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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 127030391091.png - (85.54KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
277391 No. 277391 ID: 950529

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No. 277393 ID: 445c48

Clive eat Miltank.
No. 277395 ID: 950529
File 127030602548.png - (136.84KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

This is Quartz.
Quartz lives on a small peninsula called Corna, a quiet, rural place, far from all the excitement. Here Quartz spends his days running and jogging as long as he can, through forests and fields, between the wild but docile Pokémon.
Recently, Quartz has broken his endurance record of running for three hours to three and a half hours. He is still very excited about that.

"Yes!", he exclaims to no one in particular, raising his fists, "I'm the best runner in the world!"

The only response to his claim were the playful squeaks of a few Hoppip playing nearby. Not quite the audience Quartz would like to have.
"How can I show every one my prowess?", he thought to himself, "I want every one to be proud of me."
No. 277396 ID: d97d76

Organize a trackmeet? Failing that, try steroid abuse.
No. 277398 ID: cf68aa


Other then the steroid thing that is a good idea.

Or participate in one.
No. 277399 ID: 49d6d7

I don't think there's a 'snap your fingers' solution to becoming famous about such mundane things as running endurance.
I think you could try finding a pokemon companion to train with, eventually you will be noticed.
No. 277400 ID: 950529
File 12703087484.png - (111.10KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Quartz stopped running for a moment to think. The summer sun burned on his head as the Nincada chirped all around him.
Then, it came to him.
"I've got it!", he thought, as he quickly reached for his iDex, "I will enter a trackmeet!"

He connected to the internet and looked up the local trackmeets. The results were nil.
Only in the big cities jogging clubs were present.
However, the iDex inbuild AI presented a different option:
Did you mean Pokémon Dash?

Filled with curiousity, Quartz clicked the link to see what Pokémon Dash was.
The greatest endurance test for trainer and Pokémon!
, the website wrote,
Compete in the race around the world over land, water, sky, mountain and forest! Each category will have a winner and the grand prize will go to the contestant who did best on average! Does your endurance and speed allow you to take up the task? Sign up now!

Quartz feels the excitement well up in him. But he knows he's going to face some serious issues before he can even participate!
None of the selection runs take place in Corna, and what's more, he doesn't even have any Pokémon!
"Dangit!", he thinks to himself, "If only I went along with my friends to become trainers, instead of focusing on my running... Then I could be running with Pokémon right now."
No. 277401 ID: cf68aa


The solution is simple, you must catch a fast pokemon! One that can keep up with you. Ask the pokedex which native pokemon is fast.
No. 277402 ID: 49d6d7

Not necessarily fast, but one with a good endurance. Because on average, many pokémon are faster than humans!
No. 277403 ID: 9a1fa4

Never too late to start, where did your friends go when they wanted to become trainers?
No. 277407 ID: 950529
File 127033660322.png - (87.99KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

But Quartz wasn't discouraged.
"It's never too late!", he thought, and returned the iDex to its main menu.
"iDex! Show me the fastest Pokémon that I can find here!", Quartz said.
The iDex beeped for a moment as its voice module came online.
"Just a moment. Just a moment."
, the iDex replied. Within a few seconds the search was complete.

A partially animated picture of the two headed bird Pokémon loaded, along with the sound of its cry.
"A bird Pokémon that makes up for its poor flying abilities with its speed, having been recorded to run up to 60 miles per hour. It moves its two heads up and down to balance itself while running. It is said that the two heads communicate with each other through telepathic abilities. It leaves giant footprints, up to four inches deep."

The iDex buzzed again for a moment.
"Doduo is not native to Corna. The only colony present was the result of a lost shipment of eggs. Its evolution, Dodrio, has not yet been recorded in Corna."

This seemed perfect! Though Quartz thought that the Doduo looked rather dorky, he also saw the potential speed in its long strong legs.
The only question was, how would he catch one? Or even get a Pokéball at all?

The iDex suddenly buzzed again.
"Was that all, Quartz?"
, its robotic voice asked.
Quartz nodded with a look into the iDex's lens, which flickered as it focused its image.
"Yeah, that's all. You can go back to sleepmode."
Quartz was about to put the iDex away when it objected.
"Just a moment."

Quartz paused for a moment.
"What is it?"
The iDex's lens flickered again, making Quartz feel just a little uncomfortable. After a moment the calm robotic voice spoke again.
"You still have not named me, Quartz."

No. 277408 ID: 9a1fa4

Your name is Julie.
No. 277409 ID: 3b6c92


Y'know what? Sure.
No. 277410 ID: 154253

"I think I'll name you Hal."
No. 277411 ID: 8ce2bf

Pokeballs aren't really needed, you just need to show the Duduo who is the boss. You must sneak up on one and jump on its back.
No. 277412 ID: adaef3

Dexter the iDex, clearly
No. 277413 ID: d57bb4

Its sentient? O.o
Uh.... Hal.
No. 277414 ID: 8ce2bf

also go look for the giant footprints you gay girly boy
No. 277415 ID: 3de05a

No. 277418 ID: 277bd7

I was going to suggest GLaDos, but Dexter is a LOT more original and fitting of an iDex.
No. 277419 ID: e31d52

Or Jules.
No. 277420 ID: 950529
File 127073479515.png - (91.47KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Quartz pondered the choices for a moment.
"Haxter!", he suddenly exclaimed, then paused for a moment, realizing he accidentally combined two different names. But the artificial intelligence did not wait for him.
"My name is Haxter. Thank you, Quartz."

Quartz shrugged it off.
"I better find some tracks!"
He took one step forward and stepped in some poop. But right next to it was a large foot print!
"Haxter, is this a Doduo footprint?!", he yelled out.
Haxter did not respond, for it was tucked away into Quartz' beltpouch again.
No. 277421 ID: e31d52

Silly sportyboy, let Hax look at the trax!
No. 277422 ID: 7524b0

Gosh I don't know, but there's a suspicious round furry thing in the woods there!
No. 277423 ID: f44349

I've got this odd inkling that one of those bushes over there might not be a bush.
Bust out Haxter and... iunno do a poke-scan or however it works!
No. 277442 ID: 9a1fa4

One of?

I'm not sure ANY of those are bushes.
No. 277454 ID: 3c710b

the bushes have eyes lol

That's it, Quartz. Someone is clearly watching you. Stand up and loudly declare that you are the fastest thing on two legs. Live up to your talents - no silly pokemon is going to beat you in a footrace!
No. 277582 ID: a88a14

No. 277587 ID: 445c48

No. 277588 ID: ecf25b

No. 277589 ID: b55883

remove haxter, consult database
No. 277590 ID: 9d07d9

Reaver isn't doing quests any more

shitsux, we never even got to have sex with the Doduo
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