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File 130024017967.png - (8.19KB , 519x219 , JacobManning.png )
288556 No. 288556 ID: 9ae53a

QM: Hi, my name is CC and I'm going to run Pokémon: Brotherhood.
First things first, some background:
/tg/ has written up fluff about the "unseen" history in the world of Pokémon. A catastrophic war- leaving the world practically devoid of men and full of orphans - where cyber-organic WMDs are the weapon of choice. These weapons were referred to as Pokémon. That's short for "Pocket Monsters," which comes from the method of capturing and storing Pokémon.
>I'll explain more in-game.
You assume the role of the young man shown in the picture, Jacob Manning. I can promise you that Jacob isn’t on a quest to become a “Pokémon master.” He’s not a Mary Sue, won’t find life easy, and has temptations just like you or I. I’ve read through the other Pokémon threads in the archives. I’m going to do this right- with your help.
Jacob, through your decisions, may fail in his quest. He may die. He may go on to be the heroic figure a world filled with scarred lands and scarred people needs. It’s up to you. Feel free to ask any questions and/or vote in the first decision of the game. I’ll post the introduction in a bit.
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No. 288562 ID: 9ae53a
File 130024058747.png - (7.11KB , 284x234 , Choose your Look.png )

If you’d like to know more about what /tg/ has written on Pokémon that’s grimdark, feel free to visit this thread:
>I’d like to note that this quest will NOT be following the information presented in the thread in every way. It simply serves as a sort of backdrop or jumping off point for this quest.
Now, for the first poll:
Out of the three looks presented here, which do you like best for Jacob?
No. 288564 ID: 8c73c8

Totes C.

A looks like a dork and B looks like he is in a cult.
No. 288566 ID: 45be60


Hats are important.
No. 288571 ID: f6360f

B. If you're going to have a cape, it might as well keep the rain off.
No. 288578 ID: 383006

B. Cult is best.
No. 288582 ID: 897302

Gonna have to vote A.
No. 288583 ID: d3dfb8

D. It's A with the hat, but the cape is red silk with a pokeball stitched onto the back in silver thread.
No. 288589 ID: 8d8786

Can't we have the hood and NOT have it UP all the time? So I guess I'd vote B but without the hood up unless necessary due to rain or desire to be incognito so it looks more like C
No. 288593 ID: 9ae53a

Sara storms out of Paul Rhodes’s office. The old door creaks on its hinges. Jacob is sitting on a wooden chair, hands folded over his knees. Eyes cast downward. Jacob had sat in the cold white office for an hour- possible two- while his mother and Mayor Rhodes had discussed the new town courier assignment. It pained Jacob to see the two of them fight- they had been friends before the war ended – and it hurt to think it was over him.
“Come on- Jacob, we’re leaving.” Sara didn’t even turn to address her son. He could still see her cheeks were wet. He knew her hands would be clenched together. “Now, son.”
The two of them left the town hall and strode back to their house.
Jacob could feel the tension and wanted desperately to offer words of encouragement. Some words to make his mother feel better. He had heard his mother and Mayor Rhodes argue several times over the course of the past two days and figured they must have said more in private. They were discussing who would be sent to the Capital Cities, who would go to-
“Jacob!” The voice behind him startled both, wrenching them from their thoughts. It was Major Rhodes. He was running to catch up to them. Jacob heard his mother sigh as she crossed her arms once again.
Mayor Rhodes was panting by the time he reached them at the crest of the hill. “Jacob, Jacob I need to speak with you…” Jacob offered his arm to the mayor for support. His mother offered words.
“Paul I’ve discussed the issue thoroughly enough with you and I don’t appreciate you dragging Jacob into this personally, I-“
“For god’s sake Sara he’s a grown man now!” Jacob had never seen the mayor so angry- especially at his mother. “He deserves a say in this decision and he deserves to know what’s going on. It’s time we stopped hiding everything from the kids and told them the damn truth.” He then turned back to Jacob. “Jacob… the town needs you. Desperately. We need you to go to the Capital Cities – to Impact – and deliver messages to the government. Give the town a voice.” The mayor’s face grew more sullen, more somber. “The town is dying, Jacob.”
Jacob’s heart sank into his stomach. His hands were sweating. “But, sir, you… Why can’t you go like you did before?”
“I’m older, Jacob. I’m almost sixty years old. I need to watch the village. I need to look over Melinda, the crops, and keep everyone from getting themselves killed. I can’t make the journey anymore, Jacob; it’s why I haven’t gone in four years.” Paul sighed. “But someone needs to go. Has to go. Our nuclear fuel cells are almost run dry. We need to re-diversify the crops with genetic material from the government. We need some better damn roads here!” The old man threw his arms up. There were small tears in his eyes. “The place is falling to shit, Jacob! It’s falling… Damn it…” The old man’s hands were on Jacob’s shoulders. “We need your help, son. We need you to go.”
Jacob looked to his mother, then back to Paul. Thoughts of his brother floated through his mind- thoughts of the last person other than Paul to try the route. He never came back. Never will. Jacob missed him so much…
>Alright, guys. I thought it’d be better to actually let you guys make the decision. So- yes or no? Should Jacob go through with it?
No. 288597 ID: 9ae53a

>I apologize for the Wall of Text, everyone. It was spaced in Word- didn't copy over correctly. I won't do it again.
No. 288599 ID: d3dfb8

Fuck yes text quest!
OP, space out your writing a little more. Check out how Bob writes Golem Quest, in digestible chunks.

And yes, go! So long as they give us a pocketmans with which to beat other poctetmans to death.
No. 288605 ID: 9ae53a

>And yes, go! So long as they give us a pocketmans with which to beat other pocketmans to death.

