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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 130015920812.jpg - (209.99KB , 1280x960 , mall_of_america_free_stock.jpg )
288346 No. 288346 ID: c6b41e

Alright guys, first attempt at a quest really. This thing will be NSFW due to sex (probably depends on you guys). Now, this isn't going to be a traditional quest in that I won't have control over everything, potentially. Quite simply, a person can claim an NPC if they want (I'll try to limit the number of them to something reasonable). However, if you claim an NPC, you can't help make suggestions to the main character and the focus follows the main character. If you feel you've been ignored for too long (please keep it reasonable) when you control an NPC, ask the others if they'll come back to you. If they say no, you can give up control of the NPC and resume making suggestions for the main character.

Far beyond the reaches of normal time and space, exists a mall. Not just any mall, but one that that decided to steal the idea of the restaurant at the end of the universe from Hitchhiker's Guide. But they want for a slightly different gimmick. Sex. It simply generates more income and traffic. Instead of watching the universe unravel over a crappy sandwich, you instead can have any sexual fantasy fulfilled... some for free, some for cash or other goods/services. Though some do take advantage of the location and services for non-sexual reasons such as getting a new body for utilitarian or vanity reasons, though these are in the minority.

Arrival there is itself a small mystery, some can get there on a whim, others find travel agencies mysteriously booking flights or voyages to it. In the end though, the place services the entire multiverse, though eldritch abominations have to stay in their own wing.

>Last warning/notes:

Now, one warning, this may be a heavily sex oriented quest thing and may have some characters under your control, but please keep the rape out of this. Thanks. Also, this will be a text quest since I can't draw worth shit. If a drawfag wants to help out, they're more than welcome.

If mods think this isn't an appropriate quest, I'll deleted the post.

>Character Creation:

Now, you have the choice of either going with a pregenerated character of a male college student out to become a robotgirl at the mall, or you can make your own.
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No. 288350 ID: 8c73c8

(while technically this is fine you will probably not get many suggestions due to squeamishness.)

can we get a more detailed idea on character creation?
No. 288351 ID: 383006

Let's just go with the pregen character.
No. 288352 ID: cd9682

We should be a busty lazurek coming here to get some cool upgrades like wings.
No. 288353 ID: 383006

I'll change my vote to this
No. 288354 ID: bf1e7e


Yeah, this sounds like a good idea. We should probably be something like 5'3"
No. 288355 ID: c6b41e

(Fine with that)
For character creation, you have the normal rundown, male or female, standard races you see on tgchan, background of your choosing as long as it's reasonable (no sue or anti-sue level stuff), the works.

Oh, you guys influence the main character in a way similar to the Orb. In this case, the residual background magic is giving the main character one weird experience while at the mall. If you ever have him or her enter some place that is shielded against magic, you guys will lose input until out of that area.
No. 288356 ID: 8c0848

She should also have full body plate armor
No. 288360 ID: c6b41e

Well, I'll try to run a lazurek for you guys, but unfortunately I haven't read JQ, so I'm going to be using the out of date wiki for info on them. I really should get around to reading JQ in full.

So, subtype of lazurek?
No. 288363 ID: cd9682

No. 288364 ID: bf1e7e

Definitely Jungle.
No. 288365 ID: 383006

No. 288366 ID: 383006

Put something in the "subject" line to differentiate your posts.
No. 288368 ID: ad4dc9

No. 288369 ID: c6b41e

Hey, you guys want to avoid the sex, you can. Want to go chasing after some thief through a weirdly themed mall? I can do that. Background you guys pick decide if there for sex, or utilizing the other things for non-sex purposes. Biosculpting? Cybernetic augmentation? It's got that since practically anything can be co-opted for sex or is someone's fetish. Which can in turn be co-opted again for non-sexual stuff. You want more plot? Corruption is probably rampant there if you want to go that angle. You could be there to rescue a friend from some place in there. All that being said, if you want to just do sex, go ahead.
No. 288370 ID: 4e6eaf

mountain lazurek with massive breasts
No. 288371 ID: c6b41e

Ah sorry.

Well, you're a female jungle lazurek. Now then, what's your history? Generic back ground stuff.

