed to barricade themselves inside. It was the survivor that convinced the frightened lad of the worth of Hunters-

The story teller pauses, once more downing a topped up beer with a long swallow, the bar patrons uninterested in the bartender's absence, to enthralled in the story. Those fluttering, snaking words reach out once more to minds read for the tale.

"And Geremiah was by all accounts a decent hunter. He found his way to one of the few Hunter training grounds, and within a year was given his title. He did well enough as a fresh-faced Volunteer, eager to remove even the smallest amount of horror from the world. He was also careful, only hunting Goblins, lone orcs, Worgs and smaller Werethings in his early career-so that while his name did not spread far, after a few years Geremiah was well respected, with a dozen missions under his belt. Beginning to come into his full stride as a savior of man, you see? Ha-ha, but if his story continued like that, 'twould not be much of a tale would it? And so, with the essence of Hunter Byrd understood, let the story turn...."

........Geremiah wipes grime from his eyes, wishing idly for rain after slogging through two miles of swamp. Geremiah also wishes there were roads out in these parts, ones the swamp hadn't swallowed. Geremiah grumbles under his breath, as he culminates in wishing that this job was not in a swamp. But still does he trudge, one foot before the other, wading through the muck, his muck-ridden boiled leather coat and vest, his chainmail undershirt, his thick canvas pants with metal strips sown in, all his gear-he carries it without flagging, and despite his verbalized and thought misgivings, he would not dream of turning back.

Goblins. Of the greater Horned monster family the least individually dangerous, Goblins lack the monstrous strength and durability of the Ogres, and the mindless ferocity of Orcs. What makes them dangerous is their numbers, for they always travel in packs. While no larger than a child of ten and weaker than the average man, their lust to destroy, loot and pillage combines with their propensity to move in packs to make them a variable threat.

The farmstead to the east of Stiltown missed their last shipment, and a runner saw goblins about the village. I had been nearby tracking a fleeing pack of Worgs when I heard the news-and after hearing the farm had some twenty occupants, I re-prioritized.

I finally see an outline through the sickly trees and muck, still a mile distant-a storage shed on a patch of more stable ground.

I continue for three minutes at my current tireless pace-before I begin to speed up.

I count at least ten goblins harassing the storage and a two-story house-the house's doors blood spattered and broken open. I check my equipment as I close to within two thousand feat, still undetected.

-I have my pistol brace, with a total of four preloaded single-fire percussion pistols. Each is loaded with an iron slug half an inch in diameter. I can feel confident I will hit a man-sized target if its within thirty feet-anything smaller or farther away, not so much. For goblins, I wouldn't feel sure I'd hit unless I'm within twenty feet. I have more shot-but reloading a pistol takes some thirty seconds. A lengthy process.
-I have both leg braces and my belly-brace of throwing knives, and with eight knives currently missing I have eleven left. Each is a three inch long weighted throwing knife, not suited to close combat work. Effective range-twenty feet if I have stable footing, less if I don't. Swamps... not much stable footing.
-My recurve bow is unstrung and in its oiled case on my back, and my quiver sports ten arrows after my interrupted Worg hunt. Stringing the bow will take at least fifteen seconds, but once strung I imagine I will have a range of one hundred feet, if I have any hope for accuracy. I can fire an arrow every five seconds if I want to have even a glimmer of accuracy-with moving target I'd need longer.
-I have my crossbow unloaded and unwound at my hip, with twenty bolts on the opposed side. Each bolt's head is tipped with iron and made to punch through thicker hides, heavy pelts, even thin metal. The only problem is that it takes ten seconds to wind the crossbow, then I still have to aim it.

As I crouch low, creeping from tree to tree as I get within a thousand feet, I confirm that the goblins have broken into only the first floor of the house, and that the storage shed is completely compromised. My rough count of the goblins rises to thirteen-and I'm not sure that's all of them. What's a pack that big doing out here?

I hear a scream from the farm's second floor, and the cackle of goblins.

What should I do?
No. 289327 ID: f88f02

Any stragglers? String your bow and take them out as silently as you can as you approach. Be careful and methodical - don't alert them, as your first priority. However, load everything. With what we have, we can take down a few charging enemies as they approach but not many.

Can you see into the second floor or shoot into it?

What do you know about Goblins?
No. 289331 ID: aa3c15

String your bow, then sneak up to the edges of the farm, a hundred feet or so. Try to approach from behind a hill, or along a ditch to ease your stealth. Keep an eye out for lookouts.

The aim is to find a location from where you can begin sniping at the goblins outside of both or either of the house and the shed, and where you may not be seen at once. Preferable where you still have some distance between you and them.

Once you're there, load your crossbow, and put it down beside you for a quick shot, then start trying to snipe lone and distracted goblins with bow and arrow.

Expect to be rushed if/when discovered. Keep an eye out for anyone who might look like they lead the rabble, and try to shoot them first.
No. 289333 ID: 21e57a

No, no getting ready to attack yet. We need to get an accurate headcount and locate the goblins, then we need to find a place we can settle into and start attacking. Before we head off, we should get our crossbow ready. It'll be easier to sneak around with that then the Bow readied.

If we do go in attacking, I want to search the place we're going to fire from first. I don't want to be ambushed when we're ambushing them.
No. 289335 ID: 46c430

Keep low, stay behind cover as you approach into range, maybe approach from the shed side, keep the building between them and you. Hell, I wonder if we could even try getting on top of the shed, if it could support our weight, they'd have to climb up it themselves to get to us, and their short height likely wouldn't help. String up your bow. Try to find stable ground before you make your shots. Maybe try and see if there's a tree or something you can climb up into, again distance from the ground means more distance from them, and additionally, longer range. When they get closer, try to favor your throwing knives over using your pistols, if you can, you've got more knives than loaded pistols.
No. 289336 ID: 46c430

Crap, scratch the stuff about the shed, didn't notice it was completely compromised.
No. 289340 ID: 46c430

Ok, my plan... Get up to a tree that we can climb into and they can't, fire our bow at them until they start charging us, then climb up into it and rain death down on them. Might not work, but there's a lot of these things, and we wouldn't do well in melee, so we don't have a ton of options.

'course, this is assuming that we wouldn't be able to get a good draw with our bow if we were in the tree. If we could, all well and good, climb up into it and then start firing.
No. 289388 ID: a76809
File 130058016922.jpg - (89.93KB , 600x900 , Shooting point.jpg )

I scan back and forth as I continue my slow approach, slowly closing the distance-scream or no, I'm the only hunter here, a rash action could get me killed. I spot a goblin some distance from the others, partly obscured by a bush-the rest qould be hard pressed to see him were they paying attention. I carefully take my bow from my back, stringing it slowly, smoothly. The worn wood fits in my palm as I notch an arrow, and slowly draw back the string. Taking my time, I wait until I am sure the creature is going to stand still for a moment, stop breathing, and time my heart's beat. I let go of the string when everything feels right-

And the arrow falls ten feet shy, vanishing into the muck behind the lone goblin's back-he turns idly, looking about, before the creature turns back to foraging for some berries. ...I hadn't even paid any attention to the breeze. I wait a few more seconds, and resume my approach, feeling dangerously exposed as I get closer and closer in this thinly-forested swamp. Once more, an arrow goes to my cheel-and this time, the slight western wind is accounted for, and the arrow bites deep into the goblins side-the creature goes down with a soft, wet cry, its distant compatriots oblivious.

As I make my way to the fallen goblin, happy for the coverage the shrub offers, I re-appraise the situation.

-I still count thirteen goblins outside, even with the one I slew-and I still hear noises inside both storage and the farm itself.
-The storage has the odor of offal and blood-and from the sounds I hear, I believe there are feasting goblins within, at least four.
-The Farm's top floor continues to seem occupied, and the scream I heard earlier is now replaced with shouts and cries to defend the barricade. At least two people are still alive.
-I am one hundred fifty feet from the cluster of goblins milling about outside the farm house, and fifty feet from the storage shed.

[It's a flatland swamp. No hills, no ditches]

From this closer vantage point, I start making rough estimates based on the noises I hear-I figure there are about twenty goblins here, all said and done. I reclaim an arrow from the goblin's corpse beside me as I look through its belongings, trying to get an idea just what kind of goblins these are.

Okay, so looted armor-not from one of the northern tribes then, if they can't make their own gear. Meat cleaver, sickle-stolen weapons.... okay, so this is probably an independent raiding party. So it should be just goblins. There's a bunch of them-

But there are ways to tip the odds. First, I get out my crossbow, wind it back and load in a bolt. Next, I check my pistols, making sure they are ready for use. Then I sling my bow over a shoulder, still strung-and make for a tree twenty feet to my left. It's not the biggest, or tallest-but it looks hard to climb, and if I say that, how will creatures a good two feet shorter approach it? I climb the far side, opposite the goblins, going slowly, giving the mud time to slough off before I climb-and in less than a minute I am twelve feet from the ground, perched on a sturdy set of branches. I redraw my bow, check my range of motion-all good-and check that I have a clear shot through the branches-also good. I wish there were actual leaves on the tree to obscure my presence-but I must make do.

I place the crossbow close at hand, once more check my pistols, and unstrap my leg knife braces, instead strapping them to the tree-perched as I am, I could not reach them on my body.

Okay.... nine arrows, eleven knives, four loaded pistols, a loaded crossbow and nineteen more bolts, versus, best guess, twenty goblins. Not impossible-I'm just going to have to make sure I actually take time with my shots, because if I get sloppy I'm going to chew through my ammunition too quick and end up in trouble.

From my elevated perch, I can see into the second story of the farm-

And I see a crying woman clutching a child as a third worker using a hoe as makeshift weapon falls to join the other corpses, the goblins finally breaking into the second floor. Those two are going to die if I don't get the goblin's attention right now.

I look into the goblin ranks outside, pick out the one closes to me, draw back my bow, take aim, and-

The world is down one goblin-and I am down one arrow, as the creature keels over screaming at the arrow in its spine. The dozen still outside immediately begin turning about, looking for their assailant. I continue to move as little as necessary as I put another arrow in the bow, and transfer it to a goblin's throat. With eleven now standing outside, one finally spots me, beginning to raise a cry-

I quickly heft the crossbow and loose the readied bolt, dropping the spotter before those around him realize what he saw. As I set to rewinding the crossbow, I see only two goblins staying up on the top floor-and one of them looks different, some strange pale metal weapons in its hands.

Just as I finish loading the bolt back in place, six goblins stream out of the storage at the babbled urging of their comrades, and a trio from within the farm likewise exits. A full twenty goblins now howl and scream at the swamp as they look for me-

When I drop their numbers back down, nineteen standing as another arrow streaks out, luck putting it in a goblin's eye and spinning its head about as its corpse stumbles to the ground. I notch one of my six remaining arrows-

Before I can aim the goblin horde begins to howl, their eyes finally finding me, slogging and leaping through the muck in a stready stream at my hiding place. I glance through the farm window to see the woman picking up a skinning knife, tears streaming down her face as she tries to protect the child from the two maliciously grinning beasts that advance.

My attention shifts back to the goblins as a stone whirls by my head-a quartet of sling-bearing goblins did not join the charging group of fifteen, and work to harass me. ....Tactics? From goblins?

Well this is a dilemma. If I focus on the charging group, I may get beaned with a rock, possibly hard enough to lose my perch-a dangerous prospect.

But if I focus on the slingers, the goblins may close to the tree and begin to climb it, equally spelling my doom.

And if I try to split my attention between them, I'll just get murdered while my attention jumps around.

The charging goblins have closed to sixty feet, and should be at the base of the tree in fifteen, maybe twenty seconds.

What should I do?
No. 289394 ID: 1854db

Only two goblins on the top floor... are you within range? Just one arrow could save the lives of the people up there. Aim for the well-equipped one first.

Afterwards, take out the slingers. Keep in mind you have good footing right now- good time to use your knives.
No. 289397 ID: f6360f

The goblins still in the farmhouse concern me, particularly the one with the strange weapon. If they're in range, pop off your first arrow at that one- if you can take him down, hopefully the woman will be able to handle the other one with her knife and you'll have saved a life today.

After that, focus on the slingers, since they're the immediate threat to you and you've got a number of weapons which will become available only as the rest of the goblins close to short range. Once the slingers are taken care of, it'll be pistols and throwing knives on any of the goblins who start effectively clambering up your tree; hopefully the fact that they've got to wade through a swamp on the way there and that it was a rather difficult climb will slow them enough to keep you from getting quickly swarmed.
No. 289410 ID: 46c430

Yeah, but they're slings, a hundred feet away. -Hopefully- they won't be -too- accurate, as we've never even heard of goblins using tactics, so they might not be great at it. Anyway, if they get in close it's eleven knives, four pistols, and a loaded crossbow vs. 15 goblins. 16 shots vs. 15 targets. Start taking down the charging goblins with arrows, thin them out for when they inevitably reach the tree, because we -are- going to face the prospect of melee combat. We're in a bad situation, so we need to trust to luck to some extent, as much as we might not want to.

Point is, the slingers MAY kill us, while the 15 goblins WILL kill us if they reach us, as we have no melee-oriented weapons in our equipment. Our throwing knives are the nearest thing to melee weapons, and they are obviously made for throwing, not melee.

