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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 129158954871.png - (60.67KB , 640x400 , qfa_01.png )
262128 No. 262128 ID: a4ee84

You are a soldier serving in the army.
Usually you just spend your days slacking around and avoiding officers, but today is different.
Today you have departed on a terrific, amazing quest. You are on a quest to find art!

You've begun your search in this rarely used part of your military complex, as you have heard rumours of there being some sort of art here.

What will you do?
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No. 262129 ID: 0d1fe9

Remember your name, rank and inventory.
No. 262134 ID: 2563d4

Examine bluescreen. Ponder that that style of BSOD hasn't been used for a hell of a long time, and must therefore be a deep artistic statement. Perhaps about the intangible peripheralness of art when just stored as digital information and shown upon technological viewing devices.
No. 262141 ID: c71597

Go through the open door to look for art supplies. You shall damn well make your own art and be proud of it!
No. 262145 ID: a4ee84
File 129159085496.png - (45.83KB , 640x480 , inv_01.png )

[meta]Changing the viewpoint from first to second person[/meta]

My inventory contains only my combat jumpsuit, helmet, a can of soft drink and ten credit bill.

My rank? I dunno, the officers just call us cannon fodder. I can't seem to remember my name though, maybe you can help me with it?
No. 262146 ID: 2563d4

If you are to be an artiste, the first thing you must develop is a massive sense of self-importance and accompanying arrogance.

Pour some of the soft drink onto your scrunched-up left trouserleg (the leftness is important as a metaphor for individuality). The shape of stain pattern it leaves is now the symbol which represents your name.
No. 262148 ID: a4ee84
File 129159114322.png - (24.03KB , 640x400 , bsd.png )

Yup, looks like a bluescreen all right.
Seems like there's no art to be found in it.
No. 262151 ID: fb10df

Grammarnazi here, just calling in to confirm that you did in fact change from SECOND person to FIRST, not the other way around. Cheers!
No. 262157 ID: a4ee84
File 129159219970.png - (85.90KB , 640x400 , pret_01.png )

You summon your all pretensiousness and self righteousness and pour the soft drink on your left leg in one fell artistic statement.
No. 262164 ID: a4ee84
File 129159273479.png - (58.73KB , 640x400 , leg.png )

From this moment onwards my name shall be...

[meta]Thanks for nazi'ing my grammar, I didn't really think that on through. Also, I'm really new at using imageboards. Could you tell me how to do that >>262128 reference thingy? [/meta]
No. 262166 ID: a4ee84

Oh wait it was that simple?
No. 262174 ID: a4ee84
File 129159333918.png - (17.30KB , 640x400 , wut.png )

....Uh... I don't really know how to interpret art. What do you think it symbolises?
No. 262179 ID: 6a0f18

It think that that's a half sad face... with and odd anime hair and a beard...
No. 262183 ID: fb10df

I think your name is... ART
No. 262185 ID: 2563d4

Not pretentious enough. There's totally a "T" shape in that stain (yes there is, don't argue, being an artiste means being confident that you're always right), which therefore represents the physical reality---but what is body? No. Your mind---your very essence---shall simple be known as "Ar".
No. 262197 ID: a4ee84
File 129159471418.png - (72.03KB , 640x400 , face.png )


Yes! By forgetting my name I have become alike to the amnesiac heroes of jrpgs. Since acquiring art is my new goal in life, it should be reflected in my very identity. These two aspects of me coexist, forming harmonious contrast with each other, underlining my cubistical side. From now onwards, I am known as AnimAr!
No. 262199 ID: a4ee84
File 129159485745.png - (70.07KB , 640x400 , face.png )

>> 262197
Dammit, forgot to erase those lines.
No. 262204 ID: a4ee84
File 129159509167.png - (57.05KB , 640x400 , r2.png )

I get moving with artistic resolve.

It seems like a storage closet. Vacuum cleaner, calendar, cardboard boxes, nothing intere -

Oh wait! those are cans of paint! That's the stuff art is made out, right?
No. 262206 ID: 6a0f18

put paint in each of your extremities and star to have convulsions in the floor! That is your sub-subconscious mind!
No. 262213 ID: fb10df

You desire art? Well before you lie the instruments that make up art, thus if you consume them and make them part of yourself YOU SHALL BE ART.
No. 262219 ID: a4ee84

No. 262220 ID: a4ee84
File 129159615915.png - (154.50KB , 640x400 , star.png )

No. 262232 ID: a4ee84
File 129159704573.png - (121.64KB , 640x400 , drink.png )

No. 262243 ID: a4ee84
File 129159768966.png - (62.28KB , 640x400 , face2.png )

No. 262246 ID: 2563d4

Art always requires a little suffering.