But most importantly, WHY are you here. Anything from simple lust to someone trying to rescue a friend from shadier practices or augmentation for later is ok.
No. 288373 ID: bf1e7e


We're definitely here to get some wings. We lack them, and they are definitely required. Flying is boss.
No. 288374 ID: ad4dc9

Of course it is!
No. 288375 ID: 07416a

No. 288376 ID: cd9682

Tired of sitting around at home, she's taken to running through the portals that appear on occasion to get a taste of adventure. Leaving home behind, she's been exploring the world and a few others. She's a bit of a religious sort and currently is looking to get some wings in respect of that, a body mod to show her faith.
No. 288377 ID: 8bdb6a

Window shopping until something jumps out at us literally or figuratively.

Since lazurek can't actually see through glass, this will involve going into the stores.
No. 288378 ID: 70d9eb

We want to show them if we can

That we can take out Megaman
No. 288380 ID: 383006

No. 288381 ID: 383006
File 130016268471.jpg - (429.65KB , 1000x700 , Amber.jpg )

No. 288382 ID: 70d9eb

Her name is Bubblelazurek. She fights strong, she swims fast, she lives on.
No. 288383 ID: 00d3d5

No. 288384 ID: e973f4

We need wings, of course!
No. 288385 ID: f6360f

Ensure that tentacle monster is lawfully abiding by all mall policies. They sometimes have problems with the
>please keep the rape out of this
>eldritch abominations have to stay in their own wing
rules. Best to check up on it just to be certain. And be wary, those things can get damned frisky if you let 'em.
No. 288386 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 288387 ID: c6b41e

You appear to be here for a set of wings, and maybe some window shopping.

Your name is Amber Bubblelazurek, and you are most likely mildly embarrassed your name has your species name in it.

How was your life at your home like? What do you normally do?
No. 288390 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 288391 ID: 07416a

No. 288392 ID: 70d9eb

Amber's father shot her mother and then started beating her to near death before shooting himself. With the huge inheritance Amber got (her parents were both astronaut surgeons) she has done nothing with her life but eat pizza with cookies as a topping. This trip to the mall is her first time outside of the house in years.
No. 288393 ID: 383006

Amber is a priestess who wears plate armor. She worships THE FLUFFY. It's a mystery cult, so she doesn't know much about it because she isn't too high up. Her rank mostly centers around how the fluffy protects you from cold.

Her parents are probably dead or they live in florida or something.
No. 288395 ID: cd9682

Fight demons, monsters, explore, try to convert others to understand the fluffy. It can be lonely but there's always someone to find and adventure with.
No. 288396 ID: 383006

Hey, I am going to sleep but I will do more art later.
No. 288397 ID: bf1e7e
File 130016371695.jpg - (511.31KB , 750x750 , amberbuysawindow.jpg )

No. 288398 ID: b67d27

i acted kinda like a dick but mainly im worried about a actual lack of plot to develop. porn plot isnt exactly amusing.

i kinda got overrun so nvm that.

kindly ask the not so prude shop boy if the merchandising can be tried out before purchase. and possibly where we can get a good doctor to get us those wings.
No. 288401 ID: c6b41e

You don't remember your parents all that well, all you know is that they left you alot of money and that you don't like hand-crossbows.

Your crazy uncle Tim says that they performed surgeries on those who adventured into the caves known as the Sea of Stars thanks to all the diamonds there. Naturally, it was monster infested. Or you think that's what your uncle meant by astronaut surgeon. Word roots from other languages can be confusing. Then again, your uncle can just be making things up, like that he has 48 pyrotechnic charges set on a cliff to impress travelers while wearing a ram skull. He also says that your diety, Fluffy, is an absurdly dangerous rabbit. So most likely you know nothing about your parents.

In any event all that money was pretty stunting to your social life since a rich kid without parents is weird. So, you decided to go adventuring into the portal that's been annoying the local area for the past month to try something new. You hear it is both a heaven and a hell beyond it depending on who you ask. Though the one teenager who brought back a box he refuses to share, and a month's pay less, suggests a bazaar to you.
No. 288403 ID: 8bdb6a

The Bubblelazurek family lives in a high-tech ocean platform far at sea, where they make pressure domes. Amber comes from a long line of Bubble Lazureks.
No. 288404 ID: c6b41e

No prob, I was ready for either porn, porn with plot, or just plot. Pregen was probably going to have track down a thief the shop owner got robbed to pay off the transformation turns out didn't have enough money for. Awkward moments and weird improvised weaponry ensues most likely. Or porn. Would have been up to you guys.
No. 288407 ID: 383006

Well, let's go investigate the shit out of his shit and get some clues. Is this the part where we start actually questing?
No. 288409 ID: 8bdb6a

Wait, are we through the portal now? Or are we doing that later?