As for shooting at the weird goblin. No. NO. If we don't kill these goblins before they kill us, they'll go BACK to the farmhouse and kill the mother and kid, we've all died. At this point we need to focus on saving ourselves.

Also, Bob said on IRC that they can move quickly through the swamp, more quickly than us, so for example if we tried fleeing from them, they'd catch us and we'd just die running.
No. 289411 ID: f88f02

Okay, yeah. Get started on those chargers. As they approach: Bow, then gun, then knives, then crossbow at near-point blank. Once we have all that done, we can start using the crossbow to kill off the slingers, and move in on the house.
No. 289415 ID: 46c430

Eh, the knives are only three inches long and require winding back and throwing. Pistols are point and shoot. I'd go bow, knives, guns, then finally crossbow, both firing the bolt and whacking at them with it. Our crossbow is the most weighty thing we have, so that's an option for melee weapon, could whack at the goblins. Crossbow bolts are an option too, could stab them with them, as simply whacking them out of the tree might not kill them. When/if we take down the chargers, use our bow on the slingers, crossbow takes too long to reload. Then, check to see if you have a shot through the window at the goblins. If yes, shoot, if not, move up to the house by foot.
No. 289420 ID: a9629e

rolled 61 = 61

I agree that if the Farmhouse is in range, aim for the well-equiped Goblin if you think you can put an arrow in him. As pressing as the current situation is, we don't want to face that thing with it uninjured and us low on ammo.

Aside from that, aim for the ones with slings. We've got knives and pistols for when the others get close, and if we're lucky the pistols might be able to penetrate and take more than one at a time as they're climbing.

On that note, what do you know about Goblin anatomy? Is it much different than humans? Are there any vital spots with little bone protecting them that you could aim for to increase the chances of a quick kill that might get the goblin behind it?
No. 289421 ID: f6360f

>As for shooting at the weird goblin. No. NO. If we don't kill these goblins before they kill us, they'll go BACK to the farmhouse and kill the mother and kid, we've all died. At this point we need to focus on saving ourselves.
Look, shooting the weird goblin now will take one arrow and about five seconds. There are nineteen goblins outside; it will take us a couple minutes minimum to dispatch them all. Five seconds of distraction isn't going to kill us; the difference between fifteen charging goblins and fourteen charging goblins is near-negligible. But the difference between one goblin shocked that his boss just died and two goblins one of whom has funky weapons and is probably more skilled could easily mean two lives- not to mention that if we kill a boss/champion figure now when he's not expecting it he won't be able to join his band in killing us later.

>Point is, the slingers MAY kill us, while the 15 goblins WILL kill us if they reach us, as we have no melee-oriented weapons in our equipment.
The slingers would also be far easier to dispatch quickly, and sling bullets are no joke- leaving them to shoot us is literally leaving us open to unexpected broken bones or even near-instant death at any time. Slings can potentially be accurate up to a couple hundred meters, and we don't know how good these goblins are.

Don't get me wrong, the fact that there's a horde of goblins charging us and our total lack of a melee weapon is highly concerning to me as well, but the slingers are an immediate and lethal threat that won't be going away.
No. 289423 ID: 46c430

'Shocked his boss just died'. They can't even SEE their boss, how would they know if he died? How do we know they would even care if we did kill him?
No. 289426 ID: f6360f

There are two goblins on the top floor.
No. 289428 ID: bbd32e

If you finished winding your crossbow, peg a bolt in the leader in the farmhouse. A crossbow bolt will have enough power and speed enough to put down any defense it could muster.

Then, turn your bow on the chargers while keeping as close to the trunk as you can. An archer usually presents a profile, and considering goblin skill and the range, you should be okay.

If they get close enough to climb the tree, club them off with your bow with one hand to knock them off, draw a pistol off-hand, maybe get in a few kicks while you're at it.
No. 289429 ID: f6360f

The crossbow would upon reflection be the better tool for popping the strange one. Our bow doesn't have the same level of killing power. If we shoot him, use the crossbow.
No. 289440 ID: a76809
File 130058861496.jpg - (279.00KB , 670x900 , Elf.jpg )

...I make a different choice than most, remembering my own horror-stricken child hood. I remember the monster-and I remember being saved.

I make my choice, and loose my nocked arrow-

Which sails through the window, embedding in the strange looking Goblin's neck, its attack stopped dead.

Instead of falling lifeless, even as blood spurts from its neck, splattering over the huddled child already covered in gashes, the strange goblin turns to look at me, eyes going wide-before it gives a shout and departs out the door. The woman is left to fend off the lone remaining goblin alone-one arm already dangling at her side. With the lone remaining out of my angle of attack, I can do no more.

I turn back to the charging masses, ignoring the slingers for now-as they don't seem to be particularly masterful. I have a reasonable chance of not getting hit-whereas I don't think they'll miss if they climb the tree. Five, four, three-I have but two arrows left, when eleven goblins reach the base of the tree, only two sling stones getting close to me in that span. I switch to throwing knives, starting with the bandolies strapped to the tree, taking out any I see trying to build living ladders up the tree. My hands blur as I do my work, sweat pouring down my spine as I imagine my head getting broken by an errant sling shot-I go through six knives in a hurry, and eleven become five.

Unfortunately, the one I shot through the neck is joining them, no worse for wear by how it acts, ignoring the arrow that passes through its windpipe.

I look at the strange goblin more closely even as I draw two more knives, leaving me but three remaining about my waist-

[Knowledge check: 61]


I really hope I'm not right.

I throw both daggers, now only four goblins chatter beside their leader-who stepped aside from the knife, keen to avoid its edge.

...It's an elf then. Well, that explains the large raiding party... now how to make sure I don't die? Immune to harm unless its wrought by iron.... well, my crossbow bolts, my pistols, my throwing knives-all could wound it, but the problem is that elves are FAST, and use some very, very dangerous tools.

Like the gleaming metal saber it is now using to hack at the tree's base-cutting out great swathes.

I hear a wail, my eyes darting up, noting the child crying, the woman and goblin both dead and collapsed over him-it seems she died protecting him-but he's not in danger. If I can get through this....


I have two arrows, three throwing knives, plenty of crossbow bolts, and my preloaded pistols.

...The elf just might be fast enough to dodge the pistols at these distance. Short of point blank, I can't guarantee I'd hit it with anything I have that can wound it.

...This is not the simple job I was informed of-but a Hunter must make due.

What should I do?
How do I plan to actually wound the elf?
[Roll another d100 if you want more info on elves or goblins, stipulate which you seek lore about.]
No. 289442 ID: f88f02

rolled 92 = 92

On the elf, rolling.

Take out as many of its bros as you can. Leave one crossbow bolt, or a dagger. If you can let it come at you and you can hit it dead center, that should do the trick.
No. 289443 ID: a9629e

It might be able to dodge a pistol shot at this range, but two shots while it's mid swing on the tree? Might be a bit more difficult to dodge. Especially if you aim one for dead on and another towards the direction it'd be best able to dodge to if it abandoned the swing and tried to use the momentum to roll or leap out of the way.
No. 289446 ID: 46c430

This for how to attack it. Or drop further down the tree (Closer range and less chance of getting hurt when/if the tree is felled) then do this trick. Or drop down further, kill its melee buddies, then focus on the elf.

Wow, good roll.
No. 289461 ID: f6360f

I'd definitely try this. If nothing else, you should at least be able to wound it; that could buy you enough time to effectively use your crossbow against the others, since it's got such a long reload time. You definitely need to stop it before it can cut your tree down.

I would not recommend dropping down unless you have to; that elf seems like the sort of thing that might be able to do something really nasty, like leap up ten feet into the branches at you. To wildly speculate.
No. 289477 ID: a76809

[Lore roll: 92/100]

An elf.

Okay... haven't encountered one of those before. What have I heard... well, members of the Fey group, which TECHNICALLY goblins belong to if my literature is accurate, they don't really count, as like orcs and ogres they have become to... normalized?

The more rare fey, like elves and the other sidhe, are different. Only metals can hurt them, and to kill them you need to lodge a significant amount of metal in their body for a sustained period-metal poisoning, to my understanding. The problem is twofold-elves, no matter how young or old, are all freakishly fast, and hold far more power than their spindly limbs would suggest. This particular elf, while the size of the goblins, albeit with a more slender torso, is likely considerably stronger than me. Okay, what else do I know....

I lean back as, with the numbers below thinned out I have some more breathing room-

A stone goes whizzing by right where my temple was, spared by pure happenstance.

...Well I think I used up all my dumb luck there...

While I continue to glance downward, I nock an arrow, still out of reach from below, and pick off one of the slingers. The other two immediately begin to retreat-

As the elf is now at my side, having flat out LEAPT up some ten feet from the muck in the span of an instant, that palely gleaming blade flashing at me. I dimly remember that elves most certainly cannot fly. The thought shines like a beacon in my moment of panic as an enemy gets in range of me.

my hands blur as I snap my bow forward, fingers finding a pair of pistols as that shining blade slashes through the momentary obstacle, barrels rising as the blade closes-

Twin reports crack across the cool air, drowning out the babbling goblins that flinch at the metallic roar-

The elf grunts as its caught in chest and thigh, the bullets pushing its lightweight body back-

As that creully gleaming blade cuts through leather gloves, flesh and bone, my two lower fingers and a chunk of palm going flying from my left hand as ice burns about the wound even as I feel my blood spurting out. I manage to keep enough sense to shove the wound in the elve's face as it flinches, the blood spurting in its right eye and gumming it shut as it falls back to the ground-the wounded leg threatening to buckle. It's unclogged eye turns back up to me, glaring hate as it resumes hacking at the tree, watching me intently, ready to dodge my any attack as it keeps hacking, the other four goblins only now stepping forward to join him.... they'll have the tree down in minutes, and I'll be liable to pass out from blood loss at that point if I don't do something.

...This is why I hated the concept of getting up close with monsters. ...What IS an elf doing out here? I search my supplies for some turnaquet, something to bind my new half-hand with, thankful I'm right-handed-

It is here the story teller pauses, taking a moment to address the few stirring conversations in the crowd, but only after once more draining a full beer in a long pull. His words whisper out to envelope everyone as he grins, eyepatch shifting a fraction of an inch.

"Of course, some of you are starting to place this-yes, this was some time ago indeed, that this story took place. Before the Wild Hunt had plagued the land, devestated so much-before, indeed, much of the recent technological gains. But Hunters do not give up so easily, as you know-"

He rides the communal nods of approval to once more hook those few breaking free of their sole focus on his words, enjoying his moment as orator, the grizzle storyteller continues.

"And no matter alone, in a group, against a trifle or an insurmountable nightmare-a Hunter does their job. Just as Geremiah did. And so, he-"

I wind a spare shirt about my hand after using my throwing knives to tear it to strips, absurdly grateful for the lack of slingers assailing me, as I need only keep my eye on the elf as I do field first aid. I manage to staunch the flow of blood-but considering how grimy my shirt is, I'll need to attempt some form of disinfection soon, or get back to Stiltown fast and seek out their doctor. All of this hinges on me winning this.

Well, two bullets, one to what should be it's heart, have only slowed and pained the creature-nevertheless, the iron is doing something to it. But its patently, painfully obvious I'll need to lodge more iron in its body if I hope to put it down-and then I still have the four remaining goblins to take care of, with but two loaded pistols, a loaded crossbow and but three knives. ...Well, if I do drop down, my coat and mail could let me shrug off the normal goblins blows as I take some of their fallen's weapons-I may be no fan of fighting up close, it sure as shit beats trying to run once my ammunition goes.

So. I might, MIGHT be able to reload both pistols before they drop the tree-but that would be pushing it. Otherwise-I'm going to have to make do with what I have, and see what I can do.

....Dammit, the pain is getting harder to ignore. Going to have to focus....

....Aren't elves supposed to be able to talk?

Should I attempt to reload one or both of the expended pistols (both would leave no time to do anything else before the tree is felled)?
What am I going to do about the elf-how am I going to avoid that perilously sharp blade, and manage to wound the little monster?
How do I intend to deal with the other goblins-do I have a better plan then hoping I can take them in melee?
No. 289501 ID: a9629e

Well, shoot one of the goblins with the crossbow, then get the remainder with the last of your throwing knives. If you still have time, reload one pistol followed by the crossbow if you can manage it. If not, see if you can reposition yourself on the branch so that the direction it can most easily abandon a swing and dodge to is the one you're shooting at. If you're lucky and shoot while the blade is in the tree, you might be able to force the elf to abandon it, and then you can wait to use your second shot when it goes to grab the blade. Actually, you might want to do this before killing off the goblins, since if they're close to the elf, they might get in the way off it dodging. If it stumbles in anyway, drop the used pistol and immediately shoot it with the other.
No. 289510 ID: f6360f

You can't afford the potential threat that the other goblins pose to be distracting you while you deal with the elf. Dispose of them first- use up your throwing knives, since the elf would probably ignore those or pull them right out anyway, plus your crossbow. That should also buy you at least a little more time before the tree is felled, which should let you reload a pistol and your crossbow.

