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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 129126942851.jpg - (19.93KB , 480x320 , TitleCard.jpg )
261292 No. 261292 ID: e43bfe

Being alone is something you get used to, over time. They say isolation commonly causes insanity, but I guess I'm not the social type. It's been ten years to the day since the Break, and I feel fine. Scouring these old lands for Souls that still hold tightly to the past, living off of the land...

My memory isn't in the best of shape, but hey, you do what you can. Things break, you fix'em. Things move, you chase them. Things get lost...
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No. 261293 ID: e43bfe
File 129126946179.jpg - (6.56KB , 480x320 , 1.jpg )

You store them.
It's not perfect, yeah, but it'll do. There'll be some side effects from the Full-Soul implementation, but nothing I am not prepared for. Behold, the-
Uh. The... Orb? That's a terrible name. That's not even a proper noun, it's just a noun noun. I'll come up with something later, yeah.
No. 261294 ID: e43bfe
File 129126949450.jpg - (19.20KB , 480x320 , 2.jpg )

Anyway, important things recorded first. Name is Barnaby. Profession is Artificer. Age is, uh, sixteen? Not too clear on that. Lost track of the days since I lost the calender...
No. 261295 ID: e43bfe
File 129126951695.jpg - (12.75KB , 480x320 , 3.jpg )

Let me see, here... oh, damnit, the recorder is stuck in Perspective Mode. Let me see here...
No. 261296 ID: e43bfe
File 129126959062.jpg - (34.78KB , 700x500 , 4.jpg )

There we go, back to Camera.

You can switch between Perspective and Camera any time the P/C icon is visible.

((please suggest an action.))
No. 261298 ID: 701a19

What happened? Why are we in this ball in this hovel?
No. 261301 ID: c99f30

hmmm I guess we could do worse. Seen some worse digs anyhow... so you wouldn't happen to have some horrific two story monster or a world ending terror after you would you? Good let's keep it that way.

Think down to earth jah?
No. 261316 ID: e43bfe
File 12912757872.jpg - (25.21KB , 500x500 , 5.jpg )

That's a good question! A better one is why I thought bonding the proto-soul of Legion The Hero to an item was a good idea. Er.

Perhaps I should explain how magical items work. As you probably know by now, some magic is run by willpower, or, rather, the power of the human soul. This is Internal Magic, or, Ego Magic. Some magic uses the power of the world around them. This is External Magic, or, Divine Magic.
And lastly, there is the magic that powers magical items, which is like the two combined: It runs off the soul but would never happen magically and thus requires outside effort. Therefore, Artifice Magic is the magic of using Ego Magic with Divine methods.

Or... something like that.

Anyway. Every living thing has a Soul that gives it a go. Makes the heart beat, the brain think. Now, here's the interesting thing: Legends and Heroes and Gods? They have two souls. Since the stories and legends surrounding them have a sort of unified but different life of their own.

This is the Proto-Soul. And it is very, very, very powerful. But on its own? Worthless.

So I grabbed it from the broken Legion memorial and stuck it into a glass orb. Turns out, you're the result! Neato, huh?
No. 261317 ID: e43bfe
File 129127585623.jpg - (21.65KB , 500x500 , 6.jpg )

As for what happened...

Something managed to seperate Hell and Avalon. But not entirely. Souls were not able to leave to Hell, but Demonic Souls could cross over. But not leave Avalon.

The sheer pressure of all the magic in the world began to build. Slowly, areas were subsumed by Chaos, magic ran rampant, things like that. The world was broken, over a period of months. Things reached a head when all that magic became a strange sort of explosion, or a fire, or something, no one's sure which... and it annihilated everything. No one was truly prepared. Cities fell, gods died from sudden loss of belief, the earth split open and heaved, oceans boiled and roared onto dry land.

The barrier between here and there is still in place, but much of the magic was destroyed in the Breaking. What remains is tattered remains of souls, magical items that still exist, and a handful of people... about five or six thousand from the several billion.
No. 261320 ID: 701a19

Ooookaaay... Er... How long have we been gone? Last I remember the population of this world was maybe a few million.
What deities are left? Any ideas where we can start fixing this mess?
No. 261321 ID: 1854db

So... magical apocalypse? That sucks. What's that stuff on the table?
No. 261328 ID: e43bfe
File 129128052832.jpg - (15.12KB , 500x500 , 7.jpg )

...Oh, this? This is my Artificer equipment.