If you're gonna hurl, be sure to do it onto an improvised canvas. Cardboard box will do.
No. 262248 ID: a4ee84
File 129159782189.png - (56.63KB , 640x400 , face3.png )

No. 262251 ID: a4ee84
File 129159789626.png - (914B , 640x400 , black.png )

No. 262382 ID: a4ee84
File 129163442499.png - (141.00KB , 640x400 , wake_01.png )

Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.
-Pablo Picasso

No. 262383 ID: a4ee84
File 129163455165.png - (141.47KB , 640x400 , wake_02.png )

Urgh... I feel horrible.
No. 262385 ID: a4ee84
File 129163613271.png - (116.61KB , 640x400 , wake_pause.png )

Whoops, something came up, paused for time being.
No. 262399 ID: fb10df

That horrible feeling is just your latent ART POWERS coming into realization. Why look, you've already gained the chameleon-like powers of changing the color of your suit!
No. 262402 ID: c71597

Drinking paint can sort of do that. You look a bit different. More blue for one thing.
No. 262455 ID: a4ee84


Y-yes, that's probably it. Gotta stay positive.
No. 262456 ID: a4ee84
File 129166113598.png - (82.57KB , 640x400 , wake_03.png )

Why do I keep forgetting my pictures?!
No. 262457 ID: a4ee84
File 129166146638.png - (83.80KB , 640x400 , wake_04.png )

Chameleon powers? I do feel kinda funny, but -
Hey would you look at that, it actually worked!
No. 262461 ID: c71597

Cool, well lets see what work of art you created in your paint induced stupor.
No. 262471 ID: a4ee84
File 129166370798.png - (78.31KB , 640x400 , subcon.png )


>>262220 this one?

I try to get bird's-eye view of my masterpiece.
It represents... Uh, actually I can't remember just what I was thinking when I made it. My brain must have been overloaded with art from that paint or something.
No. 262479 ID: c71597

Not entirely horrible. Lets get a nice collection of colours and then go art this place up.
No. 262482 ID: fb10df

CALLED IT. Now it's time to announce yourself as a SUPERHERO. Because if there's anything someone with recently discovered stealth-like abilities needs, it's PUBLICITY.
No. 262497 ID: a4ee84
File 129167203377.png - (128.90KB , 640x400 , pose.png )

All the paint here has already dried. I must have been out cold for quite a while.

Yes! I am Animar the artistic! the world shall know my face!
No. 262500 ID: a4ee84

I return to the hallway, checking the wall display while I'm here. Still broken it seems.
No. 262501 ID: a4ee84
File 12916731575.png - (57.51KB , 640x400 , qfa_03.png )

Not again!
No. 262508 ID: a4ee84
File 129167735983.png - (46.53KB , 640x400 , qfa_03_p.png )

No. 262510 ID: 1854db

Let's see what's in that other door.
No. 262513 ID: fb10df

Also for the heck of it go back-against the wall and see how well you can camouflage yourself.
No. 262531 ID: 6a0f18

That doesn't sound artistic at all.

Instead, you have been gifted with the powers to an livin art piece, now the world is your canvas, and you are brush! The walls that once limited you, now are your marble, and you have become a chisel! And never forget, that there is art in the absence of art, sometimes the most beautiful things, are the ones that the eyes can't see... So get against a wall and hide your artful form from the unaware eyes!
No. 262681 ID: a4ee84
File 129175071617.png - (51.42KB , 640x400 , camart.png )

I would never even think about avoiding attention! The world needs to be made aware of my artistic genius and camouflaging myself would therefore be completely counterproductive.

Yes! Why didn't I think of it myself! With my newfound powers I can make myself and my surroundings into a living piece of art! The possibilities are limitless!
No. 262682 ID: a4ee84
File 12917508555.png - (25.56KB , 400x640 , passwd.png )

It's sealed with an electronic lock. Looks I'm going to have to solve this puzzle to open it.
No. 262706 ID: a4ee84
File 129175719773.png - (30.38KB , 400x640 , passwd2.png )

Yes! There is no answer to the question: "what is art?" Art is not something, it just is. Therefore the correct answer is to not answer anything.
No. 262713 ID: a4ee84
File 129175834643.png - (60.62KB , 640x400 , sesame.png )

Looks like that was the correct answer.
No. 262730 ID: a4ee84
File 129176364637.png - (63.35KB , 640x400 , r4_01.png )

Huh, what a strange room.
No. 262731 ID: 039199

Red Note. Hug Artistic-Liberty.
No. 262737 ID: a4ee84
File 129176606057.png - (60.33KB , 640x400 , r4_02.png )


>Red Note.
I use my art powers to turn the note into completely red sheet of paper. Not before reading it of course.

I think I may have fixed the problem you were having with this thing. It seems like you had installed the chroma filters wrong way around. I'm pretty sure it should detonate properly now.


>Hug Artistic-Liberty.
Given the difficulties with hugging an abstract concept, I instead hug the metal cylinder. It has a warning on it: "WARNING HIGH ART CONTENT!"
No. 262752 ID: cbdb8b

Fuck yeah. Inspect it to figure out how to activate that bitch and free the magnificent artwork from its metal confines.
No. 262780 ID: fba40f

oh shit RUN
No. 262818 ID: 039199
File 129178191233.png - (13.50KB , 182x148 , 129176364637.png )

Well, you heard the note (Most great artist "suffered" from synaesthesia), it's time to invert colors, so we might liberate the art in a (metaphorical?) explosion of creativity...
No. 262890 ID: a4ee84
File 129180825116.png - (62.57KB , 640x400 , r3.png )

Try as I might, I only manage to invert my own colors. Does this make me a turncoat?

The gauge on the cylinder says that it is still 40% full. I twist every knob and push every button I can find but there is no response...
No. 262901 ID: 383006

Stand on the pad and barf colors into the red button-eye thing.
No. 262908 ID: c71597

You must focus your art and beam it into the machine!
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