After that... you'll have three pistols and a crossbow bolt. Hopefully the elf will be slowed by its wounds. It'll have to close to kill you, so hopefully even if your first shot(s) don't take it out you'll have time for a desperate point-blank shot with another pistol before you die. It's not a foolproof plan by any means, but it might get you through this.

In the future you might consider acquiring a large-bore shotgun with iron scattershot rounds for targets like this one. Perfect for embedding nasty bits of metal in fast targets at relatively close range. That's not important now, though.
No. 289515 ID: 903f16

Reload one pistol, just one. Use the time left over to toss your knives into the remaining goblins. I'm hoping you can hit at least two of them, prioritize accuracy over speed though, landing with one of the knives in hand instead of in the dirt would be helpful. Another thing that would be helpful to have one hand would be some of those bolts, stash one up each of your sleeves as a last ditch weapon. When you feel like you're about to fall try and find a position that will allow you to land with some breathing room away from the goblins, preferably near some fallen weapons. Once you're on the ground take an aimed shot at one of the reaming goblins. Depending on whether or not you have a knife left you can either try to hit the remaining goblin with it directly or use it to distract the elf for a moment and flip the crossbow around and use it to bash that goblin in the head, just do whatever seems like it has the best odds of working out. Don't have that extra knife? Try to do bash that last goblin in the head anyway, just be wary of the elf that you now have to deal with at the same time. Now all that should be left is you and the elf, hopefully you're near some of those fallen weapons, because you're going to throw one at him, if you aren't you're going to need to throw some mud. I know, sounds a bit off, but that's only a feint, what you're really doing is try to distract him so you have enough time to hit him with that loaded pistol shot. If you miss you're down to those bolts I told you to stash, so ham it up and act like you're backed against the wall and just when he thinks he has you-stab him wherever you can with those things.
No. 289530 ID: 867af1

You really need to take out the goblins. That'll buy you more time and also let you face the elf without him having any help.

Take the remaining goblins down with knives and crossbow shots and keep feeling how the tree shivers from their strikes. If you can tell when it's just about the break then you could use your bodyweight to tilt the tree to the side so it falls towards the elf. Then you have a chance to leap down and kill him while he's distracted by the falling tree.
No. 289537 ID: f88f02

"ANDRE, DO IT NOW!" shout behind them.

As soon as you have a moment, shoot the elf again in the center of mass. Then throw more daggers at the little ones.
No. 289542 ID: 6a1753

Time for an act of desperation. Take the bag of gunpowder and a short slip of you cut up shirt as a fuse, wrap your daggers around the bag. Light said fuse using a gun's flint strike (unloaded one) once its on fire drop on elf's head and jump out of the tree right as it goes off.
No. 289543 ID: 6a1753

If you don't have a lighter, flint and tender? If the time is too short for that put a little (VERY LITTLE) gunpowder on the fuse.
No. 289544 ID: a76809
File 130063775451.jpg - (13.46KB , 244x244 , Falling Tree.jpg )

I reload a single pistol-and turn my crossbow on not the elf-but the goblins with him. I lose a bolt, a goblin loses half of his face, and where once there were four, now there are three. Three goblins... three knives. ...Only problem is I'm not going to be doing any paired throws right now with my hand like this-and as I reload the crossbow, I note the blood to be seeping through my impromptu field first aid-I'm going to need to attend to that at some point.

With three of four pistols loaded and ready, my crossbow reloaded, and the tree beginning to sway, I make my move. I begin palming daggers in my left hand, and feed my still undamaged right hand a quick trio as my hand whips back and forth. Knife to neck, three goblins become two. Knife to mouth, two becomes one-

The final knife misses, from a combination of swaying tree, the goblin attempting to dodge, my blood loss and the blood from my wounded hand slicking my grip. All together, the knife just vanishes into the goop.

The tree begins to creak and groan ominously, slowly tilting towards the remaining diminutive duo. The elf snarls at me as it waits for me to fall into reach with the collapsing tree.


A plan of desperation enters my mind.


My abrupt, seemingly earnest call for help means nothing to the goblin-but the elf, familiar with the tongues of man-

The elf instinctively turns to follow my gaze, side and back turning to me for just a moment during my fall-

I draw a pistol with my off hand as I hold the crossbow one handed, making sure my grip is as good as it will get-

And fire both weapons.

The booming pistol and the whispering crossbow fire, the remaining goblin bowled over with fright at the sudden noise, as the iron-plated crossbow bolt punches deep into the elf's back, a new puncture over its kidney's noting where the bullet entered. Off-balance, distracted and once more faced with an attack it can't ignore, the elf is staggered-

Just as the tree falls to the swamp bed with a muck and grime filled spash, brown waters sloshing everywhere as I struggle to get free, to rise-

The moment I emerge from the muck, I note three things.

-The child trapped in the farm has stopped wailing.
-The remaining goblin is standing in front of my still rising form, about to bring a meat cleaver down on my head.
-The elf is four feet to my left, trapped under the tree's trunk, its wiry arms already moving to free it-still not dead, with two bullets and a crossbow in it torso and a bullet in its thigh. Tough bugger.

It is at this point I realize I have no loaded weapons in hand, and nothing ready save a pair of singlefire percussion pistols-that may or may not work after getting waterlogged. I also note that if I fished in the muck, I may find the goblins or my own weapons, such as have been lost.

What should I say or do?
No. 289546 ID: a9629e

Roll to the side, pull out a pistol mid roll, and fire at the Goblin. If it doesn't fire, sweep your leg through the muck and pay attention to if it knocks any weapons. If so grab one. You need to act quick before that Elf gets up. If you can kill the Goblin and get to the Elf before it frees itself, knock away it's sword, pin it down with your foot, and start plunging bolts into it's skull. If you can't... try and keep some distance at first. It should be moving a bit awkwardly with the damage to it's thigh, and the more ground it has to cover to charge you the better you'll be able to take advantage of this.
No. 289547 ID: 6a1753

As for what to do RIGHT NOW, um, Throw mud in his eyes and get to your feet. Use a bolt and stab the punk in the back of the head then make a run for the house. Close any doors ya can and throw everything else you can in the way. You got to buy your self some time.
No. 289549 ID: f88f02



No. 289550 ID: a0d5fc

Throw yourself forwards, underneath the blow, and hit the goblin hard in the knees, striking it just so that it is twisted it to the side as you do so so its blade goes wide. As soon as you can, tear the cleaver from its spidly hand, and put it to good use.

Now, you're fading fast, so you need to end this quickly. You have the cleave, time to see what the elf can do without an arm. Move quickly, and try to hack its arm away.

Whether or not it succeeds, you should try to use your greater mass and leverage over the smaller elf, and grapple it, but only if you don't know that elves have some form of superhuman strength. Then, it's time to put your teeth to work. The above advantage should also apply to your jaw, so put them to work. This is life or death, so get chewing. If you can, try to tear out an eye first, whilst generally worrying away at its face.

If elves do have superhuman strength, then strike him with the cleaver, and then lick the blade, and say "I'm gland Andre is taking his time. More for me!"

If you can break its limbs or force it to go into shock, you can cut off its limbs, and then choose how to dispose of it. Perhaps the townsfolk or your fellow hunters would like having a limbless elf to take their frustrations out on.
No. 289552 ID: 867af1

Just throw a pistol in the goblin's face and get up into a standing position. Slide your feet around to feel for dropped weapons.

Once you finish the goblin get ready to put a few more bolts into the elf.
No. 289555 ID: a76809

I fling mud at the goblin's eyes as I spring forward, bowling into the small, rotund creature's legs. I hold my breath as my lunge carries me back under the muck and slime, hands scrabbling blindly on the little creature-I find an arm, and follow it to the hand-

Partly submerged in the swamp and unable to see or breathe, I struggle with the little creature for its weapon. My strength wins out-but not before it tweaks my wounded hand, introducing me to a wonderful new world of pain. I rise, one hand still on the goblin, still blinded, taking in a breath of air-

As I use my one wounded hand's death grip on the goblin as reference, and begin hacking wildly at the little beast, hearing its squeals start to bubble and stop seven swings in. I let go of the limp arm, using my free hand to wipe my eyes as I steady my breathing-

The first thing I see is the elf rushing at me, pale knife in hand, already having dug its way out from under the tree's trunk. The blade's cut through leather and mail before I register what's going on, and makes an inch deep agonizing incision in my side-if the creature could still leap as well as it could at the start, it would have pierced me through-

But hand or no, side wound or no, I pick up the important point-his leg buckled, his charge fell short-he's staggered.

Blood spurting from my side, I raise a foot from the muck and punt the little bastard back away from me, its tiny, lightweight body flying back to hit the toppled tree-

With my rush bringing me right on its heels.

Its eyes widen as it sees the bolt in my hand as I stab its iron tip at the elf's eyes, its pale blade sweeping up to cut down my attack-

To be intercepted by my confiscated cleaver, swung with all my weight at the blade's side, slamming it and the hand holding it back down against the tree-

its weapon temporarily out of the way, my wounded hand blurs as I draw one of my two loaded, possibly waterlogged pistols-

And put the barrel against the elf's head, its overpowering struggle to free its blade abruptly stopping as the creature goes very still.

"I'm glad Andre is taking his time-we get to talk."

The elf growls at me-but makes no further aggressive move.

Well, this is something of a standoff.

The elf assumes my pistol will work-something not at all guaranteed, for it or the other loaded one from the constant dips in the swamp. I now have an unbound side wound that's bleeding freely, and after my recent exertion and the goblin tweaking it, my hand's bleeding again too. I give myself a minute, tops before I pass out from blood loss unless I do something about it-and I'm only going to have a harder time thinking and acting as that deadline approaches.

So what should I do?
Do I have some plan beyond 'pull the trigger, hope for the best?'
Do I think words might help here?
No. 289560 ID: f88f02

"We can make a deal if you like. We're both about to die here. I'll be able to help a lot more people if I live, and if one Elf is bound to never harm me again, well, I might see it as a worthy trade for its life."

"We both walk away, and never harm one another again. Deal?"
No. 289564 ID: a76809

....I don't see any options I like-I make my choice, and hope I'm spending my time wisely-and I hope that my short term solution is survivable in the long run.

"We can make a deal. We're both about to die here."

..They can speak, then. Focus-

"I'll be able to help a lot more people if I live, and if one Elf is bound to never harm me again, well, I might see it as a worthy trade for its life."
>[Elf]"An Oath cannot be made without balance-if you wish me never to harm you, then the same shall apply to you. Make your choice child of man, before your bloodloss forces your hand. You are not the only one to prefer to live."
"We both walk away, and never harm one another again?"
>[Elf]"So would the pact between Geremiah Byrd and Llonalatun be made. Deal?

My hearing's starting to get fuzzzy, my vision is swimming with spots and I guess... I have maybe twenty seconds before I won't be... um... coherant. ....I'm already having trouble, with the thinking.

What choice do I make? What choice can I make?
No. 289565 ID: f88f02

"Such is the pact."

oh god bind that shit fuck fuck fuck
No. 289569 ID: a9629e

No deal, shoot the bastard.
No. 289570 ID: f6360f

How can we rely upon it to keep its end of the deal? It seems remarkably nasty; it might easily discard any agreements it makes.

And if it fakes agreeing with us and then comes back in the middle of the night to kill us while we're sleeping, we won't have a chance in hell of stopping it. It has to die here, or we'll never make it back to Stiltown alive.

So. Press our bluff. Order it to drop its hand off its sword, or we shoot. If it drops it, we're better off; if it instead tries to rapidly stab us, well, its arm is out to the side- we could probably push forward and use our sheer weight to pin the elf and avoid its strikes, fire our pistol, and if that fails try to keep it pinned while we stab it with more crossbow bolts. Even with its freakish strength, I'd give us even odds in a grapple due to size and relative weight; those things count.

Fact is, I can't see that talking will do us much good here- it'll spend precious time during which we'll be bleeding out. We need to push the attack, finish the elf as fast as we can, and then try to bind our wounds and hope that we can eliminate the last two goblins. Which, it sounds like, might have gone into the farmhouse and killed the child. Dammit.
No. 289571 ID: f6360f

Also it will just order its remaining goblin minions to kill us. They're not bound for shit.

...how does it know our name?
No. 289572 ID: 46c430

No. 289573 ID: 69bee4

"I demand that you promise to never harm another human or other creature under my direct protection also, if you accept that then deal"

[this way we keep it from becoming an issue if we are on another mission and run into it. We need to avoid 'meet it in future, it kills everyone but us, we are bound by oath']
No. 289575 ID: 867af1

Take the deal, then hurry into the house and give your pistol to the child while you bandage your wounds.
No. 289593 ID: a0d5fc

Look it in the eyes, and counter-offer:

"We shall make a blood-pact not to be the first to initiate aggression towards the other from this point until a year and a day has passed, and not to permit the other or one under their protection to die by their inaction for the next 24 hours."

Then, hold lower your gun and hold out your bleeding hand, so that it may cut its own palm and seal the pact in your joined blood.
No. 289597 ID: 1854db

Whoa whoa whoa. Time limit on the deal. No harming eachother FOR FOUR DAYS.
No. 289606 ID: a76809

A particularly heavy thud of my heart sends a wave of blood down my side, and my thoughts scramble.