First of all, I have my Catcher-Applier. The CA allows me to capture lingering souls, and haul them about, three at a time. More on it later.

The Burners are where Souls are transformed into energy for magical application. Most of the time, only a small portion of the soul is converted at a time, and is used right away so as to preserve identity and try to make something unique. Otherwise it becomes a Generic Item made from one of the three essences.

Blue Essence is also called Passive Essence. It is the most expensive to use, and it is protective in nature, most of the time. Blue normally goes into clothing, armor, or other things worn on someone's person, and generally offer protections. Unique items made from Blue are often very good at stopping things, or use the energy from what they stop to do interesting things.

Yellow Essence is also called Active Essence. It is normally used in things like swords or other items used and applied with active thought. It is the middling expensive essence. Generic items from Yellow are things like enchanted blades that are easier to swing, or sheilds that are more protective, or the like. Unique Yellow Essence often creates items that have multiple functions and uses.

Green Essence is also called Expendable. Because it is. This is the Essence used to create items that are single or multiple use, like potions or wands. Green is the cheapest of the three. Generic items fall under healing potions, items that need to recharge after use, and the like. Unique items often are very, very potent.

Anyway, back to the CA. Now, let's say I want to make a Unique Blue item, and have a soul in the CA. I can store the soul inside the Bottle over there, just out of view. Or I can take a part off, or use the whole soul, in the burner, consuming it and creating Blue Essence. There is a short period of time here where the Essence is Unique and imbued with identity, and it is then that the best items are made. After some time, the Essence will revert, becoming Generic. Now, I've put the soul in, in our hypothetical situation, and let it become consumed. I then use the upper part of the CA, matching the prong to the Burner, and then place it against the item I wish to create.

As for what happens to the soul itself, if parts are used, the soul will heal, eventually. If the whole thing is used, the item will release the soul upon breaking or being consumed (in the case of potions), unless it is VERY well-made.
No. 261339 ID: 263430

So how did you survive? Unless that's an uncomfortable topic.
And why'd you turn our super-powerful soul into a novelty talking diary orb instead of something more useful? Legion is not your personal documentarian, we will not accept being used this way!
No. 261353 ID: 1854db

Hey, what happens if you combine more than one type?
No. 261406 ID: e43bfe
File 129133046195.jpg - (35.90KB , 500x500 , 8.jpg )

You're referring to Legion's Wandering, aren't you? My memory isn't that great, but it was, I believe... five, six hundred years ago? As for surviving gods, only a few made it, namely the gods of Law and Chaos. I think.

>Any ideas where we can start fixing this mess?
I'm not sure it's something for me to fix! Right now my primary concern is staying alive and cleaning up Soul concentrations. There's only a few of us Artificers, after all, and someone has to make sure smaller versions of the Breaking don't occur.

>So how did you survive?
I... don't really recall. Maybe I was just really lucky? It's all really foggy.

>something more useful?
To a long term and short term amnesiac, you are very useful! Why, I barely remembered I came here, to get your proto-soul.

That's where the fun begins! Every item made is made of three 'parts'. So I can mix and match, and order is important too! For instance, healing potions require two parts green and one part blue, which means they are kinda expensive to make.

Here's my generic recipe list.

And the symbols of the gods still alive, from left to right:

The Runic Queen
No. 261490 ID: 701a19

Hattori is dead again? For the third time?
*sighs* That boy...
No. 261523 ID: 1854db

Wait, if we're using up souls... what happens to them? Is this magic stuff killing them?

Collect all your shit and let's go out. You've already made some equipment already I assume?
No. 261715 ID: e43bfe
File 129146336869.jpg - (15.08KB , 500x500 , 9.jpg )

Perhaps I didn't explain properly...

See, a soul is not an all-or-nothing deal. It can be fragmented, split, changed, cut, etcetera. So the bits I use are burned up, (except in the case of Full-Souling) and the soul itself heals, over an extended period of time.

'Full souling' places the entirety of the soul within the item. It's allowed very little time to burn, and the end result is a very powerful item. Souls used this way are ejected when the item is used or broken, depending, formerly they passed on, now, they flee to distant lands.