Either way, let's buy a magic wand. And some sex ice cream.

No Vanilla
No. 288410 ID: c6b41e

Amber Bubblelazurek has journey long and far to get to the portal. A new record for her. 5 miles from her house by foot. After a moment of hesitation, she enters through a portal and... ends up in a food court. Other than some graphic imagery, and a much higher amount of chocolate bing sold, it's a normal mall food court for the most part.

Unfortunately, there is one thing that Amber was not expecting. Magic. Lots of it. The place has so many magical artifacts, mostly of a naughty nature, on sale in the mall that even a dwarf could feel the magic.

Amber clutches her head as a quick migraine sets in before the pain suddenly disappears.

(You can now talk to Amber)
No. 288413 ID: 383006

Go get some fucking asprins, Amber. I know you can't read. Maybe shout really loud for somebody to help you because your head hurts.
No. 288421 ID: 8bdb6a

Hi amber! Why do you get headaches around magic?

Eat all of the chocolate. Pay with tits.
No. 288423 ID: c6b41e

"Ugh, my head."

Amber blinks and looks around with her ears in an attempt to determine who's speaking to her not really catching what you say thanks to surprise at both the voices, and the many types of beings in the food court.

"Who...? What? How do you know my name?"

A person or two glances over at Amber before returning to their food.
No. 288424 ID: 8bdb6a

Silence! Obey!
No. 288425 ID: 07416a

No. 288427 ID: cd9682

Ah, a rich tapestry of helpful magic. Showing you your true intentions~
So time to look around, buy some stuff, meet strange types of people! Also figure out what the heck this place is.
No. 288429 ID: 0d5620

Buy chocolate to make you feel better. Get a variety supercharged with magic by mistake.
No. 288432 ID: c6b41e

Continues to swivel her ears in confusion for awhile before settling down a little.

She grumbles to her self, "Great... I'm hearing voices. I wonder..."

She tries thinking to herself, 'Hello, can you hear me? I'm hearing a lot about chocolate... crap, did I forget to eat again?'
No. 288433 ID: 8bdb6a

Order a big bowl of sex ice cream. Anything but vanilla.
No. 288434 ID: c6b41e

Pause for the night. You can keep making suggestions though
No. 288435 ID: 8c73c8

due to the nature of this site it is usually pointless to announce pausing since there is no real risk of it falling off the last page unless it is left alone for like over a month.
No. 288476 ID: e133bc

I'm gonna recommend you put an "@" or something in the subject line along with a name. It makes it easier to distinguish your posts.

Amber. It is time for ice creams. You know it to be true.
No. 288557 ID: c6b41e

Amber pauses a little, 'S-sex ice cream? ... how would that even be different than normal ice cream.' She sighs a little before heading over to a ice cream stand.

'I suppose some frozen stuff will help with the headache I had.' Said stand is manned by a young man wearing a hat vaguely shaped like like a penis.

Cashier: "Welcome to Mad Paul's XXXL ice cream stand. I guarantee all the ingredients are fresh. What will it be?"
No. 288576 ID: 383006
File 130024192060.jpg - (445.40KB , 1000x700 , Sex Ice Creams.jpg )

No. 288580 ID: f42990

Flirt a bit and order some Concession Obsession~

While we eat let's look for some unique things around here like sex antiques.
No. 288584 ID: 383006

Concession Obsession would be pretty good. Check and see if they have Appley Ever After too.
No. 288606 ID: 8bdb6a

A large helping of "Flip the fuck out and wake up handcuffed to a urinal with a sock in your mouth and wearing a sombrero" flavor.
No. 288636 ID: 0d5620

No. 288751 ID: 081a4c

This and not the other sort. That one always leave such a bad aftertaste in your mouth
No. 289448 ID: e01f31

Don't forget to add a banana and one popped cherry
No. 298155 ID: 951401

in a waffle cone
No. 298465 ID: 783c34

I think quest writer should have an image/logo attached to his posts so it's easier to find them. Maybe the person drawing in this thread can draw a logo of Amber's head, ala advicedog/couragewolf style
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