Should I make the pact? Don't want to die have to stop the blood.
No I'm a Hunter my duty is to kill these monsters, even at the cost of my life.
How can I trust it how can I know? Will it hold up the deal-yes, it will, the Fey have to honor pacts once made, as does the agreeing party, it's compulsory, irresistible-or so the tales go.
Loopholes tricks and omissions-the fey are known for their duplicitous honesty all the same. Why did it know my name? I don't remember anything about that....
The child will die with me if I don't do something. For his sake, the deal-
Ah but wording wording wording got to make the pact work.
If I can get inside the house I am safe.
The staggering array of scrambled thoughts passes as I force myself to focus, thankful the goblin has not moved, still fearful of the iron slug threatening its life. Perched and waiting inside the gun to its head. I hope what little lore I know on this steers me the right way-and that I'm even remembering it accurately.

"We shall make a blood-pact to do no harm to one another from this point until a year and a day has passed, and to not to permit the other or one under their protection to die by their inaction for the next 24 hours."

The elvish eyes, pale and liquid, glitter and gleam with singular focus, fear banished from its face. I see its mouth twitch.

>[Llonalatun]"So it is spoken, so it is bound-per joint agreement, a blood-pact is forged."
"The child is under my care."

The last thing I saw before my knee goes to the ground in a moment of wooziness is my blood swirling into the air, mingling with that of the elf, grinning with its needle teeth at my prone form.

Then blackness.

"And so yes, the rumors were true, Geremiah Byrd had indeed made a Pact with a Fey-and he did it not for power, or ambition-but for hope-to preserve the life of the last surviving. He performed an abominable act, taking a monster's blood into his own, damning himself to save another. Perhaps then it is a small mercy that word was so slow to reach the rest of the hunters-for the story continues."

I wake inside the farm, groggy and woozy, the elf grinning at me, eyes wide and alert.

>[Llonalatun]"Good, Pactmaker Byrd is awake. I have been prevented from leaving as I need to ask you a clarifying question before I can be sure I have done as the pact demands-the child, Saul Karvold, is not currently at danger of dying-but suffers blood poisoning. I cannot purge what is in his system-I can only bind it to him, make it his own."

Whatever grogginess still lingered after realizing the elf had watched me sleep falls away as I consider his words-my side burning less than it did before, the feel of some wrapping about it. My quick glance confirms no new fingers have appeared, but reasonably clean bandages are snuggly fitted-my blood loss has been staunched. I buy my head more time to clear and consider what the elf just said.

"If you do nothing, what will happen to the child?"
>[Llonalatun]"Should I take no action, the boy will die in five days-his system is too weak compared to the potency of what invades his veins. I know of no mundane practice that could save him."

.....To work magic on the boy... lore stipulates any who are worked on more than once by the fey can be more easily tracked by them-and I don't see how this would not qualify. Could this doom the child to be hounded by this elf? Or would it do nothing? ...With death the child's alternative, I see no choice.

"Then do what must be done to save the boy."

The elf only grins and bows, looming over the fitfully slumbering child, gashes already looking weeks along in recovery, hands moving as the air shimmers over and around Saul. I start to speak-

When a chatter to my left whips my head about-and I see a pair of goblins-the same two with slings from before that ran.

>[Llonalatun]"Do not fear, they will abide by the pact, and not harm either of you lest I be compelled to defend you. ...It is done, then. I have prevented both Geremiah Byrd, pact-maker, and Saul Karvold, deemed under his protection, from dying. ....The compulsion is gone. I depart now pact-maker."

Just as the elf pushes aside a body halfway stripped of meat and starts back down the stairs, it turns back to leer at me.

>[Llonalatun]"Not how I expected this excursion into the Prime would go-but nonetheless-I enjoyed the event, Hunter, Pact Maker."

Before I can ask any questions, the creature is gone, its guards with it. I prop myself up more fully, peering over at the boy-who seems to slumber more peacefully now. I note my bolts, my crossbow and my pistols are not visible in the room-my few remaining arrows and my broken bow are, however, as is the cleaver I fought Llonalatun with, still sticky with that goblin's blood. My veins throbbing but my body otherwise feeling on the mend, I glance outside to see the blare of morning light-and hope we have not slept more than overnight.

.....Just what happened here?
Once I wake the boy, what do I do with him, what do I tell him?
Once I'm back in Stiltown, what should I look for as weapon replacements-clearly what I had will not always cut it.
And just what was an elf doing leading an independent Goblin raid on a farm, however big?
No. 289614 ID: a0d5fc

>.....Just what happened here?
There is something odd here. I was exposed to the same kinds blood as the boy, of the elf and the lifeblood of the goblin I slew, but I was not sickened. Perhaps my vows protects me? Still, I should mention to no one the details of what occurred here.
>Once I wake the boy, what do I do with him, what do I tell him?
Let him sleep for now, until he recovers some more. He needs his strength, so prepare him some food. If there is no other meat, then there are plenty of freshly slain goblins who can go in the stew.
We should clean up the boy's dead parents, and dig them a grave. If we can make them look presentable, then we should show them to the boys, so he may make his farewells, and know they died as heroes, fighting to protect him.
>Once I'm back in Stiltown, what should I look for as weapon replacements-clearly what I had will not always cut it.
I need to replace my bow, and get barbed arrowheads to inflcit extra damage on those hit by it.
>And just what was an elf doing leading an independent Goblin raid on a farm, however big
I need to find out who the people who owned the farm were, and what the raiders could have been looking for. Perhaps the child is in some way important. Try to subtly find out. We don't want to top the locals off that he may attract monsters. For now, perhaps we should take him with us until we can find him a safe place to find refuge.
No. 289622 ID: 46c430

rolled 35, 17 = 52

For what happened... Good question. From what the elf said... The boy has (Or had) blood poisoning? It's doubtful that the weapons he were slashed with were poisoned, otherwise we would be dealing with it... Wait. Didn't the elf's blood get spattered over the boy when you shot him with an arrow? Over his open wounds? And didn't the goblin and even his own mother, both dead and bleeding, collapse over him? Perhaps that is the origin of the blood poisoning... But didn't the elf just... He didn't cure it, he made it the boy's own? That implies that the monster blood has been made a part of the boy... ...And we also have elf blood in our -own- veins from the blood-pact. And our 'veins are throbbing' while the rest of us seems to be healing... ...This does not sound good. Something to think about.

Oh, and eating monsters? If my theory about monster blood is right, it's likely that eating their flesh itself would have an even greater effect.

(This is somewhat meta-knowledge, but the storyteller's words imply that the pact, blood may somehow give Geremiah power, so I'm trying to puzzle that out.)

For weapons, try and gather what you lost back up, scavenge what you can from around the tree. When you get back to town, be sure to pick up a melee weapon. A dagger at the least, preferably also try to get a sword or axe. And if you can, try to pick up any silver you can find, in case we run into any werebeasts.

As for what the elf was doing here... ...Also a good question. He said he enjoyed the event, which is odd, so for all we know he was doing it for fun. What else do we know about elves?

(First roll is for knowledge on the importance of monster blood, second for trying to figure out possible reasons for why the elf might have been here.)
No. 289629 ID: f88f02

rolled 53 = 53

(What happens when someone takes in monster blood?)

Don't panic. You may have monster blood in you, but you're alive. YOu don't have any compulsion to kill or eat people, do you? You're still human, bottom line. For weapon replacements, we need more pistols, or at least more ammo. And some way to speed up reloading. A new bow might be handy, as would more knives.

The boy should rest until he wakes naturally. Try and find him some food for when he does. Protein should help, and some liquid, too.
No. 289632 ID: a090e7

What you need my friend is two nice long daggers, tempered steel blade, balanced so they can also be thrown with accuracy.
Four if you can spring for it.

That boy very likely has poison blood naturally now, so you should let him know that and avoid making contact with it.
No. 289633 ID: 46c430

We can scavenge our throwing knives, we need melee weapons. And our left hand is still down two fingers. I wonder if we should get some sort of shield for it.

...Heheheheheh. Blunderbuss-buckler anyone?

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot: If we need to we should wash out our wounds with clean water and use clean cloth to bandage them. Infection is a worry afterall, considering this is a bloody swamp.
No. 289647 ID: f6360f

>.....Just what happened here?
You almost died and only got out of it by making a damned dangerous deal. Probably shouldn't tell the other Hunters, and probably should do all the subtle learning you can about what exactly blood pacts mean.

>Once I wake the boy, what do I do with him, what do I tell him?
Tell him you barely saved him, and that without the noble sacrifice of that woman- his mother?- and the others who defended him, he would be dead. Do not tell him about the fact that the elf magicked him up; he might not be able to keep a secret. Take him with you back to Stiltown; it's not as though he can stay here alone. See if you can entrust him to someone else reliable, and look back in on him when you can.

>Once I'm back in Stiltown, what should I look for as weapon replacements-clearly what I had will not always cut it.
Get a shotgun with iron shot; something that could fairly reliably hit an elf like that one with just what he won't like. Replace all your knives; they did well by you. Get a melee weapon of some kind, preferably with iron/silver/whatever other metals are critical to harming beasties you expect to encounter on it. Get a new bow and more arrows. Replace your pistols.

Honestly, I think the biggest thing that would have helped you here would be a partner Hunter. Double the firepower, have someone reliable to watch your back. It could have gotten you through this with a lot less trouble.

>And just what was an elf doing leading an independent Goblin raid on a farm, however big?
Damned good question. The way he talks, he had definite expectations for his excursion to the Prime. But whatever he meant to do, he ended up getting his goblin minions slaughtered and making a Pact with you.

Search up your lost weapons. Eat something. Bury the bodies so the kid doesn't have to see them. Get some more rest before leaving.
No. 289664 ID: 5f0943

> Once I'm back in Stiltown, what should I look for as weapon replacements-clearly what I had will not always cut it.

For weapons we could realistically acquire:
A blunderbuss, like others have suggested.
A melee weapon, like a short sword, or maybe a war-hammer or a mace.
More pistols.

If rule of cool applies however : Automatic crossbow.
Yes, I know that it would probably be extremely unlikely.
No. 289666 ID: 2aed7f

I don't know the technology and the magic of this place but you really should get your hand fixed.
Be it magic regeneration, hi-tech artificial replacement or steam-punkish metal fingers...
No. 289693 ID: 903f16


>.....Just what happened here?
Something that will probably change the course of your life as you know it, but let's not worry about that right now.

>Once I wake the boy, what do I do with him, what do I tell him?
Try to find out if he has any other family and if so where they are. If doesn't that leaves with two options, sending him off to the orphanage or getting him to become a hunter and taking him to the training grounds. As for what to say, you were in a situation like this once, tell him what you wanted to hear.

>Once I'm back in Stiltown, what should I look for as weapon replacements-clearly what I had will not always cut it.
You need some real melee weapons, I'm kind of surprised you didn't have something like that on you to begin with. I guess a decent pair of daggers or a short sword would suit your needs. Also try to find a tinkerer and work out a way to get some bigger and better guns. I'm not sure how you're going to pay for all of that tough. How much do we have to spend actually? Actually, how do you get payed? Is it some sort of contract type deal? Should we be harvesting goblin ears or something?

>And just what was an elf doing leading an independent Goblin raid on a farm, however big?
It is rather strange, I'd spend some time looking around this farm if I were you. There may be something important around here, but then again he may have taken it while you were sleeping and just walked off with it. I'd ask the kid if he saw one of his family members bring anything interesting into the house.
No. 289698 ID: 21e57a

rolled 26 = 26

>Once I wake the boy, what do I do with him, what do I tell him?

See if he has any other family, or maybe a master, he looks old enough to be apprenticing by now. See if there's anyone who can take him in. It might be a train, but we really should he gets a good home first before hunting again.

An extra hunter, while sensible, seems like a bad idea, at least for now. We need to find out what this bloodpact means, and any Hunter Lore regarding it.

(Rolling to see what we do know about Blood Pacts)
No. 289703 ID: a76809

rolled 20 = 20

[Not happening. Magic regeneration is specific monster-only, grafts won't work with how poor medical knowledge is compared to modern standards and prosthetics are for aeshetics only-you would be able to get immovable fake fingers, but that would be it.]

I think about what happened. I saw the elf's blood entering my body-between that and the struggles against the goblins, I got exposed to the same materials as the bow-and I can't picture the goblins as having poisoned weapons, not without being from the northern tribes. So why did the boy need healing I did not? I slowly get up, careful to not disturb the finally relaxed child-he can stay tucked away from the horrors of reality a little while longer. I limp to the stairs, my side sore, and make my first order of business rendering the farm defensible once more-I reclose broken window shutters, brace furniture against it, even use what few nails I scrounge up to make the whole thing less transient. Through an hour of work, the child does not rise-and building as safe as I can make it, I cautiously exit into the mid-morning gleam, and start hunting out my weapons. I find.... all four of my pistols, after a thorough search-but I reclaim only five throwing knives. While I find my Crossbow, I am at sixteen shots-and winding is harder with half a hand-if I tried now I think I'd end up opening the wound again no matter what I do.

My next move is to return inside, and unload my guns, leaving them to dry on the second story by the lone un-barricaded window, as I set to the more grizzly part of things. I begin going through the gead goblins belongs, looking for anything out of the ordinary. I find naught but a few coins (some gold, surprisingly enough, that I pragmatically pocket) and a piece of colored glass-probably picked it up because its shiny. ..Well, no hint amongst the dead about this monster attack's nature-perhaps amongst the human dead a secret waits?