I regret to say that I'm somewhat new at this. Normally, Artificers have a bottle full of souls (about 50) and can create items from them.
I, uh... I found this lab. I think. I don't remember using this one. I haven't found any souls of my own, yet, and you're the first item I've created.

I think.

See what I mean? I could have created a few potions here or there, but I don't even remember where my damn lab is or even if I have one!!

Thank the Authority that I have this book on Artifice, or man, we'd really be up shit creek, yes?

>Collect all your shit and let's go out. You've already made some equipment already I assume?

I have a very simple bow and arrows. (bow is out of your veiw, but in the corner of the hovel) I think I can make special arrows with Expendable, but I've never tried it.
No. 261716 ID: e43bfe
File 129146380282.jpg - (38.33KB , 700x500 , 10.jpg )

>Go out

I gather my bow and grab my bottle and CA, heading outside.

I was in a rush to get you made, so I probably missed some souls.
No. 261717 ID: 1854db

I see blue! Getting that would be great.
No. 261733 ID: 893401

I see a blue, three greens and a yellow.

Also catch that bird and EXTRACT ITS SOUL!!!!

or at least get a feather.
I hope your creative juices are flowing. Shaman king up in this bitch
No. 263855 ID: e43bfe
File 129214815282.jpg - (40.28KB , 700x500 , 11.jpg )

I quickly round up the various ghosts.

Meanwhile, the raven watches quietly. It preens itself idly.

I'm not sure if I could catch the bird. Might be able to shoot it, though. It's how I feed myself, most of the time.

I think.

I mean, I can try. Not sure if it would work.

>Added 1 BLUE, 3 GREEN, and 1 YELLOW soul to the SOUL BEAKER.

>Souls unidentified. No way to know who they were in life.
No. 263859 ID: 6c3cea


Use words at raven.
No. 263860 ID: e43bfe
File 129215372074.jpg - (28.73KB , 500x500 , 12.jpg )



No. 263865 ID: 6c3cea


Introduce yourself, dummy.
No. 263882 ID: a5b5fa

Ask for a feather.
No. 263893 ID: 1854db

I thought you said Raven was dead? Or... maybe this is one of her former servants. Yes... I remember a messenger. Ask if he knows of any soul concentrations nearby.
No. 263901 ID: 7e74f1

so what are your long term goals; save the human race, become master of artificing, ect.
No. 264262 ID: e43bfe
File 129228595637.jpg - (42.94KB , 500x500 , 13.jpg )

I introduce myself, and it nods at me. But before I can say anything else, it looks back to the orb and continues speaking.
No. 264267 ID: 1854db

That's pretty awesome. I always liked you, Raven. Though apparently we aren't actually Legion, sorry about that. Sortof a... copy or something. Proto-soul, he said. We'll do our best to help anyway!

Alright you heard the lady, let's start looking for relics of old gods. First stop, that building right there.
No. 264275 ID: 5ecc4e

Ok, we can help.

Just give me a feather so we can be awesome with it.
No. 264429 ID: 40cb26

Ok well, if you can give us an idea of where to go or what to look for that'll help.
No. 264443 ID: ff8889

so guys, what are our goals per say. Whose priorities are we looking out for: humanity's, the gods or are we going to play it by ear?
No. 264891 ID: e43bfe
File 129257380412.jpg - (24.17KB , 500x500 , 14.jpg )

She points at a building behind her.

... Well, I have nothing better to do.

Hrmph... Seems like this place was mostly underground. That's a good sign.
No. 264894 ID: 1854db

What's that sign say? Don't be surprised if that corpse rises and tries to hit you with that club.
No. 264913 ID: 2b8d27

I see dead people.
No. 264917 ID: e43bfe
File 129260175985.jpg - (13.47KB , 500x400 , 15.jpg )

Person, yes, human, no. That's an ogre's skeleton.
Ogres are typically used as guards and sentinels for their ability to smell lies, which to them tinge the breath of the speaker with sulfer. They're also about twice as strong as the average human, albeit with a slightly shorter lifespan.

It's funny how I can remember myriad facts like this, but my personal memory is about as solid as sand. I can't even remember how I got here, or where I was before.


Well, I was right. Seems we'll have to look underground.
No. 264921 ID: 1854db

Down we go, then. ...Hmm, anything under the door? Probably not, but...
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