I can verify that you will be given a Pokemon if you go through with it. If you don't... You'll get one. Somehow. I have an idea.

>In anticipation, can I get three 1d100 rolls to decide what Pokemon you'll get? Thank you.
No. 288608 ID: 8d8786

Is this officially going to be a Text Quest?
No. 288610 ID: 9ae53a

>As per suggestion I’m going to try a different format for my posts. Apologies in anticipation of me screwing it up.

Jacob: “…Yes.”
> Paul is silent. Shocked.

Jacob: “I’ll do it. Tell me what I need to do.”
> Paul slowly releases his grip from Jacob’s shoulders and wipes at his eyes. His breath comes in a long sigh.

Mayor Paul: “Thank you, Jacob. You have no idea how much this means to me and to the whole village. Come with me and I’ll get you ready immediately.”
>Jacob’s mother, who was standing in silence but moments ago, now offers her voice- trembling, weak, and filled with remorse.

Ms. Manning: “Jacob I don’t want you to do this… I don’t want to lose you too. I can’t.”

No. 288613 ID: 8c73c8

rolled 93 = 93

"mom, if i don't go then we are all going to die anyway. it may be risky but it needs to be done."
No. 288615 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 94 = 94

Hug the shit out of her.

Looks like it.
No. 288616 ID: d3dfb8

Also, use a tripcode.
No. 288626 ID: 7b70aa

rolled 100 = 100

I hope it's a good pokemon.
No. 288627 ID: d3dfb8

inb4 mewtwo.
No. 288628 ID: f6360f

Did we seriously just roll 287/300? Hot damn, our pokemon will be fucking awesome.
No. 288633 ID: 9ae53a
File 130025154679.png - (67.79KB , 277x282 , Decisions, Decisions.png )

>I'd like to be honest with all of you. I wanted Jacob to receive a "three evolution" Pokemon as his starter. Your rolls offered me some very good choices to pick from.

> The average of the three rolls:
No. 96 Drowzee

>The sum of the three rolls:
No. 287 Slakoth

>96th lightest Pokemon internationally:
No. 582 Vanillite

>I think it best that you get to vote on the matter. I will update again tomorrow.
No. 288634 ID: 383006

Slackoth. Slacking is a pretty good Pokemon.
No. 288635 ID: 07416a

Fuck that let's get Drowzee then drown him in a river so he evolves into Ghastly.
No. 288637 ID: d3dfb8

Drowzee as he can be quite useful when the time arrives. First order of business is to catch a Ghastly, so ask Mr. Rhode if he knows where we might find one.
No. 288640 ID: ebd7ec

Drowzee. They might suck at first, but Hypnos are boss-tier amazing.
No. 288657 ID: 8c73c8

i am fairly certain that he doesn't actually know that. only way you could get such a random set is government issue.
No. 288757 ID: 6a5a08

Slakoth would be lazy and hard to train until it evolves. Not the best choice.

Drowzee is Psychic. Psychic Types are powerful and useful in a lot of different situations, but if memory serves, also difficult to control.

Vanillite has the classic number of evolutions, as well as a rarer typing. Ice can also be useful in a lot of things. Less useful and easier to control than Drowzee, but still more useful than a Slakoth.

I cast my vote for frosty.
No. 288781 ID: 897302

Vanilluxe's movepool is just terrible though.
Slakoth is even worse.
Drowzee's gonna be our only choice here even though he's a pretty terrible Psychic-type all round. However, he'll be useful in social situations.
No. 288785 ID: 897302

If we're stuck with four moves like normal, do Wish/T-wave/Protect/Psychic
No. 288811 ID: 43d730

Vanillite, partially because of blasting potential, partially because he's new, and partially so we can jokingly name him Emergency Rations.
No. 288821 ID: 9ae53a
File 130033263861.png - (19.58KB , 222x242 , Saying goodbye.png )

Jacob: I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to leave, but I have to. For the town. For us.
>Jacob wraps his arms around his mother. Her tears stain the collar of his shirt. The few words she manages are lost in her sobs. Jacob feels a stinging behind his eyes.

Mayor Rhodes: I don’t mean to rush- Sara... Jacob – but the sooner Jacob leaves the better it will be for all of us. He has a long journey ahead of him. It will be tough- trust me – but I can help him. I have a few gifts for you, Jake, that will make sure you get to the Capital Cities safely. When you’re ready we can head back to the town hall. I’ll explain things on the way there.
>Opportunity: Speak to Jacob’s mother-- Have second thoughts on trip – Follow Mayor Rhodes back to town?
No. 288824 ID: 07416a

Get ALL the pokeballs.
No. 288829 ID: 8c73c8

tell mom you love her and then follow the mayor.
No. 288912 ID: 6a5a08

>Vanilluxe's movepool is just terrible though.
It has the 12th highest overall base stats out of all Pokemon, and has STAB Ice Beam with the 17th highest Special Attack in Pokemon.

Hypno's stats except for Special Defense suck balls compared to Vanilluxe. And its Special Defense isn't even that much higher. In addition, its Attack and Special attack are both pitiful in comparison.

Vanilluxe may not have a massive amount of utility moves learned naturally, but that's what TMs are for.

While Drowzee is the best choice off the beginning in terms of utility, it will be crap later on.
Also this.
No. 288913 ID: 6a5a08

I forgot to mention: depending on how the region is, Drowzee likely won't be all that rare either. This is probably going to be our only chance to get a floating ice cream cone that shoots mighty rays of frost at all our enemies and freezes us bridges over rivers.
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