I decide to check the storage shed-and find a dozen half-eaten, desecrated bodies, feces smeared over supplies. I stoically rifle through the dead's pockets, turning up nothing a regular farmer would not have, before I carefully claim the few bits of supplies not tainted, and make my way back out.

By the time I am back in the house, some two hours have passed, what with the slow going I've made trying to not strain hand or side. I look at what supplies I could salvage... enough food for a single meal for a child, perhaps, but if we haven't eaten since yesterday and been injured-if I don't eat, I can't bring the boy to Stiltown. If the boy doesn't eat, he might not recover properly. If we split the food, neither of us will get enough. ...What to do.

...I eye the goblin corpses.

I'm already damned for making a pact. What does it matter if it keeps us alive?

"That's right, Hunter Byrd used the goblin's flesh in his stew!"

At the lack of notable response, the whispering, spidering words that weave through the air twist into a disappointed sigh, as a hand rises to cover the remaining eye whilst the other yet again grabs the refilled beer. As ever, he downs it in one long pull, content to make the audience wait, before putting the mug back down on the bartenderless bar.

"I suppose not everyone knows as much lore as a Hunter. But if I keep making these interruptions, the flow of the tale-oh, it wavers and threatens to dissolve. So I shall simply continue-for there is so much left to tell."

I've finished moving what I presume was the boy's mother downstairs before he wakes, and while he scrabbles into a corner reflexively as he sees me, eyes wide and drawn, I get him to take a bowl of stew, and he feeds himself. ...Seems I'm a better cook than I thought, after the first bite his face lit up a bit, he's going to town on that stew-


...Okay, that kid has got some strange tastes-the goblin tastes awful.

Once the child finishes the food, he seems a bit more at ease, identifying me as a friend-but with his world shattered, he is still despondent, unmoving. I think to what the elf called the child, and speak.

"...Saul? Saul Karvold?"

The boy's head turns back to me-I see the question in his eyes, cutting through his despair. I decide to tell a few lies, to put some glimmer of hope in the boy's heart.

"The others on the farm had commented about you a few times-so it is you then. ...I'm sorry lad, but no one else survived. ...Do you understand?"

Tears silently falling down his cheeks, still huddled in the corner, the boy nods, his grief so vast his body cannot express it, rendered so alone in the world.

"Well, the monsters are gone-but we have to go to Stiltown, tell them what happened. This was the last of the usable food, so we should leave now-in the village, we can get people to help give proper burials. I know this is hard to think about-but can you stand? Can you travel?"

For a long while Saul does nothing, tiny body shaking as he weeps into his knees. But his tears subside, his body stills, and he slowly unfolds, standing up. He starts moving about, opening cupboards, pulling out clothes-soon he is re-dressed, in clothes not covered in blood and gore, his eyes wiped by a clean sleeve.

>[Saul]"...M'ready, sir."

I smile at the lad as I collect my pistols, checking them for dryness before rearming each, replacing them in my brace and at last I start making my way down the steps-his softer footfalls close behind. I hear only the occasional sniffle, and no more.

[Lore check 35/100]
I consider just what the buzzing feeling in my veins is-but I can't place it with any lore I know. My focus instead turns to the blood in my veins-in OUR veins-and what it means. I know its a bad thing, an act Hunters are called to hunt humans for-but I don't know why. Clearly there is a reason-but all I can do currently is baselessly speculate.

[Lore check 17/100]
I rifle through my mental library-what reason could a lone elf act so? A lone lower fey alone, certainly precedent exists in all manner of tales-but a lone fey at the head of a small war band? ....I have not seen this referenced before, or if I have, I can't remember. Frustrating-but not much I can do about it.

I suppose I will have to do some research if I want some answers.

Saul does what he can, but the swamp is rough terrain. Even with me wounded, he slowly starts to fall behind-by the time we reach Stiltown at our even slower pace, it is well past dusk, village guards crying out as they see our approach.

Before we even reach the stilt-topping town, before we breach its wooden walls, a crowd of scores clusters to our approach-noting my limbing, gore-smeared form, the bandaged lad.

It does not take particularly long to tell a truncated version of the story. A goblin raid, far larger than normal, wiped out the farm, with Saul the sole survivor. I make no mention of elves or pacts-and our story is chilling enough no one presses too deeply. A crew of ten is sent to see to the dead after I assure them that the goblins are gone, save for two that fled and could possibly return-but an armed group of ten has little fear of such a threat. I encourage their enthusiasm, as I find that the boy's uncle is the town blacksmith-I talk to him. Between his gratitude at seeing his nephew at least escape harm, and the extra golds from the goblins, I have just enough to buy a quartet of long, steel daggers, weighted for throwing. I repurpose my now empty leg-braces to accomodate the larger implements-and enquire after a blunderbuss. If that elf might return-a weapon that sprays iron everywhere would seem a good investment. He commiserates that no one in Stiltown carries such a thing, but heard the towns on the foothills to the north carry such.

A day passes, and then another, as I give myself time to recover, and more firmly establish my modified story. The local bowmaker finishes a new bow for me, and while not as capable as my old one, I am provided a quiver of thirty arrors, each with barbed wooden tips, leaving me with replacements for just about everything I lost, save my fingers. The villagers are only too happy to offer me as much supplies as I can carry, when I finally get ready to leave-I'm even given a stoutly fitted wooden shield-which after this last debacle, is a gift I appreciate. I say my farewells to Saul, who I admit to having checking in on quite frequently these last few days to try and get him focused on the future and not the past-and while he seems sad to see me go, no tears come to his eyes-I think he may come out of this alright.

I trudge to the north, lurking, sneaking, hunting, trapping, cooking and camping along over the swamplands as it slowly terminates into hardpacked soil over days. The more desolate climate, the increasingly parched ground, all of it reminds me of home as I approach the city of Barboth. Surely here, where tinkers lurk, where I purchased my brace of pistols, can I find a blunderbuss. ...And here, I may learn more about what happened in my last mission.

Only one problem.

I defaulted on the Worg mission, as I left to deal with the goblins-so no pay for that. Likewise, the goblins were largely pro-bono, barring the pair of golds I found. After getting a quartet of well-crafted, balanced steel long-daggers (at considerable discount, I note) I am left with only twelve silvers, and fifty eight coppers.

[VOLUNTEER QUEST CURRENCY VALUES: One gold will feed an adult comfortably for a year, even in areas of food shortage with increased prices (albeit they will not be as comfortably fed). Twenty five silvers in a gold, fifty coppers in a silver.]

I need money, if I'm going to take time to research.

And so, to picking my way through the rumor mill.

....Hm, supposed to be some sort of Werecat-not sure what kind, just a big cat-out to the east-killing only livestock so far, running from groups-probably not a big cat. ...Huh, pay's a gold-really been eating into the farmer's profits.
-We also have the classic, a werewolf active on a western roadway, attacking and eating travellers-two gold bounty, but the beast is noted to be a decent stalker in its own right. Bounty is set at... three golds, with a fifty silver advance to anyone who accepts-ah, it killed a merchant's heir, he's looking for resolution.
-For five golds I could hunt a Vampire.... wouldn't be hard to find another hunter or two in a city this size, and even split that's a good bit of money. Well, if I want, that particular job is farther in the north.
-There's an orc loose to the south-east-75 silver for putting it down.
That's it within walking distance.

So what should I do?
[D100 for how well whichever job gets picked starts out.]
No. 289709 ID: f88f02

rolled 55 = 55

Take the Orc. Rolling for Orc lore.
No. 289710 ID: 903f16

Our roll isn't looking too hot so let's take out the easiest target, which is probably that werecat since it's got the lowest bounty. I'd cycle through our knowledge of werecats while in transit. We're supposed to be intimately familiar with all smaller werethings so we shouldn't need to roll for it. I'm looking for things like their common traits and weaknesses. I hope it's not just the standard silver weakness, because if it is we should probably melt down some silver coins into bullets or something beforehand.
No. 289712 ID: 6a1753

rolled 32 = 32

You need to reevaluate how you act in your new state of physical "lackings". So taking up a, relatively, easy job is the best course of action. I say Were-cat.

Role for lore on said cat.
No. 289715 ID: 1854db

We're a little weaker than we were before. Better stick with the safer missions. I'm thinking we kill the orc.
No. 289717 ID: f6360f

Go after the orc. You've hunted orcs before so that challenge should be a known one, it's three gold that you could definitely use, and a single target which should go down to a couple arrows or crossbow bolts should be well within your means to remove with minimal danger. Werebeasts are more impressive hunters, capable of turning the tables on you with subtlety; far more dangerous.
No. 289727 ID: a9629e

rolled 78 = 78

Voting for Orc. And since everyone else is rolling for Lore, rolling for how well the job starts.
No. 289737 ID: a76809

[20/100 Mission does not start well.]

I know orcs. The pay might not be great-75 silvers isn't all that match for a hunting job-but it'll put me at nearly a gold, and with supplies still viable, I don't need discretionary funds now. That much-I may be able to afford a blunderbuss-it should expand my hunting options considerably. Sadly, I lose five of my twelve silver as a barman calls up a tab I can't refute-and my funds dwindle. Now I need to get on a job even more, wonderful.

[Lore 55/100]
Without the need to pick up anything more, I review my knowledge of Orcs. The fact I've fought orcs once before, in my seventh job (now starting on my fourteenth) helps me weed out a few extra bits of inaccurate folklore. Orcs are not green skinned-they are grey/blue, a murky, dull color that makes them nearly invisible at night. Their eyes are reflective like cats, and gleam yellow during night raids, their favorite tactic. The smaller the group, the more likely they will attack at night-a lone Orc is sure to wait for its advantage. Difficult to see with excellent vision well in excess of my own, and a body stronger and hardier than my own-that's the fun part. The balance is that orcs by and large are second only to ogres in terms of how shitty they are at stealth if you're looking for them. Don't get me wrong, Orcs catch people unawares all the time-but if you actively are expecting and watching for them, the glowing eyes, the noises they make prowling-they can be spotted. Since they are humanoid, they can wear looted armor as well as use looted weapons-I expect the beast to have some sort of sword or axe, possibly two, and some second hand leather armor-if its been around long enough for rumors to start, it has to have attacked at least one guard. Bolts and pistols both should ignore that-throwing knives and arrows are both out. I take them with me anyway, and set out.

Days blur together, my only real measure of time elapsed is my recovery-my hand finally closes up enough I don't need to constantly keep it bound, and while it could get torn open again relatively easily, gentle motions pose no risk. My side only twinges on swift, sudden shifts in my exertions-and even that is fading. By the time I reach the stretch of road the orc is supposed to be around, I don't even limp anymore-though I doubt I could run, solid dry footing or no.

Hm..... okay, trees are evergreen firs, provide decent obstruction to line of sight but aren't really viable to climb into or hide under the roots-they are out for hiding places. There are intermittent rocks and boulders, ranging in size from the size of a pig to a pair of cows. ...I suppose one could hide from the perspective of the road behind such a rock, but they would hardly be safe. ...The footshills are a mile off the road and beyond, and could contain caves-but there is no guarantee.

Checking the ground below me, I note the clawed toe prints of an orc where mud once was-the beast lacks footwear-perhaps it has not been so successful. I sight along the lone print, noting it to not angle at the hills, but off nearly parallel to the rode, off farther east. I see no other tracks in the immediate area-and as this isn't a major rode, I doubt I will see other travellers today.

I pack away the jerky I was worrying on. carrying my loaded crossbow in one hand, a ready pistol in my maimed hand, lightly cupped. So.....

[Start check: 78/100]
Just as I prepare to breathe in from a soft sigh, I hear it- the guttural whoop of an orc.

It's nearby, but the trees broke up the noise too much-I don't know what direction it came from.

How should I start looking for the orc, following the direction the one footprint leads off in, going into the nearby hills to seek a cave, or to wander the forest checking for lean-tos behind rocks?
Once I find an orc, how close should I get before I risk shooting?
No. 289738 ID: f6360f

>[VOLUNTEER QUEST CURRENCY VALUES: ... Twenty five silvers in a gold, fifty coppers in a silver.]
>75 silvers isn't all that match for a hunting job-but it'll put me at nearly a gold
Erm, isn't 75 silvers equivalent to three gold? The relatively high pay was one of the major attractions of the orc job.
No. 289739 ID: a76809

[Correct, I misrecalled my own conversion rate, the job is 75 silvers-which would push you up to three golds.]
No. 289746 ID: 76a2b7

Check for a cave first, I think. Even if it's unoccupied when you find it, there'll probably be traces of its resident about if the orc is actually sheltering there. As for distance, that depends on the condition of the thing when you see it. Lacking footwear may mean it's lacking protection in other areas too. Thus you may find a use for your bow after all, even if only to wait in ambush and then put an arrow through a foot or lower leg to kill the orc's mobility. If it can't move well, then you can plink away at leisure instead of having to worry about getting only a couple shots off before it rushes you.
No. 289771 ID: 6a1753

Tho i can think of no method As to finding tha thing be discreet as possible, surprise and planing can be more lethal than any weapon.

