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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 129834955122.png - (40.30KB , 632x474 , blackbird1.png )
283246 No. 283246 ID: a33914


Stupid day. Why do you have to wake me up..


...Maybe just fifteen more.. aahh.. the sun on my wings is copacetic..


...Huh.? Ufh... pall..
No. 283247 ID: d677cc

Uh... come again?
No. 283249 ID: 58db22

What is this you are not a browser why are you called a blackbird
No. 283257 ID: 1854db

Wake up!
No. 283311 ID: a33914

Pall.. feeling of drowsiness and.. *yawn*

Okay, okay.. I'll get up.

Oh, sorry, I... wait, no. I am a kenku, and I slowly push my wing out of the bed, the rest of my body shortly following.

Oof.. Well, I'm up. And in boxers.. Erf. I stumble over the wood floor and throw open my closet. Hm.. maybe today I'll go with the green robe. Wish it was shinier.. oh well, I throw it on and tie it back. There's a fruit bowl on the table, so I pick up an apple and start munching on it.

...Was that noise real, or did I dream it? Sounded kind of muffled.. maybe I imagined it.

Krok krok krok!

Well, that noise I certainly didn't imagine. I go to the door and swing it in. Ah, Peshu, cockatiel.. and my friend.

"Hello Peshu, seytan zo revu?"

Peshu hits the wall and winces. He always was one for needlessly extravagant theatrics.. though I can't shake the feeling that that seemed more like a reflex for some reason...

"Cut the serlian, Robin, why in the name of every euphemism are you here?"

"Well this is my house. I sleep here--"

"You mean you oversleep here! All of the other diplomats left without you!"

Oh. Oh dear. I was supposed to meet with the rakshasa today to make sure their new king continued trade policies. They are a very difficult people to deal with.. there hasn't been pressing matters, and there are so many nobles to deal with, all of us were tasked to go.

So then, I.. failed. Unconditionally..

"Don't stare at me, what are you going to tell them when they come back? You must have some kind of excuse, they'll send you back to kiddie classes."

"I don't.. know what to say!"

"Make something up then! Find an excuse, even if you have to break a wing!"

I cringe on instinct. Broken wings are extremely painful.

This is not a good start to the morn.. or the noon, as it were.
No. 283458 ID: 1854db

fffffuck. Excuse? Um. Need more info. What kinds of activities are there that could be risky that we might've participated in? What kind of accidents could have happened as we got up to leave? What kind of things could have delayed us?

Possibly we got cornered by a cat?
No. 283460 ID: d677cc

Yeah, we've got to come up with some sort of plausible excuse. Any ideas?
No. 283490 ID: 40cb26

Feign illness I guess? If you can just run after them and catch up that may be the best option.
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