However you do find it if you catch it unaware and know where its going set up some traps. Particularly ones made to trip, cut, and bleed feet and legs. Trip wires, and hidden barbs all in its path. Dig a small hole, stick sharpened sticks and/or knives in it then cover it with brush (use arrows if short on time). Are there any plants nearby that make a good poison or hallucinogen? Put some on your loaded bolt as any more poison than that would probably take too long to make. Or maybe poison some of the meat your carrying and put it in its path, they aren't very cleaver are they?
No. 289786 ID: e57d5a


Granted it would have been awkward, but I think it will be more awkward when another hunter comes to slay him after hearing how his entire town got sick and died after he scraped his knee.

Anyway, string Bow if unstrung.
Follow tracks, keep ears open.

Aim carefully. Eyes/neck would be a good target, wait until you have a sure target and release.

If you hit, it will stumble and flail. It will.
If it has a weapon, dodge to the side it has it in.

Your next target will be back of the legs with those nice daggers you just got.

You also need some silver tipped ones, just saying. You can try a stainless steel with Silver along with or substituting for chromium. If this means nothing to you, ask a blacksmith about silver steel or silver weapons.
No. 289818 ID: cbd626

Make sure to be as stealthy as possible in the forest. Check the ground for tracks if you can, and keep your ears open for anything.
It sounds kind of iffy using a bow, i think we should get a pistol or two out, attempt to sneak up to it to within firing distance, then aim for the head and fire. one shot, one kill

I think trying to make a trap or dig a hole would put too much strain on the injured hand.
looking for poisonous plants would be good, though.
No. 289978 ID: a76809

I go looking for a cave first.

I trudge off the road, angling towards the hills, steps as soft as I can manage as I keep my ears perked-but no more shouts are heard. I weave around rock and tree, making my way over the last of the flatlands-

I hear an Orc's cry again, a bit farther away than before.

In fact, I hear it right as I find a cave, not hidden at all, on the slopes of the foothills. As it could well be the place the orc currently calls home, I decide to investigate while I'm here before heading on. I duck inside, pistol and crossbow at the ready.

Within the cave... I find evidence of habitation. A gathering of pelts in one corner, the remnants of many fires, a soot-stained roof, a woven shield to close up the entrance-but none of this looks orcish-

I feel an arrow's head rest oh-so lightly against the back of my neck, at the base of my skull.

>[???]"I'd move reeeeaaal careful now-and get to explaining what yer doin' rooin' through my home."
"I'm a Hunter."
>[???]"I can see that-and yeh dinnit answer my question."
"I'm here hunting that orc."
>[???]"What yeh doin' that over here for? The orc's north-north west about a mile and change, gettin' ready to attack some travellers most like. No tracker worth his salt would come here."
"....Given how easily you snuck up on me, I hope you can believe me when I say I am not much of a tracker."

Nothing is said for a moment. And then-

>[???]"Alright-just keep away from me home, ya here? I didn't move out here to be bothered!"

The arrow withdraws, I turn around-

No one is there.

......My luck has been shit since that job near Stiltown-what was that, some mad old master stalker?

As I flit about, pondering the ghostlike hunter that cornered me so and vanished, I realize I explained nothing to Saul of what happened to him-a given, considering his young mind is having to deal with turbulent issues at the moment. I resolve to revisit him, after this job or the next, to see how he is doing-and see if he is strong enough to accept the knowledge of what he is-the secret he must bear. The changed blood-the goblin meat he ate-the poisoned blood-but for now, I must hope he can handle himself. I note with some interest that my own veins do not buzz so badly now-instead, they seem to pull and sway oh so slightly to the south-shifting the direction they pull to always be south, no matter how I contort. ...Interesting.

The third Orc cry I hear is far louder-and I smell blood in the air.

I dodge closer, seeing movement through the trees as I re-approach the road-

I stop, peeking from behind a particularly sturdy evergreen, some fifty feet from the road.

I see three figures. Two are fallen, blood still pooling from massive wounds to their torsos, one nearly cleaved in twain, despite having leather armor. I see a broken shield beside a bent sword, just out of reach of the nearly split fallen warrior. The one he escorted breathes her last as her lifeblood seeps into the trader's pack on her back. The third figure, the Orc I hunt, is a full head taller than me and at least five stone heavier, laden with blood and grime streaked muscles, knotting and flexing under pebbly gray-blue hide. In the beast's hands I note a truly massive iron axe-if he closes the distance on me......

Keeping in mind the ranges of my respective weapons.....

How should I approach this?
The Orc wears no real armor-should I hope a shot to its heavily muscled back will do the trick, assume I can break through the thickest part of the skull-or should I dare try to get the beast to turn towards me, to expose softer targets?
Or do I have another plan?
No. 289983 ID: a9629e

Rather than a shot to the back or the head, perhaps a shot to the back of the knee to screw with it's mobility. Then just keep your distance and fire at softer targets as it turns around, but prioritize not letting it close. Luring it into the trees and weaving through them if you can. Don't use trees as if they were a shield though, don't want to risk it cutting straight through one, but to limit it's mobility even more and block it's line of sight to you in between attacks.
No. 289992 ID: f6360f

You should consider opening the range a bit before firing. Your crossbow will be accurate well beyond fifty feet, and odds are it will charge you after your first shot- and if it runs into the woods, this will be a somewhat longer and more dangerous endeavor in any case. Ideally you'll get at least two shots with the crossbow before you have to resort to pistols- you know how fast orcs can charge, so judge the distance appropriately. And when you fire, make sure it's from behind at least some cover so that he might not see you immediately when he turns- could buy you a bit more time.

Targeting its knee first would be good, as suggested, or failing that its spine. Something likely to lessen its mobility; if it stays still for long enough, you'll finish this job no sweat.

If it manages to charge you to the point that you have to draw and use pistols, aim for the face and try for a kill. You won't be able to effectively run away through the trees with your injuries not yet healed.
No. 290057 ID: 903f16

I agree with firing at the back of it's knee, but I think we should try to pop out our bow and fire that instead of the crossbow. We have some barbed, wooden arrows that should work seeing as how we no longer need to worry about armor penetration. With the barbs on the arrows he'll be forced to either pull them out or tear up the muscles. You know it's not even the muscles that are the worst part, it's the fact that there's also that big popliteal artery there which he'll probably sever if he exerts himself with one inside of him.

And at some point we should look for that old master stalker and ask him to teach us, preferably in a manner that doesn't chance him shooting us on sight for being near his home again. That guy is damn good, if we could learn even a portion of what he could teach us we could do some serious hunting.
No. 290064 ID: f88f02

While armor penetration isn't a problem anymore, those fucking muscles are. A toned guy feeling like solid rock isn't just a feeling - muscles can also serve to protect the body, if they're strong enough.

I think one president stopped a bullet with his pectorals? I can't remember.

Anyway, back of the knee, yuh. Good idea!
No. 290080 ID: 5f0943


If a president did something badass, it was probably Theodore Roosevelt.
No. 290083 ID: cbd626

back of the knee's a good target. If it gets too close start aiming for weak points on the arm that wields the axe, so at least if we face him in close combat we won't be cloven in two.
No. 290168 ID: 903f16

While I thank you for pointing out the obvious, I must clarify I only want to shoot him with the bow and arrows as an opening attack against his posterior knee. In case you aren't aware it isn't exactly an area rife with muscle and on most animals doesn't have particularly thick skin or hide covering it.
No. 290202 ID: 28e94e

You're thinking of Roosevelt, but he only survived because the handguns of the time didn't actually have the stopping power to serve as combat pistols. Our pistols are the real deal - if we shoot him, he's not getting back up.
No. 290239 ID: a76809

I carefully, quietly rehook the loaded crossbow at my side and resheath the pistol within my brace, as I slowly pull out my bow. I step behind the cover of the tree more fully-waiting until I hear the sound of the orc feeding on the corpses to string it, hoping to mask the sound. I wait several moments-no disruption to the sound of eating, and my bow is read. I lay a barbed arrow against it, carefully drawing back the gray-feather fletched bow, sighting at the back of the creature's knee, waiting, ensuring my target does not move, that I am aligned just so-

I let go.

An arrow whispers through the intervening space-and embeds itself in the back of the orc's bent right knee. Immediately, instinctively, the orc jrks to rise-

The barbed tip of the arrow further shredding the innards of a pivotal joint-I hear growls of pain as the beast nevertheless begins to turn around-

But not before, my bow propped against the tree, I draw pistol and crossbow, firing both. The bolt catches the orc in the upper back, blood seeping and oozing about the embedded metal head, as blood begins to spill from its right upper arm, where the bullet bit flesh-twin shooting is not my specialty, but a wound is a wound.

Despite a bolt four inches deep in its back, an arrow in the back of its right knee (said knee's internals now likely savaged), and a bleeding bullet wound to the arm, the orc howls at me-

The point at which, pistol and crossbow replaced in their holsters and bow reclaimed, I begin to withdraw.

I fire off an arrow in a snap shot, the point impacting his upper chest-

And rebounding off the orc's furiously knotted muscles after nothing more than scratching the skin. ....That was a three-quarters draw snapshot from forty feet. I keep forgetting how damn hard orc's muscles are-'swhat makes them so deadly charging in a raid-can't plink at them, and they overpower you in close quarters.

....I have other options though.

Specifically, tied to the following two points:
-The Orc's limping, blood streaming from it's wounded leg, its back and its arm, and I can easily outrun it. I regretfully cannot outrun it walking backwards and firing arrows.
-I have several means of attempting to shoot the orc to death no matter how good of armor its muscles may make-and I could very well wait it out and let it bleed to death.

How should I approach ending the wounded orc's life?
Once it is dead and I have claimed its head as proof of the deed, what should I do about the two dead travellers?
No. 290240 ID: 1854db

Eliminate risk. Let it bleed to death. Or at least bleed for a while longer so you can get an easy killing shot.
No. 290247 ID: f6360f

Back off for a while, letting it chase you and slow down from blood loss and weakening torn muscles. When it's moving a bit slower, go for the headshot with your pistols. If those don't work just play keep away until it bleeds out.
No. 290253 ID: 21e57a

If you believe yourself good enough, spend a few more moments to shoot the Orc in the eye before high tailing it to the hills. Don't move too fast. Keep out of its range, but keep an eye on it.
No. 290259 ID: f88f02

Can Orcs understand human speech?

If so:

Run. Load crossbow while running. Shoot when you can. Insult him to make him keep chasing you. Run him through shit that will make the wound worse, uneven/unstable terrain, for instance.

This is gonna be fun.
No. 290262 ID: 0a2568

I agree, 100%.
no sure running while loading the crossbow is going to work...at all.
No. 290298 ID: a9629e

We should probably let it bleed out some, but get as far away as you need to to reload your crossbow, and then shoot it in the other knee first. Also, beware of it deciding to throw stuff, such as debris or it's axe. Don't assume you're entirely safe just because it can't close with you.
No. 290314 ID: 6a1753

Its the front of their body that is most resistant right? Well then out run it, double back and shot it in the back, or better yet in the Other leg joint. Repeat. Aim for make big blood-letting wounds. Then let it bleed to death. But before you get anywhere near it put something in it's head just to be sure.
No. 290315 ID: caf211

aim for the eyes with your barbed arrows
No. 290333 ID: 21e57a

rolled 24 = 24

If you believe yourself good enough, spend a few more moments to shoot the Orc in the eye before high tailing it to the hills. Don't move too fast. Keep out of its range, but keep an eye on it.

[Rolling to remember if orc's have accelerated healing or won't bleed out]
No. 290842 ID: a76809

I start to jog away, my head turned and ear cocked as I listen to my laboring pursuer, gauging distances. I stay a solid fifteen spans away, with even the possibility of a thrown battleaxe accounted for. I duck about a few trees in my withdrawal, forcing the creature to keep turning, always putting more and more strain on that injured knee, the blood as ever flowing freely.

After it remains upright and chases me without slowing for a full minute, I turn, drawing my remaining loaded pistols, and ignore the orc's sudden turn of desperate speed as I crouch and sight.

Two reports crack through the muffled air of the evergreen forest, and the Orc's head whips back, wounded leg buckling at the shifting weight as it topples backwards-

And immediately is trying to get back up, an eye ruptured, a bullet lodge in its right orbital and a wound on his forehead from where his skull deflected the other bullet. ...Hm.

I resheathe the spent pistols in the brace while I begin walking away, pulling free my crossbow as I prepare another bolt. The Orc has been on its feet for all of a second before it gets a crossbow bolt in the neck. It goes down once more, gurgling, its rage drowning as its life bleeds away.

I rearm the crossbow as I patiently watch the body for half a minute, proving to myself it is not playing dead, before cautiously advancing. I carefulyl prod the body with the bolt pressed to its remaining eye, and at this final lack of reaction I set to my grizzly work, slicing through flesh with one of my new knives before I pull out my short saw and cravea path through the spine. Once I have wrested my prize free, I reclaim both crossbow bolts, and begin to stand, thinking of the two dead travellers-

>"Terrible hunting, poor marksmenship, clumsy movement and an unnecessary amount of force-if that wasn't just a juvinile out to prove how hard it was, but instead a veteran of one of the tribes-well, I imagine it'd be having another snack-what's a Hunter doing with such piss-poor stalking skills?"

...From behind me comes the voice, that of the old man-I can feel him standing there behind me, yet I dare not turn, confident he will be gone like a puff of smoke.

"I was the bookish type when I was younger, I admit-I came late to the Hunting field, with no firsthand experience, only the intellectual-I had to learn from there. My studies are ongoing."

Now, from a bush ten feet to my right, the exact same voice, the presence behind me having vanished while I spoke.

>"At least you know how inept you are."
"Should I take your commentary as an interest in conversation?"

This time from the tree above my head, some twenty feet up and muffled by the branches, again his response comes from a radically new place.

>"No, just making my farewells now that this little episode has concluded."

And so the voice is gone, the presence with it, and I am once more alone-or so it seems.

Either way, I make my way back to the traders, find a bag to wrap the Orc head in, and claim what transportable belongings they had while I set off back to town-I can decide what to do with their goods, and more fully inspect them, there.

The journey back is slower, more days passing at a snail's crawl thanks to the heavy pack. I crack five days in, prying it open-to find metal pots, pans, kettles, bowls and cutlery-nothing of silver, sadly, but decent tin utensils, and iron cookware. Could be worth a good bit, to the right person. I think about who to go to for the next two days before making my decision.

On my eventual return, after claiming the 75 Silvers for the Orc's head, I visit a money-changer and acquire two Golds for fifty Silvers, before I seek out Henrik--half an hour later I walk out with a grand total of two Golds, forty eight Silver and ten Copper. I consider what to do with nearly four gold, as I also note that there seems to be a flood of Were-things on the prowl, only tales of their rampages circulating in the taverns. Hm....

What kind of gear should I seek out for my next mission, which looks like it may be a Were-hunt?
Or should I use some of these funds for another pursuit and see what jobs open up later?
If I plan to research the event with the Elf, how should I go about looking for answers?
No. 290846 ID: f88f02

rolled 55 = 55

Four gold?

Buy yourself some silvered weaponry, bro. And is it on touch that it harms, or in the bloodstream like the Elf? Rollan.

If it is on touch, see if you can't get some silver bracelets or rings. If in the blood? Buy silver pellets for that blunderbuss you was gonna buy.
No. 290852 ID: f6360f

If there was anything in the traders' packs identifying who they were, ask around town for someone they knew and pass on word of their demise. Hell, give a description regardless. If they happen to have anyone in town that can claim relations or similar to them, give them their effects. Otherwise, sell them off- someone in town who sells such goods should be able to give you a decent price- and pocket the money. One can only go so far when trying to do the right thing.

See if you can take a job which would lead you back towards Saul; you should really talk to him sooner rather than later, and hopefully see that he's doing well.

Reference what you know about weres. Make sure you've got something to play on their weaknesses- can you get a small set of silvered crossbow bolts, perhaps, to match your iron ones? You'll also want a melee weapon which could work against them, even if it's not your specialty, and to replace your throwing knives; your lack of plentiful rapid-fire weaponry if being closed in upon like you were those goblins concerns me. Make sure that you have a throwing knife in both iron and silver, if silver is the weres' weakness. If there are any other common weaknesses to deal with, get something for those as well.

Aside from that... see if there's an herbalist or healer in town who could take a look at your recovering wounds and give you advice. If there's no overt evidence of your pact, anyway; you need to make sure that your wounds heal up as cleanly and completely as possible, but that's not worth spilling that particular secret. And pick up a few simple bits of advice on what to do if you get injured again, maybe some herbs or bandages which you might be able to use. It's only thanks to foul magic that your last set of wounds didn't get infected, I'd bet.

Also buy some good traveling food, preferably with water-resistant or otherwise good containment- that situation with the goblins is to be avoided in the future.
No. 290909 ID: a9629e

Are you familiar with any methods of preparing Wolf's Bane for coating weapons? I figure some of the books you've read probably referenced it, but did any go into specific detail about it's preparation? If so, you should see about getting some, along with whatever you'd need to prepare it.
No. 290971 ID: a76809

Having already traded the travellers' belongings away to Henrik, I consider the last thing I have left-a locket with the intiials G.F. inside. I walk back inside, speaking to Henrik-he knows not who the intials could belong to, but promises to hold it on the chance someone comes looking for it. Having always been a man of his word, I leave the trinket with him as I make my way to the heart of the market.

[Lore 55/100]
I consider what I know about Were-things, and their vulnerability to silver-unlike the fey, it does not seem that I need to shove pieces of silver in their flesh and keep them there to kill them-though such a tactic would work most excellently against even the most potent were-thing. All that really seems necessary is wounds created by silver-a silvered blade should suffice-or silver arrow and bolt heads, since they may end up staying within the beast.

So, a silvered weapon can wound and ultimately kill them, and getting silver arrows, bolts or bullets in their flesh will drop them faster than the wounds really should, since their vulnerability compounds the effect of the silver staying inside their body.

...A blunderbuss sounds a perfect idea for even the fastest of Were-things-

And to that end, I seek out the Bussenbon family, renowned tinkers that specialize in gunsmithery-I purchased my brace of pistols from them half a year ago, I imagine they shall recall me.

I flit through the crowds, careful to watch my purse as I push my way inside.

>"Can I help... ah, those are some of our pistols-AH, Mr. Byrd, how wonderful to see you again-my goodness, what happened to your hand?"

Frederic Bussenbon, the current head of the family of tinkers, greets me like an old friend-his highly personal disposition is largely responsible for the majority of his initial customers, with the quality of his families work pulling them back-

Even as the prices demanded weed out those less... successful. In Barboth, it is said that only the Hunters that know what they are doing shop here-the rumors helped by his willingness to build just about anything on commission. I consider that with 4 gold I could get a very nice firearm-but I could not come close to buying the most impressive of his pieces. ...4 gold is only enough to lay down a deposit, but I could commission from the Bussenbon family a work of art and lethality if I so wished

So what do I tell the friendly Frederik about how I lost part of my hand?
And exactly what am I looking for here? (Tech levels: Percussion based firearms are available, repeater and revolver based weapons are not. Pepperbox designs have just been dreamed up, and cost a premium to obtain. Bullets still do not come with pre-prepared cartridges, and must be hand-loaded.)
Once I have made a purchase, should I try for a solo Were-hunt, and if so, what kind of Werebeast should I look for (There's tales of just about any Were beast right now, so any animal base is fine. The larger/more dangerous the base creature, the more valuable the job)
Do I want to consider hunting a Were Pack, or maybe working with other Hunters for a group mission?
No. 290972 ID: ab04d4

I don't suppose there's any other harmful metals to monsters besides cold iron and silver? I'm thinking you could get an alloy of iron and silver made, and then you could just use that as the ammunition for your weapon.

For the gun, what about a close-burst shotgun? You seem to need better close-range equipment.
No. 290980 ID: a9629e

I say we go after a were-bear. Singular. Money is something we want, and hunting a pack of any were-creature is the sort of thing I would want to avoid doing alone. We could work with others to hunt a group, but personally I don't really like the idea.

As for what you're looking for, a full stock, multiple trigger, common drilling if he has something like that and you can afford it. Probably not the case, but really, if possible you want a weapon that uses scatter-shot, with multiple barrels and triggers being a nice addition if it's possible. Also, you'll want to see about getting some silver shot.
No. 290984 ID: 903f16


>So what do I tell the friendly Frederik about how I lost part of my hand?
If he asks say you lost it on a job and leave it at that. If he insists on prying give him a pained look and say it's not something you like to think about.

>And exactly what am I looking for here? (Tech levels: Percussion based firearms are available, repeater and revolver based weapons are not. Pepperbox designs have just been dreamed up, and cost a premium to obtain. Bullets still do not come with pre-prepared cartridges, and must be hand-loaded.)
A flintlock blunderbuss with either a spring loaded bayonet or a sword bayonet if possible.

>Do I want to consider hunting a Were Pack, or maybe working with other Hunters for a group mission?
Let's do it. Go out and look for any other hunters, maybe ask around the local tavern or at this tinkerer's place for leads. I'd be looking for a big brute, someone who can take some blows and attract attention away from you.
No. 290993 ID: f6360f

Whatever you do, don't go hunting a werebeast without at least some silver weaponry actually in-hand. It seems that you haven't bought a thing yet. Silvered crossbow bolts and pistol bullets would probably be your best bet at the moment. Buy those first, THEN worry about getting other stuff.
No. 290994 ID: f88f02

Delicious blunderbuss, you must buy it. With a silver-tipped bayonet, if possible. Make sure that the length is sturdy enough, and it'll be like a shortspear.
No. 291072 ID: a76809

[No Lore Roll]
I idly consider if I am aware of any other monsters with known vulnerabilities like that-and I can't name any off the top of my head. I discard the thought as I consider what I want-a gun that fires shot, a spread of metal bullets-an iron or silver storm on command, as it were. Something that, while not particularly useful at range, would be absolutely lethal up close.

"Tell you what Frederic, I can talk about my hand in a bit, but first I want to see if I can purchase or will need to commission what I am in need of."
>[Frederic]"Certainly my friend-please, tell me what it is you seek, and old Fred will tell you what can be done!"
"Okay. Well, I imagine you heard the stories going round, about the big influx of Were-things in the lands around here-"
>[Frederic]"Who could miss such troubled talk? Old Fred thinks he knows what you will ask-but he shall wait, and see."
"Well, I'd like to think I've learned something from losing a few fingers-and as such, I want a blunderbuss with a bayonet, a silvered bayonet to be precise-one heavy and thick enough to cut through even thick hide-I'm talking a bayonet that would cause harm to even a Were-bear or the like."
>[Frederic]"A blunderbuss, of course such could be provided on the spot-but one with a heavy, silvered saber, a bayonet to match the gun... it can be done, but if you want it in time to join the many Hunts now starting, I will need to grease many pockets. Surely, for now less than six-"
"Now Freddy, we both know you have more than a dozen Blunderbusses of assorted sizes at any given time-they are something of a flagship good for you. So really, all you need to get is a bayonet-and as you said, with so many Werethings around, surely such is not as hard to find as normal. Why, only a gol-"
>[Frederic]"Certainly I do carry many Blunderbuss of all shape and size-but each takes time and skill to craft-surely you would not be seeking a cheaply made product?"
"Of course not-but each Hunter that is happy with their purchase and lives to tell about it spreads your name farther-drawing ever more customers."
>[Frederic]"If I made deals for everyone to say such a thing, our family would be destitute! But for such a wise and well-versed customer, four golds!"
"Tell you what-"

I pull free one pair of my long daggers, dangling the steel blades before the head of the Bussenbon family.

"How about these get used to make said silvered bayonet? Each mounted below the barrel, angled out to either side for a parallel bayonet set-all they would need is silvering and mounting."
>[Frederic]"To mount blades meant for the hand, and mount them securely, requires steel joinings-and a silvering is not a cheap process-"
"No, but it is fast, and this way you need not seek anyone out-I know you have the means to do in-house silver treatments. I don't need a thoroughly infused weapon-just a surface coating."
>[Frederic]"Are you sure you have just bought from me the once, it is as if you have known me my whole life! ...Fine, a bargain, three golds and n-"
"I shall pay two and a half golds for such a weapon-after all, I am contributing to the eventual quality of what your family will be able to claim crafting credit for-surely I should get a discount for contributing to your good name on such a level?"
>[Frederic]"Truly, you should have been a trader!"
"Yes... I should have..."
"Nothing... so, two and a half gold? So two gold, twelve silver and twenty five copper?"
>[Frederic]"Though it wounds me yes-but only AFTER you tell your good friend Fred what happened to your hand-you struck me as the careful sort, keeping foes at range-how did such a thing come to pass?"

[To complete the customized Blunderbuss purchase, you must create an appropriate tale of how Geremiah was wounded-keeping in mind that blood-pacts and eating monster flesh are both considered vile acts by other Hunters.]

What should I say?
After getting my blunderbuss, just what kind of were-thing mission should I seek out? (Small/Medium/Large Werething, Single/Small Group/Large Group of Werethings, Solo/Group Job?)
>[Blunderbuss will come with three shots of silver pellets, and ten shots of iron pellets]
No. 291077 ID: a9629e

Tell it more or less like what happened up until' the pact, but adding dramatic flair suited to the sorts of tales you've read, tempered for what he likely knows from trading with hunters so often. When it comes to how you managed to survive in that spot, talk about how your mind was racing, wondering if the shot would go off, you pulled the trigger and... well, clearly you're still alive, right?

As for the type of werething, I say go for large. They're less likely to be as good at sneaking up on you. If you go after more than one, find a group.
No. 291082 ID: 903f16


>What should I say?
I would agree with >>291077, but we've already gone with a version of the story that excluded the elf elsewhere, might as well stick to that one for consistency's sake. I'd just go with we fought an overwhelmingly large group of goblins. They managed to close in on us and one of them them did grievous injury to our hand.

>After getting my blunderbuss, just what kind of were-thing mission should I seek out?
(Small/Medium/Large Werething, Single/Small Group/Large Group of Werethings, Solo/Group Job?)

Medium - Large Werethings/Small Group/Group Job
No. 291099 ID: f6360f

>What should I say?
You've already told the story of what happened, and you left out the elf then; in order to keep your story consistent, you need to leave him out once again. Just tell the tale of your going up against a group of twenty goblins, and while you were able to bring almost all of them down before they reached you- a few made it to your tree, and proved better able to reach you in your perch than you'd expected. There was a somewhat desperate fight, which culminated in your falling from the branches and desperately fighting several of them in melee. A close thing, but in the end you were the one standing at the end of it, albeit half a hand short. You bound your wound as best you could, but the fingers had been lost in the swamp. That was that, and now you've learned the value of being more prepared for an enemy to close from range- thus your request for the blunderbuss, and the somewhat larger daggers which might actually have some use in melee.

>After getting my blunderbuss, just what kind of were-thing mission should I seek out? (Small/Medium/Large Werething, Single/Small Group/Large Group of Werethings, Solo/Group Job?)
Medium werething, either single on your own or a small group as a group job. No sense getting too ambitious and getting yourself killed.

As you have some money left, I would once again bring up the concept of getting some silvered crossbow bolts and pistol bullets. Three blasts from a blunderbuss and a melee weapon ain't going to cut it for anti-were capabilities, particularly if you're going after several or a larger one- I mean, honestly, a normal bear wouldn't get brought down by a blast from a blunderbuss; why would a werebear, silver or not? We'll need to be able to strike with several pre-loaded weapons in quick succession. That means getting several weapons readied with the appropriate ammo. Anything less is stupidly careless.
No. 291169 ID: 197105

The suggested stories are fine.

Medium sized , Small group, group job (3).
No. 293154 ID: a76809

"Well.... I'll tell you what happened, certainly, but I'll ask you not to repeat it, the tale is somewhat embarassing..."
>[Frederic]"Hoh, you've piqued my interest. Please, go on."
"So, I was hunting some Worgs that had been stalking herds, killing a few cattle-when I heard of Goblins being sighted out in the swamps. As far as what I heard was concerned, there were only a few goblins."
>[Frederic]"I think I see where this is going... how many-"
"More than twenty-something I learned AFTER deciding a defensible shooting position was better than running and gunning."
>[Frederic]"Ah. Well, at least you were fighting goblins-anything else and you probably would have lost a great deal more than half a hand."
"Very true.... well, I am a Hunter, and a have heard tales of Werethings abounding-will my commission be ready by the end of the day?"
>[Frederic]"Geremiah, who do you take me for? Of course it will be."
"I needn't have asked, then-I shall see you before the sun sets."
>[Frederic]"May you continue to cheat death, Hunter."

Without further comment I walk out of his shop, two and a half golds lighter. After seeking out one of the vendors that deals in silvered arror and bolt-heads and supplying myself with a handful of each, I make my way-

To the Hunter's Repose.

The largest, oldest pub in Barboth, its iron-barred, smoked windows keeping its interior dark, hidden from the outside-not for safety, but because its patrons have become used to not being seen. When I push open the doors twenty seven eyes look my way for the briefest instant, long enough only to recognize me as a fellow hunter, before they turn back to their drinks and conversations. I start by sidling up to the bartender, getting myself a tankard, and asking for more specifics on the flood of Were-thing reports from around the land. I slowly start nailing down which incidents have already had Hunters stalking away to bring a grisly resolution to the situation-

And find a rather... interesting... job still on the table.

To the west, near to the village of Hillside, there are reports of an alabaster Werebear, a titan as large as an ogre, having wandered down from the mountains, with between two and four much smaller following Were-bears. It is presumed a mother and her cubs. The group has ransacked and massacred caravans and raided the town larders and herds alike-if this continues Hillside will slowly be starved to death.

For a group of easily visible, white Were-bears, only one of which is reported full grown, the offer-

Is eight gold.

Well, that's unsurprising, Werebears, ESPECIALLY the white ones, largest of their kind, would never get dealt with if the pay wasn't so good...

But no way I'm going to tackle a mission like this on my own. I start looking around the bar-

Hunters already in pairs and trios nurse their drinks-a three-way split or higher wouldn't really give me much in the way of returns....

>[Hunter]"You-the half-handed one."

I turn to see a Hunter in boiled leather with plate scattered about his person, a silvered shield and sword alike in the hunter's posession, as he calmly regards me.

"What is it?"
>[Hunter]"You plan to hunt the white Wear-bear and her cubs?"
"Of the jobs not already taken that I am equipped to handle it seems the most lucrative. That and the village is going to die if the mission isn't addressed sooner than later."
>[Hunter]"Altruism AND Pragmatism.... do you have other armaments than what you carry, o' ranged Hunger?"
"A silver bayonet sporting blunderbuss with silver shot."
>[Hunter]"I see. You seem armed well enough-I assume you can account for your physical impairment without issue?"
"I've performed missions without issue since my hand was injuired, yes."
>[Hunter]"Then, as a ranged Hunter, how would you like to partner with a melee Hunter for this mission? It is my opinion between the two of us that we could best the Werebears-and have more money to split betwixt us. What say you?"

...Hm. This guy's obviously made a considerable amount of money, considering every bit of metal he wears or carries gleams with veins of silver-and I see both wood and iron stakes circling his waste-be it a werething, a fey or a vampire, it seems he is equipped to face them down. Hmm....

Should I say yes to partnering with this melee Hunter that has not given me a name, and partner with him for this eight gold mission?
If so, should we determine how the funds will be dispersed now, or later?
Anything else I should attempt with my limited remaining funds before we depart?
No. 293162 ID: f6360f

Always get a name before working with someone. It's kind of important. Aside from that, this guy seems like he'll be good help in getting the job done.

Fifty-fifty split is fair, unless you think this guy completely outclasses you.

Before you leave on the mission, discuss strategy; when working with a group, it's best to have at least basic plans set up rather than need to shout to one another constantly. Do you want to ambush the werebears? Lure them into a trap of some kind? Have him draw them past a position from which you can freely blast away, then have him turn on them once they're hopefully weakened? Does he feel comfortable about his odds in melee against the big one- and if not, how much do you need to shoot it before he'd be willing to engage? I doubt a few arrows, bolts, or shards of silver shot are going to take it down all the way. And if either of you knows anything particularly interesting about the habits of werebears (rolling for that), now would probably be the time to bring them up.

You've got up to five targets, so... at the moment you've got what silver armament, one arrow and one bolt each, with a blunderbuss shot at the big one for change? I suppose it's probably about as much as you're likely to be able to use, regardless. I'm somewhat inclined to get some silvered pistol ammo simply because that would give you additional things to spam; the long seconds that it takes to reload are something you might not have. Two silver-jacketed bullets per pistol probably wouldn't be too difficult to find or break the bank.

Aside from that, just buy some good traveling food and a good cloth bandage in case you or your partner get clawed. Torn clothes aren't exactly ideal, and I doubt you've got the medical knowledge to do anything other than bandage an injury. And dump alcohol on it to disinfect, perhaps. Might pick up some strong booze for medical purposes.
No. 293164 ID: f6360f

rolled 94 = 94

>I said, ROLLING. Damn.
No. 293368 ID: 903f16

rolled 84 = 84

>Should I say yes to partnering with this melee Hunter that has not given me a name, and partner with him for this eight gold mission?
This is the kind of hunter I was hoping to get, let's get his name down and work out our contract.

>If so, should we determine how the funds will be dispersed now, or later?
I'd say an even split of the profits would be ideal. I could stand taking less if we get to keep the pelts and any other bits off the beasts we can harvest. I asked earlier, bigger werethings are supposed to make good material for armor. We could make the mother into a duster and the cubs into a a full set of werebear leather gear.

>Anything else I should attempt with my limited remaining funds before we depart?
Do you know anything about plants and herbs that could be used against monsters? I would suggest checking out any local horticulturists and browsing their wares. We should be looking for things like wolfsbane, garlic, and arbutus unedo. They may also have resins you can make incense out of so try to find some copal or frankincense.

If you know those kinds of things do diddly squat then just buy a spade and/or a axe. We can use them to make pitfalls and traps, if we get them silvered we could also use them as backup weapons if need to. With out skill set learning and possessing the skills to make traps could be very, very helpful.
No. 293770 ID: a9629e

>I'd say an even split of the profits would be ideal. I could stand taking less if we get to keep the pelts and any other bits off the beasts we can harvest. I asked earlier, bigger werethings are supposed to make good material for armor. We could make the mother into a duster and the cubs into a a full set of werebear leather gear.

and this

>You've got up to five targets, so... at the moment you've got what silver armament, one arrow and one bolt each, with a blunderbuss shot at the big one for change? I suppose it's probably about as much as you're likely to be able to use, regardless. I'm somewhat inclined to get some silvered pistol ammo simply because that would give you additional things to spam; the long seconds that it takes to reload are something you might not have. Two silver-jacketed bullets per pistol probably wouldn't be too difficult to find or break the bank.

Also, you should probably talk to him about how he would like to engage them based on what he and we know. Be honest about not being used to working with others, so the more information he can provide on how he likes to approach things will help keep you coordinated in the hunt.
No. 295551 ID: a76809

"You happen to have a name you'd care to share?
>"Derrick Flint, Hunter."
"Geremiah Byrd, likewise. What do you say to a fifty fifty split?"
>"Pre-determined portions, rather than per-head? I do hope you plan to pull your own weight."
"I'm the one with disposable silver for attacking-not like you'll lose that sword."
>"See these divots in my shield? Can stick stakes in it-and a lost silver stake-THAT will set you back."
"Alright, so is your issue with the fifty fifty, or with my possible lack of ability?"
>"You DID lose part of your hand."
"I DID hear consistent reports of a couple goblins sacking a farm and investigated with depleted stocks to find TWENTY of the buggers. In a swamp, where they can outrun you. And before you scoff such wouldn't happen to you, what happens if a few Orc spear-chuckers catch you below a rock ledge? I would say you'd be just as in trouble."
>"You'd call it poor luck then, rather than lack of care."
"Damn right I would."
>"...Fifty fifty suits me fine."
"Alright then Derrick-let's get to planning."

It takes three hours for the two of us to work out our rough guesswork of how we'll do this. Derrick's shield has a set of clasps to hold a torch-when the sun is fading, he will approach the were-bears-

[LORE: 94/100]
Which I assure him will be together, werethings, ESPECIALLY werebears, being notorious for keeping a close eye over their young.

[Lore 84/100]
Derrick took my comment that while wearbears can climb trees they CANNOT climb cliffs and ran with it-and has a plan he hopes quite ideal. With the werebear and its cubs focused on him and his torch, I, having climbed some form of rocky ledge (the area is well known for such, Derrick comments, so finding such a perch should not be overly difficult) will fire upon the cubs with my crossbow. The goal is to tap the protectiveness of werebears, and get the mother to turn and charge me-either opening itself to a silver-staked shield bash by Derrick or leaving him to butcher the remaining cubs while I then focus on filling the werebear matron with as many silvered bolts and arrows as possible, until Derrick can wrap up dealing with the cubs and come to my aid.

If the plan works correctly, neither of us will be exposed to undue risk (Derrick getting cover, myself getting an ideal shooting point) and should wrap things up neatly. Both of us being fairly practiced at this job, we assume things will go badly-

And use up our remaining petty funds (or at least what Derrick claims is his remaining petty funds) to top up on some potent ropes, a loose-weave cloak I hope to turn into camouflage for use in the field, and a few more stakes/arrows/bolts, all silvered-one can never be too careful.

A plan assembled, aggreed upon and equipment procured, we do what is natural-we set out, for the West, to hunt Werebears.

>Last chance to change/alter plan before arrival.
Upon reaching the afflicted village, what kind of reconnaisance/social investigation should we do?
Anything else we should do on our way to such a dangerous job?
No. 295560 ID: f88f02

Learn as much about how he fights as possible! Share information about how you work.
No. 295571 ID: f6360f

>Anything else we should do on our way to such a dangerous job?
Establish backup plans, if you can. Account for contingencies. If, for example, the mother bear breaks off charging you when she realizes that her cubs are under attack- then what? What if her cubs charge with her rather than remaining behind, or if they all flee rather than attack?

Know what you'll do in each of these situations, and have rally points set up beforehand. Possibly also some method of signaling one another other than shouting, if everything goes horribly wrong.

>Upon reaching the afflicted village, what kind of reconnaisance/social investigation should we do?
Ask around for where it was last seen, who was attacked, get a more detailed description of its actions and appearance if possible. Anything that might give you useful tips. Also ask about any other problems in the immediate area- there might be more than a werebear out there, and that could end poorly.
No. 295869 ID: a9629e

This, plus account for the possibility of the cubs charging you and the mother staying to deal with him.

Moreover, what else do you know about... white bears? They're usually not territorial, only hunting humans for food, and will often just leave if they're not hungry when aggressed, so Derrick might have to attack the cubs anyway to even get the mother to focus on him. If that's the case, the mother might not go after you, since he'd already have gone after the cubs. They also have much shorter claws then other bears, and a nastier bite.

And you may want to ask around about anything that may be going on upnorth. Anything that can drive Were-Bears away could be trouble.
No. 297481 ID: a76809

Putting this on hiatus-I have an idea I think will work better and have more longterm appeal that I want to try first.
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